American Idol 2010 Top 10 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol 2010 rolls on tonight when the season’s Top 10 singers hit the stage and compete for your votes. The theme this week is R&B hits performed under the guidance of Usher. Definitely a change of pace from Miley last week.

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American Idol Top 10 Performances:

  • Siobhan Magnus – Through the Fire – 1-866-436-5701
  • Casey James – Hold On, I’m Coming – 1-866-436-5702
  • Michael Lynche – Ready for Love – 1-866-436-5703
  • Didi Beniham – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted – 1-866-436-5704
  • Tim Urban – Sweet Love – 1-866-436-5705
  • Andrew Garcia – Forever – 1-866-436-5706
  • Katie Steves – Chain of Fools – 1-866-436-5707
  • Lee DeWyze – Treat Her Like A Lady – 1-866-436-5708
  • Crystal Bowersox – Midnight Train to Georgia – 1-866-436-5709
  • Aaron Kelly – Ain’t No Sunshine – 1-866-436-5710

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to share your thoughts in our Idol poll below!

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  1. Usher is the perfect mentor..great advice to the contestants.Don’t know what else to say about Sanjaya. What a joke. Casey was awesome..great vocals.

  2. Andrew PLEASE sing Go West song , We Close our Eyes!!!!
    You have the exact voice for this song!!!!! Listen to it and create your sound like them! You wll be a hit because not many can sing that type of music!!!

  3. @bg: I agree, Usher was a great mentor. I was impressed with his advice and way of working with the singers. Idol should get him back another season to do it again.

  4. Lee was the bomb. Just a bit too shy of the best singer in the competition. He reminds me of Danny Gokey..very soulful.

  5. I want to hear Crystal Bowersox sing a full song! Midnight Train to Georgia was super,and I would love to hear her sing the full version in the future, I bet it would be fantastic!!

  6. I also agree, Usher is a great mentor, with great advice to the contestants (even the talentless ones).

    Crystal Rocks, and is head and shoulders above this lot.

    I vote for all contestants to stay, and Ryan Seacrest to go home.. Failing this, I think time is up for Terrible Tim!

  7. I agree that Lee was #1 tonight…Casey remains my favourite…one other thing…..what is it with all the mismatch jewels …distracting and not flattering AT ALL

  8. My conversation is civil and on topic. How in the world do you expect African Americans to continue to watch and help your ratings when this show is now ” Welcome to American White Idol” This is the worst season I have ever watch and have not bother to vote.

  9. Didi was terrible.Tim was not good either. I say send Didi, Tim or Andrew home. Their time is up. Didi has not turned in a good strong performance since H’Wood week–plus she is annoying. Andrew ditto with the H’Wood week thing. Poor Tim had one decent performance–that’s it. He really can’t sing well but dammit! The kid is likeable as all hell!

  10. @Dianna

    Do you mean to say that African Americans cannot vote for our even enjoy listening to non-blacks? Wow. That does sound a bit racist. What if a white person wrote what you just wrote in reverse? Hmmmmmmmmmm…….

  11. I think if Andrew Garcia would style himself up with a “stylish” pair of specks it would certainly enhance his personality. He needs to do away with those black rims yukkkkkkk!!!!!!!

  12. siobhan and didi had bad nights,but they are head and shoulders above tim.or katie.they have proved it so far.

  13. how does did wind up with more votes so far than Michael? she has not had a good performence in forever. At least that terrible singer tim is at the bottom so far

  14. It may be hard to believe, but “white folks” have talent too. Crystal has the voice, but please someone teach her how to dress. Casey is SSSSMMMOOOKKIIINNN’ HOT!

  15. Casey is hot! esp his mesmerizing smile even as he sings…such confidence! he’s got such a great voice,he’s amazing! The others dont impress me.

  16. Dido did change from the start to now. She’s more Glam than before, but Glam is OK. Now to find a song that fits her.

  17. Didi did change from the start to now. She’s more Glam than before, but Glam is OK. Now to find a song that fits her.

