American Idol 2010 Top 4 Elimination Results Tonight


Tonight on American Idol Ryan Seacrest will break out the big envelope and announce who goes home and who goes on to this season’s Top 3. Considering Big Mike and Casey have found themselves in jeopardy most of the past few weeks I don’t think it’ll be any surprise if one of them goes home. Sorry, ladies. I know you’ve been digging Casey but us guys lost Didi months ago and we’ve been suffering through it just fine. Oh forget it, he’ll probably be fine.

Be sure to join us in the chat room while we tear apart the live show. Fun stuff!

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While we wait to see which singers got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions and then vote in this week’s poll.

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  1. Im from New Zealand so i can’t vote! SO all you Americans better vote for Lee!

  2. America
    Your vote matters. It changed lives. I m from Asia so cant vote. But please vote on my behalf. Please vote my line up:

    1. Lee (sexy acoustic powerful voice. In the duet with Crytals it speaks for itself; definitely an artist. Simon was cruel by saying contestant. He tried to “kill” Lee as Lee is a threat to his girl Crystal).

    Since Simon has prematurely predicted Crystal is the one, he went all out to put her there. Its his vote not America. In the duet, Lee definitely stood out and his vocal overpowered Crystal.

    2. Mike (great voice full of body & volume (not talking about his body – great body)(in the duet with Casey, Mike stood out).

    3. Casey (singer potential in a band). Charasmatic voice.

    4. Crystal (same kind of mono tone and rhythm predictable forgettable, her personality and songs more for the highways trucks guys or hippie (harikrisnan) type, sorry.

    Good luck!

  3. Please please vote for Crystal. I cant vote as i am from South Africa. Tnx US

  4. Guys , please vite for LEE !! i can’t vote because i’m from asia , but if he goes , it’ll really suck ๐Ÿ™ and lee was amazing !! I hope either mike or casey goes out . ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. You know what, listening to Crystal is very tiring. Why is that if she has bad performance, judges will still be nice and let it slip away. Hmm?

  6. i’m so so scare that Lee Dewyze will be send home with that performance…

  7. Big Mike is such a joke and to those fans who insist he is COCKY I say RIGHT ON. Seeing Big Mike on national television and coming off as a complete jerk in not accepting Jamie Fox tee shirt showed very poor sportsmanship on Big Mike part. As far as the singing for last night performances Crystal was the best.

  8. I’m from South Africa and we will only be seeing the Top 4 and elimination show on Sunday. America please vote Lee and Crystal. Both are unique in their own way.

  9. Hi Thebrasta

    Please don’t be so hard on Mike. He just wanted to tell to see him as an artist not contestant no more since he is in Top 5. By now all Top 5 are artist in their own name no longer contestant standard. Last nite he was so good. He is confident to be an artist. Please give him a chance. He has a warm heart. He can work on his personality. I think he has mellowed from his Big Mike image to Singer Mike. Give him a break.

  10. Lee is definitely the most diverse and the best voice. I will stick with him till the end!

  11. I agree with you Mandy… I am not a Mike fan but he has changed and for me yesterday he did the best performance of them all even he was judged so hard.
    I think the final should be Lee and Mike.
    Good luck to the 4 tonight

  12. I think that everyone needs to stop the popularity voting and actually hear the ones that have true talent like lee and crystal! Casey James is a joke and big mike is so so! I think it needs to be lee and crystal in the finale!

  13. AI realizes this season tanked. They have an extensive survey on their website to determine what changes need to be made to the show. The questions were very good. Now is the time to have your say.

  14. Thank heavens for the Duets last night…..both of the Duets were awesome……I feel that Lee and Crystal were slightly ahead of Mike and Casey.
    The solo performances were what I expected, nothing moved me, boring to say the least. Who should go home tonight…Mike (again should have been gone already) or Casey……..Lee & Crystal are very good with two different styles of singing but they sure nailed the Duet last night….based on that performance they both should be in the Finale……Sorry Casey & Mike fans…I know how you feel…
    After last season, nothing can shock me anymore when it comes to AI Result Night!!!!!!!

  15. big mike u did it again,if simon love it the whole world love your proformers last night.big mike no other contestants can stop you again.tonight you will get the most votes ever since this show started,look for the result.

  16. kingston jamaica,
    we watch the show since it started 9 seasons now.and this year is my favorite year watching it.i think big mike was the best proformers last night.simon is the best judge in the world now,and if simon love big mike song choice the rest of the world see him as the winner.good luck big mike.

