American Idol 2011 Finale Ratings Soar

Whoa! Scotty wasn’t the only big winner last night. American Idol 2011 picked itself up off the ground after its Tuesday night finale performance show ratings decline and went on to shine. For the first time in FIVE years the Idol finale outdid its previous year and it did it in a big, big way!

Fox dominated the final night of the 2010-11 broadcast season with the two hour seaon finale of American Idol which scored a 9.2 adults 18-49 rating and 29.3 million viewers.

That was up 12% for adults 18-49 and 21% for viewership compared to last year’s finale 8.2 adults 18-49 rating and 24.223 million average viewers.

When the show ran over, despite Ryan Seacrest’s best intentions, 38.6 million viewers stayed tuned in to find out who had earned the most votes. That’s incredible! Hopefully that’s finally enough to keep everyone satisfied that American Idol 2012 will definitely be another big event.

Do you think last night’s show earned it’s ratings increase over last year? I know I enjoyed it and can’t wait for the season’s return.

Source: TV By the Numbers




  1. Guess if you enjoyed GAGA Sex on the Mountain, Or JLO shaking her bare bum at the audience, or Beyonce begging for sex, I guess the guest stars were a big hit. Can you immagine what will be next if the audience enjoyed this filth?
    Loved seeing the contestants perform and loved the finale with Scotty and Lauren. I think the program should have showcased all of the top contestants and left off the above performances.

    • agree with you. AI would have let the big stars be part of the contestant’s performances and given more chances to the top 11.

    • Beautiful show,happy that Scotty won, that Randy, Jennifer and Steven did a wonderful job,they don;t need, Simon, Paula or Karla, they did fine!!!And I love the comercial specially Coca Cola new one, about the animals, love it.Thank you Ford I think that I will get thevery small car( Fiesta?). I can wait for the next season!!1

    • Yes, All the contestens were good, everyone in their on way. I hope that they don’t give up. We need new singers. they should be the new Stars are born!!!

    • I like watching Lady Gaga but
      the show should have been in Las Vegas not Ameridan Idol. It looked like Lady Gaga was having sex on TV.

    • I absolutely agree because honestly this is about the contestants and the focus should be on them not those who already are successful. Also, GAGA isn’t a role model and should never be invited back and the teenagers I was watching with turned the show off until she was through. Also, why not invite back former idols like David Archuleta or even Kris Allen.

      • I can’t comment on GAGa’s performance because I walked out when it was on…I watched the “decent for all audiences” portion of the program and loved it. But, I totally agree with you. It is intended to be – I thought – a family program and there were parts of it that certainly weren’t…even JLo’s dance (?) was questionable. I also agree that previoius idol’s should be invited back…we all feel in love with them and would like to see them aain. Also, the focus should be on the finalists…I loved the duets with Scotty and Lauen and their idols. (I still can’t figure out whey McCraw didn’t choose a song for Scotty.) One more thought…does anyone out there think that Lauren has a crush on Scotty…and he is just too embarrassed to admit that he likes her back? Aren’t they just adorable together. I do hope they make an album together.

      • Lauren was on the Jay Leno show last night and Jay asked if they were dating, she said absolutly not. They are just friends

      • Piers Morgan was also on that nite, from Americas Got Talent, and she told him she tried twice to get on show and was rejected twice

      • Great suggestion about featuring former idols on the finale (besides David Cook).

        Funny coincidence, because last night, for some reason, I went to YouTube and listened to David Archuleta’s songs during the last few weeks of Season 8. I knew I liked him (liked David Cook slightly more), but–wow–I had forgotten (how was that possible?) how absolutely beautiful his singing was.

    • J.Lo started out as a dancer (remember In Living Color – yup – she was a Fly Girl!) so her dancing was fine! I loved her and Marc’s chemistry! Hot!!

      I loved Lady Gaga too. The camera’s panned away for anything to “offensive” for the AI crowd!

    • Totally agree – those acts were so out of place compared to the 2 wholesome teens. It’s almost as if they were an afterthought! I muted Gag’s performance & looked @ the local weather forecast until I was SURE she was off the stage. There were so many ‘tweens’ and kids there – wonder if the parents were forewarned that their kids would be visually & audibly corrupted.

      • yup! the stage should be belonged to the AI contestants. they are (13) all are good. the guest stars made them “nothing”. especially when Beyonce performed with her dancers, and put the AI ladies as “backdrop” only. all those guest stars only think about him/herself, not supporting AI at all!

      • Actually, I was glad Beyonce brought her own dancers so the contestants wouldn’t have to make some of those moves on stage.

    • Agree with you about GAGA and Beyonce, shouldn’t have been on the show. By the way, the Mighty Adam Lambert tweeted that those two were the best in his opinion, tells A LOT of him.

      • Really he told that? Don’t forget this Lambert guy kissed a man on stage and tried to have sex on stage.

    • Dack, I agree 100% about the Lady Gag, Beyonce, and J Lo performances. I was also extremely unimpressed with the Casey Abrams-Jack Black attempt of “Fat Bottomed Girls”. Wow, Casey sounded BAD. All of the other performances were great. I loved the way Haley sang with Tony Bennett.

      • I’m sorry Casey is not good singer. Maybe he could play all the instruments in the world but he can’t sing.

      • Nan…that is not true. Go to YouTube and search for Casey singing lullaby of birdland DOING ALL of the 8 part harmonies himself. Also, he does LOVE where he plays all of the instruments. His account is PierceAbrams. He can sing! I was rooting for someone else but I do recognize the other contestants talent.

    • I also can’t wait! The best thing out of the entire season was Haley Reinhart!

      • I agree — and I HOPE she does at least one duet with Casey…..

        I also think Casey has a future in the movies — I just kept seeing a star on stage —

        And Durbin was born 30 years too late, but I can definitely see him opening for Ozzy or Metallica in the very near future —

        Good luck fellas! And Haley — “wow” — you are an artist, and I see you as a one-named artist — “Haley” will be enough to know who we are talking about.


      • Same here!!!! Hope it doesn’t take too long.

        I also loved Steven’s performance…wow that guy can still rock it.

      • Pup, Can you imagine? Our Haley sang a duet with Tony Bennett! I thought it was a wonderful way to Haley to finish the season. She seemed to REALLY enjoy the moment too. Oh< I might add her 6th. standing O.
        Most younger viewers won't appreciate the significance of that, but we do.

      • O.K Fatboy,

        Devin Lee and I came to a mutual respect for each other through our beauty, intelligence, and incredibly strong love of animals (:

        David P. and I had a Wizard of Oz moment together and possibly called a truce.

        I will be really sad going to my deathbed one day thinking that you still think of me as a crazy b*tch.

        Brownie points for being good lately?

      • @ Fatboy: Right on the nose! I was so proud OF her and FOR her.

        Said a lot about Mr. Bennett’s recognition of her talent that he performed with her. The musical community as a whole had to be bowing to that coupling. Such a special, special moment–and I think the flaws (Mr. Bennett’s missed lyrics and cues) highlighted Haley’s true character. I have no doubt Haley will be welcomed by musical professionals everywhere with open arms. I haven’t been this excited about a singer in a long time. She really can do it all!

      • Angela, Honestly, I don’t recall actually calling you a “crazy bitch”, but if in the heat of the moment, I may have. For that I am sorry.
        Like nearly all of us good people here, we tend to get “emotionally invested”. That in it’s self is a good thing… to a degree.
        I have watched your posts mellow & become much more thoughtful & considerate. Whatever made you so much more aggressive beforehand… well, that’s for you to figure out.
        As far as brownie points… yes, for sure. I think you merit an “A’.
        And please, dear Angela, don’t go to bed sad, There was SO much this season to be happy for… including all of us meeting & sharing on this forum, right?

    • Me too. Have already downloaded the stuff on itunes. She’s awesome. It was great to see all the previous contestants as well. What a great finale, Steven Tyler was great. Loved the whole shoe, really.

