American Idol Moves To New Nights For 2011 Season

Sheesh, American Idol. What’s going on over there? You’ve changed your judges, changed out the production team, eliminated the Top 24, and now you’ve even changed when we get to watch you. Today FOX announced that despite a long standing schedule of Tuesdays and Wednesdays that this season we’ll instead be watching performance shows on Wednesdays and eliminations on Thursdays.

The Associated Press reminds us with this news that Lee DeWyze was crowned with 5 million fewer viewers than when Adam Lambert was robbed Kris Allen won the year before. So yes, they need to do something, but do they need to change everything at once?! Well, let’s hope it all works out for the best.




  1. Adam was robbed?? Bwahaahaahaahaa… Love Kris Allen's new video that he did for his fans for his third single, "Alright With Me." Reminds me why I voted for him.

  2. Wen and Thursday huh? Opposote Hellcats and Vampire Diries . Really good move there AI you might want to rethink the move there…js

  3. Adam was NOT robbed of it…..get over it already. You forget that the fans voted for him. NOT the judges. duh

  4. Lots of changes…hope it is worth it…I, still a die-hard fan…will be watching…and yes, I agree, enough with the Adam "Lamentations" Lambert. Let's stay in the present.

  5. Yes, Adam was robbed and all credibility for the show was gone. Voting was cut in half for season 9 because people realized the voting system was unfair.

  6. Kris Allen is a wonderful singer and entertainer.

    Why would anyone bother to vote in season 9, after the way voters were maligned in season 8? Who needs that abuse?

  7. The AI appearance helped introduce Adam to the world. His career has skyrocketed which speaks to his talent. He deserves the celebrity, but Kris Allen is a great singer in his own right. First or second place doesn't matter. What matters is that they both have enriched our world of music and promises to keep on amazing! Love 'em both!!!


  9. The Adam/Kris season is over. It is what it is, but AI needs to change the voting system. Unlimited texts don't translate into music sales or concert tickets. Teen, tweens and cougars are never going to vote for anyone except a straight semi-talented cute guy. And these teens etc. are champion text voters, as many as two thousand votes from a single phone. That is what is destroying Idol. Change the voting policy.

  10. Everyone can say what they want but the reason that last season's numbers dropped was totally due to the fact that Adam Lambert was robbed and the viewers knew it and a lot of them stopped watching. I totally agree that Kris Allen is a talented singer but he is definitely no Adam and even he knew it……but that was yesterdays news.

    AI should be changing the voting system not the day of the shows…..Pay attention Nigel this is what the public wants…CHANGE THE VOTING SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Explaining the voting problem to Nigel is like explaining string theory to a yo-yo, or alternate side of the street parking to a lamp post.

  12. Adam Lambert was robbed and the viewers know it. In Arkansas they had the help of Matt Jordan, an AT&T executive, that helped the stadium full of people at UCC vote 10,000 times each. They produced millions of votes. Adam was more popular everywhere but Arkansas among all age groups. Kris Allen can not compare vocally to Lambert and if he won fairly where have all of Kris's fans gone? See : Kris could not have beat Adam fairly on his own and he did not get most of Danny's votes. I will not ever watch AI no matter what night it is on.

  13. @Skyler…..I was totally devastated that night and knew something was not right. We did later find out about Matt Jordan. It was a travesty of justice but Adam has risen to the occasion and he is doing awesome…..Kris is an opening act for big name stars… who really was the winner???

  14. Please everyone needs to get over Adam Lambert being robbed, yes he is talented but I think HOLLYWOOD liked him more than common citizens. so get over it!!

  15. @Michelle….I believe that we have gotten over the fact that ADAM was robbed on Season 8 but that is the reason why AI is trying so hard to bring back the ratings. The show suffered big time after the ADAM/KRIS showdown and us common citizens knew it……we lost quite a few people even on this blog.

    This show really needs a big breakout artist (like ADAM) to bring AI back to its standards….and get the people back to wanting to tune in again……

  16. You are so right Phyllis. We need a shining star this year. I'm a little concerned that Nigel is making too many changes all at once and ignoring the single change that would be the real fixer. Stop the unlimited text voting.

  17. @Stormy…..Amen to that…..I really wish some one what pay attention to this blog and hear what the people are saying…….

  18. I still watch AI but stopped voting when I got fed up with spending the entire night on the phone. It should be a maximum or 1-5 calls/texts per phone number, depending on how many contestants are left. Or we should vote a maximum of 1-2 times to vote someone OFF instead of keeping someone on. I think Adam was robbed, but it doesn't matter that much… he is doing great!!!

  19. i watched idol because it didnt have the drunken drama laden scenes with roomates and house mates.i now have more reasons NOT to watch.. they get a huge amount of exposure already in the contest as it was.

  20. @Skyler…..I was totally devastated that night and knew something was not right. We did later find out about Matt Jordan. It was a travesty of justice but Adam has risen to the occasion and he is doing awesome…..Kris is an opening act for big name stars… who really was the winner???

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