American Idol 2011: Results show recap – Wild cards fight to make the Top 13

American Idol 2011 Top 13. Fox photo

It was a crazy night on “American Idol.” Somehow in two hours they managed to cut 14 contestants, make six sing, bring back three and premiere Jennifer Lopez’s new video. Aaaah.

After naming the Top 10, the judges, on the spot (yeah right… as if the entire night wasn’t rehearsed), picked six contestants America did not like and made us hear them sing again, before picking 3 of those to form the American Idol 2011 Top 13.

In order of performance (I’m not grading tonight since it doesn’t matter what we think)

*Ashton Jones, “And I am Telling You.” I was surprised America passed on her last night. But I’m glad she got a second chance. She picked a fighting song to help earn her a chance at staying. And fight she did. Best song choice of the night.

*Stefano Lagone, “I Need You Now.” Again, I’m surprised America passed. And again, I’m glad he got a second chance. I’m not familiar with the song he chose, but he sang the hell out of it. It seems to be a really hard song to sing and he nailed it. And tell me you don’t want to pinch his cheeks.

*Kendra Chantelle, “Georgia On My Mind.” She got off to a bad start with this one. The rest of the song came off a bit shirll. She did hit some pretty good notes near the end. Her fate was pretty obvious though.

*Jovany Barretto, “Angel.” Why did they pick him? Why not Brett? Why not Tim? His singing was solid but it’s something he has to work out. A lot can be said about an effortless singer and he’s just not one of them. So I have nothing else to say.

*Naima Adedapo, “For All We Know.” I don’t hate The Janitor. But she does nothing for me. I was hoping they’d pick Lauren Turner. I feel like they wasted the spot on Naima because she’s going to keep singing those really old songs that all the 12 to 15-year-old voters don’t get. She’d be gone by next week or after. Waste.

*Robbie Rosen, “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.” I was so excited he got another chance! But then he sang a sleepy song as opposed to a fight-for-it song. He did a great job. He was tender and effortless. But not exciting enough to make it.

At the end of the performance, I wrote this in my notes: “I’d choose Ashton, Robbie and Stefano.” They chose Ashton, Stefano and Naima. Two out of three isn’t bad.

I guess the Top 13 is an OK Top 13 (see the American Idol 2011 Top 13). I’m happy that Paul McDonald, Scotty McCreery, Ashton Jones and Pia Toscano are in. If any of those go within the first two weeks, it’s going to be a LONG season for me. Because I can’t imagine any of the others growing on me. OK, maybe Lauren Alaina will. But I’m not ready to admit that yet.

I’m especially bummed that Lauren Turner, Robbie and Tim Halperin are gone.

What are your thoughts on the Top 13? Who were you happy to see in and sad to see go?




  1. This is American Idol=English

    JLo has a "flavor" agenda and Steve and Randy are not strong enough to hold her back. I do not think that the Idol contestants should sing in a language other than America's own English.

      • OH, Plueeeze…can one get any more absurd…..I know we are supposed to be nice and I usually am…but this is my time not to be nice…For the past 2 days we have been subjected to these frivolous comments about race and the ethnic factor, flying flags and out and out biases and prejudices. This is a SINGING competition…if people choose to air their prejudices…go somewhere else. I for one am very glad that there is such a wonderful diversity of talent this year. Ahhh…feel better. Thank you for letting me share my bias against your bias. 🙂

      • Bravo Rose, I have been so pissed with those stupid comments. Ignorance and stupidity that is all these people show.

      • Ok, let's hear someone sing in German. If they can make that sound romantic they will be truly talented.

    • while I think people should sing in the language they choose, they should realize who their audience is. It should be about talent & Jovany didn't have it.

      • Newsflash: Approximately 1/3 the country speaks Spanish as a first language. To have one or two contestants for that percentage of the population to hear is indeed appropriate.

    • I agree with you. The national language of America is English. If you want to be an American idol, you need to sing in the national language. Most of us do not want to listen to someone sing something we don't understand, whether it's Spanish, French, etc.

      • Even if you don't understand the words it can be somewhat beautiful. Seriously. And if you think about it…..How many of us know ALL THE WORDS BEING SUNG When an Heavy Metal group is performing; or even Steven Tyer; and some Country Singers; Opera Singers.

      • The United States has no official language. The majority of us speak English, but that doesn't mean we don't have Spanish influence in our country's history.

    • While English is a primary language in the United States, the U.S. does not have a national official language. Thus, one speaking in Spanish or any other language on American Idol is acceptable.

    • Don't be a racist. This isn't English Language Idol, its American Idol. And in case you didn't get the memo, there are a lot of spanish speakers living in the United States that are US citizens and they are great people. Spanish is a great language.

    • OMG!! I totally agree. That really bugged me. Not that I don't enjoy a little "flava" but puh-leeze… she lost my vote by doing that.

      • Bottom line…This is about the dollars, who would buy a CD if you couldn't understand it?

      • I WOULD!!! If I really loved the BEAT; The Back Ground Music; the Orchrastra music; behind the singer[s] I would buy the CD. Heck I purchased the LAST CD Made with JOHNNY CASH; It's taken me a good few months if not longer to get the WORDS Just in the 1st cut on the CD!! The 2nd cut is SAD; but the GUITAIR SP? And PIANO in the back ground is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! So…I would BUY An CD Even if I didn't understand the words; AHHH The CD That was from "PHILLADELPHIA" There's an OPERITIC Song on the album; I HAVE LISTENED TO IT SO MANY TIMES!!! And I don't understand a single word in it.

    • Um please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Spanish was considered part of the American official language. Like I said I could be wrong. I am Canadian and English is spoken by a majority of us but both French and English are our official language and both are taught in our schools.

      I thought being an American meant embracing who you are and where you come from to create a truely multicultural country. If Karen had sung the whole song in Spanish I could understand the upset, but she didn't.

      Good Luck to all the contestants, and even though we can't vote for you in Canada we'll still be rooting for you!

      P.S I'm so happy Clint and Jordan are gone, their bad attitudes didn't fit my vision of a true American Idol.

  2. I wish Lauren Turner, Kendra and Rachel were in it. I do not understand Ashthon as a choice at ALL. I do not like her voice. She doesn't even come close to being as good as the above 3. Just kills me why they all like her so much. I could see (whispering between Randy and Jennifer on her first song) they were out to keep her. I cannot figure that out at all. I do like Naima very much. I was shocked when they picked her because her last song was not good; nevertheless, I am SO glad. She has a terrific voice and I guess the judges did not want to lose her because they knew that.

    But Ashthon–that just boggles my mind. Her voice is unpleasant to my ears!

    • I agree! So glad Naima got the wildcard, but was shocked Robbie didn't. Very happy for Stefano. And Ashthon its all in the attitude.

      • I agree…I would have chosen Lauren T or Kendra over Ashton "Jonsie" Jones. Do not particularily like her style. I am glad Naima got another chance and also Stefano. He definitely "sang" for his spot. Really glad James Durbin is right up there. He just Rocks.

        @ Marta….Thank you. 🙂

    • I agree also. Big Mistake not giving Lauren T a wild card shot. Picking Ashton makes me wonder if it is fixed. She choked both nights. Kendra smoked her and Niama. Why don't they just let America pick the top 12 or 13?

      • I know, Kendra and Lauren Turner were definitely robbed. Ashton is alright but the tone in her voice just bugs me and her new found confidence / attitude thing is over the top and annoying. Niami – Really? Seems like a wasted spot to me.

      • Y Didn't they AI Pick 14 instead of 13? Evening it out would've been better. Let Kendra STAY.

        I've ALWAYS Thought it was FIXED. Was SO HOPING That 'PROBLEM' Was GONE when Simon and Paula left. Guess Not.

  3. I am glad to see Paul McDonald in! Jacob Lusk has a good voice but I don't like his kind of music.

    • I agree, Jacob Lusk sings alright, but not the type of music for the majority, and he is the least marketable from the 13. Who would buy an album from him except the church ladies.

      • I am not a church lady and I think Jacob has the best tone of any of the contestants. His "kind" of music should be pleasing to anyone who likes lyrical and melodious music sung with passion and style. However, I do doubt that he will do particularly well on hip hop, rap or whatever Lady GaGa sings.

      • Who would buy an album from Jacob Lusk? I guess that would be the billions who bought albums from Luther Vandross!

      • AM NOT A CHURCH LADY!!! Oh I believe in a HIGHER POWER. AnD i Believe JACOB L. Is for EVERYONE TO ENJOY!! He's our Male Jennifer Hudson!!! Hope I got her name correct. it's nearly 2 am here. Have to watch Mum; she's a bit well lets just say she had too much to drink tonight. am tired.

    • Paul McDonald can just stand there and smile and thats good with me! He does actually have a really unique tone quality in his voice! He just comes across as calm, COOL, and collected without really even trying. Whats not to love here?

      • Didn't he sing with Kendra on BEATLES NIGHT? If he is the one I am thinking of; He and Miss Kendra should put an album out together; They sounded AWESOME.

  4. ASHTON SUCKS!!! Wrong choice, if she goes far in the competition, which I don't think she will, it's going to be a LONG season!!!

    • Hey, just to clarify, hp is not HP. Different person posting. Though I agree 🙂 with you, I would never say it online in that way.

  5. They really messed up not picking Lauren Turner. The judges NEVER had a negative thing to say about any of her performances…..but wait America doesn't know that because America only caught glimpses of her TALKING in the early season episodes…..and 15 second segments of her singing in maybe two episodes. Instead, we saw some crazy chick on meth make a fool out of herself, screw up in auditions, and get married….go figure. NObody got to see WHO Lauren Turner was and so when the voting went to America, they didn't know they SHOULD vote for HER! Big mistake AI…..Big mistake! Lauren Turner Rocks and will rock right past you! Thanks for being her stepping stone!

    • I totally agree about the mess up there. Why Ashthon over Lauren Turner, of all things? Makes NO sense at all. The only thing I can conclude is that they were looking at their figures and not paying any attention to their voices.

      Lauren Turner was just terrific. I loved her!

      • Thank you HP…..she is my cousin and we are really proud of her. She will be allright! 🙂 Visit her facebook and let her know what you thought of her! She will love hearing it!

      • Agreed. As I said elsewhere, Ashthon's cockiness, I believe, turned off the voters. It's as if she breezed in and said "OK everybody step aside; here's your winner." Although confidence is a good thing, she's defined herself as a total Diva right from the get-go. I would also rather have seen Lauren T.

      • Yup! So much for being a singing competition. But it looks like Ashton will do well in this year's added feature show– the bikini pool party week. SMH…

      • Looks are part of what makes one an "Idol" and it effects females more than males (otherwise how did that gray-haired guy win a few years ago?). Lauren has a distinct voice, but lacked the visual appeal of some of the others. However, I don't think Ashton or Naima would win any bikini contests either.

      • Cindy I will look her up on Facebook. I thought she was great and she would have been even better going further in the competition. LOL about AI spending so much time on the "Tweaker" being a total mess and getting married in Vegas. I mean who cares? Your cousin deserved better. And I did vote for her.

    • agreeeee….. and where the crazy chick right now?… does everybody know? sometime AI not being fair with the other contestants…

      • She wasn't serious about the AI AUDITION to begin with; and They TALKED her into staying?? Then Spend thousands of bucks to show her getting ousted and married in vegas?! WHO CARES?! Am Glad AI Isn't running our country.

    • You got that right Cindy. Overlooking Lauren T. was one of the bigger mistakes that AI has made in some time. This year's weird format made it much easier for them to make bad mistakes, and they came up with a doozy. The girl is GOOD and has a very interesting voice. But instead they elected to keep a few who have FAR less talent. Go figure! It's AI's loss. I wish Lauren well.

      • After that reference to Ashton and Bikini Pool Party..,I've suddenly acquired a taste for "Rump Roast"!

    • I agree Lauren Turner Should have gotten at the least a wild car shot. Ashton sucked Wednesday and She sucked again tonight. She missed several notes and her timing was off half the time. Kendra blew her off the stage. I like Niama, but Of her Ashton and Kendra, it should have been Kendra who got the slot. But they blew it but not giving Lauren Turner a hot. She was in the top 3 on girls night IMO

      • I agree with the confusion on why Ashton made it. Kendra and Lauren T. both had more powerful voices. Ashton just had attitude. IMO, the judges' choice is going to be wasted. Kendra and Lauren T. would have stayed on the show longer than Ashton will. As for Naima, I think she's going to do just fine.

    • I agree!!

      I think Lauren T is better than Ashton!

      I was so disappointed that she didn't even have a chance for a sing-off!

      I can't stand Ashton voice, too whiny!!

      I love Turner's!! it's a little bit rockish!! XD

  6. Tim didn't make it?… oh…damn!!! I Like him, coz he is sooo physically HOOOTTTT!!!

  7. i just cant believe robbie rosen got cut tonight whats wrong with the judges he so deserves to be there

  8. With so much talent this year they almost need a l bachlor ( Idol) redo …. They got it almost right I would have liked to see Robby , Jovany and Kendra they were amazing tonight! Next years idols for sure!

  9. Oops, may I "double-post?" I posted the following comments on another thread because I don't quite understand the overlap of the threads on this site, but I like Branden's postings, so I'm copying my other post here:

    Overall, I thought that the Final 16 was pretty strong, although I would have liked to have seen Alaina Turner and Kendra in there somewhere. (And from the guys' side, I really think Robbie's vocal control and modulation is just beautiful.)

    My other overall comment about the night is that the 6 who were picked to sing their way in sang their hearts out in a tough environment. I thought that Jovany and Ashthon were the weakest, but I also felt all along that the judges were determined to keep Ashthon in. (She’s a good singer and really works the stage, but she seems so cocky and such a Diva already that I think her arrogant attitude turned off the voters. Therefore, I think that Kendra or Alaina T. would have been a better choice than Ashthon.)

    So on we go, but kudos to the six who had to try to save themselves; they couldn’t have done much better.

    (Oh, and how about Rachel? She looked totally pissed off all night. I thought she looked as if she could bite the heads off every judge, and she didn’t seem at all gracious to the singers who did advance. She surely knew that she wouldn’t make it, after the judges trashed her performance from Wednesday night. She had a scowl on her face all night.)

  10. Im not sure why everyone is complaining about some contestants singing a little spanish… get over it… This is America!! Quit being living contradictions.

      • I just want to know what they are saying when they sing. Does the emotion in the voice match the lyric? Therefore, okay if you do what Karen did, but not Jovany.

  11. Kendra should have made the top 5,she was great and ya'll missed the boat by not picking her

      • I agree! The judges missed the boat not keeping Kendra. Talent that would have just grown. Reminded me of a Whitney/Mariah.

        They will go, America didn't vote them in and they won't vote them to stay. Unless they vote Karen out first.

    • What?? What does that even mean? "Weird mouth and nose?" Please have a little bit of ettique.( I spelled it wrong to make you feel more at home.)

      • This is a singing contest pure and simple. (I say that loosely.) Who cares about someone's nose. Ashton shouldn't be there…not because of anything but her voice. And I wish Karen would stop with all the ethnic stuff. She was chosen by Idol voters because she has a beautiful, beautiful voice. To see her in the clip screaming about how now the Latinos are going to run the show…well that was just so inappropriate.

  12. I was so thrilled that the judges chose Stephano. I tried voting on line and could not get on all night. He has a pure and beautiful voice and a pure and beautiful spirit.

  13. Might i just say that i am EXTREMELY upset at the fact that my two ABSOLUTE FAVORITE contestants, Robbie and Bret, are no longer on the freaking show. Nice job, America. Way to vote off two of the most talented, personable, and original contestants American Idol has had in about two years. I give you my applause.

    • Oh gosh, poi, have you been living under a rock? Yes, they are great!! and,,, what's that got to do with it?

    • I liked them too, but they both had a bad week and the competition was stiff. ill tell u one thing though, becuasee of all the good talent we lost we better get some amazing performances

  14. Well, I am very ya-ya that Paul made it thru!! He is my new favorite!! His voice!!! Oh, Jaycee was on " Ellen D. today" Our little man did him! self! justice!

    • Paul is my favorite, too! He has such a unique, classy style and a great, great voice. He is definitely in a separate plateau from the other finalists. (Though Naima has that uniqueness, too, I think–but delivers less consistently.)

      • Paul reminds me of Kix Brooks with those skinny legs in tight pants. I bet he hopes he has the same kind of career.

      • i like him too. 😀 and his craziness (quirkiness, rather)

        my mom loves paul. she said his voice is so much like the 'good old days' that it makes her feel so darned great.

  15. Based on the six performances tonight, I was really hoping that the judges would pick 4 — leaving out Ashthon and Jovany. And again, as many others and I are also saying, it's too bad that Lauren T. didn't get another chance.

  16. I wasn't shocked that America didn't vote in Lauren Turner, but I thought the judges would have enough sense to at least give her a chance to sing for her AI life. I guess they may have not considered her as marketable (total bunk) but she was one of the better and more interesting singing voices in the competition. It's so strange that she's gone without a chance. Ridiculous! Neither Ashton nor Naima can come close to Lauren T. or to Kendra for that matter. The guys they got right pretty much across the board. I haven't been a Stefano fan, but you have to hand it to him. He knocked that song way out of the park to keep himself in.

    • I totally agree with you on all points. This may very well be the last season for American Idol. The lack of true expertise in judging talent and the bad decisions we’re already seeing will surely make this year the last one to watch.

      • Sue, I could not disagree with you more. I like both the talent and the judges more than in any of the previous seasons. There are some of the best talent and more of it than any year. The judges are knowledgeable. The difference is that two of the three are performers themselves. They have auditioned in the past and know how it hurts to be told "no." They do it as nicely as they can. This is a good thing, America. It is called "courtesy."

      • WRONG. They the Judges made some mistakes;

        The PRODUCTION CREW; DIRECTORS; ETC; Made some Mistakes; better next year; Now that everyone has a FEEL For what WE TV VIEWERS Like and disliked about the 1st show without S.C. and P.A.

    • I couldn't agree more. You are right on all points. It was obvious they were going to go with the Ashton choice but I am a little confused about the Niami choice. And How come I haven't heard much about Clint. I mean I know people had a problem with him and the whole "JC" thing, but he was good. The dude could really sing!

  17. So happy to see James Durbin made it!! He gives sooo many people with Autism HOPE for achieving their dreams…not to mention hs is extremely talented in his own right!! Rock on James, you're a role model!

    • @ Mary…I so agree. James Durbin "ROCKS". What talent and stage presence and voice. Plus, he really appears to be a genuine nice person with a lot of soul. I can definitely see him and Pia Toscano vying for # 1. They both have what it takes. JMHO. Already excited about next week…LOL

      Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  18. I do not say this to be insulting, but neither Ashthon Jones or Naima Adedapo sang better than Kendra Chantell in the wild card sing-off. I know they both knew this as well by the look of shock on their faces that remained long after they were selected to go through. Although the other performers were also shocked at the time they were told they were going through, their expression of joy came immediately after their shock. Neither Ashton or Naima reacted this way because they were confused, and rightly so. I would say that I am shocked at the decision to let Kendra go under these circumstances, but I know that politics will always win out over talent. I hope the rest of this season isn't going this way because this will be the death knell for American Idol, at least for me and my family.

  19. I just wish JLo would shutup and let Randy finish his sentences. She interrupts too much and has taken an attitude she hasn't earned yet on "Idol".

    • I totally agree with you. She is so full of herself that no one else can have a different opinion.

