American Idol 2011: Top 11 results show recap – Judges use their save early

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Let’s see. America decides they like Casey Abrams the least, but the “American Idol” judges think we’re all so wrong that he doesn’t even have to sing for his chance to be safe. That’s insulting. Actually, this whole episode was one big insult. I didn’t think I could hate a results episode more than I already have until tonight. It got better with the drama at the end, for sure. I’ll give it credit there. Here, I’ll give you the chronological rundown (and I must warn you, I’m going to have a snark hangover tomorrow):

Even before we see the “American Idol” Top 11 sing their weekly (horrible) group number, we get footage of Jennifer Lopez’s husband Marc Anthony showing the contestants how not to be overpowered by the band. Then he makes some jokes and blah blah. I guess I’m supposed to care, but I don’t.

Then we get to hear the Idols sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Yay. And it’s as bad as ever. I’m going to say something now that I’ve been biting my tongue finger not to say for a while now. Jacob Lusk works the stage like Bette Midler. And by Bette Midler I mean a drag queen. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I like drag queens. It’s just awkward when you’re not in drag. (Backlash welcome)

Anyway, the group performance. It was one of the worst ever. I thought my ears were bleeding at one time, but it was just me sweating because I had to cover my head with a blanket so I wouldn’t see how ridiculous and awkward Scotty McCreery and Casey Abrams look trying to perform with the others. It just doesn’t work. They’re not meant to dance. They’re supposed to just stand there (or sit) and sing. Even Stevie Wonder could tell how ridiculous they look. (Insert gasps and laughter here)

Yeah, so Stevie was a surprise guest, and frankly, a nice treat (the only one of the night). It was good to hear him sing “Sign, Sealed, Delivered” since no one was smart enough to sing that last night.

I’m not even going to talk about Steven Tyler’s birthday tribute because I  know my therapist would tell me not to.

We finally get a commercial and I can relax. But that doesn’t last long as I’m treated to another terrible Ford commercial. I’ve never been more happy I drive a Honda.

Finally, it’s time to build the Bottom 3. This is, after all, why we’re here on Thursday nights. Of course Ryan just does that thing he’s done the past three weeks. Where he pulls up three people and they’re all safe. Don’t you think it’s time to shake things up a bit? So first up and safe are Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano and Scotty McCreery.

Then we get a commercial break followed by some band I’ve never heard of. God, I hate Thursdays.

Next we get to see the Idols wrestling in their haunted mansion. Yay. I didn’t know what the point of that all was until after Ryan pulls James Durbin and Paul McDonald up to the stage.

First he makes us think they’re both in the bottom by saying their not safe. But silly me, they’re only not safe because Hulk Hogan heard them talking smack about him in that stupid wrestling footage! Duh! So Hulk Hogan comes out (I’m not making this stuff up). So they’re really both safe (and all the Paul haters who thought me not putting Paul in the Bottom 3 was a mistake can take that).

Have I  mentioned I hate Thursdays?

Finally it’s time for some real results. Ryan brings Jacob Lusk, Thia Megia and Stefano Langone to the stage. Jacob is sent to safety, but Thia and Stefano are in the bottom. I predicted Thia to be in the bottom 3 (even though her rabid fans called me crazy), but not Stefano. That broke my correct prediction streak and just really surprised me. I thought Stefano was one of the better performers last night. But crazy things can happen on this show. Which is one of the reasons I love it (when I’m not hating it like tonight).

The remaining three contestants are Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams. Haley is in the bottom, right? Nope. For the first time she’s not. And neither is Naima. I guess Naima’s seizure dance moves saved her! Surprise America! Casey is in the bottom. I did mention Casey had the possibility of falling in the bottom. But again, I was called crazy. There’s one reader/commenter in particular I’m thinking of right now and I bet he knows who he is.

So Casey gets to sing for his life. But he doesn’t have to. The judges stop his performance in a move that I’m almost certain they rehearsed. I don’t think Casey knew what was going to happen, but I’m pretty sure Ryan and the judges knew. Totally lame.

At any rate, Casey is safe, and he can ride that wave for the next two or three weeks at least. His fans have been scared into voting. So we’ll probably see Haley, Naima and Thia fall during the next couple weeks.

What are your thoughts on the results episode?




  1. I couldn't agree more with you Branden. The group performance was so bad, I felt bad for them. Good call on Thia – like I also predicted and for that I unwillingly became the most hated person on this page. But I was a little surprised by the other two. Oh well, I think this was a shocker to a lot of people. Paul will be safe and sound, if he sings something soft like he promised, the others better watch out. I don't see Thia going far at all, and Stefano better step up. Hailey and Naima will stay if they WOW us next week, but if they don't… they'll be gone soon!

    • Gabriela,Thia fans are making me laugh. They're going to keep the entire Internet traffic bustling going from site to site demanding that people shouldn't have opinions if they include not liking Thia. Hilarious.

      • I've got to admit, though I am a Thia fan (at least, a sane one), you do have a point.

      • This is nothing. I grew up a Red Sox fan. You should see what goes on between us and Yankees fans. lol.

      • Thank you Ack, you are too recruited in the Gabriela & Co. of this site hahahaha. They are really funny actually, but I won't miss them with Thia goes home, which is pretty soon by the by!

      • Oh, and Thia is NOT going home soon, whether she's got a good voice or not in your opinion. Remember this is done by popular vote. Thia will be in the top 3. Believe it or not.

      • RaulinLAX, did you see the show tonight? Who were the three least favorites according to the votes?

      • gabriela, thia's supporters were just complacent this week because she got a good performance and good reviews from the judges as well. this will alarm thia's fan, next week we will be back in action, we will put her on top of the list

      • The review about stefano's performance was kinda honest and overwhelming but seeing him at the bottom 3, made me sick. I hope he will rebound and land at the final spot. God bless you stefano… i like his smile though.

      • Monster, if it left you 'overwhelmed' and feeling 'sick', you're probably better off watching repeats of Cheers or something instead. No one should have to go through that pain while watching a reality TV singing contest.

    • I don't often say this but America you got this right. I thought Hailey would be bottom 3 as well with Casey and Stefano but the right decision was made. While the Motown show was good and there were some good moments, check out footage of Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert on their Motown nights on Youtube. It will give you chills and this is why they both became stars, so far no-one is doing this for me last series or this one…

      • I'm sorry, I have to disagree with you there, I thought that at least half of the contestants tonight were as good as or even better then Kelly Clarkson with their Motown week songs. Just watched her perform and though it was good didn't get any goosebumps at all possibly because she is not really my cup of tea. Jacob, Pia and Paul were even as good as Adam for me though Adam has been my favorite American Idol contestant so far.

      • I really had a downer on many of these singers early in the series, but since the wildcard programme, A.I.'s come alive.

        Wednesday's show rivalled the consistency and quality of any previous show. It was just one quality performance after another.

    • I really think that Thia is the one who should go. It's not that I don't like her, every week I look forward for her to do something more, but even when she did an up-tempo song this week, she still sounded boring. Maybe it's the tone in her voice.

      Stefano will not last long in the competition either.

      and I really agree with Gabriella about Naima and Hailey.. their performances next week will determine whether or not they're going to leave soon.

      • Thank you Ped. I get what you mean. Is not about them as people, is about their performances and Thia is just plain flat and boring. Not even Disney Channel material. Those kids need to have charisma and are great actresses and actors. I can hear her voice on commercials though: Reeeeed Robin, yum! 😀

      • just because you dont like thia doesnt mean you can say that to her,she's 16 and sings better than any 16 year-olds.singing slow songs doesnt make her boring,it shows she has a big heart.'big things come in small packages'

      • Oh and Mr. Moose, you don't know her. You don't know if she has a big heart or not, stop daydreaming about being her BFF. She doesn't know you and I am not saying anything TO HER because she doesn't read this. She's busy! Oh wait, that was your hope? that she was reading this and will love you oh so much? Hahahaha 😀

      • I like Thia, she has an amazing voice and she can really control it, but I do have to agree, no matter how much I really want believe she will do well, I agree with you Ped. Don't think she should go just yet cause there are some contestants that are not as good, but she definitely disappoints every week. It's like they always talk about a connection with the audience, finding your self and being unique and she does not have that. I keep feeling like she does not really feel the songs she sings. She is just running through them.

      • oh no mrs gabriella,I'm soooooo freakin sorry if that post offended you.I really am and no I'm not seeking for her love.I'm just a fan and you should know how it feels when someone insult your favourite, that is unless youre from mars.HAHAHA 🙂

      • Agreed with the Hailey and Naima comment. Especially on Naima's part, I really hope she comes up with a crazy killer performance. Maybe show us a softer side, nice ballad in her range, but with enough soul and emotion to grab. Either way, if she (and Haley) don't manage to wow, they will be going home.

      • There you are Gabriela funny as always. Great prediction for thia she will be singing shampoo commercials or stuff like that. F U N N Y ! ! !

      • moose, I didn't say I don't like Thia, she was one of my early favourite. I keep on wanting her to show something more that what she's giving every week, it's like she doesn't really feel the song and give her best. she has a unique and powerful voice but it's her performances that are not up to expectations.

      • When I close my eyes and listen to the individual studio recordings, Thia is by far the best…Pia might win this year but it is anyones guess….Namia reminds me so much of Ronnie Spector of the Ronnettes. with an African Twist…She will milk the african dance thing and be entertaining….Range means nothing in this competition…It does appear to be about charisma, personality and character.

    • branden and gabriela get a a life ur both idiots. get a job and be nice, and leave us fans alone. (American Idol i suggest that maybe u should get these idiots off this site) bad mojo! if u guys dont like idol, go watch two and a half men or power rangers!

      • I guess the author of this blog dont like stefano and thia. but all praises for casey. One sided?

    • i see they ignore my posts, but brendan and gabriella can bad mouth idol. ….. thats wierd,, i still love idol tho but Brendan & Gabriella need to be outlawed here.

      • You read this Branden? They want you out of your own website… hahahahaha. Oh Thianatics (or I must say Thialunatics) you make the three stooges look smart! But I have to thank you for making me laugh so much, you know… laughter is a great thing!

      • Yeah Gabriella, this poster just wants to read his own words…….He is the idiot here.

      • Bad mouthing other posters here and calling them idiots is like insulting their persons below the belt. Why? do you own this blogsite that you are free to insult other people and call them Idiots? Get a life you Imbecile…. better shut up that stinking mouth of yours.

      • Thank you dengS19! They think that insulting others will keep her from being eliminated.

    • Ur nuts if u believe Hailey or Naima will stay upto next week. I'm predicting that they saved Casey because they're saving 2 eliminations for them. Haha

    • Gabriela got it right go girl! after all the insults and name calling she happened to be right about the bottom three.

      • Yes hopes he gets eliminated , he is so annoying jumping around the stage like a tad…. so weird.

      • I hope he gets eliminated this week, i dont like his wearing those tight pants and jumping around like some sort of kangaroo lmao….

