American Idol 2011 Schedule Released

It’s finally here! FOX has just released their American Idol 2011 schedule after presumably trying to keep as much secret as possible about the new season and its changes. We’ll have four rounds of auditions, starting in New York / New Jersey followed by New Orleans in the first week of the show. After they weed through the masses to find golden tickets we’ll be whisked away to Hollywood week.

New this season will be the Las Vegas round where the Idol hopefuls will be performing Beatles songs to stay alive during the Top 20 cut which comes at the end of February. After that we’ll be in to the real meet of the American Idol season when the first results show hits in early March.

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(All times begin at 8:00 PM ET/PT)

  • Wednesday, Jan. 19 Season Premiere, Part 1
    New York / New Jersey Audition Episode
  • Thursday, Jan. 20 Season Premiere, Part 2
    New Orleans Audition Episode
  • Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Milwaukee Audition Episode
  • Thursday, Jan. 27 Audition Episode
  • Wednesday, Feb. 2 Audition Episode
  • Thursday, Feb. 3 Audition Episode
  • Wednesday, Feb. 9 Audition Episode
  • Thursday, Feb. 10 Audition Episode
  • Wednesday, Feb. 16 Hollywood Round, Part 1
  • Thursday, Feb. 17 Hollywood Round, Part 2
  • Wednesday, Feb. 23 Las Vegas Round
  • Thursday, Feb. 24 Top 24 Semifinalists Announced
  • Tuesday, March 1 Semifinalists Perform
  • Wednesday, March 2 Semifinalists Perform
  • Thursday, March 3 First Results Show and Top 13 Finalists Announced
  • Wednesday, March 9 Top 13 Perform
  • Thursday, March 10 Top 13 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, March 16 Top 12 Perform
  • Thursday, March 17 Top 12 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, March 23 Top 11 Perform
  • Thursday, March 24 Top 11 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, March 30 Top 11 Round 2 Perform
  • Thursday, March 31 Top 11 Round 2 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, April 6 Top 9 Perform
  • Thursday, April 7 Top 9 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, April 13 Top 8 Perform
  • Thursday, April 14 Top 8 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, April 20 Top 7 Perform
  • Thursday, April 21 Top 7 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, April 27 Top 6 Perform
  • Thursday, April 28 Top 6 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, May 4 Top 5 Perform
  • Thursday, May 5 Top 5 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, May 11 Top 4 Perform
  • Thursday, May 12 Top 4 Elimination Results Show
  • Wednesday, May 18 Top 3 Perform
  • Thursday, May 19 Top 3 Elimination Results Show
  • Tuesday, May 24 Top 2 Perform
  • Wednesday, May 25 Finale Results Show

That’s as far as the schedule goes for now, but as they release more dates for the rest of the season I’ll continue to add them on here.

Just one more week to go until the premiere of American Idol 2011!




  1. hola, do you know how many are going to hollywood after Thursday, Feb. 10 Audition Episode ? thanks. 🙂

    heart your blog!

  2. @Teri: The Las Vegas round has already happened. Most of the Idol season is pre-recorded. Not until we get to viewer voting rounds is it live.

  3. Yeah American Idol… looking forward to some good TV.. And American Idol is bringing it on this year with this new change.. you’ll have to watch to see.. See you on Wed nites and Thurs nights.. Hi Steven Tyler.. your great Show em how to sing..

  4. I can't believe that we have almost 2 months before we get to live TV and the top 12. Thanks Matt for the info… least now I know what's happening. All along I had the 18th of Jan as the start of auditions, thanks to you now I know its the 19th….

    Hello Idol fans….the season is finally going to start…..let the discussions begin!!!!!!

  5. Please go back to Tue nights! I work all nights, except that one! I'll never get to vote again!Distressed!!!!

  6. Hey, I'm a singer. Love to sing… & I believe I have what it takes. My only problem is I have stage fright without a doubt, but I believe I can overcome this. I've never tried out, but hopefully if there's a 2012 season, I can try out this year. I heard a rumor that 2011 could be the last season to air. Say it ain't so??!

  7. @lekeisha: To audition you’ll need to watch for announcements regarding audition dates for next season. The auditions for this new season were completed many months ago.

    @Ciara: There’s no reason there won’t be another season unless the ratings are terrible this year. As long as the show makes money they will continue to have it on air.

