American Idol 2010 Top 4 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 4 tonight on American Idol 2010 after last night’s “Songs from the Movies” funfest. Based on your votes in our Top 4 performance poll it looks like we will find Casey James and Michael Lynche in the Bottom 2 and I’m guessing it’ll be Big Mike leaving.

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal and then be sure to check for tickets to the summer Idol tour before the best seats are sold out.

So far Casey and Lee are safe. Either Mike or Crystal will be going home tonight…

American Idol 2010 Top 4 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Michael Lynche

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Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. Crystal is my favorite artist of all time, but I think Casey did a better solo performance than her this week. I believe Mike and Lee will be in the bottom 2, with Mike taking the plunge in this weeks competition.

  2. Casey is my man…but i think casey and mike are the bottom two…but they really don’t say who is actually the bottom two..who knows how they will mess with our minds..

  3. if you wanted to get viewers attn…you would pair the bottom with one of the tops for at least a few ad breaks…so why not let casey just sit down…plz

  4. Does anyone else think the judges are annoying this year and not really providing informed criticism or judgement? I think Kara is the only one providing accurate and constructive musical criticism. Simon looks like he’s over it and no longer wants to be there (hence his departure after this season), Ellen provides some comedic relief but adds little from a musical perspective and Randy, well how many times can you hear “it’s a bit sleepy for me”. Dude, you’re musical knowledge warrants more insightful criticism! Anyway, I felt Casey picked up his game last night and stood out from the pack; strange song from Crystal but she does have an amazing voice and I like that she’s showing her personality more, which I like; disappointed with Big Mike because he’s my favourite, but his performance just didn’t catch fire (MJ was a dynamite performer so if you’re going to take on one of his songs, either change it up or give it everything you have and then some because his songs call for it – RIP MJ). Finally Lee, all I’ll say is that I’m dumbfounded as to why he’s still around. Lee should definitely be the one leaving tonight, but hey I can’t vote so America it’s up to you!

  5. It will either be casey or mike imo. Lee and Crystal are virtually untouchable at this point in time. My bet is for Mike to go out.

  6. chris daughtry was a great find for AI…he is the real deal…Fantasia has done great as well…two of her performances are two of only like five i can remember of anyone…of course Casey’s jealous guy will join the ones i will remember.

  7. it has to be mike…crystal has never been at the bottom…if mike is in the final three…i will drink the rest of this wine…ok…i probably will drink it anyway. but crystal is great…she will make tons of money…and can’t see her losing to mike.

  8. read my post 4….and you will see its mike…like i somewhat predicted..or suggested.

  9. lol Chichi. How crazy would it be if the saved mike who eventually knocks out Crystal. That was my biggest concern when they first saved him. It’s all coming true. Hopefully not. πŸ™‚

  10. I agree with Andrew that Kara is the only judge giving the contestents and contructive feedback. The other three judges are too busy making jokes about Kara and Casey to pay enough attention to why they are there. My predictions are Mike and Casey as bottom 2 with Mike eliminated πŸ™

  11. Yaaaaaaay !! You deserve this by far Lee. So happy for you. Such a genuine guy. @Andrew – all your blah, blah, blah and Lee is staying and we America didn’t need your vote as you stated. Sooorry……

  12. The gods from heaven are favoring the sweet mortal crooner from Texas!!! Cheering for you always, Casey….

  13. i think that lee is going to go home.
    like i think he sings good but he did not do good last night. ssooooooooooo sorry lee c ya

  14. I’ve been waiting for weeks for this to happen. Looks like Mike will be going home. The saved never should have been used. Hopefully they will not have it next year.

  15. skotie…plz not….crystal has to beat mike….i am glad casey is thru…i predicted weeks ago that crystal, lee and casey would be the final three…and i think lee will win…but all three are great.

  16. eimee she probably is on the west coast or maybe out of country. if you are west coast its between mike and crystal…one will leave ina few min..

  17. Drama, Crystal was not in the bottom 2, they did that to create some hype. Go Crystal its all yours now.

  18. mike was voted off….crystal is safe…she was used for drama as i predicted…great top three…all are winners.

  19. bye bye Mike. He could sing, but it was one trick pony. This is my top three that I have been voting for all season. Yahoo. Lee is the man to win for me though.

  20. The best went home last week. Poor Aaron Kelly :'( I wish he was still here! Does anyone know if hes gonna make an album? I hope he does

  21. Well all you racist Mike haters have gotten your wish…Mike is gone. He was truly the only one left that had consistent vocals week after week. Just because he didn’t fit into what all you haters see as an American Idol, you mocked him. Now all you have left is a pretty boy who can’t sing without his little guitar, a girl who sings every song like Janis Joplin and a guy who can’t put together back to back strong performances. I would rather have Siobhan back then those three. Be proud of yourself America…you got it wrong again.

  22. i saw it already… top 3 are crystal, lee and casey…. crystal is in the finale… lets wait what casey’s been reserving for quite sometime…

  23. yeah melissa pull out the old race card…go for it..can’t argue facts so just be a bigot.

  24. Hooray….The fatty is send home….Next will have to be cystal as she is so boring and let the show down be Casey and Lee. He answering back and thinkink she will win the competition is a oversold by the judges. Her singing is so common.

  25. I am WHITE!!! so how can I play the race card. People have been mean in some of the things they have said about Mike…things that have not been said about any other contestant this season. I call it the way I see it or not!!

  26. yes they got it right – why was crystal in the bottom 2 i wonder? michael lynche should have been gone a long time ago as it was originally a split decision from the judges to save him and then they changed their minds.

  27. The result was expected. Of course, as far as vocals are concerned, he didn’t deserve it. However, for some reason, he had the highest rejection. The others didn’t deserve either. As I said before, it is now a popularity contest and I think Lee and Casey will be the top 2 and Lee will be the next American idol. I continue rooting for Casey though.

  28. melissa you said it was because he was black people did not vote for him…thats playing the race card…i don’t care if you are snow white…you are a bigot.

  29. Melissa, the color of Mikes skin has nothing to do with it. He came across at times as being arrogant and didn’t really do a big variety of songs, it was always the same.

  30. ChiChi…I have nothing against any of the contestants…but I read these comments as well as comments left on other blogs and some were downright abusive towards Mike. If you haven’t seen some of the comments, some were racists towards him. It was those people who that comment applied to and not everyone in general. I mean tonight alone someone posted a comment saying the “fatty” is gone. I am just commenting on the things I have read in the past.

  31. mike’s vocals are superior to crystal’s. that’s what i think. crystalmeth should have been the 1 sent home.

  32. I liked Casey from the beginning and I still hope that he makes it. I think he is the image of an American Idol.

  33. Casey should of went weeks ago.Yes Aaron should still be there he is by far better then casey.

  34. GOOOOOOOOO LEEEEEEEEEE! =)))))))))))))

    It’s the best decision for Big Mike to leave.. FINALLY! =)) He really deserved to be sent home. :|=))

  35. Melissa, I liked Tim Urban and he was bashed as much as any of them. Casey has been bashed too. Actually I don’t think any of them have been immune from bashing. The racist card has got to stop. I knew someone would bring that out as soon as Big Mike got eliminated. I don’t think Big Mike won because he looked older and was married with a child. That’s hard for young girls to idolize and I think that’s where the majority of votes are coming from, young girls. They want someone they can dream of dating and Big Mike is taken. I was a teenager once and I didn’t idolize married men. Just the young single ones.

  36. i didnt like the show this season the ones with the good voices went home and the ones who cant sing r still there

  37. Just the warm-up for David Cook-Kris Allen cookie cutter Lee to win. He is ok, but always looks sad and scared. He was not good last night, but he has been picked by the judges and the sheep will follow as they have done the last 2 years. I was a Big Mike fan at first, but he got to arrogant for me. I am rooting for Crystal, who is far superior to all the others or Casey who has more talent than Lee, but, sigh, Lee will win. Still miss Shibon(however you spell it-she was 2nd to Crystal).

  38. Melissa saying fatty does not mean racist…though a bit rude..mike is arrogant…i think the fact that jamie foxx did not give him an artist shirt because mike would not work with him is telling…mike in my opinion is an ok singer but is in love with himself…he is very strong…but overweight but challenged simon to an abs contest..come on..he is too fat to win an ab contest…he is full of himself and that is what people feel…no one called reuben studdard a fatty because he is a real man…mike is a man full of himself and insecurity and most of us get it. fake as a three dollar bill…jamie foxx got it too.

  39. My thought of all this is Lee is going to win but i hope he dont.The judges did not like him now all a sudden he is the best. I dont like Casey either so go Crystal….

  40. Casey is only there beause the voting public like his looks, nothing else. I am liking him less and less each week. He should not have been in the top 5 or even the top 4, let alone the top 3. But then again, last year, the better performer came second and his career is skyrocketing…not the winner…the top 2 should be Crystal and Lee. NOT Casey! Wouldn’t buy his album if you paid me!

  41. Casey has looks but NO stage presence……a record label is looking for an artist that will sell out arenas and make $$$$$…Casey is in my opinion a fine tuned kareoke aretist…(sorry for hatin me….but) Lee has an amazing voice but needs to work on being more comfortable in front of an audience and Crystal….well she is my fave and i think she is the only once who really has been fighting to win…..shes not just a contestant trying to be a runner up…she wants to take it all the way………

  42. It was a difficult choice for me. Big Mike had a great voice but I think the other 3 have the personality to make it. Lee has come such a long way from the beginning it is amazing. Too close to call who will win, but Crystal has never been in the bottom of the vote.

  43. Casey will make more money than any other artist this season…he has a lot going for him…and looks is certainly there…but all three of the finalists are good looking…but casey will do just fine.

  44. @Melissa, Big Mike will be just fine! Look at what happened with Jennifer Hudson way back when, and look at her now!

    Big Mike has a future no matter what, and did not really need AI. What I’m happy about, is that he got the exposure and as I said before, I will be definitely buying his music.

    God Bless you Big Mike, and your family!

  45. @Melissa – I too never said anything about Mike, so don’t say ALL you. We have our own opinion and favorite and mine is Lee. If I’m not mistaken, you just put him down for not being able to pull off back to back performances. I think HE and Crystal did an awesome duet together. And Siobhan is gone….sooo get over it already.

  46. Angela they all need AI and you are right..its an amazing break…Jennifer Hudson has is not only recording but a movie star…she probably would never have made it without AI…so all of the people appearing this season are better off…mike will make a lot of they all should be happy…

  47. what’s so great about her voice? she’s just another pub singer. you can go to any pub, and you’ll find somebody who sings just like her. i’ll gladly give the AI judges a tour if they like. lol.

  48. well i am glad casey is staying one more week…i don’t think he will beat crystal or lee, but he belongs here…jealous guy was the best performance of the season…go watch it on…it was the best.

  49. Crystal is always on key – never sharp or flat. She has great range. She can vary her voice to accomodate the song. She is quite knowledgable about different kinds of music. She is the most gifted of the top 10, whether she appeals to you or not.

    Harry Connick Jr. really said it best when he told her he didn’t need to give her any advice because she already knew what was “going on”.

