American Idol 2011: Motown Week Recap

I was not happy with the American Idol 2011 Motown music last night.  The judges must have taken a happy pill before the show started because every critique was filled with praise especially with Steven Tyler who I find myself disagreeing with the majority of the time. 

Everyone’s seemingly favorite, Casey Abrams was up first unsurprisingly singing “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”.  I mean I know this is one of the great songs of all time and blah, blah, blah but seriously I wasn’t impressed.  Casey’s look reminds me of the characters in a movie my son watches called “Where the Wild Things Are” lol but it’s not about that, it’s about his voice which to me is not all that.  I want him to sing  a song that I would want to hear on the radio today and he has yet to do that.

Thia was ok.  She tried something upbeat and it almost worked for her.  The energy died somewhere in the middle but for being the youngest contestant in the competition is was ok.  All the judges were impressed. 

Jacob Lusk was one of the best of the night as he should have been with the theme for this week because this is the type of music I can see him recording.  He puts so much feeling and passion behind his performance which caused Steven Tyler to jump up on stage and give him a big hug!  (Steven I want some of whatever you had to get the party started lol jk.)  Ryan then brings a line of girls up on stage to give Jacob hugs and kisses.  Congrats Jacob! 

Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina were just ok for me.  Scotty McCreery was way out of his comfort zone but tried to pull off “For Once In My Life”.  I’m not at all impressed but the judges all got some kind of tingly over his low notes.  Stefano had some serious pitch problems with “Hello” and should be in the bottom three this week in my opinion. 

Pia chooses another slow ballad where she can stand behind the microphone like a robot.  I’m sick of the ballads from this girl and she is my favorite female in the show so please next week sing something up beat!  I actually liked Paul McDonald’s version of “Tracks of My Tears”.  I thought it was different and quirky and it absolutely worked for him and I am NOT a Paul fan!  Naima showed us she can be a performer.  Her vocals were better but far from perfect but when you throw in the African dancing around stage with her arms flailing, how can you go wrong? LOL

James Durbin rocked!  I love this guy!  He picked an excellent song to go with his screaming voice and didn’t disappoint the crowd as he soaked up their praise and waved to the audience.  I thought “Living For The City” was a great song choice for him and he has earned the pimp spot.  They should close the show with him every week! 

Who was your favorite last night?  And who do you think is in danger of going home?  For me, the bottom three should be Haley, Stefano and Thia even though I like her sound better than Naima.  Based on last night, Stefano should be sent packing!




  1. Judges sucked last night! Now it's all up to great American public.. I miss simon for the first time this season.

      • You said it… at least with Simon he was honest. I mean really mr. Lusk hd the best performance on idol …ever???

        I really think the judges are playing favorites and what happened to this being a SINGING competintion?

      • I thought the judges offered great critiques. They clearly told Pia to choose something else, Stefano to feel more. I thought they were spot on. Casey is struggling. Hayley is sweet but boring and Stefano hung himself with his song choice. James is slaying this lot but the songs, performances and originality of this series is much better than last. Chalk that up to Jimmy Iovine.

    • James stands out more than anyone,he is awsome! Scotty, dude that sucked last night,lol sorry man but wht were the judges thinking when they liked that performance? Where is Simon when ya need him? We need some honesty judges! Not some feel good stuff for these guys. Steven, wake up ya look bored as _ _ _ _!

      • true!! i love steven tyler, but I don't know what he would do if he didn't have that pencil to play with while everyone performs!!

      • He's burnt out. The producers are clearly worried more about the ratings of the show than giving valuable advice by putting celebs in the chairs.

      • I love Steve Tyler but as a judge he is such a disappointment. He has nothing constructive to say at all – loves everyone and looks like he could fall asleep any second. How sad for these contestants who really need guidance in order to improve. They sure aren't getting it this year.

      • I think the judges are giving great advice to the contestants! Steven is def not burnt out! I also think Scotty was great last night as was Lauren and Paul; but I , personally will be happy when Casey and James are both sent home cos all of that screaming to me is useless…screaming isn't music.

    • Hey let me sing some obscure song (Jacob Lusk), warble and over sing it, throw my arms around and smile at the suck up judges who dont have the balls to tell me that was crap – this bunch is getting worse. And who picks these songs – there awful.

    • I agree. Except for Randy (even he was annoying at times) the judges are getting on my nerves this season. Steven tyler is lost for words except the word "Beautiful" and Jennifer can't stop butting in and keep her mouth shut. Randy is only going to take her for so long!!

  2. I love Steven Tyler but for the most part he looks bored. I happen to disagree with the Haley comment, I think shes really good, I the bottom 3 should be Naima, Stepano and Thia.

    • These are my pics for the bottom 3 also! Come on Casey–you were my first favorite and have let me down two weeks in a row now! I thought the "Grapevine" rendition was AWFUL. Not even mentioning that at least 4 of last nights song choices should be forever banned from using again on Idol. Last night was the first time I really liked a Jacob rendition, and also gave thumbs up for Haley improving. I WANTED to have her as my girl fave because I really do like her voice when she's "in the zone." I think Thia should go home and can't see why they are all raving about her.. She can belt a song out, but there's nothing special about her. If I heard Paul, Casey or Scotty on the radio, I would recognize them. (Except I might think Scotty was Garth Brooks.) I hope Haley gets another week or two to redeem herself, so I'd say Thia or Naima–why do the judges keep pimping her so much? Now PLEASE choose some songs that I really want to pay to download!

    • I agree. Haley had a great voice! Pia has a beautiful voice, but she just stands there and sings. No stage presence what so ever. My bottom 3? Naima, Stefano, and Pia.

    • i LOVE Hayley’s voice and I don’t think she is boring either. She definitely has depth and her voice is unique AND she can probably hit all the same notes Pia hits if she wanted to, she just doesn’t want to be that type of singer. Thia fans need to stop making excuses for her by saying that “shes only 16″… Jordin Sparks was only 16 and she wasn’t shy AT ALL and she knew how to blow people out of the water with her vocals! With that being said, my bottom three would be Thia, Casey, and Lauren because those were in my opinion, the three worst performances of the night. I was really surprised actually that Naima improed so much because i hated her all the other weeks but this week she was much better than the aforementioned three.

  3. I don't agree that Thia will be in the bottom 3, she did great than the others… C'mon! it should be Pia because her performance was still the same all over again and again and again…

    • Pia going home…not a chance…that's like saying James or Scotty are going home soon… they will be at least in the top 5…

      • Think Pia is very good, but too much is based on her appearance. if she wasnt as pretty as she is she would be considered too safe and boring. she has to bring more to the show!

