American Idol 2012 Auditions

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next American Idol? Well here’s your chance. FOX has announced the first round of audition events for American Idol 2012. We’ll keep this list updated as more are announced. Sign up for our free Idol newsletter and you’ll get the latest Idol news sent straight to your inbox.

American Idol 2012 Auditions:

  • June 28, 2011 – St. Louis, MO – Scottrade Center (map details)
    Register: June 26-27; Audition: June 28
  • July 2, 2011 – Portland, OR – Rose Garden (map details)
    Register: June 30 – July 1; Audition: July 2
  • July 8, 2011 – San Diego, CA – Petco Park (map details)
    Register: July 6-7; Audition: July 8
  • July 15, 2011 – Pittsburgh, PA – Heinz Field (map details)
    Register: July 13-14; Audition: July 15
  • July 22, 2011 – Charleston, SC – North Charleston Coliseum (map details)
    Register: July 20-21; Audition: July 22
  • July 29, 2011 – Denver, CO – INVESCO Field at Mile High (map details)
    Register: July 27-28; Audition: July 29
  • August 26, 2011 – Houston, TX – Reliant Park (map details)
    Register: August 24-25; Audition: August 26
  • September 22, 2011 – East Rutherford, NJ – IZOD Center (map details)
    Register: September 20-22; Audition: September 22

American Idol 2012 Audition documents:

If you go to an audition be sure to send us pictures to share with everyone.

Update: Ryan Seacrest mentioned Denver, CO had been added to the list, but Idol has still not added it to the official list or made any reference to when that event would be. I’ll continue to watch and update as more information is released.

Update 2: We’re still waiting for any signs of life from American Idol and FOX regarding the auditions for 2012. In the meantime user AngelaDove posted the following narrative of her experiences from trying out the past few season:

I’ve additioned three times and made it through twice, so I just thought I’d pipe in about a few things that I’ve seen people post incorrectly. In past years, including last year, registration opened in the morning two days before the audition day – you can register anytime from the open of registration to the close of registration, which is typically the morning of the audition day (at like 7am or something).

The order in which you register will usually determine the order in which you audition, but I have never seen anyone get turned away for registering later than others. I’ve registered as late as 6pm on the 2nd day and I made it through that year (I’ve actually never registered the first day) – I also know someone that made it through last year, who literally registered at like the last second, around 7am the day of auditions.

Obviously, they don’t have forms, etc. up yet, but I’d guess they’d have them up this week. It’s typical for them to be up about a week before the first date, though they won’t necessarily have specific info up for ALL cities at the same time. The forms aren’t anything big, so don’t worry about that until they’re out.

Oh, and you can sing any song you want the first time.

We can’t verify any of that information, but if it’s true then I thought it’d be helpful for those of you already panicking.

Update 3: Finally! FOX just released the American Idol 2012 audition dates and locations. I’ve updated the list below with the additional cities and all the information announced. If it isn’t listed here then I don’t know it.




  1. Wow a new season!!!! Matt? do you know if we will have the same judges for next season?

    • There hasn't been a peep about the judges yet.

      I'm not surprised there will be another season. I'm expecting another 4-5 seasons. The show wins its time slots every night so as long as it's making gobs of $$ then FOX will continue to renew it.

      Now for the judges, if JLo really goes off and does her Latin "The Chosen" show and recovers her fumbled music career then she may decide she doesn't have time for American Idol 2012. But I'd expect Tyler and Jackson to be back for sure (just anticipation, not fact based).

      • oh please let them have at least 1 singing teacher on board…someone that can critique honestly and may I add humanely ( not a Simon type)

      • Yes I think Idol needs that person who is honest with these kids. Maybe not in acruel way, but for sure to tell them whe nthey need to make it happen and when their sucked they need to know it was NOT a good performance. I like Jimmy accessment of the 5 yesterday.. i like that he is honest and calls it the way he sees it. Those kids NEED the negetive with the positive. So Steven stop blowing smoke and give some useful advice!

      • I'd at least wish it was someone with better judgement than Jimmy Iovine…and a kinder tongue than Simon.

        I personally think that whichever judges are picked, should take a course in "how to give constructive criticism".

    • I doubt that there're another 4-5 seasons…if they don't correct the voting system & improve the show (i.e. not the same old theme every season!). I'd almost guarentee that it's rating will be going down & down, espeically, aparts from the voice, don't forget a new X-factor is on the way!

    • Steven Tyler is coming back but J-Lo is taking one day at a time she said last night

    • Yeah….it's earlier than usual….must be competing with the X-factor, I guess

  2. I think that they need to get someone like Simon to fill Jlo's shoes, someone who is honest and does want to help the kids with constructive criticism instead of WOW you are the best, etc., Also think that they should only allow kids who have graduated high school so maybe 17 or 18 and up.

    • Agreed! They should get someone like Bette Mildler or Cindy Lauper or someone equivalent! JLo is not even to be considered as a good singer, left alone critize others with more talented than her!

    • Hi, my name is Kelsey, I am a fifteen year old girl. I am planning on auditioning in July. Just because I haven’t graduated yet doesn’t mean anything. I plan to finish school, and even go to college. I don’t want to sing because it will make me famous, that is the last thing on earth i could really care about. I want to sing because i believe that is what I was put on earth for. I find it really hard to believe that an ADULT would say that, especially since you all are constantly telling us teenagers not to judge a book by its cover, it you dont want us to do it. You basically just stereotyped every person under the age of 17, by basically saying that we don’t know what we want to do with our lives. Just because i want to sing doesn’t mean I want to drop out. Half the people at my high school drop out at the age 16, but it wasn’t because they were singers, it was other reasons. So please don’t try to change that because YOU and a few others think we cant make decisions for ourselves, because I know, i don’t always make the right ones, but i make responsible ones most of the time. And a gradate, i honestly take that very offensive, my brother dropped out of high school because he had cancer and wasn’t able to be around other people because his immune system was to low. Just because he hasn’t graduated doesn’t mean anything.
      A lot of people living on the streets graduated from high school, just one question, what do you have to say about that?

      • Hey, my name is Kelsey too! and I will be tryin out at the St.Louis auditions. Every word you just typed was totally true. Stand up for youre generation! I just wanted to say good luck and have fun… Not everyone gets to live there dream but we have this AMAZING opportunity! Never say never and keep them dreams alive, you only live once.


      • Hey!
        And mine its not official yet. I play year round softball and have to make sure if its okay if i miss a few tournaments for this. So hopefully i can. And thank you. Good luck to you too(:

      • the the 1st kelsey that commented, i also am named kelsey and also will be trying out in saint louis, see ya there, maybe, it’ll be crowded πŸ˜›

    • thats not fair to the kids that have waited years to be on the show i think that the age range they have now is proper and very good it gives kids that have no hope in life something to look for

    • i have a cousin named dallin mcallister whos auditioning today… for the first time in his life; im so excited for him… he has a really really rich voice and is extremely talented. hes 17 right now and im super excited to see him sing this year on american idol… wish him luck…

  3. I hope Thia tries out again…if not 2012 then 2113.

    I really liked her voice . I think she just needs some more maturity for voice and stage presence.

  4. Well I'm 14 ill be 15 may 24 and I have always wanted to american idol since I watched the first season. I live in georgia but I'm going to the auditions in charelston,sc

    • Upload your singing to Youtube, and give the link of your video here. We will see and review how good you are. Most of us here are really good reviewer (it's that right, Matt ?). You can rely on Brendan, Matt, Ashley, Templar, David P, Pup, etc to ask feedback, suggestion, etc before you audition.

      • But I am afraid most of us will advice you not to audition this year. They will tell you to finish your school, wait for 4 years or so in order to gain sufficient training on vocal, etc until you are ready to appear in the show.

      • Jessica, thanks for giving the links. I have just watched both.

        Well, I am really impressed, mostly because you did it in Church, so I believe you are already born again and have a dedicated service in church.

        Alright then, in my opinion, you should better pray to God first, asking Him, whether your audition will be in agreement with His will or not. I dont’ mean to discourage you,

        but it should be the first thing to do for every God’s children before making decision, etc.

        How old are you ? If you are 18 or above, I agree with your plan to audition.

        Btw, in your second video, you sang song from Malachi 3:1-5. My favorite verses of that chapter of Malachi are 3:10-11, because I really like this promise of the Lord of Host.

        Keep serving the Lord with your talent. Lord Jesus bless you.

  5. We will see :

    1. The next Casey (with extreme growling and strong desire to kiss every girl/woman)

    2. The next Scotty (with super low register and completely horizontal microphone holding)

    3. The next Paul (with unclear voice and more awkward dancing)

    , etc in AI 2012.

    … LOL

    • & the next Jacob (with super high note and gyration femininely on stage…& tell viewer to look themselves closely in mirror!)lol!

  6. I think Idol should officially announce changes they will make to the show to correct the problems the public has with it before announcing auditions. They should be pumping up the voters on great "fixes" in the voting, judges saves, etc before assuming we want to go through this again.

    • I think idol should do away with the judges save because it is not right to save one from elimination and then the rest of the contestant don't have this option. It is kind of unfair to everyone else.

  7. Well im 15 years old and will be 16 years old on July 24th. I have always wanted to sing on American Idol since years ago =)I live in moncks Corner SC. , how do i sign up for an audition ?

