American Idol 2011: Movie Night Brings Bad Reviews

What is the deal with the judges for American Idol 2011?  Did they all swallow a happy pill before the idols took the stage?  I was NOT impressed with anyone with the exception of James Durbin who rocked the “Heavy Metal”.  Finally we have a hardcore rocker to grace the idol stage but his voice is a little clean for straight up metal.  We would like to hear him sing some Judas Priest sometime if it’s available. Guitarist Zack Wylde joined him on the guitar and he is one of the greatest guitar players around.  He played for the song “Porn Star Dancing” which is a kick @$$ song btw lol.  I was told he was the master of the “pick scream” and you can really hear it on the “Porn Star Dancing” single.  It was really a cool thing to have him on American Idol.

Paul McDonald pretty much sucked with “Old Time Rock and Roll”.  This guy is getting on my nerves and it is time for him to goooo.  Another one who needs to get voted off is Casey Abrams.  I was like oh goody he’s playing the upright bass again.  Yes! LOL.  He should have taken advice from Jimmy Iovine but went with his own choice and I thought it was awful yet the judges give him a standing ovation and say they hope America gets it.  Well guess what judges?  Maybe if you’re a big jazz fan or something but the majority of viewers don’t care for that kind of 1940’s bs. 

Lauren and Stefano were ok.  I wasn’t a fan of either song choice.  Lauren with “The Climb” was ok but that song is so Miley Cyrus it’s hard to get past that and it did nothing to showcase her powerful voice.  All Stefano did was show us why we should have kept Pia in the competition.  I’m thinking if Paul is voted off tonight, he will be the new VFTW pick. 

Scotty took a risk singing George Strait because he is considered to most country fans to be like a god of country music.  I thought he did ok with it but he did get lost behind the back up singers a couple times.  I don’t think he is as good as he is made out to be.  I happen to really like that song so I can give credit just for trying.

I felt bad for Haley.  I loved how she dressed.  She seemed more edgy last night and imo has come a long way from when we first heard her sing.  She is bashed by the judges and doesn’t deserve it.  So far I am pretty much disagreeing with everything the judges have to say because I thought Haley nailed it.

What I don’t get about Jacob Lusk is why don’t the judges ever tell him to sing something more than just a ballad?  They gave Pia such a hard time about that yet we see time and time again Jacob doing the same thing and getting praised for it.  Yes he sings well and there was nothing technically wrong with his performance of “Bridge of Troubled Water” but then you remember Clay Aiken and how he had his moment with that song and for Jacob it was just another in a long line of same sounding performances.  It’s getting a little old to me. 

 I’d love to see Paul or Casey go home tonight but the judges may have ended the career of Haley instead.  Whatever to Jennifer saying she doesn’t want another female voted out.  I don’t believe it for a second.

Who do you think is in danger of leaving tonight?




  1. it's time for a shocking news again. My bottom three are: Randy, Jennifer and Steven. They need to go home tonight!!!

    • The judges are only defending their save vote, they wnat to show America that save Casey was the best decision, people. it wasn't. Because of ti probably we will have tos see 3 boy in the final, Caey, James nad Scotty. BORING….

      • Casey does not deserved a standing ovation…. its obvious that the judges have favoritism….

      • I agree, Casey doesn't deserve all the acclaim that the judges give him. His kind of singing is narrow…I wouldn't say that he is teaching us anything except that the judges are trying to save face using the save card on him.

      • Was it just me, or did Casey look angry – almost demonic – as he sang last night? It was a terrible choice. And seeing the judges give him a standing ovation confused and frustrated me. He was terrible. And I sure hope that America gets that right and he walks tonight. They shouldn't have saved Casey. They should have saved Pia a million times over.

      • The upright bass can stay. Casey should go. IMO playing the upright bass is keeping Casey in what is supposed to be a vocal competition. When Idol began, I think the contestants only sang. I'm not sure if there was a rule about not using instruments in their performances. Just a thought: If AI had a sing-off for Best Idol performance ever, who would you vote for? This would include at least the top 2 from each season.

      • I absolutly detest jazz. I hated the song and think Casey's time to go has come. Randy said that he loves that Casey is an artist, which I took to mean the song choice sucked. Anyway there are lots of starving artists out there…

      • Here's the thing, if you didn't like Casey it's because you don't like Jazz. If you don't like Jazz it's because you are a classically trained musician (most likely lolorchestra) or you haven't really been exposed to it. Just because you can't appreciate what he did doesn't mean it was bad. Jazz paved the way for rock and roll, there's no denying that. That being said, I loved Casey last night it was absolutely brilliant. I understand most people won't. It's not for AI. And I disagree about the bass keeping him in. Most kids watching this show most likely had never seen one until now.

      • @ Kudos and jil:

        I actually LOVE that song (if you were as old as I am you would KNOW it and revere it, too) and I thought it was a brilliant choice. (And I do like jazz, unlike you, jil.) Tell me you don't like Billie Holiday or Etta James?! If you've never bothered to listen to them, do yourself a favor and go to YouTube and do just that. You may just be blown away!

        I do agree that Casey is still doing some things that make him unlikable and his performances less than they could be. I don't like his grimaces, frowns, and grunty growls, either. If you cut out those from his last performance, the singing was actually quite good! And so set apart from the rest. I like that! I thought he did a pretty good job with the singing, if you are able to shield your eyes and ears from his irritating affectations.

    • standing O' for Casey??? How stupid they think America is… maybe by looking at the people america sent home by listening to their comments!

      • I am 80 yrs. old. I have watched Idol all seasons. I am disgusted with the judges refusing to be critical of the performers. I have my favorites, but I do not like how somr of the performers do their songs. Durbin's Heavy Metal, to me was appalling. Casey should have never been saved now the judges are trying to save face by praising him. Jacob Lusk is loud & he should be in a church choir. Scotty sang my favorite country song. I thought he could have done better. I like Stefano.

      • I agree, james should be voted off tonight, he is the worst performer last night, all he did was to shout, that;s not singing at all. james feels he is a good singer by his actions and waving to the audience. those who really sings good are not showy, and i feel that other contestants doesnt seem to like james…just observe.

      • I totally agree with you Cliff!!!! Scotty wasn't as good this week but was ok. Stefano did alot better. My pick for bottom three….Casey, Paul & Jacob!

        Can't stand watching Paul spaz out & never thought Casey was good enough to have been saved! AI needs Simon back!

    • Judges had been so hard on Thia & Pia for singing ballads..Why are they keeping quiet on boys singing ballads? Judges have their own favorites!

      • You are right! Casey is by far the worst of the group, yet the judges say he is wonderful. What a joke. Hope he goes home tonight.

      • The comment you replied to was about ballads. I wouldn't call what Casey sang a ballad tbh. Slow tempo musics does not a ballad make.

    • I think james will not make it. If this is a shrieking contest he will win handily, but this is a singing contest. there;s nothing spectacular on his style and vocals, trying to imitate adam lambert but adam is adam. i am disappointed with the judges, they don;t know how to critique, all they can say is they are good, i think they know nothing about music. let;s bring back simon and paula. all their comments are the same.

      • My question to all who do not like Casey is, can u do it better? and if so then why did you not try out? This season has had the highest level of talent ever.the voting and bashing just makes me think that America is shallow.

    • I just read through several comments and I found myself chuckling. Voting for music is like voting on your favorite color and telling someone else "your stupid because you voted for BLUE". I love having my own opinion and being able to see if I can make it count. But I can honestly say I have never gotten angry when my favorite is sent home. A little shocked maybe. But WOW I am amazed how worked up people get over losing their faves. Threatening to never watch again? Sorry but I sit here shaking my head, absolutely perplexed. With that being said…GO CASEY! I LOVE YA MAN!

    • Best vote of the night. Jennifer even said the "audience wants us to be tougher but how can we when they are all so damn good" Gag me with a spoon. I would love to hear what Simon would say about the panel of judges. I think they need a different title because they are not judging.

    • But they are wonderful, perfect, so talented….no, wait, that's just what they say EVERY time someone sings. Let's get some constructive critiques for a change.

      • Not sure how this reply got here…it goes with #1 Aga Stevens, about the judges needing to go home tonight.

  2. Standing ovation for Casey and negative remarks for Haley? That's not right at all, and I actually like Jazz. Listen to the same song by Cole. That's how it should be performed. I agree with Aga, send the judges home.

    • I second that. And Casey growling when he can't hit the notes is getting tiresome. I listened to Caseys performance on Itunes (on my kickbutt audio system) and I can say he did NOT have "radio appeal". Haley? I cranked it. It was not only a good performance, but the recording is "radio ready". This is important not for Idol, but for their RECORDING careers. If they can't make radio-ready and relevant recordings they won't get a CHANCE to perform. Simon was always listening for music which would work on radio – because radio is where these singles start.

  3. Casey giving us an “Arts” education! No thanks, I’ll take a night class at the local liberal arts college if I want one. Could the judges be more obvious with their standing O? They saved this boy and don’t want to look bad. Randy Jackson has gone beyond annoying with his name dropping. JLo needs to go back to the block or at least show some toughness like she is from the hood. Grandma sweetness is terrible for an Idol Judge. Does Steven Tyler just have a written list of quotes/phrases that he randomly picks a comment from? B-O-R-I-N-G!! It’s now obvious that Simon was “the” show.

