American Idol Ratings Holding High For 2011 Hollywood Week

The decision to move American Idol on past its 2011 auditions a little early was a wise one. Interest (and viewership) seems to wane during those third and fourth weeks of Idol auditions and we saw that here as well with our readership. But as things shift in to the real competition with the launch of Hollywood Week the crowds came rushing back, as the LA Times notes:

With the auditions over and the Hollywood round in full swing, β€œAmerican Idol” led Fox to its fourth consecutive Thursday night victory in the ratings. According to Nielsen’s estimates, 21.7 million viewers tuned in to the show at 8, far more than any other program that night.

It’s great to see those fears of fans running away this season vanishing as Idol continues to dominate whatever night it decides to air. Do you think it’s been the new blood at the judges’ table, a better pool of hopefuls, or simply the magic of American Idol itself that is keeping the ratings so high this season?

Sad note for Paula fans. Abdul’s “Live to Dance” show apparently stopped dancing because it was killed off from any future seasons due to low (really low) ratings. Sorry, Paula. Maybe it’s time to give Simon a call about an opening on X Factor




  1. Thank you, Matt for the update. I do believe that the success of AI this season is a combination of the judges and the awesome talent that has been coming our way. Steven T, J.Lo and Randy make a great team. The talent…James Durbin, Brett Lowenstien, Lauren Alaina, Chris Medina, Scotty McCreery, Thia Megia…just to name a few have touched my heart with their stories and have the talent to hopefully move forward. Great season. Whoo Hoo~!!! πŸ™‚

  2. I've been a fan of the show from the beginning – Kelly Clarkson's victory song was the single most poignant scene in TV history – but was truly worried what the loss of Simon Cowell would mean to the overall chemistry. Well, personally, I truly think it has benefitted greatly with the influx of such interesting panel members. My personal favorite is Steven T., but J. Lo. really adds a spice the Paula seemed too always be searching for but never really achieved. Kudos to the producers for some very insightful choices. Thank you soooo much for keeping AI current and fun!!! Simon who????

    • @ Greg…I totally agree…Kelly, Carrie and Adam L…still my all time favorites. And evern though they did not make # 1…I still liked Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson and Casey James (who I hear is now opening for Sugarland…good for him) And you are so right…Simon who??? πŸ™‚

      • Greg/Rose A. I totally agree too. Carrie & Adam are my all time favorites……I am thrilled to hear that Casey James is opening for Sugarland. I am still waiting to see Sugarland (one of my favorite country groups)and add Casey is a big plus…….

        I am totally surprised about Paula's new show. I thought it was very good. I enjoyed it very much. I do hope she goes to X Factor now. The duo of Simon and Paula was chemistry in the making…..but this new group of judges are fantastic and I think thats a big part of the reason the show has bubbled up to the top again.

  3. because the judges is good, they pick the right person to win in this season i know in final its hard to choose the best singer. hi jenny

  4. Not only is the competition amazing, the judges are also. I love this year. And to think, I swore I would not watch this year after last years show was so bad. I am so glad I gave it another shot. Its awesome.

    • @ Kathy from PA….from Rose A. from PA lol…I am glad you decided to give AI another chance, too. It really has been an amazing turnaround…not only the judges and their compatibility but the talent this year is so diverse and awesome. Welcome back…looking forward to this week. Whoo Hoo~!! πŸ™‚

  5. hi – would there be anyone here who would happen to know why we didnt see even a shadow of scott dangerfield in hollywood week? i heard he let AI pass to finish college, m nt sure if its true ? would be glad to hear any feedback πŸ™‚

  6. Hollie Cavanagh had a nearly disaterous audition in Austin, TX. But during the first round in Hollywood Week, she really impressed me. I really like Lauren Alaina, Thia Megia, Casey Abrams, Bret Lowenstern and Robbie Rossin. But if Hollie can keep it together, I think she has a legitimate chance to win.

  7. i have to wait to watch it on Thursdays in England but its worth it. Love Steve Tyler, he knows whats he talking about. Amazing talent this year, cant wait for live shows. David cook still my Fav winner at the momemt !!