    Will she win? Probably not. The majority of voting Americans live in suburbs where dreadlocks, tattoos and imperfect dental work make people uncomfortable.

    Does it matter? Not a bit. She has a huge future, and personally I’d like to see her get to it immediately after tour!

  50. @Faustino – Crystal fighting all the way..are you kidding me ? How many times has she mentioned she was quiting….atleast 2 for sure. Maybe even more…And Lee is just shy I think, so that makes him look nervous. By the way, he is singing in front of thousands of people.

  51. @Chichi you misunderstood what I was saying. My point is, that Big Mike like Jennifer Hudson do not have to be crowned the next idol to show America if he is a great performer, because in my opinion he has shown me just that. The exposure, of being on AI was the stepping stone towards him having a bright future in music.

  52. Knowing Mike personally was a challenge for me. I hated reading all the negative comments towards him especially when they are based off what you guys only see on a t.v. show. He, in real life, is not an arrogant egomaniac with a weight issue. He is a loving husband, father, and son. He remembers people years after they helped him during the hard times in his life. He works hard to provide for the family he has, and he does it with a positive outlook to life.

    That aside, he is a great soul and R&B singer, and while that is not the most popular style in America, he does have talent. He deserved to get as far as he did, and I hope he continues to work in the field meant for him.

    I agree it was time for him to go off the show, but that does not make it right to bash him for his talent (or what you guys believe is his lack of talent) or his personality or even his weight! 4th place is a great feat and one he should be proud to have reached. I know I’m proud of him, as I am with all of the contestants.

    They all are accomplishing something great in their lives. Shame on those who belittle anyone of them.

  53. America got it right. Michael is very talented. However, I picked Crystal, Casey and Lee for the top 3 from the beginning!

  54. @ #75 fixnmyhouse: Hit the nail right on the head there…. Any maybe not only in America where aesthetics tend to be a push-up than a pull-down, I think it’s cross-cultural. As for Casey, my fascination goes beyond his singing (c’mon people, he can sing and really good at guitar) – he is easy on the eyes and kinda trigger a happy hormone; it could be his looks or maybe the totality of him. The point is, if this is an arena to pave the way for entertainment packaging, Casey is the best candidate.

  55. I knew it!!Mike has to go..he;s good but not good enough..Casey will be next…Lee and Crystal should battle it out last!

  56. #62 – you cant buy it cause you probably cant afford it. it will be too much for you.

  57. oH Mikey, don’t let this elimination put you down, you know you are good and my suggestion for your career (hopefully works out for you)is go to Las Vegas and sing your concerto maybe ask that songbird Celine Dion to “adopt” you sing the Pavarotti songs. You are a star. Do it for your kid & very supportive wife, ur #1fan.

    Glad Casey is in Top 3 and cannot wait to see him go to his hometown. Excited to know more about him (no,not competing with Kara. Kara, you “saved” him).

    Lee will be save. Now the fight is between Crystal and Casey. Anyway it doesn’t matter now. When you are in Top 3 you are already the winner. Casey can have his band singer career whether he is #2/#3. Same with Crystal – she could go make a record and with her harikrisnan personality she go places like roadshows with her guitar and margic carpet (a compliment).

    Lee – your american idol! I see he has this ROD STEWARD type of voice – husky sexy acoustic. Check it out! Lee – choose Rod Steward songs.Love Rod Steward!#1Fan.

  58. wow, if Casey had sung ‘Have you ever loved a woman’ as his solo performance, i tell you,he would have bowled everyone over! The duet was very good, but imagine if this hunk sung such a romantic song on his own….im going all gaga lol….let me tell you, HE WILL BE THE AMERICAN IDOL 2010! Fantastic man.

  59. yeah i agree with you. casey is a complete package. he won’t be hard to sell. lee is, too. but crystal? lol.

  60. crystal go homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  61. At last….America voted right :)))
    Mike gone, Casey if he comes up with a good performance like ‘Dont’ or ‘Jealous Guy ‘ might surprise Lee and Crystal..

    @gumgirl whats your problem with Crystal? she is the best this season.

  62. Thanks foxyemb for letting us know about the real Mike. I think the comment I am trying to make is coming off all wrong..Firt, I am NOT playing the race card. Second, I know all the contestants have had a few choice not so nice things said about them during this contest..what I am TRYING to say is that for what ever reason, certain people but not all people have said some pretty disparaging things about Mike on here and on other blogs that did sound racist to me. I know ChiChi that the term “fatty” is not racist but rude but I will NOT write some of the worse names that Mike has been called because I think they are down right disgusting. I just made the original comment to those people who think that in today’s society it is ok to continue to promote that kind of behavior. My comment was in no way directed at everyone. I think Mike’s confidence maybe came off as arrogance but I saw a guy who was trying his best week after week.

  63. @#85- no I’m not Christa (his wife), but I did go to high school and college with them both.

  64. everything! her COMMON voice, her looks, her weird teeth. she’s not as sensational as everyone thinks her to be. the judges all favor her even if she gives a bad performance.

  65. i also hate her overly self-assured attitude and the way she talks back to the judges.

  66. whether Mike was black, white, or purple, he had a much better SINGING voice than Casey. He didn’t deserve to go home tonight.What does his weight, or anything else have to do with people not voting for him. Remember people you should be voting for the best SINGER. I don’t know who is voting anymore. Maybe all those preteen girls who have nothing better to do than text all night on the phones that Mommy and Daddy pay for. Go Crystal and Lee.

  67. mike shouldnt act like who he is not on tv then. if he is good person in real, if he is humble in real, he should act like that on tv. but like people say, true colors always comes out when no matter how much you hide it. haha!

  68. My comments on this year Judges:-)

    1. Simon – i think he is getting bored with this job he has lost his enthusiasm so it is time to go. His comments are predictable and sometimes not accurate. This year he got back his criticism from Ryan (what goes round comes around).Anyway, i still luv u Simon, you r honest and blunt and you made AI where it is now.Well done.

    So now Simon is out, they can afford $$ to bring Paula back to the show. This year the show is quite boring without Paula. She spiced up the show (no, not fighting with Simon) but she chereograph and dress up those kids. Last year was the best season of all (Paula really did it with the kids attire and dancing, love it). We want Paula back next season. She is stylish and nice to watch. Ellen of course her dressing to predictable.

    Oh, Kara is damn good in her comments and she criticized with her heart and positively and she is experienced sharp music critique. We want Kara back for next year.

    Oh, Randy check it out , Randy is confident in his critique. I trust his comments not bias like Simon and truthful. He, like Kara are both expert in music and vocal, so a big big contribution in head-hunting your Idol. Randy too, must come back next year.

    Ellen, funny humorous but not a music expert. Sorry, i prefer Paula – she is singer, music expert, dancer, model,cheorographer, sense of humour, sincere,caring for those kids,want the best for them, BUT minus that DRINK (PLS) before showtime!

    Simon – all the best to you and congratulations in advance if you are getting married this year. Loosen up.

  69. i really like mike’s performances. i dont want mike to be eliminated. i think he sould be on the top 3. casey would be eliminated. although casey is also good.

  70. Yay!!finally..I’ve been w8n 4 mike 2 go home..d judges shudnt save him last couple weeks..n I’d lyk 2 see lee and crystal 2 b d top 2!!dey made a gr8 duet last nite..and 4 casey..I like him..but not as much as I LOVE lee n crystal,,:D

  71. They didn’t oficially announce the results but based on ten polls, I have come to a conclusion.

    Top 2
    Crystal Bowersox
    Lee DeWyze
    Bottom 2
    Casey James
    Michael Lynche

  72. Crystal is too common [my opinion] Casey though will be the one who will get booted. Lee is improving by the week \m/

  73. I totally agree with #79 and #96. I have said in this blog a number of times that the negative comments about Mike were from shallow and immature people. I will miss Mike as from the first week he was the best vocalist/performer. There is a Survivor song from their Vital Signs album back in mid 80s that suits Mike. “Give the glory to the man who’s not afraid to come on strong, if there’s magic in the music, it’s the singer not the song. If it’s coming from the heart, all the people sing along, it’s the man behind the music, it’s the singer not the song”. Best wishes to a great talented singer, Big Mike!

  74. America got it right! Mike should have been gone long ago(sorry Mike fans). Casey, Crystal and Lee BELONG in the top 3, as they are the BEST!

    To Debby #62: Obviously, you haven’t been watching Idol this season if you think that Casey hasn’t been bashed repeatedly, while everyone else NO MATTER how weak their performance, are handled with kid gloves. NO ONE, except possibly Tim and Siobhan, has been treated worse then Casey…Don’t even start me on the treatment he receives for being good looking…

    TO Tonya # 54: YOU ROCK!!!


  75. my opinion – lee has a face of a drama queen. his voice is so common and we have alot of them.

    crystal – her voice is so wet.

    casey – talented, good looking, well make alot concert bookings, will sell albums, and yeah the nest AI! GO CASEY!

  76. Rachael, i agree with you. For me, it is more fun to keep Big Mike in Top 3 than Crystal. Ya, Big Mike really has a romantic voice. I would love to hear him sing that song solo (love a woman).
    Last nite, Crystal tried her Sibon scream but oh no she is far from Shibon. Her last part of her solo song showed she has limited range. Her songs are all almost same melody same rhythm same style same monotonous. If she cuts an album all her songs will have the same voice.

    I think Casey is better than Crystal (my opinion).
    Make Casey your #2 AI.
    #1 is between Lee & Crystal.

    Casey, you are safe in #2.Kara is always right in her pick, she is the music expert and singer head hunter.Sign up recording with Kara, she will groom you to a pro singer.

  77. Like what Kara says, Casey can still show us more (not that, its singing). He has not let go of all of him yet. He is opening up little by little. He still have a lot in him, he still have more potential to display. Casey, show us all you have (not that undress thingy, but i don’t mind, so is Kara).Oh stop teasing. Be serious. This is your career your future. Your mum’s dream.

  78. My Opinion-I think Casey has been great these last few weeks (excluding top 5 performances of Frank Sinatra). His vulnerable side is amazing.

  79. For Lee, you have to ask yourself whether you really want the #1 AI. You have to show us more, your emotion and your enthusiasm in really wanting this #1AI and not be contended with whatever, then we will believe you really want it and not afraid or worry to take the post of #1. Kris Allen did it, so can you. Show us your enthusiasm.

    Crystal- do not be over confident and becomes complacent with your songs. You have to be competitive now with the 2 guys picking up steam. You have a pre-concieved attitude that you will be #1 so you become complacent & slack.Simon has “oversold” you and that becomes a hindrance for you.The other 2 guys are not battling out and showing their sting. The two guys are now ahead of you as far as vocal, range and talent are concern.Beef up girl show us all you have.

  80. I’m from the Philippines and i read this blog to get updates re: American Idol.

    I’m glad Big Mike was chosen to leave the stage. Technically speaking, he really has a good voice and he is a performer. His performances were consistent. However, some people does not like him. I don’t like him as well but I like his voice. Probably its his attitude…and his tendency to over-react or over act sometimes. It is best that he leave the competition. He needs to spend more time with his wife and new born child. And despite being booted out, I believe he will still have an album soon.

    I personally like Lee but he really needs to step-out of his shyness. I hope he wins the competition.

