American Idol 2011 Top 11 Elimination Results Tonight

Are you ready to see another singer head home while Seacrest reveals our American Idol 2011 Top 10? This is a big one because once we get to the Top 10 we’ll have our list of who makes the American Idol tour for this summer and that’s a big deal to these contestants (and you when you go to see the live tour!).

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While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll below. You can also read Branden’s grading and Ashli Rae’s recap of last night’s show.

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Update: Nigel Lythgoe has tweeted, “#Spoiler Alert: Shocking #AmericanIdol news tonight!!!” Either his exclamation point key was stuck or this is some serious news coming our way. Could it be a “shocking” elimination, a “shocking” dropout from a sickly singer, or maybe even a “shocking” twist that they’ve just come up with. However it turns out, we’ll be sure to let you know right away.




  1. i saw thia's performance. i love it. shes really a performer. she makes justice for that song. well for me i think haley will be vote out tonight…

  2. I don't get it, why make the same pooling with yesterday?

    But it can show me that whatever the comment, how many time pooling repeated, still SCOTTY leading

    Bravo for you Scotty

    You make me love country music and you have such beautiful Charisma

    You'll be in the final

      • I absolutely love Scotty, I don't think he will win it, but I definitely think he has a record deal coming out of this. I personally think its between Pia, if she steps it up and Jacob.

      • Scotty was great and showed he can make any song country = I think he will be in the top 3 and may win who knows!

    • I Vote'd For Scotty McCreey , 207 Time's .

      I Love You , Scotty !

      You Make Me Fall In Love With, Country Music. !

      • So do i… When i was yaung,i don't like country music. Now, Scotty is make me crazy. Because i crazy about his sog… i love it… i crazy zbout it…

      • Steven Tyler Kisses Jacob Lusk For His "Beautiful" Song… headline of an article lol…. called him baby Luther (vandross)

      • Yes, since I was little kid, I can't understand why some people like country music but now by hearing Scotty, I can get it

      • @aif please don't call people stupid. Funny how they tell Pia not to sing another ballad. Why not tell Scotty not to sing another country song? See, it would not be fair. So what's the difference?

      • I think people already boring to see Pia singing ballad while Scotty still amazing and he can sing not country song hear like country music, only few people can do that

      • Why aren't judges asking him to try other things? Like Rock & viseversa? Guys are excused but not girls?

        I bet it's mostly girls who vote for the guys..

        Wher's the girl power or something?

  3. Naimi must stay. She has talent and alot to offer. I would like to see Naimi, James and Pia in the final 3

    • Genny – I agree with you – I really liked Naima for the first time I think that is the type of songs she can sing! Pia has a wonderful voice and James is Unbelievable!

  4. Whatever, but my bets Jacob, Naima, LAuren and Stefano will remain and be the top 4.

  5. NaIma, Jacob and Stefano will be safe after their good performances. Thia, Haley and Casey are at the BOTTOM.

    • How could you possibly put Jacob before Casey, Jacob has no talent whatsoever, he looks and sounds like a rat

      • Thank You! Finally someone else actually has ears. He's horrible, can you imagine what Simon would be saying about him.

      • You don't really want to know, this is NOT a dance competition for one… and since it is a singing competition, she is just not the American Idol "package". I'm really not sure what she is.

    • I don't think Stefano's bump last week is going to carry him through this week. I think he will be in the bottom three and is at risk of going home. And if that happens, I will be curious to see if the judges save him…yet again. Same thing for Naima. I like Naima, but she messed up a good thing last night with that ridiculous dance at the end.

  6. @ Matt, Thank you for the update. It is always appreciated. Wow…I have to admit…all the contestants brought a lot of energy, good vocals and style to Motown Week. Very pleasantly suprised with Naima-great performance (Idol Tour will need her). Favorite of the night…of course James…Jacob Lusk was awesome. Thia stepped it up some…but will it ber enough…also Haley. Dissapointed in Pia…thought for sure she would do something a little more up tempo. Casey took I Heard it Through The Grapevine to another level…like a rejected lover singing his heart out…great job. Based soley on performances…Haley, Lauren and possibly Stefano will be at the bottom three…who knows…maybe Naima will be there again…but I do hope she makes it through. JMO Hello to Phyllis G., Angela, Sherry K. and T. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight. Whoo Hoo~!!!. πŸ™‚

    • My bottom 3 are the same as yours Rose and I am crossing my fingers for Stefano to make it I really like the guy. From Haley and Lauren honestly I dont care who stays they have not connect with me personally in their performances but Stefano has!! and not just once! πŸ™‚

    • Rose – I do believe haley and lauren will be in the bottom 3 tonight – not sure about Stafano – I hope not. They were all good at singing Motown!

    • Hiya, Rose A. I completely agree with you.

      Matt, great update.

      Branden, great recommendations of songs.

      Going to probably end up taking these all out of order, but here goes, my take on last night.

      They finally did what I knew they were all capable of, I thought they were all terrific. One right after the other, they kept blowing me away. I was especially pleased with the direction Jacob went, simply beautiful. He gave me goosebumps.

      Casey, love the way you worked it. Almost theatrical interpretation of Heard it Through the Grapevine, way to modernize the song. Great start to a great show.

      Thia, finally, I can like you. Great song choice and way to step it up and work the stage. Great job. Proud of you, girl. I knew you had it in you. Pia could learn a thing or two from you.

      Jacob, you were amazing. I was completely blown away, brought tears to my eyes. You have such a beautiful, gifted voice.

      Lauren, you completely rocked it, girl. Very proud of you.

      Pia, I did not even bother to listen to you because you refuse to listen to what the judges tell you week after week. I am ready for you to go home now. I fast forwarded through your performance and just listened to the judges' feedback, which is accurate. Even Celine Dion has upbeat songs. Try something like Love Can Move Mountains or That's the Way It Is or It's All Coming Back to Me Now…not everything has to be so BORING.

      Stefano and Pia have the same problem as far as connecting with the audience and feeling the song. If I have to pick two I was most disappointed in (and this is hard because they were all pretty amazing last night), it would be Pia (for the reasons stated above) and Stefano.

      James was awesome as always, way to work the melody, my man.

      Scotty, awesome take on For Once in My Life. I was like J. Lo at the beginning, wondering what he was going to do with it, did not disappoint.

      Haley worked the heck out of You Really Got a Hold On Me — she sang her heart out and I hope to God that saves her, because she really has an amazing voice and personality.

      Paul, absolutely fabulous job of Tracks of My Tears. Loved the harmony, the guitar strumming, and the emotion you brought to it.

      Naima was extraordinary and I am happy she stepped it up vocally. And that drum remix was pretty cool.

      Okay, think I covered everyone. Very anxious to see the results tonight… wondering who will go home.

      Rose, I do actually see Haley probably being in the bottom 3 as well, just because she was trying too hard and it was almost painfully obvious. And I do believe Stefano will be as well, but I disagree about Lauren.

      Hello and hugs to Phyllis G., Sherry K., and Angela (and hugs to you, too, Rose!).

      Can't wait for tonight. And Adam's CD has shipped and is on it's way to my house, woo-hoo!

      • @ T. Yes, I agree with most of what you have stated. I just feel that Lauren even though she does have a great voice and (contrary to J.Q. Public opinion) did not have the spark that she used to have. When I recall the first times the judges had a critism about her singing, she was really upset and then the first elimination round, she was almost painful to watch…she was so visibly nervous. I am wondering if the pressures are getting to her … and she lacks the emotional maturity needed to go through this every week.

        Have a wonderful day…hello to Phyllis G, Angela, Sherry K. πŸ™‚

      • @Rose, I do agree with you about the emotional maturity. I feel that about Thia as well. And she is lacking that "spark" and I cannot put my finger on what it is, but maybe it is the schedule they are under as well. She has changed a lot since the beginning of the show and auditions and all.

        I worry about Haley and the directions she has taken, because I don't think she particularly nailed that song. In my opinion, and that is my all time favorite Smokey Robinson song, it was completely overdone with the growling last night.

        Hey, what do you think the "shocking" news is going to be? It can't be Stefano's DUI that has been blasted all over the internet, right? It had better be something else πŸ˜€

      • T, good posting, esp. the fact on Thia. At least she listened to the judges. I even esp. like it more when you mention Pia and Stefano. That is so true, there is not a single connection to the audience with them.

    • What are you listening to? He's horrible, all he does is scream those high notes with no tone control what so ever. You want to hear tone control on high notes. Listen to Pia. Now she can sing!