    • Hey I really need to know how to register for portland or time and place please

      • hey, I have no clue. I’m trying to figure out a way to sign up for an audition too . so we on the same page .=]

    • all you have to do is go on the american idol website and search for a audition form

  8. Well im 14 but ive been dreaming about this my whole life. To even audition would be great! I hope they at least let me audition!!!

  9. Hello well im 14 an i have always wanted to be on your show and im wonderin if it wld be alright bc i am verry anxious to be on there plz email me at thank you

    • Lindsey, i think you should wait one more year. It will give you time to decide what you want to do if this doesnt work out. Take time to think it through. I really hope you follow through with your dreams. Good luck. πŸ™‚ I am not trying to be rude at all. Just trying to help you out. πŸ™‚

  10. I want to be the first female from Alabama!!! After the Tornadoes that hit here, I wish to inspire others to live life to the fullest! We could use this to help build Alabama! We will rise again!!! That will be my motto:) However you feel about God is your business, but I know that God gave me this voice to inspire and be a leader! I believe that is Radical and is what makes an idol! Just like the song from the incredible Dolly Parton, “I’ve got Jesus and Gravity.”

    • I have never heard that song by Dolly Parton, but I really like another Dolly Parton’s song “Smokey Mountain Memories”; the lyrics are full of inspiring words. I am looking forward to hearing Lauren Alaina singing that song.

    • I have just listened that song (Jesus and Gravity) in youtube.

      Yes, great song with great lyrics. I want Scotty or Lauren to sing it in AI whenever possible

  11. I just wish Idol auditions would come to Pittsburgh. We have a beautful city and places to hold auditions.

  12. i need to knw exactly wat to do i really need to audition.ANY HELP??????ANY BODY?????PLEASE

  13. Really, what all is needed to audition? I wanted to tryout when I was 16 and my older brother (legal guardian) was going to go with me, but my mom talked me out of going. Still regret it. Then (back in 2006), you had to fill out an application and send it and whatnot and have paperwork.

    If that’s still the case, where do we get the information to fill out and whatnot?

  14. To be honest Scotty should not be here right now. His second song sounded like he was a singing at a country fair and it was a joke. He is a good guy but he needs to go.

  15. I was shocked and appalled that James went home!! I’ve loved him from the very beginning and to see him go saddened me! And the fact that Haley is still there instead of him angers me! It should have been James and Scotty in the finals. You wanna talk about record-shattering votes from this season? That one would have blown the voting apart!! But again, sadly, James is gone… He will do awesome even though he didn’t win just like Chris Daughtry. One more thing: Lauren and Haley may in the top 3 but they better watch out because Scotty’s gonna take it all!

  16. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH KELSEY AND KELSEY!! Im 15 too and i am auditioning in St Louis. I honestly couldnt care less about fame or fortune either! I know i want the rest of my life to be FULL of music and i want to make a positive, powerful impact on peoples lives. I want to record songs about self empowerment and confidence. I want my message to be sent ACROSS AMERICA! My cousin died of suicide, and maybe if there were a few more artists singing about self importance and esteem, then maybe the suicides per year number would decrease. DRAMATICALLY!! I know i am only one voice, but please listen.

  17. How do we find out what time and the places of auditions? I’m thinking about going to the Houston, Texas audition. But I need more information on it. And if there is a sign up necessary.

  18. hey, umm my names kelsey i live in weston mo and really want to audition in saint louis, but i’m not intirley sure if i can, like right now i’m 14, but i turn 15 in september, which is before it even aires on t.v. . and i think im pretty good at singing. so would it be against the ruls for me to audition or would it be ok, because the audition really isn’t the compitition, i’ll be 15 during the competition just not audition. please comment and tell me casue i really don’t wanna risk 2012 being the last rear they do it πŸ™ sorry for any miss spellings ):

  19. Ok just to get this clear but do they have auditions in New Jersey like on a day that I’m not busy because I turn 15 on July 18 and wanted to join and it says that Pennsylvania is the closest but I might be camping with my Church friends. I don’t know what to do!!!

  20. Hi,Everyone! Well I certainly came to the right place; you are all so informed about AI! I live near Portland, OR where AI will hold auditions in July. My son is 15 years old just before the competition begins; I was glad to hear of the lowered age limit to audition. My son’s name is Jordan and he plays the baritone, accoustic and electric guitar, and has a distinctive singing style & ,and is now teaching himself clarinet, too. My point is he is well rounded and passionate about music; he has never had a lesson in his life, he’s just a natural. I know all mothers think their kids are the next Justin Bieber or Shirley Temple, however,neither he nor I are looking for fame by auditioning or, by some quirk of fate he were selected to continue. Our interest is because it would be a good experience to be a part of the process, but most importantly, it is an opportunity to practice ‘auditioning’. I want him to experience the reality of ‘showbiz’; how many people he’s competing against, the quality of his competition. This would be an invaluable experience and maybe it would save him a lot of heartache and keep him from wasting time on unrealistic expectations. Or, it could give him a taste of the big time and present a challenge to him that he think he is up for.

    I wanted to add to the dialogue concerning AI opening auditions for 15 and older.My feeling is that AI has elected to open to younger contestants because there are a lot of talented kids out there and they are starting younger and younger. Just look at Taylor Swift – she was 18 when she cut her first album. As I stated above, there are lots of hopes and experiences I hope for my son to gain from auditioning. Whether he decides the ‘life’ isn’t for him or that he wants to try to go on to ‘the big time’ is his choice. No one can make realistic, well thought out decisions unless they know first hand their options. This is especially true for adolescents who have not have the full benefit of a life experience. I do not think that an additional year or two in high school is going to make a difference; real experience doesn’t come until at least after 20, 21. Again, so many kids are starting out early in performance, sports,and academics that truly, 18 year-olds are a little ‘long in the tooth’ to compete against 13 to 16 year olds. Just sayin’! Good luck to all who are going to try to audition. Peace.

  21. Well for me (a 15-year-old) there are no good reasons why I can’t try out: I have a backup plan if I don’t get on the show, and a school plan if I do.

    If I don’t make it on the show, I want to be a baker, and if I **do** make it, I can take my school with me (since I attend online school…)

    • You’ll have to keep checking back if you want to get the information. As soon as it’s released we will post it here.

    • Do we have an idea on where they auditions will be and what time it will be?

    • what about in Milwakee? or madison what if no one lives in those states i live in Wisconsin?

      • i agree i think we realy need to have auditions up here im from wisconsin too i wanted to audition last year but was 7 mnths prego couldnt do it. i want to this year but theres nothing close!!!

      • I am with ya i an 18 and i want to try out too but it it just to far away i had one last year i got an audition form but i was too late it didnt get done in time. there are talented people all over the world why go so far away?

    • i remember when i was 11 and i was like i wanna try out i’m gonna be 16 this year and am hoping to try out you have to wait just like everyone else just remeber it gives you more time to train your voice so you can be the best

      • i am in fostercare i was taken away form my mom when i was 8 years old. i have a really good voice i can sing saprano and alto i have been sining or should i say trying at age 3 and sining is my world i want to be on American idol beacuse i want amrica to vote if i should start a singing career. i think 11 year olds should be able to sing too i am with ya on that one!

  22. Is there a cost to try out for American Idol? I am 15 and plan to try out in Oregon for this season. Is there a cost for housing or anything like that while in Hollywood or on the live stage? Will a legal guardian have to come with me to Hollywood week, and will we need to buy plane tickets?

    If someone could answers these questions, that would be great! I need to know if there is a cost ahead of time! πŸ™‚

    • The plane tickets are provided if you make it to hollywood, but I am not sure about any of the other information

  23. i think more Californians or more northern states should be the states of winners not states of the confederacy or slave states.

    • i guess the winners mostly come from the south because that’s where all of the talent is.. just a guess!

    • How Could You Even Say Something Like That..
      That Is The Past, Get Over It. There Is ALOT Of Talent In The South, Not Our Fault.. (:

      • I know that what he said was kinda uneccessary but how can you say it was a thing of the past and that we should “get over it”? Thats just ignorant and its easy for you to say because your ancesters werent raped hung and burnes or just plain treated like animals. Everything that us African Americans have is what we had to fight for. Please you may not have meant it that way but it stings. Be more careful with your words in the future.

      • It is in the past. I can’t believe that anyone could think they are owed something because of what happened 3-4 generations ago. Keyword in your post: Ancestors. That does not mean you! Now if your great grandma wants to come talk about it, no problem! She has all the room in the world to talk when it happened to her first hand. I am Native American and I don’t go around talking about the things that were done to my ancestors. The trail of tears happened to my people but fact of the matter is that it is in the PAST! Move on already!!!!!!

      • I bet people don’t realize that back in the day whites were slaves to black then it switch black to white… and hints you said ancestors which means it didnt happen to you or your mama and probably not even your grandma… P.S. If it wasn’t for the white mans help you would still be slaves… SMDH Yall need to realize that yes white men enslaved you but white men were also the ones that saved your ass… SMMFH At ignorant mofo’s that really don’t know their history… research and become informed before you talk and look stupid πŸ˜€

  24. I wish they would come to chicago or wisconsin because there are a whole bunch of people i know that want to come

  25. I am finally old enough to audition and there is no place MODERATELY close enough. I am really really super sad. :'(

  26. My boyfriend convinced me to try out, he is amazing. So happy they are having tryouts in Portland Oregon, im 16 and only have to drive an hour for my tryout πŸ™‚ love for albany OR!

