American Idol 2011: Top 11 performance show recap – Idols soar with Motown week

“American Idol” contestants had to sing hits from Motown tonight and I have very little to complain about. Song choices were mostly good. Ryan wasn’t annoying. Steven seemed less bored than usual. Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams didn’t even make me want to bite off my own tongue. So I think that makes for a good week on “American Idol,” don’t you?

As always, I’ll review each performance and give them a letter grade. And as always, you can weigh in with your thoughts as well.

In order of performance

*Casey Abrams, “I Heard it Through The Grapevine.” Finally someone told Casey he needed to gain some control during his performances. And he mostly listened. He still came off as angry and not very fun to watch, though. I’ve finally decided why I don’t really care for his performances. To me, they always seem very rehearsed. Nothing feels natural and effortless. It was still way better than last week. B+

*Thia Megia, “Heat Wave.” Finally she chose an upbeat song. But it didn’t work for me. I wanted her to sing something not slow and boring but when she did I didn’t like it. It just didn’t seem right coming from her. It’s kind of weird and hard to explain. I even thought she sounded like Miley Cyrus a couple times and that’s not a good thing. B-

*Jacob Lusk, “You’re All I Need to Get By.” Much much better. Way more controlled. And while some of his runs and notes still come off as semi-parody, I didn’t hate it. I almost thought he was at risk at Bottom 3 this week until this performance (and the extra stage time for pimping). A+

*Lauren Alaina, “You Keep Me Hanging On.” I chose this song for Lauren in my Tuesday blog post! It’s the only one I got right, but hey. And she did a great job with it. I loved the slower beginning then the powerful jumpoff. She looked amazing and I really enjoyed her stage presence. A+

*Stefano Lagone, “Hello.” I’m not sure what the judges saw because I picked up on a lot of emotion in his performance. While Jennifer Lopez was getting goosebumps from Naima, I was getting them from Stefano. And those goosebumps weren’t just the first of the night, they were the first of the season. I thought it was flawless. A+

*Haley Reinhart, “You Really Got a Hold On Me.” Ugh. She picked the wrong song. It just didn’t work with her style. And she needs to cut down on the growling. It’s so overdone. I’ve liked her pretty well so far, but her performance tonight just made me angry. I don’t know, I just didn’t like it. C-

*Scotty McCreery, “For Once in My Life.” Again, not the best song choice, but I was happy he stayed true to himself (even though I’m not sure it’s possible for him not to). I hope this shows him he can take a non-country song and put his country spin on it. Overall, it was fine. Not his best, but not bad. Everyone loves him though so it doesn’t even matter. B-

*Pia Toscano, “All In Love Is Fair.” I’m on strike from Pia until she sings something other than a ballad. She HAS to sing something different. It’s getting ridiculous. That being said, I can’t give her a low grade. Her performance was flawless. A+

*Paul McDonald, “Tracks of My Tears.” I was happy to finally see someone with a guitar. And it helped keep Paul in one place. I think his dancing is irritating some people (not me), so that was probably a good move. It wasn’t the best vocal of the night, but I think it was the best performance of the night. He’s just so easy to listen to and watch. I loved it. A-

*Naima Adedapo, “Dancing in the Streets.” I was so angry when I heard she was singing another upbeat song so she could dance. I thought she needed to sing a slow song to try and focus on her pitch issues. But I think she made a good decision. I didn’t love the performance. She even clearly lost a couple notes, but she put on a show and that’s going to blindside some people. So she’ll probably make it through this week.  (Oh, and WHY did they spoil her dance break in the footage before her performance? Why does this show insist on being poorly produced?) B+

*James Durbin, “Living For The City.” James picked the song I thought Naima should do, but I’m glad he did it. It was pretty amazing. I took no notes during his performance because I was too busy being entertained. But what was Randy talking about? He said James’ start was rocky? Really? How stupid, Randy. It was a great performance. A++

And now, I’ll try to look into the future once again and guess the contestants’ safety and lack there of. (NOTE: These are NOT my personal rankings, but how I think America will see things. I thought that was clear, but some people are getting confused):

100 percent safe: James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano

Most likely safe: Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald, Casey Abrams

Probably the Bottom 3: Haley Reinhart, Naima Adedapo, Thia Megia

Probably going home: Haley Reinhart

Tonight’s performances were so good, that it’s hard to predict what will happen this week. Naima could pull herself out of the bottom. In that case, I’d say Casey would drop into the bottom. If  Naima stays, then that is probably your bottom. Unless Casey and Thia change places. It’s a tough call!




  1. This american idol class is class all the way through. The judges really picked strong performers. This year is the first time I really couldn't pick a top 5 right away!

    • Go THIA… Nice to hear performance and with conviction… so classy and not boring… I think hailey is the one going home..

    • ULEYU,



  2. Branden, I agree almost 100% with you. I just don't see Naima at the bottom 3. Sadly, I think Stefano will be. But, I think the one going home will be Hailey (and should be Thia.)

  3. Everyone did a great job tonight. It was a great show indeed, even Steven change a bit cause in the pasts shows I notice he was a little quieter and bored of it, but tonight he was in it. I like Stefano, I think he's one of the best and as humble as he is, he deserves to win. Scotty is cute as hell, he got personality, that's why even when people are trying not to like him they just cant. Everyone did a pretty good job and I really cant say who's gonna be in the bottom 3 tomorrow. Less likable performance of the night for me were : Thia and Casey. Will see!

  4. Everyone did a great job tonight. It was a great show indeed, even Steven change a bit cause in the pasts shows I notice he was a little quieter and bored of it, but tonight he was in it. I like Stefano, I think he's one of the best and as humble as he is, he deserves to win. Scotty is cute as hell, he got personality, that's why even when people are trying not to like him they just cant. Everyone did a pretty good job and I really cant say who's gonna be in the bottom 3 tomorrow. Less likable performance of the night for me were : Thia and Casey. We'll see!

    • OMG.. paul totally has the least vocal range of the bunch. He is only still there cause he is supported by "vote for the worst"

  5. Naima was GREAT!!!! She has the right to sing Motown and she delivered – she is by far the most interesting of the women and I would pay for tickets tomorrow if I knew that she was on tour! She and James were on fire tonight. I love Stefano and hope he pulls through, too.

  6. Let me get this straight….you think Paul's performance was the best of the night and give him an A-, but you give James an A++? Huh???

  7. Haley should sing Joplin's 'Little piece of my heart' and have a night of knocking it out of the park! Few could do justice to that song but Haley has the voice.

    • Janis Joplin is on of my top two favorite singers ever and Haley could not pull it off.

      • I totally disagree. Haley has amazing control over her voice, it's absolutely fantastic. Unlike Jacob, she keeps her runs in the chord that they are supposed to be in. She might growl a little too much, but she puts a lot of feeling into every performance she's done. Is she a bit awkward? Yes. Is she a hot mess? Yes. I'm waiting for her to fumble over herself and fall on stage or have some kind of wardrobe malfunction. But she can sing with the best of them. I think it will be Haley leaving, but not because she deserves to. People are too closed minded or deaf (thinking James can actually sing) to see it.

      • Yes David you r correct. Haley has control. hahaha have you even ever listened to Joplin sing???

      • I do listen to Janis Joplin, and while Haley might not have the frog down her voice is unique enough she could pull it off as Haley. Do I think she could 'top' Joplin, no. Very few people can say they could as far as legendary status goes. Stylistically, though, Haley is very similar.


  8. Paul should sing Willie Nelson's rendition of 'City of New Orleans'. Paul, I know the Idol band can find a harmonica player like Nelson used and your voice is perfect for that iconic one of a kind songs. Go for it.

  9. thia is good.. like Randy said take chances, compared to Pia she always sang ballad, casey always scream uh…

  10. Tonight is the best show so far. Everyone brought their A game. Still loving Paul glad he did not dace ,can someone please tell him to just stop it. He dances like I do around 2am at the club after a night of drinking.

    I was afraid this was Naima's last week, but after tonight I will continue to vote for her she did great.

    I think the bottom three will be Haley Reinhart, Thia Megia and possible Jacob Lusk. I always vote for Jacob but I wasn't feeling him tonight.

    • no way is jacob bottom 3…honestly I think Naima is still bottom 3, along with Haley and Casey (just losing interest in him)

      • Jacob's performance tonight is his best one so far. I think it's Haley, Casey and Namia on the bottom 3.

  11. I think Thia should get a better grade than B-. Perhaps an A. I do like the way she sang Heatwave tonight. It feels something fresh and new.

  12. I can't help but to lean towards Casey !! He really seems to bring it with mixing it up and having the ability to draw in the crowd. Of coarse he seemed "rehearsed" uhh, they all rehearsed for a good 5 days or so ,Hmmm? Casey ,if you read this ," I want my hug , because I voted for you Sweetie !!

  13. I know you don't like Casey, but he's nowhere near the bottom 3 right now. I loved tonight's show. Everyone was absolutely amazing. The person going home won't be going home because of a bad performance, they'll be going home because they weren't as popular as some of the other performers. I think almost everyone one of these contestants could win or make a top 3 or 4 in almost every other season. This season rocks.

    My 100% safe people are James, Casey, Pia, and Jacob.

    Most likely safe I'm only going to put Scotty and Lauren.

    In danger of going home this week, for the sole reason that this year kicks trash, are Haley, Paul, Naima, Thia, and Stephano.

    In my bottom 3, I have no idea who to put, but I'm going to say Naima, Thia, and Stephano. I was dead set on seeing Naima go home this week, but after today I think she'll last another week and be the first of these three sent back to safety. We'll then be looking at Stephano and Thia and America will be shocked when they see Stephano get sent home. Like I said, I have no idea what will happen because this week kicked trash so I'm probably wrong, but in making a prediction, this is what my gut says, so I'll go with it.

    • Adam, I like to think Casey is no where near the bottom 3 either, but from many polls and dialidol (not that I trust that site) he's pretty close to the bottom. I don't just pull these picks out of the top of my head. And I don't put them in the bottom 3 based on my personal thoughts.

      • I'd like to see how they do those polls you are talking about. Could you post the links that you use so I can check them out for myself?

      • From what I have observed, read, and looked at, Casey is one of the top contestants and has a huge fan base. He wouldn't be lower that Paul, Haley, Thia, Naima, and a few others

  14. Pia is so outdated. good voice sure, but really where is she going? Have you heard much of Celine lately? I haven't..times are changing. We need to hear voices that are a bit different. Scotty and James and Paul and even Casey have my votes..none of the women have a chance this year. I was hoping Pia would bust a move somehow tonight. I do give credit to Thia for trying and the Milwaukee gal was a true performer tonight. Still guys have it hands down.

    • Hey, wait a minute sandee… if you think that you could not hear about Celine, well… seems that your ears supposedly broken!… She has a family to take care about, even a Diva, she has a right to spent her time to take a rest with her children!

      And about Pia, she sounds great and it can be proved that she can sings Celine and Whitney's song, it was more than enough to be an evidence

  15. Interesting evening with a bunch of talented kids. By far the most improved has been James (not only with vocals but with stage performance and atire). I was disappointed with Stefano's performance after last week – but it happens. I agree with everyone else – Pia really needs to step out of ballad singing as it is loosing her some serious ground here. I think the bottom 3 will be Stefano, Lauren and perhaps even Haley.

  16. I cannot see myself buying and listening to a cd by Paul, Casey, Naema, or Stephano. i don't like any of their voices………………

    • I would buy paul's and casey's in a heartbeat. I am not so sure I would buy Niama's I am not sure what type of music she would make. If she wants to make music liker her fav singer rhianna… well i'm not interested. I guess I would have to hear a little first but Casey and Paul… absolutely!

      • Yes Tiffanie, Paul and Casey are true "musicians", they have it ALL! Stage control, charisma, great voice, they are unique and original. I would buy their CD's, concert tickets, memorabilia, anything in a heartbeat!!! GO PAUL, GO CASEY!!!

      • Casey looked like a goofball parading around like that. I actually felt embarrassed for him.

    • I can see buying Pia, Lauren or Scotty cds and maybe Haley but only if she sings the blues. If James gets with a good band and picks the right songs he could sell alot. Stefano with 2 or 3yrs of work could do well in Vegas and Casey could make a great producer or arranger.

    • Thats your opinion. I like stefano, naima, jacob and lauren and i will continously vote for them.

  17. I'm sorry, but Casey needs to leave. I have to change the channel when he's on. And Lauren just can't stop herself from doing the trashy little girl playing to the older men. It may have worked for Britney, but it doesn't work for her. Jacob is getting some discipline and it worked great for him. All things considered, not a bad show.

    • That's right! Casey is arrogant and cocky–but why I don't know. He just pees me off and he really can't 'sing'. He tries to be an entertainer but falls short there too.

      If someone sent a limo to pick me up for a FREE Casey concert I would decline. Even if soda and snacks were free! Actually the same goes for Naima and Paul.

      • I agree with you doug

        casey is going downhill reminded me of a vegas lounge singer last night

  18. Data from Idolbloglive (From best to worst)

    1. Casey

    2. Pia

    3. James

    4. Paul

    5. Scotty

    6. Lauren

    7. Jacob

    8. Stefano

    9. Thia (bottom 3 – agree)

    10. Naima (bottom 3 – disagree :()

    11.Hailey (bottom 3 – disagree)


    • Gabriele…crazy…..












      going home hailey or stefano i dont care

      • Look zephyr78, let's wait until tomorrow and see who's crazy. Some people can't write a comment without insulting. Thia on #3… Hahahahahahahaha!!!

      • i have to agree with gabriele. i am a thia fan. her performance was ok but not really striking. actually, one of the weaker ones tonight.

      • but she is not going home……hahahahahahaha…..that will make you crazy…..gabriela……

      • 1. Thia

        (no vocal range)

        2. Haley

        (somethings missing with her performances)

        3. Lauren

        (doesn't measure up to the talent left to compete)

        They should all go home in this order. The guys are clearly more talented than the girls this time

    • casey goofy he looks like he is from the movie star wars i think it was….pia just boring to the maximum level….and looked old tonight, lauren just always kissed ass to the judges…she looked like kristie alley…..stefano tooooooo trying hard…..james screams a lot….scotty wth……country???????????????i didnt get it it didnt fit unlike adams ways…..he nailed it even he made it different as well as david cook….i dont know…..

    • We'll see tomorrow. My bet for bottom 3 will be Casey, Namia, Hailey. If Thia is sent home tomorrow, I will never make a comment here even if I want to.

    • Gabriela, we’ll see tomorrow. My bet for bottom 3 will be Casey, Namia, Hailey. If Thia is sent home tomorrow, I will never make a comment here even if I want to.

      • I never said she'll go home, I've written several times that my bet for bottom 3 are: THIA, HAILEY and LAUREN or NAIMA, but I know Hailey will be sent home. Sadly, but I think that's what's going to happen. All I said was that Thia's performance was borderline mediocre and I think she should be at the bottom 3. HOWEVER, I repeat – Hailey is most likely to be sent home. America doesn't like her much, bottom three twice already? That has to say something, in my opinion.

      • whatever, just prepare your hankies Thia fanatics and she will surely go home. She has memory loss while singing her song hahahaha thats unpardonable. who want an american idol who cant memorize the lyrics? my god, wake up you this fanatics.

