American Idol 2011 Auditions Events Announced

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next American Idol? Then I hope you’re ready because the American Idol 2011 auditions begin in under a month!

Snark Food reports that six audition cities have been announced for the next round of Idol tryouts. The auditions run from July 17th until August 19th and will go from coast to coast with just one day in each location. See the full list below.

Update: Yes, the rumors are true. The age limit on auditions has been lowered to 15 years of age. All those next Justin Bieber wannabes can get in line too!

  • July 17, 2010: Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena
  • July 21, 2010: Milwaukee, WI – Bradley Center
  • July 26, 2010: New Orleans, LA – TBD
  • August 3, 2010: East Rutherford, NJ – IZOD Center
  • August 11, 2010: Austin, TX – Frank Erwin Center
  • August 19, 2010: San Francisco, CA – AT&T Park

Going to any auditions? Let us know if you’re brave enough to try and good enough to make it! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you want some American Idol this summer but don’t want to audition then you can catch the American Idols Live Tour as it crosses the country all summer.




  1. HI i have loved to sing since i was little its my passion i am only 16 but every body has told i have a beautiful voice and i no that i is a 1in a million chance but i sure as hell want to be that one
    Sincerely , Nachen Seymore

    • be sure my friend, its very possible 4 every one to tell u false info coz they know u only want to hear tha good side of it .., good luck tho

  2. are there really only going to be one day of auditions for each of those places, or is that just the start date?

    • I believe there will really only be one audition day for each location. Those who make it through will return at a later date to go before the judges. The show makes it seem like this is all in one day, but it's not.

  3. I am 27 years old and i have an amazing voice, i have always been a little scared to sing in front of people, i have been singing lately in front of people to try to fix my problem, and i realized i just have to do it! When you see me simon which i hope i get that far, be easy on me about my age, if i went through life and never tried i would regret it, hope to make it where at least people know my name! Mandy Emerick

  4. I have a passion to entertain people in general. And i will do whatever it takes to make it to the top some day. I might be small, but i believe with God anything is possible…and of course a little attitude and guts :))
    Casey Sowers

  5. My name is Crystal Martir i was born in new jersey and i'm still here… My life is all about singing i've been singing since i was like 3 years old, i love to sing that's my passion that's my whole life…….i'll be there August 3 so watch out American i could be the next American Idol

    • no, which sucks cuz i live in florida but my mom is driving me to New Orleans, LA and its about 10 hrs. away but i really want to audition cuz i love to sing, plus im 15 years old and my name is Janine Hernandez. if u want u can drive to the place where im going to audition but thats probably the only place thats closest to florida.

  6. My name is Efim Tabachnikov. I am 74 years old , was born in Russia, from where I immigrated to USA 33 years ago . I was trained to be an opera singer.However I was going through a very difficult time in Russia and could not sing professionally. I am singing in 6 languages . I have a beautiful,big voice and hope to become a famous.Efim Tabachnikov

  7. im 15.. and i heard there reducing the age limit to 15…a nd ill be auditioning in SF…. its been my dream since i was 8 to even audition…. i hope ill make!!

    • Good luck!!! i'm 14 but will be 15 by the time the SF audition comes around. I hope you'll make it too! me on the other hand, i just like trying at stuff and see where that takes me! if you don't make then you'll be able to say "at least i tried" good luck! <3

  8. I'M SO CONFUSED!!!! what exactly do you need to bring to the auditions, is their a paper you sign beforehand to bring to the auditions or something like that? im told its free…is that true?! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!

  9. hey you guys, i'm only fourteen years old but turning 15 on august 16. by the august 19 san francisco date i'll be 15. so technically ican audition right? i know i'm young but i've always wanted to at least audition for American idol. So you can't accomplish if you don't try. i just need support from the community who probably are nervous like me. so yah, peace, love, faith, and joy!

  10. hey guys im 16 and am planning on auditioning this summer but my mother wants to know how i am going to handle school??? i really wanna sing but education is important

  11. Im Going To The Audition In Nashville, TN. On July 17th. Im So Excited. I Feel Like It's My Destiny. And That GOD Has Made A Lot Of Thing Move In My Life For This Moment. See You Guys Soon

    • You sound REALLY SERIOUS about this man. I consider you ALREADY to be one of the MORE considerable individuals when it comes to this very thing. It's hard to tell, or even know at this point, especially even knowing that I don't even know who you or anyone else is, or can even see you or hear you for that matter, but you seem like someone who's got your head on straight and that maybe God is leading you in the right direction :). I hope things go well for you man. GIVE IT EVERYTHING you got :). ANd then GIVE it SOME MORE. ONLY FROM JESUS :). HE's GOT IT ALL :).

  12. I think i have a good chance at being the next american idol i just wish there was an audition closer to NC

  13. does anyone know if and when they will be having auditions more closer to Hollywood, ca?

  14. Omgg Im 15 i rlly wanna try outt i was soo happy tht they reduced the age to 15 i got soo excited im looking forward to be auditioning and hopefully i will make it to hollywood =)

  15. I am not old enough to audition yet (I have two more years left!) so I can't wait! They changed the age so now you can audition at 15, so I am 13 now and everyone says that I have amazing talent. I can't wait to audition! I hope the auditions are close to my town though. Can't wait to audition! =)

  16. I send my best wishes to all you audutioner's..God is looking after all yall. Me too.. hehe.. Good luck ppl's.. So is there any audition's in Hawaii???

  17. yall have to pick alyssa paige stelly becuz i heard her sign twice and she sign amazing graice…that girl has the voice..

  18. I have a son hes 20 and can play the guitar an sing He'll make your heart melt.I would like to know what i need to do to get him on the adutions

  19. HI! my name is Micaela i am 24, music runs in my family and singing has been apart of my life since i can remember as a child! ive been on many shows in houston and corpus christi won many singing contest and won many medals for state compatitions for UIL! i am thrilled and excited about this up incoming auditions being that i am LATINA everyone shares with me that it is time for one of our race to WIN!! so American Idol here i come!! :0)

  20. heyy im 15 years old and well i have a good singing voice.. well i think .. im done solos at talent shows and stuff.. and i wanna try out even tho im young ..but im in boston and is there goin to be adutions in boston?

  21. GOOOD im 16 now i can get in i guess is there a rule that stops the entry 2 mexican people??? :/ just asking

  22. I'm seventeen and I finally feel like I'm ready to audition. I've gone through four years of classical training and I really think this is the time in my life to try. I want to make it so bad because I really need a change of pace. I really think that I can go all the way. I'm no Jennifer Hudson or Kelly clarkson but I know that I certainly have enough personality… wish me luck in sf!!!

  23. Heyy =]! im driving 2 TN from Detroit to try out but i am really nerves to be in front of a lot of people wat shud i do???

  24. My daughter is 17, her Nsme is Christina and she'll audition in New Orleans, Does anyone know where auditions in New Orleans are going to be held?

  25. Where can I find the time that the audition will start in the particular city I will be auditioning in?

  26. My name is Bridgette & I am 20 years old. I have loved to sing since I can remember. I come from a music based family & even tho I am my biggest critic family & friends as well as complete strangers say I have a major talent with singing. I have always had stage fright but I am willing to look past that if I get the one chance to show the world what i've got. I am going to try out this year for the American Idol & I am going in exspecting the worst & hopeing for the best. I am hopeing to take this risk & prove what I got & maybe to even get some great feed back.

  27. I'm Ali. I'm 15 and the most recent public performance was in a pageant in November. I have wanted to try out for American Idol since i saw the show at the age of 10 and now that the age is lowered I can't wait to go and try out. Do I just show up at one of the posted places and sign up there or is there some form I missed somewhere? I really believe that I can go somewhere! I just need to know how to get there and I can do it! Please give me feedback and I'll never regret reaching for the moon!! I love to sing and I want the world to know!!