      • True; I thought it was just me; Or jsut one time; but if you watch all the shows so far; she JLO Does Interrupt Randy several times. But Randy Interrupts Steven Tyler too. So who knows?

  20. Simon!!! Please come back. We need a judge who knows talent and can call it when he hears it. BTW, why didn't the show just take the top 12 the viewers picked? They could not be worse than the ones the judges chose tonight. Ashton? Naima? Really?

    • I totally agree with you on all points. This may very well be the last season for American Idol. The lack of true expertise in judging talent and the bad decisions we're already seeing will surely make this year the last one to watch.

      • I love all the picks tonight. It's hard not to. The talent this year has been tough to judge because they all have talent. I wish Ashton & Naima the best & Stepano has always been a favorite. He is definitely Idol material. I think America picked the right ones and the judges had a tough choice and I think they did good for the entertainment factor. I think Stefano should have been in the top 10. There truely is a top 11 this year. Love the new judges, they're making it interesting for a change.

    • I absolutely agree! Since Simon lefted this show is kind of boring. Always good comments even thought the performances sucked. Randy is giving some rude comments and I like it! You gotta take the critics if you want to learn…

      • Why does being a jerk make things interesting to people? Those kids are human beings who have their hopes and dreams at stake and deserve to be let down as easily as possible. It is not necessary to be one of those things that Jesus rode around the desert on to be a good judge.

    • That is Idol's biggest danger. If it becomes total mush in the way of critical judgment then everyone will know the show has turned to garbage. Simon might have been a jerk at times, but he gave the show nearly all of its credibility in the music industry. At least to Randy's credit he's trying to be more honest when he knows a contestant didn't do a good job. That's why he finds himself at odds with Steven and Jennifer all too often. It's a tough industry and the worst thing you can do to a person is lie to them and tell them they're good when they're not. That's downright cruel! I guess at least Jennifer is not as bad as Paula was in that regard.

    • I miss Simon too. It would have been fun to see all four on the panel. Talk about entertainment. And of course he would have had some input on those that were chosen as wild card picks. 🙁

      • Are you kidding, lol. You should have seen the some of the joke acts they picked fot the UK's X-Factor last year. We regard it as more of a joke than a singing contest now. This is the first time I have watched the American version and I have to say, your Counrty's talent just blew me away.

  21. Lauren t?eliminated?

    America is insane?

    what’s happening?

    but Scotty and Pia my favorite.Good luck(no lusk)

    • they are my super favorite, too.

      i think pia will be this year's american idol. IMO.

  22. totally should have kept Kendra.. Big Big Big

    mistake.. watch out for her, Big Mistake!

  23. People had to be deaf not to know Kendra is the one.

    Watch out for her in the future.. Perfect performer

    Great voice..


  24. Judges said wildcard decision would be based on singing tonight. Well…IMO Kendra out sang Ashton by a mile. All Ashton's got is attitude. And to compare her to Diana Ross is a slap to Ms. Ross. Stefano did not out sign Robbie Rosen either. All night they said top 12….then they decided to take a third. That means someone got a pity vote from the judges. And I think Naima got it for her tears. Although, I do think she's got a great voice and a great heart.

  25. I want Simon Cowell to come back! He picked true talent singers, Ashton DOES NOT fit in that CATEGORY!

    • Disagree.

      Lauren t, robin,clint were good but ashthon is better(a little).

      you love simon go and see "The X Factor"

      but you should tolerate paula too!!

      • I would like to see Simon back too! He kept the judges from voting with their hearts rather than their ears, which I see a lot of now.

  26. All of my personal predictions are in and I am happy 🙂 but I can say Robbie should be in too, pity they decide to have 13 and not 14. In my opinion this season is OMG so tough! all are so good in their styles. Very very hard to pick a winner at this stage awesome talent in here!

  27. Robbie should have made it thought — not good. You put Ashton through and not him — not good. The rest of choices were good though.

    Ashton needs to tone it down — the public does not like contestants like that — too cocky and a total turnoff!!!!

    Steven is doing a great job!

    • I love when a Candidate takes that "Mic" with AUTHORITY and what better song choice than the one in which Ashton chose, if she wanted to be gentle with it it'd serve better in the hands of Thia cause she's "Sweet" as spice!

      There's an ol' acronym by Nicholas Cage:

      B.A.D. (You figure it out), Attitude, and Direction of which Ashton has got all three even if she lacks "Literally" the first!

    • Mr. Tyler is going too much with his heart; He needs to sit back in that leather chair close his eyes and LISTEN. PLEASE DUDE!!

  28. America is the whole atmosphere, meaning north,central and south. So that includes every culture and language. Last time I checked the first settlement in the "New World" was The Hispañola modern day Dominican Republic/Haiti. So instead of talking bullsh*t, get your facts straight. (Just a little history lesson for the unknown) THANK YOU.

  29. Naima Adedapo may not have been chosen since the American voters are a bunch of kids voting, but the fact is, is that she can sing. Ella Fitzgerald wouldn't appeal to a bunch of 12 year old either, but she is a legend. Naima don't give up. As a fan of some of the greatest Jazz legends we've ever had; Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O'Day, you are a true singer! I have the feeling this isn't going to be the last America hears from you!

    • I hope you're right! She's got a distinctive style that could take her a long way, even without Am Ido if someone gives her a chance.

      • I could shut my eyes and listen to her all day or night. I just don't know if she has the music video appeal.

  30. Naima reminds me of Sade and I like that she's in. But Lauren T should have been chosen before Ashthon who forgot her lyrics in Hollywood week; too many good singers to put through somebody who seriously screwed up and who isn't as good as some others in the top 24.

  31. I love the singing quality of Jacob Lusk he is the best singer they have and I am so glad Naima was saved, she has soul and character and a lot of heart. But they all did great tonight.

  32. Um, I completely disagree. Naima is one of the most talented singers on the show. Stefano performed the best he ever has- so we might agree on him. Ashton- weakest of the top 13. Diana Ross she is not.

    • Why didn't America get to pick the top 12? If they wanted to save somebody, they should have just picked one, and let America pick the rest. The Judges have enough influence in the way people vote by their comments, but usually (not always) the voters do pretty well at getting it right.

    • Judy..,please don't leave..,cause if you leave me now..,you'll take away the biggest part of me..,eeewwwehhh..,please don't go! Hang in there, critics are say'in my Fem.Fav.(Naima)is lingering on borrowed time! I got my back up plan in James Durbin and still yet, Scotty! You can't chirp out hitt'in three wheel motion..,you gots ta throw on the spare!

  33. i feel like crying. i love robbie rosen and brett and tim? why them? why?!!!

    • Great Talent dispersed itself when they said good bye to the Lil' Plump Guy, (J.C.) He was "Quality" and my eyes are dry..,Go NAIMA!

  34. I also love Lauren and hope she sings a song next week that really shows off her vocal skills. Amazing voice!

  35. An American can be English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American can be Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, Arab, Pakistani or Afghan. An American may also be a Cree, Métis, Mohawk, Blackfoot, Sioux, or one of the many other tribes known as native American. An American's religious beliefs range from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Baha’i, Shaman or none. In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Afghanistan . The key difference is that in the US they are free to worship as each of them chooses. Whether they have a religion or no religion, each Canadian ultimately answers only to God, not to the government, or to armed thugs claiming to speak for the government and for God.

    • It just American Idol, not a history lesson, and your spelling is remarkable. Just making it to the top 24 in the nation is remarkable too. Congrats to all.

  36. Stefano was amazing tonight. I must have listened to him sing that song 20 times tonight. I am so glad they picked him. I'm sad that jovanny didn't make it though. I liked Robbie too. SO many good kids.

  37. Without knowing that 13 people would make it instead of 12, 10 out of the 12 people I picked to make it through did go through. The top 10 that America picked was dead on in my opinion. Great top 10. The judges through me off a bit with their wildcard picks, though. I thought Brett and Lauren Turner should've gotten the opportunity to sing instead of Ashton and Robbie. Ashton just bothers me and I think she'll be the first to go out of this 13. Robbie on the other hand was a pleasant surprise. Even though I thought Brett should've sang instead, I'm glad Robbie got the chance. He's an amazing singer, but the problem with him is that he just doesn't stand out. Now out of the 6 that did sing, if I were to pick 3 of them, I would've picked Jovany, Stephano, and Kendra. Naima did a good job and I'm not complaining too much about her being in, but Kendra outsang both her and Ashton by far. When all is said and done, the one person I will miss from this is Kendra. In my opinion, she sang absolutely amazing yesterday and did an incredible job again tonight. I was excited to see more of her, but alas I don't get to.

  38. I did not like Ashton – too over the top, and didn't know when to say when.

  39. Kendra didn't get chosen because she started out off-key, then missed a few other notes…and she knew it, you could see it in her face. Had to replay it because the musician sitting next to me was too busy talking to someone else, and he didn't catch it, nor did he believe me. She ended strong, but Naima and Ashton, as annoying as she can be, nailed their songs.

    • don't agree with you; thought Kendra NAILED IT. Perhaps she has an Recording Deal in the works; Or she's slated to try out for the new Simon C. Show; Maybe this is WHY the 'sleeping judges' didn't pick her? I can find no other reason? And when she sang for her life; she got an standing ovation; even from the Judges; so there is SOMETHING GOING ON HERE for Kendra NOT to have made it??

  40. Wild cards, smild cards, they don't matter. After the top 3 guys and top three girls, the rest are just along for the ride anyway. Jacob, Scotty, Casey, Pia, Thia, and Alaina are the top 6.

    • James Durbin put Judas Priest on the A.I. map like Bonds put A.S.U. on the map in America's other Favorite Past Time!James Durbin is gonna make a believer out of you..,and if we should fail..,Popeye's 14 Piece is on Me!

  41. I have watched Idol since inception, and I cannot believe people are griping about the talent level on here this year and about how bad it is and how this will be Idol's last year because of it… Season 9, do you remember Tim Urban, Paige Miles, Lacey Brown, Katie Stevens, Didi Benami, Andrew Garcia, Aaron Kelly, 7 of the top 12 that couldn't even hold a candle to Most of ALL of this seasons contestants, and the way they did this years format, I don't think anyone from last year except Crystal could have survived a first week like this… Season 8, besides Adam, Allison, and Danny, and maybe the winner Kris, do you know any of the OTHER 8 that might be able to hold a note to this years 13? Season 7, The Great David Cook, Carly, Michael Johns, and Archie, and that leaves 8 that again pale to the 13 this year, and pale to any of them… Season 6, and Oh Boy what a season that was! Maybe the winner Jordin Sparks could go a round a two with a couple of the bottom girls, but she is surely outclassed by 3/4th of this years field, and that leaves 11 others that would be blown out of the water by all 13 of this years contestants… Season 5, Daughtry, and could even the winner Taylor Hicks out vote any of this years contestants? And I liked Hicks, but I don't know! Season 4, The Year of Carrie, and Bo, and nobody else to give this years cast any scare… Season 3, Fantasia, I like Fantasia, but I still say she came at the right time for her Idol win, and we had Jennifer Hudson, but that be it… Season 2, the year of Reuben and Clay, and Kimberly Locke, nobody else worth mentioning… Season 1, the year of Kelly, and Tamyra…

    So with all the catcalls going out to the top 13 this year, look at the strength of it, is there an RJ Helton, a Jim Verraros, an EJay Day, a Vanessa Olivarez, a Charles Grigsby, a Leah LaBelle, a John Stevens, a Jon Peter Lewis, a Camile Velasco, a Mikalah Gordon, a Jessica Sierra, a Melissa McGhee, a Kevin Covais, a Sanjaya Malakar, a Brandon Rogers, a Chris Sligh, a Stephanie Edwards, Jason Castro, a Jasmine Murray, a Jorge Nuñez, NO, there are NONE of these types of singers in this years Top 13, and this will be the very first time Idol has not had 1, much less at least 2 horrible one's and a supporting cast of 5 or 6 that you knew weren't going anywhere but off idol soon… This year there are like at least 3 that have a legitimate shot at winning the crown, and with a couple right moves maybe a couple more poised to move in for an upset… The field is stronger overall, and for the first time since season 2, we might really have a race to the finish!!!

    • Good synopsis/comparison of talent over the years. I, too, have watched 'em all very closely. This is a very talented group, and there's no obvious "joke" of a singer — somebody thrown into the mix just to crank up the "Vote for the Worst" crowd. As always, each of us can wish for a substitute or two among the picks, but overall the grup is strong, and I'm looking forward to seeing it unfold.

    • ugh, Kris? Taylor hicks? heck they cant even compare to some of the people they let go from the top 40. but i'd have to say, some of those they did choose to eventually get in the top 24 shouldnt have had gotten in. period. 😀

    • OK OK, but you left out a few really good people that need to be mentioned. Kathrine McVie I think her name was…. She was phenomenal. And there was a girl named Latoya, and Belinda Doolittle was also awesome. What about Elliot? Now These people had serious talent!

    • I couldn't agree with you more, Brian. The six kids who sang for the wild card spots (not to mention the top ten) were all better than most of the contestants in the past years. This is the best crop of pure singers ever, and I didn't envy the judges having to make that decision. I'd quibble about a couple of them (Kendra and Rachel were two of my favorites, but that's probably just the guy in me talking!), but I think anybody could come second this year. Only one will win, and if it isn't Jacob Lusk, that will be only because of the type of prejudice I am seeing displayed on this forum. I can't believe he has hardly been mentioned. He is incredibly talented, and just needs somebody to coach him to learn better control. If it isn't Jacob, I think James or Casey will take it. Looks like another men's year. Look for Pia and Karen to be the last girls standing, although there could be more surprises there. It should definitely be interesting, and hopefully a lot more pleasant, without that Brit curmudgeon on the judging panel, playing footsy with "Pauler."

  42. Naima is a waste of the TOP13 spot. In the first place she should not have made it to the TOP24 and he looks and he way of singing…YUCKS!!!!Being a JANITIR suits her BEST!!!

    • How sad that you choose to denigrate Naima because she is a cleaning woman. Any honest labor is honorable. Shame on you.

    • How DARE YOU MAN!!! At Least She has a bloody JOB!!! An Janitor is NOTHING to be ashamed of!! U have got to be one of those damn RICH ASS SNOBS From UP NORTH OR CALF. Too BAD FOR YOU.

  43. Anyone i work with could not believe that brett was chosen to begin with. Everyone thought colton would have been picked. He was excellent on his piano and voice. WOnder if colton would have gone further.

    • Yup, if folks think that James is just a flash-in-the-pan, then they gots another thing coming..,Only flash in the pan he is..,is if you was panning for "GOLD"!

  44. I thought Robbie sang his heart out are you kidding me Ashton over him..Woow……….So disappointed.

  45. What is Steven Tyler's obsession with Naimi. Come on guys. How can you let Jovany go and choose her? America willl just vote her off within the first two weeks

    • Naima deserves to be there. She has a ton of talent. I can easily see her on stage. She has a real presence and her clothes are so stylish, clourful and unique. I am so pleased that there will be more of her performances. Thia has the most pure voice and will go far also.

      • Her clothes are quite common in Asia. They have just been improvised here and there. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

      • Glad they pick Naima & Ashton. bot are original & have great voice. Naima style & voice kinda reminds me of Japanese famous singer Mika Nakashima.

    • Very pleased too that Naima is in. She's a unique natural and sings effortlessly. Exotic flower is what Jennifer said and I agree. I believe we haven't seen the best of her yet. The judges know talent when they see it.

  46. I thought the best girl singer going into this top 24 was Julie Zarilla, that is until last night. She had a horrible performance completely wrong song choice. So no surprise she is gone. I am shocked that Kendra didn't make it, the judges missed on this one. Tough competition and at this point I think it's still wide open.

    • yes julie, was one of top choices too but she really did do lousy this week. Sad to see her not be in the top 13 very poor song choice for her. Did you see the judges faces-they looked bored when she sang-i know i was.

  47. Although I greatly miss Simon, I think it would be beneficial to "Idol" to have different judges every year. And although I am not a fan of Jennifer Lopez's music or films, I think she is doing a great job as a judge. The talent this year was incredible and as for the wild card picks, this ploy is all about the "dramatic" effect and letting America pick the top 13 would have cut the time of the show in half and rendered it not nearly as interesting. After all, "Idol" is a "show" and its main purpose is to "entertain" us and so it does!!!

    • You hit the nail "On The Head" , yup Randy Jackson is the reason why Candidates Shall "Not" take for "Granted" their "Lime-Light Luster"!


      • I like my Netherweave Bag 16 Slot and "Not" IMBUED but won't stop watching A. I. just because Karen Rodriguez embraces her "Freedom of Speech" unlike she Embraces her American Citizenship! I refer to K.R. as such and none other than..,please refrain from Unpleasantries!

  49. I seriously think that they should of let Clint stay.It really annoys me that they didnt even mention his name.Instead they let Robby in who is bad.It's really stupid.

    • When you boot someone out of the group, you get booted out of the group no matter how good you are.

      • Agreed. Don't cry over him at all. Sometimes it is more then just singing that matters

      • @ Karma….I agree…and it was karma playing a factor with both Clint and Jordan…good riddance. Overall, pleased with the choices. Would have preferred Kendra or Lauren T. over Ashton "Jonsie" Jones…I doubt that she will stay on very long… her "divaesque" attitude will be her "karma"…it is one thing to have attitude and another to be just annoying. JMHO. Looking forward to seeing what next week brings.

        Hello to Phyllis, Angela and Sherry K. Love you. Whoo Hoo ~!!! 🙂

    • Yeah right… Clint is far more better than robbie… And also kendra was very good…

      • i keep forgetting who clint is and have to go back to the idol site to see… he doesnt have a bit of a fanbase thats why he didnt get through.

  50. So this season is different for a lot of reasons. 15 yr olds are in. I'm not sure how to feel about one of them. (Thia). I think this season is more rigged than any of the others. They are pushing the bass playing guy hard. Have been from the beginning. I have been a fan of AI since the beginning but this year is stretching it for me. Randy is trying to be the new Simon, but clearly he still has his favorites as in other seasons. Naima totally failed her song but (no surprise) she is in. It is frustrating to me. Any thoughts? I may just have to fins another show to watch this season. 🙁

    • Wendy, I am not the begging type..,but please don't go girl..,It would ruin my whole world!

      I won't beg to stay, even though Karen Rod. "Imbues" the American Way! See how it all "Pans Out"..,and if you still aren't happy then together We'll Share that 14 Piece of Popeye's (Spicy)!..,Some like it HOT!!!!!!

  51. I would have picked all 3 guys over the girls in a heart beat! Why couldn't they do that? I am so disappointed.

  52. I am sooooo mad KENDRA SHOULD HAVE MAD IT!!!! not naima and ashton what hell were they thinking and Rodriguez this is American idol sing so we can understand u SO I HATE NAIMA, ASHTON AND RODRIGUEZ!!!!!! I HOPE U ALL FALL OFF THE STAGE!!!!

    • I DO NOT like Karen at all and I hope she bombs. As for the other two I don't care either way. BUT Lauren T. should have made it…she got robbed!

    • When they told Karen she made it to the top 24 last week, something clicked. I saw right there that somehow she will be the next A.I. I don't want to throw the conspiracy word around, but A.I. hasn't had a hispanic winner and the last three winners have been guys. Being that she's a hispanic female would cover them this season. Keep your eye on Karen because I don't see her going anywhere anytime soon. I say she makes it to the finale.