    • ANGELA JAMES I like your MODESTY are you REALLY as BEAUTIFUL as you say you are because i’m not so CONVINCED! I hope your beauty doesn’t match your PERSONALITY would’t that be a SCARY I want to get that thought out of my mind!

      • And just what the hell have I done to you Brickhead? The beauty statements are personal jokes. You come out of the woodwork after 2 months and all of a sudden start blasting me? What is your problem?

        Don’t bother replying because this is my last night on the site anyway. It is time to move on to the real world.

        Get over me and get over yourself brickhead.

      • By the way, if this is still about Haley, I have not even talked about her in my blogs since she was eliminated. I have also never replied/agreed as I read other people post negative comments about her.

      • Hey, Angela. I have noticed, for sure. And I am loving the “new” Angela James. Mwah!!!!

      • Better late than never, huh? Mwah back at you, Pup. Actually, this is not the new Angela James…just the everyday one. Got a little peaved at one of the contestants and lost my way for a while.

        As for you Brick, you are forgiven. In your defense, I did see one reply I made to you raking you over the coals about a grammar error. However, in my defense, I did that because you were raking Scotty over the coals about his looks. My fav was Pia, as everyone knows. But I will always defend children being picked on, even if they are 16 or 17.

        I’ll watch next year if they fix the voting. In the meantime, for those who have not see past seasons, you should watch the performances listed below. Some were truly beyond anything we saw this or last year.

        1) David Archuletta – “Angel”
        2) Elliot Yamin – “A Song for You”, “Trouble”
        3) Clay Aiken – “Bridge over Troubled Water”, “Solitaire”, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down”……
        4) Siobhan- “Suspicious Minds”, “Think” ….
        5) Adam Lambert – “Mad World”

        Any of these contestants should have been American Idols. Yes, I LOVE David Cook but if David A. would have tried out during a different season (like bumping Fantasia off in #3!), he could have made it to #1 easily. This would not have been the result of teeny bopper voting. He truly does have an amazing voice..Micheal Buble style.

        None of our current contestants, in my opinion, sent chills up my spine like these performances above. I know that some did get chills with Haley. And I think I would have felt the same with Pia if she had stayed longer. However, you should check out the Idol performances on YouTube of the ones listed if you haven’t yet. You will be blown away if you are new to Idol this year.

        On a last note, for those who are new to Idol and never saw Simon judge…wow…you missed alot. He has said things to the contestants like:

        “That sounded like a woman giving birth with no medication”.

        “It is time for you to jump on a cruise ship and be their nightly entertainment.”

        “Why did we put you through again? I will have nightmares now about that day.”

        “You are a 3rd rate Aretha.”

        “You do not deserve to win this.”

        “I hope you win this.”

        “I do not like your personality.”

        ” You need to pack your suitcase tonight because after that performance, you are going home.”

        and zillions of other very strong comments. Remember, these comments were NOT made at auditions. He made these comments to those who had made it to the top 3-10!

        Some of you would not have been able to handle it. For those of us veterans, we loved the way he was always “straight up” and definitely got used to it.

        Signing off………(for the 5th time!)

      • O.K. Brick, stop laughing. I see my lovely error above:

        “for those o who have not SEEN ……

        I originally wrote “who did not see” and changed the “did” to “have” and forgot to change the the “see” to “seen”.

        Just for you, Brick….enjoy the moment. It doesn’t happen often!! ha

      • Angela, Wow… that first post to brickhead sounded like me at my best/worst?
        One thing I sure realize is neither of us likes to get our toes stepped on, do we, dear?
        See you soon, I hope. Love you, Fatboy

      • Hi Fatboy,

        I didn’t even know who Brick was! I expected that kind of response from the other Haley fans that I had met and pissed off over the months. However, I truly did not remember ever having communication with HIM. I was just scrolling down one day and saw him nailing me without any negative comments from me anywhere on this or the last article. It seemed like he was responding to what I said 3 weeks ago! I thought that was dirty play.

        Yea, I came on strong out of total confusion!

        I wanted to get back on and respond quickly to a prior post of yours. It may not have been you who called me that name (although there definitely wasn’t a shortage!). It could have been BigAl, who stopped blogging a while back. Both of you are Haley fans and both of you call yourselves big/fat. I may have mixed you up. Sorry…..

        Seriously, I gotta move on. My life is so freaking busy with 2 teenagers, 5 dogs, and a demanding job. Got all caught up in this for the first time in my 47 years. Believe it or not, before a few months ago, I only sat at this computer to check my e-mail occasionally! Too many things on my to-do list to sit EVER!

        Take care……..

      • angela james, I have watched several performances in your list and download some of them about 1-2 years ago. Here is my opinion of each :

        1. David Archuleta : I like “Angel”.
        But I want to add his others
        to the list :
        – “The Long and Winding Road”.
        Simon said it’s a Master Class
        – “Smokie Mountain Memories”.
        Simon said : “Absolutely on the
        – “In This Moment”
        2. Elliot Yamin’s “A Song For You”
        Simon said it’s a Master Class
        3. Clay Aiken
        I want to add his others to your
        list :
        – “Somewhere Out There”
        Simon said : “You’re the one to
        – “At This Moment” Simon said :
        “Absolutely on the money”.
        – “To Love Somebody”
        Simon said : “Probably one of the
        best of AI so far”
        Robin Gibb said : “That’s the way
        to be sung, and it’s brilliant”
        Randy Jackson several times said
        after Clay’s performances :
        “What does the voice come from ?”
        Neil Sedaka said “You sing like
        Andre Agassi play tennis.
        Perfection ! Perfection !”.
        I had made my own compilation of
        his songs 2 years ago.
        4. Siobhan Magnuss : I only like her
        “Living in the City”, “Think” and
        “Any Man of Mine”.
        5. Adam Lambert : I only like his
        “Black or White” and “No Boundaries”

      • SoftDev,

        I totally agree. Some of these contestants had too many masterpieces to list. I will go back and listen to the other songs you listed for Siobahn. I heard House of the Rising Sun and liked her haunting performance. But I was too afraid of the Haley fans to list it!!!!

        If you will notice all of those masterpieces were sung standing still behind a microphone. Times have changed indeed. I think now that the performers are expected to run and jump around the stage, we lose the power and quality in their voices. Of course, they get out of breath going up and down stairs and constantly move while trying to hit perfect notes. I loved when they just stood there and belted out those songs perfectly. It was 100% about the voice (quality, tone, pitch,) rather than the performance.

      • I listened to all of the other songs you listed. Freaking amazing….I had forgotten about Adam Lambert’s “No Boundaries”.

        After that song, Simon said he was the best and most original performers Idol has ever had. Then he said he was a World Class Star. That was on the final night with the top 2. Usually the voters went with Simon at that time.

        If I’m not mistaken, I think that was the same week that the internet picture of him french kissing another guy came out. Everyone suspected Adam was gay (duh!), but I think that seeing the visual with a guy freaked too many people out (especially girls who voted for him because they thought he was cute. It was the whole lost fantasy thing.)

        I could care less about him being gay. Gay people are usually big animal lovers, adopt from shelters, donate to animal causes, and make great pet owners. I’ve volunteered at many shelters and seen it myself. I feel sad that the picture may have cost him something that he kicked butt for over the months. Alot of people who thought he was the most talented couldn’t bring themselves to vote for him as an “idol” after that picture, especially comparing him to married, clean-cut, and mellow Kris Allen.

      • COONDOG I like your modesty! I read your comments over and over because they are just that funny, only you have the COONDOG COOL to be able to put a hilarious slant on everything IDOL or even not AI. It definitely kept me coming back to this site wanting to see the next Coondog take on what’s happening with everything here!

    • I believe she will be big and agree with Bahloo that she can be like Adele and Agnes and just use her given name – Haley.