      • No, Jacob 's getting better and better…

        High note? Pia is a GIRL… and u compared between male and female with high note ? lol

      • Jacob sounds terrible to me, like someone trying to sing opera but can't. But everyone has their opinion I guess. (He sure isn't pleasant to watch, either!)

  7. based on their performance ,

    the bottom 3 are :




    will go home :


    • i don't think so… Naima is really good dancer… her voice is good… i like her performance… i think, 2morrow Haley will go home…

      • But only Naima who tried to dance, you know it's difficult to control voive while you are singing and in the same time dancing also, we have to give good response for her effort

    • Totally agree with Allie! Was not impressed with Naima's little dance!But I do like Stefano so not so sure about him being in the bottom three….

      • I enjoyed her dance.. I wished she had the vocals to go with it. After all this is a singing competition.

      • perhaps naima is in the wrong competion… "dancing with the stars" would likely fit her…

  8. i love thia's performance tonight, being a filipino i'm very proud of her, i'm hoping she make it into the top ten.

      • I love Thia…she is my favorite. But she unfortunately won't be the next Idol. Here's the good news, though. She will be making great music for years to come, and will have the best future out of this whole group. So you have all of her future albums to look forward to!

  9. Each to his own but i think stefano will be able to make it.I keep on voting for him.

  10. This is going to upset some of you, but I am tired already of Casey's "Angry" style, and Jacob can go any time. He is Morman Choir ready.. not popstar. Pia!! Love her voice.. but dang girl move those hips, take a chance and dance!! Stefano, i love ya man.. but way to wedding singer sleepy. If you cannot keep your eyes open on your own TAPE THEM OPEN. I want to see your eyes when you sing, not watch you sleep sing. I think Thia, Stefano will be in the bottom two tonight. Stefano might be the first guy to go home…

    • Lol, no way…. stefano will be there to last and reach semi finals. Go stefano, you are my american idol.

      • thia will not sing her last song this season =) she's the next american idol ♥

    • kmc, I agree about Stefano. He didn't have the worst performance of the night, but I think the only one who did worse is an extremely popular contestant and therefore will not be voted off for a while. So that leaves Stefano at the bottom. But I disagree about Thia. I just can't see her being in the bottom 3 after seeing all of the performances last night.

  11. what is everyone hearing in jacob if you like yelling then he is your man if you know anything about music and great singing vote for pia

    • THANK YOU! Without a doubt, your absolutely right! I have no idea what these judges are listening to.

      • I really don't like Jacob either and don't know why they made such a big deal and had everyone hugging him last night??? Does anyone agree with me??

    • if Jacod is so bad as ur thinking, the judges and everyone wouldnt vote 4 him πŸ™‚

      the problems here is Jacob is loved by so much people …and me too

  12. I think dat SOME of Pia's fan isnt fair. You shouldnt kick other contestants down to make everyone vote for your idol…

  13. Naima still have one more change…i think haley will be sent home….( i love her studio version of Blue πŸ™ )

  14. SCOTTY is great, he's the best and he will be the winner at the end. Keep up the great work my husband loves country music and you are the man for the record deal.

    • Scotty is very popular, and he does in fact have a great country voice. But he really ruined that Stevie Wonder song last night, and it was what I thought was the worst performance of the night. Lucky for him his popularity precedes him.

      • No, Scotty still sing very good even not his best and according to me, yesterday he was in 4 position, but next week he'll be the top again

  15. How can James be getting so many votes. All he does is scream. Thought this was suppose to be about singing, not seeing how high and loud you can scream.

    • i agree with u.

      but i admit dat James is so talent but i dont know why i didnt like him

    • You wanna talk screaming, what did you think of Casey screaming Nirvana????? He looked like a DEMON

      • cat – I am iffy on Casey's voice now also – I liked when he sang the Blues but the other songs – not sure about his voice he may be voted out..

  16. Obviously , this week Jacob has kept his emotion on his face not to be like pain …do u see ? he's trying…

  17. Thias performance was great!

    She will not be in the bottom three!

    The judges loves her and America does too.

    Keep it rockin THIA

    • You really think the judges love Thia? Thia is probably the least favorite of the judges. (Side note: I love Thia, and she is my favorite, so this post is not about her…strictly about the judges.) I agree that Thia won't be in the bottom 3.

      • the judges don't like thia because they have nothing to say… so far, she is the only one who has been consistent…. besides, you can't be pitchy one day and pitchy the next. it's all about "consistency"….

  18. I definitely think the men are much better than the women this year. My two ongoing favorites are James Durbin asnd Scotty McCreery. I don't generally like Paul, but do think he has a unique style and did a fine job last night. Pia has the best female voice, but needs to start moving a little. i think the bottom three will be haley, thia and stefano. steven tyler is the best judge.

  19. James is tops. He's talented and makes songs his own in a good way and is gutsy. Scotty is right behind him with his awesome voice and charisma. Casey did a great job but the angry look is getting old. Pia was Pia. Great, if not a little boring. Step it up. Lauren improved but it felt forced to me. Nerves? Jacob could go anytime as far as I'm concerned. I predict Haley, Stephano and Thia for bottom 3.

      • People complained about Adam Lambert screaming, too No, he didn't win, but he is more successful worldwide than most Idol contestants.

    • Close to my prediction…except Thia. It will be Naima in the bottom 3 instead of Thia. I can see only the diehard Naima fans voting for her, and she just doesn't have enough of them. Probably Stefano going home, maybe Naima. Interestingly, these are both previous saves from the judges. My question is, would the judges have the audacity to go against the voters and save either of them a 2nd time?

  20. Judges beware! You came close to annointing Jacob Lutz as the favorite last night. You need to know that while he is a good singer with a great range, he isn't the favorite of many in America.

    The judges got to narrow the contestants search from thousands down to 24; now it's time for America to select the next Idol.

    When the judges predicted that David A. would win over David C., they were surprised when the results came in. David C. won by more than 12M votes. American Idol made a mistake in saving he won by this many votes; the winning margin should never be announced.

    Why does Pia get criticized for singing ballads and staying behind the mic when Jacob Lutz does the same? Last week Pia sang an upbeat song. In my recollection Jacob has always sang slow ballads. Let's be fair to all the contestants.

    Also, please rethink when the Judges Save should be instituted. Doing this with the 12th contestant being eliminated creates an unreasonable expectation and wastes valuable air time. Perhaps this Save should come into play with contestant 6 or 5 being eliminated.

  21. i think haley has one of the most unique voices in the compitition jacob is a chior boy and who would what to watch him on any stage scotty will win but haley should be standing next to him in the end

    • Haley needs to keep using her unique voice to her advantage. When she doesn't, she is just an average singer. Keep singing the blues Haley and lets hear you growl!!!

    • james is good hes awsome but hes a lead in a group like david lee roth but solo i dont know

      • Speaking of David Lee Roth, great person for the next Idol Judge! He would be crazy funny! All Dave TV.. (dating myself if you rememeber that video)

  22. Pia & Scotty are basically singing the same thing week in, week out! But Pia is being branded boring while Scotty is being admired & called "cute"….So I guessed those who did that are female or housewives…lol!!

    I thought Naima was the weakest last week, but she chose the right song & suprisingly good.

    The top performance are:

    1) James

    2) Laura

    3) Pia

    My bottom 3 are:

    1) Casey…I think he sounds horrible.

    2) Paul….he's getting a bit annoying!!

    3) Jacob…..can't stand his "over the top" singing technique & sissy movement!

    But I guess Americans will put Thia in one of the bottom 3 & send Hayley packing!

    • FINALLY!! Someone who agrees with me on the bottom 3: Casey (screamin' demon), Paul skipping elf) & Jacob (sounds like a bad opera singer).

    • I guess when someone can sing weather it be country or rock- As u say Scotty sings the same weekafter week-If you got flant it–hes the best in this competition and if its women housewives whatever keepin him in who really cares hes damn good—-

    • @tenisaddict interesting on two fronts, one I agree with your top 3 you listed, and think those 3 are the front runners in abilities. All sounded solid. Strangely, the taste you have takes the unique style ones and puts them all in the bottom 3, certainly you don't prefer them, but really, you think Stefano, Haley and Naima were better than thse 3 last night? That's seriously debatable

      • @Dan, That's why I put my personal reason for my bottom 3, Naima is the weakest as I mentioned, but she chose the right song with less singing technique required. But I still think Casey is the worst of them all.