  18. Loved Lee tonight he was incredible! Casey was very good too and TG Andrew is back!! he sounded amazing and totally in his comfort zone. Sadly Siobhan was not good tonight and because of the judges comments she will be on the bottom 3 tomorrow but the one leaving will be Tim, his time is up has nothing to do in this season anymore. He’s been very lucky to be on the top 10 for the tour, cant ask for more.
    I don’t agree on some comments above about this is a white singing competition. Sounds racist. White people can sing and well!! By the way I don’t think Big Mike is the whitest person I ever seen and he is competing and doing great! He might even be in the final.

  19. Firstly, let me commend your clearness on this subject. I am not an expert on this subject, but after studying your article, my understanding has improved well. Please allow me to snatch your rss feed to stay in touch with any inflowing updates. Fabulous job and will pass it on to supporters and my blog followers.

  20. @ Dianne

    What makes you say that this is a racist show?

    Is Mike not black?

    If your comments are concerning Paige going home, I think it was plainly obvious that she did not want to stay in the competition, because she did not want to commit to the year’s tour.

    Regardless, it was a pretty stupid thing to say, and not needed; certainly not on this forum.

    Go spout your negative BS elsewhere!

  21. Lee did a good jod this night..i like it so much…i like Aaron too..they are my favorite!

  22. Tim Urban is wonderful. He may not have the greatest voice but he can definately entertain. Give the kid credit. I think he has about 2 or 3 weeks left. Andrew should go tonight – he’s just plain awful !!!

  23. Siobhan is not singing she has been screaming for the past weeks, she is definitely annoying. I doubt she can sing, screaming is one way to hide that!

  24. I agree with Dianna, this is the worst season. Having said that I do like Micheal, he’s good.

  25. Tim is not going to make I hope. He is the worst singer on the show him and DiDi you need to say good bye to both of them.

  26. Simon I love you and I hate it that you are leaving I don’t think I can watch this show if you are not there.

  27. Tim can’t sing and I find he is incredibly phoney. It is not a white competition, dumb comment Dianne. Mike is black and he sang great last night. Probably in the top three. Crystal is always great – always look forward to see what she will do today. I LIKE Didi’s voice, Andrew was good, Katie always sucks – pretty presumptious trying to fill Aretha’s shoes. Siobhan didn’t do well but the first one up seldom does. I think Aaron will morph into an awesome singer but age is against him right now – awesome voice though! Probably the best voice there. I wish Casey hadn’t taken his shirt off for Cara though – that is not the way into MY CD collection.

  28. okay please please please let tim go home tonight. he is so annoying and he cannot sing. i bet the judges are pissed they brought him back because now they cant seem to get rid of him! i think andrew needs to get rid of those coke bottle glasses and get more stylish. he also reminds me of danny gokey. i LOVE LOVE LOVE crystal!!! shes going to be famous whether she wins it or not. i used to be a didi fan but now she is just annoying. i think shibon needs to quit smoking pot. she can sing but when she talks she sounds like a burned out retard! usher was awesome! what the heck were they thinking with miley cyrus? really? her dad was a one hit wonder and she sucks!!!!

  29. okay please please please let tim go home tonight. he is so annoying and he cannot sing. i bet the judges are pissed they brought him back because now they cant seem to get rid of him! i think andrew needs to get rid of those coke bottle glasses and get more stylish. he also reminds me of danny gokey. i used to be a didi fan but now she is just annoying. i think shibon needs to quit smoking pot. she can sing but when she talks she sounds like a burned out retard! usher was awesome! what the heck were they thinking with miley cyrus? really? her dad was a one hit wonder and she sucks!!!!

  30. and i heart crystal and am rooting for her all the way! she will be famous even if she doesnt win! and i will be the first to buy her album!

  31. I’m a Crystal fan and I love Casey too. They all have talent – just some more than others.

    I wouldn’t mind if Didi, Andrew, or Big Mike went home tonight. They wil sooner or later anyway. Tim will too, but before he goes I’d love for someone to change his hair style.

  32. I have dropped Shiobhon from my top 5 choices. Last night was pretty bad. I was impressed at first with the high notes but they are not so good now. This was her worst week, and Didi’s also…My top 4 are, Crystal, Lee, Mike, & Casey. All 4 of these are great. Andrew, Aaron, & Katie did pretty well. The bottom 3 this week should be Shiobhan, Didi, & Tim.