      • Glenn you could be right. That might be exactly why the better singers weren't asked to even sing for the wild card spot. (i.e. Lauren T) because the judges knew that the Lauren T would sing her way to a top spot and knock the mediocres out…(Naimi and Ashthon and then eventually Karen)…..with Lauren T out of the picture Karen has a good chance of beating Naimi and Ashthon at least….but I don't know how she will beat the rest of the talent in the Top 13?? We will see, i guess..

  53. Kendra Chantelle should never have had to be in a sing-off. I hope real music pros took note. We have viewers hooked on Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan determining outcomes and B-listers trying to be profound as judges. Oh, yeah…loved the J-Lo video plug inserted during the cliffhanger. (Wasn't the "song" about Louboutins enough?)

    Kendra…hope to hear more from you. REAL talent scouts take note.

    • but then again, this is American Idol. i am just glad eight of my picks got chosen 😀

  54. Kendra deserved to make it past this cut. So Jovani. I'm disappointed Laura (awesome voice), Kendra and Jovani didn't make it. I'd trade the Hispanic singer (awesome but too gentle for me) and the Diva for Laura and Jovoani.

  55. i think the top 13 should give it to a guy not a girl because this year guy are talent than girl :(…..

    sad to see Tim,Robbie and Clint to go…

  56. AI is a manipulative contest by the producers. They claimed the public is voting not so, it's just to get your money folks. The producers pick who they want, and who the recording studios are interested in, it's all about the MONEY, and what the contestant look like.RACE plays a BIG part in this also the Blacks and Spanish are usually the first to go. Jacob was only picked because they had no choice he is SUPER TALENTED and the producers manipulating strategy would shine through for all to see. A latin singer should be able to sing in spanish if they want, remember folks this is the USA.

    • You know, I served Proudly for the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS and need I remind you..,I'm AMERICAN first, and Mexican/Sicilian second!

      • I know I would be happy to see the hispanic singer first to go. DON'T like her at all. She's throwing way too much Brown pride out there. It's not a political rally, it's a singing contest. Let's keep it that way.

      • you go boy if you are born in America ,live and work here and serve in the Military, you are an AMERICAN, no matter where your ancestors come from

    • talent is there and has nothing to do with color, prove it to your self, close your eyes and listen with your ears and heart and you can't tell what color or natioality they are

      • Go Martha!!! I agree. I never even thought to think of what ethnic group any of the contestants were in… So many comments are race/ethnic oriented…?!?

  57. For once, I cannot say hands-down whom the winner will be! James Durbin is Awesome and leaves it all on the stage! Scotty is Peyton Manning gone Country(Good Thing), and Naima is the reason I need to cast my vote(This year's Dark Horse..,you watch!)Everyone else deserves to be there as well..,Now, Karen..,This "Is" American Idol? (Wink, Wink)

      • I was pumped when they picked Naima. She's the only chick I really like. And Casey + Jacob + Paul are the guys. that's my top 4!

  58. I love Lauren!! She has a soft yet powerful voice.. when she sings, she gives me chill.. why should she go home?? 🙁 .. please come back next year, Lauren!!

    and be the next American Idol.!

  59. I would like to make comments about the judges.. I think they've done a great job.. I find the top 24 are fab. singers.. I adore Jennifer.. she's strict, determined, yet still has a soft good heart.. plus a breath-taking look.. Randy and Steven, I love you too 🙂 .. the three of you make a great combination!

    • I like Steven Tyler, his take on Music is great, and if you are a singer, he will tell you, great job

  60. Very suprised Clint didn't at least get a chance at the judges pick. I realize whe may not have the look, but the guy can really sing!! And how in the world did Naima get in over Kendra. Kendra was awesome in the sing off. Overall, thought the top 11 were great, but very suprised about the last few spots!!

    • No doubt Clint has more talent then the others who got pciked as wild cards (male and females) but my guess is the judges didn't see the point. After making him look like an ahole during hollywood week he would just be voted off anyway. Better give the chance to someone who potentially could go far.

      As for Kendra I don't quite see her greatness but I would agree that based on vocals alone there is no way Naima should go through. She's there because of her name, her origin and the way she dresses; though she did have some nice moves on wednesday.

      By the way I have nothing against more latinos on the show (I'm brazilian myself) but I think the way Karen plays the latino card is entertaining but really cheap. You just know she wouldn't be there based on her perfomances..

      • @ el toro….the judges did not make Clint look like an A-hole….Clint did that all by himself evidenced by his mean spirited behavior. JMHO

  61. Thia's voice is better than Charice. I am so happy to see her in the top 10 (13). Congrats American people.

  62. Well, I was holding my breath, so afraid Stephano wldn't get in, but am so happy he did. A real rip off, Lauren T didn't get in. I really liked Robbie and Jovany, Idols loss as far as I'm concerned. Not happy Ashton got in, Can't stand Naime and her whiney tearful face all the time,and I hope that Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk get knocked off right away. Other then that I am very very happy with the rest of the group.

    • jacob blew me away and I have been an idol fan from season 1, but his voice is so pure that it fills the room and if you have feelings at all it takes you to another place

  63. And in reply to a previous post that Naima is a "dark horse" I think not, she won't last long ! Remember, American did not vote her in the top 10….

    • I Respectfully remind you;Sir, that I did not cast my vote at all and due to the fact "my voice was unheard/so to speak" and her(Naima)'s granted "Extended" stay can only "BE RE-INFORCED" by folks such as myself "Rock-The-Vote"..,Capiche?

      • You see, you made me go "Sicilian" on you! (And I'm as AMERICAN as Apple Pie) I think I owe "Ol' Karen" an Apology..,now! That 14 Piece of Popeye's I also mentioned, well, 12 pieces for me and 1 each for you and Wendy if neither one of us has his/her way with how it all pans out, bro! (Cheers Mate!)

  64. After reading every comment and every reply I'm really disappointed that America doesn't love Ashton. Before she was compared to Diana Ross, I was thinking the same thing. Ashton has a very sexy bottom — like Jennifer Lopez — and after reading all the negative comments I guess America won't be voting for her. Remember a few years ago, there was a huge upset because America didn't vote for the best female singers because they were black, unfortunately it sounds like this is about to happen again. I will rewind and listen to Kendra again though, just because I want to be open-minded.

    • kendra does have good lungs… but she's pretty boring when she sings. you look at her and feel uhm…. nothing great. not the next carrie or kelly. oh, but she'll be a great lounge singer…

      • It's not all because she is black, her (Ashton) attitude is horrible!!! I don't think she's that great of a singer… She annoys the S##t out of me!! Is there a button you can push to vote someone off!?!

    • Gail, you are correct, America is a country of perpetual racism, and it's proven on AI each season.Too bad people can't see others for their contributions and not the color of thei skin.

  65. The judges did an amazing job in picking the 24. The 13 was pretty tough. This season is the best ever! All the contestants are extremely talented. We will not be bored. It is just too bad that AI wants to pigeonhole these amazing talents into a pop star. Are any of the former AI winners still on the radar? Doing concerts? We need someone who is unique this season. I'm just sayin'

  66. Thia Megia has the best voice this season. Her tone is flawless. She has a big chance.

  67. Casey, Paul, Pia, Thia, James..

    so happy that my top 5 did make it at the top 13!!!


  68. I bet the first two to go will be Ashton Jones and Karen Rodriguez. I hope Ashton goes next week she does not deserve to be there. And I am mad Lauren T did not get a wild card shot even.

  69. I liked most of the choices, but would have loved to see Jovany and robbie rosen is amazing , but I think thatthey needed to pick one more girl to even the odds, The kids this year are all so talented that I am sure that some way, we will be hearing from them no matter who wins

  70. I predicted the top 5 guys, I guessed 3 out of 5 top girls and I'm overall happy with the Top 10… but the wildcard section was complete and utter bull****! I don't get Ashton, she does nothing for me… I don't get Stefano, in fact his voice sounds a bit annoying to me… and while my heart goes out to Naima for her life situation, her singing is… well, just not all that, I guess… Robbie blew his chance last night, so did Jovany… I think Kendra did well and should be put through… also I think there's been a huge injustice done to Lauren Turner… her performance on girls' night was great… she deserved better…

    • Jovany is horrible, his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Plus his performances are boring. Robbie is a good singer, but he is boring much more entertaining when he is on the piano. I wonder what the outcome would have been if they were able to play instruments, Robbie might have been excellent.

  71. I didn't watch the guys sing so I can't really comment on them. But as far as the women go I'm amazed that every time I hear Thia sing she hits every note. Beautiful voice. Hard to believe she was booted off AGT and some hick chicken catcher won a couple of seasons ago. But even on idol the fan vote carries the day. Now way the off key singing Lee beats Crystal last year.

  72. I am REALLY grateful to judges that Naima got to stay. I am a huge fan – she is just so orginal – maybe something like SADE. I should have voted, I need to do it next time.

    Apart from that I believe this is a fantastic season for American Idol.. who will think? Judges are great and Simon made a savyy to leave. He was bored and the projected that energy around. This season is amazing. Concenstants are amazing. they are all very different – and I have to say great job so far.

  73. thought they should have picked all three boys as the extras. Didn't think any of the girls were very good. Do you think the judges just went by the results of the voting and acted as if they did the choosing?

    • Ashton=Nicholas Cage's definition of B.A.D.(You figure it out), Attitude, and Direction even if she lacks "Literally" first ingredient!

      Stephano=Aside from a "Captivating" voice any Hetero-Sexual Male would likewise tell you that "Good Lucks" work wonders!

      Naima=Stage Presence, you make that stage your Pedestal!

      • "Good Looks", yeah luck plays it's role as well, but that's beside the point!

  74. i hate thia… everyone in the f*cking Philippines can sing like her. she's not even pretty.

    • wow ! what do you think you are ?

      don't estimate thia and PHILIPPINES because

      filipino can sing .

      • wow . are you BLIND ? FACE YOUR SELF TO MIRROR . and ask your self .

        hey BITCH don't judge the book by it's cover remember right ?

        gago gago pilipino kahit saan mu hamunin

        lalaban yan ambut sa imo

    • Yup, Scotty, James, and Naima got me pulled in 3 different directions..,with my free hand I'd like to shake Randy Jackson's Hand and tell him..,"Keep chew'in em' and spitt'in em' out..,lest they get complacent and someone like Casey steals the Show!

  75. how did karen get in?!?!?!

    the girls, most of em who got in i like, except one, so its fine. i didn't like julie so it was fine to see her go. as well as rachel and tatynisa. but my heart breaks for lauren. sigh.

    for the guys, well, four of them i really like, so no complaints… oh well, except, why oh why didnt Brett get in?

    • latin votes maybe?

      my question is how haley got in? I mean she's no worse then any of the other girls but I don't see her appeal. Why do people vote for her?

      As for Lauren she's got charisma off the stage.. But her singing isn't amazing; but then again the same goes for pretty much all the girls. I think Kelly might have ruined AI by being so awesome in the first season. God I miss her

    • I do too! Brett definitely has raw talent and I love his quirky down to earth personality. He is still so young and can't wait to see how he grows and matures with his music in a few years. Reminds me of Simply Red from back in the day.

  76. I just have to say, I'm from NZ and we have only just seen the 24 perform. Tomorrow we will get to see who gets in…well I couldn't wait and had to know. Very pleased to see Naima and Jacob in. Sorry America, by the sounds of it the majority here don't like Naima. My thoughts are the same to the few who do. All contestants were great! but my two favourites stand. I well just aswell for America I can't vote.:)

    • Oops! I mean Oh well…not I well lol.and the semi colon and the bracket was suppose to be a smiley face.

      • If Naima doesn't command the people's respect for wearing her heart on her sleeve like Stefano does his then we'll just have to send "Jake the Mus" after em'! I Love Maori folks!

  77. Kendra Chantelle! I cannot believe it! How was it that she wasn't picked?? HA?!

    Are the judges TONE DEAF??


    Her low deep tone and the way she hit those notes towards the end of her performance??

    How could they?

    J.Lo sucks!

    • play it again and listen how many notes she failed. ;D she'd be a great lounge singer though… 😀

  78. My favorite 5, Thia Megia, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, Casey Abrams, and James Durbin all made it so I was happy. I thought Naima performed well last night. I have NEVER liked Paul…without his beautiful smile, would he have made the top 10??? And I don't like Ashton as much as everyone else does. Well see what happens….

  79. Sad to see Brett go. I was a fan of his from the beginning, he just wasn't Idol Material. I think they got the cuts right. I just really think that instead of Jovany they should of let Brett or Tim sing. They were much better then he was.

  80. WOW!. Such a great group for the top 13! I'm so HAPPY that Scotty McCreery made it, hes defiantly the one im rooting for all the way!. Good luck to all that remains!

    • I like the next Johnny Cash also. Even if he doesn't win I think country music will scoop him up.

  81. i love thia proud to be PINOY .

    GO THIA . represnt PILIPINAS . 🙂 mabuhay yepeee . ahah . watsappp

  82. I missed it by 1 for the guys. Called Casey, James, Jacob and Paul correct. I still think Jovanny should have gone through. While I don't care too much for country and everyone has their own opinion on music, Scotty did have a great performance, but he will be over matched by 2 of these guys in James and Jacob. The girls on the other hand missed it by 1. I got Karen, Lauren A., Pia and Thia. I don't know about Haley as she tends to have her moments, but again the powerful ones are Pia and Lauren. I do believe Lauren T. should not have been a wild card but yet I would have traded her for Haley. As far as the wild card, Stephano is ok and the other 2 spots should have went to Jovanny and Kendra. Niama and Ashton won't be there long especially Ashton…too much diva, too much drama and you know what drama gets you…karma! Just ask Jordan Dorsey and Clint Jun Gamboa. Not sorry to see them go. This business people need to be professional as well and have a very good character. JMHO!

  83. All but 1 of the top 10, I would have picked. I can't remember the name of the girl I would not have picked, but it was the blonde who wore her hair up last night and wore a colorful shirt with one should bare. I would have chosen Ashton in her place. So the blonde and Naima and Stefano are my first choices to go. I like all the rest of them, but my absolute favs are Scotty, Casey, Jacob, Pia, Hailey and Ashton. They are my picks for the top 6.

  84. Um…dudes…this is about singing, not race/ethnicity and not looks. Am kind of shocked at all the race/ethnic comments. Who cares what race??? Shut your eyes and listen!!!!!!!!!!

  85. I'm so happy because Scotty McCreery,Thia and James Durbin in the top 13…

  86. I totally agree that Lauren Turner would be a much better addition then Naime or whatever her name is. I'm not a big Ashton fan either. I loved Brett's voice and am saddened that he didn't make it. Most of my favorites did though so I will keep watching.

  87. Naima should never have been in the Top 13….America got it right the first time. She's way too dramatic and doesn't have the depth in her voice. However, we'll see in the coming weeks. I think she'll be the first to go.

    • I agree she is awful, drama queen. Robbi should have made the top group. The judges are pretty good this season, did not think I would enjoy the show anymore, but I am surprised.

    • I was very sorry that Robbie didn't get to move on, even if he only lasted a few more weeks. It seems like the wild cards all ended up being one judges personal favorite from the earlier weeks. I was also happy I guessed all the Top 10 correctly! Now if I could only do that with Lottery numbers! LOL

  88. Naima doesn't belong in the final "13". She doesn't have "the package" as they constantly refer to. Also, Karen has taken the "Latinos are back baby" too far. Just sing on your own merits and leave ethnicity out of it! GO LAUREN AND SCOTTY!

    • I agree, Kendra can sing better than Ashton or Naima. and Karen is a joke, she can't even sing, I've been gone from Idol for several years and am sad to find out it's STILl a popularity contest, instead of being judged on talent. Ashton and Naima were not in the top 10 for a REASON! And Pia, come on people, seriously?? she's beautiful but doesn't sing any better than a karoke singer.

      • Karen cannot sing??? Ashton and Naima cannot sing??? But Kendra can sing better than any of those girls??? Kendra couldn't even carry her notes.

        Dude, just give AI a miss and wait for the x factor starring simon and cheryl cole. I'm sure you'll love their big star – cher lloyd – keep an eye out for her album which should be dropping soon.

        Ashton didn't get into the top ten because of her attitude, not her singing, and at least 50% of people on here think Naima gave a stunning performance.

        tell you what though, I wouldn't wanna look at your record collection…

  89. SOOOO Happy that Clint is not in the 13. After the way he treated other contestants in the audtion process he did not deserve to move on.

    • Bad karma, baby! It wasn't a good move to kick Jacee out of the group & show such disregard about it afterwards! Scotty showed us the other side…. 🙂 Go Scotty!

    • soooooo! True, i was waiting for this day to come for Clint!!!!!!! Carma isn't nice :)By Clint!!!!

  90. Lauren should have gotten a chance to sing again. She did so much better than the 3 wild card girls. The only positive comment Randy gave Ashton was that he liked her attitude, which, in my opinion, stunk – arrogant and presumptuous "I'm not going home" – yuk. Clint blew it with what he did Hollywood week, then the judges and press capitalizing on it – don't you think other cut-throat things went on, but it wasn't publicized? His voice is huge and amazing, and multi-dimensional, unlike Scottie – who can only sing country.

    • Oh I believe Ashton is gone next week when its in America's hand again. That attitude she displayed, I guess she doesn't learn. Karma will be knocking on her door like it did for Clint and Jordan.

    • I think Randy was being sarcastic, and I really thought the girl wouldn't have gone through. the girl's got gifts but so unlikeable. hope she gets it before America votes again.

  91. I wanted so much to see Robbie make it. I also thought that Clint deserved to get in as he has a great singing voice. I'm glad to see Scott, James, Ashthon,Karen, Stefano and Jacob make it.I also like Lauren.

  92. I think Kendra should be in over Naima. I don't think she has what it takes to sustain the competitive edge. She'll be one of the first to go

  93. I agree about Robbie. I really wanted him to make it, but his redemption song just wasn't strong enough. I'd love it if he got another chance though. Maybe he'll come back next year.

  94. I think the way American Idol chopped half the top singers in half in one week sucks!!! This season had too many great singers left out of the top 24, never mind the one's who were lucky enough to be chosen in the first place. Wake up Idol producers and let us enjoy the talent this season!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You're right. AI could've had us watching for the next six months if they didn't decide to make such a large cut.



  96. Well last night was really exciting. I think that America got the top 10 correctly. However, Jovany was one of my favourites but his performance was disappointing. I am happy that Naima got a second chance but I don't see her making it to the Top 5. Ashton is a great singer but she gotta watch her attitude a bit. I've noticed that if you get too cocky, that doesn't go down too well with the American public. She needs to be humble and just perform and she'd go a far way. I was so impressed with Stefano's 'sing for your life' song. I go goosebumps hearing him sing. As Randy would say "that is the way it's done". All in all, I think this is a great Top 13. I can't wait for next week. 🙂

    • Just admit, you cried when Stefano sang, heck, I even prayed..,I actually did both!..,and I'm a guy!

      • I agree—-the pressure at that moment…was so intense and he brought it BIG time!!! I cried–it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

      • Stefano was great last night. He deserves to be in the top 13. After all he went through and survived I would like for him to win his dream. His charming look and sweet smile will win America.

  97. I was absolutely shocked that Lauren Turner didn't make it. She's fabulous! If some of my favs go soon, I'm tuning out.

    • Not till the boot that Proclaim's "Love It or Leave It" is that very same boot that punts K-Rod off "America's" stage for trying to Imbue The Ol' Red, White, and Blue!