  28. hi everyone.well im 15 and i have always wanted to go auditionfor american idol. but i live close to LA and san francisco is pretty far. but i will do anything to get there lol. but lots of ppl tell me i have a great voice but sometiems i think they say it to make me happy. my siblings tell me i cant sing but thats just family and family can be kinda mean sometimes. but idc.i think i can sing and i feel like i cud make it. so im gonna try my best to get to SF. oh and also cuz this grl from my city is going[yay!] and i wud wanna go with her lol. but yeah. going to amercian idol has always been my dream! i hope that i can persue that dream soon! and i mean it.i dont think i wud wanna be like almost 30 and going there lol! JK! no offense to anyone hahaha!:)

  29. Hi so im going to audition this year im 15!:) im really nervous because i dont want to not make it because singing means a lot to me and without my Voice im nothing . Also im afraid of all the other singers out there who are really good! And I don't want to be laughed at by the judges. So pray for me as i go through this BIG moment of my life:)

  30. im ready to show the world who i am im going to try out in milwaukee my home town and with gods love and grace ill go all the way

  31. can you audition twice in one year?? I'm going to be in New Jersey til the 4th and Then i'm coming back home to texas for the 11th… and i'm 15…. and terrified.. lol

  32. look my name is camara shaheed and i really want to audition for this but i can`t because i live in franklin,GA.I have no way to get to the auditions i really wish that yall could at least put 1 more pair of auditions in stlant aplease. I really want to show the world my talent please please help me out here i love this show,and every since i seen carrie underwood on there i always wanted to do this. Carrie Underwood is my role model to inspire me to do and try to live my dream.Please tell me what i can do to audition for this show i`m bout to turn 15 but i`m 14 at the moment please just hear me out and give me a chance to audition i really thank you fo ryour tim e an dhope you take this to consideration pleas ehera me out thankyou love,
    Camara Shaheed

    • umm i mispelled alot of words but i meant in atlanta for more auditions it is the only thing that is close to me

  33. Hi I am 15 and i was wondering if there is auditions in seattle or have you already had the auditions there?

  34. hi i want to be a singer but i dont know if i can because im only 11 years old but im going to see

  35. Hi, my name is Brooklyn, but my family and friends call me Brook and I am 15 until January 2011. All I have ever wanted to do is sing. I really want to try out for American Idol, but it's going to be really hard to build up the courage to go. Since I told my bestfriend that I want to try out she has told everybody that I am going, but I don't even know if I can do it…

  36. I really want to try out…but I'm not able to travel.I wish American Idol would come to Pittsburgh PA.That would give me a shot. oh well…not going to lose any sleep over it. Good luck to all those who do tryout.

  37. Hi, I'm Darya. I'm a russian young girl. i have been singing since 8 and i wanna try myself in the audition, maybe, next year. Could you please appreaciate my record and tell me if i'm worth to try it? and do foreigners have a chance to participate?
    here's a link

    yours faithfully

  38. I'm a 21 year old female and i been singing since i been like 11 or 12, but i never liked too sing in front of people not even my family, cause i did not want my feelings to get hurt, now when i sing not to be singing fa real people here me and ask can i sing one of there favorite songs, i just say i cant sing fa real and they say yes you can i just start laughing. I have had people over hear me singing in stores and they say you need to go on American idol and i just start laughing being shy but i will sing for a crowd or somebody that will let me know how i really sound.I think i can really sing, even if i did wanna be on American idol i don't have the funds to make it to an audition so i will be watching too see if anybody from Toledo Ohio be there, GOOD LUCK IDOLS…….

  39. YO. How ya'll doing? It's good to hear from ya'll on all your comments and threads and posts for who you are and where your from about American Idol and everything. It's good to hear that there are SO MANY insightful and aspiring individuals who are LOOKING FORWARD to the American Idol Auditions. I don't want to be cocky and prideful, but if I do audition for American Idol, I don't plan on losing. I guess that's probably the same for everyone else as well. I BELIEVE God gave me the skills, talents, vocals, GRACE and ABILITY to not only TEAR DOWN EVERY idol, but to ALSO build up the economy of AMerica and the infrastructure of music itself by the notes and melodies and songs that come from my very vocal chords. If you Believe that you are the NEXT "American Idol," that is VERY LOVELY and nice of you to think such things, but the REALITY is that GOD will tear down EVERY idol, and that He will be EXALTED by ALL men's praises. I choose to use my vocal chords to lift up the name of YAHWEH and JESUS CHRIST the LORD. I also choose to use my vocal chords to sing of the LOVE that God has for ALL of us when He poured out His life and even in His death on the cross of Calvary. That is the message I preach. That is what I sing of: His LOVE for you and me and ALL mankind. I ALSO sing of HIS LOVE for you and me, and my LOVE for you, and a woman, and whoever else is becom(ing) involved to be LOVEd. The reality is, should the show continue, that someone will win. If I am to audition, I plan to win, and to tear down the "idols," but to BUILD UP the musicians, and the history and culture of music itself: The way it is made, developed, the way it changes and influences people's lives, to REVOLUTIONIZE music itself. To bring people, places and things from darkness to light, from ashes to beauty, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. This is the BEAUTY and LOVE of JESUS CHRIST the LORD and SAVIOUR of the world, and the praises of the King that should be declared over EVERYONE. May God be EXALTED and EVERY hill made a plain. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, FOREVER AND EVER.AMEN. LET IT BE!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  40. I'll be 16 in October. I love to sing and entertain. I have no fear of being on stage. I love it. I can fly to Austin but how do I get a chance to audition. I play guitar and keyboard. Advice or HELP please

  41. hi, my names christa, and it has been my dream to sing on american idol! I just turned 16, and i play guitar i get really nervous singing in front of people, and i dont have the strongest voice in the world, but im gathering up more confidence everyday, and i truly believe i can do anything if i just set my mind to it! i am soooooo excited for the austin auditions, because i live close to the venue, and i have been practicing for weeks!! even if i dont make it to hollywood, at least i can say i was part of american idol! wish me luck!!

  42. Oh my gosh im so nervous, i can hardly type this. My auditions are next week and i can just feel the pressure setting in lol. I've wanted to sing for so long and i really hope i make it. I've been practing for so long and i have the confidence, and i know somewhere deep down i can be the next American Idol. Wish me luck. 🙂

  43. hey everyone im 16 and hoping to audition ive been waiting forever. ive been singing since i was really little and i have faith in myself that i will make it. i need to kno wat i need to bring and how we handle school with it? can you help me out? and is it free? please answer my questions because i kno im the next american idol!

  44. was just playin my six string and thought to my self, i wonder when american idol tryouts are…got on the computer and found out there in four days haha. to bad i have a playoff base ball game or i would tryed and made it there.good luck to those who go. Mabey next year for me

  45. My name is Kali and I've been singing almost all my life. I finally have the opportunity to try out for American Idol and I am going to take it! I'm 17 years old but I think I may have a good shot at making it. Im so excited but nervous too. I am a little confused about wat all i have to do to try out though. Do you have to register somehow before you go or is it just like a first come first serve thing? If anyone knows about this could you help me out?

    • hey, im 16 and im trying out in a month!! i got of of the audition info from facebook, so become a fan of american idol, and it will tell you what you need. 🙂

  46. Hi, Im Malaysia, Im trying out for American Idol this wknd, in Nashville TN. I hope too make it!

  47. Hi, just want to say im real excited about the 2011 American idol auditions excited to say this is the year I go for a dream ive been dreaming about my whole life. Let work hard to make our dreams possible. I know I will be. So everyone just be prepared for the day u meet Arlyss from Minnesota! Lmfao I'm just playen but ill see u all soon. First audition ever! hope, I don't make a fool out of my self. haha good night, I wish everyone finds all the good luck to making there dreams come true! See ya!