      • Pia can really punch out a ballad, but jeez, she is putting me to sleep. I like her but I feel like I have heard her 100times before.

  4. I think Thia, Naima and Stefano will be in the bottom 3. Thia is cute, but she's out of her element. I think Naima should work at Disney World. Stefano is cute too, but more like a cruise ship singer. I'd like any of them to leave. And the winner of Idol should be James…he is simply the best!

    • Thats your opinion and i think stefano will last till he will remain as american idol wooohoooo.

    • You hit it right on the nail head, except I think the winner will be between Pia and James. Take your pick, a rocker or a pure singer!

    • SOOOO funny!! I agree though, except I think the bottom 3 should be Haley, Stefano and Naima. I think James should win too.

  5. I think contestants such as Paul, Casey & Haley, Jacob & Scotty have a voice that could be identified if hearing a song on the radio.

    This will be your remaining 5 + Durbin (who can also be boring) He needs to show his vocals more (which are pretty decent) as he did last night and less screeeeeeeching

    • I agree completely, although I doubt if Haley would edge out James in the Top 5. I just hope she keeps improving. I like James too, but not such a fan of his style. I'm kinda thinking he will win because all the Glambert fans know they are now friends. Scotty continues to gain popularity so I would pick the winner to be either Scotty or James. I can see Scotty being the best long time investment for AI–he's going to sell LOT'S of CDs!

      • Paul has no range in his voice and honestly he looks like a cartoon with those totally unnatural white teeth.

    • Naima is horrible. I'm not sure what anyone sees in her snging? Horrible voice …. Dancing? Who are we kidding? That wasn't dancing…. Heavy flailing is an understatement. The clothing, My God? Who let her out looking like that last night

      • Naima was entertaining! African dance is an art form. Please do not insult an entire continent of people just because you have a problem with their cultural dances. And come on, the clothes were a tribute to the era from which the song came!

      • First let me state that I am an African American male…This is in fact American Idol…Not America's Got Talent or So You Think You Can Dance….I feel Naima is being allowed to do things that take away from the fact that she is a Horrible love boat esk type of singer…We are focusing on how she broke out with an African dance on a singing show really? I have no issues with her attire I never do…But to defend her performance by saying its entertaining is wrong…The circus is entertaining as well but you don't see singing clowns and elephants on idol do you?

      • Wow…Naima looked fantastic yesterday night.She was so entertaining.She is the only female performer that's different.It's exciting to see her every week.She is one of a class and unique in her overall appearances.My bottom 3 would be Haley,Lauren and Pia.They are boring!

      • I think Naima is a classic example of what American Idol is all about. SHe is who she is and is dang proud of her heritage as we should all be……I love her take on life and i think she sings well too……..

      • I think that is why she is dancing… that way people will notice her singing. I miss Simon saying.. This is a SINGING competition. I also feel that is why Jacob Lusk always has choirs, backup singers etc…

      • American Idol is too dull and boring….search around and found out great great shows of singing competition.. Thank goodness that people like Naima came along to show that u can sing, and dance, and entertain unlike the usual "come, stand and sing" boring performances…. n plus her dressing was not ugly…that lady always looks BEAUTIFUL….

    • The contestants are trying to do their part; the judges have to step up to the plate and be honest with them. Judges you are not there for a popularity contest. Hopefully the judges step up, cause every now and then I think ," Where is Simon". Come on judges, don't let us down. If the contestants didn't want their feelings hurt they shouldn't be there.


    • Totally agree. Correct bottom 3. Naima isn't a great singer and all the rest of the stuff is not what Idol is all about. If she performs elsewhere, that's fine, but it's not Idol. Haley is awesome. She won't win, but deserves to stay for awhile. Scotty is nothing but country, Jacob is nothing but gospel, Thia has a sublime voice but no excitement, Casey is becoming disappointing, Pia is lovely in every way – including her voice – but needs to show something different, Paul put a nice twist on Tracks of My Tears and will probably go on to bigger things for his uniqueness, Lauren has a lot going for her and Stefano is good but doesn't do it for me. James is a winner on everything. That's my opinion on everyone. Haley is my favorite but don't think she'll win. She's very comfortable and more than capable but not so many other people feel that.

  7. The contestants need some guidance from the judges. No one has the courage to be completely honest and give a review without qualifying it. Randy is trying but you can clearly see he dislikes being put in the position of delivering bad news. By the time he's done watering down his feedback it's useless. Jennifer flip-flops and worries about how good they look. With one contestant it's "get out of your comfort zone" and the next it's "you made that your own" which is just another way to say you did the song the way your most comfortable with. Steven is a train wreck. He's not even paying attention. He can't put an intelligent sentence together. He is an American version of Ozzy, it's a retarded ramble without the accent. And showing so much favoritism it's ridicules. Actually getting up and hugging a contestant?

      • Stop playing favorites. Judges not judgine and letting fans on stage is no cool. James is just another perfect copy of Lambert.

      • I don't think they pimped Jacob…I think their favorite is Lauren Alaina…But that is just my opinion…

  8. I miss Simon too. Think the show needs him. I think the bottom 3 should be Hailey, stefano and Naima. Only reason it might be Thia over Naima is cause Naima brings more excitement to the show but Thias voice is much better! Winner probably will be James.

  9. I loved the black gown Pia wore last night .Can that be purchased in a local store?

  10. I don't understand why everyone loves James. His vocals have gotten better each week, and he does sound pretty good, but I'm so over the high notes. What turns me off most about him is his arrogance!! This is the same reason why I didn't like Adam Lambert. My favorites are Lauren Alaina because of her amazing voice and she is one of the only ones with true start quality, and Haley because she sings with such ease and soul. I hope American keeps Haley around for a little while, because I think she has more to give. Lauren deserves the win!!! I do have to say though…this is the most talented group of singers on a whole.

    • I think James is a wonderful example of a person overcoming a disability and I don't see him as arrogant in anyway. I think he is just overjoyed to be there. He loves his wife and kid, and is the kinda person that Idol should be about.

      • I agree..I don't see James as being arrogant at all. He seems VERY grateful to be where he is and certainly just enjoying himself! I look so forward to him every week. Pia needs to go bye- bye. She is a big "yawn" and I honestly don't think she knows how to sing much more than ballads. Lauren is my girl pick…

    • I never thought Lambert was arrogant. I actually thought he was humble. Remember "Big Mike"? Now THAT was arrogance!