  98. I am finding AI to be soooo unintelligent this year.Ashton can sing well but she is sooo .. I am also nonplussed about thgirl that sang in spanish I did not like her comment that latinos are here to stay and think that it makes JLO unappealing. JLO can speak english but she sounds like she waS taught some degree of ebonics. Steven Tyler strikes me as looking like someone on drugs.

    • I agree. The only way that I will watch is to laugh @ it It is like watching cockroaches or somethiung.

      • er…if you're an ex idol watcher, what are you doing here?

        I'm pretty sure people like you probably got in all on dvd and watch reruns every night.

    • Agreed, Karen can't sing period. And JLo and Steven, while I like them as people, aren't objective enough to be judges…come on, everyone can't be great….I'd be a judge for NO MONEY!…arhhhhhhhhhhhh

  99. Some of the wild card picks were, in my opinion, obviously not the best talent; so why would the judges do that?

    • Wake up and smell the coffee… The only reason Ashton and Namia made it is because they are the color of coffee. They needed to even it out. Enough said…………..

      • I totally agree!! I looked at my husband and said that right after they were choosen!!

      • Im hispanic and I feel the same way. Karen's remarks are rediculous. Why bring raise to this competition. I am not going to vote for someone just because they are hispanic! And the judges should do the same! Who cares about having the pannel mix, they should look who has talent as for choosing 5 guys and 5 females. In my opinion they shouldnt even split it that way. Alot of the guys that were elimanated last night where way better than the girls who made top 13!!!!

      • Coffee and cockroaches… REALLY!!! You racist people… So a couple non-white people made it and so many people are upset just because of that… America the Racist….

      • Her Mom turned me off with the mexican flag in the crowd then she finished herself off with the comment Latino's are back baby.

      • xidolwatcher probably watches more idol than anyone on here. probably looks like a cockroach too.

  100. Has AI turned into minority idol? A stage where the judges can pull for those in their same ethnic group?? What a joke!!!

      • Tyler seems to not be able to do or say anything without worrying if it is o.k. He has to overall agree with Randy.

    • I just think Steven Tyler looks — no leers — at every pretty/sexy girl. I like him a lot, but I've seen that look too many times (I'm sure most women have), to not pick it up every time.

  101. good luck Thia!..i hate Lauren Alaina…dont know why?!haha..but she's kinda amzing!..

    • Thia has no chance over Lauren, cute girl,but Lauren knocks her out of the park vocal, but both have great characters very humble.

  102. I think america did a good choise.

    And I am happy my two favorite singuer is one them.

    Naima and the contry boy.

  103. Robbie should have definitely make it. Hopefully, somebody else (that counts in this business) will recognize that.

  104. I was so glad that Stephano made it back in. He can get on my iPod any time he wants. The judges must know something the rest of us don't know about Naima. She has a great voice, but her song choices and arrangements leave me cold. I was pulling for Robbie.

  105. I hated to see Brett go. He is a real sweet-heart with a wonderful voice and great style.

  106. What I like about American Idol this year is that finally they have three musicians that know music, and that their criticism is positive. Love Simon, but the negativity was getting old.

    As for the top 13, it was a tough one to call. I felt that most of them deserved to be there. I was surprised Lauren did not get a second chance. She is an incredible singer. She may not be the prettiest thing to look at but she does have it.

    As for all the naysayers, and self critics on here. You should have voted more for your faves. Unfortunately, that is the way the system is set up. And in most cases, our choices are not the best.

    I love AI this year and think it will be looked on as one of the best ones ever!!!

    I hope the ratings prove that AI can exist with out Simon.

  107. The only one that I was really surprised to see go was Lauren Turner. I was surprised that she didn't even get a chance for the Wild Card. In general though I think America got it right the first time and I'll be surprised if any that were chosen back make it further than the original 10.

    For me the worst part of the night was watching the JLO video. It may be common for MTV which I don't watch but was not really appropriate for family viewing. If that kind of lewdness becomes common I will soon loose interest in American Idol as I have with Dancing with the Stars.

    • Me too on Lauren Turner – I though she surpased Ashton and way more believeable as a Diva!

    • I agree, I had to have my elementary school aged kids turn their eyes from the TV, it was awful, and she didn't even sing in her own voice, it was all computer generated…????? Kendra was robbed big time, she can sing better than Naima, Ashton, and Karen.

  108. Overall, I am happy with the top 10. Scotty will have a career irregardless if he wins Idol or not. I'm looking forward to seeing what Lauren Alaina can do as well as Casey. I love Casey, he is so interesting. James really surpassed my expectations Tuesday night. Perhaps he can bring some awareness to Asperger's Syndrome. I Love this season!!!!

    • My 11 yr old son has Aspergers and he's excited to see James on there. Casey is very talented, I would have to say a guy wins this season, the talent is too much in their favor.

  109. I think the top 12 are right. Not a big fan of Naima but her tears got her into the final group. Wish Robbie had been more assertive. Love him and great voice. He should have been 13.

  110. i love theia..go got what it the world your voting for you!

    • steven tyler got it right about thia – pitch perfect voice cuts through a room like a scalpel through skin – crisp and clean – giving you chills with its beauty. she has a gift that needs to be shared with the world. you KNOW she is going to be a star no matter what, and the producers were wise to make sure she made it through. at least spots were not wasted on the likes of jordan and clint – i will say – i am NOT sorry to see you two go

  111. The "public" got it right, the "pros" missed the boat! Ashton has got to go and i do mean in the first week! That attitude is just discusting! can you imagin her if she get to the final 5! unbearable! humility girl just a bit of humility!

    • Totally agree! She thinks she's so much better than everyone else! Shame on her for her deplorable conduct!!

  112. This season of American Idol is the best I'v seen in years. The Judges are spot on (w/a few exceptions) and the contestants are really great. I disagree w/Ashton. She's alright but nothing to write home about. Naima, whether you like her or not, brings "UMPF" to what ever she sings!! And Scotty wow I actually like country music NOW!

  113. I was disappointed that Clint wasn't picked and I agree that Ashton should be in. But, she'll lose the people's choice again if her confidence continues to appear arrogant and she stands to really lose if she doesn't toss in a touch of humility. But you must admit, she is a fighter. And, Stefano, he knocked off my socks with that song. The boy can sing. That's all.

  114. By the way, I forgot to mention Scotty. Idol wouldn't be Idol w/o him. The best American Idol in years!!!! I love Tyler! (He's your big brother, father, friend, wrapped into one.) Jennifer is such a joy to watch and a breath of fresh air. She is so down to earth and makes everyone feel at home. And, believe it or not, Randy is downright good and fair. The show needs him. He keeps it honest but maybe it is easier because the talent is huge. The kids can learn a lot from him. Randy is a real bonafide judge and belongs in that seat. I've never watched a team of judges that actually complimented each other so well. Glad for the make over plus the show is fun. And, Ryan, seems a lot happier.

    • I agree with many others in saying this season is shaping up to be a great one…Simon who???? Now there's a whole new "hopeful" and fun vibe to the show. I was going to stop watching a few years ago, but AI was one of the highlights of my year to look forward to–Not all of us enjoy CSI type shows or raunchy comedy. Now AI's back at the Top of my DVR priority list, (so I can whittle a 2 hour show down to 30 mins after you skim past all the commercials!) Good grief-the results shows should be cut to 30 minutes and leave out all the filler we've already seen!

  115. My opinion is There is already two divas in the top 10. Pia and Karen. Ashton does nothing for me and Robbie is bland. All the grit that would have really mixed it up is gone. Clint and Lauren to name a few. Very disappointing. Especially with Steve Tyler on the panel. Whats he going all Pop on us now.

      • Karen made a mistake by using her latino background but she does have a good voice and stick around for a while. Pia is very good and will be in top 5. She has a lot of desire to win Idol.

  116. I was hoping that they would give Julie Zurillo another chance. She had been flawless up until the elimination round.

  117. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. All in all I was very happy with the new judges this season but this fell swoop elimination of so many contestants in one night without giving the audience chance to see how they perform with a wider variety of song choices is nothing short of DUMB. Idol you've gone too far. Shame on you.

    • I believe they wanted to cut it down quickly to give more time for us to learn more about the ACTUAL Top 10. Otherwise, there would be a lot of wasted air time on people that wouldn't go far enough. I like that idea!

  118. Naima is my favorite. It is time the younger generation hear singing that is passionate and music, not just a loud voice. I think that Naima will be a jazz singer that excel in the future with the likes of Ericia Bydo, Sadie and l Hill. I was good to hear this type of music.

    The first choice was my favorite from the show. I don't like country music however, Scotty made me take nottice of country music. Keep on singing Scotty.

  119. I don't remember his name (what does that say for him?). But the little guy with the glasses who was so mean to the young kid. I was hoping he would go early.

  120. Extremely happy with the top 13! Particularly Stefano…made me cry as he sang for his life last night. Good luck to all the finalists, you're living my lifelong dream 🙂

  121. I tried voting online for a long while tuesday and never got connected. Jovanny and Stefano are the only 2 who could sell records or fill a stadium. We should get away from the sad stories they have and vote for singers and performers. Losing Jovanny sucks.

    • I agree with you completely. I loved Jovany. Could live without James – but otherwise, I'm good.

  122. I think Brett and Clint should be cast in a comedy series (involving music) as a replcement series for 2 1/2 men!

    Those two guys are amazingly talented and entertaining – but maybe more visual than for listening!

  123. You need to do something! The show is boring. The songs they are picking are not exciting. I'm falling asleep during the show! The judges need to give these people more constructive feedback or we are all going to stop watching.

  124. Ashton??!! SERIOUSLY??!!!! What a waste! I was thrilled Stefano got another go… He is one of my favorites! Scotty is AMAZING & I'm not even a fan of country music! Love Paul, Casey & James too….just hope he doesn't scream through every song though! That'll get old fast!

    Good luck to all!

  125. Totally bummed that Lauren was knocked down. I thought she had star material (so did the judges).

    • Well said. I totally agree! Lauren T would have brought an added nuance to the range of contestants that will not be there now.

      • I believe if they had shown her singing in early episodes (instead of 15 seconds worth her and 20 minutes worth of the crazy chick), America would have known who she was and voted for her. She is incredible, but no one knew it…they'd only seen a snip of her in the episode with the group and a snip of her in the solo round. The first time they really saw her sing was in the top 24 on Wednesday night. Only the people who know her personally and the people who paid attention in those three times she was shown would have known to vote for her. MTV and USA today had Lauren T at the TOP of the list to go in the final round……big mistake! I hope someone takes notice of her and seeks her out. America will miss out if somebody does not give her the chance she deserves. Amazing talent completely overlooked. (and her looks have nothing to do with it….thinking back to all the female contestants on AI….I would not say that ALL of them were drop dead gorgeous—Kelly Clarkson for one is now pretty enough but not so much when she was on Idol. Lauren T might not have the right look for the stage….whatever that is….but she definately is attractive enough to be the American Idol.)

  126. choosing Ashton is ridiculous.she's so overrated, boring and her vocals nowhere near spectacular. Robbie should have been selected with his vocal range and likeability. this season's rule is ridiculous anyway, so many good singers gone in 1 week without justice

  127. I think for the most part they got it right, as for Naima, she might not be the best singer there but she has talent and drive and that should carry her far. If you went on singing alone people like Bob Dylan Neil Young and Janis Joplin would not have had any influnence on the music industry. Voting in the best singer doesn't always get you a great career in music. Naima deserves to be there and will convert a bunch of people along the way, even if she doesn't win she's a winner in my books.

    • Yes you are right. Also I am incline to between that many idol voters are not for the African American singers. Each year more African artist are cut and a token few get through. Just judge the comments toward Ashton and Naima. Noone even mention The Young man that sounds like Luther V as a favorite

      • Hello? I'll mention Jacob!! I adore him – he's my #1 fav!! He sings with emotion and obviously loves God. Such a sweet young man.

      • You're absolutely correct. Jacob smoked everyone on the show and he did it effortlessly.

  128. Does anyone know when iTunes will begin to offer us AI downloads? I haven't checked yet today, but a few days ago someone mentioned we could get more full performances sooner this year. Unless they just added it this morning, I haven't seen anything on iTunes yet. Just wondering….

  129. Ashton!? Really? Just because she has wild hair and a cockier-than-she-deservers-to-be attitude, doesn't mean she deserves to be on American Idol's final 13. There were much better choices.

  130. I had all five picks correct for the guys, but didn't fare so well for the girls. Why the hell isn't Lauren T. in the top ten! If she wasn't picked because she isn't as traditionally pretty as the other girls, then that's crap! Her voice is amazing, and not only that, she interesting, vibrant personality comes out when she sings. The judges have rocks in their heads choosing Naima over her!! I was also really hoping Brett would at least have a chance at the wild card. I predict Naima will be gone next week.

  131. I actually don't like Ashton – she seems phony and fake to me and the era of the diva is hopefully dying in the music biz as the vibration of the world increases to prepare for the new earth. The whole statement about everyone being her best friend was so fake and was an obvious ploy to be chosen for the wildcare because her performance wasn't great and she knew it. But I knew they'd choose her to go through as a wild care no matter how she sang last night. She did sound good but I don't like her personality. And then she acted surpised in typical drama queen fashion when they chose her when she was obviously the front runner for the wild card position.

    I wish they would have given Brett or Tim another chance. Jovany never did anything for me. Robbie is just too young and the song he chose was a huge mistake. I agree that it was sleepy. But I'm glad Stefano made it through.

    I'm so glad they chose to put Naima through because she had the most gut-wrenching, vulnerable, and moving performance last night. I think all the singers who performed early in the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday were at a disadvantage as probably more viewers tuned in towards the end of the show. I think she's very real and humble and hopefully more of her personality will shine through.

    As far as the top 10 voted by America, Haley was a surprise to me. Did you catch that dirty look she gave Randy? If she's going to last in the competition, she should choose to sing some upbeat songs like maybe some Taylor Dayne. Something about her rubs me the wrong way.

    I'm thinking that Ashton and Haley will be the first to go in the top 13.

    • I agree…Ashton is off putting and comes off as a phoney. I wish they would have chosen Robbie instead of the 2 girls. I feel like the judges wasted 2 of the 3 wild card selections. Stefano definitely deserves a spot. I hate to say it but Clint and Jordan sort of got what they deserved for the way they acted during Hollywood week.

    • I love Ashton, but the problem with her is overconfidence bordering on arrogance, and that is what makes her pretty unlikable to a lot of people. She’s relying purely on her talent to get her through, but that’s not enough and I hope she realizes that before its too late.

      However, regardless what happens here, she will be a successful recording artist. She’s got great gifts.

  132. Obviously the fix is in. Why have a sing off when the best of the 3 does not advance? Kendra really got you-know-what. You've lost me as a viewer. Congrats.

    • You are so right, Jim. You expressed the way I feel regarding the plight of Kendra. I'm sure that she will be picked up by some big recording producer. Sometimes when a contestant performs like a seasoned pro viewers don't think they will need votes. However, I wouldn't say that the other two were undeserving.

  133. so much talent this year…don't be fooled though…the top contenders were picked to represent every ethnic group..not strictly talent..look at the finalists..just enough asians, hispanics, blacks…pretty obvious..too bad some talent lost their chance because of it..should have left it as the public decided

      • this is what my husband and I were saying…it was very obvious who was going and who was staying

    • Political correctness has gone too far. American Idol should be about talent not being PC!

      • what a joke. the most talented singers out there are black, asian and hispanic – Jacob, Thia, Karen and Pia are the most talented singers of the lot. who should have made it through instead of them? Ashton may be not be everyone's favorite but she is supremely talented and WILL be a successful recording artist regardless. Let's face it – Haley got lucky, Scotty is one-dimensional and James just screams his head off but you feel for the guy because of his story. Face it, Paul and Casey are the only bona fide cauc superstars and give the ugly race thing a rest.

  134. I usually don't comment on things but keeping those two girls and getting rid of Robbie was a HUGE mistake! just saying

  135. Branden…Thanks so much for the update.

    This group of talent has been the best since I don't know when…..I am very happy with the Top 13…..I would like to have had Stefano in the Top 10 but he made it and hopefully he can shine and stay around….Wasn't to thrill with Haley but Naima made it into the Top 13……

    My favorites, at this time, are still James & Pia…..I'll let you know if anyone changes my mind in the future…..


    Does anyone know how many will be eliminated next week??

  136. Ashton was weak, she tends to border on screaming and seems to believe that the louder she sings the better. maybe with some training she could get her voice under control. Totally disagree with your opinion of how good she was last night.

    • I agree with your opinion here Kim. It was barely recognizable as singing from Ashton. There was a pretty good pool of talent to choose from this year, but mistakes were made. To some degree I chalk it up to the change in format and the high pressure of this opening week. Mass elimination like that was a very poor idea. But every year they have some contestants who make it all the way to their final 12 who just make you wonder how in the world they ever got that far. Perhaps she'll improve, but they left out a few who can already sing at a decent level.

  137. I do not like Naima at all! I really am disappointed that Julie Zorrilla blew it in the girls solo's because I thought her and Tim were wonderful together and their performance on the Beatles night was the best! As far as everyone else goes, I had guessed all the girls correctly! I am so looking forward to the next weeks!!

    • Julie was one of my favorite. I hope she tries out next time! Same for Robbie. Judges and producers made a huge mistake by picking Ashton and Naima. America will let the them know they are not good enough for the title.

      • I think Naima is gr8! and is good enough. Big mistake was made a couple of years ago when the other guy won (can't even remember his name) instead of Adam. Stopped watching it after that.

  138. They really screwed up not letting Robbie go on instead they let Naimi,??? She won't last a week. and if Ashton don't get rid of that attitude OMG, she is not as great as she and Randy Jackson thinks she is!

  139. I was surprised they picked Niama. She's too emotionally wrought! Hoped they'd picked Lauren as well. Really liked her. My top is James Duran and either Pia or Thia or Lauren A. Never been so excited about a top 13 before, except for Niama. Happy for Stefano from my neck of the woods. Will be cheering him on for sure!

  140. I am very pleased with them all, especially the top ten. If the people did not vote them in, then I do not think they will last long unless we just have not seen enough of them to make a decision. Good luck to all…they are all wonderful

  141. since this is a "singing contest" a randy says, how in the world did they push ashton through.They have been doing that all along with her, she shouldn't have even made it to the top 24. So sad for someone who could really sing and didn't get a chance to go. This competition should be judged fairly. The judges sing themselves and know music, i kind of see them a little differently now. Even Brett was a better choice vocally

    • U think Ashton can't sing? well thats your opinion, at least the judges and many of us believe in her as she can really sing,,,,,,Jealousy will kill some pipo,,,,sic

      • I'm SURE Dorene is NOT jealous of a girl on American Idol LOL!! However she's quite accurate about Ashton- it's a shame she got through since she CAN'T sing and so many talented singers didn't- it was obviously fixed. Simon would never have put her through… this show is not about good singing anymore-it's a shame…

  142. I am still suffering over Robbie being cut. He was consistently on target thru the ENTIRE process and it's sad that it came down to a "song choice", esp. since I didn't think all three that were chosen were stronger than him. I'm beginning to question how the judges are going to actually be this year. Is it going to be based on heart or talent? Not sure I'll continue watching even after the tryout portion was my favorite pre-season kick-off of the 10 years. I can only pray that Robbie is young and confident enought that he'll be back next year.