  33. Tim has been the worst contestant on American Idol by far. In fact, he may be the worst contestast to make it to the final 10 in the history of AI.

    Lee and Crystal gave outstanding performances, and some of the others either had ok nights, off nights or really sucked.

    Two of my favorite singers; Siobhan and Didi did not have great performances and were definitely in the bottom 5, and after Tim is eliminated there won’t be room for an off night.

  34. Lee was the best (my favorite) Crystal was good my second favorite but please lets get rid of Tim come on he should have not made it this far, America this is to serious to have the joke vote, that was over with sanjayia (don’t remember how to spell his name) AI can make a person famous and change their lives forever keep the vote real!!!!

  35. I love Siobhan. I think she is much more diversified than any of the others, and can handle anything that is thrown at her. She is so entertaining to watch every week. Please send Tim home NOW!

  36. Tim has a lot more talent than you folks give him credit for. Didi or Andy go home tonight.

  37. Siobhan is the most original. So she had a bad night but let me tell you, I can name 4 people off the top of my head that needs to leave and I mean NOW. Kate for one, Tim (a joke), Didi.
    I think Siobhan got her wake up call and she will blast for the remaining season. I hope she shows this ***** Simon that she is the REAL DEAL. Usher saw it right away and I wouldn’t be surprise if he takes her under his wing. She is a winner.


  39. I have watched all 9 seasons of american idol. And I can say this season has been the most boring season ever. I don’t know what was in the minds of these judges when they pick out the contestants. A couple of seasons back it was made known that they were looking for contestants that had the IT factor. It looks to me like this season they forgot all about the IT factor and pick contestants with touching stories just so america can make someone’s dream come true. Like rags to riches (Cinderella story). All of these contestants lack natural attitude when they are singing. Vocally 2 or 3 of the contestants can really sing, but lack persona on stage. I have voted every season, but because the show has been boring this year, I am not even excited in voting even though I have favorites. I’m still watching.

  40. Not sure how Tim and Didi made it this far but one of them will go home tonight.Crystal Bowersox is awesome, would love to see her win.Even on a bad day she outsings everyone else.

  41. andrew garcia does not compare
    david archuleta anything I sing with you by chris brown david archuleta win!!

  42. I think the Teflon has finally worn thin with Tim and, just as we would throw out a worn out Teflon coated cooking utensil, it is time he is ditched. Like Sanjaya, he should be thankful he made the tour because much better singers than him have been eliminated.

    The star of this season to-date is Crystal but I wish she would get rid of that stud under her lower lip.

  43. Didi better not go home – soul is definitley not her genre – She is the only one with a unique voice – The rest are copycats – crystal a joplin wanna be – lee a creed both are good though- casey is all over the place and gets by on his electric guitar playing – arron like all country singers sings through his nose- katie sounds 40 instead of 17- andrew puts to much of a latin sound to anything he does – shonobi is lucky she has one thing going for her that scream- mike is good at soul only a motown artist which we have had tons- tim should never have been on the show period – i seen tons of people sang karaoke way better than anything he did- Didi given or chosing the right songs can win this- she truly has the most unique voice and doesnt copy off anyone- Ive listened back to all her perfomances and they all sound good – she picked a bad song last night- Tim is going home if not some nuts are voting on him just for spite ….c ya tim

  44. I love what Simon said about Tim. ….that it didn’t matter what they said or tried to help him, the tiny-boppers will vote for him. “All he has to is smile”. Ain’t it the truth. Don’t like Crystal at the piano and definitely not in stilettos, but she is still my female fav. I don’t think the others match up at all. The “Boys”? Started with Andrew, but he has been disappointing. Thought Casey might do it, but he can’t shuck the guitar. Would like to see him be more willing to take a “risk”. Right now, I like Lee the best. He keeps improving every week. By the time this is over he should really be great. His voice kind of reminds me of a young “Boss” Springsteen.