      • Ha ha Big Mike…The winking and constant attempts to make love to the audience ha ha ….Yeah THAT is the definition of arrogance

    • I agree with you, Kris… James is good, but I can't stand to hear him screaming like that. It's to painful. It's a singing competition, for God's sake.

      The bottom 3 tonight will be:

      1. Naima (never like her (the voice just below AI standard), don't care about the dancing, it's a singing competition, so she has to be the one who will be voted off.

      2. Stefano… I like this guy, he seriously can sing, but people just don't remember him. His song choice could make him the bottom three. Although I still think he has a crazy vocal.

      3. Haley… I don't know why people don't like her. She's a great soulful singer. Much better than Paul, Casey, or Scotty.

      The contestants I wish to go: James and Scotty… (But it seems impossible, people like them)

      • what James is doing IS singing and not screaming. He is getting props every week for toning the high notes down because he ahs the ability to go even higher. You don't hear a lot of people doing that because most people CAN'T do that. He sounds so loud because, as Randy opints out, he has the ability to do that in full voice instead of falsetto. What he is doing is no different than when Pia goes all out except he can go higher and louder. Jacob Lusk can do it as well but James is getting his props for not over using it.

    • Well It's not exactly rocket science why everyone loves James… It is quite simple.. He has a Great Voice, He is natural and believable when he is performing on stage (As JLO stated "organic")… and when he hits those crazy high notes, he does it with surreal ease…. It is a shame if you hold it against him when he "feeds off" the audience and call it "arrogance" … Rockstars would not be "rockstars" otherwise!!! It is a shame that Adam Lambert didn't win 2 seasons back… He clearly stood out and was way above the rest of the competition…

      This year its a lot tougher as almost all of them have great singing voices & unique styles… So song choice will play a vital role…

      James is my personal favourite and I want him to win, but others like Paul, Lauren, Pia, Scotty, Casey.. due to either their incredible talent or their uniquely distinct styles have as much potential to win… Having said that, AI is a "singing competition" and the consistently "best singing talent" on the show should get to be the winner in the end!!!

      • All of them can sing, which is why they are there. He is no more natural or organic than any of the other performers. Him feeding off the audience has nothing to do with me calling him arrogant. Any perfomer uses the audience to feed off of. There is just something about the time he speaks to the camera that comes off as arrogant.

        Adam Lambert definitely stood out his season. He was a great singer, and I would venture to say is much more talented than James. I am not an Adam fan, mostly for the same reasons. He had an arrogance about him. …and believe me, it has nothing to do with him being gay, because I am a gay man myself. I just don't respond positively to arrogance. Although I was surprised Kris one, I think he is amazing. I personally wanted Alexis to win, but she went home way to early.

    • Arrogant is probably not the right word. Understand his disability and give him much credit but sorry the stardom and attention had gone to his head. Although he is a talented singer he is not a superstar yet. He needs to get over himeself and show a little humility

  11. Wow….can we please get Simon back???? Say what you want about Simon, but at least he had the b*lls to tell the truth. Come on, we all thought it…he just said what everyone was afraid to say.

    Casey….Not the best, but hey, you know it's him.

    Thia…Just ok


    Haley…Loved her last night…again a voice that you can identify

    Lauren…Great voice, but nothing to remember


    Stefano..I really like this guy and his voice, but he seems more suited for Broadway

    Pia….Awesome voice, boring performer

    Paul…Interesting, not sure what to think

    Naima…Not a big fan – good performer, not a great voice and if she didn't do the African dance, it would have been just ok

    James….I'm a big fan, but I didn't think it was his best performance – I do think he'll make it all the way to the finals

    • I agree with you the judges either were on something last night or just can't be critical. Steven Tyler brings nothing to the game. Randy doesn't want to be the heavy , Jlo I could just look at all night but the show really needs Simon back. Casey has been bad for 2weeks now.Stefano was off. Pia does the same thing every week.James was good but not great. Can't wait for Scotty and Lauren to do Beatles week. Two country singers at best.Jacob did well but he should have killed in this one.Thia has the voice but no flair. Paul,Niama ,and Lauren should be in the bottom 3

      • You can't wait for Scotty & Lauren to do Beatles week? James NAILED "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney…he's the one that I can't wait to see doing Beatles. I really like both Scotty & Lauren, but James is major gonna nail that week, and every other week.

    • I miss Simoon! He maybe harsh, but he is honest with critiquing. I think the judges are boring.

      • Simon was brutally honest which is what we need. Get rid of JLO, she is a tired act who interrupts Jackson way too much. Randy needs to tell her to shut up when he's talking. I have gotten to a point where I just absolutely hate JLO.

      • TOTALLY agree!!!!!! AI isn't the same without Simon. It's almost like the judges are afraid to hurt the contestants' feelings!!!

    • Pia has been my favorite for awhile, but if she doesn't cut that same old same old tired act out, she needs to be gone, Great voice or not.

  12. I like Scotty the person but his performance last night sucked. Ditto Stefano. Why can't the judges be more honest? I am not a fan of Naima's singing but you can give her credit for really making an effort to entertain. For the first time after a long time, I found myself enjoying listening to Jacob sing, but I still find it irksome to look at him make those irritating facial expressions. Lauren and Hailey were good, James was good too but not exceptionally so to merit JLo's reaction. And I am seriously beginning to hate JLo for interrupting Randy's comments just because she disagrees with him.

  13. I think what the singing coaches should stop doing with these young contestants is murdering the arrangements of these classics.

    If you can't make it your own with a slight twist or identifiable voice, just sing it as we know it.

    Also I think the judges should be evaluating voice quality and not so much how they move around the stage. That will come.

  14. I'm not saying James hasn't overcome his disorder, because I think he has done a great job at that. As did Heather from America's Next Top Model. However, just because you have a disorder, does not mean you cannot be arrogant. I get an arrogant vibe from him, and that just turns me off.

    I also keep listening to Pia's song last night, and I have a major problem with it. Does anyone remember when Jennifer Hudson sang this with Stevie Wonder for Diva's Live and was AMAZING??!! When Jennifer Hudson sings, she is strong and perfect from the first note to the very last. Pia is trying to be the same kind of singer (and she is a great singer), but pales in comparison to someone like Jennifer Hudson.

    • I don't see the arrogance. I see his growing confidence as the fans seem to cheer for him the loudest. Watch when they praise him. He is truly thankful.

      • It is all going to his head!!! He should not win. There are really only a few idols with staying power, despite how talented they are.

  15. james u have my vote but remember, don"t be so cocky on stage. you r not helping yourself. that's dangerous for your votes…be carefull!!