    • Of course he was the show…He said in a recent article that an example of what he would like to see on x factor was someone like Justin Bieber who has the X factor… This dude knows who the real singers are…

  4. Haley is great, I heate Randy this season, he loves Casey and Jacob and heates Haley, wrong. Remeber, because of him Michael Johns was out on season 7…

  5. Attention AI contestants….DO NOT attempt "Bridge Over Troubled Water." It will only remind people of Clay's version of that song…he blew the roof off the place. That said, Haley really annoys me. So does Stefano. The others are okay, but my vote goes to Scotty. My bottom three: Casey, Stefano, and Haley.

    • I hope the very bottom is Casey. It is time for him to go. He just makes the viewers angry – angry that he thinks he is so great, and angry that he was "saved" by the favoriting judges. What a waste of the "save" rule.

  6. For me Paul is likeable but is not my cup of tea, I don´t think he is AI material.

    Lauren has a beautiful voice and actually I liked her song choice she will be safe tonight.

    Stefano nailed the song and he is really fighting I love his sweetness and his voice

    Casey disaster! I just cant accept he cleared his throat in the middle of the song lol and didn´t like his performance at all

    Scotty boring to the bone, played it safe because he knows he will get the votes anyway

    Haley was great, she picked a good song and showed lots of stage presence

    Jacob wonderful voice but is getting boring and predictable. Even he is one of my favs he is not AI material either and people seem not to like him 🙁

    James rocked, he is so talented and such a great performer. Even I am not in heavy metal I can recognize talent and James has it, he will probably win the whole thing.

    Top 3




    Bottom 3




    going home Paul

    • #l Scotty

      #2 Lauren

      #3 Stefano Going To Nite

      #4 James Paul

      #5 Haley Haley

      #6 Casey Jacob

      #5 Haley

      #6 Casey

      #7 Paul

      #8 Jacob

  7. I said after last week that if Haley gets voted off next, I'd be done watching. After last night, I stand by that, the judges were wrong to pick her out, as her performance was one of my favs. I'm not just saying this to save the women, cuz I still think Scotty will win and has the most star potential of this group. But for the last 3 weeks my favs to watch have been Haley and Scotty.

  8. I think Casey's singing is off key, too much grunting, and pretentiously fake jazzy. Also, I abhor Jacob's silly sickeningly sweet falsetto voice. He either does that or screeches his guts out. I vote for Scotty. I think he is very versatile and has a great voice. He's leaving off some of the really low deep voice so we know that's not all he can do. I like Paul, but I don't think he's shown us he can do anything more than the whispery, gravelly singing…I think he'll go home tonight

  9. I thought Haley was way off last night with both the song choice, and her vocals. What Casey did was amazing!!!! Jacob, and Stephano need to step it up. And Paul.. Paul, is Paul, and what he does is good. He is not the greatest singer there. He is not the greatest performer on the show. But he is unique,and I like that. Scotty is in no way unique whatsoever, and would make a great kareoke artist, a voice for truck commercials, or maybe even singing a jingle for a folgers coffee commercial. James rocked the house last night, but his vocals at times made me cringe. ZAKK WYLDE of the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY saved his ass big time!

    • I agree with everythng you said Mark. I like Scotty and Jacob but I keep hearing the same thing from them every show. But I thought Casey rocked the house. I loved that song. Paul was fun. I didn't think Haley was bad at all, I don't understand the judges.

      • Finally!! I am reading through these comments and see a lot of Casey bashing. Which is fine (to each his own). I totally get him! I think he is very versatile and LOVE his voice. I find him very entertaining. In the past seasons I have always been able to predict the winners. Not so sure this year. I think they all bring something great to the table. No doubts Scotty will be signed. Disagreed with the judges last night when it came to Haley. She did great. Loved Lauren…usually do. Jacob sounds to Choir boy for me. I give props to Paul.. Not my fave but I think he has a place in music. James has to smooth of a voice for a Sammy Hagar song, but I LOVED it just the same. If you don't like Metal, you just wouldn't get it. My son is 21 and I am a few years older. We are HUGE music nuts and we both are impressed with Casey!I think it comes to this now… Genre against Genre That's about it!

      • I liked Casey at first (eons ago) but now when he 'sings' it actually nauseates me. His 'growl' is reminiscent of someone being constipated. For real! Didn't watch last night (HOCKEY!! takes precedence)but we have it taped and will watch before we see the results.

    • I loooove stefano! He really does have a good voice to sing, and he puts his all and all into it. For some reason not every one agrees that he's good, not getting it….

  10. whoever did the best will go home. typical idol results…bottom three hailey , james , lauren..although these were the best voters will decide not you or i or the judges.

    i base my opinion on daughtry , mcphee and lambert being sent home . welcome to idol.

  11. probably going to be james..reason…example…screams to much ( sioban magnus) to flamboyant and cocky ( adam lambert ). this is what are idols according to voters are not suppose to be. Great voice and looks but boring( pia) so long james have a great career.

    • 88fngrslouie….Are you serious……James is the only performer that didn't put me to sleep last night….I am not a heavy metal fan but he rocked the house……With all due respect….Adam should have won Season 8 hands down….The man is on a world wide tour, where is Kris Allen??????

      You would think that AI voters would stop voting for these boring singers and come up with something different and exciting….

      Love to see James & Haley in a duet in the finale!!!!!

  12. Es verdad los jueces estn parcializado por los chicos,ya està claro la decision no es de la votacion que hace el pueblo Estadounidense porque se ha visto la forma como se han ido a casa los participante de forma inesperadamente,, bueno creo ya eliminaran a Haley que no se lomerece.. creo que orden de eliminacion serìa.. Jacob, Stefano y Paul, ellos son buenos pero le falta algo que ellos mismo no lo han logrado encontra en sì mismo.. que es su esencia del para que estan concursando,,no he visto la conpetencia induvidual,la lucha individual de lo que ellos quieren..porque le han estando poniendoles las cosas fàciles,etc…

    • @He says he doesnt like Haley any more but he really never liked Jacob,Stefano or PaulThey have never made the grade they are not commpetant indivualsbut likes the cowboy

    • She feels that the judges are too partial to the boys and that because of this, Haley is as good as gone already. She thinks that Jacob, Stefano, and Paul just don't have what it takes to go any further… no internal drive, spark, whatever…I agree. I'm not a big fan of Haley, but all three of those guys should go in front of her, and I'm actually a fan of Paul.

  13. I was not as impressed last night as I usual am however most of them did good. I absolutely can not stand Jacob.. and the way he sang Bridge

    Over Troubled Water made my skin crawl. Am I the only one who heard the note crack?? He needs to go back to church and stay there! Casey?? Really?? He is done in my mind. Bottom three are going to be guys… I love Paul, but I see Jacob, Casey and Paul in the bottom and with any luck… JACOB going home!!

    • Yup! Yup! Yup! Totally agree!!!!! but it wouldn't hurt my feelings to see Paul or Casey go!!!

    • Totally agree. I know some think Stefano is weak but I like him. Don't expect him to win but hope he stays a little longer. Tired of hearing people whine about Pia. She was boring and needed to go.

  14. This is my opinion and i know some may agree and some may not. I feel that along with singing ability that attitude plays a role into it also. Or at least it does to me. You can take a great singer and them have sucky attitude turn off to me. For example my opinon Casey and Jacob may sound great for their style of music but attitude makes them awful. I would not use any votes for them. Casey thinks he is great and knows everything no one can tell him anything. Judges praise him where they used the save for him which bit them in the butt when Pia got voted off and Jacob making the statement last week about america needs to look in the mirror maybe he does on his way out. Haley does not get the credit she deserves neither does other contestants if you listen to the judges the only contestants in this is Jacob and Casey boy are they wrong.

  15. Ashli Rae wrote, "All Stefano did was show us why we should have kept Pia in the competition."

    I guess it's hard for some people to comprehend the reason why Pia is gone. Is English a hard language to comprehend?

    Pia was voted off for a lack of votes! I'll repeat it a little louder, Pia was voted off because a lack of votes!! What part of this do people not understand? "lack?" "voted off?" Please look these words up to understand what they mean.

    Who are the "we" in the statement "All Stefano did was show us why we should have kept Pia in the competition?" The non Pia fans or the Pia fans. Non-Pia fans are not going to vote for someone they don't like and they are not going to "look in mirror" to determine if we made the correct vote. We voted for whom we wanted to move on. If you only made "one" vote, then maybe you should have made "ten" votes. Steven Tyler summed it all up "lack of compassion" If you like Pia, where was your compassion to vote? You missed the opportunity.

    Life goes on. Pia will record music. You'll buy her music, make her rich and be happy to give her your hard earned money.

    It's over. You can't compare the current with the past because things change. Move forward. Dwelling in the past is not going to bring any contestant back.

    • solo – you dont get it do you. Its not about Pia. Just read this and imagine you in a competition. You and i are going head to head to wins something, you have enormous talent, enormous but I am mre handsome some what happens is and spark more personality plus I add a sad story to tell about my life, so what happens is, people give me 10 votes and you only get one. Sorry no fair!

      We are only aloud to vote for our president 1 time that it one time. It should be the same for idol. There is no man or woman who are going to sit and vote for a great lady over and over and over again. So its not a fair system. Pia gets my vote. guess what i voted fairly One time like it should be. But its these little teenies who love the boys and they are hammering the phone lines with like 10 + votes. That is why. This show sucks because it has horrible judges that have no say so other than their one save. Now their comments are worthless, unless this dis someones performance like they did to Haley. Therefore they are telling America how to vote. You watch her go home tonite.