  48. If only they are coming closer to Nebraska! I'm 15 and have had some experience with singing and I love it! I've been chosen out of 1000+ people that auditioned to be in an honor choir that only allowed 100 people in it. I've also been chosen to do many solos at my school and have sang for people in my local shopping mall for a talent search! I think that I have the confidence to sing for people!

  49. Please come to Atlanta Georgia! :)) This has been my Dream && i am the next American Idol. Come to Georgia && i'll prove it

  50. well and dancing has been my whole life music is my blood i hope to try out
    -anonymous upcoming star Lol

  51. American Idol auditon I am super excited. Aug 3rd… anyone know if you can register August 2nd for the audition on Tuesday???

  52. the audition i can go to is a month before my 16th birthday but i'll be 16 before the show starts. what do i do?!

  53. Hi everyone, I'm 16 years old and I've been singing since I was about 3. I love singing with everything within me and I hope and pray that I win because I really want to make music that will touch people's hearts and souls and reach out to those without a voice. I write my own songs and sing a LOT! I just hope I make it. Whether or not I can sing is merely a matter of opinion but either way, like me or hate me, I do mean what I say and I am obsessed with singling and music in general. I hope and pray that everyones deepest dreams and passions come true and wish all of you the blessings of the world and inner peace.

    God is love,
    Nana Cantar

  54. Hey my names Kyra, im 17 and psyched about this year, senior year and finally my chance to try out for american idol. Ive been singing since i was about six. Music is my passion, i know i can make it somewhere, i just need the right path. Im ready to show the entire world my talent. Hopefully america loves me-Good luck too all who are trying out. See you in NJ on august 3rd 🙂

  55. I should be the next American Idol, I have what it takes to get me to the top!!! I can blow as Randy Jackson said on one show!!!!!

  56. Im going to try out for the show, and i wish everyone else who is tryingout the best of luck, and remember if you got it you dont need a show to prove, so push it to the limit!!!!!!!!!

  57. hi my name is clarissa and i am 16. I believe i have a beautiful voice but i cant even sing in front of my boyfriend….. The main thing i want to know is if you guys will have auditions in idaho for all of us who cant make it to the auditions…..the is talent in idaho know doubt about it….just hope you guys put it to thought to come and see the talent in idaho…much love to everyone that makes it through…

  58. Do you have to be 15 by the audition date, or by the time the show goes on air? ( I've been really confused about this lately)

    • i was confused about it too but then i found out that you have to be 15 as of July 17, 2010.
      if your not 15 by then, you have to wait another year 🙁

  59. there is a lot of talent in idaho… season you guys should consider coming to boise, idaho for people to audition……you wont be dissappointed..

    • I LIVE IN IDAHO!!!!!!!!! I REALLY WANT TO GO TO AMERICAN IDOL! My friends say I have a major talent!!!!!! WHEN ARE THE AUDITIONS?!!!!!!!!!

  60. my name is ashley rambo.. I am 23 and will be auditioning for american idol this year… I am sooo nervous but I have to try it.. Its been a dream of mine my whole life. So here goes 🙂

  61. hey! I am 26 yrs old! Have been passionately singing since i was 3 yrs old in churches and in revivals all around the country. Singing is my life and i couldn't wake up each day without singing a song. i can sing anything from gospel to country to pop! I taught myself how to sing harmony at nine yrs old. I have missed this tryouts for nashville,,which i am devistated about but i will be goin to the next ones!! Watch out America because I AM THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!! LOVE YOU AMERICA!

  62. Well, I'm 16. I love to sing and practice all the time. I sing R&B, slow songs, and some country. Or anything with a pop kind of sound. I'll sing it. I believe I am a very good singer. And I want to tryout. My thing is just to get on the show, have fun. Even if I don't pass to any other round. I would be happy just to give it a try. 🙂

  63. Hey, Im Lindsay. I love to sing and have been singing since I was a little girl. I will sing anywhere including the shower. I love to sing anything that fits my ability and I can sing high pitched music. I dont care how far I make it as long as I can show the world how much I love to sing. This would be a blessing if I was the next runner up for being on American Idol.

  64. its been my dream to audition for american idol since the begining of the show, and ive been singing since i can remeber. i can sing every type of music, but my favorite is rock and pop, and i have a wide range in my voice(although i somtimes mess up when it comes to the high pitched notes). when i found out about how they lowerd the age to 15, i thought i would be able to audition this year(im 14 and my b-day is oct. 12) but then i saw when i saw when the auditions are, i cant rly audition now. but now that gives me time to get ready for the 2012 auditions, and although im gonna have to travel to some other state maybe for the auditions( im from austin tx. i dont think there gonna come back next auditioning season for 2012) im willing to do all that to make my dream come true, to be a singer and show off my talent. and for this year, ill just be wishing good luck to my private voice lessons teacher whos gonna be auditioning here texas.

  65. My grandaughter D. Lloyd drove all the way to New Orleans to audition and she can sing,but was told she wasn't what they were looking for.I American Idol has turned into a show that isn't about talent it's about clowning anything to get ratings like drama profanity I was a true fan until I saw all these things go on. Get back to the basic of what the show used to be about.I've seen some good talent get away everyone doesn't have the funds to travel around to get the exposure they need.Get back to the old. American Idol Thank you

  66. I'm going to be auditioning for American Idol, but I really only have one question: WHAT TIME DO THE AUDITIONS START? and Do I have to fill anything out online? or just at the audition area?

  67. I would love to audition but i cant make any of the cities. I wish Idol would come back to DC or Maryland.

  68. my name is april, im 20 years old and live in auburn ca. I've been singing since i can remember. I've wanted to try out for YEARS now, but there have been some snags along the way. literally CANNOT wait to have my chance :] oh yay. fingers crossed!!!

  69. My name is DeLaney,and I am 15. I know a lot of people get on here and really want to be famouse and stuff. I am not a fraud. I love to sing, and I have sang since I first could talk. I've competed in Fine Arts in Indianappolis Indiana when I was in 6th grade. My voice has matured very well since then, and I praise God in song with my voice. I have sang in plays at my school, and also in what we call show choir. I've watched American Idol the past 2years, and being on that stage is one of my BIGGEST dreams! I want to audition so bad, but my family really don't have to money to get me to a state where there are auditions. I hope to audition one day. When you see the name DeLaney Nichole Wright, you know she will be singing a christian song or something upliftin in soul. My favorite song is The Climb by Miley Cyrus. That song explains my dream and how hard it is to reach it. Well I hope you know how much I love to sing now. I hope everyone has a nice day and I wish whoever wins this year or even gets the chance to audition has the best of luck and I will be praying for you.

    Sincerely, DeLaney Nichole Wright

    15yrs old =)

  70. HELLO!
    Anyone looking to carpool from LA to Frisco? I don't have a car but am willing to contribute to expenses. Flying high all the way!

  71. Howdy… ok, I have to be truthful, I only watched American Idol for like the first 2 seasons, then after that I only watched like the horrible auditions, so I'm not really a huge fan. I do have a question for anyone though… Is there an age limit to try-out? I'm 29, a full-time college student (Pediatric Psychology), and never had any intentions of ever trying out for the show. That is until recently when my mother with tears in her eyes told me, I was meant to be on this show. I've always enjoyed singing… I've done the National Anthem for The Atlanta Braves at Turner field (when I lived in the ATL) I sing at our local rodeos, I've done pageants (when I was younger), I've done parades…. even a couple of weddings. I consider myself good, not great… With the fall semester coming up real soon, I don't have to much time to dedicate to this….. so I guess my other question would be.. assuming that I'm not to old to try-out…. How time consuming would it be if I did manage to get on the show?…… Thanks…. Andrea 🙂

  72. hiiii, im 14years old & will be turning 15 in january but will they still let me audition becuz ill be 15 in the 2011 american idol, i relle wanna adution all my friends are telling me AMERICAN IDOL baby lol.. sooo can anyone pleaseee answer my question it would relle help me(:

  73. Hi, I don't share my name, but I'm 13 and my friends say I have a major talent for singing and their mouths drop open every time I do. Yes, I have a little bit of stage fright, but I know I can get past it.

