American Idol 2011 Hollywood Week Wraps Up Tonight

Update: Join other fans in our Idol chat room during tonight’s show.

The excitement and drama continues tonight on American Idol 2011 as the group competitions press on with more of the stress and pressure that makes Hollywood Week the most dreaded challenge of all. After last night’s group round where sixty seven hopefuls are hopeful no more, we move on to the solo acts.

Idol is promising us the largest pool of talent with one hundred contestants facing off, but only half will make it through after tonight’s show. We should have some incredible performances ahead of us this evening!

Is your favorite still in the race? Who do you want to make sure survives the next round of cuts on American Idol?




  1. James Durbin…hands down…is my fave to go all the way. He has not only a compelling life-story, but, an amazing voice. In spite all that has happened to him in his life and continues to this day, he shines through with his amazing voice, his dogged determination and his will to succeed. James Durbin rocks!

  2. I have 2 favorites – Jacee Badeaux and Lauren Alaina, two 15 year olds. While I know Jacee won't win American Idol I believe Lauren will. Excellent voice! I at least hope Jacee makes it into the top 10. There is always next year for him to get better and learn from all this experience and be well prepared. Go Jacee and Lauren!

  3. It just rock, I can't beleave that some of our favourite didn't live up to the judges expectation but I like it that way now one can say they're save!!!!!

  4. Matt, thank you for the update. Too early to tell. I have a few favorite right now…James Durbin, Scotty M., Chris Medina, Jacee, Lauren Alaina and after last night, I liked Colton Dixon. Will have to wait and see. And with the exception of James Durbin…these talents, although extremely good, so far, do not have the really big WOW factor. JMHO. Looking forward to seeing what happens tonight on American Idol with Steven T. & Company~!!! Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  5. Scotty Mcreery HAS to go all the way!!! He is by far my favorite and I will probably cry if he ever gets sent home!!!

  6. Thia Megia is the best. She was an american got talent contestant before. She is a total package.

  7. Hello! I know this might not be out of topic in this thread but I don't know how to reach people in-charge of this issue. I just recently heard about my sister who tried to have an audition for this season's American Idol. I was so proud of her because she passed the preliminary rounds. She even received a Dream Card. However, as her age exceeds the limit, she can no longer have a chance to show her exceptional talent. I am sad about that. Just to maybe find hope, I just want to ask if you can have a season where you can stretch out your age-limit requirement as it has been her ultimate dream to sing in a major competition. She is a filipina, but now an american citizen, currently living in Michigan and married to a former Navy. Her name is Joan O. Switalski. I would really love to watch her on TV from the Philippines!


    Joselle Orfrecio

  8. I want to see Jacee make it. The boy has a great voice and was humiliated on National TV by some idiot. GO JACEE!!!!!!

    • @ Laura…Yes, Yes, Yes. I agree. Thank you also for clarifying..was not sure if it was Jordan Dorsey or Jerome Bell. (Sorry, Jerome). Clint and Jordan have big "Ego's" and need to be shown to the door.

      Looking forward to tonight. 🙂

  9. It's got to be Scott McCready. Just love his voice…….He I hope will go all the way Iknow I'm voting for him,,

  10. Does anyone know if Haley Reinhart is still in it because they have not shown her at all…if not i like Casey Abrams and chris medina along with holly

  11. There are a lot that I really really like right now, but I want to see Naima make it all the way to the top! There's something about her and she does have a great voice. I love ALL of the 15 year olds who turned it OUT last night.

  12. Jaycee !!! Great guy with a good voice.

    I don't care how good their voice is…if they have an ego and they treat others with disrespect, then that is not an "American Idol".

  13. I really liked Colton Dixson last night! I hope to hear more of him singing tonight. I also liked Jaycee (i 've liked him since the start). Brett L. did really good too . I was really disappointed in Clint and his group's actions. I know its about winning but you shouldn't have to be a jerk to do it. Jaycee handled it very well. I do believe Scott was sincere in his apology at the end. That redeemed him (some) in my eyes. Still like Casey and Chris M. Very disappointed in James Durbin. Hope tonight he is better.

