American Idol 2011: Finale performance show – Where was the excitement?

Well that “American Idol” finale performance show was about as fun as I thought it was going to be. And by that, I mean not very. I knew two country teens going head to head wasn’t going to have me dancing on my couch, but I expected a little more than what we got. Pretty boring, folks. In my opinion anyway. Oh well, tomorrow night will be way more exciting.

At least we barely heard from the judges. That was very refreshing.

As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each one deserves.

ROUND ONE: Contestants’ favorite song of the season

*Scotty McCreery, “Gone.” Scotty made the perfect pick in this round. His version of“Gone” was even in our Top 10 list earlier today. It sounded just as good as the first time he did it. Fun, energetic, and very Scotty. He seemed a bit more disconnected tonight than usual, but I’ll chalk that up to stress. A

*Lauren Alaina, “Flat On The Floor.” This was not her best song of the season, but I understand she’s trying to match Scotty as far as song style. Like the first time she did it, it was fine. Vocally it was fine. Stage presence was fine. So if there’s a problem, it’s the fact that it was all just fine, and not great. Or exciting. Or new. Like Scotty, Lauren also just seemed disconnected or out of sorts all night. B+

Round One goes to Scotty.

ROUND TWO: Contestants’ idols choose the song

*Scotty, “Check Yes Or No.” George Strait picked his own song for Scotty. That’s kind of arrogant, isn’t it? Scotty did a fine job with it. There was no challenge there since he’s singing probably one of his favorite songs. Overall, it was a tiny bit boring, but sounded good. B

*Lauren, “Maybe It Was Memphis.” Carrie Underwood picked this one for Lauren. And while it was a better song choice than Scotty’s Lauren didn’t do much to make her own. It was just kind of there. And I see why Lauren blew her voice out earlier because she’s overdoing it in places trying to get an edge on Scotty. I try to avoid cutting on appearance, but what was with that “Toddlers & Tiaras” pageant dress made for a 5-year-old? Lauren’s biggest issue has been immaturity and that dress sure didn’t help. B

Round Two is a tie (for most boring).

ROUND THREE: The song they’ll record if they win

*Scotty, “I Love You This Big.” This wasn’t actually a pretty good song. Especially for a finale. I guess it pays to have Jimmy Iovine involved with the show. I think the song has a good hook and would definitely be one we could hear on the radio, unlike most of the winners’ first singles. And Scotty owned it. A

*Lauren, “Like My Mother Does.” Forget what I said about Scotty’s song being good for a finale song. This is the song. And it’s the one that will be released because Lauren is winning tomorrow night. After this song, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s nailed down. And it has little to do with how she sang it (which she did very well, by the way).  A+

Round Three goes to Lauren.

So how do I think it will play out tomorrow night? Like I just said, Lauren will be the next “American Idol.” If for no other reason, than for the “Mother” song. It’s a song about Moms. Everyone loves their mom. Mom’s love songs about them. They’re all calling in and voting for Lauren right now as I type this. It’s clearly the show giving Lauren the edge and finally getting that female winner again.

I find it a bit unfair. It was more fair back when the Top 2 had to sing and record the same song.  It’s all unfortunate because I think Scotty is a little more ready for this than Lauren. I don’t dislike Lauren, but of the two, I think I prefer Scotty slightly more. And maybe I’ll be wrong tomorrow night (I have been a lot of times this season), but I doubt it.




  1. The most poorly organized and boring episode of the season BY A MILE. Good voting America…

    • Agree…wha a snoozefest! Haley and James would have brought so much excitement and edge to the finale. What a shame.

      • please, Hailey and James were probably better then Scotty or Lauren, but in no way was Haley and James better then ALOT of people who got the first snubbed in the top 24. But this show was country all the way from the jump, that’ what happens when you get everyone hooked on Tayler Swift and ba donkey donks. Don’t agrue with America’s voting either, because ofcourse, this is how it’s going to go at the moment when America was givin FREE will to vote. Coluntry is in at the moment, so guess who’s in the Finale? If this were mid 90’s, Niama and probably Jacob would of made it. If simon were there, it would be a pop faa.. i mean.. it would be a pop singer he would of tried hard to pimp… but free will always wins with the moment. 🙂 Just what peopel like to hear.

      • If Lauren doesn’t win this, it’ll be just like another version of Lee-Crystal or Kris-Adam.

    • LIKE I SAID BEFORE BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You do realise that with Simon there for the last three years, the show was reaching an all time low support of voters and raitings.. right? That’s the only reason why he left before a 10th season, so he could come back and try to kill his old show with …what? the same exact show he left? HAHAHHAHAHA Simon is about as good of a producer as a Teletuby.. that’s why he produced their record. haha So no Simon, please, stay gone, PLEASE don’t come over here and try to insult the American public for a show your dumnb A is trying to do in America.. you asked them their to audition so when they do they are ‘wasting his time’? um.. excuse me.. this is America! Steven Tyler, Elvis and ALMOST ALL OUR IDOLS would not exist if simon had to judge them! ARGUE WITH THAT! stay gone simon.. stay gone.

      • it’s halarious that simon leaves his old show AMERICAN IDOL saying ‘he needs to move on’ then tries to come over here with that x factor BS essentially trying to make it like American idol with Paula even being a judge!! HAHAHA.. RIGHT SIMON, MOVE ON HUH? Record producer my A.. he’s gotta make a show, that’s his living.. only problem is.. i don’t think America takes kind to insults anymore.. It’s one of the reason why the show was taking WITH HIM. it’s just not American.. we don’t’ push people down to build them back up.. or.. i shouldn’t even say that.. he would push people down and leave them there.. Simon is no one in the music biz, scratch that, he’s no one with out Reality Television.. with out reality Television he’s hardly even a producer.

    • I bet that the kids enjoyed the show… next year don’t let your kids vote, take their phones, make them grounded for 4 months no computer and have a nice finale and an adult familiar entertainment

      • you do realize all the kids were voting for James? 🙂 Screaming and being out of tune in most of your songs wasn’t really Adult Entertainment.

      • the kids voted even for Paul, but once I would like to see parents saying no to their kids impulse, only one vote is enough, stop making that call for two hours, leave the fone whoever they voted even james ¬¬ kids boss their parents now???

    • So right! I was so bored and disappointed, didnt even feel like I was watching AI Finale.

      • I think the kids/teenagers texting had a lot to do with why the 2 youngest contestants are in the finals. They are talented but definitely not #1 and #2.

  2. when is the winner going to be revealed? I want to pick up my winnings and go on vacation.

  3. Lauren Alaina winning American Idol? What has this season come to? This started as one of the better seasons in Idol and turned out as a disaster season.

    • I agree Lauren winning? They tell of her busting her vocal cords on the day of the finale of all times, then give her a sad song n she goes n hugs her mom, if thats not a set up for sympathy votes so she can win I don’t know what is…. They do this evry year. SCOTTY DESERVES THE WIN HE WAS BY FAR THE BEST ALL SEASON!!!!!

      • Totally agree. Everything was set up for Lauren to win. Sore throat, song choice and tears with her mom. Shame on the judges to name her the winner in front of Scotty. I like Lauren but am voting for Scotty.

      • And the AI producers are laughing all the way to the bank.

        I really anticipate Ryan NOT mentioning how many votes were cast tonight. Course I could be wrong–what with all the power voting probably still going on by those viewers left still believing in this fairy tale.

      • Not trying to be nasty but….what did Lauren have on…..tat tutu outfit….looked like something a circus horse back rider would wear…Mom should have stepped in on that J M O

      • I hope the pity input decided many to vote for Scotty…show the AL bimbos to butt out

      • Does no one on this site love their Mom? I thought Lauren’s song was amazing. She sang it beautifully, it had meaning for her and a lot of people. This is a big thing to be going through, especially at such a young age. Her mom has been her support and a person for her to lean on. She’s saying thank you. I wasn’t aware that was a bad thing.
        And as for the vocal chords thing – Ryan brought it up, Lauren said she was fine and ready to sing. So let it go. She didn’t complain about it or say she might be off, she said she was fine.
        Yes, the judges shouldn’t have declared they thought Lauren would win. But the judges haven’t really done anything well this season, so that’s hardly shocking.

      • Lynda,
        I think it’s safe to say that all of the haters, whiners, criers, complainers,and lazy voters probably never knew their moms, much less loved them!

    • i’m not sure how you can call it a disaster season? More votes, more followers, more fans, more people let down (cause more people were engaged) I knew people who never voted for any season, voting this season. The fact the two people got in that you may not have wanted, means that there are more people thinking it was a great season. 🙂 Cause theirs was there, and yours wasn’t.

      • Well, complete success for AI producers when it comes to advertising dollars.

        And a complete flop for anyone who has a brain in their head.

        The issues are so pervasive: voting, judging, and inequitable promotion (which includes back story videos, song choice, and critiques not made to help the contestants, but to influence the voting public either positively or negatively).

  4. Totally agree with the grades. However, I think Scotty will win tomorrow night. I’ve learned from this season that is not always the best of the night who stays. I think he’ll win, he was never at the bottom and she was. I think his fans are going nuts now voting, after the judges gave Lauren 2/3 rounds (predicting her win.)
    But, if Lauren wins… well deserved girl!!!

    • Gabriela, I felt Scotty had it in the bag until that manipulative Lauren song. LOL. I keep wanting to edit my blog into Scotty winning, but something’s telling me to leave it as is.

      • this is shameful pandering by idol to get their girl winner. come on scotty fans don’t let idol manipulate the votes like this.

      • Maybe people will kill me for this but I didn’t think Lauren’s final song was any different that the ones she’s been singing in the show. I mean the lyrics were a little cheesy but yes, I get it… the song is “cute”… lets leave it at that. I guess, what I am trying to say is that, I’ve seen Lauren performing even better on the show (Candle in the wind) and I am not saying she wasn’t good, I just think it wasn’t all that. Makes sense? I don’t know, writing this I realized I am just very confused with this finale. I hope Scotty wins, but its okay if Lauren wins. Both were good… but not “finale” like. Please tell me if this makes sense to you because I am just lost! Hahaha 🙂

      • Good point Branden – song manipulation is how they got Haley out – if the can get a contestant out, they sure can get a winner in – it is amazing how they know the audience and how they think – easy to manipulate into whatever they want. I wonder if in previous years they did that too or if this year is special..

      • Branden I think they have always wanted Lauren to win. There is so much hate here. This was my first year watching I really wish it was not so set up. I was fun though and I can’t wait to here Paul,Haley, and James. again

      • ha..ha.. that’s because you were getting your predictions wrong Branden. Lauren was popular than you thought. But Scotty was leading everybody by a huge number all the time. Lauren can’t beat Scotty. Scotty is the winner tonight!

    • The show was fixed. Lauren will win. Next year AI will be the poorest reality show ever that nobody wants to see it anymore.

      • You are right. From the minute they said she had a burst vocal cord, but that she could sing just fine, I knew the thing was rigged. And, of course that was a good way of getting around the fact that she cannot sing the high notes. If she wins, I feel sure it was all set up.

      • I was hoping for and almost sure that Haley would win the season 10 AI title. Scotty’s my second choice. Go Scotty the hotty!

      • HaleyFever (HALEY THE BEST):


        I am going to watch tomorrow night because I want to see all the contestants (and Bono!)

        I tuned in tonight mainly because there was a chance Haley would be on (if you read the TMZ story) instead of Lauren, due to her laryngitis.

        I kept watching because I did like checking out Scotty doing “Gone” again. (He did it better–without so much silliness.) But there was also something more somber in all his performances tonight that makes me worry that yet another behind-the-scenes “screw” was going on. This time on Scotty.

        I also kept watching because I wanted to hear for myself if Lauren really had a vocal issue or if that was one more thing to get Haley viewers to tune in (guess they got me). Seemed to me that Lauren did just fine.

        I have liked Lauren a lot. I think she has a very rich, appealing voice. I realized only tonight that she is a lot smarter than most people think.

        Somehow that made me feel sorry for Scotty . . . who seems to have been used by this whole thing. Well, I guess I am rambling now.

        I will watch tomorrow night, but then I am done with AI. Too much unbelievably transparent manipulation for me. At least put some effort into the manipulation, producers! Your lack of artfulness has been insulting.

        Oh, and puppets–that’s you, judges–how DO you look people in the eye? What a joke you are; we ALL know you are liars and cheats, motivated only by how you can line your pockets.

      • If you looked at Scotty’s face in the photo on the top of the article, he was totally disconnected from the competition. I believed he was told not to win the idol. I will not watch AI anymore. This season is my first time to watch AI and the last time as well.

      • You know what’s funny, is that almost everyone i knew was saying the SAME EXACT THING ABOUT THIS YEAR BEFORE IT STARTED.. Oh Simon is leaving, no one will watch it.. IT DOMINATED RATINGS.. oh the judges aren’t good.. THEY EXPOSED SIOMON’S RE..UH..I MEAN, FOOLISHNESS AND UNNESSISARY INSULTING CONTESTANTS FOR NO GOOD REASON.. EXPSECUALLY WHEN YOUR CITY IS BEING ASKED TO GET YOUR PEOPLE OUT THERE AND AUDITION, THEN WHEN YOU DO, THEY SAY YOU’RE WASTING ‘THEIR’ TIME? Wasting Simon’s time? you kidding me??? Just the hell up and say NEXT.. doesn’t make any sense what so ever to go the other route.. the show this years showed and PROVED that it can have a STRONG and ‘unexpected’ viewing with out that trash.. I think tht’s why you have a country finale finally in it’s history.. people who vote for scotty, laren..*(the true country folks) really didn’t like all that insulting for nothing BS.. so this year, they got to get involed with the show.. same goes for alot of other people.. including Steven Tyler.. who didn’t watch the show because of Simon.. saying this is a true audition.. then says it’s an audition from ‘hell’ in the same breath?? give me a break.. So with all that trash gone, you have a show that took on an un expected life of it’s own.. Tell me you seen it happening this year? heck no.. i thought the show was going to be dead.. but it didn’t die.. it just got more people involved. ..

  5. I’d have to agree with you both as well. This season started out with a bang from both the new judges and the talent. Now at the end, bot have disappointed. J-Low and her female bias makes me nuts. If Lauren wins, my idol watching days are over, they almost lost me after Adam but I came back out of winter boredom here in upstate NY. I was sorry then because last year was the worst. This is Idols last chance for my household. Mark

  6. haley would have done great if she was there. The finale was boring.. I vote for Lauren of the overall winner.

      • That’s just it; she didn’t. Or didn’t you notice the harsh critiques aimed only at her? That influenced voting. And I don’t trust the vote totals at all. Why should I? They don’t share them. Polls have shown that Haley was #1 in Week 3–the same week she was eliminated. Same thing happened to James.

  7. “forget what I said about scotty’s song being good for a finale song. This is the song.” haha! Pretty friggin funny Branden!

  8. I think it’s dumb that everyone’s predicting Lauren’s going to win just because of her “Mom” song. Personally, I don’t find it fitting for a first single. I mean, sure, it’s a cute song, but… no. Just no. It did nothing for me. And it angered me greatly when ST said she was winning, just because of that song. Just no.

    I still stand behind my beliefs. Scotty’s fans are stepping up to the plate, voting their fingers off, because of the prediction of Lauren winning. Us Scotty Mccreerians are NOT going to let this happen! Scotty was just as amazing and real as he has been throughout the entire season, beginning at the auditions.

    Lauren was just plain and boring with all three of her songs tonight and she does not deserve to win. If she does, it’s sympathy votes.

  9. They were both good…neither have been my favorite but I did like them this evening..What I didn’t like was how the “Judges” pretty much came out and said who the winner was..Thats not up to them…its up to the voters…But then I understand thats been done before and the judges were wrong..I don’t think I will watch it next year…At first I thought it was great but each week..something just didn’t hit me right..I wish both Scotty and Lauren well…all of them will do ok..

    • Totally agree with you. Nobody will watch idol next year. This season will be the last idol show thanks for they are playing fans for a fool.

    • How many years have you been watching Idol?

      They do this every year at the end of the final. Nothing new and nothing sinister about it.

      This year has been THE year of the conspiracy theorists par excellence.

    • Think how it would have been if it had been Haley and Lauren with Lauren set up to win????

  10. True, the program pushed to win Lauren is sad, if not win Scotty, Scotty was the strongest of the season, the only thing that pleased me is that he will be a great singer.
    GO SCOTTY!!! He is the best!!!

  11. I dont watch the show!! Haley is not there.

    I watch the performances on and here is what I say..

    After watching the performances, I think this is most boring episode of American Idol this season. Far worst, the most boring finale.

    Lauren will win this!! But it should have been HALEY REINHART!!hahah!!

    Watching American Idol since it begin, what matter is the FINALE SONG. Lauren’s song is a mile better than Scotty’s. I love “Like My Mother Does” when I hear it on Kristy Lee Cook’s album “Why Wait”

    I’m looking forward on Haley’s new single!! And I’m sure it will be much better than the songs today!!

    GO HALEY!!

    • Haley. She’s one handed w the mike and the left arm wave and sultry hip movements were so repetative to the point of boredom.

      • Haha, you are jealous of her beauty. She is sexy and can sing. From the bottom of your heart you envy her.

      • You know what was really funny, Nenie? I noticed that Lauren was using several of Haley’s moves in her first song! I laughed my head off when I saw that. (I’m guessing she’s a heck of a lot smarter than many people think.) Plus, she was really trying to do the “power” thing with her voice that Haley does so incredibly. Came off pretty well for Lauren, actually. Not the real thing, but pretty darn good. Gave her that missing emotion she needed on many songs.

      • So… if you are “jealous” of her I’m assuming you want to look like a horse? That’s easy, get oversize teeth veneers and try not to open your eyes much. You’ll look like Haley 🙂
        Come on people! Who the hell will be jealous of Haley??????????

      • gabriela, do u know the word respect? you sure don’t seem to, and yes, many people envy others, maybe u think she looks like a horse but hey, do u need glasses? or have u look in the mirror instead tv when she perform???

    • Totally agree.
      Judges need to get their act together, sad they are paid that much for such a poor job.
      Simon could be cruel but consistently cruel if he did not like it.

  12. This time, I disagree with you. Although I think Scotty will be the idol…I think Lauren was wonderful tonight. Scotty….same ole same ole. I think Lauren would sell more records because she could do cross over songs. Scotty no way he will ever do anything but straight country. That said, I believe that Scotty will win!

  13. Really miss James…..he would have ROCKED the show and brought his magic for all!!!

    • I agree… What a SHAME to not have James …his finale would have kicked butt…..I didn’t bother to watch…..AI needs to revamp voting or I will not watch again

    • Either James or Haley would have given some life in this show.
      Loved James shows but not the high notes almost every song.

      • this finale should have been james x haley and james would end up in second… it’s my vision, to me he is second place all the way…not the most popular but amazing performer

  14. OMGosh!!!!! Laurens Performance Really Really Touched Me!!!!! Wow!!!!! I’m calling My Mother Right Now!!!!!!

    • That is exactly what the judges and Fox were hoping for. The claim that Lauren burst a vocal cord? That was all for show. That also kept her from revealing she cannot sing the high notes. I am disappointed that the judges practically awarded it to Lauren. If that is Lauren’s first recording – good luck. I doubt that it will sell. A real country song may have mama in it, but it has to have something about a pick up truck, a train, a prison, and being drunk – as the song goes: “I was drunk the night my mama got out of prison, and I went to pick her up in the rain; but before I could get there in my pick up truck, she got runned over by a dad-burned train..” I hope Scotty wins. He is a gentleman, and a patriotic American. Plus, he can sing.

