American Idol 2011 Results: Top 5 Elimination

Tonight on American Idol the finalists pool will shrink by one as the lights dim and Ryan Seacrest reveals the results of your votes. Most of the performers were on top of their game last night while others were either diving fast or acting like it was their victory lap. With three weeks left to go in the competition there’s no excuse to coast at this stage.

We’re still not sure if there will be a real Bottom 3 tonight or if the results will be semi-random again tonight, but we’re ready to deliver the news however it’s done.

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Ryan lets us know there were more than 60 million votes last night!

There’s also a reminder about the summer tour tickets on sale May 13th.

Even bigger news is the first 3 dates were announced for the American Idol 2012 auditions! St. Louis on June 28th, Portland on July 2nd, and Oregon on July 22nd. We’ll have the rest of the details posted soon.

Seacrest reaches for the results envelope, gives us Jimmy’s reactions for James and Lauren and then sends them to opposite sides of the stage. Several JLo marketing promotions for her new album while we wait for any substantial results.

Jimmy gives his feedback on Jacob and says he was off on both performances and was a “6” for the night. Ryan sends Jacob to stand by Lauren. When it’s Haley’s turn Jimmy gives her high praise with a “10” for the night. Ryan tells Haley to stand with James. Scotty earns praise for his first song from Jimmy, but not so much for his second.

Ryan reveals big news. Scotty has not been in the Bottom 2 all season long and tonight is no different. Scotty is safe this week.

Ryan asks Scotty to pick which pair is safe, but Scotty refuses. Seacrest leads Scotty over to Haley and James then announces all three are safe.

American Idol 2011 Top 5 Bottom 2:

  • Jacob Lusk
  • Lauren Alaina

American Idol 2011 Top 5 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Jacob Lusk

We’re treated to a Screamin’ Jacob montage and then he closes out the night with a rendition of Luther Vandross’ “A House is not a Home.”

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your thoughts!




  1. I am really liking Haley right now. She reminds me so much of Joan Osborne, no not a huge star or sell out, but great singer. I want her to win. I think the top 4 should be Haley, James, Scotty, Lauren. Time for Jacob to go he's waaaayyy overdue.

    • I’ve read people asking how the hell did Haley end up in the bottom 3 so many times?! Just now I’ve listened to her on youtube, and once again I say – She does NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE IS SINGING ABOUT. Just listen to the original “House of the rising sun”. And: did she sing “rising sighn”? I love her voice, though!

      • Yeah it's like there is a good vocal but not a real connection or personal delivery.

      • Connections and 'personal' deliveries are personal! 🙂 Haley may not connect with you, but to me it's strong!

      • Haley connected with me, I love her itunes best but they all have tons of talent if still a bit raw at times.

      • I disagree. When Jimmy Iovine once asked her if she understood what "Rolling in the Deep" was about, she answered "Rejection." That, and well, the way she has refrained from answering the judges in any way but "thank you" shows me the girl has smarts. And I just can't imagine anyone who can master the array of genres she has wouldn't have the brains to handle the complexities involved.

        So, does she have experience in the realm of a guy who wasted his life in a cathouse? No. Does she have the intuitive skills to relate to a song? Yes! Does she have the skills to properly emote in a song? Yes! Does she have an impact on the listener? Yes! Did she blow everyone away with her rendition Wed night? Yes! So please, that's just silly. And I suppose I could have missed it, but I know that song like the back of my hand and I didn't hear her mispronounce or substitute any words in the song.

      • @ ST, Polly and Lana. You remind me of the judges and their critiques: no matter how well Haley does, they find something negative to say. My heavens, the girl blew everyone away! No connection? You must be wooden!

        There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Haley gave powerhouse performance Wed night. It was powerhouse on so many levels, but the most important was how it affected the listener. So again, no connection? Please. What does she have to do to allow you to "connect" with her–dance through the audience like Scotty did? That makes no sense with this song. The a capella part alone was enough to capture any heart. But she didn't stop there. She kept on going til she polished every single part of the song.

      • I have listen to rising sun also for many years and she did a awsome job. My brothers would have been very proud of her version if they were alive. They used to play it all the time. She was great!!!

      • Because Jennifer really wants a "no-girl" this year. I watched Jenifer's performance last nigt and I was totally NOT- Impresed. She should have probably let someone else sing. To conlude : pretty – checked, good dancer – checked, voice – need improvement and more control, she could bearly breath. Also, did anyone noticed that the music is not new. Was Lambada the name of the song?

      • Pup, what a great reply! I see what you are saying. Actually, I commented out of frustration, that all that power, killer voice and amazing techniqe TO ME do not seem to be backed by much depth. Maybe, I want too much from a 20-year-old. As someone said earlier, "personal connections" are personal.

      • i agree,jennifer’s performance was embarrasing not to mention just plain ol inappropriate.the song was a techno beat with some chants over it,that were actually off.come on at this point in your career have some perspective.felt a little sorry for her.big star tried ro show up amateurs and guess what?got showed up

  2. Jacob really, really needs to go home tonight. I believe the top 3 get hometown parades and such. Those 3 need to be James, Scotty and one of the girls.

  3. the only sad thing about tonight is if Jacob leaves what will we really have to discuss??

  4. Come on America hopefuly you got it right and send Jacob Home and put Haley and Scotty as top 2. Lauren James Jacob bottom 3

      • Hi Jeffry… No, I am only Marta lol but I read Marta2 comments also 🙂 she is from Brazil, I am from Mexico

  5. Jacob must be going home since Ryan didn't say it would be a shocking elimination.

    • Haley going home would not be shocking, she is almost always in the bottom 3.

      • I think they would call it shocking since last night was not only her best performance, but easily one of the best performances of the season from anybody… I could see it happening though. I hope not.

      • Mary, are you contrary? Always hating on Haley–even when she gave the "BEST performance of the season" (not my words, by Randy's).

    • LOL, speaking of Cinco de Mayo… I heard this band today called Metalachi… it's a Mariachi band that does covers of metal songs… pure epic. I'm not quite sure if it's good or not, but it sure as heck is fun to listen to. 🙂

      • Lol never heard of that band, going to look in youtube, but I dont think I would like mariachi metal ROFL the idea sounds scary

  6. What the Heck was with that group performance they put Haley and Lauren in the back and the camera pointed at them maybe twice each

  7. if Jacob doesnt go home tonight, I think the voteing must be rigged, I mean c'mon who really would by a whole cd of his

  8. Also the good thing about the weird results show format last week is that maybe they won't do it again, they seem to like to change it each week.

  9. Thank goodness for all you guys commenting. My husband is so unsatisfying to talk to during idol!

    • Michelle, that is so cute. Took me a couple years, but now my hubby watches with me. He is hooked! Ha!!! (And I try to join him occasionally in watching the Phillies.)

    • o.k. Cali, are you ready to get slammed by Devin, David, or Big Al for making a comment against Haley. I am going to be rolling on the floor if she gets eliminated. What will those boys do without their goddess to drool after?

      • Heyas Greenie, came back for more eh? Don't you worry your little size 22 moo moo, we will get through this elimination show together. 🙂

      • wtf is a greenie isnt that a word a baby uses? i think its time for your moomoo lmao.

      • Well Cali, since you apparently arent bright enough to get the reference, I will explain, and I'll try to use small words. Greenie as in green with envy… in case you don't know what envy means it means jealous, if you don't know what jelous means.. well, then there is no hope.

        Oh, and moo moo is a type of clothing that "plus-size" women tend to wear.

        If I used any words that are too big for you, please let me know. I will try pointing and grunting next time if I need to bring it to your capacity.

      • Listen, 4.0…I don't know how else to say it. It's been said by many people in many ways;

        1. I am a girl.

        2. Devin is a chick.

        3. Devin is not a boy.

        4. I'm a girl.

        5. I am a straight female.

        6. …

        7. …

        8. …

        You are too ignorant to waste time on. I can just picture you rolling on the floor cackling like a fat witch. You're so beautiful, though, I forgot. Put up, or shut up. Post a pic, beautiful Angela, and we'll get to judge if you are jealous of Haley or not. I'll post a pic, if you will. 😉

      • Devin Lee you summed up these sour cat's perfectly, haters not supporters! Do we even know who they like besides themselves?

      • What's wrong with people liking Haley? Why don't we have the right to support our favorite? And you haven't backed up anything you say about Haley. All you say is 'she sucks' and 'can't sing'. Your pathetic opinion of her doesn't change the fact that she can sing, very well. Her intonation, interpretation, and style are not only unique but beautiful and creative. I don't know what you look like, you say you aren't stuck on yourself but that you are beautiful, but you have an ugly heart and an ugly soul because the only things you have to say are negative about people.

      • devin

        1. I am a girl.

        2. Devin is a chick.

        3. Devin is not a boy.

        4. I’m a girl.

        5. I am a straight female

        that was priceless!!!!!!!*giggle snort*

    • Not Haley! If you can't tell the difference between a fake like Jacob and a real soulful singer like Haley, you need to go to a hearing aid specialist.

    • Haley should not be eliminated!!! she is a fighter and hopefully she will make it to the final!!!

      • At this point, you can never be too sure what will happen. But Haley has a fighting spirit, and she's gonna fight until the very end. People who have little or no respect for her, are a waste of space. Malice is an ugly thing, but they've shown themselves to be even uglier.

        Haley for the win!!

        Gooooo top 4, time to shine!! 🙂

  10. i dont hate lauren (shes my favorite) but it has to be said. anyone else not surprised she can cook the best omelette? lmao

    • LOL. Old saying, never trust a skinny Chef… that said, she does seem to be loosing some weight, either that or she is picking better outfits that slim her more, either way, it's looking real good on her.

  11. I love HK, I think that would be a blast to see a full episode of those guys cooking. At least now Jacob can say he did somthing good on

    • I agree. LA was very good. About time they put on someone with talent. Didn't care for JLO though.

    • They should have let LA sing two songs and kept JLO in her seat. Finally some real talent instead of crap like the BEP's, and Iggy.

      • That shows they are desperate Cali. Worried that people will listen to us….

      • No, nope, not at all. If anything you make people like Haley more with your trash talk. Tonight proved that!!! People never listen to desperation like yours…

        "Haley sucks, Haley only growls, Haley's a stripper, Haley's mean :(, Don't like Haley, PLEASE don't like Haley, PRETTY PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR HALEY, I'm begging you, don't like or vote for Haley!! I'm prettier than her, and smarter, too! Please! She's awful, I swear it! I know what I'm talking about, I promise! Haley sucks!!! She's the only one who can hit every note, but didn't you know? That's a BAD thing!! PLEEEAAASEEE?"

        What a joke.

      • Hey Cali,

        Maybe if you would've spent your time praising Lauren, instead of bad mouthing Haley, perhaps she wouldn't have been bawling in the bottom 2? It's just a thought. I will say, though, I don't dislike you like Angela, because at least you admit it when Haley is good. Angela is just blind and deaf to her because of her personal vendetta.