    • I totally AGREE….James please stay humble, people don't like cocky. You're probably my favorite, but the cockiness is starting to get to me – please listen to this bit of advise.

      • the comments about James' attitude are definitely not without warrant. however, let us remember that James is a ROCKER! if Axl Rose or Steven Tyler were on this stage at age 22 they probably would have been grabbing their crotch and giving America the finger. Rockers NEED to have attitudes. Or they turn into Stephano's. lol.

      • James is over confident and is so much like Adam Lambert that we are not seeing anything new. Just a repeat of AL. I do like Hayley but do not think she can win, Hoping she stays around a while. I like Scotty because he is good and stays true to him self

  16. I think everyone here is way too critical,this season just started and I think they are ALL good for what they are, contestants. I love Naima for her natural love and the rest are just who they are. I love the judges too. Change is good and people dont have to be ripped apart and made to cry when they are only doing the best they can on a singing contest. Lets just enjoy this human raw new talent during this dull winter time and let the cards fall where we drop them. Peace and Love ya all.

  17. You racists who are hatin' Naima – the world is watching and we know your names 🙂 She is clearly the most awesome to watch and the most interesting of the ladies. Haley, Lauren and even Pia have no right to sing Motown. They don't "get" it. Thia's too young to understand. Paul's a MESS! HE needs to go. Naima needs to be on tour because I wouldn't PAY otherwise!

    • I'm not racist too, in fact, I hate racists. But Naima isn't good at all. You have to admit it. She doesn't have the range and sounds flat in all of her performances. Sorry, but that's my opinion.

      • I agree with you completely. Naima is awful. She shouldn't have to dance to get votes in a singing competition. Pia doesn't have to move around the stage, because she has an awesome voice.

  18. Casey Abrams is a joke really keep in mind this is a singing show. He can not sing. My goodness does everyone have deaf ears. Sorry, but going to the top is Stefano, Paul, Pia, Jacob, Scotty, Haley,,,

    • I have to agree with you about Casey. His version of Nirvana's Smells like teen spirit was probably the worst thing that I have heard on american idol since Fantasia, which is saying a lot since I have been watching this since the first season.

  19. I actually love the judges this season.I don't think Steven was bored. I think he forget to get out his rhyming dictionary and catchy phrase book this week is all.

    I can understand where some people wouldn't like Scotty's performance last night, but I actually did because, (and maybe it's because I'm old as dirt), it reminded me of Glen Campbell, not Josh Turner this time. Something I didn't even know he could do.

    And about the comment about James being cocky onstage. I agreed at first. It almost ended David Cook in the early rounds before he reeled it in. But now I realize you almost have to have that attitude…thinking you can win….and James probably will win.

    Scotty vs. James in the finale. And, whoever is the leader at that point will NOT win, because American always votes for the underdog on the finale..right?

    • I don't know about the board part but he is absolutely burnt out from drugs. He's like the dog from the movie "Up".


  20. There is nothing humble about Adam Lambert, and he has proven that beyond Idol. I agree about Big Mike though.

    There is nothing wrong with attitude as you put it. There are plenty of musicians with attitude. There are other contestants in the competition with attitude and I think that is a good thing. Arrogance is completely different. Even if he really is not arrogant, I can only go off of what I see and feel from him on the show, and that is definitely the feeling I get.

    • …but let me also say that every single one of the contestants is very talented! We all just have our preferences.

  21. The performances where all good. It was a good show. Pia, was very good, like a professional. I think that she needs to act/entertain us. The best was Jacob, James and Pia. The bottom 3 should be Thia, Stefano and Haley







    Scotty-Good, Scotty could be a star today

    Pia-Great, If Pia starts performaning with her songs, she would be a star. Pia has a very good voice.


    Naima-Good, She needs to let go of her african image for now, and show us that she is talented in all aspect of entertainment

    James-Great, Already a star

  22. James and Jacobs were the best. Others were so damn boring ZZZZZ. Pia the robot is overrated, she can hits high notes and that's it. Ice cold Thia forgot her lyrics in one part, but she started to melt a little bit on stage. Scotty is getting boring with his all countryness. The rest either missed their vocal range and were just ZZZZZ.

  23. I actually like Naima alot. I think she has a great singing voice. I believe her best performance was when the judges saved her by giving her a wild card spot. Unfortunately, after that, she's had really bad song choices. If she stuck to how she got in, she'd be in the top right now. But…I think she's just trying to hard, and its not working. Too bad, its actually working against her. I'm sad that she won't be around much longer to show what she's really capable of. The judges saw it, which is why they kept her. She needs guidance, and these judges aren't giving it to her.

    • Dido that i love her too. I am sure she is so overwhelmed to get this far she does have to reel it in and just SING..SHe is so real…

  24. It's the public that are voting, not the judges, so does it really matter whether they give negative feedback or not. Vote for your favourite and that's the end of it. Don't complain if you don't vote. They are all pretty good in my opinion and each will stand out when they are singing a song in the genre they are comfortable with.

    • Though the judges aren't voting, their feedback is important. When Simon was there, he gave lots of constructive criticism, though not always in the best words. The point is, if these contestants are looking to the judges for help and guidance on how to improve and survive, they're not getting it. True, America votes, but it sure would be nice to get some real feedback on how to better yourself.

  25. The judges are like mindless talking heads. They were useless last night. Randy is usually honest and gives good advice. JLo thinks she's the queen of the show….enough ego to fill the arena. Steven says the same thing nearly every week to every contestant.

  26. I am starting to think Casey is this years Andrew Garcia…I love Casey but I love him for his Audtion…Specifically Hollywood week- Georgia On My Mind with the Bass…I have been waiting for that moment ever since and well I haven't heard it…and I am losing patience with him and his shouting

  27. There is nothing boring about Lauren or Haley…especially Lauren!!! Pia, I agree, is boring.

  28. I like country music and I think Scotty is great…but he has a "cheese" factor about him. I want him to have a great career, but don't think he should win.

    • Scotty has to change his facial expressions and his mike holding. Casey, James, and Jacob are all screamers. Pia and Thia are good,and I like Naima as she brings a realness to AI.

      • I agree…he does need to change his facial expressions. Lauren and Naima are the most real. They both have star quality. Naima has just been inconsistent when it comes to her vocals. Lauren had one bad night, but belongs in the spotlight.

        I still just don’t know what people see in James.

  29. I think Jacob should sing the song Patches by Clarence Carter that song is great and would suit his whole tone

  30. All in all, last night was good job done by all. Including those who are my usual bottom dwellers (Paul, Niamey and Casey). Since this might be my last write up (I am going on a long vacation) I would like to offer my overly long viewpoint on each performance of the night, written in chronological order.