    • Laura,

      I agree with you. Robbie has a true talent few do. Hope he keeps singing regardless of American Idol.

    • I love the guy, but I must admit he was a little too nice. they probably found him boring. but he was born to sing.

  143. I was really bummed to see Chris Medina not get through but then Brett???Wow he was different and all heart I really thought America would push him through alot farther!! But I am happy with most of the picks!! This seems to be a tough season in all!!!

  144. It seems to me that ethnicity is now an issue in choosing American Idol finalist's. Many viewers are too focused on looks rather than singing talent. Therefore, people of color are often faced with early dismissal. The original idea of American Idol was good, but now it seems to be a popularity contest rather than a singing contest. I'd like to see it as a radio show so that no visual is shown until the winner is choosen.

  145. Totally DISAGREE with the wild card pics!! Ashton and Naima were terrible!! Robbie and Kendra should have been in the top 13-SO OBVIOUSLY FIXED to keep it ethnically balanced! REALIZING just how set up this show is- A little bit country, a little rock, some R&B, some young to keep the teeny boppers, all ethnic groups represented makes for very high ratings! WONDERING HOW MUCH OUR VOTE ACTUALLY COUNTS!! NOT SURE I WILL WATCH THIS 🙁

    • I agree 100% about the votes, this was too obviously arranged to gain in audience. It makes you wonder does it really matter if we vote or not? Just wondering….

      • Yea sad that such talented singers get pushed aside for better ratings- not the forum for talent like it once was. I don't think viewers actually have much to do with pushing people through- a complete set up if you ask me- very disappointing 🙁

    • Kendra could not carry her notes and I love Robbie, but the guy was a little too boring. His 5th performance will be exactly the same as the first 4. He should give AI a miss cos its not his thing. Ashton was not likeable but she is one of the most talented singers out there, most definitely better than Kendra.

  146. Robbie got robbed! I am afraid Naima will never be an American Idol no matter how much Steven likes her. Not current enough. She will be voted off so fast it will make your head spin.

  147. I was so happy to see Lauren and Paul make it into the top 10. I wish the other Lauren had made it in to the finalist…I really liked her!

  148. Randy seems to be the only judge who understands what the show is about. He gives logical and professional critcism and Jennifer's constant rebuttals against his opinions are getting old really fast. NOT sure exactly what the other two are judging, certainly not voice as in a singing competition???

    • I couldn't agree with you more about Lopez. She is becoming quite annoying. I like Tyler and Jackson.

      Pia is my favorite to win it all.

      • I also agree with your pick about Pia being the one to win Idol.Her song Ill stand by you was so inspiring I had to watch it 5 more times. I hope she makes a good song choce for next weeks show Go Pia!!!!

  149. It's interesting how polarized the responses here are about Naima. Fact is, I absolutely LOVE her! The clothes. The hair. The humble and sweet personality. Yes, she needs to cry a little less, but, man, when she sings, it's completely riveting. Last night was breathtaking. I'll take Naima of Ashton ANY DAY. But overall, a really good group this year.

    • Bruce….Totally agree….Ashton is turning out to be a Diva where Naima has a great voice and a stage presence without the Diva attitude…..

      She hasn't earned that respect yet!!!!!!

      • Naima's performace was stunning. I also dont understand all the negative comments about her She is by far the best of the 13..

    • Bruce—I TOTALLY agree with you about NAIMA. I can’t BELIEVE how negative people are about her and her incredible singing voice. I, too, absolutely LOVE her and could listen to and watch her all night long!!! She personifies singing talent. She has more feeling in the TIP of her teeny weeny pinky finger than ALL of the other vapid, lightweight singers on “American Idol” this year. Well…with the exception of Jacob Loftus. That woman sings from the very bottom of her heart & soul. Most of the other singers are too young or inexperienced to even DREAM about feeling how she feels her songs. Naima leaves her guts on the floor…like superstars Patty Labelle, Celine Dion and Mary J. Blige. I would love Naima to WIN the whole thing, but, sadly, I don’t think the “American Idol” *machine* would want her “type” and “look” to win. 🙁

      • Naima is an original. Her strength is not only in her voice, but in her character and hands and courage…it takes guts, focus, and confidence to stand in front of American and say…heh I clean toilets, and janitor, but I can sing my heartbeat to eager souls….AND THE OLD SONGS SHE CHOSES ARE THE MOST DIFFICULT TO SINGS…..she is beautiful and as a pianist, I wish I could contract as her accompianist…

      • Totaly agree with all you guys about Naimi…she's one of the best! I can't vote though cos I'm from NZ so please guys…vote for her!!! Put an extra vote in for me…thanks 🙂

    • I agree Bruce. Naima is the best out of the girls IMO. I love her rasta style. She sings like she has an old soul.

  150. They had mentioned how over the past two seasons, the good looking little boys won over real talent and they wanted to get away from that and chose people that would win on talent instead of looks. I think that is why they made some of the decisions they made this year. I was surprised when Colton didn't make it to the top 24 over curly top. He was so much better. I don't think they are making all their decisions based strictly on talent…otherwise Ashton and Naima wouldn't be there!

    • Colton was much better than Carrot Top. Ashton and Naima will not be on American Idol much longer.

  151. wow I really miss Simon he would have never out through Ashton. She clearly spent more time trying to look good than she did singing and really her a diva I dont think she will ever compete with the real divas.

    Well I decided to give the new idol a shot and maybe they blew it.

    • Yea the show is a joke-and Simon would have never pushed Ashton or Naima through- the show needs a reality check- probably it's last season- I'm done too!

      • The show would be much better with Simon, Jackson and Tyler. Lopez has become my least favorite Idol Judge of all time.

        Her crying "I can't do this anymore" was ridiculous. Go home Jennifer Lopez.

      • don't worry Sherylb, you don't have to watch. You can always wait for the x factor with Simon and Cheryl Cole. that should be a blast for you.

        IMHO, Ashton might come off a tard conceited, but she will be a highly successful recording artist. Randy has worked with the best from Mariah to Mary J. Blige and if he thinks she's great, she most definitely is.

  152. Still shaking my head that Naima got through and Robbie didn't. Kinda feel like the judges feel sorry for her as she's a bit of a cry baby. And don't even get me started on Ashton… The show really misses Simon. They need a dose of reality once and a while. The current set of judges are more like cheerleaders, but at least ST is funny.

    One things pretty clear, the guys will fry the girls. The guys top 12 night was great, the girls was mostly boring with maybe one or two exceptions. None of them really stand out for me, just all very generic and average.

    As the public gets to start turfing people and the judges can't promote their fav's the girls will be dropping like flies.

    Casey all the way!!

    • As a singer myself- I have to say these guys blow the girls away!! I'd have chosen 10 guys and maybe two girls this year…and Ashton & Naima definitely wouldn't be the two- two say the least! How they got through is beyond me- and Robbie what a heart felt performance so sad he was pushed aside- predicting the top 3 will be all males!!

  153. I agree with you Bruce. I am actually surprised at some comments about the representation in the Top 13. I find it very interesting since I don't believe that the scale is tipped that far on the ethnic side. Hmmm…interesting. Nonetheless, viewership and ratings are important.

  154. Saw right off last night and suspected as much even before the season started. This has the makings of a show in a death spiral. No longer a singing contest but an ethnically, culturally balanced, politically correct fiasco. Likely to be the last season. Jennifer Lopez – thumbs down, Stephen – thumbs down, Randy – along for the ride. I'm done.

    • Agree 100%-this is the last season for this farce of a show- BRING back Simon..At least Stephen is funny, Jennifer??? two thumbs down!! Poor Randy- probably wondering to himself what am I doing here- this will be his last season if not the shows!

    • Don't watch. Oh i forgot to tell you ratings up to 26.3 million. You can always watch the X Factor. Let us proper fans watch Idol.

    • My goodness. There will always be those people who can only see the ugly side of things. I just thank the Lord I wasn't born that way.

  155. "PattiPatterson says:

    March 4, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    I was really bummed to see Chris Medina not get through but then Brett???Wow"

    Chris Medina was already recording with American Idol's team (producer Darkchild) before the audition process was done airing.

  156. I'm not a fan of Scotty, although I thought his performance was solid. I think he'll make it in the business but not on American Idol. I don't think Paul MacDonald is anything special (I gave him a 6) or Ashton (I gave her a 7) but she was much better in the second song to qualify. Haley I gave a 7. I gave Jacob Lusk and Pia Toscano a 10, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina and tThia Media a 9 1/2. Am disappointed about Jovany and Julie ( gave a 7 then 10 for second performance for Jovany & Julie a 9). Naima I gave a 7 the first night and 9 the second night. I think showdown will between Jacob and Pia if they keep up their quality, with James & Thia the dark horses.

  157. Very disappointed that Scotty got through – he can only sing ONE kind of song and I'm not a fan of country music. Glad that Naima and Stefano got second chances but that Ashton – I'm surprised that she even got that far. When she sang last night all I could think of was Jennifer Hudson blowing that song out of the sky and Ashton is NO Jennifer Hudson. I think she should be the second to go, right after Scotty

    • Scottie if yah read this I salute your christian and country vocal courage…keep it up, not only are you the new Randy Travis, but God's holy spirit sorta oozes in your vocals….DO NOT CHANGE the style. Be more creative with the style you are, and America will continue to support you. We need the encouragements, refreshments, and fresh musical voice of a Scottie. Not the bang and scream or scales of a novice, imitating Diana Ross, or Jennifer Hudson. I wish I was on that piano, and we did a Just A Closer Walk with Thee" melody in the key of F, with a few soft jazz transition chords, and a ballad pace….Sing this Scottie in your own version….AMEN!

      • I agree Scottie can sing. I too hate the yelling and screaming that some of these people call singing.

  158. I have not heard any feedback on Jacob Lusk. I thought he was second only to Pia performance wise.

    What are your thoughts Pia and Jacob in the top 5 for sure. I think Pia wins it. Take it home girl!

    • Pia is awesome. She can sing and her looks will make her a star.

      As far as the guys, I'll take Scottie up to this point.

      • hopefully scottie can find more range in his voice. he is ALL country but i am afraid that may be it. I love country so either way he could make a carreer ot of it.

    • In my humble opinion, Pia and Stefano are top of the heap in terms of singing and overall marketability. The reasons for Ashton's inclusion have little to do with her voice. Naima sounded great last night but she will need to update herself (but not in a diva type way). It is beyond me why the judges could not have included two guys as wild cards for an even 14 (adding Robbie to the mix).

  159. Very glad Clint his gone. I thought he was arrogant, and the swimming goggles just had to go.

  160. Bruce—I soooo TOTALLY agree with you about NAIMA. I can’t BELIEVE how opposed people are about her and her incredible singing voice. I, too, absolutely LOVE her and couldlisten to and watch her all night long!!! She personifies singing talent. She has more feeling in the TIP of her little pinky finger than ALL of the other vapid, lightweight singers on “American Idol” this year. Well…with the exception of Jacob Loftus. That woman sings from the very bottom of her heart & soul…what most of the other singers are too young or inexperienced to even DREAM about feeling. She leaves her guts on the floor…a la Patty Labelle, Celine Dion and Mary J. Blige. I would love her to WIN the whole thing, but, sadly, I don’t think the “American Idol” *machine* would want her “type” and “look” to win. 🙁

    • I, too, think the gal can sing, but don't think here her"look" will get her very far.

  161. I am shocked that Clint didn't make the top 10 and then didn't even get chosen to sing in the wild card round. He has been consistently great and his version of Georgia was fabulously over the top. I'm glad that Stefano made it and I feel he should have been in the top 10 anyway. My other favorites were safe in the top 10.

    • I'd guess it was his attitude that had something to do with not making the top ten. I would NEVER have voted for him after what he & the tall guy did to JC. Singing competition it is, yes, but you have to LIKE the singer before you like their music. I think Naima has a beautiful voice and I have liked her from the beginning but she sings 'old' music and I am in my 50's and I have not yet liked her song choice. Love Scotty, Pia, Stephano & Thia. And I do agree that Lauren got robbed and other Lauren just is not 'all that'. There is certainly more talent this year than in other years though!

  162. I don't understand why a lot of people are critical about the top 13 of the American idol. It hink it's almost perfect there's only a couple I am not comfortable.But over all it's great. I never watched American Idol until this season. Lastly I love Casey, Naima and Jacob Lusk.

  163. Hmmm- well I think the top 10 were right on. I do not know how anyone could begrudge Scotty a spot. Yes he's a country singer, but he did very well with The Beatles and I see him making th big buck when this is over, best for him NOT to win so he can sign a real contract. Love Naima for her style but her voice is NOT Idol material. Ashton is icky in that mean girl sorta way "I have literally fallen in love with all of these girls" PULEEZ! Yeah we belive that one! I ws sorry to se them give Giovani a second chance and not Brett- that was a mistake. I say Stefano is a dark horse with his smooth tones and his Mark Consuelo doing Joey Tribani looks. Ashton had a nerve trying that song- First Missy you are NO Jennifer Hudson and it was way too big for her, but she is way too big for her so….I don;lt have all their names down pat yet- but that pretty blonde they had sing- ouch! I would have rather heard the one they said reminded them of Bette Midler- she is not a beauty- but I liked her pipes! I like Paul but he may be a bit too odd for middle America. I think Jennifer is too easy on the contestants and thought the little "spat" between Ryan and the :Big dawg: to be very contrived- made me nauseas. Tyler's good but again, too easy. These kids need guidance and direction now, not to be pacaded.

  164. And I am so Happy that Jordan Dorsey did not make it… much confidence pull his down…. good for him and thank you America…ehheheheh

  165. I loved Robbie…he was soft and sentimental..and different from any of the others…listening to him sing made me all mushy..not like some of the others that screech those ear splitting high notes. listen to the pros..none of them hit those crazy high notes that bust ear drums and show off their back molars…

    Too bad Robbie, but you're only seventeen…

    • Robbie would have been a Chris something ( the guy that beat Adam Lambert)soft and cuddly but not much of a future. He should have done a different song in the wildcard competition…boring.

  166. Kia Ora 'Cook Da Man some eggs!' Haven't heard that phrase in years. As for 'Jake the Mus', he could enter AI next year, he has his connections over there in hollywood land…nah better off as an actor…has a good voice as most Maori do…but has made his mark in the acting world. Hey thanks for the acknowledgement, I was wondering if anyone new where NZ was…honestly some people think we still where grass skirts and are part of Australia.

    NZ has run American Idol since it started…we tried NZ Idol for a couple of year I think, but it didn't seem to work. We have lot's of talent here down under, but for some reason, NZ Idol was a bit pathetic compared to American and even Australia.

    You go girl Naima! Don't have to say much about the man with the huge amazing voice.

  167. I really believe that Ashthon does not belong in the top 13. In the poll for voters to chose who will win this competition, Ashthon was the lowest vote getter.

  168. I'm so mad Tim Halperin didn't get a second chance he's a fantastic singer I cant believe they chose Ashthon she sings off key really upset about tim

  169. Naima’s performace was stunning. I dont understand all the negative comments about her She is by far the best of the 13..

  170. Does anyone not see the talent of Karen Rodriguez? She's the next "Selena"! the girls is Awesome! Robbie should not have been let go!

  171. Ok so alot may not agree with me but Pia isnt gonna make it. Sorry. Oh yeah she is really good, but she cried so hard last night when everybody new she was only 15. Shes 15, she will be devasted if she doesnt make it. I personally is just stating facts

    • I think you have the wrong girl. Do you mean THIA? or maybe I am wrong. Pia and Lauren were the first to hit the safe couch.

  172. I could not be more pleased with the way the show has gone to date. The best judges ever, and by far the most impressive talent I have seen, and I've watched them all. I keep my list and for the first time I had picked the top 12, with the exception of two guys. I love it!

    • Yes Jean, I totally agree with you especially with the "best judges ever". I was particularly pleased, in fact, when Steven countered Randy with the statement that "if I agree with you, we would be both wrong". That was profound and double-edged. It was funny but reflective and insightful, especially so when Randy kept on saying (I think it was his third or fourth)that he has this feeling that his disagreement with his other two judges will become a normal occurence during the season.

  173. I'm almost afraid to pick favorites anymore because all of mine are getting cut (Colton, Robbie, Kendra, Tim grr!). I still have people I like, but I'm not gonna tell who haha. Other than that I'm happy with the top 13… I think this is the first season where I feel as though everyone deserves to be there and I don't hate anyone who made it. It's gonna be a good season!

  174. My favorite so far has been James Durbin 🙂 I think he's really talented and there is just something about him that makes him so likeable. lol

    I really hope he makes it but I'm also loving Pia Migia (sp?) and Paul Mcdonald. 🙂

    • I agree…A Rocker with style and class~!!!

      Also like Pia Toscano, Paul McDonald, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. I can definitely see James taking it to the top.

      Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • No not over confidant; it's just his way of being on stage in front of millions of viewers and 4 famous folks. Didn't think he was out staging anyone or being cocky. It's just his personality. I liked it. I hope he will win this year.

      • @ tigerlily….I do not see James as being "over" confident…I see him as finally coming into his own and taking hold of his Asperger's and facing it head on. He is a truly remarkable young man. He was really rooting for Stefano and was genuinely pleased when Stefano made it after the wild card round. James definitely "Rocks". 🙂

  175. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like some of the top 13 are telling me that this show is turning out to be all about Ms. Lopez—-they put a "diva wanna be" through who did not sing well at all—but they liked her "diva attitude"—never mind about the singing. Then the little guy they put through could not have sung any slower, or been more self-indulgent, but hey, he sang in Spanish (just like the "beauty pageant contestant" performance from the woman in a blue gown from the night before) and that gives Ms. Lopez chill-bumps—even though the rest of the country has no idea what these people are singing—Hello??!–we speak and sing in English in America!!!! Then the one person who received a standing ovation for her singing—Kendra—well, too bad for her because she is just not someone Ms. Lopez could really relate to or compete with vocally. So she is out. This season is a bust. Oh yeah, and what about Lauren Turner—she would have been worth tuning in to see to give us a break from the overly groomed semi-pros from the Performing Arts School in New York! It's a nicer, kinder season on American Idol this year and it looks like the judges have totally lost the plot. Maybe one person will become a recording artist in spite of it all. Then again, maybe not.

    • Tana says:

      March 4, 2011 at 6:14 PM

      re: Beverlys comments…Amen sister! I find it very annoying to think we voted off these folks and the judges “voted” them back on. They got to pick thus far, they should respect us and leave well enough alone. And the Spanish thing, good grief! If I can’t understand it, I’m not going to buy it. Na ima? Really?? What’s up with that. The so called Jr. Dianna Ross, is in my oppinion not worthy of that bit of praise…Please! I was really sad to see Rachel and Brett go, she had a quality to her voice that was very cool, as did he, and they were sweet kids. Mostly I was confused about the way they did it. I would have like to see numbers, how close were the votes? So I will end my rant here, but I’m still fuming!

      • How can you say 'how dare they bring people back on' and then say 'they should have brought so and so' America chose about Brett (who was annoying as all hell) and Rachel (who can't cope with the slightest bit of failure or criticism). Naima has more talent than both of them put together anyway. The top 13 is solid, everyone of them deserve to be there.