  15. I dont watch the show!! Haley is not there.

    I watch the performances on and here is what I say..

    After watching the performances, I think this is most boring episode of American Idol this season. Far worst, the most boring finale.

    Lauren will win this!! But it should have been Haley Reinhart!!hahah!!

    Watching American Idol since it begin, what matter is the finale song. Lauren’s song is a mile better than Scotty’s. I love “Like My Mother Does” when I hear it on Kristy Lee Cook’s album “Why Wait”

    I’m looking forward on Haley’s new single!! And I’m sure it will be much better than the songs today!!

    Go Haley!!!

  16. In the past, a lot of Haley Haters have criticized the way Haley dressed. Calling her “cheap and trashy looking” for the way she looked. Really? I cannot recall one night were Haley wore anything as hideous and tacky as what Lauren wore last night. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    • Steve, had to laugh at your comment, because my husband said to me, “WHAT is she wearing?”

      I turned to him and said, “Honey, she’s COUNTRY. Leave her alone.”


  17. Branden, I’ve really enjoyed your analyses all season long and pretty much agreed with your grades and your rankings. Pretty close, anyway. So, after having watched all season, I decided to save 60 minutes, or 90 minutes, or whatever it was tonight, of my life and read afterward what you had to say about tonight’s show.

    I feel vindicated because boring is exactly what I was expecting. Not that Scotty and Lauren can’t sing — they can — and I love country music; it’s 85-90 percent of what I’ve listened to for the last 25 years or so of my life.

    But the golly-shucks-gee-whiz cuteness of these two overwhelmed their singing most of the year, in my opinion. You’re right: Scotty is more ready for the stage of the two. But Lauren’s vocals are purer and more accurate, although she’s entirely too breathy. (It’s a lot easier to stay on key and sing pretty notes if you take a breath after every three words.) And your “toddlers and tiaras” comment about her hit the nail on the head. I mean, 16 is young enough as it is, but really Lauren. Does your stage mommy (how utterly ridiculous does SHE look?) dress you every week?

    Anyway, it was a great, great season, in terms of the talent and variety of the Top 13. The best ever, in my opinion. And a variety of styles. Too bad it came down to two young peas in a pod.

    From now on maybe they should call it “American Who’s So Darn Cute That You Just Want to Pinch His/Her Cheeks While He/She Happens to be Singing.”

    Again, I’m not saying that these two aren’t talented, but are they the most polished, stage-ready performers, who grew the most over the course of the show? No way.

    In the end, the buyers of music will determine the true cream of the crop. They always do. And all these kids got a great stage to show off their talents, and up until the final, I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    And now I’ll wait, Branden, for your final analysis of the vote-off show, and save myself those minutes again.

    Well-done. You ran a great board!

    • I totally agree! I really appreciate your insite and wit. fortunately, I do not get Idol “live” so I always read your analysis before the show starts here in Denver to determine how much overlapping I do on my laptop for the next 60 – 90 minutes.

      Thank you!

    • well, thanks, not2old! I’m glad I could help spare you the pain of a boring finale! Be sure to chime in after tomorrow’s recap!

      • same here – I am in Brazil and the show is one week behind, except for tomorrow – they are going to show today’s show at 8 pm and then the finale at 9 pm – that is 8 pm there… I usually watch live on the internet, but I really do not feel like watching this finale… This site has been great is giving me a good summary and then I decide if it is worthy watching the full episode or going out to dinner with friends… I might watch it tomorrow just because all contestants will be there and hopefully no Fox merchandizing… Let us see if finally Branden gets it right – after all the wrong guesses, it will be funny if he gets is right in the final result…

      • Branden, from the Philippine. I also admire and believe in your posts. Had been following you from the start. You rarely made wrong decisions. But, please help me pray that Scotty will win.

    • So well said Not2Old! On all areas, regards the boring final sing-off and of Branden’s prowess in reporting it! First off Coondog Haters and Lovers, I sort of lived up to my promise to make my first vote by not watching the Final Singoff: I had went for my Puget Sound (Tacoma area) oceanside walk and then continued my exercise at the gym. Unfortunately, I had worn my shorts that had my superbad earphones in it (turns out it was a stroke of good fortune they were my worst pair for hearing!). So, I found myself on an elliptical machine watching and (thankfully) barely hearing the Snoozefest.–So my personal home TV was not soiled by actually airing the Hour of Boredom into my actual living quarters. Coondog never sullies his own living space with anything less than a perfumed French poodle or preferably a Lovable Lab named Lee, as in “Hey Lee, C’mon over!”(even the Master’s smelly she-hound is done out by the stained fire hydrant she likes to hang out by).

      Anyways, Not2 nailed his analysis for me. I love country and think the world of Scotty and Lauren, but the AI manipulation and can you even imagine how ‘dirty’ the judges must feel for having to heap such false praise upon the performances!? Sure, fine. but not exciting or pulsating to hear.

      I’m so glad to hear the honest comments of so many bloggers expressing much of the same thinking, Especially you Pup if you’re reading–I loved your honest, earlier post. So thanks to all the honest posters–Branden for daring to call it boring to the Scotty, Lauren fans, and to you Pup for being fair and Honest, but especially for Not2oldforIdol for nailing my thoughts! Coondog Out! “Hey—Leee, I need your love!”

  18. I didn’t watch it and glad I didn’t Im not going to waste my time with those toys Casey Haley and James should have been top 3 I hope Scotty wins though Lauren is a waste of Space literally lose some pounds Miss Piggy

    • John, You can expect the wrath of a LOT of BBW women for talking about their beloved young, BBW in training that way. As talking about such things as weight is unacceptable to them. But, calling Haley a slut, tramp, whore or pole dancer is”. Go figure.

      • You are so right, Steve. I HATE seeing people call Lauren fat, but it’s disgusting to me when some of the people who retaliate are the same ones who called Haley every single name for ‘slut’ or ‘b1tch’…It’s like, really? Lauren is 16, and Haley is less than a year out of her teens, but it’s okay to say gross & mean things about her? Some people are such hypocrits…especially about how Haley acted for the eliminations. She smiled, (while Lauren jumped up and down laughing in Haley’s face), ohhh she didn’t congratulate Lauren (while Pia was balling instead of ‘congratulating’ whoever it was who beat her…). Some women are so messed/mixed up in the head when it comes to Haley, and being a woman myself…I just feel sorry for them. Haley’s confidence makes insecure woman want to make up excuses to hate her. She’s 20. GET REAL.
        P.S. Lauren’s around 120 lbs I’d guess…not even technically overweight, much less FAT. Fatheads.

      • Balling? Haha, baller. I meant bawling? I don’t know, I don’t write about people crying very often…haha.

      • Devin Lee, my eyes did pop when I saw that word. But I knew it was a slip-up. Hahahaha!

      • Who’s Lauren “balling” now?! Ha,ha Devin Lee. As Pupster said, you gave a lot of us a near heart attack!!

        On a more somber note, the 120 lbs you mention is a bit too generous. Don’t get me wrong–and a lot of other good folks that mention the “pleasantly plump” line aren’t trying to be cruel. We’re realists. From my own experience, once your metabolism/exercise patterns/eating habits are out of balance, you gain 20 lbs per year! Seriously! We’re advising her to nip it in the bud, because to make it in show business, you have to work really hard on things OTHER than singing. Women especially have to watch their weight–good job for Jennifer Hudson! for example. Men have to stop carousing so hard–see the bad example of Arnold Schwarzenegger! Alot of folks talking of Lauren’s size really are trying to spare her from the cruelty of Show Business–Defending her weight issues and being ‘politically correct’ about it is not going to help her. Please don’t be mad Devin Lee, Pup, Bunny and others! Now excuse me, I need to make a run down to my favorite fire hydrant! Hey Lee . . .! I need you! (not taking about you Devin Lee, sorry!)

    • Why do you have to be a trash mouth? Look at some of the contestants in seasons past…lot bigger. I’ve seen her in person and she is not fat. It is true that TV makes you look 10-15 lbs fatter than you actually are so I guess everyone you like must be nothing but bones. American Idol is a singing contest not a beauty contest. If so many of you lost interest after your favorite didn’t win because no one voted for them why are you still on this site? Scotty and Lauren are both very talented. I wish them both luck. And, by the way, my favorite didn’t win either but I’m not trash mouthing the ones still in. My vote was for Pia!

  19. Lost interest after James was voted off. But have to say Lauren is more diversified and will win

  20. Of all the boring shait that Idol could puke out, this has got to be the worst. You have Alfred E. Neumann singing about some “Gown”. You have plain Jane singing about her momma. This is the best that America could come up with, huh? And I think Iovine’s job is to sink the show into the lurch. He should be paying Idol for his “job” of suggesting stupid, ugly songs!

      • Uhm… how will I be able to make the comment if I don’t watch the show? Unlike someone like, I don’t know, you, I don’t make ignorant, presumptive judgments about things I don’t know about. I educate myself before I state my opinion. Try it! It doesn’t hurt, I promise.

    • Like hell I watch this show. Not since Pia and James left the show. SHOW STINK and Is BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Your comment sounds like you were probably a James Durbin’s fan. I did too but there is no reasons to make comment like this one. If you think that you can be better than the two finalist then maybe you should be in the next AI 2012 contest. I think that Lauren did an excellent job with her new song. She gave me some goose bump and a few tears to my eyes. She is a very well raised kid who is thankful to her mother for standing by her all a long. Scotty’s song was very good too but he did not put as much motion as Lauren did.

      • Scotty’s song did not need movement – he was excellent without the distraction

      • Actually, I wasn’t a JDurb fan AT ALL! And please, if stating comments automatically means you’re better than the person you’re talking about, the art of criticism, bitching and kvetching would be phased out. Or Randy Jackson could sing better than people he bashed on the show. He can’t, he’s just stating his opinion. So your argument is null. But you never know… Idol 2012, huh?

      • You really don’t get it. The judges had nothing to do with it. The voters are the ones who are pushing the buttons on their phone and/or computer. The way I vote has nothing to do with the judges, I vote for the singer who I think deserve it the most. I could not care who were the judges in front of them and I am sure that most of the voters are the same unless if you are the type of person who has to be told who to vote for. My daughter can vote for who she loves without myself being in the middle of it. So again if you need the judges to make your mind then maybe you should keep your phone and computer turned off. And by the way if you can’t take any critisms then don’t make any. The judges are there to make comments and I am not saying that they are always right but I think that Randy Jackson has worked with alot more recording artists than you and I. All the Haley, Pia, James, Scotty, Lauren, and others have heard the words that “they are in to win it” phrase in one time or another.

      • STARTING OFF THE SHOW WITH A DOCTOR TALKING ABOUT LAURENS VOCAL CORDS WAS A BIG TURN OFF FOR ME !.Right away there is a excuse for the sympathy vote,I don t know how good the mom song is because I could not make out half the
        words.It did nothing for me and I am a
        Mother of 4.

      • JOHN:
        1. I never mentioned that the judges had anything to do with it! You did! Did you even read the post? “This is the best AMERICA could come up with?”. I didn’t know the USA was comprised of three people in a table.
        2. That is precisely the reason why Randy is in the judges table giving his opinion to the millions of viewers while I am giving my opinion in a website. But does that make my opinion less valid and important? Where’s my freedom to express my self?
        3. How could I not take any crticism? Please read my comments with a critical eye and try to understand before you say that I don’t take criticism. Please quote that portion.

        In conclusion, I get it perfectly. You don’t.

      • Pardon me, good sir. Haha, I’m thinking of the Madeleine stint on Jay Leno. ^_^

    • The show has nothing to do with the finale the fans are the people who choose (vote)…stop being so negative … and the contestants choose their own songs

    • I have to admit it, Jeepney, I read your comment 3 times before I realized you were talking about Scotty’s song, “Gone.” And then I burst out laughing! Hahahahhahaha! Thanks for that; I needed it!

      And, hey, would you throw Randy in the fire, too, while you’re at it?! I’d like to see him fired and then see him on the street so I could call out, “Hey Randy, guess weren’t you “in it to win it!”

      • At your service. ^_^

        I totally agree, Iovine and Jackson make a pretty couple. Xp

      • Change the title from AL to Judges Latest..songs…books….videos….etc. The payoff is you have to judge as they tell you to…..

  21. At last The judges and producers show their favorites for Lauren. I know about Steven interest for Lauren but randy and JLo?
    WTF!! Round two and three for lauren? kidding me?
    I think we finally see why James, Haley and Jacob,… eliminated.

    • I can’t believe you would say a comment like this. The Judges are not voting and really have nothing to do with this cause they were always choosing for PIA and Jacob as favorite to win. Guess what? Those two did not make it to the finally. You can write as many comments as you want but in the end the voters are deciding who they want to stay. We might not like it but country fans are probably the best loyal fans and the proof is write there. They had so may good kids this year that the AI tour is going to be a blast too.

      • John,

        You are the one who does not get it. This whole show is a massive manipulation and the voting results are just one of the things tweaked. The judges are saying whatever they are told to help the producers achieve whatever their goal is that particular moment in time.

      • dang Pup, you are the Voice of Reason and Wisdom. Soon, you may be worthy to be called Dog!

  22. Bored to death without Haley there, but that´s what the judges wanted: Their teen country finale.
    Nothing more to say from this end.

    • I bet Haley was sitting there thinking: man oh man, I´m glad I was out of that cheesy finale.

      • yeh I bet she was just so bored and JEALOUS she couldnt be up there CAUSE she didnt have enough fans HAHAHAHAHA

      • correction- because her fans are too mature to spend hours voting. she clearly has the most fans on itunes and youtube.

      • Tom Hanks voted for her twice, like many adults who did not have time for 2hrs of voting. Polls show Haley had the fans but sadly not the votes.

      • Sure kder…whatever you say. 😉 She certainly didn’t look that way sitting with the other top 13 with a big smile on her face everytime the camera went by. She’s being signed by INTERSCOPE, she’s not jealous of anyone…they’re a bigger label than Idol’s, in case you didn’t know. HA! HA! HA! Haley’s success is going to blow up in the face’s of all her haters, and I am going to be a VERY HAPPY CAMPER. Haley is better than a reality TV show. Period.

      • Devin, I listened to the girl on America’s Got Talent that you blogged about (can’t find that comment anymore!). She was very good….pure and natural. I wonder how far she would have gone on American Idol?

        Been off the computer…had kids and dogs in bathroom due to tornado warnings all night!

      • @ Devin Lee:

        19 Productions signs a 7-yr contract with the winner and has the first option on the other 9 from the top 10 or 10 out of 11 as it was this season.

        Interscope-Geffen-A&M is the recording company this year and Jimmy Iovine is the Chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M.

        They are all in it together and if they opt to sign any of the other 10, then they have to sign at least a 3-year deal – no choice in the matter.

        If 19 doesn’t sign any of them, then they are free to make their own choices.

    • Man oh man, you need a doctor. Regardless how you feel about the judges and other things. Do you think for a minute that Haley would not want to be a the finally? Come on, why do you think they go through all that? Just to say that in the end, I glad I’m not there with these too? You really need to grow up Ritz, I can’t believe that people like you have the right to vote!!! Maybe next year AI should start charging a dollar ($1.00) per vote, this way it would stop the people voting a thousand times for the same person or maybe they should change the voting process. Instead of voting for your favorite(s), they should vote for whom ever you want to go. LOL

      • Interscope must be an affiliate of idols bc idol has first dibs on all the contestants contracts.

    • I was definitely a big fan of Haley and truly believed she would win the title for 2011. She was gorgeous and extremely talented! Can’t help thinking that the harsh and negative criticism she received from the judges on her last performance helped sway the audience to vote her off. I’m very disappointed.

      • I think it is quite obvious that the producers gave the judges their marching orders and sometimes Haley was so good that Steven and even J Lo could not toe the company line. But they knew giving her the Morrisette song would sink her. I mean, they give her a song that you can’t even sing as it was written because it was not Fox-family friendly and it’s about a woman who’s really pissed off–just the image they wanted for Haley to sway voters towards the wholesome country bumpkins–a boring country hoe-down with teenagers. Just look at the talent they weeded out so this could happen. What an insult! So Scotty and Lauren are better singers/performers/musicians than Haley, James, Pia; even Stefano was a better singer. Those all could sing circles around these one octave kids.I hope this causes a major backlash and nightmare headaches for the producers next season. I won’t waste my time again with this show. It’s a joke as long as they let children play with cell phones. (It’s a fact that these child-voters don’t have the cash to actually buy the music but we let them decide who should win? Insanity!

      • You nailed it tj regards the producers giving the judges their marching orders (at least Steven couldn’t abide it with his comments for Haley), but especially that giving her the Non-family friendly song. Unbelieveable! Even though she performed admirably, they knew Middle America would label her a skank for singing it. And as I’ve earlier posted, with the voting Tool they’ve given themselves, all they have to do is hire any Supercomputer to let several random fans vote at a leisurely 20 million electronic votes per hour for anyone other than Haley. Very simple. Of course they have to buy off AI workers for several hundred thousand dollars to keep their silence for at least 7 years until nobody cares about the “Voting”!

    • I was a big fan of Haley’s and truly believed that she would win the AI title for 2011. I’m disappointed; however my second choice to win is Scotty. I hope he wins season 10 of AI. I’ll be first in line to buy his first album! Surely, Haley will get an offer to produce her first album. She definitely has star qualities and would be a sure bet!

  23. Ok, i am so annoyed with the judges, Lauren really, she has been in the bottom three a lot, but scotty only 1 time. just really makes me mad when i see the judges going with Lauren, just not fare.

    • Start voting your hind off on line right now for Scotty. he should really win this thing. So comfortable being on stage Lauren shes good but just to scared and nervous acting when shes performing

      • I agree if I could vote it would be for Scotty ~~ I have loved the way he sang from the very beginning. So VOTE VOTE FOR SCOTTY!!! Lauren is a very good singer too but Scotty is much more comfortable on stage and wouldn’t need his mother there at every turn Lauren is not ready yet.

    • Where are people getting the Lauren in the bottom three many times thing?? She was in the bottom two once, when Jacob got eliminated.

      • Exactly, anyone who watched all the American Idol from the start to the end would see that they both were bottom three only once. As far as Lauren being more shy or scare one the stage would not worry me about cause she has an amazing voice.

  24. The show was boring but they both did a great job on each song but the winning in my book will be Lauren

      • Scotty all the way – his songs were all different – he had to sing fast, faster and then soft and sweet – Lauren did well but her songs were all kind of alike – and then he came out and hugged her and I think he said “beautiful” for her mom’s song

    • Scotty is good male country singer. Lauren is good but song could influence votes.

  25. I can not access american idol page to cast my vote. I have been trying for the last hour and nothing. So, if Lauren win this, the show is fixed and ain’t going to watch it again. Don’t get me wrong, she did good but she is not ready for the performance rodeo..Scotty is mature beyond his 17 and like he said he is just living the moment singing songs..Scotty should win this..

    • I have been having trouble with Scotty also – sometimes have to log out and then back in and the vote is not showing up on facebook

      • I can’t vote online for either Scotty or Lauren it just keeps me hanging. So I am voting by phone.

        Scotty, Scotty Scotty vote by phone

      • Actually I had a similar problem posting on this blog this evening (earlier). I had to sign out each time to see any of my posts or any “new” posts from others. The site appeared to have problems updating.

    • Internet Explorer hangs for voting – try Google Chrome … no problems loading and voting as many times as you want!