    • I’m from Oregon too, and turning 16 this year. I’m sooo glad they’re having auditions in Portland finally! πŸ˜€

    • OMG!!! Ur soo lucky you’re old enough!! I’m 13 and wanna audition sooo bad!! I live in Albany too!!

  27. I would like to get the address in pittsburgh, pa so I can reserve a hotel ,how can i get that?

  28. =] i really wanna do this =] im 18 frm bakersfield im a supereno i been singing my whole life… does anybody know the address for the san diego location?

  29. quiero participar pero nesesito saver cuando son las audiciones para el 2012 y cuando seran en san diego o en los angeles

  30. i wanted to know if i can audition if i live in Canada and have been my entire life?

  31. cant wait till it comes to houston oh yeah im ready been ready for a few years and now i am finally coming out lets hope i can get to the finals i know i can i know i can

  32. I have never been one to sing in public. I get too nervous but i think this would bring me out of my shell. All my friends say i have an amazing voice and have been trying to get me to audition or show my voice for a while. I grew up living with my father in Johnston county North Carolina with my mom and sister living in Colorado for the past 10-11 years. I am 20 years old and ever since the parents separating and my sister with epilepsy singing was a thing to calm me down when i am alone. A shot like this would mean so much to me. I will be there in Charleston SC on July 22nd

  33. Im sooo excited for the PDX auditions!!! Ima be the next american idol!!! Ima represent Oregon! Go Donner Party!!!!

  34. i’m 14 turning 15 in october to late to adition but, i am definaitley going to next year. I have been singin for as long as i can remember and hope i get a shot to sing.

  35. Hey, Im 16 and was wondering if there any auditions in seattle this year? if i wanted to audition would i have to sign forms or anything to be able to go and try out?

  36. I want to Audition in Portland Or. this coming year, but only if I get my voice back to where I am happy with it. I don’t want to go and just embarrass myself. Does it cost money to audition or anything?

  37. I’m from Chattanooga, Tn… i wonder if auditions will be near here again :S

    • I’m taking vacation in July so I can try out for American Idol in San Diego, CA. I live in Orange County. I wish the best of luck for everyone else out there looking to try out. πŸ™‚

  38. My 19 year old finally decided to try out,is there paperwork that she can fill out prior to the auditions and what about pictures or video’s. Can or do we send those in to a specific place and time frame? Thanks in advance!

  39. I was waitin for them to announce where the auditions would be and i really wanted to try out this year but i live in milwaukee, wi. i have no other way to get to any other state besides illinois. Oh well i guess ill have to wait til next year. πŸ™

    • i live in wisconsin too i live in black river falls and there is no way my mother is gonna want to drive out of state any ways my mom and i and my family are already going to florda and we dont need to go anywhere els. i wanted to try out to but its just to far away. i bet ya if they came to Milwaukee or madison they would find more talnted people then in those other states. dont ya agree!

      • they really should go to denver or minneapolis because those of us in the midwest cant drive to the coastal areas. C’mon American Idol show the Midwest some love!

      • I also live in Wisconsin, but im going to be in California late june so ill have to drive the 12 hour drive to Pittsburgh… I wonder if ill get air time like i did this last year πŸ™‚

      • I just saw on the news that the AI audition is coming to Denver on July 29th at the Invesco Field..

  40. Ok, did Ryan just accidentally say Denver last night on the finale? Because I can’t find the information for that audition place on any website. All I see is the auditions ending in Houston in every sight. But I’m sure he said denver… If anyone knows any information about it please let me know! I want to audition soo badly.

    • this is my thing too..i have looked everywhere and i cant find anything but i really want to audition…

    • Looking for Denver too! I have replayed the show and he DEFINiTELY said denver! I wish they would confirm with a TBA date. PLEASE?

  41. “FOX has announced the first round of audition events for American Idol 2012.” Is there a second round? I’m with Lauren, Ryan said last night that there were going to be auditions in Denver. Can you please let us know if this is true or was it an error.

  42. okay, what if the auditions are no where near where you live and may not have a way to get there? and what if your turning 15 just shortly after the auditions because im going to be 15 on july 29 and i dont want to wait another year to try out.. any suggestions??

    • Well the way your saying it i think you should whait unless you can find someone to take ya who are 18 or older other wise i dont know what to say. i am new at this typing thing so i dont know what to say but good luck. maybe you should post a video of you sining and see if many people thik ya sould go. i am trying to go on idol beacuse i am starting a creerer in singing and i need America to see if i should other wise if they say no i am not good then i will have to find something els to do. good luck!!

  43. I live in Staten Island, New York. I need to audition can some one tell me the closest place. My family cant really afford to travel by plane or train, we need a place we can drive to, maybe New Jersey or up-state NY. PLEASE help me! I really need this. Its my lifelong dream!!!

  44. I am fourteen years old. I’ll be fifteen this summer and I wanted to audition for American Idol. Sadly the Audition that I want to go to is less than a month before my birthday! Is there any way that I can still go?

  45. I’m from Green Bay, WI and hardcore have my fingers crossed that they somehow decide come to Milwaukee or even Chicago again! I can’t go try out anywhere else!:(

  46. How about Newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Yorkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  47. Ok so I was just wondering if you have to fill out any papers before auditioning on American idol !?

    • Yes, girlie…ALOT of papers will be coming your way when you print out your release forms to sign, so be ready…make sure your ink’s not low on your printer (lol!). I don’t know your situation, if you’re in the biz yet or not, but take some VERY important advice from me, and make sure you READ EVERYTHING B4 U SIGN THE RELEASE FORMS, just bc, you never know…you just may win. Break a leg, hun!!!

  48. Okay so how do I get the forms to fill out and where do I send my pictures to?

    • I’m planning to try out for Idol too. I’m 31 and don’t want to give up my dream so I decided to try out. They’re coming to San Diego, CA July 8th. Where do you register on here?

  49. You all talk about paperwork but if you already registered yourself that should be it. If there is, it would be easily found posted on this website. And thyre comin to the STL πŸ™‚ cannot wait. Truelly pushed this off for too long…

  50. im excited about the auditions at st louis but im not very sure where at? and time?

  51. I am an incredible singer music is my passion I been singing for almost a long time and I hope I make American idol thank you , Hugo

  52. I am in love with music, music is everything I got and I hope I win American idol 2012

  53. Okay So Heres The Deal, I’m 14yrs old But I Will Turn 15 During The Live Show. I Was Wondering if I Could Still Audition For 2012’s American Idol. I Can Not Wait Another yr. -I Think I’m Speaking For All The Teens Who Will Be Turning 15 During The Show or The Teens Who Were Born in 1997. -Can We Still Try Out??? Please Let Me Know!

  54. I have replayed the show and he definitely said Denver. Could you please confirm if this is true with a to be announced date? I have a nephew that has flown back from New Zealand to try out and is staying with us and we need to make our plans and we live in Denver.

    Keeping Our Fingers Crossed!

    Lori In Denver

  55. Looking for information on the American Idol Auditions For Portland, OR. My daughter Cheri Morris has been signing since she was 3 years old and i know she has the talent to make the show please inform me of west coast Auditions Thanks James Morris Apple Tree Lawncare

  56. Okay,
    I live in Florida.
    Like I’m on mobile which one is closer O-o
    They need to have them in atlanta again or are they don’t judge I’m slow on this.

  57. I know it’s called ‘AMERICAN Idol’, but can I go to an audition to ‘American Idol’ even though I come from a whole another country πŸ™‚ ? .. Thought maybe to go to an audition someday ? πŸ˜›

    • I don’t know but I was thinking that. I am from the UK and was thinking of coming over. What do you think?

      • I live close to the UK (: ! but yeah I definitely think that you should go πŸ˜€ you never know, maybe you’ll be the next American Idol, so just go for it πŸ™‚

  58. Will i been watching american for the hole time scotty mccreery was on it and if he can bring the title to north carolina i think i well give it a shot and try to bring to the title to north carolina agian so can you give me a shot at it?

    From. Aaron Crabill

  59. I Want To Auition So Bad! Singing Is My Favorite Thing To Do, And Everyone Always Tells Me I Could Win On American Idol. I Disagree, But Being On This Show Would Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me, Win Or Lose. (:

    • Wouldn’t it be cool if we did make it…at least to the top 5? Who would you want to sing with ?….im all for adam lambert……hes a great singer. ever since i have seen the show, i have been wanting to try out. i just got singed up for private voive lessons so i can have a better chance in passing….it would be a miricle if i passed past the auditions.

  60. I am going to try out…i have watched it for many seasons but have never done anything about it yet. I just hope that I’m good enough……

  61. How do I get the forms that i need when we go to the audition? I can’t find it so where do I look to get it? Where in Pittsburg PA is the auditions at? I need an address so we can plan it thanks

  62. Really need the paper work for auditions. Coming up to Pittsburgh. When will all the info be up?

  63. I am planning on auditioning in Houston. I am wanting to bring the title home to H-town! Yall check out my videos on youtube (mpmorris81) and let me know what yall think πŸ˜‰ Thanks!!!!!!

  64. i am from florida and i reeeaallllyyy want to try out ! i have been dreaming of this day since i was about 9 or 10. i wish they would come to florida or georgia or SOMETHING ! please help.. where is closest ?