      • Love him,great voice and stage presence.Not all are prof.dancers.Thats what is added to him being Paul.and that can be taught,singing can't,and he allready has that nailed.

    • Agree with you Gabriela about Thia. Compared to Micheal Jackson or God doesn't matter America is not ready for Asian american Idol!

    • When you get people into a school some of them come out with little more than they went in with and some get out with so much more….I think that usually the bottom on the list have the most to gain because they have the opportunity to learn and surprise everyone….Lee did that last year…Crystal was so self absorbed and that turned on her int he end. This year is like any other year…The contestants though are all very good and much better this year. Another thing about this year is that the judges have no obvious favorite….Not like some of the judges last year who unconditionally supported crystal and moped when she did not win….She is now singing cheap coffee houses again…..But America got it right last week.

    • Gabriela, ur so darn right! i dont like the group performance as well. i am not getting any goose bumps all over. pls thia megia pick a song not forced by AI for you to sing. Pick a song that is intended for a contest. If u dont, all your fans who is fighting for you here will be thrown to nothing. pls plss make america and entire world love u again!

      • Thank you izimiyake (love the name by the way hehehe) I am so looking forward to Wednesday's performances. I am intrigued about Casey, what is he going to do after that scare. And I am also intrigued about Naima and Haley who escaped bottom last time but judging by the posts they are not very popular. I think Thia and Stefano will go home, but I like Stefano so much, I just think he is the least popular among the guys. However, he managed to get more votes than Casey last week, or so they made us believe. I don't know!!!

  2. Woww dude….you so harsh and your writing so depressing seriously!

    We always know what american idol have been; the singing, the drama, everything to boost the rating up. My advise; just enjoy it! it means to be entertaining and do not take it seriously….well if this what you expect;you watch something wrong dude.

    Moreover, I like Casey; he is cool and so not mainstream; he has good voice too…just his couple last performance were rough and screechy ; he needs bit slap to wake him up and get back to his root and start singing instead of play acting on the stage!

    • I agree with you. He was too harsh on everything. Group performances are never going to rival anything. You have a wide range of talent and styles. They will never sound good together.

      I am glad they saved Casey he has that extra something that will make him go far. I don't think it the judges reaction was staged. I think the author was just being a smart-ass and looking for something to write about. The whole tone of the article was so negative.

      • Thank God Casey was safed.The Judges were brilliant to do this for Casey.He and together with James,Paul,Jacob,Scotty should be in the AI on the long haul as they are extremely entertaining but the most boring performances came from Lauren,Thia,Pia every week! comment.Lastly,im still hanging onto Naima as i find her extremely unpredictable and you can expect something shocking from her everytime and i like that!And im not even an African American but an Asian to like Naima's performamce a lot!

    • I agree. This guy is way to depressing and uptight. It seems like you you hate Idol. & if you do why are you writing reviews about it week after week?

      • SavageKeli4nua: We dont have choice to read. Honestly, I don't live in states but in the other part of the world and we left behind about 5 hours before know the result of the show. American idol show at Star TV here; and me since impatient enough to wait and see; often bump to this website since this website always give the newest result update. Some of the writing were ok and not bad but obviously this writing just put me off. I have watched the show and result. It was not that bad though…

    • Arum, I agree with your whole entire post. It's like you read my mind, or I read yours, haha.

      Casey is actually my favorite this season. This guy is amazing!!! He plays so many instruments like a pro, his voice is great, his personality is cool and he is definitely one of a kind. Though his last two performances were not as good as the usual Casey, but they were still amazing to me. Not too many people can sing and play Nirvana like he did. I think part of his problem is his image. He is not what you would call a hottie, and pretty much all of these season's contestants happen to be quite good looking.

      This week Casey was way better then Stefano for example, no comparison, yet he got the lowest # of votes. It was probably cause I didn't get to vote this week. Don't worry Casey, you will have all my online votes next week. There is no way I am letting you go home so early!

      • YIKES! sorry, but have to disagree here. Casey's last couple performances have been downright SCARY. he's so intense and with all that screaming & such, looks like he could be a mass murderer. too harsh? maybe. sorry! I liked him in his audition and for the most part during Hollywood week. but not now.

        Stefano may be on the boring side, but he can hit the notes. and he has that megawatt smile, souful brown eyes…mercy! 😉

      • I'd never heard of Sugarland either. But I should get a 'save' from the judges cos I'm English, innit.

        Having seen the performance though, I'd just like to thank Sugarland's record company for not pushing them in the U.K.

    • ill do hail Mary it wont happen!Thia is only there because people feel disaster in Japan is connection to her and those Asian and so on feel sorry for her and therefor vote for a Karaoke star!

      • Salme Lemperle; That was rude and uncalled for. We appreciate that you have your own opinions but bringing in the disaster as such is just immature. As for this season of American Idol, I feel like every comment from the judge is the same, every song is the same [Pia and Thia singing the same tuned ballads week after week] and the talent is horrible. Comparing this season to the older ones, It wasn't that interesting. But overall tonight's episode, I was disappointed about the group performances too. Just want it to finish up and end soon.

      • Right on salme, that is the best way to describe her, karaoke star. She doesn't sing badly, just average!

      • Oh come on Salme, that's not why people like her. She has been liked way before the disaster in Japan. The two are completely unrelated and the comment makes no sense at all. I'm hoping ur kidding with this. And she is far from a Karaoke star. She has an amazing voice, but lacks the feeling behind the song.

      • it's pretty awful that u would think that horrifying tragedy in Japan has ANYTHING at all to do with how people vote on AI. God, if you really think that Americans votes in a singing competition are impacted by of a terrible, fatal, devastating earthquake in Japan, you have no faith in Americans and should probably move.

      • i feel sorry for you…. mentioning disaster in this kind of conversation. How old are? (opppsss!) i asked for ur age not ur IQ…

      • Firstly Salme, Thia is from California. I believe that's in America, right? Secondly her parents are from the Philippines.

        Conclusion: It has nothing to do with Japan on any level, you ignorant knob.

    • No way, its Thia who will go ahead of the others and stefano will stay till the Finals haha…. Go Stefano you r awesome!

    • How can you be sure about stefano? why are you so bitter about him? Stefano will stay…. he is good and good looking too.

  3. Dear Producers,

    I have watched American Idol for the past several years and it happens almost every year where one of the top singers gets voted off because people do not vote for them because they think they are a shoe-in.

    It just happened again except for the save. Maybe it is time to change the way you have people vote. If you had the people vote for who they want off instead I guarantee that this would not happen. And now that the judges have used their save what guarantee do we have that the same thing will not happen next week?

    All I am asking is that you think about it because what happened tonight is redicules.

    Thank you,

    Tom Domagala

    • or it may also be that casey scared off a lot of voters in the MIDDLE with those menacing facial expressions in teen spirit and his out of key growls in grapevine.

    • So what Tom Domagaladicules is suggesting is that Idol turns from a popularity contest, to an unpopularity contest. Yeah, super idea lad.

      Anyone who has every watched reality TV knows that the most interesting people get voted off early, because they are the most divisive. Tell you what Tom, let's use this in politics too, and vote who we don't want in. Worked for George Bush Jnr.

      Redicules indeed.

  4. Well Branden, I absolutely Loved your comedic take on the first few minutes of the show–drag queen, "even Stevie Wonder could see how bad Scotty and Casey danced", Steven Tyler's birthday hijinks, and I definitely commiserated with you regards the Ford commercial and "glad you drive a Honda"–ha,ha. me too!

    Personally, I was so glad that Haley wasn't Bottom 3 again. Only wish Paul could have had Thia's turn there. (I know, you like him so I won't be mean here.)

      • I agree with you his gestures are exaggerated and there is something about him I dislike. However his singing is spectacular

      • His movements are so girlie which doesn't fit with the impact of his voice. But his song was one of the highlights of Motown night.

      • yep. it was so spectacular that it could come off as over the top. like drag queens do; go over the top. he should take a leaf from Gaga. Don't be a drag, just be a queen. What irked me about Jacob was not his performances but that celebrity crush video on the Idol Site. He said he likes 'girls'. He said he has the hots for someone I forgot. I had to snort.

  5. I am so sick of Jacob and his overacting – he is way to emotional to be the next American Idol….too dramatic.

    I was shocked over Casey being the loser for about 2 minutes….I'm glad that he was saved.

    Two will go home next week….my guess: Thia & Stefano.

    My favorites are still Paul & Pia.

    • My guess too. Hopefully though, I'd be wrong. Based on previous Idol episodes where the saves occurred, the two who belonged in the bottom 3 that turned out to be safe that week were eliminated a week later.

      • Pia is too beautiful too win…maybe paul could..bit i really think this season could really have an interesting final 2…i bet for lauren, scotty, screechy casey or maybe Thia…we dont know..but for sure its gonna be a one hell of a ride!

    • And yes, Thia will definitely go home next week. As far as the other one… I'll have to wait until Wednesday, I think it could be either Stefano, Hailey or Naima; depending on their performances.

      • Nope Gabriela. Thia is not going home that soon. She will be in top 3. Unfortunately, millios of Americans will prove you wrong. Ha.

      • Well, "millios" of Americans proved me DANG RIGHT tonight. She was bottom 3. BOTTOM does not equal TOP. I am guessing these obsessed fanatics don't get FOX channel where they live.

      • just wait and see, thia's supporters were just complacent this week because she got good remarks from the judges

      • Thia will be going home soon. Apparently America is not in love with Stefano either. I would love to see Naima, Casey, Jacob and Hailey go first though. Naima, because she is just not a very good singer, Casey, because he is just a Joe Cocker want to be, Jacob would make a good gospel singer, but is not AI material, and Hailey just butchers every song she sings.

      • No fox channel? You know too well for someone who live in america, or for someone who haven't been on those places.

        Though i agree that thia's boring and has a big chance of being eliminated if she continues to be so. Not that i get an eyesore and want her to just disappear when i'm watching her just as you sound to be. I certainly want to see her improve.

        And yeah, i'm from the Philippines and a fan of paul and james and lauren, so far.

  6. Branden, you asked for this by calling us rabid Thia fans. So, kudos for getting the Thia in the bottom 3 correct…I already gave credit to everyone on that in another post. But don't brag. That was the only thing you got right about the your bottom 3 predictions. Not a very good result.

  7. I thought the reason why Casey did not get enough vote to stay, as JLo and Randy says, people may have been getting tired of his screaming, screeching, and growling everytime he performs. But America did get it wrong really, because Casey is one of the most musically talented among the finalists.

    I do agree that Thia was in the bottom three, the fact that she is not a favorite in this show… and given the kind of song she had to perform. It was not a bad song, but not a good song either.. I read one post here that said Jennifer Hudson also performed this song that put her on jeopardy to the bottom 3… nobody should perform a disco tune in a singing competition!(I wonder why they put it on her choice list). I thought she did her best and actually step up a notch, and she even did better than the very safe performances of Lauren and Pia. I thought she would do a lot better given the right songs.

