American Idol 2011 Ratings Climb And Dominate

To borrow from Mark Twain, reports of Idol’s death this season due to Simon’s departure were greatly exaggerated. American Idol continues to dominate in the ratings and surpass recent seasons with a consistent climb of viewership.

According to TV By the Numbers, American Idol’s Thursday night results show had a 13% ratings increase over last week’s results show, peaking at 26.6 million viewers during its final quarter. Even more impressive though is that Idol was up 29% that night from its comparable show a year ago. Take that, Mr. Cowell.

Don’t worry, I’m sure Simon will do very, very well with his X-Factor debut this fall. It’s just good to know that the American Idol 2011 season can not only hold its own against last year but even crush it down pretty heavily as well.

Looks like that move to Thursday nights for results is working out pretty well so far for American Idol Season 10. I can’t wait to see just how far it can go!




  1. I think that 6 Boys of this season is really high level! I am really troubled so far whom I do a voat。

  2. this season is better then last year, probably the best talent we have seen over the last several years, the judges are great this year and hopefully they will all return next year. america got it right with the top 13 this year unlike prior years.

  3. @ Matt. Thank you for the update. It is really no suprise at how well AI is doing this year. The judges are awesome and the talent supercedes some of the previous years (JMHO). Look forward to all the updates by you, Branden and Ashli Rae and definitely look forward to this week's AI. It will be a difficult choice but so far, for me, it is James Durbin for the guys and Pia Toscano for the girls. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • I totally agree that James and Pia are the best performers. I like Thia Megia because she has an interesting voice, but can she really keep up with the others?

      • I love james , lots of people giving him a hard time and comparing him to adam. Leave the guy alone. He is the best singer so far. I hope he makes it all the way and wins !!!!!!!

      • i agree i also think that james and pia will be the final two, but not really sure who will win from there it will be a hard decision to make for me.

  4. Of course the ratings are high! this season is awesome. The judges are doing such a wonderful job and the environment all around the program feels so different, no rudness, no agressive comments, no putting down people. I love how the chemistry between the judges is working.

    I hope ALL the contestants do good but I really want Hispanic, Black and Filipino to win and annoy all those who are making stupid, racist and discriminatory comments towards these people who are working their life to fullfill a dream.

    I would laugh so hard if Naima or Ashton or Lusk or Thia or Karen or Stephano win hahaha ROFL I am crossing fingers for that to happen!!!

    • I dunno. Seems kinda racist to say you don't want a white kid to win because you assume they share the same skin color as someone else whose thoughts you don't like.

      • Where did I say I dont want a white kid to win? I am white myself. I just said I would laugh my heart out if someone who THEY dont like would win.

      • You said, "I really want Hispanic, Black and Filipino to win."

        I guess I just misunderstood that statement.

      • Probably I didnt explain myself properly, english is not my first language. I want the best to win and to win the title doesn´t matter which backround you have, what color someone is or in what language someone sings. And if one of those contestants people are so much against wins I will be laughing very hard because what matters is the artistry, the singing not the color or the language.

    • You are just rude this is American Idol not Hispanic Idol they should sing in English not in any other language the comments Karen made were uncalled for,she should go on the Hispanic channels if she wants to sing in Spanish. If that is the case Pia should sing Italian. You fail to understand that THIS IS AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.

      • America is North America, Central America,South America and the Antillas. America is a Continent. Your country is Unites State of America.

  5. By bringing in Steven & Jennifer, American Idol has made the best trade an LA based organization has made since the LA Kings traded for Wayne Gretzky.

  6. I like to say again:

    I love the judges. they are better than paula and simon and I have proofs.

    Are you thinking that all of this 9 seasons america hadn’t the talents like this season. I think the previous judges made bad decisions during country search and at the end we have only 3 or 4 really talented in finals.

    Thank you J.Lo, Stevie and randy. you pick the right guys and girls so we have the best season so far. All the credits go for you.

    P.s. : Scotty is the best and you will see that.

  7. The judges are SO much better. They create a great environment and the talent shows through. I never consistently watched it in previous years. I plan my schedule to watch it this year. Great job all three judges.

  8. I have watched ever season of Idol. This season is by far the best. The talent is very good. But the Judges are the best. Please tell me these 3 judges and Ryan will be around for awhile.

    • this is the best season for AI because the talent is much better than previous years and there is no clear favorite to win, Steven and jlo are ok. Simon and Ellen are not missed at all.Should be very exciting right to the end. my pick is Pia

  9. This is my fist time I am watching AI. I am originally from Eastern Europe and this is what I wanna say about it.

    I don't want to insult anyone, but this is my true opinion.

    I am surprised that most of contestants look cheap, chubby and overwieght. What is it going on with you America?

  10. Just wanted to say, Matt, that you are a standout among the writers representing American Idol. You really have a flair for writing–love your command of the language. And I enjoy your creative leads! It's clear that you check your facts and it's obvious you proofread your work (as I never spot spelling or grammar errors). Professional and refreshing!