        Btw, I think Lauren would make an excellent American Idol. Even without the best vocals, she'd be a great role model for young girls.

        I'll admit, I see Haley more as a true artist than America's Sweetheart. I'll still fight for her though, while Lauren has a beautiful voice, Haley's voice really moves me. Obviously. I was hoping the girls would be the top two tonight.

    • Yes, Haley! The best singer of a very good group of four. The most polished voice, the most versatile, the best ACCURACY of notes. After all, being on key is worth something. Imagine that! For that, it's Haley, Haley, Haley.

    • Hopefuly the 2 people that voted for Jacob will be surprised hes going home

    • Well, as it turns out, Ryan was just being kind. Because NOBODY was surprised.

      And did you hear Jacob say, "Everyone in America loves me"?????? I about fell on the floor. Talk about delusional.

      • Well, here is a reality check for Jacob. If everyone in America loved him, he wouldn't be going home tonight.

        Jacob is hard to like. His statements, his thrusts, his crotch grabbing, all the while pretending to be above all that. Jacob is the ultimate hypocrite.

  12. So I am on the West Coast and can't see the show for another 2 1/2 hours, so am following your entries here. Please try to be explicit as to what is happening…I guess I don't expect any real "results" until the last 5 minutes of the show, just like last week, but it helps to know what's going on. I don't think Scotty is in any danger whatsoever, but I get nervous every week. I really hope he wins it all! Second favorite is Lauren, then James. Can't stand Jacob or Haley.

    • OK E-K Ryan calls James and after all the bla bla puts him on a side, then calls Lauren bla bla bla and puts her on the other side so seems there are 2 teams, so far nothing else happened, J Lo is going to perform

  13. Crap did he just say we might be surprised 🙁 Does that mean theres a chance its not gona be Jacob?!?!

  14. I love how Ryan puts James in one "group" and Lauren in the "other" and is like, "What's it all about???"

    Uh…guessing one "group" is safe and the other "group" is the bottom three. Real head-scratcher there.

    My word, the things they do to try to up the dramatic tension.

    • Are you a first-time watcher? This is old hat stuff. That's why Templar was able to predict the 5th person (Scotty) being asked to join the group he thought was the winning one. It's all been done before.

  15. If it is a surprise it is either Lauren or Haley and I would not be surprised at Haley but Lauren yes. I do not think she will take it but you never know. I remember when someone by the name of Taylor Hicks won, now that was a surprise.

  16. haha, it's all in the hands of god! and who is the church boy/girl? Another week Jacob squeeks through? Hope not!

    • Do you remember when Sanjya with the tall mohawk kept getting through even though he sucked? Somebody kept voting for him but it finally caught up when it got down to the really good last few. Even his followers couldn't take it anymore…..

    • She was singing, you can tell by how hear voice fluctuates while moving.

      • Could someone explain to this old lady what in the hell the lyrics to JLo's song mean? Uh, what is "on the floor"??

      • So Pup, are you saying that JLO had a little trouble connecting to you as a member of the tv audience? I'm not sure what on the floor is either, other than it looked like they did half their dances moves while laying ON THE FLOOR

      • Hahahah, JD. Yes, wish I could have judged THAT performance for her. (Or let Haley do it.)

    • Yeah, she was totally out of breath after her 'floor maneuvers'. Someone needs to tell her the Britney era is over like 10 years ago.

  17. Do they still have that anti-AI website that promotes voting for the worst performer?

    • Yes it is called "Vote for the Worst" And they have been voting for Jacob which is how he stayed so long and we loose good people like Casey because of these A-holes who help dash these kids dreams.

      • Don't blame on Jacob for Casey.. Casey was voted off twice.. People didn't vote Casey!

    • Just to clear things up the VFTW picks this year have been as follows:

      Top 24: Brett Lowenstern (thank heavens he didn't make it through).

      Top 13-8: Paul McDonald

      Top 7-6: Casey Abrams

      Top 5: Jacob Lusk

      Top 4: Between Haley and Scotty.

    • You have got to be kidding, you're not serious, are you? JLO was just chosen as the most beautiful woman in the world and has an incredible singing and acting career.

    • She's very beautiful, but her voice is not strong at all. Who looks like the stripper now? Hahahaha, please deny it.

    • J-Lo is so beautiful, but her voice is not strong at all. To be truthful, I have ALWAYS hated her because of her strong support for wearing fur. She has one for every day of the year, and that makes her a crappy person in my eyes, no matter how sweet she acts to other people. I do not use the word 'hate' liberally either. People who condone unecessary suffering, though? Oh, absolutely.

      Haley Haters, who looked like a stripper now? Hahahahaha, please, please deny it.

      • JLO also has a history of treating people like crap. I have no respect for her whatsoever.

      • The first impression that Haley gives me that she just looks and performs like Idol Lady Gaga. I can predict that she will have huge success in her future singing career just like the Lady Gaga is doing now. She will beat James and Scotty to win the Idol 2011. READ MY LIPS.

    • J-Lo is incredibly beautiful, but beauty is only skin deep. Let's be honest, her voice doesn't even come close to comparing with Haley's. Doesn't even hold a candle…

      Who looks like the stripper now? Hahahahahah, please deny it! Please!

      I have always hated Jennifer Lopez, because she strongly supports wearing fur. Anyone who condones that kind of cruelty and suffering is worthless in my book, and I don't care how sweet she is to other human beings. We're not the only ones who feel pain, or value our lives. I do not use the word 'hate' liberally, either.

      • JLO is not beautiful. Find a picture of her without makeup. I don't have a problem with the way people look, but most beautiful woman in the world is horsecrap.

      • The most beautiful woman in the world is jenny wade or J.D.Cook or Megan Fox

  18. Wow J-lo performance was awesome alot better then i thought it would be. She be Sexy!!!

    • Figures. Only guys would like that performance. It was awful!!! The dancing was awful (what in the hell were they doing, calisthenics?) and the music was suited to a dance party only–not truly for listening. Ugh.

      • Yeah, that song is terrible. Her 'next huge hit' might have a little more promise. Honestly as far as singing ability Haley is leagues beyond Jennifer Lopez and her vindictive attitude towards Haley implies that she realizes that.

      • Sorry, Frank (and David P) 🙁 I shouldn't have said "only guys." I could be more explicitly definitive now, but I will leave that alone.

  19. I am posting from Tasmania where life is slow and we are slightly behind with the latest news. How is Kelly Clarkson doing? Personally I don't reckon she has a chance!

  20. OK So Lauren and Jacob are in the bottom, James and Haley are safe and Scotty will have to choose a group.


  22. Okay, asking Scotty to choose who was safe was MEAN. I used to have law professors do that to me, and it's just a horrible thing to do to someone. Particularly to ask them to do it to a friend. And good for Scotty for not going along with it.

    Aw, Lauren's crying. I hope she's safe and it's Jacob going home.

    • She needs to know she may not win and yes that was totally wrong to ask Scotty to pick who do they think they are..thats terrible

  23. As expected Jacob and Lauren but Ryan said it was going to be a surprise! I hope Lauren is not the one but who knows lol


  25. OH thank you god thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you THERE IS A GOD!!! BUH BYE JACOB

    • I think that Scotty should go home next weekhe's going to make it big anyway. My pick for the last will be James and Lauren. I think that they all are going to be set for a long time.

      • Why shouldn't Scotty win American Idol? He has worked as hard as the others and he has done well. I'm for keeping him.

      • Yay, FINALLY Jacob is gone!!! I was soooooooooooo bored with him. He's good ,yes, but not to become the best. I say the final will be Scotty and James. It SHOULD have been Casey and James but America got STUPID and voted Casey off.

      • My guess is Scotty will not win American Idol. But, will have a career that far outlasts the others, that will not even be remembered by this time next year. As there is nothing UNIQUE about them. As like James, but I don't see him lighting the CD sales charts on fire.

    • too bad for you, and good for the rest of us. She DID NOT go! HA! Jacob went home instead

      • Calm down there kitty. He wasn't saying she was going home to Georgia. He was commenting about how much she was freaking out because she was in the bottom 2. I think it was good for her hopefully next week comes out of that shell and really shows us what she's got.

    • I know. She really looked bad, even at the end, when she knew she was safe. That really shook her up. Any mojo she had (with her first song, Wed night, anyway) is now gone, I can bet you that. What a shame. I read the criticisms here about her missing the "big note" (and yes, I hear Jimmy I say that, too) in her 2nd song. But I was so delighted with her in her first song, that I didn't care. She was having fun, the song and performance was fun to watch, and I loved the touch of grittiness in her in that performance. She has magic in her!

    • Lauren has a wonderful voice and she is energetic and presents well. I believe it is a problem of confidence…all this must be overwhelming for a young girl even though she is made up to look older. She almost needs to learn something of 'school of hard knocks'. For this reason, I think she would be better off without a win. She will have lots of avenues to pursue as a country singer. This experience has taught her about some music fushion, invaluable for the furture.

    • You just made my day, man! Two months late, but good riddance!

    • All three of you are haters you just mad cause yall cant get to were he is. Just because he had a different song and sound made him great cause he did not sound like everyone else like LAUREN

      • Comment deleted. Only the weak minded resort to cries of "racism!" just because they feel slighted and you're not about to start calling 96% of voters in our poll racists just because they didn't like Jacob's singing. – Admin

      • OMG why is that when someone of colour/sexuality etc is not liked, we are all considered racists/homophobic? It's a talent show. That is what it is all about. It has nothing to do with anything else but talent.

        Jacob Lusk has a voice but he did not find his mojo in the competition to win. That's it! Geez!

      • I sure as hell don't want to be where he is right now. Kicked out of the competition and going nowhere. AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN! Get it??? We did not like his voice and his diva attitude. Black, white, pink, purple, no difference. GO LAUREN!!!

      • So much hate for Jacob. 5th place is really pretty good, he had some really great moments and he made it to 5th on his own votes as he was only VFTW pick one week and that didn't save him. Give the guy a break.

      • His voice, delivery and song choices were not my cup of tea. I'm not a hater, I just don't like his singing, plain and simple.

      • Jacob was good and has alot of talent, but he wasn't going to win Idol. I do think he will go far . I'm sure he will have a cd out very soon. Good luck to Jacob , he was very sweet.

      • If Jacob truly sang like Luther Vandross, I think he would have made it farther. His voice was all over the place….high, low, screaming, etc in the same song. It was very uncomfortable to listen to the inconsistency as well as the exaggerated facial expressions. This has nothing to do with his race or sexual preference.

  26. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    oh boy, i guess he can't thank god now for not getting him through

    oh wait – he can thank god for getting him this far

    well, all i can say is thank you america!

  27. I think the crotch-grabbing lost him the support of the bible belt

    • ya know I saw him do that and had to replay to make sure I saw what I thought I saw.

      So I'm betting It's James, Scotty and the precocious Haley. She's growing on me for some reason, maybe because last nite she was spot on with the last song. Think she could be a Bonnie Taitt type. Lauren has a future I'm sure. Having said that I think even Jacob has a future. Not someone I would watch or buy but he could cultivate a following, heck look how long he lasted on Idol.