    Casey – For the very first time this season, I saw something I like in Casey’s rendition of “I heard it through the grapevine“. He seemed to tone down the growling style enough to make it listenable. His best performance of the season. Though not close to being the best of the night.

    Thia – In the past, I have been put to sleep by most every performance this girl has sung. And I thought if she ever tried a up-tempo number, she would fall flat on her face … I have been proven wrong. Outstanding performance. Not the best of the night … But not far off either.

    Jacob – I have always been a big fan of Jacobs. I think he is one of the most consistently good performers. Last night the judges gave him a standing ovation and I kind of don’t get it. Technically, it was sung very well by Jacob. But, the song itself was a boring song I have never heard of. And because of that, my interest waned a bit.

    Lauren – “you keep me hanging on” is a very powerful and emotional song. Somehow Lauren managed to put me to sleep with her version. Just mediocre and probably the worst of the night for me.

    Stefano – Though nothing wrong with it. His version of “Hello” also left me a bit … Unmoved.

    Haley – Came on stage with a whole new upgraded look, with her straight blond hair. And it worked. And her performance of “you really good a hold on me” worked even better. I very much like that gritty tone she has in her voice.

    Scotty – I thought county singer Scotty, would so much be so out of his element today, singing Motown music. He proved me wrong and gave a outstanding performance. I agree with what some judges said … Not his best performance … But still pretty good. He is proving himself to be the most consistent performer, if not the best.

    Pia – In my viewpoint, Pia is the most consistent, female performer. And she did not disappoint me singing a song I was not familiar with. This girl is singing like she is in the top 3. And I suspect she will be.

    Paul – Paul has been painful to listen to the past few weeks. But, last night I saw something in his very unique style of signing. Plus, his spastic dance moves were toned down, because he was playing a guitar. Something he should consider doing every week.

    Naima – This girls quality in the past has always been dancing and not singing. Last night she shined on both. Not the best (or close to it) but still very good.

    James – This guy has always been one of the most consistent, top performers. And last night was no different. He will be in the top 3, I guarentee.

    • I can't believe I'm actually replying but I have to agree with everything you said. I perdict no matter what happens on AI Scotty will have a contract and I think he doesn't need to change anything. He is who he is and he is the real thing.

  31. I thought last night was one of the best shows to date……I think at this point everyone has their favorites…..I for one think James should go all the way……..but if we are honest…..the bottom three should be (imho) Thia, Casey and Paul……..but I'm sure Haley will be going home……like I said we all have our favorites picked out already……

    Ashli Rae….thanks for the honest update….love it..

    • Hi Phyllis, agree with you that last night was definitely the best show to date. I also am a huge James fan and thought he was wonderful again last night and will be safe tonight. My bottom 3 is a little different to yours but I do agree it will be Haley going home.

      My bottom 3 from last night is Casey, Stephano and Haley.

  32. I miss Simon also. While I like these judges…this year is different….I miss the "reality" of Simon, Kara and Paula. It's a bit too sugar coated this year. Performer comments: Thia-BORING, Stefano-MORE BORING. Jacob is great, but an American Idol? NOT! Pia belongs in a high class piano bar.

    Don't get me wrong they are good singers, but IDOLS?? Totally NOT!

  33. I liked all the performances there wasn't that stood out as incredible but i found the show entertaining. Actually Casey's performance was my least favoriteof the night and although I love him, i think the judges let him get away with too much and it's not helping him because his performances are becoming a bit parody-like and eventually even his fans will start to change their minds.

  34. Is it just me or do these Idol'ers pick the WORST songs to sing? There is more to it than knowing the lyrics. I thought they all sucked. And why, why , why would sing Richie's "Hello"? which I think is the worst song. All those Commodores songs he has, or Truly, Love will find a way, Lady all 100% better than Hello. GAWD AWFUL – Simon please comeback and kick some ass

    • Well said. I thought the same thing. Do they hit the performers on the head with a hammer just before they choose songs?

  35. The finalists held did very well despite the crappy arrangements given them by the music producers.

    Again, American Idol should fire Jimmy whathisname with-the-baseball-cap-on and find a better music producer who will harness the talents of these good finalists.

    • … and it may be just me, but JLo and the two other judges should stop cuddling Steffano. It seems they can't criticize his performances and are always careful with their words when they address him. Steffano won't learn if they continue doing. He may get eliminated because of that.

  36. This is a VOICE contest…close your eyes and listen to each of the singers…

    Ask: Do I want to hear this on the radio? Or on my i-pod?

    Casey – sounded good. I like him. Could have been better or worse this performance, so I'm glad he did all right. I loved his vocal styling in the early shows. I hope he gets back to that and leaves the harsh scream/growl angry stuff for those better suited to it.

    Thia – for a few weeks she has been singing like an old boring person. I can hear Simon’s voice saying, “She needs to be more “relevant,” current and young!” Why are the judges so easy on her? I used to like her in the beginning when she was more unique, young, and kinda cool sounding. After last night's performance, she no longer deserves to stay. Just because the song was upbeat didn’t change the fact that her voice was totally boring, too old sounding, and she forgot the words! I suspect she should have waited a few years before doing Idol. Disney calling…?

    Stephano – He’s an underdog but I think he’s another one with a pop radio voice and could be in a boy band. I wonder why the teen girls are not voting wildly for him? Last night was not his best, but it was still good and he deserves a spot in the top 10. I didn’t like the clothes though – not young and hip enough and that could hurt him, since people are not paying enough attention to his voice. So I guess that says something about his performing too. Needs more personality and connecting. But close your eyes and listen to his voice…it is really good.

    Jacob – obviously had a great night. Congrats. He's got a lot of talent and sometimes he amazes me (God Bless the Child was UNbelievable). But other times his voice is actually annoying with too much vibrato and too much drama and a weird sound quality. Last night he pulled back and it was so much better. He deserves top 10, but I don’t see him in the finale.

    Lauren – Her voice is so good for radio, I don't know why they are not encouraging her more. Yes, she is young and inexperienced. But, close your eyes and listen – she has got it. Just needs coaching and developing. I bet she will make and sell a lot of hits. She is young and ditsy, and I don't think she will win Idol, but if one of the producers works with her, we will be hearing her for years to come. (Just a little prediction.)

    Haley – I have always liked her soulful voice. I really hope she makes it to next week. There is no other girl with her unique sound. She did a good job and deserves to be in the top 10.

