American Idol 2011 Eliminates Top 24 and More Changes

American Idol 2011 judges

Nigel Lythgoe continues to be an everlasting fountain of news for the upcoming American Idol season which premieres in January 2011. The latest word from the returning executive producer is that he’s doing away with the Top 24 this season after finding them dull in past seasons:

The producers have also eliminated the round that shrinks the contestants from a group of 24 to 12, instead opting to just go straight to the top 12.

“I didn’t think [the top 24] were very good, I was bored with them by the time they got there,” Lythgoe says of previous seasons.

It’s unclear if this means the judges will choose the top 12 and what will replace the episodes that usually cover the early voting rounds. Both Fox and the producers declined to elaborate.

Ya know, if you think the past Top 24 contestants have been boring, well guess who was in charge of making those casting decisions?… Yeah. You, Nigel, and the rest of the production crew. If you didn’t like them then there’s no one else to blame.

Along with eliminating the Top 24 this season, American Idol will introduce new “challenges.” The singers will have to create music videos, “promote themselves” (whatever that means), and develop an awards show type performance. Next they’ll have to learn how to operate the TV cameras themselves while another Idol hopeful peddles a bicycle to generate enough electricity to light the stage!

These are some serious changes being introduced and I can’t help but wonder if they’re doing too much all at once. Do you think American Idol needs this big of a shot in the arm or are they leaping when they should be baby stepping?

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  1. The contestants will be so busy trying to learn the "trade" that they will have little time to work on their material. This is crazy…making a video! Most of them can barely hold the mic and sing at the same time…..give me a break!

  2. What is going on? I was excited about Nigel coming back and changing up things. Instead of trying to change the format and add all these ridiculous changes, he should concentrate on the voting situation. CHANGE THAT!!!!

  3. Things will be better with Nigel at the helm. He knows how to run a show. I agree with him that the top 24 were indeed boring.

    I'll be happy following just the top 12 if it means they get more exposure so that we can really get to love(we hope)them..

  4. @Jini…I am very happy that Nigel is at the helm too but I wish he would change the voting format or at least make it like SYTUCD. They have to control the female, teeny bopper votes. REALLY. The pros should have more to say or influence with the outcome of the voting……JMHO

  5. I just desire to watch amazing talent, without all of the fluff, is that too much ask!!!!

    @Diane, I know where you're coming from and I agree!!!

  6. Should make the competition a bit more challenging. Wonder if the top 12 selected will present MORE selections to let the judges screen them better on the upstart rather than having the other 12 take up the time…or fill the space in with TV viewing on more of the whackos that's there for LAUGHS and to prove they're goofballs.

    I think the video's will make it interesting.

    Nigel………I trust you, …..ithink!

  7. Nigel knows what he's doing, and if he thinks the top 12 newbies are capable of a music video, than I'm all for seeing that added to the 'contest'. Show me more and perhaps I'll pick up the phone again…. he may be on to something good!! I was happy that Nigel came back into the picture, 'cuz it's not a great feeling without Simon on board. I hope season 10 will make a great come-back, Lord knows it needs to! GOOD LUCK "Dawgs"!! I can't wait til January!

  8. I love American Idol… I've watched every season. Nygal has a lot of great ideas. Please leave the voting of the 12 up to the people that is an idea or will it be the judges. Good luck judges and Ryan you'll have do a great job I'm sure. God Bless

  9. I think all the new ideas sound dumb I liked watching the top 24 and see who the judges vote off. Then I liked voting for who I like. This bike thing and video thing is stupid. I think this will be the last year of American Idol for sure.

  10. I agree with the show needing some updates. I have watched it from the first and it was getting a little predictable. What I don't care for is the voting. I personally think we should let either the judges have full control of who goes on, add 3 saves instead of just 1. And also maybe they should eliminate the at home caller vote. Let the audience have devices to vote at the end of the show. It would stop the websites that have all the bitter people who didn't make it from voting on the Worst Contestant, it's just a show people, get a grip. While I do enjoy watching American Idol and I think everyone deserves a chance, there have been a few contestants that won that were not really American Idol material. But unfortunately I am neither the producer or any way associated with Fox, so I guess my opinion doesn't really count for much. I will give this season a chance, I hope it's better then the last one. Crystal so deserved that one.

  11. I am looking forward to the new season; not sure how it will be without SIMON. Not a good idea about the bicycle and camera for the contestants. How can anyone perform with all that going on. This show is about talent not The Big Top at the local circus.

    Still a fan for 10 years

  12. American idol looks like its now competing with the X-Factor version of US .., coz Niger thinks Simon will do alot to take over reality singing xx ha ha

  13. How could you know for sure that the first 24 werew not any good. My grand son whom I think is good ,writes his own music ,has tried out about 5 times as well as his twin Both have great voices Plays the keyborrd & the guitar. I have been a faithful viewersince the beginning, you put through stupid acts ,( clowns ) and people wonder if it is because stupidity sells, is american idol going to the dogs?

  14. This is a singing contest, not about video or riding bikes! I like the top 24, some of the contestants seem to get over their initial nerves then and really pull ahead and shine.

  15. I know a couple of people who have made it to Hollywd

    and have not ever had a second of air time, well

    crying if that is air time, but if you make it that far the least they cany do is show them singing for at least 20 seconds.

  16. I don't think too much extra is needed for this competition. Keep it to the singing. I think creating their own music video and the rest of the above mentioned additives is unnecessary in the process of finding a real American Idol and may, (possibly could)

    unfairly, put someone with not such a Wow!voice in the top because of their camera prowess. In other words lets not distract from what is being looked for unless what is really being looked for is not obviously stated in the competition as-is. Neither Kelly nor Carrie even had an instrument (not did the other contestants in the first years) and both of them are still going strong.

  17. I know several people who have made it to hollywood and haven’t ever been shown singing, not even for a second,
    It’s now fair when they get that far and don’t even get 20 seconds of air time, some have been there more than once and all they show is crying. It’s very unfair

  18. i am always looking forwar for the contestant!!! hope that the next americaan idol season 10 will surposs the expectation of the people!!! of course!, he/she should have this versatile above all!!

  19. omg…I love Idol this year…last year..well I almost did not watch this year..because the singer last year had no personality…but this I think will be a treat..can't wait

  20. I think the top 12 is a great idea. I think the videos could be interesting but riding a bike to run a camera…come on. What type of talent is that showing? Trying to get ratings since Simon is gone? I agree about allowing the judges choosing who stays and who goes. Having 3 saves instead of one. This is a singing competition. I think the vote should be like it is on dancing with the stars. Judges have a percent and viewers have a percent. Otherwise people stay like Sanja(?) spelling? He was horrible but people kept him on. Hope this year does not flop—otherwise bye bye American Idol.

  21. I hope Haley Reinhart wins this! She's the best female singer and it's about time to break the streak of male idols! Please vote for her!

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