• I’d like to know what would Simon Cowell think of Scotty and Lauren.He’d be disappointed,I’m sure.

      • Simon Cowell did not pick Haley or Pia when they tried out before sooo he might just like Scotty and Lauren. What differnce does it make anyway he’s gone!!!

      • Lauren missed a lot of notes
        before I kinda like her but twangs eat her lyrics. Then came unchained melody wow she missed to breath.Good this is popularity not singing contest with
        right judge on else shes’out. Neither Im not Haley’s fan . James and Scotty deserves to be top 2 . #2cents

    • I do not think it is fair for Haley to sing her new single on Wednesday night. The AI should be the first one to share their songs. Just my opinion.

      • Get over that. Idol producers don’t want their numbers to drop, so they need to entice the masses that were upset by Haley’s ouster to come and watch the finale. I, for one, now have a reason to watch it. So good for them for doing something smart for a change. Looking forward to hearing the first single!

      • You know…I have seen so many changes this year…It won’t hurt…but I do see your point of view. By the way…go Scotty!!!

      • What is the purpose of having the American Idol title of all the others have the same or better advantage?
        Strange season. First we have 11 on tour not 10, then we have 4 instead of 3 homecomings (even tho one was not promoted as much) so who will be surprised when Haley is allowed to sing her single along with Haley and Scotty’s choices for theirs????
        This is One For the Books Folks!!

      • Fair? Look, at the end of the day, Haley won’t be competing in the same market with the winner, directly, anyway. The winner’s going to have their shot — this doesn’t change anything. Give Haley a chance to capitalize on her notoreity while its hot — it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

      • Your generosity of spirit overwhelms me “God” and love. Go read your bible.

      • The possibility of that is pretty much the only reason I’ll be watching. I’m REALLY curious and excited about this song, since she rejected two other ones before deciding on this one. I don’t think her performance will take anything away from Scotty and Lauren. They will be performing their 3 songs the night before anyways, and whoever wins will close the show with their song. I hope it’s Lauren.

    • All lies.. Nobody gets a record deal till after the show.. nobody has one yet!!!

      • She is recording, that is not a lie. She ‘may’ perform it on Wednesday. Jimmy approached Nygel Lythgoe about Haley recording and he is letting her, Jimmy will probably have her signed after the summer.

        And as far as her performing it, Wednesday’s show is a celebration of the season leading up to the crowning of the idol, which will happen at the end of the show. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t perform it

      • Wed night is for the final 2 to shine! Haley doesn’t get that kind of oppertunity on Wed night. She will do a record for sure but not on Wed night!

      • I think Tuesday night would be the night for the final 2 to shine, unless of course the final 2 doesn’t care if they win or not.

        The Wednesday night show should be a celebration of the whole season, and if Haley gets to sing a song that will be released, AI will be making most of the money on that. The main event on Wednesday night will be the crowning of the winner. The one who comes in second will not get a whole lot of attention, and will probably not want a whole lot of attention because they will not be the happiest person in the building.

    • They’re just rumors, I don’t know if she will sing in the finale.
      But it would be great if she did. It would be a smart move from FOX to keep other people than country fans watching the finale.

      The only reason I’ll watch the finale is because the top 13 is coming back. If Haley sang I’d have more reasons to watch it.

      Btw, did you notice Haley isn’t rehearsing in those pics?..could it mean she will have a separate number from the others?

    • And I heard she was sleeping to someone from the production of AI to get that far. So… I guess we can’t believe everything we hear. If you believe she has a single out now and will perform it before the winner, I guess you believe in unicorns too. And, there wasn’t a bigger shocker this year than Pia’s elimination and she won’t be performing a single either. The number of Haley lovers on this site are not the definition of MASSES! So, get over yourselves!!!

      • It’s amazing some of the things people say about the contestants. People can like Haley w/out some kind of ulterior motive. Just because you don’t happen to like her doesn’t mean you need to spread nasty rumors. What is this, Jr. High?