  19. I believe there are several talented singers this year. But I have to say that James and Casey are my favorite picks.I'm sure the Motown songs were tough for most of the singers but they all did a very good job. But I have to stay with my 2 biggest pics and that is Casey and James!!! Unfortunately there is only 1 winner. My guess is James!! Go James, keep up the awesome performances.

  20. It seems Branden has his own favorites too.. I wonder how she always praise and give Pia that high grade, and yet criticize Thia for being so boring singing too many ballads. Yeah, Pia can really sing.. but so does Thia. To me that's double standard…

    Actually, Thia does a better job for taking risk this time and is versatile.. She was given a very forgetable motown disco song and still did a great performance.

    • Branden is a he, not a she. I didn't praise Pia this week. She got a good vocal grade just like Thia got a good vocal grade last week (A). I'm being very fair.

  21. I'm on the west coast, so it's all just starting for me. I have 9 more to watch. But poor Thia. She gave a great performance, gave what the judges asked for, her vocals were the better of the first two so far (not sure how Branden grades Casey higher on this…I thought Casey was pretty goofy walking around like that, decent vocals…but not great). Yet once again, the judges won't give Thia the credit she deserves. Granted, I could tell Thia had some nerves going. But she still did a good job. Branden put her in the bottom three, and several have her leaving. I guess I'm in for some pretty spectacular remaining acts for Thia to be in the bottom three. I'll be back.

    • Well, if Thia does go out this week or next week, it's because of only one thing, This is American Idol.

      • Yes, one thing only: She is an average singer, with no charisma at all. That's it!

      • you’re so racists guys, you must focus on judging persons through their performance not on their route… Wrong judging.. try not to comment with non sense topic….

      • Gabroela talks about Thia not having charisma, and yet she likes Casey who is so cocky and that must the "charisma" she's talking about. LOL

      • Lizette, I wanted to reply to you, but due to your lack of grammar sense, I couldn't understand the comment. Sorry dear!

      • Gabriela, if you can't easily understand some typo or grammatical errors, that's not my problem. I don't need to hear your reply anyway. 🙂

      • Gabriela

        i agree with you she does have a pretty voice but she has no charisma

        too young not enough life experience

        you're not a hater you're just telling the truth

      • Thank you TARA! I am a musician and I work with show productions as well, and believe me… if would be a challenge to create a choreography or design a stage that would WOW fans for a Thia Megia's concert. She has no spark, no charisma, nothing to work with. Sitting for 4 hours to listen to a pretty angelical voice… that idea is not going to sell! Sorry!

      • @Gabriela, You are a muscian??? Musicians don't spend hours on places like this judging other people!

    • I put her in the bottom 3 based on popularity. NOT my own grading. That's not my bottom 3, that's what I THINK America's bottom 3 will be.

      • yeah based on popularity… but wasn't this a singing competition? If you were to rate them on tonal quality, versatility, consistency, and performances, how would you rate them?

      • @MICHAEL it is sad that it has become a popularity contest than a singing one. to be relevant in american idol, you have to be either spectacularly good or just really likable and popular. thia is doing really good however, the other contestants are just way more popular than her while a handful are somewhat better than her. that's just how it works with the american public.

      • Branden I feel you don't have to explain yourself to others, if you give someone a B and others don't like it so be it. Stay truthful to your opinions.

      • well, yeah I do agree with you, kpooper.. I know Thia won't even make it in the top five, but not because she doesn't belong there, but because it's american idol..

      • Alvie, It's impossible to explain anything to some of these people anyway. I JUST said that's not my bottom 3 and that it's based on popularity (not my opinons) I'm accused of rating them on popularity. I think I'll stop trying to explain it.

      • Michael I DO rate them on tonal quality, versatility, consistency and performances. Are you even reading my recaps? I don't rank them based on popularity. I suggest who I BELIEVE American is voting for. Why is that so confusing to you?

      • Branden, I never said you are rating them on popularity.. I know the american public does. And that is the reality for this show… that's why writers like you need to guide the public so that they cast their votes objectively.

      • Poor Branden! I feel you… really. I have my favorites of course, and I do recognize when they mess up. It could happen to any contestant. But it creeps me out when I read comments out of blind fanatic obsession. You are usually right or very close on your predictions. Keep it up!

      • NOW REREAD::::

        Branden says:

        March 23, 2011 at 11:48 PM

        I put her in the bottom 3 based on popularity. NOT my own grading. That’s not my bottom 3, that’s what I THINK America’s bottom 3 will be.

        Branden says:

        March 24, 2011 at 1:23 AM

        Alvie, It’s impossible to explain anything to some of these people anyway. I JUST said that’s not my bottom 3 and that it’s based on popularity (not my opinons) I’m accused of rating them on popularity. I think I’ll stop trying to explain it.

        Branden says:

        March 24, 2011 at 1:24 AM

        Michael I DO rate them on tonal quality, versatility, consistency and performances. Are you even reading my recaps? I don’t rank them based on popularity. I suggest who I BELIEVE American is voting for. Why is that so confusing to you?


      • FIRST:

        Branden says: NOT my own grading.


        Branden says: I JUST said that’s not my bottom 3 and that it’s based on popularity (not my opinons) I’m accused of rating them on popularity


        Branden says: I DO rate them on tonal quality, versatility, consistency and performances. Are you even reading my recaps? I don’t rank them based on popularity.

        HOW IS THAT??? Not on your own grading? So you did it thru popularity? Then at last, you rate them with their etc… HAHAHA!

      • God help me. Why am I even explaining this ONE MORE TIME??

        @REY: My message is consistent. When I suggest the Bottom 3, it's how I THINK America will vote — Which is based on contestant popularity. When I RANK them personally, with my GRADES, it's not based on what America thinks or contestants' popularity — it's based on my PERSONAL opinion, thoughts on their vocals and overall performance. So try again if you want to insult someone who works very hard to give Idol fans and blog readers a forum. Some people just love nastiness.

      • @Rey, you're seriously the one that's confused. You're putting two different points into one thought. I grade the contestants THEN I suggest who will go home. I've defended both of those things tonight under separate comments, so when you're trolling around and copying and pasting to try to make me look stupid, you're really just doing it to yourself.

      • You are so nice, easily confused is a very soft way to say it haha! Of course I get it, last week my favorite contestant messed up and I didn't want to kill you for your low rating. But WOW… some fans are just obsessed and just can't accept the truth. By checking other websites I can tell you that more than likely you are going to be right again tomorrow about the bottom 3. So be ready for some attacks hehe. Poor thing!

      • Oh my god, did this all really start because I said Branden had my favorite Thia in the bottom 3? lol. Branden, in their defense, it was a little confusing you said. But I get it. Your critique and grades are based on what you felt you saw and the bottom three are based on what you think America will do. And you're 2 for 2 with that right? 2 for 3 tomorrow night…Thia won't be there. 🙂

    • Ok. I guess I'm just missing something about what this show is about. Just watched 3-5. Branden, I'm not raggin' on you, but if Jacob got the A+ and James got an A++, then I am really looking forward to it. Still, though, it wasn't worthy of all the hoopla they did. I almost thought Stefano was sounding good, until he tried to sing and carry that high note. That was an awful performance. So far, I have them as:

      1. Jacob

      2. Lauren

      3. Thia

      4. Casey

      5. Stefano

      Sorry for so many intermittent posts, but all of you guys already had the advantage of watching all of them! 🙂

      • Oh…one more thing…who agrees that JLo needs to learn how to shut her mouth, stop interrupting, and let the other judges speak?!

      • Agree KL ! I stopped paying attention to JLo a couple of weeks ago … those long comments (like she is a seasoned recording producer), frequent camera shots for her 'candid' reaction to the music …

      • JLO does need to shut up when the other judges are trying to talk. She is a pain in the arse.

      • I agree, JLo talks too much and always steals the talk time that were meant for Steven or Randy.

    • I'm with Branden about Pia. She just did the same thing for the 4th week in a row. I was glad to see the judges make note of it, but why were they apologizing for it? I don't know where to put Pia…it doesn't matter because she'll be around for awhile, based on how much the judges sell her to the voters. Scotty gets an A for effort in trying to make Stevie Wonder his own, but he ruined that song. Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. I actually liked Haley tonight. I had to go back and watch Thia again to decide where to put them (side note, Thia should not have admitted to forgetting word…you would never notice it unless you were told). But still, Thia just has that voice that just resonates nicely for me (I resisted to urge to bump her up in front of Lauren). So far:

      1. Jacob

      2. Lauren

      3. Thia

      4. Haley

      5. Pia

      6. Casey

      7. Stefano

      8. Scotty

      But we all know Pia and Scotty won't be going anywhere for awhile. See you again at the end of the show.

      • I really like Pia, but she needs to get smarter on her song choices. She is one of my favorites, but if she doesn't do something other than the same old same old, she will not win this competition. She was boring tonight.

    • I guess the thing I never liked about Paul must have been his goofy dancing. Because when he just played with his guitar and none of that dancing, I liked it. I like Rod Stewart's voice, so it makes sense that I would like his. I was starting to get into Naima's song until she broke out into that ridiculous dance. Hey, I'm all for adding your own art to it. But what she did just did not work with the song. And so it immediately made me drop her. I also learned to ignore Steven Tyler after Naima sings and ignore JLo after Stefano sings. So now James…I'm going to try to be objective here because I really love that song, and I really wanted Thia to do that one tonight instead. The only two things I didn't like about James' performance were (1) him going on and on after it was over, and (2) JLo interrupting Randy like she did…the producers need to talk to her about letting the judges say their thing without interrupting them and cutting them off. She is so Rude.

      So my picks, for whoever cares, look like:

      1. James

      2. Jacob

      3. Lauren

      4. Thia

      5. Paul

      6. Haley

      7. Pia

      8. Casey

      9. Naima

      10. Stefano

      11. Scotty

      We all know Pia, Casey, and Scotty will make it through just fine because of that popularity thing we keep debating. So that means if I have to predict who will be in the bottom 3, it will be Haley, Naima, and Stefano, with Stefano leaving.

      • Yeah, I would put Pia low too as she is starting to put me to sleep. I think she will do well singing Disney movie songs as background for animated movies. I just don't see her being able to sell many CD's. And how many people would spend money to buy Paul's stuff? A few of course, but not enough for him to make a living at it.

    • you're so racists guys, you must focus on judging persons through their performance not on their route… Wrong judging.. try not to comment with non sense topic….

    • I agree with you alvie93, the talent on this stage will eat her up and spit her out. By the time Casey finish growling his way to the top five, and James screaming. She's toast, I can't help it I do like both casy and james, both equaly talented with two very different styles….Jacob…my favorite, only I wish he would not taste himself while singing. He also needs a larger suit jacket, in order to be more comfortable.I am so excited with this years American Idol, so so many great singers. I realy would not want to be a judge this year.

    • KL, I don't know how Branden grades it either. Maybe he is going by his favorites, which if it is, then it's sad cause he isn't being fair. Casey was goofy. I used to like him but not anymore because all his songs that he sings, he always growls. I know what you mean. Thia gave what the judges were asking for and yet, they won't give her any credit that she deserves. But instead, they still go praising on to Pia. Unreal and unbelievable!!! At least, Thia had the guts and nerves to do and show everybody what else she can do. I am proud of her.

      What Branden and others think of Thia being in the bottom three and having her leaving is unbelievable. To tell you the truth I think Stefano and Pia did the worse of the night. They should be the bottom 3, with Stefano going home. Honestly.

  22. I'll go with James Durbin…gogogogo

    American idol 2011: James Durbin

    #2 Pia tuscano

    #3 Casey Abrams

  23. I hope that it'll be Stefano or Casey who'll be going tomorrow. I change the channel every time it's their turn.

    • Thia Megia will be eliminated as she forgot some lyrics with her song rendition. Go stefano and Jacob, you are on top of the league. A+ ratings…. wow!!!

    • Stefano first. Then Casey. It should be the guys turn to go home tonight.

  24. All performances were good – – or better than last week. The best – Scotty and James. Pia is so out of date – too bad with her talent.

  25. For anyone who has already read the post and is confused about my Bottom 3 predictions, those are not my personal rankings. It's how I think America might see things. It's their Bottom 3, not mine. I thought that was clear, but I guess not.

    • Branden, you're fine man. Just write your opinion and don't worry about it. After you try to explain yourself two or three times just give up if someone doesn't get it. Or maybe they don't see the earlier explanations. Anyway, We really appreciate you giving us a forum to have these discussions.

      • I agree with Doug, some people will never understand why their favorite contestant in on the bottom 3 of your predictions, or on reality. They'll find excuses as to why they were voted out. If you try to explain yourself you'll end up tired and frustrated. You're fine 🙂

      • @Branden..My heart bleeds with you.. you're doing a great job here! Keep it up, more POWER!

    • Branden…you're writing the main article that spawns all these posts. You should be happy people are responding the way they are. That means you're getting them charged up enough to post their comments. For example, who cares if I disagree about what you have there on Thia…your article got me to react and post, and in turn a bunch of others posted. So job well done…even if you're wrong about Thia…no less than an A-! 😉

      • Thanks KL. And anon? "Take That"? KL wasn't exactly insulting me. I've been so nice this whole time. I'm about to use my ONE mean card pass: Anon, You're an idiot.

        Ah, that felt good.

      • KL, how do you know it's not my strategy the whole time? The more I comment, the more the people who want to argue have to come back to the site. haha 😉

      • No no…I hope my post was not misunderstood. I was not bashing Branden. I was trying to pay a compliment. I am a professional writer as well, and I understand the different forms of writing and how they are used. Look at how many comments are posted following this article. That speaks a lot to the author. That's why I say job well done Branden! But come on…we all know Thia is your favorite too. 😉

      • Branden, I agree with KL. I was responding to this because of Thia. I am confused too about how and why you gave Thia that grade too. Why not an A- at least? for giving her credit to step it up. I don't meant to say what I said. Now that I read and understood it, I am apologizing to you. You know, I hated people bashing on people. So, sorry.

      • By the way, Branden, that hurts.

        I do hope you will accept my apology for that.

  26. Best of the night (my opinion)

    1. Jacob Lusk

    2. Pia Toscano

    3. Laura Alaina

    4. Stephon Langone

    5. James Durbin

    6. Naime Adepopa (whatever, lol)

    7. Casey Abrams

    8. Scott McCreery

    9. Haley Rhinehart

    10. Thia Megia

    11. Paul McDonald

  27. Does casey remind you of anybody? Teen wolf…rent it, that's all i see when i look at him

  28. I still like Thia, Pia, that's true she is outdated. Thia, she can make a better record than Pia. cuz she's got a very warm voice. I feel like I can hear Lea Salonga everytime she sing. Once again audience likes her just because of her looks.

    • Lea Salonga who? Thia is a mediocre singer my goodness, not even a GLEE star material. Her personality is BORING!

  29. thia has one of the finest voices in the competition. her pitch is definitely perfect and even judges fairly took note of that quality of hers. but she really has to improve on her personality and she must exude that youthful looks and vigor that are much expected of her.

