American Idol 2011: Solo Rounds Were Awesome

Last night on American Idol 2011 we pretty much got non stop singing throughout the entire hour.  I personally have to give Nigel some Kudos for focusing on the talent and not the idiots this season! 

We all get that Lauren Alaina loves Steven Tyler but get a grip and move your focus elsewhere.  It’s getting rather annoying!  Chris Medina did NOT come through last night as I had hoped but crazy Carson Higgins sure made a name for himself.  I loved his take on “My Perogative” much better than Chris’s who tried to be more like Andrew Garcia in my opinion.

I didn’t care for the upright bass singer of Casey Abrams last night but I’m sure he’ll get praised immensely for being different.  Jacob Lusk left it all on the stage with his song “God Bless the Child” and burst into tears the minute he was done.  Jaycee came off a little pitchy to me and SPOILER ALERT he does make the Top 24!  I think he needs a year or two to mature. 

I loved John Wayne Schulz.  I’m not a huge fan of country but he has a really nice sound quality to his voice.  Ashley Sullivan is a big time mess and probably my least favorite to move on to Las Vegas. 

Pretty much everyone I’m pulling for is still in the competition.  Joe’s Place is compiling a list of our top 24 spoilers and we should know some or all of them by Saturday.  She did confirm two and that’s Jaycee and Brett Lowenstern. 

Who stood out to you last night in the solo auditions?




  1. what is the point of randy stressing every year , and it started about 3 years ago , that they DO NOT FORGET THE WORDS !!! it made absolutlely NO difference on at least 3 of those that moved on – how many times can ashley break down balling , showing absolutely NO POISE , basically QUIT , forget her words , and move on when some real talent is on their way home – i like the other county kid too but he apparently can only sing one song and he forgot most of his lyrics as well – they HAVE done a good job of not highlighting the goof balls this season as you stated , but there is still a strong push for STORY LINES on several of the contestants at the expense of others that had true singing talent – hopefully the rest of the bad decisions will sort themselves out by the time its down to 12

    • Randy is one of the best judges..he is realistic and knows what he is talkin about and can give really good advice as well…:D

      • I totally agree about Ashley, I thought there are no second chances, especially with forgetting the words! She is just being kept there for drama, but isn't this a singing competition and not a drama competion? Others that asked for another chance didn't get it. So far I have really enjoyed the judges, but I can't get over the fact that she was put through.

      • ashley is a cry baby she's always crying lol idk why she's got it that far pretty sure she'll be gone soon hopefully lol =)

    • I agree with Michael I was surprised that they let the people who forgot the words through. I know some of them have good voices and based on previous performances did well. I was kind of disappointed when they put through Ashley Miss drama queen I feel she didn't deserve to be put through when a couple of others that sang much better last night and didn't forget their lines got sent home. Wow Jacob Lusk blew my socks off power uplifting awesome performance look forward to seeing him again.

      I liked Casey's upright bass performance. I like Carson's carefree spirit and he actually sounded pretty good last night. I like a few of the girls also but the guys seemed to stand out as more original and into their performances for me.

    • I totally agree with you! The boyfriend of the girl that did go through, should have gone through himself. He still sang, he sang the wrong words but he sounded good. which was more than some of the ones that went through.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean….he says it's SO important not to forget the words….but they do and they go through anyway.

      I notice we have a few (one for sure!) going through on sympathy. I guess that's an ok thing to do since they will be weeded out soon enough.

  2. Carson Higgens, Jason Lust stood out and made a statement for themselves. one of my favorites forgot the words Scotty but atleast he moved on

  3. I loved the show last night, it focused on the talent, which is how it should be. I love Brett Lowenstern he is my favorite, there is just something about him that I can't get enough of. This is my first time watching idol, so I have nothing to compare it too and the only reason I did watch it was because of Steven Tyler and I have to say I wasnt dissapointed and yes I am sick and tired of that Ashely girl breakdown adn freaking out all the time enough already. I am not really completely happy with all that were chosen but all my favs got picked.