  65. Is it posible for them to come to the central US so people in Minnesota can audition.

  66. when will the time and address for charelston sc goimg to be disclosed???

  67. This is my opinion. I think that American idol has done a good job picking there winners only one fault. They never had a latino person win the show….I think its about time for that….Just my opinion again…Thanx

    • I think so too. I think that it would be great if you won…..or any of us…i live in yuma – in the middle of nowhere…..i bet the judges don’t even know where yuma is …..

  68. I want to try out, it’s always been my dream since the first season to go on American Idol and I am wanting to try out maybe this year. Not too sure yet..

    • Yea….I signed up foir private voice lessons so i would have a better chance – but I doubt it….I might have a better chance if Paula came back (without Simon) but Randy is still there and so is J.Lo….so who knows…but I think that I am going to wait until my lessons are over. But don’t give up….just go for it…..if you pass or don’t pass…at least you tried..that’s what is important….

  69. There should be an audition New Jersey. I turn 15 July 19th and I live to far away from Charleston. I’ve been practicing for years to be on this show and it kills me to know I cant audition till next summer. Please consider it fox. Thanks:)

  70. I love this show and I have been watching your show ever since it started. I love to sing and I would like to try out. Im not sure what the process is to audition. I hope to here from you soon.

  71. im 14 and wont be 15 till September 5 and i live in Maine and the closest thing is in July 15, 2011: Pittsburgh, PA which is almost 2 months before by birthday could i still tryout or if i went to the August 26, 2011: Houston, TX which is 10 days before my birthday could i tryout there?

  72. My name is ebony evers im from st .louis mo and I belive I have what it takes to become and idol and im going on the show when they come to st louis so I wanted to know what kind of info do I need.thank and wish me luck

  73. Hey, my friend is looking to audition but he will only be 14 at the time of auditions. His birthday is like literally a month later. Does he HAVE to be 15 at the time of auditions?

    • They might be changing the age limits again, but it’s not written into stone yet. Who knows: maybe they will do something for someone if their birthday is that close to the planned audition day.

  74. I know that the dates are posted and the time is to be announced. My questions are when will they be posted and is there a prior sign up.

  75. I can’t wait until the auditions in Pittsburgh! Someone keep me posted on the addresses!

  76. When will they be in Denver? I’m turning fifteen in June and on the last show Ryan said they were going to Denver. So when will they?

  77. I was told by someone that there will be auditions in orlando, fl. Is that true? if so when?

  78. Just curious about auditions coming to Houston.. My daughter really wants to audition and we want to know where it will be held and of course the time would help us out. Is there anything specific we need to bring? I know sometime in Aug Idol will be coming and I’m looking in to see where it will be but i find no info. Help!!!

  79. This is going to be my first audition and i was owndering if i needed to sign up some where or if i just had to show up to the specified location?

  80. i’m going on american idol for nxt year and so is my boyfriend so yeah… and yes i CAN sing very well cuz i’m in an adnanced choir at my high school i’m 17 years old and i’m ready!!!

  81. How to sign up? I want to go to the Houston audition. Do you just show up? Or do I need to fill out something?

    • I am really interested in attending the Pitt, Pa audition don’t know what i need to do. If anyone has any idea please give me some info. Thank you appreciate it very much

    • you have to fill out a form, I know that, but I do not know when they will be releasing the forms, I need a for also to audition in St. Louis, Missouri this month,

  82. I am 15 this year and I hope to audition and the auditions for near me are coming up this month in St. Louis and I need to know when and where the auditions will be, there are several places possible for auditions and I need to know when I can get a form to fill out for auditions, if anyone knows of any of this information yet, could you let me know please? Thanks πŸ™‚

  83. K. Question..

    I am an American citizen currently living in Canada. Am I still eligible to audition? Do you have to be living in the States to Audition?

  84. Okay,i’m wanting to audition for american idol this season.When is the dead line to send in a video for it?

  85. Is it true you’re coming to Denver? There’s no information or date but it was announced on the tv. Please let me know, I’m planning on auditioning.<3

  86. I’m going to audition in July in Charleston, SC! Look out for Sarah Meador! (:

    • Hey good for you i will be looking for you. tell them when you see them to go to Wisconsin nexts year okay thanks and good luck.!!!

  87. Pleaseeee come to Minnesota!
    singing is my dream! its all i have besides friends and family! i have 3 cities behide me that are going to watch if i make it! im not liying!


  88. My name is Ivania, and I live in Houston,Tx. I am 15years old now, and I’ve waiting my whole life to audition for American Idol. My family has been bugging me to that i should show the world i’ve got hopefully I’ll be auditioning August 26, when they come down here:)

    • Do you have to fill out the application b4 you go to audition or walk in? And I might see you there good luck!! πŸ˜€

      • O.o Im not sure if we do. And i cant wait to see you there:) Good luck to you too!

  89. I wonder Will you guys ever have an auditions for Virginia its alot of talent here please make an exception.

  90. im going to try out for american idol because its my dream to sing an u can do whatever you want if you put ur mind to it

  91. They neeeeeeeed to come to Chicago .This is finally my year when I’m old enough to audition && I can’t wait another season .</3

  92. i will be auditioning for american idol in charlston sc no if ans or buts about it i have always wanted to do this and i love to sing i have always wanted to be a singer since i was small

      • man competition is guna b tuough this yr bc i too will b auditioning in charleston…its only a 2 hr drive for me.

  93. I’m so happy they’ll be coming back to St. Louis to hold Auditions! I’m going to have to audition since I’m only half an hour away!

  94. A great place for auditions would be the sun dome in Tampa, Florida. It is next to the Florida state fairgrounds so there would be Plenty of parking. It is also right next to two interstates, I-75 and I-4, which give easy access to anyone in our state and states north of us. Or Raymond James stadium, home of the Buccaneers, seats 50,000 and has ample parking for same.

  95. I am proud to say that i will be in harleston sc, july 22, 2011 to try out for the amazing american idol:) Im so ready and very exited to showcase my talent to everyone! Hope yall enjoy.

  96. So, I should be auditioning at the Cali stop. I need more info, this is coming up so quick! Where and when in San Fran? Ahh, but I’m excited.

  97. does anyone know the time and place for audtions in charleston? i kno the date.

    • American Idol has still not released any location or time details other than what is above for the listed cities.

      When more information is released I will update it here.

  98. where do you find the information to send to the judges or so you can get in?

  99. where is the auditions in portland and what time? and is it free to try out?? someone please help me…

  100. The tryouts for Pittsburgh….are they free…? What time?….Where?!?….How long does it take? Someone please help!

    • im trying out in Pittsburgh too πŸ™‚ they havent released any of that information yet.

  101. Anyone have good song to audition, for a girl? I have 3 octaves so I dont really care about the range of the song…

  102. Why don’t they have auditions in Arkansas?? Kris Allen was from Conway Arkansas

  103. So, I’ve been wondering, do we print off audition registration forms or wait until we get to our audition city and fill them out there? Also, is there an audition fee. And does anyone know where the auditions will be held in Houston. Thanks

  104. Do you have to fill out any paperwork or do you just show up and sing? If you have to fill out paperwork, where do I find that? Thanks.

  105. So once the site has given the place, do we just go and wait, or is there a pre-sign-in online or something?

  106. Are these going to be the only places? If so I have a long drive to whichever one…lol.

  107. Are the locations listed above the only locations that the Auditions will be held in?

  108. Well I’m 14, & I’m turning 15 on Nov. 2. I really want to audition for American Idol! But when are the auditions in Chicago? & will they be after my birthday & if not can I still audition if they are before I turn 15? I tried out for America’s Got talent this year, but didn’t make it. So, I was really hoping American Idol would be my thing! (:

    • If it doesn’t say above next to the listing for Louisville, then no, nobody knows that yet because it hasn’t been released.

  109. oh and also im 14 nd im turnin 15 in november nd can i still audition if its b4 my b-day? American Idol is one of my fav. shows nd ive been lookn forward to it for awhile now..

  110. i want to try out so bad have sinse i was little i love to sang and hope and pray one day i get my chance…..

  111. I thought I heard some people mention that contestants can register online. Is this true?

  112. I am 18 years old, and I KNOW that I will win AI this year. I just have a feeling that its gonna be me! Dont hate, just remember. Cant wait for auditions!

    • Haha no I’m actually gonna be the next AI but good luck to ya. ill be auditioning in St Louis πŸ˜‰

    • I will be there as well, not expectation to make I tf to hollywood but just for some criticism from people who know what they are talking about’

  113. Can anyone provide a comment on what happens during the audition day if you are lucky enough to get a gold ticket. Do you need to be available later in the day for another audition round or once they get your information from your first audition are you free to leave?

  114. Does any one know how to register to audditon and what time audditions begin, I’m 15 and want to auddition in sandiego ca , someone please reply to me as soon as possible

  115. sup ya’ll representin’ the dirty dirty south and im gonna throw down in Charleston, SC, coming from Hickory, NC (:

  116. I’m 15, and I am most likely trying out for American Idol this summer in South Carolina or Pennsylvania. I just need more information. Where could I send the picture you mentioned?

  117. I want to audition in PA but do not know where any of the information about it is. When does that come out about where and when the audition is? and stuff about registration? I am only 15 and need to find the info for my parents.