      • Doodles, Do not be surprised Haley is growing on you. See is starting to grow on almost everyone these days. My only question is … What took it so long. As I thought she has been great for some time now.

  28. Thank goodness! I think the top 4 are all the right ones! Going to be hard to choose!


  30. I really expected Jacob to leave because i said: OH NO!! Lauren CANNOT leave. I think that jacob and James should have been the Bottom 2. I just HATE James: He's out for the next.

    • Rach, please dont hold your breath on that, I want to hear you gasp in horror when he is in the final 2.

      • I think most people are just used to using that word, Hate, without really thinking about the word itself. It is used so much these days. I like to think they really don't mean it but, rather they mean dislike.

    • HATE is a very strong word. Good thing many of us do not agree with YOU…. I like to think I am amongst the more descerning types if you get my meaning.

    • Why do you "hate James"? Do you know him? Have you talked to him? Did he do something cruel to you to make you feel that way? WTF???

      • I could not "hate" a person just because they are not the same race,or any other trivial thing. Being gay does not make you either more or less talented. I have felt that Jacob just did not develope into a performer or that he got any better during the competition. I have also been disapointed in Scotty to tell the truth. I love country music along with other forms and listen to it a lot. At first I thought Scotty might be able to tackle a better range of songs and do them well but it was not to be.

    • Can we not use the word "hate" anymore. The word is bad enough without putting it in block capitals.

      • I hate milk. I hate liverwurst. I hated Osama. Let's see, oh yeah, have to admit, I hate Haley haters.

      • I hate Haley Haters, too. They are probably the same people that want an investigation as to the humanity of UBL's 'murder'.

    • I love Haley too. She is so s.e.x.y. Did you see her showing her beautiful leg in her second song at least 5 times. HShe is Idol 2011.

  31. I think it will be a James and Scotty finale. I think the top 3 might be James, Scotty, and Haley.

    • Anything other than a top 3 of James, Haley and Scotty would not make sense to me. As there has always been a huge gap in talent, that seperated them from the others, in my viewpoint.

    • Rach, this is the second time you have pointedly taked about James. Is this a vendetta you are running on this blog?

      I have not even read much!

    • But sorry to say, you are in the MINORITY here, "Rach". James for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yea James durbin for the win!!! Come on James fans time to rock and roll!!! Hit that phone number 50 plus. James deserves this win!!! Lets all knock Haley and Scotty off the stage!

  32. I wonder who VFTW will pick for next week, they are all good 🙂

      • @ Dylan: Right with you. Now that would be amusing: if VFTW helped the best one to win!

      • Haley has had a strong few weeks, however she seems to need the coaching. However, she has not convinced me.

      • @Dprang: On what level does Haley need coaching? To my mind, she could teach JLo a thing or two.

    • who cares about VFTW? They should not be influencing any of your votes. If they are, you would be a puppet on a string. THINK for yourselves, people. Don't let VFTW choose for you!

      • VFTW is a website, that promotes everyone to vote for the worst performer. It recieved its popularity from the Howard Stern show several years back.

      • VFTW was a huge influence last year when pretty much the whole season was terrible. This year they can't even pick a worst so they go with who is easily picked on and made fun of. I don't think there's a lot of influence because the top 4 have very solid fan base. Haley getting the VFTW pick could give her the edge over Lauren/Scotty (whichever one the country voters decide to abandon). People should remember, though, Carrie Underwood had VFTW pick through the finale. Jokes on them this year I guess too.

  33. Thank goodness….glad to see that America got it right. Goodbye Jacob! Problem was that he started off great but kept sliding down and the reason why he didn't go home before is that there was always someone worse then he was….

    Amazing top 4 – stil think that the top 2 will be Scotty and…..James. Rock'n'Roll baby!

    • Yes, I actually have his picture still showing on Facebook as one of the contestants I voted for in the beginning. I don't know what happened to him, but all the marbles rolled out of his bag, because there was nothing left that I liked in him after his initial performance.

    • I don't love Haley the person, because I don't know her, but I love her VOICE.

      And I have from Day One.

      • I'm glad she made it for a very selfish reason, it guarantees me that I will get at least 2 more songs from Haley to download from itunes next week. I do believe she will have a career in music regardless of winning or losing idol, but I am greedy and want as many songs of hers that I can get now LOL. She will be on contract with idol for awhile, and I love her growly raspy sultry beautiful voice too much to be patient and wait for her first album release.

  34. I guess the decided to give us somthing to talk about.

    1) I did notice on the recap that Scotty held his mic in front of him last night while singing.

    2) Seacest said that Scotty was in the Bottom 3 last week.Yes that is what "I can tell you that you have never been in the bottom 2" means.

    3) It was total crap to make him choose who else he thought was safe.

    4) We didn't get a bottom 3 but James has not been in the Bottom SET yet.

    At this point it is anyones show, But I think we saw the top 3 tonight.

    • Actually you saw the top two and Haley. Sorry Wellen, I just don't get it, she does not sing, she screams and growls.

      • Mary….Mary really? Haley does not sing?? I can't believe you say that…where did you studied music? I mean you know what are talking about….Haley does sing…hahahahahaha

      • Maybe I did study music, you have no idea. I know what I like and I have a right to my opinion….I do not like her voice or her stage presence.

      • You can not like her voice or her stage presence but your opinion doesn't change the fact that she sings very very well.

      • I very much agree with Mary. I've tried to really like haley (esp when i read good reviews about her performance – cuz we get AI much later here)but i just can't!! Haley was her worst in Top 5 bad but she's graded as top of the night?? hmmm..

    • Also, i notice that alot of us are voting for our favorites and the best of the night, for Lauren to have that turn out after Haley had such a strong performance goes to show that there is some pretty fair voting going on.

      And for there to be 60 million votes last night well that goes to show what happens when the teens get their minutes reset at the first of the month…

    • Lauren has a sweet voice with range and power. She is held up mostly as she is young a a little unsure of herself.

      Lauren ought to get the vote for most improved contestant.

      I have enjoyed Lauren's songs more than Haleys'. but not sure about Haley overall.

      I agree wit

      • Lauren has not improved at all. She's the same as she was when the live show started. She is great, I'm not saying she's not but she hasn't had the growth Haley has, not even close. It's because she kept getting so much, perhaps undue, praise throughout the whole contest. If the judges were doing their job and helping the contestants grow as artists she would be on a whole nother level by now.

      • maybe because Lauren does Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift and you are a tween and like that crap. No Offense.

    • "you have never been in the bottom 2" does NOT mean he has been in the bottom 3…We have seen every week that he hasn't been. Last week Seacrest was clear that the order was RANDOM, so there is no evidence whatsoever that Scotty was in the bottom 3. Based on the poll on this site, Scotty has been the top vote-getter throughout the season until the one week when James took over. So anyone who thinks Scotty has been in the bottom 3 or won't be in the top 2 is hallucinating! Go Scotty!!!

      • I think they would have said he had never been in the Bottom 3 instead of saying Bottom 2 if that was the case. It's that much better to have not been in the Bottom 3 than the Bottom 2, so why hold back?

      • Maybe they only talked about bottom 2 because tonIght they were doing bottom two. The only week we didn't know who the bottom 3 was was last week, so MAYBE he was bottom three last week but i doubt it.

      • It's all speculation. There's as much evidence he was in the bottom 3 last week as there is he wasn't. Pretty sure Seacrest was making the point that he was in the bottom 3 last week, especially with a large part of his voting base out of power it's not unlikely.

      • E-K Scotty was in the bottom three only one week not last week. James has not

      • I am sticking to my point that last week it wasa first place (Scotty) and last place (Jacob) to confuse the contestants and the voters. It seems to have worked.

    • Hi Wellen:

      I agree. That was just so darn tacky to make Scotty choose or to make anyone have to choose for that matter.

      When Seacrest and Scotty walked over to James and Hayley, she said "so you did". I guess she meant gave in and chose. He said "no I didn't". Wasn't she paying attention. Yahoo for Scotty. Showed some class.

      • They did that to Bo Bice I few years back. Ryan wanted him to chose between the two groups. He wouldn't do it either.

      • It wasn't that Haley wasn't paying attention. She couldn't see that Ryan took Scotty by the shoulder (behind Haley) and moved him next to her.

      • They also did it to David Archuleta and he chose to sit on the stage floor rather than choose. So Scotty knew what was the right thing to do because it's been done before.

      • Exactly, iurqal. The top kudos actually goes to the first contestant who refused. The rest appropriately followed suit. But anyone who has watched the show more than a year knows this little maneuver. I am sure Scotty was prepared to handle it because he had seen the show before. (Not that he wouldn't have done the same on his own mind you; I think he would have, actually.)

  35. Tequila for all,,,I believe in God ,,he is my hero,,he didnt take the girl,,,no more white tongue,,,Yes yes YES TO LAUREN,,,KICK IT UP GIRL,, FOR THE GIRLS AND COUGARS AND CATS AND MOMS,,BRING IT ON LAUREN,,WE LOVE YA CHICKI,,

  36. Very very very yesssssssss…..
    Wikipedia jacob. It ll lead you an interesting article by tmz… 🙂

  37. I'll probably get crucified for saying this, but if Jacob would have sung these last few weeks like he did tonight he'd still be in it. Well, he will gain some experience on the tour and may make a good living with his voice.

    • No Templar, I agree but I think it is because he is no longer under pressure of the votes. I have noticed alot of excellent performances when they leave, maybe I like it because its the last time they will be on?? Hmm, any Shrinks out there wanna take a stab at that?

      • No Wellen, There is no treatment or cure for stupid as of yet. But they are working on it.

      • Wellen: Anyone who goes to a shrink ought to have their head examined. LOL

      • @Bunny, thanks for checking back with your doctor on that. I hope they find a cure for you soon.

      • Wellen, you are not alone. Their leaving songs are generally better…even Casey's. I was thinking it might be a symbiotic thing about 'no judging' on either side.

      • You call me stupid and I'm the troll. Lol, and then you use my own phrase of "troll" on me. Bunny you make this forum fun for all ages. By the way a Forum Troll is someone who just sits around with nothing really contributing to say and bashes on peoples opinions.

      • Wellen, Your interpretation seems to be a bit misguided. I was simply pointing out that we are not as of yet able to treat stupidity or cure it. Sorry you took it personal. By the way the term "shrink" is an insult. I forgive you though.

    • @ Templar: You thought he sang well tonight? OMG, he was awful once again. (He started out well, but was oversinging it even then. Then he hit bad notes and was just plain awful!) I just wanted to put my fingers in my ears!

      • Yeah, Pup. I meant the beginning of the song. Unfortunately when he comes to a precipice he just can't seem to resist flinging himself over it.

      • Templar, LOLOL–"when he comes to a precipice he just can't seem to resist flinging himself over it." Superb!!!

