American Idol 2011 Top 13 Week Preview

This week on American Idol 2011, the Top 13 will take to the stage, but they won’t be the only ones. After Wednesday night’s show with song choices from the contestants’ favorite performers, we’ll get some big visits on the results show.

Adam Lambert will be returning to the Idol spotlight on Thursday night to perform an acoustic version of “Aftermath”, so that’ll be a little different than his last laser-show visit. Also that night we’ll get performances from Diddy-Dirty Money with Skylar Grey and the return of David Cook.

Cook will introduce this season’s new loser going-home song, a remake of Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” You can hear the full version of Cook’s cover below, right after you finish burying your beloved 80’s memories in the backyard.

What do you think of the American Idol 2011 goodbye song? Does David Cook do justice to the Breakfast Club’s own goodbye song?




  1. He totally did justice to the song. I love this version. He did some little twist to it and made it current. I have listened to it for the nth time and I just can't get enough of it.

    He's a great true artist that's why we, his fans love him and will always love him.

  2. Love David Cook but I didn't even like the original of this song. Of the two versions I'd pick David's, but still wish a different "good-bye" song had been chosen for the show.

    • I don't care 4 the song…Like Linda said, I wish another song had been chosen, actually, I wish they had left "Leave Right Now", as the good-by song. I LOVE that song!!!!

      • O K, that's way 2 many notices of follow-up's…Please DON'T notify me of any more…Thanks!….Every time some1, write about Adam or David, I don't want my email "BLOWN" up!!!!

  3. Although I like David's version, the original is better. As an aside, I'm hoping Idol asks Danny Gokey to perform on a Results Show and/or Idol Gives Back!

    • Oh I agree with you. I would LOVE to see Danny Gokey perform. He has been my all time favorite next to Lee Dewyze. They both are just so cute:)

  4. love david cook,everything he does is genius. I didn't care for the original 80's version.

  5. I like David Cook, but last years goodbye song is better! I am not looking forward to hearing this song every time someone goes home!

  6. I will watch the show mainly because Adam Lambert will be there singing…Love you, Adam!

  7. Funny I've been watching for years and I haven't really noticed that there's a goodbye song. Probably because I was concentrating more on the video of the contestant exiting and not its background music.

    I love David Cook. He was my pick during Season 7 but quite honestly, I don't like the new music. Not because of David's voice but the music itself. It's tempo I guess does not really suit an exit but I don't mind if it becomes official because I know I would not practically listen to it.

  8. I like David Cook, but he didn't change the song up much imo.

    Super excited that Adam will be returning to the stage to perform the beautiful acoustic version of "Aftermath", which would have made a perfect exit song. And did you know he co-wrote it?

  9. I love David Cook and I think he covered this song very good, only David could change it and make it sound better or new… It is very sexy. I think it'll be a more upbeat song to home to.

  10. Loved the original Simple Mind's version and love David's! The thing about David is that he has many moods/voices. I like the growly edge he uses here. Haven't heard that in his recordings much. Really looking forward to the album.

  11. I like anything David sings..his voice is amazing.

    I look forward to his new album.

  12. LOVE David Cook! So far he has been my very favorite Idol winner! I'm sure his guest spot will also be to promote his second CD which is also due to hit stores this next week (at least that's what I heard!) I just hope he hasn't lost some of his momentum by waiting so long for the next CD.

  13. David. yes yes say no more. Great song to leave with as most come back with songs so, don't you forget about me is a true statement !

  14. WOW..Beautiful,I've missed David..haven't heard this one, but it is awesome…What a voice David….

  15. Yea….we get to see Adam Lambert perform…Whoo Hoo~!!! I liked David's version…not too much of a change…did make it a little more current, however. Just stoked about Adam being back on…it would be so cool if Adam would mentor James Durbin…that would be awesome. I am still waiting for Adam to get together with Siobhan Magnus and perform a duet…that, I think, would be incredible. Excited about this week's AI. Bring it on. Whoo Hoo~!!! (again) πŸ™‚ Hello to my dear friends, Phyllis G., Angela and Sherry K. What a great AI season. πŸ™‚

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam Lambert and to hear and SEE the talented songstress Skylar Grey singing with Diddy and Dirty Money will be a big treat! Def. will watch this show for those reasons alone!

  17. I like it. Like others said he did it his own way but didn't ruin it by changing it to much.

  18. so this is the new loser song? I liked the Daughtry song much better. This is a nice song but it doesn't fit the night…

  19. Always glad to hear Adam sing anytime. A true original artist. Sadly, America got it wrong! His career has really taken off since AI – don't hear much about the winner that season. David is a good singer but don't like the song/version.