  118. Hi, ill be in south carolina as well, just waiting on the time, and more info..

  119. You should come somewhere close to Fresno i need somewhere closer….I know how to sing and i am confident tht i cud have a chance πŸ™‚ Jus come closer to fresno so i cn audition

  120. What if you wanted to try out this year and it’s not coming anywhere near you..i leave in NC

  121. hey any one know where the audition in sc going to be at i need to book ahotel and its getting close

  122. I’m trying out in Charleston SC. I will be traveling from NC. I have to admit that I’m scared an there this a lot of strong voices out here. But I’m going to give it my all an represent my small hometown of Williamston NC…..God is my ally!

  123. I’ve been wanting to try out for idol since the first season but i never knew where to go. I hope this year i could try out and maybe go to hollywood. but no expectations, but hope is there.

  124. I have been singing for fun since i was little. I am 16 years old and singing is one thing i am good at(: I just need more info for the san diego auditions(: Where do we send the pictures?

  125. I need to know where in Pitssburg it will be because I need to get a hotel room.

  126. I don’t know where they found this page, but it has more detailed information about the auditions. Hope it helps!

    I’m still confused because there is no Florida stop listed… it’s weird because they usually stop here in FL. Idk, hopefully they will add some more audition stops soon!

    Good luck everyone auditioning (:

  127. i’ve wanted to audition since i was little well littler and i love to sing and i really hope my mom says yes lol cant wait

  128. I would like to be a contestent this next season on American idol. I am 15 and I like to sing.

  129. so i have been checking out the website and all that but i cant find any forms or whatnot to fill out,, when will they be posted? There has to be some type of form.

  130. i love american idol lauren was my favorite but scotty was very good too my mom thinks he’s awesome,but he is my age i tryed out in Nashville didn’t make it but i still love ya’ll my mom took it kinda hard but it help me no my right and wrongs. love b-rad

  131. I love american idol I try in Nashville TN it was not my time but American idol made the right choice with lauren and scotty. love bradley James

  132. My dream has always been to perform on american idol.But i don’t see any forms on how and to sign up.I’m seventeen and my brother is nineteen;and we’ve been singing a very long,long time and we enjoy it somuch.Hope that our dream for american idol comes true! Love Jasmine

  133. This is getting kind of annoying. This will be the second year in a row that Idol skips Florida. i was so pumped to audition but now i’m just crushed i can’t again.

    • I agree I wanted to audition last year too and it’s unfair. I mean they make things so far away I wish they could go to every state or at least every other state and have a place closer.

      • A lot of people feel like that but they do what they can. They are doing auditions in sc. Its not that far away.

  134. I’m very excited about this audition…I’ve already put all my insecurities behind me and I’m ready to be thee fierce…so watch out America…here Amanda comes…

  135. Ive auditioned the last 4 years. What will happen when you register is they will have you fill out paperwork. You will be required to show photo ID and they will give you a wristband and number. If you lose your wristband you CAN NOT get into the venue. On the day of the audition, they will have the forms you need to fill out. They say there is only a limited number, but i’ve never not gotten one… they will probably put the form up online the night before the actual audition. SO if you’re staying out of town, make sure you can print one off somewhere… but like I said, they always have extras! Good luck!

    • I would guess 8AM since that’s a pretty standard start-of-business time, but would it hurt to get there early and be ready when they open if it’s later than 8AM?

  136. Ever since I was little , I’ve always wanted to try out for American Idol . I have been singing my whole life , ever since I knew how to talk to say the least . I’ve taught myself everything about music and some from my choir teacher as well . I take constructive criticism very well as I’ve had it over the years . Some brutal , some helpful . I turned 16 on June 14 and knowing that I’m going to get this chance is overwhelming to me . I think I’m ready and I’m counting down the days ! And good luck everyone who is trying out ! I’ll see some of you in Pittsburgh ! πŸ˜€ <3

    Much love , Kaytee . <3

  137. I have always wanted to audition, but they never did it in Portland. Now look! I can drive 10 minutes to my audition, thank you world!!!!!! I am doing this no matter what my parents say πŸ™‚ Onto 18, perfect time to do it!

  138. Well, I’m fourteen right now, but where I’m going to audition is 2 months before I turn fifteen! Is it okay if I still go? Because I really really want to go, since I didn’t make America’s Got Talent, I want to be on an all singing show! Please tell me yes! Thank you

    • No, it is not okay. If the age requirement is 15 and you’re not 15 then why would it be okay?

      Spend the next year training and preparing and then audition when you’re eligible.

  139. Hey how do I find the forms?? I really want to do this and i can’t seem to find the forms anywhere?! :^/

    • I have not seen any forms yet. If FOX doesn’t put them out in the next few days then you can pick them up at registration up to two days before auditions.

  140. Im not sure if i want to audition or not, im just not sure its the right way for me as an artist to go. But if i do i know ill get some feed back i can work with. WHat do you think?

  141. Georgia is not up there but south carolina is close enough! I hope to be there yayyyy

  142. I am flying to houston to audition, but I wont get there until the 2nd day of registration…is this too late to register??? Or do I need to be there the first day??

  143. So the website says that houstons tryout are in august but the television ad I just saw said its in june two days from now. Im having some confusion here.

    • The article above says August 26th for Houston. The American Idol websites says August 26th for Houston. The registration information linked above from Idol says August 26th for Houston.

      It’s August 26th for Houston. I promise.

      Auditions start in St. Louis on June 28th. Maybe you misunderstood the commercial.

  144. I am 21 years old and have been dying to try out for american idol my whole life. Live in boston, and you guys never have auditions near me I cant get to any!

  145. I would to start off with I am so excited for this season to begin, I have always dreamed of auditioning for american idol since the first season came out. Now I feel bold and ready enough to do so. I have a couple of questions, one is what is the time of the auditions held in san diego. Another is is there any paper work needed to be filled out before the audition, or do I take my paper work with me as I go to the audition? Thankyou, hope to hear a response soon. (:

    • the forms are on the website! all you do is print them off then fill them out and bring them to your registration. there is also a list provided which recommends things you should bring with you and a guide on what to wear! good luck see ya at the top xoxo

  146. When I was reading the questions for registration and stuff I noticed a part where it said that after the 1st and 2nd set of auditions it may take a few days to get to the 3rd round of auditions and im wondering how long I need to rent a room for? Do you have an estimate.

    • That’s a good question. Sorry but I haven’t heard any details on that. Most hotels should let you extend your stay though on short notice once you’ve checked in for the initial stay.

  147. hi my name is Dylan and i am auditioning for the
    August 26, 2011 – Houston, TX – Reliant Park audition and i was wondering how do i register like when i get there or what and i want to know what time do i need to be there in houston tx at reliant park and what time does it start

    • Scroll back up and download the audition documents which includes ALL the answers to the questions you’re asking without researching.

  148. ok, so i want to audition this year does it matter if im 14 at the auditions but would be 15 when the show comes on tv?

    • Do not go to the auditions if you are 14 years old. You would be wasting your time.

      Read the requirements document above. You must be 15 years old starting yesterday to be eligible to even show up for auditions.

  149. Im going to won this because ive been singinh since I was six so all youeople the are trying out better watch out see you all later

  150. trying out for the first time this year. how many audition processes are there and how many songs should i be prepared to sing? also, is there a list of songs we’re aloud to sing? any answeres would be awesome. thank you!

    • You should have at least three songs. There is not a list of songs sing what ever song fits you best. And all songs are acapella unless you play an instrument, so find a song that you dont really need a beat or rythm but make sure you can keep you rythm in your voice:D

  151. I HAVE A QUSTION how do you enter americas got talent please respond back thanks,

  152. I can’t wait to audition this season. I know i have stage freight, but I have enough time to get rid of it… Wish me luck guys.. I’m so happy.

  153. hey i know all the times to be ther for the auditions but what is the process once you get there. how many “rounds” till the main judges see you sing? thanks anything helps. we all want to be prepared.

  154. I’m actually interested in knowing whether they are coming to ny this yr or are they actually gonna leave out the city that never sleeps ?

  155. Hi. I’m auditioning this year and I wanted to know was there an age limit to the person we could bring? I wanted to bring my little 11 year old sister because she’s so excited for me, but can she accompany me at 11??

    • There is an age limit no children 5 years or younger. You are only aloud to bring one person. and if you are 18 tears or younger you HAVE to be accompany you. So if you are then yes she can accompany you:D

    • These details are also included in the documents linked above. Be sure to review those so you can find all the answers you need.

  156. I am very excited to try out this year in South Carolina! I live in the small town of Whaleyville, MD. So its going to be a long haul to get there. Howver, I’m still comming to give it a shot!

  157. I am from Juneau Alaska and I am going to tryout for American idol and itsgonna be fun!! cant wait!! πŸ˜€

  158. i have a friend that is currently in portland you is auditioning, i was wondering if we knew when american idol will start airing?

  159. Hey, my name is Lyric and I was wondering I’m, turning 15 in october so would I still be able to audsition for this season or not?

  160. Hey, I’m just wondering if they are going to have any auditions closer to Georgia, like in Atlanta or something?

  161. Hi,
    im auditioning this year in San Diego and i know its coming up fast for me…. i know we have to sing three songs…. but my question is do we have to sing the whole thing? or just part of it for each?

  162. okay soo i turn 15 july 31 &i would be 15 when audtions are in houston texas .
    im wondering if i can go to them .?

