Nigel Lythgoe Confirms Randy Jackson for American Idol 2011

Phew. Well at least we now know one of the American Idol 2011 judges! Exec Producer Nigel Lythgoe has just confirmed that Randy Jackson will be back to take his seat at the judges’ panel. This news comes just after Nigel said all the seats at the panel were open. Those are two very different stories.

After telling E! News that all seats on the panel were open, the TV mogul chatted with KTLA’s Sam Rubin and Jessica Holmes on the red carpet about the upcoming season. And when asked if he could name a single judge who’d be around for Season 10… he did.

Lythgoe says that one seat on the panel has an occupant, and it’s Randy Jackson. Wait. Was that a confirmation? “I hope so,” he says.

So what do you think? Randy returns but Kara and Simon are out. We’re still at least two more judges away unless you count Steven Tyler’s unofficial confirmation that he’ll be joining the cast of American Idol 2011.

Source: Zap2It via MJ’s Blog




  1. Randy was confirmed already, we all knew that… I am still voting for Harry Connick Jr as many of the people that write in here but seems nobody listen to us lol… I dont think AI is going to last much longer anyway, producers will have to really make the show very very interesting, without Simon never will be the same no matter who they choose.

  2. Good news. Randy stays. He is the best so far, down to earth,low profile,knows his expertise and not bias and not toxic like Simon. I think Simon's comments are predictable and have become stale and not helpful. It's ok without Simon, the show will still go on. I think 3 judges would be ideal not 4 as 4 is a crowd.

    Suggestion & idea – How about former seasoned Idols that hit at least Platinum, as 3rd Judge (on rotation basis) as they are living idol success that could groom new ones to be as successful as them eg Kelly clarkson,Carrie Underwood (but I don't think she is keen with her diva image now) and must-have Clay Aiken! That means, one seat is vacant(how about a few singers /artists as guest judges on rotation). That would be fun to watch.

  3. @Marta: A few days ago Randy was "unconfirmed" by Nigel saying all the seats were open. Even when Nigel said this time that Randy would be back he added, "I hope." I'm fully expecting Randy to return, but things definitely still seem flimsy for everyone.

  4. I had no doubt that Randy would be back. I just wish they would make an official announcement as to the other two and here's hoping the Steven Tyler isn't one of them……REALLY!!!!!!

    FANZ….I like your suggestion…..Bring back a former American Idol contestant that knows and understands the needs of the competing Idols.

  5. So glad to have Randy back on board. I think we'll see the old Randy now that the overbearing Mr. Cowell has left the building. Hoping they go back to a three judge format. Four is too time consuming. Now, what do we have to do to get them to limit the texting from any given phone?

  6. @ Franz…good suggestion. Would still like to have Harry Connick Jr. as a Simon replacement…please…no to Steven Tyler. Good to know that Randy will be back…but that was not really news.

  7. I am rooting for Harry Connick Jr and Shania Twain…..I think the weeks that they were the mentors went extrememly well….Hope to see them there!!! Love Randy also!

  8. Thank you Matt I thought Randy had a contract for x number of years that is why I said he was on the show anyway, never thought that the judges had to confirm their presence each year.

    Phyllis I agree with you and I know who you want there lol Adam Lambert 🙂 and I have no doubt he can actually do a great job as a judge. Shania Twain would be a good choice also, the pannel needs a girl there too.

  9. @Marta… know me very well but Adam is doing so good on his Glam Tour, which by the way I got to see this summer…up close….it was awesome…..He is one heck of an entertainer.

    I do agree with you regarding a female judge…It could be Kelly Clarkson….She could use a boost to her career. It worked for Paula!!!!

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