    • Dawnie….I like James Durbin from the beginning but he is no Adam Lambert. Adam could sing the telephone book, he is that good. James is a rocker and I hope he makes it tonight but I would like to see him sing something other than rock..

      • Phylis, I'm one of the glamily and Dawnie is correct. Definitely shades of BB there.

        That's more of a compliment to Adam.

        I do hope James wins. Of course, he is no

        Adam, but I bet Adam likes his voice.


      • @ Phyllis…So agree about AdamLam…he could sing a phone book and make it sound good..LOL

        The downers and losers of last night…Jordan Dorsey with the his personal overrated hype and ego to match, Clint Gamboa with the "trendy" (?????) fake glasses and bigger ego, and the "stage Moms"… and finally all the drama with Ashley…the tears and "I wanna go home wailing and then she "suprisingly knocks it out of the ball park with her group)…really do not think she will last. puleeeze !!! Tiffany Rios did get her comeuppance (Yea) and booting off the three other girls that joined in with Lauren).

        The highlights and winners…Jacee, James Durbin, Scotty M., Lauren Alaina, Colton Dixon, Casey Abrams, Chris Medina and Julie Zorrilla…also Pia Toscano, Tim Halperin and John Wayne Shultz (even though they have not been highlighted much)JMHO

        Cannot wait until we finally get to the top 24/20/12…whatever it will end up as. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • MARGARET…..I'll bet Adam likes his voice too. And heres hoping he does get to the top 24!!!!!

      • Google James and u will see he can most definitely sing other Songs….and he is one to watch….one of the top 5 for me

    • That was downright scuzzy what that group did to him last night. A young boy of his age and they abandoned him. Well, as they say, what goes around comes around.

      As for the girls, the deserve a big

      American Idol cheer for including him!!!!

      Poor kid was exhaused and didn't know the words, but they got through. The judges showed fairness, in view of what had happened. It's up to him, now.

  14. I am a little confused..Maybe MATT you can help me out. I thought it was said in one of the blogs that they were not going to go by male/female equally but the best of the top 20 at that time. now its the top 24 and its 12 males & 12 females. What happened?

    Also tonight we are not going to see 100 solos so again we are only going to see the ones that the producers want us to see…. I'M TOTALLY READY FOR THE TOP 24….!!!!!!! and the live shows!!!!!!

  15. Up until now, the really talented contestants have had little time to shine. Last nights show was frustrating to me because you focused on certain people (with what criteria, I do not know) One incredibly talented contestant is Caleb Hawley. He's still in but has had very little singing time. Also, he is amazing on the guitar and hopefully will get a chance to show that side of his talent along with his amazing voice.

    • @ Suzanne….You are right…I gorgot about Caleb Hawley…he is good…just like Pia, Tim and John Wayne…he has not been showcased enough. Either has Molly Swenson, the girl from Harvard…she is still in the running. We shall see what happens tonight. 🙂 Seems like a good case for sublimial messaging or pre-dispositioning our minds…I am suspecting that the majority of us on this site will see through this. LOL 🙂

  16. Where is Molly? The Whitehouse intern that Randy clobbered???? She had a awesome voice. I was rooting for her.

  17. The young man has been through many things in his life and music is his outlet. we have a audtistic grandson! so James we are all hopeing and praying u get ur dream!!!!

  18. I love Scoty McCreery. He gots a great voice and i think it was good how he spoke up on behalf of jc that was sweet of him.

  19. Its hard to say at this time, but I like Scot McCreery and Clint Jum Gamboa. Both have the best male voices in the competition. Scott has the "it" factor and has HUGE potential. I wish them both the best in the competition. Hope they make it to the top 24.

    Good luck guys!

  20. What I found interesting about Hollywood week is the fashion statement that some of the leggy women made. I can't remember when I've seen so many in quality pantyhose as opposed to bare legs. It really is a sexier look that I'm happy to see.