    • I am interested in surprising my fiance with audition tickets how can i get him signed up for next season please anyone?

  8. there's any Filipinos who were audition in American Idol? I wanna go to audition soon….

  9. I keep seeing pictures of Ryan Seacrest sitting with the other judges. PLEASE TELL ME HE IS NOT A JUDGE!!!!!! Not a fan of Ryan after last season…

  10. @Lisa B…..Ryan is not a judge. Its just for Photo opts…..Please, Ryan is the last person we need as a judge…..there is enough drama going on!!!!!

  11. I have always wanted a chance to go and sing infront of the judges and show my talent and love for singing. The only problem is that I haven't had any way of going and I guess that would throw me out of the chance of a life time. It has always been my dream to become a singer, but I guess I will never get the chance.

  12. Howdy ya'll i jus done the premere episodes nd it was very awesom. I didnt used to like american idol but i got used to it nd now i really lik it.

  13. Hey wat was that one puerto rican womans name, u kno she said jay'lo was her idol? Nd wat was tht 16 yr old girls name tht she had liuk a deep country acsent? Nd th 16 yr olds name who her dad had throat cancer? All three of them were my personal favorates! They r VERY good at singin!

  14. this is really really too soon to be asking but does anyone know the new dates for the 2011 auditions start here in the states? i didnt get to audition this year and i was really upset about it but if anyone knows. Thank you:)

  15. Melinda Ademi is phenomenal. I'm hoping that she wins and I wish her all of the best in this seasons American Idol!!! Wooohhooo!

  16. Do you know exactly what dates the audityions are for Philadelphia, Washington/Maryland states? I wanted to go and audition to one of these but i don't know the exact dates and times for auditions, thanks.

    • Hello namesake, I hope you get the info you are looking for!! It would be great for someone who may be close to home, with the same name as mine, get a chance at fulfilling a dream! I know this sounds shallow, but what can I say!!!!

  17. does any one know if where it says the february 23 2011 in las vegas is the date of the audition and where would it be and what time?

    • Macy, those auditions happened last summer. All of these audition episodes are pre-recorded months and months in advance.

      If you'd like to audition for next season of Idol then watch for those dates to be announced after this current season.

  18. I LOOOOVE the NEW introduction graphics of the show before it starts!!

    This season seems like it's gonna be different & better one!

    I wonder when they will show the SAN FRANCISCO auditions…. my friend auditioned there & he made it!!!




    I actually went with Ryan to buy CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUTS for the judges & RYAN SEACREAST…. i hope they like it!

    🙂 ALSO! as a hair & makeup artist… I am dying to see JLO, what shes wearing, hair, makeup, the shoes! 🙂

    A L O H A!!!!!!!


  19. My question is: How do you get tickets for the show? I'll be in LA for a few days in March and would really love to go see Idol. Would REALLLY love it.

  20. I want to know if theirs going to be any more auditions in NJ this month or the next month coming up… Im trying to audition and I can't get an application or the dates for audition

    • The auditions for this season were completed several months ago. You'll need to wait until July/August of 2011 for the next round of audition events.

  21. Trying to find out when San Francisco auditions will be on….anybody know? Can't find anything that just doesn't say "audition"

    • Laurie, as noted above, the auditions that you're watching now were all recorded months ago. That includes any audition events in San Francisco.

      The 2012 season auditions will take place in about six months from now.

  22. Can somebody tell me how to audition for american idol 2012 since i missed this years auditions i need to know an address where the auditions take place, on the website it gives dates and cities, but no address?

    Do you just turn up or do you have to sign up in advanced?

    • The next round of auditions won't be announced for many months. Once the details are released we'll have that info posted here on the site. We'll pass along as much information as is provided to us.

  23. Matt, my daughter is 15 (will be 16 in Sept.) when auditions dates are set will she be allowed to audition at this age? (if so please come to NC/Charlotte 😀 )

  24. Matt, my daughter is 15 (will be 16 in Sept.) when auditions dates are set will she be allowed to audition at this age? (if so please come to NC/Charlotte 😀 ) 🙂

    • Cookie, the new rules are that anyone 15 or older can audition. I think you've already solved the mystery on your own. (In case not, yes, she can audition since she's 15+.)

