American Idol 2010 Top 4 Performances & Phone Numbers

Are you ready for “Songs from the Movies” tonight on American Idol 2010? The Top 4 are preparing to take the stage and make the best of an odd selection of songs. Let’s hope this turns out better than it looks!

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American Idol Top 4 Performances:

  • Lee DeWyze – Kiss from a Rose – 1-866-436-5701 & 5705
  • Michael Lynche – I’ll Be There – 1-866-436-5702 & 5706
  • Casey James – Mrs. Robinson – 1-866-436-5703 & 5707
  • Crystal Bowersox – I’m Alright – 1-866-436-5704 & 5708

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to share your thoughts in our Idol poll below!

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  1. ok the duet…with crystal and lee…it was ok…but the judges were all over it…a bit over the top…guess we know who the judges are wanting as the top two…i think they could be…but casey has not gotten to sing yet….

  2. I think the judges are trying to get casey out…tired of them…he has done the best so far…mike sang like mike and made me sleepy…lee chose the wrong song and sang it just like the original…casey sang his song with originality and it was touching…simon can go play with his willy…

  3. I don’t know what to say, everyone is just amazing! I love everyone they are all great but im not too crazzy about Lee’s and Michael’s song choice. They are usually amazing. I think tonight Crystal did great. Shes soo beautiful and sings amazing but as I said, everyone rocks!

  4. Casey screwed up for the last time, luckily…. no star quality.

    Crystal sang a GREAT tune!!!

  5. In the duet with Casey and Michael it wasn’t touching. Casey sang bad in the song and Michael did amazing……AS USUAL!

  6. Out of the whole show, I vote for Crystal and I agree Michael and Casey should have not sand together

  7. When it gets to the top 5, more POSITIVE energy should be from the judges; not critisizm. They are all great and need to “feel” that with the whole season of “stuff”

  8. Casey actually screwed up both of his songs… Sorry, but if America gets it right, Casey will be out…

  9. Casey to go home… It was such a predictable song choice, with such a predictable set of comments from the judges, but at the end of the day he is a plastic performer at best. He has absolutely no rhythm and a voice that is so pitchy that it should have a soccer game played on it.

    I do not know what you all are listening too but Casey simply is terrible… Enough Said!

    Crystal is the only one with a voice, stage presence, attitude and ability. She wins it in a heartbeat. Again…. Enough Said!

  10. Casey did not screw up mrs robinson..actually it was a better version than the original…he did great. they paired up the duets to get the outcome they wanted. mike is boring and arogant, thats why he did not impress Jamie Foxx..because he thinks he is too good for input. Jamie got it right…Mike is a contestant and not an artist. Casey DID GREAT!

  11. Mike should hire Casey as his lead guitar player. Its the only way Casey belongs on the same stage.

  12. Nice, I believe Ashley called Casey James singing Mrs Robinson last week.

    How it going Matt? Thanks for the post and place to dish!

  13. I agree with Chichi – Casey’s version was better than the original. I am tired of Crystal’s “Janis Joplin” imitation. I still think Siobhan has a way better voice than Crystal. Her and Mike should go home. Lee is my vote for best, then Casey. No votes for Crystal or Mike.

  14. Mike who? who will hire Casey? lolllll. we eventually will hear very little from Mike except maybe at minor league baseball games singing the national anthem…Casey will be making CD’s and maybe he can hire Mike as a bouncer.

  15. Mike, you sang the hell out of that song tonight! You gave me just what I commented about earlier, you bought in the gospel flare that I was looking for! The power in your voice and the emotion, added with the rhythm and skill that matched so beautifully with the music, got me on my feet. The duet, that you and Casey did was worked out so well, the melody and harmony of your voices blended well together! Neither one of you tried to out sang the other, you listened to each other, backed off when you were supposed to, and did not shout or scream your duet, what an amazing job you both did with your duet!

    Big Mike, even if you get voted off tomorrow, you have a future in music and I will definitely support your career. Make gospel a part of your life when performing R&B, keep it close to your heart because it is a big part of your heritage, do not ever take it for granted or throw it away!