  20. Anything that David Cook sings is find with me! He is my favorite idle of all times. Hope to see more of him on this season's show!

  21. Geeee, sorry Dave, but your remake kinda just doesn't work for me. Nothing new offered to the song…should have at least updated the instrumentals. You're very talented, but wasted it on this tune. Something more original may have done you better justice than thiss one.

  22. I thought it was great! Updated and relevant. David Cook is one of the best idols – and to think he had to be talked into trying out! I like his emotion-filled voice, different and memorable. Good job, David Cook!

  23. "the breakfast club" is one of my favorite movies, you know, the ones you can watch over and over. David Cook's version knocked my socks off. I went back to listen to the original Simple Minds song to double check. Cook keeps faith with a classic, but his version has a totally different vibe. It has far more nuance and muscle now. Love it!

  24. America gets to hear/see the beautiful Adam Lambert sing his beautiful acoustic version song Aftermath!!!

  25. Absolutely love this version of Don't You Forget About Me sung by far and away the best singer ever to have come out of American Idol bar none. David's voice is so nuanced, so controlled, so sexy, so clear, so well enunciated on this song, he just brings it! I always liked the original, but his version is just stellar. Unbelievable talent.

    • I so TOTALLY agree with everything you said ! David Cook is an EXTREMELY gifted performer ! LOVE this man's voice ! He CAN sing the phonebook and make it HOT !!

  26. This entire little blurb is disrespectful. David Cook gets no bold type. David Cook causes one's 80's memories to be buried in the backyard? What are you talking about? I too went back and listened to the original, which is iconic, of course, and was quite amazed at how Cook brought a balance of faithfulness to the original, as well as a jolt of testosterone and longing. It's a seductive interpretation with a great deal of undercurrent.

    He has a very unusual voice, dark in timbre, yet fully tenor. Dramatic tenor. (look it up, Matt. No last name?) He is a much greater singer than you are giving credit for here. The tone is absolutely beautiful. You have to listen to something a few times before making snap judgments and blogging about them, for goodness' sake. I doubt that you heard it more than once.

    Adam is a fantastic performer, so I expect it to be an all-around great show and am super excited!

    • Actually I listened through it three times, including one time as part of a discussion with a friend, before writing that. The original is iconic to me and while I overall enjoy David Cook very much, I prefer Simple Minds' version.

      I don't want to blow your mind, but your opinion is neither "right" nor the only one allowed. I stated my opinion of his cover and then asked readers to give theirs. Everyone is welcome to share theirs, but no one is welcome to tell another that their opinion or reaction to the song is "wrong."

      Bold words aren't for the readers alone, so you don't need to worry about that.

      If you're interested in my full name, that information is available through a link on every single page on the site (though the irony of someone using a pseudonym and then challenging me on having just my first name on each post isn't lost on me; thanks for the chuckle), here's the link:

      • I'm not writing a blog! that's an entirely different thing. I am simply commenting on yours. But I am so glad it isn't lost on you. You are indeed clever.

        You are entitled to your opinion of course, but you certainly presented it as if it were fact as well: "right after you finish burying your beloved 80's memories in the backyard."

        You write something like that and don't expect to perhaps be challenged?

  27. . . .love Cook's intensity . .the tune gets the raspy sexiness it deserves. . .nothing compares to the 80's music. . .saw him and Ryan Starr in concert in Morgantown and enjoyed it

  28. David Cook is one of my favorites since the first time I saw him. I truly believe he can sing anything! I love the soul he puts in his voice, the occasional raspy tone. He rocks!!!

  29. I love David Cook's version of this song. He gives it a dark, moody, sexy vibe. I can't stop listening to it!

  30. I really like David but do not like the song at all.Very disappointing as an exit song.Daughtry's exit song was great! Actually Adam's Aftermath would be perfect.And having Adam on Thursday will have the ratings going skyhigh.

    • I really get tired of hearing "Adam's Aftermath would be perfect". Cook was asked by Simon Fuller Not Lambert to sing the exit song. Don't You Forget About Me is in line with the new vibe of AI, not let's shove them out the door, they are losers vibe of previous seasons. Get over it Lambert fans. Cook did exactly what Fuller asked of him.

      • Mary…Don't be upset…..We all have our opinions and thats what makes this a great blog…..There are plenty of David Cook fans as well as Adam's fans……Its all good…..Just sit back and enjoy Thursday's show, who ever your favorite is..

  31. Will be looking forward to Adam singing Aftermath, a song he co-wrote that has deep meaning for him. As much as I would love to see him rocking out on the idol stage, this heartfealt song will be beautiful and moving.

