American Idol 2011: Hollywood Week Solo Round gives us few surprises

Update: You asked for it and Reality Rewind has the official complete list of the American Idol 2011 Las Vegas Round hopefuls.

Tonight’s episode of “American Idol” was pretty cut and dry as almost every early favorite and emerging standout were put through to the new Las Vegas round. The rest of the night did feature some solo standouts and surprise duds.

Here’s the rundown:

*Ashton Jones. Where did she come from? Out of no where, I say! She nailed Jennifer Holliday/Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You.” We’ll be seeing her in Vegas.

*Clint Jun Gamboa. I can officially say I dislike this guy. After Wednesday’s terribly rude ousting of Jacee Badauex, tonight’s arrogance and his ridiculous Harry Potter glasses, it’s official. He’s just not likable and he needs to remember America will be voting on him if he makes it to the Top 24. And let’s face it, he’ll make it. He’s a good singer and further proved that tonight with his version of “Georgia On My Mind.” He and his glasses were put through to the next round.

*Chris Medina and Carson Higgins. The show packaged these two together because they both chose to sing Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.” As I mention last night over at Reality Rewind, Carson is my new favorite contestant. He just kind of popped up last night with a great voice and fantastic stage presence. He’s hilarious and I can’t wait to see more and more of him. I preferred his version of the song over Medina’s, but both did it justice in two completely different styles. Both made it to Vegas.

*Julie Zorrilla. She received high praise again and I still don’t get it. I’m just not feeling her. I’m not sure what I’m not seeing that the judges are. Her version of Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song” did nothing for me. She’s off to Vegas.

*Colton Dixon, Bret Lowrenstern and Robbie Rosen. They quickly lumped these three standouts together because, I’m guessing, they’re trying to avoid overexposure and know that it’s clear they’re not going to mess up. They’re all through. Duh.

*Casey Abrams. I’ve kind of overlooked him up until tonight. His version of “Georgia On My Mind” was the best of the night. And there were a lot of versions. And who plays a stand-up bass on “American Idol”? Casey does. And it was pretty awesome. We’ll be seeing him in Vegas.

*Chelsee Oaks. First she lost her ex. Then she lost her best friend. And tonight she lost all hope of making it any further in “American Idol.” Chelsee completely blew her solo and was sent packing at the end of the episode.

*Lauren Alaina. Yes. She can sing. Yes she’s 15. No there’s never been a question whether she’d make it to the Top 24. I just hope tonight was the last time I have to hear her sing “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. I don’t think she really needs to impress Steven Tyler any more. Vegas, here she comes.

*Jacob Lusk. Yet another star emerged tonight. He took on “God Bless The Child” and ended up giving us some scat, some falsetto and an overall voice that functioned like a machine. Welcome to the contest. He’s off to Vegas.

*John Wayne Schultz. There he is! People have been wondering where he’s been so far this week. He finally shows up and does a great gentle version of “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. Unless they forgot about him again, he’s Vegas-bound.

*Ashely Sullivan. What a mess! I hope someone gives her some anxiety medicine. Even though she forgot all her lyrics and only sang about 10 words, sheΒ  made it through.

*Jacee Badaeux. I’m a fan. Trust me. I just hope I’m not confusing his sweetness with talent. He can sing but there’s not a lot of power there. And I wouldn’t even be mentioning this if he would’ve done a better job tonight singing “Time of My Life” by David Cook. Or maybe had he not picked such a terrible song. The judges let him through.

*Scotty McCreery. I’ve been wondering if Scotty only knows one song and I think tonight proved that might be the case. When he was finally forced to sing something other than his signature song he flopped. Even he said he should be sent home. But the judges clearly love his deep voice because he’s off to Vegas.

Update: It’s hard to get a complete list of who made it though tonight (and I’m not one to dig into rumors and spoilers), but here’s a list of people we’ve seen a lot of that didn’t make it through (If your favorite isn’t on this list then they almost certainly made it through): Chelsee Oaks, Jacqueline Dunford (bailed out herself due to illness), Casey Levoy, Mark Gutierrez, Brielle Von Hugel, Caleb Johnson and Frances Coontz.




  1. its all for himself on idol.frankly speaking, i don't think Jacee Badauex deserve to go through at all.I think RJ just gave him another chance to prove himself.but believe me, he won't be in the top 50.

    • Jacee deserves to go through as he rebounded from the group night nicely. Even Jennifer told him that it was a pleasure to hear him everytime he sings. So that takes care of that! Go Jacee!

    • RJ gave him another chance because of his voice he knows talent when he see it, also because of his spirit of being so humble to those who treated him so wrong. Everyone has an off day even the professionals, believe me I work with a lot of them. Go Jacee, I can see you making the gold for the yourself and your career, you keep me close to the show. Use what God gave you kid. πŸ™‚

      • Jacee is what it is all about .You are great Jacee not only does he have a beautiful voice he has a great persona .He has so much heart and compation he has consideration for others he could give us all a lesson. we love you Jacee.Hater's will always be negative ,but you stay strong and keep your positive outlook on life you are going to do great.