    • Finally someone who is not on Scotty's bandwagon! Your assessment is dead one with Pia and Scotty, but wait, when she starts moving around that stage with her looks and voice she is going to rock. I think she is the sleeper right now. Bottom 3:

      1. Scotty – Once your old enough to drink many bars will welcome you to their Karaoke nights. Keep in mind, the guy who sang the song Scotty had to use 3 TIMES to advance is NO WHERE to be found. Scotty will suffer the same fate.

      2. Stephano – Reach out to Adam Sandler, I hear he is considering a Wedding Singer remake. Maybe a scene with dueling wedding singers???

      3. Thia – The judges made a big mistake by keeping her over the other girl who's been there 4 times. Thia is good, but I think they should have let her mature another year to develop a stage presence.

      • @Itopsmgr: You are absolutely correct, that other girl had a rocker style that was unique. She also had a powerful voice and her performances were more mature. I think Thia should have been sent home to wait few years, grow up, define herself as a singer and then try again for AI. Just like they did with Jaycee. I don't know what to say other than the judges being very inconsistent this year.

    • . . .me and you and someone named cat . . .travelin' and a living off the land. ha, ha–the old song? Anyways, we all 3 agree on our bottom 3 for the same reasons.

  23. I think all the contestants this year are just awesome , BRAVO to you all.

    You all have your own unique sound which is pleasant to hear. I love how you all make the song your own style. If I would make a suggestion I would say listen to the judges and their constructive criticism. I see that some have listened and some have actually grown since.

    My favorite is James Durbin. They have never had a Rocker win , its time. Adam Lambert was very close and I think he probably should have won, as you can see , he has capitalize on his fame and you don't hear much about who won that year.. what was his name ?

    One thing though I hope James doesn't start getting to cocky , that will leave a bad taste in folks mouths. Arrogance is not a nice personality trait when you are trying to win the popularity vote in a country that is the melting pot. I did feel in my opinion it was a little rude that he ignored the judges when they spoke to him and instead honored the crowd.

    James don't get to big for those shoes or they wont fit. In lamens terms , those boots can be made for walking.

    I think Thia or Stefano is the next to go, as I said they are all so good , but it is he who wins the popularity contest.

    Good Luck to you all …. great season !

  24. Scotty McCreery is a reincarnation of Johnny Cash, except he is better looking and actually has a better voice. Country Music labels are even now doubtlessly lining up to sign him. He's a country star waiting to happen. His career is assured. Look how many people have commented that he has "made them love country music". Record label and tour producers love to hear that! Cha-ching!

    • I hope so he sure deserves this win BUT then again look at Idol when Ruben Teddybear fatass was crowned winner against Clay Aiken DUHHH U think it was rigged a little That fatass cant sing

    • Scotty is very talented, very.. and I mean very.. last night wasn't his best, you have to admit that…

    • me and my wife both agree scotty is next idol but haley and paul have those unique voices that will be reconized as for my bottom three JACOB/PIA/STEFANO A CHOIR SOMEWHERE IS LOOKING FOR THEM

  25. Pia is to Miss America once again, Thia can not sing she is out of her lead, Scotty can sing but over rated, Jacob does not sing like a rate nor look like one, shame on you he can sing one day you be buying his music, James can sing, the others……….

    • u r nuts!

      randy says she can sing, thats why the judges want her to take deeper chances!

      • I Agree with you…she has talent and has a great voice…compare to lusk..casey..etc.. who always shout when they sing…it bugs me….i cant even understand the words they say…

    • I have read a lot of posts that criticize Thia in one way or another. And I respect pretty much all of them because they have some validity. But to say Thia cannot sing is just flat out ridiculous. That is the one constant she has going that the judges praise her on, even when they are trashing her. One of the best, if not THE best voice in the competition.

  26. Tonite, Thia is in for me. The best so far is always Scotty really. I can see that he will be the American Idol this year. Going to d top, prediction is Scotty, Jacob, Pia, James, Lauren n Thia. Stefano, scared for him, hopefully he can stay on longer, still want to hear a lot from him.

  27. The Performance today was totally Awesome…Everybody do justice in the song they choose…except for stefano and paul….lusk did ok…atleast he didn't shout the rest of the song..naima didn't sound pitchy today….but all and all I enjoyed the show…everybody deserves to win but unfortunately only one who be the next American Idol and that would be……..hmmm will see

  28. Scottys got it all I love him he sings so good I wonder what he will look like naked yum

    • As much as I'm not a big fan of Thia's, you gotta give credit where it's due. She did well with that 1960's song, so yeah, she's staying.

  29. You wanna be politically correct? I think one dude is up tonight. To even up the gender.

    …and the weakest link among the guys…dun dun dun…sorry, Steffano. But JLo will use the Judges save, so it won't matter.

    • JLo will, but Randy and Steven won't. It has to be unanimous for them to use the save. She wanted to save Karen, too, but couldn't.

  30. Go Thia!!! You have the most beautiful and unique voice out of em your the next american idol!!! i ♥ u =)

  31. This is a competition which favour the boys.. It was visible form the first live show.. Judges are scared to give "constructive criticism" to boys…

  32. I find it annoying that the judges have their eyes on certain contestants and they are favoring them as early in the competition…

    Casey is getting great reviews from the judges but if you watch the vocal technique he uses is not very sustainable. That is the main reason why he was not able to hold the last note in his performance. Though the judges did not critique that part…

    Thia was able to give something new. She has to step-up her game. She has to take some chances. She is being bullied by the judges about song choice but others are not being treated the same. She can go far but she needs to take some chances on her song choices. Her pitch is very clear and the tone of her voice is very engaging that is why she can be a dark horse in this competition.

    Jacob should go soon. Though his performance yesterday was good. But he keeps on screaming and that is no longer singing… He must learn to control the voice. That is why he sucked big time last week.

    Lauren… give me a break. She was very complacent this week. No effort and it feels that she is getting boring and boring as the show progresses.

    Stefano should sing with his eyes open… It lessens his appeal to America… He only sings to himself and lessen your exaggerated singing.

    Haley, sounds like a growling hound… She should learn to sing and lessen her growls.

    Scotty makes everything look easy. And this kid has potential… Just need a revamp on image… His Lower chest tones and chest tones are fabulous. He just needs to work on being exciting.

    Pia should be arrested for boring people to death. She has a gift of vocals and everyone knows that. But she has not been showing signs of improvement and growth… She always relies on her high notes. Learn to sing and not just belting out…

    Paul is totally weird… He sometimes sings well but most of the time he sings weird…

    Naima. A total performer but not vocally gifted.

    James.Great vocal range but needs to change a little the image…. He reminds me of Adam Lambert And needs to make his image more fitted for this season…

    Probably leaving tonight based on trend: Naima or Haley

    Based on performance: Naima

    Based on vocal consistency: Jacob

    • This is funny…I just posted my comment to trash the judges too, without having read this one first (great minds think alike! lol). Glad to see we have consistent thoughts about Thia vs. the judges.

      • well the judges this season are good in their field but they should set aside their feelings and their favorites first…

        That is why I love Simon & Paula… Paula may favor more the guys but you will not hear her picking on certain contestants…

        Simon should return to this show… He is the one whom America listens to.

  33. Ok, I have my morning coffee in me now and am ready to lash out about the judges again. And of course it’s around Thia. Unfortunately, the judges will no longer support this great artist and she is going to have to do it on her own (with the help of her voter fans, of course). Where do I start? How about this…Last night the judges could not find anything bad to say about Thia’s performance, and so they gave her the minimum amount of praise they possibly could without selling her to the voters. So JLo says, “Scratching the surface,” and Steven Tyler says, “I’m good with it.” Then Pia comes on and does her 4th straight ballad. I don’t mind the ballads, but just one week earlier the judges trashed Thia for doing her 2nd ballad (remember, in week 2 she did not do “Smile” in the form of a ballad…it was upbeat and jazzy). And so what do the judges do with Pia? They don’t trash her the way they did with Thia. They (particularly bigmouth JLo) starts listing all of the traits they love. And then they slide in a slight mention that she’s doing a lot of ballads, almost apologizing for even making the comment. I mean come one, if you’re going to let consecutive ballads slide, then let them slide for Thia…she sings ballads better than any of the other performers.

    Now, I have a question. How many times does JLo call her pet performers “Baby?” I’ve lost count, and I’m sure there must be a new college drinking game around this. But never once does she call Thia “Baby.” She never shows any enthusiasm towards her. Even when she tries to say something ice, she is very low key about it as opposed to jumping up and down like she does with the others. I get the feeling that JLo is threatened by Thia because she can take the votes away from JLo’s favorites, such as Stefano.

