Jennifer Lopez May Still Be An American Idol 2011 Judge

Remember all that talk about Jennifer Lopez becoming an American Idol Judge for 2011? Then the word was that her high demands had sunk her chance to sit at the coveted panel. Well, the rumors are back and this time they say Lopez is just days away from inking a deal to join American Idol 2011.

TMZ is reporting the rumors so take it with a huge grain of salt. Probably best to just grab a whole handful actually.

Sources connected to the [Jennifer Lopez] negotiations tell TMZ … contrary to some news reports … there has been no drama and no diva demands. As one source puts it, “It’s been typical negotiating.”

We’re told … absent a last-minute snag (which is highly unlikely) … the deal could be inked as early as next week.

I was initially impressed that Idol had Lopez in talks considering they need a big name for next season, but she’s definitely known for her diva behavior and while I want a big name with real advice to offer I think it’s more important to keep the focus on the stage and not the judges’ panel. Jennifer Lopez could make that very difficult but perhaps I’m wrong and she’s exactly what the show needs.

What do you think of Lopez potentially joining the judges for Idol 2011?

Source: TMZ




  1. I think that is awesome. She knows music and can give those contestants some good advice and constructive criticism. Still think they should hire a previous AI to sit on the panel of judges. JMO

  2. Well..she can perform on stage and sing but not sure as a judge. Her comments may not reflect the truth as she had to keep her own image and not risk it. For me, she is great but imo not as a judge (if they choose her, then I think and believe bring back Paula Abdul- she is more suitable).Sorry, Jen.

  3. When is the last time J.Lo had a hit? Isn't she a bit of a "has-been"? She is probably desperate to get on as an AI judge… her last movie tanked, I think she needs them more than they need her. She is not capable of allowing the spotlight to be on the contentestants – she will want the focus to be on her. I am not in favor of this possible move and hope it dosen't come to past.

  4. What ever big names you get on the panel of judges it will never be the same without Simon Cowel and the original judges.Sorry American Idol i will not probably watch this show with as much enthusiasm again, in fact i will not make it a date on my calender for a must watch.

  5. Noooooo, not Jlo, please. I will DEFINITELY not watch the show if she is a judge. She will make the whole thing about HER, JUST HER!! She always wants the attention on HER. I couldn't stand it!!!


  6. Paula Abdul was the number one judge in my book. She needs to come back.

    Also, Simon's replacement should be a great rock star like Chester Bennington of Linkin Park or Steve Tyler of Aerosmith–someone

    from America—who knows the background of our

    great music–no one British anymore.

  7. Bring Paula Abdul back, where she belongs.

    And how about getting an American rock star

    to replace Simon like Chester Bennington of Linkin Park or Steve Tyler of Aerosmith or

    Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam.


  9. I'm cool with JLO as a judge. She has a sweet demeanor and will have a gig in LA so she needn't take the twins on the road. As for being washed up, how long had Paula been out of the spotlight when she started on Idol? JLO knows about the struggle to become a known artist. She will make a fine judge.

  10. I think the other 2 judges should be a surprise each week to make people tune in. I still think 2nd Judge from previous successful singers and 3rd Judge from successful ex-Idols singers. Why ex-idols?Because they have been through.

  11. In response to Vienna, all of the former cast are has-beens. Paula Abdul ruled the industry in her time, she had a lot to offer to AI. Randy hasn’t done anything big in a long time either, but still had a good name and honest advice. Simon Cowel’s interest in the project was a result of missing out on signing the Spice Girls. He had not signed anyone big in a long time, he wanted to be first in line to sign the next big one. While I’m not a huge J-Lo fan I can very much respect her accomplishments, she has started at the bottom and worked her way up. She is a true DIVA and has worked very hard for that status. If I where a contestant on AI she is someone I would like to get advice from.

  12. Shana I agree with you 100% J-Lo is someone everyone can take an advice from Diva or not she knows the business.

  13. I am not sure that she is what the show needs,I could be wrong but she acts stuck up and would take away from the Talent.

  14. She would be the reason why I will no longer

    be watching the show for sure. What happen

    to that show????? She can't even sing herself

    and sell album, now she's judging???????

  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to Jenifer Lopez. I would almost rather have Howard Stern…keyword (almost) that is how bad I do not think she would be a good judge. Of course we should all be aware that all the rumors A.I puts out is all about publicity hype; so we should all take this with a grain of salt, b/c they will do what they will do!

  16. they always said what they meant about the singers look at carrie underwood exellent singer she won because of simon and paula they have a good ear for singers

  17. i've seen her on american idol, she comes off as a copy cat to all the previous judges, no originality whatsoever & those crocodile/fake tears during selection of top 24 was just too painful to watch. i used to believe Simon when he said american idol is about discovering talent, now with her in it, its more like a very bad & poorly written comedy drama series w/singing as a side show

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