American Idol 2011 Top 2 Week Rankings

Here we go. It’s our very last weekly rankings post of the entire season. Only two singers remain and one of them will be named the American Idol 2011 winner on Wednesday night. Lets take a final look at where you ranked Scotty, Haley, and Lauren in last week’s poll here on our site.

Most of this season Lauren Alaina’s survival has been surprising considering how low she has ranked week after week. This past week was no different. Haley Reinhart may have been eliminated on Thursday but in our poll she had more than twice the votes of Alaina (Reinhart: 38%; Alaina: 18%). How can this be explained? Different demographics visiting this site and power block voting. While you get one vote here (unless you change browsers to get a few extra) you’re far, far less restricted when it comes to phone, texting, and online votes. Looks like Lauren could more popular with a smaller, but far more voting-active crowd.

Scotty McCreery continued his domination of our poll again this week and with James Durbin out of the race his closest competition was Haley. While our polls obviously aren’t a perfect indicator I think there’s a good chance Scotty can hang on to this lead for the win.

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite is doing. Keep in mind that these rankings are based solely on your votes in our weekly site polls.

American Idol 2011 Top 2 Performance Poll Rankings

  1. Scotty McCreery – 42% (up from 27% previous week)
  2. Lauren Alaina – 18% (up from 14% previous week)

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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  1. no reason to vote, it is like slamming your head into a brick wall. it is useless and pointless.
    AI is allowed to switch votes and allows power voting etc….
    the new winner is whoever AI picked long ago to win.

    • I will, one more time. Scotty was among the first for a while now. I also went on all the sites where a poll is created for the two of them. All got Scotty as the winner. If Lauren wins, means the vote system is not good, or the producer of AI decides, so no need to watch and vote.

      • IMO Anyone who doesn’t think it’s rigged is enjoying spectacular naivete’. There is no overseer of the voting procedures or results. No authority is governing the ethics. I look at it as a chance to see new talent not selected by record companies on a reality show that engages me.

      • I think there are 2, Idol’s Harvest Media Group which counts votes in London and FOX’s(don’t remember) that oversees them. They have limits but the power voting gives them a very wide range, since they can not add votes and need a somewhat valid reason to remove them.

      • Pia was lowest vote getter fairly early, So few power votes gave them no option to save her but just a guess, maybe they wanted her gone.

      • @Templar, I have followed you posts and always liked and respected your opinions(well said and well written, unlike mine, I have three ands already) whether I agreed with them or not, but I’d like to address this matter, the voting system is monitored by an independent company just like other posters said, It doesn’t matter who is going the competition it’s a win-win situation for the producers,i.e., selling records, making money, so why rig it and get reputation tarnished? IMO, the reason Lauren and Scotty in the final is they had a strong voting demographic area that Haley did not have. All the Southern Sates: NC, SC, GA, ALA, LA, TN. Can anybody say the same for Hayley?

      • Polls are only polls. People who put in two to four hours of voting is what got these kids to the top. All my votes go to Lauren Alaina. Everyone I know is going to vote for her like crazy because the state of New Mexico loves that girl!

      • I meant who is going to win the competition.
        I did not proofread before posting.

      • The voting is not rigged!!!!!! Why would American Idol risk losing everyting for Haley? She didn’t get the votes because she’s annoying and her voice grates on people’s nerves. I am so glad she’s gone. I wanted a James and Lauren finale, but am happy that Lauren is still hanging on. I will vote for four hours to ensure her win. LAUREN ROCKS!

      • I don’t believe the voting is rigged. I think the process isn’t the best…okay…it’s really bad…but I don’t think it is rigged. I just can’t believe that the producers would stoop so low as to do that. However, I do agree with a previous post…all polls indicate that Scotty is the likely winner. If there is an upset…than I just might think that something strange is going on…and I don’t want to. I would therefore…never vote again…I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch…

    • Sorry you feel that way Secondchance. I agree the results are shocking, but this is not the first season where the most powerful poeple have left the competion in weeks 4 and 3. I would hate to think AI is doing creative bookkeeping but I guess anything is possible. I think voting should be limited to 3 votes per person. And if you text you should not be allowed to call in and vise-a-versa. Online is simpleto trace dues to the ISP computer signature. Or lets really switch it up, and vote for the LEAST favorite. Here tyo a great season finale.

      • kmccormick, if you read AI fine lines it says they can switch votes if they feel the need to. so someone could power vote for james and someone could power vote for scotty and AI can take away james and leave scottys if they want. yo can find this info on the other AI site.

      • I am not from Missouri but I have to call “show me” I do not believe even if they could ‘cancel out’ a contestants votes and roll them over it would be published on any kind of bloggers siter or even Idol official site.

      • I used to feel the same way you did, kmccormick46. No longer. I have seen the language of the contract or bylaws, or whatever it is. And they define this as a “reality show” not a contest. And they do reserve the right to change votes to effect the outcome.

        Not sure why they would pick 2 country contestants for the finale. But they evidently did.

        I now realize it is a waste of time to watch or vote because, as it turns out, anything goes! Anything.

        I’d really like to learn the rationale for what the producers are doing. I am sure it is tied to making things so exciting that you can’t wait to watch the next episode. That brings in viewers, which brings in advertising dollars.

        If I could just understand if there are any rules they don’t/won’t break to achieve results, I guess I would feel better.