  4. Where is Stefano?? !! Did he move on? In spite of his story he has a beautiful range!,, Hope he moves on!

  5. I completely agree on Medina's performance. As soon as I saw him w/ his guitar, picking an old song, and saying he was going to do something different I was thinking of Andrew Garcia. Carson's performance was way more fun.

    I actually enjoyed the upright bassist performance. I don't expect him to win overall, but it was a nice change of pace.

  6. I really Hope the guy with the white glasses gets voted out by America! People who step on other people in a public forum like this should get the same treatment. Who cares if he's talented, my Karaoke Singer Friend blows circles around him! This contestant is nothing special and I can't wait til America has their say with him.

    • Amen to this..I cannot wait until he is one that mean or self centered should be on American Idol…what kind of Idol is he to our young people? Step on peoples toes, hurt people on the way up? I do not think so..remember you will see the same people on the way down. He should go and soon. He is obnoxious. He is talented, I will say, but he does not have the soul of an Idol….

      • I agree with the white glasses kid has to go. He is not good representation of what Idol is all about.

        This year's judges are the absolute best! They are all about music and you can see their total concentration on the contestants. They are caring, feeling and totally professional with a human side to them. I love it. I will not miss a week of Idol. I have gone to all of the concerts in Pittsburgh – last years was the worst – I think this years will be the best!

      • I also CANNOT wait for that jerk to be gone!! I hope he makes it as far as he can util we can vote him off….with pleasure!!!

      • @ Kathy. I so agree. We definitely do not need a Machiavellian American Idol – which is exactly what he did…step on toes, end justifies the means kind of thing. Jacee is so sweet and does haver a good voice…hope he starts bringing some more power and loosens up a bit. I thought Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk, John Wayne Shultz, Ashton, and Carson Higgins stole the night. Did not hear James Durbin sing but I am so glad he made it through.

        Ashley needs to be on anti-anxiety medication…way too much drama. 🙂

      • I totally agree on Ashley…go home…also the kid with the white glasses…doesn't seem like much heart in him there is so much talent…it's just awesome to watch this year …I really liked Casey Abrahms…I thought he was so unique…Brett L + Josh very very good…The girl that went on stage 1st was also good I don't really know there is so much talent it's got to be difficult and we didn't even see half the people….kudos..this year The girl with the red hair that broke up with her boyfriend should of made it esp over Ashli…anyway can't wait to watch it next week.

    • lol… you're right. America is not going to tolerate him. He blew it by kncoking out JC who can sing. It's too bad he's going home because the kid can sing. I would say that 80% of those who are going hom from this top 100 down should not give up. They all should continue to pres towads their career. One moer thing before I go back to work. Steven Tyler is the man. I like him as a rock singer and he really, really knows his stuff… Idol this year has a different flava to it, but for the first time… I'm tuning in past the opening rounds.

      • Clarence –JC is not going home, not yet anyway. He was in the second room that was saved. Hope he goes far..I think a few months of maturing, will make a star out of him. He already has the demeanor for it.

  7. i think the judges decsions were pretty good but..the over dramatic chick should have been cut the day of group singing..i like the 15 Lauren she is really good to me despite the fact she likes steven..i am looking forward to see who the top 24 will be! 😀

  8. Ashli is just attracted to more than the cowboy's voice… you're gushing over the guy, which is cool because he seem to be the consumate cowboy singer. I like the fact that he seems true to the part. Real, and not faking the funk. That's my being opinion.

    First off all there are not only some good lady singers, albeit minors, but girls who can play the part of a pop star with top notch voices. Contrary to you, I thought that Casey Abrams was the man, and not just for being original with the bass, but taking on that Jazz flavor which I thought he knocked out the park. I was impressed and I normally dicth Idol after the funny part of the auditions are over… this year, I'm hanging in there because I actually enjoy hearing some of these kids sing and make a go at it… how that one ditzy chick who screwed up the words made it I don't know… I do hope the kid JC does come back because he's got a lot of talent… but again Ashli, get over the cowboy, when he competes cover your eyes and stop daydreaming… he's sharp, but he's not among the top 10 singers in this competition. He certainly does seem to have everything that's necessary to be the cowboy singer for a good country career.