    But what surprises me is that Naima and Hailey were both in the top 10… I have nothing more to say about these two ladies but… terrible..

    • I also think that his followers got a little complacent knowing he has always been one of the more popular and talented contestants this season. Thus, they know the other Americans would go out of their way and vote for him yet only a few came up.

  8. Not sure why you thought that Stefano was not going to be in the bottom three — he has no feeling – no emotional tie to the song. The judges stated that obvious fact clearly. He sings great, but he doesn't perform the song! He could sing a song about heart break with a smile on his face, yet with perfect phrasing, showing no feeling of heart break. As far as Casey, he is the most talented of the whole group. Either they planned to eliminate him and bring him back (for the drama), or possibly America is trying to tell him to stop "screaming" and show some more of the vocal versatility he has. Bottom line: Casey is an amazing super talent. I agree with you about Jacob. Great voice, but he bores me. Whenever I rewind the DVR I always find myself fast forwarding through Jacob.

    • Casey got caught up in his own hype – talented yes, risky and mischievous yes. But always humble – not the last 2 weeks. His numbers have been ordinary and we have heard less of that unique voice. He could do worse than to strip it right back next week and show us raw emotion and sweet melodies.

    • Maybe stefano has not experienced the pain of having his heart broken thats why he can not give the complete emotions to his song. but he is a good singer and thats the reason why i keep on voting for him.

  9. We need idols like Casey because what he has is totally different from what we are used to. Yes I believe that America really screwed up this one by voting more on Naima, I can't stand her anymore, and this is not a dancing competition. I don't understand why she is still here. I just hope the most diverse (different types of singers) are in the finals because that is what makes a great show. I would love to see Scotty, Stefano, James, Casey, Paul, and Haley be the finals. Great season.

    • Karissa, I agree with about everything you posted…..

      So it's called dancing? I thought Naima was having a seizure…..I've tried to like her from the start….but she is too over the top…..she needs to just sing and leave out the wild – strange movements.

      • lol….I agree w/ u guys on Naima, during the auditions I loved her voice- she struck me as a jazz singer more like Nora Jones but since the competition she has been over the top!!!! I think she should have been in the bottom three this week but hey, America voted and they like her performance better than Stephano and Casey?!? go figure.

    • I think Naima is cool and happen to love her dancing, but she is definitely not the strongest of the group and won't be the American Idol. Stefano and Scotty most likely won't make it either. Competition is too fierce this season.

    • Casey reminded me of those guys driving Big Bikes in that TV series " Sons of Anarchy" with his beard and long hair, he looks awful ugggghhhhh.

  10. I agree with you 100% Branden- Hilarious take on everything but so so correct. I am so tired of Jacob's wanna be drag queen self (not that there is anything wrong with that). When is he going home America??!!

  11. Karissa,

    I think you just showed why so few women have won on this show the

    last few years. You have five men and one woman in your finalists.

    I really think there is more talent among the gals than that.

    I think the ladies are simply picking male singers.

      • Hi Quest

        Yes I believe many ladies are choosing male singers because of their looks but also they are very talented men. I chose five men and 1 woman because I felt that they would be the most diverse group and would make the competition more interesting. Sorry if you don't agree, I'm just a fan up in Alaska speaking her voice. Thanks.

    • quest I have to agree with you about the male finalists in general. I do think that the girls a voting for the charming good looking guys, which explains some of the last few winners, but I have to say this year the girls have their competition cut out for them. The guys have more talent this season. My faves from the girls are Pia and Haley, ok, I guess I like Lauren too, she is kinda contagious. I am afraid that only Pia might make it to the top this season, cause Haley is not really pulling her weight, though this performance was better.

  12. Well, I was not shocked at all that the judges saved Casey. They love Casey. I thought it was stupid that they didn't make him finish the song, because it was sort of a slap in the face to America. But I admit, personally, my husband and I like Casey. He doesn't necessarily have "the look" but I think he exudes a unique personality musically & physically onstage. I thought he definitely deserved to stay more than Stefano or Naima. Naima started the beginning of the season well but has consistently sucked more and more each week. And Stefano seemed like his entire performance was him focusing on keeping his eyes open (which he failed at miserably!).

    We actually love Paul at my house…his voice is raspy and sexy and IS ORIGINAL. He has a sort of Adam Levine quality about him, and I would rather his voice on the radio than the rest of them. He doesn't sound like he is trying to mimic anyone, which is a refreshing change from the rest of the Karaoke singers.

    I would like to see Thia go a little farther but she definitely is no contender for the title. (I may be biased since she's from my area & runs with some of my son's friends).

    Personally, we can't STAND Jacob Lusk. He is SOOOO frigging annoying! His big cheesy smile just bugs the crap outta me. People who smile that much all the time make me nervous. I couldn't agree with you more, he is a drag queen out of drag. As for Scotty, have u ever heard anything other than country, guy? GODDDDD, he is soooo boring boring boring. zzzzz. Time to kick rocks and get onto whatever talent show they have on CMT.

    Onto the Results Nite group performances…they get WORSE AND WORSE every week. Ryan's stupid little games make me want to slap him, but I don't believe in violence towards little people. But SERIOUSLY, Why must the producers subject us to this GARBAGE? And the idiotic commercials? I agree with you COMPLETELY – I will boycott Fords for the rest of my life due to those totally ridiculous ads. And the CRAP bands they have play! I thought Black Eyed Peas were horrible last week, but Sugarland really proved to be the worst! What an annoying voice that chick has! Did they really win a Grammy? I feel like sending the producers death threats after that torture. Can't they just make the episodes 30 minutes and cut all the crap?

    I also would like to add that Steven Tyler has replaced Paula in a way that I didn't really see coming. If he says "Beautiful" one more time, I'm gonna stick myself in the eye with a pencil. Why do they always have to have one judge who is high on something, overly positive and completely insane? Jesus Christ Almighty!

    Anyhow, that's my thoughts on Idol.

    P.S. I really miss Simon.

    • Totally agree with Paul sounding like Adam Levine, and I so hope he sings some Maroon 5. I want him to sing "Won't go home without you." He's unique, and the best looking of the bunch, so hot 😀

      • I agree! He kind of reminds me of Bradley Cooper with that gorgeous smile!

        I'd like to hear him sing "Sunday Morning." Such a sexy song.

      • maroon 5 but the mutant kind….he is way far from touching maroon 5….. hello……………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • id love to see thia go just a lil farther but its general fact that she really aint what idol winners are made of. but she has what it takes to go far outside of it. I think.

      • I agree with you.. actually i think most of the 11 finalists can be a sure hit on the radio someday.. listen to their studio versions of the song they perform.. I like most of them a lot. The kind of feeling that you want to hear them on the radio.

      • If all of the buzz this year is that this is the most talented group, then it's hard to imagine that the opportunity isn't there for all of them.

    • i hear more damien rice than adam levine from paul though. i think hell go far. he's got a nice smile. just that.

      • good point. he does sound like damien rice. there is a certain sex appeal in his voice that I can totally hear being played on all the stations (probably overplayed). I haven't really heard any other voices on the show that I hear that in. Sometimes it is better to play the show with your eyes closed. I'm looking forward to the new singing show where the judges just listen and don't look. Should be interesting.

    • So its just Stefano's closing his eyes and not his good singing that put him down the bottom 3? thats ridiculous, cuz eyes closed doesnt diminish the beauty of his voice. Blind singers like stevie wonder was also closing his eyes and yet he sang beautifully. This is simply disgusting. Go Stefano, you still have my vote.

    • I agree with you about Sugarland, that girl's voice is grating. But nobody has been worst than the Black Eyed Peas.

    • As far as Jacob being a drag queen ( if he is)it doesn't mean he isn't one of if not the best on the show did you happen to notice that no one else has had the whole audience come up to personally congradulate any other contestant, can't be all bad can he? ..And what does a drag queen have to do with singing, Casey does not appear to be a drag queen and he can't sing at all just growling and let the judges convince him he's got it going on.being in the bottom 3 was the right place for him that's why the voting viewers put him there.

  13. I posted a ton of opinions under the other article, so I want to say something different here. Yes, I have issues about the manner in which the save was used, but all of that is posted elsewhere. So here is just an entirely different thought…

    Maybe I'm kind of a sentimental guy, but I like that the 11 of them ended up on tour. Living in a house together, they all have become really close. I could see that in a group interview they did on the LA news last night. They all acted like brothers and sisters together. But all day today, they had to think and worry that one of them would not be on the tour with them since the 11th would be sent home. We all know only one can win the whole thing, and each week someone has to leave. But this vote would be different because it meant one of them would not be with them on tour. I guess I picture that as being heartbreaking for them. But now I picture the same group of 11 who woke up in the {haunted} house this morning, all going back there together tonight, celebrating that they will all be together again for the tour. Maybe it's me, but I find that pretty cool.

    • That is a nice thought, KL. From the footage they all do seem to really care about each other. And everyone was so happy over Casey's save, they were moved to tears. I think this year's group has a lot of heart. And I do really like them (but not all their voices). I just have a job to do here and that's to not bore the readers.

      • I know that. And you do a good job with it…otherwise I wouldn't be arguing back at you. 🙂

      • Thanks KL. Branden I know you like Casey least but really there was no disrespect in the judges stopping "Doctor" -why is anyone acting surprised that the judges "knew"? Nigel posted it. JLo said they knew. Of course they knew, they're the judges! Cutting Casey off was a comment, "this guy doesn't need to beg, not to us" and it is the JUDGE'S save not America's save. I hope "Doctor" will FINALLY be released on iTunes.

        Casey is truly unique. Not only incredibly talented but also incredibly well liked by his peers. I've said this before, he is young and unsophisticated (from a styling point of view) and hopefully JLo's comment will help him stick to his natural style and not feel like he has to "perform" in ways that don't work for him. Unfortunately nothing can stop those appalling group numbers except no Thursday night show at all (maybe that's an idea).

    • Exactly my thought. I think the eliminations will be easier to take from here because of that.

  14. Seriously, you never heard of Sugarland? They were the first group that I have enjoyed watching this year. Much better than P. Diddy (or whatever he is going by now) or the Black Eyed Peas.

    I didn't like Thea much to begin with, but she is one of my favorites now, along with Hailey, Scotty, and James.

    • Seriously? Yeah I have. I was being sarcastic. They were much better than The Black Eyed Peas. I can't stand their auto tune garbage.

      • Thia one of the good singer on Idol not over singing, not screaming, take chance, not hard headed

    • i cannot stand sugarland. I swear that chic makes me sick the way she says the words to the songs. And that outfit she had on tonight was really bad. Someone needs to tell her to put her legs together when she sings. If one of the people in the competition sang like her they would be out in a minute.

      • I couldn't agree with u more! I got free tickets to a Sugarland concert and I just left them on the counter of my store. Nobody even wanted them. We ended up throwing them away. LOL

        Her voice is so annoying! I'd rather hear William Hung.