  30. My ranking for tonights performance!

    1. James Durbin(last week #2 in my list)

    2. Lauren Alaina(last week #4 in my list)

    3. Pia Toscano(last week #5 in my list)

    4. Jacob Lusk(last week #10 in my list)

    5. Stefano Langone(last week #1 in my list)

    6. Scotty McCreery(last week #3 in my list)

    7. Thia Megia(last week #6 in my list)

    8. Paul McDonald(last week #7 in my list)

    9. Casey Abrams(last week #8 in my list)

    10. Naima Adedapo(last week #12 in my list)

    11. Hailey Reinhart(last week #9 in my list)

  31. As usual, I overall seem to agree with your comments every week.

    And also like most people who have posted, I think this was a very strong week for the group — its best yet. Nobody was bad.

    I would grade Stefano, Paul and Jacob a tad lower than you did, and Haley higher. But overall, I think you got it right.

    I do hope that Haley doesn't go yet. Anybody who says she can't sing is just dead wrong. She never hits a bad note, and she can be soft or bluesy or sultry or gravelly with equal skill, and she has fantastic range. Her problem is stage presence. She has been stiff, generally, moving around the stage. And tonight, it seemed that she was trying TOO hard to "fix" that problem, and it came across as contrived and unnatural, with her coming down the steps at a strange angle, with her shoulder jutted out. And I thought she did too much of the growling this time, although she does it very well. But if we're talking about picking a great SINGER, she is certainly that.

    I'm not sure who I would want to be the next to go, but I hope that it isn't Haley.

  32. I honestly thought Haley did amazing this week. I've always loved her voice, her growl is definitely NOT overdone–it's who she is as a singer, it's what defines her! It's what makes her sensual and sexy. I really love that quality about her voice. I don't agree with your rating of her song (it was perfect for her voice style) because it has nothing to back it up. She did much better this week with something a little upbeat and it really did fit nicely with her style. She has more confidence this week since she's been getting constructive criticism.

    My favorites of this season are Haley, James, Casey, and Scotty. All of these guys could make very pleasing records. If any of these guys make a record, I am buying it.

  33. my bottom 3 are casey A.paul,and Jacob i turn the channel when they sing.especially casey didn't like Haley either.

    my top 3 are James,Naima,Thia.others are forgetable.Pia please go to something alittle more are such a beauty.Casey please lose the geico caveman look please paul leave the skinny jeans at home they are gross on anyone.Jacob please don't look so much like a diva not a good look for a guy.

  34. gabriela's comments on thia is absolutely inappropriate. she definitely doesn't know about vocal quality. poor girl

    • auauo, you don't know me, you don't know my background and you have no idea of my musical knowledge, so SHUT THE HELL UP! I am entitled to have my opinion, as are you and everybody else on this blog. Freedom of speech, have you heard of that?

      • While I don't begrudge you of your opinions, telling someone to 'shut the hell up' in a paragraph about 'freedom of speech' is kind of silly.

      • Get what? That you can say whatever it is you want but if someone just so happens to have an opinion about what you say they need to keep it to themselves? Hmm…yeh, I don't get it.

      • Whoa, someone call the Dr.!! Gabriela needs her meds adjusted!!Remember, it's only a two hour entertainment go-to on a "nothing else to watch" Wednesday night.

      • People can say whatever they want about what the blog is about, I thought it was AMERICAN IDOL. But a person that has never met me has NO RIGHT to judge me personally. That is what you didn't get.

      • Go Gabriela, this is democracy in action hahahaha. Kick some asses if you want to, anyway they are very far from you. Most Thia fans live outside of USA anyway.

      • Thank you Yanni! I do have a lot of fans here hahaha, thanks to the insults and rude comments of "Team Thia". It's so sad, isn't it? Not being able to accept the truth.

    • What I GET, is that way too many people are taking all this far too personally.

  35. I know this isn't easy for any of the people performing. I can't imagine being up there myself. However, I think Scotty, Lauren and Haley have done a great job ! I think Naima,Thia and Steffano need to go. Naima should have already gone, and I don't think her dancing helped her at all! Goooo Scotty, Lauren and Haley !!!!!

  36. we are so fortunate to have such great talent among the contestants. I wish to comment on the judges. I respected the honesty of simon . however randy, jennifer, and steven provide so much professional, knowledgeable input that they, the trio, far surpass any group of judges that american idol has ever had.

  37. The only thing I dislike about this website is how biased you are, Branden, toward James. To me, he just sounds like a less talented Adam Lambert with less control over his voice. I support originality!

  38. Unfortunately, this year's American Idol will be more of a Popularity Contest than ever before.

    At least in past seasons, Simon helped voters with his criticism. While rarely constructive he and all the "Judges" are Professionals and should be guiding voters who aren't.

    It is always a popularity contest until the end, but with directive judging, the bottom 2 or 3 are usually left standing

    Don't get me wrong- this season is far more palatable with its positive, feel good approach and nobody is getting their feelings hurt and Simon could be downright cruel- but the judges should have a purpose.

    I guarantee you that if Simon, or for that matter, Paula or Kara were giving negative reviews, Randy would be right there, chiming in with them.

    That said, do we really need judges?

    So,Here are my faves based on their Talent and Popularity (with me):












      • GABRIELA, c'mon, how can you say you agree with him 100% when you actually said that Paul's performance is the best tonight and your other fav is Casey. TB's top choice is Scotty and Casey is not even in his Top 3. You only agree with him because he has Thia at the bottom of the list. And it's obvious that you hate the girl. 100% agree huh! lol! You're such a hypocrite.

      • GABRIELA, c’mon, how can you say you agree with him 100% when you actually said that Paul’s performance is the best tonight and your other fav is Casey. TB’s top choice is Scotty, and Casey is not even in his Top 3. You only agree with him because he has Thia at the bottom of the list. And it’s obvious that you hate the girl. 100% agree huh! lol! You’re such a hypocrite.

      • I agree because based on last night's performances, that is a pretty accurate position list. He has Paul as second and the bottom three are accurate as well. I think that is what's going to happen tonight, and I will hate to see Hailey go, Thia should go but… oh well, anybody can vote right?

  39. I feel sorry for you MICHAEL stop insulting people just because they disagree with you. I actually dislike Thia I hated her performance tonight are you going to insult me too? You adore her, that is your problem a lot of people on the other hand hated her performance tonight. She will be definitely bottom three.

    • Alvie, you have to write that Thia will be the next American Idol (yeah right) so people will leave you alone on this blog. Even after she's eliminated, keep writing she'll win and Ryan Seacrest will deliver the results riding an Unicorn and… I don't know. Just play along, it's getting ridiculous.

      • Oh Gabriela, leave the two men alone. When the talk is about Thia, you always have to butt in, right? You got to release that hatred, right? OMG!

      • and who is butting in right now gillian? I don't mind gabrielle's comments but you can just jump on your own butt okay?

  40. Iam a Stefano fan. I hope he is safe tomorrow since the judges didn't seem pleased with his performance, though I thought he sounded amazing.Everybody did very well this week.But I think the best performance goes to Scotty. He handled his song so good and his voice worked well with the song.I think Paul and Scotty have a diiferent and unique type of voice than everyone else.Doesn't anyone think that Paul sounds like James Blunt?

      • I agree with green, I don't understand what the big hype with James is. He's really not that likable as a person, he rarely actually hits a note and his screams are way out of tune. He's not Adam, and I think a lot of people have this 'lets get James to win to make up for Adam losing' mentality.

  41. I love Thia's performance.

    I'm watching their performances in youtube again.

    My faves:





    I think the worst:




    .. these are unbiased observations, mind you.

    I love Scotty. and not such a big fan of Pia .

    • I agree. I like Thia's performance…If the other doesnt like it,i dont care , but for me her performance is good she will definitely stay!

    • I agree, Scotty's performance tonight was not good. It was the worse cover of that great song. But I still think he is 100% safe this week.

    • Stefano is worst? hahaha, AI blogger rated him as A+ and even the judges were soft to him. I wish you were saying that for Thia who has memory loss.

  42. As always a very entertaining review Branden. But what I'd be interested to see next week along with how you think America will see things is YOUR personal rankings. I believe it would be, as Mr. Spock would say….fascinating.

    I thought it was the best show of the season…..I didn't wince or cringe or want to walk out of the room when Jacob sang. I don't want Haley to leave as I like her bluesy voice, but everybody did so well….it's a tough one. Fingers crossed for Naima. I think it's time a guy went home. So there.

    • Thanks again, Mary. If it wasn't for you and a couple others, my self esteem would fall low. People are so mean on here!

      That's a good idea, Mary. Maybe I WILL list my personal bottom three. I kind of do that with the grades anyway, but when I give the same grades to a few it doesn't become clear.

  43. naima's should audition in america's got talent or so you think you can dance. just to remind her that it's a singing competition and not an ethnic dance contest.

  44. If Pia and Lauren win this year…this show will reinforce my belief that it sucks…Many people can sing extremely well…But there's nothing unique about them. Their performances are just downright boring and they don't bring anything extra or special to the table. In the girls department, i personally think that both Naima and Hailey should go to the top.. Haley hasn't been great so far, but her "God bless the child" was just great. I still remember the song from hollywood i hope she stays…she might do excellent in the studio. As for the boys, James and Casey should go to the top…just my humble opinion…

    • Along with many others, I disagree with you. The idol winner will probably be the one with the best performance on the last show, but that doesn't mean the winner will be better than the others. If you think a show sucks because the person you like didn't win, you are missing a lot. Considering we are still so very early in this contest, there is plenty of room for improvement with everyone. The show tonite proves that the performance level this season is so much better than any of the past 2 seasons (at least). The total vocal talent this year is much much better than last year.

  45. My favorites in order

    1. Scotty

    2. James

    3. Pia

    4. Stefano

    5. Thia

    6. Lauren

    7. Haley

    8. Paul

    9. Jacob


    11. Naima

    • So, if you don't say anything positive, you become one of the "bitter people" you have shame on.

    • Freedom of expression get this? why call people who dis agree with your choice as bitter? This is a free country and we are free to choose whom to idolize. Go stefano, Naima and Jacob.

  46. Have you guys watched episode 2 of AI season 10? The judges making a pledge with each other to find someone who's unique, a breath of fresh air, and a total package as the next American Idol.. I hope you guys keep that in my mind.. It would be bad for the show to produce another idol of the same cut with some of the previous AI winners.. or this season might end up a waste. Nobody wants to listen to a copycat..

    • Exactly Michael I agree with that statement, with that said, Casey, Paul,Scotty, and Stefano, are the most original in this competition. All others good, great or not, I have heard before….Now… out of those four I would chose PAUL as American's new Idol for 2011.

      • Definitely! He sings like a star, performs like a star and his look is amazing. He is the whole package like the judges said.

      • Yes Paul has a sound all his own and dance movement like no-other, ( think Mick Jagger) not bad to look at, mature, Plays guitar,connects with the audience, and cute as a button. What more do you need.

      • How does Scotty have an original voice?? Sounds just like Josh Turner.. That's why he always sings Your Man..

    • of course THIA's voice suits these competition…AI absolutely needs that kind of voice and tone

      • While Thia has a great voice, she's not a potential Idol. Her style

        is way too old fashioned.

      • while i do believe she's unique, i have to agree with sandy. after seeing the entire show, im starting to sense that thia's time just might be over. if her placement in the show were a little later, i think it would have worked to her advantage but unfortunately, the ones who followed drowned out her buzz. everyone seemed to really step up to the challenge and they brought it. somehow, i think nigel likes thia and wants her to stay awhile but it just might be me. as for the judges, JLO was really encouraging and quite motherly (haha), randy seemed pleasantly surprised but not amazed while steven gave the impression of "it was good but i didn't care for it either".

        P.S. did anyone notice randy's look when thia's perf started? i don't know what to make it. i thought it was mixed amazement and awkwardness. LMAO

      • Thia herself admits that she is an old soul. And I actually agree with JLo on one thing tonight…that Thia is too young to have the emotional experience to reflect in her performance and therefore needs to act it as best she can. I think this is the biggest setback for Thia and what will probably keep her from winning it all. But she still has the best singing voice, is still my favorite, and will still have the greatest long term success. She will be the one with top selling albums. For now, I just hope she stays around as long as possible because her studio versions of the AI performances are amazing!

  47. Branden – I so appreciate you and this site. And I agree (mostly) about the songs selected on MOTOWN NIGHT

    “American Idol contestants had to sing hits from Motown tonight and I have very little to complain about. Song choices were mostly good…So I think that makes for a good week on “American Idol,” don’t you?"

    Other socially conscious and relevant MOTOWN SONGS that I would have liked to have seen like Naima (“Dancing in the Streets”)and James (“Living For The City”) selections…

    What's Goin' On? – Marvin Gaye

    War – Edwin Starr

    Inner City Blues (Make me wanna holler) – Marvin Gaye

    Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today) -Temptations

    Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Stevie Wonder

    Blowin' In the Wind – Stevie Wonder

    Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder



      • I'm not sure you understood or knew Stevie Wonder's version and lyrics. Here are his lyrics DACO…please read them…and it'll make more sense thanks.

        You know it doesn't make much sense

        There ought to be a law against

        Anyone who takes offense

        At a day in your celebration

        'Cause we all know in our minds

        That there ought to be a time

        That we can set aside

        To show just how much we love you

        And I'm sure you will agree

        It couldn't fit more perfectly

        Than to have a world party on the day you came to be


        Happy birthday to you

        Happy birthday to you

        Happy birthday


        I just never understood

        How a man who died for good

        Could not have a day that would

        Be set aside for his recognition

        Because it should never be

        Just because some cannot see

        The dream as clear as he

        That they should make it become an illusion

        And we all know everything

        That he stood for time will bring

        For in peace our hearts will sing

        Thanks to Martin Luther King


        Happy birthday to you

        Happy birthday to you

        Happy birthday



        Why has there never been a holiday

        Where peace is celebrated

        all throughout the world

        The time is overdue

        For people like me and you

        You know the way to truth

        Is love and unity to all God's children

        It should be a great event

        And the whole day should be spent

        In full remembrance

        Of those who lived and died for the oneness of

        all people

        So let us all begin

        We know that love can win

        Let it out don't hold it in

        Sing it loud as you can


        Happy birthday to you

        Happy birthday to you

        Happy birthday


        (Background Stevie)

        Happy birthday Ooh yeah

        Happy birthday,

        To you

        We know the key to unity of all


        Is in the dream that you had so

        Long ago

        That lives in all of the hearts

        Of people

        That believe in unity

        We'll make the dream become

        A reality

        I know we will

        Because our hearts tell us so

        By the way DACO, did you know CAPS means you are SCREAMING?

      • Sorry francisco, I do know caps meant screaming, I was not screaming at you.. as for the lyrics, the performer would not be able to sing all of them in order to give the full effect of the song, and lets face it all people will remember , hear, or wait to hear is the happy birthday part, because that is the most comercial portion of that song. If their time given to perform would alow them to do justice, then I would say yes good song choice.

      • Hey daco…actually I agree with you…it's like under 2mins to perform on AI right?… what most people would remember would be happy birthday… that's why it was my 7th choice…on my list…lol…so ok… but if you have the time…it is a really powerful and heartfelt song!

  48. Ok – Lauren needs to go home. Her little giggle after each performance drives me nuts! She sounds like a little spoiled brat that gets her way by batting her eyelashes and giggling. Enough already. Also – Jacob – I see too much tounge when he sings and it's gross.