    This is getting long, so let me wrap it up with this. I love Steven Tyler. But running on stage to hug Jacob? Really? Jacob was pretty darn good, but not that good to have an “impartial” (sarcastic giggle here) judge run up on stage to hug him. And Randy…I thought he was supposed to be a harsh critic of Stevie Wonder covers. How could he let Scotty get away with ruining that great Stevie Wonder song? I thought for sure he was going to lay into Scotty (by the way I have nothing against Scotty…I give him an ‘A’ for trying to make the song his own…but he ruined that song).

    So as I said, Thia has to do it without any help from the judges. I honestly never had her pegged to win the whole thing. It seems like stage presence (where James is the best) in this competition is more important than singing voice (where Thia is the best…yes, I realize this is just as subjective as anyone else’s opinion). But the judges really need to get a clue…and JLo really needs to grow up.

  34. I am torn. I do think Naima is the weakest vocalist of the 11, but she does have entertaining performances. Bottom 3 are Naima, Thia and toss-up between Stefano and Lauren. Strongest are Pia, James, Jacob. I love Paul, would see him perform any time; and I think Haley could be the next Grace Slick/Melissa Etheridge with right songs and producers.

    I wish Idol would allow a week where viewers get to submit songs they would like contestants to sing – I think we hear things that the producers don't sometimes. Here's my wishlist:

    Thia- "Lovin You" by Minnie Riperton. Re-done as a dance uptempo number and no "la la" capped by astronomically high note. A good producer could do that and Thia could make it rock. She's 16 and we know how mature she is by now. I want to see her happy and play onstage.

    Stefano – "Reasons" by Earth Wind & Fire. He can hit the notes without the Philip Bailey falsetto. And if he listens to the live version, he'll learn that he doesn't have to go there all the time. He's got a great voice.

    Lauren – "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Bonnie Tyler. She's a little country and a little rock n'roll and she could knock us out with this…if arranged well.

    Haley – "Magic Man" by Heart. She's got that smoky, sexy rock n' roll meets the blues.

    Paul – "Hollywood Nights" by Bob Seger. And I like Paul's "dancing"! He makes it a joy to watch him.

    Scotty – if he must be country, do "Wichita Lineman" Glen Campbell. I freakin' love this song!

    Casey – "Hard to Handle" Black Crowes. Need I say more?

    Jacob – "Love TKO" Teddy Pendergrast. No overdone version, just that beautiful voice.

    Naima – "Natural Woman" Aretha Franklin. No more dancing. Show us your voice.

    That's all.

    • Very interesting songs for those to do.. I have to agree and say your spot on and could hear each doing those.. any reaosn you left off Pia & James on what you would like to hear them sing??

    • Forgot to add Pia – "I'll Be Your Shelter" by Taylor Dayne. Uptempo and she has the chops.

      Also re Scotty – "Melissa" Allman Bros. Don't be stubborn.

  35. I would start planning a World Tour (Anthology of Modern Pop Music) immediately.

    These kids can do anything: the Beatles, Abba, Rolling Stone, Gershwin, their own staff. They are fresh, genuine, and diverse, complementing each other perfectly, as a group or as solos. They are America in its best.

    They would do more to the image of America than all politicians altogether.

    • It's a shame that someone tonight has to be cut from the tour. No offense to Stefano fans, but if someone has to be cut from the tour, I hope it is him…if nothing else, simply because of my personal opinions about all the recent dui news.

      • By the way…not to say that my personal feelings are the only factors for me saying this. I also think that, for the tour to be interesting, they need a good balance of boys and girls. A boy needs to go, and that I think leaves Stefano…maybe Jacob.

  36. I just read Thia's morning tweets. Between that, and her post performance actions last night, she is really excited about having livened it up a bit. I expect her to keep pushing in that direction and start getting closer to and more interactive with the audience. I won't say what I'm thinking right this second…I need to see what happens next week first. πŸ™‚

    • @KL I agree Thia is good, I said it before, she has something inside that is coming, darkhourse maybe.. She is talented. She has more and can do more, and has been a little more harshly critized then the rest. Still can't believe she is only 16! I think she'll be top 5, but unless she breaks from the I'm just singing the song as is for the most part compared to I'm Thia, here is my version of whatever song, she will fall behind the pack.. agree/disagree?

      • I think you pretty much nailed it. As I have said in another post, she is not going to get any help from the judges, so she has to do it on her own. She is definitely shy, but she is getting more comfortable with it and will be the most improved I think. Her voice is great, so no fixing there. That's why I'm psyched to see her excited about being more lively and outgoing. I also want to see her break out her guitar. I think she will surprise the judges and a lot of voters who may not even realize she can play. She will be able to do that well if she has a week where they do something more folksy.

  37. I LOVE Scotty, Thia and Naima. I really like Jacob and James too. They each have major talent, amazing voices and wonderful personalities and a unique place in the industry market. The others are OK but aren't at the top for me.

  38. Seriously, this competition is not totally based on best representation of an American Idol!! If you really listen to Thia, she is definitely out of her league!!!!!!!!! Her voice is nice, but she seems limited. Her song choices are boring and not nearly as diversed as other singers. Thia is too shy and does not connect with the audience nor has a outgoing personality. She needs to go home!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Paul should go home! He is quirky in his dance and mannerism. His voice sounds like he is on helium; unique but not quite polished. And Jacob, he overkills!!!

    • with those comments, you can definitely be one of the judges this season who bullies the contestants… hahaha

      • But, it's the truth! And, you know it! I've only reiterated what was said earlier by the judges and/or the voting public, with the exception of Paul on helium.

  39. You're right Dan! Had my list worked out except for James! LOL. He's good. "Somebody to Love" Queen. or "Mysterious Ways" – U2. He can scream, but he can do more than that and he needs to show it.

    • Great choices Donna, must say you know your music vs. the Idol talent.. Those all would fit very nicely!

      Any Queen song for James, as he has the pipes, unfortunately, I always go back to Freddy’s voice and just say wow, regardless of how good the representation is, Fred was beyond amazing. One thing I hope James does, grab a slower song and highlight his abilities, something like Adam did with Mad World. Took a somewhat irrelevant 80’s song and made his version and it was really well done. James has similar abilities, but he’s staying in his safety zone right now.

      Melissa for Scotty, very interesting, yeah he could pull that off! I personally would like him try a rock song, Brian Adams style or something and wonder if he could learn to minimize the ending twang just a little, to make him more main stream country/rock/pop. Country is obviously were he is at, certainly.. just want to see variety and range in this show.

  40. They were all wonderful last night! When I first heard they were going to sing Motown — I thought oh no! What will Paul & Scotty sing? They pulled if off by staying true to who they are and not trying to sing something that is not in their lane. They were great! They are my favorites and they did not disappoint! Can't wait to buy one of their CDs! πŸ™‚

  41. I think the response of the crowd last night shows who has the greatest chance of being the next american idol. Niama has more natural talent than most, she doesn't just stand like a stature and sing the same song everyweek she needs to move around some. Thia needs to wake up she sounds like a kid singing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush for a mike. without jacob. namia, paul, scotty and a few others the summer tour will be very boring.

    • Niama is the worst. How she is still on the show is amazing in itself. If she is 'saved' by the judges again I'll be shocked.

      Her talent is limited.

      • Apologies Missy Lynn, although Naima sounded better last night, even that song wasn’t vocally challenging. I think she at times sounds pretty good, but she added the performance dancing to help her overall position, yes, made it exciting, yes, but compared to some of the others, unfortunately, she pails in comparison with her abilities vocally. I fear you’re going to be very disappointed.

      • i love casey abrams he is the best i dont care what noone says i love him gooooo………. casey πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • I totally agree, Scotty is the best and he will go far in his career even if he does not win Idol.

      • Scotty is one dimensional, he's a one pitch wonder, he's a one genre wonder and I can't see him selling many records once this is over – except to his grandmother/grandfather groupies

    • I have to disagree with ya Missy….Naima will either be gone this week or next. It's a singing competition not a dance competition and they definitely won't use the save on her since they saved her once already. Just sayin'.

      • I think I have to agree with Dan. I like Naima but I think that she is not going to last a whole lot longer. I really think that Scotty and James will be going far.