    Scotty – Generally, he makes me like country music and I have never liked it before. He’s got an amazing voice…all country. Last night was a strange combination to hear Stevie Wonder in a country version, but he’ll be here next week and that’s good.

    Pia – Obviously needs to do something besides a ballad, but as far as her performance last night – wow. This girl can sing! She will be making huge hits in the future. She’s got to be in the finale or something is wrong with this contest.

    Paul – He’s never been my favorite, but he’s very likable and definitely unique. Not an idol winner, but an interesting voice. I like him more than I did before.

    Naima – does not have a very good voice, but this girl is such an interesting performer and very cool person. She’s fun to watch. I don’t think her voice deserves to be in the top 10 but her performing does. Does that make sense?

    James – Awesome job! Best all around performance of the night. He’s got to be in the finale with Pia.

    • I totally agree DeeGee. Perhaps this advice would also apply to the three judges. They should close their eyes and listen!

      • This is not the 50's. Everything has a visual element. This "voice contest" is on TV not the radio, but no one should take the visuals into account? We have been in the age of music videos for 30 years. You go to a dance club and there are TV's everywhere. It's no coincidence there are no homely contestants left. Looks matter. Don't ask me why, I didn't create it but this is the reality of AI.

    • No, it isn't just a "voice" competition. It is an "total package" competition and the contestants do need to have stage presence as well as the ability to work the stage and connect with the audience just as the judges have been saying.

  37. I do enjoy the judges for the most part. Randy has kinda always sat in the shadows to me, but I do like his comments when he offers them up. Jennifer is so adorable and I LOVE her accent. Yes, she is a softy and could be a little more aggressive on her opinions. Steven I love him! He is a different and quiet guy, but his demeanor is what makes him. I love to watch him sit back and really just "feel" the music that he is hearing.

  38. Good afternoon my dear fellow critics!!! I was just reviewing some other sites (to get an open minded idea) and these are the results I found.

    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    Ok so… I added the sources just because I always like to be fair. I didn’t create those polls, nor I invented the data and yet… there is one contestant that seem to be placed at the bottom 3 on every single one of them. I guess Branden’s rating was not off at all. I knew America knows better. Can’t wait for tonight’s show. 😀

      • It makes sense, let me tell you. But Pia (for whatever reason) is very likable. I don't think she's all that, and she is very predictable on her performances but I don't think she'll be on the bottom. I see your point, very valid!

  39. I dont know why people dont give Jacob and Thia the credit they deserve! I mean i know thia is boring… but her voice is soooo urban!

    Stefano please dont leave! and Pia do something upbeat.. Naima should be eliminated (but not based on last night because last night she showed us she can actually sing)

    • … and what do you suggest Thia does to make her voice not sound "soooo urban"?

      Stefano sings like a broadway singer with diction problems. Word by word singing? Oh c'mon… it's like saying poetry with a tune!

      If… you… don't… know… me… by… now… … … you… will… neVER… neVER… neVER… know … me…


  40. Pia is a great singer but soooooo BORING…Stefano chose the wrong song. Thia better get her act together…she has a voice I love to listen to but she's 16 not 30. Loved Scotty version, People tell me I should love Paul because Rod Stewart is my all time favorite but I don't connect with him. Jacob I can't watch, Haley and Lauren so-so and Thank goodness James rocked it because I was so worried. I would put Casey, Naima and Haley in the bottom. But everyone has to pick it up with better song choices. With so many really good Motown songs there were some really boring choices.

  41. Paul is definately the most unique talent and has the whole package. Does not matter if he wins, because a producer will make him a star. No one will ever buy a Jacob CD, sorry he is good but not saleable No matter how much you hug him Steven.

    • Love Paul's voice as well – sort of a modern day Joe Cocker – maybe he should sing

      Came in Through the Bathroom Window…hoping he goes the distance on this season

  42. I don't get why America doesn't like Haley. She can do more things with her voice than anyone on the show. has amazing control of each note. She's beautiful, appears to be at home on the stage, a little awkward sometimes, but a phenomenal talent. Just don't get it. The question I always ask is – will America purchase their album?? Reuben, Taylor, winners who are now growing watermelons in Alabama somewhere. Maybe not, just saying. I would purchase an album(CD, I'm old) from Haley, Casey, Paul, maybe Pia and maybe Lauren. The rest, I don't think I would part with the funds it cost to buy one these days. They're all good. No doubt. But can they sell albums??

    • Reason why they don't like Haley's voice? America doesn't know what a good singer is. America doesn't understand the effort one does to change her voice tone and play around with melodies like Haley does. America looks at the faces of the contestants they like and vote who they find "adorable".

  43. I'm reading through these blogs, and I just have to laugh.

    Stefano made the wrong song choice for the first time on the show, and everyone wants him to vote him off. Thia and Haley made the wrong song choices two times before and they want them to stay.

    Yes, I am biased for Stefano because I know the dude. I know where he lives, where he worked prior, what car he drives, where he had his car accident; how many people were in the other car, how he sings, what church he goes to, and how to set the EQ settings for him on the mixing board.

    If he can correct the connection issues, he *will* go far. One little blip, and most of you want to ride him off. Frankly, I think A.I. wants him in the top 10, so he can sell lots of tour tix to the crazy ass girls that want him. It's marketing!

  44. Hi Guys love this week's critic it's so so true.

    I am Scottish and watched the show with my hubbie Paul and have been since the beginning. The first 8 years in the UK then 2 years when we were based in India and now based in Australia we watch it here as we need our weekly fix!

    Loving the judges this year they are the best however we need Steven Tyler to stop being so dam NICE. He needs to start to kick ass.

    Scotty has to GO, lovely guy he is, quite unbearable to watch. Not loving Paul either I personally think he is over-rated.

    The boys have the show wrapped up this year my winners either (in no particular order) Jacob, Casey, James).

    Can't wait for the result tonight.

    Keep up the good work

    Sandra xx

  45. i dont know who made the first comment on here get over yourself scotty was good and i like how jacob sings,and the judges do a fine job,at least scotty is on the top list are you…..

    • Sounds like you have problems with other peoples opinions. I actually don't mind Scotty, but I hope Jacob gets voted off soon cause he is awful.

  46. i LOVE Hayley's voice and I don't think she is boring either. She definitely has depth and her voice is unique AND she can probably hit all the same notes Pia hits if she wanted to, she just doesn't want to be that type of singer. Thia fans need to stop making excuses for her by saying that "shes only 16"… Jordin Sparks was only 16 and she wasn't shy AT ALL and she knew how to blow people out of the water with her vocals! With that being said, my bottom three would be Thia, Casey, and Lauren because those were in my opinion, the three worst performances of the night. I was really surprised actually that Naima improed so much because i hated her all the other weeks but this week she was much better than the aforementioned three.