      It would not surprise me to see her on Tony Bennett’s Duets with Friends II Album as well as making her own.

    • Okay first of all I am responsible for a lot of BANTER of late regarding the wonderfully talented HALEY and talented SCOTTY with some of you including ANGELA JAMES and FRANK, hopefully no hard feelings either way, I actually appreciate the exchanges and without them this forum would soon become boring and full of too much love, So goodbye to some of my favourites here including the AMUSING and FUN Coondog, smart sassy DEVIN LEE and sparring partner FRANK who probably have since all moved on already and even ANGELA JAMES I read all your posts also and many others hope you all stay safe and return again next time around and we an do it all again. Brixton Y Mortimer signing out!

      • Thanks a bunch Brick! (hope you review before you move on) I too relished the site for those of us–especially US and a few others–that tried to be amusing and different; I think it gave some adrenaline to just being too much about love and fluff. I’d rather have some Hatin’ back and forth than just Boring stuff. Though I did learn and appreciate the music/singing knowledge that I learned from some of our other “regular” bloggers on here, including all of my regular readers and several I never talked at.

        Thanks Brick for saying it shorter and better than me–I always get long winded! But for the record Brick, I got started on here with that silly and sexy stuff we did early on regards our mutual admiration of Haley; and then we had to get “a little mean” with both her Lovers and later her Haters that we had offended! I’m gonna have to do more reading and less blogging next time or even SYTYCD ’cause it gets too addicting on here!

      • Sorry Coondog another site error the reply is in the wrong place (Conspiracy Theory) I think they like doing this to us! please see a few comments above for your/my reply.

      • When I hear ROLLING IN THE DEEP I see Haley singing this now not Adele! Haley rules forever!!!

      • Agree with you Brick (Brixton!) on the “Conspiracy Theory” regards this site. I think that also applies to even some spelling errors (it transposes or something when it posts!). I found your reply above (?–depends where this one goes!) and thank you for “getting” my posts. You understood my humor or wit better than lots of others (but it’s for mindsets like you that I made the effort!). And if I got the “Coondog Cool”, then you have the “Brick Banter” (or Brixton Banter!).

        Yeah, agree with you regards Haley being the voice of Rolling in the Deep. And I’m satisfied with her 3rd place finish, since we were afraid she might go even earlier, and she proved to everyone that she was actually the most talented (kind of embarassing seeing the “snoozy” Scotty/Lauren singoff. At least the Final 2 hr show was kind of fun.

  2. If I add something to this, unfortunately most of the 38.6 people watched AI results night to see their favorite eleminated contestant sing. Not just to see who got the most votes.

    • The 38.6 million viewer peak was the 10PM – 10:07PM part when the results were being delivered.

      On finale night the eliminated singer does not get a swan song like the rest of the season. Only the winner gets to sing that night after the results are read.

      • What you mean is most of the people turned on their TV at 10pm to see the final results?

    • I just watched it to see Haley.
      So I guess a lot of people did it just to see their favorite too.

    • Matt, No one should be surprised with the viewership totals. As you know, many tuned in to see their favorites one last time.
      I imagine that would be about a million Haley fans alone, along with the James Gang, Casey, Pia, Paul & the others many fans.

      • @ Shane: Yes, she was! I was not surprised; I liked her all along. I think she made some bad song choices (needed to be more current), but I loved, loved, loved her voice. And I was not disappointed in her vocals Wed night–but I was surprised at her dancing skills! She was really good!!

      • Pup, I imagine preparing for the tour has really helped their insecurities & added greatly to their presentations.
        I even saw Pia shaking her booty some during her group song! The stature has come to life! Of course, being involved with the dancer fella couldn’t hurt!

    • I just tuned in to see James as I’m sure a lot of James fans did. I really didn’t care who won after James was voted off.

    • I really enjoyed all the contestant’s performances… They all looked professionals already specially compared to past seasons. They were so talented AI could actually do a damn good show with them…I predict the tour would be a great success as well!

  3. Hi Matt 🙂

    I enjoyed the show a lot, specially Steven Tyler singing, JLo´s dance with hubby (who NOBODY criticized for singing in Spanish)!! and Lady Gaga´s song.
    The outcome was predictable, Scotty was always a favorite for many.
    Ryan Seacrest was stupid as usual making that awful comment about what is going on in JLo´s bed? horrible! he really needs to think before speaking.
    And of course the first comment which I always will criticize the zillion and zillion votes lol for them is mostly the only thing that counts.
    Anyway was an awesome season full of talent and I wish them all huge success in their path of life.
    I don´t want to leave before saying Thank You for all your hard work extended to Branden and Ashley Rae also. Thank you for keeping us posted and let us fight (in a good way) in this terrific site.
    See you next year hopefully!
    In the meantime I will follow you at The Voice site 🙂
    Good luck and so long everybody!!!

    • I am so pleased that someone said something about Ryan Seacreat. He is a terrible host. I lost respect for Coca Cola and the producers for letting him walk down the stairs and actlike he is the star. He is fine on scripeted shows but not at as host. He ruins the show for me. I hope he does not return next reason. Vote him off.

      • I so love Ryan…he is very casual and caring with the contestants. I don’t think he can be replaced.

      • It is fun to see how different he looks back in the first few seasons! Even though I have watched for 10 years, I was even shocked. He is definitely starting to get that wax museum look now.

      • Thank you for saying that about Ryan Seacrest. I have been thinking and even blogging that from time to time this season. Someone needs to get across to him that no matter how long he stays on the show he will never be a judge (even though he is a wanna be) or a producer. It’s time for a change–Seacrest OUT!

  4. The true reason the numbers went up was because everyone returned to see the top 13 perform one last time,especially for Haley,James,Casey and Pia,because they are truly talented artist.

    • That is why all of the top 11 should have had a final shot. Why not? They were good enough to make it that far and each one is shooting for a place in the music industry. I know that is not how it has been done in the past but would like to see it changed. My choices won, but 10 others did not and their fans would have loved to see them perform again.

      • I agree. Some years there wasn’t the quality of talent that we had this year, and the final show needed a boost. But this year all I wanted to see was more of these great contestants. The numbers they did were the ones I liked best. They could have repeated some of the duets and the boys’ band number.
        It could have been just about the Idol contestants, not stars past or present tense mostly just there to promote a book, album, or project.

    • @Jerry — you are completely right. The decline in Tuesday night’s numbers should tell you that the interest in Wednesday night’s finale had more to do with the “other 11” contestants —

      The Durbinators, and Casey’s Lumberjacks, and Haley’s Comets, and Pia’s Divas were all in attendance and “hungry” for more of their stars…. in our house, we’d have love to have seen Paul sing with Rod Stewart — but we can’t have everything.

      We enjoyed it — I loved seeing Gladys Knight and Tom Jones — and I enjoyed TLC (RIP “Left Eye” — we could feel you missing) , and LOVED Casey and Jack, and James with JP, and even Haley with Tony Bennett — that was why people tuned in….

      I will miss them….

      • Totally agree with the above…..thats why I don’t believe the numbers…..A lot of people lost interest in voting but than all of a sudden 122 Million votes came in…..I guess they all stood up 4 hours and voted all night……

        I would loved to have seen more of the 11 idols sing….I spent two hours waiting to see if James would sing with Steven T but it was just another disappointment…..but like everyone else I’ll be back next season and hope for some voting changes. Have a great summer!!!

      • I loved every moment. Loved the banter between contestants and I got to watch Haley one more time! Gaga, Beyonce, U2, Marc …all were fabulous.

