Early Review Of Steven Tyler On American Idol: Jolting

American Idol judges 2011

Fox spent their holiday week sending out preview copies of American Idol (where’s the love, Fox?) and while I didn’t get to watch it myself the early reviews have been very positive, especially for Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler.

Orlando Sentinel’s Boedeker had this to say about Tyler:

Over the weekend, I saw 23 minutes of this season’s “Idol” auditions, courtesy of Fox. Tyler emerges as the star on a panel that works efficiently. A three-judge setup is far better than a four-member panel. Randy Jackson is more businesslike than ever, and Jennifer Lopez is charming.

But Tyler jolts the show. He makes faces, sings along with the hopefuls, mouths the words, provides percussion by banging on the desk, even howls. You keep watching to see what he’ll do next. He also makes concise judgments.

Growing up as an Aerosmith fan has me predisposed to like Tyler while my all-around distaste for Diva JLo means she’ll have to work a lot harder to win me over. Randy? He’ll just have to limit his “dawgs” and “bombs” to keep me happy.

Which American Idol 2011 judge are you most anxious to see sharing his or her musical advice this January?




  1. As much as I am a big Aerosmith fan, I REALLY am excited to see what Jennifer lopez has to offer as a judge.

  2. I am anxious to see both new judges interact with the contestants and their criticisms. I truly hope that Steven Tyler acts like himself and not try to be a Simon replacement….Jlo has got to be better than Kara……..no body can replace Paula as far as I'm concerned…….She was definitely unique…..

    All of our questions will be answered real soon…..AMEN

  3. I am eagerly anticipating the RETURN of Randy Jackson! My next choice is Tyler, but Lopez can be voted off as far as I'm concerned!

  4. I am so excited to see Steven Tyler, since I am a fan of Aerosmith. He's the reason I am watching this season's American Idol. 🙂

  5. Basically all three should put their expertise out there. They are judges with different talents. Combined, they make up super talented judges.

  6. I have never been more excited for a season to start . I am an Aerosmith fan since the beggining! I hope that Steven lets everyone see his soft side as well as his crazy,sexy, insane energy! He is an incredible man! Musician,performer,and father- Steven is the real deal -Idol could not have made a better choice. Randy is Awesome so glad he stayed… Lets get this PARTY STARTED!

  7. I just have to see RANDY JACKSON once again! Now I'm psched about TYLER. as well! 'Can NOT wait until it begins!

  8. I have not watched this show in years but will definitely tune in to see Steven Tyler. If the show has changed considerably and can hold my interest with less predictability and more talented contestants, then I will watch. After season 2 it began to change dramatically. Those first two years were magical and you really believed they were looking for an unknown talent. Then Aiken lost and everyone knows he should have won. End of believing in the integrity of this one. Maybe Tyler can return it to a real competition.

  9. My Main Man Tyler…….Flew from NS, to Montreal a few yrs ago, to see him perform.

    Well worth the flight.


  10. American Idol will rock with Steven Tyler. Being a hugh Aerosmith fan (have attended at least a dozen or more live concerts thru the years). Have never watched American Idol but will now.

  11. Steven Tyler!! I have not watched idol in several years I am not gonna miss one minute of Steven Tyler. He will keep me watching all season.

  12. So excited with Steven from the early promos on youtube. He is going to make the show along with hopefully good contestants.

    I don't buy into they whole JLO diva story. Anyone that has ever worked with her from producers, actors and singers have all had nice things to say about her. All these diva stories always get rubbished by the people that know her. The whole Ryan Secrest diva nonsense was laughed at by Ryan and her. The media really hate her so she will get it a lot harder than anyone else when the show airs.

  13. Please, quiero saber cuando se4 empieza a trasmitir AMERICAN IDOL por televisión.

    Gracias. Heidi de ARGENTINA

  14. most anxious to see? Tyler of course,hands down.I got lucky enough to have gone to see him in concert at least twice when they tour in Jax Fl.the band was wonderful,i was sorry to see Simon go but this changed is good…..looking forward to the rest of the season,can't wait….

  15. I loved the show last night…great new judges and of course Randy. Steven Tyler and J-Lo add a much needed shot in the arm.

  16. I am still on the fence with J-LO; I don't believe she remember that girl from season 6, dishonesty already Jennifer? Steven Tyler? wow! he is totally different than what I expected. I actually like him. WE STILL A NEED A SIMON COWELL.

  17. I'd like to see another season with Steve Tyler, I'm a fan from way back and I just think the guy is amazing (no one like him.) As long as he's one of the judges, I'll watch the whole season. This is the first season I'll actually be watching the whole thing.

    Nothing against Paula, but I,m glad she's not in there anymore. And as much as I love Ellen Degeneres, she should stay a talk show host. I really didn't enjoy seeing her as a judge. Sorry Ellen

  18. They are all fabulous this year. Kind, caring and knowledgable and frankly Idol is better than it has ever been. Simon is not missed, he was kind of bully and in this society isn’t that what we are getting away from? This season has the most talented group ever…great choices judges. They are compassionate which makes such a difference in the show. Everyone I know, young and old loves the new tone, judges and contestants. Thank God……change is good.

  19. Gotta confess…… I, like so many others, can't take my eyes off of Steven Tyler !!!

    I mean, I glance enviously at JLo once in a while and I'm aware of Randy …..BUT that Steven……he's stealing the show !!! ……..and not just because he's CALIENTE, but the personality just oozes out of that guy !!!! ( and he's hot ! LOL)

  20. Steven Tyler is my favorite judge! where has he been, Simon should have been booted off after year one and Sweety Steven been the judge that knows what is hot and what is not. I must confess I was a solid country girl, but after I saw Steven I looked into his music and he has the chops and the knowledge to know who is good, down home good and who needs guidance and I respect his opinion and let's Hope contestants do too. Go Steven you are the man now. Teresa

  21. Steven Tyler is absolutely perfect. He is a lot of fun, not mean spirited, but says what needs to be said to the contestents. I was never much of a hard rock fan, but have always had a soft spot for Aerosmith, which I am sure is because of Steven's exceptional vocals! I hope he will remain on Idol!

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