    I can sing like Miley Cyrus music way good and I'm really good at country, I live in Idaho and want to know if there are any tryouts in Idaho? Thanks I really am hoping to do this, I have singing jeans in my family, yes, I do, and I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. i been singin snice i was a little girl in chruch i love to sing its my life my everything god i wish i can let the whole world just here me

  75. I am sixteen years old and I love to sing. Music is my life. Music is one of the great things that I can't live without. It is one thing that makes me forget about everything.Music is like my escape. I would love a chance to make my dreams come true. I would love to have an audition.

  76. singing is my life no matter what , even if the judges dont accept it , they wont take it away from me , it'll always belong to me . i have the heart , and i know i can do it .

    i've been dreaming about this since i was a little kid .
    im nervous , but excited , because i finally get a chance to show american what a talent i got !

  77. hey guys my name is david and im a fob! english isn't perfact yet but i really love
    to sing!! 🙂 so i wanna try audition! plz help me~ i live in san francisco! but i dont
    know how to apply for audition. can i just go visit audition place on due day? or
    need anything to do for apply before go ? i really want to siiiing ~ help me guys
    😀 thank u~! hab great day! plz reply me

  78. hey guys my names is marcus my nick name is gosple and theres really not much to say other than that im 21 yrs old and i love to sing i was the lead singer in my church band. I always thought to myself y am i trying to hide a talent that god gave me. i would love to share it all with u if u could show me the way. im a gosple sinnger thats what i am.

  79. hey there! my name is Olivia and i am 15 years old. singing is about the only thing i know about. when i was 6 i started singing and i've never stopped since. i am absolutely torn though because i want to be a vet but also a singer. i hope i decide on singing because i'm confident in it. if i can, i will try out:)

  80. hi ., im interested in trying out on August 19th do you know what time i should be at the at & t park >?

  81. When will American Idol be coming to the great state of Ohio again?. I am 18 and would love to try-out in 2012. Please let me know. I have the drive to show the world who I am!

  82. Well, I sure wish they would change the age of American Idol from 16 to 55. That would be so awesome if they could do it! I've wanted to be on American Idol since it started but I've always been too old…..Good luck to all you devoted singers out there old enough to sing for Randy and the rest of the judges.

  83. Hi!!)) I'm 18 and i'm from Russia. Next year i'm going to the North Caroline and i hope that i can attend this show, cause i think i have chance to win!!)))))

  84. please contact me back && tell me what time for all of the places to audition. this has always been my dream && they have recently added me on myspace so i thought it was kind of weird that my dream contacted me so please email me back && tell me what time thank you so much, bryson.

  85. I'm from hawaii, 14. having my bday like a month before the auditions i'm in about 2 or 3 bands, (lead singer) and i want to audition really badly, i'm all the auditions are in the states and i don't think my family can afford going up there, just for me to audition even though everyone says i have a great voice. GGAAAAH >_______<

    let's hope i can and then win (:

  86. Hi my name is Stephanie I'm sixteen years old and I know I have what it takes to win American idol but I was wondering…do you have to be American to go on American idol ?

  87. I would like to know what city line up there is for 2011 in Denver? Or the closest city

  88. I am going to audition for american idol season 2011.. word i hope everyone loves my voice because i plan to blow it up, im 18 its my dream to sing!! VOTE 4 ME!! 🙂 love all yaw

  89. Ohh my gosh. I am only fourteen but by the time auditions come to San Francisco I will be fifteen!!! I have been singing since kindergarten and I plan on singing for the rest of my life! This is finally my chance to show everybody my talent. I hope I make it through auditions and become the next American Idol!!!! 🙂

  90. Haha you people are so full of yourselfs. Ill be 15 this summer and with me being there yall stand no chance! ((: i truely have a voice of an angle because i am one 😛

  91. Hey everyone that is reading!!

    I am gonna try out next year, 2011!! I am ready for the competition!! I have a great voice and have been doing choir for many years so here I come!!!! I'm excited!!

  92. Theres no doubt that auditioning for American Idol is always on my mind.. im 17 and very excited for the audtions in 2011 because thats when i plan on auditoning.. i will be the 2012 American Idol

  93. I'm a little confused on this and would appreciate some help here. I'm 14 and i turn 15 on August 24th. Would they still let me audition?

  94. i really want to try out this year i know i have a good voice but idk how far i will make it but im going to hope for the best 🙂

  95. Guys Look For My Name In The Auditions!! Im 15 And Turning 16 On The 15th Of August But Going To The Auditions In Austin Tx!! I Am An AMAZING Singer(: Soo Hopefully I Get Voted For!!(: Thankss

  96. i was told i have a good voice and that i should try out on american idol so im gonna try out and show evryone that i kud do it

  97. My names victoria and ive been singing just about since i was able to talk. My dream is to someday be discovered and i think auditioning for american idol is the perfect way to at least get started. I LOVE american idol. I watch it all the time with my mom, and i always say to her, that's gonna be me someday. I've been performing since I could walk. I love entertaining a crowd, and I believe that this will give me a boost to get somewhere. GO AMERICAN IDOL!

  98. HELLO AMERICAN IDOL1 i just want to say i am very happy that the show is still going strong! BUT i am very upset about something. ever since i was a little girl, when ruben, clay aken, and all the other great people who where on american idol came out to represent themselves, it inspired me that as soon as i became of age to audition and my mother had enough money to bring me i would take it! BUT NOW i live in Florida, and you guys aren't coming to florida anymore! why?! please! im just a 17 year old girl who wants to proove myself on american idol! please comew back to florida for the 2011 auditions! PLEASE!

  99. As far as I can remember, singing is the one thing I could always count on. I've not going to sit and brag on how well I can sing and say that I will make it, because there is a very big possibility that I'll be considered nothing but a country singer want to be. I am 17, and I have a dream. This has always been my dream. Singing is my way of living. As a Christian, I have days where I feel like a fish out of water. I'm different. I dont cuss, drink, or do drugs, simply because I know it is wrong. So, when I come home and when I'm feeling completely pathetic and helpless, I go to my corner and listen to music and sing along. But now, after another hard day at school, I am determined to get myself out there. I am somebody, and I do have talents. I'm going to prove myself and with God at my side, anything is possible. American Idol, here I come. And nothing will stop me.

  100. So I really want to try out for American Idol but I am so scared to sing in front of people. I am a junior in high school so I really need to decide what I want and what is most important to me. I really love singing though and hopefully one day I will be able to sing in front of people without being so nervous.

  101. Oh Kaelin I understand u!!!! I'm arfaid of it too!!very much! But I think we should try! I love to sing very much too, we must decided what is important for us!!!)))))

  102. Thank you so much Bina! I think I am going to audition :-). I wish you the best of luck on your audition!!

  103. I'm trying out next year o 3o~ I've known I was going to try out for american idol since I was in 6th grade so I'm pretty excited my chance will be coming soon >w:]

  104. I have a question, is the date listed above for July 17 in Nashville, Tennesee for the summer of 2011? Someone please respond.

  105. I have a question, is the date listed above for July 17 in Nashville, Tennessee for the summer of 2011? Someone please respond.