  81. Typo error: its “now” not “not”

    The other 2 guys are NOW battling out and showing their sting.

  82. I agree Michael Lynche was overdue to go…but so is Casey. Both Michael and Casey should have been bottom 2. Casey belongs in the local pub strumming his guitar, he’s not a great singer or performer…he can barely hold a note more than 2 seconds.

  83. Sorry to see BIG MIKE go I would love to see Casey go Go lee.I wont buy one of Crystal albums.I think they just feel sorry for her now because she was in the hospital at one time.Just stay with your band and enjoy your married life when the season is finished.

  84. When Daughtry perform live with his band…the only contestant I can link to that kind of stage performance is CASEY. Casey band will be the next sensation.

  85. I figured that Mike and Casey would be in the bottom tonite. I do believe that Mike should of been gone along time ago. Nice guy but can’t sing and doesn’t have what it takes to be on stage much less cut any type of record.

  86. crystal coughed/nearly choked at the end of her song because she was trying hard to belt out like shiobhan, hahah

  87. But to be in the top 3 over 100,000 hopefuls…these 3 still cant sing?? Come on, these 3 are already the elite of the elite…Way to go, Casey James, you are the BEST! Overall the best you are. Crystal and Lee, terrific singers too, but sorry, cant beat CASEY JAMES!!!!!!

  88. America, please vote for me (not american)-

    Please Vote:

    Lee #1 & Casey #2.

    Crystal, i luv you but to me, your singing is a bit superficial and a bit messy. Its more of gospel-like & sometime country or good in group singing and not solo artist.

    Not critical but constructive.

  89. @ everyone: Go to American Idol’s home page [ not NET] and take the survey Fox has posted to get viewer input to fix Idol’s problems next year. It’s pretty comprehensive, deals with the judges, the save and other issues. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete and we could fall in love with Idol again next year if Fox gets the right ideas from us.

  90. Casey, you are the dark horse like Kris Allen last season.

    This year, only shibon has the fighting competitive spirit like Adam Glambert. The rest are so so spirit not enthusiastic or the killing spirit (all out to kill) like Adam. This year all the contestant are quite shy and humble and reserved, with the exception of Shibon, Big M and one more forgot name (the Cyley Myrus look-alike 17 yr old).

    Last year ‘s TOP 5 was the best of all. Hope next year better be good or else AI in trouble. Getting boring.

  91. wow mike picked the song for the duet with casey…hmmm smells fishy. he knows that song very much and he made it to the point that casey will only be the second voice. but obviously made the duet incridible.

  92. i mean casey made the duet incridible.he played the guitar very well, when mike was singing. and when he was singing mike didnt care to play the guitar well for casey. sorry but thats what it seemed to me. it seems all the praise was on mike because he lead the vocals on that presentation.

  93. Sorry, but when Casey tries to hold a note, he sounds like a sheep. Big Mike is a much better singer! Lee and Crystal are great too!

  94. sheeps are cute and who doesnt love sheeps? maybe caseys voters love sheeps too like i do πŸ˜‰

  95. But i thought Casey sung fantastic in the duet. Randy thought so. He commented on Casey’s rendition and his guitar-playing as good. Thats how CASEY JAMES had the most votes of the night (going by the fact that he was the first to be told he was safe, that is). And i actually think he sang much better than Mike. And Im not being biased when i said that. He was really good…wish i was that woman he ever loved….lol

  96. the duet wouldn’t be that good if not because of casey playing the guitar and singing. i dont know why some people are so jealous they say people vote for looks and not voice.

  97. i really hope that Lee would win this year, Crystal is a good singer but somehow i’m not attracted to her, casey is cool but he is so lazy in choosing songs, it seems to me that he doesn’t even want to win

  98. Sad to see Big Mike go but good luck to him for the future. Casey and Crystal for the final (hopefully).

  99. yeah you try bleating like a sheep…it aint easy…lol (with all due respect to my Casey πŸ™‚ )

  100. NO America did NOT get it right! Just WHO is voting for Casey??? He’s horrible!! Mike and Crystal are the top two, guess it has to be Crystal if America gets it right, they didn’t last year- Adam should have won

  101. The American public have got it all wrong. Casey has to go and should have gone last week. Wake up America!!!

  102. Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhooooooooooo what is it about this man that fasinates me so much???!!! I can’t get enough of him….AND (blush) I’m not a teenager ~ I fit into the Kara/Mrs Robinson section!!! I wonder if he’d sing Have You Ever Loved A Woman again (alone) for all us weak kneed ladies? I keep saying he has that Super Star… Music Legend….ness about him. He’s the WHOLE package, really looking forward to seeing him live!! He’s gonna win it, that’s for sure!! Big Mike, well done ~ you had a great run, think you’ll have an amazing career! Sure you’re glad to be getting back to having time with your beauiful family again… All the Best! Here’s to AMERICAN IDOL CASEY JAMES πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  103. After clinching the ‘American Idol’ Title, Casey should enter for the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ (males only) competition to be organised by Tyra He will sure come out tops again!

  104. Lee or Chrystal, whoever wins between the two is really deserving. Both will have successful careers. I love Lee better though. My american Idol after David Cook & Kris Allen.

  105. Sure you’re right Rachel! Infact I think anything Casey chose to touch would turn to gold!! I wonder what his acting talents are like? Mmmmmm…. now Casey in a movie ~ that would be delicious! Matt McConaughey, you may have a rival!! LOL ~ have to confess, these Texans are very scrummy!!!

  106. Well, based on Tuesday night’s peformances, I think Lee should’ve gone home, not Mike, imho. However, Big Mike should’ve gone home when the voters voted him off. That’s not a racist comment. It’s just a fact. I don’t believe in judges being allowed to bring people back from the dead.

    I think Mike has a pleasant enough voice, and I don’t think there’s any shame in making it to the top ten (top four, actually). Mike did well. He should be very, very proud. Just because people don’t vote for someone doesn’t mean they are racist, Melissa. This is a popularity contest, and people are free to vote for whomever they want for whatever reasons they want. You can’t force someone to like someone or to buy their records. That’s just life. Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to music. That’s just how it is in the real world.

    As for Crystal, it’s clear that she’s a great musician, and nobody could deny that. If I were advising her, I’d tell her to lose a little bit of weight, though. I don’t think it’s sexy to show off bare arms unless they are shapely. That outfit she wore Tuesday night was not a good choice for her (imho). Same thing with legs. You don’t want to accentuate your worst features. I think Crystal would’ve looked better in long (but perhaps sheer) sleeves and a dress with a little more length. I am always turned off by a performer that shows too much flesh if they are not in shape no matter how well they sing. Flab is not a good look. If you can’t lose it, at least cover it up.

    I’m glad Casey made this cut. I’ll be interested to see what songs he chooses to perform. His modesty is refreshing.

  107. Everyone saying Mike should have gone long ago because he was saved, well even that week he did not deserve to go the same as this week, Casey has had terrible performances so many times compared to Mike that never really had a bad performance. But as it’s been said on this forum so many times, it’s only the blacks that will vote for him, well I suppose the whites out voted the blacks.

  108. Who thinks that Lee has no personality? He’s next to Casey James in terms of good looks. I don’t like Crystal Bowersox. She is annoying and arrogant. You can notice Lee and Casey’s humble personality.

  109. Minnie, you don’t seem to get it. It’s a POPULARITY contest, not a singing contest. If it were a singing contest, Adam Lambert would’ve won last year. Right? Right.

    People know what the contest is about before they enter it. If you want to be judged on musicianship, audition to be a voice major at Peabody Conservatory. If you enter American Idol, expect it to be what it is: a popularity contest where the contestants get to sing, and the primary “judges” are a bunch of preteen girls who like to send thousands of text message votes on their cell phones and giggle at the cute guys who perform. That’s just how it is. Are middle-aged voters going to stay up and vote all night long? No. They might send in one vote. Then, they’re done.

    That being said, Mike was not the best singer in this competition, even if it were being judged purely on music (and I have extensive musical training). But, wake up. Popularity and looks are just as important as singing in a contest like this. Race has nothing to do with it, though. If Big Mike looked like Will Smith, he probably would’ve gotten more votes.

  110. yes, Edi, this man just has it for us ladies…hey, not every handsome guy makes us ladies go week at our knees ok…but its cos he’s wholesome.Passionate and humble, the whole whole package. America, get this right for CASEY!

  111. That’s right, Rachel. People (especially ladies) want the whole package. Casey certainly fits the bill.

  112. i dont understand why all people fight for idol here…while the idol never hate each other

  113. Rinda, I don’t think people are really fighting here. Everyone’s just putting in their two cents. I think most of us are supportive of all of the contestants and wish everyone well. Most of us, even though we have our favorites, want to see everyone do their best when they perform.

  114. Yes Joanne, have to admit it…just looking at him makes me go week lol…so can understand just why Kara felt(and im sure, is still feeling, lol) the way she did when she first saw him. BUT well, as for us supportive ladies, we are just being what fans are, and that is supporting the one we believe keep on believing, fans of Casey and VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  115. @ rinda: It’s what’s known as Freedom of Speech. “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

  116. Rachel, I’m so glad Casey was safe tonight, but you know, my eyes always well up with tears whenever someone gets eliminated. It’s always sad whenever anyone has to leave.

  117. This is ridiculous! I am supporting MICHAEL LYNCHE and would like Crystal Bowersox to just stay away from the TOP 3, but the people have spoken….they don’t prefer a versatile IDOL and that is no other than MICHAEL LYNCHE! GO, GO, GO, MICHAEL…. you’re the real IDOL 9 for me. Good Luck!

  118. yes joanne, let’s that go because it may be time to go.
    give support to the idol is still there.
    believe or not the fate is determine of someone’s success

  119. yes, its sad to see anyone go..even the ones who remain safe do shed a tear or two for the one leaving as well. I think its the bond that has been established, everyone going thru the grill together, good times and bad, and suddenly one of them leaves. Ahh..but that sounds like life, right..haha

  120. As I have stated before – this is a reality “TV show”. Because of that aesthetics is playing a bigger part. It did with Tim, and now his fan base has moved to Casey. When you play their CD, what will you see?

    Shut your eyes and listen to them and you will hear poor vocal performance and a lack of passion from Lee and Casey. Mike has a great voice and Crystal is in another league. I hope she doesn’t win and then we will get her album rather than one made up of Kara’s songs.

  121. Diversity in taste and choices are the defining factors here – vocals and over-all impact come together for some. And for the ladies out there of Kara’s-age bracket (and less and more), Casey just has this mesmerizing effect. So Sisters, let’s volt in! No “Silence of the Lamb” headline for next week. And together let’s sing our national anthem: Oh, Casey can you see by the dawn’s early light….”

  122. Hurrrrayyyy!!! America finally got it right & do the justic by sending fat Mike home, who actually should be sent home to play his willy weeks ago! I guess the judges was so worry that their save almost end up ruin their fav. Crystal! Hopefully it will be Crystal next…whose vocal is so so terrible, IMO! especially at the high note! It’s so unbearable!!

  123. I didn’t find big mike arrogant at all, though I don’t enjoy his music. For me the Top 3 should have been Lee, Crystal and Siobhan.