  32. Can't wait to see ADAM on Idol this Thursday. I've heard ADAM's acoustic AFTERMATH several times and he never once sang it the same so I can't wait to see/hear this rendition … the song and lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful … ADAM sings it with such feeling.

    After listening to David's 'exit' song for Idol … I can't say whether or not I like it better than the original or not. David sings good enough … just never heard this song before … I do think he should have chosen a song that wasn't quite so upbeat …. JMO

  33. i think this version is horrible. he didn’t change anything except for trying to make it sound harder and more intense than it was before. ruined it

  34. I don't like the song! They should use another song for the loser-going home. I never liked that song to begin with.

  35. Firstly, I am a fan of David Cook and his music. Was eagerly awaiting the “goodbye song” from him. I love his version, he gives it an edge, but musically it sounds exactly the same. I was hoping he might do an “Always be my baby” on it πŸ™‚

    Having said that – I am still a huge fan and am looking forward to hearing him perform it live (well as live as an Australian gets to seeing American Idol)

  36. I am so glad that the cocky people are out,

    – Jovanni (so cocky, he was thinking too far away before he actually wins)

    – Jordan Dorsey (thinks he was better than anyone else in the competition) and

    – Clint (There is nothing to do about being racist, Clint. It just because what you did to Jaycee, remember man what goes around comes around)

    – Robbie (feeling sorry for him…he should have gotten a haircut and maybe sang an energetic song, Rob next season)

    – Tim (he was better off singing songs by Jason Mraz, John Meyer, or John Legend)

    – Bret (he was not popular at school nor at American Idol) guess Americans prefer jocks, dude…you might want to tidy up ur hair…American Idol must have a complete package, rright judges????

    Scotty, Paul, Stefano, Thia, Lauren, Pia, Casey, Hailey, Jacob, and Naima.

    These 3 are a bit annoying in someways: James (jerky wannabe), Karen (stop saying the word "Latino", this is American Idol) and Ashton (diva wannabe)

  37. I am so glad that the cocky people are out,

    – Jovanni (so cocky, he was thinking too far away before he actually won)

    – Jordan Dorsey (thinks he was better than anyone else in the competition) and

    – Clint (There is nothing to do about being racist, Clint. It just because what you did to Jaycee, remember man what goes around comes around)

    – Robbie (feeling sorry for him…he should have gotten a haircut and maybe sang an energetic song, Rob next season)

    – Tim (he was better off singing songs by Jason Mraz, John Meyer, or John Legend)

    – Bret (he was not popular at school nor at American Idol) guess Americans prefer jocks, dude…you might want to tidy up ur hair…American Idol must have a complete package, rright judges????

    Scotty, Paul, Stefano, Thia, Lauren, Pia, Casey, Hailey, Jacob, and Naima.

    These 3 are a bit annoying in someways: James (jerky wannabe), Karen (stop saying the word "Latino", this is American Idol) and Ashton (diva wannabe)

    • My prediction for the next result:

      1. Casey Abrams (American Idol winner)

      2. Thia Megia (American Idol runner-up)

      3. Pia Toscano

      4. Lauren Alaina

      5. Paul McDonald

      6. Scotty McCreery

      7. Jacob Lusk

      8. James Durbin

      9. Karen Rodrigues

      10. Naima Adepapo

      11. Stefano Langone

      12. Hailey Reinhart

      13. Ashton Jones (will be eliminated next Thursday)

  38. I thought it was awful. I like the original – – The Cookster adds nothing except his heavy voice which isn't right for this great song.

  39. I like Stefano Langone, Naima Adedapo, Jacob Lusk and Karen Rodriguez. My bet to win AI season 10 is Stefano.

  40. Ikk definitely will watch AI this Thursday, what with Adam Lambert as guest. I live here in Asia and we watch AI a bit delayed from the US telecast. Adam Lambert is my favorite singer.

  41. I love this version by David! I listened to the original and noticed he didn`t change it very much, but still it sounds very different. David`s version has totally different vibe, he makes the song edgy and sexy. His ability to use his vice is simply masterful and unique, IMO!

    • I like the new version better and im even more excited bout Diddy's performance!!!

  42. I am really excited about Adam Lambert and I am very much looking forward to David Cook as well. Both are great guys and talented musicians as well.

  43. Now the question is??? Getting thru this week until Thursday night….I am beyond excited…..So looking forward to seeing and hearing his remake of "Aftermath"……I was so hoping that he would return later on the show to sing a duet with James…..It would be beyond awesome…..

    I really like David Cook's remake of Don't you forget about me. SOOOOO looking forward to Thursday night…..