      • ha,ha. Even I was too politically correct to say the 'gross tongue'. totally agree.

        Also Marye, agree with you regards Lauren's wiggle, giggle after singing. At least she cut down the juvenile cutesy wutesy with Ryan. That works if you 'look' 16 and 100 1bs, not when you look 22 and 160 lbs

      • OK i agree with the Jacob thing…I personally dont Want to go to church every weds. night.I totally thought it became a side show act. HOWEVER….Lauren go home??? are you kidding? there is millions of $ to be made there. Hell Kelly Clarkson even commented on her.

  49. Haley made me literally sick when she slaughtered (in a very bad way) one of my favorite songs. Ew! I thought she was alright before but now I want her gone. Don't know what the judges are smoking because they thought she did good.

  50. thia did a great job's different from the others..her unique voice quality is just amazing..=)

  51. I think we are under stating Jacob's performance. He is not "most likely safe." He is %101 safe. No one got a better feedback from the judges like he did. We might not love his personality, but putting our different biases aside, that guy is amazing!!!!

  52. Paul is pretty clear regarded as one of the weakest links in the top 11 pool and could end up in the Bottom 3. Check

  53. Having a lot of trouble with Branden's grades. Though all performers did well tonight, his A plusses are misplaced. And really Branden–a C minus for Haley?! It was her breakout performance and her Leggs (yes, they're all that!) alone would bump her up a grade–which is impossible since she deserved an even A.

    I will say that as mean as I've been to Naima for her pitchy voice, her performance tonight was also an A. She hit her notes, danced great, and had the perfect choreography and arrangement for her talents. Kind of makes me sad though, because that probably means Branden is right that Haley might leave since whoever votes (12-14 year old girls that love the cute unmanly guys) have been neglecting Haley. Even Paul–My other bottom feeder had a good night with the guitar that stopped his silly dancing. Dang it!

    • I don't think it's that clear cut. Haley is in pretty big danger, but her performance tonight (while a bit awkward) may have given her another week. Stefano is a wildcard, people didn't vote for him originally and he hasn't really stepped it up. Naima did GREAT tonight. And for you people that say 'this isn't omgethnicidolomg' please grow up a bit. 90% of her performance was singing (on pitch even), 10 seconds of african dancing, which was pretty cool, isn't taking away from the singing part. If you can't appreciate other cultures you need to expand your horizons a bit. Guess what, mainstream 'America' makes up less than 1% of the population of the world.

      • David, unfortunately you're probably right regards Haley. I think she's really good and marketable, but as I said in earlier remarks, Naima might have saved herself with a great performance (I couldn't believe it when she hit her notes). I'd like to see Jacob or Paul leave just because they're not my cup of tea, but I will give Naima kudos tonight. But Kudos to Haley also!

  54. *Casey Abrams, “I Heard it Through The Grapevine.” I love this song, but hated his performance. "He still came off as angry and not very fun to watch, though." He comes off as arrogant. YES-"It was still way better than last week." C – BOTTOM 3

    *Thia Megia, “Heat Wave.” Better song choice and style, but she missed the understanding of the song B+ (vocally)

    *Jacob Lusk, “You’re All I Need to Get By.” Much much better. Way more controlled. I really liked this performance. And yes, he's back in the running. A+

    *Lauren Alaina, “You Keep Me Hanging On.” Good and safe. A

    *Stefano Lagone, “Hello.” Stefano is usually my choice to win AI 2011…but this was not my favorite song selection or performance of his…because it showed up in his over-articulated phrasing. BUT I still thought it was very good. A

    *Haley Reinhart, “You Really Got a Hold On Me.” She picked the wrong song. It just didn’t work with her style. I didn't like it either. C – BOTTOM 3

    *Scotty McCreery, “For Once in My Life.” Again, not the best song choice and not his best, but not bad. The audience loves him…but I'm not sure he really performed the Motown challenge…(really) B –

    *Pia Toscano, “All In Love Is Fair.” Really nice performance technically…would like to see her let loose and be messy…out of the box. She definitely is a favored to win AI2011, so she better give the audience what they want— UPBEAT!!! LOL. A

    *Paul McDonald, “Tracks of My Tears.” I think he is very bland and boring. He is reliable and competent and will have a studio career or touring smaller venues. C – BOTTOM 3 -PROBABLY GOING HOME

    *Naima Adedapo, “Dancing in the Streets.” I enjoyed her vocal and dance performance…and loved the socially conscious and relevant song choice. And yes, she was better! A

    *James Durbin, “Living For The City.” Performance of the night…great song choice, he was confident, having fun, technically was good, he used himself personally, and it felt socially conscious and relevant. A+

    • Known Thia fan here…what exactly do you mean by Thia missed the understanding of the song? I'm taking you literally, so my take on it is that she totally understood the song. She even taught us all something about during her interview. pretty good for a 16-year-old to teach us about an oldie. Or maybe I just didn't understand your post.

      • I don't dislike Thia. I think she is sweet. And I just re-watched Thia's clip online…to be fair and to be reminded with fresh eyes and ears of what she did in her performance last night…

        And, in my opinion, she didn't understand or include herself in what she was singing about.

        I think technically her vocals were good…she had a great tone, confidence on stage, she looked professional.

        But, I can't believe that I'm going to agree with J-lo's comments, Thia didn't connect with the lyrics of what she was singing about. I didn't get what this kind of obsessive, physical love is or means to her…from her life experience, as an emerging artist…in my opinion.

        And I think you are being generous… "She even taught us all something about (the song) during her interview," she repeated a trivia fact of what the producer/vocal coach told her…I didn't learn anymore about this heatwave love that burns inside her…not really…

        I think technically she was good last night. But again, in my opinion, I believe an artist shares who they are and their truth when they sing…and Thia missed that part…that's what I meant.

  55. I'm getting tired of Pia's style but I still love her performance. Thia is lot better tonight.

    • Casey looks scary and Paul is annoying. James is just great performer for me hes the best.

    • Oh man, now I'm curious what Abegail said! Clean it up and repeat?

      p.s. (do the Asians even know what p.s. means? ha,ha). I get tired of the Thia mob crowd, but I do really like her and she did really well tonight. Thia is a smoother singer, but my Haley has more variety and potential.

      • That p.s. comment re Asians is racist. Like you think Asians are stupid? Knowing how to speak and write in English does not add up to intelligence. Please have more respect

      • C'mon iurqal, lighten up! It's a joke, and it's actually a cultural kidding–not racist. It's just teasing that even though foreigners can be smart and know another language (smarter than me!), they might not be as used to how often p.s. is over used in our letters, language, etc. The same effect was on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", and a question regards Mother Goose nursery rhymes came up, and it would totally astound Asians, or Mexicans who had emigrated here, learned the language, but of course missed out on the early Mother Goose years. Get it?!

    • Hey, I'd be cocky too if millions of America saw my 200 ft 3-pointer off of a balcony!! Believe me, those NCAA March Madness folks and Kobe Bryant types will be talking up American Idol just because of that shot! Or were you talking about his singing?! Yes, he played with the audience, but that's what you're supposed to do.

  56. You know people are saying how scary Casey looks. The judges are looking out of the box this year,it would be something if he did win.. the least likely picture of

  57. i absolutely agree…lauren should go home, shes not very cool, shes annoying, peace!!!!

  58. tnx for the update guys i have to wait for sunday to pass judgement but most of yuall are right about all of the contestants im still only rooting for james to win scotty is too boring with his country stuff haley with her yodling makes me wanna gag naima with her trying to be tina turner jacob with the tongue thang paul with his dancing & his too old so is casey too old I would NOT buy or want to listen to their cd's but hey that's only my opinion anyway…….. cu8ta

  59. i really wish to see versatility in them. Pia is getting boring though, u can't expect anything from her, she is a Celine Dion copycat. Jacob will u please stop shouting? Thia should choose more lively songs, but i really appreciates her rendition but i want more performance. I know she has more to show off! Naima, she's lively but her voice is horrible. :))

  60. thia's performance started out really fun and fancy. jlo was even dancing to the beat and she started out real good. however, when it came to the oohh ooh ooh part, it suddenly went down. i wish she could have made that more interesting by adding a few runs or some other melodic quips on that part. that was where i saw it go down for her. push it more, girl! (if you ever get through tomorrow night)

  61. what`s wrong with you Gabriela? the hell you care if we love Thia? just because you hate her does it mean she`s not good .. if i know, you have no talent so im the one who should`ve felt disgusted here haha!

    • that Gabriela is ugly lol 😀

      she`s jealous & insecure because Thia has a lot of fans .. even if she`ll be in the bottom 3, still she`s not going !!

      • yah. she just can`t accept the fact that Thia is popular now.


        there is no medicine of insecurities.

      • Hahahahahahahahaha, yes and you are so secure, a bunch of fanatic people defending someone they don't know like it was their own mother. I'm guessing you are about 13 years old, or maybe 11??? If you want to think I am ugly FINE, think whatever, I don't care. I have a life, and you can insult me ALL YOU WANT and that won't change the fact that Thia SUCKED tonight. So, keep going, keep saying my name on your comments hahahaha. So Dumb!

      • Gabriela, yes, and you are someone who's extremely hating a 16 year old AI Asian contestant like she was the girl who stole your boyfriend.

    • Am I singing on American Idol? You are judging my talent based on what? Don't be a jerk and respect other opinions. I don't like her, I don't think she sang great tonight, deal with it!!!

      • i don't know with you guys. but this is not a forum to say nasty things against each other. this is supposed to be a medium where we can express opinions freely. if thia has a very strong fan base and tons of supporters, that's not a reason to get too personal. same thing that if somebody says bad comments against thia, that's not an excuse to bash other's character. let's respect each other's opinion.

      • Gabriela, yes I agree…let's keep it about the music. You must not know very much about music if you thought Thia sucked tonight. She was better than at least half of the other performers. That's far from sucking.

      • Her performance was flat, and mediocre. I judge her based on her competition. If I was at a Karaoke bar and I heard her I would be: Dang! But no, she is competing on AI with amazing singers and performers. So, based on the standards for the show, her performance was not good at all. Sorry!

      • That's fair Gabriela. At least you have an argument behind your claim, as opposed to just Thia bashing.

    • No Paul is unique, think Mick Jagger, Macy Gray seems to be under the enfluence uncontrolled type of performer, don`t get me wrong I do like her sound, she is good. But Paul is of another calibur.

  62. I think that all the guys are 100% safe tomorrow night. Sadly, I think the bottom 3 will be all girls… again! I am on undecided between Lauren and Naima. But I think Thia and Hailey will be there for sure, and most likely Hailey will be eliminated:( She has a good voice, but I get the feeling that she is not likable (being on the bottom 3 twice so far.)

      • i think the one probably wll go home is you Gabriela .. buHbyee .. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

      • Oh yes Kristen, you are right… I didn't perform well tonight, Randy told me, I just forgot. You are such a dear for reminding me of it. Thank you SO MUCH my dear! I will be going home tomorrow night! You are SO SMART! and SO FUNNY! Oh my God!!! I am amazed by you!

      • the bottom 3 are:




        will go home:



        because she can`t sing.

      • You are such an idiot Jillian oh my god grow up. If thia knew what kind of idiots support her here she'll have something to say. Puke!

      • I agree Daco, Thia, Hailey and Lauren and I so hope is thia the one that is sent packing wooooooooooot, that will be hilarious.

      • can i say my piece without being battered? lol.. thia has off nights just like the rest… but she's not gonna go home tonight. @tommy, your telling jillian to "grow up"? listen to yourself dude!

      • Tommy I do think Thia will go home. Just remember the past disappointment from AI, those who should stay, went home and those who should have long gone home stayed way too long, due to votes and not the fairness of true talent. People just don`t vote as they should.

      • I have read all these comments and it's almost comical that alot of what is posted are people getting upset that others don't agree with them. That's what makes it a competition folks – some win – some lose. I like all of the 11 remaining personally. I don't know them, so I don't know their character flaws. I believe there is some incredible talent on AI this year, and I really don't have a favorite picked, like I did last year (during auditions). I can say that I think the bottom three tonight will be Haley, Thia and Stefano – any of those three could go. I hope it's Thia, because then I win $3 in our company pool! But, it's not because I think she is awful or any of them for that matter. It's because I think she is a tad boring, and I think in a year or two, with some more experience, we will here her name again. I just don't think she's ready to be an idol. Of course, I picked Taylor Hicks, and where is he today? What do I know?

    • Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Gabriela!



      • You guys are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid now "Gabriela" is the most popular blogger here. It made me go look for her comments and read and I agree with her, she obviously knows about music and she is totally right about Thia tonight. What are you going to do when Thia is called bottom three tomorrow? Are you going to kill somebody? Because is true you know, she sucked tonight!

      • while i maybe a thia fan, i have to agree with you tommy. true that thia did good but the others also worked it up and came off as really good. i think people who are doing that are thia's rabid filipino followers. pardon them. it's the only way they can try and up thia since they can't really vote.

      • That is hilarious kpooper, why are they so obsessed? are they getting free mani-pedis? they behave so stupid and make suck retarded comments. The only comment I've seen erased by the admin was one of them (thia crazy fans) with bad words and all, so tacky.

      • i think it's all about the filipino pride thing. go on youtube and try to check out charice's video among others. look at the comments. they're all like "Go Charice! Filipino Pride!". In like every page of the comment, some random weird username's going to post something like that. if someone they know or is affiliated is able to make a name or an achievement, they'd be very proud of her/him coz he/she's a filipino. i mean theres nothing wrong with it but they should tone it down a little. there's a thin line between being proud and supportive of someone and being boisterously obnoxious. some of them are oblivious and quite obnoxious. if you look at japanese or even americans for that matter, when someone makes something for himself and makes it big, they don't go boasting about it. and when someone says something not very contributory to their national "pride" (even a constructive criticism), they'd be all up in your grill and resort to foul-mouthed discussions.

        it's like what sheldon cooper's mom said. "why should i be VERY PROUD about it, it's not my achievement."

        then again, there goes the argument – respect every man. if you're the one who knows better, be more understanding and generous. so just pardon them – well, most of them coz not all of them are.

      • So then what do you say to us conservative, white, males who support Thia and think she's the best in the competition? You guys need to get off your racist bandwagon. It's hard to take you seriously when you talk like that.

      • @ KL

        well, i wasn't referring to you OR ANY people like you. i am not racist and will never be. i enjoy diversity a lot. i was referring to the filipinos who are very rude around here. can't anybody just say something especially when it's not meant to be derogatory? they're just saying they prefer other candidates coz they see something in them that they don't see in thia. when i say i am a thia fan, i mean it. i will support her but not other people who can't take other people's opinion.

        just that. ive read your comments and you seem like a sensible person so i have nothing against you.

        i will stop here and not answer anymore backlashes before i cause another people power revolution.

      • kpooper

        I agree with what you said about some Filipino fans of Thia making rude comments here, but there are others who have made worse comments. Why single out the Filipinos? I agree too that some Filipinos tend to go overboard with this "Filipino pride" thing. I should know because I am a Filipino too. I think it could be some coping mechanism. Filipinos tend to get bashed a lot in the international scene, so whenever one of us does well or gets a well deserved recognition, that pride kicks in. So please be more accepting of this cultural difference.