    • I feel this season has a lot of really good talent. I also think that the people on stage this year have soul. i really like cassy and that young rock in roller an the tiny guy who sang rod stewert…

      But who i really like is haley she is amazing. i do feel the judges are messing with her votes, every one does songs that are different and they are praised. When haley does something different an rocks it the judges say she confused and dosent know who she is thats dumb. I think she knows who she is. an i totally get her, ya she's sang blues funk and country i listin to all that music an more i can listin to bone thuggs, to mellisa ethrig, the jack johnson, to blue moom when she sang that song she sounded like a pro her voice is amazing and i think people need to start voting for her, it's sad cause there is probably alot of people that do like her just don't call in well i watch like four shows never called in but, i noticed she kept going on the grinding block so i started to call well haley your the bomb even if you don't when this whole commericalized contest you need to make music so can listin to it..

      • Unfortunately, I don't think Haley has the slightest chance to win this contest. She knew this and anyone who advises knew which is why she totally changed her appearance and clothes for the show tht aired on 3/23. It was was of the few ways a female can shift the votes…won't last though because she is not one of the top singers competing.

        The best male singer on the show is James Durbin and best female is Pia. One of these two will surely be in the final if not both. Carrie Underwood was not the favorite to win in the finals, BUT she was the best singer and did eventually win. In the end, I think history repeats itself and the singing will define the winner again.

      • Slightest is kinda harsh i do believe that everyone on the show is great. I do agree with who might win, they are more comerical so that apeals more to the general public. I just admire some women over time like Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, Melissa Etheridge, Joan Jett, an more, so american idol or not she should make music. I think all of them should make music, i don't watch this show normally but this year every one on that stage sounds better then whats playing on the radio. I hope they all put out music, I need something new to listin too while i'm snowboarding:).

    • I think if anyone thinks Naima was the best, has gone deaf. She has been pitchy the last 3 times out to sing And I don't think what she was doing was called dancing, but it was more entertaining I will say that.

      I think it is not a singing contest any longer it has became a how many can you get to call in to vote thing.

      • Well that's stretching it a lot. I've been a musician and a dancer for the past 25 years and I don't consider myself tone-deaf. Only musicians would have noticed the band messed up Stevie Wonders intro in the the first verse. They would have noticed Stevie lost his place in the song and that Thia actually forgot the words. Musicians notice that Scotty has a limited range; so does Thia. Like Paul, Thia compensates for tone – but for tone you either like it or you don't.

        You (and Randy) get pitch mixed up with note/key. I think it's quite easy to fall for cliches and soundbites that you hear others mention. Pitch relates to wave length. In ordinary usage it means high, medium or low. When you say you heard a high-pitched scream, you are not giving it a value on the diatonic minor or major scale and saying "I heard someone screaming in the key of C" or a semitone/tone above/below a certain note.

        Now in terms of going off key/note Scotty, Paul and Jacob are more guilty than Naima. Scotty and Paul really have no excuse because they stay within a safe range though Paul is a lot more animate than Scotty. I think Jennifer is right when she alluded to stage mix problems through the monitor/foldback system; if you can't hear yourself or the mix, then musicians know you're going to have problems.

        Dancing: I noticed Naima has many styles of dance; because you don't consider African dancing "dancing" is more an eurocentric insult to the culture than a constructive criticism. To date I've seen hiphop, modern, dancehall and Afrian styles.

        There have been plenty of assertions describing the essence of Idol. Some say it's a singing competition; some say it's more; some say it's a pop or rock competition. I say Idol is about entertainment. When people cast their vote, they consider many factors – after all it's their time and money. People need to consider whether they would continue to "support" their favourite when Idol is over. More often than not, they don't. Why? Because something else is more entertaining.

        In my humble opinion Naima's been improving every week while others have gotten stagnant or rested on their laurels. Her studio recordings show poise, artistry and balance with focus and when the sound engineer/producers are on their game. She works hard – not saying others don't. She's dynamic and versatile. She's creative. She can dance and move better than any past or present idol. She has personality, life experience and humility and … she has stage presence.

        As Jennifer Hudson demonstrates – winning Idol is not important but taking opportunities afterwards is important. Yes, I'm a fan only because he potential will be realised after Idol; in fact, going far in this competition might actually count against her. Her niche is probably roots-rock-reggae – which is huge overseas. And this genre needs an icon since Bob Marley's passing.

  42. is it me, or has casey become quite full of himself? when he first started, he was down to earth, now i think the whole thing has gone to his head. he is taking some risks which might backfire and get him voted off. come back to earth casey and stop making those crazy faces. others can get away with it, but they were crazy from day one and genuine. i loved last night's show though.

    • Yeh, Casey is totally full of himself and is doing his best to hide it. And what was with his solo California raisins routine while doing that song? I felt kind of embarrassed for him and almost couldn’t watch it all.

      • Casey has been one of my faves so far, but HATED his last two performances. Get back on track fast or suffer the ficle finger of fate and become just another Idol cast off.

        I don't see what's so great and unique about Stefano, other than JLo having a big crush on him. They need to send a guy home this week, otherwise the girls will all be quickly voted off and it will be another guys only competition. Thia should also go home-talented KID, but not able to stand up against better competition. I'm hoping one of these two will be the "Shocking news."

  43. Let’s hope the updated tweet (still not sure why it isn’t called a twit) from Nigel on shocking news tonight is actually shocking this time..

    • Yeh, I was wondering if it's just a cheap way to get viewers to stay tuned in. I don't want to start any speculation, but I saw a post show interview on a local LA news broadcast last night with all of the contestants together. A few of them (Jacob, Pia, Thia, and James) had more to say than others. But I feel like there was someone missing from the group. I don't have it recorded, so I can't go back to watch it. But I feel like there wasn't 11 of them. I could be wrong. And even if there weren't 11 of them, it doesn't necessarily mean anything. Also, they didn't call it out on the news.

      • I'd be speculating. It would have been a guy though. Jacob, Paul, and James were there. That's all I remember. And I could be totally wrong…they might have all been there and I'm just having a brain fart.

      • lol got ya! Hey, and love the long post on the previous page, good stuff.. loved reading it. What type of columns do you write out there in Cali anyway?

      • I don't write columns. I do things like user guides and product manuals. I can just relate to the authors on this blog site because I understand what they need to do and what their goal is…it's not just about their opinion…they have to right stuff that keeps people coming back to post comments.

      • LOL Right stuff.. well there you have it! OK.. flat point blank question – who is #1 idol, right now.. not one of your favorite, who is #1?

      • Well, I have already voiced many times that my favorite, Thia, would not win it all. I just want to see her stay on long enough to help her career get an extra jump start. I'm not sure if this would be reflected in polls, but I have to say that James seems to be easily in the #1 spot. And I think he deserves it right now. I'm not crazy about his voice, but it's decent. And he really knows how to work the stage in a fun way. I think my favorite Thia is somewhere in the middle of the pack with the voters (though we'll see tonight). If only James could help her with the whole stage presence stuff! lol. Though in the interview I saw, they all started teasing Thia (in a fun way…brotherly/sisterly way) about breaking out the moves on stage.

    • all eleven moved out of the BH mansion this week due to reports of it being haunted…;-0

      • Yeh…imagine that. No, the news is something like "JLo Dumps Music Star Hubby to Chase Wanna-Be Boy Band Idol Contestant." lol.

    • as they say predictions, what if Thia will be out or casey? Stefano and Pia you are great!

      • Pia is great:) Stafano should never been given the second chance. This is a singing contest not a popularity contest.

      • Stefano is great, but he needs to keep his eyes open, but is one of the best male vocals up there. The next female that should have been gone is Naima and the next male to go should be Paul, even though I love him and don't mind looking at him either. Just Sayin'

  44. I hope they send HYENA packing, she grosses me out everytime I watch her. I hope she getas back to her beloved toilet cleaning lifestyle. Maybe then she can chant a psalm a day about it. Scotty lock them doors and turn the lights completely off. Then stay in there until you grow up and learn that 8% of the globe cares about country. You look like little George Bush. I know i'm not making this up. This show has turned into a JOKE. I love this, i love that. Lets be honest AI. Stephano you are very lucky that J-ho likes you, otherwise you can keep your eyes closed because I dont think you will wanna watch everyone yawning after your performance. You and Thia should start a string of lulabye albums. Thanks again for screwing us FOX πŸ˜› oh and if your thinking about commenting on this and trying to tell me to just not watch, the same goes for just not reading this….BOOOOOYAH

  45. One more thing, they should CAN J-ho and make Charlie Sheen a judge……Then watch the ratings spill out like tigers blood.

      • Yeah i agree, get charlie sheen and make the contestants drink Tigerblood, that would be awesome and not a boring show. charlie is good to sit there as judge.