    • Ummmm just because I said John Wayne had a nice quality sound to his voice doesn't mean I was gushing. I was pleasantly surprised by his tone. 🙂

  9. Casey Abrams by far was my fav..the blone girl who messed up her lines and is always crying, she is terrible and should never have been saved. What are they thinking???? I feel kind of sorry for her..if she is upset over ai now, wait until it gets near the end..she will definintely collapse….

    • Are you talking about the blonde girl with short hair that was singing to her boyfriend when she kept messing up? She really really needs to go home. WAY too dramatic. I want to watch the ones with real talent. What happened to the cute girl from San Francisco with the mousey voice? The one who her house burnt down.. I never saw her get cut. I loved her style.

    • Like somebody else said….the judges were soft and put people through on sympathy. I would say there were 4 who went through that way.

  10. So loving AI this year! Talent is great thus far and I am looking forward to the Top 24. My favorite thus far is Carson Higgins and I love Scott, Jaycee and Brett, hoping they make it to Top 24. Ashley has got to go next week, she can sing but she is beginning to wear on one's nerves. The guy with the "glasses" has an attitude that I sure hope we don't have to put up with after next week!

  11. …the talent this year is mind boggling, and unprecedented, and it's going to be extremely hard to do another cull…the 3 that stood out for me were, Casey and Jacob, and a girl with long wavy blonde hair whose name I didn't catch, I was so bowled over…I've never seen such awesome talent before, and in such numbers…and this panel is just fabulous…way to go Nigel, you've kicked it out of the park…

  12. Robbie was awesome as usual! Def my favorite!!! What were they thinking keeping Ashley? I mean the whole purpose of the group round was to see who can handle the pressure wasn't it and she failed miserably! BUT they put her through, gave her another chance and she bombed yet again and what do they do? Pass her through again!!! Guess she's the drama part of the show.

  13. Can someone please tell me who was the black guy with the real high voice that added a slight touch of jazz to his song

  14. Last night's show was very good – with interesting results. AS for the 'forgetting the words' issue, the judges should consider what the singer did about their error. Did they stop and start over? Did they make excuses? IF they did, they should be gone. If they continued, as a pro would, and covered their error, they should be put through if they are a great singer. How do they handle the pressure? Keeping calm and cool is what should be seen – not crying and pouting. As for Casey, he has a wonderful unique voice and hopefully will go far in the competition.

  15. Ashli Rae……I so agree with you about Jaycee. He really needs to mature. He is a very good singer but not quite Idol material….not yet anyway.

    I thought John Wayne S, was very good last night. I also liked Casey Abrams. I thought he was unique. Ashley has got to go and so does Scott McGreery. They can't remember the words of a song. Ashley is too dramatic and Scott is a one note wonder. He'll probably be picked up by some Country producer….He's definitely no Carrie Underwood…..JMO

    This season is awesome….It does have so much talent. Really looking forward to next week. Haven't felt like this since Season 8…..

    • Jacee has been singing for a few years and will be in the top 24. Everyone needs to check out his facebook profile and what he has accomplish so far at the age of 15. He is very much Idol material.

    • Phyllis G.& Rose do you remember the year Chris Daughtry was like #4 kicked off? Even Simons mouth dropped open. I like Scott McGreey! But I think he will get the boot. And most likely someone from country will pick him up. They will give him a 1 time shot with a country music CD. Take care! Love you and Rose! Sherry K.


  16. I love the current judges sensitivity. I was sick to death of Simon's criticisms and the other judges that thought they were God's gift to the world and unfairly judged everyone – making so many cry. We also have a great group of singers this year. The winner will be hard to choose.

  17. I missed it last night–Did John Wayne Schultz move on–he is my favorite–I love his voice and I sure hope he made it!

  18. Loved Casey and the Bass. Think Jaycee is adorable but too young.

    What happened to the girl with the southern jazz voice is she still there.