      • Good post, Joni…Gabriela is particularly vicious. She is the kind that picks on the special Ed students to prove her superiority

      • Oh, and where’d you hear that? At your Haley’s Haters club meeting last night at Denny’s? You’re a real piece of trash, kind of like a cockroach. No matter what we do, you just won’t go away. You’re just here and disgusting all the time.

  1. I’m glad Haley’s gonna sing her new single. I won’t be watching Tuesday. No real interest in who wins it. I wouldn’t miss Wed for the world though.

      • Yea, she not really they just put that out there to draw in the masses for Wed. night just in case Bono doesn’t do it…lol!

    • What was a lie? Haley gonna be signing her new single? I don’t know for sure. I commented on what someone else said.

      If ya mean the where I won’t be watching Tuesday a lie? That’s the truth. I don’t say things like I’m never gonna watch Idol again. I’ll be watching next year. I won’t be watching this Tuesday though. I find both contestants boring.

      I can also say that I’ll never listen to a Jennifer Lopez song again as long as I have control of the music. Obviously if I’m in a club & they play one of that witch’s songs, I’m not gonna walk out. But if it’s my car or home & something of hers comes on, the station is gonna be changed.

      I don’t dislike Scott or Lauren. They’re just boring IMO. For those that like em, by all means enjoy their music. They’re not bad kids.

      • J-Lo is such a fraud. She sits there and acts so sweet, when really she’s just a stuck up fur wearer, with no vocal talent whatsoever.

    • I’m with you danny. Tuesday night does not intrest me in the least and i have no desire to watch but wednesday however, I can’t wait to see Haley (the rightful winner) performe along with all the other amazing contestants that got unrighfuly booted off even though most the people in the competition are more exiting and can hold a crowd better then these two

    • haley will be singing wed. night as will all of the top 11 or 13,not sure. but she won’t be singing her new single, i’m sure.

  2. I was so hopeful that some of the old contestants would perform by themselves and give us one last taste of their unique talents on TV.

    But, from the looks of the photos, it appears there will be mostly group performances. Dang… 🙁 Those were, for the most part, pretty awful with the exception of Casey and Haley/Scotty and Lauren duets.

    • the Lauren/Haley duet was pretty fun. The problem with the large group numbers is all 13 of them have such different style and sound it’s hard to mesh them. In order to sing well in a group you have to let go of individuality, which may be difficult for some of them.

      • I loved the Lauren and Haley duet. Lauren had started growing on me the week before, but that duet sealed the deal.

  3. Hmmmmm….I wonder if Idol is just baiting us. I would be really disappointed and pissed if they planted that Haley single story just to get us to watch. Then not have her do it. I guess the Idol finalist are going to get to pitch their songs first, since they’ll do it on Tuesday. But still, I’m now thinking it is a hoax to keep viewership up. Can anybody get a confirmation that Haley is going to really sing that first single? American Idol Net…please get us a firm confirmation that this will happen!

      • viewership will still be up. the only thing that might make it be down is the switch in days.

      • Some us are committed to DWTS…go Hines…but I will be there for Scotty…but I do think this will effct the show is some way. What a bad deal this is for people that enjoy both. I guess we need to get a life!

    • I don’t think it’s a hoax that she is recording. Her parents leaked the information, why would they lie about it? That being said it wasn’t very professional of them to do that seeing as how much speculation it brings up. They never said 100% she would perform it, but that she might. If it was false someone would have come out and say so, the story is pretty viral.

      • “Jimmy played me a song for Haley’s record yesterday. Let’s hope all the people that are professing love buy it and give her a great start.” – Nygel Lythgoe

      • Haley’s father said that she had turned down two songs and is recording one that she liked and that she MIGHT sing it Wed. night.

      • she might do a record.. actually most of top 11. But it’s not going to happen on the result night

    • nigel has also said that they have a big suprise for us durbin fans, i dont believe anything AI says. all i can do is hope.