  38. This may push laurens fans to vote hard next week. She really could make it to the top 3 especially if Haley goes 1st next week. Its so hard to choose whos gonna win though because i can truley say they are all good!

    • Lauren was a complete puddle at being in the bottom two. I think she's going to fall apart from nerves from now on.

      • I don't think Lauren sounded good last night. She is just too young and inexperienced. This sounds corny but she needs to be on Disney for a few years…they need to create a show for her. Maybe the tour will help her gain some confidence and experience.

      • yeah i agree, she's so young and things are really beginning to take a toll on her, i love her voice though… and she seems like such a sweety. congrats to the top 4, they've all deserved to make it this far. i guess its game on now! wohoooo!

      • Templar, Have a little faith please? Lauren is a 16 year old girl, it is perfectly normal for her to be in a puddle. She wasn't going for the sympathy vote. And she also was trying hard to hide it. Unlike others who flaunt it openly.

      • Bunny, please don't misunderstand me. I'm on her side. I loved how she ran to Scotty when Ryan sent her to safety. As though she was running to security. I found it endearing.

      • I agree with you Templar, I think she has enough security issues as it is, and she did pull the highlight of that song last night. I hope she is able to get some confidence rebuilt by next week. I am sure that Haley will be able to help her some with having to deal with that so many times.

      • Lauren's tears are precious, but James is a cry baby?

        I wanted to hug Lauren tonight, though, I must say. How can we throw this girl to the wolves of the music industry? They will eat her alive. She's gotta toughen up, and quick. The people that will try to bring her down aren't even worth it, and I hope she learns that now.

      • I think if Lauren makes it into the top three & they do give them the trip back home as in previous seasons, it could be just the confidence builder she needs to possibly win this thing.

      • Ok, I've got a question for Devin Lee.

        I have to make sure I got this right as per you.

        If a girl cries she is precious.

        If a man cries he is a cry baby.

        Where does it say that in the rule book.

        Heck, whatever happened to get in touch with your feminine side.

      • Briar, no, no, you misunderstood me. I couldn't agree more. Bunny called James a crybaby multiple times last night, and complimented Lauren's tears tonight. I was confused. I was asking that same question, I would never call James a crybaby. Or Lauren.

      • Maybe I am trying to be realistic. Would you want to go to a concert and watch the singer cry when he/she sings?

      • Lauren is gorgeous. She has beautiful and huge voice. She needs to loose up. She is the dark horse and wins the title.

      • Devin Lee, I did apologize for letting my anger issues get the best of me with that comment about James. However, James is not a 16 year old girl & he tends to flaunt his emotions for personal gain. Just saying

      • Bunny, I honestly think his Aspbergers played a big role in James' crying fest. I'll admit I rolled my eyes when he was sitting by the fence, though. Lauren just needs to toughen up, fast. She's a sweetheart, but she'll be chewed up in this industry otherwise.

      • No I wouldn't want to go to a concert where all the singer does is cry. But if that singer has entertained me for the most part of the night and the concert goes to a part where the singer gets overcome by his/her emotion then bless him/her- the singer is human and is not afraid to bare his/her emotions for the world to see.

    • I love comments about somebody having a "kind heart" and stuff like that. Or that someone is "conceited" or "selfish" or "sweet" or whatever. I've seen a couple of posts calling a contestant a "b*tch." Really? We as viewers can really know these kids that well after hearing them SING for a few weeks? You folks who think you've figured out these kids' personal lives and traits should be psychologists. Or maybe psychics. As for me, I'll just try to appreciate their musical talents.

    • The only thing Scotty needs to do is lower those brows , its getting old and boring! Blaa blaaa. lol

  39. Finally!!! long long long over due, jacob should never had gotten this far

      • Haley always smiles.. She's BEAUTIFUL! Plus, she did mouth the words "Love you Jacob.." She's the best! Don't be talkin' bad 'bout my Haley!

      • I saw James smiling as well at the couches. I also saw all of them having fun with Jacob, laughing and smiling while he kicked that song out. I thought it was a great exit for Jacob. Good for him, I hope he does well.

      • Re-watch it. She looked sadder than anyone else, and mouthed Love You Jacob. Now you people really are getting delusional. Hallucinating? Haley and Jacob were obviously close in the house.

      • Yes Haley always smiles. EVEN when she was put in the bottom three from the start! So stop making something out that isn't there. Everytime Haley was in the bottom three she smiled. That is what she does. Maybe if more of you and me would do that the world would be a better place.

      • So? You know, perhaps Haley has a healthier perspective on the whole thing. It is just a show, they all are going on Tour, Pia already has a contract, Jennifer Hutson has a Grammy and an Oscar (7th place)…its a TV show, not the end of the world and not the end of a chance for a career in music. Why not smile, when you want to lift up a friend?

  40. Ick. I am so ready for that girl that growls to go home. I've been calling her Rachel because I honestly can't ever remember her name. She should have left long ago. Like pre-Stefano us when she should have gone. Casey was my pick because he was original and interesting. Now I'm rooting for Lauren. And Rachel, or Janet, or whatever your name is–please GO HOME! Ugh, you are so ordinary and forgettable!

    • Oh I know the girl you mean. The one who is twice as talented as you, twice as attractive as you and twice as successful as you and the one who you would give anything to trade places with.

      • haahahaha Ian….Sava must have a miserable live…Alzheimer at least…..senil dementia I think.

    • Haley is the best vocalist by far on the show. Is she the best overall package for AI? Maybe, maybe not. But to say you don't remember her name is ridiculous. It's the others who mimic existing artists. Haley is original.

      As I've said before, I really like this group; I'm ecstatic with the Final Four. But the best overall artist? The most versatile? The best power, vocal range, modulation? Haley for sure. And when she growls, she even growls ON KEY.

      If you want to call that forgettable, maybe American Idol is the wrong show for you.

      • That's right. 🙂 Fabulous top 4, couldn't be any better than these 4, but Haley is the breakout star this year.

      • Could not agree with you more Mr/Miss Nottooold4idol. I think Haleys biggest problem is her fan base is a bit more older. Which means they are not as likely to spend 2 hours of their life, voting a hundred times a night. But, she is gaining support.

    • Savabbey – YOU are unforgettable- … for bein' an a-s-s!!!!! Haley will be your next American Idol and sell more records than Carrie or Kelly …Then, you'll know her name– IF you continue to take your Dementia medication, that is– ya bastahd!

      • I'm not sure Haley will sell more records than Carrie. Carrie is a superstar and Haley is just starting out. Don't get me wrong, I like Haley, but selling more records than Carrie is going to be a tall order.

      • Haley needs to go . She trys to act all sexy to get the votes! It's not working for me. James has the total package!! Vote hard James fans!!!

    • so you don't like the GIRL that "growls" but you loved the Guy that growls???

  41. i think it was so awesome that scotty flat out refused to pick a group. kudos to him.

      • That's done EVERY YEAR as there is much precedence for the 5th person to refuse Ryan's request.

    • I don't know if you watched AI 2 years ago, but Ryan Seacrest did the same thing to Adam Lambert. And he also refused. Nothing new here.

    • Absolutely. It's so unfair when they do that. They've done it in years past, too. Bad move. Great for Scotty, to have refused to play that game. Good for him.

      • Seacrest pulls the stunt but I don't think he ever expects them to follow through. He just does it to get a reaction out of people. Ryan Seacrest is like queen of the trolls, for really yo.

      • david, this is my first year ever watching AI and ryan did get me with that one. lol. i thought it was so mean. i swear i think scotty wouldn't have done it no matter what ryan said.

        scotty just kept saying over and over 'i wont do that'

  42. Casey had an inflated opinion of himself and Jacob seems to be suffering from the same problem. I have to say that I felt a bit sorry for Lauren and I am sure when Jacob was put at her side she feared for the worst. Fortunately that was not the case. I think all of the top 4 are capable of winning this competition.

    • I don't think any of them are 100% confident up there in front of all those people, and on national television. I think the ones who come off as cocky or conceited, are really just putting up a front. They all want this, and they're all scared of losing it. All it takes is one mistake at this point.

    • I think it was sweet how Jacob and Lauren hugged each other. Watching them on the video specials, and live, I really do think these kids get close and love and support each other.

  43. I am sooooo glad Jacob is gone~FINALLY!!! Tired of him. Don't know who will be kicked off next week. All are so good.

  44. I think Scotty should be next to go. All he does is sing country. That's his genre, I get it. Carrie Underwood is a country artist, but in her season she sang other genres. If this was country idol, Scotty would win. Lauren is a country artist, but she does other genres. I think it should be James, Haley and Lauren in the top 3, but knowing all the raging teen girls in America, Lauren or Haley will be next to go. VOTE ON VOCALS AND TALENT, NOT ON POPULARITY!

    • That is exactally what I believe–vote for talent –that is why my vote is for SCOTTY!

    • Think all you want but Scotty has the best voice he is the best talent. Do you know what never been in the bottom two means? He's never been on the bottom.

      • I think the person who is going to win is the person who has never been in the bottom at all – guess who?

      • @Stacey…By statistics the one most in the bottom 3 will win and you know who…

  45. Last week the results were given in random as Ryan said and that Scotty hadn't been in the bottom at all just like this week, and asked him to choose which two were safe, and Scotty saying he wasn't doing that showed his true class. Something tells me since Scotty was asked to do that, that he had the most votes this week.

    • That is not what Ryan said, he said Scotty had never been in the Bottom TWO.

    • Scotty was number one in most of the polls this week with a very small edge over Haley.

      • Apparently a lot of people were moved by her 2nd performance wed. night.

      • Because Mary, her performance was so good everyone except the stone hard haters like you had to give her props.

    • Which means nothing…he was letting him know that last week, he wasn't in the bottom 2…he could have easily been in the top 2..I don't think Ryan was telling him he was in the bottom 3…at least that's not what I got from it.

    • Adam Lambert did the same thing 2 years ago. Seacrest asked him the same thing and he refused. NOTHING NEW HERE.I guess you are saying since Soctty has "class" means Adam Lambert has it , too!

  46. Its game on now!! wohoooooo! no matter who goes home next week, there will be alot of disappointed fans, i for one cannot wait for next week's show! 🙂 Still rooting 100% for James

  47. Haley , love u , u r great, please keep your performance as usual, good luck !

  48. Couldn't you all see that coming…the way Ryan did it tonight. You just knew it was going to happen. I could see the stress on Scotty's face. I am proud of him for flatly refusing…southern gentleman and all. As for the ones that saying he was in the bottom two last week…well, you all were proven wrong. And as far as Jacob is concerned…he went out like a champion…I loved it…He will make it to be sure.

    • Yes, I HATE it when Ryan asks one contestant pick the bottom/top group. That's so so so unfair, Kudos to Scotty for not participating.

  49. It was time for Jocob to go, thank goodness! I have been waiting each week for him to go.

    But, Haley has such strength and gets out there fearlessly and belts songs out. Last night was the first time I really became a Haley fan. She put it all out there and was wonderful!

