American Idol 2011 Aiming for Sir Elton John to Join

Why is it that no one seems to be willing to be a judge on American Idol 2011? The latest news is that Nigel Lythgoe is trying to convince Sir Elton John to come on the show as a judge for this next season. John definitely has the requisite skills to fit the bill, but doesn’t that guy still have an active career and something better to do? Nigel told Deadline:

“I must say, I really do love Elton John. He’s a huge favorite of mine,” Lythgoe replied to me. The producer added that Elton’s packed schedule is “always the problem”. Then Lythgoe revealed what strategy Idol is using on Elton to convince him to clear it and come on the show. “It depends on whether [he] wants to give back.”

Give what back? Did he lose a bet to Lythgoe? I can’t imagine Lythgoe considers American Idol to be a charity unless he just wants him for Idol Gives Back.

But seriously, why can’t they go for someone reasonable and just lock down this panel of American Idol 2011 judges? If they’ve got Randy and Steven Tyler then we need a woman to round things out, right? So who is it gonna be?




  1. they need to get mariah carey she may seem ditzy but she knows what shes talkin bout. 18 #1's don't lie and a title like "best selling female artist of all time" I think people would be interested to see what she has to say.

  2. I don't mind Elton John or Paul Mccartney but don't think they will do it every week,so have them as guest judges.Bring all those old icons as guest judges like Julio Iglesias,Tom Jones,Lobo,Engebeth Humberdick etc as 2nd Judges.3rd Judge goes to former Idol who hit Platinum,my fave Clay Aiken-he is versatile,creative,sense of humor and Claymates to fill the show! That is it.No more headache and head hunting for Nigel.We are fans of AI so we want to help out to rejuvenate the show,all about talents and live up to being an Idol.

  3. In my humble opinion, I say go with a former AI. I still feel that they can relate to the contestants…….I truly like Elton John but not as a judge, maybe a mentor…….

    There are a million musical geniuses out there and AI can't find two more judges……!!!!!!!!!

  4. A former AI would be good. I suspect that the powers that be are realizing that this will most likely be the last year for AI and if they can get someone with the calibar of Sir Elton John or someone similar to commit to a year then they can go out with a little respect. Just my opinion.

  5. Sir Elton would be perfect, and hopefully would be there INSTEAD of Steven Tyler who has no business on a family show. Elton is an articulate seasoned performer with 40 years worth of experience and is a gifted musician and composer. Perfect. Now if they would just fill the ladies' chair with Cher, i will be ecstatic.

  6. Elton John is Perfect..Steven Tyler..No way he is too crude and inappropriate for NON PRIME TIME viewers..Now, for the Girls, Cher? Excellent! How about Jewel? or Barbra Streisand?? or Dionne Warwick? Let's get some seasoned judges who are experienced enough that people know who they are! I STILL don't have a clue about what or who Kara

    was and I've watched for 2 years! I just know she was boring and silly. IMHO

  7. I agree with Cher. She is very straight forward and can have a sense of humor also. Cher would be perfect. And Sir Elton John would be the best. Get these two and the AI ratings would boost again. Good Luck with them getting the best of the best.

  8. Yes! Cher, Babara Streisand,Cindy Lauper,Dione Warwick ,Celine Dione,Tina Turner,Dolly Parton,Kenny Rogers and many more (love to see them again and to reminiscent). How about all those era singers whom we once loved, taking turn as guest Judges.Surely they are trilled & could share their expertise to groom new ones. 3rd Judge must rightfully go to former successful Idols taking turn to be Judges. Final judge are the people.Will be exciting if this happens.

  9. Have guest judges like Chuck Negron from

    3 Dog Night, Joan Baez, James Taylor,

    Carly Simon, Chaka Khan,

    and the great Bob Dylan.

  10. You know what…the judges are getting paid a TON of money to be a judge…why would you quit???!!!! they are getting paid like over 1million dollars!!!! But you know who would be a really great judge (if he was still alive) Michael Jackson. He would be AWESOME!!! But since I have to choose someone who IS alive I would choose…Usher!!!! he gives great advice and is AWESOME!!! but elton john…NUH-UH!!! thats just my opinion!

  11. sir elton john on the idol….terrific idea. he can really judge music cause he knows what he is talking about. i hope this rumor is true.

  12. Please get someone with pizzaz or it is soon to be a disaster for this show, hard to bring anyone in after Simon and Paula, if either of these guys get it, guess that is the END of AI for me , JLo would be ok, but we need some competition in the Judge seats to not just the contestants.

  13. Judges need to keep the show interesting also, I rather have Sharon Osborn and Howie Mandel , Tyler and Elton ,NO way!!Put Reba there I loved her show, she can be witty, smart and all that is needed,Or better still see if Randy Jackson has anyone interesting,since he will be working with them!

  14. OK Kids, After this FANTASTIC Summer of America's Got Talent, you need to step it up! Last AI Season was worse than my High School Talent show in 1969! You don't need to spend what is left in Social Security to get 2 decent people to work with Randy (He is perfect). Just get 2 people that we know who they are that have personality, Know about music, and have some spunk. They are JUDGES it is NOT about THEM. It's about the Contestants!

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