    MATT: As usual…Thank you, thank you for this great update as you know I'm a huge, crazy Adam fan……

    • No problem at all.

      I'm anxious to see how Adam's performance goes as well! An acoustic version could be very interesting. We'll know soon.

    • I agree, Phyllis…Cannot wait. Love, love Adam. And, yes, I did like David's version of Don't Forget About Me…This year for me…it is all about James. Whoo Hoo~!!! πŸ˜‰

      • @Rose A. and Phyllis G., don't you forget about me, when both of you are watching Adam Lambert. I will have to watch Thursday Night's show, vicariously through you both. LoL!!!!

        Have a Blessed Day!!!

      • Angela….Don't you worry girl we will give you all the explicit details….Sorry your going to miss it.

  44. Love Cook's version and the song was not intended to be changed up as Simon Fuller mentioned. Anyway, very excited for his new record to be released!

  45. I think David Cook singing is great. I really like him and his voice. great choice for the going home song.

  46. I think the mood of the song is more in keeping with the new direction of the show. Steven Tyler. Need I say more? πŸ˜€ Rather a some wistful goodbye, it's got attitude. Don't you DARE forget about me, it seems to say.. I can see just Ashton already. (Oy. lol)

    I liked the Daughtry one the best in the past, and I think this year's will be perfectly apropos.

  47. Fabulous. Turns that old song into the present. Sounds like David Bowie at his best.

  48. Thats how u do it!!!! David u bring back a lot of memories with this song. I watch u here in South Africa when u did Idols, and man u were the best!!! Keep it up

  49. David did an awesome job on this song. I couldn't stop listening to it. Your the best.

  50. Loved it. Love his voice. Was a little surprised he didn't put his own spin on it since he's so good at that. Doesn't matter, I'm a fan

  51. I LOVE David's version of it! He really rocked it up…he has an amazing voice. This is a great choice for a farewell song, more positive. I'm so excited we get to hear David's voice on this every week, and I believe he'll perform it live toward the end of the season! Also can't wait for his new album coming out in the next few months.

  52. David Cook's voice adds contemporary power & passion to the 80's song…he's the perfect Idol winner to express the sometimes emotional 'good-bye' to a departing contestant. Cook's 'back-story' during the competition was so emotionally-charged & moving—he brings it home again. Can't wait for his new album!

  53. I love it. I keep looking for a new CD to come out. David's voice and what he can do to any song is absolutely fabulous. Just an amazing talent. I only hope we will be able to listen to this terrific artist for many, many years to come.

  54. I really like it,BUT I prefere to listen to Adam 8) and now James Durbin is the best this year

  55. I like this better than the original,and I was well into adulthood when the breakfast club and the song first came out

  56. What i loved about David Cook was how he changed up contempory songs and made them his own. This sounded like his vocal and Simple Minds backing. I wish he did something original or mixed it up more to give it a harder edge.

  57. He does a great KARAOKE. Come on David, do something original. You will never make it big doing remakes of old songs.

    • He only remade it for the boot song. It won't be on the album. He has plenty of original music.

    • Exactly Ann…He has plenty of original music and he is way beyond Karaoke. Plus, I feel he did make this song his own. A lot of bands do remakes or covers of songs all the time. It is certainly not a bad thing especially if it is better than the original.

      Eric you should go to youtube and check out Analog Heart his indie CD, all his Axium albums. Yes he has been working on his upcoming album for a long time, but he was only asked to record this song about 3 1/2 weeks ago so it could be used for the boot song just like Carrie Underwood did a remake of Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home for the boot song a couple of years ago.

  58. This year's contestants (the ones that they have now) are all so great. I am sure it was so hard for the judges to pick who stays and who goes. I don't think that I would be able to it. I thought that some who were let go should have been given a chance, but I guess that the udge just couldn't do it.

  59. I like David Cook but will turn Idol off when Lambert is on I can't stand him he is just nasty! I never watched him perform on his season nd I wont watch him now!!!!!

    • Denice…I agree with you and it's not your loss. Not everyone including myself is an Adam Lambert fan! Can't take his screaming and derogatory performance on stage. I'm looking forward to seeing David Cook (I'm a huge fan of his) perform on AI. And like you, I will change the channel when Adam comes on. Touche!

      • Denice. I so totally agreed with you. To all the "it's your loss" comments… it's not our loss. I turn to another channel each time Mr. Lambert can on with his screaming singing. He's also a poor sport and I still remember him talking bad about (Susan) from Britain's Got Talent because she got more record sales than he did.

    • 100% agree…I will also be tuning out or making sure I am doing something else when Adam Lambert performs.