      • Matt and Branden,

        I downloaded Google Chrome, thinking it would help with the “refreshing” issue I am experiencing here. But it isn’t helping. Any explanations/suggestions. I seem to have to sign off and sign on again, and even then, comments aren’t showing up until I do that a few times.

      • @Pup: The site is using browser caching to avoid reloaded everything each time a visitor opens a new page.

        So unlike last week when the site was down and/or poorly performing for hours we didn’t have any downtime last night.

        I’m not sure what you mean by “signoff and sign on” since you don’t have to sign in to this site. But try ctrl+f5 to refresh and see new comments.

      • I had the same problem last night. Had to go offline and reboot before my posts showed up.

  26. I think Scotty knew what’s happening there. after Judges wanted him to shave his head, he didn’t do that for some reasons. I think he knew that (at this point everyono know)
    and song choices? really Jimmy Iovine? he is what a embarresing

    • Shave his head? I never heard that. I heard JLo ask him to cut his hair short (as he had worn it during the auditions).

      But I agree with you about Scotty figuring something out. His heart definitely was not in it during this finale.

      • Look at the pictures above these blogs. He looks really sad. Although I like both, I though Scotty was already at a disadvantage at the beginning of the show with the attention Lauren got because of the doctor. Then, the judges already declared her the winner. What an uncomfortable night for Scotty and his parents. How are you supposed to feel when all of the attention was on one contestant. Before the show, I was rooting for Lauren (the underdog. However, I really think he was treated poorly tonight.

      • Ignore the typos…it is late and I’ve been under a tornado warning all night. Between running and covering plants/flowers from hail and taking cover in the bathroom with 5 dogs, I’m too pooped to party.

      • @ angela james – the judges give their opinions in every final and have done for each of the last 9 Seasons. Nothing new about it at all.

  27. the show was awfull the most boring of all James is the winner any way u look at it. the best of the best they lost to stubip teenie girls voting till their texting ran out

    • I think James won first half of season and Haley the last half so a finale would have been great between them for the win.

  28. Lauren will win it because AI wants a girl and because they can mold Lauren into what they want her to be, and that will benefit them the most, kind of what they did with Kelly.

    Scotty should win he is more then ready to go out there and have his own concert, I would def go!!

    But Scotty will do real good if he is first or second. I don’t know about Lauren if she is second. Scotty is such a gentleman winning the coin toss and letting Lauren pick, what a sweetheart.

    Good Luck Scotty!!!!! and Lauren.

    • And Kelly had to fight to get out of her lame AI recording contract. You are right. They will be able to manipulate and shape Lauren as they please because she is simply a singer with potential but who needs development. This is partly why AI didn’t want Haley to win. They knew she really knew “who she is” and is not a pushover. She’s ready for a major label who will respect her as a market-ready artist. Really, ask yourself: who is more ready to roll out on the big stage and ready to take on the industry (a very nasty industry–I know because I have worked in it for most of my life, and you had better have some tough skin to survive in it. Lauren is in no way ready for that. She won’t be coddled–she will have to step up in a hurry before the big show passes her by. First album does not do well and they stop pushing it–they just let you wither on the vine until you just go away. That’s how it works folks–like it or not.

  29. I hope James and Steven Tyler sing together tomorrow night. What a way to boost James career!
    Scotty fan all the way but James should of been right up there with him.

  30. I agree with most it was not the “perfect” final for the Most Important Show of the Season?? hmmm
    It was sort of boring alright but they did the best they could.
    Lauren opened herself (finally) and sang her heart out.
    Scotty was the usual Scotty not a lot of eyebrow movements though (lol)
    So in general I liked more Lauren performances, now it is up to America but guess what!! I really don´´t care who wins this season after the best gone is absolutely whatever for me.

  31. Boring!!!!!!!! Lauren’s last song was the best even though I believe there is a reason for this. I think American Idol wanted a female idol and decided on Lauren awhile back. It’s called politics and it’s been there heavy all season, just look at Casey, James, and Haley. We could have had such a much more exciting finale without all the politics.

  32. I thought Lauren Elaina’s song about mom’s was awesome! It was very emotional and awesome! She should win if all the little girls don’t spend the whole nite on the phone voting for Scotty!

  33. Ok, I voted for Scotty, was not sure until the show played sympathy card and the judges were biased, especially Steven, he is a pervert! ( what’s with giving Lauren a slight edge because she is prettier? ) I am sorry, my vote was more against the show than against Lauren.

      • Joking – right lol. He’s been promoting the women all season.
        This show was so biased toward Lauren by the producers and judges. For that reason alone I wouldn’t vote for Lauren. Scotty is the one who deserves to win. I think his feeling tonight was just like mine – the judges and AI
        are trying to hang him out to dry. You could see it on his face. This may be my last AI year becaure of it. I am still voting Scotty and I hope others won’t let the judges or Lovine sway them. The sure didn’t give Scotty the same kind of new song they gave Lauren, talk about unfair!

  34. Lauren was a star tonight, hurt throat and all. She’s it. She’s everything we want our Idol to be.

    • She couldn’t hit that high note her voice cracked like it did the other week when she sang. I wasn’t buying the thorat. Seems Ai wants her to win. My vote is for Scotty. Think about it if you had a sore throat you’d sound different, same with a sprain.

      • But…she did hit all of her notes. Sprain and all. Scotty is not exciting to me, whatsoever. He is a very good singer, but I fidget the whole time he’s on the stage. When I watch whole episodes over again, I fast forward through him. Not because he’s bad, but because hearing his songs once is enough.

      • The last song she cracked, she had nothing wrong with her voice. If she had she would have sounded different.

      • Her voice did sound different tonight, to me anyways. It was a little more harsh, it had a little more texture than her usual smooth as honey voice is. I thought she sounded great. Her voice most likely broke because she was crying, I like when people put emotions into their songs. Haley’s my favorite by a loooooooong margin, but Lauren has one of the most beautiful tones I’ve heard on Idol.

      • Lauren wins.I guess it dosen’t matter if your voice cracks or not.I think Scotty is better than Lauren but I haven’t watched since James left.

      • Right. And by the way. During one of her songs last week, she actually “growled.” OMG! Growled! Hey wait a minute–isn’t that supposedly why the haters din’t like Haley? Guess it’s ok with the sweet, delicate little Lauren does it. This industry will eat her lunch! I hope she grows another layer of skin cause she is going to need it! If she even gets out of the gate.

      • Pretty cheesey to bring out a doctor????….in all black….no lab coat???…guess had to hurry back to handle the stage lights

  35. I am not a Scotty fan but they seem to be busing him tonight, I mean what else could they do to push voters to Lauren.

  36. Oh and yes… Lauren is so cute, but her dress for the second song… OMG!!! What was that??????????

  37. I think they should do two finales – one for the American Country Idol – Scotty x Lauren, and the other finale for regular American Idol – James x Haley – two voting sessions separately… that would have been fun… Can you imagine the craziness of a James in a finale against the unexpected Haley – like, they would probably choose three totally different songs to sing totally their way in each round, some could backfire on them, while others would be just magic, an extremely intertaining and full of surprises show… Too bad we could not have this amazing finale… It will be very interesting if Lauren wins because of the mom’s song – that would for sure prove the theory that the show has absolutely nothing to do with singing, well – for those who still believe it..

    • I’m glad they had a finale between Lauren and Scotty…if it had been James vs. Haley my TV would’ve most likely exploded! That finale would have been as exciting and explosive as a finale could be. I think those two would have brought out the teeth and claws to BATTLE IT OUT for the title…too bad we’ll never get to see what had the potential to be the most diverse and downright awesome final 2 ever to be on the American Idol stage…aw shucks. How did this happen? Rather…how did this NOT happen? Oh well, wasn’t meant to be. :-/

  38. Lauren is good! and as mom, I love her song, But Scotty overall is the best package and my vote will be for him, I am sure she will do good! She is already a winner too!

  39. There was absolutely no reason to mention the trouble Lauren had with her throat/vocal cords!!! I think `someone` is out to make sure she gets all the sympathy votes possible starting last week with the visit to her hometown- right up to the end of tonight`s show with the unnecessary `trip` to her Mom in the audience and all the tears….Foul!!! Scotty`s Mom was in tears and I think the cameras showed her face about 2 seconds! Scotty is a total gentleman, a Christian, and an amazing singer!

  40. Hey Scotty hope u win tomrrow! U have a wonderful voice love to hear u sing, with that deep voice so cool
    Good Luck Scotty.

  41. Lauren never stood out this season for me whereas Scotty did every performance! My votes will go to Scotty!

  42. Scotty ur so awesome and cute 🙂
    I’ll be watching u tomorrow night
    GO! SCOTTY GO ! Your in to win it !

  43. Something has been weird about this season of American Idol. Maybe not necessarily with the judges but definitely with the producers. Ever since the auditions they have showcased Scotty and Lauren the most out of all the other contestants. To be honest, in the later weeks of the competition I had grown to like Haley the most. However, I don’t recall seeing much about Haley from auditions or Hollywood week. It was obvious either the judges or the producers had wanted Haley off the show starting with the top 5 when she chose to sing Lady Gaga’s unreleased song which Randy and JLO criticized as “unknown” and “not the right song choice” completely disregarding her stellar vocals during the performance. I mean as a 17 year old girl I don’t know half of the songs they sing on idol but I still can tell if they sang the song well or not. Now after eliminating 2 very great performers, James and Haley, I stand confused as to why? I just can’t believe that the majority of America didn’t like James Durbin’s awesome performances or Haley’s great voice. Putting all this together it just seems that the producers may have swayed the results this season to get what they wanted: A young American Idol to become as successful as a Justin Bieber. (Hence the age lowering). As for the final 2 tonight, I had no intention of watching it… and I didn’t. However I would like to see Scotty win over Lauren as he is more mature and I believe ready to go into the music industry.

    • They not only managed to have James and Haley eliminated…2 very potential winners, but Pia disappeared early. Did she really receive the least votes? And by the way, the work against Haley began earlier. When she sang any genre well, they harped at her for not knowing who she is. She knows who she is…she is someone who can sing ANYTHING. Look at her work in the early rounds and the judges’ responses even then. Yes,there is something weird about the season, and I think you are right about it having to do with the producers. The agenda was set early.

    • I’ve thought since Pia was voted off that something seemed contrived about this season. I’ve only watched the last 3 or 4 seasons but there definitely seems to be something off about this one. It could be Simon’s absence. It could also be that they didn’t make the contestants sing different genres which had a way of thinning out our the herd. I don’t know. Scotty and Lauren were definitely not the best of the final 12.

      For what it’s worth, I did think Lauren topped Scotty tonight.

      • No Haley should not have been. But Pia and Stefano should have been the final two. Or Ashton

      • Or James also deserved it. Probably it should have been Pia and James. But I did love Stefano. They should have been the top 3

    • as i watched this season, i thought they favored James Durbin. If you will going to watch again his performances, the stage is always that spectacular (with all the right light effects) and all that drama compare to other idols…they always wanted James to have that “moment”…fate twisted when America did not vote for him…though I like James, Pia,
      Scotty and Lauren the most..

    • You could not have said it any better my friend!!! I definitely like the quality of Lauren’s voice more than Scotty’s, but don’t really care for either compared to Haley (and James). All I could think tonight as I watched them stand in one spot on the stage while performing was what great stage presence the other contestants had (Haley and James). I just think it’s such a joke – I watch because I love music, musicals, etc. Big Broadway fan – it’s up my alley. But this show is such a joke.

    • It was very unfair to Scotty to give the best song choice to Lauren.
      I wanted James or Haley to win as they were the better singers
      I am not voteing as it appears this has been fixed for Lauren

    • Whatever the judges want, the judges get. what they want is a successful show. during the season they play games to create tension and suspense. I think the used Jacob just as they used Sanjaya a few seasons ago. The reason they don’t change the voting is that it doesn’t matter: the multi-vote thing makes the audience feel powerful, but the producers decide who stays and who goes, regardless of votes. it’s the only thing that makes sense of this season and many others. the producers want a winner who will sell lots of CDs and make the show look good. they can do that with either Scotty of Lauren. However, the most-selling AI winner has been Carrie, a female country singer. If Lauren wins, it’s because the producers want a another Carrie.

      • But sadly Lauren is definitely no Carrie. Lauren’s performances are very far from carrie’s performances during. I think her take on. ” Alone” is sufficient evidence to this. Carrie and Lauren are very far from each other in terms of their capabilities as a singer and a performer.

  44. I can’t decide how I want this to go, but man … I love them both. I’m a country music fan, yes. I’m no country bumpkin though. I just think this type of music works for me. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing them BOTH in concert and I’m excited for BOTH of their careers and I think they’re BOTH great talents. I’m glad they’re the final two! I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I am excited for all of the finales tricks and turns – it’s always a trip to watch! Congratulations to either Idol.

  45. Both contestants did awesome. I think it will be a very close vote. I cast my vote for Scotty. He was the most consistant throughout the year. I think Lauren is great as well. My favorite Idols from the start of the season were Sccotty, Lauren and Pia. Two out of three is not bad.

  46. it’s unfair!!! why is everything in tonight for Lauren ? Vote for Scotty plz!!!

  47. Don’t kill me but, did anyone note that due to her super cute/tender gesture of going offstage to hug her mother, Lauren missed few notes? Like, her voice cracked and she couldn’t hold a not long enough?
    I am just saying… I am sad the standards of the show have lowered so freaking much!!!

    • Lauren had what sounded like a really serious vocal injury, and that was her third performance of the night. Honestly, I just about thought she’d hurt herself with the first song (and so did JLo-watch the performance again. She was worried.) Yes, she probably missed a few notes, but it’s hard to tell which is the reason.

    • Yes! I noticed this, but I suppose the moment was tender enough that people didn’t care. The original song was better than the one they provided Scotty as well – which sort of speaks volumes as to where they wanted this to go. We’ll see tomorrow!

      • They screwed Scotty royally. Not that Scotty’s song was that bad, just not up to the emotional song they gave Lauren. Damn, how I hate whoever the hell runs AI.

  48. I am voting for Lauren. I am not a “hard core” country music fan, but I do appreciate the softer side of country and the crossover style as well. Lauren is more of the softer side and she can also sing some rock, whereas Scotty sings the “harder” style of country music. I do like Scotty a lot and he does have a great voice, I just think Lauren is more versatile. But you know what? They are both gonna be very wealthy people! Congrats to them both.

  49. Since the start of the season I have suspected that Lauren meant to audition for Toddlers and Tiaras and took a wrong turn. I am glad to hear you see it too! She has a lovely voice but needs a couple of years to mature. I am concerned that a win now will not be the best thing for her as a person. I think Scotty is better equipped to handle it right now.

    • Wow. That’s really mean. I think for such an emotional young 16 year old gal she handles herself like a real pro. I think her innocence and sweetness just give people the wrong impression, much like Haley’s “sexy and edgy” personality was seen as mean and disrespectful.

      Lauren could have crumbled due to her voice injury – but no. She came out 100% and confident and slayed all three of her songs.

      If she does not win, it’s only because more teen girls voted for their country crush.

      Lauren broke my heart with her last song and she already won as far as I’m concerned.

      Northern Guy

  50. I am unashamedly pulling for Scotty, and was more than a little annoyed by the judges comments, especially Steven Tyler. This wolf in wolf’s clothing clearly stated his preference was Lauren because she was a girl. DAH, tell us something we didn’t know. I can’t wait to see Jimmy Kimmel’s Steven Tyler leer of the night tonight; his comments will probably be good as well.

    • Please please bring Simon back !! He was brutal at times and sometimes I did’nt agree with him but he was none the less honest with his opinion.

  51. I hope you are wrong and I think you hope so too! Scotty’s best performance was his own choice. Lauren’s etformance was probably the best I’ve seen her to date. She had bern inconsistent. Not so with Scotty! He has been true to himself EXCELLENT!) every time! Scottyshould win. He just had songs selected that didn’t really show off his talent

  52. Did Haley win? I just regained conciousness after last Thursday? These two are the worst Final 2 in history. There have been bad final MATCHUPS- but there’s always been one who was, at least, deserving of the title. I do think Lauren got it though with the Mother of all songs. Plus, she has to have a helluva support system out there to have defeated Haley with her awful semi-final performance. I’d rather she win because she really is cute. AND she does have a good voice too. Once she gets entrenched in the AI Machine- she could become a heart throb – especially after they get her in the gym like Carrie. I hope they let Haley sing her first single created for her tomorrow night. I really missed her tonight.

  53. “I had dodged the virus for many, many years. This year I got hooked on watching with [wife] Rita [Wilson].”

    Sadly for Tom, his favorite was Haley Reinhart, who didn’t quite make it to the finals. “I voted twice and I thought well, that’ll put her over the top. I put off [voting] as long as I could. I haven’t voted with Dancing With the Stars yet.”

    As for finalists Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery, “Not to take anything away from them but I do hate them. I’m joking. I don’t hate them. I just lost, that’s all.”

    HILARIOUS quote by Tom Hanks about his obsession with American Idol in an interview with Ellen.

  54. I am sorry folks but I find both of these contestants completely boring and uninspiring. Both lack passion and maturity so the songs that they “sing” sound forced and juvenile. I cannot imagine what kind of recording either one of them will put together and who will want to listen to an hour of it.

    So happy to see J Lo and Randy Jackson enjoying it so much…..puhleeeze!

  55. What was the story with bringing the doctor out to plead Lauren’s case? That just plain stinks!

    • I don’t believe that the throat problem was that serious…I don’t get it that she went down to her mom…overkill…and I don’t understand why Geroge Strait gave Scotty that song…the only thing,Lauren’s second wasn’t any more powerful. I also think that we are overlooking her missed notes…cracking voice…but we will feel sorry for her…Oh well…i’ts all over and we shall see…However,I am going to be disappointed if the most consistent of the two…Scotty…doesn’t come away with the win! He is really the gem.

      • Pulling for Scotty too. Scotty is a hell of a lot more mature than Lauren. Tired of her baby antics and costumes. It does appear the AI wants her to win though.

      • I am so sad and angry. I think it was so obvious that AI set this show up to pimp Lauren. It is a hugh injustice that they gave Lauren a showcase song for her first hit and Scotty did not. he has been the consistently good singer. They should have had to sing the same song just like every other year and let us decide who did it better. This was not at all a fair wAY to do this. I am losing all desire to watch AI after this year. I hope everyone will vote Scotty all the way and not let AI and judges push Lauren through.

      • it was totally biased toward lauren. i hope the voters din’t fall for it,and voted for scotty. and what was up with the camera on laurens mother so much? totally unfair.

      • Pulling for Scotty but love Lauren too. I think the bias shown towards Lauren last night was totally wrong.I don’t think the judges should share their opinions on the last night of competition….. let the viewers decide as we are supposed to do …. unless it’s not up to us any more ….. makes you wonder lately !!

    • All you “armchair music experts” listen up. Lauren had a very slight but clearly audible rasp to her voice. Not a scratchy Haley growl, but a very subtle rasp. To me, it added age and feeling to her voice – which is normally crystal clear, perhaps TOO clear. I heard the strain on her voice and I bet many others did too.

      I don’t think that was staged. She has been pushing her voice harder and harder every week.

      • Any one with a “blown vocal” would not be able to talk much less sing…a period of resting vocal cords…to aid in healing is a must….suggests a period of non speaking..only as needed

  56. Has American Idol have no shame. They put that girl out like she’s the best thing going around. My heart goes out too Scotty, They’ve never really liked him because he has stayed true to self. Only Lauren fans may support her, but what I seen tonight was wrong. I’d never buy her music.

