American Idol 2011: Dreaded Group Round Not So Terrible

Unlike years past on American Idol, we actually got to see more singing than fights and drama.  Of course there was the occasional mismatched group dynamic but all in all the focus was on the talent.

One important thing to mention is that the top 20 will now be a top 24 the way its been done since season 1.  According to Joe’s Place

“They are still in the process of filming the green mile episode, but an interesting piece of news is that instead of cutting the top 40 to the top 20 – Idol has decided to make it – as in years past – a TOP 24!!!  Wild, no?  So that means with 18 Girls and 22 boys in the top 20 – only 6 girls and 10 boys will be cut..

UPDATE:  It sounds like only 17 girls were in the Green Mile Episode. They are only cutting 5 girls.  Was someone DQed?”

Clint Gamboa looked pretty bad kicking out 15 year old Jaycee.  Lucky for Jaycee, Brett Lowenstern welcomed him with open arms and they sailed through the group round but so did Clint and his group.  It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. 

I don’t get the love for James Durbin.  I mean the guy is trying to come across like a toned down version of Adam Lambert or Steven Tyler but fails miserably in comparison.  Last night it sounded like screeching more than singing to me. 

Chris Medina was awesome as usual as was Lauren Alaina.  Tonight we are back to only an hour thank goodness and get to see the solo performances. 

Who was your favorite last night?




  1. JAYCEE ROCKS!!! What composure and modesty! My family was very IMPRESSED by this young man-keep it up Jaycee…you DESERVE to be the next idol!!! Your talent and charm EXCEEDS everyone! Good luck!

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. You are absolutly right.I would like to add something Jacee parents are great as well .Go Jacee your the best don't ever let anyone or anything change you cus you are a star.

  2. JAMES DURBIN IS THE BEST. He is awesome <3. Whoever says that they don't get him they can shove it somewhere. That is all! 🙂

  3. I LOVE Jaycee!!! He's one cool kid with alot of class and I was SOOOO p**sed when that other group of kids kicked him out. Jaycee stayed composed and classy as hell and ended up doing well. I love this kid! He is alright and the only other thing I would have liked to have seen happen last night was to see the other group get booted out of the competition, I really didn't think they were that hot, but Jaycee's rocked. He is one cool cat!

  4. Jaycee is adorable. You shine with positivity and talent. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Look how far you have come. No matter what happens you will come out on top!!!

    • When he broke down at the end, you could tell he needed the release! I don't know how his parents didn't want to punch the guy with the glasses in his old group!

  5. I am really impressed by Jaycee B…..I can not imagine the stress those people go through, but at 15 years old and to be able to hold it together, he's one hell of a young man…And his voice is smooth…He is an excellent role model, from what I can see so far, for young adults and "grown ups" as well. I'm pulling for this kid, he's truly a gem!

      • That's exactly how I felt. I wish I could have recorded last night's episode to show my student's at school today. He definitely is a role model at such a young age. He could have easily been broken by getting the boot and quit, but he kept his head-up and pulled through. Like a true rock star. I really hope he make's it through tonight. I LOVE JAYCEE.

      • Yes, I agree strongly, this Kid is a charm, he has what I know an Idol should be class, talent, humbleness, and professional. I am older than him but I was thinking about giving my dream up, but he inspired me to continue to go after my dream , and that is what an Idol should be someone who inspires other and touches their heart and a great role model to all ages. I am praying God takes you to the next level. You have my vote all the way kid. God bless you! 🙂

  6. ASHLI RAE…..I still don't think we heard all the talent so its too soon for me to guess. I do like James Durbin but not as an Adam Lambert but as a rocker. I really want to hear him sing something a little softer to see if he can really sing…

    P.S. I don't think there will ever be another Adam. I just love all his music. He is one talented singer…..

    I really liked those girls that sang at the beginning. I'm hoping we get to hear them sing individually tonight….

    • Phyllis G, my friend you are right! I don't think there will ever be another ADAM! Will always love ADAM LAMBERT!! Hi Rose! Sherry K.


  7. Scott McCreary was my favorite contestent last night. He sings so good and he should have more camera time. I just love him!!!

  8. I like the young man with the really deep country voice….the one who felt bad about throwing JC out of the group…..I don't even like country

  9. I think Jaycee is soo Cute! i was so pissed when he let Scott in the group and then they kicked JC out. i was crying i felt so bad for him. He's going to be fan favorite if he makes it thru!

  10. Jaycee all the way. I originally liked Scott too but he's beginning to sound like a one-trick pony. Even when he was auditioning for a group, he sang the same old song with the super deep voice.

  11. Jaycee is a cutie, and has a really sweet voice — but if he doesn't start projecting stronger notes, he'll soon be going home.


    • James Durbin has a lot of talent! And a lot of gumption & Grit. Anyone with a handicap that can get up there and sing like he does is great! He is a nice young man too! Sherry K.

      • Sherry K. We are always on the same page…..I really like this James Durbin too……I just can't wait to get to see all the talent but so far he is my front runner. Take care…Phyllis

  13. I thought it was pretty junk how Clint kicked Jaycee so late in the game. However, I liked that Jaycee did well and improvised by adding his own lyric, "I don't want to go home." He is such a sweetie. I hope he pulls through. He can sing.

  14. I was so impressed with Jaycee last night. Not only did he stay calm, cool and collected. which we can't say for many of the contestants, but he made a statment to young teens all across America. He is making teens realize how cruel others can be and to still hold your head up and be proud of who you are. You have my vote allt he way through Jaycee!!!