  15. I don't know who writes this stuff, but you are an idiot. You think you are so special because you have your own website. I know this will not post for very long and I will more than likely be banned but who gives a crap. Get a life and stop sitting in your mothers basement.

    • I love people who spit vitriol under the name anonymous. Do something worthy, say something constructive, put yourself out there. Then you may be taken seriously…

      • I am guessing Mr. Anonymous is some CEO of CFO of a huge corporation right? Hehe 😀

      • Couldn't have said it better myself. What do u think, "Anonymous"… someone is going to find you and cut u? Idiot. LOL if people r so ridiculous to you, then why bother commenting at all. I'm guessing ur the guy in the basement.

      • If you want to get down to it… Anonymous is a 21 year old college student who is actually doing something with HER life

  16. Branden, You are hilarious! I'm over Pia, Thia and Haley…bye bye. Lauren & Scotty will be scooped up by country western producers, they'll have a career.

    Stephano is cute and can have his own Disney show. James or Paul could actually win, if not, they are producers ready to scoop them up as well. Casey will be a hit or miss, not sure if there's a big enough audience for more than two albums. Good night!

    • Heidi! That's the perfect job for Stefano. I've said since day one he just looks like someone who gets his cheeks pinched a lot.

      • Oh Branden and stefano would be good for GLEE too…. i like that. He can be a good singer there and showcase his talents in dancing and singing. He can be Rachel Berry's other guy aside from Finn.

    • Haley and Paul need to go for sure. Paul thinks he is Rod Stewart lol. And Haley…not sure, but my hound dog has more talent than her. Bless her heart.

      I"d say Naima, Thia and Stefano aren't too far behind. I predict that James will win the entire thing in the end…Just my opinion. And I haven't voted for him everytime myself either.

    • Your predictions will miss this time cuz stefano will stay. Haley, Thia and Paul will be at the bottom 3 and haley or thia will be gone next week. this too is my prediction 🙂

    • Really? are you a Psychic? stefano will stay till the last round haha…. GO stefano.

  17. Well, I for many, agree with Branden's take on the Thursday DRAMA SHOW. They could cut this show down to 30 minutes. Have a song or two from guest singers. Save the commercials and the group songs for people to download if they would like, but cut to the chase on what people watch for on Thursdays…….the vote……. I truthfully believe that the BEST do not always get the voters calling in for them for various reasons. This is a popularity contest and the people with organization and large populous behind them usually make it over talent. With that said, I believe Paul, Pia, and James are going to have the best shots at being in the final three. Just saying……….LOL

  18. What a crock….tonight's show was terrible. I agreed with Casey and Stefano being on the bottom. They were not at there best last night. I thought that Paul should have been there as well. The show was so transparent tonight. It is obvious the want Casey on the tour, that is why they saved him tonight. Shame, shame. And the judges comments stating that he deserves to be there implies all the other contestants didn't. Very disappointing tonight, now I remember why I stopped watching AI.

    • AlohaG, sorry to break it to you, but it really does not seem like you have stopped watching AI. it actually sounds like you have memorized last night's episode by heart.

      Plus the judges comments stating that Casey deserves to be on tour with the rest of the group in no way implies that the rest of the contestant's do not. More then one person can deserve the same thing, believe it or not.

    • "now I remember why I stopped watching AI."

      H'm – how can you comment on this weeks show and results?

  19. you are a white ethnocentric homophob and bigot is what I think of your comments because a person can move around the stage without looking like they have a stick up their behind and because you know nothing about african dance or anything outside of our limited culture for those two reasons let me just say you SUCK!

      • The truth hurts doesn't it Linda? And that is all Branden is telling. His opinion, not yours!!!!!!

      • Whoa, call the Dr!!! Linda needs her meds adjusted!!! Try to remember — it's only a TELEVISION PROGRAM—. (Is she going to be O.K.?)

        9Is she going to be O.K.??}

    • Naima was fantastic, she gets better each week but is coming from the back of the field. But she is simply working harder than the rest and that will hold her in good stead. But for credibility, jacob has to ensure that his movements align with the story he is telling. Either be campy and do fun songs or do serious message songs with moves that reinforce that. Not homophobic – see Adam Lambert for a great example of what I mean…

    • I think it's great that Naima did her African dance but it is definitely an acquired taste and sort of contradictory to the whole point of what they were saying about Motown music – it is colorblind! So incorporating ethnic dance during a week which was not about "making black music" (direct quote) seemed sort of misplaced to me. I am not necessarily a fan of the dance style, and I respect those who want to honor their culture, but there is a time and place and this week was not the one.

      P.S. I don't think Branden is a homophobe(btw u spelled it wrong – u should spellcheck before u insult a person!) or a bigot.

      • Sorry, I just didn't get Naima's 'African' dance – and I am African. I love her dynamic personality though.

        Has anyone noticed, Lauren has the best booty out there. gorgeous.

  20. Paul will not go to the end but will inevitably make a career out of his music, he has more talent than most everyone .The girls are weak, if Pia was not so hot she would be decent , not as good as everyone says. come to think of hit shes not that hot … Casey is talented but again, tough to look at and dorkey . Scotty is like the guy from Mad comic books, will sell records in the country scenne where image is not important. stephano is good, has much of what it takes but is missing something , not sure what. Jacob can sing but boy is he tough to watch and this is a beauty content , right… if you like Paul and have not heard Tallest Man Alive, you will know where he gets his sound from.

    • Its Tallest Man on Earth, and Paul really doesnt sound like Kristian (TMOE). Paul sounds like Paul, and he's great.

    • I was just thinking that about Scotty watching the show tonight (New Zealand). He so does look like Alfred E Newman it is scary.

      Anyway I thought Thia and Stefano should have been bottom 3 on their performances from this week only. Usually I think they are both strong.

      Paul I enjoyed more than ever, it was great seeing him more sedate and tied to a spot with a guitar, came across more as quirky than omg what the hell are you smoking.

      As far as the other performances nothing really stood out one way or the other to me.

      For the tournament as a whole I like James, Lauren, Scotty and Casey.

  21. Oh the things I read here!!! People comparing Thia with Jennifer Hudson… Enough said!

    • Gabriela. I don't know who would say that. But seriously, you have to remember that everyone's senses have different appeal. I can say for Thia, her voice resonates so well with me that I'm in awe when I hear her. Just because she doesn't do that for you doesn't give you the right to say we're crazy for thinking she has an awesome voice. Personally, I would rather listen to her over Jennifer Hudson. I don't expect everyone to feel that way about her voice. But you should at least respect that some of us absolutely love her voice and will defend her until the end…whether that is next week or at the finale.

      • Thia will have a stage somewhere. It just will not be the stage of a pop star which is really what IDOL is about. This will perform singing for Disney movies or something like that. Not that that is bad, but she is NOT a stage presence.

      • And that is why I voice my opinion, Thia can have whatever type of voice you think she has, but comparing hers with Jennifer's powerful voice??? Lord, have Mercy!

      • people think thia is a weak performer coz of her stage presence and type of singing. her singing reminds of nora jones, joss stone, pixie lott, florence and yes, adele. singers who don't try to go as loud and belt out as strongly as they can. they're more melodic and focus on the body of the song rather than impress with range.

      • if you think about it, id love her to do a sinead o'connor or annie lennox cover. even a coldplay one. i saw her cover of the script's the man who can't be moved. twas very nice.

      • Yeh, I saw that Script cover she did to. It was awesome…an amazing voice. I saw her try some Cold Play too and even some Radiohead. I think next week she needs to bring her guitar with her and do something like the Script song.

      • i kinda agree with that KL. at least, people would think that thia does have that vein of being current and poppy. it was interesting what she did with the song. but i think she slowed it down too much. i think it worked. could have been better though. still good. lol. i think im starting to sound like randy with his twas good but could have been better quips to thia.

      • another thing, lol, i think it would be nice if she covered or put a twist to neon trees' animal. i think it suits her. after all, everyone wants her to let loose so why not go all the way with that song? plus, its very radio-heavy and everyone knows it. if she does it interestingly good, people might just start watching out for her perfs and song choices every week.

      • i agree with kpooper… i heard her version of the man who cant be moved. i hope she will sing that in the show and she can beat paul or james

      • Gabriela

        You have already stated your opinion about Thia. Everyone who comes to this site knows it. Now it is time to accept that people have different tastes, and just because others don't think the way you do it doesn't mean they are wrong. Or crazy. Or are lunatics.

      • KL, I completely agreed with you. I think the reason Gabriela is being so ignorant and such a jerk is that her Karen went home last week and Thia was standing next to her before announcing who was in bottom 3. Now, she thinks Thia is to blame. And that's why she is picking on her and her fans as well for revenge. Gabriela is so insecure, and an uneducated jerk. I don't even want to bother with her anymore. Just so worthless!

      • Thia's problem has to do with a lack of personality. She lacks passion pure and simple.

    • nobody's comparing her to Jennifer ok… it was the song I was referring to.. not really a great song to perform on that level of competition..

      • hahahaha i i think gabriela read lots of comments here and she went crazy and thought that people were comparing jennifer and thia….lol…..gabriela wake up…….it was the song…u……sigh….the song heatwave…….abnormal……ur starting to mutate gabriela u know that?…..hahahahahahaha….

      • See this is the inconsistencies and hypocrisies I talk about in these posts. Larry, weren't you just laughing with Gabriella about Thia being compared to Jennifer Hudson? Yet here you are making this ridiculous comparison of Casey to Joe Cocker. Please. Don't insult Joe Cocker like that.

      • You know what…my apologies…you weren't laughing with her about that. But I will still use it as an example. Why isn't Gabriella all over this post for comparing Casey to Joe Cocker?

      • KL, according to you people can have their opinions right? You wrote that you rather listen to Thia than Jennifer Hudson, well… LarryE thinks Casey can be compared with Joe Cocker. If you insult Jennifer Hudson, others have the right to do the same, or not?

      • And Casey is extraordinarily talented, unique and a great all around musician. Thia is just a girl with a nice average voice. That is why I get that Casey can be compared to Joe Cocker.

      • thia may have a "nice average" voice but the good thing is some people like it. how could they not? they like katy perry, rihanna, gaga, miley, selena, avril, colbie among others. im sure she'll find her place. in time, her vocals would surpass those superstars' combined.

      • I'm not arguing that he shouldn't have his opinion. My point is that, as crazy as you think it is to compare Thia to Jennifer, well it's just as crazy to compare Casey with Joe Cocker. Can't have it one way and not the other. If one is a lame comparison, then so is the other.

      • What bothers me the most in this friendly debate, Gabriela, is that you don't even see how hypocritical you are being. Maybe you don't recognize this, but you come off as if you think your opinion is right and Thia fans' opinions are wrong. Maybe that's why they are copping such an attitude with you. So lets just look at the facts instead:

        Casey was voted out by the 30 million + votes in America, and Thia was not…fact. That means that America thinks Thia is better than Casey, otherwise she would have been voted off instead…fact. Therefore it is a stronger and more correct argument that Thia would be compared to a superstar, than for Casey to be compared to a superstar. This is a statement I am making based on the facts at hand. Not my opinion. Just the facts. I challenge you to do the same.

