American Idol 2010: Top 10 Recap


It’s time to bring on the rhythm and blues as guest mentor Usher brings excellent advice to the American Idol Top 10.  I thought he gave all the contestants outstanding feedback and gave enough constructive criticism to help them grow as a performer. 

Siobhan Magnus was up first and Usher gave her fashion advice because he doesn’t want her to have too much going on that it takes away from her performance.  She sings “Through the Fire” and Usher needn’t worry because with her loud screeching she definitely had everyone tuned in.  Randy says “yo, big song…All over the place.”  Ellen says something about hiking. (What?) Kara says that she is entitled to one off week and Simon tells her she is kidding herself if she thought that was a good performance. (ouch!)

Casey James is up next with “Hold on I’m Coming” and Usher seems impressed with Casey and his guitar playing.  He does an exceptional job and I’m not just saying this because of my obvious obssession with his looks but he really delivered tonight.  Randy says “this is another hot night for you.”  Ellen said it felt a little generic (like she knows).  Kara thinks he has more range and Simon says it was his strongest week.  Great job Casey! 🙂

Next we have Big Mike with “Ready for Love” and Usher tells him to project to the back of the room.  He tells him chicks dig a guy who can play the guitar and sing.  (I guess Usher didn’t know he was married with a new born baby).  Way more laid back than usual with him just sitting on stool.  Randy says very sensitive song, you are in the zone.  Ellen says that was beautiful and then makes a joke about him singing with his back to the judges. Kara says you did an incredible job.  Gee thanks Kara! And Simon says that is the first time I can actually take you serious as an artist.  I guess I missed something because I thought it was kind of boring.  Oh well.

Didi Benami sings “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” and sigh, it wasn’t good at all.  She starts crying during her time with Usher (another sigh).  I thought it was boring and didn’t think she connected with the song at all.  Randy says the performance flatlined.  Ellen says it was too dramatic.  Kara says it was over done and Simon says it was like swimming in jelly and over the top.  He said “you have completely and utterly lost your way.”

Tim Urban aka Sanjaya comes out with “Sweet Love” and manages to stay on key and that was the only nice thing to say about it.  I can stay on key guys I mean come on.  He can’t hit the high notes out of his reach and gives a really boring performance.  I read today they were making a reality show out of Glee and I think it would be a good opportunity for him to try out for that.  Randy said you had no vibe.  Ellen says something about a drinking game and adorable.  Kara says you took the soul out of the song and Simon says it makes no difference what we say, completely inappropriate song but nobody cares because you will be here next week.  All Tim does is laugh at the judges.  I’m sure the worsters are jumping up and down with joy.

Andrew Garcia reminded us of why he is in the top ten with “Forever”.  Usher tell him to stop analyzing so much and connect.  So much better than previous weeks thank God!  Randy says Andrew’s back.  Ellen says that was a really amazing strong performance.  Kara says that is one giant leap in the right direction and Simon says it was miles better than what we’ve heard but you come across as boring.

Katie gives a decent performance tonight with “Chain of Fools” and Usher wants her to have pizzazz and attitude.  She does a good job of staying in tune and does great when she hits her power high voice but does come across as much older than she actually is.  Randy says one of the best performances of the night.  Ellen says you have half a snooki poof going on ( haven’t you said something like this before?).  Kara says this is one of your best performances and this is your genre while Simon says it was pretty good and very robotic.  He and Kara disagree and which style of music Katie should sing. 

Lee Dewyze delivered the best vocals of the night for me with “Treat Her Like a Lady”.  Usher tells him he has an incredible voice and to just own it.  He says if you don’t believe it, they won’t.  He is impressed with Lee.  He changed it up to give it a rock vibe.  Very well done.  Randy says “check this out, unbelievable!”  Ellen says now the night’s started.  Kara says it was amazing and Simon tells him to go home and watch the show back and realize this is the night your life might have changed forever.  Great compliment!

Crystal Bowersox also delivers an astounding performance with “Midnight Train to Georgia” and Usher tells her to play the piano and make it second nature.  She blows it out and proves she is versatile with that song.  Randy says another amazing vocal while Ellen says you are in it to win it.  Kara says I’m so glad you took that risk and Simon says her choice of song was amazing but didn’t like the backup singers.  He doesn’t want her to change into something she is not because he has no issues with her.  We all know she is your fav Simon.