  106. My name is Kasandra Maymi and i am 17 years old. I wanted to know when is the next time American Idol Auditions are going to be held in Atlanta,Georgia? If anyone knows please reply to this comment.Thank You.(si alguien sabe cuando American Idol va a regresar a Atlanta Georgia por favor digame.Gracias.)


  108. this is my youtube channel please watch my video it was my 8th grade talent show video this was lastyear when i was 14 im 15now but i was born in october so maby next year.

  109. I left my name out cause I wanted this to be posted. I made it through the judges got a ticket. This has been alot of fun so far. Longer process than I thought. I'll comment later if I make it further. Keep watching.

  110. Well i love singing,its everything i do when im down i sing i feel like nothing happpend,i write my own songs,but sing other songs too people always want me to sing,at parties,it would be great if i get to sing and prove everyone my talent just gime one chance thats all i ask!thanks vanessa.

  111. Hey i'm lauren, i'm 13… I think i have what it takes. i didn't learn to sing, it just came to me. I grew up with a family musically gifted. We all have our specialties. I sing my heart out.. i do acoustic shows around my hometown with friends. You'll be shocked.

  112. Am Katrina Southard. I want to be called Kat. I am 16 years old and will be 17 when I will be auditioning. I am a foster kid from the age of 10 and has musicail talents to share with the world. I am very bright and want to shine for others so they can suceed in life. I sing, I do plays, and I play the flute. Soon enough I will learn how to play the bass clarinet and play the piano. So I want to be able to share my glarious talent with everyone who thinks that their not musical. I also want to be able to be a role model and be able to help others. This will be a golden oppurtunity share and give back to the world.

  113. Soo, question, I want to sign up for American Idol next year, like, for 2012…can anyone give me info about that? Thanks 🙂

  114. I wish American Idol did auditions farther north. All of the real talent in the north and east coast are overlooked EVERY year because AI doesn't come north enough. Like, I live in MA, but last year I didn't make the age limitations. Therefor, even though it was closer, it sucked because I couldn't audition anyway. But either way, the judge thing made me not want to even audition anymore.. Why can't we have judges that really know what they are talking about… -sigh-

  115. Well i wanna audition but im only 13 so do you HAVE to be 15 because i thought there was a 10 year old on here who auditioned???

  116. hey do you really need to be 15 im 11 and i love american idol i see it every time it comes and i will love if i could be in it i been singing since about 5 or 6 and i think i got the braves to do it

  117. Hi, i just have one question.. at the San Francisco auditions what time do they start and end? Any way i can find out this imformation? Or can someone help me out? please and thank you!! =]

  118. @Ziaire: Sorry, but that was August 2010 for the audition in NJ. Each year they have to do the auditions before the show actually starts. The 2012 season auditions will be held at the end of 2011. Keep checking back at the end of this season for next season's audition dates.

  119. @Randi: Sorry, but the San Fransisco audition already happened several months ago. We'll have next season's audition dates in a few more months so keep checking back.

  120. So finally American Idol season 10 episode 1 going to be air on 19 jan. I am so excited to watch it.

  121. Get ready America ima audition this year. To allthe people that thought they wereso much better than me.. al i got to say is when i get discovered don't try being my best friend!

    shout out to my mom, my sister, Jeanette, Marcus, Metree, Dylan, Patrick, Tyrell, Allison, Sara.. ill just let ya'll know when im auditioning!!

  122. im trying out in nashville on july 17 2011… i cant wait.. i love to sing country i wanna be the next carrie underwood!

  123. i cant wait!! im trying out in season 2011 on july 17 in nashville tn… i wanna be the next carrie underwood!!

    • Daniel, these events are all in the past. Audition events were held last summer. Idol always films those portions many months in advance. Not until we get to the viewer voting portions are things done live.

  124. when are the auditions in florida for 2012?

    and im turning 15 next month am i elligible to audition with parents' consent?

  125. What is the closest you guys are coming to Springfield Massachusetts. I would really like to audition. I think i have what it takes.

  126. How about holding the next idol auditions in Long Island, NY. We have a lot of young talent here. 🙂

    • Sorry, but you're going to need a time machine for that one. The auditions for this current season took place last year.

  127. if you guys do pay any attention to these comments you need to have an audition in Little Rock, Arkansas. i know someone with the most amazing voice just waiting to be discovered!

  128. i am soo going to try out for the next seasons show.i've been wanting to do it for a very long time and i will finally get the chance to for the next season

  129. i need american idol to adition in st.louis

    my transportation is limited i know trully im

    better than josh grobin and saline dion on my

    best day no afence but im tired of working at

    mc donalds and i rilly don't want to work their

    for the rest of my life im a christian and im 18 american idol is my last hope.

  130. singing is my life its what i do best
    its only my greatest dream to do it for a living
    please take a look at my request and have aditions
    in st.louis

  131. please have aditions in st.louis saline dion and josh grobin are my favorite singers when i first herd gosh grobin sing i thought he was like and angel i prayed to God and asked him to teach me
    how to sing like that years later i learned how
    thank God! if i get on american idol i hope i can
    sing with saline dion if i do everybodies going to se what i can do

  132. if their are aditions for american idol in st.louis please please let me know because
    thats all i want to know and wheir.

  133. Hey i'm trying to figure out about the auditions for Milwaukee WI next week.I'm only 14 but it's my dream to be on American Idol. Me and my family watch the show every year and I have always wanted to go. I live in the Lacrosse area and my grandfather told me they are holding auditions in Milwaukee and I would like to go. Please write back A.S.A.P. Thank you.

  134. i cant wait for american idol season 11 i want to show the world that i can be the next american idol god did not give me this beautiful voice to waste i love and support the show and i cant wait for the next audition so i can give it my all wish me good luck i hope the judges can see that i really want this i hope you can have the next audition in brooklyn or new jersey

  135. please, please , make american idol for older people as well , some were . we are great singer in paterson, n.j.

  136. somtimes everyone dont get what the have been waitn for, for the past 8 or 9 years that iv watch american idol iv always promised my self that i would b on the show this year im realy excited bc of jen! she has been my idol since i watched her on the movie salena! witch is my fav of all time! im 19 now n been dreamin for years i lost my mom 8 days after i was born bc of childbirth after she had my sister the docter said that if she had any more kids then she might not make it or the baby might not make it. n she realy wonted a baby with my dad so she ended up being the one n not me! n thats the resson i wont on this show bc i know that shes watchn me n i wont to make her happy! so please i live n Gray,TN n i take care of my grandma n she cant be alone for 2 long so would u please come to TN for me n not just for me but for the rest of the peolpe that live here,n TN!!!! well thanks love ya all!!!

  137. hey my name is elaijha and i wanna auditon for the phoenix auditions but i dont know where its going to be i only now that it is gonna be on friday january 28,2011

  138. I cant wait until the auditions for 2011 because I would like to try out. is there a particular website that exclusively tells when and where the auditions in 2011 will be? if so please let me kno thanks 🙂

  139. To be honest I dont know if im the next american idol.. all i know is that over the last 2 years my voice has gotten better and all i've wanted to do for the longest time is try out for american idol..the only problem is when i get on stage i start shaking from bein nervous. I plan on trying out at the end of 2011 for season 11 but just thinkin about it scares me.. I guess you never know what'll happen untill you really try.

    • Destiny, that audition event took place in August 2010. It is too late to audition for the current season of Idol that you're watching now.

  140. Hello everybody! I love this programmy but I won´t auditon ! I hope to see you there and I will vote you guys olololololol good look

  141. I wish all these people that want to try out for AI good luck…but I would really hope they realize that this year's auditions are over…they were done LAST year… 🙂

    • The next auditions will be later this summer. The audition dates will be announced toward the end of the current Idol season. Watch for that info around May/June.