    I love Lauren too, been a fan all along, but if she don't stop being afraid of making a mistake and really taking a risk with those high notes, and holding back, she won't win it. Haley is not afraid to take risks. Good or bad, she is fearless. Thats why she is still here. I loved her singing last night.

    James I think is good with some songs and ok with others. But he sure can intertain. He has heart, and really puts it out there. I was glad to see him slow down, so you could really hear his voice. He was more talented then I thought.

    Scotty, like they said, he will be signed and huge whether he wins or not. He is to talented and sweet to not be a huge star. He has grown and turning into a great intertainer. Lasts night he did awesome with Gone.

    I don't know who will win, it really depends on song choice and who wants it the most, to really let go and put it out there. Good luck all of you!

    • Tessa,

      I can tell you are a kind and warm hearted person. I wish more were like you! It really all comes down to individual performances and song choices at this point. There are no predictable outcomes from here on out. I think they will all shine!

  50. Interesting question one might ask now is which of the remaining four will get Jacob's votes (I'm sure it's more than two…)?

    • Praying for Haley to be in the top 2! She is definitely an original with her voice! Cna sing anything you put in front of her as well!! I'm a HALEY fan all the way!!! GO HALEY…

      • may have a point there but I can see the two girls singing in a church choir so they might split up those two votes.

    • Scotty is most likely the next VFTW pick, so he will inherit those votes at least.

  51. wow another girl gone

    go haley lauren and scotty

    pompous,show off no talent

    screaming james out.

    • Funny, I see it as pompous,show off no talent

      screaming Haley out. Again, it is simply a matter of taste.

      • Your taste is tasteless. I can't believe you are still bashing on Haley. If she was really as bad as you are saying she is she would have been gone a long time ago. It is a matter of taste and you don't have to like her but you can't say she has not talent nor that she's "pompous". Who says that anyway?

      • Yea that's true James has showed us he can sing anything. He is the best hands down!!

    • YOU: country , girl, boy – voting behaviour

      a nasty one at that regarding talent

      as someone said.. James has a wide range and has shown is softer attention

  52. Next week could be tricky and critical to perform well.

    VFTW is supporting Haley now and the country vote could focus on Lauren and cost Scotty some votes, while Jacob's voters could be split between any of them.

    Scotty and James likely safe next week but not guaranteed by any means at this point.

    • As long as Scotty makes top 3, I'm good. I want him to get the hometown visit, parade etc. Don't need him to win.


      • Well I Was Expressing what I Felt And Maybe Its Your Bedtime! You Don't Know Me So Don't Talk To Me Okay!

    • Lauren has a great natural voice but lacks range in her upper scale and lacks some vocal techniques, which limits her song selection or she leaves out the higher notes in the song.

      Yes with 1 or 2 years of trainings she will be a star and will allow her to finish high school with her friends.

      • Lauren doesn't "lack range in upper scale" no more than Scotty.Why single her out, when Scotty can't do it, either??

      • Sorry, responded to LaurenAlainaFan but yes Scotty has similar problems to Lauren, lack of training partly due to age, just more songs written for woman have high note in them.

        Although Adam Lambert started training at age 10 for 10yrs, so age is not fully a reason for lack of training.

  54. Lauren Alaina, Keep your chin up girl. That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. Don't hold back, belt it out girl! And all you Lauren fans, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

    • If she would continue to BELT it out she would not have been in the bottom 2. Because she does not is why she was in the bottom 2. Last night her performances were night and day. She was rocking on her first one and then pulled her notes on the seconde one. I love her when she belts it out there, but she pulls he notes more often than she lets them out.

      • The country vote is going to split now which will result in either scotty or lauren packing their bags next week

      • No, she was bottom 2, Ryan said so this week. I can't believe she's gone this long letting her fear get the better of her.

      • wellen please get elmer fudd. if you have some direct connection to him…please please let him make the bunny troll go away.

  55. Come on guys…don't disappoint me like this. My pick of the night to go home was Jacob as well, but I didn't like seeing him leave. I never like seeing someone's dream come true come to an end, I would never rejoice in something so heartbreaking to another human being. He gave us some great moments, and I wish for only good things to come his way! Good job, Jacob, and good luck! You should be really proud, 5 out of 100,000, all of the contestants left are winners in my eyes.

    Haley for the win. 🙂

    • Devin Lee. Nice to read a classy post for a change. Your right. It isn't nice to see someones dreams dashed. He may not be some people's favorite but as you say, he should be proud of his accomplishments.

      I can't believe some of the nasty things I read here.

  56. Oh Please! I wish people would not vote for whom they like but who is the best.

    Bella Haley the APHRODITE to all mankind is that person, The AI stage is your canvas and you are painting a beautiful masterpiece every week! Amore Amore!

    • You don't seem to get it. It isn't American Singer, It's American Idol. People vote for the contestant they would be willing to part with cash to see in concert or listen to on a CD. Mariah Carey has a fabulous voice, I don't care because I don't like her. But I'll spend $$ to see Cher. Josh Groban is fab? I'll take Bon Jovi thanks. It's not about the voice alone.

      • iTunes? Texting and internet voting fans are fickle, I guess; what AI winner since Underwood has had a multi-platinum album? Hmmm. I guess the "fans" who pledge their love and support lose interest in these folks when it comes to really spending money? Not happening right now with Haley's iTunes AI studio recordings. She's #1 for a reason. Quality. Check it out. The opening A Cappella strains of "House" has NO echo nor any other effects. It is bare, raw uncorrected vocal. Check out the Gaga song. It is so good, Gaga may not even record it; she may just let that be Haley's! I'm not kidding. She's a potential force, if handled correctly.

      • I agree, Haley's itunes are great, the other are getting better but still hit and miss. The will need to do new music at some point and will need some musical training other wise the producers will push them more pop or sound like someone else that is hot at the time, not their own sound.

      • Be Real, if Haley goes in the direction I think she will, I will always stand by her. Her voice is just that unique and good. I'll never be able to forget the totally new sound she has brought to the world. She's a powerhouse, if America recognizes it in the upcoming weeks or not.

      • James has the best songs of all!!! Look back at all the weeks and James Durbin deserves to win this whole thing hands down!!

  57. great Jacob went home, nice guy though. Its just that the other 4 are better than him! I think Lauren ended up in the Bottom 2 only bacause of the tornadoes in the south, where most of her voters are. Again, great top 4, havent seen such a strong group since Season 7! ANYONE could win, and thats what's I love about this year!!! (Though I think Pia should have still been there 🙁 )

  58. I agree that Lauren is not mature enough to be a winner, but she will have a career in the music business. I think it will do her a world of good to get voted off next, then develop and grow her talent so she can come back a much more confident and capable performer. Being a recording artist at 16 is not for everyone…..

      • Yeah i agree, i kinda wish she had waited a few more years before coming on idol.. so young and so talented, w/ a bit of training she could go very far this young lady

    • Lauren is a young 16 at that. She will do well outside of idol in country.

  59. Lovers of Country Western music are now going to have to make a tough choice. Support Scotty or support Lauren. Trying to do both could split the vote and cause both to lose. Having the CW vote has worked to their advantage thus far, but it can't carry both to the finals because there are just too many Haley & James supporters. Make your choice CW fans and stick with it.

    • very true, it could very well be one of the two who goes home next week…. depends on their performances i guess.

    • What do you think the CW vote has been doing all of these past weeks? We've been supporting both of them all of this time. What do you see changing?

      • What I see changing is the non-CW vote. Think about it. Up until now the non-CW vote has been split between lots of other singers —now there are only 2 non-CW singers left, meaning the CW voters no longer have the advantage of always voting just for Lauren & Scotty while the other voters are split all over the board. Not that complicated.

      • More to the point I should ask: who do you think picked up most of the Stefano voters (my guess: James). Who do you think picked up most of the Casey voters (my guess: Haley). If Haley goes down, who will pick up most of her votes (my guess: James). That's why I think CW voters better pick their strongest candidate –Scotty–and rally behind him!

      • You lost me Steve. Why can't the CW voters still vote for Scotty and Lauren?

      • I think is more the C&W vote, also the tween and teen girls would think Scotty is cute and relate to 16yr old Lauren.

        For example say Scotty and Lauren were getting 45% of combined votes but now James and Haley could each get ~27% then either Scotty or Lauren will go home next week.

      • It's not a matter of being able to vote for them, it's a matter of there's a time limit. If the time is spent voting for both Lauren and Scotty instead of just one or the other then both of them are losing votes. I don't think there's enough country votes to pull both of them into the finale, maybe not even the top 3.

    • I think Jacob is glad to be gone, he has not seemed very happy the last 2 weeks, he is great at Gospel but has not training to cross over to different styles.

  60. CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES HE'S GONE~~~ Bye bye you arrogant off key, screaming, diva dive!!!! America looked in the Mirror … then watched you grab your crotch and sent you packing!! Good thing s do come to those that wait!!!

    • The horrible thing is that his grandma was in the audience to see the crotch grab and prior pelvic thrusts. Why, why, why did he think we wanted to see that? A family show with younger children watching, hello!

    • could not have happened to better person… too bad it took so dang long@!!

  61. Jacob's time finally came. He is great, but he peaked long ago and his sound was always the same. He will have a following and I wish him the best of luck. Next week will indeed be hard to eliminate…

      • For me, the next elemination is just as easy … Lauren. Not that she is bad. Just that there is a huge gap in talant that seperates her, from the top 3.

      • Sadly I agree about Lauren, and the worst part is she hasn't reached her full potential yet. She will need to have the performance of her young career to stick around.

      • I think it may be Lauren, too, unless someone gets in her head and helps her find her confidence. But, as I have said before, that girl has a future, no doubt about it. I will be watching for her; she is one of the few country voices I have enjoyed. (Don't really like Scotty's voice; much prefer hers.)

    • Lauren will need a killer performance and someone to fault badly to be safe

    • Are you kidding me, Jacob was not great. I'm floored he lasted this long. Pia and a few others were way better than Jacob. Mark my words, Pia will have a much more successful career than Jacob. Jacob was a clown.


  63. Definitely, America made the right choice. Jacob is not appropriate now in regards with the quality singing and performing with the other four AI finalists. Hold on to your seats AI would be very thrilling now.

  64. I didn't like all that tearing up that Durbin did. That so-called emotion didn't impress me one bit. I even think it was fake. Bet it got him a lot of votes. And they haven't called it "country & western" for forty years!

    • well it didn't win me over on votes for him,i think Haley was soooooo much better.

      • Haley is te best and therefore deserves to win that gal can sing the house down! If Scotty was to win it can only damage his career in country music the over exposure will kill that dream for him and maybe the same for Lauren! Haley being so different to your average mainstream performer brings something fresh new and dynamic so the more exposure she has will raise her even higher,so I believe if you want longevity for Scotty or Lauren think about this! Finally James would also suffer if he won like Scotty so you fans need to think about this!

      • The tears didn't hit it with me either – it was like he wanted sympathy votes!!!!!!!!