      That will be six girls in a row dont you see a pattern here. Then Lauren will fall in next week or so leaving 4 or 5 guys to play with lady Gaga in finale. My vote for bottom 3 is Randy, J Lo and Steven and to shock the world send em all packing.

      • JSD…I vote based on MY opinion of what I LIKE in a singer. Sorry if it hurts any ones' feelings but (SHRUG) she bored me to tears. For me it is more of the artist I give my vote to. Because, when t is all said and done that's who's music I am going to buy. It's not right or wrong. I do not give the judges much merit in my voting. Nor do I get mad when my faves go home. They will all have the same chances at this point, win or lose. Why get so ruffled about it? Just my thoughts. 🙂

      • jsd – voting in a political race vs. voting in a reality show are two totally different things.

        The president makes decisions that affect peoples lives. (no choice)

        Contestants make music that people buy. (choice to buy)

    • I agree with Solo. As I have said before, the only career I see for Pia is something like singing for a Disney princess movie. The woman just has NO charisma.

    • Solo, I totally agree with you. If you want your favorite to win, then vote, vote, vote. If you do not vote, I do not want to hear you crying about it. Life goes on. I also agree with JSD that Haley was set up by the judges to go home as many people will follow their cue and not vote for her. I thought she was fantastic so I voted for her many times although she was not my favorite. I felt my favorite, Scotty, would be safe without my votes. If he goes home I cannot cry over it. I definitely did not get the rave over Casey. Although Jacob is usually my least liked contestant, I thought he was better than Casey this week.

  16. Scotty has been pretty consistant for the most part and will likely be a country recording artist in the near future. However, he was also the only singler last night that had a noticable error and the judges didn't seem to care. To be fair though, today's favorite polls on the various sites show Scotty is receiving the most votes. I guess that means the majority of people either ignored the slip or somehow didn't notice it.

    • I did not notice it and even if so, I would not care. He is totally awesome and will be up there with Carrie underwood and Kelly Clarkson in the American Idol stars.

    • Scotty does constantly get the majority of the votes on the internet sites that I watch. It may not be completely because he is the best singer, or have the best voice or vocal range or be the cutest. It’s because he has enough of each of these elements to add up. He isn’t the best singer but a good one, or have the best vocal range, but does have a great voice and most of the young girls think he is adorable. It’s hard to beat that combination.

      I know the McCreery family personally, and what you see in Scotty isn’t fake. He is the real thing, and has enough of the important elements to make him where he is.

      • Of course, you are right. You can tell he is "the real deal". He is the total package for country music. I look forward to hearing him sing week after week and will be purchasing his music. He will be the Justin Biber (sp?) of country music. Go Scotty!!!!!!!!!!

    • He still should have performed the other song. It would have been much better suited for him and won over more voters who haven't been voting for him before.

      • Absolutely right. I am not a country fan, but I always vote for who I think sings best that particular night. And I withheld a vote from him because I didn't like his rendition of the song or his performance Wed night.

        On the other hand, I am positive I would have felt compelled to vote for Scotty singing "Raindrops Falling On My Head" because I am quite sure I would have liked it very much!

  17. Reading most of these comments and i know that Justin Bieber, Kesha and Rebecca Black will rule the world for some more time…..

    • "Rebecca Black" Yeah, those who want Simon Cowell back because they like his comments and judgement are probably the ones who thumbs down, threatened or called Rebecca names on her youtube video. Simon, called her video "Brilliant." What a bunch of hypocrites.

      • Its always about the money dude…Simon said that she is a brilliant girl…Now we know who all he roots for and his root for criticism.

  18. Here in South Africa – we run a few days late but I was SO angry with Pia getting voted off!!! Seriously? I wanted to take America's temp! Ah well, if Hayley or Lauren goes – then I'm finished watching – not that anyone cares about someone from SA – :((( lol

    • Although I do like Scotty, I'm pulling for Lauren, she is our Hometown girl but when the two girls go, I'm done.. Why Why Casey is still there I will never know..YUCK

      • I love your hometown girl also. I vote for her and Scotty. I also love Haley. Poor girl did not get a fair shake last night.

  19. Ready for Jacob, Paul and Casey to go, go and go already! What up Judges? Simply don't see your point of view on any of these guys! As for Haley getting the only bad critiques, good lord she was the only Fun and entertaining performance of the night. Everyone else boring and predictable!

    • Yes, Jacob, Paul & Casey, bottom 3. Don't really care which goes home, just all of them next three weeks.

  20. Casey was the worst by far. I agree that the judges have always favored Casey, and Jennifer even said he is "sexy". Gag, Gag, Gag. I cannot stand Casey. If he doesn't go home tonight, I will feel the judges had something to do with the outcome of the votes. I agree with previous comments that the judges are just defending their decision to "save him". That was a bad mistake and a waste of the "save" vote.

    • Actually Casey is probably one of the most talented people up there. The guy is a great musician,and if you had a clue, would probably realize that what he sang was a very difficult song. Unfortunatly people like you are the ones that will be voting…people that can't see past his looks.

      • @ Bill. Yes, Casey is a great musician and the song he performed was difficult, but he did a decent job with it. Standing O material…maybe not…comparison to Nora Jones…perhaps…there is a market for this..Aside from Rock, I too like jazz and Casey does this very well.

        I really feel that the judges need to step it up. They are instilling a sense of false security with these contestants with theri over the top praise. The need to start being real and telling it like it is. JMO

    • Casey SEXY????? WTF? If I were a "cavegirl"! Yep, they wasted the save on him and now they HAVE to praise him to justify it.

      • To each his own…I find him adorable! Sexy might be pushing it though…lol!! I find him extremely talented. just sayin! 🙂

      • If you think Jennifer Lopez was serious you take this show waaayyy tooo serioiusslyy.

  21. And also wtf are you guys so emotional? I mean seriously what are you kids? Wait don't answer that…Casey wants to give you an education..well be glad that at least someone is rooting for education in the country…Jacob is arrogant..pleaseeee…com on…These little things upset you…You dont even know these people…And how the f#$k does it matter what they say or what kind of person they are? They are not not come to your homes and sing for you…They are all artists…Try to look at the art rather than the person behind… God its so frustrating… I am proud of casey…..He did what he wanted to do…If you hated it…good for you…keep on hating and last semblance of music in the competition…And yes i know that casey might very well go home next week…

    P.S- James…dude please for the love of good…"Up the irons". Don't sing cheesy heavy metal…

    • Uh.. you realize that you are replying to an AI thread where AI fans rant and exchange ideas right? We will do as we please.

      Sorry if you're such an artist and we don't understand the depth of your artistic soul. Go fly a kite.

      • Uh.. you realize that you are replying to an AI thread where AI fans rant and exchange ideas right? We will do as we please.

        So why should i exclude myself…:D

        Do i not have that same right?

        You see my friend, the perils of not carefully thinking before writing something…And i do not know how to fly a kite…Could you teach me? Like seriously, can you? 😀

      • Most people are ranting sure. Like I said, free to do as we please. But most people here are talking about AI, the judges, the contestants, the point, and not complaining about 'QUOTE':

        "And also wtf are you guys so emotional? I mean seriously what are you kids? Wait don’t answer that…"

        "If you hated it…good for you…keep on hating and last semblance of music in the competition…"

        ..THE USERS of this comment thread.

        You see my friend, the perils of not carefully thinking before writing something shows. But I shouldn't let it bother you. You're obviously not very bright.

        Fly a kite? Can I teach you? Yes I can but I'd don't think I want to. 🙂

      • Hmmm..So you're idea of getting back at what i wrote was to just copy what i wrote, paste it and then you kinda add something of your own…hmmm..what an original idea. where did you get such a brilliant idea from?…not the brightest bulb in the family huh?

        You see cancer dude, although you tell me you know how to fly a kit, i seriously doubt it…Perhaps we can make paper boats and glide them down streams…. I know, how to make a paper boat…Don't worry if you don't, i will teach you. I like to share my knowledge…:D

        Oh kite master, my kite master…

        P.S- I completely agree on the ""keep on hating and last semblance of music in the competition" being written wrong. Please accept my apologies. I should have added "will be lost" in the ending..

    • Gautham, if you think it's not right to be "emotional" about something, what's YOUR excuse? If you want to talk "cheesy", well, there's Casey, Casey & Casey.

      • cat cat cat..oh my dear cat…Why are you not reading what i wrote…Now i am assuming you are a female and so i'm gonna call you sweetheart…so "sweetheart" before you write something please read the comments properly. First is said that people were getting so emotional about trivial matters…then the very cool carcinoma person said that people on this board had the right to be emotional and that i should fly a kite (he will teach me how to :D, so yay!). So i asked him/her if that was the case how come i get called off for doing the same thing… So basically if everyone has the right to be so emotional then i have the right to emotionally question why everyone is so emotional…

        Now sweetheart(i am still assuming that you're a female), i know that its confusing but hey, if your head hurts you can come kite flying with me and carcinoma.

        Much love…

      • Where is my kite?? I need a HUGE one! LMAO! High five Gautham! Well said you! One thing…sorry dude I was up with my hands in the air when James sang Heavy Metal. I would have much rather hear Sammy sing it…but damn it was fun just the same. And I do love me some Casey!!!