    • I heard it from her parents, who were singing at a Relay for Life benefit show at Haley’s high school. The video was filmed by just someone random in the crowd. They said she picked her song after rejecting two others, and she was recording it at the same time they were playing, and that she MAY sing it on Wednesday night…I can’t imagine Idol telling Haley that she might be able to sing her new single Wednesday night, and then telling her no. Especially since it’s leaked, they don’t want to have to deal with irate Haley fans who felt duped into watching the Finale. Haha.

  4. American Idol rocked this year with so much talent. It will be very interesting in the coming years to see who really had the talent to make it in the real world. I will be sad to see it end this week but very happy that all the nasty blogs will be over…some of the comments made on here are disgusting when you consider the ages of the top 11. Scotty 17, Lauren 16, Haley 20, James 22, Jacob 23, Casey 20, Pia 22, Stefano 21, Thia 16, to two oldest were Paul and Naima 26. All but the last two are younger than my son, as a parent it broke my heart to read the comments on this blog the past few weeks. It was not constructive criticism most of the time, it was just down right ugly name calling. I hope you will all as Jacob put it..”look in the mirror” and realize it was the wrong way to express an opinion.

      • Bravo. If people had to be accountable, or at least identified, when they post something on the internet, 98% of the drive-by flaming would stop immediately.

    • If you plan on playing on the deep end of the swimming pool, you better assume you might get in over your head sometimes.

      If you are old enough to be the American Idol, you are old enough to take criticism from jackasses.

      • Not only do I totally disagree, but I think your comment is so short sighted that it borders on ignorant. The “jackasses” are the one’s that really need to learn some common sense and decency, and they should be made accountable for what they post. Require them to put their real name on the post, and the cowards will flee. A seventeen year old kid doesn’t deserve to be treated like that, and there is no justification for treating ANYONE that way, much less a teenager. As for your weak analogy, either learn how to swim, or wear a life jacket. Otherwise, stay out of the pool.

      • Are you suggesting that the idolettes should learn to swim or stay out of the pool was precisely my point.

        I do think that free speech can be taken too far but I don’t want you being the one that decides what is acceptable or not

        The world is full of donkeys. You can’t shut them all up

        If you are going to subject your kids to scrutiny then you have to expect that sometimes it might be negative and even mean

        They will get over it. They will grow up and move on. You cant have it both ways. You can’t have just praise. Criticism comes with it

        The world is full of bullies. But there are also psychos too. If you put real names and phone numbers on here run the risk of the crazies hurting someone

        Part of growing up is getting your feelings hurt and learning to overcome it. If they have the courage to appear on idol they have the strength to handle a blogsite and comments from strangers don’t you think?

        If they can’t then they aren’t ready for the big stage

      • And one other thing. Calling others ignorant is not a good way to make your point about being decent

        As I, would fall under the category of “anyone”.

      • Bahloo…the people calling foul now are the same ones who bashed Haley unmercifully calling her every nasty name in the book. I really don’t get into the name calling and nasty innuendo too much….although if they are witty…I can’t help but laugh sometimes. The level of hypocrisy on this site is unbelievable. You usually make some interesting points which is good reading…uh much better than GO SCOTTY…he’s in it to win it. BTW….I don’t care for this new format

      • No matter who you are or what you do, but calling someone a nasty name or commenting on their ability by using derogatory words should never be acceptable…on the other hand to be realistic if you are in the music, movie, tv industry then you will have to learn to realise that this name calling etc is what happens. It is those artists that don’t sink to the level of those who do the name calling, that will rise-above it all and come out on top. And spousing that we should all read the Bible, please, you have your beliefs don’t force them on others….

    • My oldest granddaughter is 30 and I would probably give a black eye to some of these people if they made one of these hate filled comments about her.
      Just because the ones you supported were voted off does not mean you have to hate the ones left—THEY DIDN’T VOTE THEM OFF.

      • That is the absolute truth, well said ! Scotty and Lauren neither one deserve the hateful, nasty comments that have been posted.YOU ARE CORRECT, LAUREN AND SCOTTY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VOTES – EXCEPT TO EARN THEM IN THEIR FAVOR.