  19. Ladies and Gentlemen. Fans over the world, did you not hear Mr. Jacob Lusk (23 y.o.) who had me at the edge of my seat. Why is he even participating in American Idol, he should be sitting in Capitol Records signing contracts this morning and setting up tour dates. This young man has the sultryness of Will Downing and the stage presence of Luther Vandross. I wish him well and am looking to hear much more from him and think we have a huge formidable voice to make American Idol a real good program this year.

    • I have watched American Idol since it started, and I don't think I have ever heard so much talent. I think the best comes from the guys. Carson Higgins and Jacob Lusk lead the pack. I do not like to see all the crying people go through, because I wonder what their life would be like should they win. No back-bone and not enough self confidence makes them cry (in my opinion). Forgetting words, if it only happens once, should not disqualify them. Under pressure most anyone would do that. Judges? As I have said before, they couldn't have picked better. Keep up the good work, just don't let the cry babies get to your judgement.

      • Merritt I agree so completely with your comments about Jason Lusk. He is a completely unique talent and deserves to be signed on the spot!. I cried just as hard as he did during his performance. I get very moved by these talented contestants. I will definitely be watching to see him sing again. GO JASON!

    • Sorry, it's not about adorable, it's about being able to SING. JC isn't terrible, but he is being eaten up by the big voices. He is a good kid, though, didn't whine about being kicked out of the first group, and therefore, they sent him through as a reward for that.

      • Sugardaisy…..I totally agree with you. A very cute kid but needs to enjoy life and come back in a couple of years.

    • Bonnie,I think Scott McCreeys very good! How ever I think he needs to sign with a contry label. I really like Carson Higgens and Jason Lusk. Sherry K. Hi Rose And Phyllis! I know you two are having fun. I am too.:-) Have a great week-end all. Can't wait until next week! Sherry K

      • @ Sherry K. I agree…Jacob, Casey, Thia and Ashton as well were very good. Carson Higgins is also one to really take a look at. He does have quite an appeal and his stage presence is awesome. James Durbin is still one of my favorites…hope he makes it through this next round. Anxious for next week to see what happens. What a great AI this year. So pumped…Have a wonderful day. Hello to sweet Phyllis and Angela. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  20. There are alot of very different contestants this year. Some triumphant stories as well. I am very intrigues by James Durbin, Jaycee and Brett. Casey is also extremely talented and may end up surprising us all. My eye is on James Durbin thou. That guy has some PIPES now seriously!

  21. American Idol just lost a huge following when Chris Medina was cut last night. No point in watching the rest of it.

  22. Yes….amazing quality and quantity of talent!! And yes, these judges are crafting a show superior to previous "Negative Idol'. I can't help but be disappointed in the judges' decision to keep Ashley. What is behind that decision? Except for her, there seems to be a refreshing absence of "agenda" in the choices. I have never seen a Hollywood Week show that was so entertaining!!! Thanks to producers, judges, and incredible contestants! This is what American Idol was meant to be!

  23. Why is Jaycee too young? (survey said?) It is still way early in the competition. He is good, he is young, the young learn fast and adapt fast!! Do not write off this young man because of his age. I will bet my last dollar, he has been thru peer pressure etc. before! On the chance he doesn't make it to the top 12, he knows he has a very bright and awesome future!! His fan club ( all of us) will be there to support him!!

    • @John I totallly agree with you! Casey Abrams is incredibly talented, maybe he doesn't look like a 'Pop Idol", but he has great talent. His performance last night wasn't just different it was difficult to do without real skill. Maybe that has been the problem with many of the past years' winners staying power – only a few of them have had that level of talent.

    • Let me tell you something, NO ONE is going to pay money to go see some guy play the upright bass. Casey Abrams needs to get a little more current to be the next AI. I know plenty about music especially on what sales records today so take a clue from me before you start calling me names.

