American Idol 2010 Top 10 Elimination Results Tonight


Your votes are in and the results are ready to be revealed. Tonight on American Idol we’ll find out who is eliminated after last night’s Top 10 R&B performances and who moves on to this season’s Top 9. Whoever gets cut loose tonight is still a lock for the summer tour so you might not see as many tears, especially for those just lucky to still be there (yes, I’m looking at you, Urban).

Tonight’s guest performances will be covered by Usher, P. Diddy, and Justin Bieber. Quite a natural combination of singers, right? Wait, what? Oh well.

Be sure to join us in the chat room while we tear apart the live show. Fun stuff!

While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll.

Don’t forget to join us tonight when we post the big results live at 9PM ET!

Update: Check out Snark Food’s Idol highlights from last night’s show.

Update 2: Sorry, Bieber fans. It looks like Ruben is performing tonight in lieu of Bieber, but he’ll be back another week. I’ll update as more details become available.




  1. As I said before 🙂 tonight Tim has to go home. He is very lucky to made it this far anyway. Top yesterday for me was Lee then Casey and Andrew. Crystal was great also. Crossing fingers for Siobhan but she is still a strong competitor even yesterday was not her best.

  2. I agree Marta that Tim should go home but I doubt it. I was happy to see Andrew performed well also and I hope he stays. DIDI should be the one to go since Sanjaya will be there for a while.

    Overall, great night of performances.

  3. Alas, even though Andrew Garcia was WAY better this week, still predicts he’s out, so I think it will be him. Siobhan was pretty terrible this week, that was sort of dissapointing.

  4. I hope the voters vote based on talent, not a pretty boy like Tim. Tim has to go tonight but I agreed with Simon, he will be back because he is good looking. He is a terrible singer

  5. I don’t understand why the majority thinks that Tim is a bad singer. I frankly appreciated his pure tones last night. He didn’t embellish unnecessarily and he has a nice tone to his voice. (much nicer than Lee or Casey, by far.) Tim’s big challenge is getting comforatable on stage. Ellen was right about his “creeping into a bedroom” walk and he looked meek and terrified when sitting on the stairs. Nonetheless, he sounded good. Not spectacular, but I really do not think that he deserves all of the criticism that he is getting. He is a pretty face, granted. But he is also talented. Also Didi is wonderful. I think that Andrew or Katie will go home tonight. Maybe Siobhan too. And Siobhan is one we can do without.

  6. Are you kidding? tim is much better than lee or casey? ohh dear, i just don’t know if you have any idea about music,jovesta…..

  7. Didi will be going home. I remembered later that early on she said she had auditioned for a friend of hers (who had auditioned with her once before, I think) who died. Very sad. Didi does have trouble controlling her emotions, and I think the “tribute” song choice was too much pressure for her . . . she tried to give it her all, and it turned out so wooden and flat–I suspect she was trying to rein in her emotions so she wouldn’t break down. I think she’s a better singer than that–but certainly a step down from the best on the show this year. I do think she wrecked it for herself and that she will be going home.

    I actually thought Tim did pretty well, myself. (If he doesn’t stop that blink-wide open stare thing, though . . . drives me crazy). He is kinda cute. And I think the Teflon reference is so apt. I loved Simon’s comment at the end of the critiques!

    Loved, loved, loved Casey, Andrew and Lee. They were just standouts. I could not believe the transformation in Lee. Always loved his voice; never thought he would ever be able to make contact as he did last night. ASTOUNDING! I feel so proud for him!!! And Andrew–finally was able to hear his wonderfully pleasing voice again–great performance. Casey, I never really took to for some reason. But wow, he was terrific last night and you could see he was doing exactly what he should be doing. A natural.

    I am rooting for Siobhan to stay in (she got really upset, but the judges were right). She is so talented, though, and I love her–love her uniqueness, envy her beauty, am enthralled by her big voice and tickled by her gutsiness.