  17. big up to my favorites proformers big mike,u did a good job last night.and i think u are going to be in the final,just keep up the good job.u r a sure winner.

  18. Beijing China,
    Micheal Lynch we watch american idol every year.we watch Barack Obama before he wins.we watch Usain Bolt before he wins the 100M,200M AND 4X100 relay race,here in the bird nest stadium.we are watching u big mike,you will win.just be yourself and good luck you.

  19. Cebu, Philippines
    please please vote for Lee, he deserves everything. He has the most progress out of all contestants.

  20. nuff respect to simon last night an behalf of big mike comments.simon i know that you see in big mike a real artists,because you mention that he deserved an artists t-shirt.i have a good feelings within me,that big mike is the next american idol.

  21. big mike and casey proformers were the judges best proformers ever since the start of the american idol show this seasons.i hope the fans votes fair and votes for big mike and casey.lee was in the bottom 4 last night,lee did not do nothing,i think he should go home.

  22. Tennisaddict,

    You are entitled to your comments but please don’t put Mike like that. He is a nice guy. When he sings, viewers at home from other land in Asia could feel him, his heart his warm his sincerity. He deserves a kinder comment. Be nice to nice people. It is a competition. Tonite is a tough choice. All are good. Casey is also good, so for me its btw Casey (casey has improved so much, kind of love him besides his good looks) & Mike or Crystal.Lee & Crystal are top right now. But we don;t know there could be surprise like last year.Cross our fingers.

  23. respect to the judges and the top 4,last night was a great show.i like big mike and casey sing together it was the best proformers ever of all 9 seasons of american idol.i have a feelings that big mike will be our next american idol.

  24. Crystal is by far the best and most consistent of the last four. Lee’s solo performance was garbage although last week was great. Casey is interesting but a bit rough at times. Big Mike sings okay but too predictable. Crystal all the way or should be. Peace out.

  25. simon,kara,ellenm,randy and ryan you guys did a great job overall and you judges fair.the show was great last night but big mike and casey takes the show,it were the best vocal,voice and stage appearance ever.big mike and casey will be the 2 to beat now.

  26. Lee is the best! I’m from iran so i can’t vote, but pliiiiiz vote for lee, he is a great artist, unique style, perfect singer. Love him

  27. i hope Crystal will win this competition… Mike is good too… Lee is great, but his voice is just ordinary… many singers have the typical voice like him… in Idol his voice is familiar with David Cook, but not as great as David…

  28. Lee is good… but his voice is so ordinary… many singers in this world have the same character voice like him… like Nickleback vocalist… Hoobastank vocalist… in idol his voice is so familiar with David Cook, Chris Richardson, Elliot Yamin, bat not as good as them….
    i think Crystal or Big Mike are deserve to be the winner….

  29. Hollywood California.Big Mike the whole world have you as their favorites now we are depending an just do your will definitely advance to the top were man of the competion last night,u recieved the most votes last night.good luck u r still in.

  30. Mike was boring…even jamie foxx could see what an arogant loser and boring singer he is…he did not get the artist shirt…it was a know mike is to dislike him…he’s a jerk. And Casey as always, except on sinatra night, did the best…go casey…don’t let the jerks get you down..even if you lose you win…..

  31. I have to agree with the general consensus, Crystal and Lee were very good last night. All of the solo performances stank. With the exception of Crystal and Mike was OK. But the duet with Lee and Crystal was beautiful. I think based on that I would vote for those two. I don’t think Mike is a joke, but he is a bit of a ham and although he sings ok, I’m not bowled over. However, if it comes to a choice between Mike and Casey… long Casey. I hope. He is an amazing guitarist but a not so great singer. He doesn’t even look comfortable when he has to really put himself in a song. I think he should join a band and rock out on the guitar. He deserved to be in the top four but I think the real contest should have been between Siobhan and Crystal and short of that Lee and Crystal. However, even with these two, I’m torn. I get the impression Crystal doesn’t really want to be part of the “Idol” process. I think behind the scenes she can be a real pistol. This just based on comments made througuout the season and the fact that she wanted to drop out earlier. I’m not sue being an Idol is going to be her bag. And with Lee, I’m still waiting for Lee to stop looking light a deer caught in the headlights every show. So I don’t know. They are both talented but I wish some of the other contestants, who REALLY wanted to win, could have made it to the final two.

  32. we r waiting for lee to sing and go home tonight,is singing was useless last night.big mike will win now comfortable.