    Performance wise Aaron=Big Mike=Casey.There good for some people and definitely will have a nice career, but they do not move me like crystal or lee.

    Hope to see Lee in the top 2. He is an awesome singer, and I love his genuine personality.

  124. Wow America.. some of your comments are really mean. Pity I cannot vote.
    Im glad Mike was saved (when he was)..he deserved to be in the final 4.. and I hope its not the last we hear of him.. he has great tender vocals. And to some of you .. who call him “fatty”.. do you not know the difference between FAT and MUSCLE… the man is a Trainer for goodness sake.

    As for the Final three.. my absolute best.. and I dont mind.. who goes when. .because someone has to.. and these three will make it in the industry.
    Just a pity that Lily was eliminated so early in the competition.. she did not deserve to go then. .but I guess not enough votes counted in her favour.

    If I could have it my way and vote for a winner. .Id say.. Go Crystal. Come on America.. vote vote vote for her…

  125. Wish they have double winners with same nos. o votes. That would be my Rod Steward Lee and my heartrob handsome Casey. Listen to Kara ‘s critique not Simon. Casey – single cum model.Victoria Beckam’s men’s wear hopefully shirt off- that would be great!I prefer he tie his hair up. But please not in finale. Excited about the finale.

  126. So glad to hear that Mike went out, unfortunately i will only see the show on Sunday. YOU GO CASEY XXX

  127. I still can’t believe all the hype that Crystal is receiving. I don’t think her voice is all that powerful and well-rounded. I loved her early in the competition when her voice was still fresh to the ears, but she keeps on bringing the same thing on the table every night that it’s getting dull already.

    I hope she will show us something new and awesome now that she’s on top three.

    Sigh, AI is getting boring…

  128. oh no!!! my LCM – Lee,Crystal(either Casey),Michael group has been broken……now its going to be C2(squared)plus L group…Crystal,Casey plus Lee

  129. hi, i come from indonesia so i can’t vote. but i really like american idol and i watch it every season
    i think american people are very talented, especially the finalists in american idol.
    and this year the top 3, lee, crystal, and casey are really talented!!! keep on choosing the best idol, america!!!

  130. Sharina!! LOVE the Casey Anthem!! I’m singing/yelling right along with you girl!!(and a gabazillion other woman around the globe) Casey fever is getting higher and higher…. together we could get him to the moon!! For thoes who don’t get to see the shows live, Google: American Idol Video Casey James and you’ll get to see all you’re missing! ENJOY πŸ™‚

  131. Y does every1 love casey so much?wad make him so special?in my opinion,he has d worst voice compare to lee n crystal,doesn’t he?

  132. #175 Amanda: How can you call yourself such huge Rod Stewart Fan and not even be able to spell his name? It’s STEWART NOT STEWARD!!!!! And Lee Dewyze isn’t even fit to lick Rod’s boots, far less sound like him. Sorry, rant over.. I’ve been a Rod Stewart fan for 40 years, the man is a LEGEND! I hope Casey wins Idol, because the other two are boring and at least Casey plays a mean guitar.

  133. Dreadlocks flowing, tattoed back revealing, a slightly bitter sweet smile and an attire with out being dapper. The image is almost punky but not her songs with a voice that sinks a thousand Johny Rotten echoes. I felt that Crystal came busting out of what seemed Like Caseys campfire and took the night, specially on her solo performence. Weeks,s ago She replied to a Judge that nothing was in the bag until it,s in. After last night, it should be closing in at the rim. Goodbye Big Mike . Gone but not forgotten.

  134. I like the 3 finalists.

    I think I’d like Casey to win, though. He is great on guitar, sings very nicely and looks matinee idol handsome.

  135. Fiona, I love Rod Stewart too, and would love to see Casey win, but I have my doubts. Even so, he should have a fantastic career!!!

  136. I agree Crystalmeth go home please.(this is what I would say to her face if given the chance) I will drive you home myself as long as I don’t have to look at your or hear you.. You totally look like a poster child for 20 reasons not to use meth. When was the last time you bathed. You are smug, egotistical, smartassed, argumentative. You have a bitchy look permantantly stuck on your face that just makes me want to slap you.

    What I would say to Big Mike: YOU ARE NOT SEAL

    Casey: Not much to say to him

    What I would say to Lee: Oh my god I LOVE you!!! You are incredible.

    Before anyone jumps on me for my opinion remember that if you are intiled to yours I am entitle to mine.

  137. Crystals real name is Crystal M Bowersux (the M stands for Meth)

    Sorry folks I really dislike her.

  138. FYI peeps Lee already has two independant albums out. You can buy them at amazon or at cdbaby.

  139. Sorry about the spelling in 185 folks. I’ve been up all night. (Im at work)

  140. Last night finally proved what America has realized for a long time now. If you have the
    looks and can play a guitar, you can go far in
    this competition. IT IS NOT ABOUT SINGING!!!!

  141. Lee has style, a GREAT and current voice…

    Casey is good inconsistent…but good-looking (which is the only reason why he’s still there)

    Crystal is good but she doesn’t have originality…she’s not that great 😐

    Soooo…GO LEE DEWYZE! <3

  142. truth be told, judging by vocals, Casey should’ve been sent home last week… don’t get me wrong, I like Casey as much as the next, but vocally he’s nowhere near some of the other contestants and last week he was by far inferior to Aaron… and again this week, ranking them by their vocal ability, Casey should have been the one to go home yesterday… but because it’s not a singing competition anymore, but a popularity contest, hence the results… I still hope that Lee and Crystal stay for the finale, because those two are both star quality, each in their own respective way…

  143. I loved big mike and thought he was better than casey.

    Now I want Lee to win.

  144. Did American Idol get it right? Did they ever!
    Micheal Lynch was always on the brink sad to say. He was the best Idol every saw for a very long time.

  145. Everyone has their favorites. That’s why these comments are all so different. However, I think maybe we all should all take a moment to say something NICE about each contestant. How about it?

  146. The thing is that as far as music is concerned nobody can beat Americans. Last year was the only time in 9 seasons they got it wrong, but unfortunate circumstances dictated their choice and I don’t blame them. This year, in my opinion, Mike was by far the best singer but the show is “American Idol” and he doesn’t look like an American Idol. Besides he is not creative. I think stage presence is as important as vocals and for this reason I favor Casey and Lee. Whoever wins deserves to win but I think that Casey is the only one that looks like an Idol. Not because of his looks but because of the way he behaves on and off stage. He is also a very good singer although a little bit worse than the other 3 finalists.

  147. I wasn’t sorry to see Big Mike go home last night; hopefully Casey will be next. I really doubt Crystal was in the bottom two in terms of votes. I think the American Idol producers set it up that way to build the suspense. I think it may actually help Crystal next week by causing her fans to vote for her more rather than assume she’s going to be safe. That’s what happened the week after Big Mike got voted off and was saved by the judges; the following week he wasn’t even in the bottom three.

  148. I liked Mike, and I’ll be a fan going forward. I already bought “Ready for Love” for the IPOD and will be keeping my ears open for more.

    I liked Andrew too and will buy his stuff too. Casey should do a Seger cover album…. and I personally don’t like Crystal’s voice, but I can hear she has talent, but it doesn’t please my ears. Lee is good……but not sure he’s going to be a huge star. We shall see!!

  149. They are all good. The problem is that some songs we like, and others we don’t. Any of them may choose a song to sing, but we may not like that particular song, whoever sings it. That is the problem. An example of this is that I am not fond of Frank Sinatra, or any other crooner for that matter. I thrive on a a bit of heat.

  150. man, living overseas sucks! I wld’ve totally voted for mike to stay. I can so see myself buyin his albums… I hope this doesn’t discourage him wid his music career… I’d love to see more of him.

  151. looking at Daughtry and Bon Jovi – i see caseys talent really fits on both two bands. those who watch concerts are not music critics and they wont know if somebody hits the note or not. they will just jump and cheer and move their heads all around. i could see this happen whenever i imagine casey james playing with his band in the future.

    at this moment i dont care if casey will made it to the top 1 cause i know he will make a good career better than the rest of the top 3.

    but alot will be happy if casey james will make be the AI! theyre right when they say casey has the total package. he can be a model, an actor, a concert box office wow! what a phenomenon lol.

  152. I wish that they would post the number of votes each contestant got. All they said was that 37 million (I think) votes came in this week.

  153. so what will happen if somebody sings very well but not popular? what will happen to his/her career? who will buy his album, go to his concert if nobody knows him cause his not popular? NOBODY right? american idol is both looks, popularity, and singing contest. and casey really fits to the show! who would say No? he got the looks, he is popular, he sings good, he can be a model, omg! is it hard to accept?

  154. you people should stop crying and saying “ITS A POPULARITY CONTEST UHUHUHUHUHUH!”.oh my gosh! just accept it and stop crying. yes i will agree its a POPULARITY, but not all about that. if its a pure singing contest then they will not let the public judge and vote whos gonna win! instead they should hire music judges and let the contestants sing inside a room and dont let the public vote who they want to win.

    just stop crying and vote casey james cause he is the most popular and will make a lot of fans.

    what i am trying to say is wake up! how will they earn money if they are not popular?

  155. Lee DeWyze is as BORING as it gets! He is so cookie-cutter plain old nothing special. And his lack of confidence is really annoying. Still there just because a bunch of teenage girls thinks he’s cute.

    Casey James – lucky to still be there. Again, he’s still there because he’s tall, and he’s got girlish looks that teenage girls love.

    Crystal Bowersox – the only powerhouse talent left. She’s awesome, and regardless of whether or not she wins, she’s the one who has the talent and the confidence to go out on stage and really deliver!

    I don’t see Casey or Lee deserving the win, so in my opinion one of them has to go next week. I’m not a big fan of Casey, but Lee is so freakin’ BORING I’m hoping that LEE goes home!

    Oh, and for those of you who keep referring to “the bottom two”, do you not know what “no particular order” means???? Interesting how so many people who watch AI have such low IQs.

  156. david i agree when you say about no particular order i heard that lol.

    casey was the first who’s safe but it doesnt mean he got the most votes that night.

  157. Casey will go next ! I wish he went last night ! Big Mike should still be there ! The only one left is Crystal. It’s so tough when it gets to this point. Mike will have his own record deal and make lots of music ~ We will miss you MIKE – GOOD LUCK !

  158. I am a baby boomer and Crystal Bowersox’ voice is a welcome sound. We miss Janis! Crystal makes every song her own and is a pleasure to listen to. We have not been watching every Tuesday and if you only hear the voice, it would be Crystal! Casey sure has the looks and Lee’s voice is unique. Good luck to all three!

  159. Melissa and gumgirl… Will you please stop arguing; this is so childish. Put an end to it. I am also “white” and I sincerely believe for once that the people voted right this time. Mike’s songs were often boring and “sleepers”. As far as his weight being an issue…. not true… look back a few years ago when Ruben Studdard won and he was way bigger than Mike. The only difference is that he had the voice of an angel. As for the other contestants, my vote goes to Crystal all the way, despite what some of you think. We all have our opinions.