      • And Dack, the name calling didn’t begin when people were voted off. It began as soon as people began posting about the contestants.

        The online medium has its shortcomings, and the opportunity to say vile things publicly without having to take responsibility for those statements–or backing them up with facts–is one of them. In a newspaper, that same person could be sued for libel.

        If I were a contestant and someone had said some of the things about me that were said about Haley (pole dancer, slut, sleeping with the judges, etc), I’d attempt to sue the shirts off their backs. I’d love to see that happen for over-the-top online comments, I really would.

      • The same could be said of any of the contestants who had haters. THEY didn’t deserve the treatment they got.

      • i have never posted one mean thing about any of the contestants. i happen to really like them. i got real attached to the last 4. it actually hurts me to see some of the comments.

        one thing i am certain of, if i would have been haleys parent and been in the sudience when randy was really mean to her… i am 100% sure i would have been in his face, i am 95% sure i would have decked him. there is no way i could have sat through someone doing that to my child.
        it would have ruined their chance of winning but at that point that would not have even crossed my mind. randy would have been hurting.

        side note…i actually like randy, but dont ever mess with my child. ask devin lee, i become psycho. randy could have said that stuff to me and i would have remained calm.

      • It’s true! She can be REALLY REALLY scary for a 5′ tall, 103 lb. tiny lady…

    • Stefano is 21 wooooow I thought he was younger then that I thought he was like 17 18

  5. the real winner will be the artist who is still recording and selling out arenas twenty years from now

  6. If they want to boost their ratings on Wed. night they should announce that James is singing with Steven T…That would definitely bring up the ratings…..

    • early on tyler said he’d sing with james at the finale. let’s see if he holds up his end of the bargain.

      • I believe Steven told James he would sing with him IF he made it to the finals….well, if it is Lauren and Scotty in the finals then that statement would not apply.

      • Yes Steven said he would IF he made it to the finales but you never know if they both still wanted to do it they still could we will just have to wait and see

    • They’d boost their ratings by having Pia and Haley mudwrestle too 🙂

      (Insert a Casey Growl here)

      Plus maybe they could get Naima to BSlap Jacob a few times — (all in fun, of course)

      And finally — let Randy Jackson sing a medley of Luther, Elvis, and Journey classics…..

      • Haley and Pia mud wrestling? I think you’re talking pay-per-view event here. lol. Maybe they’ll save that to go up against the Super Bowl.(or maybe in place of it if there is no football this season)

      • Let Randy sing. And then we can tell him that he chose the wrong songs and we don’t know his direction as an artist.
        Then Ryan will who was the best and we can say it was a tie between everyone except Randy.

      • Hahaha, Andrew. I wish we could do that to Randy…give him a taste of his own medicine.

      • Bahloo, If AI REALLY wants to draw ratings Weds., announced that Jackass will be apologizing personally to Haley for his attack on her & then have Nigel come on stage & fire the psasht!
        I’m not certain of the number, but that would make MILLIONS happy.

    • Hey, you need to call the Geek Squad, your keyboard is busted…….

      your letters are coming out on the screen like a four year old typed them….

      Better have that checked out.

  7. I’m not going to watch the show anymore. Really disappointed with all the “Judges” this time round.This was not a competeition this year. They knew who they were going to pick from the start and it just didn’t matter about anyone else in the competetition. All the best were voted off and what is left are the Country Bumkins with no real proforming skills. Sorry but the Artists are gone. Hope they the Artist do well. Looking forward to buying CD’s from Casey, Haley,and Pia! James I hope you do well also though I’m not into Heavy Metal… but you are good.

    • Those same 3 are the ones I most consistently voted for. I also voted for James a lot, except for when he was a little pitchy.
      I will be first in line for Haley’s album.

      • Devin, If you live in the central Ohio area, you’ll been second in line behind the fatboy!
        However, in moments of weakness, I have let middle aged, intelligent & attractive ladies dish.

