American Idol 2011 Hollywood Week Continues Tonight

American Idol returns tonight as Hollywood Week continues with its praise of some and soul-crushing of the rest. Last week we watched some of our season favorites like Julie Zorrilla and Stefano Langone make it on to the next round, but can they keep their dream alive when the pressure goes up?

Tonight’s Hollywood episode should be heavy on the soul-crushing side of things as we’ll hit the dreaded group performance phase. It’s a guilty pleasure watching the Hopefuls squirm under the seemingly unnecessary torture of being forced in to groups which inevitable fight one another rather than working together to make it through to the next round.

Seacrest has promised us another exciting show tonight, but doesn’t he always? Either way, we won’t miss a minute of it. Sorry, Survivor Redemption Island, but you’ll have to wait idly by for American Idol’s two full hours of Hollywood Week.




  1. @ Matt. Thank you for the update. I'm so ex…ci…ted ~!!! Looking to see what happens with some of my favorites and will probably have some new favorites…ther are contestants that we may have caught a brief glimpse at…but have not even heard. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  2. I was just wondering if Shelby Dressel from last year is here this year. I heard that she did try out in Nashville, but not sure if thats true?

  3. I am sooooo ready…..Bring it on…….Hoping to see a lot more talent tonight……..and the fate of some that we have seen already!!!!

    Matt: As always…thanks…..

  4. @ Phyllis G, Sherry K., Angela, Kathy from PA , Diane (hope you are able to watch tonight) and all of you AI friends…looks like this will be another great show tonight. Definitely pumped up. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • @Rose A., I watched tonight's episode! It was so hard to see so much talent dismissed!

      It's an emotional season!

      • @ Rose and Phyllis G. Whooo wasn't tonight a thriller!!! And a killer too.For the ones who got sent packing!! My hubby watched Rose & Phyllis. He didn't have much of a choice.LOL! I was gonna watch it no matter what! Scott (The country boy who sounds like Josh Turner made it!) Whooeee! Love that big voice! But there is another kid Rose, Or Phyllis. Blond hair. I didn't catch his name. He was in one of the later groups. Plaid shirt. with I think~The number 6? I will find out tomorrow! Rose, or Phyllis do you know who I am talking about? Cute ,blond curly hair. Makes kind of funny looks or does something with his eyes when singing.Have I ever got a good one to tell you all. My husband had to admit that Steven Tyler knows what the hell he is doing. Sorry Matt! I am so hyper after tonight I didn't think about ADAM one time!!! And Phyllis and Rose know how hard that is for me!!! It looks kind of like to me that Steven is taking charge of the judges. His intelligence about music is shining! I do mean 30 years in the business!!! And so many people didn't want him. I think he is just GREAT! I love to watch his face when he is listening! You can almost tell what he is thinking!! How about those girls asking him to come on the stage??? LOL again. He is divorced! Think they want to cozy up to him??? Love his glasses too. Shows he is a baby boomer like a lot of us! Rose and Phyllis, I just can't wait to hear what you think about tonight. Just an after thought Kris Allen is in town doing a charity type thing this Friday. Nice young man as I said the year he won. Shouldn't have won. My hubby who is usually lost said " That poor kid is lost.(Kris) He doesn't have a clue." Oh well he has probably made a lot of money. And he can always go the christian way! And do christian cd's!!People buy tons of them!! Bye for tonightRose and Phyllis. I don't know Angela. But my daughters name is Angela!! so , I am sure she is sweet! Good night! Love you! Sherry K

      • @ Sherry K…The blond in the plaid shirt…I believe his name is Colton Dixon (apparently, he trierd out with his sister….he made it through, she did not) He is very good. AI with Steven T. & Co. is "rocking" this season. Just love it. Can't wait to see what happens tonight. Hello, Phyllis G. and Angela…u r right…a lot of good talent did go home…I think all of the girla that sang to Steven T (lol) should have gone through. So glad that James Durbin & Chris Medina went through. Excited about tonight. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • Sherry & Rose…….Sherry glad to hear that you watched the show with your hubby…..Mine hasn't gotten into it since Adam lost. We were both devastated that season but I forgive….LOL….