  33. final 3: lee, casey, crystal – opinion based on
    voice, talents, creativity, music marketability

  34. bronx new york.
    jamie foxx were way boring than big mike he was the worst tutor american idol ever puts to teach the contestants,he was so bored.big mike just do your best,as simon mention your deserved the artists t-shirt.

  35. It was difficult to choose last night, as the song choices were so bad…Lee was as flat as a tack (pitchy)…Mike ‘s song was over before it started…and Casey, who had his best chance to shine, well, “Mrs Robinson”…surely someone liked him enough behind the scenes to tell him it was a bad choice…and Crystall, good vocals, forget the song…I have no idea which way the voting will go, but after last night, popularity will be the judge…

  36. hi guys!
    i’m from india. if i had the chance i would vote for lee n crystal!!! they got talent. big mike…not bad, casey…should go home, sorry.
    Lee has showed great progress so far. i’m a fan!

  37. Big Mike is a very polished performer; he is comfortable on stage, has a good stage presence and his vocals is usually on key. The problem is he overdoes the songs, which then loses its depth and meaning and the melody runs all over the place. His arrogance may be actually him trying to be liked and confident, which is also overdone. His time with Jamie Fox last night negatively reflected his character. I donโ€™t care for Mike’s singing. I really hope he goes home tonight!!
    Casey is absolutely terrific instrumentally but his vocals sound shaky with certain songs. Last night was horrific! His vibrato is really weak, and he does sound like a lamb. He needs more vocal training.
    Crystal has a uniqueness and quality in her vocals, however itโ€™s not the kind of music I would want to listen to all the time; just a matter of preference.
    Lee sometimes struggles with his vocals, but his raspy, sultry sounds is easy to listen to. His image could easily represent AI. I would like to see Lee win this!

  38. i am going for lee battling it out with crystal at the finale but casey will make them crazy next week. sorry, big mike. i like you but i swoon over casey… lol!

  39. I just loved Casey’s rendition of Mrs Robinson. But then,I’m a little old lady from Canada who has a vivid imagination!

  40. go, go, go! casey fans…lets bring him to Top 3!!! good luck crystal and lee…. its gonna be crazy next week to see them 3 up on stage. i have a strong feeling that casey’s fully reserving something great and unexpected next week to make it to the finale? who wanna make a bet out of it? =)

  41. my opinions:

    1. Mike sounds like a liite cheesey girl when he sings. BAD

    2. Crystal is alright but se is very predictable. OKAY

    3. Casey is a great guitar player but not much of a singer. He will probably leave soon. BAD

    4. Lee has a great voice and is fun to listen to. He reminds me of Chris Dauntry. I think he should win hands down. GREAT

    P.S. what the #%$@ is with the people from other countries. dont watch “AMERICAN” idol if ur not from america. watch bollywood or african cultural dances.

  42. hi paul… simmer down, bro. just stay cool and just dont mind…i mean no offense but lets just be happy, is that okay?

  43. Casey James IS MY FAVORITE AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH…ill addmit last nights performance by him wasnt his best but it should keep him from going home…..god bless casey james and god bless his fans.
    I hope big mike or crystal goes home.
    Casey james !!

  44. Lee is going to win!! and I really hope Casey goes home!! WOW Paul I’m ashamed that you call yourself an American!!

  45. I am not American so I can’t vote – but I am a singer and – let’s face it – if we are looking for true voice quality, for someone who NEVER went out of tune, for someone who sings in several octaves and can switch from very high to very low, with great ease, someone sensitive and has good stage presence – then you need to vote for BIG MIKE as the American Idol winner. 2nd place – Chrystal – she’s excellent, but she is NOT diverse – more of a hippie and can really only be a 2nd Janis Joplin type; 3rd Casey for sure – he also has never gone out of tune and is a great COUNTRY singer, so like Crystal, he is restricted. LEE… I guess his personality is giving him this top-notch popularity – but – as a singer – his voice is very very weak; he has gone out of tune many a time, and the judges choose to ignore it – why I can’t understand; when he sings high notes, or long notes, you see his face turning blue! He should be the one to leave this week!

  46. thanks brittany for backing me up but enough about commenting something negative..hope thats okay with you. its just that things might go out of proportion and this thread be diverted to something not nice. lets just support our idol. cheers!

  47. I have been a huge fan on Lee for the whole season. He`s got a great look and an amazing voice. Yes last nights performance was off for his solo, but i think his duet with Crystal totally,made up for it. I loved Crystals performance last night as well as her duet. Mike had an alright performance and did well in the duet. I think that Casey had an alright solo but i didnt like his part of the duet. I feel that the only reason he is still in the competition is because of his looks. I hope that the top 3 should be Lee, Crystal, and Mike. And then i think that in the finale it should come down to Crystal and Lee, because they have been the most consistent throughout the whole season.

