American Idol 2010 Top 8 Girls Performances & Phone Numbers

The American Idol 2010 girls are back to their regular night as they’re taking the stage and we’re ready to watch it all! Maybe we’ll finally get the breakout performance from these ladies that we’ve been awaiting. Stick around to find out.

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American Idol Top 8 Girls Performances:

  • Katie Stevens – Breakaway – 1-866-436-5701
  • Siobhan Mangus – House of the Rising Sun – 1-866-436-5702
  • Lacey Brown – The Story – 1-866-436-5703
  • Katelyn Epperly – I Feel the Earth Move – 1-866-436-5704
  • Didi Benami – Rhiannon – 1-866-436-5705
  • Paige Miles – Smile – 1-866-436-5706
  • Crystal Bowersox – Give Me One Reason – 1-866-436-5707
  • Lilly Scott – I Fall to Pieces – 1-866-436-5708

The bottom two girl vote-getters will be eliminated on Thursday so vote wisely! Don’t miss your chance to vote again in our poll below to let everyone know who you support then tell us why in the comments.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

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  1. Hi you people rock i love the show your voices rock i am going to vote for crystle
    bowersox sorry to the wrest of you bye from

  2. this is the worst year ever for American Idol. Both boys & girls are absolutely horrible! Absolutely ZERO talent!!!

  3. I was really upset with the song choice of all the females until “Give me a reason to stay here and i’ll turn back around”…..Crystal you made me change my mind. Best female song of the night.

  4. Crystal will go all the way for sure. I really think she should do Janis Joplins Bobby Magee…… I’ve said that from day one and hopefully she will. Can’t wait for her cd

  5. Crystal is fantastic…Does anybody here think she might be Janis Joplin incarnate! Just close your eyes and listen to her. Wow

  6. If going on American Idol, don’t take a slow song and make it slower!!! This equals BORING!
    Crystal knocked it out of the park, because she gave the song LIFE. She just needs to put down the instrument, and SING, SING it LOUD. (And she did 🙂 )

    These weeks, I think the tempo needs to be, “Jerry Lee Louis, Great Balls of Fire” inspired for whatever song they choose. I want to hear EXCITEMENT…Come on now!
    Have some ENERGY that makes for a WOW performance!

  7. Suggestion for Casey James, try 3 doors down, “When I am gone” Play the guitar and BRING IT!

    If they don’t get on their feet, everyone is DEAF!

  8. I believe Crystal has more talent and a natuaral preformer then any of the rest.

  9. I have downloaded Itunes.. cannot find the Idol link anyway to hear the songs…. help!
    (Does it have anything to do with being in a different country?)

    PS My fav is Crystal! By far

  10. Favourite tonite:
    Bottom: Katie, Katelyn and Paige
    What a difference day makes! Siobhan went down and Lacey up for me.


  12. My votes for LACEY did not go through last night!!! – I voted for her 5 times and not one confirmation back that they were received ..What’s up AT & T….could this be another fixed vote?

  13. Katelyn and Paige will be gone last night? Chrystal and Siobhan…awesome…

  14. House of the Rising Sun — great job

    Dread locks a pitiful

    Do you not help the clean up and dress to be on stage they need help- no just critisize

  15. Crystal needs new hairdo.. Love voice, Love her attitude toward her son…She’s awesome.
    Like Siolban and Katie also.. Great jobs.

  16. I do like Crystal. She seems very comfortable on stage. She was awesome last night.She does need a new “do” for sure….dreadlocks…cut them off.
    Siobhan was really amazing last night as well. I loved that she was singing that for her Dad in the audience. How sweet was that? She will be in the top 3 in my opinion. She can really sing and can do just about anything. I want her to something more upbeat and fun next week and blow everyones socks off. I loved her outfit. What’s up with Simon? He likes Crystal and that is all there is to it. ….and to Leann…no talent at all? You are so wrong. Do you watch?

  17. Hi Chris B and Kathy PA,

    I couldn’t agree more – I have really been impressed with Crystal, and it would be nicer if she looked a little different – (I am trying to be politically correct) but my favorite is Siobhan and that has been since the very beginning… after the auditions, I thought Katie Stevens was great, but my opinion has shifted far and away since. She has a good voice, but doesn’t portray any confidence, and just sings…. no performance, but the other two girls that you both like, I think are the best. I would love to see Siobhan win the whole deal, but it is early, we have to see and hear what they will do over the next weeks. VOTE, VOTE and VOTE some more for your favorites! Crystal is a Janis Joplin double! I also liked Lacey last night, but not so much before.

  18. To Siobhan Magnus
    I truly believe you are on your way to becoming a recording artist, win or lose American idol. What a voice!!!
    Have you considered I Drove All Night by Celine Dion? Of course no one can be Celine, but you’ve got the vocals girl. Go for it.