      • I didn't say anything about her comparing anyone. But Casey is on the talent level with Joe Cocker. He will make it.

      • KL: You are just frustrated because last night you wrote there was NO WAY Thia could be at the bottom, guess what???? It's not my opinion I'm defending, is a FACT! A FACT! She is not among the favorites, that was very clear tonight. That was a fact, I saw her being called to the bottom 3, so… if you are angry that some of us were right, and Thia fans were wrong, I am sorry for you.

      • Larry no…I realized that…that's why I apologized for misinterpreting what I thought you had said about Thia.

      • Gabriela, I don't even know why I am bothering wasting my time with you at this point. I tried to be nice with you, and I think I was a very good sport about the Thia bottom 3 debate. I already acknowledged that the Thia bashers were right about the bottom 3 and I was wrong. I even tipped my hat to you all. And I admitted I was nervous for Thia. So I don't know why you're bringing that up. You're only looking like a sore winner. And the fact that you can't acknowledge my Casey statement when it is based on the FACTS? Well, then that just tells me that you're stubborn and not worth my time debating.

  22. Branden…I was with you until you distastefully called Naima's dance a seizure. You may not "get" or like African dance…but seizure? I think you crossed a line there…shame on you!

      • Oh Larry, don't say that about my dear Paul. He is not having seizures, he is like a hen looking for worms (I know, his dance is weird hehe). But he is soooo cute. I love him haha!

      • He may be cute, but he certainly is awkward with what you described perfectly as a 'CHICKEN' dance……LMAO

      • I know, he is my favorite but I have to accept the truth. Ryan did a great impersonation the other week hahaha.

      • Yeah, I died laughing when Ryan did his immitation of Paul…….I am laughing all over again, thinking about it……..LOL

      • See Gabriela you are not being called crazy by those who do not find Paul's dance cute like you do, because you are entitled to your opinion. Others are just as entitled to theirs.

      • Paul seems like he's in a very confused identity crisis – wondering is he's a cross between Rod Stewart and Maurice Gibb whose trying to sing like Joe Cocker while dancing like Freddie Mercury!

    • I think Paul is still trying to figure his talent out. he's got something special, no question. he now needs to carve out a niche for himself just like Coldplay, Michael Franks who are considerably different from the norm.

    • By far the funniest and truest comment on this blog to date..Madam or Sir I commend you

  23. I agree with you Jacob gestures are exaggerated and there is something about him I dislike. However his singing is spectacular

    • I agree about Jacob. He just makes me feel like there should always be a church choir behind him. Not what you would expect for AI. Plus he knows he can hit some high notes so he goes overboard with it. He needs to chill!

      • He bugs. Don't know why. But I would not pay for his music or go to see him in concert. I'd be happy to hear him singing in church (if I actually went to one) but he's no pop star.

      • definitely gay… but he is a good singer though let america vote for him if he deserves!

  24. I really find all of this interesting. I am new to this but I thought I was the only one who was annoyed and fast forwarded thru Jacob. I have noticed nobody said anything about James. I think he is very good and he is my favorite. I think Thia should return when she is a little older and has more confidence. You need to give Steven Tyler a break, after all he was a boy of the sixties. I know how that is.

    • James is slaying this competition. Of all of the singers here he is ready to go now. he has strong sense of who he is, what type of performer he is, great voice, range and stage presence. He is the reason I am still watching this series…

      • dont think so… he is like copying adam lambert all over minus gay image…. i still love adam lambert. james good but we already have adam.

    • i dont think theyre allowed to return once they've already gone to as far as the finals, arent they?

      • I was going to ask this same question. I was wondering if someone like Thia would be able to come back. Certainly she knew the odds were against her, but she joined this year anyway. Personally, I think she is getting all the publicity she'll need and will only be helped more now with the tour. Thia bashers can say what they want, but Thia has a very bright music career ahead of her. She is doing phenomenal in the studio (where she is most comfortable), and producers are noticing that.

      • I agree with you KL, Thia has a future in the music industry because she has a unique voice that has an excellent quality. With due respect to other contestants, most of them are copycats which I considered common nowadays.

      • I think they are not allowed to return once they get to the top 24, but I could be wrong here. I think it's why jaycee badeoux and holly cavanagh got cut. Perhaps the judges felt they were not ready to compete at this level just yet and did not want to waste what their talents would amount to in a couple of years. Pia and Hailey also got cut before the top 24 in their earlier tries with AI

      • Thanks for the post iurqal. That's too bad that the judges put Thia through then. I love Thia, but I would rather have seen her go through after a few more tries and when she has more experience and a better chance to win the whole thing. Well, I'm at least glad she made the tour. Somehow, I think that was her main goal. I think she knew the odds were probably against her winning the whole thing, but that if she could at least get to the tour then she would be happy. I guess she's the only one who really knows the answer to that.

      • i think thia has been given the most terrible song choices week by week…does she and her family knows what she is doing? i mean im not getting rude here but if harsh words can wake her up, better used it now before she kicks off from ai stage.

  25. I think saving Casey and using the save so early might be a mistake. Casey is unique but not main stream to have a long career, do we want another Taylor Hicks AI winner. NO!!

    I see the top 3 as James, Pia, and Scotty. Unless they get voted off too early and no judge's save to use.

    • Thank God they used the save already…….I was so dreading the SAVE that J-Lo was going to give Stephano when he gets the ax. She can't make it any more obvious that her panties get all stirred up over him………LOL

      • I thought about that, but the other judges would not have used the save for Stefano. Especially since he was saved once already. JLo would have been alone on that one.

      • I hear ya Larry. I don't why she loves him so much. But I guess if I was married to Marc Anthony, I'd get excited over every other decent looking guy too.

      • For me stefano is good singer and i go with Jennifer, she saw something with stefano, who knows , maybe an american idol potential. Go stefano, go figure.

      • What are you all talking about with Stephano….I don't think he's cute at all….his eyes are too big and bulging, and no personality!

      • And they needed to take a fire hose to him at the end when he wouldn't stop hugging Casey…and then wouldn't stop hugging James. You can tell Casey and James were like, "Enough already dude. Get off me." lol.

      • Why so harsh with stefano. This guy couldnt have reached this level if he isnt good also? why mind his eyes? what about casey, paul and jacob? certainly stefano is much more good looking than they? GO STEFANO, GO FIGURE!

      • Stefano reminds me of Micheal Buble'. He has such a pure voice. He is the WHOLE package to become a American idol!

  26. I agree that Thia is rapidly becoming boring to watch/hear. Eventually Paul will run upon a music style that he just can't pull off. As attractive and talented as Pia is, the whole Celine Dion/Whitney Houston tribute has seriously got to end soon. Casey is a very talented guy but his look and style isn't gaining him any votes. At least Stefano has ceased with the bilingual versions of all his songs. Naima is just hard to look at and just not that good. Scotty is simply a young Josh Turner impersonator. It seems to me that James is by far the most original and talented of the group and as well as Jacob sings, I too am tired of his gospel rocky horror drag queen status.

    • Agreed on Pia. Enough ballads. I don't watch the show to be sung a lullaby every week. Give us a little variety.

      • if singing is the argument here i vote for jacob lusk. just good mentoring on his singing he will be great. i felt the same way when i heard him singing like adam before… just reduce the over acting on the singing he'll be good.

  27. I'm glad Casey is not going home. He has amazing talent. I love watching them preform and that's fine, but let's face it, when you hear them on the radio you don't see them. I went to I-tunes and just listened. Casey sounded fantastic. Also, Stefano (even though he is one of my bottom 3, along with Thia and Naima) sounded great on the recordings. I have never really liked Paul. Everyone talks about how unusual his voice is but I think he sounds exactly like Rod Stewart. I like Rod, but we already have him, I don't need Paul sounding like him. I agree that Naima's dancing segment should not be part of the singing competition. Again, on a record you would never see that. As much as I like James, when I listened to him without watching, it was alot of screaming.

    I personally love the Judges this year. JLo is pure class and gives great comments as does Randy. Steven is just plain fun to watch and he definitely knows what it takes to be a performer. At least this years judges have been there and made a name by actually performing. Instead of those you can't sing, teach.

    • To be honest, J.Lo was getting just a little annoying but she is now growing into the role – fast. Her advice to Casey was first class, well thought out. I can see her becoming one of the best Idol judges ever because of her beautiful spirit and heart. I love Steve and the energy he brings to idol, but I'm afraid most times his critiques leave a lot to be desired.

  28. I am now sure you are part of the Simon groupies you work on talking crap about the obvious just because a)it's easy and b)it sells. But, I now have you busted as a poser… No way you can go on your bitch session and stop short of bashing the balls off Casey for the worse "shocked" acting attempt in television history. I like Casey, but the BS meter was pegged. Most potential for a drag queen: Johnny

    Baptist (JL) hands down… Worst attempt at a drama queen, ever: CA, give him the award, it's his for life… My queen: Pia, not really a surprise cause' sometimes the obvious choice is obvious for a reason. Sing my name, my queen, sing my name

  29. you. all. are. crazy. – most of you take idol way to seriously. it's a show. a SHOW. don't fight over who is better or who isn't, just have fun watching.

    ps. go scotty. (: mwaha.

    • boredom and insomnia breeds the bloggers. this is my first time blogging (ever!) but at least it gives me something to do until my ambien kicks in. LOL

      • yeah agree scotty has a unique voice too,,, if he wins ai, am ok with that as well.

  30. i like casey and Stefano…i wish naima could have sent home…i like thia too but her voice too boring…i like Ramielle malubay from AI7 than Thia…

    • Paul has to go, he can neither sing nor dance; then Stefano has to go, he had one or two good moments, then, too much ego; Naima has to go. Jacob, Casey (amazing range of talent), James & Pia are very strong. Scotty is too, too country, not versatile enough. Thia is lovely, but can return next year.

      I hope that the best one wins, of course, but please, not Paul!!!! (why is there so much support for him????)

      • thia cant return next year. i think its common sense that when you've gone to the finals, you can no longer compete in the future editions of AI. that would be unfair to the new ones.

      • Thia would be the same next year and ten years later. You cannot grow passion and you cannot grow a personality. if you have neither, you just have to hope your talent is big enough to mask the lack of both.

      • If you are the only one voting lol. bu sorry to dis appoint you, stefano will stay till the finals.

  31. Casey should leave. His voice is kind of.. Annoying.(sorry Casey fans) :)..deserves to be in the top 6 at least..

    I agree with Thia being on the 3 this week because her performance yesterday was weak.. But I think she should be on the top 5 at least..

    And Stefano, wow you're still in the competition?? 😛

    • if it were based on vocal prowess, she might as well be. she's very consistent. seldom goes pitchy and off key compared to others. her studio versions sound very fluid. they just flow. suave if i might say.