  63. I Just don't get it with people who don't feel like to see Pia singing Ballad. Why on earth, that somebody must have feeling like that??… do people think that Ballader is not a singer? In this century we are living, we know that we have Whitney, Celine and Mariah… can we give a new space for a new one, Pia????

    • My only issue is that the judges laid into Thia for doing 2 ballads but don't lay into Pia for doing all 4 ballads. They're inconsistent, and this is a competition after all.

      • KL, I agree, it shows…who is the judges' favorite. I can't believe it too. They throw everything at Thia when she sang it twice, and didn't do anything at Pia when she sang it 4times. Yup, they are the ones who is inconsistent.

  64. Those of you who think Thia is all that good are dreaming…I`m going to bed and do some dreaming of my own, good night fellow AI lovers

  65. stop the war ! we aren`t in Libya .. LMFAO! 😀

    still im voting for Thia.

    love her! just keep on going you haters!

    you only making her even famous..

    Thia Thia Thia Thia Thia Thia Thia Thia!

    • So true dulce. When people see all these hate posts about Thia, they will be curious about her and pay more attention. When that happens, they will see what an incredible singer she is, and then more votes for Thia.

  66. top grades tonight

    Stefano Lagone A

    Pia Toscano A

    Naima Adedapo A

    James Durbin A+

    Jacob Lusk A+


    Scotty McCreery B –

    Lauren Alaina A

    Thia Megia B+ (vocally)



    Haley Reinhart C – BOTTOM 3

    Casey Abrams C – BOTTOM 3

  67. I don't think I can watch the judges' reviews anymore. I get so ticked off at how biased they are to their favorites. So tonight Pia does her 4th straight ballad. The judges mention it to her (mistakenly saying 3 ballads). And, while they mention it to her, they are still giving her praises for it and almost apologizing for bringing it to her attention. Last week they got on Thia for doing only ballads, even though in week 2 she did an upbeat, jazzy version of Smile. But they laid into Thia, leading to all of the pressure she had on her this week to do nothing but a fast song. So why didn't they lay into Pia tonight? Four straight ballads? And add to that, ballad for ballad, Thia sings them better…Thia is the best ballad singer on the show. So I don't get it. Why so hard on Thia, but let Pia get away with worse? Like I said, maybe I need to stop watching the judges' reviews.

      • listen pia's fan.. pia is good, but cant you see how many singers in the industry like her?

        america need some like THIA.

      • Did you not see last week when they got all over Thia for singing her 2nd ballad? But they let Pia sing 4 straight without laying into her. that's my only point. I'm the first to say, if you're a ballad singer then so be it and the judges should critique you my that genre. But they are not consistent laying into Thia but not doing the same with Pia.

      • yeah, so what? That means that is all she can do??? Maybe she belongs in Miss America Pagaent.

      • like what aspect?

        like hitting the notes what mariah,celine,beyonce,tina turner, and the rest list goes on?

        we need unique. not a copycat!

      • in the performing aspect, pia is more striking than thia. i mean, at least, she doesn't look tired and sleepy all the time.

      • You can't even compare. Thia is a much better ballad singer than Pia. Much better tone. She is crystal clear. Pia just does a lot of controlled screaming.

  68. best performance:

    1) james durbin (so consistent)

    2) naima adedapo (dance moves were amazing)

    3) jacob lusk (awesome vocal range)

    4) pia toscano (performed like a star already)

    not bad, but not good enough:

    5) lauren alaina (she had better nights)

    6) Scotty McCreery (distinct low notes)

    7) thia megia (unique voice and consistent vocals)

    8) casey abrams – (forgettable performance tonight)


    8) stefano – bootom 3(so much struggle)

    9) haley reinhart – bottom 3 (not a good night)

    9) paul mcdonald – bottom 3 (not strong enough)

  69. I pretty much agree with you Brandon. I personally love Motown week though..I just really like that era of music and as young as all the contestants are they pretty much all did a great job!

    I also agree with you about Stefano…..Hello is such a beautiful song and I felt his emotion and I also thought he was damn near flawless!

    I did get chills listening to Jacob….was a great song choice for him. But they didnt need to pimp him out like they did!

    I just love the song Pia did and she nailed it but i also agree with you, she needs to try something besides a balland!

    I didn't like Paul or Casey or Haley…they would be my bottom 3, but then what do i know! 🙂

    My favorite was James, yea, he has been my favorite since day 1, but I honestly think he's having a great time and has the confidence!

    • The unfortunate thing is that all of these Thia bashers are just here temporarily to get a rise out of the Thia fans. They won't even be here tomorrow night for us to boast about how Thia wasn't even in the bottom 3.

      • If she ends up in the bottom 3, then so be it. I know where she stands in popularity, so I know she is not going to win the whole competition. But I know she did well enough in this performance, and she has a ton of followers, that she won't be at the bottom this week.

      • Whatever happens, happens. I will NEVER insult anyone just because they don't like my favorite idol. Way different approach than Thia lovers. If you read carefully, you should be mature enough to recognize that nobody can say they dislike Thia without being insulted. That is immature and ridiculous. Everybody is entitled to their opinions. I love Paul and I know he was no good last week. But man… I haven't read one Thia fan recognizing that she was just okay. The judges keep saying to her: push, push, push… because she didn't wow them or the crowd. That is a fact, whether you guys like it or not.

      • Thia fans, like myself have a different take, though. With the judges, for example, we have good reason to dismiss them. I don't know if you saw my other posts about it, but they set different rules for her. She does 2 ballads and gets trashed by them for being a ballad singer. Pia does 4 straight ballads and, while they mention it to her, they do so in an apologetic way. Certainly not trashing her the way they did Thia. Also, I think Thia lovers truly love her voice, and that is the one thing the judges consistently compliment her on. So when someone just says "she has an awful voice." We get defensive. I at least try to back up why I think such a comment is wrong. And I am sure there are some who just answer with "you're an idiot." But I think we see that from all fans. By the way, I liked Paul last night. I never liked him dancing around, and so when he stood still to play the guitar, I was able to appreciate his voice. But I like Rod Stewart, and he does obviously sound a lot like him.

      • KL, yeah, I read your other posts regarding about the unfairness criticisms between Thia and Pia. I hear you and I honestly wanted to scream. It is so d—- unfair. What did Thia ever do to these people? Why are there so many Thia haters? I just don't understand. The judges are idiots! To pick on Thia like that and praised Pia instead when Pia sang 4 ballads and Thia sang two. I know. It just makes me sick, sick, sick to death. I am so sad and mad.

        As for Paul, I like his voice because I like Rod Stewart too. However, although I didn't like his rendition of Tears, I like the fact that he didn't dance. He should do that more often. I could imagine Paul singing Rod's song, You're in My Heart.

        He would really do well with that.

  70. Thia Megia will stay. she is very good! Love her voice and her performance! ♥♥♥ go Thia Megia, FTW!!!

    • you suck, whoever you are! but i won't be arguing with like an uneducated person because the world doesn't need an immature person like you anymore. just accept the fact that thia is great!

    • I think u r gabriela….pretending to be thia sucks…..hahahahahaha…..both od you get a life please……hahahahahahaha…..

      • You are so freaking out of your mind, now I'm laughing!!! Hahahahahaha. Why you think that ah? Are you writing with more than one name? This is beyond stupidity!

      • I got a laugh out of this one, myself.Never thought about using more than one name. Think I'll change mine to Debbie's Dollar and see who figures it out. Probably no one, even though I just told everyone!

    • you don't care. just vote for whoever finalist you want. don't mind our voting for thia megia.

      • I might vote for Thia Magia for no other reason than her name makes me think of Magilla Gorilla!!! Oops, sorry Asians–you don't understand that part of American culture do you?

        I'm kidding! I do like Thia, but she has a funny name! But the 'Comet' is better (Haley). You get that, right?!

      • You're so right KL. These Thia bashers are the ones who are real trash talkers and uneducated.

      • you're welcome Debbie. Thanks for recognizing the difference between a little humor and some of the stupid or truly racist rants. And for having the courage to say so!!

  71. OK. I like Haley. But she kinda reminded of someone drunk dialing after a long night. Hot mess.

  72. I just want to know what you guys don't like about Haley?? She has an amazing voice and she's very pretty.. The only one I think has comparable vocals is Pia, and tonight Jacob.. My ranking,

    1. Pia (Obviously, in my mind, the most talented vocalist this season..)

    2. Haley (Don't understand why people don't like her)

    3. Casey (based on the performances with his standup bass)

    4. Jacob (Such a wide range, but really like his lower tones)

    5. Lauren (I like her a lot.. Great vocals)

    6. Scotty (although his range is so limited)

    7. Stefano (didn't like tonight though)

    8. Thia (She can sing so good.. But just kinda boring)

    9. Paul (liked it at first, but sick of his voice)

    10. James (Never liked his voice at all)

    11. Naima (I don't even know how she got this far in the competition..)

      • im also a pia toscano fan shes so beautiful and talented, though peace be with u guys i love thia only because shes pilipina but i think its hard 4 her to win because pia and jacob are the best performers in the competition just honest opinion,i love u thia grow 1st as an artist.peace

    • The author of this blog gave stefano A+ and its your opinion that doesnt matter for me. I will vote for stefano, Jacob, Naima and Lauren cuz they are Idol materials.

    • i agree, haley does have a great voice….far better then some of the other girls and even a few of the guys.

      i also TOTALLY agree with your Naima comment.

      i am a SCOTTY MCHOTTIE FAN , love that deep voice, when you hear it you just have to smile and be happy 😀

    • Sorry but overrated! Jmaes should be at the top of your list, he'll win it all this year, his to lose

  73. Pia is the worst one , I dont understand why every one is so crazy about her.. all she does is sing ballads.. is that an american idol? is that an icon? who is going to buy her records? where is she going to perform her ballads? she belongs in a kariokie bar! she makes me sick some one should un nail her feet from the floor and stop her from using her padgent arm!

      • Yep I agree, getting really tired of the ballads. Would never buy her CD's or go see her in concert

      • Pia's voice is good. But i'm wondering why i always feel like there's something wrong when she sings. She is being compared to celine but she didn't give me any shivers as celine do. I was like, ok she's getting there… then she'll hit the notes, but after that… Nothing… I can't explain it. There's less effect. Maybe i have to hear it live?

        She's still perfect though. Technically. And when you hear the notes, there is really nothing wrong. The shifting, the vibration, the resonance.. Is just.. not..well.. Argh, can't explain!

      • Pia may hit high notes, but it's not all about hitting high notes. There are no feelings when she sings. I don't know why she is being compared to Celine, because she is nothing like Celine. Celine sings it with feelings, high and low notes. Pia doesn't, all she does is close her eyes, and stick out her hands, and sing high. How do you supposed to connect with the audiences when she do that? I used to like Pia from the beginning, but as I listen to her more and more, I don't feel any feelings at all. She just feel cold to me. She does the same thing over and over again which is boring. And Randy is right, ballad after ballad after ballad. zzzzz.

      • Talk about ballads. It's ok for Pia to sing it but not ok for Thia? Wow. That's crazy.

      • I also agree with you John D. Honestly? No showmandship from Pia. I am also tired of her "pageant arm". I have been asking myself all along why I don't care for her performances. I would rather watch any of them for a concert than Pia.

    • I agree, for me, she's forgettable. no offense to the fans. she's ballad here, ballad there. oh common.. Salt please, there is no taste. 🙂

      • vivaciousKate, agree. That's what I've been trying to tell them. At least, someone has taste. Thank you.

  74. Thia will definitely stay..i'll be very happy if she'll make it to the Top Ten, all the contenders are good and being part of the Top 13 was already an accomplishment but making it to the AI tour is another thing…Hope she'll make it, she actually improved, now she's talking,smiling,and somewhat moving on the stage. To those who hated her, cmon, she has a nice quality vocals, admit it 😀 peace!!

    • The Thia bashers are just trying to get a rise out of us tonight. You're right, this was a great performance for her because you could really see her getting excited about performing. I wouldn't be surprised if next week she comes out getting more involved with the audience. Such a great experience for someone her age to be getting.

      • KL, of all the commentors here, I love reading yours! You write so well, and so decently. I am happy to see someone who doesn't really bash on anyone here. Even though you're not other's fans, you still keep it unharsh and real. Thank you.

      • Thank you anonymously. What a nice thing to say. I at least try to make it known that Thia is my huge favorite so that anyone reading my posts can take it with a grain of salt, for anyone who cares to read them. I like to think I am fairly objective about my comments regarding the judges. Anyway, thanks for that nice comment.

      • Oh, you're welcome. It's true. I like reading educated comments.

        I can't believe what that Branden wrote and telling me that I'm an idiot. Who the heck is he anyway?

        Oh geez.

    • Thank you Vince! Thia is improving week after week! And to think she's the youngest 🙂

      • Thia has a bright future more than anybody in this competion.. I bet she's already invited by many!

  75. I agree with John – Pia is a talented singer.. but an american idol? she only shows her talent in one aspect. she is actually kinda boring even though shes a good singer. I dont think you can make a CD of ballads this isnt the 1980s I dont know why Pia has so much hype and yea she does not move lol padgent arm liek miss america thats her only move that was funny

    • #7,Christina F H Beach…I know what you mean. I don't know why Pia is so much hype either. I guess that's all she can move, arms and mouth. Maybe she should do the Miss America Pagaent instead. She can sing but only in high notes though. She doesn't do anything for me.

      • she doesn't do anything for me too. not like Thia, Hayley and Naima. 🙂

  76. Gabriella, Thia–I'm not sure who or whose fans I'm getting more of a kick out of for their idiocy!! The good news is that the more these rabid folks–Gab and Thianics–argue with us here, the less time they have to spend endlessly dialing the phone, text, whatever. And as much as they they think they're supporting their cause, they're losing a hundred fold people that would otherwise vote for their candidates. Ha, ha , ha!

    • this reply was meant for the previous page with the Gabrielle lunatic and the Thia fanatics!

      • Call me lunatic all you want, I won't change my mind about that little girl's performance. I didn't like it, so what?

      • Thia lunatics maybe harharhar….. she is too boring, looks awkward and not spectacular. can she sell albums wih her sweet image? mediocre personality, she doesnt attract me at all. Naima is a lot better now with her karate kicks, at least she is entertaining.

      • zephyr, yes they sound the same. but because of these Thia bashers, i got more curious about Thia. i'm a James-Lauren fan but after i've seen Thia's videos on youtube, i've come to like her as well.

      • You guys are so out of your minds, according to you it's impossible that more than one person dislike Thia, talk about obsession. I don't know you Monster but I wish I did. Keep voicing your opinion, don't let a bunch of angry kids prevent you from it.

      • ya got me KL, I forgot about the 2 hour time limit–I've never actually voted! Nice catch, my bad!

  77. yes get off the pia Train – her whole neighborhood that i live in makes such a big deal about her lol tell her to sing a pop song already I hope she doesnt win becuase then I know the show is fixed. shes not an american idol becuase A) I dont want to Dress like her B) I would never do my hair like her C) she has no charisma D) I dont want to be like her so how can she be my idol or any ones idol shes borrrringgggg nexttt

  78. whyy Piaa whyyy Sing a pop song or something I my shoot myself if she stays on this show any longer Boringggggggggg

  79. I supposed to comment something about Thia but i just changed my mind…. What's wrong with you guys? Why make so big deal out of it? Why don't you just pick up your phone and vote instead of leaving harsh comments here just to protect your idols… Respect the owner of this blog…

  80. Pia is great but there are a lot of singers out there who sounds the same of her voice. Yeah, we need

    someone who`s unique & talented…not a copy cat!