    • I agree…100%…it’s disgusting…I felt sorry for Scotty…he has been the most gracious all along. Keep voting tonight!

    • Gail… I really have to take issue with that. They have been pimping Scotty since the get go. Both of them have had very little in the way of honest critiques. If the judges had done their jobs …they might have improved over the course of the season and we would not have had such an unexciting finale.

      • They may have gave him a few good words here and there but But they alwayu treated him like he wasn’t good enough. I love Scotty’s voice I’d buy his songs.

    • AI has proven to be a garbage production after tonight. What do they think we all are, idiots. Why not just give Lauren the crown tonight. Tyler can go screw himself.

  57. I’ve been voting for Scotty all night. I think they both did well, but I have to agree with a lot of the comments made that Lauren is not ready for this kind of thing, not to say that she won’t ever be. She’s very talented and can sing, but she needs to mature before being hitting the big time, where Scotty seems a little more mature and ready to take it on.

  58. Did anyone else but me notice that Lauren is maybe faking her innocence? Remember when she “bashfully said” she did not want to sing the Elvis song about Evil because she did not want people to think she was evil? Give me a break. Also notice how she has suddenly “blossomed” each time another person was eliminated. Two weeks ago you would not have seen her put her arm around Ryan with the microphone in her hand. If her persona was real that would never have happened. However I have to say that she was my favorite tonight and she does have a good voice. It is just again I believe she has been giving what the people want. I don’t blame her. If you want a career in anything you need to give people what they want. If that means little miss shy and innocent so be it. PS I did vote for her because she was the best of the two. She did what she needed to get through.

    • Maybe Haley infected Lauren with a large dose of super-concentrated lust venom before she left the show. I mean COME ON! Haley has only been gone ONE WEEK and already the teeny weeny crush crush girls have their sights set on Lauren. Good Lord. This whole thing stinks like pee and bubble gum and I just want to barf.

  59. Quit bagging the show and the contestants. Both are young and good singers with a large career in front of them !!!

    • I wouldn’t bag the show, except AI is disgraceful. Scotty gets a good song to sing, Alaina gets a great and emotional song to sing. That’s just the facts.

    • That remains to be seen. Fans have said that about past AI winners and look what happened. AI is one thing (a beauty pageant run by kids with cellphones)and the music business is another. Reports out of Nashville seem to indicate that producers there don’t even like Scotty and don’t think he is anything special. I personally don’t know if he is or not–other than he’s a really nice kid who loves Jesus and apple pie. Another thing: strong music careers aren’t based on tweenies text message votes without the purchasing power. They are based on record sales in a big, big highly competitive market. AI record sales stats are extremely weak overall (excluding Kelly and Carrie). And these 2 kids are not in the same league…

  60. I kust to say Amen. I agree with everything. I think the top 2 was boring. It was a bad choice. I would love to see there Pia Toscano and James.

  61. I’m sorry, but this years’ finalists are second tier to the exceptional talent that was on the show. James, Casey and Haley all brought something unique. I don’t think the race is tight, only marginalized because nobody told America who was the best. The finals proved how the loss of last years’ judges changed the fate and credibility of the show.

    • I almost agree with you, I think this finals are to show that really doesn’t matter who wins, it’s about how you spent your time while you’re in there and show yourself… world achievement after all

  62. they just look good together. my two most favorites of the season without the scretching and growling sound.

    • Me and my wife have kept saying for a while now how, in photos and live, how an INSANELY cute 16 y.o. couple they make.

      They could be in a high school musical and star as the prom king and queen. I thought how supportive he was of her and how she hung on his arm was very sweet. They seem to like and respect eachother a lot – and that made the show much better and more genuine.

      Or maybe I’m just way too old and emotional!

      I too thought the country vs. country finale would be a bit of a snoozer but all-in-all it was very entertaining – and endearing!

      Tito – get me a tissue…. sniff sniff..

      • agree. i was even dreaming they’ll get married someday like faith hill and tim mc graw hehe and i’ll buy their duet album too!

    • Ain’t gonna happen. There will always be country. It is one of the biggest genres out there.

      • Not only one of the biggest, Frank. It’s the fastest growing genre. No wonder the producers want another country AI winner!

    • After this performance I do not think AI will be back next season – they’ve lost ALL credibility. Thank gawd Simon and Paula are back!

  63. Is there something wrong with this blog/site/forum? None of my posts are shown and nothing appears to be updating properly.

  64. For me this was a season that saw the best eliminated early. I would pay $50.00 for a ticket to see James, Pia and Haley. I wouldn’t pay anything to see either of the final two. They are good, but that’s not “good enough”.

    • I only watched the last performance. Wanted to see who the judges picked. Since I also beleive the best are gone I was not interested enought to watch the show or to vote. By the way NBC’s “The Voice had another great night with some good compatition. Next week is the last of the battle rounds. Wonder about the format after that.

  65. Branden! ……by reading the comments on this site I have to think that Scotty is gonna win. The support seems to be about 80/20 for Scotty. Funny thing is that they think Lauren might actually have a chance for the first time. Notice all those that were extolling this as “the best top two ever” are now saying how unfair the judges are …and that Lauren is a terrible singer.

    • I’ve never liked Lauren, Scotty to me is the better singer, but AI went too far. Just isn’t right. You shouldn’t treat anyone the way they treated her as if Scotty already lost. May the Lord Bless him and make His face to shine upon him.

    • Cecil, I did notice that (people now enraged over the judging / manipulation). I think, though, that you have to apply previous logic to figure out the winner. Since Scotty is showing as #1 on the poll, you see, that means he is the Loser. With me?

      • Ahaha, so now people think the judges are biased? Just now people are realizing this? Loool.

        Also, why does my name not stay in the box after I leave a comment?

      • @ David P. Right. I have to admit, I kinda took pleasure in seeing those posts from all the previous naysayers.

      • JMO I think Scotty was down in the dumps because he knew who was going to win…Lauren was clinging to him ….putting her head on his shoulder…he is gentleman..and maybe he knew he was going to win…or maybe he knew she would win

    • I don’t think the comments on this site are exactly representative of the votes. Most of the polls on here had James and Scotty at the top and Lauren at the bottom – but that’s obviously not how it’s turning out. Did you see how many people were at Lauren’s homecoming? She has a huge fan base. Lauren’s got just as good a chance as Scotty.

  66. I think the negative of downing both of these contestants should stop. Both did an outstanding job although one will be the American Idol winner to me they all did good who remained in the top 12 unfortunately one had to leave each week. We all have the right to vote if we choose to why down them if you do not care for them keep those comments to yourself to not harm them or cause them to not get votes. I think both realize tomorrow is it and hurt for each other because they know only one can win. Think about it we all have flaws do we want to be or have Americans to tells us we are immature we are not ready to move on ? I think they made it this far and may the one with the highest votes… enjoy and in it its a lesseon learned to us when we speak of negative to ppl pointing our fingers remember there are 4 fingers pointing back to us maybe we need to look at our ownself and find our own negative way as apose looking at them.. May they both have a good future in the music industry.

    • novie,
      It is good to see someone with a rational point of view posting here. I am with you 100%, but you cannot reason with envious haters, whiners, and criers who are blinded by self deceit. What is this world coming to when people choose to berate a pair of kids who have been blessed with more talent than they, themselves, will ever possess? They act like spoiled, tantrum pitching, children who can’t have their way. They are, in my opinion, a disgraceful lot!

  67. Judges should butt out at this point. Make up their mind—is it american Idol or Judges’Idol. Their comments spoiled it for me!

    • ITA. And in addition, it was pretty mean.

      I will repeat myself and ask if you didn’t notice that Scotty seemed “off” tonight? He just seemed resigned or something. No spirit in him, at least not the same Scotty we saw when he first performed his song, “Gone.” His singing of that song was fine–and I was glad to see that he had his eyebrows under control–but to me, his lack of physicality showed he just wasn’t into it tonight.

      • He did seem a bit subdued. Did anyone notice, when he and Lauren were standing together toward the end of the show and Ryan was talking to the TV audience, that Scotty whispered something to Lauren and she shook her head. I think he said “I think you’re gonna win it” and she shook her head “no way.”

      • Pup—-
        You’re right @ Scotty. Even Seacrest mentioned him being laid back. Also, Lauren seemed particularly subdued even after getting such high praises from the judges. Odd.

        Say, do you recall GAUTHAM’s “good-bye for now” post he wrote several weeks ago? I do. He predicted Lauren to win and for us to watch for it. That was when James and Casey were still with us and looked like one of them might win. I thought Gautham was blowing smoke (especially when he implied he had “sources”) but now I say, Hmmm. He said she best portrayed
        the image AI wanted to represent them. He was right. Hmmm, again.

        Yeah, I picked up on that, too!

      • Yup Debbie, I remember the Gautham prediction for Lauren also, as he referenced his “L.A. friends”. No doubt he has connections to the producer types that try to plan out their manipulation of results through their devious voting system (again I mention that it would take just a few super computers or super techno nerds to engineer sytems capable of producing millions of votes per hour).–How these producers must enjoy sitting back in their recliners sipping their wine, laughing as they read about the 500,000 to one million voters actually thinking that their smalltime votes actually mean anything!

        Old Gauth’ also was the first to mention the Jack Black hooking up with Gautham’s fav Casey.

  68. Why can’t Adam Lambert sing on the AI finale…? Isn’t anyone tired of seeing gaga…I am ready to see Adam…and James with Judas preist………

  69. you people are really dumb. Why do I see alot of comments that say “Lauren needs to mature” or “Lauren is to young” what does age have to do with singing? She’s still a child but that doesn’t mean she can’t start a music career.. Will Smith’s daughter Willow is 9 years old and she made a hit song at NINE! Lauren is 16 or 17 she isn’t a 3 year old baby.. That comment with the lauren is to young or to immature is really annoying

    • hey amber can you get another child that has made it without their sucessful daddy, just by their own talent? Cause I believe it would be a better example

      • Country Example: LeAnn Rimes. Her folks aren’t anyone special, just her folks. She started singing as a kid and got a recording contract around the age of 14, I believe…..

      • Taylor Swift. Whether you hate or or love her, she’s been hugely successful. The girl started her career at 14. Started giving out demos at 11. She won Entertainer of the Year at the American Country Music Awards this year. If that’s not making it on your own, I don’t know what is.

  70. Lauren will win it. Although “Branden” says Lauren will win it, he may be wrong again. Every prediction here has been wrong for much of the season. It’s all in America’s hands and again it may be another surprise. I will be surprised if Scotty wins it. David Cook was the highlight of the night.

  71. Now that it’s the finale, I will say that I disagree. I think you do have something against Lauren, and the type of music she sings. That’s fine. I LOVED the finale. And, I’ve been a performer and singer for many, many years and she has such a strong and clear and beautiful voice. Everyone has a style that they like, but I do have to finally say that while I appreciate the info I get here, there has been a clear style bias on this site. We who vote for them are not ignorant or misled. We just like a different style of music.

    • @ Nay Unpolished as she may be, Lauren can sing rings around Scotty.
      I have to grudgingly admit , that Scotty can sing better than I originally gave him credit for. And, of the two. he seems to be the most improved. From the beginning it was obvious that Lauren had the much better voice, Unfortunately it’s hard to see much of any change in her singing since day one.
      Who will win? Who cares! There’s nothing in the final two that will ever draw me to the radio. But, I do feel that Lauren has the better chance to crossover into something besides country, Scotty, is Scotty and is unlikely to change.
      Don’t hate me because I’m not fond of country music, I don’ts like rap too! You can dislike rock or pop as much as you want. OK?

      • I love your reply, tomwal, and that’s just my point. Like, I thought James was an amazing talent, but am not a fan of metal. I truly hope he makes it big. I’m more of a 70’s folk/rock fan than anything else, really, but do love the presence and talent of both of the finalists. No hate here — I only wanted to make a point that love of varying styles does not constitute ignorance, just difference.

  72. These finalists do not impress me. Maybe I am too old (past my teens) to appreciate them. Maybe we’ve seen this type of talent before. Hayley and James had something different to offer, its a pity America couldn’t see it. I would pay to see them, but not Lauren’s baby doll dresses and Scotty’s twisted wrist and mouth into the microphone. No way! I dont know what you are thinking that this is the best final ever… This is the WORST final ever.

  73. watever it is .. i really2 proud with Lauren!! thats was her night .. thats a reality!!

  74. Some random thoughts: Irrespective of who wins, I’m very grateful tomorrow will be the last time this year that I have to hear Randy say someone is “In it to WIN it!!” (Is anyone ever there to LOSE it??). Every year he comes up with some sort of nonsense to repeat incessantly and drive into the ground. And once again, the musical guest (who??) had his microphone go out during his performance. Not that I liked it in the first place. It could’ve STAYED out. Still, I thought at that point he forgot his words because you could still hear the music playing but he was just standing there. Then the camera angle changed and you saw that he was moving his lips but you couldn’t hear anything. Shoddy, shoddy tech crew. And one last thing; why in the beginning of each show when they’re playing the theme song and the pictures are being splashed up of previous winners, do we see Adam Lambert? I know everyone considers him the de facto winner that year, but he didn’t in fact win. Also, it was gallant of Ryan to help Lauren down the stairs during her song so she didn’t trip and fall during the “moment”. It was also lucky that Scotty didn’t lose his grip on the microphone when he swung his arm around at the end of that one song. Having someone in the audience getting beaned in the forehead with a microphone would’ve been bad form. And finally, I wish ALL AI episodes sped along as quickly as this one had. Sing, applause, boom-boom, commercials, sing another song, keep it coming, chop-chop. Nicely done. Kept it going at a nice clip, in direct contrast to the overblown glandular explosion that will happen tomorrow night.

    • Lauren did have trouble on the steps..she stepped on her dress, which was too long..then Ryan came over and helped her

  75. We are from Canada and we watch AI always.We like Scotty from day one.He is a good kid and a gentleman. My husband wants to buy Scotty songs right after he sang it.The judges were biased and it is not fair to discuss Lauren’s problem.
    We hope Scotty wins because he is the better singer.
    Go Scotty!!!!!!

  76. I felt sorry for Scotty. They were praising Lauren like she already won. Scotty should have flipped Tyler off.

    • I was really turned off by the judges biased opinions. I thought both Scotty and Lauren did an outstanding job but everyone at our house thought Scotty was the clear winner. Hands down. But- it’s obvious Simon fuller and mgt want Lauren to win based on the scripted judges responses. We actually laughed at the last round of ‘raves’ for Lauren. Very sad to see judges Not judge but Say what amer idol producers tell them to say.

      • I would rather have Simon there any day over Steven Tyler. Love both of the kids but I am hoping that Scotty will win because he has been so consistant… plus I just like the young man !!

  77. Judges were not fair, Lauren is very mediocre singer, Scotty is great, but her, she should have not been let sing tonite, her voice was breaking allthe time! Unbelievable, how unfair it can be!!! I hope Scotty wins!

  78. I don’t know why they switched the times for Glee and American Idol. I thought it was going to be a longer segment of Glee, but it was just an hour long like always. I can’t believe Idol would want the time changed because some people were bound to forget or miss the time-change announcement. Also, the sound was much better at this theater than the one used for most of the season. Is this show trying to self-distruct?

  79. its weird because im not really interested about who’s winning this thing..i just want to see the other contestants who were voted pia, haley, james, thia and alot more..=)
    excited for tommorow!!!..

    • What you are saying passion is the real talent was voted off weeks and months ago and you are right!

    • James was on last nite for an interview, wearing a trojan helment snd was talking with scottish accent….he was having a great time…this was after the show

  80. not really excited about the winner this year…i just want to see the other contestants like haley, pia, james, thia, casey and the others..

    excited for tommorow!!!..

  81. Best singing tonight goes to David Cook! Hands down! Too bad he can’t win again..

    • I don’t really care who wins except for the fact that Lauren will have an emotional breakdown and my die right there on stage if she doesn’t win. So with that in mind I hope she wins because Scotty seems stable enough to accept 2nd place.

  82. Best of luck to the winner. Whoever win, it shows that person have a lot of fans. For the one who is not the winner don’t be sad cause it’s just the beginning. All the best to Lauren and Scotty.

  83. e m ellenson says:
    May 24, 2011 at 11:56 PM
    Me too! As a performer, when I get on stage I don’t make any excuses or let anyone else make excuses for me–especially not right before a performance. That’s lame! If you are going to get on stage, you’d better believe you own that stage and don’t make excuses. Just do it. They have coddled this poor girl and in no way have they done her justice in that regard. They are not preparing her for what she will face in the music business. It is pretty heart-less when it gets down to the bottom line. There are a lot of nasty people in it and you need to be a lot stronger than what I’ve seen of this girl. They laid it on Haley and she showed everyone that she is ready to be there–ready to take it on and will have staying power right out of the gate. But maybe Lauren will surprise me and toughen up for the job–she had better or else they will chew her up and spit her out pretty quickly, especially if her first album does not do well–that’s how it works,
    AI winner or not. Also, it’s a business and the tweenies vote but don’t buy.

  84. By letting Lauren sing “like my mother does” clearly for me a very obvious effort for them to let her win and not Scotty. Why not sing same song like what they did before to really see who is the best singer?



    • Do me a favor Idol fans, please who ever wins this seaon, continue to show support and rank in the doe for them! It should’t be all too hard either considering it’s the country Genre and at the moment, Country is a huge money making machine. So do me a favor and buy the album of the winner because i would the potential winner of this thing out selling any winner in Idol History. For two reasons, 1) Simon said being young as a singer is a bad thing, 2) it would prove that with Simon gone, not only did it get the most rating and VOTES in any season, but the show really was a bigger, stronger format and EVERYONE got invovled and VOTED that i knew ‘NEVER VOTED’.. so the show, is still there, still alive and there for, please don’t just be a pain in the neck and not support them after they win. If you voted for them to win and be in the music industry, then it’s your darn fault and you SHOULD SUPPORT THEM.

      • The American Idol Show will always be one of my favourite shows to watch.





        THANK YOU !!

  85. Ok, so I just tried to watch the new songs on youtube. I really did try to be openminded about it all, I tried to like them. I thought, well maybe I’ve been wrong this whole season and Scotty and Lauren are really the best 2 of the finalists.

    If those two songs become big hits I fear for the future of music in this country. Just sayin! They did look great, tonight though. Lauren is losing weight really fast. I hope, hope, hope people realize how hurtful they are when they talk about her weight. She’s a beautiful young lady and doesn’t need the nasty comments about how she looks. Her wardrobe on the other hand needs some serious help, :).

    All in all I’m glad I did not watch it if those 2 songs were any indication of the night. Worst ‘coronation’ songs ever, and that’s really saying a lot as there have been some pretty awful ones.

    • David Cook is my favorite American Idol ever! And he didn’t lose to Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen. And David Cook beat out the other David!

    • Same here! I didn’t bother to watch either!

      Totally agreed with your points…especially about those 2 songs!

    • Oh…I still don’t understand why you people hate Jacob so much. Sure it’s not because he can’t sing, because anybody with ears know he sings better than a lot of professionals who are already famous. My Goodness…If Jacob was at the finale, it would have been fantastic. For me, he could be the winner! Or James. Or Casey. Even Haley, who improved so much. But not Lauren. What am I saying? This shows never gives the title to the best ones. Think the only time justice happenes was when David Cook was the winner. Gee…I wonder if people dislike Jacob because he is afro descendent. Racism? Is that the reason? What a shame. Sometimes I think people watch American Idol as if it was a kind of Big Brother. They don’t vote for merit. They vote for silly reasons, as for being cute, for instance. And they don’t vote for shameful reasons. How terrible.