    • For heavens sake he wasn't trying to impress anyone. Give yourselves a shake. Men don't try to impress people with tears do they? I was always under the impression it took a lot of emotion for a man to come to tears.

      Some of you people are just darn mean.

      Just because you have a favorite doesn't mean you have to bad mouth the others.

      • Agree with you Carol 100%. James did not try to impress people to vote for him. He is a very humble guy in my estimation. He also has touretts and Aspergers syndrome and that makes the sad moments intence. My grandson has Aspergers and he is the same way.

      • "Darn mean?" That's the kind of wishy washy lovefest attitude the judges display week after week which is completely unhelpful for the contestants. CRITICISM IS A GOOD THING. Maybe he wasn't trying to impress people, but it was downright annoying and unprofessional. A really talented contestant doesn't need to cry and get sympathy votes. If you listen closely, he is consistently flat and sharp in the notes and when he is unable to hold out the note because of breath issues he screams the rest of the way. If people tell him this, maybe he can improve and become a better singer instead of people saying "oh you showed emotion, free pass!"

      • Totally agree Carol, this people who make comments against James doesnt have heart .They are real mean people .If you dont like James , just shut up and have life!Sorry its his destiny to win, cant you understand what Randy said?He will win!

      • James is a genuine person. I, for one vote for him. He is extremely talented as well. No need to diss someone because of their affliction.

      • Ok,let's go to a James concert…..we would need to wait for him to clear his tears after every song. Oh so much emotions – I would walk out. I like james, but hate his tears. If he keeps the tears, he needs to be the next to go

      • @Carol K… You had the best comment on this site. I totally agree with you. Go James!!!


      • While I agree with Carol about the meanness–and while I fully grasp James' medical issues, I have to agree with Dobob's assessment. James had better learn to harness those emotions in a way that doesn't let them kill his performance. Jimmy Iovine was right, his performances Wed night were overall subpar.

      • People really are mean. The bashing that goes on makes me want to vomit. It is one thing to have a negative opinion, it is yet another to be rude, judgemental, disrespectful and inflammatory and some posters just go above and beyond.

        I will admit I am a James fan and if and when he is eliminated, I will go back to not watching AI except for the auditions. James drew me in at the auditions and i watch the show religiously every week. Why is that?

        I love James' voice. His performances never fail to entertain me. No one has stood out this year the way that he has, at least for me. (hubby agrees) Above and beyond that James is a breathe of fresh air from the usual we get in the music industry. He is real and uncontrived. His priority is so very clearly his family, not fame and fortune. He is so very passionate about his love of singing and his passion stands out. He is overcoming adversity on a daily basis. For someone who has been subjected to bullying and ridicule to actually get up on that Idol stage is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Maybe he didn't realise the extent of the scrutiny he would be subjected to but all things considered, I believe he has done amazingly well.

        For anyone that doesn't believe the Asperger's is a big issue, think again. I know another young man his age (they could be twins in many ways) who is also an Aspie. I will tell you that the emotion you see is anything but contrived because the filter is just not the same as for those of us that are considered "normal". Emotional maturity tends to lag from the norm also so while James may be chronologically 22, emotionally he may not have yet caught up to that age. But even just in the course of the Idol journey, his growth as an artist and a person have been remarkable.

        In short, James deserves recognition for his achievements, not further ridicule and bashing. The same holds true for every other contestant. I am so tired of the vile behaviour of people against these contestants. I was on the chat last night and the number of people and times Jacob was called queer or gay or whatever literally made me ill. Jacob was not my favourite but that didn't inspire me to be rude and disrespectful.

        Ultimately, if someone is not your cup of tea, it's OK to say that and to give the reasons why. It is not OK to take that cup of tea, throw it on the ground, spill the contents and shatter it to pieces.

        Rant over.

      • Maybe for people who don't have James' condition, it would be easy to say, "Rein in your emotions". But have you ever thought that perhaps, he doesn't have control over some of the things he does. I liked the sound of James' voice from the moment I heard his audition, but I was worried about how he would cope with the pressure of the competition. I think he had rough moments during Hollywood week when he would try to bring in those high notes every chance he could get, and it was turning a lot of people off. But he hit his stride the moment they went into the top 24, and has done really well in the competition since then. Yes there were pitch problems the last time, but try singing when you are overcome with emotion and see if you can do better. Maybe then you will be less free with the criticisms.

    • what was up with scotty's sniffle at the sounds worse?? thats what u call fake emotion

    • Gad but you live under a rock. Inappropriate emotional behavior is an asperger's trait, idiot. He's not faking it to win votes and as Carol said, it's not something a man would do to get a few extra votes.

    • agree with you guys, i don't like james being so cheesy and cry-baby. Come on, you're a guy.. look at Haley, judges always dissed her but she always stands up and smiles. She's no quitter. GO HALEEY…. I'm from Indonesia and I'm your biggest fan!! 😀

      • I never saw James quitting either, and he's probably had to battle with adversities brought about by his condition every day of his life. Yes, I admire Haley's spirit too, and she's got real spunk to deliver that second performance the way she did after the bashing she got for her first number, but I do not see it as a reason to ridicule James and his emotions.

  65. I was blown away by Jacob when the competition began, but his light seemed to grow dimmer as the weeks progressed. Maybe now he can get back to his roots and shine. I like all the final four…every week brings new surprises. Scotty's "Gone" and Haley's "House of the Rising Sun" kicked it this week. But I really think it is a week to week game at this point!

    • I agree with you. I think the three that have the best performances next week will be in the final three. Plain and simple.

  66. well that was an obvious elimination night.. sorry jacob but it was about time. no surprise lauren was in the bottom two either.. she lost it when jimmy said it wasn't a good night for her so whats going to happen when she is voted off? every week lauren is disappearing so I predict next week is her week to go and she won't be able to get through her exit song.. people lets be real to lauren she is 15 and needs more time to develop and not pout when she gets negative feedback it's getting old.. top 3 james scotty and haley

      • Lindsey—

        As soon as I saw Lauren start loosing it, I thought the same thing. She'll have a melt-down even BEFORE her exit song. I'm not sure I can watch that. After the commercial, she seemed a little more composed. Someone must've shored her up. Maybe this week will give her time to prepare herself for the event, so she can make a graceful adios.

  67. How refreshing is this? No endless posts expressing outrage about the elimination. Just a nearly universal sigh of relief. Enjoy it this week, because next week is bound to be a bloodbath.

      • No matter who goes home next week it's going to generate pages of outrage on this site.

    • next week is to be easy sailing again for the guys for ladies more tears to come from lauren

    • Have to agree with you there. Next week we will either lose America's sweetheart Lauren, the good ole country boy Scotty, the bluesy raspy Haley, or the homesick rocker James. All four have talent and all four have a pretty good following, so there will be a lot of unhappy people next Thursday. Which one of the four will be gone if they all have standout performances?

  68. Haley, adhered to as rolls her eyes when the judges speak, and does not seem nice. I am very unfriendly. James Go

    • You are very unfriendly, I will agree with you there. If you had gotten such obviously biased critique from the judges you would have rolled your eyes, too.

      • David, I agree with you. Week after week Haley seems to have a stellar performance that is among the best of the night in most peoples eyes. Yet week after week she has to listen to Randy Pandy's idiotic criticism of her performance. The very least I would do is "roll my eyes" every time Randy spoke, if it was me in Haley’s shoes.

      • So! Haley is not fake like so many others. She says what is on her mind and to hell with the consequences.

      • Haley always gets an attitude when the judges tell her something is not right. She looks like she could be be a mean girl for sure. We don't need any mean Idols.

    • Hey I liked the attitude, shows she has spunk and injects emotion into her songs, I was getting tried of her smiling all the time.

      • I agree 100%. And people can NOT say she has no personality. She's sweet and tough at the same time. Innocent and sexy at the same time. *phew* Wonderful!

    • Who wouldn't??…with a bunch of weak & useless judges talking trash about you!!

    • Maybe Haley is just tired of the judges picking on her all the time. She did an awesome job last night, and they ripped into her for her first song.

      If I was her, I would be ticked off too.

      • It might just be me, but I don't think JLO and Haley will be friends after AI. Hide your jealousy JLO, you wish you had Haley's voice and looks.

      • Whatever it was Haley did well this week. The question is wether she can do the same nextweek.. About JLo, I think JLO is more jealous with Lady gaga than Haley!

      • Lady Gaga is not to hot. She is a good singer but her face is not to cool at all. Look past the makeup job. Jlo is gorgeous!

    • I was glad to see that fire in Haley. I was stunned at their sharp criticism. It was just unbelievable.

      Haley has been polite week after week after week in the face of extreme criticism that virtually no other contestant received. She gave a stunning performance of a song the judges didn't know. So did they judge her on how she sang? No! Not one word about how she sang. Just whining about picking a song that everyone knew when the category itself (current songs) didn't lend itself to that.

      The judges are fully aware that negative criticism results in a loss of votes for any contestant (for those who take their words as gospel. So for both JLo and Randy to only speak negatives (and not find anything good to say–as they always do for the other contestants, even with Jacob's horrid 2nd performance on Wed night), was just incredibly mean.

      Haley's resilience and confidence is so wonderful to see– a real model of life skills in someone as young as she is. I hope Lauren learns a little something from her. This world can be a tough place for even those with incredible skills and talent. Success comes with more than good skills–it comes with growth and gutsy perseverance–fueled by an unwavering belief in your dream.

      • Very well written Pup. I think Haley is the best on the stage at this point. She is the one that has grown the most in my opinion and it is because of the bashing she receives. but that is not even recognized. the others seem to get a free pass no matter how they sing and if they have an off night they are told "that is okay because the emotions you displayed made it great" I think Haley can persevere in the music business because of the tough skin that she has obtained on AI. I do hope that she makes the final 2. I will vote for her from now on as much as I can, seems her line was very busy the other night.

      • Right on, pup and dc. I admire Haley's resolve. If you go to the big newspaper sites like New York Times, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, etc. — where they have music critics with keen ears for truly good music, and they get to hear good music all the time and know what good vocals are — they all say that Haley is the best. I am friends with many vocal coaches, choral directors and assorted concert musicians and singers, and they are unanimous in thinking that Haley is the most skilled vocalist of the bunch (and I REALLY LIKE this Final Four, so I'm not trashing anybody else). I don't think that she has the fan base to win, but what an amazing journey she has had, when many would never have given her a chance to get this far.

        It's one thing for someone not to like her, or her style, or want to vote for her — that's fine, and that's what opinions are for — but it's quite another when somebody on here says that she can't sing. That's baloney. That person loses credibility instantly with anything else he or she says.

        Haley, keep taking the judges' criticisms, keep smiling, and keep hitting it out of the ballpark. You've grown the most during this competition, and I can't wait to buy your recordings.

      • James is the best Idol has!!!! James kicks a double ss no matter what he sings . He has more talent than anyone left on that stage. Gotta love james!!!

  69. Yes the next american idol goes to

    James Durbin Horray ! He is extraordinary and a true singer. All the best !