  19. Love Siobhan Magnus from the beginning! So hard to sing Wicked Game! Thought she was crazy to tackle Think by Aretha Franklyn! My God thats suicide but she nailed it! House of the Rising Sun! Awesome again. I think I would love to see her pick a song by Amy Lee (Evenescence) I really don’t think there is anything that she can’t sing!

  20. Siobhan rocks! I’m 66 years old and she made me jump off the couch with enthusiasm. Finally someone that can really sing. Simon is weird, not you. Go with your gut and you will win this competition.

  21. Crystal is amazing with her raw natural talent, and who cares how she chooses to wear her hair! She’s going to be hard for most to out do, especially if she continues to grow.
    Siobahn is the one who just might surprise us, she’s pretty cool, and can definetly sing.

  22. crystal,and siobhan will be the final 2 girls i predict.siobhan can belt,and u can see star potential written all over here,as far as crystal,she has talent,but i fear she might become a one trick pony.but it will be interesting thats for sure.but i think in the end shiobhan has too many tricks up her sleeves not to mention she is way hotter.

  23. crystal was absolutely amazing last night,she’s got natural talent and am wishing her all the best in the coming rounds.

  24. I really really really wish Crystal would sing Bobby magee by Janis Joplin! That would be so awesome. She is the only person I have ever seen on American Idle that I will actualy be looking for her album and buy it, everytime I hear her sing I get chills. I like her hair just like her it is very unique and it is her image it’s the way she wants to look. Sing some Janis Crystal you will blow everyone away!

  25. Hello, I have to agree, Crystal needs to sing bobby magee. She is by far thee best. I would so love to hear her sing that song.
    I also would like to say, why does her hair style matter? She is a down to earth rocker, maybe she doesnt want to get all made up and look like a barbie doll. I think her hair will be her trade mark when she becomes famous. Rock on, Crystal and sing us some Janis!

  26. It’s Wednesday, after watching the guys power it up….totally blown away tonight, but with the girls, I would buy any album Crystal produced. I hope she gets 2nd ‘cos the winners are always prepped and changed for the commercial medium and most of them never seem to go anywhere.

    Crystal has her OWN style and I imagine that too much pressure like that on her would make her pull away from us. Just let her SING. My Gawd.

    Someone mentioned Janis Joplin. I thought the same thing during Hollywood week. It’s been a long time since a woman knocked a stage off its feet. Crystal … go for it !!!

  27. didi benami is GREAT!!! i love her..XD please continue voting her, feel sorry for katie and mich..=(

  28. Chrystal should be herself,not a copy of Janis Joplin. That’s why Siobhan is the best. She’s original.

  29. I am no American Idol judge, but even they are not consistent in their judging this year, but you all need to look at the big picture. WHO will go the furthest down the road with voice, personality, looks, and versatility? Sorry, but it’s not going to be Crystal Bowersox. She can sing one type of song and that’s it, along with a few others in the competition. That is not being an all around American Idol to me. Look at the BIG picture everyone!

  30. I think Katie should definatly go she is terrible and paige will go to. Katelyn should not go because she has one of the best voices. The boys who should go are Tim and Aaron they both have done really bad perfoamnces and Todrick should definatly stay!!


  32. Crystal and Siobhan are the best. Everyone else can go home as this year has been the worst in choices for talent. Simon needs to back off of Siobhan – it is annoying.

  33. Simon was on Jay Leno and he stated that Crystal is his favorite and pick to win…. I had a different opinion of him since then, because it is really early and if Crystal is only able to sing like Janis Joplin, then she may not have a great career ahead of her. I do like her, just like Siobhan so much better.

    Simon also said, everyone knew that Adam Lambert was the best and he wished that Adam won, and said, he should have…. referring to last year. I think we have all been spoiled by the excitement of last year – even the judges, so it is not as great this year, no one has even a tenth of Adam’s talents – ability to sing and perform. I think that is why people are calling it boring this year – even if you weren’t an Adam fan, there was a lot more investment in the show last year.

    Maybe there will still be some surprises for us this year- we will see…

  34. Crystal Bowersox in one of the best singers I have heard in long, long time….a natural!! She connects with young people as well as the older generation. You Go Crystal!!!!!!!

  35. something seemed wrong with Crystal Bowersox tonight, anyone have a clue? She is the top for me but she didn’t seem excited or even “there” tonight.

  36. I see I’m not the only one that think Crystal reminds them of Janis Joplin. From the first time I saw her, Crystal Bowesox reminded me of Janis Joplin. When she began to sing, I was hooked. As someone earlier said, she may be Janis reincarnate! She has some big shoes to fill, being compared to Janis, but something tells me she won’t have a problem. I believe she’s the one to beat, although Big Mike isn’t doing too bad either. I’d be content if either of these two won, but I’m pulling for Crystal!

  37. I too noticed that crystal did not look like she felt well onm her last performance even though she did a great job! However she is a diabetic and her sugar could of been high or low. In spite of that she did great! I love to hear her sing.

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