      • To Debbie

        Hi..Nice to see you again..Come kite flying with me and carcinoma…Maybe cat will join us also..ha ha..Love the smell of kites in the morning…it smells like victory…

      • To Amy

        First of all…much love to you..We shall kick arse flying kites with carcinoma.(He is a cancer, isn't he? A cancer of ignorance, just kidding) I wasn't dissing James Durbin..I am a hardcore metalhead…I was just saying that Durbin should seriously tackle an iron maiden song or a dio song instead of the cheesy heavy metal song from the movie heavy metal…Just my opinion…I wait for the day..Dimmu borgir and slipknot come on american idol…hahahaa

      • I'd rather not fly kites with people who reuse the same jokes over and over again and think they're smart. 😐

  22. I cannot stand James anymore! Why did they give him the pimp spot???? Just because he was loud??? I cannot stand his attitude, and he just needs to go. I guess it was alright for what it was, but I understand why he is getting all this special treatment. He is not the best singer, and I am tired of his screeching.

    For me, Lauren and Haley are still the best!!! Lauren did a great job with such a mediocre song to begin with. I still think she has more in her though. I want to see her push more, and win this thing! I also want to see Haley take it all the way as well. She is the most effortless singer, and I love that about her. I like that song, and she sounded great! The judges are right that it may not have been the best choice, but it was still great and one of the best vocals of the night.

    I like Scotty, but I'm sick of them not giving him constructive criticism. Some of these contestants really need it. Please teach him how to hold a mic. Plus, his vocals were not as good as they usually are.

    James…please go home!! (I know he is going to be in the final two though, which really upsets me)

    • You never know, Kris. I thought Pia would win this whole thing and look where she is now. Nobody is safe, and it sucks. While I like James, he's not guarenteed to be in the final two. Anything is possible.

    • I am sure the reason why he is getting this so called by you a "special treatment", is the fact that he brings something special to the table and others want to be a part of it, as it happens. Not everyone loves pop, country – thank god! He is the only guy that pops in and out of genres with his performances! You can see many sides of his personality as an artist, while for many others all we get is how one sided their styles are. Nicely tucked in their comfort zones. Boring! Yet you found yourself an agenda to criticize this single performer, why? Because of his attitude, his drive to do what he feels important to grow as an artist?

      I, for a change love the energy he brings to the stage, while most other performances feature almost a kareoke setups! 🙂

      • He does not have many sides. All of the other artists, with the exception of Scotty and Jacob are very versatile. He is not that great of a singer in comparison. How has James popped in and out of genres?? He has only done one thing. He slowed it down once, and his vocals suffered because of it.

        …and just for your imformation bluepill, I like many different styles of music.

      • I disagree with you so much it's ridiculous and I'm having to restrain myself from saying mean things about James cuz it's not cool to make fun of him. Anyway, James has NOT changed up genres. He's always picked the rock/rock-ish songs on the list just like Scotty has chosen country. His bad performances are overshadowed by fancy lighting and famous guitar players. He's not versatile, and why do people say he has 'range'? Mariah Carey has range. Christina Aguilera hss range. Adam Lambert has range. Freddie Mercury had range. James Durbin can scream like a little girl and people call it range, he doesn't even hit a note. And he has displayed a very 'me me me' attitude the entire competition. Maybe he can't help it, idk. He totally eclipsed his group on Hollywood week. Didn't even give the others a chance to sing really. And how he treated the group of kiddos that were singing the same song as him but they did it a bagillion times better is still not acceptable but he gets a free pass.

        It's not the teeny weenies driving the votes this year it's the cougars!

      • David P….Thank you so much!!! Finally, someone who agrees with me. You stated it perfectly! I also wanted to point out how rude he was to Jimmy last night. So, there were a few singers that decided not to take his advice, and that's ok, but he was the only one that treated Jimmy that way. When you have paid your dues in the business…then you can have those conversations with Jimmy in that way. I am so aggravated by him and his special treatment. I really wonder if he would be where he is now if he didn't have a disability.

      • First of all there was only one singer Casey, that did not take JL advice when it came to song choice, and how was he rude – by standing by his personal choice? Proof that the guy wants to control his future as an artist, not just fall into a cookie cutter mold of music producers. If anything I respect that. Blame me.

        As to his voice, please listen to the studio versions of the songs before you are going to make any statements like that. He does have a full range of voice, that he uses amazingly to express songs he performs. True once in a while he cuts a not short, but I would attribute that to the level of intensity while he performs. I am guessing you want all the performers just to stroll around the stage at best, trying to limit risk of producing a bad note, rather than witnessing true, full of energy performance! Did you even go to a live rock concert lately? Not some over-synthesized, lip-syncing production, but a true performance!? Guess not!

      • bluepill…you don't know me at all!!!!

        In fact, I have downloaded all of the studio versions from this season. I still stand by everything I said. Casey is not the only one who didn't take his advice. He told James not to sing that song, and the rude part was that he told Jimmy that "there is no way you can listen to something for the first time and know whether it is a hit or not." I even had to listen to that over to really understand the insult. That is truly insulting him as a producer in the industry. I understand he wants to control his future, and I appreciate that.

        As far as all the synth and auto-tune music…I can't stand it at all!!! That's why I enjoy idol, because all of these guys are here because they can sing. I just don't think James is as good of a singer as some of the others, and I don't like his attitude. I have been to a real concert where someone can actually sing, so don't try to peg me. Goes to show how ignorant you are.

  23. The winner of American Idol is going to be Scotty. We all know this so why must we all go through this torture. The bottome three will be Haley, Stephano and Casey.

  24. Do contestants choose who they want to accompany them? I mean, the world-class guitarist for James, whose choice was that? I am a James fan but it's kind of unfair, isn't it? Shouldn't each contestant have a world-class musician featured? But at the same time, it's a singing competition. So is it really necessary? It just got James pumped up, I guess.

    Casey was terrible, kind of demonic. I didn't think about the possibility of the judges doing the standing-o to try to justify their saving him but it makes total sense. What a shame.

    I'm a Paul fan but it's getting to the point where I don't believe he will win so he might go tonight. And I would be okay with that.

    Ugh, get Haley off this show. Her dress looked like a stained glass window. Her voice sounded like the glass was shattering. She's got to go. Even if she's a girl and there are hardly none left.

    Jacob still thinks he's a woman.

    Stephano was actually kind of enjoyable last night and that's the first time I have felt that. I hoep he makes it another week and does something similar next week. But if he bombs next week, I am not a fan.

    Scotty, not a country fan so I guess my opinion doesn't matter here. I would never vote for him. But country twang just isn't my forte.

    Lauren, why Miley Cyrus? WHY?!?! Ugh.

    It's too hard to call a bottom 3, but if my votes were the only ones that mattered in America, I would hope that the bottom 3 were Jacob, Haley and Lauren, with Haley or even Jacob going home. But I am not all of America. So we'll see what happens.

    • Do most of you people who watch this show even understand music. Casey awful….WHAT??? He is probably the only true musician on this stinking show!! Thank Goodness the judges saved him! Where I'll agree Pia has an amazing voice, she has absolutely NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT!! She would just stand there and sing in the highest that her vocal range would allow her to sing. She never showed any abilities to be creative and make the song her own. That is the difference btw being a great singer and being a great musician. As much as I agree that the judges are being ridiculous this year in being to plastic and not critiquing the contestants enough, they are right on believing that being an American Idol doesn't have to mean big voice belting a big song every week. That said, my bottom 3 this week: Haley – can't move on stage and just can't compete, Jacob – big, overdone voice getting really old, Paul – not bringing enough to the plate anymore.

  25. wow….after reading a lot the comments here, I have come to realize why there is so much garbage on the radio…..most of you were probably happy Bieber performed on the Grammy's….unbelievable….

      • But we can change all that..Drive the crazies back to their crazy land..Let us bring back the music by supporting the talented ones…(All braveheart and stuff)…

  26. Spent the evening wondering what Pia would have done. Sure miss her! Jacob's arrogance has got to go! After his comment last week, he did a complete turn-around this week and did nothing … no facial expression (which is good), no performance at all, no movement — basically stood there. I really wish he would go tonight!

  27. I like Paul but he needs to do slow song to bring out his unique voice. I don’t like Haley and Casey as the y seems to grunt each time they sing. Jacobs..does he needs to make faces when singing? Such a waste to see Pia and Thia gone.

  28. Top3: Stefano Langone,James Durbin,Casey Abrams/Paul Mcdonald

    Bottom3: Jacob Lusk,Haley Reinhart,scotty McCreery

    going home: Jacob Lusk

    ++Ok…i dont know… just GOD knows what will gonna happen…


    Plz everythinG happen except Stefano ’s bottom 3 or elimination…


  29. Of just last nights performances I truely thought Casey was the best followed by, (surprisingly) Stephano and then Paul. Haley wasn't that bad but the judges may have put a nail in her coffin. Jacob is still trying too hard and Lauren is just not memorable. Scotty was exactly the same and James is just not genuine. Like an Adam impersonator that just doesn't get it right. I like James but I don't like his style. They are all good singers. My list from last nights performance would be….









    • i kinda agree with you But james is one of top 4 and casey is not the first one but still is in top3 or 4

      • I agree with you except for Paul. I would put James in his place. I do think he comes of as disingenuous or even arrogant, but I have to say he has a technically awesome voice, amazing range, and unlike Pia….knows exactly how to use it and change it up with different songs, making them his own.

    • Only thing I'd change is switching Haley and Stefano. I wouldn't be sad if Jacob, James or Scotty went home in the next few weeks.