        Right now, I have no faith in that, and the whole thing seems like a televised fun house–chock full of creepy fakery.

        I have a distinct feeling the producers are laughing their asses off at the public while counting their cash.

      • I am not from Missouri…but prove it…I don’t think it could be rigged…no way!

    • I don’t think that the votes are rigged at all. Like other people said it all comes down to the people who sit there for 2 hours and vote til the polls close, and to be honest I don’t think that a lot of these online polls are that accurate either. If you look at the poll Lauren has been at the bottem this whole time and look where she is now. Again, it all comes down to the people who vote more then once for the whole time period. In the end Lauren Alaina has my vote just like she has since Top 24 😀

      • yes, power voting does it, but like i said lauren can get 1,00 power votes and james can get 1,000, AI can take away james and leave laurens if they want. go to AI official site and read it.

  2. Winning American Idol is an indication of nothing other than the show manipulating your life. I’m speaking, of course, of those that feel they have to power vote for 2 hours.

  3. Even we all think the voting system should be changed I am sorry to tell you that it wont. This is a business as any other business and well you can understand that as more zillions and zillions of votes come in more money the program makes so… we should stop dreaming they love to announce we had 102 zillions of votes never before in any season!! sucks!
    As per for the winner I totally agree with secondchance comment #1, this was already decided and for me Lauren will be crowned, they need the controversy and most of all a girl standing as a winner after more than 3 years a girl had not won.
    Anyway these guys will have record deals and a wonderful future this was only the beginning.

    • Marta, this time I don’t agree with u, Scotty will win, it clearly to me since the beginning

    • Although it makes me sick I also have to agree with secondchance and Marta. Lauren will be crowned because AI wants a female winner. Scotty will get screwed just like Haley. It should have been a Scotty Haley finale. The voting format needs to be changed. DWTS voting seems more fair and eliminates power block voting.

    • hi Jeffry

      I don´t like Scotty much for me his performances are sort of boring. I don´t feel the love lol but prove me wrong on wednesday 🙂

      • Scotty will win this one even though a girl hasnt won lately Just watch and see Scotty is sure not boring to watch. Apparently its not your typs NOT boring at all. Now boring was Haley and Pia. Im not saying they couldnt sing good. Just boring!! Just stood there nothing great and sang songs that sounded like the song before and before and before I guess there will be folks that agree and some that disagree but to each his own. Everyone of these guys deserve to be where they are now and some will succeed I think, some will flop!! I myself am going for a Scotty win and vote unless of course he really sucks this week which I can not see happening.

    • Now Lauren will win because she is a girl….Never heard of a contest be rated according to sex….donnt think so….no sweat…there were better boy singers then girls

  4. Looks like the chart speaks for itself on eliminations!…You can tell that some that had more votes were sent home when the chart showed they had more than some who stayed!…Why can’t any contest be honest and fun anymore? Always has to be manipulated one way or another seems like!…and frankly, I don’t know that I believe the above chart to be correct period.

    • The chart above is based solely on the votes placed here on the site via our weekly performance polls (“Who did the best?”). There’s nothing to not believe about them. All the source numbers are available here on the site so there’s complete transparency.

      • This is just a Poll, If you didnt call in and vote or vote on American Idols site, Then that would be why these votes do NOT count its just an idea of how people voted is all.

      • The votes on this site are based solely on the people who come here to read this site and vote in your polls. It is possible that the majority of fans for Lauren do not come here and vote in your polls. Just because Lauren is behind here does not mean she is behind in real life voting all throughout the US. It also does not necessarily mean that she got more votes because of the voting process of two hours and allowing unlimited votes. Haley fans were able to do that to. I read some fans saying they voted for Haley 1,000 times and another over 800 times times and I do not believe they were the only Haley fans to vote that much. . Haley’s fans most likely voted just as much as they could to.
        The most reasonable explanation to your polls results not matching the actual results to me, in my opinion, is that a majority of Laurens fans don’t vote in your polls!

      • @JJ: I get the feeling you didn’t bother to read the article. Second paragraph states two possible explanations of the difference between the polls and the show’s results. The very first explanation is that the people voting for Lauren aren’t voting in these polls.

        You sound kinda silly trying to argue with me using my own argument…

      • “Matt (AIN) says:
        May 23, 2011 at 4:50 PM

        @JJ: I get the feeling you didn’t bother to read the article. Second paragraph states two possible explanations of the difference between the polls and the show’s results. The very first explanation is that the people voting for Lauren aren’t voting in these polls.

        You sound kinda silly trying to argue with me
        using my own argument…”

        First of all Matt…where in my post am I trying to argue with you? I simply posted my opinion of the votes of the poll and the true votes! Please point out where I am arguing with you!
        Secondly…I did read all of it including your two explanations but unlike you state in your comment to me

        “The very first explanation is that the people voting for Lauren aren’t voting in these polls.”

        No Matt…that is not what you said in the article…you said this
        “How can this be explained? Different demographics visiting this site and power block voting”

        That is what you said Matt! And how do you explain your last sentence in that particular paragraph which is the main reason I posted. Here it is again
        “While you get one vote here (unless you change browsers to get a few extra) you’re far, far less restricted when it comes to phone, texting, and online votes. Looks like Lauren could more popular with a smaller, but far more voting-active crowd.”

        This was the main reason I posted what I did!