      • Kelly Clarkson deserved it too! she’s so good. In the past there has been a winners who are of African descent such as Ruben and Fantasia. But I do agree that people are voting for other reasons and not just singing abilities. Some contestants should not be there in the final though, “cough” Scotty

      • Jacob started out at the top of the heap. I don’t know what happened to him, but he totally lost me from that point on. His voice was screechy, overly dramatic, oversang songs and, in general, was just plain awful. It had nothing to do with anything but his voice. (Well, I admit, I didn’t like his moves, either. They drove me crazy.) That young man needs a good vocal coach and a dance instructor, and then he just might do well–capitalizing on the amazing strengths he does have.

      • Yes, people vote for things beside just the singing. It is called the “it factor”! The biggest problem I saw over the season, is that the judges and Jimmy kept trying to take each singer’s “it” away from them! No low notes from Scotty, Hsrd rocker singing country, etc. The kept trying to make them into “stepford” singers! And that is how we got our final two so similar in songs and style. . .improved(?)into generic versions of what could be great singers! A little sad. . .

    • could of been worse.. imagine Daughtry in the Finale.. yikes.. no screaming love songs for me thank you. 😀

  86. What a farce! Both contestants are mediocre.They couldn’t make it as lounge singers in an Indian casino. How can these two be better than Pia,James and Hayley?
    I’m betting that Scotty will win it because of the hyper hormone charged teeny boppers’ vote.
    The contest should have been named Southern Country Idol

  87. The finale could have been better if the top 2 was both female,Haley and Lauren.Haley could wow the judges and make ’em go standing ovation again,while Lauren kills the crowd with her sweet angelic voice and country music.I like Scotty,but I prefer Haley and Lauren than him.

  88. Oh yeah i b’leive Lauren sewed that up. I could be wrong. ‘pends on whether not scotty’s base can look past that song choice. It did seem a little arrogant and self serving. So we’ll just have to see how the vote goes. Or if the producers decide to spice it up.

  89. Didn’t anyone detect a strong elemnt of karaoke in all the finale songs? Or is thesstatement an insult to all the karaokers out there in the world?

    • I never really got that saying Karaoke-like? Isn’t that what they are technically doing? Singing others songs? That’s the definition of karaoke. but yes I agree, I guess it’s just something we sense. Scotty was especially Karaoke tonight, aka not good !

      • Don’t worry, when Simon used to say that he just meant ‘having too much fun on stage get back in line as his pet’.. at least, that’s the way i took it when he would say it’s Karaoke. just like i never understood the ‘Pitchy’ saying. It’s funny to see that Randy has stopped saying that, probably because he’s with two idols that really ddint’ understand that stupid term to begin with.. Steven makes his entire living off of Pitchy. haha! so that word ain’t gonna cut it anymore I don’t think. Far as being Kareoke.. that word can apply to Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and about a half dozen more “recording artist” out there who are singing other people’s songs. Co right my tush! They are ‘singers’ for other peoples body of work, so the buck stops there as a ‘singer’ i think the term ‘recording artist’ should be re termed into those who actually build their own songs from the ground up. That to me is a ‘artist’, Justin Bieber, is a singer.

    • I can’t believe any George Jones songs weren’t picked for Scotty in the final. He would have killed it. Poor choice of songs for him tonight.

      • he always has poor song choices. 🙂 cuz country, just ain’t happening for me. haha

  90. Not only did it look like a “pageant dress”, it looked like she was trying to fit in a six year olds pageant dress.

    Lauren is beautiful and talented. She does need time to grow more. I would hate for her to win than come back on a future Idol prancing around like Lady Gaga.

    Scotty will win but I give this show to Lauren. That “Mother” song was the best. Scotty already had a similiar moment with his Dad.

    • that lady gaga show was rediculas, you gotta take the biritsh out of american idol, that’s just the way i see it.. Nigel as a producer should NOT be producing the show. It’s AMERICAN IDOL.. we do not need it runned through the eyes of forieners and what they THINK we want. It was a great thing when Simon left, and i’m still not 100 percent with Nigel. We needs some investors taking this thing over and making it a real AMERICAN IDOL show. we got 90 percent there, and it ended up giving country a huge platform because country is in at the moment in america.. the voting was fair, the judges really didnd’t angle the votter one way or another, so people really did have to make up their mind.. so regardless, the show has turned out to do it’s job and was bigger and better this year.. the fact that alot of people are angry with the outcome, and alot of people are happy.. means that alot of people watched and got involed this year.. so that i’m happy about it.. 🙂 Still a place to give someone something to ‘dream’ about and give it a try.. the good o’ fashioned american way.. with out put downs, with out getting all up in someone’s grill for no reason.. that’s not American, never has been and should of never been in the early 2000’s. The day Simon was gone, was the day a pop singer wasn’t even in the Finale. That to me, is a good thing.. after all, Simon did say “he hated country music”. So this fanale in itself, is still a beautiful thing. 🙂 Good going America. Keep it up.

  91. I didn’t see it. Based on your grades it seems like it was a pretty good show. Based on your comments it seems like it was boring.

    I’ve got to believe it was boring.

    Funny to see how Scott fans think Lauren was getting pushed. Scott stunk for 3 weeks in the middle of this season & didn’t even sniff the bottom 3. He’s got more teflon than Sanjaya. At least Sanjaya was always in the bottom 2.

    Both those 2 were getting pushed. Carly Smithson had some interesting comments. She’d know about being crucified like Haley was more than anyone. She pointed out some things that made it obvious to her back in the top 4 of who the top 2 were gonna be. That Haley & James both had to sing country was one of the tip offs. Can’t recall the other ones.

    She had some interesting comments from her year too.

    Apparently David A forgot his lyrics & was told by the judges “it makes you human.” David A is a good kid. He felt like crap that Carly would get ripped after a good performance. After that, in the final 3 Syesha knew that she was being run out of the show to make a David vs David final.

    It pi**es me off that AI does these things to these kids. Even the “winners” feel like kaka when they know they don’t deserve it.

    It’s not like these kids don’t know what’s going on. I don’t think Lauren & Scott had anything to do w/ them getting pushed. At the same time they have to know that they weren’t the top 2 in the competition. At least I feel that Lauren knows she didn’t belong there. Scott may/may not think he does. Not so sure about him.

    Anyway, it serves AI right to have a boring final. If they felt the need to manipulate the vote so the boring 2 got in over the exciting 2 then they’ve got to expect a boring show.

    • the thing about that is it’s really only boring if you’re not a country music fan, i mean a fan fan! I’m not a country music fan, just never have been.. but you gotta understand that tho they did seem to pick on Hailey alot, she beat out James who they loved.. so i can’t really say the judges tried to pimp someone out this year other then Lauren.. why would you call her ‘the one’ in a sea of thousands? if she wins tomorrow, then the judges were right.. Steven is just probably thinking that.. so he’s saying to him he’s her American Idol.. the other two judges.. went lauran, then went back on it.. so it still was kind of neutral.

  92. I hope these following men will appear at the result show :
    1. Kenny Rogers to deliver “The Gambler” or “Rueben James”;
    2. Josh Turner to perform “Long Black Train” (duet with Scotty the better);
    3. Glen Campbell to do “Rhinestone Cowboys”
    4. George Strait to sing “Troubadour”.

  93. This show was doomed. The judges were so not fair. AI mgmt shall replace those judges with charlie sheen, tiger woods, and arnold the terminator. “Hasta la vista, baby!”

      • All three, would be better judges then Simon. 🙂 Would know how to make more money then em’ too. haha!

    • Coondog loves original thoughts! Especially the “HLVB”! ha,ha . And get someone like that Chuck dude that did the old Gong Show to guest host instead of or at least as a side host to Ryan!

  94. Either sing without excuses for your throat, or don’t bother singing at all. If she can’t even walk down a few steps without help, how on earth is she going to ever give a concert?

    • Nancy A: Lauren was not the one complaining about her throat. And Ryan was just being a gentleman by assisting a lady down the stairs.

  95. If you look at the season’s performances, Scotty should win. Lauren has gotten better, but she is a more generic singer. If you listen back to Scotty, “the story teller”, you’ll find yourself listening to each word. Pia had a great voice, but no charisma or showmanship. You could see she feared to move. Haley did best when she was angry at the judges, because that was when she showed true emotions. Most of the time she was trying to hard to play the part rather than truly feel it. James should have been the one, even though I am a Scotty fan. He was the most versital singinmg voice and showmanship all out!

    • i am so looking forward to James and Haley performing tomorrow night. They are the best of all.

  96. Hey pple.. Am from Malawi (Africa) what Lauren did tonight was justice. Its not about maturity or what.. As Randy says if she’s gat it she’s gat it nothing like imature… There is the likes of Mailey,justin bie, and a lot more who launched their carries at her age and even less but they made it in the industry, look at Britney, Christina agulera they are all good examples… Let’s appreciate when someone has done good.. Lauren really shined tonight..

  97. Lauren’s voice tonight was definitely rough, and I really think that the judges (and Scotty) were trying to cheer her up. If she wins, Scotty will be a gentleman & be very happy for her. He’s going to go on to having a great career, win or lose. They both might have had a good case of the nerves, but other than that, not sure what was bringing Scotty down (aside from those awfully boring song choices). Perhaps he realized that he was given the short end of the “Idol” stick this time around.

  98. Branden, how could we email direct to you. I have positive points for what you habe been doing this season. I always read you analysis and predictions.

  99. I don’t like “I love you that big” at first.

    But listening to the full iTunes version, I have a different opinion. Because the live version skiped out a chorus part – which is the best part of the song, where Scotty’ voice is so smooth and tender.

    It’s not a bad debut song.

    Scotty has always been himself, being consistent through out the competition. You may not like the song but he did not sing it badly. Under the pressure, he seems distracted. But he did try to bring good performance to the audience. With the right song, he can wow the audience too.

    Anyway, I believe he will win tomorrow.

  100. I thought one could only vote up till 2 hours after the show. its 12am here and I’m still able to vote. Or is tonight different?

    • I think I heard Ryan say 4 hours of voting tonight. (They want to be able to talk about bigger and bigger numbers each time.)

  101. “Like Scotty, Lauren also just seemed disconnected or out of sorts all night.”

    Could i have something to do with the fact that they know it is a foregone conclusion and has been for many, many weeks?? That conclusion is not based on talent but has been a foregone one for some time.

    At one stage, after Ryan had them both on stage, Lauren ran off after Scotty and pushed him in the back as the exited the stage. A bit like two teenagers in High School larking around.

    That’s what it felt like – a High School Prom Night. We even had Ryan escort the Prom Queen down the steps in her Prom Gown.

    Singing wise, Lauren should win but, as with other weeks, we know that is unlikely to happen. If it does, based only on last night, it will be justified.

  102. yall are so mentally challenged….this finale was amazing…they sang beautifully…hell it was better than lee and crystals finale last year…i gurantee scotty will win this year…go to it was right this entire season who was getting eliminated…and it says scotty wins…i think these two did a pheonominal job…america voted for these two to be in the finale..not the god dang producers..and if my ears werent misleading..the entire audience was cheering for yall need to keep ur damn negtive comments to yourselves.

  103. I dun c d point of having d 3 so-called judges on d show. All they did was to say great, the best ever, great again and best ever again. How many best evers can u hv anyway? Whoever wins, let em be. They improved out of their own efforts n no thanx to d evrything-is-good judges.

  104. First is first. Scotty will win it. Going to be tight. As for lauren she sang to her mother not to americas mothers. Just putting that out there. Okay and the doctor thing well it might of been a good one but I think that is why scotty looked down. But no worries it won’t work. Cause things like that always backfires. Believe me. And for the judges damn they need to wake up. Lauren was over doing it and she sang flat and pitchy. As for america I don’t think they want a pity idol. So you go scotty this is yours. As for the last song they both sang I was in tears. But scotty is overall winner of idols. Even mark pilgrim said it

  105. american idol is NOT singing talent show. it’s the voters’ show. and AI voters can’t really differentiate between good looks (or charm) from real talent.

    • true, but then again, when you got guys like Justin Bieber famous all over the world, can America really be to blame.. I mean, he is from *cough* Canada you know? not really our fault about that one. But ofcourse, America gets blamed as always.

  106. There is no doubt whatsoever that the AI producers want Lauren to win. This is clearly shown by the following examples:
    1)She was given a much better 3rd song than Scotty.
    2)She sang last.
    3)The judges, particularly Steven Tyler, thought that Lauren should be the winner. “Sorry, Scotty, Lauren should win, hands down.”
    4)Pia, Thia, and Haley were all better singers than Lauren but were all sent home. Pia is the best female singer of all time on AI and should have made the finals.

    • James i agree Pia was a great singer. However she was a really poor performer. If she would have took that stage like she owned it she would of beat alot of them out. Now when James got the boot that was just plain crazy. He is by far the best Idol had as far as singing and performance. You can thank all these 12yr old kids for using different phones in the house all night. lol

      • When Carrie Underwood won, the same argument was made against her, but Simon kept bringing the argument back around to vocals. At one time, I seem to recall him saying that an artist could learn stage technique, but no one could learn those kind of vocals.

        I think that’s the problem this season. We want them all to come out of the gate being as good as she and Daughtry have become. They were good in their seasons but they’ve become great artists and performers in the years since. Simon could see the potential in both of them, not that he expected either of them to already have it all.

        We all need to go back to iTunes and listen to the vocals of the contestants. Based on that alone, which ones should have been there? I’d dare say the results would have been different. This is the only thing that I miss Simon for.

  107. what a boring finale!!!! I miss Haley, James and Pia. Their have great vocals, amazing performances and their deserved to win. I realized that AI was not a singing contest but “x-tra factor” contests like Lauren and Scotty has.

    • I think it was boring because it was rushed. If you blinked your eye…it was over. The AI group so wanted to push Lauren and get everyone out of there before anyone figured out what was happening. I am a Scotty fan…but his 2nd and 3rd songs left me wondering…what was going on??? George Strait…why in the world would they let him choose a song and his own cute but not eventful song? Then, the last song…for maybe a 5 year old…Love You This Big…Scotty did as much with them as he could. I don’t get it with Lauren…who many have said is immature…why a doctor needed to come out and make a statement…I do doubt that her voice was really that bad…it happens all the time with frequent flyers to the nurse’s office in school…with a slight twinge…but that and the song at the end to her mom…in the finale…singing to mom…great sympathy vote if you are putting two-and -two together. I wanted a fair finale sing-off…and of course Scotty to win. Now I am hoping that Scotty wins despite that forces that be.

    • James & Haley was history because of vote off
      If you vote enough for them, they will made the finale show like you wish…sorry for James & Haley

  108. OF COURSE it was boring!!!!!! Haley WASN’T there! She was the only one able to entertain and explore various genres……. this is PLAIN BORING! I cannot believe America is THAT stupid!

    • Haley’s growl and arrogance got her voted out, she needs to learn to take crits with grace and learn by her mistakes. She didnt so out she went. Anyway she should have been out ages ago.

      • Paula, you have to wake up to see that Haley’s growls have sold her singles out in iTunes. People LOVE her enough to buy her songs, not just to vote her to win the title. The mainstream voters just vote for their favorites and then don’t download their songs! As you can see how successful Taylor Hicks, Lee Dewyce and Kris Allen were!

        You’re just so desperately jealous of Haley’s talent.
        Let’s face it!

      • Paula,

        Before you feel sure of how arrogant Haley is, remember that there is a difference between self confidence and arrogance. Also, if you’ll watch the You Tube videos, especially the ones where she went home, you’ll see the videos that AI didn’t show you. They show a much more personal side of Haley than the show has ever shown us.

        Then, think about how Lauren and Scotty were given feel good songs and Haley was given and an angry song, or how the judges’ selections don’t normally close out the show. Had she been able to close the show with the Led Zeppelin song, and they’d have shown here getting the judges’ choice at AT&T like they did for Lauren (that video is on You Tube), then we may have had a different competition.

        Your opinion has been shaped by a filter that was carefully crafted by the producers. It’s the difference between seeing someone who knows what she wants in this business and someone who is too arrogant. The people back stage have enjoyed working with her and she seems to have a lot of fun doing what she loves to do.

        Be careful about letting your opinion be formed by deliberate editing. Look more deeply; you may be surprised.

    • Geez….. because ‘America’ does not agree with YOU…… I think calling them stupid is a little dramatic! Besides Haley had her chance…… she lost!

  109. well Scotty has to win it, I adore Lauren but feels she needs to grow a little bit more emotionaly. Scotty is a true gentleman and i hope AMerica votes according to the stremgh of the ENTIRE season. shes now got an advantage with her finale song and i think its pretty unfair, it seems idols are trying to push her to win, perhaps cos she is female????

    GO SCOTTY!!!!!
    ( oh im still very much Team JAmes, he should be up there now!!!)

    • i am in SA and wake up at 2 to watch this, even tho James was voted out im still dedicated… lol

    • I totally agreed with you.
      If we look overall, new American idol must be Scotty.

    • scotty is by far the best contender he outstrips laurenand mwe are ready to listen to his concerts.

  110. Oh everyone has their own opinion. It’s boring, so what? shut up, for god’s sake.

    • If you think it was boring…and others don’t, then don’t be so rude. Did you see how gracious both of those kids were on stage. Again…I think AI made it a flash…quite on purpose…so people couldn’t figure out what was happening. They put nothing into the production of the finale, except primping Lauren…and she looked great. Scotty…my man, looked like an afterthought!!!

      • CarolAnn: Practice what you preach! You rate pretty high on the rude scale to me. JMO

  111. oh how i miss HALEY performing on that stage… HALEY will make it BIG in the industry that is for sure,,,

  112. this is the best finale of american idol ever!
    it’s going best if Lauren be a winner !!

    • Even if Scotty wins…this was not the best finale…lacked any sparkle…it looked like the whole thing was thrown together.

  113. Watch the episode again.
    Its obvious there dating
    and there adorable together <3

      • Ha,ha Pup. Courtney is just like my Mom. She believes anything “sweet” she sees on TV, Bless her heart. Yes, Courtney, Scotty and Lauren are the new Roy Rogers and Dale (oops forgot her name!) Evans?

  114. Vote scotty. Vote scotty. Vote scotty. Vote scotty. Vote scotty. Come on america. Don’t let the show and judges be right

      • I stayed up and voted until I got the busy signal that my time was up. On dial idol…he has Scotty projected as the winner…how accurate is that?

  115. if they were looking for a female idol, they should have let Haley stay…Lauren is a Carrie Underwood wannabe and still has a long way to go, i don’t think she’s ready…among the two, Scotty should win, but it’s just my opinion.

