American Idol 2010: Top 10 Girls Perform Tonight – Update


Update: Due to an illness the Top 10 Guys will perform tonight (Tuesday) and the Top 10 Girls will be live tomorrow night (Wednesday). Details here.

After dropping the lowest two singers last week we’re down to the Top 10 Girls on American Idol 2010 and tonight they’re ready to perform again. Just like with the Top 12 Girls we’ll see the bottom two vote-getters eliminated so get your dialing fingers ready to go so we can try and avoid another repeat of last week.

I can’t wait to see if Lacey Brown can do even worse than last week and survive again. They can’t all be so bad this week, right? Whose performance are you anxious to see, good or bad?

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  1. I am not too exicted about the show tonight after karaoke night last week. Maybe it was just nerves and they are ready to bring it this time.

  2. Someone noted last week how small the audience was for the Top 12 performances. I remember that from past seasons and I’d guess it’s to help ease the singers in to the experience. So I’d agree w/ BG that there’s a chance we’ll see calmer nerves and better performances as a result. (Fingers crossed!)

  3. awww, I like Lacey! lol….I’m hoping she does a turn around tonight. We’ll see, I guess. I’m hoping all ten girls step it up tonight.

  4. Hey I just wanted to say go katelyn! : ) you rock cousin! : She does a amazing job! get ready to vote again tonite! : )

  5. @Gary: What’s your source? A friend or something official? I’m still seeing the schedule from Fox as having the Top 10 Girls perform tonight.

  6. @whistle: Ahh, well that sounds pretty official to me! Thanks for the update/confirmation.

    Wow, I wonder how the guys feel about suddenly having one less day to rehearse!

  7. @Gunnergabe: I agree it’s changed, but the front page of still saying “AMERICAN IDOL – 2-HOURS / ALL-NEW The Top 10 Girls perform LIVE tonight for your votes”

    But I saw Seacrest’s Twitter so I agree the Guys will perform tonight after all. Posting an update right now.

    Update – …and now Fox has it corrected on the front page.

  8. I read an article how they want Howard Stern to be a judge. He is rude, crude and awful and I wont watch the show again if he is any part of it. Talk about someone with absolutley no class. Yuck!

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