        Nice try though Matt in trying to twist my words around and make it look like I didn’t read your article in full. Not so good at trying to make me look like I am just looking to argue with you!

      • Seriously, JJ? Sigh. Okay, I’ll explain once more.

        You wrote, “The votes on this site are based solely on the people who come here to read this site and vote in your polls. It is possible that the majority of fans for Lauren do not come here and vote in your polls.”

        The original article above says, [I’ll narrow it down further than just second paragraph] “How can this be explained? Different demographics visiting this site…”

        “Different demographics visiting this site” implied different groups are voting online/phone/text from those voting here on the site. You simply restated what I already said.

        While I originally thought you didn’t read the article, I now understand that you just didn’t understand what “different demographics” meant.

        And if you’re really confused by the “smaller, more active voting crowd” means well let me try again. If Lauren is consistently and significantly less popular in our polls then her survival could be explained by those few numbers of supporters out voting a larger crowd. So if 100 people prefer Haley and vote once, but 15 people prefer Lauren and vote ten times each… See how that works?

        As much fun as this has been, I’ve got to move on to the next topic.

      • Matt (AIN) says:
        May 23, 2011 at 9:43 PM

        “Seriously, JJ? Sigh. Okay, I’ll explain once more.”

        ..Really..this is how you start out your response? That is sad! Sorry you’re condescending words will not work on me!

        “You wrote, “The votes on this site are based solely on the people who come here to read this site and vote in your polls. It is possible that the majority of fans for Lauren do not come here and vote in your polls.”
        The original article above says, [I’ll narrow it down further than just second paragraph] “How can this be explained? Different demographics visiting this site…”

        …No Matt you said…”Different demographics and power block voting” There is a difference in you are suggesting two different reasons which is why in my post I explain that I believe it is only one reason…I am saying it is just the demographic difference and not the power block voting in my original post as Haley fans have the same opportunity! I guess it is you who does not understand. You gave two reasons for Laurens popularity not showing on this sites polls and suggest both are the reasons Laurens popularity is not noted in these polls results. I stated I believe the reason for the polls to be different for Lauren here than in the actual results was only due to the demographic differences!I just stated it as “The majority of Lauren fans don’t vote here in your polls.” Not as “Demographic differences” Do you understand now? You suggested two reason…I suggested one!

        “While I originally thought you didn’t read the article, I now understand that you just didn’t understand what “different demographics” meant.”

        ….Really?.. another Pathetic attempt to try and be condescending again? Get over yourself!
        I knew what you meant and I also believe you wanted to make it seem more about how many votes a person can cast than how many voters prefer the contestant. However, Haley fans have the same opportunity to vote just as many times.

        “And if you’re really confused by the “smaller, more active voting crowd” means well let me try again. If Lauren is consistently and significantly less popular in our polls then her survival could be explained by those few numbers of supporters out voting a larger crowd. So if 100 people prefer Haley and vote once, but 15 people prefer Lauren and vote ten times each… See how that works?”

        …Another pathetic attempt to be condescending but that appears to be your character. Sad really!
        This paragraph is the reason I made my original post. How is it that you suggest I don’t understand it?. I understand the power voting. I also understand (and I think now you do not) that Haley’s fans have the same opportunity to power vote. I read that some did as much by giving per person 1,000 and over 800 votes at one time. One in particular said she had the computer votes going as well as two phones to call. One in each hand and said..”Scotty fans, bring it on” This is why I said in my original post that I believe the only reason Lauren didn’t do well in these polls but advanced to finals over Haley is only due to the majority of Laurens fans do not vote in your poll, not that and power voting as you suggest both!

        ..As much fun as this has been, I’ve got to move on to the next topic.

        Good for you!

      • You don’t seem to understand the chart. The numbers in the chart are the numbers from the weekly polls here.

        There’s nothing “not correct” about them at all. It’s simply a tracking method for how the singers did in the polls here each week. The chart is very “correct,” you just might not agree with the weekly poll results.

      • Matt, Am I missing something here?
        I only had an IQ of 128 back when Jesus was a baby & I understand what you are conveying.

        Do people get so caught up in their own positions that they can’t even figure 1 + 1 = 2?

        As I learned years ago… never go into a battle of wits with unarmed people. You are trying to roll sh** uphill with them.

  5. Just in case…I don’t think you shouldn’t vote tomorrow…that may be why Pia and James left early…assumption others were voting and ‘they’re in’ mindset…so I’ll still throw my votes in….Scotty for the win!

  6. Well, Matt and Branden (and other blog writers here), I hope you expand your reach to other shows, because this one that will be going right into the toilet next year. Many people are just done with it. Only masochists would watch this show again.

    • Thanks Pup. Branden, Ashlie Rae, and I will be covering Big Brother this summer at

      I’ve also started up sites for SYTYCD ( and X Factor ( as well. Once Survivor comes back again we’ll still be at as well.

      Edit: As Marta noted, yes, we also have The Voice (

      We hope to see everyone there! Of course if you’re only interested in American Idol then we’ll continue to have this site up and running all year long as well.

      • Matt you forgot your The Voice cover!!! 🙂 hope many friends from here join you there 🙂

      • i am so glad you are doing those sites!!! that made my day! now i can still keep in touch with the people i met here. i like so many of them!
        i was bummed out today thinking about how i will never get to post with them after this year cause i am done with AI.

        thank you matt and branden for all the hard work you do so we can post 🙂

        i will be seeing everyone on the voice and xfactor 🙂

    • Pup, I agree. I may watch but I will NEVER vote again until their bankrupt voting system is changed for the better.