Aaron Kelly ends the show with “Ain’t No Sunshine” and Usher tells him to make the “I know” personal and give him theatrics.  Another just ok song for me by Aaron.  Randy says it was just allright for me.  Ellen says good song choice and good job.  Kara says I liked it but didn’t love it and Simon says I’m not jumping out of the chair.  Neither am I Simon. 

I thought Usher really gave good solid advice and was a much better mentor than Miley.  What did you think of tonight’s show and who was your favs?




  1. Wow – judges musta heard something sooo different what I heard – I loved Siobhan’s performance. They were really hard on her, and I flat didn’t get it.

  2. I think that Andrew guy did a good job today. I can’t comment on anyone else because I changed the channel after he sang. I like the song he was singing. Keep up the good work Ashley. I hope to see you more on the Survivor site.

  3. Crystal Bowersox has an amazing voice- i’m blown away by her talent.
    also delivers an astounding performance with “Midnight Train to Georgia”

    Tim urban sucks- isn’t it time he left the show.
    I think Siobhan Magnus has a great voice but picks terrible songs – the screaming has got to stop – my ears are bleeding
    Katie- terrific voice but I what’s with the crappy songs that she sings- Chain of Fools is such an over worked song- someone give this girl some good advice…..

  4. Wow!!! tonight was incredible!! Finally we are hearing a singing competition!!
    I am very happy for Andrew he was awesome! and in spite of comment 9 (Jay you really starting to be boring with that!) Andrew delivered incredible and he is BACK! 🙂
    Lee was phenomenal! the best of the night followed by Casey which I is not in my favs list but he was strong tonight. Crystal did great too.
    Sad for Siobhan who sang good in my opinion but had some bad moments during her song and I agree was not her best of the season.
    My bottom 3 for tomorrow are Tim, Didi and Siobhan (unfortunately) but Tim will go this week.

  5. Anyone notice how Kara’s face lit up during the judges’ feedback for Andrew? HE’S BACK! Keep it up. Crystal and Lee are tough to beat though.

  6. Tough night for Siobhan. Usher, after working with her, is impressed enough he singles her out as the one he thinks “has a shot at being an incredible artist” with her skills. Moments after that praise, she blows a song she nailed in practice.
    She won’t be bottom 3. But Siobhan has a curse. She has this raw talent, knows it, and she cannot stop from trying to push it, get it all to jell into something truly exceptional. It happens all the time with promising young athletes and talented people in the arts. If you are really good, or think you are close to showing it – you can’t play it safe. And the same young gifted also get to show their age making dumb decisions on the field or on stage. Siobhan with the clutching on of her high note gimmick in too many songs after it made her “Think!” performance bombshell..

    We will see how well poor beatup Siobhan responds to her crash and burn. ‘Cause she isn’t going home Wednesday.
    BTW, ALL PROPS TO TIM URBAN. The judges dragged him back then decided to make him an object of ridicule before a national audience. By essentially signalling he no longer gives a damn what they think, URBAN turned it back on them. Sort of like Sanjayah did. That one went badly for Cowell as fans rallied behind a sweet untalented guy in part just to royally irritate Cowell, week after week Sanjayah survived.

  7. The sad thing here though, is Simon very well could be right about Tim surviving this week. Siobhan still delivers good, despite what the judges might have to say about her performance last night. I still roots for Siobhan, Crystal and Lee. Hope none of em lands in the bottom 3 tonight.

  8. I love Siobhan, Crystal, Lee, Andrew, Casey, Katie, Mike, Didi, Aaron. I really think Tim will be headed home this week!!!!!!!! Sorry Tim, but you weren’t as good as the rest of them.

  9. Tim knows it. He won’t reach the top five. You all are too hard on him. Because of that, I’m voting for him, and give him a week or more on Idol. If I’m Tim, I would act the same, have fun and devil-may-care about the judges’ comments. Go Tim!

  10. Ashley great great summary, I agree 100% with your blog. The night had some amazing performances with Lee and Crystal leading the pack. Andrew Garcia was pretty good, and I agree with someone that he should change those stupid glasses(I know they are in style but please).

    I believe that DIDI will go home tonight because Willam Hung will be there for awhile.WTF.

    I really love Crystal..she is an artist and is way above all the others.