  8. it’s so nice to see my 2 faves-stefano and james… i would have loved to see a James-Scotty finale though…

  9. There goes again the Hailey haters. Can you people stop critic and stop talking about Hailey and give her a break for goodness sake. We are now talking about the final 2 who will win is it Lauren or Scotty?

    • The vulgarity of the Haley haters have truly amazed me the past few weeks. With terms such as “bitch, slut and pole dancer being used” on a daily basis. The saddest part is, that I think most of these vulgar comments are coming from country music loving WOMEN. People have used terms like “boring for Scotty and overweight and boring for Lauren” in the past. But I have yet to see the vulgarity used by what I am guessing is overweight, country women who are seething with jealousy over Haley. I am a country music (as well as rock) fan myself. And some of you female, Haley haters are stooping to levels that are embarrassing the country side of me and I am guessing other country fans as well.

      • Who gave you the right to call country music fans overweight? I am a country music fan and not overweight at all. Don’t categorize and be judgemental. You sound like the Haley nonsupporters.

      • Reading comprehension…it’s a great skill to possess. He said Haley haters are most likely ugly, overweight, country music lovers. Haha. The ones who say downright awful things about her.

      • I’m not certain from their post anything descriptive about them at all except this:

        What all these sad souls have in commuon is a pronounced amount of unqualified hate. Anything more is speculation.

    • The vulgarity of the Haley haters have truly amazed me the past few weeks. With terms such as “bitch, slut and pole dancer being used” on a daily basis. The saddest part is, that I think most of these vulgar comments are coming from country music loving WOMEN. People have used terms like “boring for Scotty and overweight and boring for Lauren” in the past. But I have yet to see the vulgarity used by what I am guessing is overweight, country women who are seething with jealousy. I am a country music (as well as rock) fan myself. And some of you female, Haley haters are stooping to levels that are embarrassing the country side of me. VERY SAD DISPLAY.

      • overweight country women? You have got to be kidding me? You sound as bad as the haley nonsupporters.

      • Well Susan, the vast majority of the Haley haters who use vulgar terms to describe Haley are women … Correct? That much is not hard to see. And that in itself will paint a poor picture of country women today. And I am willing to bet “any amount” of money that the vast majority of women that call Haley those names are in fact jealous that Haley has sexy curves, instead of the fat rolls that they themselves have. If you want to say rock music is nothing but “growling” that is understandable. Just like many call country music “boring”. That is understandable as well. But, calling someone “bitch or slut” crosses a line that only not only degrades that one that used that term, it unfortunately degrades other country music lovers as well, like myself. If you don’t see that, than that says a lot about the morals of country women today, compared to those of just 10 years ago.

      • you haley lovers have been just as hateful to lauren and scotty, maybe more so. we can all be supportive to the contestants we prefer without all the name calling and vindictiveness.

  10. LAUREN should win! Come on American’s .. we rock votes for LAUREN!! – from Chicago

  11. So rumor has it that George Strait is picking a song for Scotty and Carrie Underwood is picking one for Lauren. That’s got to be better than the judges’ picks.

  12. Cordial saludo! me ha gustado mucho el programa y lo he estado viendo y me gustaron los dos finalistas y no sabria por cual votar, pues todos los participantes fueron excelentes, los felicito!
    Me pregunto; solo se admite gente bonita? y de muy buena posicion social?
    que Dios los bendiga
    lucia c

  13. Scotty y la rubia finalista estan perfectos paa cantar country como pareja, quedarian divinos

  14. Ok so I make sure I’m updated on what haley is doing and she may perform her new single wed night. If all goes well an album will be in the works. Nigel lythgoe even said she’s already signd to Interscope. Idk if wikipedia is a reliable source(don’t bite my head off lol) but it shows she has Interscope as a label, no other Season 10 idol contestant has tht. Interscopes page also shows haley as being one of their artists. Neat-o

    • AWESOME! Haley will eclipse everyone, being truly one of a kind. She’s just…such an awesome singer. Listening to her J.Joplin song right now, actually…her voice gives me GOOD CHILLS every single time…still, after 5 months of hearing her sing.
      (And idiots don’t need to say, yeah she’s the only one who growls, blah, blah, blah…) because I don’t care.