  30. I think Scotty is going to win. I haven't even voted for him, because I'm not a big country fan (I have liked some of his choices/performances.) I just agree with the judges when they said–take a look and see a great star on the horizon, or something like that. I can picture him being a country superstar 20 years from now. The rest of the bunch I can see having a twinkle of success thanks to Idol, then fading back into obscurity–yeah, even James. I also agree that all the judges should be voted off–they are collecting paychecks and doing nothing! If you're going to get rid of Ellen for being too nice, then ST anfd Jlo should also say bye bye…..

    • iam a country fan and i liked Scotty since day1… but he wasnT good enough last night

    • Agree last night was not his strongest performance. However, Idolfan89433, is absolutely right. He of all contestants will be that shinning star for years and years to come.

  31. The judges need to go. They have NEVER uttered a negative comment for Casey, Scotty and Lauren althroughout this season, which strikes me as a little insane being that:

    1. You can hear Casey go flat or sharp in most of his performances

    2. Scotty is just too boring

    3. Lauren has always played it safe. She has never given an EPIC performance. EVER.

    Compare it with Haley and James who:

    1. Has continuously showed growth in the competition

    2. has been experimenting and risking different styles of songs

    3. Has amazing stage presence

    I miss Simon and his constructive criticisms. Sure he can be rude, but he gave great advice to the contestants. You can see the good ones grow and adapt. This season… Ugh..

    This is the ONLY time I've ever felt this in AI. People I loved at the beginning began to bore me until they annoy me. It's a disaster.

    • I agree with you on the judges comment, it seems everytime Lauren gets up there the judges keep saying she is back to her orginal performance from Nashville. She sounds to same and I don't see her getting better or worse.

    • i agree a hundred percent… finally, i found someone who has the same thought as i am…

    • carcinoma…..I totally agree with your analysis of James & Haley….People just imagine… a finale between James & Haley…..It would probably be the best finale ever. They would ROCK the house…..Unfortunately, I can only dream. America won't let that happen…..If the finale does not have James in it or Haley (preferrably James) Its going to be a snoozer…….THINK ABOUT IT AMERICA….

      Scotty….is boring enough….Great country singer…but boring and whats up with him and the camera and mic…Weird…..

  32. I just wanted to say that James kicked butt last night.

    Stefano, Jacob, and Paul needs to go.

  33. I think that from top to bottom:

    Lauren (top)







    Jacob (will go Home)

  34. There is nothing good about James' performances ever!! Geez, I wish he would go. If another girl goes, I'm going to be so upset!!!

    • I hope he is not, but have you noticed when ever a contestent is the first to sing they end up in the bottom 3?

  35. I'm sticking to it, Haley goes home tonight, James is SO consistantly good, he's my Idol pick.

  36. I don't watch the show, but watch the performances on YouTube every morning after, which does not include judges comments. I don't know if they're fair or not.

    Based on performance alone, I have to say that Casey is my favorite. I know he's not liked by many, but I love the whole package. I can definitely see that he will be limited. Jacob, Paul, and Stefano have to go. I really want to like Haley, but her voice is like someone strangling a cat. I've never been a fan of the screechy voices. I like listening to Scotty, but I can't look at him perform without cracking up. Those facial expressions are odd, like passing a kidney stone or something. Lauren is sweet, but chooses sucky songs. James I don't get, but I suppose I can see the metal appeal.

  37. Not everyone agrees with who is best or who should go home. Not everyone likes country or rock or jazz! If everyone agreed then there wouldn't be shows like AI! So….just because you like or dislike…don't go slamming someone else for what they think! Put away the daggers and try to enjoy the talented contestants!!!!

  38. Why do the judges keep sending mixed messages? With some contestants they encourage them to do the same style week after week. With others they criticize contestants for doing the same style week after week. With some they say take it up a notch; with others they say "don't fix it if it ain't broke." I really hated when the mentors suggested to Lauren that she could "steal" Pia's votes. I hope that idea was as offensive to Lauren as it was to me. I don't like the mentors, either. They choose a song and then are insulted if the contestants don't want to do their choice. The mentors act like the contestants should bow down to them as they enter their presence. I think I would get rid of the mentors even before the judges. Judges, if you can't say something honest to improve the performance, just smile and say nothing at all because that's what all that gooey, honey-coated nonsense is worth.

  39. People who say Scotty is not a good singer must not be country fans, his voice in incredible, I could listen to him as much as I listen to Blake Shelton. GO SCOTTY!!!! He will win and will be as big as Kelly and Carrie. By the way Kelly and Jason sing tonight can't wait!!!! Love their song "Don"t you want to stay"

    • I agree Scotty is terrific but last night was not his best performance by a long stretch. He lost pitch, got ahead of the music and was overwhelmed by the backup singers. He should have done the other song.

    • Cathy, totally agree with you. Also, can't wait to hear Kelly and jason sing "Don't you want to stay". I love Jason Aldean and the song is awesome.

  40. I have to say…….If anyone other than James or Haley are not in the finale……this year's finale will be boring as hell……This group may be talented but very boring…….Just picture Scotty and Lauren in the finale…..I think I would prefer to watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie……

  41. What a joke this is turning out to be! Casey saved by the Judges then praised to the hilt.

    I agree the judges want to look good because they save Casey. Like to know what Simon thinks of Casey……..he has to go!!!! Also Haley to me

    is a breath of fresh air…..clean clear..and adorable…..and best personality!!!!!

    • It was pretty exciting when she had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night but was afraid of the outhouse. Phyllis, whenever I read what you or Rose puts out here I can't help but admire the energy. And even though I dislike James greatly…you guys make me kind of think maybe I..uhh… coughhardcoughoncoughhim. >_>

  42. My immediate reaction to the judges criticism of Haley last night was that they are trying to bring America's attention to her…get us riled up and voting. She has grown and is getting better every week….the others not so much. Haley gives something that the others don't seem to have. She is a beautiful girl, seems like a fun personality and also seems to have the strength to deal with the music industry. After all the beating down she has received she is still getting up there and giving it her all…..she has the goods to be there.

    • That's a really interesting point. In past season judges have done this. Archie and Kris Allen come to mind immediately. They were really hard on them and people rallied behind them because they thought they were going to be voted off.

    • That occurred to me, but I am more inclined to think things are simpler than that, so I think Mandy is probably right. Thank goodness she is still there! (I was really sweating it when I saw that Jacob was safe.)

  43. If you didn't like how James performed last night it's because you don't like heavy metal music. I loved his performance! He's full of energy and he got the audience moving. His voice is awesome! I think that there are about 4 performers that are equal in talent. I guess some people prefer certain types of music over the others. That's why American Idol need to have qualified judges to vote instead of the general public. Some people don't have a clue as to what is vocally good!

    • Thanks for the update, Ashli. But you forgot, James already rocked some Judas Priest back during the Top 13, You Got Another Thing Coming. And I am sick of the comparisons to Adam. Adam, who I love dearly, is more poppy than hard-core heavy metal. Listen to either of his CDs and you will see that right away. I like to call Adam's music angry runway music, because I can picture models strutting to it on the runway, looking all pissed off because they never get to eat anything 🙂

      James is def a heavy metal or at least hard core rock. I do not detect anything remotely pop in his performances.

      And, yes, he was the best of the night IMHO.

      Hugs to Rose A., Phyllis G., Sherry K., and Gabriela. Hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did.

    • i think the one who should go home is scotty. he sings monotonously and i am sure he can sing other genres. his voice is mediocre.

      casey gave a grammy winning piece. i do not know what kind of music afficionados you are, but you are definitely way out of casey's league. by the way, jacobs is the best singer in the competition and american idol is a singing competition.

      james is a poor copycat of adam who sings better. he can sing broadway, by the way. james voice is thin compared to that of adam.

      • For all who vote for Scotty…the opening duet was a great example of him being eclipsed by someone who sings way better. And hold the damn mic like a mic or learn how to play the flute! But stop trying to do both. I think Scotty has talent but he looks one dimensional when you put him with others and to get topped in his own genre where he set his roots…not good. I don't think he's in danger of leaving based on what you hear, but he certainly could be. Somehow I think he has the teen/tween vote though. Also, is it me or is the ego emerging here? He seems a wee bit full of himself of late. Could be editing. And my thought, Jacob could have done himself ome good by attempting to smooth over his misstep Jimmy pointed out, but he just sat there not really saying anything (awkward) and I think it made it even worse. Dude get out of your own way and sell the apology…lie if you must…but did you learn nothing from the lack of votes for your tirade. I think I just saw the last of your days loat by on idol. You had a shot at trying to unring the bell…but the silence was deafening, much like the line answering you voters last night I suspect. Casey….you creep me out with your oddball stares and growls. You aren't as cute as Haley and it gets tired when she does it too much. Though I really like Haley, and Lauren for that matter. James, not my fav song…but you rocked it anyway. Paul, on the fence but I think safe because someone doesn't know a hint to save face when it's presented to them. Stefano should be safe, boring song great delivery though.

      • Can I just say Paul was a class act in elimination. And while he wasn't maybe the winner at any point thus far he was by far the winner in charisma and just looked like he'd earned a lot of respect and several friends in the idol family. Really hope he makes it along the way!

      • Kelly,I agree with you. He was a class act. I really hated to see him leave so soon. I really like Paul. I believe he will get a good recording contract. I would love to see him sign with a record label in Nashville.

      • @ Kelly.

        You nailed it with your assessment of Lauren eclipsing Scotty tonight. LOVED that comment. (Glad it was so apparent to someone else.) And glad Lauren came back tonight! (Didn't like her last night–disappointed in her singing and her song choice Wed night).