  45. Lee and Crystal will be the final two even though I love Casey too. Michael is getting “sadder” by the week. He needs to pick it up and sing a happier song. What’s up with “we don’t know who you are”? when they ask you to sing songs that aren’t who you are!I think you should sing whatever you want and then they will find out who you are. Gees.

  46. I’m a crystal fan but she was no good performance tonight than before.
    I hope Crystal is the winner.

  47. Ryan. Shut your pie hole! The way you continue to take on Simon, and the other judges and contestants for that matter is not professional. Be a host and part of the team.
    Simon should have punched you in the nose. And Mike should have body slammed you. I am sure you think the audience enjoys it. WE DON’T!

  48. Crystal is in a league of her own and yes I think she is also Simons fav. I think she will get a recording contract regardless of where she comes in the comp. Felt sorry for Didi and Tim. How awesome was Lee and Casey! Love big Mike too, but he needs to get funky…Aaron and Katie are annoying and Siobahn has been quite good till last night!

  49. When someone makes a silly racists remark, if it does not affect you and bother you then you won’t respond. but the overwhelming response to that remark makes you wonder.

  50. i would like siobhan to consider songs that are challenging but would not take extra effort of straining her voice… like almost shouting on top of her voice… she would be great at that… i don’t want her eliminated until the top 5.

  51. thought for sure Tim was leaving. I think he smiles all the time because he is so nervous kind of annoying.Crystal, Lee and Casey are my top 3. It will be tough to pick when a few more go.

  52. My ranking for the Top 9!( based on the performance)

    1. Lee Dewyze
    2. Crystal Bowersox
    3. Andrew Garcia
    4. Casey James
    5. Katie Stevens
    6. Michael Lynche
    7. Aaron Kelly
    8. Siobhan Magnus
    9. Tim Urban

  53. Well, I finally have a favorite–Lee Dewyze. His performance Tuesday was the best of the season. Do not sell him short. This cute guy is going places. I hope to see him in the final four, and if I have anything to do about it, he will win. You are way better than you realize, Lee. Good luck!

  54. andrew was great last tuesday..
    LEE was the greatest..

    TIM was NOT!!
    but he’s lucky..

    i’d like to see him sing good for his last night!

  55. We are getting down to the talented singers and I hate to see someone else go home it should be Tim He should have never made it to the top 10, we are not voting on his smile or white teeth it is talent and he is taking talented peoples spot! I vote for the top 5 I want to be there at the end every week for an hour. Come on people just don’t vote someone off because they have a bad night, it is all the preformaces together. #1 Lee #2 Crystal #3 Mike #4 Casey #5 Katie or Arron they are young and have so much potential and will do fine in the industry.

  56. my top 9…
    1. Crystal Bowersox
    2. Siobhan Magnus
    3. Lee Dewyze
    4. Michael Linche
    5. Andrew Garcia
    6. Katie Stevens
    7. Casey James
    8. Aaron Kelly
    9. Tim Urban
    I don’t know my so many talented people are going home?!?!?!? I’m suprised Paige even got up to top 11 and Tim should have never been in the top 10 he has no talent whatsoever!

  57. Lee to win,

    He has the best voice by far. Crystal a distant second. Go on Lee, love the rasp and soulfulness in his voice.. Thoughts of a South African living in England..

  58. I think Shiobian is the best singer and the Winner of American idol she is strongest Vocal great song Choices is Pink the song are
    get the party Started
    so what
    please don’t leave me
    that Siobian the Songs is wildest and the awesome Songs and her vocal is the Best ever

  59. Chrystal Bowersox Rocks! She’s been my favorite since Hollywood week. When it came down to Didi & Tim, Tim should have went home, no doubt, he can’t sing and thinks this is a joke. Although at the same time, Didi had a whiny voice, but still better than Tim. Shiobian needs to stop screaming the high notes, use only when needed. If she were to focus and every aspect of the song she’s singing, she would be as good as Chrystal.


  61. Casey will win it all…he kicks ass every time. I think the top three will be Lee, Casey and Crystal or Mike. Tim shouldn’t be there at all, Didi should. Tim is only in there for his looks but hes good looks aren’t going to get him though for long.

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