    My favorite has always been Crystal. I didn’t like the song last night, but, to me, she is the standout of the very talented bunch. She is gifted with a full, gorgeous voice with incredible range. I like her best being herself, with her guitar (and harmonica!) as the judges said. I can identify with her down-to-earth demeanor, and I really like that.

  8. How on earth has Tim remained as anyone’s fave? He is sickening! What is he hiding under that wretched come-over?
    When his eyebrows show, he looks more human, and we can see some expression there. His practiced smile is ugly.
    And, he is simply a lounge singer…put us out of our misery, get rid of him.

  9. Den your an idiot Jovesta didnt say anything about Tim being better than Lee,I preferred Tim’s performance more than Casey’s because as the Judges said He’s all over and Tim had wonderful tones despite a bit of stage fright throughout his performance and Den ill bet you know less than Jovesta about music.

  10. Although Siobhan did horribly last night, she is safe because of all her prior great performances. Anyway, I believe the judges would save her if she got the least AI votes this week.

    Lee really knocked it out of the park this week -he’s probably the leader among the males now. Andrew did very well, too. Didi was a disaster -I predict she will be going this week (before Teflon Tim, aka Sanjaya).

    I thought Michael was really exceptional this week, too.

    Bottom 3 this week -Tim, Didi and Aaron (boring version of Ain’t No Sunshine, done much better last year by Kris Allen)

  11. Oops. Forgot to talk about Aaron and Katie.

    Aaron was atypically off a bit in his song last night, but I do like his voice and think he has TREMENDOUS potential in the future. He is just so young. He will eventually be eliminated, but not this round.

    Katie shocked me! And I think that is what she was going for–to change everyone’s “lock” on who she is. I thought the “cold” comment (by Simon) was unfair, because that is what she was going for. It was theatrics. She belted the song out beautifully and did really well. I think she will eventually be eliminated as well; although her voice is pleasant, it does not have the “grab you” nuances of Lee, Andrew, Casey, Siobhan or Crystal.

  12. Ack! How could I forget Big Mike? He was wonderful. One of those people who have music in their voice when they TALK. Singing seems so natural for him, and I love his personality. He has never been among my top picks, but I always enjoy his performances. I think he may find a contract after this. But I don’t expect him to be in the last 4 or 5.

  13. Siobhan blew it, but will be safe and or saved – and that would be right! Tim and Aaron – didn’t care for either one. Didi – too emotional, but my favorite so I voted in hopes of keeping her on for a bit longer. Andrew – bet he has done so far. Lee was my #1 this week with MS Atitude Crystal second. Think Tim, Katie or Aaron will go home.

  14. Lee is overall best, Casey can sing, but he can’t move (stiff like a white guy), Andrew next (interesting voice), Siobhan (if she will stop the scream she thinks is a high note), and Crystal, though her surprise was a dud….she couldn’t walk in those stilettos, I was expecting something more… above the neck.

  15. As a point of information/clarification, I think that Tim’s tone is better than Lee’s or Casey’s is. Both Lee and Casey are great performers/musicians, but when you listen to their actual voices, they don’t have the tone control that Tim has. And to den2 and others who disagree, this is just my opinion. (I have worked in the professional music and theatre business for 14 years.) Didi has such a unique voice and her emotional vulnerability is an asset to her. She will not be going hom tonight. On the other hand, Siobhan may be at risk. She is screaming for every performance. And I agree that she is not executing as well as she can. She is definitely becoming annoying to me.

  16. people like you jovesta is why tim is still on the show, he is awful. no better than a bar singer

  17. Honestly, Casey and Lee are more suited for singing at bars than Tim is. Time will tell whether or not Tim loosens up. But he has a nice voice. He reminds me of a Jason Mraz or a Blake Lewis. I am not trying to say that he is the leader because he is definitely not. But he is far from last, in my humble opinion.