  7. Yes I have moved on but I ran into this pro-Haley article yesterday on Zap2it and had to share.
    “Here’s the thing: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are talented. Don’t get us wrong, those kids can sing, but don’t they make for a boring finale? They’re both country artists and they both play it safe. Always. We dare you to tell us one performance where either of those two chose a risky song or made daring changes to a song. See, you can’t.

  8. Haley provides that edge, that unpredictability that we grew to love over the course of Season 10. This is a girl who busted out Led Zeppelin for Top 3 performance night. We were dying to see what she would pull out for the finale… alas, we will never learn what the growlin’ 20-year-old was planning. Tragic.

    • In the Hollywood Reporter, former Idol contestant Elliott Yamin was a guest blogger and wrote about how if it was about voice Haley would be in the finale, and in a perfect world the country vote would’ve been split…he said his favorite was Haley from the very beginning.

      • Guess he was wrong then HUH— I think its going to be a blasto!!! if you dont want to watch cause you dont like their songs or music then dont watch do we really care????

      • If it was about voice, Pia would be in the finale and Haley wouldn’t even make top 12 girls.

      • Was I talking to either one of you? Haha, and did I form one opinion of my own? No, I was telling someone what Elliot said…and it wasn’t either of YOU! And no, he wasn’t wrong. Scotty and Lauren can’t even hold a candle to Haley.

      • Gabby, Got a question for you & it’s not a trick question:
        Why do you watch AI? I want your answer, so think about your reply.

        Regarding Pia;
        She had the most accurate, technically perfect voice I may have ever heard on idol. She NEVER was off pitch or missed a note in my opinion & believe me, I listened.
        But it became obvious this vocally perfect, absolutely beautiful young lady was scared sh**less in front of large numbers of people. This in turned affected her performances to the point she appeared stilted. But worse, this let to her emotional detachment from the song she was singing.
        If you don’t believe me review the judges comments.
        These factors, along with that cow suit spelled her demise.

        But I digress, Why do YOU watch idol?

  9. MATT – could you do some research and write about how this power voting really works? Someone on this site told us once that there are apps that allow someone to vote thousands of times – is that true? are these legal??

      • Yes, they don’t say much – like, they say an “independent vote management company” (never heard of this type of business… ever…) oversees this power voting etc etc – see below – but no names of the company… Maybe this vote management company is owned by Lauren’s cousins? That would explain… he he he…

        The American Idol voting process is administered and carefully monitored by an independent vote management company. The producers, in consultation with this independent vote management company, reserve the right to remove so-called “power dialing votes” (via toll-free, AT&T text messaging or online) that are identified as having been cast in such a significant block, either by technical enhancements or otherwise, that it could unfairly influence the outcome of the voting.

      • so as i said….they get to pick and choose who gets and dont get the power votes.

  10. In honor of Reinhart’s insanely entertaining journey on “Idol” (and because we’ve been watching these videos all day anyway), we compiled a list of her Top 5 “American Idol” performances:”

    Now it seems she rules the itunes downloads war as well!

    • That is a good thing for Haley – the show is just a show, after it is done, the contestants are left on their own not knowing what hit them – AI is a huge machine and sucks all the juices of those kids and them throw them on the streets to survive on their own. So, in the case of Haley, it might be that all the injustice and bias ended up making her more popular with those who really count – those who will buy her CDs and go to her shows…

    • No full recording contracts have been signed yet. Limited 1 or 2 songs contracts have been setup for Pia and Haley to test if there is reason to create an album and the full contract with it.

      So if you like Pia and Haley buy their first song to give them a good start.
      James is talking with outside company to stay with metal, so he may have to wait until after summer tour to record.

    • @B-scot

      Every person who passes the auditions for Idol has to sign a contract that says if they are selected for the final 12 (in the case of this year it was 13) then 19 Productions and its’ recording company have the option to sign them to a contract and unless 19 does not take up the option, they cannot sign for anyone else.

      The winner is tied down to a 7-year contract and the others will vary according to how much 19 wants to invest in them.

      Up until this year, the recording companies have been one of the Sony Music Entertainment Group’s companies. So Carrie Underwood is on Arista-Nashville, others are on RCA, etc. That contract expired last year and Sony did not re-sign because of the poor sales of 4 out of the last 6 finalists.

      Only David Cook and Adam Lambert have been successful out of the past 3-years finalists.

      The record company for this year is Interscope-Geffen-A&M, which is part of Universal Music Entertainment and Jimmy Iovine is the Producer and Chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M.

      If they are releasing records by Pia and Haley, then they must have signed them because Jimmy Iovine had already made statements about the kind of music he wants Pia to do.

      If James wants to do Metal, they may sign him but the reality is that most of that music is issued on Indie Labels these days because there is not a big popular market for it.

      I’m not sure what will happen if 19 signs James because he will be managed by them so time will tell if he gets what he wants.

