Breaking: American Idol 2010 Top 10 Guys To Perform One Night Early


Hold everything! Ryan Seacrest just put out this special Idol tweet:

Crazy morn, the guys will sing tonight instead of girls due to medical issues that would prevent crystal from performing tonight live

So scrap your plans to watch the American Idol Top 10 Girls perform tonight because the Top 10 Guys will be taking the stage instead. Let’s see how the guys handle the rush! Will Alex Lambert still have time to cut his hair?!

Now that we know it will be guys singing live tonight at 8PM (ET/PT) who are you most excited to see?





  1. Oh My Gosh, how boring are these 10 guys, I recorded the show tonight so I could watch it later, I fast forwarded through the whole show in about 5 minutes, I don’t know who is picking their songs, but good grief pick something that doesn’t put you to sleep, they all sound alike. I guess I am expecting someone to compare to Adam Lambert from last season, it was always so exciting to see how and what he was going to sing. Pick it up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give us something to be excited about.

  2. honestly, this years idols aren’t picking good enough songs…sadly, there’s no wow factor.

  3. Go Adnrew Garcia! I’ve seen your work & I know you can do better! Just keep going up & be you! You with such talent, I know you can do better! Make them go WOW!

  4. Casey, we’re behind you all the way and can’t wait to start buying your CD’s!! Just remember to sing from your heart and you’ll be Season 9’s idol!! AND once you’ve won please remember your fans here in Sunny South Africa and come over here on tour ~ ok? Your in our prayers…

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