      • Phyllis, Imagine: 122 million votes from just 42 teenage girls & their cell phones!
        Heard they missed the finale cause they all were in ICU, He-He

      • So Matt says that the record viewership peaked at the 10PM-10:07PM period when the results were announced. Sounds to me like viewers tuned in to see Scotty or Lauren win. Thought Haley singing with an 85-year old Tony Bennett was even creepier than Steven Tyler’s inappropriate comments to anyone wearing a skirt–just gross. I think the numbers speak for themselves…this season was a hit. You may not like to hear it or admit it, but Scotty (and Lauren) have a HUGE number of fans. Just cause you don’t appreciate their talent doesn’t mean others don’t. Record viewers, record votes…you have to give credit to the top two and mostly to the eventual winner, Scotty, who has led most every poll since the beginning of the season. Despite dire predictions on this site that people would stop viewing after their favorite(s) were eliminated, the numbers prove that prediction wrong. Tuesday night’s viewership was down slightly from the previous year likely in part to the move from Wednesday to Tuesday. But interest in the eventual winner peaked from 29.3MM avg during the performances last night to 38.6MM around 10PM. So, no, I don’t think it was the prospect of seeing the losing idols perform, it was seeing the winning idol win it, that caused the record number of viewers.

      • Scotty lead all season except for 2 weeks for James and 1 week for Haley.
        Both James and Haley when from first to being voted off the next week, with 30%+ increases in votes 4 weeks in a row.
        I have to say that the tween/teen girls and country viewers worked hard for Scotty and Lauren, since they had few voters yet still pushed the most votes in.

      • I think there are several reasons there was a decline in the Tuesday show: 1. The move from Wed. to Tues.; 2. DWTS finale was on and there are millions of people that watch it…Hey..I am from Pittsburgh and even I was torn…but Scotty won out; 3. Those fans of other idols…just didn’t want to see a “country” finale and were making a statement. And, 4. The show looked as though it was put together without much effort…and it takes a great deal for me to say that since I adored both of the finalists…but preferred Scotty. The finale proved that AI is still #1 and there was great interest to see who actually won as the numbers prove.

    • I did not vote because I like both Scotty and Lauren. All of the top contestants are stars.

      • That’s the way I felt, too. I didn’t vote this week because I didn’t want to “vote against” one of them. I would have been happy with any of the top four being the winner.

    • Wow…a mind reader…how do you do that…You can speak for millions…amazing!!!

      • My comment above was meant for Matt (AIN) number 3…don’t know how it got here!!!

  5. This is the first time I watch an entire season of American Idol, and I did it just because Steven Tyler was among the judges. I liked almost all the contestants, but I’m disappointed about the program and its objective: I though they were looking for real artists, with great personalities and skills in performing and singing, but I noticed that they were looking for a good citizen model, even though he/she doesn’t have the best voice in the competition. Anyways, I enjoyed reading comments and sharing opinions in this page during the whole season, but I don’t think I’ll watch the next one (unless of course, the disappointment is gone until next season begins)

    • wow — that just about summed it all up for me. My wife is named Lisa, and what you said really sounded like her……

      “Is that you honey?” —

      But, kidding aside, you are dead on 100% right!

    • It will be really interesting to see how the voting process changes for next year. I heard they are re-working it…

    • Lisa…..its addictive and we’re hooked!!!! LOL…See you next season!!!!

  6. This was the best American Idol finale. It was good because so far this year Dancing with the Stars was better than ever this year.

  7. It was way much better than last year that’s for sure, the best moment for me was at the end when Scotty was hugging everybody and ignore jack black, that was funny, It was like in your face moment because I just don’t like jack black he is obnoxious.

    • I also noticed that Scotty did not hug Jack Black. I do not think that he noticed Jack because he was focused on his family.

      • I don’t believe Scotty would deliberately snub anyone..I was laughing and singing and hugging his family–the nearest giddy I have ever seen him.

      • It was so unintentional…remember…he was living in the moment. Loved your ending Scotty!!!

  8. Scotty was by far the best. look forward to his albums being realeased. It’s been the best Idols so far. With the most talented 13 ever on the programme. Well done !!!!

  9. Scotty deserved to win. His worst performance was his final song after he won. That was because he couldn’t believe it and was stunned. And it was covered up by his reaction. AWESOME SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. So glad Scotty won (since I couldn’t vote for James any more!) Lauren’s a cute girl with talent to develop and I wish her all the best in her career.

    This is one Idol watcher who WILL NOT watch any future results shows if Haley will appear. She gets on my very, very last nerve.

    • i can only imagine what you have in your music library. it would not be a waste if ur ipod sinks in the toilet! : )

      • Msidol, Guess I won’t see you at any of the tour events then, Huh?
        What is with you Haley haters?

      • I don’t get the Haley haters either, people have no respect just look at MRS James.

      • Tour – yes, I’ll be there!

        Music library – classics to country, rock to reggae, broadway to blues, jazz to Jesus, pop to punk.

        Haley Hater – no, just dislike.

        Right to my opinion – always! Just like you.

      • Msidol, So I get this right: You won’t watch ANY free TV shows she appears on but will spend I don’t know how much for tour tickets that you KNOW she will be performing at?
        As far as opinions, absolutely, you are right… you have that right just like me. Our difference is I have never stated my negative opinions about any of the contestants.
        Your post started out great, but you HAD to get the dig in on Haley.
        Does that somehow make you feel better?
        Frankly, I believe you’re smarter & better than that.

    • Well you will have to watch her on the tour and because she came in third she will have more songs to sing than the 4-11 contestants. Maybe if you go with an open heart and mind you will appreciate what she has to offer musically. She didn’t get to top three for no reason. She put her heart into her music and those of us who supported her had our hearts touched and received a great gift.

    • I am not a fan of Haley but I dont hate her…When she sang with Tony Bennet., I REALLY liked her, she was gentle and her vocal was very good

  11. here is how i think it should have played out:

    1st: HALEY
    2nd: CASEY

    (i know… i know…. but can u just imagine how musically amazing that finale would be. a freakin american renaissance! eurika!!! i can only wish!)

    2nd (in place of casy if u totally dont get it) OR 3rd: PIA (an evolved version of… like the last performance before she got kicked off)

    4th SCOTTY… he does have a big voice…. but ya’ll doesnt mix up with the whole-wide-world.

    5th JAMES…. and before u spit at me… im listin my season’s dream crop.

    6th whoever…. but stephano, from a talent perspective shouldnt have been in the final group. naima too… but im glad she made it. some cash will do this woman some good encouragement.

    • So close, NO CASEY too much GROWLING and SCREAMING and PIA should be ELEVATED on your list! HALEY best voice and PERFORMER has everything, PIA had the VOICE but will need to improve her overall performance and no doubt she will.

    • Wow, the eason is over, America voted and you’re still talking about how it should have ended….

      • jazzi dude this is why we come here man for our opinions on AI not to talk about the weather! CRAWL back under your ROCK fool! hahahaha

      • Brick, I’d hate to get on your bad side!LOL. You got a shorter fuse than that little rooster that beats on Foghorn Leghorn for ad libbing on the Geico commercial!

      • It was the best of times it was the worst……….keep em coming bro, Coondog you’re the best fun on this site man!

  12. That certain ratio of viewers do not yet include the viewers outside america… Many are watching from Europe and also in Asia… The show is fun to watch and the thrill and suspense is so amazing… you never know what happens next… We can’t wait till next January again… but now lets watch the “Got talent shows”

    • I really want to see those 13 AI 2011 on stage again, I mean in TV not tour, since I am not in US. but without all those selfish guest stars!

  13. WOW THIS WAS A GREAT SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for 2012. I suppose I can keep myself busy with americas got talent, x factor, and so you think you can dance for now, but check back with me in a few weeks.

    • Great season! wrong winner and runner up though, regardless I truly wish them all the very best because it’s what they love to do.

