American Idol 2011: Group Round Spoilers

Joe’s Place has been busy compiling information about the group rounds for all us fans of American Idol 2011.  Not only does she discuss the groups but also a few more juicy tidbits of information. 

In past seasons those hopefuls who sang on the first day of Hollywood week had a significant advantage over those who sang on the second because they could create their groups a day early and practice while those on the second day were left staying up all night to perfect their arrangement.  The rules have changed this year and all groups formed on the first day must wait and choose at least one singer from the second day of hell week.  According to Joe, this brought on some conflict and more drama ensued, like the groups needed anymore drama lol.  However Nigel did say these were the best groups he had ever seen.

Here’s a few noteworthy spoilers:

Jordan Dorsey left his group and joined a different one.  Not sure what kind of problems he had but I’m sure we’ll see tomorrow night. 

A couples songs are “Mercy” by Duffy, a Maroon Five song, “Just the Way You Are” and “Grenade” by Bruno Mars and “Forget You” by Cee Lo Brown and Superwoman. 

Joe also found out that Casey Abrams and Julie Zorilla went to prom together so this is the year of the couples as far as I’m concerned. 

Rachel ZeVita did NOT quit the competition as earlier reports suggested.  She is still in the Top 40. 

Reality Rewind tracked down what happened to Scott Dangerfield and why he apparently dropped out of the race as he was closing in on potential success.

Click on the Joe’s Place link at the top of the page to see who ended up in the each other’s groups.  The top 40 should be announced Wednesday night and the dreaded green mile will be tomorrow to see who makes it into the coveted Top 20.  Stay tuned for possible spoilers!




  1. Thanks Matt for the update….I can't wait to hear James Durbin sing QUEEN…..I so hope he makes it thru to the top 40 even though he is not on the list…..Maybe, just maybe the list is wrong!!!!!

    • I'm with you Phyllis. He should do an awesome job with Queen… I am hoping the list is wrong~???? Getting excited about tomorrow to see what happens. As always, thank you Ashli Rae for keeping us informed. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • Phyllis G. James Durbin made it didn't he. Do you like Scott? The one who sounds like Josh Turner? Hi Rose! This is for you!:-) Sherry K

      • @ Sherry K..It worked the second time. Try hitting the spacer bar after the last word or puncuation mark before you make the smiley…then it should work. Yes, so glad that James Durbin made it through. Ans, yes, I do like Scotty McCreery…like I said previously I really think too much was made of his involvement in the group deal with Jacee…If one recalls, Scotty was also "looking around for a group to be in" and kept getting rejected by other contestants I felt that Jerome Bell had a little too much "ego" dissing people. And also, the group that Scott finally sang with…He was the only one of the group to go through…that was the group that told Jacee to leave…ah, the drama~!!! 🙂

      • SHERRY…Yes, James made it thru to the next round. Heres hoping he makes it thru to the top 20!!!!! Right now I like a lot of them but tonight we will hear them individually and then we really can tell…..

        ASHLI RAE….I'm sorry I thanked Matt for the update but it was yours. I love the both of you and really appreciate what you guys do…I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!

  2. Can somebody please post the song that a group of all girls did where they ended it by throwing up money?
    I love it but cant find it.

  3. What happened to Emily Anne Reed? She was awesome at auditions! I just wanted to hear more of her. They haven't showed her? Is she still in the running?

  4. I LOVE to hear the sound from Tim Halperin from the LA auditions, yet he does not get camera time! i wish he would as he is awesome!!!

  5. can someone tell me the name of the song, that several of the "groups" sang? I liked the song, but don't know who the actual recording is by??? can someone tell me plz

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