    God Bless!

  16. Casey is terrible….

    Mike a little better…

    Lee better still

    Crystal… light years ahead of this lot, but then again, she did not have much to beat this year..

    And there is no way that Casey sung Mrs Robinson better than Simon and Garfunkle.. You all must be smoking something, or on the happy pills… The arrangement was terrible, dull, and very very defensive….. No Stage Presence.

  17. Yeah….i agree with Angela! Even Big Mike voted out tomorrow,im still be happy cause he is in top 4 and that is a big count for every contestant in AI,and im so happy that the judges save him,cause in the duet he did a good job on it,you can hear the soft voice from him than Casey and after saving him my husband keep on saying during the elimination Big Mike will go tonight and after he still save…i say yeaaahhh go go go go big Mike….God Bless!

  18. Gosh, I hope either Casey or Mike gets the boot this week. Can you imagine either of them releasing an album? No.

  19. At this point I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Mike. Casey has no emotions and no movement, like a toy whose batteries are fading. Crystal is predictable and boring. Lee is a mess but not organized enough to be set in his ways, so has the most chance of improving. I voted for Lee.

  20. Wow, am I watching the same show ? Someone said Crystal had stage presence and attitude. Her attitude is bad, condescending which makes her look like she’s got it in the bag. Stage presence – are you serious ? Her hair looked like Shirley Temple on the Big Ship Lollipop. Lee should win because he’s a good artist and I love his voice. Also HE is the most GENUINE !! Kind of a Chris Allen guy.

  21. If Lee gets booted off tomorrow, im never watching american idol again lol. jooooookes. but all the same, i hope he makes it to the top three, he deserves it =)

  22. casey wants to go home cause he doesnt want to be with these talentless contestants…anymore.

  23. If you like Lee you are a springstein fan. The Boss sucks. crystal should win and by the way, petty, mellencamp etc are much better than the so called Boss. Heck, DYlan is better than the Boss. My Golden Retreiver is better than the Boss. Mcartney is better, MJ is better, Bon Jovi is better should I go on? I can forever! The Boss sucks!

  24. @ #32 Yeah! The nerve of that Springsteen guy, selling those hundreds of millions of albums and consistently having top ten grossing tours! He’s just been a flash in the pan for the last 35 years. Nah, he wont last. IDIOT!

  25. Crystal is typical J Joplin, Casey is a robot, Lee still seems scared of his own shadow, and Michael may be heavy but his songs show emotion. Nuff said.

  26. For me Chrystal was predictable… sounded the same as the whole competition. Lee was out of tune in most part of the song but for me he was better than Chrystal just because he doesn’t sound the same all the time. Casey did a good effort, he sounded good but still predictable for me.
    In my opinion and I am not the biggest Mike fan he was the best of the night. As Ashley said his vibrato and control were amazing even the song choice was not the best but also they did not have many songs to choose from the list which was really boring.
    I am not sure this week as all around the performances lack of passion but lets see how America votes.
    For me should be based in tonight performance:
    1. Mike
    2. Casey
    3. Lee
    4. Chrystal

    The problem is as I have read all the time people want Mike voted off so maybe they will get their wish even he was the best of the night.
    Good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  27. Honestly, if I were going to want to see ONE of these contestants RIGHT NOW, in concert, it would be Casey James. I LOVE his voice, his style, the fact that he’s not just vocally talented, but plays guitar amazingly….. probably the most talented guitarist Idol’s EVER had. That is the fact. Casey’s ready to go. Doesn’t mean Mike or Crystal aren’t great or ready to record, but I would not get the same enjoyment out of seeing them perform. Casey’s the WHOLE PACKAGE.

  28. Casey is not the whole pkg.. He is a decent guitar player, a barely adequate backup singer, and he has zero personality, zero charisma and, from what he’s exhibited so far limited energy or mobility.

  29. Lee totally rocked it tonight! I wished he didnt have to sing a duet with Cyrstal. She is HORRIBLE. She was soo off key and even in her solo, just awful!Mike and Casey sang a Beautiful duet. It needs to be the top 3 between the guys! Cyrstal, go Home!