  116. I love both of them, but Scotty a bit more ^^. They both have beautiful voice and I always love their duets. I want both of them win but of coz it’s impossible. Personnally I think Lauren has stronger vocal ability, therefore she deserves to win, but Scotty has a damn beautiful warm deep voice and always manages well to capture people’s heart and emotions, no matter what he sings, so that means he’s more ready for the business. If it was not for the boring finale song to be released should he win, I’m sure Scotty will top the vote again. But that was not the case, so maybe Lauren has a real shot. Good luck to both Scotty and Lauren. Love ya ^^
    P/s: everybody says Check yes or no is boring but I love it. I didn’t love Scotty’s Gone this time as much as his Gone before.
    Ah, and I would love to hear them do duets even in their later careers =))

    • Don’t you kind of think that this is/was an unfair spot for Scotty…he had to sing a boring song…which he did as good as anyone could…that he had no choice sining…no, two wrong songs…the 2nd was cute…love it…but it shouldn’t have been chosed…George Strait is not the one to be choosing a song…there were so many better. Anyway…Lauren milked the audience…and I am sure that was promoted bu the producers…with that last song…Scotty was the best and way better than Laruen all year…so you throw in the towel for him based on the finale that was not even nearly produced fairly…Think about it.

      • CarolAnn: Let us not forget that Scotty chose George Strait as his idol & therefore he picked George Strait to choose the song for him. You are really bordering on bitch material!

  117. Lauren has a lovely voice…but that’s all she has going for her at the moment. She needs a bit more life experience, and a bit more personality.
    SCOTTY, on the other hand, has got it all. We can’t vote down here in New Zealand but he is the one who is ready for the big time. GO, SCOTTY!!!!!!!

  118. Oh my gosh, I can’t even read though many of these comments without laughing or trying to figure out where people come up with their rational. If you can’t see what a great singer and performer Scotty is then you must not have any sense of musicality in your brain. Scotty doesn’t just go up their and sing a song, he goes up their and puts on such a great performance. He gets into his music and is passion is so clear. We had some of the best competition this year then I have ever seen. For example as mentioned in a comment above, Jacob. Jacob was phenomenal. He had a voice with such clarity and range. However, I think the fact he wasnt really a rockstar or country star hurt him because the type of music he was passionate for wasn’t going to bring in enough votes. Haley on the other hand (I am by no means saying she is a bad singer) should have been gone a long time ago. Haley doesn’t have the range and she tries to force it and it comes out like a scream. Scotty is great and deserves to be in the finals. If you don’t like country that is no reason to disrespect the contestants left, the show, the judges or anything. Country music is such a great genre. So all you guys putting tonight’s show down and bashing it might want to learn to be open minded. Appreciate music. And more than anything just be happy for Lauren and Scotty making it this far. Don’t be childish. Plenty of country fans have watched rock in the finale. You didn’t hear them complaining anything like this

  119. Lauren is pretty and sings pretty good BUT Scotty is by far better.. Scotty should win this year..

  120. I really don’t like both but i felt sorry for Scotty.The judges are so unfair.I voted scotty because of that.

    • I think they pimped her so much last night…from the doctor…to the clothes…they must have run out of wardrobe for Scotty…to the songs…Thank God Scotty chose Gone…What were they thinking???

  121. OMG I went to the studio ver. of Haleys songs and she is so good. Can’t wait to get her CD. Even when she was younger she was great.

  122. The Judges are pushing for lauren to win so the script has scotty winning. congrats scotty with the win.

    • really unfair. Vote for Scotty, Vote for truly gentleman, vote for the best contestants of AI season 10!

  123. Would never buy Haleys Cd she is irritating, the growl has now become annoying. She needs to regroup and decide whether she is gonna take the crits with style and grace or just get annoyed and flop altogether.

    • And you’ll see like someone else pointed out on Michael’s blog that she was harshly criticized on 8 out of 13 songs when others were allowed to get away with being sharp or flat. That doesn’t mean she can’t take criticism, it just means that she got tired of doing what they told her the week before only to have them say the opposite the next week. If you were in her shoes and trying your best, you would also be frustrated. If they edited the film to only show that frustration in addition to being overly critical, how then would you feel when you’d already given your best?

      If you listen to her earlier work, she never growled at all. The only reason that she did it on the show is because the judges told her that they liked it during Hollywood week.

      Listening to her stuff on iTunes gives you a far different impression of her music (and is actually what changed my mind about her.) It’ll make you realize that a lot of what you saw/heard was editing.

      For the record, I’ve bought almost all of her music on iTunes, the equivalent of an album’s worth. The only one I didn’t particularly care for was I’m Your Baby Tonight so I left it there.

      To each her own taste, but listening to the recording is much different than what you heard on TV.


    • She IS young but she will learn quickly coz she listens to what the judges tell her. Her voice is great and she would be a great idol. So would Scotty incidently but I think she may win.

  125. It all goes to Scotty and i strongly score him an A++. All e best Scotty derseves e crowning Next Am. Idol

  126. @Katie
    It’s great that you like Scotty, and he IS a decent performer, especially considering his age. But he is DEFINITELY NOT “a great singer.” He’s not even a good singer. Before you criticize others for their lack of “musicality in [their] brain,” perhaps you should get some yourself (whatever that means). Scotty has a fairly limited range, has virtually no vibrato and his pitch control is very weak. He’s using a short list of vocal tricks that disguise very well his overall lack of vocal ability (like when he sings very low, or over-uses the few licks he knows, or slides up to notes). He can barely hold notes at the top of his range (which isn’t very high at all), and he very regularly sings notes sharp or flat. He’s close most of the time, which is why most untrained persons, like yourself, can’t hear his flaws. Your probably too busy watching his cute little pumpkin head to notice his singing, any way. God I miss Simon. Simon would have had Scotty out of the competition very early, and possibly would never had let him into the top 20 in the first place. The best singers this year were out of the competition much earlier in the season, so we’re left with Lauren. Who, in a few years, could be an incredible talent. I blame AI in part (for allowing 16 year olds), but mostly her parents, who couldn’t wait to get her on TV and into the business. By winning AI at this young an age, I only hope she can hold out long enough to mature properly, before the rotten-to-the-core music business eats her alive. The best thing that could happen to Lauren would be to lose AI. She’d go lick her wounds for a few years, and then around 19 or 20 she’d be ready to rock (or country, or whatever). So because I believe in you, Lauren, I hope you lose…

    • that’s your opinion and i respect it though i totally disagree with you 🙂

    • Nicely spoken,Mark! I totally agree with you about Scotty’s lack of range and control in his voice.

      • I believe you will find that his “range” is good enough for the majority of the voters!!

  127. scotty is by far better than lauren she needs to get
    more coaching as i feel she is not ready yet

  128. Why did you delete my comment. Was it the “pumpkin head” remark? Or was it just too intelligent for this crowd?

    • It didn’t delete it. It’s there. I don’t get Scotty either. He can’t carry a tune. His studio stuff is really bad compared to many. Paul, Stefano, and Jacob’s stuff is light years ahead. He can’t hit the right pitch with backup singers. When he duets with Lauren she blows him away.

      If they wanted a country dude so badly they should have put that John Wayne guy in there as he had a very nice voice. But they did not want that kind of George Strait country. They wanted “Richie Cunningham” in flannel and NO cowboy hat. They wanted “Country Bieber”. Well good luck with that because you got him.

      I can hear Scotty singing “Baby Baby Baby Ohhhhhhh” country style real soon. Lauren won’t win y’all. Even though she ate his lunch.

      I think that they praised Lauren so heavily so the Rabid Scotty fans would vote for FOUR HOURS. ( Seriously guys? ). She has no chance. And we get “The Albatross Twanger” hanging so unattractively around our necks

      Last night was Boring.

  129. l love the song “I love you this big” i replay it one whole day i think thousand times to listen. I am mother with 4 teenage children 2 boys and 2 girls.

    • i love “I Love You This Big” too. i think Scotty owns that song, nailed it. no one can sing that song but Scotty 🙂

      • I agree 101% percent – I hope to hear this on the radio soon – I used to tell my children I loved this this big and now I tell my grandchildren – I loved the emotion in this song

    • I also loved Scotty’s debute song. I am going to buy his album posted on this site.

  130. I am a mother of 4 teenage child 2 boys and 2 girls from malaysia, asia. i love the song “I love you this big” today i replay thousand times of the song to listen and i will buy the single and will go to Scotty concert.

  131. What was wrong with Scotty and Lauren last night? Did anyone notice they didn’t seem themselves. Neither of them looked like they were into it. Even when the judges were commenting on Laurens performance she had no reaction. Scotty too. I barely heard either of them talk all night.

    • Probably nerves and stress and I really think they are both such nice people and don’t realize how good they are. Scotty came out and gave her a big hug after her mom song and I think he told her it was beautiful. It looked like he was giving her words of encouragement later. I think he will be thrilled if she wins. I really hope he does because I have voted for him since the first voting

      • Mary,
        I agree with you 100%. Scotty is such a southern gentleman. I love both of them, and wish them long successful careers.

  132. i think american idol would be improved substantially if the voting was taken away from subjective and emotional teenagers and given to a panel of real performers.
    i also favour a points system up to the final three, with the top 3 point earners competing in a showcase finale

    • The name of the show is American Idol with the idea that the population of America will vote for their favorite. Just because your favorite was voted off means more people like someone else. By the way, my favorite has been voted off everytime except once. Hopefully after tonight I can say TWICE.

  133. I think Lauren was dropping out on many softer parts the “ed’s” of words, “this soft”, etc. in her last song—these seem to typical for her all season—does she have a singing flaw wherein she can on sing at one volume and any other volume drops out? She did this previously in the Climb as well so I don’t think it was her voice problem tonight.

  134. For the last time, here is my rating after watching the finale..
    1st round : Lauren – 9.3% / Scotty – 9.2%
    (Lauren rocked it out, she gave a bombastic opening as well as to scotty, he’s kinda heartthrob in that moment.)

    2nd round : Lauren – 8.8& / Scotty – 8.5%
    (Well, lauren had a good voice and the song was fine, but for scotty it wasn’t the perfect choice for him)

    3rd round : Lauren – 9.7% / Scotty – 8.7%
    (I just love the song of lauren, it was really heart felting and at the same time really for an idol. but what happened to the song of scotty, i honestly didn’t love it. Scotty’s song was like lazily written, its not as impressive as what lauren does.)

    It’s obvious that it is lauren’s night, but i doubt if she could this thing because of scotty’s fan base. But i hope lauren wins cos she dserves it.

    • no – she was just louder – Scotty put more into each of his songs – Blake Shelton told someone on the Voice last night that just because she could hit the high notes did not mean she had to do it all the time and he chose the softer one – same with Scotty – he doesn’t have to be loud to be heard

    • Scotty is the best and I will feel very cheated if he don´t wins American Idol, Scotty is the most solid of the season and also has a unique voice, this guy is love

    • Zayib,

      Scotty does have an army behind him that will be hard to out-vote, but i agree with your assessment of last nights performances. I love them both, but I voted for “Georgia’s Sweetest Peach” Lauren Alaina!

      • Infantile, nursery-rhyme song that is an embarrassment. Not much that the greatest singer of any generation or genre (let alone Scotty, who isn’t) – could possibly do with it.

  135. I think round 1 goes to Lauren, round 2 a tie and round 3 goes to Lauren because of the mother song and giving a hug to her mom. Scotty and Lauren seem to get along so well, it’s refreshing. The year of Carrie and Bo was really different. Bo thought he should be the winner and looked like he detested Carrie. Scotty is such a gentleman especially for his age. I really am surprised Lauren did so well with blowing out her vocal cord. I believe she’ll win, we’ll see…..

  136. it was an entertaining show last night, but there was no “billie jean”, “summertime”, “mad world” to speak of. and is it me or are the judges trying to “sell” lauren to the public?? anyone’s guess who will win tonight. they’re both good but not outstanding. as i said before, the real stars were already voted out

  137. You know it’s bad when your first hit single is better adapted for Barney the dinosaur. I’m watching Scotty with his arms stretched out singing “I love you this big” and all I could think of is “They took this guy over Haley? Really?”
    My 14 year old girl thought the finale was super lame so there’s still hope out there.

    • He should not have made it to the Top 24. I blame this squarely on the heads of the judges. They could have spared us this boring finale. I bet tonites ratings slaughter last night by at least 5 million viewers

      • Go ahead, blame the judges for the fact that you failed to vote your favorite performers to victory.

      • No offense Skip, but what are you talking about?

        I’m blaming the judges for giving us Country Bieber in the first place…..

  138. The cards were stacked. Two out of the three songs were picked by “others”. The song about a mother clearly gave Lauren the edge. Scotty did not have that edge. Also, before the show started the Ryan gave her an edge soliciting some kind of sympathy regarding her “strained” voice. This clearly biased how people would judge her singing.

    One other comment: This show should be about the whole package too, which (I am sorry)includes an acceptable weight level. “Idol” means that others would see this person as some sort of role model. With a terribly overweight America,an idol that is clearly 30 to 50 lbs overweight sends the wrong message to today’s youth? I think Lauren will win, but it is very wrong. I have watched Idol for years, but this may be my last.

    • I feel sorry for you. I hope you don’t watch AI anymore. That will mean that your shallow comments won’t be posted any longer.

    • You, sir, are a complete idiot. What a ridiculous thing to say. “Acceptable weight level”? WTH? That girl is probaby a size 6, is 16 years old and corn fed. For cryin’ out loud, she still has baby fat! Shut your cake hole and don’t be such a shallow jerk. Thas isn’t America’s Next Top Model.

      • Larry Simpson,
        I’m beginning to what’s wrong in America today. People like you have no idea what it takes to be a role model. Can you spell character? Both of these kids have “character”, and your post reveals that you lack that attribute.

    • You are being rude and judgmental. Lauren is a sweet and beautiful girl. America’s obsession with thinness is what has caused many women and young girls to become anorexic and bulemic. Beauty comes from the inside.

  139. For those who miss Pia, Casey, James & Hailey you all will see them again tonight. Great to see all of them again.

  140. i guess you laura and scotty haters still watch the show i told you you would get over it who win win so you all need grow up and remember it was you r votes that help haley get off you should kept on voting you like her she though she had it all haha ha

  141. Remember if Scotty wins tonight he will not be able to sign a record deal for a long time till Idol releases him. So if it were me standing in their shoes i’d want to be 2 runner up so i could sign the record deal right away. Once you become Idol you have to obey all the rules . You have to sing what they want you to sing , and go where they want you to go at all times. Go look for yourself. Being number 1 does not sound all that glam.

    • True. THat makes me confused if I want Scotty to win or not. His finale song is an obvious example. Boring song,I believe his own choice would have been much better, but Scotty still managed well,there should be extra point for that.

      • Well he will do well no matter what because he is a very talented kid. It just will take a little longer to get on his own because he has to wait for Idol to release him. I was just trying to make a valid point.

  142. It’s a flashback to the situation in Season 4 with Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice. Bice knew on the night that he’d lost; it looked like he was under-performing, as if he’d been told to. That’s what Scotty looked like today. They’re due for a girl to win.
    I’ll be very surprised if Lauren doesn’t win – but she doesn’t deserve to.

  143. Since so many of you don’t like Scotty and Lauren, why did you watch AI last night?? Just watch something else and not have all of this “Ugly” spewing out of your mouths.

    • That is exactly what I did. But couldn’t resist reading all these comments this morning. Lauren will win this. However, it was very unwise to have a young voice sing with a vocal chord problem. Good way to end her career before it even gets started. They are both great kids, I wish them well just not my taste.

  144. I thought that this was the quickest, most boring finale performances. ıt was NEVER 1 hour before… no enough comments, no videos, terrible show… maybe it’s because of the finalists…

  145. Both sucked. 15 minutes of fame fast approaching it’s end. Adam Lambert is the best idol and both could learn from his stage presence.

      • I couldn’t agree more, you could see Adam was a real star right from the beginning, good voice, personality, good looks, stage presence….big shoes to fill, and no one can so far

  146. if dialidol proves right, scotty wins this. if not, then it’s rigged for the ‘chosen one’.

    • Dial Idol was a fairly good predictor before internet voting, but considering that text voting and internet voting are allowed and most of the voters for either contestant are teenagers, this is one week where Dial Idol really isn’t going to be a good indicator and it would have nothing to do with a show being rigged.

      Honestly, it also didn’t foresee Pia’s elimination and several others were far from the bottom, although they’ve covered themselves by a fairly wide margin of error.

      Personally, I really feel that any number of a half dozen others would have made a great final pairing (Casey and Haley, James and Haley, Haley and Lauren, Pia and Paul, Haley and Paul, Pia and James, Jacob and James, Casey and James… you get the picture.)

      These two didn’t necessarily represent the best that season 10 had to offer. What they represented was that JLo favored Scotty from Day 1, Steven really did prefer Lauren from Day 1, and that the powers that be have manipulated what the viewers have seen so that they can get the outcome that they wanted.

      We’ve been led to believe that our opinion matters. It doesn’t. The only place it really matters is in the music we buy and the concerts we see. Trashing anyone here proves nothing neither does excessively putting one contestant up over another (although I’d speak up for Haley against criticizers any day.)

      Do we put our money where our mouth is? I’ve bought Haley’s music and will continue to do so. We may even buy some of Casey’s once I get paid again. We will certainly be listening to the finale tonight to see if there’s anything worth purchasing there. Last night… not so much, even though Lauren’s Mom song was the best of the night, I’ve already forgotten the words and all of the other songs that were sung.

      No… the voting isn’t rigged, but the production definitely steers us in one way or the other. As for me, I’d rather just listen to all of the music on iTunes with out the judges or the hoopla and decide which ones I like on my own. So far, Haley has won resoundingly.

      Just don’t put too much stock in Dial Idol, especially not with this one. There are too many ways for these kids’ fans to vote and you have no idea how many of them are there.

      I can’t wait to hear them all tonight!

      • Too Many Ways to Vote,
        I don’t have any problem with the voting procedure, but I do agree that this season was LOADED with super talent!! I feel that all of the kids that will be in the AI tour group are worthy of the title.

  147. First off, the lead in that Lauren strained or damaged her vocal cord, etc. is BS. If she did, she wouldn’t have been able to sing Period. I’m sure there are a lot of us out there who’ve had laryngitis or similar and you can barely speak above a whisper. This I believe was set up for votes for Lauren.

    That said, it was a nice country show. Let’s face it, there was nothing unique between the two of them. They both sounded the same. You could close your eyes and not hear anything different. I would have loved a finale with Haley and Casey, or Pia and James, or Pia and Haley. Two different styles to make the competition fierce. Just my opinion.

  148. Lauren should win. Scotty will win and it’s just gross. It isn’t about talent – I think the vote-for-the-worst site wins it all this year!

      • HOW DEAF CAN YOU BE. Scotty has an INCREDIBLE voice. There’s no one like him. I also like lauren too,but watching Lauren is like watching Ms. teen america, with all that thank u at the end.

      • For 17 Scotty is good but Josh Turner is far far better as well as many others out there.
        One day I hope Scotty can get to the level needs but right now no.

      • Frank,
        That’s why the show is called “American Idol”. It is determined by the popular vote of the American people…hello!

  149. First of all, my virus scanner detected a trojan as soon as I launched the home page for this site, so beware everyone.

    Second of all..the song that was written for Lauren which was so much better than the song written for Scotty shows why they protected and carried her through the entire competition.

    She will likely win now. She will likely have a hit. As she matures, If she does not manage to gain stronger vocals that don’t drop off and become difficult to hear, she will eventually become a one hit wonder and an also ran with some of the other idol winners that won due to unlimited voting and then eventually have been forgotten unles Idol brings them back to perform once in a while.

  150. I dont get it why you guys didnt like this season. Lauren and Scotty are good singers. Well, there are better singers like Haley and James, and if you really think they deserved the finale, why didnt you guys vote for them??