    • And here they continue, insulting and using big words. You guys make me feel sick. And you should get your head checked "Thia is perfect"… Oh my!

      • You are the first Thia fan that hasn't reacted like a maniac. Thank you for that, we can agree to disagree. Period!

      • Gabriela, that is a harsh comment against you. Just showing how uneducated these Pilipino fans of Thia. They are like mad dogs in defense of a mediocre talent. Oh my….just a sh*t of Cr*p……

      • Thia is perfect? In what way? Holy cow!!! Height of wannabe???? Blind people continue to argue here… wake up. she is not worthy to be an American Idol.

      • Monster, how can you say Thia's fans are all Philipino and not educated. I'm not Philipino but I'm a fan. That's disrespecting a race in general. If you think they are not educated, then what do you think you are now? You're worst than them.

      • @Monster: you are incredibly prejudiced against Filipinos. not all Thia fans are Filipino, not all Filipinos are Thia fans. Lizette is right, you're the uneducated one.

      • Thia has this great voice. I'm so proud of her, not only because she's Pinay, but also because, she deserves the spot. very Impressive. I like NAIMA too. no, I love Naima and Paul and Thia and Stefano.

      • @Monster – Just be careful with what you are saying. Not all Thia fans are Filipinos.

  81. I'm not agreeing with you today onyour predictions, i think thia wouldn't be in the bottom 3, and if ever she would, she'll be safe and not continuing with the bottom 2

  82. Thia fans make me literally want her out tonight. Just by thinking that after she's gone I won't have to read any of your posts, I will be praying and voting for the others so she gets the boot.

    • Do you seriously think that praying or wishing ill on others will work? 🙂 So what makes you different from them now?

  83. I've always liked reading the comments on this forum, but I'm disgusted at the tone of a lot of the comments here (and surprised some of them haven't been removed). WHY can't people accept that we all have our own likes & dislikes, instead of insulting someone who has different tastes? Shan't be reading this forum again.

  84. the author is obviously biased against Thia and I respect his opinion. I mean Thia really has to step up but she has got more potential than most of the run-of-the-mill contestants. Hers is really pure and raw talent which this contest is supposed to look for. Let's also measure the contestants based on their growth in the show and I think she's getting there

  85. THIA, we love you! You loosen up and we love it. We love whatever you do. Thia has the talent, f*ck off haters! We do not need screams and shouts, thats what *cough* has been doing in the contest :)) hahaha

  86. Scotty was great

    The ones that need to go home in this order is

    Naima tonight

    Casey tonight

    Paul next week

    Stefond next week

      • Dosen't Mattter Scotty's Gonna Win !

        Everybody Love's Him & His Ammmmazzzzinggg Deeep Countryy Voice.

    • Agree! Hahahahaha but be careful, just by saying that you might have bought yourself a bunch of angry enemies on this blog hehe!

  87. Firstly Coondog, it's HALLEY'S Comet, not Haley's. Secondly, I can't believe how childish and racist you all are, and how this blog appears to be all about you and not the competition. These kids are doing their best to win a singing contest and every one of them has a remarkable talent. People will have their favourites and thats what public voting is all about. Tearing people to ribbons just to appear clever and cool is rude and certainly not constructive. It would not surprise me to learn that most of the contributors to this forum are devoid of talent themselves(and probably schoolchildren). This forum could be so much more interesting and entertaining if used properly. Incidently, my personal favourite is Stefano!

    • @ Intelligent Person. I agree. All in all I felt that ALL the contestant brought a lot of energy, good vocals and style to Motown Week. Very pleasantly suprised with Naima-great performance (Idol Tour will need her). Favorite of the night…of course James-(A+++)…Jacob Lusk was awesome. Thia stepped it up some…but will it ber enough…also Haley. Dissapointed in Pia…thought for sure she would do something a little more up tempo. Casey took I Heard it Through The Grapevine to another level…like a rejected lover singing his heart out…great job. Based soley on performances…Haley, Lauren and possibly Stefano will be at the bottom three…who knows…maybe Naima will be there again…but I feel that perhaps either Haley or Lauren may be in danger. JMHO 🙂

      PS Thanks Branden for your recap…as always A++

    • First "Intelligent Person" (an oxymoron in your case I'm afraid), I'm sorry you don't understand how a pun type of joke works. You see, the idea is to purposely differ the spellings of the two words that make the pun–the AI Haley or Hailey (the spelling of her name is not critical) and the comet Halley (whose name I purposely omitted to add to the effect of the joke). It's the kind of confusion of the sameness of the two terms that makes a pun a pun–and why they're regarded as one of the most cheerful but frivolous types of wit. Of course, having to explain a joke takes away from the humor of it, don't you think?

      Secondly, I refer you to the opening word of both this comment and your comment–First. I used the correct form of "first" whereas your usage of "Firstly" is improper grammar. I normally refrain from pointless grammar or punctuation corrections, but I could tell that you are a bit 'anal retentive' regards these things.

  88. I'm a Pinoy but I don't think that Thia is ripe to win the AI. Right now, because of her age, she don't know yet how to connect with some of the songs she is singing. I also think that she needs a total make over. She is trying and looking like someone who is older than her actual age. She needs to act and feel young on the stage. After all, she is just 16.

  89. Among those stereotyped to be unidimensional — Scotty, Pia, and Thia — only Thia chose to adapt and show a semblance of versatility. It was a risk people have been wanting her to take. But so sad to disappoint many (expecting her to fail). She took a risk and didn't do a bad job at it. key when you have the voice, you could never go wrong,right? Which is more than what I can say for Scotty and Pia. Scotty made a country of a motown and it sounded weird. Pia? No chance to comment 'cuz she stayed true to form and in her safe and comfort zone. Who's boring now?

    • At least, Scotty and Thia did something else.

      Pia, there was not comment for her at all because she did not do anything! Same ol, same ol!! She is still boring! Sorry.

  90. we love u thia gud!!! u did awesome u WOW us thia we love u thia my american idol!!!

  91. At least Thia and Pia can carry a tune.But Scotty is another story.I don't know how or why he has made it as far as he has.The boy can't sing.He has one range and that isn't even very good.Of all the talent that has been on this show I just do not understand this pick.A american idol should be someone that you can get into their music and want to dance or sing along.And he's not done that once for me.Let him go home.

      • clearly they have something against someone with talent… scotty is country and im glad that he isnt flip floping to win votes…he knows his true country fans will step up and always be behind him. last i knew there was a whole world of dancing …called line dancing to the type of music he sings.

    • Scotty is here for diversity. Every year we have a nice politically correct pool or talent. Just imagine how upset the country people would be if they didn't have a voice. Some people vote for the person that represents their genre not the best talent. And I guess if you like country it would be hard to enjoy Thia's talent.

    • i think scotty's really good. an american idol shouldn't be just someone you want to dance or sing along with. i don't listen to country music, but scotty's singing still appeals to me.

  92. Go go This Megia! I really believe she's just warming up – just wait and see 😉

  93. Go go Thia Megia! I really believe she's just warming up – just you all wait and see 😉

  94. Well, the world needs a unique singer such as Naima, jacob and Paul, they have their own vocal style, which is pretty aweosme

    • I'm pretty sure many producers out there are waiting for Naima. She's a big fish catch. beautiful, TALENTED (we can't deny that), she has a great personality too. She'll make it BIG someday. blessed love to NAIMA. 🙂

  95. I love Stefano!

    That being said my prediction to go home is Haley – she is the least marketable one and the others can probably sell more tour tickets and make people wanna go see them.

    Also Casey, Scotty, and James are all blah and the same ish every week and I'm tired of their sounds…try to give off some versatility

    • Sorry Landon, but I didn't think Stefano was good last night. He put me to sleep.

      But I respect your opinion.

  96. Let us all be civilized people here … let us be gentle and show respect to the opinion of others in our words when we reply… let us learn from one another … let us make this a fun thing… dont insult or say bad words… we are all made in the image and likeness of God and so let our words show that we are… even if you believe that you came from a monkey… monkeys dont act like some of us here… please… those whom you are rooting to win the AI will not be happy to read disrespectful comments. Make them happy with your kind words.

    • It would be a nicer place to be if there are more people like to think this way. Thank you for the kind words. I totally agree with you.

  97. Among those stereotyped to be unidimensional — Scotty, Pia, and Thia — only Thia chose to adapt and show a semblance of versatility. It was a risk people have been wanting her to take. But so sad to disappoint many (expecting her to fail). She took a risk and didn’t do a bad job at it. key when you have the voice, you could never go wrong,right? Which is more than what I can say for Scotty and Pia. Scotty made a country of a motown and it sounded weird. Pia? No chance to comment ‘cuz she stayed true to form and in her safe and comfort zone.

    – i couldn't agree more

  98. I was disappointed to see the poor review of Haley and Naima. Naima finally had a good night, I thought she would be voted off last week, I feel she earned another week. Haley had a great performance last night. She just can't get the benefit of the doubt like Pia, Jacob, Scotty and Paul. I think all four should go home.

    Pia is boring, all the talent is there, she is pretty, but it's boring. They call it the entertainment industry for a reason.

    Jacob just can't hold or change a note and his tone is awful, so he does that vibrato thing constantly to try and sell it.

    Scotty is a one trick pony. Everyone calls it "staying true to yourself" but it really means he does one thing. He has a great future in Las Vegas entertaining Ma and Pa Kettle after they have been drinking. They will sit and say he sounds like there favorite country singer with a deep voice.

    Paul does not have a big enough voice to entertain people. There has already been a real Rod Stewart and he sounds like a meek karaoke of Rod doing cover songs and his stage presence reminds me of a tweeker trying to put me at ease.

    • I don't know what the judges see in Jacob. His facial expressions are pretty hard to watch when singing. He sounded better if I don't look at him. Still, he is not my choice.

      Paul, I didn't like his rendition of Tracks of My Tears. He does sounded karaoke. I know he has a different kind of voice, raspy and unique but he didn't do anything for me. If I were to pick Paul's rendition of Tracks of my Tears and last year's Adam Lambert's rendition, I would pick Adam's. Adam sang it so smoothly that I fell in love with the song! I thought Paul butchered the song. I don't understand what the judges hear when he sang it.

    • I couldn't agree more. Naima and Hayley are great. Pia is, sorry to the fans, bt she really is boring. I ca't see her lasting long in this industry. why can't majority of the voters see that?

      blessed love NAIMA! 🙂

    • no, I don't want Hayley nor NAIMA going home this early.. they both deserve to stay. 🙂

      • I don't either. But according to your list, I would rather send Stefano home instead of the girls, because he was not good. He was boring.

  99. to gabriela and monster, i think you are uneducated, racist and most of all you look like anacondas, stop insulting any race for you are damn idiots. idiots and idiots.

    • If you find ONE post where I offend a specific race, I will apologize. But I haven't said anything about any race. Learn to read first! A lot of people hated Thia's performance and that doesn't make them uneducated!

  100. Let's give credit when due. After watching Thia's performance, I thought she did a pretty good job and should be lauded for her effort. She'd delivered a reasonable performance and will not be eliminated this week. What work against her are her age and race.

  101. Naima Adedapo was one of the best. That's what some of this singers need some dancing moves. I like how she can throw out there her culture it really comes from within. I wish her the best. GO NAIMA.

    • I couldn't agree more. She'll make it BIG in the music industry. blesses love to NAIMA. 🙂

  102. Okay, please tell me Stephano Langone DID NOT whisper ‘I love you’ into the camera at end of Hello. A BIT cheesy. Is it just me or does Stephano have a Scott Baio/ Ricky Ricardo/ Il Divo vibe..but don’t get me wrong… the kid can sing!!! And SHAME on Gordon Ramsey for trashing Stephano’s mom’s cooking on national tv. Not cool.

    Btw, was Steven Tyler wearing J.Lo’s leopard print blouse from last week? Haha.Love that crazy guy.


    • Last night was by far his worst week. He needs some coaching to get away from the lounge act feel. The gasp at the end of every note and the constant arm movement are undermining his awesome voice.

      • Totally agree about that comment from Gordon Ramsey. If I were ever a fan of his (NOT!), I'd tune him out after last night. What a nasty piece of egotistical flotsom.

    • judy, yes, Stefano did whisper those 'ILU' words. That was ewww! and cheesy. He looks more of a Ricky Ricardo than Scott Baio. I didn't like Stefano though. Sorry.

      • Cheesy indeed..Whose instruction was that? Is Julio Iglesiass speaking into Stephano’s earpiece again? haha Gotta give the kids props tho- he can sing!

  103. i really like Scotty & Paul because i think they bring something fresh to the show. Pia's good, but if she keeps on singing her ballads, it's gonna get boring.

    • rd,I think Scotty and Paul are better than Pia. At least, Scotty and Paul are interesting, but Pia is same ol, same ol.

  104. James & Naima were outstanding. EVERYONE improved from last week but Pia & Thia…..agree w/judges…they need to 'kick it up a notch'

  105. Im a white american and have been a fan of Thias from the start, so its not just asians that love her, I just love the quality and smoothness of her voice, she wont win because she lacks emotion but she will someday become a good performer IMO, I like James to win, hes so versatile.

    • I agree with you about Thia's very slim chances at winning. Her youth and lack of life experiences limit the types of songs she can connect to, thus affecting the quality of her performances. The racial prejudice is also real. It's a pity because she really has one of the best voices in this competition.

  106. why should it always be thia to do this and that?

    can't james durbin impress us with some heart-warming ballads?

    jacob to rock and roll on stage?

    or pia entertain us with some low keys???

    just asking…

  107. Branden, I mostly agree with you!! I think you and I saw the same show. 🙂 Different conclusions about who is going home, of course. Hope you are wrong.

    The are two I disagree with: Your comments about Haley and Jacob.

    Haley: Love her singing! But I admit, she was forcing some of those growly parts . . . wasn't as natural as I've seen her before. Still love her voice, though. I think she is truly nervous at this point. (Always in the bottom 3 and does not deserve it.)

    Jacob: Still too "full of himself" or something. The songs don't come off naturally to me. They seem so jammed with everything in his skill set. He just needs to back off on all that. It's a turnoff for me.

    • Oh, yes, and Branden, about your PIA love: Don't get it at all. I know she has tons of fans. I just find her singing boring to the nth degree. Does nothing for me. (Nice person, just not a singer whose music I'd ever buy.)

  108. scream your heart out scotty, i'm surprisingly happy that judges and america not bored with you…

    im wondering what exact idol is searched for

  109. I didn't care for Steven last night. His blase, disinterested mannerisms when responding to SOME contestants (Thia in particular) really bugged me!

    • I am with you, HP. Steven is not good. We need Simon back. That wasn't nice at all!!!


      • There was one moment when he looked like he passed out on Jennifer's shoulder and was not even paying attention to the performance. He fails to be witty with regularity. He kinda reminds me of Ozzy, a little loose in the brainbox.