  11. It’s painful to listen and watch Tim…week after week after week. I really don’t get why he’s still around. How many times has he been in the bottom 3?! I hope Simon is wrong…that I will have to see Tim for one more week.

  12. Kat, you must be tone deaf. She sounded like an off key screech owl. She need to take a hike, although if they sent Tim home, I would be OK with that too.

  13. Hi i like mike lynch a lot, lee and crystal. still in awe of just how good adam lambert was last year, hoping this year will pick up, think it could with better song choices.

  14. Again, Crystal and Lee in a league their own. Casey was right on their heels and right behind him, Siobhan. Big Mike was good but not memorable. Tim..bye!

  15. ANDREW GARCIA WAS AMAZING!!! I am a HUGE fan, and I am so excited he got very great responses to last nights performance, after all that ctitisicim. GOO ANDREW!

    While watching Tims performance, and the judges feedbacks, I thought they were really harsh on him, it wasn’t as bad as they thought. Didi is in the bottom 3 sorry to say

  16. How is Tim Urban even on this show? He has no star quality at all. The best performance for me was Lee, he really shined and finally came out of his shell. Overall, a good night. Big Mike was very good, as he always is. Crystal once again proved how talented she is, that girl can do anything. Didi seems to be lost on the show as well but still much better than Tim. PLEASE GO HOME TIM!

  17. Siobhan was distracted at the beginning of her performance: a dog had wandered onto the stage and was right at her feet. By the end of the first chorus, the dog had left the stage, but she still had to sing while crew was shooing the dog offstage and the director was choosing shots that didn’t show the dog. It was not Siobhan’s strongest performance, but it was still better than most of the other singers could dream of.

    Casey’s “Hold On, I’m Coming” was bland. The Sam and Dave version had a tricky, catchy counter rhythm that this arrangement ignored. His time with the vocal coach is paying off, though and his voice is getting stronger.

    As is Mike. When the live performances started, his voice sounded like fog. Now it sounds like a trumpet. He’s improving incredibly.

    Didi is making a common mistake: she’s assuming that the judges aren’t clueless. She went through another listless performance. She caught fire at the end, but it was too late.

    Tim was fine. He’s got a nice edge on his voice, but he needs to put a little more body in it. He didn’t deserve the mugging he got from the judges. He knows more about singing than the judges ever will.

    I’m sorry, but Andrew is just a weak singer: his voice sounds like fog.

    Katie is just not woman enough to sing Aretha. Great strong alto voice, but she has to learn to concentrate on the words.

    Lee is on the same learning curve as Mike, but he’s way behind. When he learns to use his new voice, to add and subtract the gritty quality, he’s going to be a hell of a blues singer.

    Crystal showed the way for the rest of the singers again. When she delivered the line “I’d rather live in his world than without him in mine” she opened a whole world of meaning and sentiment. Of course, no one would believe that she would ever make that kind of decision. I truly believe that the person who does the best job of delivering the lyrics will win this.

    There may be hope for Aaron yet. He showed a strong voice right at the end of his version. Usher gave him great advice, and he tried to follow it, but he needed a breath at the wrong time, so the climax fell apart.

    I watch the show to hear Siobhan, Crystal, and Mike sing. Lee and Casey are getting interesting. The rest don’t really matter.

  18. I watch the show each week and I can’t help
    but believe that the show is more about the
    antics of the judges and less about the contestants who have worked hard to prepare for
    their big night. Anybody agree?

  19. Haha, as much as it is time for Tim to go home, I have to give him kudos for laughing at the judges. That was clearly a “this is stupid, I have no idea what you want from me” laugh. He had a good run. He’s on the tour. We don’t need much more.

    Meanwhile, nobody pays that much real attention to Casey, as everybody’s talking about Siobhan, Crystal, Andrew, and Lee. I think he’ll sneak up and suddenly become a threat at the end….

  20. I really like Casey, Lee, Crystal, and Mike. I think the one under the radar and keeps getting better is Katie. She continues to sing phenomenally in my opinion. I think the bottom 3 this week are going to be Sibohan, Tim, and Didi. Tim should go home then Didi. After that who knows, its going to be a week in and week out basis. If things go right, it should be Crystal, Lee, Casey, Mike, Andrew, Katie, Sibohan, and Aaron in the final 8. However, I am a measly midwestern DJ, what do I know. I know I am not a judge, and definitely not an Ellen. Good luck to all the Contestants tonight and the future performances.