    • Agree with you 100% Karen, including the bit about David Cook – thought he was awesome. I always mean to wait until I've seen the first show on Thursdays, but usually can't resist going online Thursday mornings to see what's happened!

  8. great show this year i like the new judges steve tyler of course my idol jenny hope i could see face to face lol

  9. The new judges panel is cool. Steven Tyler is the big draw from all of us, who LOVE Aerosmith! Jennifer Lopez is sweet and beautiful and it is fun to get to know her. Randy Jackson is familiar and fun. Ryan is funny…but the real draw for me = James Durbin!!! I saw the American Idol Tour with Adam Lambert and if James Durbin makes it to the top ten (and he should), I will break into my savings and go see the tour live, again. He is the newest and best reason to watch!!

  10. I saw the newer version of the AI promo (vs what's linked on this page).

    You guys gonna post the video of it?

  11. Rose A – "not only the judges and their compatibility but the talent this year is so diverse and awesome."

    The judges, especially Tyler, are a pleasant surprise. It's fun to watch the judges panel again.

    Agree that some of the talent is looking really good.

    I think though, it is a tragedy that so many talented performers last season were set up to fail by dysfunctional judges and rigid "theme weeks". Katie Stevens is an exceptional young "power singer". Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly are even better. Power and range and like Bowersox, artistic creativity. I think Aaron will be making a solid living as a singer, likely Magnus as well as she matures – and Magnus also has stage and film possibilities.

    I think the performers in S10 will like the experience a lot more than S9 performers.

    • @ Jennifer…Yes, I do agree. Siobhan and Aaron were my favorites along with Katie and Casey James. And yes, Simon was so bored last year…one could clearly see he didn't even want to be ther; Kara with her inappropriate banter, to me , it was just a waste of time even having her on there, Ellen…although I really do like her did probably need to keep her day job…and the Randy we are seeing this year is much different than the Randy we saw last year…so much tension last year and I agree, that reflected on the talents of the young people competing. There definitely was "star" quality last year and I believe there is "Star" quality this year. How these contestants are treated and mentored will be a key factor. Looking forward to this week. πŸ™‚

  12. Hi, Everybody! I only see 13 of us talking on this chat line. Is there another and larger chat group?

    1. On the Grammy's, Adam Lambert looked fab! And he's such a nice guy. I love his vibe. There is a new contestant who might match him. Do you know which one I'm speaking of? He has spiked hair and he says he has an autistic aiment. He belts it out really great – Adam Lambert style. I'm pleased he's still in the running.

    2. Everyone knows I'm totally into this new judge panel. However, I have to say my favorite judge is Steven Tyler because he's such an inigma to me.

    3. One of you already mentioned the hardship backgrounds that come with some of the best contestants. Gosh, the contestant who sings for his injured girlfriend, has a heart-bleeder story that just stabs me.

    4. But there's a blonde girl who has the strongest and best voice, I think. I need to start writing down names. I usually wait to do that until we have our top contestants and the stage competition begins.

    Beryl Shaw @ (brand new website)

    • Beryl Shaw……Any fan of Adam's is a friend of mine. I was so hoping that he would have performed at the Grammys last night but he didn't. Personally, I would have preferred Adam over Lady GaGa……They crucified Adam for his performance at the AMA, Lady GaGa was obscene……The gestures and her outfits not to great for a Prime Time show….Enough about Adam….I hope that James Durbin makes it to the top 20 too!!!!!

      • @ Phyllis G. Rose and Beryl Shaw. I do not like LadyGaGa….at all. I was very disappointed Adam Lambert did not appear at the Grammys too! I kept waiting for OUR Adam to come out and sing.Yes they crucified him at the AMA. But he is doing great! He is touring and having a new CD coming out soon.I like James Durbin too! He is talented. I hope he makes the top twenty too.It takes nerves of steel to sing in front of the judges, who are great! James Durbin even though he has a handicap which no one would even know if it wasn't said!! sings with nerves of steel. So talented! Hi Rose. Love you and Phyllis! Sherry K πŸ™‚ Thanks Rose! finally learned to smile! πŸ™‚