  47. i think the judges are being way to NICE this year as well. i am so tierd of hearing how great they all are. i do think all of them have a good voice but some more than others need some work. def room for improvement. m favs are james, casey, paul, niama.

  48. Isn't it crazy that both Jennifer Hudson and Thia were in the bottom 3 the day after they sang Heatwave?

    • heatwave is a goodsong…but i think it has gives bottomwave to those peopse who sing it..hahahah

  49. According to the judges last night and comments and blogs, I thought it was UNANIMOUS Pia & Thia needed to change their boring songs with zero performance. How sickening that Casey would have been sent home without the judges save. Cute nightingales are a FAR CRY from American Idol.

    • Casey should have been sent home. Every week its about that nights performance, and his was by far the worst. The judges used their save, and these people never criticize anyone. If you listen to these judges, this is the best collection of talent in the history of popular music. All they do is praise and worship. Here is a cluse, Jlo , Tyler, Dawg,…not everyone is GREAT. you have to select the best, you cant select them all.

  50. The judges told Pia & Thia they needed to do something different, move & perform. Randy even said 'boring'. Comments, blogs and myself totally agree. The judges along with America agree Casey shouldn't be the one going home. America and the judges are scratching their heads on this one!

  51. I absolutely agree with the judges tonight. Casey almost killed it for me though with the NIRVANA performance. But I don't agree so much with who other people! I feel that Thia very well needs and has room for improvement. With that being said I really cant get a liking for Stephano he does not know how to listen to anyone and what they say to him. He should have been gone a while before the last two girls. Haley, Lauren and Pia have the pipes for a career in music PERIOD. They have there own style. Not every week can everyone sound the way they would like. But they rock the style of the music the best that they can. We must remember even the best of artist always have room for improvement. Paul and Scott are amazing, they know what the audience wants and what they want to sound like. They give every bit of there all every time. They WILL be great in and out of the idol light. Naima Is one heck of a performer and if nothing else one way or another that is what she will always be. Now for JACOB, well what can I say… he did so well he blew them all out of the water LAST NIGHT. I have not cared so much for him. I cringed when he sang one of my very favorite songs, " I can fly". But he has what it takes to take on the contest and the music world!!!

    • And I forgot James, He really needs to stop trying to reach notes that don't agree with his voice ability. I feel he should have been in the bottom 3 not casey at all!

      • I agree with everything you said,Shanah except for James. I love him. I personally don't care for Naimi but I can say she is a performer. Neither do I care for Jacob–I would change the station if he were on the radio. I love, love, love Scotty and would wait anxiously for his records. I also love Paul and Lauren.

    • I agree that Jacob is the guy to beat. Though many have negative things to say about him. All 3 judges gave him 2 standing O's and they are all music professionals, and I agree with their assessments.

  52. can't figure out why anything is wrong with Haley. I love her. Her voice is strong, bluesy, raspy. Get rid of Niema. She can't sing and is very pitchy. And whats with that dancing??ugh

  53. Jacob was not screaming last night he has toned down the screaming. In my opinion I thought Hailey and Naima were going home this week, but last night Hailey and Naima surprised me last night with an awesome performance. Stefano had the worst performance last night, I was scared he was going home tonight. casey is definately the surprise for tonight. I did not imagine him to even be in the last three.

  54. Tired of Jacob batting his girly eyes at Randy.It is obvious Jacob loves the boys.He has talent but will never be an American Idol. I'd watch him at a Gospel Brunch and be happy.

  55. I feel that after watching the show tonight that this was one of the best shows that Idol has ever pulled off.

  56. Pia the Pillar is so proper, perfect and uninspiring.

    A good Italian girl from New York should sing Opera at the Met.

  57. What? Casey, bottom 3? no way.To me, stefano was the worst and should have been sent home but i guess Jlo would have saved him. Thank God Casey was saved. Naima was the best and am happy she is still around. She might not win the show but i want to see her at the Top 5 level. She is so full of Energy. Pia is just a babbie doll and i dont see what peeps see in her. Scotty is just there, nothing special and Thia is just an angel who should be encouraged.

    • I love Scotty-he has a wonderful, strong deep voice, and he’s country. Very unique and he’s a clean cut, all American young man. He portrays an Idol through and through, and he stands up for what he believes in. What a refreshing change! Not everyone should be in the same mold and I’m glad the judges encourage him to keep his style.

      • my thoughts niami,& casey could leave now, yes scotty is by far the best .he is an idol for all teens to look up to. when he sings he feels it & you feel it. you can hear the words , he tells a story . not all screaming like the others.please listen to him ,really listen.

  58. Is jacob gay? why is he always doing his face and ouch, i cant stick the guy but he is a good singer. I am a Casey fan and am sure glad he is still around. Nice one Judges.

  59. Well, well, well, what we have here is Casey trying out to be an ACTOR! That whole scene made me sick! First off the judges waved off his singing and said 'dude you're safe' kinda thing and that's it. BUT, Casey started quivering and shaking and acting like some kind of dumb— right there at the judges table.

    Now, let me ask you: #1 Did the judges know before the show who was gonna get sent home?

    #2 Because it seemed to me the whole thing was planned and scripted. How do you feel about that?

    #3 So, isn't it possible that Casey was an accomplice in this whole charade?

    So, for me, the whole thing was VERY CHEESEY. That is why I said it made me sick.

    Now, some things have to be planned, but when they start planning the "you're going home, no you're saved, oh, I am gonna die with shock because you saved me!! Aarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!

    • i agree . the whole thing about casey made me want to throw up. maybe he is trying to get a part in a werewolf movie ,as he cant sing ,just yell & scream. he would make a good werewolf, wouldnt need much time in the make up room.

  60. I am a Scotty fan, but after watching all performances last night, I think the ideal finale will be Jacob vs James. I can compare that finale to the fight between Lennox Lewis vs Vitaly Klitschko in 2003 HW title match.

  61. Pia gets praised because her vocals are obviously out of this world. Scotty has one unique voice. Just because Naima dances does NOT mean she's a good performer. She might dance but she sure doesnt dance well, she looked nothing but awkward doing her chaquita banana dance, or whatever that was. Hailey's vocals are VERY weak and she's going home soon. Stefano puts me to sleep. And James has my vote, he has style, vocals, and can obviously electrify the crowd…..Lauren Elaina has potential, and Thia Magia is a snoozfest

    • Yeah, Pia gets prasied for her screams!!!!
      Yikes! Maybe Naima should try out for So You Think You Can Dance instead. At least, Haley can groove unlike Pia. James is cool. Lauren is good and Thia is at least she listened to the judges and did something else, unlike Pia.