  21. We all seem to forget that this is a SINGING COMPETITION and forget about all the DRAMA that comes with…You have to give kudos to Scot McCreary and Clint Jum Gamboa. Both guys have the best vocals!!!!!!They also have the whole package that comes with it too! Don't let the incident last night cloud your judgment on their talented singing voices! Hope they do well in the competition!

    • I understand where your coming from. However, a bad attitude doesn't sell records. It's like Eminem, he is an amazing artist, however, his attitude effect's his record sales.

  22. I'm really fond of Chris Medina and Molly Swenson. I'm hoping they both make it to the top 24. I think both have really great vocal skills. Molly really surprised me with her voice, when I first heard her. I love to hear Chris sing, and something about him just makes him a favorite of mine.

  23. I am just so attached to J.C. I think he is just adorable and he has such an awesome voice. If he gets eliminated I will be devastated and will probably need a box of tissues…Did anyone else feel so bad for him last night??? I have my eye on him this whole season….I hope he wins!!

    • @ Dawn. Yes, I think a lot of us feel that he was treated shamefully. He has a wonderful voice for being so young. Let's hope he continues on…have to admire the way he handled this with dignity. 🙂

      • Of all the years watching Idol I have never gotten so attached to a contestant. That Jaycee just warms my heart and he needs a little pep talk to conquer his insecurities.I know there are alot of great voices this year but I have my favorite to win and thats Jaycee..and I WONT change my mind.Go angel go!!!!!!!!

  24. James Durbin is my top pick. He reminds me so much of Adam Lambert, except that Adam wasn't as good as James at this stage of the game. You rock James!

    • Wyatt…Seriously did you watch Season 8? I don't think so because that remark was weird….Every song that Adam sang was unbelievable. I love James but he needs to polish his act…..And I do hope he goes far and gets Adam as a mentor…

      • oh I just can't stop myself from commenting when ever I hear the name of Adam. I so adore him! The best Idol evah!!!

      • Sorry to be Butting in this late. Just now saw this! I don't think Wyatt watched season 8! Simon even though he could be nasty and crude said ADAM LAMBERT could sing the phone book. Randy too! The ones of us that truly love ADAM will never, ever forget him! Sherry K

  25. James Durbin and Jacee – lets see how they do!

    What's up with the "mommies" being allowed in?

    What's up with these "mommies" slamming other contestants? I don't watch this show to hear over protective "mommies" – it was totally uncalled for and should NOT have been allowed!

    • I agree…"mommies" and "Bullies" should not be allowed. In this day and age where a lot of social consciousness is anti-bullying…in my way of thinking, this is exactly what happened to Jacee last night. Brett L. ( bless him, who is all to aware of this since his story included the fact that he was bullied), had the foresight and compasssion to invite Jacee into their group. Kudo's to him. Looking forward to tonight… Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  26. I HOPE Brett L. M8s it. He has as far as I've seen a Pretty Strong Voice. And He's been through HELL Being Bullied. Been There Done That; not only in school, but life, and family. I KNOW what this kid has had to indure in life and He's so young. I do hope he makes it to the the end. GOD BLESS HIM, and the others too.

  27. Well he has not gotten much tv time since his audition, but Paul McDonald is amazing and I really really want him in the top 24! He has some amazing youtube videos. You should check him out!

  28. I would love Carson to still be there. he's funny and entertaining, and a nice personality to go with his great voice.

  29. I want Scotty McCreery to make it through. Not only does he have an amazing voice, but he is a genuinely nice person.

  30. I have known since day one that Robbie Rosen would win american Idol. All it took was one look at his audition and I knew he would win. I decided to snoop around a bit and found Robbie on Youtube singing the song Down and it sounded even better than the original version by Jay Sean. Robbie Rosen is going to be the ONLY person that sings EVERY style of music and EVERY song with good feedback from the Judges. If I ever hear anyone say anything bad about any of the songs he sings I will be extremely surprised. So here's my prediction….Robbie Rosen WILL WIN AMERICAN IDOL!!!

  31. This young girl is amazing PLEASE put her through to the top 10 she has something special like Carrie had when she was on Idol!!!!