    Just wish I could say the same for the other contributing writers here for AI–whose work lately has contained spelling errors (contestants' names), derogatory comments about their backgrounds (using the term "The Janitor" to refer to Naima), and even race baiting. Makes me wonder if the latter two are done purposely to be inflammatory—to raise the number of posts following the article's appearance. Of course, it could simply be that the writer really is that ignorant.

  11. Have watched idol for years over here in the UK. We think it's the best one yet. Love the judges. Love the show.

  12. Hey I don't know what's everyones deal with this pia chick I mean she was good but not that great I think thia was the best and why is everyone hating on simon he was a great judge and said it like it is and besides he would look great naked. And steven tyler, F@ck off and die!!!!!

  13. ok jast read my head and talk to steven tyler and say this who the hell are you


  15. i like casey for the guys and pia for the girls. also like scotty and lauren alaina. wish the other lauren wouldve gotten in

  16. The singers are the best this year. And the judges are so nice. Steven Tyler better be back next year. Don't miss Simon at all, Steven knows how to deliver comments to the other judges with suave style.

  17. I was worried about the show without Simon. But it seems so much better this year with Steven Tyler & J-Lo as judges. The talent is excellant and I like the way they're doing things this year also. Was sad to see Giovanni voted off though!! Keep up the good work!!!

  18. Jennifer- Tyler plus outstanding talent or the reason great rating.

    I believe America Idol was dying,but new life has been given to the show.

    The Judges are just great.

    • If the judges are so great and doing such a great job,,why,why did they have to send half

      the contestants home the first week,,pls tell tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Just goes to show how sensitive you Americans are. Simon was honest – all Idol shows are about finding a star – not a great singer. All these singers are great but who is going to be a star? That's why you people vote but then never buy their records. Because once they make an album you realise that you weren't voting for star power like Simon could see but you were voting for sob stories. These don't sell records!!!

  20. Why do we have to listen to Adam Lambert? I hated his performance on half time show last year. He didn't win, We didn't like him last year either. enough already. Isn't there anyone else willing to sing.

    • Hi Terry,

      You don't have to listen to can simply take that time to make some popcorn or something else while he is on. However, he will be doing an acoustic version of one of his songs which has a completely different sound which you might actually enjoy. Maybe you should give it a listen. I enjoy Kris Allen and I am happy that he won. In my opinion, I think the top 10 of that season have all ended up winners in many ways because each of them are now doing great things and have so many new opportunities in their lives…it's all good.

      I am just one of an amazing world wide network of Adam fans who will be looking forward to his performance Thursday night on Idol. Laid back and stripped down acoustic versions tend to truly show ones vocal ability. Why not give it a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised.


  21. The ratings were down last year because of Ellen D, that was the worst move Fox could have made, she was an awful judge, any pannel is better with out her on it. Some one commented about the chemstry between the judges, very true, they work extremely well together

  22. This years talent is so wery good, it makes it hard to vote. The ones sent home last week was as good as some of the past winners! The judges are the best, they all three work together and are so encouraging! Thanks to a great year!

  23. Ratings are up because this is the best crop of singers the show has ever had. The judges are weaker this year. The show desperately misses Simon. There needs to be a villain on the panel. They moved Randy into Simon's seat and he tries to be the voice of reason and the "tough" judge, but he's just too nice. Jennifer is just a lucid and articulate version of Paula. Steven is a big disappointment. He seldom adds anything to the discussion, just more or less an older male version of Jennifer.

    The ratings are good in spite of the judges. Folks are tuning in to hear these kids sing. We actually have a comptetiion this year.

    • dont pick on the judges, why just because they're not sacastic. steven tyler adds alot to the panel. love the show this year the best!!!!!!

  24. The talent on AI this year is definitely one of the best. There is no clear choice of who could win the competition at this early stage of the game. I too am enjoying the new judges and feel they are doing an awesome job! Sorry but I do not miss any of the old judges — the show is so much better. I can do without all the rudeness and silliness from previous years.

  25. I have enjoyed watching American Idol for 5 years now. I think this is the best year yet. The judges are doing an awesome job and the talent seems to be the best ever! It is hard to pick just one or two that I think will win it all! I'm glad that Simon and Ellen moved on to other things!

  26. This is by far the BEST season… Steven Tyler is the most sincere, honest and SEXY judge ever!!! and JLO is a sweetie too… The judges have chosen the best talent ever… and I'm torn… the finalists are all AWESOME in their on ways… but I think I'm partial to Casey. He's got such a great personality and TALENT.

  27. Last week show blew me away.

    Casey talent needs to be seen a couple more times.I think his health has been holding him down.

    He also gets to go on the road is he should lose again next year.

    He stand to lose next week if America takes the save the wrong way.

    For me its all good and I love the judges.

  28. Season 10 is the first season the wife and I [of 50 yrs] have watched AI. We look forward to the shows both nights. Normally we record .. AI we watched in real time. From the sounds of other comments we started with the riight season. We like Scotty's sound, but doubt he will have the following to make it to the end. On the other hand James's style isn't for us but does have good personality traits. No real female standout. None that we shun.

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