      • I just hope she picks the right songs in the future or else she'll be smacked by the other contestants like the hand of God. 🙂

    • why wonder if stefano still in the competition lol…. never wonder why haley or naima still there? why stefano? becuz he is good and he is my bet for american idol .

      • Miss Cathy, i go with you cuz stefano is the one i like too. Mostly contestants are over hyped here but im sure stefano will be able to reach the finals.

  32. Casey's acting is horrible. He sure seemed like he knew. What was that fake seizure routine?

    He's trying too hard. Even his performances lack the effortless charm, and sheer talent on his own terms that got him on the show. He's reduced his performances to bad schtick he can't even pull off.

  33. ♫♪♫♪♫♪ People say I'm the life of the party 'cause… I tell a joke or two ♫♪♫♪♫♪

    Good night my fellow critics!!!

  34. just a question.. after 9 seasons of american idol, do you really want someone who sings just like all the past winners win again this year? meaning, singers who sing at the top of their lungs until they burst? it's about time we hear something new.. it's not how high you can reach but the quality of the voice….

    • that's what IDOL has always been and we can't change that unless theres a consensus that comes out that we should pick someone different. let's leave that to the Grammy's. Right, justin beiber? hehe

  35. Ok so I've tried to post from my iPhone but every time it blocks me and what I've said hasn't really been bad so I don't know why.

    That being said I think you're wrong about the results show tonight. It was one of the more entertaining results shows as far as I'm concerned.

    Saving Casey was the right move. You may not like him but that's you're opinion. He is still one of the more talented musicians and vocalists on the show.

    Here are my thoughts on the competitors.

    James- Amazing. Definite shoo-in for the top 5. Knows what kind of artist he is and he kills it every week. He is a better stage performer than anyone else in the contest.

    Lauren- People on the comment boards pick on the girl for being to immature. Have you been around a 16 year old girl lately. They're allowed to be goofy and silly you know. By the way, great voice but she hasn't really lived up to potential yet.

    Thia- Why is this girl still in the competition. Seriously, people are delusional if they think that she's gonna even make the top 8. She shows no vocal range and her song choices and personality are a little boring.

    Jacob- Brilliant technical singer. Can do amazing things with his voice. He could seriously turn out to be a Jennifer Hudson or Chris Daughtry type who gets knocked out way before the finale and then goes on to do great things. I will admit he's not everyone's cup of tea.

    Paul- Speaking of tea, I love this guy. Original and unique. I'd buy his album regardless if he won or not. That being said he's kind of a love em or hate em singer. He reminds a lot of David Gray.

    Stefano- Again great technical singer. I like his personality. Also can someone tell the judges just cuz his eyes are closed doesn't mean he's not connecting. Frankly I like it when singers close their eyes and feel the music. It shows me they have passion.

    Casey- I really like him personally, but this week was definitely a wake up call. He's unique and has that bluesy vibe that I like. Needs to trim the bear and the locks though.

    Pia- Another ballad? Really? She's got a phenomenal voice. I don't think they're wrong in comparing her to Celine, Mariah or Whitney but let's do something other than a ballad please!

    Naima- She's a bit polarizing. I like unique and quirky. My wife doesn't really like unique an quirky. Her days are numbered because her vocal talent isn't quite at the same level as the rest. I like her though.

    Scotty- I'm not a fan of country music. How can you not like this kid though. I think he has a lot of areas to grow in vocally but that low register reminds me of Johnny Cash. He is a future star for sure.

    Haley- My least favorite left. She's a Christina Aguilera wannabe and I don't even like Christina Aguilera. She should have been gone this week and will most likely be gone in the next two.

      • what was wrong with Simon? at least he was honest and didn't call everyone's performance "beautiful"….i desperately miss a constructive critique. This "kumbaya" critique style is giving me a toothache.

      • I'm not surprised his iPhone blocked this message. However, the thought of him spending 2 hours on a train typing this on his phone, only to have it blocked, does bring a wry smile to one's face. Sorry.

      • If she's a baby, give her a bottle. Don't use her age as an excuse for a poor performance. She is 16 not 5.

      • And there is this thing that she's in called a competition. One of the rules of this compettion is that she is within the 15-28 age range. This means she must compete against people older than her. Paul and Naima are 26 and she has to compete against them, therefore you can't simply say she's 16 and get away with it. She has to compete with 11 other people who fit in that age range and she is definitely not up to snuff.

      • yeah gabriela, why don't you lend some of your bottles to thia….ha.ha.ha, bette yet not… we don't need another ******* in this blog…

    • Good work Pat, here is my take:

      – Paul: Great image, unique vocal quality, awesome performer. Extraordinary.

      – Scotty: Watch out country music haters, the boy has charisma and his voice is amazing. He might even win it all!

      – Jacob: Awesome vocal range, but relies too much on high pitch notes and he needs to improve his image. Is important to have the whole package.

      – James: Good voice, likable, but I would like to see him managing his voice without the rocker scream all the time.

      – Casey: The best musician of the bunch, needs to target younger audiences (voters), also needs to improve his image.

      – Stefano: Nice, handsome young boy but he has been a miss and hit for me. I guess it all comes down to song choices. He might go home soon.

      – Naima: Watch out Naima haters, the girl can perform like there's no tomorrow. Needs to control her voice and improve her image. She might stay a couple of more weeks, but I think she is not likable like others.

      – Pia: Getting tired of Pia, she has an amazing voice but is getting old. Relies to much on her looks and the judges comments might have make her feel too confident. She won't go too soon, but I don't see her winning or on the top 3.

      – Hailey: Amazing voice, the best of the women, but lacks charisma. She need to turn the table around if she wants to stay a little longer.

      – Thia: She doesn't belong there, not even on the top 24. She needs to go home, and she will based on what I saw last night.

      – Lauren: I don't think Lauren will go that far, but she sings nice. I just can't see a wow factor in her.

      My picks for the next two to go home are Thia and Stefano.

      • Why not Hayley and Paul – for elimination the next week? Stefano has consistently been performing great each week – and Thia has a much better voice than Hayley. As for Paul, I don't know if he's trying to look like Maurice Gibb while trying to imitate Rod Stewart but ending singing more like Joe cocker while dancing like Freddie Mercury! He's got an identity crisis!

      • Paul looks like Maurice Gibb and its true he sings like tadpole lol…. i hope he goes to bottom 3 with haley and casey again.

    • Whether you like it or not, country music has a larger following than any other genre. Scotty will make it, because he knows who he is and doesn't try to disguise it. I don't think he will come close to winning this competition, but he has solidified his standing in the music field.

      • Too true LarryE.

        My wife wants to buy his album and she ain't no country music lover, It is all about Scotty and his voice…

    • what planet are you from not realizing that Scotty has true potential to actually make it to the finals?

      You'll know it whe Scotty makes number one hits some day.

  36. Question guys. What does it take to be an American Idol?

    Quality of voice or tone, versatility, looks, personality, commercially appealing/marketable or popularity?

    • the sexyness. lol !

      just to rate them.

      1 personality

      2 Quality of voice or tone

      3 versatility

      4 commercially appealing

      5 marketable or popularity

      6 looks

  37. I just thought, maybe AI may have been better if they don't just allow the american public have full control on the rankings of the finalists.. It would have been better if the judges themselves and a pool of critics (artists, composers, producers) can also rank the finalists. And weigh the results altogether to make sure that aside from popularity, talent and marketability is also taken into consideration.

    Because it seems to be more like a popularity contests first than anything.. too bad. And please, no favoritism… it sucks.

    • well if u think about it, America is the target audience, but on the flip side of the coin, the judges get to veto our votes anyways so it's really just a load of hot steaming bullsh*t.

      • The judges are done. They have no more saves left. I can’t wait to see the look on JLO’s face once one of her favorites gets voted off.

    • Id rather watch Lea michelle or chord overstreet from Glee perform tha rebecca black.

  38. Can I Ask ?

    Is Branden Gay ?

    What About Matt ?

    Which One Of Them ?

    I Know This Is Funny.

    Im Just Curious :p

    • Rebecca Black? this is ridiculous cuz Ryan Seacrest rooting for this lousy singer. I wont watch her when she goes there. she sucks!

  39. Well, That was not only an entertaining article – I found myself agreeing with most of it. I've been amazed that Casey has been there for the top 24 – for the top 12. Nice enough kid. The near heart attack he had and the fervent promise that he'll do better next time was pathetic. And yes, if I were an American I would be totally insulted. I guess it's not really "America voted – and ……." that's a crock. America voted. And for once America got it right. So, now when America votes next week and Casey is punted – what is that going to tell you about your judges? They should stick to being recording artists and not judges about what the American public is going to like! Doesn't Randy do that for a living? How's he doing with that? Maybe he can't retire from TV because his dayjob just ain't doin it!!! I'm not going to anticipate who has the best talent – that's not always the one who wins. America has a line-up of talent this year that blows me away!!!!! I wouldn't be offended if maybe 5 of them took the top prize. They will hopefully all be set up after the show anyway – in their particular strong spot. I've always wondered about that head game "You should be able to perform any genre". Hello!!!! – JayLo – get up there and knock it out of the park doing a Dolly Parton song. Steven Tyler – how about a bit of Luther Vandross – Dog? You both would look like morons who don't know where they belong in the vast and rich world of musical genres. And then ……….. when one of the contestants is talented enough, comfortable with their instrument enough and varied enough to work a few genres you want them to decide where they belong. Geeeez!!! Do all American's play head games? Was Simon the only one who could be trusted to judge? OH YAH!!!! Not American. Oops! Sorry!

    • Oh please, Simon the not American one was the master of these types of comments that you are condemning here through the other seasons. He came up with them!!! Ooops! Sorry!

      Also by the way I believe it was Simon, the not American one, who came up with the judges save, cause he believed that sometimes America gets it wrong. Plus u know what, the judges only use their save once so I don't think that it's such a big deal.

      And yea by the ways i don't know about JLo, but Steve Tyler can take a song of any gianra, rock it and make it his owm!!!

      • "Plus u know what, the judges only use their save once so I don’t think that it’s such a big deal."

        It IS a big deal. I mean, come on? After getting the lowest number of votes the only way to be saved is by, well, using the save of course! And what happens when the saves gone? Everybody else leaves the game when they get the lowest votes for the next few weeks.

      • Elina – Thank you for arguing my point. If Simon (the Non-American one) came up with the save he wouldn't have used it last night. Once again – Casey – nice kid! But the talent this year is so good that you have to come in with all the things that make an idol – and yes, as shallow as that is – even looks! There are some pretty good looking kids up there with excellent talent – and by talent I'm not sifting out the screaming. That's been an integral part of presentation of a passionate song since time began. Truly, if you are watching AI at all you must by now be expecting looks, a signature voice and style, tone and resonance, good choice of songs, stage presence, dance, playing instruments (other than your voice) and a fistful of other attributes to rise your idol to the top. Nice to see that American's can be passionate about their favorites. And I've always been impressed at how you back your causes. I'll bet you that this year you'll have a show dedicated to relief efforts for Japan and I'll further bet you American's will send in enough money to impress the planet – you are a generous people even in economic hard times. Thanks again Elina!