  15. I vote for Scotty, he is great and he has a unique voice. Loren is mimicking Carrie Underwood, but she will never be successful. Scotty will be the winner, but guys can we all vote to let Randy sing?! I want to hear the true and the only one “Something Pitchy”! I can guarantee you you have never heard a growl like this…..

    • i don’t see any unique at scotty vocal?? so many guy have a voice n vocal like that including his daddy!

      • I agree. It’s like cliche male country singer, they all have deep voices…they’re not all 17, though. I think Scotty is talented, but not so much unique. Lauren’s tone of her voice is honestly prettier to me than Carrie Underwood’s…she’s not as good a singer, though. At least not yet. Maybe if she keeps working, and keeps learning. Also she needs to improve her breathing, maybe jogging or swimming could help her build up her lung power a little bit. Then she will truly be an AMAZING singer. She’s already a great one.

  16. Scotty going to win american idol 2011…..Cant wait to see him perfomance the song – angel by robbie william, i think this song would be his winning song… 🙂

  17. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh~
    news: Simon Cowell pick Lauren to be a win!
    before this news show that:
    Michelle Obama pick Lauren
    Sheryl Crow pick Lauren
    Kelly Clarkson pick Lauren
    Beyonce pick Lauren ..

    for further news, search google!!

    Go Lauren, for the win!!

    • I think you misconstrue a lot of things people say. I hope Lauren wins because I don’t think I could handle her break down on national tv when Scotty wins.

  18. goodluck to scotty and lauren!i love both of them!i know they’re happy to be the TOP 2!!!you are the greatest of the season!that is your title, the TOP 2!!!
    don’t mind about haley’s fans!they are losers!they just want to pull you down coz they can’t rise above you!i like haley though.. but never became my favorite..

      • I like both Lauren and Scotty….. but if i had to choose one of those two, it would be SCOTTY!

      • haley was never as good as scotty! she sings all that jazz stuff! we love scotty!! and i really hope he wins!!

  19. People keep saying Lauren is too immature to put out an album. I think that far more immature people have put out albums than her…for an example, Miley Cyrus was like 13, Lil Bow Wow was what…8-10? Aaron Carter was around 12…I’m not certain of the ages, but it was close to that. Lauren will be just fine putting out her own album, she just has to find the right songs that make her voice stand out in the studio. I think her iTunes haven’t done so well because she sounds kind of generic in there. I think the perfect songs for her could correct that. The truth is that she IS a much better singer than Miley, and Miley has done pretty darn well (because of Hannah Montana, but Idol is an even bigger show). Barely any male winners of Idol have actually became successful. Think about it, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are the most famous Idol winners, and Lauren kinda gives off a mix of their vibes. Scotty winning, could be hit or miss with Idol representing him. I just don’t want him to fade into the background if he wins. I think he’s perfect for Nashville. Plus, Lauren has tried harder…she’s taken a few risks, she’s stepped outside of her comfort zone. I honestly think she deserves to win more than Scotty. I’m not saying she’s any more or less talented than him, she’s just put herself out there more for us than he has. I won’t be watching until later, and I won’t be voting, but I seriously hope that Lauren will win American Idol.

    • i’m crying when read ur this comment!
      don’t forget vote more n more to Lauren!

    • The thing is Lauren does not really stand up for herself. She goes with the flow, with whatever people want her to do or want her to be. For example she let Gwen Stefani dress her in that awful outfit (I love Gwen, but really only Gwen can wear Gwen). Haley told her no and picked out her own thing. And I think that’s where the difference in maturity is. Hopefully she will realize that this is her dream, her career not everyone else’s and she need some guts to stand against those people that WILL walk all over her.

  20. Found these articles about, “Power Voting” and, “Are the Votes Rigged.”
    I don’t know if I buy it, but its food for thought. 🙂

    What’s being done about power dialing?