      • sales does not equal talent. you just have to look at the reaction of a fellow bass player like randy to understand the talent casey has.

      • I never said he had no talent. I wrote I didn't care for him. It's an opinion blog. I have mine and you have yours. Don't say I'm musically retarded because you don't agree with what I write.

  24. Does anyone remember a girl named Elaina from Georgia,/ she made it thru to Hollywood but i have not seen her since

    • All caps Matt. They crucified my friend Phyllis for that last year??? 🙂 Thanks Matt.Sherry K

      • These were left after midnight and I'm just seeing them now. No worries, they'll be removed just like I always do with ALL-CAP offenders.

  25. Matt, Sorry, but my ears hurt! What about "comments left in ALL- CAPS will be deleted regardless of content." As I said earlier they crucified my good frien Phyllis G. last year for that. You can delete this if you like mMatt. But can you do something about the all caps? Pretty please? 🙂

    • I have to review comments to delete them. Comments left several hours after I've gone to sleep just can't be reviewed until I'm available.

      While omnipresence is something I'd like, it's not something I possess. Patience, however, is more readily available.

  26. Casey is an obvious talent, and I have a strange feeling he's holding back. I think his voice is versatile (sp?), and he can probably sing a variety of music. Also like the Sophie girl who sang "Georgia" — time for the nut job to go home (crazy chick who quit)…….also, not a fan of June Bug, and Jaycee is from around here (South Louisiana), and he's good, but he doesn't have the power of these others. I can see him making the final 12. Hey if Tim Urban can make it – -Jaycee can — his voice is much better than that idiot from last year.

  27. OMG!!!! Next week going to be exciting to watch. I just read this …

    The set looks gorgeous, and it appears that contestants will be singing in duos or trios. Here is what Ryan Seacrest shared during the episode preview, “With such a deep talent pool, the judges need to up the ante, and a new challenge is born. Next week, the contestants face their toughest and most demanding stage yet as our remaining competitors take on The Beatles. They only have 24 hours to learn their songs with one chance to make it count. More dynamite performances as the contestants soar to new heights, but cuts will be made, as next week we get down to your Top 24.” (

  28. I would pay to hear Casey sing/perform We have a lot of small clubs here he could play at. Idol should not be about a pop idol. Look at Underwood. It's about finding talented singers who can make a record. Even prev. winners or second place winners have failed to make more than one successfull album. I would like a Jazz singer to win. They have fans too. My favs-Casey, Lusk. So tired of same sounding winners. Jacee adorable, but voice too soft-like Beiber IMO. One of him is enough. JC would do better maturing then coming back in 2 yrs. He will be eaten alive, and may get a record deal, but I don't see him lasting long. Look at D. Archieleto(sp)He just got dropped from his record co., second album bombed.

  29. I think Casey Abrahms was the best all around performer. His vocal along with his instrumental was superb!!! He has a lot of talent!!!

  30. Clint(the guy with the glasses) is actually a really nice guy. Just because shows are edited to make something look dramatic doesn't mean it actually unfolded that way. I know him personally and he is a sweetheart.

  31. I think that Casey Abrams is awesome….I bet he can play more instruments than the stand up bass….I thought the bass playing made him stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    Send Ashly (dramatic blonde) and the Divo with the glasses home….I don't care how well he sings. He is an awful person, I don't like him and will never vote for him!! My personal opinion is that Jaycee is not quite ready yet. I hope he (Jaycee) surprises me and makes me change my mind. I would sure like to see him make the top 5.

    • i totally agree why do people love thia megia so much u never see her i don't like her sorry i love lauren hope she makes in the top 24

  32. Jaycee is a real good kid, but the talent level is just not there. The judges know it, but what does it hurt to let him get a little further.

  33. Lots of awesome talent this year! Better than before. Steve Tyler, what a great addition! Jennifer is….ho hum.

  34. can someone please explain why ashley made it on her solo she kept messing up the words and cried her heart out when she got off stage. when i saw her audition i thought it was werid and not for american idol please replay thanks tell me what you think

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