  46. The 'Shocker' I predict will be the judges using the 'save' and squeezing out another week of media coverage and water-cooler talk, as the Idol World patiently awaits the 'Touring Ten'. These guys (the shows producers) are masters of media manipulation and super-hype! Anyone agree?

    • OMG~!!! If the "shocking" news is that the Idol contestants moved out of the Mansion they were staying in due to "spider infestation", leaky roof and a lot of them felt the mansion was haunted then that is pretty lame news and has already aired on TMZ news~!!! Shocking…NOT~!! πŸ™‚

  47. i think all the comments our unecessary and i think james durbin does a great job and if you could do any better then why dont you try out,remember we r the voting public and you should vote for your favorite and im sure some have there own fan base.

  48. Thats the beauty of having your own opinion. Just like you think the comments are unecessary, I think you just wasted out time with your stupid comment. I believe even a one armed monkey would entertain us better than Thia. Thia Megia performs “Heat Wave” because she wants to show she can do something uptempo. Honestly, it’s better than she normally is because she looks less like a robot. Less… but still somewhat robotic. She’s got the Glee choreographed dance moves down. When she gets to the “ooh” part of the song, it kind of falls apart because the energy completely dies. So she sort of kind of does well. Jennifer is happy that Thia is scratching the surface of being interesting, but wants her to do more now. Randy also wants her to dig deeper. Steven is too high to give a critique. No one calls her out on forgetting some words. These are the types of mistakes Simon would never miss. I mean to all the loyal AI watchers, do we forget that contestants have been thrown out in the past for missing lyrics. Kinda like drunken slurring Hailey…………..

      • Thia has become more and more the weakest performer of the group. I couldn't even hear some part of the song.

        I'm way over Jacob, James and Casey…my ears starts to bleed.

    • so happy that Thia is given another chance to prove that she is way better than the other girls!

  49. Haley Reinhart’s goal is to not be in the bottom 3. Her performance of “You Really Got a Hold on Me” probably isn’t going to help much because I liked it a lot, meaning it was worthy. I like Haley when she’s drunk, so I like Haley all the time. It’s this weird voice she has with the baby cooing and the growling, I just don’t think people are going to get it. But with the sympathy she’s gotten the past few weeks being in the bottom, she’ll probably skate by again after this, even if she’s in the bottom 3. Haley is getting more comfortable on stage, meaning she’s becoming more of the awesome I knew she could be with more growling, more drunken movements, and more and more anal sex poses. I loved it because it was weird, somewhat in a good way, somewhat in a bad way. But 100% authentic Haley. Randy says the Haley the judges fell in love with is back. Jennifer says that Haley is the most soulful girl. That was probably a diss to my girl HYENA.

  50. If tonight's elimation is suppose to be shocking, then I guess Naima and Haley are safe because both have been in the bottom 3. And if that is indeed the case, then I'm thinking it will either be Stefano or Thia getting the boot. And inspite of JLo pleading for the save, Randy ultimately says "no tour for you." Although, Stefano going home wouldn't necessarily be shocking either with him already having been saved by the judges (mainly JLo ofcourse).

  51. omgomgomgomg i love scotty haha he is from the same town im in and he is amazing.his voice and with his looks make you want to melt♥

  52. Scotty McCreery doesn’t know much Motown, so he chooses “For Once In My Life.” It’s bad. Real bad. Comical. This is way out of his comfort zone and it’s like a bad joke, but Scotty still tries to take it seriously. He’s trying way too hard to come across earnest so it’s over the top funny. You can’t do gang signs and butt crouching dance moves and try to be taken seriously. Steven says that when Scotty went down to the low notes, he tweaked everyone. Jennifer says that when he hit the low note, he got her all over again. And Randy said that the low note was a young Ladykiller. Did the judges all just get an orgasm from Scotty’s performance? He’s a minor, people.

      • Scotty is awesome and he has a lot of support, not only from Country music lovers. His voice have great range, he just need to educate a little bit more to sing other genre in case that is needed in the competition. He has a great chance of win it all.

  53. How anyone can think Naima is in the "best" category is beyond me!!! I thought she should have been kicked off last week.

  54. Good afternoon my dear fellow critics!!! I was just reviewing some other sites (to get an open minded idea) and these are the results I found.

    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    Ok so… I added the sources just because I always like to be fair. I didn’t create those polls, nor I invented the data and yet… there is one contestant that seem to be placed at the bottom 3 on every single one of them. I guess Branden’s rating was not off at all. I knew America knows better. Can’t wait for tonight’s show. πŸ˜€

    • That's funny. For all the mad Thia lovers out there, she is consistently in the bottom 3 of all those sites. I knew she wasn't all that. But last night was the first performance I actually enjoyed of hers.

      Have a feeling Haley will be in the bottom 3, and it is looking that way from those polls.

      Thanks for the info!

      • Yes, I was surprised Jacob was at the bottom of one of the polls, but you know… it is what it is. Thia is the only one that appears on every poll I checked, but sadly I think it'll be Hailey that hits the road tonight. Who knows, anything can happen, right?

      • I hope naima goes next, she should have already been gone, I never seen her as top 25 but thought she could sing. But it seems as if she has gotten worse to me.

        Just sayin'

    • Hailey goes home tonight, BOOK IT AND LOCK IT πŸ™‚ Once Thia comes down off the Quaaludes we may see better results. She is still SO BORING TO WATCH. If she wasn't Asian I would think she was just to Stoned to care.

      • What do you mean? Asians don't get stoned? I didn't get it πŸ™

        But yes, she is boring to watch and I am sick and tired of her fans justifying that with her "age". My goodness, Jordin Sparks was 17 when she won, ans she didn't put me to sleep. Just go to youtube and check videos of 5,6,7 year old kids singing on shows all over the world. Some of them have amazing charisma, and they are just little kids. Sorry, but being 16 is not an excuse to be a one-note, boring singer. Sorry!

      • Well said, Gabriela. Yes, between Thia and Pia, they can both go home. I did not even listen to Pia last night, the minute I saw she was going to do another ballad, I fast forwarded through and just listened to the judges' comments. It's American Idol, not America's Favorite Lullaby.

        Thank you for taking the time to compile the list of all the site's bottom 3 picks. Very interesting to see what different sites are posting.

      • It's ok if it went over your head. it was a very abstract comment. It only hold meaning for me i guess HAHAHAHA My only point is she is boring me to tears. I can think of at least 4 top 24 contestants that would have brought greater entertainment value to the show.

      • Yes, she is definitely boring. Do you remember when she sang "smile"?? OMG, I wanted to turn off the TV, but I watch her so I could have an objective opinion. It was like opening a jewelry box and listening to the music… Poor thing, she is like dry toast without jelly.

      • You are very welcome T. I think is good to have an open mind, since this site is "invaded" by certain non-tolerant groups (hehe) Anyways, a lot of people hate me on this site because I dared to say that Thia's performance was bad last night. Oh well, whatever. I don't need their love, right πŸ˜€

      • Gabriela, never mind the haters. Think how boring the world would be if we all thought the same way about everything? I like that we all have different opinions. My pop had a great saying: Remember, you are an absolutely unique individual…just like everyone else!

        Remember to let your freak flag fly. Who cares about the opinions of all these people you will probably never meet, right?

        You just go on, girl, with your bad self and don't let the haters get you down.

        I got your back, and I don't even know you πŸ˜€

      • Aww T, you are sweet! Thank you! I got your back too if needed hehe πŸ˜€

        I will never stop voicing my opinion, I defend democracy!

      • having said that"Remember, you are an absolutely unique individual…just like everyone else!" it does make sense that thia is unique and different from other performers. and your opinions doesnt matter at all lol

    • @ Gabriela, why do you hate that 16 year old(Thia) so much??? It looks like you are praying to ever god for her to get eleminated.,

      • I will never pray for someone to do bad, I focus on voting for my favorite. And I can't hate someone I don't know. I just don't like her style, I think she's boring, I don't think she performs well (performance overall, not just voice quality) and I have the right to voice my opinion. Can you accept that? I stand by my opinion. If you "love" or "hate" those guys without knowing them, just based on how they perform, that is your own problem dear. I don't feel anything personally towards them. Again, I don't know any of them.

      • ^ just keep praying for your idol, we'll keep praying for thia. Just make sure you pray to the right one ok

      • heck yeah i love me some chris young,josh turner,justin moore,keith urban, rascal flatts… i cound go on forever and its about to be scotty we hear on the radio!! what do yall think

      • I like George Strait and I think Scotty sounded like him when he sang "letters from home." I live in Houston and I hope Scotty sings at the rodeo soon πŸ™‚ I will definitely go to his concert!!!