      • @ Sherry K. I am with you girl…do not like Lady Gag Gag..oops…I mean Ga Ga (tee hee) Adam will continue on due to the fact he is just plain awesome…what a talent. I would absolutely love for him to come on AI and mentor James…that would be so cool. πŸ™‚ I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing what this week in Vegas offers. Whoo Hoo~!!! Keep on smiling… πŸ™‚

    • @ Beryl Shaw. Phyllis is right…Adam L. is great…and it was a shame he did not perform at the Grammy's…He definitewly would have been better than Lady Ga Ga and Bob Dylan (whom I was a huge fan back in the day). He was a guest mentor on Idol last year and I think that he and Harry Conncik, Jr were the 2 best mentors they had. You are right about James Durbin. He totally loses himself in the music and has such soul and range….awesome. Lauren Alaina and Holly Cavanaugh are the only two blonds I can remember and they both do have strong voices. I still think that AI is "holding out" on us and we will probably be in store for some suprises…Really pimped up for this week of AI. Whoo Hoo~!!! πŸ™‚

  13. If Ryan Seacrest is out in the American Idol i think it would be boring…..He is the best HOST ever in AMERICA…

  14. Rose – Thanks, I'll look for the two contestants, Lauren and Holly.

    Phyllis – Got it! James Durbin! (He has a good stage name.)

    American Idol amazes me because it fronts a competition I could never enter. I can't sing! When people can, their talent doses me with pure Heaven.

    Beryl Shaw –

  15. I am a 61 year old married male. I love your show and always watch it. I think the judges should remain on the show for ALL SEASONS! They are a great team. I love them all. They have compassion, they're funny and cool. I never thought I would like Steven but he is great. Jennifer is fantastic and Randy is just cool and fair. It is so unbelievable to see such young talent come alive and have a chance to be a star. American Idol gives them that chance and I will always watch your show as long as you keep this kind of judges.

  16. I don't get it. How did Ashley Sullivan made it through the last round? Her performance was a mess. There are lots of better contestants who got eliminated.

  17. I have been a big fan of the show for a few years but this year is the "Best". I love the new judges they are so compassionate and professional. YEA!

    I have been trying to talk my friends into watching again since it is so much better.

    J Lo and Steven are a Great addition. Thank you!!

  18. Omg, Omg, this year is a blast I love it, Jason Lusk, of course a complete unkown truly blew it out of the park on Solo night! I too agree, Simon whooooooo? Love the Judges, AI, you did it this year, keep it going!

  19. I love American Idol.. This year I especially love Steven Tyler on the show.. I think they should give him more camera time. seems in the begining they did that and the show was awesome.. Now its getting a little tiring and a bit boring.. They are seemingly giving a great deal of time to JLO! She is OK but someone need to tell her..the show isn't all about her!! If they gave tyler more time..I am 1000% sure the ratings would soar!! he's the best!

  20. I love the new blood. The infusion of Steven Tyler and his swagger along with J-Lo from the block, made me come back. The last season was a total blurr in time… keep it going guys excellent chemistry with out the infighting.

  21. Everything about AI is about as close to being perfect, as you can get. The judges, the show's new look, and the singing ability of the contestants. It seems to be more exciting, than in the past. I look forward to watching every week! By now, I have usually picked out my favorite singers. NOT this year. There are so many who stand out and have an amazing gift. They can actually all sing!

    I do however have a small suggestion for the judges. That girl, that keeps breaking down and crying, the one that runs hot and cold. If I were the judges, I would do her a favor and send her home. She may be a good singer, but she isn't that great. I can't remember her name(she is so forgetable) but, I see a total mental breakdown in her future. The judges should know by now, she isn't going to be able to handle the stress of the show. I would be worried about her. She isn't going to win AI in a straight jacket! Otherwise, Season 11 kicks some big time butt!

  22. This is the first time I have watched American Idol during the "pre-Hollywood" episodes. MAIN REASON STEVEN TYLER (he is GREAT!) and Jennifer Lopez. I have watched AI all Hollywood from Season I. It just goes to show that you can eliminate someone without being mean! The judges did a great job picking the top 25. What talent.

  23. it is definately the new judges.i like randy but i think jlo and steve tyler really lifted the ratings.they both are tactful when they are telling bad news to the contestants.i like their attitude of not crushing their hopes like simon sometimes did.

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