  70. When speaking of connection do I think Scotty, James and Lauren, Haley is not my favorite and not vote for it also seems arrogant to me,Haley the only way to win is that James is out y capture their votes, because votes of Scotty and Lauren never.

  71. well haley should not get any of jacobs votes,she curses all the time just like tonite dureing the chef compatition,she cursed and was bleeped out againn after jimmy ivines comments last week,,,just saying..

    • Pretty sure Jacob's been bleeped out too. And if you think that 'religious christian choir church going people' (not sure exactly how to categorize that) don't swear then you are incredibly naive.

      • I agree. Haley is just being Haley. That is who she is. Not being fake like Jacob.

    • Let's not forget that Jacob does pelvic thrusts when he dances on stage.

  72. Why did Ryan Seacrest walk down the stairs? He is not the star of American Idol. JLO walked down the stairs which makes sense because she is a star.

  73. Any word yet on the next weeks theme?

    Here are some guesses

    1)Top 100 itunes and 50's songs

    2)Country first song and Rock for 2nd

    3)songs from 70s then songs from 90's

  74. i dread the next 3 weeks. i will be very sad to see any of them go. no matter who has to leave i will be very sad. you come to really like these kids a lot. this is the first year i have watched american idol, no show has ever had me this addicted or on the edge of my seat.

    they all deserve to win and are winners in my book.

    • They will be tired of voting and will not waste their money with other constestants, for sure they will just watch in their homes silently …Reminiscing those moments of their "chunky" Jacob .

    • I think they will stop watching and voting. I think it was a very distinct audience who no longer will be interested in the 2 country singers, the rocker, and the pole dancer.

  75. JLO please get rid of the person who made your wardrobe. The top was beautiful but the botton was horrible. The front part of the pants did not show off your figure.

    • What she wore reminded me of Britney's 2000 VMA performance…except Britney was a hot 20 year old and JLo is in her 40s.

      • I'm not saying 40 year olds can't be attractive. Just saying someone her age should have a little more class and respect for themselves.

      • I did not like the song, video, and live performance of JLo…She looked rediculous…and as far a lyrics go…what were they…something about a floor. If that were an Idol performance, she wouldn't have gottne much votes. It was a lot of splash without a lot of substance.

    • so which front part of the figure do you want the pants to show?…hahahaha

    • The pants were incredibly baggy around her -er, ass. They looked awful. I was graciously thinking she was trying to be a little modest. (Or –never actually "studied" her body, but perhaps her bottom is a little out of proportion with the rest of her.)

      • Oops, my last post was aimed at maeidaho, about Ryan Seacrest walking down the stairs.

  76. Why was my comment about Ryan Seacrest deleted immediately? Does he own the show?

    • Sorry , James is the winner !James like Randy said is the great singer!and Randy said, he will win!

      • yeah, and Randy said the same thing with Pia and Casey…Randy has the kiss of death…

  77. I think that the Jacob voters will end up voting for James next week. 🙂

    • I think the majority of Jacob voters won't vote for anybody from now on!Who would waste their time to vote for someone they don't love. Besides, his supporters ain't teenies!

  78. Here's my list:

    1. James

    2. Scotty

    3. Haley

    4. Lauren

    Lauren has got to go! 🙂 Scotty and Haley are almost equal. But based on last night, I preffered Scotty over Haley. 🙂 But they're both good. And James is really awesome! 🙂

    • I think Scotty has the lead again after being in 2nd for last 2 weeks, with James and Haley right on his heels. Its now close enough than any of them could be in first after next week but if Lauren go next week it could give Scotty a boost.

      • I hope your are right. I have always liked Lauren but she has lost my support. I think if you are a true supporter, you don't vote for another. At least, I haven't in the past…my pice…other than CU has never won…and I kept watching but quit voting.

      • Coral, Help me understand this whole "True supporter thing" … As I don’t get it. Does that mean I am supposed to blindly (and some say robotically) vote for who I like, rather than who performed the best on that night. Sorry, but this show would be so BORING for me if that is how I based my vote. But, if that works good enough for you, OK.

      • James is better than Scotty hands down . Go to youtube and listen for yourself. He is crazy good outside Idol too. He rocked the house in many other places. He also sang the American Antham better than Carrie underwood and alot of other performers. Like Tyler keeps saying and Randy he is a total package. My vote will always be on James!!

  79. and the american idol is now SCOTTY!!!! sorry lauren but your going home next week.. looks like the top 2 is scotty and haley… sorry james fans but he's going to choke.. lets go scotty..

    • Scotty will pick up Lauren votes. James or Haley (whichever it is) will pick up the Ashthon/Karen/Naima/Thia/Pia/Paul/Stefano/Casey/Jacob votes. I don't see Scotty winning.

    • James for the win!!!! He is way better than Scotty . Scotty need to lower those brows, it's getting old! lol

    • Scotty will choke in the end! His eyebrows will only get him so far. We are done with his game!! Come on James fans !!!! James is crazy good .

  80. I love country music, actually it is what I like best……………however, I don't like Scotty! Boring wanna be. James is a Adam Lambert wana be!

    • If you like country music, check out Corbin Easton. He released his first CD and I haven't taken it out of my CD player yet. He sounds like a cross between George Strait and Alan Jackson. Excellent voice and great country music.

      • That was a low blow Sarcastic, come on above the belt with the comments.

        @Susan, I watch it to. If he were on Supernatural, he would definately be Dean Winchester the kick ass rocker.

    • Yes , you are right !!! Vote people crazy next week for James, He is one of the best idols ever !

  81. Not that it matters (to anyone but me), but in the beginning after Stevie T.'s book was promoted, what was he mouthing to one of the contestants? Does anyone read lips and can tell me???

    And why were they making omelets again?

    Was it Idol's version of a commercial? Must've been cuz I used that time to make myself a snack. Was Ramsey promoting something?

    Had to give Jacob kudos for his "never-ever-ending" ending to his exit song. Got a chuckle out of that. Hell, he's probably STILL trying to wring that poor song out!! Hee-hee-hee

    • I guess I lost my sense of humor. Jacob just irritated me to no end. I didn't really want to hear that voice one more second.

      • When I saw what he was doing at the end of his exit song, I ran for the remote to turn it off. Totally self-indulgent.

  82. James has to pick better songs, I never heard of the first one and emotional songs are risky for him.

    When in doubt go upbeat with something well known.

    The producers are looking to expand his range to be more marketable, not doing fluff songs that could get him the win. Scotty had the advantage on the first song but James should have had the advantage on the second one.

    • Well, the theme, current songs, kind of put a damper on picking a song that everyone knows.

  83. I love Scotty; I love Ryan, yes Seacrest; and I love J-Lo, she is definitely the world's most beautiful woman … and I was not a fan of hers until she came to AI … but she is absolutely adorable … I love her personality so much. She is electrifying and sparkles so much that both the other judges shine just sitting next to her … Go J-Lo

    • I heard J-Lo's diamond covered shoe where a huge hit on Wed. night and you saw that the judges did not walk out like normal but were already sitting when the show started.

    • My humble opinion is that JLO is not the most beautiful woman on the planet. Check her picture out without makeup. She is an ugly person inside, don't let this AI facade fool you.

      • I agree frank, from what I have heard she is a very ugly person inside, and rude.

      • cathryn, she has treated people like crap for years. From waitresses to other movie stars. I really don't care about personal appearance, but when you are ugly on the inside, you are ugly on the outside too. I have no use for JLO and her fake act.

    • Hey I'm Shana..stop posing me. I've got nothing to do with JLo or Rayan.. but I think Scotty is kinda cute!

  84. FINALLY! can't say i'm not happy jacob's gone because i really am!!! now the competition really begins… 🙂

  85. My List …

    1. James

    2. Scotty

    3. Lauren

    4. Haley

    Haley should go out next week.

      • I have never liked the way Haley sings. She was better when she first started. Now, she tends to yell and growl when she sings. Her voice is not all that good. I like Lauren Alaina. I hope she makes the top three. My choices are, James, Scotty and Lauren.

      • Haley is been in the bottom too much she should have been gone a while ago! this is a SINGING competition not a show to see who growls the best, so therefore no dogs on the show! she has to go!!!

    • Everyone has their own opinion but i cheer for Haley because of the following reasons:

      1. Unique voice

      2. Owning the Stage

      3. Risk-taking

      4. Improvement from 1st week to now

      You can tell she really work her a*s off in a performance because she improves almost exponentially every week. Love a girl who works hard. She deserves to be here.

  86. Well, I like scotty to be the winner, as i like his voice and very telanted. And i like country song too. Go scotty.

    • I like Scotty too, but he messed up singing an Elvis and Willie Nelson song poorly in my opinion. Elvis and Willie displayed a whole lot more emotion and passion with the song than Scotty.

  87. Will everybody please stop comparing James with Adam Lambert…what a shame…Adam never shrieked, screamed, screeched, or howled…he definitely hit the high notes with a pleasing fullness of vocals, and never went overboard with his renditions… Adam still is the man to beat with regards to vocals and control…and James is nowhere near Adam's heel…

    • Totally agree. But there is something about James that I like. He is not the best singer, but he has that "something" that is like-able and marketable.

      • he's definitely a showman, but his vocals are nowhere near scotty's or haley's.

      • I will agree that James is a good performer. But, marketable? No, I do not see that at all. I can guarentee that come this time next year, no one will be buying his music.

      • James will be making all the money and the others will be just getting by. Go back and look at all the past weeks , he is by far the best singer and performer. He works the hardest !!!

    • You say stop comparing James with Adam and in the next breath that is what you do. Of course Adam is technically way better than James. He should be, or else his ten or so years of musical training prior to AI would have been a waste. But James has an edge in heart and soul. And his voice has a tenderness to it which is quite evident in his mid to lower high register that I find totally captivating.

    • Ain't that the truth! Jacob fulfilled a dream of his, but it ended tonight. There are far better gospel singers than him.

      He is done, time to find a real job now.

  88. Lauren should be eliminated next week so we can really watch her have a cry-fest. Uggghhhh.

  89. Lauren is my 2nd favorite but she needs to home next so that the fans of her and scotty's will unite and scotty will win!!!

  90. "Even bigger news is the first 3 dates were announced for the American Idol 2012 auditions! St. Louis on June 28th, Portland on July 2nd, and Oregon on July 22nd. We’ll have the rest of the details posted soon."

    Portland and Oregon? Are you related to the Palins, per chance? 😉 j/k-

    Glad to see Jacob gone, finally.

    • If he was to win in his case he would suffer the winners curse and quickly disappear, do you want that?

    • could you please, please, please stop typing in all caps? I thought that the moderators said that they wouldn't allow this, and that all such postings would be deleted.

  91. Looks like Lady Gaga is next weeks mentor, Sharon Crow seem to give Scotty the need kick in the pants so maybe Gaga can help Haley do even better.

  92. JLO and Randy keep ripping Haley, but Haley is the one having the last laugh.

    JLO, in my opinion feels threatened by Haley and rightfully so. Haley is prettier, sexier and has a better voice.