        Rose….you are so good remembering names, I am soooo bad. I remember when it gets down to about 20, then MAYBE I'll remember…

        I agree SHERRY…Steven Tyler is a person to reckon with. He rocks!!!!!! I also love the adorable J.Lo…..This has been a great panel of judges…..I am really looking forward to the live shows….

        Ok you two, take care and enjoy the show tonight…..!!!!!!!

  5. Just wanted to leave a comment about the group performance idea. I think it was a very bad idea. Eliminating people based on a group performance is not fair to all contestant. Some will have an advantage in groups and other will be at a disadvantage because they are musicians or loners or will have to put aside their genre to go with the group majority. I think there might be a chance that they're gonna send home unique talents that were just unlucky with the groups/song choices that didn't suit them.

  6. Nice show tonight, so many good singers!!! Honestly I dont know yet who to pick lol but I am sure about something, this year we need a female winner but will be so so tough as the guys are so strong too.

    Lets see tomorrow who will stay on top 20. Some of you already know many names lol I still need to watch them to learn who is who.

    Will wait until tomorrow to comment if I agree with the chosen 🙂 good luck to all

    • Marta…I'm with you…I can't remember all their names yet but hopefully they will start eliminating and then I'm sure we will know their names…LOL

      • @ Phyllis G and Rose A. WOW! How did you ladys like tonight!!!!!! Rose, I am like you. Woooo Hoooo. No girl. That is your trade mark. Mine should be whooo pig soooie. But I refuse. I don't care much about the hogs! James Durbin. Lets keep rooting for him. I saw several people saying he remined them of ADAM ( Oh ADAM I Love you!) I was like ~What? then I went and googled him. And I remembered him. He has health problesm. But you know what. He wailed like ADAM. The kid can really sing. My two made it through. And Phyllis, I am like you. I can't remember names. So I got a pad and pencil. And took notes tonight.All I can remember is Scotty McClerry (Josh Turner) Poor guy. He cried. He made it! Was it just the pressure? James Durbin and (Carson Higgens) The cute blond boy that makes all 3 judges laugh! He makes funny faces when he sings. I LOVED it tonight! Of course I feel sorry for the ones going home. But all in all it was a good show. Love Ya Phyllis and Rose! Later. Have a great week end! Sherry K 🙂

      • Sherry K. You make me smile…..I see you have the same disease (CRS). Once we get down to the Top 24 I am sure we will remember all their names.

        I am rooting for James Durbin so far he's the one but tonight we got to see many talents we hadn't seen on the past shows…..I'm just loving this Season, between the judges and the contestants, its been great…….Love seeing you on the site. Have a great weekend.

        Same to Rose A, Angela and all my AI friends…

  7. Whew, Jaycee made it!! James Durbin too!! I'm a little p.o.ed about the group kickin Jaycee out! Am I alone on this one? I know he's young and he'll have to grow thick skin, but still? He has a beautiful voice!!

      • I agree that Jaycee has a great voice and is one of the best singers. He has been my favorite since the day he got his golden ticket to go to Hollywood.

    • @ Tishe…no, you are not alone. I felt that too much drama surrounded Jacee and Scotty McCreery. The same group that kicked out Jacee and that Scotty M. finally was a part of…sll of that group got booted off except for Scotty M. Also felt that Jerome Bell, the guy that wanted other people to "audition" to be in "His" group has too much of an ego problem.

      And the group that had all the help from their "Mama's"…what was up with that??? Looking forward to seeing tonight. Hello to Angela, Phyllis G and Sharry K. 🙂 *Diane…did u watch??? 🙂

      • ROSE A. I really liked that MAMA group. Those kids were all 15 and 16 year olds…..I thought they were great…..The harmony and the individual voices were great. See, those were contestants that I don't remember seeing at the auditions..

        Give me the top 20 and lets go from there…:-) LOL

      • Rose A and Phyllis G. I thought the mama group was kind of a good thing. I mean if they can affor it, there is no rules that the mamas can't be there! They just want their babys to win! I didn't care for Jerome Bell much. too stuck on him self! Audition for him?? WHAT!!! Good Night all. Sherry K 🙂

    • @tishe….I agree with you, I believe Clint the orchestrator of the drama and a 26 year old should go tonight. I sincerely hope he stumbles and Jacee shines! I hope and pray for Jacee as he is one of mine and my wife's favorite as he is a replica to our young son. We had to shed some tears last night when he got through. Kudos to the judges for recognizing it and giving him another shot! Go Jacee! We need to start a fan club for him!