  18. Andrew will not be in bottom 3 bc he is amazing , i think Tim , Aaron and Didi or Katie in bottom 3

  19. Unfortunately, there is a real chance that Andrew will be in the bottom three, based on and He is actually projected to possibly be going home tonight. We shall see!

  20. Tim is a tad better than Willam Hung. He is just Aweful. AI is not about who is the cutest its about singing and Tim cannot.

  21. Mark my words – Tim will remain for several more weeks. Didi goes tonight …..

  22. My bottom 3 are Tim, Didi and Andrew. I fill sorry for Didi because i really like her and she is genuine but this week was not ok for her i hope she will be safe.Katie she is amazing she is getting the judges confuse only Simon is really seen which way she is suppose to go but she has a voice for to sing any song GO GIRL GO … Crystal she is amazing she is a star already GO GIRL GO

  23. Probably you are right blackgirl and Didi will be the one going home. Hopefully jovesta is mistaken and Andrew will stay. I like him a lot even he is not my fav to win AI.
    Anyway eliminations have to be done so lets see at the end who gets the 2 final places 🙂

  24. Well I voted for Casey many times. I also voted for Katy many times to keep them in.
    Katy has “class” & a very lovely voice & Casey is very talented on the guitar & his singing is good. Di Di & Andrew are my least favorite.
    And Siobhan has a nice voice..she’s good but she does need to stop that screaming!( Adam Lambert screams are so “cool”.)But Siobhan sounds more like the “Gokster” (not so good)
    She had my vote the first week. Now, forget it.

  25. I really can’t believe you guys who are giving Tim — good reviews. Not a true music lover. He is a sad case for this year AI performers. I trust you get what you deserves –bye,bye Tim.

    My top performers from last night….Crystal, Micheal and Lee….cudos to the others. Welcome back Andrew and Didi. I’m a lover of your voice.

  26. Didi needs to go home! Casey, Lee, Crystal,& Michael are awesome they are very talented. Tim, Andrew, Aaron & Katie need to step it up. Siobhan tired of her screaming she was very bad last night.

  27. bottom three 2nite Tim, Andrew and Didi but didi got 2 go
    My Top Four is Crystal, Casey, Aaron and Casey

  28. I like Andrew too, but he doesn’t make a big enough of an impression on people to stay. Sometimes being forgettable but talented is not as good as not being as talented but being remembered. Didi, Tim, Siobhan… they are bing talked about. Mike, Andrew, Aaron, not as much… Sometimes that is what matters. And I am a music lover. I am a professional singer actually.

  29. Why does everyone hate Tim? Seriously, he is a great singer. He is hot, but that doesn’t mean everyone else should hate him because of that; HE CAN SING TOO! I don’t wanna say who I think should go home because I don’t think it’s right to say who I absolutely can’t stand like some ppl. It’s so pointless to take the time to comment on this saying “how bad Tim did.” He did great! I’m rooting for you Tim!

  30. Lee Dewyze is the real deal. Period, end of story. His vocal gift is amazing. There are 3 or 4 others that have bonafide talent. But Lee stands tall compared to the rest of the contestants. He will be there at the end and I believe he deserves to win.

  31. People talk about tone control and pitch….excuse me, but Dylan and Young don’t exactly hit the pitch and control thing out of the park and they do pretty good. And that is EXACLTY why Lee DeWyze will go far. Besides he has the judges GUSHING because he is that good. Vaya con dios to the rest of this cast of singers. Lee is destined.

  32. Crystal leads, Casey in 2nd but not near, Lee & Mike further behind, no one else even close. Tonight unfortunately is Didi’s time to leave.

  33. i don’t have a problem with tims sining i don’t think he is the best in the group that honor goes to crystal i think andrew is the worst singer in the group

  34. andrew is not going home whether you like it or not..he’s amazing and he did a tremendous job..tim,didi,aaron or katie should all go

  35. i really wish didi could stay.
    she may not have done well but thats all because of her emotions.

    i really like her.