    Randy, I am not so sure why he dislikes Haley, but he is ignorant in doing so.

    • Randy like singers to stay in one type of genre and style, he complained about Siobhan doing Wicked Games too. I can see his point in building a fan base at first but then the judge want them to expand so they are more marketable after the show.

    • Haley is a brat!!! Jlo would have nothing to be jealous over. She will always be richer and better looking.

  93. Next weeks theme is Leiber and Stoller songbook

    Elvis Presley, The Clovers, Ben E. King and The Coasters are a few that had hits with their songs.

    hmm with Lady Gaga as mentor for them on these songs.

  94. James can sing Love Potion No 9 or Yackety Yack

    Scotty maybe Hound Dog or Jailhouse Rock

    for the girls I am still looking, some of these songs were old when their parents were born most likely.

  95. who cares who wins now, all the good ones are gone…just the useless no hopers left…typical american voting…it's not about talent but what stupid americans want to see even if they suck and are talentless….if you all were true to yourselves and really voted on talent none of those four would be up there….typical american crybabies…if you all can vote for a guy who fakes tears and a wannabe elvis impersonator and a 15 year old that looks like 30 plus and no words can describe the other bimbo LOL then take your american idol and stick it where the sun don't shine…

  96. Actually, I really think James Durbin have the same voice arrangement like Adam Lambert. My speculation is, maybe because Adam was on the other team, that is why he is a runner up. maybe James can suceed what Adam can't.

    • Rarely did we hear Adam sing off-key, but James has done so at least once or twice in almost all of his songs. He still needs training to fix his pitch and control the screams.

  97. About time he's gone.. when I think back, I can pick a song for every idol that they did well.. a memorable performance, James’s doing Beatles, or Heavy metal, Haley with a bunch of them, Naima with the reggae version.. but with Jacob, nothing, none comes to mind.. that speaks volumes to me.. nothing… I think that speaks volumes.. Very ahppy he’s done, I’ve tried to be impartial and objective, but he can only do one style.. and honestly perplex how he lasted this long.

  98. i watch AI because one of the judges is Steven Tyler, he's my truly idol… who's gonna win ?? i don't care…

  99. if Lauren and Scotty final 2-Boooring!

    if haley and james final 2-watta f*** that would be rock and roll!!!

  100. Jacob should have sung John Rowles "Hush Not a Word To Mary" for his second song. The last line in the lyrics is "Show me the door, it's time I went home".

  101. My wish for the final two: Scotty vs Haley. I do not care who wins. They are the whole package and in it to win.

  102. ok everyone I agree jacob should have been gone and I have said it from the get go that james will win he has never been in any of the bottom 3 or 2 and I have to agree with Carol the boy has he health issues. so be kind. I lost a daughter 4 years ago and he is trying too show that it will not stop him. I love Scotty but I know in my heart that this year James is meant to Win

      • James will be OK…he will sell tons of records…he will be able to provide for his family…but scotty must win. He is just so natural and unassumming and so talented.

  103. Has anyone else been reading Melinda Doolittle's comments about this year's contestants? She was on AI Season 6. She was asked to critique the performances for this year (don't remember who she's doing this for). Her comments are constructive and what we should be hearing from the judges to actually help the contestants improve. If you're interested in seeing what I mean, you can find it on I have been impressed with what she has to say. She notices things I would never notice. She knows what the experience is like because she was there. Melinda would make a good judge next year. She would have a lot more to offer than what we're hearing from the judges this year, that is if she would be allowed to finish her sentence and not be interrupted by another judge.

    • what Melinda Doolittle said is what the judges should be saying the the kids, it is not mean it is constructive. She needs to be a judge next year on idol. I believe that the judges have done a diservice to the kids this year by their cheerleading squad attitude.

    • Wow, thanks so much for posting this info and Melinda's Website. She absolutely SLAYED me when she sang in her season, in which I thought she was unquestionably the best pure singer. So I eagerly went to her site to see what she said about this year's contestants. She absolutely nailed it in her observations about every single song she critiqued. How come these judges can't/won't do that? I love hearing from a pro like her, with her flawless voice, as to who she thinks is the best of this year's group. No surprise … It's Haley. I would urge everyone to read her comments. Very fair, no sniping at anybody. Tasteful, well-done.

      • I have got the same feeling about some of the contestants. The Carol song that James sang was so powerfull, the judges did not mentioned anything about being pitchy even at the begining. I thought is onlhy me.

    • Thank you for the info. The lack of criticism from the judges makes us love when smart people like melinda or Branden have the courage to speak the truth. I have a lot of respect to all of the contestant but after 8/7 weeks I still don't get why James have so many fans. I have try so hard to like him, to see what other people like about him and I CAN'T. I was very please to read that Melinda (someone so talented) don't buy him either.

      At this point, I don't care if he win. I JUST ENJOYING A GREAT SEASON that it was very much needed for AI. Thank u again

    • Thanx for the link to Melinda. Great read. I went back through all the weeks & tried to remember the performances. Melinda is pretty much spot on. I disagree w/ her in some cases, but obviously she knows a lot more about music than I do.

      I think a great judge lineup next year would be Randy goes first, Melinda 2nd, & Jimmy Iovine last. That would be a good panel IMO.

  104. Yes, very pleased with elimination last night thank you very much – and the votes were right for me; Lauren should be in the bottom 2; she is good but to be fair to the others, she should be the next to go…..James will be in the final and at this point, I think that Haley has a chance as much as Scotty to be next to James…BUT my idol is James – Go James!!!

  105. Was I the only one tearing for Lauren?? I swear if she was let go I would be done watching this joke of A.I. I think we have a great group left. I think its all going to boil down to song choice. Its time to hold back any emotional tears cause emotionally perfect isn't going to cut it, hit that high note with no hesitation, bring on some personality and creativity and act like you have nothing more to lose. Scotty has been firmly planted with favoring votes. Its going to be real interesting to see what happens next. I like all of these remaining 4 for different reasons. I plan on voting depending on how well they perform. P.S. I think we know that J.Lo has an album out, a music video and another music video and commercials.. I sit there watching all this and say geeze I think I use to like J.Lo. Its like drinking too much rum & coke til you puke and never wanting to drink it again.

      • I really like JLO but that song On The Floor? What the you know what is that about? I thought it was awful!

    • @Baker429…was my same thought. That is why I dvr it so I don't want to watch filler…what about Lady Gaga helping our singers with World War II songs…gonna be interesting…all four need to bring it. At this point I think tehy will all have a music career!

      • YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT….HE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! he is just going to PROVIDE for his family. and not sing? OH! THAT SOUNDS GOOD….

    • Totaly agree. There are all good. However, I would not like my son to have James taste for dressing and artifacts. I also would not like my daughter to take swering lesson from our lovely Haley. I like Haley as an artist but the term "idol" means everything. Lauren is ok, only she is too young and naive. Scotty is born to be an "idol". Talent, caracter, spirit.

    • P.S. props to the producers for having Jimmy Lovine critique the idols. That was one of the best judging this show has had from day one. I loved it!! I hope this continues. P.S.S. Are MC Hammer pants making a come back??

  106. Agreed with Jacob gone, my opinión James has to be the winner, too much talent, personality. Hailey she still along way to go and Scotty well….no comments

    • I agree with most. James is the best because he can sing every kind of music. so versatile. Scotty is wonderful but really should stick to country. He has a future. I think both girls should go. Glad Jacob is gone. shocked us when he won over Casey.

      • Well, Gloria, if you like James because he can sing any kind of song, then you should like Haley, too. She has more than proven that she can, as well!

    • @VP: What long way does Haley have to go? What does she need to do? I am mystified.

  107. Watching American Idol here in the UK and am sickened that the best singer was voted off. Lauren should have gone, as the show is about talent and Lauren is far inferior to Joseph. Joseph was by far the best singer out of all of them and I am very dissapointed.

    • I am very certain that people in UK prefer watching Manchester United vs Barcelona in Champions League Final than AI Finale. They also are eager to watch MU vs Chelsea this week.

  108. Scotty McCreery is a Mad Magazine cardboard cutout. Pia was a legend and twelve year old girls are the only ones dumb enough to vote.

    • Pia was a legend? Legendary for having to try out 4 times for Idol and not making it until Cowell was gone? Legendary for being voted off before Mahalia Jackson part deux [Jacob]? What is your definition of legend?

      • Dross rhymes with gross. Scotty (aka Mad Magazine) will be the winner thanks to the 12 thru 80 age bracket

  109. Couldn't go on watching AI after Casey was booted out.The rest of the contenders were hohum to me. I just see the results here and that's it.

  110. Lee the winner of AI season 9 is on the Philippines now and the reporter asked him who's his favorites and he answered…

    Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart! Another strike for Haley. He said "they will be successful no matter what". #JustSlaying

  111. hey!!!! I want da 2 girls to b in da FINALE!!!! Its About time dat a Girl Won!!!! its been Way 2 Long!!!! Lauren vs Haley 4 da Win!!!!!

  112. James have got 2 go!!! Im sik of His screaching!!!!!! Hes a Try hard and a flippin Adam Lambert Wannabe!!!!!

    • I agree with you. He has worn on many with that screeching and constant ploy for the pity party

      • Sorry girls, I do not agree with you. James is no pity party, JAMES IS JUST A GUY WHO HAD IT ROUGH, he belongs for the first time and he is away from his beautiful wife and a wonderful son and so he miss them A LOT last week, he had a moment, does not make him out of the game, my gosh, give him a break, he is a very sensitive man and not afraid to show it at time, he will learn to control his emotions, all his new to him – James is an inspiration for a lot of young and older people and I think the world of him – he can sing whatever he wants….JAMES WILL WIN THIS….

      • I agree with you 100% Jane. He is an insperation to alot of people with the disabilities that he has. He is very talented and very creative. I know people have a right to their opinions and you may not like James and that is alright to but you don't have to bash people just because you don't like them. He is nothing like Adam Lambert

  113. Haley rules the stage, each and every week. As for looks, who could possibly wear her outfits but her. And who should we blame for dressing Lauren. Goodbye Diva. Do rock stars always cry on stage, James? Gimme a break. Scotty (aka Alfred E. Newman) will do well no matter where he ends up. Country desperately needs a new star.

    • Nothing to do with American Idol. But; Happy Mothers Day to all you moms..Have a great day.

  114. I allways say that too….this is not an emotional competition. THIS IS A SINGINGGGGG cometition.

    In these days the worst that have sang is JAMES and SCOTTY.


  115. every body knows jacob lust has the best voice of them all !! iam sure someone will pick him up soon.

  116. James, es mi preferido, digan lo que digan….. y la que deberia estar hasta ahora es PIA, no Haley que solo gruñe….cuando canta. Suerte para James que llegue a la final.

  117. My bf left me two weeks ago, but he still keeps calling me to talk about random stuff.Do you think I should keep talking to him or just start to refuse the calls? He still posts on my Facebook too, it’s really hard to understand!

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