  14. I would like to take a second to defend Lauren Alaina. I see that this site has sort of become a bash site for her and I think that she is wonderful. I see so many comments about her being too fat, too young and immature, a dumb blonde, and falling all over Scotty too much. I mean come on, it is ridiculous. The girl is 16 years old and has had to put up with so much and yes she was the next to the last one standing and did so very gracefully. If you go and read her exit interview you will see she addresses her weight and how she has lost 16 pounds by running every day (a healthy habit…you go girl). She says in her interview that she is going to continue running to get to the weight that she wants to be and not what everyone else wants her to be. I commend her for that because stepping up to do something about your weight at 16 years old instead of not being motivated to do something about like other kids are is great. She talks about how she has been labeled as immature and that she cries alot. Her response was she knows that she cries alot and people have a misconception about young people, but that she is not going to change who she is for anybody at all. Once again, I commend her for at 16 accepting that yes she gets emotional but it is her and she is not going to change. There are grown people who cant accept who they are. She also goes on to state that this has been a growing experience for her, which I felt like it would be anyway. She will grow from this and come to a point where the crying would stop but will do so when she is ready. And guess what? No tears on the finale or result nights. She addresses her and Scotty several places and says continuously they are just friends. And my feeling is Scotty himself may feel something because he has stated that there relationship is something very special and in my opinion when you have just won American Idol, you dont bring up someone’s name and say you have been there since the beginning and will continue to be together until the end unless they mean something to you. I mean I wouldnt bring up anybody’s name like that and her name was the first one brought up!! He also said in his interview he wanted to do a duet with Lauren Alaina as people he wanted to work with on his album…..not anybody super famous but Lauren. Secondly, people critiqued her performance Wednesday night forgetting that she still has voice issues. To me she sounded great but to each is own. As for her only singing and not being an artist: Lauren Alaina has written two songs, the titles of which are on Wikipedia. Lauren has signed to Interscope and has an official website:

    GO Lauren. To me you are an American Idol and I commend you for taking all the criticism and only making it beneficial to yourself. The way you are looking here lately, you are gonna be spectacular!!! P.S. Motivating these kids to achieve there dreams is what she should be doing instead of knocking them down. I mean come on, there are so many youth out there who head in the wrong direction. Why not support youth who want to do right? And that includes Haley, Pia, Casey, James and all the others who were bashed this season. Good luck to you all.

    • Lisa, Good post. I kept thinking all the way through it, Lauren shouldn”t need defending. It’s only because of the thoughtless, weak minded bashers in the first place.
      She was so absolutely happy that Scotty won… couldn’t you all see that on her face & by her actions?
      And Scotty was the most honorable winner I can recall. He simply put others first.
      That group of kids are very special & it shows. How fortunate we have ALL been this season!

      • I agree. I think they all will be very successful.

        Side note: Scotty’s single was recently number one on itunes with Lauren at number 3. Just now Lauren is still number 3 and Scotty is number 4. It does show that like with Haley, the right song for theses kids will sell. I think Haley, Lauren, and Scotty will be successful along with some of the others that were eliminated.

    • Lisa, what a wonderful post. You said so many things I have thought but you had the ability to put them in writing. I, too, Love Lauren and think she is a wonderful young lady and believe she has a lot of talent. As far and as her and Scotty, I believe they have special feelings for each other but keeping it in a special friendship place for now….just my opinion of course.

    • Nice post Lisa. I’m glad you’ve changed my attitude towards Lauren a bit. I was really afraid she would not pay attention to the body image part of show business. I’m impressed that she’s actually lost any weight–let alone 16 pounds!–during the stress filled competition. As long as she’s aware and willing to work toward a projected weight, that’s all anyone can ask. I wish her well. I’m actually more worried about her voice, and hope it’s just a temporary problem, and not blown out like I fear has happened to Paul, and he always has to nurse it along. Good luck Lauren! You’re great!

      • I was really impressed by Carrie Underwood.She was kinda chunky when she first started and now…she is WOW the next time you see Lauren she will be a WOW

      • Lee, Didn’t Carrie marry an NHL hockey player? She’d have to get in shape just to keep up with those boys!

    • Terrific posts, Lisa, both of them. (Exactly how I wish everyone would have behaved on this forum.) Lauren has an incredible voice and I look forward to buying her music (as well as my favorite, Haley’s).

      I simply loved Lauren’s reaction to Scotty winning: just “a beautiful thing” as Tyler would say.

      Her comments in her exit interview (thanks for sharing; I had not read that) show that either she was reading the posts here (or elsewhere) or someone was sharing them with her. And that should make the nasty posters here feel like complete jerks (I’d rather use another word, but . . . ) Doubt it will stop the personal “attack mode” behavior, but it should.

      The world now knows Lauren’s name and I am positive virtually everyone recognizes she has tremendous potential and a magnificent voice. I wish her the best.

    • She is not fat! If you see her pictures and compare them ton the TV image you’ll see the difference. Yes, she is not skinny, she is curvy but never FAT!
      And yes, I agree… she is wonderful.

  15. Well, fatboy signing off. Look for me at the Columbus show. Make a sign? It’s been wonderful & the best to all the fellow Haley Comets.

    • Bye, Fatboy, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts! Try The Voice Fandom site….they need commentary! Happy to be counted as one of the comets!

  16. @Lisa – i like Lauren very much, and I am glad she was happy for Scotty. Hope they do end up a couple. Size/beauty doesn’t matter; what’s in the heart is what counts.

  17. What is it with people talking about Lauren’s weight. She is an adorable size. Why is it that people think you have to be a size 4 or your over weight. I think she is a cutie, and the perfect size. She looks beautiful in everything she wears.

    I have to say one thing about Haley….She can’t sing. sorry 2 things….she has a vulger mouth,she is not “a role Model” for our children. I hope to never hear about her again.

    • Those remarks are all your opinion. My opinion is you are wrong on all counts except that Lauren is cute.

    • Oh my goodness! A musician or singer who curses? Seriously?

      Let me guess you don’t like Elton John either because he plays the horizontal mambo with another dude or Steven Tyler because he likes younger girls. Or Alan Jackson or Vince Gill because they cheated on their wives. Right?

      Guess what? You be a role model for your children and let the entertainers entertain and teach your kids that sometimes adults ( which Haley is ) curse a little

      Have you ever cursed Carol? Ever? Even once? If so does that make you a bad role model too?

    • When we hear singers on the radio we cant see their faces or body shape or whatever, only their voices. As between Haley and Lauren, the latter’s voice is clearer, stronger and pretty well formed while the former’s voice is kinda faint, weak and at times almost fading away when on low notes. Doesnt matter tho, hope both of them will have great careers ahead with their fans already established. As for Scotty, I cant wait to get hold of his first cd.

      • Lauren sounded stronger than Carrie too but alot of strong voices like Lauren with how they get that great tone have vocal cord problems after afew years, at 16y/o it is not a good sign for a long career.

      • I agree with you; inform me when Lauren’s and Scotty’s songs are avaivable in the market or on the radio 🙂

    • You are entitled to your opinion but for anyone to say Haley can’t sing is ludicrous and you know nothing about her as a person.

      She sung with her High School Jazz Band at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland 2 years ago when she was 18 and you don’t get to appear at that festival if you can’t sing.

      During the season, she had the Top 3 downloaded songs on i-Tunes and a total of 7 in the top 20. That is a pretty good sign of what a good singer she was on the show.

      She helped a musical icon through the duet when he missed a cue and also forgot his words. She did so very professionally and smoothly. That was noticed by the judges and many others who understand music.

      Where did Haley show a vulgar mouth?

      I guess you turned the volume down each time Steven Tyler started to talk – just in case -and must have been absolutely shocked out of your shoes when Scotty said it was nothing he hadn’t heard before when Tyler let the F-bomb drop when commenting on one of Scotty’s performances.

      I have some breaking news for you Carol. You are going to be hearing a lot about Haley because she is going to be a star and will be around for a long, long time.

      Haley and her family do a lot of work for children in need and, in my mind, actions speak louder than words. She is a very poised and mature 20-year old with just as good family values as anyone else who was on the show this year.

      As for your comment about her being a role model. You can talk about your children but not about anyone else’s and – FYI – kids tend
      to make their own choices when it comes to choosing their role models.