  32. Now I think the judges are being way too nice or something with some of these singers that crook on their solo round tonite. I thought Ashley should have gone home. She never going to do well under pressure. I was rather disappointed in that one bass singer. What's his name? Anyway, I hope he will come through in the next round. I love all the people the judges chosen so far. It seems to be an exceptional group this year. Let's see if good ole Simon Cowell can top this season … Nargk!!!!

    • @ Matt F. I believe you might be referring to Scotty McCreery….I hope he does better as well…one of my favorites. 🙂

      • @Rose A. — thanks. I know he wasn't the only male country sensation tonite. John Wayne Schultz was my favorite too. That would be interesting if a male country star comes out on top like Carrie Underwood. So far, No One out class that Idol Star.

    • @ Joyce Ruth…I agree….it was all happening so fast. I cannot remember seeing him in the cut out rooms, though. 🙂

    • R U all picking this John Wayne dude because He's easy on the eyes? I thought he was okay; nothing to write home about. Would M8 an good Country Singer. Jacob ? was My Word The Best I heard all the two nights last week. He had put a LOT of SOUL, Feelings into his song. My Mum can't stand this show; but when I showed her the Taping of JACOB ? Singing she was FLOORED. As I was.

      • nearly forgot Casey Abrhams sp? Was Totally COOL!!!

        Bass and All!!! I wonder what else he can play. Pretty Good Voice there too!!

        As well as James D. IF He can control that VOICE of His, Sing from not only the Heart; Also from His GUT, NOT THROAT, But His GUT He will Honestly Come out as an AWESOME SINGER.

  33. My #1 pick has been Jacee since day one. He has a great voice and when he sings it comes from the heart.

      • I only have eyes for Jaycee…..there is something about him that I just adore.He will win everyones hearts!!!!! He is the one for me!

    • @Donnie

      I agree with you Donnie! Of course, last night show nearly broke my heart when he was outs by some of his group members. I was crying with joyful tears when he got through the group rounds. Wahoo!!!! Jacee, Stand Tall Dude!!! Go all the way, baby.

  34. Casey Abrams' unbelieveable performance of "Georgia On My Mind" literally melted my heart! What a fabulous voice, matched only by his mastery of his upright bass!

    But truely the night's stand-alone vocal winner was Jacob Lusk! I never heard a better rendition of "God Bless The Child" ever! Range. Control. Stage presence. Arrangement. Every catagory I give him a 10!

  35. There were so many outstanding performances tonight…they just blew me away. It is going to be so hard choosing 20 out of the remaining contestants..This year, by far has got to be one of the best Idol seasons to date. Although Season 8 with Adam Lambert was good….only because of Adam Lambert~!!!,the talent this year is incredible and so diverse. 🙂

    • I so much agree with you Rose! For me, only Adam Lambert can take me off my seat every time he sings! He is super to the max my favorite idol ever! He is so incredible! A brilliant performer. I so love him!

      • Ann Margaret Miclat…..Totally, totally, 100% agree with you. He was the whole package and had some voice. He still is my favorite performer ever……..I just love his voice…..When he sang Smokey Robinson's song that night, I literally got chills…..No one has done that to me since. I'm still watching & waiting…..LOL

      • Hi Phyllis G and Rose and Ann Margaret Miclat!

        ADAM is the ( Bomb of of all time, He definitely is fabulous!!! ) Love that Adam Lambert!!! 🙂 Sherry K

  36. James Durbin, Brett Loewenstern, and Casey Abrams, are my top three, in no particular order. I was ecstatic when I saw that they made it.

  37. The young woman (Ashley?) made it thru? How many times did she forget? I don't think she'll make it much farther. Yea!!! Jaycee (sp?) James and Jacob!! Wow, oh Wow!! These guys are great!! Still early, a lot can happen!! This will be a awesome season!!