  142. I didn't know that they had changed the age limit until the auditions started playing on TV for this season. I heard a rumor that this is the last American Idol season EVER!!! And I really hope that's not true because I turn 16 this summer and that just wouldn't be fair!

  143. Hello….I see that the next seasons try out are at the end of this year….Do you now exactly when? My daughter wants to try out for the next season..She will be 16 this year. Please let me know..


  144. hi my name is linda i have a grandaughter that is going to try out in 2012 and i wanted to know do the people that get there like stay the night or do they get everyone in one day please reply to me trust me god gave her a gift her girft is to sing once you hear her voice you will be blown away .

  145. i'm thinking about trying out in wisconsin. i'm only 16 but singing has been my passion for as long as i remember. i'm going to work extremely hard because i honestly think that i could be the next american idol. wish me luck!

  146. hi my name is misty tumlinson and im 16. my birthday is february 22, 1994. i love to sing and i want to do american ido so bad that i cry when i realize i missed my chance this year i ask everyone to check my videos out on youtube and fwd them to other people username is mistylovesyou2012. please hear me out and let me know i want my dreams to come true so i can make a differeance through music. thankyou

  147. hello my name is ashley torres and im 13 yrs old and it says i have to be 15 to audition and its not because of justin bieber its because this is my passion when i saw this i started crying because ive been trying to audition and everytime there is something wrong…. please let me audition please….. i really wanna audition…. thank you for hearing me out…. i love your show by the way please let me audition this is my only chance….

  148. i can't wait for the 2012 CA auditions! i've been attempting to get to the auditions since 2007 but every time something comes up where i can't make it 🙁 this year it's definately going to happen!

  149. why havent you come to Lousivlle? are you coming to ant other cities? are you coming to Lousiville?

  150. Hi my name is Kate Shirley. I am 18 years old and i have wanted to be on American Idol for as long as i remember. When i turned 16 i begged my parents to let me go and audition, but they told me that i would have to wait until i turned 18 to do it. Well now i'm 18, and i am so excited to come to the auditions in Nashville in July 🙂

  151. Why aren't there any auditions in Michigan? I am fifteen, and I have a passion for singing. Many people have told me that I am so good, I should try out for American Idol, so I wanted to find locations for Auditions. Unfortunately, you guys are not coming to Michigan. Why not? Is there something wrong with the Mitten State? Please come, both me and my best friend have wonderful voices, and the rest of the girls and boys here at Grand Blanc High School are very talented, and I'm not just tooting our horn!

  152. when will they come to new york or maryland, this is my first time auditioning and i want to give it a try

  153. hello everybody, my name is jesse carter. ive been singing since i was a little boy. ive wanted to get on american idol since 2006. i just was never able to go, cause work. im going to try my best to make it this year. i hope everyone thinks i sond good as my friends and family do.

  154. i so want to go to american idol…..i could try to follow my dream nd i have the chance to make it come true….so…i hope i could….

  155. Hello, I was wondering if there is anyway to be emailed with information on how to sign up for auditions for the next season. Do you think you could email me or tell me where I can go to find out more information about auditioning?

    Thanks: Monica Appiano

    • Nope. You'll have to do that work.

      If keeping track of when audition events are for American Idol is too much trouble, then you're probably not cut out for the competition.

      • Ok I am sorry, I was just wondering you don't have to insult me I am able to I was just wanting to know if there was an alternative way of knowing when the auditions were.

        Thank you

  156. well i have wanted to be on american idol for a long time, ive been singing since i was little. and since they have lowered the age to fifteen i see this as a strong oppritunity for me. and i know im good, not to toot my own horn or anything but i good…i wouldnt gert on the television and embarass myself infront of millions of people if i werent. so if i get a chance…even if i dont make it all the way through at least ill have lived a dream and even that will make me extremely happy…once chance to prove to those who have tried to knock me down and myself that i can do it without a doubt

  157. Hey. Im 12 going on 13 and i LOVE to sing. Music is my life. Americian Idol is the best show ever!!! I was wondering… how old do you have to be to try out for Americian Idol??? Love you all you guys 🙂 <3

  158. hi my name is Mike! i am 19 and i have many talents such as dancing, singing, and acting! i am truly devoted to broadening my talented horizons!

  159. Hello I was wondering when you would be heading for New Mexico? I know its not the greates but still some talant is over this way!!! thanks

  160. So are their any auditions coming to columbus, ohio anytime soon? We have a lot of great talent here. I am going to be trying out for the auditons for 2012 season so im going to stay alert!! look forward to seeing you all.

  161. when is american idol coming to chicago cause i really want to try out singing is my passion and the way i get rid of pain.

  162. to American Idol.

    My best friend is 14 years old, and her birthday is September 22. She really wants to be in the music industry and doesn't know how to get there. I think this would be a good way for her, but i think you have to be 15? When is the Auditions, Nearest Red Wing, Minnesota? Please contact me if there is any other way to get her into the huge music industry without doing American Idol.

    Thank You- Abby

  163. I'm 18 years old and an aspiring singer. I love to sing. I'm not the best, but it's what I love to do. I don't have the money for a vocal trainer so I train myself. I've always been one to pursue my dreams, and I will do anything to achieve them. I'm going to audition for American Idol this year despite what anyone says. I'm going to pursue my dreams and be the best that I can be. Even if I don't win I will not back down. I will perservere until I achieve my goals. This will be an amazing learning experience for me and I know that God and my family will be with me during all this. I just hope that I can be the next American Idol, and finally pursue my passion in singing =)

  164. I don't want to hide it again, I don't want to bury my talent anymore. I am From Tampa FL. I am determined to go for American Idol now. Please Give me a chance to perform and I will show to everybody how high i can sing. I LOVE SINGING.

  165. is there anything needed to bring when auditioning as a 17 year old like permission slip or traveling documents and if you know where i can find all this information just give me the link plz

  166. I plan on trying out next year. Not sure if i'm good enough but i've been told i am. Anybody know where the closest auditions to Greenville, SC will be? I'm thinking Atlanta probably.

  167. I want to audition for american idol, its been my dream ever since I've been watching it.I even got over the stage fright and Im all set to audition. I would be able to try out next year but my birthdays in feburary, which falls behind the aunitions a month or two. Im so bummed. Any advice?

  168. That is so disapointing! The closest state to my hometowns auditions are the day before my 15th birthday.!

    • do it anyways and tell them you're about

      to turn 15! that's no reason to put yourself

      back a whole year.

  169. Hey! Thanks for bumping the age down to 15, even though I'll be 16 by next season. Oh well, feel free to stop by St. Louis next year if you guys are feelin it. I'd love to give it a shot. Awesome show, guys!

  170. I would like to audition for American Idol this year . I have a beautiful voice [ I'm not lieing ] and I would like to give this a try .

  171. hello my name is samaria im 14 will be 15 june 12th i was wonering how to get the imformation to audition for american idol

  172. hi my name is liz relly but that's shroter i am 9 years old i LOVE AMERICAN IDOL jennifa it was the best for chirs you know it i am a big fan of steven and jennifa and randy i've been tring to be in american idol for 9 years now and i want to be in american idol next year i'm gonna my best

  173. Hey. I'm 14 but by the time it airs ill be 15. Music is my passion and I really wanna try out. Music is all I breath. Maybe they'll let me. I love music. So please lemme know if I can make it.

    • Hey I’m 15 too!!! But I”m auditioning for season 12 cause I missed 11 🙁 But good luck to you!!!

  174. 'Ello.!

    I'm from Schenectady, New York. [:

    I think everybody should look for me during the NJ auditions, and wish me tons of luck.!