    • Ah Bev, couldn't agree more AND as an added note, with the exception of Randy who seems to actually try to critique the singers, the other two "judges" are a waste of time. Neither one of them seems to be able to actually HEAR THE SINGING. I think maybe the band IS too loud and drowns out the voices. They certainly are picking the most off-key group they possibly can. Too bad, this show WAS the best on the networks, but now, not even a close 2nd. I would rather listen to Dr House sing. I'm not going to watch anymore this season, and if something doesn't change, I won't be tuning in next season either.

    • Ah, but what a terrific strategy to sing in spanish. While I don't speak it, millions (and I do mean millions) of viewers will identify with her culturally. It was strategic brilliance on her part to garner the hispanic vote in America. The guy who sang in spanish in his swan performance was too little too late. He figured it out after America had already voted.

    • Wow. Just watched the recorded results show. While they are all really talented, I personally think that Paul's selection was a shock to a lot of people (for top 10). As for the wild cards? I personally thought Robbie took the wild card round, with Stefano a close 2nd. Jovany is a huge talent, too, but I think he sealed his fate when he tried to play that race card with singing in Spanish when Karen had already played that and got through before him. No way they were going to send him through – it would have looked entirely too "strange" and would have caused too much controversy. His vocals just didn't knock it out of the park. And for the female wild cards? Total joke. If they were going to send 2 of the 3 through, then Kendra should have been the #1 choice. Ashton would have been my 2nd. Naima? No way she belongs in the top 13 based on her performances. Lovely voice, but nothing in comparison to the others and her "image" is lacking. She doesn't "look" like an "American Idol". I think it's a guy's year to win, anyway. Jacob, as long as he doesn't make stupid song choices like so many contestants have done in the past, should win. That guy can just flat out sing his backside off. James can, too, but he doesn't fit the mold of an American Idol (everyone remember Chris Daughtry?) and neither does Casey, although I think he'll go real deep in the competition.

      • Chris Daughtry…hmmmm… Chris…Daugh…Ooh, yeah, that guy that is one of the most successful idol contestants EVER that made it to #4 but got voted off because everyone felt he was safe + the VFTW folks were heavily backing loser Taylor Hicks. Yeah, James Durbin isn't anything like Chris Daughtry.

    • I agree. Kendra should have made it. So what that "Georgia" started off a little low in register. Kendra then went on to hit beyond a 4 octave range and gave me chills, and the judges chose "little diva" with her "humphs" and head shake, and Naima (who belongs in a coctail lounge – and was SO ptichy, although I do like her as a person). Sometimes they get it right (like Lauren Alaina), but then very wrong (like booting Kendra and Holly (who did not make the top 24) due to their preference for the personal bios or attitudes of others. If they wanted a personal bio pick, who also had a great voice, they should have picked Mr. Medina. As for the La Guardia HS duo(and I am from NYC) – they have NO SURPRISE! They are the girls who had the lead in the HS musical – but THEY ARE NOT STARS. Pia was very squeaky and scratchy (as well as a little flat) on the top notes, and her girl friend has a nice (but rather thin) voice. Only Lauren A. has the golden tones (and beauty) of a natural star and James Durbin is talent personified.

    • You are exactly right Beverly. Everyone I have talked to shares the opinion that Jennifer Lopez and the Spanish bias is being shoved down our throats. I am not opposed to Spanish Americans or any other nationality winning their right to be in the top on AMERICAN Idol. I am opposed to judges' bias being the reason they are there which is all so obvious. Americans see this and they will not tolerate it. They may be in the top 13 because of judges' bias but will not remain as Americans will not vote for them. It is all about ratings and trying to appeal to a broader audience.

    • First of all Beverly Stephano did not sing in spanish, not a single note, the one who sang in spanish was Jovany and he is out!
      Secondly you and so many have been so square about singing in spanish!! OMG what is wrong with you people? Isn´t spanish mandatory in schools as a second language? I belive this is getting annoying, discriminatory most of all and disgusting. This is a singing competition. Who cares if you dont understand??? close your eyes and hear the voice, the feeling, the tremendous effort these people are making to please a public with sacrifice and effort my GOD!!
      Ashton is a diva yes so what? she sang her heart out and she did great since she began the season. There is no way to please everybody and some MUST have been cut! there is only ONE contestant who will win the title.
      Third!! Kendra DID NOT receive a standing ovation!!! was PIA and she is a hell of a singer. I think you should stop smoking that before posting comments that are absolutely stupid.

      • Marta, the only language mandatory in any public school is english. No way is Spanish mandatory in the USA. also, Pia can't sing, I don't care what the judges did, her final note was flat, her stage presence wasn't natural. Ashton will be out of there within 2 -3 weeks, AMerica didn't vote for her, the attitude is very abrasive to most folks. AI is and always be a popularity contest, look at the ones in past seasons who got voted off and now are successful recording artists (Jennifer Hudson). Only a couple of the AI winners have gone on to success.

    • KENDRA! That is her name; SHE WAS TOTALLY COOL!!!! AWESOME VOICE!!! I can't believe the stupid Judges took the Naiam ? Gal instead?!! Give us a BR8!! Man this has really pissed me off!! I'm not some young gal; hell I just turned 50! I have taken YEARS of Voice classes; STUDIED IT ALL of my young and adult life; my whole family are singers. My Dad had perfect pitch; I KNOW A GOOD SINGER When I hear one; and KENDRA Was GOOD DAMN IT!!! STUPID; RATING HOGS PRODUCERS and JUDGES.

  176. Finally "IDOL" is bringing back the talent needed to keep the show afloat.The judges are great.I will always respect Simon's honestly.As for Steven Tyler….Yeah Baby.He is the reason I am back this year I knew something would be diffrent.James I am cheering for ya!I am disappointed they let Clint go and put Ashton on.Good Luck Contestants.

    • Clint should not be admired. He used poor judgment when hurting Jaycee. Sorry but Karma plays a part in life.

      • It's Jacee (which does NOT necessarily rhyme with Jay-Z), and boo hoo. It was a growing experience. Jacee took it in stride and kept going but no one will shut up about it.

  177. re: Beverlys comments…Amen sister! I find it very annoying to think we voted off these folks and the judges "voted" them back on. They got to pick thus far, they should respect us and leave well enough alone. And the Spanish thing, good grief! If I can't understand it, I'm not going to buy it. Na ima? Really?? What's up with that. The so called Jr. Dianna Ross, is in my oppinion not worthy of that bit of praise…Please! I was really sad to see Rachel and Brett go, she had a quality to her voice that was very cool, as did he, and they were sweet kids. Mostly I was confused about the way they did it. I would have like to see numbers, how close were the votes? So I will end my rant here, but I'm still fuming!

  178. Judges:why Ashton and Naimi? My friends and I agree with all of the rest chosen last night by America and the judges. LOVE Steven Tyler-he has brought a whole new freshness to the show.

    • I agree, Kendra was awesome, waayyyy better than naimi and ashton. I don't know what they were thinking. Maybe Kendra will be back somehow.

    • Laurie, haven't you noticed? Curiously, each judge took turns to name 'individually', all the three re-singers. Randy picked Ashton, Jay-Lo pointed to Stefano, and Steven mentioned Naimi. I presumed this was to pre-empt conflicts (present and future) in cases of critical decisions especially so when time is of the essence – in this particular case, the judges were time-constrained. Precisely the very reason why it turned out to become the Top 13 instead of the Top 12. But then, why not make it Top 14 to balance both female and male contestants because I'm sure there were two or three more who deserve it and who could be decided by the three jointly together?

  179. WTH where's Jun Gamboa? Kendra > Ashton! Clint > Paul! Are you kidding me? Clint and Lauren weren't even picked to sing for their lives? Couldn't agree more with Beverly but she missed adding the Dog's obvious bias with JLo's.

    • Clint was in the cards to go, what goes around comes around, they still didn't like the move he did in group and neither did the viewers. Glad he's gone his voice wasn't that great! The Georgia girl has this game. natural talent.

  180. Thia Magia's sweater looked like a crayon box exploded in Sesame Street.

    I love Paul McDonald. If you don't like him on American Idol- go to youtube and watch him with The Grand Magnolias. He is definatly a star already.

  181. I wish the girl from Randy's home town would have made it. She was more versetile than the so-called "Diva" who is too cocky and not that good. Great group though except Naimi and "diva".

  182. I'm a 60 year old who has not missed one year of American Idol and think this year is some of the best talent ever, especially the guys. Their performance Tuesday night knocked my socks off, Wow, what talent. I loved the new format for the results show and believe the voters and judges got it right except for one or two. Love, love, love Jennifer and Steven as new judges and am enjoying the friendliness of each judge and their constructive encouragement to the contestants. Of course Randy is forever the Best. Thanks for keeping this show alive and can't wait to listen to all the talent in this years show as we work down to this years American Idol.

  183. Hmmmm Do you think the behavior of two of the contestants in Hollywood week played a part in who america choose as their finalits'?

    • definitely played a role in my vote—no matter how talented those two were, they were not IDOLS in my mind…an IDOL would never set out to better himself at the risk of making someone else look like a looser…I am glad those two are gone. Maybe they can grow up and mature in another year, and then apologize to Jaycee for making him feel so bad. Like Scotty did…now, he is Idol material

      • I agree w/Kathy, it absolutely made a difference in my vote! They made excuses & tried to justify their behavior, but I never heard them publicly apologize for their behavior toward Jaycee like Scotty did. I heard a lot of negative comments on blogs, twitter, FB, etc, on what they did to Jaycee.

    • Yes, I do, I think people forget that they are on the camera,and American is watching,and in the end it's their vote to help you to get to the top, the things they do are remembered especaially hurtful things. Some people look pass that and concentrate on the voice, but for me making a person an American Idol, those words hold true of a persons character and not the voice alone.In Saying all that, I don't want my nieces or nephews idolizing someone who hurts others to gain an opportunity,because it never will work out in the end. Nothing is never really gain by treating others so unkind.


    • you are so right…the next three people should have stayed and left it up to the people not to the judges. Overall, a good crowd though…

      • I thought it was called Wild Card. It became Wild Cards when the judges decided to pick three instead of one more. I really love the show this year and the talent is unbelievable…however, I think their should only be one wild card. This is just wrong to allow them back in after they were voted 3 are back in and can bump out the others who were originally voted on. The public votes and it should stand!

  185. My picks for the re-sing would have been Robbie, Clint, Lauren, Brett, Kendra, and Stefano. Bet that these were the next 6 highest from the fans votes!! Don't see Ashton or Naima making it past the next week or two. They were picked due to reverse discrimination or some other inane reason not because they sang the best. They should not have even gotten the chance to re-sing for their lives. Clint, Brett, Lauren, etc. all sang much better the two nights before. Agree with 11 of the 13 not with the last two. Stinks.

  186. I have no idea why the judges chose Ashton. She may have sung a great song, but with her voice she couldn't do it justice. She wasn't that good Wednesday night, either. I think it will be only a matter of weeks before she's gone. I totally disagree with you abut Naima. I think she has mad talent and I'm hoping she'll make some better song choices. Naima is different as well as talented. The only performance of Robbie's I've really enjoyed was his original audition. The others have put me to sleep.

  187. I was certain that Casey would go through and didn't worry much about him. Finally, Idol has a genuine musician in its ranks and I hope that it doesn't change him into some Top 100 billboard artist with all the flair but none of the character, actual talent and substance.

    I adore Paul's voice but doubting why he's on Idol, actually. He would be great as an indie artist with that sort of voice. But then again, I'm mainly an indie-music girl, so I'm probably biased.

    The real heartbreak is Brett. He has such a fantastic voice, recognisable and multi-faceted. He's also a sweetheart, who's funny and genuine and a lot weird, in a good way. I wish he could have stayed instead of James-who's-strangely-obnoxious-and-his-story-overwhelms-an-otherwise-good-voice Durbin. Plus, James screams too much, which isn't necessarily a sign of real talent and will get him Adam Lambert comparisons.

    Sigh. Oh, Idol, why?

      • Brett??? When I heard him sing, I told my husband:"He should have been with the girls"! Such a sissy Brett was.

      • Brett was NOT a Sissy!!! He has that DOWN TO EARTH Personality!! So He likes to hug folks; so does OUR LORD; U want to call HIM A SISSY?! He is only 15yrs. old. And for a chng acting his age.

      • @ Cat….Looks like "bullying" is not limited to kids in school…what are you teaching your kids…if you have any.????

      • dido

        He knew America Loved Adam. He should use something different. He did overcome Tourettes and Aspergers but where would he fit in as an idol? Remember even past winners have not really done too much. I hope for unique and different this year.

  188. This year has been better than most thought. We all have differenet idea's on who should have sang for their lives and who shouldn't have. The bottom line is there was too much good talent and some had to go. We all had other favorites and knew that some of them would not make it. The key thing and Randy has always said it, you have to pick a song that complitments your style of music. I like Naima but her son on Wednesday was not her style and it bombed. When she sang for her life, she knocked it out of the park. Some of you stop hating on her. I am sure the choices as to who got to sing for their life had some input from previous performances not just this week. Give all these kids credit, They are all good singers.I don't care for country music but Scotty is very good and will be a star. Some of kids will hit it big.

  189. I was happy to see Stefano get a shot, he's likeable, consistant and charmingly humble, doesn't hurt that he can actually sing too. I like Naima, wouldn't hurt for younger viewers to stay open minded and expand their limited musical repetoire with some classics done well. As for Ashton, she sang loudly, not well, and her diva attitude echoes the death knells suffered by Clint and Jordan. Cocky doesn't play on Idol and those contestants are quickly voted off. Clint and Jordan sealed their fates with their bad behavoir during the group round, nobody likes a bully. Even if their choices had some validity, their overconfidence and cut-throat actions came back to bite them in the behind. Look at the judges choices for the sing-off, all attractive, likeable and humble, no use letting the others sing, they knew America would never vote them thru even if they saved them, we're still a pretty shallow bunch, we like our stars to be good-looking, or at least quirkily charming and unoffensive. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but it kinda looked like Ashton's inclusion was a choice based on ethnicity & looks rather than talent, there were much better singers left on the stage. I wish them all luck and hope they keep their egos in check if they hope to win.

    • So true!!, I agree, about the egos and actions of the singers, you have to appeal to the viewers, and bullys have no chance. Looks to me don't matter, its diffently the talent!!

  190. ~ Absolutely captivated by this season's American Idol! The judges just seem to click together like they were meant to be – yes Steven Tyler needs to rein in those hormones ocassionally but he speaks like a songwriter and some of his comments are just so out there – I luv him….and JLo! This whole new positive vibe seems to have spilled over into the quality of the contestants because the lineup this year is just crazy! Generally I feel America nailed it with the Top Ten…and I picked the same three wild cards as the judges. I think Stefano could end up being the dark horse of this competition. But way too early for predictions! I am not a fan of Erykah Badu's muzik and Naima just has that whole EB look and feel about her that I want to instantly dislike…but you know what – I don't…and I'm rooting for her and yes I'm going to play that 'if ever there was a contestant who's journey epitomised the purpose of 'American Idol'' card 🙂 🙂 But that's what this forum is for…your own opinion! Keep it up AI…fantastic season….fantastic judges…fantastic contestants…best of luck to everyone! Can't w8 to c how it all unfolds in 2011….Ciao! ~

      • Agreed…. 🙂 I too, Marta, have been so disgusted with all the venom being spewed over the last several days. Comments of those making blanket statements "all over the country" and "nobody understands"…how do they know. I am supposing that a large majority of kids arom 5 through 16 at least can understand the words due to the fact that Spanish is being taught as a second language. And…for those people who are so quick to judge…please get the names of the contestants right before you feel the need to :bash" someone. Whether is is out of "haste or hate", some of your comments are completely absurd. JMHO

        Looking forward to another great week of AI. James Durbin, Paul, Casey, Pia, Scotty and Kauren A. appear to be the top contenders with Jacob, Stefano and Haley following up. Again…jmho.

        Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  191. My favorite guys WERE, in order, Scotty, Brett, James, Tim. And the only girl I really liked was Thia.

    Very sad to see Brett & Tim go. Sad neither of them even got a second chance. I was surprised the judges didn't let Brett try again.

    After the show this week, Karen, Stefano and Robbie had grown on me. I'm glad the judges put Stefano through and at least gave Robbie his chance. Based on his performance Thursday night, I believe Robbie deserved a wildcard.

    I think Robbie, Brett or Tim deserved to go through more than Ashton or Naima. Especially Naima. I feel she has no talent.

    As of now, here's who I favor:

    Guys: Scotty, James, Stefano.

    Girls: Thia, Karen.

    Excited to see more!

  192. im GLAD.. super glad that clint is O.U.T!!!!!! yeeeaaaaa~ im celebrating. naima…. i dun really get it why she's in at all.

    • lets hope no on holds him the the view of Clint,tears can be mustard up. My sister does it on the spot.

  193. Well, I have watched Idol since day 1 and this year has the best talent ever. I would hate being in the judges shoes.I really like the judges..glad Kara is gone she irked me. This group of judges are a kinder/gentler group. Made the show more family friendly..we would not allow our older children to watch in past years since we never knew what would be said..Stephen has slipped up a couple times but they are getting really good at covering his mouth. Now "Little Miss D. Ross" needs to get over herself. I know numerous folks that are turned off to her because she has such an attitude. She "AIN'T" that great and attitude can hurt you.I wished you had just let the next top 2-3 would have been the next choices..not the way it was done..Remember it is American Idol.

  194. The comment on the last contestants "America did not like," yet three were brought back thanks to the judges…when America is allowed to vote numerous times for one person, how can you say who America did not like? When numerous votes are allowed for a chosen few, this is not a democratic vote. Why not go with one vote per phone number/or email address and see exactly who we [us Americans] voted for? There would not be 40 million votes on one night, but it would be true counted votes.

  195. Haven't seen much said about Jacob. I hope this is because he is non-controversial – I mean, no one can argue about his talent. He is primo. I love that boy. He sings with heart and emotion and clearly loves God. I hope he goes FAR. xo

    • Yes Jacob is true talent, I think Casey is too- I think they will be the finalist's It is a guy's competition this year, I am not impressed with any of the girls especially- KENDRA should have been in the top 13- very upsetting that they pushed Naima and Ashton through-they simply are not recording artist material. And I have no interest in watching a little 15 year old girl sing-leave that for Little Miss America… she bores me- as does Lopez and YES her push for the Latino is obvious, not that I have anything against them but race should not be a factor here- this is a suppose to be a singing! competition

      • Granted, James has a great voice, but I would not buy his CD, so I will not vote for him. It's not my type of "listening" music.

      • Latino is NOT a race sheryl b.

        Latino is a culture. There are only 3 races. Mongoloid, Negroid & Caucasian. All of us fall into 1 of those 3. Whether or not you speak spanish or english or french or german. So please stop with all the latino is a race. Just because I eat arroz con pollo instead of rice with chicken does not make me a race. Also stop all the hate on the ones that made it. Judges obviously always know better than the american public. Simon Cowell said that years ago.

  196. I agree with the notion that the judges this year have "lost the plot" of the show. Randy seems to be the only one semi-alert & listening to the quality of the singing and song choice. Since the beginning, I have always seen him as the middle-ground guy between Simon's YOU SUCK and Paula's I HEART YOU NO MATTER WHAT. Now Randy is the single judge willing to actually critique them (occasionally). That throws me off.

    There is some good talent this year – but on a whole the songs are NOT CURRENT!! Steven Tyler & J-Lo appear overwhelmed by almost all of the singers, lavishing praise to too many of them equally. They are supposed to be guiding the contestants – keeping their big heads on their shoulders and pushing them to do better. That is just not what is happening and it's ultimately going to hurt the contestants in the end.