    • i believe there is a certain date on the forms that says you must be 15 by “certain date” to be able to participate.

      • you would have to be 15 ON june 26, so no you would not be able to try out. sorry better luck next year.

  163. I am from NY, but I’m going to Pittsburh to audition. So if I register on the 13th in Pittsburgh, is the first audition with the 1st set of judges on the 15th? If so, how long after is the 2nd audition? And how long do you think I will be in Pittsburgh?

  164. what time can you arrive at registration tomorrow in san diego? i need exact time. i know it says it starts at 8am but thats not enough.

  165. Will you have one is sal lake city I really want to try out. Music is my life and can show you with my voice.

  166. hi i was born on sept 4, 1982 is it possible for me to audition will i be eligible?

    • Yes, you will be able to, but this will be the last chance unless they raise the limit…

  167. So, if my daughter registers on the 28th there’s a possibility she may not get a chance to audition? Who is she auditioning for on the 29th? The celebrity panel or a panel of other judges?

  168. Hi da guys long time no talk again i will have to depend on yuall to keep me in the loop thanx for all the updates so far I have been out of commission for a bit but im ba… keep da news cumin chat lata

  169. im karlisa were is the next auditions btw im 14 and going to 9th grade so am i old enough? i hope soo this is my dream!

  170. Does anyone know if the two id forms can be a passport and drivers liscence, or does one of the forms have to be your birth certificate?

  171. American idol needs to come to California this year. There missing out on a really good singer

  172. i wont to be on the show so bad i can sing just let me show you i can be the idol your looking for

  173. So I’ve always wanted to audition since I was a little girl now that im 16 I can but idol isn’t coming to Boston ? There goes my dreams.

    • They switch off every year, next year they might they don’t go the the same cities every year. It just gives you an extra year to prepare yourself more.

  174. i am in texas about 4-5 hours away from houston so the registration is on the 24th and 25th ? and then the audition is on the 26th ?

  175. please come to near warrington so then i can show you my hidden talent…. yodeling!!!!!

  176. Does anyone know if you have to have the original birth certificate for ID, or can you have a copy? What other forms are valid besides drivers license?

  177. hi i want to go to american idols next year but when is it and were is it i will love to come i have dream about this this is my chance i will be 15 in december 17 so i may have chance

  178. Will auditioners need to bring a head shot or other photo? Black & white, color? Sorry, read EVERYTHING and didn’t see that this was covered.

  179. What cities are audtions at this season plzz someone comment quickly plzzz thanks πŸ˜€ and also what days

  180. I an a native of Boston, MA. I watch american idol. But it leaves a bad taste in my mouth because I know I have what it takes to take music back to where it began. To and from the soul. I am a singer/songwriter strugling to stay out of the game. The streets lied to me. I learned the art of hiphop/realgangstarapp leaving my songwriting dormant. Only to learn that the exsperiance’s I went through only made me a better song writer. Please if any one knows how I can get an addition for Idea please hit me up on facebook or call me. This is most likely my last chance. I will be glad to sing one of my songs do to be released off our independant label.

  181. did the cancel the one for new jersey aug.3?????? im from delaware and need something close!

  182. My brother-in-law just auditioned in Charleston but, got cut in the first round. He is really good. We have vids of him on you tube under Andrew Vonte. Please go listen and comment. I dont think he should have been cut.

  183. Don’t waste your time trying out they are not picking any country singers. It dosen’t seem to matter how good you are either. I met a girl in line for the first auditions. She has one of the best voices in line but, she auditioned with a country song and they told her they were not looking for a country singer! Tell us that in the beginning so we don’t waste our time and money! It’s your show you can do what ever you want. But, be a little more forthcoming.

  184. Dear American Idol,
    Ok hi I’m 11. I will be 12 in January. πŸ™‚ I love to sing and I know that I’m good not to be conceited or anything but I have heard myself sing and I have been told so. But here’s the thing I live in Alaska close to Anchorage but I doubt AI will come here. Secondly you have to be 15 but if young people can be amazing then why not let them perform? That isn’t fair. All I ask is to give us youngsters a chance and I would love it if you guys came to Anchorage next summer!! πŸ˜€

    • I agree with Kaylee, not letting younger people audition is totally unfair and that should be change.

    • i thought that when i was your age but i think that they put it there because its really hard to be younger and standing in lines for hours on end and possibly getting rejected. I’m not saying you’re not ready for that or anything. It’s also because they want people who have perfected their voice and arent too shy too sing in front of millions of people. Again, im not saying that youwouldn’t be ready. Just think about it from their point of view.

  185. Good Afternoon. I was wondering if the East Rutherford was having auditions this year?

  186. My daughter and I are hoping to go to the American Idol auditions in Houston at the end of the month. I have a real concern with the fact that they will not be allowing participants to bring in their own water bottles. It is my understanding that The auditioning process is a horrendous one, and the only way to keep hydrated, is to purchase outrageously priced beverages (including water) from the vendor. I am indeed a capitalist, but this is not only cruel, but should be illegal as well.

    Even if the auditions were held at a private venue, I can’t imagine what kind of people would ban water bottles, just to make more money.

    Somebody PLEASE remedy this situation. Especially in light of the drought Texas is in, it seems unconscionable to probit people from bringing in their own water. Evidently the shows produces have no conscience, so I implore you to please use yours.

  187. iam zorana soldat. iam 14 .
    i love singing !
    I think i will me come at audition 2012 !

    • im 14 and gonna do the same thing. Maybe if we both make it we could be friends cause were gonna be to of the youngest people there

  188. More good things come out of Nebraska, besides corn.
    Maybe you could hold auditions here, or something. =/
    You’re missing out on a ton of talent.

    • 1. I have the same name as you its just spelled diffrent.

      2. I feel the same way about Ohio. There reason for not coming here is because we have one of the best football teams and they think that we take stuff for granted and they wont come here. I dont get it they should go to every state not just a few states here and there. Theres state that are between the states that they go to and they just fly over them. But i agree

  189. No auditions in Boston?! Next year I’m hoping to audition, but there needs to be a closer audition destination to people in New England.

  190. I want to audition for the next american idol sason!! Where’s the nearest city they r coming to near me? I live near evansville indiana!

  191. Everyone watch for my beautiful niece who’s 15. She sounds so awesome and her name is….Megan Vandervest, she has songs on you Tube.

    • Wow! She really is good. I just watched her do angel by sarah mclachlan. I am also 15, I wanted to try out this year in Portland, but I missed the date.

  192. I hope someone answers this message-I’m in the northeast region (southern Vt) and if I’m not mistaken the only auditions left are in Texas! Is there any audition left in my part of the U.S. this year that weren’t posted here? I’d really like a chance to try but the airfare is so out of budget for me…is anyone driving there who’d consider bringing a vermonter gal along? I’m really a whole lot of fun on a car ride…Hope I’m not outta luck here…

  193. I wish the auditions would come closer to Indiana. I have been wanting to Audition since I was 16 I am almost 21 now, and I still would love to be apart of the experience. I have been singing ever since I can remember. Singing is my life. I want to be able to make it my career and would do anything to attain my dream. In saying this, it would definitely be lovely if the auditions would come closer to Indiana. There are tons of people here that would love to audition, who are amazingly talented. Thanks!

  194. I was wondering, if you make it passed the 1st audition, and they say you are going to Hollywood, do you have to pay your own way? And if so, what about a parent of a minor?

  195. Does anyone know what the younger contestants do about school if they make it to Hollywood?

  196. Is there an audition planned for Indianapolis or somewhere near this year? If so, please let me know! I’ve been building up the guts to audition for 3 years now!


  198. what’s the latest time of the day u can register???? i work 2mro & dont get off til 5pm!!!!!!!! please help…….

    • Hello guys, how i can send my video to American idol ? i got video for me and i want try out in american idol 2012 please send me mail to my email if you can really exsited πŸ™‚

  199. My daughter was not permitted to audition today in Houston after we registered two days in advance, arrived at 5:00am this morning and spent our entire day hoping she would get a shot at being the next American Idol.

    She has been waiting for this day since she first watched Season 1 of Idol at only 5 years old. She turned 16 in March and literally counted down the days til auditions. We live in Houston, so were excited to have Idol return to our city after an unsuccessful Season 3.

    My daughter has made it a priority to have that “wow factor” or star quality that all past American Idol winners possess She’s beautiful with bright blue eyes, deep dimples, a very witty personality, extremely teachable and maintains that “burning” desire to be mentored by the qualified and exceptional staff that American Idol potentials get to learn from. She is daily compared to Lauren Alaina (she looks and acts just like her), but really, she has a Linda Ronstandt sound that is unique and amazing. She chose a great song from the early 80’s that everyone has heard of but nobody would be singing at auditions today, which would have probably been a nice change for the producers to hear, instead of that worn out song “Rolling in the Deep” that most contestants performed.