  175. Hi,

    I want to have american idol to come to the West Virginia at the civic center cuz i don't have a lot of money to chase them around in another state. I have been wanting to audition for american idol since the first season and I really hope you hear me out american idol people. please talk back to me. bye and thank you very much.

  176. I am auditioning for next season because I just became old enough, season 12 here I come!!! I'm the next American Idol <3

  177. Yes tht ish my real name but….im only 11years old and i dont know how old you have toh be to addison please reply if you can tell meh…:P <3 amaircan idol<3

  178. hey! my name is Bridgette, i am 15, and i love to sing write, just its my life at least music is, and i was hoping you could come to Detroit next season because its the only way i will be able to try out, and i want this with all my heart! you have no idea how much this would mean to me and i promise i will try my hardest to prove i have talent

    Sincerely, Bridgette Arteaga

  179. why havent american idol came to virginia yet im 20 years old and im ready to show the world im the next american idol

  180. why havent american idol came to virginia yet im 20 years old and is ready to show the world im the next american idol

  181. I was wondering why you dont have a listing for Las, Vegas Nevada thats where you are gonna run into the greatest singers in the world. Me and my identical twin will raise the roof of the building. So if your looking for double trouble we dare you to come to vegas we will show you how to set it off. We are the next american idol baby. GOD BLESS and be safe

  182. I think girls and boy 12 years of age should be in it cause i love to sing can't wait to go to american idol i just want to know if i'm good or not i don't care what people say i just want my grandma to be pround of me cause she wants me to go to american idol but i don't know but don;t all grandma's say that. I made the talen show at school everybody said i did good but i don't kn ow how to belive

  183. Hey i'm 14 and on June 12th i will turn 15 and I want to know where I can audition for American Idol if I live in Texas

  184. hey,

    i am 17 years old and i wanted to know if there will be any auditions in Dallas texas in the summer.

  185. hey,

    i just wanted to say that i am trying out this summer. do i just come to one of the places you listed? or do i have to sign up before then?

    • You just go…you have to go on a registration day then the auditions follow a day or two after

  186. I live in Houston Texas and will like to audition where would the location be for me to do so

  187. wow the closest place is new orleans and that is 3 states away #ml…i will get there if i have to hitch hick…

  188. hey i just want to know when the auditions will began for the next season of american idol..i want to try out.

  189. hey um. cant wait for the tryout thingies to be announced. hey…how exactly do i do this…do i send in a tape when required can someone let me know the process? because frank needs to know ( i sometimes speak in third person)

  190. hey guys! hows everyone doing? i was wondering if there will be audition s in LA in 2012 ? thanks -adri

  191. hey!!:) im trying out this summer… i just dont know when to go to register… does anyone no?

  192. Same here I'm From Spring, Texas I'm 14 & I justt had my birthday two days before Christmas , but I wanted to know can I audition for 2012,Where Are the auditions,& When ?

  193. The audition dates, is that for registration or is the registration date before the listed audition date?

  194. I really would like to audition for American Idol. My mother wanted me to try out for several years but she wanted me to finish school first. I am planning on auditioning this year and I feel I have the talent to be the next American Idol.

    • If those are the same cities this year for the 2012 season, then Nashville is. =) But this is old.

  195. Hey..I'm 14 and live in Alabama..I was wondering if there are any audtions near here..It doesn't matter where,me and my family just wanna know where.Anyone?

  196. Im 18 years old and singing has always been my dream just have never had the opportunity to get out there for somebody to notice my talent. I want to audtion as soon as i can. I need plenty of info of where to attend. I currently live in St. Mary's County Maryland.

  197. I’m 16 years old and I really want to try-out for American Idol. It has always been my goal and I have worked really hard to get where I’m at right now in singing. Please, let me know if there will be try-outs near the state of Idaho. Maybe even somewhere in Utah. Or somewhere close to here? Greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  198. I was wondering if I can tryout,because I am 11.I do not know what the age letm is.Please get back to me.I really want to audition.Are there any in Tennessee or Nashville

  199. Is it possible for a 14 year old to audition a month or so before they turn 15? 😛 Or is it a strict age limit?

  200. im a 13 year old girl who wants american idol to come to miami for me and my friends to try out. i go to a performing arts middle school for vocal and want a chance at fame… please american idol…come to miami florida!!!

  201. I want to tryout for american idol what are the dates for the summer of 2011?

  202. I am the next American Idol. I know this. I just need as much info as I can. Such as when the auditions will be.(day of the month) I also need to know EXALTY where. There can be no mistakes. I AM GREAT. I just need to show that fact to the world!

  203. hi my name is zhiana and i am 10 years old andi have always loved to sing.i was wondering if there was any auditions for pleeeeeeease email me im begging you all:)

    • hey, my name is karlie & im 11 but the age limit is 15 & up! i really want 2 sing 2! maybe we if were really good, theyll let us on! lets just hope! 🙂

  204. i really dont like the age limit! my daughter is 12 and all she wants to do is go on american idol but now she cant! is there any way there can be aceptions? she is very good & VERY talented! please tell me if u can!

  205. im 16 and i want to audition for the 2012 american idol season. does anyone know when the registration dates are that are close to connecticut to?

  206. my daughter will be 13 on April 23, 2011. What is the age to audition and also, we live in southern illinois, near carbondale…Where are the closest auditions near us?

    • I am 14 soon to be 15 and 15 is the age limit. I'm pretty sure they won't let ppl under that age in

  207. hey all. my name is melissa boyd and i am 16 years old., i am very excited this year to try out for american idol. if anyone has some interesting information i may need to know that would be spectacular! can't wait to meet people and especially can't wait to let my voice be heard! best of luck to all those trying out!! im sure you'll all be fantastic. with love, melissa 🙂

  208. when are the tryouts in dallas for the american and what are the requirements to tryout

  209. what are the dates for next year because im turning 16 december 1 and i want to know. people said they changed the age limited to 15

  210. I wanna audition for American Idol 2012!!! Im 15 and Im a pretty good singer but Im soooo afraid of singing in front of people!! Look out for me in 2012 but dont be shocked if you dont see me! That simply means either my nerves got to me or my mom said no!!!

  211. Hi I live in New Orleans and im wondering is it free to tryout and whats the steps i need to go through in order to tryout?

  212. can someone tell me if there are going to be any tryouts near Jersey this year? i wanna tryout for Idol but i need to know the dates (day of month) asap. thanks 😀

  213. Hi im 17 and i live in michigan. i was wanting to audition for american idol for this season with my friend who is 15 but i didnt know the age was changed. now im 17 and i want to audtiton for next season. but where can i audition?

    please help!!!

  214. Hey I'm 16. Im so freakin excited to be on american idol. I hope i do soooo well. I love to sing this is my life and my dream an i pray to GOD that he lets me live my dreams! Good Luck To All WHo Audition!!

  215. I have a daughter that would like to tryout for Idol in TN but she does not meet the age requirement. She is almost 11 with quite a voice… Are there any Idol kid auditions?

  216. Im 20 and I was wanting to audition for American Idol but I live in Eastpoint Florida and no money to travel. how can i audition for next season

    • Charity I have the same problem!!!! My family is so broke we cant even pay attention!!! LOL!!! I dont think American Idol does auditons in NYC any more so I might be outta luck till I turn 18….

  217. Oooohhhh I wanna audition sssoooo bad! I still didnt tell anyone because I dont like singing in front of my family! Its easier for me to do it around strangers! Weird I know! Just wish I could just do it….. 🙁

  218. I want to tryout this summer how do I find out the locations for this yeare 2011 and alos can I send in a video audition??? If I cant make it

  219. heyy umm…………. im 14 and i live in dominican republic and i would love to knwo if there will be auditions for american idol here cause i love to sing and i actually know how to sing!! sooo i have to wait for next year to audition and how do i knoe when the auditions start?????????

    plz reply back and thanxx!