  160. I think that most of the people of american idol are judge by the outside. the person who was realy origi was mike, because everyone can see who he realy was. he had no mask or whatever. he was real and important he can sing. so i think america had voted wrong AGAIN.

  161. I will not watch another week, this seriously has turned into a “Pretty Boy” contest with the Big Mike elimination…..even the look on Casey’s face showed he was shocked, and he knew damn well he was surely not better than Mike Lynche…..people are voting on looks, instead of talent, which this whole thing is all about….what is next:? keeping Casey, who cannot sing at all, and eliminating Crystal? there will be a revolution in this country for sure. this is so wrong.

  162. YAHOO……America finally got it only took about 5 weeks…..
    If you were all paying attention….this show is called AMERICAN IDOL not AMERICA’S GOT TALENT!!!!!
    That said some of the best singers are long gone, some never had a chance…..The judges are very influential. Someone said that KARA was the best judge, please give me a break….Saying things like “WHO ARE YOU?” is not very constructive criticism if you ask me.
    Simon is the best judge, he really tells it like it is but sometimes I think his favoring some idols is the kiss of death….
    GO LEE!!!!!!!!!!

  163. francine i tkink that its bedtime. so go and sleep. i don’t tkink you hear what the ‘mike’-lovers are hearing. i know jou’re a mike hater.

  164. I think it was the correct vote. But I think they wasted the save on Mike. I would have saved Shioban

  165. @ChiChi, thanks for responding. I appreciated it.
    It is nice to be able to converse with someone without all of the negative digs or put downs.

    @Joanne, you know about Peabody Conservatory huh? That’s good to hear, my former flute instructor graduated from there! I’m also trained in music, and now teaching music, voice and instrumental. It’s good to know that I have something in common with someone on this blog.

  166. I think the right gut went home this week. Mike should never have been saved; all his music was the SAME with the exception of (ironically) last week. All his songs bored me. Playing the Baby card was sappy too. Of the remaining three, any one of them could win and it would be okay – all are great in their own way. Crystal has had a couple of crappy performances too, and Lee’s last one was not his best. However, Lee has consisantly improved. Casey does some great, some not so great. Just like any ‘real’ musician. I love many of the artists out there but certainly rarely the whole album – some music justs sucks.

  167. ….got it right…However, there’s a question as to what the host stated twice: “In no particular order” meaning what????….that Crystal was not next to the bottom in votes? That Casey was first? Who really came out with the most votes. Was Crystal held with Mike to keep folks tuned in?….Lotta unanswered question!

  168. i am happy with their top 3 :)!
    as to whos gonna win i hope it would be casey. but if not still ok with me. i know he will do good with his career.

  169. Crystal is the best entertainer & should win. My personal favorite after her is Casey, but Lee is also really good. Should be interesting,Hope Crystal wins though.

  170. i think michael lynch should have been in the top 3 i think the judges have caused this because they have said from day one lee was the best and would win the show. yes crystal should be in the final but cassey should have gone home last week again this is because kara likes him. lets hope he gets a record deal as i will be the first in the uk to buy one he is fantastic.

  171. PHYLISS G….

    lee wasn’t that good on tuesday night but his potential is higher than the remaining 3…casey was boring but i guess the image of him amongst the teenie boppers while he sang carried him into the top 3..every teens fantasy i guess..he’s just bad in my opinion..another Taylor Hicks maybe.

  172. @DON…I caught that too…..which probably means that CASEY was in the bottom two but for dramatic purposes, he never said bottom two, just CRYSTAL & MIKE…..I have to be honest when RYAN said Casey was safe I did get a little nervous and I started to wonder if the blog was right and LEE was going home….Once they said Lee was safe I knew MIKE was going home!!!! so much for drama!!!!!!

  173. Hi 88fngrslouie,

    Truthfully I never thought that Casey should be in the top 3….You know it should have been Siobhan or Lilly who are both better than Casey but your right, those teeny boppers are dedicated….They have the time and the patience to stay with it. Last year I would spend two hours voting for Adam and to no avail. Voted for Siobhan to no avail…..Now I don’t vote!!!!! I just sit back and watch the show…

  174. Lee will be the AI this year. I am so glad
    that Mike is gone. I agree with everyone that Mike has a great voice. . . that was not my reason for not liking him I just found him to be
    very arrogant maybe this will help him get a grip on the haughty attitude toward himself.

  175. For me, Lee is safe in #1.
    Battle is btw Casey vs Crystal. Either one doesn’t matter both are good. For me, Casey has better voice and Crystal has potential.

  176. in my opinion, when jamie fox gave mike the contestand t shirt instead of an artist one, he was giving the audience a hint that mike should go home. again america got it right πŸ˜‰

  177. Casey and Lee are humble, Casey is great on stage, he deserve to be AI winner 2010. Lee has no aura on stage. Crystal is annoying and arrogant, zero aura, no stage present, boring. She should go home next! Go Casey go!!!

  178. PHYLISS G

    i hear that.. i flip channels now ..watched Bon Jovi..Daughtry or should i say the true American Idol of his season to which I have all his CD’s..a little of Fantasia , never bought a CD..i do have David Cook and Siobhan downloads..don’t think I’ll purchase anyone elses from this season..maybe Crystal

  179. 88fngrslouie

    Yes, Daughtry should have won that season instead of Taylor Hicks (please! what a joke that was).
    I don’t know if you liked him but ADAM’s cd FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT is really awesome. I think I wore it out in my car…lol

    I don’t surf the channels but I do DVR it and zoom thru 1/2 the shows now…I loved the entertainment last night….it hasn’t always been that good this season…

  180. Somethings wwrong with the voting!! The demographics of who votes must be very narrow–Teenie boppers or what! Lee was so pitchy, Casey has no emotion or personality that comes across. Crystal was good and so was Mike. We tried to get through to vote for Mike for 2 hrs and couldn’t get through once. There is also a bias from the judges like making fun of the free willie. the singing and the words and meaning were not even noted to me that is very unfair! It was very good singing much better than at least 2 others! What gives! i think the voting method has to be revisited. it’s not on skill just who votes!!

  181. It has ended just like I thought it would, although I really thought Mike should’ve left before the judges save. I predict Casey to go home next.

    I am sad to see so many tacky comments about the contestants on this blog. People, please be a little kinder. Remember, what they are doing is very difficult. They are in front of thousands live and billions internationally. Crystal may not be the most beautiful to look at, but she is real and I like that. Sheer talent can overcome physical defects. Teeth are easy to fix if you have money, and if she decides not to, it isn’t the kind of thing that should keep people from buying her music. That is a very shallow way of thinking.

    Mike’s size should not be an issue. I do think what turned some people off about him is his personality. He is the most extroverted of all of them. If you notice, when they are all in a group setting, in interviews etc., he tends to hog the scene. He speaks up first. He talks the most and it’s hard for the others to get a word in. On the other hand, Lee is so shy and prefers to say nothing unless prompted, which I actually think is pretty smart. He is shy in a very charming way. He is also very cool.

    Casey has a big following and I do think his looks have a lot to do with it. He may not have even made it into the top ten. He’s good and he fills a certain niche of pop/country. And he does have that star appeal, maybe a little too stiff.

    I think Lee is shy and introverted, but he will probably loosen up with experience and growing confidence. His last performance was not his best and a bit of a let down after so many fantastic performances, but he is still the best in my opinion.

    People who make trashy comments about the contestants are no better than the things they are saying abou the contestants. The contestants have done very well to get where they are at this point–they are all winners!

  182. As of last nights performance.. come on america.. what do you honestly want from the contestants? i dont even like crystal but she had the best solo performance tues night. week after week casey has a horrible performance and yet you still vote for him. He said so himself last night that when ryan said his name, he was getting ready to sing his farewell song. THat right there should tell all of you that even HE knows he needs to be sent home off of the show. No more comments. GO LEE!!!!!!!

  183. america go it right finally. the bottom 2 were also right.. either crystal or mike should go home… both of them do not have an artist voice… crystal only have personality.. nothing else… mike only have great body.. wakka… so the top 2 should be casey and lee.. but next week, we will know who is the winner. when the top 3 head back to their hometown.. the crowd tell it all.. like previous years american idol… but i hope casey got the most crowds.. he got the most special voice… dont understand y the judges didnt get that.. they should dig their ears…

  184. based on the comments here it seems a logical deduction that Crystal doesn’t stand a chance against the two guys, since the voting majority are females crazy about either Lee or Casey!

  185. Out of the 3 left I say Casey should win. He’s got it all. Singing like Celine Dion is not what the American Idol competition is about.

  186. 88fngerslouie
    Great….Let me know what you think…..
    If you like Siobhan, I think you will like this cd.

  187. Casey James ha hecho un despliegue de talento en todas las Γ‘reas, no sΓ³lo es un excelente ejecutor de mΓΊsica(todos los tipos de guitarras), tiene una voz que no te cansas de oirla, los arreglos que ha hecho son los mejores, ademas que lo que para algunos parece un defecto, para mi es una virtud en un I.Americano, su presencia en el escenario es intachable.Puede y canta todos los ritmos con altisimo nivel.Crystal suena siempre igual, muy bien, pero igual.Lee no puede cantar todo, porque su rango de voz es limitado.SO PEOPLE?? Voten lo que les parezca, es SU Idolo, pero no caigan en la trampa de la ProducciΓ³n o de los jueces.Didi se fue, porque podΓ­a hacerle sombra a Crystal. Luchen contra lo preestablecido!!!! VOTE CASEY

  188. Casey James should be the next American Idol. He delivers the best vocals week after week. He is definately the best! I feel like he stopped performances such as: “The Power of Love” “Jealous Guy”, and “Hold On(I’m Coming)” because the judges did not give him good comments. Go Casey James!! (:

  189. Use to really like Idol because there was a sense of a legimate contest with objective reviews by judges in particular Simon. In short time Idol in particular Simon has come down 20 noches. The perpetuation of this Big Mike this and Big MIke that Big Mike quetioned first Big Mike in Fords front seatBig Mikes so unique task of family survival with the fake producer instructed Cara goosebump crocodile tears. What a CROCK of @#%*&@! Even near the end Mikes so unique in the Duo and the none stop glimpses of Big Mikes white wife with all his lickin his lips in between. And where the heck is this Big Mike on a beach in Astoria NY????? Flushing Bay? that not to long ago was loaded with tires, sinks and pond scum? where the hell his he gettin ocean breeze on his face. If he had chance of being #1 it was snuffed out by all the Idol created excess Big MIke Hype factored in with he appeared FULL OF HIMSELF. Not to mention the cockinbull orchestration that the contestents had picked those four lame last songs in particular Caseys Mrs. Robinson Please give me a flyin f’n leapin break. You could see the poor Casey guy isn’t a natural liar. The whole fake phoney fraud created scenario of the Cara goo goo eyed for Casey incorporating the whole BS Mrs Robinson thing are all part the symptoms of a show beginning its death knell especially with more and more crut floating to the top in particular more than bits of info of judges responses being scripted. How in the world could this be a true singing contest with scripted responses.Also of course I knew the whole lesbian thing would do a reverse muff dive and squirm to the surface. This Ellen was first doin Ok, knew her place and was even funny now were goin to be subjected to all the producers urging creatin lesbian stuff. And Cara in first year she was good, discreet knew her place and had good comments. This year shoulders up, head movin side to side with all the analysis in ginzo style. The show use to have at least appearence of right judging balance. And gettin back to Simon. He exposed himself in the non stop inverceration of Shioban while given a pass to Crystalmeth (a intelligently coined by Gumgirl) and that scroungy ratsnest accumulation excreted from her folicles which sit above those half expressionless eyes.