        And ITA about Paul being a class act tonight. Always thought he was. Wishing him the best and hoping to hear more from him in the future.

    • i like heavy metal. in fact, i love steven tyler. but james is really a poor copycat of adam lambert. his high notes are simply too thin and screams which shows his lack of formal training.

      casey and jacob are the best singers and i pray that will be the final two finalist.

      and please, please, please, stop voting for scotty whose one-dimensional singing is irritating, limited talent, and i do not think he would have a chance of being a world superstar and will be limited to country singing which is only enjoyed in the US.

  44. Bottom three are going to be guys… Jacob, Casey and Paul in the bottom and with any luck… JACOB going home!! JAMES ROCKS!! Lauren has the BEST voice still waiting to hear her BELT it out..

    • I agree with your bottom 3 and who will go home, but Casey is just as likely to be there as Paul and just as likely to go home as Jacob. Who knows, though. Lauren needs to really step it up, she's given two extremely forgettable performances.

    • Loved Lauren's performance last night. I think she is getting better and better as the show progresses. Loved the duet last week with Scotty, so beautiful…she wailed.

    • I totally disagree with Casey. He has the best performance of the night! It showed how great an artist he is. His music transcends time and pop music. Great taste in music will appreciate what he did. Mediocre listeners will like Lauren, James and Scotty's performance. Poor Americans!

      • Wow I didn't realize fans were being judged too. Thanks Jojo, but last time I checked everyone wasters to think on their own. We'll have to make sure and check with you first in the future before we make our decisions.

      • Count me in with the poor mediocre Americans that love Lauren, James, and Scotty. Guess it will be up to the superior, rich "Americans?" like Jojo to choose the winner.

  45. All of you who talk about your favorites…I wonder if you would really purchase their albums. I would purchase a Haley or Lauren album.

    I really don't think that all the people who talk about how great James is, are going to go out and purchase his album. You may go and see him in concert, but I don't think his record sales would do well.

      • You're not a James fan so you don't get it. All of his fans would want to buy his album.

    • We shall see. There have been a lot of people through Idol history that have the fan base, but when it comes to album sales…that changes.

      • Any idea how many former Idol singers actually have produced an album. Probably not many

      • Actually, a lot of former Idols have made albums. That just goes to show how crappy those album sales actually are!

      • Out of curiousity prompted by the question presented here about album sales, I checked the most recent, April 12, 2011 charts from Billboard.

        The top U.S. sellers, of course, are Carrie Underwood 12,300,000; and Kelly Clarkson 10,700,000. The other winners are not mentioned spelled out, but recent figures show Ruben Studdard, season 2, 2,600,000, with Fantasia Barrino, season 3 nearly 2M, David Cook (season 7) and Jordan Sparks (season 8) somewhere between 1M and 2M, and Taylor Hicks (season 5)near or over 1M.

        Interestingly, this new chart is for the top 5 non-winners. Like the info above these numbers are just for US sales.

        Chris Daughtry (season 5) Finished 4

        6.1M. Chris had 2 albums hit #1

        Clay Aiken (season 2) Finished 2

        5M. Clay, alone for Idol, had 5

        albums in the top 10 (1st at #1

        for 2 weeks), and was only Idol

        contestant with a #1 single on

        hot 100, and it was for 2 weeks.

        Kelly Pickler (season 5) Finished 6

        1.3M. Two albums hopped country

        charts and wrote her hit single.

        Toured with Taylor Swift.

        David Archuleta (season 7) Finished 2

        1,084,000. David's album peaked at

        #2 and his hit single also #2.

        Jennifer Hudson (season 3) Finished 7

        1,060,000. Jennifer's 2 albums

        have both opened at #2, also #2 on

        R&B/HipHop Chart.

        There have been dozens more with lesser numbers, Adam Lambert must be

        close to 1M now, and the sales go all the way down to a few thousand.

    • I would definitely buy a CD by James and would pay good money to go and see him in concert. He is an amazing talent. I would possibly buy a CD by Casey as well…maybe not go and see him in concert…but I like jazz…have a Nora Jones CD which I love. Different tastes. James to win ~!!! 🙂

      • Big Cudos to Casey for going against Jimmy – who thinks he makes people stars!! Casey is very, very talented and has fantastic charm… I loved that he stayed true to who he is (not caring if he gets voted off)!!

      • I agree. Casey is a very talented artist. Not the best voice, but all his performances are unique and artistically mastered. He is the idol to beat!

    • Of course I would buy his album, Kris. Actually, I don't buy albums, I buy all my music digitally now. Welcome to the 21st century. I have bought Adam Lambert's CDs, Kris Allen, Carrie Underwood, and Alison Ireheta…and, of course, Kelly Clarkson. Who are you to assume people just go around saying they like someone but not buy their music? Why the heck would someone do that in the first place? Makes no sense. I don't know what would possess you to say such a thing.

      • To be honest, I am one of those guys who might vote a couple times a night (not hundreds), but never buys any American Idol CDS or goes to those silly American Idol concerts. Going to a concert that is populated by 13 year old girls just seems so wrong. And I suspect most of those CD's that are purchased, sit and grow dust once they are listened to more than a few times. I am sure there are in fact crazed "Super Fans" that do both … But, I am proud to say I am not one of them.

    • @Roberta — That would have been an excellent song choice for Scotty. For anyone, really, great song.

      • Looks! LIKE SCOTTY and lauren, has this sewed up according to Nigel. People we have to vote for this guy, the teens are killing us on voting. He just has to make it to the finale, maybe when some of the other guys go ,James will pick up their votes, lets pray. I love James Durbin !

  46. According to Dailidol the only two contestants that are safe are Scotty and Jacob. I know people say it's not very accurate, and last week 6/9 of the contestants weren't safe and one of the safe ones went home. But if you look at their history a very small % is actually wrong. This season may just be too unpredictable, though.

    • David P. — Who do you think the bottom are going to be? I think Hailey and Paul were the two worst of the night, sadly, because I like them both. Hailey just can't seem to get it together and she hit some really wrong notes last night. And Paul, while he was into it, just didn't do it for me. Actually enjoyed everyone else. Stefano surprised me the most last night, but he is still not quite lively enough for me. James, of course, rocked. Loved Casey's performance…am blown away by him each week.

      And did not care much for Scotty's performance mainly because I did not know the song, so could not tell if he was good or not and his backup singers were drowning him out.

  47. okayyy and whoever was responsible for writing the introduction paragraph at the top is retarded. what the heck? paul was awesome. he has the most weirdest but great voice. we see all of the other kind of singers all the time! Scotty was asweomse. and he is the best singer in the competition. what he is petrayed to be is correct!! go scotty! and haley sucks she needs to go!!!??? and casey is probably going to win!!!? so whats that all about. just cause of casey's looks and him being not that great looking doesnt mean jack crapp. he is amazing. and nobody can take that away from him!!!

    • I'd say I disagree with just about everything you just wrote as you did me but am I sitting here calling you retarded? No but perhaps I should.

      • @Ashli — I may not agree with everything you blogged, but I would never resort to calling you retarded. Zak Wylde also used to play for Ozzy. I have seen him at OzzFest a few years back with his band Black Label Society. Never thought I would see him on Idol though, that kicked a$$.

      • Yes Ashli you don't know much about music. A writer of this column should be one who knows different genre of songs and has the ability to penetrate the deeper understanding of the individual performance not just the commercial appeal. Your comment about Casey's performance is rediculous! He did an amazing job showing the world what true jazz music really is! 🙂 Sorry you are a disappointment.

    • Haley; Learn spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax and I'm sure in time someone will pay attention to what you think. In the meantime, you are a guest on Ashli Rae's site and where I come from one doesn't insult their host. If you can't be clever, at least try to show some respect.

    • I have to agree with you. Casey is the only one on AI that has such a wide variety of tallent. I have seen him play so many instruments.Oh, and lets not forget his AMAZING vocals. I do have to say, there is a lot of tallent on AI this year. In my oppinion Casey is better!

      • I agree with you Sam! He did an artistic cover of Nature Boy that no one can ever do better! He is a musical genius.

    • @ Lilia: Haven't you heard James sing slower songs? (He did perform one, but check him out on YouTube.) He really can sing! And although he sometimes screamed (on some early performances), I thought he actually SANG (not screamed) last night. And I really liked it!

      Not sure if you were referring to anyone else. The only one I'd agree with you about is Jacob.


  49. Lauren: i love her she was wayyy better then miley but i agree it is very boring and she really needs to find a song to show off her voice

    Scotty: Another one of my favorites but i would like to hear him hit some high notes like the country singers do in there songs

    Casey: DID NOT DO IT FOR ME.. and why was he crying after he sang? i think it doesnt look to good for casey

    paul: oh paul, i just did not like it at all. he is in my bottom three for sure

    Jacob; NEEDS TO GO BACK TO CHURCH!!! i hate him well hate is a strong word i just dont see him being americas idol or going far with his carrer

    Stephano: you know what i loved it.. he steped up just in time he did very well and it would be sad for him to go now. but i still dont think he is safe

    Haley: WHY WHY WHY do the judges hate haley, i think they are trying to pick who goes home because last week when haley was declared safe the judges looked pissed and jlo was screaming WHAT! its not right, no haley did not do her best last night but she can sing and they hate on her but not casey or paul… makes no sense i hope she is safe

    James: I dont get it i just dont i dont like him and america does.. he can put on a good show but as for his singing NO! but i hope he doesnt leave yet(which he wont) because the show would be very lame… but please america dont let him win. such a waste if so

    Amy's SAFE

    1. James ( he has a fan base )

    2. Scotty

    3. lauren

    maybe: haley, stephano

    bottom three:

    1. Jacob

    2. casey


    going home : i wish jacob but prob paul

    • WWWWWWWiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn !!!!!!!! JAMES.I love him, it's funny you don't like the guy, but you don't want him to leave. In my opinion ,HE IS THE BEST !