  21. Lee–absolutely amazing.
    Crystal–absolutely amazing.
    However, Andrew–Rules! The whole package. Warmth flows through you when you see him perform.

  22. VERY good input Ted. I can tell you are a true fan. I had no idea about the dog on the stage in sibohans performance. the camera crew did a good job at not showing it. That is tough for her, very distracting. I also agree with progg about katie, she is really getting better as well for such a young singer.

  23. ANDREW GARCIA GO GO GO….He’s just so awesome.Whether he perform well or not, i just love him.He won over my heart, totally.He’s got such a great personality and even though he sometimes may not give his best performance, by the end of the day, its the person whom you’re falling for. You can always forget their bad times when they already won you over.Good luck Garcia

  24. crystal is surely good at a sing, but perhaps will not buy her record.

    Becuse even she is a good singer, I cannot feel charm as a singer.
    Andrew and lee they are both very charmming as a singer.
    Didi will go home.

  25. Crystal’s new look was so not her and actually really horrible. I would have to agree with Simon that she is perfect as she was and a fake Hollywood outfit just ruins who and what she really is. It would be like putting Joan Baez or, for that matter, Janice Joplin in stiletto heels and an awful tight dress. Can you imagine that?! Or putting Dave Matthews in a shiny polyester suit!

  26. Tim did better than I expected. I thought with a song like “Sweet Love”, he would have gone off tune but he didn’t.

  27. I love big mike and crystal. Big Mike really touched my heart with that song and Crystal once again delivered a great performance. I think Tim Urban is turning into a bit of a joke though. That song was a disaster.

  28. Casey Rocks! This guy can sing,(I’d love to hear him do some Eagles or Bob Segar), he can play the guitar, and he’s a real HOTTIE!! Plus, if you really watch him on stage he just shines! He is having the best time(unlike some of the others who look absolutely terrified!)We’re team Casey at my house all the way!!KEEP VOTING FOR CASEY!!

  29. First of all tim has more character than anyone of them…they put him in the contest now all they do is make fun of him…
    Best singer is Crystal followed by Lee, then Casey..Mike is boring boring boring…but the judges love him…snoozeeeee…..the others i cannot remember…who were they again?

    lets face it…crystal should win, lee will probably win…and Casey will make the most money…and Tim, well i see guest appearances and a cruise ship in his future, maybe disney…

  30. I love love Lee. He is amazing and every performance he is incredible. He makes my
    heart melt. Loved him since day 1.
    Favorite: Lee! 🙂
    Likes: Casey, Andrew, Crystal, and Mike.
    but as for the rest…
    Go Lee! <3

  31. you know been thinking…Tim would be a good replacement for Ryan….i mean isn’t ryan a mediocre talented good looking man…who btw is getting older and showing it…Tim might be your next American Idol…HOST.

  32. Yes, Crystal will win. she is absolutely the most talented one in the competion….even in stilletos! Tim’s bad, but Didi….oh, poor Didi, can’t stay in tune to save her life and is just too emotional to be a pro. Lee is good and getting better. Mike is a big teddy bear with a nice voice….Everyone else loves Andrew and I can’t stand him. Maybe his style is what I dislike. Anyway, hope that Didi goes tonight. She just isn’t going to go very far!

  33. I think Simon was going to finish his sentence by saying Andrew should have more charisma and personality like the last contestant, Tim, does, (great name by the way).. I also think he’s slammed by the judges because his happiness doesn’t hinge on the their approval. He has a good voice, he just needs a lot more experience and training. Hopefully, when he gets booted, and tonight seems like the night, he will get it.. he will prove the judge’s advice isn’t as omniscient as they would like to think it is.

  34. All upset fans of Didi for some reason do not know talent when they see it. Didi got eliminated because she chose the wrong song to sing. That is what Idol is all about. It shouldnt be based on overall performances. I think Tim did better on vocals than Didi, even though he was boring with it. If the show was based on boring, then Andrew should have gone a long time ago. But this week he did good on vocals as well. America made the right choice.

  35. I am a fan of the kids. I think Katie & Aaron both have amazing voices. I am surprised that katie continually gets voted into the bottom 3. I think others are weeker performers. Such great talent at such a young age.

    I am not real impressed with Tim,Didi & Andrew and I think they will be the next three to go.