  190. Brenda @249
    THERE IS NO “BOTTOM TWO”. Don’t you know what “NO PARTICULAR ORDER” means??? Gheez! Ask your 3rd grad neighbor to explain it to you!

  191. John @255
    ….agree with the last post expressing need for therapy. John, since you’re so judgemental on EVERYONE, you must be ONE PERFECT PIECE OF HUMANITY. How many hours a day do you spend in front of the mirror idolizing yourself? Your evaluation (all in the negative) tells more about YOU than anything you posted. You look at life as a glass (half empty)…not (half full). I’m glad you don’t work for me in my business. You’re of the mindset that’d depress the rest of my workers. Bet you’re a loner which is sad. Look at things in a more positive view, and your life would vastly improve. In real life, we all have flaws. We just hope they’re overlooked by kindness….not ridicule.

  192. ahhahaha! omg #256 seriously needs a therapy. somebody ready your comment cant breath or might forget to…

    i feel so sorry about this people who keep writing about bottom 2, bottom 3 about the last nights show. im a Filipina and English is not my first language but i understand it clearly when ryan said ” no particular order”.

  193. @DON #258.

    Well said…….It was exactly what I was thinking.

  194. @Don – its John@256 – not 255.
    seriously reading his comment is so depressing.

  195. Lee’s voice is not common! Is great, he sounds like david cook.
    Both r great.
    Gooo lee:-*.

  196. America made the right choice. Mike is a great singer, but is not as versatile as the others and does not have the same “mass appeal”. Lee deWyze should win. Toss up between Crystal and Casey as to who is off next… will Casey get the “girl vote” coz’ he’s so pretty and plays a wicked guitar? Or will Crystal get the overall vote because she has the better voice? Will be interesting to find out! Go Lee!! You’re AWESOME.

  197. …would love to see Casey win it, he’s only just skimmed the surface of his potential…good luck Casey, whatever the outcome…

  198. sharzhad…do we really want a ” sounds like ” American Idol. this has been the problem all season..the originals are gone..we get copy cats. Whatever almost over.

  199. youre right 88fngrslouie! not common means its one of a kind. well if its not common then it should not sound like david cook. LOGIC!

  200. John#255

    Wow!!! You definitely need some serious therapy. Get a job! Get a Life! Lighten up on the drugs!

  201. Absolutely America was right.
    Big Mike should never have been saved in the first place.
    Kudos to the voters !!!!!

  202. My feeling is that this year’s competitors have been much less talented that those certainly in the past two years. I am sorry to see Michael Lynch go out of the competition because he has been required to sing songs outside his normal genre. He is a great talent in his own way and I hope he succeeds outside the competition.

  203. All the feel sorry for you types like Don @ 258 are the epitome of the new universalist education system which thoroughly neutered any vestige of assertiveness and volition in exercise of expressing oneself(free speech) They need an army of effeminate robotrons, like Don, so the minders can at any wish or whim lead him by the nose by way of social justice(Marxism/fascism)education all the while believing it is Au Vant Garde and unique . The critique stands because it is THE TRUTH whether it is easy on the ears or not. PS: After perusing Dons critique you can vividly see he believes he has psychoanalytical skills. I emphatically suggest Don stay far away from the profession and the presumed skill he believes he was born with. I would guess Don either works at Staples or is a Security Guard !.

  204. The feel sorry for you types like Don @ 258 are the epitome of the new universalist education system which thoroughly neutered any vestige of assertiveness and volition in exercise of expressing oneself(free speech) They need an army of effeminate robotrons, like Don, so the minders can at any wish or whim lead him by the nose by way of social justice(Marxism/fascism)education all the while believing it is Au Vant Garde and unique . The critique stands because it is THE TRUTH whether it is easy on the ears or not. PS: After perusing Dons critique you can vividly see he believes he has psychoanalytical skills. I emphatically suggest Don stay far away from the profession and the presumed skill he believes he was born with. I would guess Don either works at Staples or is a Security Guard !.

  205. John @258 – stop the copy and paste from wikipedia. we can google it if we like.

  206. I like the top 3, in my opinion America made the right choice.

    I think all of them are good somehow.

    I really like Casey and lee, crystall not so much.

  207. i’m an avid Filipino AI fan because if David Cook. While i got my top 3, i do not think it’s right to be mean at all to the ones who didn’t make it. They all got there and none of us did, and it’s no mean feat, too. Who shines in my eyes may not in yours, but shine he/she does. Negative comments do nothing to that fact.

  208. Juana @ 273 Show me anything resembling a copy and paste from Wikipedia and I’ll buy you the entire Big Mike This Big Mike that full CD set collection if and when it arrives

  209. I am so upset Big Mike is gone. He was my definitely my fave. I know he’ll go far in the industry. Some people call him arrogant and I highly doubt that. Plus how can judge what someone is like just by watching off the television. Give me a break.

  210. Poor John….Big on words, but hate in his heart ….Wrong on the profession bit…32 yrs. in my own profession with employees with your type weeded out on the first interview. I give praise to all the contestants & see the talent the good Lord has blessed them with & all their strong points.
    I’ll dwell on these & sleep good tonight. Simple wording John.

  211. I think a big mistake was made last night. Micheal should have stayed and Casy sent home. Micheal is 10 times better thab Casy. All Casy is in my opion is a sex simble for the young girls. I believe that Lee will win. Casy will go home next trip around or I quit watching.

  212. Casey is the best…get over it…he is the best. stop the bashing…mike is gone…now its between the three i predicted weeks ago would ge the final three. As i said then, Lee will win, Crystal probably should have won, and Casey will make the most money…but its a great final three…Casey i will buy your first album.

  213. @ john: you are a myisogynistic failure, as an intellect, as a human being and are probably a totally henpecked future serial killer.

  214. John#255 so you think the show is rigged? hmmm maybe, but you kind of ranted and was quite out of line describing Mike…he would just be a pawn in your why hate on him like that? well i am a casey fan…and i have to admit…you might be right…they were told to sing those songs…it would make for better tv so they could fake razz kara…but you when off a bit.

  215. sorry John @273…you should have offered to buy me a Casey James CD, and i will show you the part of the Wikipedia that you copy and paste.

    i agree you are using big words and maybe to impress or intimidate us whose first language is not English. whatever it is you want to prove to us, i hope you will find a way to stop stressing yourself out. it really shows up here by the way you comment.

  216. Listening to her voice and looking at her whole persona I would be surprised to be informed that Crystal has ever smoked a cigerette never mind taken illegal or mind bending drugs. Her dental imperfection is probably a result of an accident or gum infection. May be she ate to many choco,s as a kid. And even if her past is not squeeky clean and she has had problems she has clearly sorted them. Shame that some of thes twit ters can,t sort there own minds out. perhaps they failed the auditions. I agree with all the comments about John 255.

  217. ok here is a suggestion…for next year..the top 12 each have their own mentor and professional coach…maybe two people..No theme shows. each idol picks their own songs in the image they want…so they don’t have to fake themes they care nothing about…also the judges votes count for 20% of the staying votes..public the rest. votes accumulate until the last three shows…when all go home but three.

  218. im a Casey fan and will always be. casey should join acting and maybe he could be the next sexy Johnny Depp. i love his vocals, its to unique and if anybody can tell me if someone has a voice like his, would be really appreciated. again thats my opinion and my taste. i am married and i dont have fantasies on casey, but i admit i could stare at his face without blinking.

  219. Mike’s personality was his downfall and he is a far better singer than Lee and Casey. Out of the remaining contestants left Crystal is the most marketable one.

  220. America got it right. Thank you for not torturing Casey and making him wait til the end!

  221. America got it wrong! Casey should have been sent home. His last two solo performances were run-of-the-mill bordering on down right bad. And what’s up with that irritating vibrato?

  222. his vibrato was fine…kara slammed him…probably due to some sick fantasy of her own not fulfilled…and ignorant viewers who hate casey grabbed on to that as if they know anything…Casey is great…losers hate casey and casey haters lose….go casey. vibrato and all…..

  223. America got it wrong! Casey has a nice face a nice hair but as a singer Mike had it all!!Casey you have to go.I hope Lee goes all the way to the end with Crystal.GO LEE!!!!

  224. I dont know where they get that Paula has to come back for the ratings to get higher- just dont go against dancing with the stars. My thumbs got tired switching back and forth between the two. I would have watched it all I made sure I heard Casey sing he is good

  225. Juana @ 259 At least your within in the right realm with Casey. I’ll buy you the Platium vinyl and or Cd if you can produce anything close to a copy and paste from Wiki. I right what comes to mind. Whether right or wrong I never speak to impress. I try to expand on vocabulary in order to more adequately convey what I want to express. When I see injustice admittingly I can get gruff.

  226. I can’t believe Casey was higher than Crystal! She’s amazing! I would definately by her CD over Casey’s. I’d buy Lee’s too. And Katie’s. The rest of the top 10, sorry, there’s just not much there. Where as last year I couldn’t wait for their CD’s to come out! This year I am just waiting to see how it plays out. I enjoy Crystal and Lee. Mike is talented but for some reason I just don’t enjoy him.

  227. Don @ 280 evokes Lord to equate himself as Christian. I understand more than you would believe. I just dont pretend to be one and I believe most of the confessing will never meet the standard, and get wisked away in a rapture,

  228. My husband posed an interesting question to me so I thought I would share it…Some say Mike could have never been the American Idol because he is married with a baby…America wants an idol they can fantasize about like Casey..hence the reason he is getting alot of votes from the younger, female fans. So his question was..what if after all this voting..Casey does win AI and then comes out and says he is married but kept it a secret for the show or that he is gay…what does this do for the fantasy all the females have created surrounding Casey…let me know what you is an interesting question..btw..we vote for Crystal all the way!!

  229. Don @ 259 To continue. One red flag is your volunteering info (business owner). Any professional interviewer/deposition taker sees the red flag when someone volunteers info. You have done it twice. Although not set in cement I would say at best your most likely NOT a business man with all kinds of employees. At best you enjoy edifying yourself. I believe follower practice humility. Moreover, a quick overview of Don @259 and Don @ 280 makes one speculate on which version of Christianity your subscribing to after reading a series of caustic expressions. Dont get me wrong I can get gruff, as above in my Idol critique, when I see injustice but more important I dont try to flaunt Christianiy and simultaneously berate as you do.

  230. There are no room for haters. If you can’t say anything nice then you can go to hell. I love everyone in the top 3. I think Crystal is a shoe in for the final 2. Lee and Casey are going to have to battle it out for the glory of competing with her for the #1 American idol.

    P.S. Who else thinks Casey has really stepped up his game lately and has a chance to knock Lee right out of the competition?