    Yes this is a singing competition. But it is not enough that you sing great. You should have a lot of followers to be successful, just like Lauren and Scotty that’s why they made it to top 2..

    i have read a lot in here that Haley was great, that James should have made it to the finale, etc..etc.. but why they didnt make it? Because these people who have been repeatedly telling Haley and James were great didnt vote as much as Lauren and Scotty fans did.

    So please…stop blaming Lauren or Scotty or the judges or the AI team for not having one of the best finales on AI.

    Blame yourselves for not voting for your favorites.

    • I agree to a point. Howeveer, when you have kids under 16 voting like crazy, which is what is happening here, people such as ourselves don’t stand a chance. There needs to be a system established that blocks the number or computer you’re using from voting more than once and then we can see what the true results are.

      • Frank,
        that is just a way to excuse the lazy, uncommitted voters, who now want to second guess the results of the competition because someone else didn’t vote their favorites in for them.

        Great post…you hit the nail on the head!!!

      • No matter how hard I voted my nieces would still cast more votes I could.
        I could have used the Idol iphone voting app but choose not to. Sadly if me and other had Haley likely would have been in finale.

  151. You can see the hand writing on the wall, American Idol is going to push votes to Lauren to give a woman the title, but she bye fare wasn’t the best talent, She is to you and doesn’t have the confidence to be the Idol. She is too young, doesn’t have a good stage presence at all. When I saw what they did to Scotty by creating a song that didn’t show case him, by Jimmy it told me the fix was in. I hope I am wrong as I believe Scotty should be the winner.

    • Totally agree Don…What a set up…I am a Scotty fan and I think maybe he got the shaft….His demeanor was not the usual Scotty…the only other possibility JMO…he was told he was going to win …and he is a gwntleman…and was thinking foul. It would be great if the live audience would BOO Seacrest and pardon the pun..the judges when they make their grand entrance…and with all the great talent to night…JLO is supposed to dance with her husband

    • I agree. I think if this was season 2 that Scotty would have taken the Lauren song and pulled just as many tears with it as Lauren did.

    • I agree. Scotty should be the winner. It should not been advertised that Lauren blow out her vocal and was medicated. I thought that was a sympathy tactic and also thought that the third song choice for Scotty could have been better. It does seem like a setup for Lauren to win. Scotty is for real and has a natural talent and hasn’t been coached from a very young age. Scotty is the true American Idol by far!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Last night was definitely favored for Lauren. She is too immature, dresses like a 12 year old & Steven just plain likes the females, whether they are real good or not. If Lauren wins, it was played that way, the doctor coming out and giving sympathy votes and the Mother situation was in her favor.

  153. Watch your language there girl …. .i hate wendsday’s bye they way dont think your one of my friends eather kat or watever name your real name is …. Dont b e s o n a u g h t y …..!!!!

      • There seems to be a bug or data link issue where the same comment is always on the bottom for a few pages. Its funny sometimes

  154. Lauren Is gonna Win Like STteven Tyler Said Its Oviest That she Is Going To Win…..

    • …because she is ten times more talented than Scotty. For Steven to pick sides, FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR means it is obvious.

      • Great real Dave.. Lauren’s preformance of those song, she crackled in two of them, and made technical mistakes multiple times.. Sorry get real

  155. The country station here in Raleigh Nc played Scotty’s single this morning and it was great. Sounded like a country star.

    • Dixie 105.7 here at the coast in NC has played it twice this morning and it’s was great. I agree CC it sounded just like a true country star. It was a sound all of his own didn’t sound like someone else. God has given that young man a wonderful talent. I say all is well with Scotty McCreery. I’m proud to say he’s from my home state.

  156. If you think it’s a boring finale, it’s because you guys want singers who growl, scream and run like maniacs. It’s time for you to appreciate good music.

    • Mara,

      Country Music is the classic art form indigenous to America. It will always have its place. All other form of pop music are an direct spin off of it with a mixture of other influences. They will always play second fiddle to country music…no pun intended.

    • NO Mara – the fans of the show want exciting music and for the Idols to preform, who are 16 & 17 to show abilities, the songs were slow boring songs. Mostly done well, but that is the point, these young Idols needed better pop/country songs. Are you telling me there aren’t any of those out there??

  157. I hate to say told you so but….


    I am looking more forward to tonight with Haley doing her single (can’t wait to see how much better than Lauren and Scotty’s it is) and also some of our other favts….James, Casey, Pia…aka the real stars of the season..

      • Agreed. they had there chance. Casey and James are way overrated. Sorry, but esp Casey, he had to go, twice!!

    • Let sleeping dogs alone. You’re speaking of history, & the past is gone now. Support who America has choosen! God bless them both! Scotty should win, but I love Lauren too!

  158. @pr62, yes they’re trying desperately to sell lauren. it all began when they named her ‘the one’. Men, i even thought that caseys first elimination was a setup so they can eliminate pia easily and get her votes for lauren. Remember the iovine session about that? Can we even explain why she made it past durbin and haley when virtually all polls on the internet said otherwise? Are we gonna eat these lies that AI kept feeding us from the very start? are we gonna prove them were dumb? Im not a fan of scotty, but if theres any justice in this world, he will and should win

    • lauren is a talented girl but certainly not unique. she doesn’t have the range of haley or the voice of pia. i found the judging this season horrific and the voting absurd. the only good thing about this season is the diversity of talent. if the fourteen year old girls have anything to do with it, scotty is a shoo in

    • I’ve always had this feeling inside that something was going on about the Pia elimination. Maybe she rubbed them the wrong way and they gave her a record deal early so they could bounce her?

      I do think the internet voting has something to do with it as well. If the judging and limits on viewer votes were the same as, say, dancing with the stars, I think we’d see a wayyyy different outcome.

      • Mike,
        I have no problem with the voting procedure for American Idol. If you don’t want to support your favorite by committed voting, go watch dancing with the stars. Stop trying to take away American freedom from American Idol!

      • Your an idiot Skip, every single person on this Net chat has stated the voting proces sis flawed.. One vote per IP address, home phone, cell #.. period.. This isn’t about freedom or the american way.. they don’t show the actual votes Skip, on who got what.. so stop it with the linking to the American Freedom talk.. that’s bs

      • TheRealDan,
        you are such a diplomat! Isn’t it funny that the folks on here crying for voting change are the very ones who didn’t like the outcome of the vote. I still say stay your butt up late and vote!

  159. I think it is a shame that they can’t just have a male and female winner each season. Scotty and Lauren are both American Idols in my opinion!

  160. What a surprise. Scotty was boring. Gee, no one saw that coming. He’s only been boring since the first minute we saw him.

    • You must be watching a diffrent IDOL….. or you just dont no TALENT when its in your face.

      • I used to audition singers, for numerous rock bands, and big bands…Scotty would have gotten the standard, “Thanks, but no thanks.” He is a parrot. Put him next to a CD player with one or two country singers’ (Josh Turner for one) songs playing, and you have Scotty…minus the Alfred E. Neuman face.

      • Yes, let’s all agree Scotty is the single most talented singer in the history of music….he blows away Garth, Elvis, Sinatra, Crosby, McCartney, Cash, Orbison, Nat King Cole — he is all that is music. He is the ultimate star…..

  161. Once again this season showed unfair changes!!! Not having the 2 finalist sing the same song was an unfair setup. I think they have strategically pushed Lauren through the competition, her and her camera hungry mother. But, as has been the case over the past few years, winning meant nothing as to whom became more popular and famous!!! So, if Idol set Lauren up to win the confetti, they allowed Scotty the fame and freedom. If it were not for some of the previously eliminated top 11, I would throw my tour tickets in trash. Shame on idol this season!!!

  162. Let me first say that I rooted for Scotty and Lauren to make the top twelve, and I have nothing against young , Country singers. But , I did feel either of them were worthy of being in the finale of this singing competition; there were several contestants who were much better, but were eliminated way too soon. I also feel that HALEY’s performance of “Blue”, from the Country genre, was much better than most of the Country songs sung by Scotty and Lauren. I sometimes wish she would have sung more Country songs near the end of the competition, so that viewers could have more appreciated her vocal and talent compared to the two who made the Country finale.

    Now that this season is almost at an end, the thing I am most thankful for was 1-HALEY REINHART came back this year to audition 2- HALEY made it to the top 12. 3- HALEY , with her drive, perseverance, and. Determination fought her way to the final 3, with great singing and special performances and entertained us , earning several best performances and standing ovations. And on that journey, despite the harsh judging, won over thousands of new fans,who appreciated her singing diversity, her talent, her beauty, her bubbling personality,and her stage presence. Those of us new fans made our OWN
    Evaluation of you,HALEY, and we will support you in every way as you continue on your road to stardom, which we know you will have much success.

    All of this year’s top twelve were talented and deserved to be there, and I wish all of them the best and success as they also deserve to go as far as their talent will carry them.

    • HALEY should have been in the finale!
      Anyway, I will look forward her new single tonight. I have bough all her itunes, and will buy whatever she sings, even if she sings Happy Birthday 🙂

    • Nicely said Nittany. As I watched last night, I couldn’t help but feel something was missing. I won’t call the performances “boring”, they were okay. But just okay. There seemed to be a lack of energy. It was very anti climactic for me. And Jackson lost his favorite whipping-girl too. Can you imagine if Lauren couldn’t go due to her vocal strain, and Haley was back in? Oh the out cry “the fix is in”. I heard Haley actually was practicing 3 songs yesterday just in case. And, no Brandon, I didn’t hear that from Haley’s parents. lol.

  163. It was boring! The only saving grace was Scotty’s final song, which was nice.

  164. well I’m in Australia so I can’t vote, but I can say this, I wouldn’t buy one of those boring songs in a fit. Lauren and Scotty are nice kids who sing nicely, that’s it in my opinion…James is a star, and so is Haley. It was the worst AI I have seen, with the worst judges and I would never watch it again, it’s not a fair dinkum show any more

  165. Given that Steven Tyler announced Lauren as the winner during the auditions phase, before many thousands of contestants had been seen, then I think they have to have Scotty win, in order to keep any semblance of credibility. How can they expect people to vote next year if it appears that the winners are pre-selected?

    • Chris,
      Another conspiracy theorist?
      Steven Tyler knows talent when he sees it; he’s lived his life in the music industry. His opinion was his own, and America has largely agreed with his opinion…Vote…Vote…Vote!

      • I’m just thinking probability. It must be at least 1000-1 that ST names the eventual winner so early in the process, no matter how good he is at spotting talent.

  166. Have we all discounted the Dial Idol prediction system? If anything is based on that, Scotty “slayed” Lauren. Just throwing that out there.

    • I’d like to trust them, but several weeks when Jacob was in the bottom three, they showed him in second place, so they aren’t always even close, much less right.

  167. 100,000 plus contestants and this is what they come up with, Scotty the old school copy cat country singer, in 6 month’s you won’t even remember him. Lauren who ??? They picked the top 10 for the tour, 40% talent 60% unique/odd characters. my prediction is very few people will pay to see these half rates preform.

    • Actually there are very few tickets left in most arenas — there is enough diversity to sell out…..

      Now — a Scotty tour? That’s a completely different story? That would be a miserable evening.

  168. This blog is filled with tone-deaf non-musicians. I spent half my adult life as a professional musician. Scotty is bad karaoke, Lauren is star potential. The judges can’t say a bad thing about anyone, but even they couldn’t support Scotty last night. I can’t look at him, he looks like the Alrfred E. Neuman/George Bush morph…I said that the first time I saw him…and his voice matches his appearance.

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks he looks like the “What? Me Worry?” kid.

      • Some of the kindergarten children think of his as a teletubby but hey it get him a lot of votes and maybe very long term fans.

    • Don’t know or care what you look like outside—but you are UGLY inside. Shame on You!

    • What a big fat jerk you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Scotty McCreery is going to be a Super Star!!!! I am in my sixties and I have always dated good looking men and if I was 17, I would go after Scotty in a heart beat. He looked so handsome when he did his last song! The best thing is Scotty is a fantastic human being. You can tell he has been brought up the right way. He is everthing an American Idol should be.1!! We need more like him and less Big fat jerks like you!!!

      • AMEN AND AMEN June Cash. The reason folks don’t like him is because he is alot different that what these kids now days represent. Alot of kids this day in time are the most disrespectful disobedient self centered children and alot of folks accept that as normal, when in actuality it’s the fartherest thing from what God intended this society to be. His Mama and Daddy have done a wonderful job with him.

      • AMEN AND AMEN,
        Preach it sister!

        Scotty and Lauren both have been blessed with wonderful parents who have raised them up in the way they should go! They both profess their faith in God and display the character that most of this society has lost sight of. That is why there is so much hating on these two kids.
        All of the haters are a shameful lot!

    • They why if you are what you say you, music professional.. are not pointnig out the technical flaws Lauren had in her songs last night?

      • probably because you heard what you wanted to hear rather than what was actually heard! Self deception is an evil attribute!

      • Yup heard the flaws, have been hearing them all season all. Plus I also do notice the fact that she does not really go for it. Her vocals are yes, good, but they do not soar.

  169. i thought it is only in the PI where such things as “appeal to pity” in talent shows work..but damn after seeing AI tonight i was forced to believe that every vote is shoved off to Lauren’s favor..I like Scotty but I also see a potential in Lauren..but after the tell-tale signs, it all became pretty obvious..they wanted Lauren to win and they did everything just to have her secure that position..shame!

    • There are plenty of comments about Lauren’s potential.. but is she ever going to develop it? From her initial audition to the final, I don’t think there has been much improvement. And thats a period of many months in her young life when you’d expect someone to improve massively.

  170. WORST FINALE EVER. James should have been there. He would have buried both of them 6 feet deep.

  171. America, you got it wrong again. Last night showed how wrong you were to have these two as your finalist. Haley and James showed much more maturity and grace under pressure over the previous weeks then they did tonight.
    I agree with your assessments above except for one: Scotty will take this trophy hands down, regardless of Lauren’s final performance. He’s just got too much of a steamroller going downhill and Lauren’s just in the way.

  172. I have never ever voted ONCE in any season of AI until last night. I actually watched the whole season this year and thought Scotty was great since day one. If I would have voted on a consistent basis, it would have been for him. He is ready, mature and a performer. Lauren has a beautiful voice but as so many mentioned she is just not there yet to take this role. Shes not confident. Back to my voting, I had to vote 5 times last night, all for Scotty because he needed it. Last night was such a joke. Everything was for Lauren. The beginning with the doctor coming out and explaining her vocal cord thing. So what? It happens you need to work through it, and if she was fine as he mentioned why would they even bring it up? To gain sympathy… Then Seacrest stands in front of her parents for 30% of the show, hmm.. remind people of Lauren more, make them forget about Scotty. Then last but not least.. the “single song” much better tune than Scotty’s written for him. It was definitely like a “switch went off” and they planned this for Lauren to win well before 8pm last night.
    I almost think it would be great that whoever wins, these two join forces as a duo country group.

    • I aree 100% with you. I love Lauren and I do think she has talent, but Scotty has the whole package. I think a lot of the guys that are so negative about him are just jealous of him. Goooooooooooo Scotty!!!!!!

  173. Your right Dave, I’m Joe average, I know when a karaoke singer when I hear it. Then the Judges heap praise on the performance like they are the greatest singers to ever grace a stage. Today is no different than the 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s the industry can make almost anyone a one hit wonder. Where do they get these Idol audiences, standing O’s for everyone!

  174. Who’s lame enough to pay $75.00 up for tickets to watch talent show contestants.

  175. Why are people shocked? America voted for these people. I thought from Hollywood week that these two were the best. Scotty might not sing your favorite type of music, but he is really good at what he does. LEAVE HIM ALONE. What have YOU done with your life???

    • What have I done? Oh, let’s see: graduated valedictorian from high school, summa cum laude from undergrad, master’s with distinction, served my country (longer than any idol contestant has been alive), retired, taught as a second career, lived in 5 countries, traveled 30-some, married, raised kids, played with grandbabies, volunteered, supported charities…

      Don’t get me wrong. Scotty seems like a nice kid, but that doesn’t earn him a pass in the midst of competition.

  176. They did set it up for Lauren, didn’t they? That is just rude!!!! But, they did the same thing to David Cook. Remember?? And the right person won that year, so who knows?? It would benefit Scotty to lose though, then he can go make some real money, cause he is gonna.

    • Yes, I agree with your comments Janet.. it seemed staged, and like other years.. Kris Allen, David Cook.. Idol show did a similar thing.. I think this is the beggining of the end of the Idol. Next up X factor

  177. Well I have just watched the final 2 again for the 3rd time – thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I honestly dont know what is wrong with the newer generation – I did not find their performances boring – I found 2 very talented singers who will have huge careers.
    I did NOT find, any growling, yelling, microphone enhancements, sexual dancing or attire in their performances which I think is want most of you want out there to watch.
    I just found 2 very good singers who will sell albums – sorry I know I wont be popular, however it is obvious that the modern generation want all the “tricks” of the game nowdays……
    I look forward to 10am Sydney time tomorrow to watch the final live and on tonights performances – I give it to Lauren.

    • You should check out the the Grand Ole Opry radio show online, it seems more your style and far better country singers.

    • It was very boring Aussiewendy.. very very boring, there own song choices were better.

  178. I’ve prayed that God will let the young person win who will represent him for the sake of young people. They both are christians, but I’ve chosen Scotty since auditions! Scotty is the whole package, & Lauren, who is such a sweet, cutie, with an amazing voice is just not quite ready. Her vocal cord should not go out so soon. They both are blessed with beautiful voices, but my 545 votes go to Scotty! Scotty, you’re a fine young man for other young people to look up to! God bless you both!

    • All my votes also went to Scotty last night. I hope he wins. I also do not think Lauren is ready.

    • Sweetieone,
      Beautiful post. Both of these two kids have been blessed with God given talent!

    • Sure…there are millions of people starving around the world every day, but god is making sure some whitebread milquetoast teenage songbot wins a contest? Did you think at all before posting something so idiotic?

    • Yes, Scotty really did represent God when he failed or rather chose not to stand up for that poor boy Jacee who was being bullied during Hollywood week. Did he say anything? No. Really such a good role model.

      What is it with this whole role model thing anyway? Last I checked this was a singing competition with performances as basis not religion or “values”.

    • I am sure Jaycee won’t share your endorsement as Scotty being a role model.

      Just what is he a role model for – selfishness to make sure his group was up to his standard so he could get through the Hollywood rounds?

    • Sweetieone, Do you honestly believe God is that involved in AI?
      I’m certain He is proud of these two, as He is of ALL His children.
      But as far as the outcome, God doesn’t even know about our games. He gives us free will, so that we may play as we choose. It a good arrangement on my opinion

  179. I said when Lauren sang that last song that they were playing favorites. Not the least bit impressed with her and the dress was silly. I was a big James fan but if I have to choose now I go with Scotty. And I don’t think the judges should be saying who won while people are about to vote. It was so obvious they wanted it to be Lauren. Like I said, I don’t really care. I’m pretty much over Idol. The only reason I watched this year was for James.

  180. well, no fireworks like I said but all credit to these two young singers – we have to remember just how composed they are at 16 and 17yrs old. Personally it was a little boring as expected but I can’t deny Scotty has amazing stage presence and is so relaxed and professional in his performances – truly he makes it look easy. I thought his last song was his best.
    Lauren – she also did a great job with her last song and may have swung it with the mom votes on that song.
    All in all I still think the real idols already left this year. But out of these two I think Scotty has the biggest future – he’s more ready for it and I’d pick him out of the final two for the idol. He’s sure to sell a s**tload of Country albums and if you love country – they will be awesome.
    I just think it would also be great if a singer with his low register won – because hitting high notes doesn’t make a singer great anyway. It’s all about the tone and resonance and he has bags of that.
    They’ve all been good this year – but were any of them truly ‘GREAT’ ??