  30. By the end of the day, Fat Mike will go home & seeking a job which suit him the best–singing gospel in his local church!!

    Casey will end up as a lead guitar player of Adam’s band & fall in love with Lambert!

    Crystal will end up becmoes the most famous artist–in the subway of 42nd street!

    Lee will eventually landed himself a job as a movie star — a replacement of Anord’s Terminator– I’ll be back!

  31. I think Mike did perfectly well tonight as usual. Like Simon said, he gave it a 100% and even more. Crystal was also not bad. Lee did just okay, but Casey has got to go home. It would be outragous if anyone else goes instead of him. America P L E A S E!!!! vote right.
    No injustice! VOTE MIKE!!!

  32. The competition is on now!! I think that Casey will be going home or should go home, Mike I wish you all the best man you are an amazing singer and I believe this competition is about singing and not about the size of your body, or the color of your skin… For me Crystal is just Crystal nothing major or out of this world as for Lee I just like him but I wouldnt buy his CD!

  33. I’ve been a Crystal fan for a good while now — especially of her original music. Tonight just did not do it for me. I felt like she was validating the Joplin comparisons an screamed more than she sang. The duet, however, was very nice and showed more of her abilities as an artist. Lee slipped in my estimation tonight and, while Casey’s solo was forgettable, the duet made me want to hear and see more from him. Big Mike has a beautiful voice – but I was bored by him tonight. Unfortunately, none of the four has the WOW factor I’d like to see/hear.

  34. Crystal’s smoother than Joplin, but with the soul…a rollup of Joplin/Bonnie Raitt. Yet uniquely Crystal. Lee is sure coming along these days..I’ll download the duet. Mike carried the duet vocally, but man that Casey can play guitar. Casey’s a cutie and that might save him, but if America votes the vocal talent then bye bye Casey.

  35. Crystal and Lee performance was just soo good. I love Casey coz he’s good eyecandy but Crystal deserves to win, she’s the best singer and songwriter. Love her voice!

  36. Of course Casey did great. And he deserves where he is right now. Big Mike haven’t even got the ARTIST shirt from Jamie Foxx and he’s the only one hasn’t got that. And as for Lee, Simon said that Jamie Foxx should take that ARTIST shirt from him. Big Mike should go home. He should have had a long time ago. Tss.

  37. I am loving Idol this year,such talent,and the judges are great.Lee is still my number one pick but Casey has to come a close second.perhaps this year they could have 2 of them winning,I would buy any of their records.Sandi,Australia

  38. Casey are our number one pick. He has the idol’s look. We would buy all his cds. He could a rock or country style superstar. We all enjoy watching his performance. He has a very good looking, good personality, good voice… He is one of the best.

  39. michael.. pufff, SUCKS
    casey …the same he sucks
    crystal iuuu,,, puffyyy she is fat and i dont like her voice

    lee…, he is very good and i wish that he wins,, for me he is the best this season xD

  40. 1) Crystal Bowersox ROCKS!
    2) Lee – most improved week after week
    3) Casey – will have a future in country music
    4) Mike – go home, finally!

  41. Lee might have been a little off last night..but his voice is still fantastic.. I can’t wait to hear his songs on the radio. It’s time for Mike and Crystal to goooooooooo!
    They can both set up tin cans outside of the subway entrance. Boring!!!!!!! Lee and Casey all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Lee takes it all!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooohooooooooooooo

  42. The votes should be from the talent of each contestant not by how they look. They each have talent but the one who stands out the most is Mike and Crystal. Each week they have been the most consistent. America should stop voting because of looks and vote according to their talent.

  43. Mike sounded okay last night to me for the FIRST TIME. He went out his typical boring style and did okay. I love Casey’s voice, he was great. I liked what Crystal did to her song and Lee is always good but he sort of picked the wrong song or maybe didn’t rock it enough. And the Boss is awesome and always has been right from the beginning.