    “The American Idol voting process is administered and carefully monitored by an independent vote management company. The producers, in consultation with this independent vote management company, reserve the right to remove so-called “power dialing votes” (via toll-free, AT&T text messaging or online) that are identified as having been cast in such a significant block, either by technical enhancements or otherwise, that it could unfairly influence the outcome of the voting.”

    MONDAY, MAY 23, 2011


    April 14, 2011 by admin · View Comments
    American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe has rebuffed rumors that the show rigs results in order to spark controversy and thereby boost its ratings. The rumors were rekindled last week after the elimination of Pia Toscano, who had been regarded by Las Vegas oddsmakers as the favorite in this season’s competition. Lythgoe said last week that he had been watching the weekly voting results and knew all along that Toscano was no frontrunner. And now today’s (Thursday) New York Post quotes him as saying, “There are always conspiracy theories, but you know we are so careful.” All the voting, he said, is tabulated by AT&T. “We get the results. It’s done so openly.” If that is the case, then why doesn’t the show disclose the actual voting numbers? “Let’s take [Season 4,] the Carrie Underwood season,” Lythgoe told the newspaper. “Carrie Underwood won every single week. … You show the vote, and the show is over. There’s no jeopardy if you’re watching somebody win every single week.”

    Also, it is reported that Haley may have a new single out soon, some have said a performance is scheduled for this Wed. night. It would be nice to hear our Haley again , but I don’t think they will air it on Scotty’s or Lauren’s big night, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

    Nigel Lythgoe Hints Haley Reinhart Record Contract! Plus She Received 25M Votes
    by MJ on 05/20/2011 · 174 COMMENTS · in AMERICAN IDOL
    Is Interscope planning to sign Haley Reinhart? It appears the answer could be YES!
    Nigel attempts to respond to nasty tweets and cheer up Haley’s fans with the following tweets (@dizzyfeet):
    “With over 25 million votes for Haley I was expecting disappointment from passionate people. I find it upsetting it creates personal hatred!
    Jimmy played me a song for Haley’s record yesterday. Let’s hope all the people that are professing love buy it and give her a great start.”
    Out of the top 25 iTunes available from this season, Haley holds the top 6 places generating more money than all the others combined! I think its safe to say, “Haley fans put their money where their mouth is!!”

    I was really upset over the elimination of Haley last week, but I don’t think these kids should pay for American Idols polling policies. I am going to watch Tuesday night with an open mind, (but a very critical eye and ear) and seriously vote ONCE for the contestant who possesses the most potential, performs with the most passion, and proceeds to be the most professional. If this is “THE BEST” America has to offer, I’m putting my 2 cents in. Probably wont change a thing, but at least I can say I voted!

    “Still Hooked on Haley” 😛
    I’m just say n’

    • Last time I looked a week and a half ago, Haley had the top 3 iTunes, another in the top 10, 3 more from 11-25, with I Who Have Nothing, the fastest selling out of any iTune of the season. In just 3 days it was already at #12 out of the top 25. Where did you see the new list?
      Hooked on our Hales, always. 😀

  21. yes, looking forward to a good show. good luck to both scottie and lauren.

  22. Don’t care who wins, I was a total Hailey fan, still am and cant wait to see what she comes out with!!!

  23. I’ve found this info on several sites. It is posted May 18, and obviously does not include, “I, Who Have Nothing”, “What is and What should never Be,” “Rhiannon,” “And You Ought to Know.” I’m not verifying its accuracy, I’m just saying’ “People, “vote” with their pocketbooks,” and it looks like those who love Haley are saying to the “haters”, “put up or shut up!”

    The poster of these stats writes:

    “If you want to see who is selling best now it may surprise the Country music fans, seeing that Haley has a country song ahead of Lauren and only in one place behind Scotty. I am also pleased to see that James has music selling very well also. Personally I hope to hear more from all of them.

    As of May 18th 2011, Haley’s performance of Adele’s “Rolling in the
    Deep” received over one million views on Youtube, less than a month
    after it was uploaded.