  181. I agree with Sweetieone. Scotty is the whole package yet Lauren is also down to earth and sweet. It’s been Scotty’s faith to the Lord that has gotton him this far. He hasn’t changed from day one of who he is and what he stands for and God will honor that young man in whatever he does. My favorite from the beginning of the whole thing has been Scotty, he has truly represented Garner NC very well as well as the whole state of NC. His parents have done a wonderful job raising him in this world.

    • God blesses his children. The bible says that those who acknowledge God before man Jesus will acknowledge him before his father. Scotty knows to and stands on God’s word. He has a firm foundation that will not be shaken. I will continue to pray for him. Scotty for the win!!!

      • Well, praise be! All this time I thought it was the producers manipulating the show. Turns out it was God! Well, I guess God and I just don’t see eye to eye on music. I would have been amused if Scotty has spoken in tongues and played with snakes during one of his boring performances, though. Now that would have been entertaining!

    • God doesn’t vote, God doesn’t watch American Idol, God doesn’t honor Scotty,Scotty honors God. American Idol has changed Scotty, he threw one kid under the bus earlier in the show to promote himself, then wept. Drug addict Steven Tyler used vile language and Scotty laughed and said “Ain’t nothing I haven’t heard before” Only 16 and setting his Christian Faith aside for a talent show doesn’t meet God’s expectations.

  182. Sweetieone -you’re entitled to your opinions – we all are – but really it shouldn’t matter or be relevant what a contestant’s faith is or if they don’t happen to have one…

    • That is exactly why we have the freedom to profess our faith. If you have faith in God express it! If you are faithless, don’t!

      • there’s a difference between being a person of faith and preaching/proselytizing on a message board for a secular entertainment show. Besides, if you are going to pray, pray for people that need it. There’s plenty of tragedy in the world. It might not be as easy as asking god to make scotty win, but it would be a better use of your time.

      • Normal Person,
        Those of us who have faith in God do pray for those who need it according to his will in ALL THINGS.

      • Last comment about this:

        How can you or anyone be positively certain what God’s will is?
        Seems to me in order to REALLY know, we would have to BE God, righ

  183. Completely transparent attempts by the Idol show to pump Lauren up as the next Idol.
    It was obvious and disgusting.

    First of all – I am objectively watching this show, I honestly do not care who wins, I watch it for entertainment. I don’t even like country. They are both talented yes. But let’s review:

    First, Oh Lauren blew a vocal chord in rehearsal; let’s get a doctor out here for sympathy votes. Poor Lauren, I mean REALLY? Was that so in case she didn’t should good, the producers already chosen next Idol, would have this known and people would give it a pass?? I think so…

    First set of songs: (Why were their choices not last? So let’s put the Idol’s favorites first and the boring crappy songs last??) Scotty’s was much better than Lauren’s, he delivered, and Lauren’s vocals crackled twice in the song, probably due to the strained vocal chords. Wasn’t mentioned by the judges.

    Second songs: Really? Both were not great, both were decent/good and sang them well, but were flat over all on the delivery. Scotty’s was about as boring as I have ever heard. George Strait, choosing his own song?? What was that about.. pick a song for him to shine and WIN on.. first thought, that was guided to pick a slow song, not like he could change it up, it’s his Idol’s song choice.. Second, Lauren’s again, slow song.. boring.. She’s 16! Can’t you pick a more pop-country fun song Carrie??

    3rd song – Are you kidding me? Scotty’s song again, a boring slow song? Idol producers absolutely showed their colors, and intent in picking a forgettable song for him. Garbage. Randy say “This isn’t the greatest song choice for you” HE even said it.

    Lauren’s sappy Mother song, give me a break, OOOH the Mothers at home will all love this.. blah, give me a break.. the crying mother, the hug, yuck. This felt staged. Ummm how about the fact her vocals were off pitch? Her voice crackled at least once on a high note, and she has to pause and swallow after a run, and then late in the pick up of the next verse??? Sorry, she didn’t do this song all that well or great. That is a FACT not opinion.

    The judges – try pumping up Lauren a little more. I’m done with these judges and fake guiding comments.

    It’s obviously predetermined, and watching this show left me HIGHLY HIGHY disappointed.

    • I have to agree with your voice of reason as well. I think you are totally on key, with your observations.

      After reading your comment, I do have to agree that I too just watched for entertainment and found the lack there of, because of the song choices.

      I am disappointed in George’s pick for Scotty, I would have like to have heard maybe “Amarillo” to bring out his lower tone to his voice, I think that is his niche and makes him unique in a sense to some degree, what say you!

      • Thanks Suzi.. and yes good point, a more challenging song there you mentioned would have been better..

        Overall I was just disappointed in the Idol show..

        even down to the lipsyncing preformance in the middle, while the song is on going.ugh

      • Suzi: “Amarillo by Morning” is one of my all time favorite songs by George Strait. Scotty would have done great things with it.

    • If you hate Lauren so much, why do you put so much energy and time into talking about her? If it’s that bad, stop watching the show. It obviously causes you a great deal of stress.

      • Lynda – I don’t hate Lauren, I really like Lauren actually, and I think she will go really far in her career.. but technically last night she made a lot of mistakes. This isn’t about my energy, it’s about me being a fan of the show, and the entertainment of such… I am voicing my obvservations of the songs and show.. I was disappointed.. Iw asn’t blown away by any of those preformances.. Are you saying you were?? Are you say you think Idol did not do the things I wrote?? Seriously??

      • Oh I think IDOL has done a lot of things wrong. I just don’t like all the trashing of the contestants. If the voting is rigged, that’s not the contestants fault. If Jimmy picked a song for Lauren that will get her more votes that Scotty, that’s not Lauren’s. I’m with you on all the things IDOL did. I just think people need to take a step back, look at these kids, and acknowledge what they’ve done, instead of bashing them because their favourite was voted off.

        That’s all. I agree the song choices weren’t fantastic. But Lauren’s and Scotty’s favourites were good, and yes Scotty outperformed. Their second songs I actually thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe not as exciting and people were looking for but I thought they were performed well. And as for Lauren’s dress – well no one ever said 16 years old have the best fashion sense. And the producers or someone should have done something about that.

        Their third songs – I saw the ballads coming. I thought Lauren’s was beautiful. I thought the song was beautiful (maybe a bit cheesy, but still beautiful). She was thanking her mom and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I thought they both did a good job vocally.

        The thing is, these are new country artists. They aren’t going to have the marching bands like James had because they’re country. And they’re young. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that these two just turned 16 and 17.

      • Well written, and I agre with that… I completely agree with the 16 & 17, and why I think the song choices were HORRIBLE! I haven’t bashed them for their outfits or what not, maybe others have.. I was mostly annoyed with Idol producers and judges.. the whole staging thing.. I don’t blame Lauren. .but I will point out things as i see them.. she wasn’t clean on her vocals.. (obviously due to strain) but this is a competition.. and that should be counted/considered in the final decision.. hey I feel baldy for her straining a vocal chord.. it happens, but Idol show shoudl not be doing things to get sympathy votes with that lame Doctor act .. give me a break!

  184. I’ve just finished my thoughts on the idol show as always they both did a fantastic job. I didn’t agree with the judges declaring Lauren as the winner, ithink it was alittle unfair before the voting began. But my heart belongs to Scotty very mature and talented. Good luck to them both, but i voted for Scotty. We will see tonitellllllllll

  185. Many of the contestants are Christians, just not as out front about it. James met his girl friend and soon to be wife in Church. Haley is also a Christian but is very touchy about using it to get votes.

  186. Having come from a family of performers, there is so much that really has to be taken into consideration. Unfortunately it is not just talent, although that is the major criteria lol. There has to be stage presence, appeal, maturity,and because there is so much talent out there already you have to be unique and marketable.

    Out of the two, I found Scotty to have more redeeming qualities and more easily marketable than Lauren. I did find her a bit immature but that will change in time but very insecure and that will be her major obstacle.

    Scotty’s demeanor is that of an easier artist to develope without having to molly-coddle. I did however see a disconnect with Scotty last night, he knows more that we do about how this show operates but I imagine the gentlemen in him will be kept a secret. I wish I could put my hands on it, but something went down prior to the finale.

    Song choices have long been a key to success and I do not think the choices were all that great for this finale.

    The judges, well there is alot to be said about their comments in the moment. Maybe it would do AI better if after the contestants performed the judges , well take that back why are there judges on AI if it is up to the American people.

    There job then would be to just sway public opinion and whoever is the better salesperson promotes the next American Idol. Hummmmmmm!

    • Clap clap… a voice of reason, yes, exactly.. Scotty’s song choices were not good for #2 & #3, slow and boring and I don’t beleive this 17 year old will focus on those type boring songs. Yes, I agree he knew something, as I stated in my post above, I felt it is obviously predetermined. (I hope I am wrong, but it felt that way)

    • Lauren may miss at least part of the tour, this happen in season 5 and with shots she was able to finish the season but needs over a month without singing after.

  187. You all know Scotty is going to have a record deal in his hands once he walks off that stage anyway right? They both would. One will win and the other will get signed by another label. So stop your whining. America votes. Maybe the voting system isn’t perfect, but people out there have been voting for these two like crazy since the beginning. Scotty has never been in the bottom, and Lauren was in the bottom once – the week her home town was destroyed by a tornado. That may have affected the votes that week people!! And no, I’m not from Lauren’s home town, I’m Canadian.
    Either just enjoy the show and watch it, or if it makes you that upset, stop watching and stop whining.
    They both deserve to be here, they both have amazing talent and they are both going to be successful. End of story.

  188. Lauren to me is not ready for this,,,it just seems to me she is to sappy but I agree things seemed to be planed for Lauren to be the next Idol…I am still pulling for Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. Scotty is the man…his deep voice just melts my butter..Lauren..yeah she can sing but come on. Her voice cracked a bit last night. I hope Scotty wins

  190. It really doesn’t matter who wins, they are both going to have huge careers. There are some Idols who you don’t even hear from and some runners up who are huge stars. The point of this show is to get them seen by the people who need to see them. Pia, James, Haley and the finalists will definately have singing careers regardless of who wins tonight. But seriously, I really hope to hear James jam with Steven,,,,,it would be epic of me.

  191. A great big “YAWN” from me. I thought the show was really, really boring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t think that these 2 kids can’t sing….they can, but where’s the performance??? I want to be entertained, not just watch someone stand & sing. If that’s all it takes Pia should be in the final 2. Scotty actually did a little more in the “performance” part. Still not strong enough for me….Yawn, stretch…

  192. I really enjoyed this season of many talented contestants. Each one had something different to offer. I also liked the new judges and did not miss the negativity and often insulting remarks from Simon. Good luck to Scotty and Lauren, even though they were not my picks I wish them the best. I also hope to hear more from James and Haley in the future.

  193. The 2 teens did great with their performances and throughout the season, but last night’s Finale was, by far, the most boring one I’ve seen. No ups, no downs, it was just….there. My family was disappointed. NOONE was emotional or excited throughout the show, we just sat there, speechless. It could have been one of the BEST SEASON with all the talents that were found. Just sad and disappointed.

  194. I also agree with several of the comments above. Lauren is a good singer, but not yet a good performer. When she sings I feel like I’m watchingsomeone at a high school prom. I think she can have a very good future in music, but presently I agree with most of you she is not ready for the big time. Scotty is more mature on stage in his performances, but tonite I thought his last two songs were not winners!!! This was the night that he should have “gone all the way” and let people see his up-tempo high energy performance. That didn’t happen for me. Also I thought it was TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE for the 2 judges to have made their choice for a winner!!!!!! That should have been left for America to choose without any favoritism injected by the judges. I have also been disappointed with the judges this season and MY LAST season for watching American Idol. It’s too phony!!!

  195. This will be the last time I watch idol
    I haven’t watched in years past because of the judges and now because of the song choices to get one idol to win over the other. Again I’m sick of it. One less person watching

  196. Lauren could not finish her rehearsal and the doctor froze her throat to save her voice. Lauren took a big risk in singing since there is a small chance her singing days are over. The heavy shots would allow her to sing but could do major damage and require surgery or only 4-6 weeks rest if lucky.

  197. i am mother of 17 boy 8 girl Zimbabwe Africa i love naima GO GO GO GO GO naima!!!!!!!! vote for naima american love M’buba send me emails if you are want 264 billions united state dollar from most honorable late uncle i must translate money to USA bank!!!! Please help beloved brother and sister in name of holy jesus!!!!!!
    Vote for naima American IDOL!!!!! Naima blessed ONE of father god and jusus

  198. Bless all the contestants and keep them safe during the year tour ! Waiting for James to lay down and cut some tracks ….

  199. Bless all the contestants and keep them safe during the year tour. Can’t wait for James to lay down and cut tracks soon……

  200. Last night marked the lowest rating ever for a performance finale of American Idol in the key 18-49 rating. It was also may have had fewest viewers for a show all year, close it not.
    DWTS had more viewers at 20.9M but lower in key 18-49 rating.
    The Voice with 8.5M fell 16% from last week to new all time low.

  201. This is a television show driven by ratings $$$$$. They knew at least a month ago that Scott McCreey was the highest vote contestant/Winner. Playing favorites with Lauren at this stage is just to generate buzz and opinions about Scotty being on the ropes in the Finale, He’s not. It makes no difference who “wins” anyway, Jimmy signed Pia the day after her elimination. We’ve got name calling, judge conspiracy theories, Christians thinking God is influencing Scotty’s performances, Blah Blah Blah. The judges alway throw support to the runner up, it creates a Super Bowl type atmosphere and it makes the loser feel like it could have been them. I’m not a Country fan but my guess is that Scott got half again as many votes as Lauren.

    • Your right WOW, J-Lo slipped and said to Scotty will you shave your head for me in the Finale, not IF you get in the finale but FOR the finale.

    • All top 13 are under contract but no one has signed a recording contract yet but Jimmy likely used his option so they are obligated to sign when the tour is over.

      James’ power voters seem to have voted for Scotty and Lauren with few going to Haley, they even talked about on twitter. They were angry and blamed Haley so we got a country finale.

      • I believe it is the top 10 (this season 11) who go on tour that signed contracts giving 19 Productions and its’ associated record company first options on them.

        The winner has to sign a 7-yr deal with a 3-yr option afterward and record for Interscope on either its; Geffen, A&M or its’ associated Nashville Country label.

        If any of the other 10 are signed, it is usually for 3-yrs with a 2-yr option and if they are signed, they have no choice but to accept.

        Then once the tour is over, it depends on record sales and tour revenues. If they are successful – fine. If not – it’s see ya’ and good luck!

        It is a heartless, ruthless business and these kids are in for a rough ride so I hope they understand what’s ahead of them.

  202. The last two songs for Scotty were boring. He did well with them but I feel they could of been more exciting and in a different direction. We KNOW he can do country. I liked it when he did That’s Alright by Elvis. He was good putting a little blues/spin on the song. The last two songs
    Were too the same.
    Lauren got a better last song bit I hate the tear jerking stuff. I’m sure
    Scotty would of been just as compeling singing it. He got screwed with
    Lousy so g choices.
    The Tyler and Jlo were too bias. We don’t want to be told who suppose to win. Lauren has a beautiful voice but needs more experience.

    • Scotty did the crying real tears thing to save himself when Ryan confronted him about abandoning the 14 year old.” I’m not like that, the devil made me do it” WaWaWaWa.

      • If your’re talking about Jaycee, he was 15 and what Scotty did was disgusting. Not only did he not want him in the group, he was seen mocking him.

        Real good values there – not!! He is no different than the rest. He is competitive and is Scotty first, just like the others.

        He gets away with it by assuming the aw shucks, I’m a good Christian boy act and, frankly, that won’t work in the real world of music and entertainment.

  203. I am a mom and quite frankly that made we want to (and I did multiple times) vote for Scotty. I have always liked Scotty but that display with Lauren made me sick! If this is what the is going to do to get votes I won’t waste my time watching next year.

    • I agree completely, you could tell last night Scotty was very upset/angry or whatever, and he should be, I was angry. I have questioned many times whether America really votes and if Lauren wins then America does not. Every poll I see and many reviews I have read at least 65% of votes/opinions on who should win go to Scotty. This will be the last season I will watch. First they screwed Pia, then James now Scotty.

      • BTW, I did like Lauren but her display last night turned me completely off of her. I felt this whole time her personality was fake. Scotty was nice enough to give Lauren first pick and she took it and ran with it. Not very classy.

  204. My summation of last night’s “performance” is that the whole show, including Ryan, the Judges, the Contestants, and the Coke Song was Lacklustre (Lackluster in some Countries outside the US).

    The only spark was David Cook and I think that may have been pre-taped.

  205. Scotty has this in the bag! i mean i think lauren is awesome even when her voice was strained from rehearsal, but i think Scotty appeals to do more with this career opportunity.

  206. esta noche si gana Lauren ya seria el colmo de un gran fraude para american Idol como es posible que esta niña estuviera por encima de Casey, james y Haley, por favor, de Scoty si lo creo cada semana se veia la encuesta, pero de Lauren , que debio de salir despues de Estefano, y para mi gusto es muy aburrida que por lo menos deberia de mover los brazos como Haley.

  207. I feel that Lauren should have won this. I dont feel that Scotty has very much of a vocal range and will remain limited to Country where Lauren showed more vocal talent, If you want to get right down to it, James should have been crowned American Idol. Atleast he wont be stuck in that 7yr contract and will be able to spread his wings and sore much sooner.

  208. HALEY should have win this thing. Good for you idol, your ‘Haley oblivion mission’ has led you to another worst Idol finale ever.

  209. AMERICAN IDOL SHAME ON YOU!! Great artist performed, including Lady Gaga…..but don’t you think toning down the sexual moves and dress would have been more appropriate….Since most kids up watching it at this time are 7-15 yrs old….is this what we want our children to think is cool……act and dress like a slut and your cool….yeah not cool american idol…..I didnt watch the last few seasons of AI, but thought hey its J-Lo so I watched but REALLY…Lady CACA’s PERFORMANS WAS JUST NASTY!!

  210. Imagine if James was in the top 2, now THAT would be a finale! Even if you don’t like his singing you have to admit, the guy knows how to put on a show!!!

  211. They have been pushing Lauren since the start of the season. She is very good but I think that Scotty and James should be in the finals tonight.

  212. We must not have watched the same show as so many responders did. We’ve found the show to be quite entertaining. Every single one of the top 24 were standouts last night, it’s really been amazing to see them grow over the series of shows. The addition of professional help has been a real blessing for them, the critiques of their work, the suggestions to help them. I wish them all well in their futures. I would’ve loved to see them bring Jacee Badeaux back to sing with Scotty. The duet between Scotty and Lauren was so nice, all those kids really seem to bond over the course of the series and they’ve all seemed to learn how to harmonize together. The jokes and silliness were fun this finale and I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but we felt that some of the contestants were better vocally than some of the professionals. A big round of applause to AI for entertaining us. I would buy CD’s done by Scotty, Lauren, Haley and Jacee….I enjoyed watching James but a CD wouldn’t do justice to his performance, that one you need to watch…but I commend him on his music for helping him to overcome so many obstacles. He grew so much over the series. I wish them all well in whatever they choose to do in their lives. Shame Scotty’s pitching arm will be holding a microphone, I hope he remembers to play ball too.

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