    • @ Tishe…I have to agree with you about Ashley…I know it is not nice to say unkind things about people…but omg…she is such a "flake"…perhaps AI just needs some "comic relief". I too, am so glad that James, Jacee and Jacob made it through…as well as several others. It is going to be so hard to whittle the playing field down. Just read an article about James Durbin. What an incredible young man. If not for the support of his family and "mentors" that have taken him under their wing and saw his potential, he would have surely "fallen through the cracks" by now. He is definitely on a journey. 🙂

      • Yep, yup! We are on the same page!! James is an awesome and inspiring young man!! I was hopin' someone agreed about Ashley with me. It is not unkind, the business is. She is in for heart break, I'm afraid. There are so many talented and truly heart warming contestants. This is what American Idol is!! Enough mushy poo!!(smiley face)

      • Tishe….I totally agree with you about Ashley….She should never have made it this far. To dramatic and emotional for Idol.

        I know that this is going to anger a lot of people but remember this site is for comments and opinion so here goes……

        Jaycee…is adorable and has a very angelic voice but I don't feel he is AI material just yet. He needs to grow. AND with the voting system the way it is….all the Teeny boppers are going to lite up the phones…..I felt so sorry for him during group week but he is only 15 and seems immature. I, 100% agree he has a wonderful voice but there is so much great talent out there this season.

        Scott McGreery is another one. He has great country potential but I don't think he can keep up with an Idol season….too much talent this season….Remember this is just my opinion!!!!

  38. Scotty McCreary definitely is going to the top! I think even if he was voted off at any level he has star quality-a Randy Travis voice! I consider myself a rational logical sensible person but his singing makes my legs quiver!

  39. JACEE!!!

    That kid is the cutest i've seen in a long time! I hope he goes all the way, he needs to let loose a little and he'll do GREAT! <3 Much love from Canada!! xoxox

    • Because of Jaycee this is the first time I will definatly vote!! I cant stop thinking about that cute kid..He has some voice and needs to let that great voice go and make everyone cry for joy!!!I cant say enough about him!!! We must root him on!!!!!!!!!

      • Dawn you are so right about Jacee because everytime he sings he also brings tears of joy to my eyes.

  40. I wonder if Deandre "Kamele" Brackensick made it? I couldn't see him in any rooms 2 nor 3. Does anyone know if he made it?

  41. I think Matthew Nuss should go on. He is an awesome singer. He has songs on youtube that give you chills. He is really the next american idol. Randy, J-lo and steven, you suck

  42. I want melinda ademi to be in the next round. She has a very beautiful voice and face. She has the entire package but they don't so any of her performances for some reason.

  43. Hey Guys … Here is the list of Las Vegas Hopefuls:

    Aaron Sanders (26),

    Adrian Michael (18),

    Alex Ryan (17),

    Ashley Sullivan (25),

    Ashthon Jones (24),

    Becca Boom (16),

    Brett Loewenstern (16),

    Brittany Mazur (21),

    Caleb Hawley (25),

    Carson Higgins (22),

    Casey Abrams (19),

    Casey Scheber (17),

    Chelsea Sorrell (22),

    Chris Medina (26),

    Chrissy Feliciano (23),

    Clint Jun Gamboa (26),

    Colton Dixon (18),

    Deandre Brackensick (15),

    Denis Jackson (20),

    Erin Kelly (20),

    Haley Reinhart (18),

    Hollie Cavangh (17),

    Jacee Badeaux (15),

    Jackie Wilson (20),

    Jacob Lusk (23),

    Jacqueline Elliot (24),

    Jalen Harris (15),

    James Durbin (21),

    Jerome Bell (27),

    Jessica Cunningham (24),

    Jimmie Allen (24),

    John Wayne Shulz, 22),

    Jonathas Ojeda (21),

    Jordan Dorsey (21),

    Jovany Barreto (22),

    Julie Zorrilla (19),

    Karen Rodriguez (21),

    Kendra Campbell (21),

    LaKeisha Lewis (23),

    Lauren Alaina (15),

    Lauren Turner (24),

    Luke James Schaffer (25),

    Matthew Suyat (24),

    Melinda Ademi (16),

    Molly DeWolf (22),

    Naima Adedapo (25),

    Natalie Hanson (20),

    Paul McDonald (25),

    Phil Brooks (16),

    Pia Toscano (21),

    Rachel Zevita (21),

    Robbie Rosen (16),

    Scotty McCreery (16),

    Sophia Shorai (28),

    Stafano Langone (21),

    Symphony Music Howlett (20),

    Tatynisa Wilson (20),

    Thia Megia (15),

    Tim Halperin (23),

    Tiwan Strong (28),

    Wade Brown (17)