    When our section was finally called today, I reached in my bag to pull out the folder containing all the required paper work and legal documents she needed for her audition and panicked after realizing that the folder was gone and so was my wallet. I did leave my bag in our assigned seats a few times while I went into the concession area to practice my daughters song with her (several contestants would stop and listen to her sing and a few wanted to take pictures with her because they thought she’d be on this season of Idol), but my bag was under a pillow and I had no reason to believe that any of the nice people we sat by would take anything out of it. I must have checked my bag a hundred times this morning, making sure that all the documents were inside and even purchased a t-shirt at the venue with my credit card that was in my wallet. It was gone and when I tried to explain it to the gentleman who stood over us with the fog horn, instructing our row to stand up and make our way to the floor, he said “your daughter will not be able to audition this season, since this is the last city and day of auditions and the producers will make no exceptions whatsoever to the forms of i.d and birth certificate required to audition. Two days earlier I provided all that information when we picked up the wrist bands we were wearing and held the tickets to audition in our hand, but now I had no identification, credit cards, cash and my daughter’s birth certificate, student i.d and social security card were all gone…but the hardest part of it all was seeing my little girl stand there with tears rolling down her cheeks, knowing all the hard work she put into auditioning was for nothing. She missed 2 days of school at a campus she just started attending this past Monday, I did not meet deadliness for my very demanding career, my husband postponed a cervical spine related surgery that was scheduled for today and we withdrew funds from our savings account in order to invest in extensive vocal lessons for a month to get our daughter prepared for the audition. We spared no expense at purchasing the perfect dress she was excited to wear (with her cowgirl boots of course)to the auditions today and she had to walk out of that stadium without having a chance to sing for the producers at all. She spoke no word the drive home and immediately went to her room, through her beautiful dress on the floor and cried herself to sleep.

    I know some contestants don’t take the audition serious, and others are looking for 5 minutes of fame by acting like a fool on television, but my daughter was on cloud nine and would have made such a great impression on the producers, I am sure of that. Instead, she was punished basically for someone stealing our personal possessions.

    As we exited the stadium, we were given one last ray of hope. A staff member informed us that tomorrow (Saturday, August 27) there would be “last call auditions” in Dallas and I could register my daughter with copies of her government issued i.d’s that are in my employment files. Unfortunately I can not find any information anywhere on additional or “last call” audition dates/cities. If there is going to be an audition tomorrow or any other day in any city, PLEASE let me know. I can’t stand to see my little girl disappointed, especially if it was not her fault.


    Brandi Wright

    • I was at the Houston auditions with my 15 year old daughter. My experience was that the largest majority of people WERE taking the auditions seriously, and were amazingly talented (my daughter included). We were warned over and over again to not loose our tickets….and our personal items never left our hands. We all knew the rules and consequences of not following those rules. My daughter didn’t make it through, but after a sad moment, was determined to try again next year. Rather than looking to place blame or look for excuses, I was supportive of the audition process. My daughter knows she is talented, but also realizes that it is basically a crap shoot. Our kids are young, and rather than wallowing in what could (should?) have happened, you ought to pick up the dress, shrug, and encourage your daughter to keep plugging away.

      • I’m glad you and your daughter had the experience you had with the auditions, and I’m sure she did great and is talented. In all due respect, I find overly opinionated people to be really annoying and didn’t appreciate your comments!!

        First of all, I didn’t say that there weren’t talented contestants, there were many great singers and I was overwhelmed with the talent that was shown. All that I said was that “SOME” didn’t take it serious and were looking for their 5 minutes of fame….am I wrong? Did you happen to see the guy walking around all day long in a purple leotard from head to toe?

        As far as losing our important documents and being disqualified…I wasn’t blaming anyone or making excuses, I was just expressing my disappointment for being irresponsible in leaving my bag at our seats, and blamed myself for my daughter being disqualified! Yeah, I was aware of the “rules” and never said I wasn’t.

        It is a “crap shoot”, but every year someone does win. I was only disappointed that she didn’t get to try out. Had she tried out like your daughter and didn’t get picked that would have one thing, but she didn’t and I had the guilt for that…I’m the mom, and should have kept all her possessions with me at all times. Once the sadness wore off and reality set in, my daughter did say “oh well, I’m only 16 and everything happens for a reason” She continued to say “next year, I know what to expect and will be better prepared”. It was awesome to be apart of the audition process and get a glimpse as to what happens behind the scenes.

        Seriously though, if you don’t like my comments about my own experience with the auditions, keep your thoughts to yourself. I don’t need to be chastised or have my comments debated. Your entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine.

        If anyone does know of any last call auditions, please let me know…I’m not a stage mom by no means, maybe I said too much in the initial comment I left, but I was really just trying to find out if anyone had any information on additional auditions for Season 11. I’m sure that many other hopefuls that didn’t get to try out for this season (like my daughter) would like to know this information!

  200. Does anyone know of any additional auditions for Season 11 or was that it in Houston?

    • WHOA !! my bad…. yeah, saw the “purple guy”, and thought he was a good source of tension release.

      Houston’s it…..Let’s both shoot for next year.

      • Purple man is my son and he too has an amazing voice, we had a blast as did 99.999% of all others we encountered that day…nothing should ever be taken too seriously in life. Last year, they told my son he had a great voice, but not the look. He just wanted to make this audition fun and enjoyable and I believe he did just that!!

      • Yes, your son did just that !! He was some much needed comic release for MOST of us….I am sure he sings well too. Tell him not to give up, and we’ll watch for him next year (as well on the Houston show on T.V.)

      • Haha that me! I did have a blast at the auditions and can wait for next year! Fun fun fun!

  201. Please come to Minnesota and see all the talent it holds as a true artist as myself can admit that’s what’s happening in my world!!!!!!!

  202. i wanted to go on american idol but i dont have transportation will there be audition s in December please reply to my email i really want to go

      • matt are you an american idol dictionary? your full of this info i think is really helpful!

  203. i found out about the audions last minute so i had time that night b4 to rush and register but i didnt have enough notice to request off from work but i tried going to the site right after work and it ended 2 hr earlier!! What Can I do i have a ticket my wristband?? i just missed my shot today what about tomorrow??

  204. Heyy my name is tiffany long i am 15 years singing has been one dreams in i would like for yall to come to griffin ga or some where near here i dont know when yall came to alt but i wish yall would come to griffin…this for me is a one of a life time…

  205. Heyy!! I am 12 years old going on 13 in April! I want to audition!! I have been singing ever since I was 3 years old and I want my life to be apart of music. I have been told I have a great voice and I really wish you can come to Fort Smith Ar D: please come in the 2012 summer, that way I can go to audition ANY day!!
    Thanks!! Email me!!


  207. So, I am only 14 years old turning 15 in June. I have been told I have an AMAZING voice, not only by my chorus teacher but also by many of my peers too. I was just wondering, do you guys come close to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Could you please e-mail me your answer. Thank you πŸ™‚

  208. You should please come to Washington D.C! Visit the nation’s capital and come here the talent here!

  209. How bout u guys come to Alabama… You haven’t came since season 8.. PLEASE!!!! πŸ™‚

  210. These little 12 and 13 year olds need to shut up. you need to wait until you’re 15 like the rest of us, actually most of us needed to wait until we were 16.. so shut up. thanks.

    • Um, excuse me. these kids wanna persue there dreams! dont influence them by telling them they cant! STOP SAYING SHUT UP, THEY PROBABLY HAVE MORE TALENT THAN U!

      • Yeah! You really don’t need to be telling people to shut up, because what if you were 12 and you posted on here wanting to audition and people kept telling you to shut up? you wouldn’t like it would you? You need to learn to be nice to others.

    • wow, while i totally agree with you, i’m 17 you need to stop breaking the hearts of clueless preteens! ouch!

  211. I hope I get to audition next time after I turn 15 I dont care how far I have to go I’ll be there if I can. It would mean so much to me just to be there <3

  212. how bout yall coming to miami. or somewhere in florida. ill drive till the ends of the earth for this show πŸ™‚ ive wanted this since i was six years old, ruben was the best on the first season XD ruben all the way baby πŸ™‚ nyway id love to know when the auditions will come to florida. fingers crossed and dreams wrapped around american idol

  213. Hey can you guys come to Stamford, Texas next time auditions come around. A lot of teens here have talent but cant go all over cause of family and school. I myself am 16 and have been wanting to audition since I was 10. Stamford is about an hour south of Abilene. Thanks.


    • Did you miss the details above? Scroll up and read. You’ve already missed the 2012 season auditions. You’ll have to wait until next summer to try out.

  215. Anyone who made it past the first round of auditions this year, can you please tell us what was next? Were the next rounds on the same day, the following day, or a few weeks away? My daughter didn’t make it past the first, but would like to try again next year. A little more information going in would sure help, so far as time schedules are concerned. Thank-you.

  216. My name is Chad Madison i just turned 16 and we have alot of talent in atlanta i fell that you should have audition in Atlanta!

  217. I would like to audition for the american idol. I live in Pratt Kansas. I love to sing and i thing i am good enough to go all the way.

    so please try to add me cause i am trying to help my family.

  218. – i am maranda parker and im from decatur alabama and im 15 and i hjave a child he is 3 months ,. ive know ive made mustakes but im better noe and i have been singing since i was like 6 yrs old ,. i love to sing it is my life .. i sing to let go of all of my problems ,.. we bye , have a nice day !

  219. I would like to adution for the 2012 season I live in Baltimore,Md and im willing to travel to adution in the nearest city so could someone inform me of dates & cities

    • Scroll up and read the list of audition events. They all ended up 2+ months ago. You’ll have to wait until next summer to audition for the 2013 season.

  220. hey, my name is christella and i would like to audition for 2013 american idol, but i am from Rwanda and i live in i still able to audition for American idol if i am not a citizen, but i am allowed to work in the United State.I just have my social security, but i dont have a Greancard or citizenship.