  15. I like James Durbin and I don't like screeching. I think he hass talent that just needs a little polishing.

    My overall fav is Scotty McCreery. He has a fantastic country voice and I think he will go far.

  16. Last nights episode 9 twords the end of the episode when they find out Rob Bolin (the guy that sings with his ex Chelsee Oaks the red head) isn’t going through there is a song, a man is singing its a really soft song I forgot how the lyrics went. But if anyone can tell me what that song is that would be really great.

  17. Does anyone know the very first group sang? It was a group of 3 girls, and they all got through. I don't remember what the song was, but I know I loved it. And if anyone has a link to the video that would be great! Thanks!

  18. Jaycee, you are one fine young man! We got emotional seeing you being put through the whole terrible ordeal. We are so proud of you! You held your chin up high, did your best to win the judges' hearts! Jaycee, you are a true trooper! You have won a place in our hearts, you are a STAR! All the best!

  19. Did John Wayne Schultz get eliminated? I really like him and was looking forward to following him this season!

  20. The two ladies that attempted irreplacable by Beyonce, one of you overpowered the harmony..Jaycee..keep your head up.. you're good!

  21. jaycee….sweetheart…I hope he goes far in his career!!!.the group that threw him out.shame on you!!and the chunky jersey girl that nobody wanted to sing with!!you should be a little more humble next glad they sent you home!GO JAY-CEE

  22. heey i thought that the minours (sorry for spelling) were AMAZING! im only that age to so it gave exicting to see 🙂 it left my night off on a good note ! I also liek seeing how the moms helped out 🙂

    I also like the guy (dont remember name ) but he has terets ..i have the same thing so it kinof gives me hope 🙂 o and he sounds kindof liek adam lambert :P..jsut an opinion..great job to all the contestants 🙂

    • I wish that clint will be booted out soon. he's undesirable guy after he kicked jaycee out with the group. that also goes with the rest of the group. shame on you guys!!!!

  23. Last night the solar flair took out our FOX network for 1-1/2 hr of AI. Did not get to see any of the people that went home. Can't find anywhere to see it online. Can anyone help?

  24. Jacee Badeaux gets my vote. He may not have the looks or the moves but he has the voice of an angel. He also has more heart and soul and grace than a lot of those wannabe American Idols combined. Shine on, Jacee, shine on!

  25. I like the country guy that played the guitar!! I think his name might've been John!! =) & I like the 15 year old girl that sung I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

  26. It's been a few years since I watched AI this early in the competition, and I must say, I am totally enjoying it! Some incredibly talented kids and the new judging panel is EXCELLENT! Randy has stepped up to the plate and says relevant stuff for a change!! And tho I had my doubts about Steven Tyler, he has proved me wrong! JLo is doing an excellent job as well, showing compassion for those who haven't made the grade…but I expected her to be terrific!! Bravo to the producers, you made AI watchable again!!

    • I completely agree with you that they are really talented and the new judges are amazing.. I just miss Simon though..

      • the judges are really judges ever. and no, I do not miss Simon..a cockier man I never met…he was horrible….

  27. I thought Matthew Nuss was the best. He has an awesome voice and a heart of gold. He pulled the group through. It wouldn't have made it without him. They are ridiculous if they let him go.

  28. I thought Jaycee's voice is cool. Though I don't know if he will win the entire competition, he actually did good in this round

  29. I do not, for a minute, miss Simon-he was rude, arrogant, and so in love with himself..he was not a mentor for these kids. Now take Steven, JLo, and Randy…now THIS is what judges should be all about…they are in it for the kids, they are wondeful mentors, tells them when they are not doing well, but encourages them to go on and on..just like last night when they told those two groups it was time for them to go home..they were SO encouraging to them…explained how they were rejected over and over again in their lives and they kept at it. Kudos to all three of the panel in the ten years of AI..also, the best talent pool since the years with David Cook and the following year with Adam Lambert, if not better. Keep it up, AI…I am so glad you are back bigger and better than ever.

    • Kathy from PA….Totally agree with everything you said. This is the best panel of judges since Paula left and Simon became totally arrogant….

      In the beginning the original three had a lot of chemistry and then it all fell apart but this season (Nigel is a genius) the judges are the best.

      • @ Phyllis G,Kathy and as aways Rose. Simon last year looked so bored!! It was as if he wasn't even there! I don't miss him for 1 moment! But I think Steven Tyler is fabulous. I love the comments he make to the contestants. And when he puts on his glasses you know it is showtime. Someone is going home! Kudo's to fox for putting Steven on the panel. Sherry K. 🙂

  30. Jacob Lusk was absolutely the best. I believe we have our next american idol folks. Turn out the lights, the party's over!!!!!!!

  31. The reason no one in the past 3-4 years has been very successful after AI is because you are voting for cuteness and not overall talent. I personally felt bad for Jaycee, but it's no reason to vote for him because of it. The voices on many of the singers this year are much better than his.Get a grip on yourselves and listen to the music.

    • There is one other person than Jacee who can be there with him, I don't know her name,but he has a nice voice. But i still love jaycee its the package. Success after AI is due to the marketing and song choice they write for them, not because they don't have voices. Jacee has a God given voice, and there is a market for him. He'll have a career regardless. I still stand on how I feel, Vote Jacee!!! The way an American Idol should be acting.

  32. 15 year old Jaycee I thought he showed class and was so sweet I cried when they kicked him out of the group. I was so happy he has been given a chance to move on, what a wonderful experience for such a young person. Break a leg Jaycee I'll be praying for you

  33. I was looking for Scott Dangerfield from Milwaukee,the one Paula said she liked him the most up to that point. He was my favorite going in to Hollywood. What happened to him?

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