  44. I read all comments. I can tell the true Artist, from the Hater. There is nothing wrong with Big Mike. Mike, can sing, he wears his clothes well. Race, should not pay a role, in this but it does. Even if Mike,does not win, he will get a deal.

  45. it’s gonna be hard to see anyone go tomorrow. Everyone’s good in their own way.

    Lee messed up in the solo but he’s still got a great voice and did much better in the duet.
    Casey is so cool, plays the guitar amazingly and as another ‘Mrs Robinson’, I could stare at his nordic good looks and perfect stature all night! I think his voice, though interesting and cool, is the weakest of the bunch.
    Mike’s voice seems to get better each week. I didn’t like him at first but he’s proved himself to be a real ladies man in the nicest way. He’s the perfect balance of ‘protector’ and ‘woo-er’ with his velvet tones and ‘look into your heart’ charm. Also I kind of want him to reach his goal of top 3
    Chrystal is the most talented vocally but she always seemed a bit aloof to me but tonight she opened up more and stepped it up a notch

    I don’t want to see any of them go and can’t predict if it will be Casey or Mike. Either way I will be sad but it probably doesn’t matter because they’ve all got great careers ahead.

  46. Casey is still my no:1 to win! He has all the criteria of a Music Ledgend. Have you watched his video diary footage? He’s so grounded ~ he’ll cope execptionally well with fame, fortune and all that a Super Star has to deal with. He’s still gonna be around in 20,30 years time…..Brian Adams, Bruce Sprinsteen, etc, etc, etc…..

  47. All of these posters who are saying that Casey did a better job of Mrs. Robinson than S & G–are you nuts? Have you ever seen the movie? Did you hear the driving beat that makes the movie (and the music in it) the classic that it is? Casey’s sappy version was so lame; no personality to it, i would never listen to it.

  48. I’ve been haunted by Casey & Mike’s “Have You Ever Loved A Woman” all day!! (South African time) It was so beautiful, I had chills listening to it!! Thanks guys, you have made us women feel very special indeed!!! πŸ™‚

  49. To EIMEE123 Never compare Lee to Kris Allen eeewww, Kris allen has no personality I would compare Lee to Dougherty or David Cook before Kris Allen, Humm where is he anyway don’t really hear anything about him, see his Ford commercial, I put it on mute everytime!

    Lee should win he has an amazing voice that you can listen to for years to come. GO LEE
    Everyone did great last night I thought Chrystal did a great job it was good to see her back. Getting tired of Mike Casey is amazing and shouldn’t go home tonight he reminds me of Jason Castro, he is humble and cute. LEE TO WIN!!!!!!!!

  50. Lee Dewyze has the best voice of all and most charisma of all! I love him. Crystal sounded like every other song that she’s done so far – getting very predictable. And her screaming is starting to remind me of Shioban! Casey and Mike are pretty boring. One of them should go home tonight.

  51. @#40 Well at least Big Mike will have the Lord on his side! Hallelujerrrrrrr!!! I’ll give you the 411 about that. That’s a word from “Madea” a “Tyler Perry” play/movie! Who also has the Lord on his side!

  52. Casey- Played a nice guitar in the duet, but his vocals were average as usual all night, and when singing next to Mike, he didn’t hold a candle. Also, just playing a ukelele doesn’t make a performance great…ask Andrew Garcia. He’s done admirably, but the other three outclass him vocally, and it’s a vocal competition.

    Mike- Smooth as usual, technically sound as usual, predictable as usual. He outclassed Casey BIG TIME in the duet, but was it enough? America hasn’t shown the big man much love, and I don’t expect that to change.

    Lee- Man, what a setback with Kiss From a Rose. If he had done that song like that a few weeks ago, he wouldn’t be here. The duet with Crystal was great, and I was surprised that she didn’t blow him off the stage. Whether you like him or not, he is going to get by on all the credit he’s built over the weeks.

    Crystal- I think she could get on stage and burp the ABC’s and still make the final. She has that much credit built up, and for whatever reason, America doesn’t take this thing week by week. Her performances last night were standard Crystal (which is quite good, don’t take me wrong,) but it’s like someone has already told her she can coast to the final.