  48. thank god that the results are in and big mike is still in,our prediction never wrong.our prediction say lee was going home,and he gets voted off today.casey will leave next week and big mike and crystal will go to final.but i will give big mike the edge over crystal.because big mike voice and stage appearance much better than crystal.

  49. Beijing China.
    we are so happy that the resutls are in and big mike still stays in.we all giving big mike is wife and new born baby god richest blessing.and we wish him the best at the final.

  50. Hi I want Crystal Lee and Casey in the final 3-sorry big Mike fans but he should not have been saved AND he should not have blurted out that his big big dream was to be in the top three-if that isnt a play(pity) for votes soory you just lost mine-play fair-stop going for the sympathy votes-his wife had a baby without him- boo hoo-he has soo much pressure-duh so does everyone else-good on Ellen for telling him “thought the dream should be to win not be in the top 3′ think she saw right through that act. Anyhow who knows, who can even get through on the lines-heard it was near to impossible-who knows what the scores are we never see any of that and for all we know there could be 2 million for one artist -we are simply told this is Americas wishes-and go on blind faith-hmm-even the academy awards have a private firm overseeing the votes–why not idol?-Anyhow in the end it will be the marketable one that will rule and they don’t even have to win the thing-my vote is Casey James will have the best career cause hes a musician and wants it and as Adam lambert says will work his butt off-not sure the others have that drive and focus-Crystal said all along she just wanted some money to buy a house for her Mom-Lee is scared to death half the time and big Mike has his family to feed but will he go long and hard on the road and in a recording studio?look at Rueben Stoddard-fizzled right out- Good luck to all it’s been fun to watch wish I could vote from Canada.

  51. Wow they are saying it’s Lee that gets the boot and that’s coming from China-I am sad because Mike is cute and ok and has an Rand B voice but think Lee was far far superior to him-and Mike should have gone tonight.

  52. Casey and Mike’s song was TERRIFIC! I don’t even care for Mike, but they sounded great together! OMG! Watch Casey’s hands when he plays the guitar…SMOKIN’ HOT!!!!

  53. You people who think Lee will be kicked off today are OUT OF YOUR MINDS!!!!! GET REAL! Both Mike and Casey have been in the bottom before, Mike would be gone if not for the judges save! ! Lee and Crystal have not been in the bottom so I think they will battle it out for the title.

  54. Casey was SUPER EXCELLENT last night! WOO HOO

    I think Mike is going home tonight!

  55. Can somebody please tell me how they know that LEE got kicked off!!!! How does China know before us? Reading these blogs, it seems there are more foreigners on this site that Americans….Nothing personal but this is crazy…..

  56. Give Lee a break already for his semi-good performance last night!!! He has proven vocally thruout the process that he is indeed an artist! His vocals on the duet w/ Crystal were incredible demonstrating onced again that he will be a great recording artist!!! He will NOT be sent home tonight- it’s a coin toss between Mike & Casey—Give Lee D his props for amazing talent & a great person to emulate vocally & personality too as this season’s A I -maybe coming in 2nd like Adam would benefit him even more & let Crystal win- Lee is #1!!!!!

  57. Oh– forgot to mention to Mia, I am totally on the same page with you about Lee & the “duet” for the finale!

  58. @ Paul # 50
    You should apologize for your words Mister. Television is same as internet World Wide and everybody is entitled to watch that ever they want. I am sure you watch programs from other countries if not you are as ignorant as your comment. Don’t tell me you only know what happens in the States, if so I pity you for your ignorance and stupidity. But yes what can be expected from someone so short in brain as you. I would gladly with all my heart donate you some of my neurons maybe placed in the right spot you will start to think with your brain.

  59. they dont Sidney, the show is life so they are assuming what is going to happen as everyone else

  60. How in the world do you know this? I don’t think Lee was voted off. I think these are a bunch of Americans trying to pull our legs.

  61. Nothing new from me…….Casey and Mike WILL BE the bottom 2.

    For me, its a coin toss between this pair. I’d be lying if I tried to predict which one. Casey definately recouped in the duet…….but enough?

    We’ll see

  62. Paul wrote: P.S. what the #%$@ is with the people from other countries. dont watch โ€œAMERICANโ€ idol if ur not from america. watch bollywood or african cultural dances.”

    WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU? Sounds bigoted, and exactly opposite of the spirit of a show that searches all over, to find talent.

    Personally, I’d welcome the votes of anyone, where ever they live. One day, possibly soon… will be like this. LOL, I wouldn’t be too surprised if this show was already being explored.


  63. oh my gosh i absolutely love lee!!! if he goes home tonight i will seriously cry cuz he is AMAZING! Just because he had a rough performance doesn’t mean he deserves to go home ๐Ÿ™

  64. Lets look at who has been in the bottom 2 or bottom 3 more then once. there are reasons for being there. Mike can sing but his confidence comes across as arrogance. Casey, although cute I dont feel he is very marketable. Crystal is a good singer. But for me all of her songs sound the same. Now Lee…..Im partial to Lee for a few reasons. He doesnt know how good he is. He sings very well and I woould definatly buy his music….

  65. crystal and lee are not leaving…its between Mike and Casey…but i am a Casey fan…so I hope mike is leaving…I cannot see Casey or Mike beating crystal or lee..I like casey the best and think he is more talented all around…but lee and crystal have the momentum…lee has a bluzy voice and crystal is janice joplin reincarnate…the only person in this foursome i think is all hype is mike…so send mike hype home..if casey goes home….:(

  66. Haha @ the Chinese girl who said Lee’s going home.. fortune teller maybe? lol!

    Paul #50, get a life anyone can watch American Idol and its none of your business..

    Hope casey gets the boot tonight! ciao!!

  67. IMO casey, crystal and lee are very marketable…as long as they don’t have to listen to AI producers and continue the dog and pony show…mike…well its minor league baseball National Anthem circuit…and one album…of course he could tour with taylor hicks.

  68. After sleeping over, who will be Top 3? I would like to see these 3 in order:-)

    1. Lee (he is super stereo acoustic sexy voice, but now he has to believe he can be AI maybe he did not quite expect this or believe it. He seems to withdraw back a bit. If he wants to win he needs to kill it, my dear, you have good marketable voice,music inclined,charisma looks,clean personality and your guitar but still lack confidence & presence on stage, needs to let go and smile more and look into the eyes of those sitting in front- last nite you did well). Listen to judge Randy- do the rock ???(forgot the singer he mentioned). For me, you should go for Rod Steward songs (you have something like his voice).You are next Rod Steward. Go for it.

    2. Casey (good vocal all the time,handsome,good guitarist,marketable-girls will go ga-ga, will be a good musician and will do well in a band singer not solo as he needs others to give him the confidence and overcome his shyness, he should go for the home tour as he got that singer personality and voice- love his voice melts my heart).

    3. Mike great control voice and can take high note, certain songs really suit him but not last nite MJ song. He should have listened to judge Randy to go R & B soulful type.

  69. Big Mike,
    So sorry to see you go. You have IT and have already become a STAR you’ll see. I can’t wait to buy your first album. This is not the end only the beginning. From a huge fan in Orlando ๐Ÿ™‚ you rock!

  70. Lee has a very, very unique voice and is truly amazing.. One of a kind indeed. Please America, vote for Lee.. Lee is the one.

  71. Casey and Lee do not really sing that well. They gotta make it happen through good music like rock or country. Lee can sing like Roger Daltry of the Who when he was younger, which is certainly a good thing. He’s gotta stay away from the low softer registers and sing with more zest. They all gotta go full out to win. Good luck.

  72. @ everyone: Go to American Idol’s home page, not NET, and take the survey Fox has posted to get our input on how to improve Idol next season. Takes 10 minutes, deals with the save and other problems and just might do a lot of good for next year.

  73. Glad Mike is gone. Where is the man who sung his own song “Pants on the Ground”? He could save AI this season. At least he would have added personality and interest. The kids have tried and have done their best, but they just haven’t BEEN the best. And the judges constantly confused all the contestants all the time—-who knows what they really wanted to see from the kids?

  74. Among the top 4 idols for season 9, i strongly believe in MICHAEL LYNCHE. I am very much convinced that Casey James and Crystal Bowersox belong to the bottom 2. Casey goes home first and finally Crystal should have gone home long before the TOP 4!

  75. YAHOO!!!!!!America finally got it right!!!!!!!!About 5 weeks overdue…..
    Nice guy, can sing….end of story!!!!!

  76. I voted for Crystal. She is the best. I am very pleased to see past contestants on American Idol. You do not have to be number one to make it big.

  77. you guys are over reacting
    im just bored
    i really dont care
    nice reactions to what i said though ๐Ÿ™‚



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