  11. You know you people have got it all wrong now cause if your favourite was still in you would not be saying what yous are saying now. So grow up and except it. They will do good. I am scotty all the way but if lauren wins then so be it. At the end of the day they all make cds and sell them. So stop all the anger no need for it

    • Just jealous is all it is Their singer is out so of course you know we have to hear ALL the different excuses!! EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES What they gona say next

      • You dont have to respond….You also dont have anything constructive to give it up

  12. All of the finalists are good. Pia with her powerful voice, Casey and his multi-talented show, Haley with her sexy-rispy-incredible voice, James’s amazing high note screaming performance, were really made this season was so enjoyable to watch. but Scotty has a unique, memorable, sweet voice … And he’s really entertaining .. So, Scotty for the win !!!

  13. Todo lo que ha ocurrido en este American Idol 2011 sólo demuestra que el Sistema de Votación es un FRAUDE, que la Opinión de los Jueces al Final es inecesaria ya que no tienen ningun poder de voto (están allí para llenar tiempo de producción con sus repetitivos comentarios), y que los que realmente deciden quienes llegan a la Final es el Equipo de Producción (ellos deciden si será hombre o mujer o si quieren un par de Adolecentes, como es el caso actual) de acuerdo a lo que ellos piensan deben ofrecer al Mercado.

    Para mí Scotty será el ganador… Pero quién sabe, se han visto tantos resultados ínsolitos.

    • Interesting comments but I don’t thing the production team has any say on selecting who advances into the finals. I’ve wondered about the legitimacy of the contestants advancment but decided if there was any foul play on the part of American Idol themselves it would eventually come out, just to many hands in the mix. No, I believe they go by the votes, as corupt as they are!
      ScottyFan is right “we all complained about James fan and Pia fans bitching then it was our turn for Haley but bitching is a good stress relief, it’s important to complain sometimes.

      • I was a pia fan to and I did not go on like that. My two favorites were pia and scotty

  14. It seems Aerosmith won’t be performing Wed. night (sorry James) but Bono might, interesting to see what Idol has planned.
    Saturday Haley’s father announced that Haley is recording her first single and that AI might let her sing it Wed.

    • Let see how famous Haley she would gets so good for her that she is recording her first cd I know I am not buying her cd. So the people that r complaining should stop already. Let Lauren and Scotty do there things Don’t be a haters move on Haley is gone. Go Lauren should them who the best.

      • I bought all of Haley’s itunes and I heard she has sold the most so I think she will do ok.

      • Pia and Haley have limited 1 or 2 song deal to see if album will sell.

        If you like them buy their first song and maybe their album later.

    • Great!!! Can’t wait to buy her album. I hope she continues doing blues and rock

      • Ok All you fans go buy the itunes or whatever and let it go now shes gone thank goodness Wasnt a fan of either left but they both deserve to be on finale and I will still vote for the best which most likely will be Scotty.

    • Ron…..James was going to sing with Steven T. not Aerosmith so there still a chance they may sing together…..I can only hope!!!!! It would be good for the ratings so AI may allow it…..

  15. It is going to be tough breaking into the blues/jazz market. Elliot Yamin, from Season 5, was one of the most amazing singers on Idol (check out his Idol performance “A Song for You” on YouTube. However, his bluesy/jazzy CD’s are not doing well, despite his fantastic voice. Maybe not a strong market or radio demand? I don’t know…..

    • I read that Haley hopes to release an album that is sultry, bluesy, rock, with hopes in the future of a possible jazz album.

      Regardless of what she releases, I’m sure all of us Haliens will be buying it. Hopefully for Lauren, James, and Scotty their fans will support them the same way.

      • The sultry bluesy rock market is hot now but many are from the UK, like Adele with both #1 album and song right now with first album still on the charts, then Duffy’s “Mercy” at over 6M+ sold.

        County is down 13% in sales just this year and only a handful are doing great, Kelly C and Carrie U being 2 of them.

        On the top 10 all genre, 1)Adele, 2)Katy Perry, 3)Lady Gaga, 6)JLo with On the Floor, which is being marketed super heavy to get there, maybe a perk for being a judge on Idol.

    • Angela, I mean this kindly… I watched Elliot closely & followed him during the shows because he had great talent, excellent voice & grew each week as a performer.
      But he’s no Haley to me. Just my tastes & opinion.

  16. People who vote 1 – 10 times are like the needle in the haystack. They really won’t count in the 95 million power vote stack. I think that is why some people thought….why bother? Maybe that is what happened in some of the past Idol injustices.

  17. This decision will be difficult. I like both of them. I’M THRILLED HALEY WAS VOTED OFF!!!!!!!

    • Hopefully she’ll get to perform her single during the finale!

    • Lynn: Haley was not my favorite, but do we really need to say bad things? I am not happy with the character assination that has been done in regards to Haley on this site. I also am very angry about the cruel attacks made with regard to Lauren & Scotty.

      I would very much so like to hear Haley’s new single, however, I think that the Finale night should be about Lauren & Scotty. Out of respect to them.

    • Yes, Lynn, we know she was voted off & that you are thrilled about it.
      You won, okay? Go pickup your trophy & be as happy as a Haley hater can be.

  18. All these theories are dumb. If there is power voting, AI throws out the votes. Lauren Alaina is the far better singer and should win American Idol. Scotty is a one trick pony and can’t sing more than three notes. LAUREN ALAINA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Idol is only obligated to reduce them by half if they decide to, some leaked rumors are that Idol limits them to 1000 votes per source this year. The problem is no one knows, they should release raw data after the show so people believe they are fair and not rigged.