  25. Why can this million dollar show not have a decent webpage?!! I want to check where I can buy tickets for the shows and I've been looking like stupid. It should be MUCH more user-friendly!

    • Ough, nevermind! Just read a post above that the 2011 shows we see where taped months ago (so the people in the audience already know the winner of 2011?!) and the 2012 shows will be taped in 6 months time. A shame 'coz I'll be in the US in April.. No luck. Whatevva! Too complicated.

      • Jude….FYI…..the audience does not know who the winner is for 2011. The auditions are taped ahead of time but the live shows have not started yet….America will not know the winner until May 2011. The public votes on the live shows and then we all get to see the finale LIVE in May…..

        I hope I was helpful….

  26. Hey Phyllis (sorry, for some reason I cannot reply to your post directly), thank you for the information! Very helpful! So there is still a possibility to get tickets for the AI 2011 live shows? But where/how?!..

    • Oh, nevermind (again). I was on the wrong webpage. I found the place where you can get your name on the 'waitlist' for the show's tickets. #fingerscrossed

      • Jude….Good Luck….Enjoy the show if you get the tickets….I'll be watching in the comforts of my living room…..LOL…….Enjoy the show this season, so far, looks like it might(?) be the best so far….too early to predict but the auditions (except for LA) have been awesome…..

  27. Hi Phyllis! Thanks, I'll try my luck for tickets. Don't think it will work, but will try. Actually, I haven't seen one single audition so far. Can't seem to find the time. But soon! Soon! (o: Enjoy the show and thanks again!

    • Jude…Thank you and you enjoy the show too. You have to let me know if you do get to see a live show. Good luck with that…..

  28. I will let you know, Phyllis, but I honestly think the chances are pretty small that I get the tickets for the dates that suit me and my friend. We'll see! (o:

  29. Will you be able to let me know when the 2012 schedule for auditioning is released with enough notice??!!!


    Monica Appiano

  30. I miss Molly… I saw her for a second at the end of tonight's show in room 4, please show her singing again!!!!! Thanks

  31. ok so, where can i get tickets for this i want to see brett live!!! i can wait to see him i miss him very much


  33. Just wanted to know why american idol never comes to wilmington, delaware. There's alot of talent here. Singers Rappers and if they take that into consideration it can be held at the grand opera house….. Think about it…..

    • @LARISSA sorry it just wont happen i for one never heard of wilmington delaware and the population just is not big enough , but than again there is a lot of big city,s around u so there still hope for it to be there , most likely wont happen tho , thank u ,and God Bless You

  34. You need to come to Portland, Oregon. There is tons of talent here, I promise. Please…I'm a huge fan and only 15 but I can't audition 'cause I can't make a trip to any of your stops, so please consider coming to Portland, Oregon, or at least Seattle, Washington…Thanks!!!. By the way, I love you all, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson!!! Thanks!

  35. im 12 years old n want to be a singer i think i have a really talents voice but i cnt find out where they are going help! me please come to miami florida please!

    • @gianna fialla hey there your to young for american idol , wont you try the X Factor thy will be at Miami, FL , on Thursday, April 7 – Bank United Center or america's got talent in 2012 , ps u got any videos of u sing , if not posting videos might help give a beter anwser

  36. i think jc has an amazing talent for 15 he has a nice calm voice and i think he would be the next amazing great american idol he is a star and a natral go jc !!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I'm old enough to be Scotty's mom, but his deep voice just makes me melt. If they have to sing a Neil Diamond song, he should sing Song Sung Blue. I know that it's not a typical country song, but it would sure win the hearts of everyone that loves a deep voice. Good Luck, Scotty!

  38. You should really give oregon a chance. I live in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and its the worst place to be as a teenager. All there is to do is drinking and drugs. Though i have anxiety bad, i want to build past that and become the next american idol.

  39. Hello!! Fan from the Beach, Toronto, Canada here. I just want to say that this season is the best ever of Idol. I have been watching for 6 seasons. I love all of the positive feedback of the whole program this year Excellent judges who are sincere!!

