American Idol 2011: **Spoilers** Contestants With A Golden Ticket

Hey there everyone!  We are two months from the debut of our new 2011 judges panel for the new season of American Idol.  As always rumored Hollywood-bound contestants names are being leaked on the web and thanks to Joe’s Place we now have a few of these names for American Idol 2011 complete with Facebook, MySpace and some YouTube videos. 

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Rumored American Idol 2011 Golden Ticket holders:

Ace Gilliam

Ashthon Ahmirr’ Jones

(Jonathan) Blake White

Brandon Parsons

  • He won the AI Experience in Disney, FL

Caleb Hawley

Chelsea Sorrell

Ciara Farrow

Christina Morelli

Danielle Pease

Danny Pate 

Eryn Kelly

Heather Todd

(Miss) Jackie Wilson

Jalen Harris

Jessa Yantz

Joe Lemieux

Kate Anderson

Kayleigh Goldsworthy

Megan Pflueger

Nicole Pennington

Raion Ramsey

Rebecca Rose Ryder

Rebecca Rosiere

Sarina Joi Crowe

Scott Grimes

Symphony Howlett

I’ll continue to update this list until we have the unofficial Top 20 contestants so keep checking back.




  1. Thanks for the info!

    @Phyllis, what do you think so far? Do you see any promise in these contestants?

  2. Hi Angela,

    I did listen to some of them and they do sound promising but as I'm sure you know….a lot of times these contestants don't make it past Hollywood week. I kept a list of their names and I'll pay more attention to it during the auditions and then we really can talk about it. I'm really getting excited about this Season.

    I guess all the hoopla is really getting to us. Nigel is a good producer and he is definitely working his magic to get us geared up for the new Season. Don't you agree????

  3. Absolutely! It's getting close to kick off time, not much longer now!!!!

    I'm at the point where I am starting countdown!!!

  4. what this show needs is someone like archie ,lambert or cook.they were very talented and made the show more exciting.i hope someone like them come this season

  5. does anyone know if they dropped the age to 15 cause i wanted to go to it this year but i can't in july cause i won't be 19 until august 23rd and i really wanna go.

  6. I'm a little confused on this. I'm 14 and i'm turning 15 on August 24th. Would they still let me audition?

  7. Did you know that if the AI people find this website, all of these people will get disqualified? You guys have ruined many peoples' idol career, and I don't think that's very fair. The people who make it to Hollywood have to sign a confidentiality agreement, and if it gets out ANYWHERE that they have disclosed their "Hollywood" status, then their golden ticket is revoked. Just letting you know.

  8. @Someone, if the contestants signed an agreement, then those who made it through to the next round, should have enough common sense not to respond to this blog!!!

    In other words, please do not hold this blog responsible for ruining any contestants chances with AI!!!!

  9. There is a 16 year old girl from cleveland that made it through to hollywood week but chose not to go based on many reasons. They called her a ton and were begging her to go but she didnt. She is outstandingly talented.

  10. Does anyone know when the San Francisco auditions will be on? Watch for Carmina Cecilia Salcido. Google her, she has an amazing story. (Father murdered her mom, aunts, sisters, grandmother….tried to kill her but she survived. She was 3 years old.) She auditioned in SF and isn't telling anyone how far she got!!

  11. Can someone email with a list of the songs the contestants sang for their auditions? I've been looking on the web trying to find a list, but have been unsuccessful… Thank you, ahead of time.


  12. What happened to the red haired student teacher who auditioned in Milwaukee. he was never shown tonight. please let us know asap. the last guy you released was soooo much better then his blond girlfriend that you kept. Major mistake by the judges!!

  13. I think Idol keeping Brett Loewenstern was a horrible decision.. one of the other two should of stayed because they were 20 times better..

  14. Well I think the judges know what there doing there not famous for nothing. Steve Tyler makes american idol someone should have asked him to be a judge 10yrs ago. I'm voting for Karen Rodriguez right now. Go Karen.

  15. Scotty has the best singing voice I've heard in a long time. There are plenty of good ones now, The wild card picks were gross.

    I love JLO and Steven but as he is suppose to be Randy is good at letting the ccontestants down. I hate when JLo has to tell one they are out. She looks like it really breakks her heart.

    I'm giving up some really good shows to watch this so I hope it's worth it. Randy! Randy! Randy!

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