  19. Polls don’t mean nothing. It’s the votes the votes on Tuesday night that will count and all mine go to Lauren Alaina! Scotty may have the teenie bopper vote, but Lauren has the talent. It won’t be right if that dude wins.

    • I agree with you Josh. Lauren is most improved and most versatile of the two. I think her confidence is building and she’ll be amazing as she matures.

      • Patsy, Is it REALLY you? I thought you died in a car accident back in the sixties.

        I HAVE to ask: Tell us honestly, what did you think of Haley’s rendition of ‘Blue’? It made me instantly think of you.
        I understand that song was written for you but you died before having the chance to see it.

        Wow, I am so glad you’re back. You can show theses pups what a REAL voice sounds like. You were the greatest!

  20. One poll is only one poll. Your poll does not represent America…..therefore you have no way of knowing how many votes Lauren gets across America. To think she has few voters who vote nonstop is a little presumptuous don’t you think???
    Haley is history. Gooooooo Lauren!!!!!

    • Exactly Carol. This is just a poll for this site. Just because the actual votes were different from this sites polls does not mean anything other than most likely people who voted for Lauren do not vote in the polls here.

  21. Matt, I have certainly enjoyed sharing my thoughts on your blog. This is the first time I have participated because it is the first time I have felt so passionate about the winner. It is the first time since Carrie Underwood, that country music has ever really been represented. This season was the best ever….not only because of the judges but because of the contestants. So many of them were really great; however, Scotty and Lauren have stolen our hearts. If this is not a testimony of the powerhouse country music loving fans, I don’t know what is. I will watch X Factor but I don’t expect it to be the amazing program that is American Idol. Simon Cowell, on more than one occasion, let it be known his disdain for country music. It just might be to his chagrin. Anyway, I will tune in to x factor and if I feel so passionate, I will join your blog. Feel sad it is ending! Love Scotty and Lauren and cannot choose between them.

  22. the real winner will be the singer who is still recording and selling out arenas twenty years from now.

  23. Like I said before James is gone so forget it Scotty will win and I don’t think he deserves it. Vote for Lauren. Go Lauren Go Lauren

    • ja wilson
      A b s o l u t e l y agree.
      Love to see Lauren win. Only one who seems to improve and brings some versatility to her performance.

      • It is so wonderful to see some Lauren Alaina fans on this site finally. GO LAUREN!!!

  24. Scotty has been my favorite since his first audition. I am very happy that he is in the finale now. His got the golden voice, humble looks, and the X-factor that only fans can see it. Scotty we love you. You are our winner.

  25. To all complainers about vote results if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Period.

      • Really Mom? Do I have to? Listening to Scotty is like having to eat peas — you tell me it’s good for me, but it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth…..

        Listening to Lauren is like having to eat White Rice — not much flavor, but I can get it down fairly easy….

      • Absolutely lauren fan.
        James and Lauren have been my favorites all along. Sad to see James got the boot but Lauren is still with us.

        Scotty always seemed to be the sure fire winner regardless of his lack luster performances where Lauren was the long shot.

        I always bet on long shots. When they pay off, they pay off big. She will be a star.

      • bahloo shut the f*** up. take your lost as a man or if you apparently are a female then lower your lips and get on with it, ok? I am not intending to be rude. But those 2 are in the finale because they can sing and have talents. What do you got? Can you at least sing? I am a musician myself so I know how hard it is to break through into the music world. Peace out.

    • I love the show, I don’t like the current voting system. Scotty was my favorite on day 1.

      Many people who love the show dislike the potential power voting. It skews the results. Complaining on sites like this are expected. AI listens to these complaints. They may not do anything about it, but they are going to bring these complaints to light after this season is over, as they are planning next season. They will be discussing possibly limiting votes to 1 vote per device. That would be perfect. That would stop all the complaints. Most of us want a fair voting system. Plus it would save a lot of people a lot of time LOL.

      • I hope so, JD. It must be possible to get a better system. DWTS has one. AI should emulate that show.

      • Jd… agree with you on all points….Love Scottyy since day one…hate the voting system

  26. It’s not very surprising that your poll results differ from the real thing. Sure it probably represents where a certain amount of votes are going but the total amount of votes here is less than 0.1% of America’s votes. I would imagine there’s at least as many voters that don’t come here, and they’re the ones power voting, sometimes for the “underdog” according to these polls

    • It does not matter how many votes are counted if the sample is random. Neither AI nor this site has a random sample, but this site comes much closer to one because it doesn’t encourage multiple voting. (However, it’s still a convenience sample with self-selection bias.)

      What is interesting to me is that most polls had Haley far ahead of Lauren, including the one on this site. That gives weight to Matt’s hypothesis that Lauren’s voters are casting more votes per voter. This very well could lead to her winning the whole thing. That would mean the top four would finish in pretty much the reverse order of the popular vote over the past few weeks.

      We can predict Presidential elections with just a few hundred votes, because those predictions are based on a random sample of likely voters. If AI truly cares to have vote representative of the feelings of the viewers, this is what they must do. However, they do not care. They want people to feel the excitement of calling in thousands of times each. Meh.

      • I really think you got it..I only watch wensday dont think I can stand tuesday. but alot of our fav will be on wens cant wait

      • JMO But AL is a business out to make money…between each segment of AL…there are 10 to 12 commercials…and the public is not told as to how many votes each person got…just a total 95 million I would thry could put an end to the power voting

    • I would not think we should be showing off loincloths made of dingo skin, compatible with were wanting to develop. Immediately we understand it’s actually deserving of determining, it’s going to really good.