  231. @mel definately good he did not say anything then and really talent prevails i mean look at chris. many of the AI winners we do not hear of them all. for me as long as they r top 10 it is good enuf, just do wot u luv doing…..

    this week seemed inevitable for mike didnt it!! goodluck bm

  232. all three are deserving…but Casey is the best…lol. but who knows…they all will be successful…and as for melanie’s speculation…i think casey is divorced…doubt he is gay…maybe…but no reason to think so. he is the best either way.

  233. to melanie@301 : as what josh groban singing – “you could never live a life with maybe’s and what if’s”.

    there are many people who believes in caseys talent and they vote for him for his looks and talent. tell your husband not to get jealous just because casey looks better than him.

    and people didnt vote for mike because he has a baby and married. its because they dont believe he is an AI material and they didnt like his attitude, and his voice didnt suit to their taste.

  234. Chichi @ 285 Yes my critique was strong. Dont watch substantial TV but watched Idol last five years and the various antics within the show has produced rightous indignation. Last two week are only time I ever commented about Idol Mike would not be a pawn in my circles but would be treated like anyone else. There has been vastly disproportionate promotion ot Big Mike and Crystal. I know there is a reason for this. In contrast what shines a light on judges/producers striving to influence show outcome. Shibon got a disrespectful trap door and talking down to while Crystal, with NO stage presence, goes unscathed. What about other contestants lives. Most of the time other contestants sitting their like a bump on a log as all they talked about was Big Mike. Also if the guy was humble he might have had a better chance. I also think public had enough of Idol producers shoving The Big Mike theme down everyones throat

  235. hi i also read from the internet that Casey is divorced but also read somewhere that he has this hope of marrying someday and having kids. Just sharing what i read. πŸ™‚ Whether he is straight or otherwise, the Casey we know now is the full package, an Idol material who can sing (i say again, to be in the Top 3 at this stage and to be labelled ‘so and so can’t sing, just makes no sense anymore) If Casey had been just gorgeous looking but sings like a duck, i doubt even teenagers would forgive that. So he IS A SINGER, bestowed with looks, charisama and personality some would kill for…what else does America need?

    Chrystal has a good voice but somehow, not the wholesome package. Sorry, her fans.

    Lee is nice and humble, sings well too. Sorry,his fans, but thats really all i can feel of him.

  236. If Casey wins, it will be the death of Idol – the show is a singing competition which gets stated every week. I am sick of all these shallow comments about Tim and Casey with their shirts off. Is this really the reason you are voting for these guys? What does this say about you as voters?

    Perhaps Simon will be replaced by Tyra Banks next year…

  237. tim and casey are the most inspiring personalities of the this competition…alot are sucker for a happy face.

  238. many different [and yet similar] comments…
    1. the audience is really diverse
    2. the criteria for voting [if any] more diverse
    3. voting AI is like voting for the US President

  239. voting for AI is just base on persoanal taste. we are not looking down on a particular criteria. we just base it on what we see and hear and feel. lets just respect what other people like and so they will do the same.

  240. actually agree with you Juana. To each his own opinion. Sometimes it is crazy the way we put the poor contestants down.. They are there on the stage, mostly for the first time in their lives, in front of live audiences, trying to make it in life, singing their hearts out and getting criticised in front of real people and telecasted over the world.But then i guess thats what this place is for….for us to voice our opinions of the contestants..lets look at their positives, right? πŸ™‚

  241. Malanie @ 301. In Britain an X factor winner did declare himsef gay after the competion and I am sure that a lot his young female fans were a little disapointed, but a lot of his young gay male fans were not. So what. On the finale many will have already decided who to vote for based on their seasonal performence and the undecided will probably vote on the best performence of the night. \probably the way it,s always been and alway,s will be.

  242. Yes, as nice a person as he is, the remaining singers are in my opinion a tiny bit better. And- as we often seem to forget; all i the top 12 every year – are great singers, and even those who are close but dont make it πŸ™‚

  243. The American community has got it wrong. Mike should not have gone. Casey, yes I know all you women think he’s a cute pretty boy but he cannot sing with any conviction at all. When will you get away from making it a popularity contest and focus on the real talent. The final should have been Mike and Chrystal. If Chrystal out and I’ll never watch AI again.

  244. Correction:
    If the American public vote Chrystal off, I will never watch AI again.

  245. Mark it says you have a very high opinion of yourself probably not shared by many.

  246. Crystal and Lee are undoubtedly the best. Casey is so far behind. Lee and Crystal are the whole package. They’re both so awesome. Either of them deserves to win. Though, I would be much happier if Lee wins. Best of luck to the both of them.

  247. whoooooowhoooooo, Best vote off ever, sorry big mike..
    im still loving Casey and Lee

  248. casey’s the best. he can sing, plays the guitar well, and easy on the eyes (understatement!) but remains humble. i’m sure he can pack up all his concerts and can sell more cds that crystalm or even lee.

  249. i feel sorry for those who say that casey cannot sing. if he cant sing, i doubt he will be in the top three, for the past months casey got best comments from the judges, and i always been happy to see how he reacted upon receiving those comments. he is always been humble all the time despite of that good looks, superior guitar talent, and a voice that i can say not very superior, but unique.

    from the very first time he entered AI, he said he is very thankful to Kara for pushing him through during the audition when Simon rejected him.

    casey can sing, and lot are just jealous cause they are not him.

  250. Juana @306-First off let me say that my husband and I are not saying anything negative about any of the artists on this season of AI…just the opposite..we think this has been the most diverse group of artists on AI in recent memory..each have their own unique voice and style..some of them you like..some not..each person has the right to choose who they like..we shouldn’t be on here bashing these artists just because you may not have liked their style…Second..the Casey thing was just my husband’s overactive mind throwing a question out there after reading some of the comments about him being some “fantasy” for some women…it was in no way to be a mean comment toward Casey at all but I do think you were rude in saying my husband is jealous because Casey is better looking…do you know my husband??..I think not

  251. melanie can your husband sing Jealous Guy? just kidding….great final three….it was painful getting here…

  252. Just wanted to let you Cubbie Fans out there know that LEE is going to sing the National Anthem at the Cubs game on Saturday….CHECK IT OUT…..I think he is going to throw out the first pitch too……

  253. JOHN @ 279 ,298,300,302,307..

    taking on the world today john…Good luck with that.

  254. phyliss g…

    tough song to sing if you ” sound like ” springsteen..hopfully he does well..the first pitch will be just as tough..

  255. 88fngrslouie

    I believe he is only going to throw out the first pitch at the game and Crystal is going to sing the national anthem in her home town. Sorry about the mix up….but I think if he was going to sing it, he would have put a twist on it and made it his own!!!!

  256. I’m sick of all the whining. American Idol is just a reality television show, nothing more. The people who are lucky enough to get on the show get free exposure and chance at a fast track to the top.

    However, there are plenty of people who have careers in music that got where they are WITHOUT American Idol. So, quit complaining if your favorite person got voted off the show. If that person is really that good, he or she will make it in the industry regardless.

    You can’t force people to like someone just because you do. People judge people in a million different ways every day. That’s life. Get over it.

    I know that there are kids at the local high school here that can sing better than some of the people that have been on American Idol. That’s just how it is. I think some of the people were clearly picked in order to add variety to the show and so that the judges would have something to “critique.”

    Do you really think that the top ten people on AI is the best amateur talent to be found in America? This is not to take anything away from the people who have made it to the top ten at all. It’s a great accomplishment, and they should be extremely proud. However, time will tell which of these people will still be around ten years from now. The cream always rises to the top, and some people will do well no matter what place they get on AI. Others will just fade away.

    So, just wake up and try to enjoy the show for what it really is, and realize that the voters are being manipulated in many ways by the comments from the judges and a lot of other sources. If it were really going to be fair, the judges would not be allowed to comment until AFTER the votes were cast.

    However, does anyone notice the little things the judges do and say to stir people up to vote for people? The year David Cook won (and I like David Cook a lot as a person), Archie clearly had a better singing voice. Anyone who doesn’t believe this needs to listen to the performance of “Teenage Wasteland” and listen to the intonation (or lack of it). Simon trashed Cook’s performance in the finale, which caused all of the Cook voters to vote way more than they would have done. It also caused Archie’s voters to take it easy thinking he was home free. It’s all manipulation, folks. That’s why the judges are there. Don’t get caught up in it.

  257. I disagree with Joanne. Criticism from the judge is based on logic, their logic. The votes from the public I think are more emotionally based.

  258. Certainly did not again. Last year was a farse and afraid it will happen a second year. I think the show is about ready to go away and about time.
    Casey should have been gone this week IF not

    The talent overall was not that good this year and only about 3 out of the 10 seasons had any worthy contestants.

  259. PS: I agree with a lot what Joanne said, but still with all the people who apparently tried out it is hard to believe these were the best OR the best mix of styles.
    I hear much better talent in most local concerts and night clubs. Most of the AI talent would not even make it on a Cruise Line.
    I think Simon has given up and now plays the game more. Regardless of his comments, his expressions when shown while other judges give input tells it all. I think he would walk out most nights if not being paid such a big buck.

  260. Joanne’s on target. Have you ever wondered what the outcome(s) would be if ONLY VOTE was allowed or even 4 per household.
    ..Thinking of the couple (earlier post) that stated they voted for Lee the whole 2 hrs., the singers do not get ACTUAL TALLIES…but, all dial-ins are counted. There’s many factors determining the outcome. No losers at all in any of the top 20’s. Doors are open for all singers…just depends on whether or not they want to pursue singing as their career, and there’s many factors that plays into that…leaving families behind & being on the road are some main ones. I agree with Joanne that (we) all hear & see differently. That’s why they have different “genres” of music. Each generation holds fast to the era of music that they’re into. When each of you matures, your kids will grow up to wonder why you enjoyed “that kind of music”. ha.

  261. I almost think it would be better for everyone to vote for who should get voted off rather than who should stay on. I think many people may disagree about who the “best” is, but there are times when everyone is pretty much in agreement on who should go home (especially earlier in the season). It’s terrible that someone’s fate should be determined by how “energetic” his/her voters are feeling on a particular night. If votes were more limited, the results would probably be better, as well.

    I was watching the Ellen show yesterday, and they were discussing who would win. Casey’s name didn’t even get mentioned. Ellen and her guest were acting like it was going to be between Lee and Crystal. So Casey fans had better vote hard.

  262. yeah it will be hard for Casey to come from behind…he has to nail his performance and casey supports need to vote…Jealous Guy is the best this season…bar none. but if Casey goes home…he will still do fine…and Lee and Crystal deserve to be there…no hating on them…all three are very talented.

  263. @joanne #339 Voting against someone rather than for someone won’t work either. The teenyboppers will pick their favorite and text like maniacs against anyone they perceive as their favorite’s competition. The only way to stop the madness is to limit the voting or texting from any phone.

  264. The teens and tweens who vote 200 times are not going to purchase more than one of their favorites CDs if they even do that much. They aren’t going to go buy a Ford and they don’t pay the AT&T bills. They will probably purchase Coke products. So catering to that demographic by allowing unlimited calling and texting makes zero sense. Please go to [not net] and take the 10 minute survey Fox has posted to get our input on how to fix Idol for next year. You’ll be glad you did.