    • I agree Steven Tyler is so not intrested in anything and then when he pays some attention he goes on stage and gives hug to a contestent, not cool not cool at all, and the birthday tribute was un called for, could have been done as an after show party. I miss Simon, none of the judges can make a decent comment.

    • @ Nancy…Sadly, it is alive and continues to rear it's UGLY head in these blogs. 🙁

      • Jacob is truly the most vocally ready artist!!! I love Pia but I ned to hear her do something different! But in the case of James he does a good show (though he cannot scream at the end of every song) boring and expected. (i mean that in a sense of it is a talent but if that note is removed from the song what does he have but an average voice and a great background story) Jacob has range and passion that translates through whatever song and genre out there! Casey I like because he is different and his musicianship helps! so all in all this is probably the best AI group but I fear that once again the cute american boy could win and not because of talent!!!

  110. I don't understand why everybody doesn't see that although everyone is very good-James comes out there and just blows everybody out of the water. And he's consistently blowing everybody out of the water. Doesn't everybody see that?

    • @ Douglas…I See it…He is my # 1 to win…just awesome…hits it out of the ball park EVERY time…Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • Are you serious? Pia can sing circles around James….sorry, he is a SCREAMER. He is a low-grade version of Adam Lambert.

      • And Casey screamed ALL THE WAY THROUGH the Nirvana performance last week. Now THAT was screaming. James is a really good singer. Lots of successul rock singers have the same syle, just everyone has a different taste in music.

      • to begin with let's not compare Pia and James as they are 1A and 1B. Jacob can be put there from time to time. The reason some people are liking James over Pia is that his singing has included Zepplin (audition), Judas Priest, Bon Jovi, and Motown – can you say versatile? Pia sings only ballads although she does them extremely well. I agree that Pia can outsing him in ballads but I think James can sing a ballad better than Pia can sing Judas Priest!

      • who cares the most disgusting part is they rate scotty at number 1 and he cant sing at all out of his one range and style. omg even in the country music world there are more than 1 style im very dissapointed that they havent asked him to sing something different like they have everyone else

    • I, for one, don't see it! If I want to hear some eardrum piercing schreeching, I have a cat with a tail & a rocking chair…how can you possibly think James is an idol…please pass me the remote with a mute button!!

      • I agree 100%. Too much screeming this season from James, Casey, Lusk, Lauren, Haley….just sing stop putting the screams and silly sounds in.

      • Hey, JT3594, you forgot to put Pia on your list. She's a scream queen as well.

      • right… right.. right…

        it's only Thia & Scotty who don't scream but produces beautiful voice

  111. Branden – good write up again, and I give you a solid effort, A-


    Overall, I was very impressed with last night! Much better then the train wreck I expected!

    I thought Casey’s was solid, decent, he’s a good performer and I didn’t think he over-did it. I simply think he is design to be a stage performer, theater type.

    Thia – completely agree with your statement. I was like ahh man.. come on now! Heat Wave??? She needed something more upbeat but and vocally challenging and not so chorus-y. It is hard to put in words completely agree, she can sing, we all want to like her and sort of expect her to jump out at us and do more and it kind of was flat.

    Jacob – honestly – very good, controlled and was the first time I heard his voice!

    Lauren’s was really solid also, she can really sing.. looking forward to future weeks

    Stefano – This one I disagree you, humm. I think you over rated this one significantly. First off the “Hello” song is ultimately boring, and he changed it to his style of singing added a latin twist to it even at times, ok, good idea! However, to me he really didn’t pull it off, feel it wasn’t overly good and sounded a bit forced to me. Connection, I agree with the judges, I didn’t see it/feel it.

    Haley was disappointing, again. The girl can sing, and seems lost as an artist. I feel like she is stuck in a “I want to be Christina Aguilera mixed with Joan Jett” and doesn’t know which way to go. Her growl is a bit odd with that type of song, it’s supposed to be smooth, effortless sounding, and the growl doesn’t do it justice. She’s in serious danger of leaving. Motown was not her thing.

    One liner on Scotty – He should have sang “Let’s get it on” Marvin Gaye in his deep register and would have absolutely brought the house down. I though it was forced honestly. BUT people love him, so be it.

    Pia – Yes, agree with 100%. I’m done with the Celine type stuff. I expected her to really shine on Motown week. We obviously know her “lane” and the type of artist she will be. Don’t get me wrong, she really can sing, amazingly, however, I wasn’t wow’d this time or overly impressed, it was a bit boring but she can sing!

    Paul – One thing I will say, I almost didn’t recognize the original, in a good way. He is very talented. He will create his own music and do well. He’s a guy who is consistently solid, later in weeks, he is going to be solid, and if a favorite slips up, he might slide right by.. should be interesting!

    Naima – I thought she was much better than the previous week, sounded so much better with the vocals, but I didn’t feel it was a new style or changed up to highlight her as an artist. I disagree with Randy on arrangement, the arrangement was not good, and the African dancing? Very cool, but this is a singing competition. I wanted to see her sing more, connect. I think she stays this week over Haley, barely, but wouldn’t be surprised if she goes.

    James – Wow that was really really good. He is a lot like Adam Lambert in his abilities, I just want to see more variety from him now, and he set the bar very high, now I want to see a lot of different things as the competition heats up.

    I think your close on the bottom 3, except Thia. She will probably make it through. She was a lot better than previous. I think in a bit of a surprise, Stefano falls into the bottom 3 with Haley and Naima. Your mention on Casey – he is just likable, and I don’t think people are ready to see him go.

    Great week though, much better than previous! Very excited now for next week.

    • I totally agree with your assessments, just want to add some personal thoughts…

      I was so disappointed with Stefano. When I heard Lionel Richie and Hello, I was hoping he’d be able to do the song some justice… but he tried to change it to pop and lost the meaning of the song… Hopefully he’ll survive this week, since I’m pretty sure he’ll be part of the bottom 3..

      I liked Hailey’s singing, not her performance… she’ll do wonders in the studio, but probably not fit to perform live, unless she works really hard and get rid of her awkwardness… She’ll prolly be sent home this week…

      • I wish Naima would go over Haley, Haley won't make it much longer but I would rather see her longer than Naima.

      • I agree I perfer Haley over Naima and Paul and Casey, they all need to go before Haley at least they sing, Paul cant do singing or dancing, Casey screeches, and looks icky, Naima is just not good.

    • If I had my way, Stephano would be on the plane home..I'd prefer it to be James, but know it won't be, so I vote "bye bye Stephy"

  112. I liked the show lastnight. They were all pretty good. I like Thia alot, but man she really messed up forgetting the lyrics and the judges didn't even mention it! Where's Simon! As much as i think Haley or Naima will be gone.Thia should be the one sent packing for that huge blunder. NEVER forget the lyrics!!

    • Hey,jeffrey, people makes mistakes. Let me remind you, back in season 7? when David Archuleta was on, he made a mistake too. He made it to top2.

      • Point made, but some of david's perfomances left people breathless at times and i haven't ever seen her come close to that level where i had to rewind and listen multiple times because i was moved! Sorry, she's good but not that good!

      • ok, I respect your opinion. Give her a chance. everybody deserves a chance, right?

    • Just went on utube and listened to her sing heatwave twice, I cant see where she missed any lyrics, please explain.

      • I don't know how old you are jim, but i'm 47 and grew up listening these records.she messed up about 3/4's of the way through the song. she was humming instead of singing.

      • I thought she messed up the lyrics also, however it is possible she purposely did the humming in the middle to shorten the song. It certainly sounded like she forgot words when I first heard it, not sure

      • Go listen to it on you utube it wasnt humming it was part of the act, they only have 1:40 to sing these songs so they cant sing all the lyrics, if she would have missed lyrics, the judges would have caught it.

      • It was clear last evening that Thia made a mistake (when she turned to her backup singers).

        I re-listened and re-watched for where in the song that was. About 1:15 into the song, she blows this couplet:

        "This high blood pressure's got a hold on me

        I said this ain't the way love's supposed to be"

        Listen again to see if you hear anything about high blood pressure.

    • Someone also said she messed up with the lyrics of "Colors of the Wind" when she sang the second to last chorus "…ask where the Eagle has been" (or something). And people in youtube kept insisting it was different and wrong. Same here. That was the 'bridge' part. Go watch the original by Martha or better still, watch and listen to Phil Collins remake last year. This is supposed to be a song you dance to, hence a lot of musical and humming parts. That was one of it.

    • Maybe the judges don't know the lyrics-I don't and so if she did some humming so be it, I'm sure most of us thought that was the game plan…

  113. Thia your an angel!You may not win the title but I'm sure there's a brighter future ahead of you.Your young,enjoy the moment.I'd be happy if you reached top 6 or 7.I will still be a fan even after AI.


    • You know of course that Scotty flubbed his lyrics during Hollywood week. Of course one shouldn't forget lyrics when singing, but the statement should apply to everyone, don't you think? And to the Mod: I thought comments in ALL CAPS will be deleted regardless of content

      • This isn't hollywood week anymore.

        At this stage of the competition you bring your A game or you stick out like a sore thumb. Thia has a good tone, but her vocals are weak in comparision to Pia. Listen to Carrie underwood or kelly clarkson. Strong and distictive!

      • Thia-Boring!

        James-Stop screamming on every single song!

        Haley-Blah…new dance moves you are not on a Burlesque Show!

        Casey-keep giving them different!!!

        Jacob-luvluvluv you!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!

        Pia-you have an awesome voice but girl you gotta give a club, dance, upbeat performance! Shake those hips!

        Steven Tyler-is the comment i wait for! He is bringing all the genres together with refences and jovial rock humor.

        JLO- Im still trying to see where she has the ability to critique on vocals! Give performance critiques minus the vocal critiques- thats your strength! Who has heard JLO sing a good ballad completely live and sound awesome??? no one-not even Marc!

    • @Linda – Why are you so mad at her? Did she do something wrong to you? Just asking.

      • @jeffrey D – I don't think Thia's vocals are weak in comparison to Pia. Maybe it's the choice of songs that she opted to sing. She has several videos on youtube that show how strong her vocals are.

      • We all have our own opinions.Pia has the best range, power and control not to over sing.All you have to do is look at the history of the success stories on the show. The only problem with IDOL is it becomes a popularity contest at times! This is a singing competition !

      • Jeffrey D, sorry but I have to disagree with you. Pia is just another copy cat. We want someone who is different and unique.

        That is why Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson won. They both are excellent and unique! Pia, I don't see and hear. True, strong and distinctive, are counted but what about divesify? Like I said before, Pia, is same ol, same ol.I don't think Pia has those.

    • If Paul McCartney can forget the lyrics to his own songs, and he has done in the past at concerts, then its ok for Thia to forget the lyrics to someone else's song.

      • Pual McCartney is trying to win a singing contest in front of 25 million voting viewers either!

  115. I think Casey Abrams should sing Joe Cocker's Classic "You are so beautiful" He would do that song justice.

  116. Steven Tyler is off the rails. Being part of an act, Hugging contestants, comments like "you don't look a day over fabulous" are evidence enough he is bias and has nothing to offer other than a bringing ratings as a has-been rock star. He reminds me of a male Joan Rivers. Just irritating.

    • I agree Tyler has killed way to many braincells to be a good judge, and with pia he speaks thru his pants.

      • The show has never had a bigger pool of talent and so little guidance. I NEVER thought I would hear myself say I miss Simon

    • I liked Steven Tyler at first but after his favoritism he has provided to a few of the contestants is wrong and he is very inappropriate he needs to be stopped. I don't care for J-Lo either she is so dramatic. I guess you can get worse than Simon.

  117. Well, whoever goes home tonight loses big because only the top 10 get the most recognition and get to go on all of the idol tours/concert shows….

  118. casey should be doing charactor voices in a animated film. he cannot sing. he is more of a singing comic. I have a hard time picturing him as an American Idol. Maybe toy story 4 as woodies new side kick or something. Just do not get it!

      • Casey Abrams is a great performer and I love watching him..cannot wait to see what he does next. Don't "get" what all the fuss is about Paul. Jacob has a great voice, but is hard to watch because his performance is such an effort. Love the girls, but no standouts like last year–Crystal Bowersox. Loved Stefano last week, but this week lost points for me. I think Jennifer hit it on the head with the fact that his phrasing was off. Also, it's good to make a song your own, but not when it becomes unrecognizable.

    • I disagree with the character voices comment. Casey intrigued me because he showed a genuineness while behind his bass that none of the others could hold a candle to. Listening to those that value the cookie-cutter formulaic bought into commercialized ideals of talent, can warp the creative potential of innovating artist like Casey. Be true to your "NESS" young Casey. Too many chords can baffle the less musical, but you aren’t less the musical are you.

    • I disagree with the character voices comment. Casey intrigued me because he showed a genuineness while behind his bass that none of the others could hold a candle to. Listening to those that value the cookie-cutter formulaic bought into commercialized ideals of talent, can warp the creative potential of innovating artist like Casey. Be true to your "NESS" young Casey. Too many chords can baffle the less musical, but you aren’t the less musical are you.

  119. Yes jeffrey D,I understand what you're saying and I definitely respect your opinion. You are right it is supposedly a singing competition not a popularity contest. So, it's up to us voters to choose who is deserving among these idols. thanks

    • It has become a popularity contest! Note comments like "He didn't perform well, wrong song choice, etc… But I still love him/her". If the performance was not up to par then enough said. Has anyone been in a chorus or choir? Even though you're a soprano, alto, etc… you have to be able to sing all types of music: ballads, 50's, motown, whatever, that's what talent is all about. Scotty, sorry, is not "talented". He can only sing country songs, even though he adds his own twist, it sounds like boring, slow country every time. He does not have any range. I wish people would actually listen to the music and the voices to see who has talent. The other 10 are very musically talented, they pick songs that some don't like or want to hear so that means their performances were "bad". Forget the song choice-listen to their voices! With that being said, I can't even guess who will be the next idol. Whoever is most popular, I guess!

  120. I'm really sad to see so many Steven Tyler haters. I think this year's panel of judges has been terrific – coupled with the refreshly polished talent – it makes for a really enjoyable show. And who ever said that "constructive criticism" has to be scathingly offered and belittling? I think Jennifer Lopez has given some really intuitive guidance and direction to every one of the contestants, at one time or another. She just does it in a positive way. Sure – the music business is cutthroat and vicious. These guys will learn that once they leave Idol's stage and vie for recording contracts. But this is "hone your craft" time – to grow and improve while We, the Audience vote to give them one more performance or not.

    In the meantime, I think the judges are doing a great job. Randy isn't irking me with his tired and trite lead-in lines. I think he's grown, as well, this year, w/out Simon taking center stage all the time. It had always seemed like Simon Cowell's American Idol – and I LIKE Simon. But "Change is Good" in this case and Steven Tyler makes a wonderful 3rd wheel to J-Lo and Randy!

    • I respect your opinion and thank you for sharing it. I'm not trying to be a hater, but he's so bias. He uses the show as a launch pad for his perceived coolness. The outfits, the feathers in his hair, his demeanor, He rambles one minute then the next it's like he forgot what he heard and says "I liked it" to cover. In seasons past there was little talk about the wardrobe of the judges, now I see it here weekly. I think he could use the "it's not about you" talk followed by some Ginkgo-biloba pills.

    • Bravo Mary! I'm loving the "fresher approach" this year too! Also enjoying Ryan w/o all the banter between him and Simon….he is so much more relaxed and funny!