  40. Branden, though I disagree with almost everything you said about tonight's show, I do have to say that I love your sight and the way you set it up. Unlike on most other sites people (for the most part) are actually civil to each other here and actually write something worth reading rather then just bash each other horribly.

    Thank you!

  41. i want casey out! unfair rule…. unfair for those who spent money voting then it will end like that the judges will save the person who has the lowest votes!

    why thia on the bottom 3? now that shes loosen up she can be a threat to everyone thats why

    • that's exactly what her mistake is!!! she listened to the judges and sang uptempo, thats out of her wheelhouse and to the bottom 3 she went. from now on it should be ballad ballad and more ballad

  42. thia will be on the top 3. she got 100 percent support from fil-am community…. remember jasmine trias

  43. I like Casey, he has an original style, as do Paul and James and even though i`m not a fan of country Scotty is great and will go far in the world of country music, Naima and Haley i also believe have a style all their own. the rest of them even though they have great voices i think are just nothing new. i know who`s cd`s i would spend my money on without a doubt, and those are the ones. even Scotty even if i`m not a country fan. but i`ll never vote. I just feel to bad for the ones voted off. but i will buy the songs from my favs.

    • i used to like him. but after hearing him growl week after week, and get praised for it, whilst hailey does the same but gets booed, i seriously think the judges are just crazy moonies from somewhere outside planet earth (i hope i dont piss off the aliens. lol)

      • i honestly cannot stand haley. casey is the best and i'm thibking it was a fix cuz the whole thing with the judges…..i have a feeling they wanted all 11 on tour and they wanted to use their save early but casey was better than stephano (i dont care what you say branden) thia haley naima (tho she was probably saved from that dancing)… so i say fix and they do that (plus sinse like half the voters are my age i'm pretty sure they wouldnt send casey home girls scream for him and scotty like they are justin bieber)

    • I agree with you Kim.

      I'd buy any CD released by Naima. her style, and everything is just fresh. I hope she'll make it far. So as Paul, Casey and Hayley. 🙂

  44. the concept of AI is crazy. when an idol sticks to his/her genre the judges call it boring. they’re always asking for versatility but who cares…as long as the contestant can give justice to the song and sing it beautifully that should be the concept…anyway i don’t know if you will agree with me that a lot of times the song arrangement sucks…the song interpretations don't do justice in compare with the original…we just want to see a good performance from each of the contestant…its also ridiculous and awkward when they force some contestants to dance in group performance which they have never done before. AI has yet to produce a phenomenal star in the level of Mariah, Celine, Bon Jovi and many more to mention…and with the way they are doing this contest, I don’t think they can produce one.

    • Adam Lambert is also a hit singer and he been winning some awards too. I hope this season, AI can produce a singer who will be able to sell cds and concerts like adam and the other successful idols. He was just a runner up but he has succeed in the industry.

    • Heard of Glambert, dear?

      Adam Lambert, who is such a world-class idol he's got his own "phenomena" – Glambert – is better than Celine, Mariah and Bon Jovi combined.

      Aside from Mariah who can actually dance, the other two aren't performers – they're just singers with big chops.

      Adam's a performer – he sings flawlessly and struts his stuff all over the stage with style and charisma.

      Could you really imagine Celine, Bon Jovi and Mariah busting out the Glambert moves and groves?? Mmm, maybe Mariah. Takes a certain something special.

      He also hasn't been around very long so he must be pretty phenomenal to out-do the other three.

      Point is, AI helped his talent grow and got him a recording contract – needless to say, AI has helped produce a phenomenal star – Adam.

      As you will know by now, the best doesn't always win on AI… all they need is to show what they are capable of and they'll get a recording contract and make their mark on the world 🙂

      • Yeah im a great fan of Glambert and i follow him on Twitter and Facebook too. Im always updated of his tours and many others, i am so real happy with his success. I hope stefano will be like him.

      • Lambert better than the accolades of Celine, Mariah and Bon Jovi combined…i really

        doubt that

      • ArtM PHL – As great as they undeniably are as singers, what special "phenomena" has Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Jon Bon Jovi brought into the world, which could possibly even make it into a dictionary one day – like Adam's "Glambert"?

        If you know of something unique to them that the world sees as iconic (like "Glambert"), feel free to let us know, as I don't know one single special thing about any of them!

        (Speaking of making history into a dictionary, Glambert is already in fact on online dictionaries, which proves he's made more of an impact than the other three who have been around for a long long time. Online dictionaries are a good start to paper back and hard back books!

        Lets face it, Celine, Mariah and Bon Jovi have been around for decades, yet where are their special places in even online dictionaries??)

        Adam's only been around for a couple of years – he's got a long career ahead of him.

        You're obviously a close-minded pessimist.

    • Carrie Underwood is very successful….I could see her very easily rising to the level of Mariah, Celine, ect.

      • I love Carrie Underwood! Now, that is the whole package! Beauty, brain, talented. Nothing like Miss America thing!!!

    • Dude, seriously? Have you not heard of Carrie Underwood? She became a superstar in the country music industry!

  45. what the ? Casey is n the bottm three and almost been eliminated? that's so nuts!

    I hope he wouldn't next week

    and yeah so does thia…I hope the two gets to the top 5 or something

    • Yeah same here…can't help but love this THIA girl. she's absolutely beautiful….

  46. Is there any idol week that will show role reversal, like country singers/balladeers will sing rock and vice versa? I mean an idol will be singing outside his genre?

    • Helloooo??? They just did. Country singers sang Mowtown … Rock singers sang Mowtown … Balladeers sang Mowtown. They're not required to sing it just the way the original sounded. In fact, they're supposed to "make it their own" … right?

      • @Nanci B. – Yes you're right about Motown. What I meant was, for example James is a rock star, his songs are always fast and up tempo to the point of screaming. Can he sing ballad or slow type of song?

  47. I think these judges except Jackson commence are too ridiculous Every contestant currently was judged good with remark "I Love You',etc. Give me Simmom any time.

    • right on. i miss simon. he may a a@@hole at times but he is honest with his opinions. i like steven and jennifer but they are not helping the contestants reach their potentials by what their doing. sometimes, it takes 'tough love'. this season, randy is trying to fill (in a nicer way) simon's role. mighty big shoes to fill though.

    • Yeah, i also noted that. They (judges) can't give a straight forward comment instead of pampering the ego of the contestant though he or she gave a lame performance. Simon is more brutally frank but he hit the nail right into the head without beating around the bush.

    • U right, bring back Simon anytime. The competition is tough this year tho & lots of good singers, but they all have their own style.

  48. so effing true.

    i know that jacob lusk has talent and all, but that dood is just so GAY! and i don't mean to sound condescending — it's just that he looks awkward with his dance moves! so effeminate!

    anyway, i hope scotty mcreery goes home! i don't really like his voice, and he is not so versatile! hate me! bwahahaa!

    • I almost had a stroke when stefano was called to be at the bottom 3 when he gave the best performance of his life. That was so unfair while haley had a safe place. anyway, ill keep on voting for my fave here…. I just hope stefano will reach Top 3, this guy has lots of potentials.

      • Felt the same. Am not exactly a Stephano fan but, to give credit where credit is due, he performed consistently well (or at the very least, he wasn't the worst) each time he appeared on stage. He shouldn't haven't been in the bottom 3 for sure. There are other contestants who are less talented than him. But that's the problem with AI. It's not really based on vocal abilities but more of a popularity game. Sad, but true.

    • glad we agree that jacob lusk has talent. about the gay or effeminate issue, i've known guys who are outwardly effeminate but are straight and those who appear to be ladies men and are gay or bi. either way, it doesn't bother me…each to his/her own provided no innocent person is hurt. my best friend (male) is the youngest and only son of a brood of 7 so sometimes he does have female mannerisms. but he is as straight as the next guy.

    • If and I say IF? Jacob is gay so what? that has nothing to do with his singing and who could have dumber moves than Paul? Whats' up with the whole gay thing it's a singing contest not a straight or gat contest? Or is gay bashing just an excuse for other issues?

  49. I'm shocked when there are people who say Scotty just mimics songs. Not just with him, I think every contestants try to rip original songs in their own way. Depending on personal opinions, their covers maybe be good or bad, but I won't go as far as calling them mimicking songs. Seems like him turning a classic into country songs and hitting higher notes for the last two rounds is not enough??

    Lots of people say Scotty is not versatile. Sorry, he's not the only one seeming not versatile enough but most of the blame is on him. I like Pia's voice but she is only singing ballads so far too.

    The judges and crowd does not love him for no reason. He knows how to interact well, and though he's still not natural onstage, I consider it great achievement for this country boy. He can't dance, though and actually I don't really like to watch a country singer dance.

    There's journey ahead. I believe there's still room for him improvement

    • Scotty is good no matter what he sings, His voice is one of the best. Who gives a –if he cant dance-This isnt a dance contest neither is it a stage presece contest. I agree with you about Scotty. he is turning songs around in his own way and it sounds fine-PIa now–She is so boring. Same ole same ole. I get sick of her performances. I start yawning-Honestly not being funny. She is very boring. ohhh shes a beauty queen though–So what!!!!!

      • I totally agree. Scotty has an amazing voice … and Pia is boring, just plain boring! Her voice is phenomenal, but if she doesn't pull and change-up, I say send her packing!

      • Karen, couldn't agree with you more. funny, beauty queen. Don't know why people even call her beautiful.

  50. James is so much like our very own Aussie Legend

    Jimmy Barnes as a young fella … Go James we are supporting you from Australia

    • Yea, I like James the best but people say he screams. All I can say is nobody screams as well as he does.

  51. Scotty is so boring with his country songs.

    Jacob Lusk is so gay and does not have the looks of an american idol. but his voice is great.

    Haley's style is just so-so and she always yoddle.

    Naima should have joined America Got Talent or you think you can dance.

    the rest are my favorites.

    • I listened to many genres since I was a kid: pop, rock, country, instrumental, ballad….I actually did not know which is my favourite, cos each genre has good songs.

      But when I listened to Scotty, I realized that country songs are the one that closet to my heart. Boring as they maybe, they tells stories – simple and natural stories. Life is tiresome; after a day of work or when I need some piece of mine, these "boring" songs are my rescue. No fancy dance moves, make-up, hair style or cloth, just simple instruments and warm voices. I listened to rocks too, when I experienced strong emotions.

      Music these days are really..commercialized. I just wonder when the country sound can ever dominates music chart again.