      • James is just a screamer! Nothing new to the table, I don't know why americans are so crazy with his antics!? Poor taste!

    • James will be a loser. He cant sing, he has a bad attitude, and lyrics are none definable.

  50. I say that Hailey or Scotty should go home. The only time Hailey sounds good is when she does the Janis Joplin thing and Scotty only sings country and honestly I find him sooooo boring.

    I do think that Haley is going home.

    • i hope not i like her but i do agree it could happen but casey and paul are worse then haley by far.

    • Why is only singing country a bad thing? That's his genre and he works it, so let him do it. He obviously has a fan base. He's a good singer, he's found his niche and he's sticking with it. I say good for him.

      • agree thats what he is gonna do post idol,and i think scotty done fine last nite,but the backup singers really sucked..

    • Totally agree that Scotty is boring. If I wanted to hear Travis Tritt or George Strait imitations, I'd go down to the local honky tonk on karaoke night. I wouldn't buy his record if it was on sale for a penny, but then I don't care much for country music anyway.

      I liked Haley. She performed so much better than that…that thing, Jacob. His singing triggers my gag reflex.

  51. I swear if I hear Randy say "yo, yo, dude" or "'insert name here' is in it to win it!" one more time, I'm gonna freak out. NEWS FLASH: They're all in it to win it genius, that's the point of the contest. Winning.

    Same comments over and over again and trying to prove they were right by saving Casey – who I don't think should have been saved. Not because I don't think he's talented but because I think he'll be successful regardless. He's weird, and not in a popular genre but he's a talented musician and will be fine. They should have kept that save for Pia. She has an incredible voice. A bit boring on stage, but that's something you can fix. You can't train someone to have a voice like Pia does.

    • And could Steven be any creepier if he tried? Between calling Lauren a natural woman, and checking out Hailey every time she's on stage, someone should slap him. Judge the singing not the girls.

      • AND, those comments make many viewers think the girls LIKE that kind of comment. What are they gonna say to him on TV? I'd like to slap him for them myself!

      • Oh her voice was definitely trained. But she was still vocally amazing. I imagine all of the singers have had some vocal training (I'm guessing, not something I've actually ever looked into). I wasn't totally shocked Pia was voted off just because of her lack of stage presence. But I do think she should still be here.

  52. dude,

    I like James but really all he did was scream into the mic and listen to a great guitar player do his thing.i agree jacobs song choices have been terriable but the kid had the best performance so far in week 1 when he did luther proud!He had his second best performance last night. He needs to break away from the gospel stuff if he wants a chance to win. Scotty has been the most consistent and did not hurt himself last night. The rest were o.k, but thats not gonna get it done!

  53. I think this season is way more entertaining, but the judges are not helping them enough. I didn't like Jacob last night but then its hard to watch him sing for me, I am ready to see him go. Paul, he cracks me up, he could do so much better if he would just pick the right songs, its sad really.

    Scotty did ok, I love his singing but last night it seemed off to me a few times. Lauren did great! She has such a beautiful voice and I am still waiting to hear what she can really do. I am not a heavy metal fan but James rocked it last night. I thought he did a great job. He can sure entertain! Casey drives me nuts to watch and listen to. I thought he sounded terrible last night, and I can't wait to see him go home!! I was thinking don't the judges hear what I was hearing? Stephano, well he is boring to me, but he really tried so hard last night and did well with the song. But he is just missing a spark or something. Haley is adorable, I could do with a little less growling in her songs, but she has grown so much and I don't think should go home. I am hoping Jacob or Casey goes home tonight!

    • Jacob is a star. he will win the whole thing. remember i told you that. his voice is unbelieveable. he can really sing. this is singing competition. I may not too much of him, but he is much bettter with his voice than any other contender.

  54. the top 3 are Scotty/lauren/james bottom 3 are casey/paul/jacob the other 2 still need to get something going–paul should be going home than casey then jacob than stephano than haley than lauren-than stehpano with the battle being between scotty and james. scotty should take the title he is the best singer

  55. James Durbin HAS done Judas Priest. The very first week he did "you got another thing comin"

  56. Ashli Rae, I am SO with you about (almost) everything you said about the judges' critiques, but in particular, with respect to the judges' reaction to Haley. She was damned good and really fun to watch, too! I heard her vocal skills (Randy, you're wrong)–and I can't fathom why there was all negative sheep to her last night.

    Compared to your assessment, I would have been tougher on Scotty (just okay for me) and Lauren (sounded weak to me, compared to previous performances), but, like the judges, would have given Paul a break Wed night. (I liked Paul after a long spell of not being able to find any love for him)! I also think Stefano was a little better than you gave him credit for. He actually sang that song well, even if it was a type of song (boy band, you got it) that doesn't appeal to me.

    And finally, I dislike Jacob's performances for different reasons than you stated. It's my dislike of his vocal style (more so than his song choices). All but one have been very churchy and I am just not looking for that in AI. (He did look better than usual, and it seemed to me he was successful in taming those off-the-wall moves of his. His facial expressions are still overboard, but he wasn't as strange as he has been.)

    • you have no taste in music. come domboo. do you hate God? Jocob is not singing gospel. his vocal is really really great. whenever he is singing please listen carefully. not because he is black, you may not like his singing. he is great thou. i'm not a big fan of him, but he can really sing. he will win the competition.

  57. Ashli Rae, I concur with you on the inadequacy of judging.

    JLo’s refusal to opine after Haley’s performance (for fear of sending another girl home) brought three things to mind:

    1) that she is accountable for Pia’s premature elimination;

    2) that she was either genuinely pleading with America to keep Haley on the show or guilefully imploring the voters to send her home; and

    3) that she will give veritable critiques only when she feels like it.

    While Simon might have contemptibly appealed to most, occasions such as tonight make me covet the day he returns to tell it like it is (sighing with flailing arms).

    • @aln0722: I think you are singling out JLo incorrectly in this instance. She was, indeed, negative to Haley last night. I was waiting for one of them to speak up for her, but NOT ONE did! So I was upset with all 3 of them.

      However, I do agree that when they speak, some viewers take their comments as the unvarnished truth. When I hear hogwash, I am able to ignore it. And those critiques of Haley Wed night were totally off the wall wrong.

      • Hi, Pup! I'm glad you pointed out the erroneousness of my assessment because I honestly did not know what to make of JLo's apprehension last night; hence, the list of three things to which I thought the apprehension might have been attributed to – so, thank you. 🙂

        While I am not a Haley fan, I can and do appreciate musical talent, and Haley has exceptional talent, albeit not to my personal preference. In my view, she definitely fared better than (at least) two other contestants whose performances were mediocre at best but received nothing but acclaim from the judges.

  58. James Durbin did sing Judas Priest so you clearly are not paying attention. Casey go home? I think not.

  59. So what is Idol all about anyways for the contestants? Better craft their art (Casey?), sell a few albums after they go home (Paul?), have an amazing time doing the Idol concert (Lauren), create a fan base (James), just have fun living the dream (Scotty) or something else. I am getting lost in all of this, because I watch the show to be entertained with almost all the performances. Last night was horrible after Hall of Fame week.

  60. Glad to see some people other than myself like Haley. She seems to have taken over the judges' "kick me" spot from last season's Siobhan. I have a hard time with the judges…they harped on Pia to do something other than ballads, but it's okay for James to scream every week, for Scotty to do country every week, for Jacob to do gospel-ish every week and for Casey to do "odd" every week. I'll admit that James, Scotty, Jacob and Casey do their sctick well, but can I say they do it better than Pia did ballads? No damn way, folks. Oh yeah, Paul's cute, but his version of dancing reminds me of Elaine on Seinfeld, and what passes for his voice reminds me of Joe Cocker and the world only needs so many of those. And Lauren really is talented; one of these weeks she's going to pick the right song and blow everyone away. Hoping the girls stay around this week…the guys have been having a free ride for too long already. Buh-Buy boys!

  61. The ones left is representative of what voters believe talent is all about…but to be fair, perhaps we need to have separate genres–we need to compare apples to apples. It is kind of difficult to have a jazz artist competing against a rock artist, they have totally different markets.

  62. can everyone please get off the pia train i think she has moved on already i found her boring same thing every week. scotty may be boring to you people who dont like country but he has great stage pressence. casey is not gone this week come on people this guy is really talented.

  63. Hey everyone stop bickering. Scotty or James is going to win…But, I do love Casey and I am partial to seeing him win because I am from one suburb over from his home town.

    Jacob should go home tonight because how much church music can the audience take.