  2. Kendra Chantelle Campbell is awesome – too bad her song got cut off by some other girl. Hopefully we'll hear lots more from her. Beautiful

  3. Is it gonna be like last seasn? Like, A top 24, then 4 are eliminated weekly, untill top 12? i didnt think so, but at the end of the show, ryan seacrest said. who will make your top 24.

  4. Thia Megia was impressive during audition but nothing about her was shown anymore. I was glad to see a glimpse of her in one of the rooms that made it.

  5. is that Brielle Von Hugel didn’t make it through? damn! she is one of my favourite and her voice is amazing!

    • Brielle has a nice voice, especially when she sings softer, but she is not star quality by any means. She really doesn't leave an impression. Maybe as she matures and gets some training. There are numerous contestants that have the entire package this season. It's going to be hard to choose when it gets down to the wire.

  6. I think some of those that were not shown will have the advantage of not being over-exposed just like what happened to crystal bowersox. Thia Megia will make some surprises if she reaches top 24.

  7. Awesome show last night. I believe that Ashton Jones is going to give Thia and Lauren a run for their money…great voice. To me, these are the top female contenders…What about Pia Toscano…I seem to keep missing her??? The males this year are outstanding. Very suprised by Jacob Lusk…Wow…what a voice. Jacee is such a sweetheart…I feel he needs to power up some…Scotty McCreeryappeared to buckle up under pressure and seemed uncomfortable last night…he is good…hope he steps up his game. Casey Abrams…was the man of the hour…wow…what a performance..Carson Higgins is "crazy GOOD"…great stage presence..John Wayne "the cowboy" was also extremely good. We dfidn't get to hear James Durbin last night (one of my personal favorites) but he went through…so glad and so proud of this young man. Chris Medina did an admirable job of My Perogative; but have to admit I liked Carson's version a whole lot better. Just some truly amazing talent. Sorry, I agree (I do not like Clint either) even if he can sing…do not need a Machiavellian American Idol~!!! πŸ™‚

  8. thia is my top favorite!

    jacee is sweet, just sweet πŸ™‚

    Chris Medina, is the most gorgeous boyfriend in season 10! whew!

    Lauren Ailana is my second favorite!

  9. wow, wow, wow…loved last night's show- i think we're gonna end up with an awesome final countdown- star's will be born!

  10. We LOVE Jacee Badeaux here in Lafayette, LA but we cringe every time Ryan mispronounces his last name. Help us set him straight. Please Tweet, Facebook, etc. and let Ryan know that Jacee's last name is pronounced: BAD-OH (baaa-doh).

    • We love him here too in New York!! I am sooo attached to Jaycee now and I have never voted before but will now for my guy Jaycee!! Gotta love him…he stole my heart!!

  11. Jacee Badeaux is a sweet kid with a sweet voice, but let's face it, he doesn't have the power of any of the other contestants we know they sent through last night. I think the Idol judges have let compassion and personal likability override their artistic judgment here. Or the producers want him in because he makes good TV. I'm afraid their just setting the poor kid up for a much harder fall down the road.

  12. Ruth – you are so right! It's like fingernails on a chalkboard every time Ryan says Jacee's name. Bad-oh, Baaa-doh….come on everybody, help us help Ryan get it right. BAD-OH

  13. I'm a big fan of Scotty. He's from the same town I am & I've met him at his place of work. He's a very polite, down to earth kid.

    I'm an even bigger fan of Jacee. There's something about him that touches my heart.

    Brett is another favorite of mine.

  14. Jacee has both talent and sweetness, he has the power in those vocals to do what he needs to do to get into the voting round,he just needs to tune in to them, I see kids sing everyday, this kid is special. I am praying for him to make it. He's everything an idol should be humble. I pray the songs he choose fit him and his voice. I want to see this kid go all the way. Theres a label out there for this kid.

  15. my fave:

    1. Thia Megia

    2. Asthon Jones

    3. Jacob Lusk

    4. Clint Jun Gamboa

    5. Carson Higgins

    6. Casey Abrams

    7. Scott McCreerey

    8. Sophia Shorai

    9. Colton Dixon

    10. Robbie Rosen

    11. Lauren Alaina

    12. Brett Lowernstern

    • Let's add James Durbin, John Wayne Shultz and take off Clint Gamboa (the rude one who ousted Jacee) and I would have to agree with this list…but also not in the same order…lol πŸ™‚

      There are so amny great talents this year…super exciting AI. πŸ™‚



  17. Favorite:

    1. james durbin

    2. jacee badeaux

    3. Brett loewnstern

    4. Clint jun Gamboa

    5. Jacob lusk

    6. Thia Megia


  18. I can not stand that guy Clint and I don't like Jordan either. They are clearly going to make it because of their talent but America is not such an unbiased judge.

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