    I-TUNES Top 10 most popular recordings:

    1. Haley Reinhart: Bennie & The Jets (3741 ratings, 5*) (+317)
    2. Haley Reinhart: House of the Rising Sun (3706 ratings, 5*) NEW
    3. Haley Reinhart: Rolling In The Deep (3542 ratings, 5*) (+701)
    4. Scotty McCreery: The River (3110 ratings, 5*) (+135)
    5. James Durbin: Uprising (2830 ratings, 5*) (+360)
    6. James Durbin: Maybe I’m Amazed (2724 ratings, 5*) (+246)
    7.James Durbin: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (1904 ratings, 5*) (+432)
    8. Haley Reinhart: Blue (2113 ratings, 4.5*) (+268)
    9. Pia Toscano: All By Myself (2094 ratings, 5*) (+79)
    10. Scotty McCreery: Can I Trust You With My Heart (2032 ratings, 5*) (+80)

    Haley has the most number of “rates” and the most favorable overall
    rating on Itunes.

    1. Haley Reinhart: 21380 ratings, average of 4.7* (+9148) +1
    2. James Durbin: 17051 ratings, average of 4.7* (+4540) -1 ELIMINATED
    3. Scotty McCreery: 13584 ratings, average of 4.3* (+3414)
    4. Lauren Alaina: 9990 ratings, average of 4.5* (+3211)

    How About THAT????

    As of May 18th 2011, Haley’s performance of Adele’s “Rolling in the
    Deep” received over one million views on Youtube, less than a month
    after it was uploaded.

    I-TUNES Top 10 most popular recordings:

    1. Haley Reinhart: Bennie & The Jets (3741 ratings, 5*) (+317)
    2. Haley Reinhart: House of the Rising Sun (3706 ratings, 5*) NEW
    3. Haley Reinhart: Rolling In The Deep (3542 ratings, 5*) (+701)
    4. Scotty McCreery: The River (3110 ratings, 5*) (+135)
    5. James Durbin: Uprising (2830 ratings, 5*) (+360)
    6. James Durbin: Maybe I’m Amazed (2724 ratings, 5*) (+246)
    7.James Durbin: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (1904 ratings, 5*) (+432)
    8. Haley Reinhart: Blue (2113 ratings, 4.5*) (+268)
    9. Pia Toscano: All By Myself (2094 ratings, 5*) (+79)
    10. Scotty McCreery: Can I Trust You With My Heart (2032 ratings, 5*) (+80)

    Haley has the most number of “rates” and the most favorable overall
    rating on Itunes.

    1. Haley Reinhart: 21380 ratings, average of 4.7* (+9148) +1
    2. James Durbin: 17051 ratings, average of 4.7* (+4540) -1 ELIMINATED
    3. Scotty McCreery: 13584 ratings, average of 4.3* (+3414)
    4. Lauren Alaina: 9990 ratings, average of 4.5* (+3211)

    The Truth Hurts, I know….. 🙂

    • thats on itunes i say again many, many more people vote on idol than are on these other sites. alot of people voting for scotty and lauren probably don’t even use a computer.

      • yeah, i agree with you sherry. its matter of win some, lose some. anyway, all these american idol candidates are sure winners in their own right. they will all have successful record sales in the future… i say good luck to all of them!

  24. actually i was a james durbin fan, that’s why when he was vote out i felt dismayed cause he’s more deserving than hailey. he was the true american idol season 10 biggest winner’ that’s why i was kinda shocked when he was eliminated. what happened to the voters there in america? but since he did not make it to the finale my vote goes to lauren…and i am so glad that lauren

  25. So what they now pick a song they want to record for if they win theres not a new song there supposed to both sing???????????

  26. What happened to the new song writing contest. Has anybody seen anything on this?

  27. I love both Scotty & Lauren. I think this is one of the best seasons I’ve seen.

    I have to give my votes to SCOTTY!!!



    • let’s drink to that, geri! clap, clap,clap for all the hard work and perseverance…

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