    Should Go Home- Casey
    Will Go Home- Mike

    Will Be the Final- Lee and Crystal
    Should Be the Final- Mike and Crystal

  53. Lee should win – Crystal probably will.
    Mike should and probably will be eliminated.
    Casey will be eliminated next week.
    Still miss Aaron although I am sure he will have a great country music career. Siobhan will also do really well with her unique style.
    The duets were way better than the solo’s, especially Lee and Crystal.

  54. hello to the four remaining contestants,last night was a bumpy night in song choices to me ilike when the contestants sings pretty rhythmic songs,but the sexy,handsome casey james is still my favorite to the end,i hope tonight,casey that you will play the guitar along with your song choice,keep on rockin casey james you rock in my novel any day.

  55. Tenisaddict way r u so hursh to everyone;-)?!
    Lee is the best, he’s wayyy better than mike!
    Crystal is lovely and unique:-*.
    Casey’s ok!
    Big mike: booooring, should go home!

  56. Elmee 123, u must be out of ur mind to compare ANYONE with kris allen! He’s the worst singer ever!!! Lee is more like david cook or danny gokey.
    Go Lee, u rock!

  57. I have a feeling that Michael Lynche will be the next contestant to sent packing tonight, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  58. Crystal makes it look so easy. She was on top but has lost ground, Lee has a great voice with one foot in alternative but still appears not to believe 100% in himself, Casey is a bar stage rocker with looks without charisma, Mike has an excellent voice and personality heading towards a studio recording probably short lived. It will probably come down to Crystal and Lee. Who wins depends on who picks up the votes from Mike and Casey’s absence…Heads or Tails?

  59. Casey seems like the only one who actually looks like a pop star who can sell records, he’s got a bluesy quality and has star appeal, when he chooses the right song he can lose himself in it and is really great like Jealous and Dont, and Have You Ever loved a Woman

    Lee until now still has no confidence it affects the performance he is still quite off tune, still cant let loose on stage and you see the big difference between him and big stars performin

    Crystal was shouting this performance as if to make up for her last two mediocre performances, she doesnt ooze much star quality

    Mike seems predictable not as appealing

    The duets were better than the solos

  60. Crystal is awesome. I will definitely buy her music. Lee was OK, nothing special. Mike we Good. I liked Casey’s version of Mrs Robinson, Nice!
    The duets were Good! Tough call tonight.


  61. I think Crystal did the best. I did like the duets. Although with Falling Slowly I think Crystal was fantastic but Lee made the whole performance just okay. I loved the duet with Mike and Casey. I like both of them. But I am starting to think that Casey really can’t sing.

  62. Lee has come a long way. So, he’s not a “grinning idiot”…who wants that anyway. He has a genuine talent. Casey needs to be in a rock band…I agree with the comment that his song choice was predictable and the comments even more predictable (Kara needs to GO). Mike, to me, is still one-demensional and Crystal is too emotional…Mike or Casey will probably be eliminated tonight…

  63. I loved when Crystal and lee sang together I thought they really blended good and hard good cemetery and harmony. πŸ™‚

  64. i think lee is good for like going out with friends and singing karaoke and has a good voice but i do not think he is American idol material.

  65. I really wonder if we are all hearing the same people and how many making comments have a musical background. Most top performers songs end up sounding the same.. it is called style. Mike wimped out on the wrong song, Lee was off key in his solo, Casey again picked a song not good for him and he was off key. Remember this is about who can sell records.

  66. Mike finally got kicked off. I was shocked that the judges all got up, hugged him, talked with him, and treated him as though he had won. When Tim was kicked off, they didn’t even allow him to sing his last song. The judges are blatantly biased. Their favorite now is Crystal, but I think Casey and Lee with be the top two.

  67. I think Crystal still has no star quality for me.. Nothing special about her that will give me goosebumps. Yes she has good voice and no doubt will be a recording artist but she can’t be the next American idol..Lee should be consistent if he wants to win. For Casey, i still can’t feel he’s really competing. It seems that he just sing his songs for Kara. I feel sorry for Big Mike, he got more guts to win than Casey..