    • Side note, I used to think that Simon was awful and that he was unnecessarily cruel – but now that he is gone I can't help but wonder 'would Simon have liked that?' and 'damn I wish Simon was still around to make fun of ridiculous outfits like that, tell them their song choices aren't current and make them a little bit unsure of themselves'.

      Never thought I would feel this way. I swear.

      • you guy are right,this year judge are too soft contestants,only RANDY said the true only…..

  197. I miss Simon Cowell and American Idol will never be the same without him. He makes this show. Please come back Simon. I will have to say that Randy is stepping up, and telling it like it should be. This is the only reality show that I watch and enjoy. I am pleased with the contestants that were picked. Lauren Alaina is my favorite, those who left or were cut should have been, so I am not complaining. I don't think that Naima Adedapo will stay in the competition very long.

    • I love the judges. they are better than paula and simon and I have proofs.

      Are you thinking that all of this 9 seasons america hadn’t the talents like this season. I think the previous judges made bad decisions during country search and at the end we have only 3 or 4 really talented in finals.

      Thank you J.Lo, Stevie and randy. you pick the right guys and girls so we have the best season so far. All the credits go for you.

    • You're right about Randy. He is stepping it up, and rightfully so. I love that J-Lo and Stevie are being so kind, but Randy was right on the nose about "making the songs their own." I am glad he spoke up.

      Still, I cannot understand his love for Ashthon. Lots of chutzpah but meager, meager voice.

  198. I'm Luskateers . woo hoooooooooo.

    I think if Jacob make more genre on da stage such as RnB, Rap…, he can be win…. 🙂

  199. I am happy with the top group but I am shocked with some that had to be brought back. I thought Ashton Jones and Stefano were amazing. These kids are so comfortable with the stage on their first go in front of an audience. I remember last year taking 3 or 4 weeks to hit these heights after early nerves – this is going to be some season. I like the personality that Steve Tyler brings but I miss Simon calling it as he sees it. You can see Randy is uncomfortable with some of the judging so far.

  200. I shall be watching and enjoying immensely Casey with his sense of humour,Paul with his sparkly eyes and Naima with her great choice of songs.

    This will be the best season yet,I suspect.

  201. To Cat who told her husband that Brett should sing with the girls because he was a sissy, I'm ashamed of you… I really hope brett doesn't read these blogs, because it's simple minded people like you who knock someone down when they are already trying to overcome bullying and teasing at school. Either you haven't been watching the show or your intellegent level is low..Hopefully this is not the behavior you teach your children

  202. Those 13 are really talented. Some of them will likely develop during the competition. To reach the top 3 spots depends on resilience,consistency,right song and likeable personality. Accordingly, my favourites are Karen Rodriguez, Lauren Alaina, and Pia Toscano. Among the boys: Jacob Lusk, Scotty Mcreery and Casey Abrams.

  203. The race card? Latino bias? I'm sorry I just did not see that at all. – The rest of the Country did not understand?…What? Well it seems that America has a large community of Americans of Latin desent who understood and liked Karen enough to vote her into the top ten. Lets remember that AI has a diverse audience which includes Americans of all backgrounds. I think the race card is being played but on this MB, not by the judges. My favs are Scotty, Stefano bad Robbie did not make it.

    • Robbie should have made the top 10. He sings from the heart, which is more than I can say about the screamers, James and Casey. Karen has a beautiful voice. I am not Latino, and I voted 40 minutes for her. I also voted 40 minutes for Lauren Elaina and 40 minutes for Pia. I voted 2 hours for Robbie. I knew he would need the votes to make it. I didn't know that he wouldn't make, at least the wild card round! I hope he makes it by himself, without American Idol!

  204. I really didn't like the judges saving Ashton and Naima. Ashton looks like she would be mean and hateful in everyday life. I DO NOT like the attitude Randy! Naima should not be in this group. That was just a political correct kind of choice for "balance". Lauren should have been the choice there.

    The producers are manipulating the choices people. Do they think we are stupid? Like, "oh, the judges haven't finished deciding, so let's show JLo's new video!" Wow. How convenient is that? And there are the judges supposedly pouring over "notes" at the table like they are really busy. That really is lame.

    • Doug, you are so correct. I thought I was the only one that saw the manipulation in the contest by the producers.They are the ones picking the winners not America! Our vote does not matter it's all financial.

    • Stop all the hating on the judges choices. Look the american public knows nothing about talent lets face it. They pick based on either their petty prejudices or who they want to go forward. Sometimes that is not based on talent but instead on personal feelings. Look Simon Cowell said it long time ago "the american public knows nothing about picking talent, the judges on the other hand do." So hate for hates sake if it makes you feel better but I decide to enjoy it instead. If I hated on america's choices in the past seasons… I would be the angriest person in the world!!!!!!

      Jenifer Hudson says hello!!!!!

      • American public knows what they like and what they'll buy…bottom line. There are millions of us and only 3 judges, who would you like to be the favorite of?

      • NO hate here Smooth B.- just people like you insinuating things that aren't being said because they disagree with you-

        Race, Ethnicity, culture call it what you like- the show was stacked for ratings and J-Lo is not a judge she's a cheerleader. Too bad Simon is gone, singers like Ashton and Naima would never have made it through….

  205. Yeah, I was hoping Lauren Turner had made it, too! Over-all, probably the right top 10. I had rooted for Stefano as the top male wild card and for Ashton as the top female. Admittedly, I had developed a soft spot for Brett during the elimination rounds and was disappointed to see him go!

  206. I love the judges. they are better than paula and simon and I have proofs.

    Are you thinking that all of this 9 seasons america hadn't the talents like this season. I think the previous judges made bad decisions during country search and at the end we have only 3 or 4 really talented in finals.

    Thank you J.Lo, Stevie and randy. you pick the right guys and girls so we have the best season so far. All the credits go for you.

  207. Thrilled my faves got through on the public vote – Casey Abrahms & Lauren Alaina, woot!! I was so impressed by Stefano's performance during the wildcard round, thought it was the perfect song choice for that moment, his vocals were Hawt. So glad he got the judges vote to stay in the competition. Ashton & Naima's selection was surprising. Looking forward to the rest of the competition!

  208. What is up with the results?

    I really thought that Robbie Rosen should be count in the 10.He sang beautifully for god's sake!

    And Naima?!OMG,

  209. Im so glad James Durbin got in, of course he would, he's a superstar! And Im glad Stefano got in because we gotta have some eye candy to watch every week or its just gonna get boring. Although I agree that they shouldnt get too excited about being wild cards coz if American didnt vote them in, they're not gonna keep them in unless they blow the roof off. And Jun Bug (sp) lost my vote back in Hollywood when he booted JC outta the group! Karma!

  210. my prediction in order of elmination for next 3 weeks:

    week 1: naima

    week 2: ashton

    week 3: karen or stefano

    these 4 will be first to go either way..

  211. I think a big mistake was made when Lauren Turner was cut. She deserved to be a wild card and sing again.

  212. Well, I'm not happy. I spent 2 hours voting for Robbie. Why do the judges bother to pick wild cards if they don't like soft voices? Robbie sang from the heart. Naima should have gone home. I don't like screamers. Obviously, James and Casey should have stayed home. They don't sing, they screech! If that is what Steven Tyler likes, It's fine for him but I'll take a good singer every time. That's why I never liked Steven Tyler. He was a screamer. Why didn't they pick 14 instead of 13 singers? That would have been a nicer thing to do. I hope that Robbie will make it on his own. As for the girls. The people got it right. They picked all the girls I picked and voted for. Well, good luck to all. Please pick a decent singer for your American Idol this year!

  213. Well one thing good about this season's top 13 is that there is tons of variety. And I kinda agree with you about Naima. She does nothing for me. However, I thought Robbie/Brett really deserved that 13th spot. I'm pretty sure these young talents have more to offer than Naima. Well I'm rooting for Thia, Paul, Pia, Scotty, Lauren. I wish those 5 all the best 😀

    • I really liked Kendra as well. I voted for her, but probably not enough (I cast more votes for Lauren T). In once again listening to Kendra in her "Blackbird" duo with Paul McDonald on YouTube, I am astonished that the judges made such a huge mistake in not picking her as a wild card. Huge mistake. I wish her (and Lauren Turner) well in their careers.

  214. Lauren, oh why please someone sign her to a recording contract….breath of fresh air to bad. Best over all talent across the board than ever before but Lauren was unique not a lounge act….

  215. I think ashton was chosen because first of all she's black second her style is R&B and she is the only r&B girl in the competion. naima was simply chosen because she has a unique style.

  216. I believe the top 5 will be Lauren, Haley, James, Scotty, & Stephano. I think they should have put Tim through for the men — he was awesome every week, along with Stephano and then should have selected Lauren & Kendra for the wildcards. I don't like Ashton or Naima. Naima will be the first to go by popular vote.

    • I'm absolutely with you on Ashthon.

      But I really like Naima. Now, I didn't like her "save" song one bit. But I loved, loved, loved her "Summertime." It was blow-away tremendous! I heard her speak, and I thought, oh, man, this chick doesn't have a chance. And then she opened her mouth to sing! Her voice quality is wonderful and she "lived" that song when she sang it. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing. And I can't forget that, despite the poor choice of song and delivery of her "save" song. I truly think that was true for the judges, as well.

      • I agree with you HP in that Ashton is over rated and that Naima has more talent than most of the others ,especially the screamers

  217. I am really, really sorry to see Lauren Turner leave. She was gutsy, smart, and incredibly talented. My American Idol though — Jacob Lusk, if he keeps doing what he's been doing!

  218. Naima and James are fantastic. It is sad that the author of this article chose to denigrate Naima by calling her a janitor. Any honest labor is honorable.

    • I agree. Naima is just great, and she works hard to support her two little children. God bless her (instead of putting her down!)

    • Yes I totally agree Naima is fresh, different, exciting, She can sing old songs in an interesting way that I think young people like. I honestly think she can make it to the top. she has great potential.

    • Are you kidding me? How does it "denigrate" her by calling her a janitor? If I'm not mistaken, SHE'S A JANITOR. I also hate when people say that certain contestants "deserve" to win because they're a single parent or because they have some sad sob story. This is a singing competition. Win on your merits and not pity. While I think Naima has great talent, I think her selection for wild card was a waste. Her old style will not appeal to a younger audience and she will not likely make it into the top ten. However, time will tell.

      • yes; i'm tired of the stupid things folks say on these boards; the young lady is an Janitor; NOTHING NOTHING To B Ashamed of!!! I was one from the 8th grade all the way though high school. It taught me to be TOUGH. It taught me to be CLEANER. Good Grief Folks; what does one HAVE to be in this world to gain a little respect?? Thank GOD She HAS A JOB!! I believe this is an TALENT; SINGING CONTEST And NOT a PITY PARTY For Everyone. Everyone I've ever known myself included has had a rough life. Nobody said it would be easy.

  219. Naima and James are great singers, with presence and charisma. How sad that the author of this article chose to denigrate Naima because she is a cleaning woman. Any honest labor is honorable.

    • ya right it was kinda mean… she's not even my fave and to tell you she was at the bottom of my list but i think the designation of the author to naima was off!

      • wow@that sounded so snobbish and rude!!! and taken out of context or in context both ways are so mean!! Naima has so much soul in her, and she is one strong lady to work that hard to support herself, and I am a fan and hope she wins, bcs she sounds good, looks good and behaves like royalty, I love the grace she has….. 1. Casy 2. James 3. Naima 5. Paul 6.Lusk bcs they all bring something different and worth watching others seen that 1000's of times. Character, Charisma, Something New!!! Woop!! wish them luck XD

    • GET OVER IT!! There was NO DISRESPECT FOR NAIMA SP? NONE. The Person was just saying what the young lady does for a living; thats it.

      • It's not that the author said she's a janitor, it's how it was put in. Is James introduced as 'James the bum who can't keep a job'? Naima was the only one with a 'nickname' and why else would someone bring it up? Naima, musically, has a lot of talent. She's kind of a throwback to Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn. Kids today should be reintroduced to such extremely talented people. I'm glad she made it in the top 13. I don't know that Idol is the best venue for her, but she still should be given the respect she deserves as a very talented musician. She's not Lee DeWyze, who was absolutely craptastic and still won.

  220. my ranking for the official top 3

    1. Pia Toscano

    2. Thia Megia

    3. James Durbin

    4. Casey Abrams

    5. Scotty McCreey

    6. Jacob Lusk

    7. Stefano Langone (based on the WC)

    8. Laurem Alaina

    9. Ashthon Jones (based on the WC)

    10. Paul McDonald

    11. Karen Rodriguez

    12. Hailey Reinhart

    13. Naima Adedapo (based on the WC)

    • I really think Jacob should be up there with pia… his performance was absolutely stunning it actually made me cry, Pia's didn't really evoke emotion for me

      • I respect your oppinion but that's how i see it based on what i heard in the performance … and when i heard him sing this week and i closed my eyes i hear a girl like somewhat a diva and i think it can be his strenght..

    • in thia world some people are so lucky and some achieve greatness from others i think we should not be judgemental here,fate is taking its way lol

    • I don't know if Pia has the depth to keep on churning out stand out performances. Thia may be the most talented of the girls, but does she have the staying power to handle the stress of the next few weeks? I think Casey and Lauren will probably be the last ones standing. Casey has so much talent and the personality to go with it, and America will love Lauren more and more with each coming week. I think she has a lot more to show.

    • I like your picks you got it pretty good, although, I like Lauren the best, with Thia and James will be entertaining.

  221. I have a 20 year old grandson with Asberger's and I am thrilled and so proud of James! He has not only proved to himself that he 'can do' what he sets out to do, but has proved it to America also.

    • @ Laurie…I agree. I believe in James…I feel he has the focus, dedication and determination to continue on…starting at the very beginning when he was given a ticket to move ahead, I feel this instilled a level of confidence he may not have had before. He keeps getting better and better and his stage presence is awesome. Rock on James. 🙂

  222. We are all pulling for Haley Reinhart to advance, I hope America feels the same way. She used to play with the girls across the street when she was young, along with my daughter. They used to act like they were singing stars! It would be great for Wheeling also!

    • I didn't get Randy's comment about Haley. I think she added to the song. She's not an outstanding singer but has a beautiful spirit and a gorgeous smile.

    • Haley is definitely one of my favorites. She took on a huge song and totally nailed it. Randy was just trying to be negative. Did you realize he said 'the song did nothing for you' instead of 'you did nothing for the song' which is what he usually says. She owned that song, and Randy couldn't really say she didn't.

  223. I want to hear them all again. It's hard to sequence my favorites because their styles are so different, but they include:

    My Top 7 (Love all of them, but I think in this order):

    * Paul

    * Casey

    * Jacob

    * Hailey

    * Naima

    * Thia

    * Lauren (to a lesser extent, because of her country choices; but I admit I loved listening to her)

    Next 5 (they were very good, but not my favorites):

    * Pia (way too much made over her and her last performance, IMO)

    * Scotty (not a country fan, but boy was he ever good in that last performance)

    * Karen (sweet, but, just okay for me)

    * Stefano (terrific "save" performance and SO cute!! He may surprise everyone)

    * James (hate to say this, because I like the guy, but he screams too much for me–just that style is not for me).

    No: The only one I don't care for at all is Ashthon. Deserves to be first to go.

    • You guys are saying your opinions as fact. I agree with the top 7 on this list. They are, musically, the most talented. Are they the most likable or marketable, maybe not. Pia had one amazing performance and everyone is falling head over heals. She's good, I'm not saying she's not, but she doesn't blow the other contestants away. Not by a long shot.

  224. I really love Ashton. She's my favorite for this season. Something about her is so beyonce-ish and I love her Diva attitude. :> I just hope she stays though. Coz not everybody likes her. :'( She's actually good technically, and she doesn't always need to depend on her attitude to put her through.

    • I find her voice quality to be annoying. I usually try to close my eyes and listen, so I am not swayed by anything else, and I just do not like her voice. Sounds irritating and tinny to me.

      • I still love her though.:)It's weird. I actually think she has a good voice, and I love the quality with it.

      • I just listened to the before-vote YouTube of Ashthon (everyone, btw, is misspelling her name) to try to pinpoint what it is exactly that I don't like about her voice. I realized that a good part of it is her register. I actually prefer an alto sound–so much more pleasing to my ear. (I guess that's why I really liked Lauren Turner, Lauren A, and Hailey among the girls). Ashthon gives me a headache when she sings–the pitch just grates on my poor ears. And her whole thing is too stylized to me, if you follow–doesn't sound natural.

    • I've got nothing but love for the girl but her attitude is what will probably put people off voting for her. Americans love personality, but they also love humility. Hope she gets it before its too late.

    • I didn't care for the 'i'm better than anyone up here attitude' She gave to us audience. I don't care who U R…..even if U have a AWESOME VOICE Or other Talent; I will not purchase the CD'S or Download any of whomever's Music or Watch Their TV or Movies with the I'M BETTER THAN U Cruddy Attitude.

  225. Its funny whoever wrote this is doggin on ALL the blacks…. Honestly i think Jacob Lusk witll be in the bottom 2 and hopefully win…Its also funny they didnt reconize Stefano Need u now song by Smokie N. …silly people oh and Ashton and Naima did great i hope they go far ….ALL U LITTLE HATERS

    • I'm wondering why you think Naima will go far. America voted her off In reality she isn't that good. Ashton is much better.

      • lol im sorry for getting so upset, im just really anxious this yr. for AI…honestly i dont think Naima will go that far oh and ashton didnt get voted off, she was saved !

      • People that say Naima is bad most likely don't have any kind of background or experience with jazz. If you have, you realize that everything she does, stylistically, is amazing. Again, I'm not sure if Idol is the right place for her to be, but you can't say she's bad. She's amazing, it's your ears that are bad.

  226. I don't know what Steven Tyler's obsession with Naima is he should have chosen Jovani. However, I think they needed two that would be voted off beuase the other pics are spot on. It would have been awesome if they brought Jaycee back on a wildcard. I love the fact that America gave Clint what he deserved.

    • The MORON Should've Voted for the one with the TALENT or MORE Talent than Namai sp? Kendra had MORE TALENT Than all the 6 They had re sing. I think he was THINKING; VOTING With HIS HEART; And NOT His BRAIN. Its somewhat sad; because Namai sp? Probably will be out'd in the next week. NO DISRESPECT of this Singer.

    • What's with people misspelling names? It's Ashthon, Jacee, Jovany. And it's not pronounced jay-CEE (like jay-z) it's pronounced JAY-cee. Kendra was mediocre at best and Jacee would not have been able to handle the competition. Talking about voting with your heart. Letting him through would have been a disservice to him. I'm glad they gave him time to mature a little, really figure out what he wants, and he'll come back in a few years and rock the house.

      • Jacee would of handle things great, kid acted more grown up then those older than him. From this kids bio, he's been in competitions like these, he know about pressure. Please! He knows what he wants wish I knew at that age. You can tell when he sings.

  227. I was sad to see Brett go theres a kid with amazing talent. I dont agree with some of the picks at all.

  228. The finalists are mostly OK. But Ashton over Lauren? Ashton hasn't been on key yet. Once again a pretty face and strut over well honed singing technique.

  229. I really don't think we can ever give enough praise to the Backing Band and the arrangements that are consistently written to perfection each and every week.

    They really bring out the the best in each contestant allowing them room to show of their talents to a very high level.