  221. Please, please, please come closer to Florida! All the audition locations are waaayyy too far! I’ve been dying to audition to show the world how this Florida girl shines! Come see what you all’ve been missing! πŸ˜‰

  222. HI my name is evonne and im 12 and i live in Jersey I think you should have the auditiuons here please I have alot of talent i also song for the goverment

  223. what up are they coming to salt lake utah i wood like to try out if they are i love to sing and i like music as welll so i hope they are coming to utah soon

  224. hey is it to late to sign up for 2012 i been sinnging win i was 5 every sieess i been wanting to song let the world no how good i am

  225. Hey, My name is Katlyn Nicole Henry. Im 12 yeARS old and really wanna be on Amercian Idol !!(:

  226. Faithful Che Underground reader Corey in Maui contributes two images to this discussion: one of “a Night Stalker scooter rally in front of the huddle on Washington and Goldfinch streets” and one of the Positive Action Mod Society with with A.J. Croce and Gaspare Genna:

  227. hello my name is Quierra i have a great talent i would love too share on American Idol because i love too sing and it gets me going crazy excided and everything so ill be there in 2012 hopely, lets hope i go to Hollywood… hahaaah lol =)

  228. i live in Staunton, VA and i have been singing since i was eleven years old…now almost twenty and i will be on American Idol this coming season AND I WILL WIN!!!!!

  229. Hey I’m Krystena or something when the next season is coming up? I will be 16 this summer, and it has been my dream to audition everyone tells me to go for it so I just need to take that step to get there Thank you.

  230. Hi my name is Renardia, i live in D.C. with my mom and uncle. I would really like to audition for American Idol to help my family out and fulfill my life long dream of being famous and noticed. I know its alot but i believe that i can make it all the way to the end if im confident and believe in myself. Thanks a bunch!.

      • when in the summer an actual date would be mega helpful! and rich and famous isnt all its cracked up to be bieber lover you have to live up to yourself and know no matter what you wont give up. people go onto the show thinking their the next new thing when in reality it’s hard.

      • @elaina: There is no actual date yet. You’re months away from hearing that information from American Idol.

        Expect similar months as past years, but no specific dates have been announced.

  231. I just turned twelve on November 27. I was really upset when I found out I couldnt audition for the x factor. So I wanted to do something else. I really like to sing and love justin bieber and his music. Hope to see you soon on AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. I live in Alaska and I was hoping that American idol would come up here there is alot of talented people and i am one of them all the people I know always tell me how gifted i am with my voice and i always wanted to audition for american idol.

  233. Can you guys hold auditions in New Mexico please we have a lot of talented singers in our state please

    • i think that’s a good request i mean they always go to citys that are huge and well Known and not everyone can afoord to travel.

  234. hello im very exited because my parents said im a verry verry good singer and im not afraid of showing glad to be 11 years old and for all my freinds out there please vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. Hello American Idol! I love the show and the continuing drama that each year brings!
    I think that a Big Way to Spice this up is to have Ryan ride on the back of my Custom Built Harley Chopper! It’s Old School and Black and Chrome!
    Just think of that Wild Sight!! Me, The Big Deacon in my Club Colors and Ryan Whooping it up!
    Loud and Proud on American Built Iron -Smack Dab on center Stage! American Idol Fans in the stadium and at Home would split their Slpeens in Apprectiation! Check me out on Fcebook, look for Dan theman.
    respect! Ride Hard, Ride Free.
    Deacon SSLB MC

  236. ok, so i’m totally scared for auditioning. i mean new judjes, huge stage, and i’m just a small town girl from Pasco, Wa. i love to sing and act and i know that this will be a once in a life time oportunity, but im only 16! I’m waiting untill 18 so i can practice more, but i still have to ask myself, What if America doesnt choose me?

  237. i feel like an idiot! matt’s the person whio this is by…it’s right at the top stupid me!!

  238. I will finally show what i have live for 12 years i’ve been waitin and now im finally ready so get ready judges im gonna bloww your minds away.

  239. I am a huge fan of American Idol, I have been trying for the past three years to get on the show so that my voice could be heard, I hope that you guys are in Washington DC since I live in West Virginia. I hope to see you this summer for auditions because I believe that I am capable of being who I want to be, I know that there will be challenges ahead but am ready for it. I am going to post a video on youtube later on this week and will put the url on here for all to see. Thanks for your time and GOD bless

  240. I have been a huge fan of American Idol since the first season. I have always wanted to audition for the show but was never able to make it to any of the auditions in the past. This summer I am hoping to be able to audition for the show. I would love for my voice to be heard because I believe that I would bring something different to the table. Thank You all for your time and God Bless πŸ™‚

  241. i would really like it if the next American Idol auditions are in Atlanta,Georgia!Thank you for listing!

  242. Hi my name is marquis I love watching your show! But i would love even more to be on it! I live n Michigan where is the closes location for 2012 auditions?

  243. Hey, My name is Nathan Thompson, I have just recently gave thought to Trying out for American Idol, I am 17 years old, a Musician, I love Singing, And I love preforming in front of others. If anyone wants they can check me out on youtube. My username is NathanThompsonMusic — also have some Vids on my other account — 79FoxBodyMustang, tell me if you think I should try out, I was really disappointed when I read that the X Factor came to ST. Louis Missouri, because thats 4 hours away from me, I live in Kansas City, Kansas sadly, so theres really no way for me to get my music out there, know what I mean? Well… American Idol, you should come to Kansas because like everyone else on here, I have had a rough life and I also just want to Fulfill my dreams. Thank you and have a nice day!

  244. I am really interested in auditioning for american idol.. I am ready to finally bring out the little talent voice that says: “hello?! Im still here!” Haha I love all of your shows, and the chances all of you provide for us.. God bless all of you!

  245. Please let me be on American idol I been singing since seven I’m eleven years old!!!!!!!

  246. PHILLIP PHILLIPS WILL MAKE IT TO THE TOP 10 easily!!!! If not top 4 or perhaps win! He is a true musician artist simply…creative! great Talent- wow!

    Sandy in Ohio.

    When u make it to the top 10 please invite me & my husband to come see you on the show – we will cheer for you!!!! U r real! Keep being who you are!!

  247. Anyone know when the next audition cites are cpming out for season 12? I mean audition cities in 2012, probably summer-ish?

  248. What on the earth has American Idol turned into for 2012.Β  Thats not entertainment I just watched on thursday Feb 9thΒ Β  2012.Β Β  Somebody needs to acquire some organization.Β Β Β  Why would they change things up to such an extent it was great as it was.Β  Now its just a disorganized mess.Β  I won’t be watching if its not better next week.Β Β Β Β  Shirl

  249. i really think they should host auditions in indianapolis some of us indiana people have talent also!!!!!!

  250. When is the next time they will be in ohio? Im very nervous about singing infront of people I dont know but I feel im missing out because everyone tells me I have a beautiful voice.

  251. This season sucks! Really who voted for half of these people…their families! Who on earth would buy a Cd from Heejun or Jermaine. Jessica, yeah right is everyone being nice to her because shes so young. The judges were drunk or something when they picked their wild card slots……. Really Erica and Jeremy…really. This year has really went down the drain.

  252. Hey, can’t vote for Phil Phillips. Β His number goes someplace else and Face Book is down. Β Not fair to him. Susan

  253. i want to audition for 2013 I’m not sure how this really works????? any ideas!

  254. hi im alexis and its always been a big dream of mine to be on american idol. i have tried other applications to singing shows but you have to be 18 years or older for the other ones and im only 12.i personally think that the age limits should be lower but thats just me i geuss…

  255. I want Simon to come back he told it like it was and knew talent when he heard it!


  257. Cant we have Jimmy Iovine as a judge and can they all stop standing up for Joshua trying to influence the voting – it is pathetic

  258. My husband is 43 years old is he to old to audition on american idol

  259. does anybody know when american idol is coming to detroit michigan yet? I am turning eighteen in august and my cousin just got
    me out of my shell from singing in front of people and i know im ready. everybody tells me im amazing and i know i can do this,
    i have been singing since i was a little girll. this is my passion and i know nobody will be dissapointed. I have posted videos
    on facebook and youtube. My name is Marissa McGraw, my name on youtube is marissamcgrawxo. please go on and subscribe my
    channel and get my name out there, i know i can do this!!!!!! i have a really good feeling : )

  260. I really want to be on here but I am not sure if I will be good!? What should I do?

  261. best to the youg girl singer but 1 or 2 Β good songs out of past 8 means still a few years away. Adult aged songs are tough…should be out of bounds for under 18s…Sorry.Β Β  What are the odds removed at 7 or 8 with such poor showings to remain or get to this spot…ZERO.Β  A i how do you spell doop dupe duped dooopt dupt…

  262. What are the best kind of songs that would be good to sing for a 16 year old girl??

  263. Um I am 14 and I really want to try out for the season 12 american idol I turn 15 on october 4th will I beable to audition

  264. Can’t wait, Im so exited “GOD” this is my time to show america what i call my pride and joy, My life my VOICE<3

  265. hey my name is frankie and im 22 and i wanted to know how do i sgin up american idol

  266. I am trying to figure out how to audition online can someone help me out? They said auditions opened Aug. 1 st thru the 14 th times ticking and still trying to figure out how to do it.

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