    (URL: l

    • When do the remaining people that we have not seen yet, go on? We did not see all of the groups, or solos. Just wondering!

      • I hope in Las Vegas round they will show all of them and make their final cut of 24 by next Thursday. I read on email that was sent earlier today that Jacee made it to the top 24. Hummmm?! I am wondering if someone is watching over him? Yes, I know someone is.

    • Well, that was kind of hard for me to do.Not a computer person. But I did get it to print! printed out this list with pictures of the contestants! Now I can just X out thee faces of the ones who are no longer there! Hi Rose and Phyllis G. I am like you Phyllis when it comes to name CRS. I am anxiously awaiting this week! Love you and Rose! Sherry K 🙂

      • Me too, Sherry K. Just love AI this year. Awesome talent, awesome judges…it is the "wholw package" this year…lol… A new post just came out on FB from AshliRae on the groups and pairing and what the contestants will sing. Check it out. They have James Durbin and Stephan Lagonne (sp) to sing. Can't wait. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • I copied the list as well…lol…are we die-hard fans or what. James Durbin and Stefano Langone (I apologize to any Stefano fan for mis-spelling his name before)are singing "Get Back"…Whoo Hoo…I can just hear James "rocking out" to that. Keep the smiley's coming~!!! 🙂

  44. I am voting for Lauren Alaina all the way! Best voice out there with an amazing personality and great stage presence! She is definitely going far, all my friends and I are voting for her!

  45. Does anybody have a clue about Ashley Sullivan? Just looking at her and her behavior…she is an absolute roller coaster with emotions. She has some major issues going on, including self-esteem. Can anyone say bulimic? bi polar?

  46. I have a facebook account (George Barcia) for those who have facebook. In my account I started a facebook group called: Jacee Badeaux Fan Club if anyone would like to join that group to spread the word and support as well as vote for Jacee if he makes it to the top 24. Just add me as a friend or friend request me (George Barcia) or you can just look up Jacee Badeaux Fan Club on facebook and ask to join. Much love and support goes towards Jacee!! Thanks for your support and help!

  47. I also have another group I started for him in My Idol American Idol Community ( That group is under JaceeBadeauxFanClub, you can look it up there under search. You can add me as a friend there as well. Lets help him together as we can get the entire country from all parts to vote for this 15 yr old good hearted boy. Go Jacee!! Its kids like you that make us parents proud as we love our own kids that much.

  48. Ashli Rae said, "Jaycee came off a little pitchy to me and SPOILER ALERT he does make the Top 24! I think he needs a year or two to mature." Yes, he may have been a bit pitchy but he still moves my heart for a young talent. I say the "Spoiler" of last night show was Ashley … she came off rather FISHY. But AI must know what they are doing to bring some drama to the show. I can't wait for the final round to happen.

  49. i hope chris medina,naima adedapo, pia toscano and james durbin would make it to top 24 … and offcourse our very own thia megia …..

  50. I think James Durbin is awsome and I believe he will win australian idol this year.U go for it James

  51. i really hope that Jacee and Brett makes it into the top 24. I know there are a few differents spoiler alert being posted but I really think that A.I. is doing evrything in their powers to keep the top 24 a secret untill the show Wed. night. Think about it American Idol make everyone sign a confedinallte agreement.

    • He will definatly make it!! So many people are rooting for him and so many people are staying tuned in because of him.I hope he knocks it out of the park tonight!!! Go Jacee go!!! If he gets eliminated…I stop watching…plain and simple..

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