  36. ohhhhh i wish andrew will stay he’s got alot of potential i bet if he sings straight up again full version of it i bet he’ll have a bonus point

  37. Dede and Tim bout over due to go home. Great persons, Im sure. But cant make the grade for idol.

  38. Everyone is talking about the other nine but leaving out the main one who really have the voice and that is “Big Mike”. He has been standing out among the rest for the entire season. Most of you guys don’t understand talent. It is not about who did bad one week and did bad the next, it is about who has been consistent and Big Mike has been just that.

  39. Tim Urban will hopefully go tonight. He’s not even that cute and he certainly can’t sing!

  40. Top 5: Crystal, Casey, Lee, Andrew, and Siobhan. Big Mike has a voice that can be found in churches throughout America (no star quality), Didi is an emotional wreck and Katie is just another JoJo. Aaron has a amazing voice but lacks confidence and experience. And Tim, well he is just Tim.

  41. DiDi has a wonderful voice and one song doesn’t destroy her chances I hope. The only one right now who needs to go is Tim Urban – he really doesn’t sound good at all.

  42. Also, I am stationed in Germany, so I have to wait till tomorrow for the results since they don’t air it over here, but I call it now. Bottom 3: Tim, Didi, and Katie. I will bet money. =)

  43. I think the 2 that will be the last standing will be Crystal & Casey. They are both excellent and just give me chills!! Casey probably has a better chance of winning over Crystal even though she might be a better singer than him. I think the girls vote will outweigh, outlast and win!!

  44. Lee is my favourite.

    But I don think Tim deserve so much critisim especially from the judges.

    If they can let Miley be a mentor n Joe Jonas as a performer/guest judge on audition, they don have any more ground to bash Tim.

  45. Sorry to say that Didi should probably go. Crystal, Lee, Casey and Andrew are great! Crystal doesn’t need to do anything different. Lee is just fine too. Casey needs to do a Jonny Lang or Kenny Wayne song, he’d nail it if he did. Andrew needs to do some Sublime acoustic style.

  46. My top

    I love siobhan, but she was off last night..
    Are u kidding me? Tim better than garcia? Whoever sad that can’t recognize talent! Tim is all smoke and mirrors! Typical teen charmer that appeals to 10-14 year old girls.

  47. Siobhan has style. Yes, she does that “scream”, but so did Adam Lambert. It makes me think she might not hit a pure note up there, so it comes out that way instead. Would be nice to see a different kind of performance from her though.

    Couldn’t believe Lee performed having pneumonia. So many of these kids seem to have their best nights when they’re sick…??? Paige had laryngitis when she did Honky Tonk Woman. Didn’t know she had it in her, then she went soft the next week and blew it. I had hopes for her.

    My fav is still Crystal.

    Would just like to say, that I LOVE how Ryan is starting to get involved and ask the judges questions that the performers are too out-of-the-moment to ask after their criticisms. Ryan gentles things up. He is the perfect host.

  48. seems like my predictions always got right….
    The Bottom 3 : Tim, Katie, Didi…


  50. We taped the show tonight and when we watched it, they cut it off before we found out if they were going to give DiDi a second chance. I hope she goes on and pulls a Jennifer Hudson on Simon!!

  51. Go Andrew from the UK!! Everyone here wishes they could vote for him….hope he wins!!!

  52. I just absolutely love Andrew Garcia, hes got mad talent! I was 100% sure Tim would be eliminated. WHAT HAPPENED!! I hate how it was an elimination for girls 3 times in a row’ Im sure America will make the right desicion as usual and send Tim home! GOOOOO ANDREW GARCIA! were rooting for you here in Canada.

  53. Emma – If you limit one demographic from voting, you are just discriminating against that group, which is completely inappropriate. Remember that the tweenagers buy CD’s too. And if you are concerned about people voting multiple times, then promote the ban of multi-voting across the board, not by age. By the way, I vote multiple times and I am not a tweenager. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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