      • When i think of Country music, I think of LIFE experience. Most country songsd consist of a story. A story that tells about the songwriters life at times, or other hardships faced. Let me ask a better question, Do you think Scotty is worldy enough to pull it off? I mean he is only 17 so WTF can he tell me about life in a song. I think asside from the deep voice, and the George Bush face, he is just another forgettable singer. I don't know how many 17 year olds out there love country, I can't thihnk it is enough to see Scotty through his failures upcoming. Just my opinion

      • i think scotty can pull it off just think of taylor swift. and i hope scotty comes to north carolina soon haha i would deffinitly go to a concert.

      • I see what you mean NEMO and you are probably right but, who knows. I think he could be a great hit, maybe not widely internationally but definitely a hit. We'll see. πŸ˜€

      • I will buy his CD's πŸ™‚ I love Taylor Swift as well. Besides, there is something about Scotty, he attracts people. πŸ˜€

      • peacock i say love or like whoever you want to. If you want to like him then do it, this is all opinion based. The best part of a small time performer is the close knit venues. Think of it this way, if he does come out to NC, it will probably be at a club. A club that hold maybe 2000 people. So your chances of getting intimate with him are better. I mean closer to him. Then maybe he can LOCK THEM DOORS AND TURN THE LIGHTS DOWN LOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHA πŸ™‚

  55. Casey was ok, although i didn't like the screeching. Thia forgot her words and it was a little cheesy for me. Jacob was AMAZING!!! Lauren sounded great, but i thought it was a little underwhelming. Stefano made me fall asleep for 90 seconds, i thought it was boring and he broke his promise and closed his eyes, i want to punch his cute little face for that, only because he's cute. Haley is back to the growling and i don't like growling. It wasn't Scotty's best, but it was still really good. Pia's voice was GREAT, yet again. I thought Paul did better than he did the last 3 weeks, but his song choices are way off. I thought Naima had an amazing performance and James was great yet again, much better than last week.

  56. The Boys are far better from the girls, the bottom three really should be, Haley, Naima and Thia.

    • Sen, you are very smart I see! Yes, this year the boys are way better than the girls. I guess we'll have another male American Idol in 2011 – sad for me to say, but true. Anyhow, I agree with your bottom 3 almost 100%, Naima shouldn't be there BUT I know she'll be. Good thinking!!!

  57. I love Scotty. However whenever I look at him all I see is the cover of Mad magazine. I do think he will be a country star no matter what.

  58. @LJ: which means Top Eleven would become Top Nine after next week, with the Judges Save…hmmm!

  59. I don't think your going to see a save at the 10th spot. Who would you select for the tour otherwise?

    • @Ron: they could bring a wild card contestant back; things are stepped up this season. . .

      • The wildcards are history, you can forget about seeing them again. I think if something like that were to happen they MAY compromise and take eleven on tour.

    • That would qualify as a shocker and therefore a save and then a delemma!

  60. Concerning JLo, I feel as though she wears her emotions on her sleave. You can tell who she likes and dislikes, did anyone else notice her shaking her head when Randy announced the elimination of Karen. She's not crazy about Haley either.

  61. Last night performance was good overall, as we all know we have good better best
    the good are:Haley,Stefano Pia and Paul

    the better are:Lauren,Thia,James and casey

    the best are:Jacob,Scotty and Naima

    • Are you insane? What Haley can do with her voice is amazing. James does not sound good what so ever everyone feels bad for him because he has autism. Scotty has an incredible future but was not as good as he usually is. and Naima is awful her singing was ok and her dancing was just stupid.

      • James is killing them. Naima was good last night. I am not a Paul fan bujt he looked and sounded much better with the guitar. Lauren is cheeky and playful with a great voice. Unfortunately for Hayley, great voice is not enough. She is sweet but boring. Thia is heading that way and so is Pia. I think Stefano is gone tonight. Even JLO thought he was ordinary…

      • I think Jacob should be the one to go. His performance last night was very mediocre.

    • The best are: Pia, Stefano, James, Jacob, then we got Hailey, Casey & Thia that in that order

      • @all: this just in!

        We are getting some truly shocking news from the American Idol blogosphere today. Joe’s Place is reporting that tonight’s elimination could possibly see either Casey Abrams or Lauren Alaina going home! The good people at Joe’s Place are typically a very good source for inside information, so this news is definitely throwing us for a loop, as Casey and Lauren have been two of this Season 10’s top performers. Joe’s Place uses the DialIdol software to predict information on Idol results. This software uses speed-dial technology to determine voting results as they happen and has yielded very accurate data retrieval in past seasons of Idol.

        This news is also substantiated by a recent tweet from Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe. While Nigel’s tweet doesn’t mention any of the contestants by name, it speaks volumes alongside the news coming out of Joe’s Place. Here’s the tweet:

        @dizzyfeet #Spoiler Alert: Shocking #AmericanIdol news tonight!!!

        Something else to consider — and it gets a little tricky from here on in, so bear with us: Because we are now in the Top 11 and tonight’s elimination will determine which 10 contestants will participate in this summer’s American Idol tour, it’s also possible that judges will not be able to use their save during tonight’s episode. Using a save usually means that the next week would require a double elimination, but since Idol needs 10 contestants for the tour, a double elimination would put the contestants at a Top 9. And this is something show producers would almost certainly not allow…

        So what this all means is that tonight’s results episode may see the elimination of either Lauren Alaina or Casey Abrams… for good! Wow, we are completely bowled over by this news. Of course, we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

    • That's interesting, thanks for the information. Let's see how accurate they are!

  62. I hope the best for all.. I do want jacob and james go all the way. Jacob makes me feel great his voice is great and true.. James is great not because of is medical issues, but because is voice is good and like jacob they both are great singers.

    I would like all to remember all of the singers have alot of guts to go try out.. Judges better then any there has been. go steven, randy and jaylo.

  63. I personally want Naima and Jacob voted off…yeah Jacob did well last night, but overall he isn't my favorite. Naima's dancing last night looked like she was convulsing on stage. I like African dancing, but that wasn't the African dancing i like πŸ™

    • hello wake up. I is nice to hear someone sing good song with out alot of sex and bad words. Jacob sings what he believes and with the world the way it is, it is nice to her him sing in what he believe………

      • I think that Jacob would make a great gospel singer but I don't think that he will make it to the end. James may not have the gretest voice, but his overall performance will keep him in the running for a while yet.

      • Thank goodness someone has recognized quality singing. No sex, no bad words, and singing what he believes. I think the same holds for Scotty.

        You can actually hear the words and no one is shouting or growling. And to think these two even know what a melody is.

    • I love Jacob singing but can't watch him sing it….I am waiting for the purse to fall out of his mouth, I don't like his movements..sorry! But love his voice!

  64. That's funny Joy…lol! Did you mean in contrast to the right kind of African dancing…lol

  65. compiled review of different sources about thia's performance:

    “Another contestant who has the complete package is Pia Toscano. She performed Stevie Wonder’s “All in Love is Fair” and as usual, she hit the ball out of the park. Regarding the song choices, there is something unexplainable that separates Pia Toscano from Thia Megia and could take Pia farther in the competition if both continue to sing ballads each week. But if Thia continues to take the panel’s advice like she did last night, there’s definitely quite a competition between the two. Taking on “Heat Wave” by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, America finally saw how well not only upbeat tunes but how well the 1960s agree with Thia! Thia has a fire in her soul unlike any other contestant and this performance was just a sneak peak of what’s to come if she continues in this competition.” – American Idol Season 10 Recap & Review: Top 11 Perform By Melody Simpson : March 24, 2011

    “Thia Megia – "Heatwave" – She looked adorable tonight in a pink and black dress that was perfect for her age. She showed us a different side of her with an upbeat song. This was a big chance that she took, since she seems to feel safe with ballads, but she did it just fine. It looked like she was having a lot of fun up there on the stage and the audience should have been having just as much fun”. – RealityWanted by American Idol Season 10: Top 11 Performance Recap- Posted on 03/24/201

    “Thia Megia took Randy’s advice and picked an up-tempo song this week. She performed Heatwave by Martha & the Vandellas. The judges loved how she took a chance, and now they want to see her dig deeper each week.” – KW – American Idol: Season 10, Episode 20 :: Top 11