  40. Nicely done Thia Megia! I'm a fan. I live in Philippines. Kalahi kita. Godbless

  41. Hiya.. I'm a huge fan of American Idol, all the way from Brunei.. Yes, we do get to watch American Idol show here since we do have FOX 🙂

    Congrats to the 3 adorable judges who picked some of the best singers in Idol so far & I just love to hear Scotty's deep voice, Jennifer was right.. Scotty makes me love country music! 😉

  42. I am very upset this year as we live in the country and do not have cable and therefore do not get the result shows, as we only get CTV and not A. It always was on CTV but has changed this year. I love all the judges this year and there is a very good group of singers, love Scotty, his voice is wonderful.

  43. Yes, I agree that Idol has an extremely talented bunch this year. Stefano Langone and Karen Rodriguez should not be considered part of that bunch because they are not as vocally talented as the rest of the contestants. They are in serious need of more training before they should be considered in the category as the others.

  44. Excellent talent this 10th season..the best 13 ever to grace this stage at one time!. The voters seem to be on target.. actually judging on the “Talent” of the competitors and not sob stories or non-talent criteria or biases.

    Now, if Jennifer Lopez can maintain her objectivity, and not become another Abdul and stop cutting down and interrupting Randy when he offers his turn at critique of the singers. And hopefully Seacrest won’t renew his sarcasm, combative, and provoking attitude ( he had with Simon) and start it with Randy (which seemed to appear last show)

    The 3 judges are excellent so far, but only if they can remain objective, fair, impartial and professional. Jennifer seems to be getting a little big headed/know it all attitude and needs to return to her previous weeks demeaner.

  45. this is the best year ever and u all rock but stephono is the best .good luck to u and do gr8 things i will keep voteing but keep on siprizin all of the viewers . do gr8 every1 . keep bein A.W.E.S.O.M.E. =)

  46. For the judges to say that Stefano did Simply Red's song justice, was outrageous. That is one of my favorite songs & he did not put goose bumps on my arm or hit those notes as Simply Red does singing that song, I think that the judges are being very bias when it comes to this kid because he is just not that talented…

  47. Now Pia, Casey, Scotty, Paul, James & Lauren those are true talented individuals & my personal favorites…

  48. i love THIA's Voice.. very young yet very talented and very nice voice. Scotty? well with his voice is more of a country music.. can he sing rnb songs?

    Pia is beautiful and good voice. Jacob has a nice voice but sometimes he shouts when he sings.

    Good luck to all the contestants.. esp to THIA!

  49. This years show has the most talent ever. I have been watching for 9 years. I love the new judges Steven and Jennifer, It's fun to see what they are going to be wearing also. Randy of course is wonderful as always.

    My favorites this year are Pia and Scotty, but the talent is all amazing. It's not just the 12 to 30 that watch, I'm in my 70's.

  50. My brother is from louisiana an we are trying to find out when and where can he try out for the 2012 american idol.

  51. American Idol 2011 is great… I have followed it for a while now and the talent gets better each year.The talent is out of this world!!

  52. It's so nerve wrecking and so tensified. Everyone wants to have their favorite safe.

  53. The judges really came thru tonight because Stefano should have been the one to go home not Casey because he is no where near as talented as Casey. Is this a singing contest or a popularity contest. Really, people, he moves no mountains when it comes to singing…

  54. I've watched Am. Idol for the full 10 years. This is the first year I think they have the formula right. The judges give feedback to the singers in a respectful but firm delivery. I firmly believe the show has improved without Kara/Paula/Ellen/ and SIMON. The talent this year is out of the ball park…fantastic!!! All top 11 will go on to have great careers. I can see Scotty singing with Carrie…can you say opening act?

  55. This year is by far the most talented Idol ever. The judges are fabulous and also the best ever. The talent this year is unbelieveable. It was so cool for the judges to keep Casey on. He deserves to be there. How awesome to have 11 going on Tour. What a great show this year!!!


  56. This is the most talented Idol ever. The top 11 are fabulous. I can’t wait to see them live. The judges are by far the best ever on Idol. They were so cool to keep Casey. They obviously know who deserves to be there. Great show this year!!!

  57. Yes, all eleven on the summer tour! I hope the summer tour comes to Portland OR. That will be an early sell out!

    Perhaps too many of us thought that Casey was a "for sure" and didn't need our call. He's amazing!