    Mike seems to be a bit of a favorite, but I’m not real impressed. I find him a bit boring.

    Casey I am sitting on the fence with. I like him, and I think he will go far, but not convinced he will win.

    Unfortunately, it seems that america doesn’t see the same talent in Katie as I do and unless she really picks it up, she might not make it, but hopefully to at least the top 5.

    Sibohan I think will continue trying to push it too hard and will end up getting eliminated possible at top 5 or 4.

    My top 3 pick is Crystal, Lee, and Aaron.

  36. I loved Sioban as well. To me she is much more marketable than Crystal. I look forward to a showdown between the two.

    Can we vote someone off? Bye Bye Tim.

    Although with Tim still on I continue to have a few minutes during the show to let the dog out/in ect…

  37. I dont see how anyone thinks Tim is boring. He has more face expression than Lee! Tim smiles and Lee looks blankly at the judes. The singing for both of them are the same. I like them both, don’t get me wrong but Tim is just as good as any of the others! He brings life onto the show…un like Lee.

  38. I’m a woman in my 60’s and I think Tim has a great voice. In fact, I’d buy his CD. Crystal has a great voice but absolutely no personality or stage presence. She’d be alright as long as you didn’t have to look at her.

  39. In South Africa we are still talking about how exceptionally great Adam Lambert was last year. He was a real favourite over here, no matter what he sang. We are still waiting for someone from this season to truly shine. We like Lee, Aaron, Crystal and Casey. Sibohan could also be a favourite but the screetching is getting a bit over the top now and we wish it would stop! All the best to the remaining contestants. Hope America votes for true talent and not to spite Simon!

  40. Why is Tim still in the competition? Didi is better than him, atleast…..he needs more control and texture to his voice…..sry Tim fans, but he’s gotta go…
    Mike, Andrew, Katie and Aaron are very good….Katie just needs ‘less’ feeling in her songs….she shouldn’t try to sing too mature, i mean she has a gr8 voice…she shouldn’t be so adult-like in her singing and emotions….
    I’m definitely hoping for Shiobhan, Lee, Crystal and Casey in the top 4……man, they can sing…!!! <3

  41. Just a pity, we in South Africa cannot vote, I am sure there is a huge following of America Idols here. I would definitely be voting for Crystal, she is just such a natural and seems to do all her songs with such ease, Lee would be my second choice, not so sure about my third choice at this stage, but Tim definitely needs to go…. Trust America will vote honestly and keep the best in. Great show

  42. Wendy,
    When you say “everyone else but Casey looks terrified when they perform” … I have a hard time believing you really are being honest with yourself when you say that. As one has to wonder how Casey would look, if he ever decides to just sing, without the guitar. As all the others have done. I suspect he would look a hundred times more awkward than most anyone else, if he ever tried to do so. I could be wrong. But, I think the very reason Casey ALWAYS chooses to hide behind his musical instrument, is because he knows he is a fairly mediocre singer, at best. Not pathetic like Tim Urban … But, not exactly much to stand up and shout about either.

  43. Good Luck all american Idol contestants! I hope MOST of the songs that everyone suggested will be on the show! There is only one way to find out though! Its time to watch yet another show of american idol! tonight is the night for everyone to vote! Can’t wait to hear all the amazing singers sing a song from an amazing song! Good Luck to everyone’s favorite contestate!

  44. Cassey should try to sing a Bob Seggar song like turn the page his lennon performance reminded me of Seggar.Great job

  45. Wow!!!! What can I say?? All 9 came out, and blew us away! All 9 performances were STELLER!!!! They all showed up to win American Idol, and would be just great in the slot!! Special mention: Shiban ABSOLUTELY BANG ON!! Christal Bowersox- great, bang on!! CASEY, FABULOUS!!!TIM – you’re safe for a long time, BIG-MIKE,- did the song proud and was just great! ANDREW- pure so entertaining!! KATIE,LEE AND AARON- LOVE YOU ALL, THIS IS THE HARDEST SEASON TO DATE, CAUSE YOU ARE ALL WINNERS! LOVE YA ALL!!YOU DID THE BEATLES PROUD, AMERICA PROUD AND YOURSELVES THE BEST PERFORMANCE AND SHOWED YOU BELONG!!! THIS YEAR WILL BE A WILD RIDE, AS YOU ARE IN IT AND ON IT!!!

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