  68. Isn’t it time to get rid of that Crystal thing? She is screechy when she sings, she should have learned to use a brush a long time ago, and is just generally annoying. I want to puke everytime I see her. Come on people she is nothing!!!!!!

  69. Big Mike gone, Casey and Lee still in the competition? THIS IS A SAD DAY FOR TRUE MUSIC LOVERS!!!

    Big Mike was outstandingly better than anyone else. With the way america has been voting, I knew it would come to this this weekend. Casey and Lee have been getting the popularity votes, especially Casey. America, shame on you, and I thought you knew better than being so uncivilized and naive.

    Big Mike is the greatest, and with those vocals and charismatic personality, the sky is his limit. GO BIG MIKE!!!

  70. I’m so happy that Big Mike is gone. That was my prediction anyway. Now we have great show and this is anyone’s game!
    All three of them deserve to win.
    Will I buy their CDs? I’m not sure…

  71. American Idol is not just the singing talent , its the total package, marketability, star value… Casey is a star!

  72. Finally, Big Mike with the Big ego and attitude is gone. My vote is for Lee. He is starting to come alive. Casey, in my opinion needs to be in a rock band…Crystal will probably win, although I don’t much care for her.

  73. My favorites are Lee and Casey, but I like Crystal also. She has awesome vocal talent. The guys are and so nice and are great all around performers. I will be so sad to see either of them leave. Crystal should win, but I still hope its Lee or Casey.

    I love all of the top four and I am sorry someone had to go. Michael is very talented and a very nice guy. So sorry Mike.

    I like for Casey to do his rock thing his own way. The judges have tried to change him, but he is best when he does his own thing in the singing and guitar playing. Wow, what a musician!

  74. i LUVED Lees performance; liked big mikes; liked crystal; hated, i meen absolutly HATED caseys performance! his wuz AWEFUL! “i hav alot of reasons 4 pickin this song” pleez! u didnt hav an ansr just tell the truth! no1 likes a lying idol! and peeps this is american idol NOT americas next top model. casey woodnt evn b on american idol if it wasnt 4 kara! and idk bout u peeps but i think that he woodnt b on americas next top model! thats just my opinion.
    1 mor thing: I LUV U LEE!!!!!!! <3

  75. i loved bon jovi especially last night,then i enjoyed the other guest but first off i knew all along that casey james would be in the top three soooooo ha, ha, ha to the ones that did not think so,casey i am so proud of you keep up the great performances and goddess male barbie continue to strutt your stuff you got it so continue to flont it way to go casey james i am voteing still for you all the way,and besides this is american idol but casey still has the looks, charm and talent next top model has nothing to do with this program get over it haters in viewer land,ha,ha.

  76. @ # 27 Canyon…I so agree. Lee is the better choice now. So glad Big Mike with the even Bigger ego got booted last night. Still miss Aaron, however.He will come out on top. But my vote is now going to Lee.He has been show3ing a little personality lately. Casey is a stick and that deal with Kara is getting so old (she needs to go). Crystal will do well in a coffee shop setting…her wannabe Joplin thing is just not getting it…there is no comparison to the great Janice J or even Melissa Ethridge.

  77. Lee doesn’t have the presence. Casey is dreamy…I am honestly swayed by his looks as much or more than his talent (I am admitting to being that shallow). But the Idol, the true star is Crystal. A little arrogant or cocky? What true diva isn’t from time to time.

  78. casey i believe will win without a doubt besides he is sexy,handsome and he has the whole charisma deal going on to me i think that big mike could sing,he has a pretty baby girl though i hate that big mike had to go really though but i think that some one will possibly help him along the way i hope so i like lee and crystal but she has no charisma and she needs to dress more like a lady as well,lee needs to unwind and be care free for a change and kara needs to be sent packing and let me be a judge for a change belive me i know star quality and it is casey james.keep rockin out casey j.

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