    “Thia Megia is next. She sings a lively rendition of "Heatwave" by Martha and the Vandellas. Last week, the judges criticized her for singing too many ballads and they wanted to see her do something upbeat. Jennifer says "That's what she wanted to see." She's impressed and says "I know you got it in you!" and added that Thia should dig deeper. Randy agrees with Jennifer. He says Thia is here because she is great. Steven also agrees with Jennifer and says it was great and says he was good with it. I think Thia did a great job. I'm so glad her song choice is perfect to showcase her lighter side. Although I love her ballads, I truly enjoyed her performance. Thia is safe this week.” – HubPages by Rosie 2010- American Idol 2011 Season 10 – Top 11 Finalists – Results Mar/23/2011 Performances

    “Thia Megia rebounded from a tough week with an uptempo performance of Martha and the Vandellas' "Heat Wave". J.Lo said, "It was great to see you let loose like that!" and the other two judges agreed with her.” – 'American Idol' Recap: Jacob Lusk Makes J.Lo Beg, Casey Abrams Is 'True Original'

  66. Well, I guess it's time again for me to go into hibernation for a few hours while all of you east coasters learn the results and hear whatever the "shocking" news is. I hope when I come back on here that I am able to say, "I told you so!" πŸ™‚

  67. Jacob is good, but not the person I'd pick to represent fresh new idols for America. He is too old fashioned sounding; soul, churchy, inspirational is not what idols are for today. The ones that look like idols to me are: Lauren, Scotty, James, and probably Paul. They are young and current, fresh to listen to. They'd probably sell records! Lauren could sell pop country records; Scotty fresh new country; James could sell rock/metal albums, and Paul has a distinct voice you could instantly recognize on radio.

    I just hope America keeps the fresh current singers and send all the old-fashioned boring lullaby singers home! I love Casey and Haley, but I don't think they're going to soar into the top. Naima is just ridiculous with her singing and bad dancing. She is not fresh to me, but could do well with reggae or something. /shrug

    • we need more singers that have self resptect.

      This may teach our youth some resptect toward people. I am tired of hearing young adults rapping out to bad language and sex songs. The way the world is going lets try and make it a better world. Jacob will bring positive messeges to all. I hope he makes it and sings alot on k-love. lets get back to a positive world for all.

  68. Stefan, I do like you so does JLO but you need to cconnect you need to think as though you are talking to somebody. I worry for you this week. I feel like you are standing on the edge of….Hope you are safe as i look forward to seeing you again, seriously

  69. This was the very very best American Idol Show ever!! This show was amazing. Way to go judges Casey is awsome even though I think Jacob is the best. Way to go really this show was just over the top. Hogan took the show to a whole nother level of cool. Stevie is just the amazing Stevie and Jennifer was great. Idol excellent excellent!! I was in tears just great!!

  70. I am not into bashing anyone one tonight. I have my top 6 favorites but they are all really good. Ballads bore me and Thia and Pia are ballad singers but they have beautiful voices for sure. I wish them all luck tonight and glad they will all be touring this summer.

  71. I actually cried when Casey was saved. The judges are really behaving like "real" people. I love Steven. I never would have thought that he was as genuine as he appears to be. Casey has been one of my favorites, but last night he wasn't great. The judges know their stuff!

    • You are wrong the judges don't know crap they are not being fair, you know what i think they should bring Simon back if he was there half of the contestants would not be there.Take that to the back bring Simon back……….

  72. just a quick note that my opinion is the boys are going to go further in the music industry and the girls well they are soso.

    the colored girl she reminds me of someone having a fit the way she bouces around the floor

    • She should have been the one to leave last night, well weeks ago, I seen some that could really sing leave, and her she still stands..hmm wonder why?

  73. American Idol result for tonight is not fair to other contestant who got eliminated. Judges are dumb to decide to keep the person who supposedly got eliminated. If someones else's beside Casey who got the lowest votes judges don't care because they ain't their favorites. Naima, Pia, Jacob should be in the bottom 3.

  74. I wish that autism is not much of an issue when it comes to showing off your talent. James is a good singer. I love seeing Casey and Scotty performing,. that's the only reason why I always get so excited when I'm watching American Idol.

    and stefano? he annoys me whenever he sings with his eyes closed. and even if he do opened his eyes, it seems like he had a hard time doing so. So next week, I'm expecting that Stefano will sing with a real connection from the viewers and from the song itself.

    yun lang. πŸ™‚

    • Are you crazy you open your eyes stefano is one of the best singers, He signs from the heart.

  75. Scotty better sing something "Relevant"! i dunno if his country music is even gonna make him money

  76. I can't believe Cassey was on the bottom, looking at the votes on line he was far from the bottom. Stefano, Haley, and Naima all had omly 3% with Haley on the bottom. Cassey had 6%

    • Cassey should of gone home he dosnt know how to sing by far he is one of the worst singer,along with scotty, this is not a country show.

  77. I am not understanding how Naimi has stayed in the contest? She can not sing but must have a lot of family and friends out there, but yet Hailey and The black hair boy that can sing are in the bottom?? How can this be, is America going deaf? I like Paul, Casey but I find it hard to believe they are racked with Pia and the black hair boy (Stelone) sorry I can't remember his name but he is GREAT! I think Jacob can really sing but I have a hard time watching him, I am waiting for the purse to fall out of his mouth. I think it is not a singing contest any longer, it is how many people can you get to vote for you. πŸ™ because there is no way the line up with be like this if it was still a singing contest.

  78. Last nights show was fantastic – I was on the edge of my seat most of the night – I believe there are still three that can go home before we get into any serious loss of talent. Scotty, Paul, Haley and Thia can go – only then will things really get heated and interesating. My pick as it stands right now???? tis a toss up but I believe James will nudge out Jacob by a small amount – being folled by Stephano

  79. guess what all u people r all wrong accept for all the people that think james durbin is amazinghis singing is amazing he is so talented and he is gonna win

  80. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE HEARING ARE ALL YOU GUY IN HICK WORLD. You do not have an ear for music there are only two that should be in the top Pia, Stefano thats it every one else should go home,,,,,,,,,,,.

  81. What happen last night was totally unfair, and racist. Why did'nt the judges use the same for Karen when she was in the bottom three, Why are they doing it for all the rest. That wasn't fair at all.Karen was a good singer better than jacob i thin he should of gon home a long time ago along with scotty,james, ect………………

  82. I honestly did not agree with last weeks top 3..I think it should have been Lauren,Naima and Haley…Stefano and Casey really didnt deserve to be bottom 3..both of them can sing.! Stefano and Pia all the way!

  83. OMG!!!all people in the world..give a round of applause for the performance of thia megia..she is so great..!!!!thia is not boring those people who not no love of voice of thia is the boring…!!!!how pathetic they are!!!go on thia…bring the name of philippines..!!!crush them with ur classical and hot voice..i love u thia!!!goodluck!!!!

  84. I am a huge Casey Abrams fan but was not surprised at the results last week. This was NOT because I thought Casey was below par but because the sound quality of the vocals was terrible!! The instrumentation drowned out the singers instead of supporting them. I could barely hear Casey's otherwise powerful voice on the playback.

    Please fix this so that the talent can be judged on their abilities rather than what we cannot hear!

  85. hi im connie i just wanted to say this year is so alwsome….. im so glad they used the safe… he really needs to be there..there are so many good singers this year.. Scotty has won my heart. but he really needs to step it up and expain his voice and change it up alitte bit…cant wait till tonight….lets see what well happen..two is going this week wow i wonder WHO????

  86. Sup everyone james durbin is da bomb he is amazing i love his voice with all my heart it blows me away all the time i hope he wins and doesnt go home ..please vote for him .I cant because im in new zealand please everyone he deserves the money and the carreer

  87. I would by a ticket to see Scotty and James anytime. Each week they bring their best to the stage even though the music genre is not theirs. Pia and Thia are both very boring, although they have a beautiful voices.

  88. i;m torn between scotty/casey/jacob darn they're the

    best thats ever been on idol what a year!everyone

    seems to like the new judges. i think people don't

    understand jacob. a great singer, i can see all of

    them having careers.i'm ready to buy albums


  89. after tonight's show, that's it!!! what a bunch of idiots..are you kidding me? Stefano stays and Pia gets voted off. refuse to watch this show any longer, let the judges vote for the winner, Pia a remarkable voice, no stupid..she can sing ballards and also did a great performance on Tina Turner's classic "River's Deep" totally not necessary for someone as great as her to dance all over the stage and shake her butt. Viva Italiano Pia!! you will be famous!! longer a viewer!!!

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