    • TISHE…..You were not alone…..My heart went out to Jaycee. Glad to see him made it thru even though his performance last night was not his best….

      • Phyllis G (los Vegas) Yes I have the same disease as you (CRS) I know we will be more perceptive when it gets down to the last 20! I would like to tell you what Sara Palin said in an interview on live TV. But Matt might have a stroke. OK, You said (CRS)And I know what that means! Sara Palin said WTF twice on national TV. Booh!! Bye sweet Phyllis and Rose too! Have a great week-end! Sherry K 🙂

      • Hi Sherry K. You are the best….thanks for reminding Matt about the CAPS….

        Can't wait until Wed. Now its really starting to heat up…….Love you guys……

  8. anyone know is Stefano from Kent WA (San Fran audition) made it? I didn't see him in tonight's episode.

  9. Hey I want to know what happened tonight I live in Missouri 20 min in Fox froze no one in my area got to see the show. Right after they talked about the moms that was there group of young kids Fox freezes nothing until 9:40 the dang news was on. Is there anywhere you can watch it online the whole episode. It really sucked waited a week to watch it and then nothing. Did it just happen here or other places anybody know

  10. scott dangerfield should be here, i've seen in youtube, the sound of scott dangerfield was a-m-a-z-i-n-g

  11. Poor Jaycee. He is a wonderful singer and seems to be a super kid! As the mother of an overweight boy, they try and try to let their talents shine, and you have people like the 1st group, who think they are better. Nothing would make my heart happy more than to see that entire group kicked out next week and Jaycee make it through. Shame on them, and shame on their parents if they raised them that way!!!

    • @ Kathy…I agree. And Jacee really "manned up" and took it all with a lot of dignity and did not let the pressure get to him until the very end (after he performed !! )…says a lot about this young man. I do believe that the group that booted Jacee finally wound up with Scotty M. (deep voice…and was also being rejected by other groups). This same group, everyone did get the "boot", except for Scotty M. Anxious to see what happens tonight. 🙂

    • @kathy…I agree Clint needs to go! I applause Jacee for this strong rebound by not acknowledging the drama. He is more of a man at 15 than Clint is at 26. I hope Jacee continues tonight even if he owned the last spot to get in. I hope its beating out Clint. That would be the ultimate. I believe in giving him a chance as the judges did because they know he has talent and was not able to show it at group night because of the drama. Kudos to the judges for recognizing that.

  12. @kathy…I do too have a young son who is overweight and is exactly alike to Jacee. That is why last night me and my wife shed some tears as we have grown adopted to Jacee. He is a splitting image of our son. So we feel for him and hope he continues. If he can make it to the rounds where America votes, I think he will gain some support and many votes.

    • @ George…I agree. Jacee did not buckle to the pressure and buy into the drama of it all. I do, however feel that Scotty McCreery's role in all of this was way overplayed…if you recall, Scotty was also looking for a group to be in and kept getting rejected….he finally wound up in the group that Jacee got booted out of…and everyone in that group got kicked off except for Scotty M. Kudo's to Jacee…great talent. 🙂

      • I believe if they met sooner than getting kicked off or not be accepted, they could have formed their own group and just looking for a day 1 contestant that sings their type of music. They are both country oriented I believe. Am relating Jacee and Scotty, being they are of close age range.

      • @ George…good point…but I believe that "Hollywood" being as it is…that would have been too simple and then the "drama" that everyone is now talking about wouldn't be talked about…LOL. I do think these two young men will go far…incredible talent for both of them. Another young man to keep an eye on would be Colton Dixon…if I recall, reading about him…he tried out with his sister…he made it through but she did not. He said that he is a Christian music singer…very good voice. Looking forward to tonight. 🙂

  13. How can you tell if someone has made it through? AI has not shown anything from a friend of mine on the show and I can't find out if he's made it through!

  14. I just love the newbee James Durbin, reminds me of Adam Lambert, he is staying true to himself and hopefully he will not emulate Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert was nominated for a Grammy, it's says alot about him getting this nomination. Rock on Adam Lambert, and best wishes to all American Idol 2011 hopefuls.

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