  58. When do the American Idol auditions take place? My sister in law Is very talented and her voice gives you goosebumps like crazy, and would love to save up enough money to get her to an audition. But I dont even know when they start the auditions..Her name is Jaida Jangula and hopefully we can get her there!

  59. What an amazing group you have this year.The judges are just as fantastic as the singers. I thought I would miss Simon and Paula but what a refreshing crew.Way to go Idol.This is my first year not having front runner at this stage.James,Pia,Casey,Scotty,Paul and Hailey(what a performance last night)are my favs.

  60. Stevie, Jennifer & Randy are a dream team and make the show – they have it all – charisma, talent and great technical grasp of music – the proof being in the quality of this year's contestants – they are all so good difficult to predict the winner! Best year by far – would love to see Pia, James, Casey, Lauren, Hailey et al sing Dream On as group song to Steve – they've got the pipes!

  61. Who was the skinny blonde guy performing before the results? I came in part way through!

  62. This is definitely rigged up because there is no way on this earth that Stefano should still be around. He has been in the bottom 4 times… Pia has more talent in her pinky toe then this kid… He should have been gone a long time ago… I am DISGUSTED…

  63. I can't believe Pia got eliminated, this is so not right. This girl can sing her butt off what is wrong with America, seriously!

  64. American don't know music…. Pia is a singer …. I done with watching …. and what was that idot shortless blonde guy doing on the show tonite … what a MESS … !!!!! PIA don't need AMERICAN IDOL she WILL go places !!!!

  65. When and where will the next auditions be for american idol season 11 in los angeles? Or at least when? Plz n thank yu dolls

  66. British Dail Mail is quoting Nigel Lithgoe as saying top 5 will be Casey, Scotty, James, Jacob and Lauren so tough luck, Paul, Haley and Stefano !!!!

  67. ich finde die gesamte Staffel wunderbar, jeder kann hervorragend singen, auch die Jury ist perfekt.

    Ich finde alle gut und bin Fan von Jacob, er hat die Beste Stimme für mich.

    Die ganze Show ist viel besser und hat viel mehr Niveau wie Deutschland sucht den Superstar.

    ich gratuliere allen, denn sie sind alle Gewinner.

  68. If my birthdays in October. Which then ill be 15 but the Auditions for American Idol r in June can I still try out

  69. heyyyy! i love this show! Lauren is my favorite this season because shes young and talented.. i am gonna try to audition for the next season.. hopefully i csn be like lauren and make to the finale and maybe even be the next american idol! i cant wait till more audition dates and cities are said.. i am gonna try my hardest!..

  70. hey, im emily and i havent been able to find auditions for the 2011-2012 year. im hoping to try out. if anyone knows anything i would like to know, and also where the tryout are at?

  71. Lauren! wow! so young and such a powerful voice.I think she should study some of Tina Turner’s songs, and definetely listen in on Wynonna Judd… they both have such large voices with soulful gospel in common. Both have rock n roll, and each knows their instrument of the VOCAL CHORDS!!Hayley Reinhard… i cant put my finger on it where to look for you in the record store (itunes, as it were)imagine your voice to be an instrument like a violin or cello, not always a rock guitar, let me see your sincerity to the audience of being EXCITED to be performing. Respect for the audience… Hayley seems to have a chip on hershoulder…she got some tough critique but i keep waiting for artistry to come thru…

  72. James… part Elton John, Part FREDDIE MERCURY, Part ALICE COOPER, and the sincerity and realness of John Mellencamp! genuine is he! he hit some notes i haven’t heard since George Michael… flaming pianos anyone??? go kid GO!! the world is READY FOR YOU James Durbin!!

  73. My family loves Scotty and my Dad would really like to hear him sing any song of Jim Reeves.

    • Scotty is Jim reeves reincarnated. He should sing “He’ll have to go”. The verse “put your sweet lips on the phone” from the song will have the girls swooning..

  74. When are y’all coming to Dallas, Texas for auditions? i need to know when so i can get off of work to audition.

  75. Can;t wait to see all the talent and not so talent… but love watching them and LOVE WATCHIN Steven Tyler.. my favorite.. lets get to singin…

  76. well, I have probably watched my last season of “Idol”. it has become a contest of teeny-boppers and how many times they can vote. Yes, Phillip is a cute guy. do you really think he is as Talented as the other two.???? the judging should be done professionals only….

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