  265. @#342 Just desired to say thanks for the 411, about the survey. I will check it out!

  266. Two of the final 3 in the last 2 weeks have sang their songs out of tune, yet they were top 2 qualifiers for the top 3. Two of the best (strongest) 3 voices are now out of the top 3 – Big Mike and Siobhan.
    What is further interesting is the majority of the comments on this board tell us that the judges got it wrong with the save on Big Mike yet 1 judge is a successful record producer/company owner, 2 judges are musicians-artists (maybe 1 of them has won a grammy) and the other judge is an entertainer/performer – what does that tell us about the demographics to A.I. No wonder some of the music that is coming out today is complete rubbish.

  267. Watching from Australia it is frustrating we cannot vote. Big Mike was my favourite and Casey should have gone at least 4 weeks ago. Siobhan should still be there and my final three would be Crystal, Big Mike & Siobhan. Casey does not perform at all only has his “looks” and Lee is very inconsistent. As an aussie I am going for Crystal.

  268. oh too bad for those mike fanatics. people think he didnt deserve to stay. not alot likes him, i think. hmmm i wonder why πŸ˜‰

  269. I agree with Canyon. Limiting votes makes sense. The winner should not be determined by the stamina of the voters… lol.

    Fobbie, please do remember that it was the same judges who picked all of the contestants. Not only did the judges save Big Mike – they also picked his competitors from the start. Don’t forget that. The voters could only choose from the base of people that the judges gave them. So, if you are suggesting that some of the talent wasn’t good, remember that it was the JUDGES who picked these people in the first place. So, if the judges can’t be trusted to choose people who sing in tune, what qualifies them to decide if someone should stay or go? Just a little food for thought for you… lol. Remember, too, that being a performer doesn’t necessarily qualify someone to be a judge of talent. Being able to sing and being able to judge talent are two different skills.

  270. @#344,345,346! I saw Big Mike perform on Ellen Degeneres’s show today, he sucked it up, did what needed to be done, and did an amazing job!

    The same with Siobhan, Aaron, and Tim! As an entertainer the person is not suppose to dwell on the bad, just do what has to be done and push on! Like I tell my daughters, people will either like you, love you, or hate you, but don’t ever let anyone break your spirit!

    Do not fret none, because the real competition begins when this show comes to a close!

    That’s when America, and anywhere else in the world will show just how big of a fan he/she are to their favorite contestant!

  271. With Siobhan gone, the show doesn’t matter anymore, and don’t worry about Big mike, he will make it big by producing songs that cure insomnia.

  272. Okay!…..Let’s make a DEAL!!!!! Siobhan fans plus fans of all others removed! We KNOW you are disappointed in the upmost way. We’ve heard from you time & time again on your take of the situation. We know your interest is lost, and you are having the hardest time going on ….even wanting to not watch the show anymore…”and stating the same”. RIGHT?????
    You’ve already made plans to do it…probably already invited your friends over & planning the snacks. BUT…in the event that you mean what you say, your choice(s) are out of the picture, so why keep bringing up the names. Get with the program…Change your outlook, and pick one of the 3, and ENJOY WHAT FEW EPISODES ARE LEFT. Let’s all put our input ONLY on the 3 survivors. When your favorites (that are gone) put out their albums, break the door down to get the first one! Just quit complaining, and make this site more enjoyable for everyone. Either watch, enjoy, vote (wishing your final favorite…which you’ll name…to win) or put the season behind you & do something constructive around the house or just…..CHANGE CHANNELS. That’s what we WANT YOU TO DO if you can’t accept the alternative.

  273. In my opinion, they have not gotten much right this year. This show is a freakin’ joke. The voting is twisted. You just know that Crystal will win. I would like to see Lee win actually but Simon may have the last say and Crystal is his girl. She has been from day one. What is Casey still doing here? Redonkulous. Bah Humbug on the whole year.

  274. @chris b If you can spare 10 minutes of your time, please go to and take the survey that Fox has posted to try to fix Idol for next year. It’s quite comprehensive. Simon had a lot to do with this season’s dismal offering and he will be gone in two weeks. This is your chance to help Fox get it right for next year.

  275. Im no teenager, I’m a grandmother, and I love Casey and vote for him every week. He just hasn’t found the right song yet to knock our socks off other than Jealous Man. I’m hoping this will be hs best week. Don’t write Casey off yet. He’s far from gone.

  276. I really don’t think Mike’s going home has anything to do with race. He has a pleasant voice but always seemed the same week after week and it got a little boring. I like the top three, but especially Casey and his hometown and high school have a lot of voters and they have “watch parties” every week to watch him and vote for him. Texas is a big state.

  277. youre right Barbara. casey will always leave footprints on AI. im no teenager either, im married and soon to be mom, and im not from texas, but i like casey as a person and an artist. he is full of humility and he has a spirit of a winner. bad critics never put him down, and good ones have always keep his feet on the ground.

  278. I made a pact with a friend. I will power vote for Lee while my friend power votes for Casey. I think the song choice by the judges to cinch things for Crystal stinks. Lee and Casey in the finale!

  279. casey!!! Casey has sex appeal> that boy can also play the best guitar up there and his voice sounds good most of the times. overall a complete package. Since sioban is not around I’m voting for him> Lee, no stage presence. it’s not that he is humble, its that he just doesn’t have any personaility. He is boring and never ever tried to change that. Plus, His voice is sometimes out of tune. Crystal, turns every song into a janis japlin style. Maybe I’m Amazed will be perfect for her to go crazy with her japlin style.And uhm nooooooooo. she does not look clean. I agree with John 100%. For example, yes, the judges made very unprofessional stupid embarrasing put down comments on siobans performances. The leaves are distracting, duh i dont know who you are. I’m confused. I cant say it better than John.

  280. @ John
    my 359 in agreement with you i hate injustice too but people can’t deal with the ugly truth behind the lies. It’s a matter of fact, the mass of people rather cheer on the wrong just to go against the best deserving right choices.
    They will agree to any B.S. Im hoping Sioban’s rights to produce her own songs don’t belong to AI. She needs good management and wonders will take place with her unique raw talent. doesn’t belong

  281. in my opinion, america got it wrong. big mike was one of the best artists on american idol since its start. i think casey is the one that should have gone. this was clearly evident when both guys sang the duet together. big mike . you were wronged by america

  282. #1.Lee
    Next to be eliminated should be Casey(Baaaa)
    But it doesn’t matter who the winner is,since Siobhan is already gone.

  283. I would like to see Lee win and Crystal come in second place. I still liked mike. It would be nice if AI would bring back the past winner of AI to perform and let people know what they are doing and what has happened since AI. I think it would be great. I know some have moved on up the ladder but it would make a great show with great music. what do you think?

  284. 348 – Joanne.
    I agree but the voters or majority are home-town supporting consumers not skilful musicians, record producers/owners or entertainers/performers.
    This is the 1st time I have watched the whole 2010 American Idol season (I have thoroughly enjoyed it)and my perspective of the show that it was a music competition however after witnessing the voting results and reading the comments I now understand the influences of the decision-making and the type of voters e.g. I’d say the majority of voters are either home/state supporters of contestants or alot of young females under 25 yrs old – this has nothing to do with music.

  285. All said and done I think the voting has been parraral to the performences accept I would have thought that Siobhan would have been in the top three with Crystal and Lee. She does have a a nice and powerful voice. It seems from the voting and judges comments that those high notes she reached at the end of her song did her more damage than good. Sad that.

  286. Big Mike!!!Big Mike!!!The voters made a big mistake!!!! He is one of the most talented. I really look forward to seeing his work in the future. He should have been America’s Next Idol!!!!!

  287. You’re nuts! He got voted off…. twice! What does it take to open your eyes? The man is a one trick pony and that one trick isn’t very entertaining. He’s a barely passable R&B vocalist and has zero charisma.

  288. ….just happened to be around when a poor boy from the south seemed a little rough around the edges; Probably considered more of a “redneck” than usual…greasy, slick-backed with sideburns. If I remember it right…he hit it pretty big time, and along the way some ole colonel helped clean him up. I think this same guy would’ve recognized the “variety of sounds…with perfect pitch ‘n range” that comes out of Crystal. She”d probably clean up alright & wow the crowds.
    I wouldn’t judge Crystal as hard for her looks as many do. In fact, why the double standard? Rappers, Rockers & most POP ARTISTS dress ULTRA WEIRD yet sell Platinums. Yes, Crystal with $ can be cleaned up mighty pretty…as Elvis was. Wonder if his classmates thought him outlandish & weird with that greasy hair appearance? Don’t judge on looks!!!! Starlets don’t always look their best until they hit the jackpot….then they can afford hair stylists & “the works”.

  289. Crystal should win this (in a perfect world) because she is the best musician out of the 3 – vocally and arrangement wise. Lee is a mono-tone busker with no room for variation and like Casey struggle to sing in tune because both are vocally weak. With Casey he will use his style with the guitar to pull out the performance.

    However this contest will be judged on looks and character – I thought this was a music competition!

  290. 365 – Malcolom
    Interesting analogy to this context and maybe the song choices by the best have not helped their cause but how can that compare to say for example Tim who was not originally in the top 24 and basically performed poorly vocally and rhythmically, yet he lasted. Which is worse a poor performance musically or poor song choice?

  291. Wendy @360 has clear focus. The sischkebab type roasting of Shioban (who has poise and stage presence) with his sticking a stick right through her with non stop berating, in particular her dress initially led me to go on a verbal tirade thus taking no prisoners after I observed Simon giving a 100% pass to Crystal who is drab, semi emotionless and by far does not emenate one iota of stage presense. If she was a singers singer I would be distracted by the coagulation on her head. By the way whats in that thing? devil bats? swamp musks? bar room floor pathogons? cliff lizards? primordial amebas????? Any idea?

  292. all is well all izzz welll alll izz well this week..happpy happpy dapppy…
    what a great happy ending thizz week after a loooong wait and finally the whale of save is gone for good…
    the public got it all right not to vote for mike and send his home.
    it good to see no more smile from the big mike camps compare to last week when they always look super happy despite knowing someone else had to go..
    and boy, it really good no longer need to see that weird two hands ‘almost clenching’ style waving and boring lazzzy singing from a boring song choice anymore..he dont deserve to be in the top 5 at all..he made a wrong choice of song singing the ‘will u be there ‘ and it didnt hit the note well and clean enuff and it was a lethargic performance
    and people please stop slagging casey ..he by far have so much class and better personality than the big mike.always look calm and relax no matter what and handled the judges critique really well..and i like his song this week. mrs robinson never sounded good than this one.
    so the fight for the finale is on and at least either lee or crystal will be in the final if casey sneak thru and able to break the wall of the frontrunners..
    i think to pair up crystal with mike during the results was kinda clever and perhaps gimmicky to help crystal to get thru to the final. as it made people think that crystal is in trouble and next week supporters will starts surge of voting for her like it never before. and i think judges really want to see crystal to be in final more than any other contestant..
    who will be in the final ? all i know big mike wont be there for sure, that is all that matters.

  293. fobbie @370 I think a poor song choice is worse if the singer is not versatile enough to carry it off. I think thats why their song choices are limited.

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