    • Carol, you WILL hear about Haqley again–because she is headed straight to the top.

      I love her voice, and I think she is simply a fantastic person with a tremendous amount of poise. Is she perfect in every way? No. But who is? I know I liked her confidence, spirit and belief in herself–something a lot of young women need desperately. We got to see little of the personal side of her, so we can only guess at what that is like. Without facts, that is all you have. I saw her love for her parents; I saw a YouTube interview with her chorus teacher (not an AI-produced piece) in which he went on and on about what a wonderful young woman she is; and I saw her behave well over and over in the face of fathomless, nasty critiques.

      I am proud of her for her fight! And I was truly beaming in admiration when I witnessed the grace with which she handled the duet with a slightly faltering Tony Bennett. She adroitly made him look good without calling attention to herself or the lapses. In that “moment” with him, we finally got to see the shining attributes of Haley’s character.

      • Pup, you mentioned you are 63 on another post, right??? Don’t you think you are kind of obsessed with Haley??????? Man… its kind of scary actually. Dang!!!
        You write about her like you know her and I am sorry but you can’t “know” someone just by watching them perform on stage once a week for few weeks. My goodness!!!

  18. J.Lo and Mark were disgusting.

    Glad Scotty won but Lauren is a sweetheart.
    But, HALEY, is the most talented of all and SHE is going to have a lasting career as an entertainer. The judges this year were AWFUL! Can’t you please do better than those three or bring Simon back!
    Steven Tyler should NOT be on a show that so many young people watch.

    • Totally agree with your comments with the exception of Haley, I would not purchase her music. Just a matter of taste.

      • Let alone purchase, even for a free download of her songs I am by no means interested.

      • That’s exactly what it is jazzi, a matter of taste.

        We all have different tastes in music, books, politics, sports, et al and it would be a boring old world if everyone had the same tastes and opinions.

        I have a huge collection of Country Music and have been following the CMT’s Next Country Superstar contest for the past 7-weeks and tonight they are down to the final 3 on the CMT Network.

        At this time, Scotty’s voice and presentation does not quite do it for me but he is 17½ and will receive a lot of guidance and mentoring on the tour and afterwards.

        Lauren could become a singer who can do a number of genres but I am not convinced that she and her family realize what is ahead for her. I wish her well, because she seems a genuinely nice young woman who does have a very good voice.

        I am one of many who really liked Haley and her studio recordings are terrific. She will have a successful future in the business.

        Some of the other top 11 will also do ok for themselves but, whether they were the winner – Scotty – or 11th, they are all trying to make their way in a very tough and competitive business, which is ruthless to those who do not sell albums or have successful tours.

      • As I would never purchase any of Scotty’s –even though I like him as a person and think he has a measure of talent.

    • I just don’t believe RANDY or JLo say what they mean most of the time I trust Steven Tyler way more!!!!

    • My suggestion for judges next year :
      1. Rowan “Mr. Bean” Atkinson
      2. Leon “Mr. Bones” Schuster
      3. Nixau

      The host : Hulk Hogan

      • I can imagine what would happen if they were the judges this year.
        After Scotty’s performance :
        – Mr. Bean would tell : “Awesome… I
        would buy all your albums”
        – Nixau would say, via his translator :
        “Your voice is beautiful.You must be the
        one of gods”.
        – Mr. Bones would be impressed by Scotty’s
        great low register and good personality
        and feel that Scotty had
        something he wanted to investigate. So
        he would just do what he usually did to
        decide something – doing with his stones
        and other stuffs – (while Mr. Bean and
        Nixau being anxious to know the outcome)
        and come to conclusion saying :
        “These stones and bones, by their
        arrangement indicate that this young kid
        is an Idol… Yes, he is the next
        American Idol”.
        But then he would add :
        “Wait !!! In my home country, Idol means
        Prince !”
        Mr. Bones then would realize that Scotty
        is the Prince who he had been searching
        for and stand up from his chair, come on
        stage to tell Scotty : “My Prince, the
        King are waiting for you, you must go
        back with me to meet the King.” and
        forcing him to go with him. The AI
        Securities come in to take him out.
        Nixau would be just confused, and Mr.Bean
        would shake his head thinking that Mr.
        Bones is strange or crazy.

      • Thanks Coondog! What sort of Weirdo Psychobabble are you on about man, nothing constructive here just pointless ranting! I think a clue lies in your name Lateobserver, Dude get some HELP!

      • Sorry guys, I felt I had to post that pointless comment, because I was so tired of reading comments saying that Haley was the best of all contestants this year and even of all seasons.
        Maybe they had never listened Clay Aiken, Elliot Yamin, David Archuleta, Chris Sligh, etc.
        For me, among the girls, Pia Toscano, Lauren, Thia Meggia, even Ashton Jones and Rachel Zevitta have better voice than Haley.
        Well, like @jazzi said above, it’s a matter of taste.

      • Totally agree, all the girls (even those who didn’t make it to top 13) have a better voice than Haley. But I respect that some people like to hear growling and screams instead of a clear nice voice. Is a matter of taste like some of you said before!
        Haley became famous and its so sad she was selected above some great singers like Kendra Chantelle!!! SHAME!

      • Good catch on Late Observer Brick, Thanx. But what is Soft Dev apologizing for?–Like a criminal apologizing for something the cops don’t know he did? What’s you do Soft Dev?! LOL. We’re just concerned about Late Observer and don’t want him going near water or a busy highway along!

      • coondog, I had encountered problem during submission of my previous comments, some of which were in the wrong spots, causing confusion here.
        As for lateobserver, let him/her enjoy his/her jokes; and why worry about him/her? Perhaps he/she is a great guy like Jet Lee that he/she can protect him/herself from any danger.

      • Thanks Angela, enjoy your blurbs also. SoftDev, all’s well that ends well. You did scare me though to think that someone with Late Observer’s mind might have the physical prowess of Jet Li! I’m gettin’ out of here!–But I do know what you mean about this site moving blog replies around, and I think it even misspells our words sometimes (“busy highway along” above should be “alone”) because I’ve never had so many seeming typos as I do on this site. It looks good when you submit, and then it comes out a bit different!

      • Maybe this isn’t goodbye just yet, thought i’d have one more look for to see who’s still here and COONDOG is still going strong. Loved the comment about LateObserver going near water and avoiding busy highways!
        Awesome man and ANGELA J still appears now and then. Maybe we can keep this going until the next AI. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

      • Hey Brick, caught this comment too. Good job on getting Late Observer! Oh, by the way, probably can’t keep up posts here much longer. Tried doing that with Gautham on AI posts about a month ago when he originally said Good bye when Casey got booted. It worked for about a week, then it seemed to quit taking posts, or it would take it , but then that new post wouldn’t be there a day or so later. So we can check a few more times here probably, but it’ll peter out. I’ve tried a few posts on the SYTYCD site for Matt and Julie (saw Pup and someone else there), but it doesn’t seem to work the same. I won’t post much there, just to check in now and then, but I’ll look for your name (Brick or Brixton!). If you review here, just a quick “Roger, got it”, and maybe I’ll see you periodically on the SYTYCD site (or next year at AI, but I’ll probably keep my posts shorter next year). Damn, right before I hit “Submit Comment”, I caught part of LateObserver’s conversation with Mr. Bean and Mr. Bones! He must have been coming off an LSD high! (if you post on new site SYTYCD Matt or Julie, just mention “L.O. LSD”, and I’ll know you saw this last post!)

    • I doubt that JLo will be back. She achieved what she wanted and that was to get back into the music business because her label had dropped her when she was half-way through her new album. Now she has finished it, released it and used Idol to promote it.

      Given his inability to control what he blurts out, I am not sure that Idol will invite Steven Tyler back but we will see.

      After 10-years of his 5-6 standard clichés, Idol needs to put Randy out to pasture.

      I would like to see “judges” who are more objective and helpful to the finalists.