  27. I really hope that Scotty WINS!!!! He is very talented! He’s charming & sweet & really desrves to win. That being said, The voting situation DOES NEED TO CHANGE TO BE more fair. Limit the votes per phone, email address etc. The top four should have been Scotty, Paul, Pia & James (in my opinion!) Who knows how things would have turned out with different voting rules!! ( Also,I Miss Simon Cowell & his comments for the contestants!)

  28. Perfect example of how BAD the voting system is…on here you vote once and Lauren gets killed! Via text you vote thousands of time and Haley and James and Pia are eleminated despite being front runners according to polls. What is the point of these polls? They don’t show crap unless American Idol switches its voting system to one vote per person

  29. Perfect example of how phucked the voting system is…on here you vote once and Lauren gets killed! Via text you vote thousands of time and Haley and James and Pia are eleminated despite being front runners according to polls. What is the point of these polls? They don’t show crap unless American Idol switches its voting system to one vote per person

    • James and Pia are amazing, their names shouldn’t be used/said in the same sentence as Haley’s.

      • And some people’s posts should not be allowed anymore on this site because they consistently slam a particular contestant. Just a useless hater.

      • Pup, And a particular contestant who is not even around anymore!
        Gabby, You do realize she’s been eliminated, right?

  30. Perfect example of how crAPPY the voting system is…on here you vote once and Lauren gets killed! Via text you vote thousands of time and Haley and James and Pia are eleminated despite being front runners according to polls. What is the point of these polls? They don’t show crap unless American Idol switches its voting system to one vote per person

  31. Lauren Alaina fans have always been a minority on this site. Doesn’t mean anything. They don’t vote in this particular poll because they don’t come to this site.

  32. Nigel in an interview said he is push hard for 1 vote per device or public votes for bottom 3 and judges pick the loser for next year.

    I think part of Idol strength is picking a favorite and rooting for them, so I’m hoping for first option.

    Nigel also said that Haley got a bit of a bad deal on the attitude issue and more was going on behind the scene or not shown on TV. JLo got alittle mad about the Lady Gaga song for Haley since JLo is doing everything she can to top Gaga on the charts but still at #6 to #3 for Gaga.

    • That is good news – I hope this is true and NIgel gets what he wants – one vote per device. It is very easy to program this setup on the AT and T side and is a more honest way to have a winner based on votes…

    • So if a family only has one phone and three people in the family, they can only vote once – but if one person has a cell phone, a landline, a facebook account and iPad, etc, they can vote multiple times.

      There have always been people voted off that some thought should have stayed on and some that stayed that people thought should go.

      People assume that if voting is changed their favoriate would win. May or may not be true.

      • In the real world, yes, some may have several devices, and some may have only one, but when compared to potentially 8000 votes for 1 person, the numbers would be much more realistic if it was one per device.

        There will still be contestants voted off that some will think shouldn’t be, thats the nature of a contest, however, it would eliminate the power vote, and may actually allow the contestants who get the most real votes to progress, rather than those who have the stronger power voters.

        This season is almost behind us, but in the future, I believe that AI would be a much better program if they institute a one vote per device style of voting.

    • You are relentless, LOL. You sure like Lauren. I have to give you credit though, I haven’t seen you say derogatory comments against the other contestants. Keep cheering her on, you never know, she just might win the whole kit and kaboodle.

  33. After winning the Top Touring Artist Award at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night (May 22), U2 members Bono and the Edge are set to perform on the American Idol season 10 finale this Wednesday. An announcement posted on confirms that the bandmates will appear alongside cast members of the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which is currently back in revamped form and running in previews with one new song, and classic hits from the band, woven into the production. Bono and the Edge are the show’s composers.

    • Great. With a finale that features two country contestants we get members of a washed up folk/rock band who are now neophyte Broadway composers. I may read a book while much of this show is on. Not my cup of tea.

      • Well, I love Bono!!! BUT . . . I was wishing anyone with any fame would turn down AI because they have turned out to be such transparently dishonest sleazebags.


        I got an email from an old friend today with a forward about “Things That Are Going To Disappear in Our Lifetime.” I haven’t checked out the book or video yet, but I have to tell you, AI crossed my mind as I read this:

        This is one of the saddest parts of the change story. The music industry is dying a slow death. Not just because of illegal downloading. It’s the lack of innovative new music being given a chance to get to the people who would like to hear it. Greed and corruption is the problem. The record labels and the radio conglomerates are simply self-destructing. Over 40% of the music purchased today is “catalogue items,” meaning traditional music that the public is familiar with. Older established artists. This is also true on the live concert circuit. To explore this fascinating and disturbing topic further, check out the book, “Appetite for Self-Destruction,” by Steve Knopper, and the video documentary, “Before the Music Dies.”

  34. As American Idol season 7 winner David Cook gears up to release his highly anticipated second album This Loud Morning (due June 28), the rocker will make several key stops in the coming weeks, among them: an appearance at the Hollywood Walk of Fame induction ceremony honoring Simon Fuller and a performance on the Idol season 10 finale.

  35. Well I would vote but don’t see a place to vote. Just found this place so obviously a lot of people who votes don’t come hee to vote.