    The "Swinging" arrangement of SUMMERTIME last week was a prime example……Even if you don't make it Naima quickly jump on this one and record it ASAP !!!!!

    • I agree that the band is usually spot on..and in the same vein backup vocals are often stunnng.

      • You know, the only bad note with respect to the band's arrangements was the one sung by Rachel, "Criminal," recorded unforgettably by Fiona Apple. I thought the speeded up arrangement did the song and Rachel's singing abilities no justice whatsoever. I don't understand why the arrangement was prepared that way for her. I thought her polished moves were mind-blowing, but I would never have applied the label, "Hollywood" to it.

        The arrangement, if recommended by the band, absolutely killed Rachel's chances.

  230. First and foremost you are defiantly right about Naima Adedapo she should not have been save Lauren Turner was so Much better than her it was a huge mistake sending her home. That being said I think if Simon was judging that would not have happened!!! As far as Ashton Jones goes she is a great singer but I think the way she carries herself (almost like "I know I'm better than everyone" type of attitude)like she is a Diva already played a big role in her not being voted for by America. She is not the best singer out of all of them she needs drop the Diva wannabe attitude…at least until after the contest is over. My personal Favorites are Pia Toscano, Casey Abrams, Thia Megia, Lauren Alaina, and James Durbin

    • HP; You R Right On Target!! I would've Never said something as stupid as Tyler said to an upcoming proformer; As when he said 'BROADWAY'???? She was shocked; I was shocked; the Audience was shocked; as I stated before You could hear a pin drop after he said that. Then Miss Jennifer Shot Rachael down, as did Randy; 1st they tell her they want HER; RACHAEL Not somebody fake; or for her to try and be someone else; They just wanted HER TO BE HER. Which She TRIED to be. Didn't like her song choice; didn't like the arrangement of it either; But I did like Rachael's voice. I feel the Judges Through her under the bus.

      • Rachel's performance was quite theatrical , which is why Steve Tyler mentioned Broadway, because that is how it came off. Her performance was more suited to Broadway, and that, the judges felt, is where her future lies.

      • So you don't think Ashthon's was theatrical, or for that matter, Jacob's or James'? They were ALL theatrical!

      • all of them are the same. Ballads3x. Steven Tyler can be so mean sometime…worse than Cowell.

    • I really love Ashton but felt she came off as over-confident and rather cocky. I just hope she got the point people were making by not voting for her, cos she's a great performer and entertainer.

      So much talent this year. Thia is the probably the most talented out of the girls, but I think Lauren will win.

    • Please don't mention Simon. (What an ugly comment, by the way) This new panel is a breath of fresh air from the tired nastiness of the past. If he was there and didn't like her and the other 2 judges did, it won't have made any difference anyway.

      If however you're still pining for Simon, you can always watch reruns of past AI on youtube.

  231. paul ,casey and james, they are my fav. for guy. But for james, i hope he is not gonna be boring, by singing the same type of song…

    good luck guys…

  232. I am from Argentina where the program is shown at the weekends.

    I want to let you know that during the week my friends and I make comments on the show… and we all come to the same idea…THE SHOW IS GREAT!

    The judges are really nice and polite to all contestants.

    The top 13 are very talented and it will be difficult to choose just one American idol…

  233. Disagree with you on Naima. She is refreshing. She is not a cookie cutter artist. She has class, style and talent.


  235. Season 10 is the best season ever in AI, the judges pick so many great talents that it was so difficult to for America to choose. I was shocked when Clint Gamboa was not included in the top 10 considering he got the voice and the talent, its probably because of what he did to Jaycee. I love the wild card part, and I'm happy with the judges choices – i think its the perfect choice for Naima, Stefano and Ashton to be in the top 13.

    • I wasn't shocked, he wasn't all that great, even the judges thought so, that's why they didn't waste the wildcard on him.

  236. Did you guys realize that when the wildcards people were picked, it was all based on the personal bias.

    this is the fact:

    – randy chose ashton jones

    – jennifer lopez chose stefano langone

    – steven tyler chose naima adepapo

    those 3 chosen were the favorites of each judge based on their own perspectives if you know what i meant.

      • Thought THIS was an 'TALENT SHOW'…..If They want an "So your life sucks show" Whose doesn't by the way; then have FOX; NBC, CBS, ABC Develope one. I came here for the TALENT; My Life SUCKS as it is; I don't need to hear anyone elses darn life story!! I'm sorry for them; I'll PRAY For them; but can't handle my own damn life as it is. Need some time out; watching some TV helps this. So Give me some talent AI. Please.

  237. American Idol is about the singing, and this season in my opinion has the best lot ever. All the singers show a definite high level of capability in certain genres. That being said, it is so obvious to me that Casey is the single most talented contestant ever, and not afraid to use it. (Randy agrees and talent recognizes talent). American Idol ultimately is a popularity contest, (ask Jordan and Clint the karoake singer)Casey is not an overly "pretty guy" and not unpopular but I am not sure he can win this type of popularity/music contest. The talent/ability is there. He is my hands down choice.

    • I don't think Ai is a popularity contest, you have to think about the word American Idol, like Randy said at one time on the show, Not only voice,looks, but humanity. To me looks don't matter, who to judge who's cute. But American does love humanity and Jordan and Clint did not show that being an Idol is about respecting others and how you handle yourself in situations. America did not boot Jordan nor Clint, ther own self egos did. For me its talent, but you can have talent and be "Ugly" by how you treat people. American Idol is showing the young generation how to be, I don't want my nieces or nephews to think they have to act like Jordan or Clint or look like Pia or Stenfano (SP) to make it in this world.

  238. My Top 5 picks in alphabetical order.

    – James

    – Lauren

    – Scotty

    – Stefano

    – Thia

    Jacob and Casey are brilliant but I doubt it if America would continuously patronize their antics. I'm sure that everybody will get bored of them later.

    As for Pia, I felt so unconfortable watching her when she has to exert too much effort in hitting those high notes and I was so surprised how the judges admired her rendition. I am so sure that Simon would not even bother to clap if he was there.

  239. I too was sorry that Tobby did not make it. Naima (spelling) just doesn't do it for me. Between the way she dresses and the songs she sings she is not Idol material. Can you imagine her onstage at a concert?? Boring. But good luck to them all, they'll all need it.

  240. I think there is finally alot of great talent this year. This panel did a much better job of finding talent. I think Stefano style is the one best suited to be a successful American Idol. The camera really loves him, nice smile and he is super photogenic and well poised. I'm looking forward to his next performance he just nailed the last one. Superb!

  241. couple thoughts:

    — Surprised Stefano wasn't in the original top ten, otherwise was a good group.

    — My early pick to win this is Jacob, beating Thia in the end.

    — I like the guy, and feel bad what he goes through every day, but James is overrated. He'll go far because he's the early fan favorite, but I really don't think he's even close to the talent of most the others. Strictly on talent, with no back stories, he'd be gone already imho. That said, here's my order of how I think it will shake out:

    13. Naima-just not a fan of her look or voice

    12. Lauren-like her, just don't think america will

    11. Paul-only top 10 person I didn't pick correctly

    10. Hailey-got the looks for sure

    9. Ashton-sexy diva for sure, just don't see going past here

    8. Scotty-slightly overrated, likeable guy could go further because of his early popularity

    7. Karen-not talked about much, but I think she's been one of the best so far, I'd have her in top 4 if I was the only one voting

    6. Stefano-I think he'll outperform alot of people to work his way here

    5. James-hope america eventually gets it right, I think he's gonna goof something up to the point america has to vote him off. Good guy, sorry dude.

    4. Pia-she's got it for sure

    3. Casey-hope he makes it this far, seems too nervous at times though

    2. Thia-her time will come for sure, just don't think america wants a 15 year old idol. Very similar to the kid that lost in the final a couple years ago.

    1. Jacob-dude can sing, very likeable. See season two winner.

  242. Jacob couldn't hold a note if you gave him a bucket to carry it in, pay attention to the way he sings he slides into the note then out again without ever landing it. If you think that James Durbin is a screamer what do you think Steve Tyler does? To understand the difference try playing a high note on the piano and holding that note while you scream. James Durbin is truly the best SINGER in the group.

    • I think you R Wrong about JACOB L. He CAN Sing!!! He rolls of the notes like an TRUE GOOD SINGER. Listen to Striesand; Sinatra, Washington!; Luther VanGross; They are the BEST OF THE BEST; Listen to them sometime; you will truely learn something.

  243. The Americans did a decent job in picking but the whoel group is pretty talented so yes its going to be a good season, and probably eventful. I too, would have liked to see Robbie make it in the wild card. good luck all

  244. Let me give you a clue about "The Janitor" – she's hot, unbelievably talented, completely unique – and she's staying. Your boring white girls pale in comparison. So did your boring Tim. Looks like you ain't doin' so hot this year, partner 🙂

    • Now if I said those dull Black singers-there would be all kinds of racial discrimination insinuations on here-but it is OK for you to post "white girls" on here- #1) no one said they didn't like Ashton or Naima cause of the color of their skin-it's because they simply can't sing!! #2)I like Jacob he's an excellent singer but so is CASEY-you know the white boy! #3)Stop with your racial derogatory comments-it's about talent not skin color!

    • I have to agree about Naima. She's amazingly talented, people that can't see it are like Jordan Dorsey when Scotty sang for him. He listened for 2 sec and judged that he wasn't good enough. Look where Jordan is and where Scotty is. People judge Naima w/out even listening to her. Everything she does is brilliant.

  245. I think James performance was outstanding!!!I'm very very happy to see him in the top 13!

  246. I cant stop rewinding my dvr and listening to Stefano's "I need you Now." I love this song and he sang it so beautifully I cant get enough of hearing it. The words of the song were so perfect for what he was fighting for and he showed how much it meant to him. Im a true fan.

  247. I had Kendra and Lauren Turner in my top 6. I liked them much more than Ashton and Naimi! Didn't quite get what the judges were thinking there. But hopefully Ashton and Naimi will be gone in the first week or so! So now I think Haley is my favorite girl. Stefano is my favorite guy. Couldn't believe he had to sing for the 6th spot.

  248. I thought that the judges did a really good job of picking 6 to sing for their lives — EXCEPT they should have picked Lauren Turner over Jovany or Ashthon in my opinion. However, I don't think that they then did such a great job of picking the ones they picked to get in from those six.

    Stefano was clearly on the top of his game and gave the best showing of the 6. Beautiful voice, song sung tenderly, great vocal control. So he was in clearly, I thought, based on that performance.

    But after that, I honestly thought that Kendra and Robbie were the next best.

    From the first second that I saw that Ashthon hadn't made the top 10 by the voters, I was absolutely certain that the judges would put her in. Her flirty, diva cockiness made me happy that the voters saw through her, and if that continues to be the case, then the judges will have wasted this choice.

    I would've been happy with the voters' top 10 and four more instead of three: Lauren T., Kendra, Stefano and Naima (yes, slightly edging out Robbie, although there sure seem to be a lot of Naima-bashers on here).

    Overall, though, great variety in singing styles and talent in this group. At this point, I think it's the best "top 13" we've ever had.

    Let the competition begin!

  249. If we based on the quality of tone,delivery and impact to the audience, the following are my Top 5 predictions: (not in order)

    1. Jacob

    2. James

    3. Pia

    4. Casey

    5. Thia

    The following below are the list of who will go first: (not in order)

    1. Naima

    2. Ashton

    3. Estefano

    4. Paul

    5. Lauren

  250. Safe to go through until the middle of the contest term are the folowing:

    1. Karen.

    2. Haley and

    3. Scott

  251. I think you should all go and clean out your ears and listen again. Jacob is just in a different class. As far as I am concerened there is no competition, everyone can go home!! 🙂

  252. Pia and James are good. i like them, but they sounds like someone else when they sing.

  253. honestly, the best season for me has been with Adam Lambert – although this season i appreciate people can ACTUALLY sing, i am NOT hearing what the judges are hearing, diva woman ashton would be gone & i too would have picked lauren turner (young bette midler) to stay in way better performance and the young girl can sink but she's too young to compete

  254. I thought Chris Gamboa was a shoe-in but the way he dumped that 15-year-old boy is what did him in. I don't think people were willing to overlook how blatantly self-serving that was. He tried to gloss it over but clearly, I think he was afraid that the kid's talent would overshadow his own. Too bad that his nasty ego killed his chances, which I think were otherwise pretty good.

    • oops…I meant clint.

      Re: the diva charge against Ashthon: the judges are looking for solid, in-charge performers who can stand up not only to the rigors of this contest, but to the challenges of being a performer and recording artist. I, for one, find the need to have others act humble a bit boring. Be who you are; it is enough. And people don't LIKE strong people when they themselves are weak and lack the same talent. You can always tell who those people are by the fact that they attack those who are strong. I find nothing off-putting about Ashthon. I like her sassyness. Maybe you could get some, too. It would change your life…lol. Okay, maybe not. Can't wait to read the screaming rebuttals, especially from those whose spelling is amusing.

      • clint was a clit. he deserved what he got in the end. did u get to see his reaction when he didn't get picked for wildcards by the judges?

    • For me, I never was taken by his personality or voice, he just had a cockyness about him, but you are so right for the thing he did to Jacee really lost him votes. I said this before, if he had done it to anyone else, I think it still would lost him votes. It's sad when people true colors come out to win.

  255. And oh my goodness, YES to Adam Lambert! I was afraid that this season would be so boring because it's hard for me to imagine anyone else coming close to the standard he set. However, so many of these people are great; really has me excited to see what happens.

    Pia and Jacob will be the last two standing, IMHO.

  256. Lauren can forget my votes after bashing Kelly Clarkson. Lauren sounds like Kellie Pickler. Clarkson was very kind in her comments about Lauren, but then again Kelly is a kind and humble person. Obviously Lauren hasn't noticed that Kelly has lost weight recently and is now thinner than Lauren. Clarkson is also the best live singer out there. With the attitude shown with Lauren't last comment, she may have alienated Clarkson fans and there are many. She had better apologize if she has any hope of winning.

  257. Scotty will go far just because of his popularity among the teenage girls and some adult females. he has the same luck as season 9 contestants, Tim Urban, America's favorites. However, the difference is that Scotty can sing! Tim Urban couldnt!

    • I liked Tim because he took everything with a smile. He was a very optimistic person, which is rarely seen on the show. I'm not convinced Scotty can actually sing. It's almost like he's a parrot mimicking what he here's. I could be completely wrong, but he really hasn't shown otherwise. He's marketable, likable, and a good performer, so I think he will make it pretty far in.

  258. American Idol match-maker:

    1. Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina

    2. Stefano Langone & Pia Toscano

    3. Jovanni Bareto & Karen Rodriques

    4. Tim Halperin & Julia Porozova

    5. James Durbin & Hailey Reinhart

    6. Thia Megia & Rob Rosten

    7. Jacob Lusk & Naima Adepapo

    8. Clint Gamboa & Bret (gay couple)

    9. Naima Adepapo & Kendal Wilson (lesbian couple)

    10. Casey Abrams & Rachel Zevita

    11. Lauren Turner & Jordan Dorsey


  259. Jordan Dorsey and Clint Jun Gamboa are out of the American Idol! Thanks for that. Stuck-up and self-oriented dudes…What goes around comes around.

  260. I was very sad to see Jovanny &Stefano voted off! I sure hope someone picks them up and they make a CD!! Good ole Italian boys! Love em!!

  261. I was happy to stefano make it in.

    but I would have like to see Robie and Jovani make it in, I really liked them alot.

    do not like Naima at all, does nothing for me and she creeps me out, hope she goes home first or really soon…

  262. Jovany's performance of i'll be was very mediocre and it didnt do anything for him but when he was chosen for the wild card i thought he did really well with john secada's angel. overall I am very pleased with this group this is a very talented top 13 but i wish jovanny and kendra would have replaced ashton and naima

  263. I had picked out Stefano Lagone from the very beginning. Without a doubt he should have been in the top 10. He has passion, a smile, and absolutely amazing talent. Great choice to get him back in. I see him going along way, so I hope American sees true raw talent.

  264. American Idol is loaded with raw talent this season and I'm looking forward to some great performances. Happy Naima is in, I'm not surprised being a janitor had to be emphasized, but hey it's honest living. Good luck Naima you are on a mission and a new spiritual journey, enjoy every minute and show America how you roll !!!

  265. I agree with you. Lauren Turner should have been picked. Also, why didn't they pick Tim?

    • Tim Halpern? or something like that? Could't carry a tune without his piano. Needed to work harder for another year or so.

      NO DISRESPECT to the fella

  266. I was pleased with the top 10, however, choosing Naima and Ashton as wildcards really surprised me. While they both have nice voices, they don't stand out or make me think "idol". My early picks are Pia, Scotty, Lauren and Paul. I would like to see Scotty and Lauren sing a duet.

    • You have a right to your opinion, however, I am not into pushing my on others. Yet, I have preferences. I like Aston and she can sing and the four you chose really can't touch her except for Scotty. And,to be honest, Ashton stands out … just a little too over the top (which is what pushed her out of the top 10 to begin with). As for Naima, she exhibits star quality .. her style is unique and she is so humbling to watch.

  267. This is the best final 24 in the history of the show – hands down. That said, how do you not pick Robbie Rosen to go forward? His range is incredible – better than Stefano. He truly deserved to be there, especially over Naima and Ashton. Naima will be heading home next week.

  268. Did I miss it. Did they tell us they were going to chop out 1/2 of the idols? I didn't vote because I thought I'd have plenty of time. It's too bad because there were at least 5 that I wanted to see more of.

  269. best contestants to date but worst judges… I love jlo but it seems that it is only randy who listens attentively and knows how to judge… scotty, paul, thia, pia, james, lauren and jacob will surely rock this show..

  270. I really think that the top 13 was a very good choise.

    I can hardley waite for tonght show.

  271. Sorry to say this that girl disgrated selenas song so badly you do not have her voice you shouldn't do anymore selenas songs your disgresting it and im shure u did the family -.- that was horrible its a nice thing to sing selenas songs cause i love her music and her voice i just dont like ur voice singing it you choped her song into bits you disgarsted it badly plz stop trying to be her cause you aint her ;; A Big Fan Of Selenas

  272. According to Dial Idol, it's probably going to be Haley, Ashthon, Casey or Paul going home. Paul was pretty weak. Karen is not leaving yet, even though she had a bad night, because she has too many fans. I can't believe Casey is going home yet, or even that he's on the bottom. Ashthon would be my bet, not because I don't like her, but because of the kind of things I've already read on this forum. Dial Idol says Scotty, James, Pia and Jacob are safe, no surprise. The other five are somewhere in the middle.

  273. This contest will be determined by votes. Everyone needs to vote. If the country western lovers don't vote the great c/w singers won't have a chance. As well as the older Joe Cocker type fans if they don't vote guess who will go? If we let all the younger kids vote alot of the fabulous talent will not have a chance. So if you really care, you must VOTE!!!!!!!!!

  274. k well frig everyone here cause i dont care what none of yall say casey has been my fav sence i frist laid eyes on him hes the best singer hes amzing and i dont care im voting for him till the day he leaves GO CASEY!!!!!!!!

  275. What i don’t understood is in truth how you’re not really a lot more neatly-liked than you may be right now. You’re so intelligent. You realize therefore considerably in terms of this topic, made me in my opinion imagine it from so many various angles. Its like women and men aren’t fascinated until it is something to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs outstanding. Always take care of it up!

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