      The CMT Next Superstar Contest we have been watching on Friday, has one static judge who is a Jimmy Iovine head of a music company type and different guest judges each week.

      Since Jimmy Iovine is the Chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M, how about he has one of his Senior people be the static judge and have some of his stable be guest judges on different weeks.

  19. Ok I have not watched it for 4 years now before this year , just didn’t tickle my fancy at all , but this year kick ass if next year is going to be like this year you could count on my vote again

  20. scotty mccreer “I Love YOU THIS BIG” still #1 on itunes at 3:35 am…..

  21. To dack,
    It’s all how you look at it. I look at the additional performances as a way for the artists to showcase their new works. Steven Tyler was the exception, because he just wanted to show he still had it. Beauty – in art – is in the eye of the beholder. Also, in case you forgot or maybe you don’t watch other reality shows (like Dancing with the Stars the night before), sex sells.

  22. Randy needs to drop the cliches and sound convincing.His repotoire was obvious hype- shame.
    Steve comes across as truthful with few words required- big ups. Jennifer seems to follow Randys lead and talk up the hype.. The winner? Its obvious America loves Country cos Scott cant sing out of his genre. Well maybe he will be a big seller in the States. Would have put my money on Lauren being more versatile in style. My opinion. First time I wanted to change channels.

    • Scotty will be a big seller outside of the states too I live in Canada and he has so many fans out here

    • I actually think Scotty COULD sing outside his genre if he chose to do so. I remember in one group performance (rock?), he outsang everyone else. I was SO shocked! So he does have the potential.

      • His group (Clint Jun Gamboa was in this group) sang “Get Ready” by The Temptation.
        But I prefer his group performance at Las Vegas singing The Beatles’s song. This group consisted of him, Lauren Alaina (WOW) and Denisse Jackson. There are funny moments.

    • Far Better than Glen Campbell…of course. i’m Glad He won. God Bless Scott, waiting for your future album. Already got the compilation, the new album next on the wait.

      • Scotty sounds like Glen Campbell? You think he’s “far better” — ????

        You are scaring me — both of you. Glen Campbell has a much better voice than Scotty will ever have.

        Check out “It’s Only Make Believe” — his version of Conway’s song — please listen to Glen before you leave anymore comments like that.

      • Guess you need to have your earwax out or go see doctor about your hearing problem….no wonder he won!! He’s younger but nowhere near & won’t be as famous!

      • @bahloo, despite his range imitation, I still like Scotty’s voice, esp his low register. And I like Glen Campbell, too; I know only 2 songs by him, i.e “Take My Hand for a while” and “Rhinestone Cowboy”; the latter is in my recent compilation of selected songs including Kenny Rogers, Josh Turner and George Strait.

      • Glenn Campbell was nothing but a cocky show off and a smart so & so and
        Scotty sounds nothing like Glenn Campbell. he is more like Josh Turner than GC.Plus he is a hell of a lot more handsome than GC and he is not
        and never will be anything like GC.He is smarter than that.” And I love him this BIG”

      • I think Scotty counds like Josh Turner at times, then he sounds like Randy Travis at times too. Not a bad combo

      • Do you the op actually know what Glen Campbell sounds like? Scotty and Glen Campbell sound nothing alike. For one thing Glen is a Tenor and a high one at that! They’re both great, and in their own ways. What a silly comment.

    • Scotty is nowhere close to Glen Campbell in terms of vocal ability and range.

  23. I think the show was outstanding but for one entertainer – Lady Gaga. Even though she is an excellent singer her choice of graphics was inappropriate for the age range of the audience. I was really disappointed in American Idol’s choice of that performer, other than that is our one of the best seasons.

    • Personally, I think many groups today (such as Lacy GaGa and Black Eye Peas) have little talent and need visual stimulation in their performances. As they are so weak vocally. But, I agree. Wearing next to nothing has little place on a family show, such as American Idol.

      • I agree with you Steven…some of these groups make up for the lack of singing ability in their presentations, which many of the listeners have become accustomed to. The “younger” generation has become a visual – animated society and needs that stimulation along with the ???music/singing??? – is that is what it is. But, since each has his/her own taste in music – whatever. However, I don’t believe Lady GAGa has any place – or those like her – on a family show. You have two sweet kids up there singing their hearts out and then what appears to be a nearly naked freaky looking woman imitating a sex act. Really disgusting!!! I can’t believe the promotion she receives.

  24. I really enjoyed this season and think America got it right this year Scotty has an amazing voice and wi go far as will some of the others in this competition if they all work hard at it then they will all go far cant wait for next years season I will just have to watch other shows like the voice and the x facotor till then

  25. Haley and Pia will be doing Albums.

    Speaking out in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reinhart comfirmed that she has a deal on the table just waiting to be signed.

    Paul’s working on project with “Twilight” actor Peter Facinelli.
    James in talks with indie label who handles metal artists.

    • Pia has cut a single and Jimmy Iovine is pushing 19 Productions to release it.

      Haley is supposed to be in discussions with them over a contract.

      • Haley has also now cut a single but 19 will likely not let them be released until the tour starts if then. I would think with different genres it would not dilute Scotty or Laurens sales.
        I think Jimmy used his option on Pia and Haley but would like to test the waters with a single first and have tour boost their sells while getting songs for album ready.

      • @ B-scot

        Have you heard Pia singing “Sweet Love” which is a song she recorded after she didn’t het on Season 9 of Idol? It’s on You Tube and shows a different side of her, which she did not show on Idol this year.

        There is nothing official about her being signed by 19 or Interscope but Ryan Seacrest announced on his radio show that she had recorded a song called “Counterfiet” with Interscope and Iovine wants to release it.

        Nigel Lythgoe tweeted something about a song Iovine had for Haley but, again, there is nothing official.

        I think the top 11 all record a song that is released on i-Tunes and they feature on the tour.

        A lot of speculation going on right now and we will soon find out when they will release the songs.

    • Check out Haley on You Tube singing with her Wheeling High School Jazz Band in 2008 when she was 18 and then with the Harper Jazz Ensemble when she was 19.

      • One of Haley music teachers has a website with ton of videos on it like the Harper Jazz Ensemble stuff.

    • Not sure for how long, that song geared more to the tweens and they like him better than his music but may sell well during the tour stops.
      Lauren’s is aimed more at the teens and mothers so it will likely stay on the charts longer but two other singers have recorded that song and was not a big seller.

      Scotty biggest problem is that the sales market for male country singers is not that big but for radio and live shows its huge.

      • Hey B-Scot…let’s see if Scotty can change that. I just purchase his single and album…and you know what…they are amazing. I don’t think the program actually did him justice. I think and am hoping that he will change the young male country thing. Also…listening to Done and Amazed…he could do a little cross-over…he has the ability…and he is willing to learn.

      • I hope Scotty don’t cross over, we don’t need no more bubble gum country singers.

  26. I loved the young people in the competition. It was Lady GaGa and Rionna that I found disgusting.

      • It’s not a teenagers competition…they just happened to rule this year. But it is clasified as a family show…therefore…my opinion holds…their sluttiness doesn’t belong there.

  27. Is there life without American Idol? It’s the only reality show that I watch. Well, I will have to tune into Simon Cowell on XFaxtor.

    • Check out The Voice on Tuesday. It completes the intitial battle riunds next week and then after that the 16 finalists start the real contest with the Public voting.

      Each team leader has 4 acts they will coach and mentor and the 4 are big stars.

      1. Christina Aguleira
      2. Adam Levine from Maroon 5
      3. Cee Lo
      4. Blake Shelton

      Each brings in guest stars to help them with the mentoring of their teams.

      So far, there are some really good acts.

  28. anyone who is still interested in Lauren Alaina should check out her song ” Leaving” on YouTube. It was made before idol and is a song that she wrote herself.