  64. I think it will be Hailey, her song choice was horrible. I think Jacob should go as well, he shouldn't have picked Clay Aiken's song, even Paul Simon said Clay owned it now. I like Paul's voice but he needs to sing louder, get rid of the rose suits and quit dancing around like an idiot. James can do better then screaming metal songs. Stefano and Lauren did well. Scotty sings country well, but I am getting a little tired of straight country. Casey is good, but he needs to pick better songs, I am not into jazz. as I am not into metal. Love rock, but not metal. Could be anyone's guess who's headed home. It's nice that they think true artist's are being shown, but it makes for a booring show. I really don't think they all deserve such allocades. I like these judges but they need to get tough. I like Steven Tyler but his leering and remarks to the women are annoying. This is a family show, I hope they keep it that way.

  65. Don't get it. Casey gets a standing "O" for a so so performance. Makes one think the judges had to justify his save. Then you hear Randy say stay with who you are but that did not apply to Pia. Then you hear JLO say she is afraid to critque the girls because of backlash from the voters who voted Pia off probably for that very same reason. TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH THIS SHOW, IT IS BECOMING A CIRCUS AND HALEY NEEDS TO GO!!

  66. The bottom 3 could be Jacob, Stefano and Paul… I think the one going home today will be Paul… He might be funny to see, but I cannot see him like an American Idol… and the other two should be the next ones to go, I like Stefano though, but I know he won't last too long in the show…

    About Pia getting eliminated last week… She has an AMAZING voice, but she didn't have the whole package, meaning that she can be a great singer, but she wasn't entertaining at all… Her performances were forgettable to me, unlike James or Casey who always offer something to talk about…

    I agree with the judges being hard with Haley… she can do better than yesterday… I liked her last 2 performances so I know she can do great stuff… I hope she stays to see what she does next week.

    Scotty and Lauren are OK to me… and they will be safe in the next weeks…

  67. Wow, how could you not like Casey's performace last night! I can tell my the remarks on here who really has musical insight. Casey was spot on!

    • AGREE !!!!!!! It was ana mazing performance. Austin ity Limits and Carneige lots possible that guy.

    • I agree! Casey has the best performance of the night. His cover of Nature Boy is much much better than the original. He put a brilliant twist to it.

  68. I do have to agree that Jacob needs to go, there is no cross sitting above the idol stage. He has a fantastic voice but not for this..

  69. I agree with Ashli Rae. The judges are watching another show. Last night I thought the only really good performances were James and Haley with Lauren next. The rest were downright boring. I thought my taste in music had left me forever. Go James; Go Haley.

  70. It is quite obvious Ashlie rae has NO idea about music. Haley's song was off key most of it and she screams her music.She just isn't IDOL. As for Casey that was oneof the most amazing performances ever on Idol. If you GOT music at all you would know that. He could easily go play andsing with Nora Jones. Wanna tell her she knows nothing who cares 40's. Guess you didn't know there's a big swing movement in the country too. Scotty is amazing and talented. HE's signed no matter who America votes for.

    So, Aslie maybe write about something other than music?

    • i agree and disagree with the post..While i think its absurd to say that Ashli has no idea about music, i do find her articles very less on actual content and more on personal bias..Every single person is entitled to his/her opinion and everyone has their own perspective about music..You cannot call someone musically illiterate because there is no such thing.As long as you have heard music you are illiterate… Now the thing i have with Ashli's articles and i'm saying this as a criticism. It feels extremely personal and not at all professional. A blog is a spot for voicing opinion…But and this is a big but, when it is based on a singular entity like a reality show and especially a music reality show, you shouldn't present your opinion in the most crudest form…Some might say that doing so is the way to differentiate blogging from other form s of journalism…but it is not good journalism. People are reading this blog to know more about American idol rather than anyone's personal opinion..This site has long since been brought coverage of American idol episodes as soon as they get aired.. Also when you're tackling a music show. it would be better to educate yourself on the various genres of music…Now of course you will hate certain genres and love certain ones. But to put down one, without so much as an idea without it is not good. I personally hate Country pop and just extremely commercialized pop or tired ballads but i love pop that comes from other countries like Norway..I'm not gonna put down any pop singer because even though i just don't get their performance or find them extremely stale, boring and just awful, i wont voice that opinion because i honestly don't get pop music or boring ballads.. so i will simply state that "I didn't get him/her or i didn't feel him/her's performance". That's it.. About 60 per cent of people haven't expanded their musical horizons in the country..If you think about it, music represents a certain type of behavior.. People who feel secluded or people who have too much passion go for metal, blues,jazz etc. These three groups are intertwined at their roots. Country (old school) was a means to tell fascinating stories and were passed from one generation to another. As people go through their lives, they find various genres more insightful or more apt for them. A pop lover becomes a metal lover or a blues lover, a country lover becomes a jazz or a pop lover etc. Music is eternal. 30's, 40's, 50's, it doesn't matter. There will always be people who will listen to music that speaks to them. Jazz, blues, metal etc are superior than most genres because they represent real pure emotions. Wagner, Mozart were all metal dudes. Blues came from suppression and Jazz came from a concoction of improvised American and African cultures. It evolved from racial and cultural perspectives. And so be careful when writing these articles and hopefully any semblance of ignorance you may or may not have will disappear… Now, i just wanna say that everything i said above is just me being critical.. A journalist should always be connected to a certain theme while being disconnected (Don't know if that makes sense but i can't seem to explain it more properly) Sorry 🙂 . Anyway i wish you the best and have a great day…(This one was for Ashli)

      P.S- Are you a young girl Ashly? Cause your name sounds young..Weird i know…

    • When i said "As long as you have heard music you are illiterate" i meant literate…sorry..:P

    • @ GailLee: Personally, I thought Scotty was underwhelming last night, along with Lauren. And I thought Haley was simply fantastic. So, fwiw, that's my opinion stacked against yours.

  71. Ive watched American Idol since first earlier seasons, Kelly, Justin G, Clay..then stopped. I started watching this season then tuning in to this website to see what people were saying about this season, which i has atleast had better overall singers then the past couple years but has lacked with judging. Its ammusing to see how bias people are, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if your going to vote someone off because YOU dont like them personally or how they act even though they can really sing is not a good critique. Lets critique music and how the songs are sang and performed, i think we have gotten away from that and thats why good singers are getting voted off. All i have to say

  72. my favorite performance for last night was Stefano's. big surprise there. he really proved that he still deserves to be in the game.

  73. does anybody in knows about music at all? These writers are downright suckers when it comes to objective writing!

    • I agree Casey is very talented and last I heard this is on talent and not on looks, he is my fav.. James is very talented too, He did awesome last night. Stefano stinks, and I don't enjoy Haley at all. Lauren sany her song better then Miley and I really enjoyed it although the song is getting old. I am very sad Paul had to be voted off. I thought for sure Stefano was finally going. to bad

  74. Im really very angry, I do not know what happens wing people have no idea which are the best on american idol

  75. Okay, Site Administrators, what is with the voiced commercials coming at me now? I HATE it!!!!

    • Ah, so that's what it was.

      I was leaving the room and I heard four or five words coming from my PC behind me.

      I live alone and it's night time……

      Made me look over my shoulder a couple of times!!!

  76. Note to any Idol Contestant – Look back at Season 2 and do not bother singing anything that Clay Aiken sang – as Neil Sedaka told Clay after hearing him sing "Solitaire" – "I have lost my song forever". Jacob's version of BOTW was O.K., but all I could think about was Clay's version.

  77. Jacob is the best and just so you people that say he is not, believe it or not, there are many many people who love Church music and so as long as that is the case he got a whole Christian following.

    We also love James, every time though that a rocker is on the show, people vote him in even if he is not the best. James on the other hand is the best of the Rockers, and nothing at all like Adam who is just a souped up version of Adam Ant.

    Last but not least I am neither a Haley or a Lauren fan, but I would like to see Lauren make it further.

    Scottie is going to make it because there are a lot of country lovers, whole states of them and they love their country music even though most of it sounds the same to me. In places like Texas, Tennessee and some others, the Scottie sound is King and so he will advance, and to top it off my daughter thinks he is gorgeous and this means she will be voting for him and since teens do most of the voting you can be sure that Scottie will be sticking around.

  78. @Ann What a horrible thing to say about someone! That says a lot about your character and judgment! Do you not know that James has tourette Syndrome? This has a lot to do with his eyebrows moving up and down and the erratic facial movements. James is pouring his heart out into his music and if you notice, these symptoms are not noticeable when he sings. I admire him. I love his music. I say if you don't like heavy metal or hard rock, you can never appreciate this music no matter who sings it.

  79. Scotty and James in my opinion is the best and will be your fanal 2 As far as Casey I just do not see how he is still in it. It's just not my type of music plus ALL I see from him is a Drama queen.Jacob is just to churchy kinda sounds like a woman trying to sound like a man.Haley is a arm swinger that looks like she will snap at any second she seems to go over board with the growling, with that she is very ignoring.

    Lauren is the best female she is a looker with amazing vocals She can sing it all the only thing she seems to lack is a little Confidence she just seems to not think she can do it she is a top contender…. James Durbin is a rock and roller he is a topnotch Entertainer That has amazing vocal range I can't wait to see what he has next. A Rockstar waiting to happen.And Scotty McCreery

    A Country boy with a voice of gold you can hate him or love him he still going to be country he is solid on his roots and sticks to what he want to be a Country singer.. he is fun to watch and relaxing to listen to, I am just waiting for Something like A Country boy can survive or some more Elvis. No matter what you Scotty Haters say The the majority of the votes comes from the younger generation and the teens love some Scotty. Also country music is mostly about someone down on their luck and life in general And being we are all in recession We need a good Country Boy Can Survive ……..Who else to picks us back up than A young North Carolina boy with a deep county voice like Scotty.

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