  62. I am a fan of American Idol since from the very beginning, I am an Indonesian and in my opinion, this year America should be proud with all of the contestant, especially top 11 contestant.

    I have watched the show last night, and i found myself very pleased, eleven contestant showed each of their talent and ability very good… let say I don't like rock music, but when i saw James… I can not breathe at all, He is awesome… either Pia, Stefano, Jacob, Casey, Hailey, Thia and others!! They are true gifted people and seriously America should be grateful to have a young generation like them.

    So, I looking back to the past and i remember that i never have such an enthusiast feeling like when i watched this season's show.

    So, in my opinion… i have found the essence of this shows is when we feel that we are trully pleased and comforted by the contestant, whoever she / he is.

    • I guessed Thia will improve more if she choose nice songs she has a golden voice and natural asian voice,she looks like an angel when she was on the stage.i love her perfect smile with matching deep dimples pecfect to be a GLEE member like charice.FOR ME ITS "THIA" will win…GO THIA for the victory.

    • im from canada so i cant vote —-but if i could it would be scotty all the way. we love him,&need a new voice in nashville.

  63. Great Show last night. Judges were right in saving Casey. His last two weeks have not been great, but he is the most talented musician AI has ever had. Some earlier comments about Casey's look are probable very close to truth. It would be great if he lost the beard, got an interesting current haircut and dressed more stylishly. Go Casey! I also beleive that Paul, who, I realize, is not understood by many, is a true original and his music done in the studio, which highlights the texture of his vocals, is downright amazing. Go Paul!

  64. Don't you go wishin' Simon back!!! His biggest problem was not just insensitivity; it was how completely out of touch he was with any music past the 1970's! And his refusal to do any catch-up homework. Randy was always correcting him! We need the producers to stop looking for "names" and hire judges who can actually JUDGE MUSIC! DUUUHHH!!!

  65. Casey is the REAL immature one, not Lauren — he's a kid! And when he does blues or metal he sounds like a KID doing blues or metal. So he's a goner unless he starts to actually sing, WHICH HE CAN DO! But I give up on him — he has proven that he's too young to really "get" music, and doesn't love it enough to treat it seriously and respectfully (s i n g). Come back in 3 or 4 years, Casey.

  66. Haley could be the female Aaron Neville with those pipes and the yodelly quality. She's too young too — no clue who to be. But I like her.

    I like African dance, love the beat — but that wasn't even good dancing, Naima, and so-so singing, tho an improvement. How easily Americans are impressed!

    Jacob has a chance, but he's all over the map — think CONSERVATIVE, man. This ain't church.

    Thia will be great someday, but I give up on her for now. Songs without passion. Shoulda sung Stand By Me, or any song with BUILT-IN passion. That's her only chance. Just too young I guess.

    Stefano has no "soul." Clips all the words, takes the COOL away. Relax a little.

  67. That was some mean trick of Marc Anthony to diss his wife on national TV. What a strutter!

  68. Best Idol Series ever. Best Judges EVER!

    Thank you for a brilliant show each week .

  69. Yea Jennifer Franco.I've been a hugh fan since season 2.It's my fav show,and I look forward to it!I was concerned after Simon left,but it's my fav season contestant wise,and judge wise.Successful singers giving advice(Constructive,but nice-what a concept)works alot better.I didn't like Simons approach,but he was usually right.I think the best girls are Pia,Lauren and Haley.It baffles me with neg.Haley comments.She carries a nice tone,and has a unique quality.(like Lauren.)Pia is amazing,and I think she'll go very far,if she shows a great voice(which we allready know)AND great stage presence.The guys for me are James,Casey,Paul,and Jacob.I def think Scotty is phenominal,but doesn't need the show.If he moved to Tennessee,he would be a hugh country star.(With his talent,and unique country voice,he is better than some country artists allready.I admire James for his confidence,after some hardships he has endured.He is very talented,great voice,always works the crowd. I think any voice that stands out that you would recognize on the radio is something to look for. Paul is so unique,like Haley.The others mentioned are great too.ANy thoughts people?(Also,loved motown week.)Jenn.Hud was outstanding too.

  70. Also,do agree with Casey comments.He needs to slow down on the scary looks.I'll continue loving him,but Nirvano isn't most peoples fav.Jacob is great,but does belt out too much sometimes.

  71. i couldnt believe that Thia was in the Bottom 3 last week… i understand all of them are Good Singers, but i don't think THIA is the weakest among them. She has a good Quality of Voice,far better than most of the contestants who keep on growling! arRRR grrrRRR 🙂

  72. Mark,

    I agree with you. The judges are almost always dead on critiques this year, ESPECIALLY Lopez. Probably because they are ARTISTS.

    Before I get attacked about J Lo not being a strong singer..she managed to become a world-wide superstar because she knows how to sell the whole package. Singing, dancing, acting and hard,hard work. This woman is no dummy. She knows EXACTLY what it takes to become a star, and I'm not even a huge fan of her music. But I'd want her in my corner!!!

    What an amazing variety of talent this year they chose! The strongest group since season 7, with David Cook & Archuleta, Michael Johns, Brooke White,Carly Smithson, and yes, even Jason Castro. And Syesha is on broadway now.

    Love Simon.But stop with the rude comments bout the show's judges and talent This year. You left Simon. Adios!

  73. the most performer ever since is james, he's serious and dedicated from the bottom of his heart, you can feel it, inspite of his little discomfort of his personality…go go go james,just continue of what you have now and have faith ,first to GOD…more power!!!

  74. I'm a bit confused by some of the song choices being called motown. When was Lionel Ritchie part of Hitsville? I thought the whole point was to take songs from that era and update – on that note Naima rocked the house with her performance as well as a fresh take by Paul and Lauren really matured in her behavior. For the rest I can't ever see buying a song let alone an album from them.

    Got a strange feeling Stephano maybe going home or maybe Thia or Pia who just don't seem current. We'll see tonight!!

  75. Can't stand Jacob….way to much screaming trying to hit those high notes…don't see what is so special about him. Really Like Pia and James….Casey went abit crazy after they saved him. Seemed like an act. I agree he should stay but to hokey. I want my SIMON back. Stephen is just plain stupid and repeats everything Randy and Jennifer say. Jennifer at least gives positive criticism that should help the kids. Randy is a little better but they need to get tougher.

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