      • I agree, although Steven is a bit out there, he makes me laugh. I like watching him while someone is performing, you can tell if he's interested or not. And JLo has offered some great advice without bashing feelings-much better than soul-smasher Simon! I would be in tears if I had to perform in front of him!

      • I agree with both Mary & Ginger. Jennifer's tips should betaken to heart & appreciated by the contestants. And Ryan Seacrest! He seems like a whole differebt person!! I can't believe I kinda like the dude! He used to be such a jerk (is it Simon's absence or Juliana'prescence–or perhaps both. Anyway it's for the better). Pretty funny him spitting on Haley's (??) chin!!

  121. Thia, i will support you whatever happens.. win or lose .. but definitely you have to give your best shot when your performing in that stage .. listen always to the advice of the judge as well as your critics ..

  122. I really do miss Simon,because the new judges they don't give good advices they need someone who going to tell them the truth. I know Simon had his ways but somethings he was right and he didn't sugar cold anything…I miss you Simon come back!!!!!!

  123. Everybody’s opinions are different for sure, it’s what makes the world go ’round. But Haley is always good. I cannot understand why you’d pick a “good, but not fabulous” singer like Lauren over Haley.

    • Hi Dianne, I agree with you. I honestly like Haley. She is sweet and bluesy. Hope she stays.

      • I Lauren is so comfortable on stage she could sing itsy bitsy spider and captivate everyone. I LOVE Haley but she can show her nervousness at times, but still does not deserve the bottom three week after week, she should be at least a top five.

    • It's all a matter of taste, the way we perceive these contestants differently. I just hope we can show our appreciation for our favorites without having to bash others unnecessarily.

  124. All I keep thinking every week is "Simon would have hated this performance and would have said so." (but everyone is "beautiful" to Steven!!). While I think Jennifer and Steven have added something new, their lack of real critique is hurting the show. C'mon: was anyone else listening to Thia murder that song or Stefano breaking glasses in the kitchen with his shrill and totally misguided rendition of Hello? Simon would have crucified them, would have told Pia she is great, but boring (ditto Lauren), would have told Paul he is all over the place, etc. Let's face it: James is probably the only one with a shot at a real career (ok, Scotty can sign country songs, but has no real range) and he deserves it after life throwing him so many curves. I can not imagine any of these other imposters beating him. He just needs to watch the cockiness.

    • Randy —you are right on. Paul's all teeth and no voice —Simon would have exposed that and he'd be gone by now. Now here is where we may disagree: I think Haley is a heck of a lot of fun —she doesn't imitate the original song but takes it in unpredictable directions. With Pia you know you are going to get the scream at the end; with Jacob the ear-piercing notes; and Scotty –well obviously …; but Haley, you actually have to see where she takes the song and her voice is unique.

    • Yup James is too cocky. He acts like he's already won it all. A little bit of humble would improve his (low) standing with me..just sayin'

      • alice…james is highly functional austic person with tourrets…he;s not cocky at all…this how he deals with it…thru his singing and he's great…he get's caught up in moment

  125. Branden….I just love your updates….Great reviews. Totally agree with you about James….He rocked the house……I really thought all the performers were good last night. In fact, surprising good for Motown. I'm not a big fan of Thia and I thought her performance was okay….nothing special…..but she did pick it up a notch…..

    I'm a big fan of Pia….girl can sing but she really needs to liven things up…..

    I think Haley is probably going home but I did like her act last night…..

  126. #4-Dan, Are you kidding me? Thia needs a more upbeat song? And that is not upbeat enough? How about Pia, she sang Another Ballad and it was bit? boing?? I thought it was very very boring. I thought she did the worse of the night. But I do agree with you about Stefano. I didn't get it either. And I do agree with you on James as well.

    • @anonymously yours. How is carrie underwood diverse? She's a counrty singer! If your speaking in terms of ballads vs up tempo then we haven't seen enough of pia yet doing both, but how can you be bored or call it same ole same ole when she sings. my god i get chills down my neck when she blows. look at all the power divas from the past.. maria carey, whitney, celion, ect… she has that potential!

      • jeffrey D, well, having said that, when Carrie sang that song, "Stand by you," I didn't think it was country. It sounded more pop or ballad. That's why I said this. But yes, she is mostly country. I hear you.

        Sorry, but I don't get any chills in my bones when Pia sings. I guess everyone hears things differently.

        Like I said, I respect your opinion. It's ok if you like Pia. I have nothing against that. She just doesn't do anything for me. Sorry.

  127. Last night was like having 3 Paulas for judges. Randy has caved on trying to be the tough guy. And 'karaoke' seems to be 'in' —they are rewarded for copying the original song as closely as possible; while being 'original' is out (hence Haley is on the ropes).

    • jeffrey D, I have a few. I like James, Scotty, Lauren and Haley, but mostly Thia. I know what you're thinking. But everyone has her/his favorite right? I've been watching Thia since she was 12 or 14. She really did improve a lot. I'm giving her a chance, because I love her voice and tone. Is there anyone else that you like?

      • I also like James, Scotty, and Haley. But with qualifications for both James & Scotty. James is much too full of himself and not quite as good as he thinks he is —I want him to stay, but too bad Simon isn't there to take him down off his high horse. And Scotty has a great voice, but I'm not sure he can do anything but sing (imitate?) old C&W songs. Again, Simon would likely have hammered his performance last night.

      • Wouldn't it be nice if Simon would be guest judge for one night? I truly miss his crucial but honest comments.

      • Well the one i liked alot ( colton )was cut in hollywood. The ones i look forward to watching are james and jacob. james is an interesting story in the making because he fighting an affliction.I like jacobs compassion.although both sometimes try to hit those high notes more than they need to.For some reason to me i have a hard time hearing Thia over the live music.At barely 16 she does have nice control.

      • jeffrey D, yes, I remember Colton. He was pretty good. Maybe he'll do something on his own and make a hit. There are a lot of those who didn't make it, made it there. It's ok, maybe Thia will grow on you, maybe not. Only time will tell. James is very interesting. I don't mind him taking the title because of his problem. He would be a good example to show those with disabilities that anything is possible. Still I like the way how he stands out.

      • Steve: Couldn't agree with you more about James, his ego has to be notched down but thanks to Steven Tyler he is definitly making it to the finale. As for Scotty I love him but I was a bit disappointed last night I was expecting something big. I personaly know he is capable of much more and I don't understand why he is holding back.

      • JT3594 : I can't see how you were expecting something big out of Scotty on Motown night? Even Scotty, by his own admission, wasn't expecting something big and tried to tamp down expectations by saying he would put mostly his C&W spin on it. Of course, it is unrealistic to expect him to turn into Stevie Wonder, but to just totally let him off the hook (Scotty is Scotty) is inconsistent with all other Idol judging episodes. There is no tough love out of the judges —just warm & fuzzies.

  128. Great Talent in many ways. Everyone has a different like in music and we see that. Who can survive the industry… There are few that will get eat up

  129. James Durbin is the BEST overall performer on this show. He rocks it everytime and I was hoping they would save the BEST for last.

    Pia has an amazing voice but I dont think she can perform like James. I will be surprised to see her work the stage or crowd like he does.

    Scotty – was hoping to here a Marvin Gray song from him too! He is already a star..

    Lauren Alaina – Cant wait to hear her BELT it.. We know its in there she just has to release it and if she does – they ALL need to watch out.

    Casey – he is just cruising by for status recognition, fun to watch.

    Jacob – He just does not impress me at all, sounds like he sings through his nose – NASAL voice. He is the screamer NOT James…

    Paul, Stefano, Naima, Haley and Thia can just ride the wave until they are sent home – some may get gigs from this!

    • We sometimes get caught up in live performance and how they work the audiance. This is a singing contest! Most of the money they make later on, if they make it will be selling cds.

    • You my friend, just hit the ball out of the park. I do so agree, all the way down the line. 20 stars for you

  130. I don't enjoy when the performers try to make 'ethnic' statements (period). This is "American Idol" – not Latin, Irish or African Idol. This is a 'singing' contest not an open arena to bring up ethnic, race, sexual or political preference. Please feel free to address my opinion/comment.

  131. Good afternoon my dear fellow critics!!! I was just reviewing some other sites (to get an open minded idea) and these are the results I found.

    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    Ok so… I added the sources just because I always like to be fair. I didn't create those polls, nor I invented the data and yet… there is one contestant that seem to be placed at the bottom 3 on every single one of them. I guess Branden's rating was not off at all. I knew America knows better. Can't wait for tonight's show. 😀

    • Oh, and just so you know; those are not opinion's of a single person writing an article, those are poll results (people voting) so… Just wanted to clarify that!

  132. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with J.Lo and her comments afterward. They finally had some substance! Really giving advise instead of blah blah. Randy's bobble head is driving me crazy!!!!!!

  133. If Simon was still the judge today, he would probably tell Paul, "Your smile bothered me." and "Are you drunk?" for the way he is dancing, just like the way he told Taylor Hicks.

  134. love Scotty you can hear every word of the song cant say that about some of the other singers he should end up in Nashville

    • Yes I agree, would love to hear something a bit more upbeat from him, I know he has it in him. Even if he isn't the American Idol he will be a star ( and I don't even listen to country and he is by far my favorite!)

  135. Naima: Get rid of her already. Kudos to #23 Lane's comment.After Karen's BS enough is enough.

  136. Wow. You allowed Paul to butcher that tender song? His shiny teeth work though if you happen to be deaf.

  137. one more thing… how about hiring a bunch of cheerleaders as judges for next year? It may be cheaper and by then J.Lo. may have found her way back into the entertainment spotlight….But let's keep cheering and pretending that there are so many potential superstars in this year's show.

  138. You gave Stefano an A+ and Haley a C-?

    What the hell? Haley was so amazing. If Casey can screech than Haley can sure as hell growl while singing, it sounds to good and unique.

      • I am shocked about Casey! I knew Thia was bottom 3, everybody knew. And Stefano was also predictable but I thought it would be Hailey instead of him. Based on his overall performances through the entire competition, I agree with the judges saving Casey. For next week, two contestants will go home and I predict to be Thia and Hailey. Of course, I need to hear them sing next Wednesday but I think we're getting rid of the maniacs of this blog next week.

        Anonymously yours: If someone asks me a question, I should be the one responding to it!

    • omg! You're the maniac one. What is your problem? Go get help, will ya?

      Go away please. I know I will get away from you!

      By the way, I don't want to argue or say anything harsh to you, but I think you are getting out of control. Just because Karen went home, that shouldn't mean to pick on others. Please calm down and get over yourself. Isn't there enough pain in this world already? I just don't want to see any heartaches. For God's sake, make some peace. Please.

    • I know Casey was a big surprise for me, I did not expect Haley to be safe before, stefano. i did not expect Naima to be safe before stefano. I do like her style, but as far as vocals I like Stefano better, Naima captures the audience with her stage presance, and when she gets her teeth fixed she could be a force to be recconed with. Glad to see jacob and Paul safe so soon.

      I do think Thia should go home first, second Haley. these should be the two to go home.

      Pia watch out though you are good the public might get as fed up with your routine performance as the judges, If she shows us something different , as wella s good,she could end up being the last woman in the competition with the guys. It is obvious Pia has the best voice of all the women, she needs versitility, and she is beautiful as well

  139. Is it just me or do the judges seem contradicting sometimes. I mean people are complaining that Pia should change her style because she's always doing ballads, yet I rarely hear people saying that Scott should sing songs other than country, or even in a country style. When contestants change their styles, the judges will say "Be you, sing how you always do and keep that unique style" yet other times they tell them to try things different. It seems contradicting at times. Contestants are being told to stick with their own styles and voice, yet other times they are told to try different things and step out of their zone.

    • Yes insouciant_dreams the judges do say to try different things and step out of the box, however Scotty is country, and sing slow as wel as upbeat tempo. Pia is stuck on slow songs in which she can control. I too would like to hear her sing a more upbeat song, I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt.

      • Yes that's true. I guess the judges like to see that the contestants are versatile and not just sticking with the same types of songs. Sometimes though, I find country songs to sound all the same. It's all about different preferences, but country music doesn't seem to be vocally challenging. Of course people are going to say the same about rap or other genres so it's all about opinions. I think it's weird though that they allow contestants to sing country on American Idol, yet they don't usually let people in who sing genres like Opera, death metal, or rap.

  140. a to the z for the judges save! I love the judges this year (I luv'd Paula too). They did a fabulous job at finding talent! That's my problem with the show this year!The talent is awesome! I would buy cd's for Casey, Pia, Scott, Stefano, and Paul today! Simon, would you consider having two winners next season a his and her! How about two winners for two different genre types? Great show and too sad to see such talent and only one choice! Susha

  141. About the show extras (outside of the contestants) tonight:

    May I admit I'd never heard of Sugarland before tonight. . . and, now that I have, hope that I never do again? That song is why I typically do not like country. CORNY! Lead singer: What were those moves and what was that outfit?

    Astonished and thrilled to see Stevie Wonder!!!

    Didn't like Jennifer Hudson's song (but I love her)! The Hulk Hogan nonsense was a riot!!! Loved that!

    Really liked that Marc Anthony was so helpful to the contestants, too.

    • Unfortunately I have heard of Sugerland, and wish I hadn't. I have never liked the lady's voice.

      I do love country music though, a lot of talented singers in that arena.

      I liked Marc Anthony because he threw a dig at JLO.

    • what a show tonight! didn't care for sugarland, but the save was great, casey is in the money, thank you judges!

      • Hey Jeffrey D I liked sugarland,I think they are a good country band.Another "upbeat" country song

  142. I could think of someone else to don the stage on motown week other than them.. Sorry!

  143. Jacob was awesome, probably the best cover of any Motown song ever.

    Casey and James were awful and should be the bottom two and we could hope for double elimination

  144. I think the save was the right thing to do . The guys have so much more talent than any of the girls. Lets face it, there is plenty of talent and the show is better. They sing better, dress better and seem to be working hard at song choices but age is showing up in all they select. Many have not given it their all yet. Save the men, send the girls home. I can see the top 3 all guys. It is kick ass time and they should know that.

    • No way do all the guys have more talent than some of the girls. Pia is much better than Jacob, Stefano and Casey.

      • I agree. Clearly Pia is the best contestant on there in terms of vocals. However American Idol is based on many other factors such as communicating with the audience and connecting with the song, song choice, variety in singing, entertainment, dress/appearance, and overall performance like dancing or moving on the stage. But Pia obviously has the best vocals.

  145. I personally thought Haley was amazing. Her growl and yodel are her signature style. I can see Haley making it far in the music industry, she has a very pop sounding voice like Pink and Katy Perry. I find Pia and Thia to be extremely boring and I can hardly imagine hearing their music on the radio. I think Haley is amazing and will really make it far.

  146. James durbin, lauren and pia will surely make it big in music industry even if these guys dont win.. but i bet james will win these season..

  147. jacob and scotty should leave…jacob stop acting as if you're in a drag show…scotty stop acting as if you're hot….you're NOT. and to my two favourite, James Durbin and Pia Toscano….keep it up you guys are not only amazing singers but very attractive and Hot too, even without trying.

    • pretty much screaming is the main thing in this years idol…but let's remember this is a singing competition,quality of the voice must prevail

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