    • Uh, Teresa, are you for real? You can’t vote til after the show on Tuesday–you know after they sing (what you are supposed to be voting on, their performances). And you can go to American Idol (not this blog) to vote online or see the phone numbers or text numbers to vote.

      • If you meant the poll conducted in this blog, then you have to wait til it is posted to vote. The poll referenced in the article was from the previous week.

  36. Speaking of the voting predictions and polls in general, thank you, Clive, for your post.

    I found a site (which I won’t name) which showed online voting (one vote per computer) for the contestants from the time they were in the Top 24 to now.

    Interesting results that coincide with the polls here, I think. I show just the stats for the last 4 contestants during weeks of the Top 7 to now (Top 2):

    Top 7 and Top 6

    1. James
    2. Scotty
    3. Lauren
    4. Haley

    Top 5 & Top 4
    1. James
    2. Scotty
    3. Haley
    4. Lauren

    Top 3
    1. Haley (Now isn’t that interesting?)
    2. Scotty
    3. Lauren

    Voting on site so far for Top 2:
    1. Scotty (showing twice as many votes as Lauren)
    2. Lauren

    • Thats because Haley is Amazing if you don’t believe me just listen to her studio recording of “Piece of My Heart” or her performance of “I (Who Have Nothing)” Which both I believe could put her near the top of any chart even outside of just AI

      • @jpb034: I have been and continue to be a huge Haley fan. No convincing required!!!

  37. well, i think this poll is not that reliable..they studied only a small portion of America and aren’t really a representative of the whole America that’s why it differs to the result in AI..i wont waste my time voting here, but will do extra effort in real battle..that’s what you must have done for your can say lauren has small number of fans, but that also says that lauren’s fans are just A LOT WISER..

    • Nick, it means no such thing. It could just as easily mean that they are unemployed and can spend a lot of time devising ways to “cram the ballot box.” They probably visit the ACORN website, for example.

    • Annie, the poll I referenced and the one conducted here on this site indicate to me that both James and Haley were cut while having #1 rankings. Simon Fuller is slime, and all those who did his beckoning are, too, Randy, JLo, and yes, even Steven and Jimmy Iovine (neither of which did enough).

      • Good point, JD. If the power voting was going on for Lauren, as has been mentioned, then, he very well could be #2 if that continues Tues night.

      • I am really thinking that Lauren might very well win. I just do not understand the voting. When I go the web and I pick my fav. They are not the only one to get the vote so I started to use the phone.

  38. wow, looks like every week James and Scotty switched first and second place from the beginning!

  39. It’s been announced that George Strait is picking a song for Scotty and Carrie Underwood is picking a song for Lauren.

  40. I used to vote. I haven’t in years despite the fact that I love the show and never miss it. I no longer vote because my 4 or 5 votes mean nothing in comparision to the hundreds or thousands that some others vote. Therefore, I just watch and listen because I like music and enjoy seeing young people try to attain their dream. It would be nice to have a system that actually reflects the taste of the viewership, though. If there were such a system, I would begin voting. However, AI seems to believe if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It is the most popular show in the US with the current voting system, right?

      • either make a change or lose one of the many things i admired about ai and that was anybody could win …. now it’s ruled by groups who organize for there favorite and not the one who is liked by the majority of viewers …. at least that’s what i’m hearing from this blog

  41. I have been supporting Scotty since he went to the audition and started to sing “Your Man” in front of the judges. They called him a “legend”.

  42. I know James is a cocky guy but he should have beeen in the finale with Scotty. I am not saying that Lauren does not deserve the place. But with James and Scotty competing against each other now that what we would call it a “GRAND FINALE”. James would give his best on rock music and Scotty would rock the finale with his country music. Hehe.

  43. Al parecer, los resultados de la votación no coinciden con la encuesta, porque la encuesta la puedes responder sólo una vez desde una PC, así que refleja en realidad, quién tiene mayor cantidad de fans. En cambio, el sistema de votación de American Idol refleja qué artista tiene fans con mejores posibilidades ($us) para emitir mayor cantidad de votos

  44. Although I am not a FAN of Country this was decent for singers. Scotty has a natural talent and knew wjat type of Artist he was right from the start – there was no guess on this. BUT he sings Boring with all the raised eyebrow gestures which almost I agree with a previous comment of the Howdie Doodie..HEE HAWWW adventure comically speaking. But has a nice voice just needs experience. And Scotty also needs to be a bit more then he is now with his voice. I dont think I ever saw him struggle a song. ( Push himself to the limit ) Disappointing to that !!
    Lauren..mmm Not the best singer either as she cuts her notes short. Again with a bit experience she will do well.
    She did push her self with songs – Doesnt remind me of boring. Nothing comical about her. She is young and needs experience. MY VOTE..Drum roll please….Lauren all the way since I have no other vote to give.

    If I could Vote for anyone else it would have been James Durbin or Casey or even Pia..They were all very good in my opinion..Haley..mmmmmm ATTITUDE !!

  45. lauren you were amazing. I can’t wait for you to record the song like my mother does. it was so beatiful.

  46. Lauren, you are my American Idol. This is the first time we are going to see the final show Live in Colombia. My dream is to see you as the new American Idol. Good luck

  47. i just want to say that last night they DID cram Lauren down our throats!! For that very reason I voted as many times as I could for Scotty. He’s more nautral and has much more confidence in addition to being an awesome country singer.

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