American Idol 2011 Promo Is Ho-Ho-Horrendous

Go ahead, admit it, the best thing about the return of American Idol is the return of the worst singers you’ve ever heard. Fox introduces us to some of the musical terrors ahead of Idol’s 2011 premiere on January 19th with their latest promo.

The video is below the fold, thanks to its autoplay settings:

Oh so horrible, but would you expect anything less? Lots hope they’ve got some equally awesome singers though to offset these disasters!




  1. Hi Rose & Angela……Merry Christmas…I hope you both had a wonderful Holiday……I wish you both a Happy & Healthy New Year……..and lets get this show on the road….I'm so tired of all the hype…..

    @Sherry K…….Merry Christmas & A Happy & Healthy New Year. Hope to see you more on this site….

  2. @ Phyllis, Angela, Sherry, Healthy and Happy New Year to all my Idol Friends….Looking forward to a new season of AI…whoo hoo. 🙂

  3. @Phyllis, I had a wonderful Christmas! Had a chance to spend it with both of my daughters!

    I wish you, Rose, and Sherry a Healthy and Happy New Year as well!

    AI is starting to slowly make it's descent on us, will be here before we know it! @Rose, whoo hoo back!

  4. @Angela, I'm so glad to hear that you had a wonderful holiday and got to spend it with your daughters. This is the first Christmas in 8 years that we spent it with our three sons. One of my sons hasn't been able to get back to New York because of the storms…..I know I'm happy..LOL.

    @Matt, Angela, Rose, Sherry K, Stormy and all my friends on this site I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year….Hope to see all of you back on site in January for the start of the new Season of Idol. Should be fun and interesting….!!!!!!!!

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