  29. Before any new contestants (that want on win on American Idol) audition for the show,you may want to sing country because with the massive population of the Southeast the rest of America doesn’t stand a chance when they vote.They should also move their show over to the Disney channel so that even more teens can vote 1400 times each.

    • They did that with Kris Allen in Season 8 and some 28 Million votes were placed from his home State of Arkansas that had a population of 2.8 Million at the time.

      His album sold 310,000.

      Adam Lambert, the runner up sold 890,000 and went Gold with his debut album.

      • Its never the same, cause country fans are roaring buying on itunes… Still number one… pop-rock genre like Kris, ain’t Country Buying.. Still in it to win it outside AI.

      • Country sales were only 12% last year and down 13% from that this year. Hip Hop and Rap were the big sellers last year, this year Pop, Pop-R&B and bluesy rock are all up with Hip Hop way down.

        Country has a big base with radio stations and live shows but only a few country singers are doing great selling songs, like Taylor Swift and Carrie U.

      • @ Coach –

        Apart from Carrie Underwood who is Country/Rock, the only other Idol Alumni who made any impact in Country Music was Kellie Pickler.

        BTW: Casey James who finished 3rd last year has been opening for Sufarland and about to release his debut Country Album.

        In the latest Billboard Hot 100, there are 23 Country Songs and not one is in the top 20.

        21-30: There are 3
        31-40: There are 3
        41-50: There are 3
        51-60: There are 4
        61-70: There are 5
        71-80: There are 2
        81-90: There are 3

        That is your 23 and two artists have 2 songs in the top 100 so it only represents 21 artists – 21%.

        I posted somewhere that Country was about 20% so not a bad prediction.

    • Jerry…I don’t believe that. The two young singers just connected with the audience. I am a “older” person that got hooked on “new” country a few years ago. Sure…I always listened to Dolly, Glenn, George, etc…and some others…but after Carrie U. I switched to Sirus and started listening to Highway Country and love, love, love it. The songs are great…and I think that maybe others are finding that out as well. However, I think there is a market for all and any on AI…the singer must connect with the audience.

  30. Everyone was good and they will all go on to have careers in music..Some might might fade but others will surely soar. I do honestly believe that this will be the season that sees more stars emerge from its roster than any other season so far….

  31. Jennifer Lopez You are not the best American Idol Judge. The final show proves that you are Jealous immature and let’s faced YOU ARE NOT THE BIGEST STAR ON THE PLANET. From the beginning to the end your performance was “Look at me people look at me”.

    • While JLo is not the greatest judge every on Idol, she did seem to try hard early on.
      JLo at 41y/o is a very well know dancer and actress but far from best singer. JLo’s career was almost in the tank last year but she wants a #1 song and with super heavy marketing along with being on and performing Idol, her song is at #6 or was.

    • Jho will be 42 with newborn twins. She should drop the career revival & concentrate on raising those kids.
      She’s worth multiple millions, so it can’t be the money. Just vanity, I suppose.

      • That is kind of sexist…why shouldn’t she “work” if she chooses? Although I don’t agree with her “taste” in her performance…she is still a living breathing person and therefore should do what she likes.

      • CarolAnn, JhHo is welcomed to attempt to do whatever she chooses, you are right. wasn’t my point, however.
        Forty Two, recently born twins, can’t sing & a little old now for “So You Think You Can Dance”… priorities.
        Any aged, first time mother who places her attention on career over her first born children is a Mother in my opinion.
        Is this how you would raise your kids?

  32. I think the best part of finale show is when Sir Tom Jones perform, and I look forward that in the coming seasons of American Idols finale show shall invite the seniors singers of the era sixtees and seventies.

  33. By the way, regarding judges pannel, I hope that the committe should invite (the most propessional judges ) Sir Simon Cowed to be again ,one of the judges for the coming American Idol seasons.

  34. I have been reading things online about Scotty/Lauren/American Idol. It is stated several times that Scotty was never in the bottom 3 and possibly never in the bottom 2. Also…not that it matters…because one vote more is the winner…I am wondering what the actual difference in votes was. The year the David’s were in the finale…there was a 10 million vote difference. I have a feeling it was much larger than that this year…based on dialidol but I am just curious.

    • Scotty was in the bottom 3 twice in a row, with James 1, Haley 2, Scotty 3, the next week was Haley 1, Scotty 2 with James going home.

      James fans voted mainly for Scotty and Lauren with fewer for Haley. Lauren and Haley almost tied it was that close with just over 25M each, while Scotty had 44M out of 95M votes.


    • NEVER!!!!!! She wasn’t the winner, or true winner or anything since she wasn’t even in the finale! There was ONE WINNER: SCOTTY!

  36. I was so dissapointed in the Family Show turning hollowood. Lady G’s display of a sexual act was horrible and if this is what you people keep putting on display you will loose your audience including ME. How dare you put such filth for our families to see on a family show ( or has it changed.)I hope you take what we say to heart.


  38. Haley is “AWESOME”, she can sing anything and I have say the general feeling around here is that J LO showed a great deal of jealousy when it came to Haley. Haley will have a great career one day, hope some one is smart enough to sign her on.

  39. I came on here to find the name of the song that Marc Anthony performed so I can download it for my hubby’s b-day party tonight–his Cuban parents will love it as did I and I couldn’t understand one word LOL…BUT now I gotta leave my two or three cents after reading some of these posts.

    As of today I’ve watched the finale three times! I loved ALL OF IT. I told my dd I enjoyed it more than any Grammy show in a long long time.

    OUTSTANDING JOB AI producers — you’ll will an Emmy for Best Variety Show for sure and you earned it !

    None of my faves won right down to Lauren, but I could have cared less! It was such a thrill to see James w/Judas Priest (sooo glad he took off that gay looking leather hat though — he looked like Mr. Slave on South Park when he started! LOL) Haley’s beautiful duet with legendary crooner Tony Bennett was incredible; her gorgeous face was so full of joy you could feel through the screen that she drinking in and loving every moment! CHILLS! So cool..

    All of the top five duets were FANTASTIC– every single one — and I was incredibly thrilled for all of them! What a dream come true.

    Lady Gaga– RIVETING! Downloading that song/album today as well. So exciting to watch and wonder what the hell she was going to do to shock the audience! LOVED IT! Yet another killer song from a truly gifted artist . And this is from someone who also loved the Tim McGraw duet with Scotty, so bite me if you want to criticize. It was ALL GOOD!

    SO GAGA HATERS — shut the hell up! When she was announced you had plenty of time to pick up your Bible and usher the kiddies out of the room! ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MONITOR WHAT THEY WATCH NOT– AMERICAN IDOLS!

    IN FACT– Last fall when AI signed Steven Tyler to host, YOU should’ve known the show intended to push the ratings away from G to PG-13. And hey!! Let’s not forget that Beyonce begged for someone to give it to her exactly how many times and yet she’s not gotten near the criticism that Gaga has rcvd. Nor should she have. The song was maybe too long…but it was good.

    I’m done. Gotta go find that song….see ya next year! Happy Memorial Day

    • Entertaining post DaBander. A couple of those lines had me rolling. I loved the show as well.

    • Didn’t take the bible…just common sense and decency when I left the room…you know…woman/self-pride. Beyonce…she was just as bad. And, yes I did wonder what would happen when ST came on…but he kept himself pretty much in control or idol did it for him. Again, I think the lyrics and suggestive moves would be more than a PG 13. But, some people lack sense of taste and seem to be drawn to that type of explotation. What I am sure of is that AI producers wanted and got the debates like this…and people tuning it to see what was going on.

    • I was thinking: what kind of freak am I that I enjoyed the show while every body else is criticizing it? Thank you DaBander for this post, you made feel normal again

  40. I agree about the talent hired for the final nite. Not at all appropriate for young teens. I call it all skin noise. When you can’t sing just take your clothes off and stand on a piano bench with your butt in the air. The need some stripper poles on stage, not about singing talent fort sure.

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