  60. The original song by the Breakfast Club was of it time and today to hear David Cook with the remake of the song, with a bit of a twist to it for this day and age is great,so kudos to David Cook for a job well done on Don't YOU FORGET ABOUT ME.:)

    Note to those who seem to maybe judge Adam Lambert I think if one doesn't want to listen to him that is there choice but as for myself I can only say that he is a great artist in the music business and his talent he doesn't fear to show it so kudos to a great singer also love his songs.

  61. Way to go David, it was great. Is there a new album coming? I hope so. I really love your music, keep it coming.

  62. How many artists can sing Alice In Chains, Dolly Parton, Simpleο»Ώ Minds, and Phantom Of The Opera, let alone have their renditions rival or surpass the original artist? Now that's versatility. Oh yeah, sometimes the best covers aren't the ones that totally overall the song. The smallest nuances, constructed with the finest attention to detail, often cause the biggest ripples. Now that's talent!

    • I totally agree Adam Lambert sure is another true rock star.I'm a big fan of his and I believe in giving everyone a chance in life no matter what some may think.Adam you sure do rock πŸ™‚

    • I thought this blog was about David Cook's boot song…not Adam Lambert.

  63. David Cook is my favorite song changer upper. He makes everything new and fresh. I'm so excited, and can't wait until his new CD is finally released! I'm glad he got the boot song for Idol this year (he deserves it)! I'm hoping that those people who aren't familiar yet with David will finally get their chance to partake of his stellar voice. Can't wait to see more David Cook. Hope he gets to perform tonight on Idol. I'd rather see him than Adam Lambert, to tell you the truth.

  64. I loved the way David covered the Stones. He did the same thing with DYFAM. He knows when to change it up, and when to take it straight up. I love his growls. He's my favorite. The more you play it, the more you see his genius, the more you love it!

  65. I liked Adam Lambert from the very beginning, but I wish he would remove the horrible painted nails. He doesn't need that to add to his image – it rather takes from it.

  66. I am so in love with American Idol this year. I have never missed an episode in 10 years. The past years were also fantastic; however, this year with Steven Tyler and Jennifer and Lopez and Randy, they seem to really give good hearted comments on every contestant. I am so excited to hear them sing tonight. I am so happy with the choices they made. Congratulations on such a great season. Love you guys,


  67. Awesome song! David will always be a winner and I want to hear more from him. The contestants are great this year (I love Pia Toscano). The judges are wonderful and I like each of their personalities. Sorry to get negative but I don't miss Simon or Paula one single bit.

  68. David Cook's version was excellent. I think I like it better than the 80s original. Gee do they really have to keep being Lambert back… I can't stand the guy. I'm not a fan of singers who have to screech and scream while "singing". Season 11 has more talent in it than most all of the other seasons combined. The talent pool is so heavy this year that it's hard for any one singer to stand out. Pia is so polished and accomplished performer that you could take her and put her in a recording studio and concert hall right now. My favor is Casey because he's different and I like his "vibe". Scotty and Pia will go far in the music world no matter where they end up in the Idol completion.

  69. Love this remake!! Can't wait for another tour as soon as the new album drops … miss seeing him live! He's the ONLY American Idol as far as I'm concerned!

  70. I love this song, I never buried my 80s memories, they're all still there…and this song evokes some good ones. Breakfast Club, the "brat pack" and this song were all "hits" of the day. Simon Fuller seems to love the 80s, and American Idol is all about singing other people's music, so I'm sure this song was chosen to suit his goals. It's great to hear David singing again, although I'm not crazy about the "affected" growl as it seems out of place for this particular song. I've heard DC with this growl on pre-idol music where it sort of fit the song better. That being said, there's a lot to love vocally in the song, and I'm very pleased DC has been given the exit song since it will keep him in the American Idol viewing public brain ALL season, until his record drops. πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to new original music from him very soon. Also looking forward to Adam's acoustic performance, it should be fantastic.

  71. Are you kidding me? David Cook nailed it of course. His covers are always as good or better than the original. His voice is extremely sexy on this version. Keeps me panting for more music! Can't wait to hear the 1st single from the new album…

  72. Rock on, David! You are THE American Idol.

    We have NOT FORGOTTEN YOU! Love your version!

  73. Go David … sounding wonderful as always! Better than the original to me. Course, I love to hear David sing πŸ™‚

  74. I loved this version with David Cook. I love his sound and style..Cant wait to hear more from you.

  75. Sexy, seductive and edgy. Love the growl. Love the angsty moan at 2:20. Love David Cook…you will "always be my baby."

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