  220. Hey ,,!…I was just wondering when the next auditions are going to be held and where this summer. I'm 16 and I really really want to try-out for American Idol!

  221. Hey i was wondering when and where auditions are going to be held 16 years old, i would really love to tryout for american idol and i think i have what it takes to become the next American Idol:) thank you

    • im sorry i know i have what it takes to become the next american idol.ive been singing since i was 2 years old singing is my passion i love it i sing 24/7. my friends and family have told me i need to tryout for this. i was born to do this:)

  222. i am a 23 year old female and would like to inquire about when american idol would be coming to pittsburgh pa for auditioning season? i would like to audition thanks

  223. please come t subway in merced calif $5 dollar footlongs turkey ones are great!!

  224. Hey. my name is David Francois and i love to act. i started singing in my teens and i always wannted to follow up with it. Hopefully this will be my chance to shine. I know i can and i cnt wait for auditions.

  225. My name is kayla and ive been singing since i was 2 years old i have videos and everything. its always been my dream forever. I no im good and the people that heard me no im good but everyone always says that its a one in a million chance to make it. Well i've been working hard and even though i do have stage fright sometimes I want to prove that i am good enough to atleast make it to hollywood. Does anyone know when the auditions for 2012 are starting or where they will be located?

  226. Hey my name is Dylan Turner and i love to sing i started singing in my teens and i always wanted to follow up with it Hopefully this will be my chance to shine I know i can and i cant wait for auditions for the year 2011

  227. Hey, my name is Beckie and I have been singing since I could talk. I have always enjoyed singing and recently, one of my friends mentioned trying out for American Idol. I laughed when my friend mentioned it, but later I thought about it. I realized that I am just as capable as anyone else. I just want to try it and see what happens. I enjoy singing and I believe this would be an awesome oppurtunity. If anyone has any information about tryouts for 2011 I would appreciate if they would let me know!

  228. My name is Tianna and I've been singing since i was a little girl and watched every princess movie with singing in it that Disney had to offer! I love to sing but had the most terrible stage fright until my fiancee cajoled me into singing for him and when I finally did i blew his socks off. Now my soon to be sister-in-law gets on my butt about trying out for American Idol since she watches it religiously. At first I laughed it off until I really thought about it and I've decided I would really like to try out and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about when the next auditions are and where they'll be??

    • No Danielle. As noted on each of the auditions, these events occurred in 2010 for the 2011 season which is going on now.

  229. I have not been singing long at all. I have behind the scenes a little bit and just practiced in my spare time. I am now in chorus and have received one on one help and feel I may be right for this show, and I can't wait for Nashville auditions.

  230. Hello I just wanted to know when there will be nother auditions for american idol.

  231. I think there shoudn’t be a age limit!!Because everyone deserves a fare chance to be heard!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. Remember this name: Cassandra Johnson, im going to the Austin,Texas auditions! 🙂 If anyone wants to see videos of me singing i have a you tube account:

  233. Both shows dancing with the stars and American idle should be put on the same time both are chick shows.

    • Then why are you the one searching for 2011 audtions, and better yet…writing comments. Sounds like somebody is a closet idol fan who is not man enought to admit it. Ouch.

  234. Hey my name is kayla ive been singing since i was 3,and ths has always been my dream ppl say theres a slim chance someone will make it but i want that someone to be me…ive just been waiting for my chance to shine 🙂 here it comes!!!!!

  235. hey everyone lol my name is steven im 19 years. I have been singing and competing since i was 5 years old. i got to sing with the chicago childrens state choir. done alot of competing . and singing in school andvanced choirs, ? and show choir.Music is my dream and i want to do what ever it takes to get somewhere with it or just to be noticed. im hopeing to go to the auditions in Austin , Texas on August 11 th. if u like what you hear please support me !! lol (: thank you everyone. hope to see you all soon. hopefully u all can see me (:

  236. i want to be on there but i cant there not by my house that dont make no sense to not have auditions in chicago

  237. I would love to see American Idol have some “not so popular” audition spots. I live in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and we “Northerners” can’t really travel to these huge cities so far away. How about trying something in the New England area? <3

  238. Thank u sooo much, I AM auditioning for American Idol! can’t wait til July 17th:)

  239. i want to perform on american idol in 2011 when yall come to texas i am in denton so yall please tell when yall come here

  240. I want to do this but im not sure i am going to iuts up to me ‘rents.(which is gay!!!!!!!!!!)

  241. Hi my name is Connie Lear I am from Alva Oklahoma but live in Farmington New Mexico at this time. I have been singing for as long as I can remember and here recently my friends and family have asked me to try it out and take it up as a career. I have decided to give it a shot and see how far I can go… I will be trying out on juky 17th at nashville TN… See ya there

  242. Awesome! I’m turning 15 in June and I really hope I can make it to the San Francisco auditions because I live really close by! I’ve always wanted to be a singer since I was a little girl, and I love to sing and perform infront of people. I’m going to audition with my friend and I think this will be a really great experience for me 😀

  243. My daughter Kala Garcia can sing, but her brithday is Sep 2, 2011. She will be 15! Is that to late for her to audition?

    • umm ya i think it will be too late for her to audition in september because i think august is the last month for auditions for an american idol i hope i helped

  244. I think its time to show the world what I got. I live in kingman az is there ganna be additions closer to here?

  245. my boyfriend is coming to the usa from australia to try out for american idol,and i’m trying to find out when or if their coming to florida.He has a amazoning voice,and made it in the top ten in what they call the karaoke trails,but I know he will do good in american idol,please help.Thanks.

  246. Hey, I’m really excited about trying out, but was wondering if there is a release form for this year or if last years release form works as well? Let me know! 🙂

  247. I would like to try out and need info! Do i need to pre-register or anything or can i just show up? what time are the Milwaukee auditions?

  248. I’m interested in auditioning but I’m going on a cruise right after the auditions. what’s the timeframe that they wait to send you to hollywood? like between the auditions and when you actually fly there?

  249. My friends brothers girlfriend (Indigo) an my friend (Cedric) willl be auditioning this year. I wish them both the best of luck. Go get em and knock the crowd dead!

  250. I am 9 and ever since I was 7 I knew I wanted to sing!I really want to audition.

  251. i love your show and i was hoping to be on it one day because im a really good sanger,,,thanks

  252. Hi. I’m 14 right now but will be 15 in november. Will I still be able to tryout?

  253. I’m very happy that the try outs are coming soon. I live in TX and i was wondering if they were having tryouts in Dallas, TX again…..i’m intersted in trying out. I didn’t know if Austin was the only place they were having try outs in TX.

  254. im looking for my nephew he is in pittsburg, trying out . if anyone sees him ,(donald Turner) wish him the best ok? hes a great country singer.

  255. ok so im 15 years old and would like to audition but im not sure if it is coming to austin or houston. so i was wondering if anyone could tell me. i love to sing and it’s been my dream to sing on american idol.

  256. Tim Roth , def………..he does were his hammers scarf on Lie to me.

  257. ahh lol i am so going to be on american idol hoping they love us cute american 11 year old girls!!!!!!!! 😛

    • i’ve heard that your settled down that you found a girl and your married now i’ve heard that your dreams came true guess she gave you things i couldn’t give to you old friend why are you so shy ain’t like you to hold back or hide from the lie i hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited couldn’t stay away couldn’t fight hope you’d see my face and that you be reminded that from me it isn’t over… nevermind i’ll find some one like you…..
      reply to help me. plz and thx

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  259. I want to audition for American Idol and I need to know the dates and times

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