      • I like your comments. Rock and country butted heads in the final of Season 4 with Carrie and Bo. Both genres have their fans and rightly so. But I believe that country music fans have some voting power on AI. This season has been very entertaining (isn't that why we watch). But it doesn't include all the drama of some (reality) shows. I also love the judges. They have a great deal more personality than past seasons. American Ido is rocking this year. Some many diverse and distinct personalities. The voting has to be neck and neck on most weeks.

  52. I think they weren't allowed to sing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" because Stevie was singing it on results night. I'd say the same about "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."


    • you obviously have no clue about the equipment used for live performances..the ear peice isnt feeding them the words!…its so they can hear themselves!! Gotta be able to hear yourself so you can hit the right notes..DUH

  54. I am also shocked! I am not sure who my fav is yet but I hope James gets it. They all have talent but we have seen in the past the "Boy next door" gets the American Idol stand. James yeah, is not the typical guy next store but Casey is. I agree on the growling also, that one song a week back I actually turned the TV down. James deserves to win, he's had set backs in life and has come through them,he does however need to be more humble, he's been a little full of himself. I do like Casey though, I can't wait to hear him sing next week he will ROCK, I"m sure. None of the girls impress me this year. Jacob he sings good, just hate to watch him sing for some reason. I find myself looking forward to American Idol each week. There has been years when it was boring, at least we have good singers this year. Niama is also one that should be there. She tries very hard and also deserves a solid chance. Who cares if she danced, they all move. It's entertainment, it's what puts us in front of the tube. "Smile"

    • @ voiceofone…Agreed. I really do think it is a guy's year. James is my favorite to win. I for one was pleased with the outcome last night (my heart fell when Ryan first announced that James and Paul were not safe…so very cruel~!!)

      @ Branden…As always, thank you for the recap…and yes, I agree, the contestants # was cheesy, but I liked the show last night. I am glad that Casey was "saved" last night. He will be a great asset to the Idol Tour this summer and I doubt there will be a lot of cancellations this year like there was last year due to poor ticket sales~!!) This has been one of the best Idol seasons in a long time…so much talent. Have a feeling that the top 5 will be James, Scotty, Paul, Pia and Lauren. Have a good one. Big 🙂 for Phyllis G, Angela, Sherry K and T. Whoo Hoo ~!!! 🙂

      • PS…Hearing the one and only Great Stevie Wonder perform was indeed a high light…how could I forget. 🙂

  55. i think it was so totally unfair to all other contestants who had to sing for the opportunity to be saved…how dare they say oh dont worry casey u dont have to bother….its not right and its plain insulting…its supposed to be up to the public, how dare the judges say their opinion doesnt count..i dont believe he is a good singer and neither is naima…both of them are terrible…

    • Totally agree. Those 3 buffoons basically told America that we don't know what we are doing. The SAVE option is ridiculous to begin with. America spoke, let it be. Man, please don't resign JLO next year, what a waste.

  56. Casey deserved to be saved. Is the Vote for the worst website still in existence? Couldn't believe Casey was in last place!

    • I think AI should limit the number of votes a person can make to turn it into a really talent contest, not a popularity contest. Other shows limit the number of votes and they keep up their ratings. But then AI wouldn't be able to brag about how many votes came in.

      • I agree. Being able to vote over and over for hours takes the true barometer of what america's really liking and twisting it out of reality!

      • yeah, but the producers wont get what they want now, would they? they're all after the revenue they'll get from all these text votes…

  57. I really think that Casey is better in the preliminary eliminations. Since the top 13 eliminations, Casey isn't showing any improvement and so is true with Thia.Stefano on the other hand should be very careful in his choice of songs coz he got what it takes to be the next AI. As for the others,they are all doing fine except for Naima and Haley should show something exceptional

  58. casey is starting to get boring with all the shouting and growling….. naima has a pitch problem… scotty is only popular but not gud…. i hope thia megia will sing high pitch songs in order to showcase her voice…. i would like to hear her singing celine dion songs.. like charice pempengco..

    • You dont think Scotty is good??? What show have u been watching, Scotty is one of the best. he will be in final 3 I know Maybe win- You are way out there if u say Scotty cant sing!!!!

  59. Ouf!

    Casey is the best artist of this group…timing, voice, musician. Voting is sometimes…??? In our country we will have to vote in may and like usual some big surprises will happen.

    By chance , AI use not only voting process and can save the better.

  60. i was very disappointed when thia megia became part of bottom three. i think shes more deserving than other contestants. her performance last night was good. what happen america?????but anyway its already happen. its a wake up call to her(thia) to do her best more and more and more. she must show every week a wow performance. i know she can make it through the finals. so all thia's fans lets give all our support to thia megia…let us pray for her success…

  61. Sarah Palin and Christine o Donnell….Why am i not surprised that haley)last two weeks) and casey got the least votes…:)

  62. you are insulting american idol not american idol insulting you.

    stop to talk about how bad is casey, casey is not bad he is deserve it

    • Casy will be going home soon anyway Should have just let him go on his way last nite!! he sucks

  63. Just discovered this site and I'm enjoying the articles for the past week, tuanks! This is the first year I've ever watched Idol and I'm actually enjoying the contestants. It seems like the judges are a little soft though. I've seen Simon videos and at least he gave his straight up assessment.

    So when James goes down because he's not such a humble guy, the judges won't be able to save him haha. Same with Jacob or their other favorites. Unless Casey changes his hillbilly looks, he's not gonna make it to Top Idol either, talented or not. Although that old looking guy Taylor Hicks won in the past, so you never know what'll happen! Boy this show sure is fun to watch! Keep voting every week America!

  64. I do believe the save was on from the beginning. The judges knew about it and of course so did Ryan S. Casey was surprised!

  65. First off, I love the judges this year.Jennifer and Randy give great advice to the contestants on how to make themselves better and what was missing in the performance. I've enjoyed Steven this year as well, he kinda follows what R and J have to say but that's OK. He is is an awesome entertainer and I hope we get to see him perform this season.

    America's choice last night was a big mistake. Casey's last two performances weren't his best but before that he was showing us that he could be an awesome entertainer and could sing almost anything. He just needs to get back on track.

    This is one of the best years I have watched in a long time.There are a lot of them that are equally as good. But next to go needs to be Thia and Stefano. Thia reminds me of a singer in a theme park and Stefano just doesn't have the stage presence. Right now I think Scotty and Paul could leave and do an album with their unique sound. I'm hoping that the top five will be Scotty, Lauren,Casey, Pia, and James. Good Luck to them all. American Idol keep up the good work!

  66. There must be something wrong with your hearing also. Stefano has the worst voice quality.

    • Really? Thats your perception cuz for us who like stefano, he is he best also. Go stefano, go figure!

  67. i dont think he would last longer in idol.

    he should stop shouting and acting weird on stage but he is quite loved by many idol viewers .I guess he will be on the top 9

  68. @eve I think your right Casey needs to change his appearance some how clean up some and get back to how he use to sing in the beginning. He's been growling to long and it's not how it was. I also agree that Pia's choice of songs are boring, yeah nice songs perhaps but not for American Idol needs something to be better stick out more then the others. After all everyone can push out a tune and hold it. They all sing good, don't want to get anyone's panties in a bunch. Still can't believe Casey was in the bottom level, I"ll have to keep my eye on this website a little more carefully now. That was surprising. Stefano (spelling) he sings good but is a lounge singer, not an American Idol. I hope it ends up being between Casey and James and for James to win of course.

  69. THE BEST, THE BEST American Idol EVER!!! Not only this year every JUDGE is DAM good!!! last night show was over the top making last night show ONE OF THE BEST IN IDOL HISTORY what they did and how they stopped Casey from going on, when they already new America had made a huge mistake was like a judge tossing the veredict of the Jury. Loved it and to see Casey so emotional last night as he had not faith in his last song, because he knew deep insinde it was to early for the judges to use their safe, made all my my house jump up and down…WHAT A SHOW!!!!

    • It was so so boring YOur family must not have a life. Caseys acts are getting boring Acting like he was gona pass out or something JEZZZZ How lame He stinks and is going home anyway soon so they should have let him go on his way–

      • Yeah, I really think in light of last night's PERFORMANCE (judges especially) they should seriously rethink the "save". We all know it never would have happened except they wanted this growling(as someone else put it)Geico Caveman, aka Casey, on the tour plus add some drama to the mostly predictable results show.

        Also, did you ever wonder what really goes on in the mansion? Do you think everyone really loves each other? I always try to watch the contestant's reaction when someone ends up in the bottom. Occasionally you can catch a "smirky" smile. Lastly, I am puzzled by the overwhelming popularity of James. While I applaud his ability to perform with Tourette's (???) Syndrome, I seriously think he should lose the tail and eat a little "Humble Pie". You're not a rock star yet James! I just hope this year's winner will bring something fresh to the music industry and be an inspiration to the listener and a role model for young viewers. For me its too soon to tell if any of the contestants have any of that.

      • James is an inspiration to viewers. I admit he's been hamming it up lately, but he has an afliction and is proving anything is possible if you go for it.Not as easy as he is making it look and how many role models in this industry today do you see? Please! They have 2 versions of cds out now a days. The "clean" one and the "unedited" trash mouth version! Hello !!

      • Thats just the problem, I see few good role models in the entertainment industry. I don't know if you have children yet, I do, and most parents try to raise their kids up right…to respect others and to say and do the right thing. I am never impressed with "trash mouth" contestants, celebrities or judges for that matter. However, I think there are a few contestants this year who so far have impressed me with their manners, character and talent.

      • Rite on Jane. It is a talent show for singers.who dont need profanity or screeching to impress look and act alike want a bes. Scotty is a great example for his manners,character and talent. I think last nite was a staged put on. Most people are not that dumb.

      • I have a daughter. I would much rather her be original and not conform to what people think a "girl" should be. The beauty pageant contestants that dress in tight sleazy clothes (Pia, Haley) that are way too old for their age are not my idea of "good" role models just because they act timid and polite.

      • You must hate JLo also but like she said appearance is just as important to be on stage, in front of a audience as talent. Moral standards are why Hollywood is full of Liberals and constantly critized by Conservatives. You views arn't practical when it comes to American Idol.

      • Why are the comments not appearing in chronological order? I just posted a comment and it's buried halfway up the page. I'm talking about the one where I said:

        Theme next week: the 1980s…

        Fantasia,, and Jamie Foxx perform

      • Song Picks for 1980s Week:

        Jacob – "Superstar" by Luther Vandross

        James – "Faithfully" by Journey

        Scotty – "Allentown" by Billy Joel

        Casey – "Pink Houses" by John Cougar Mellencamp

        Paul – "Drive" by The Cars

        Stefano – "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen

        Lauren – "The Rose" by Bette Midler

        This – "Borderline" by Madonna

        Pia – "Fame" by Irene Cara

        Naima – "Freeway of Love" by Aretha Franklin

        Hayley – "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

      • Of course, if Scotty wants to play it safe there are a ton of Randy Travis and George Strait songs available from the 80s.

      • Amy, who are you asking? Replies seem to be getting randomly placed. If you are asking me about Elton John…(1) Stefano tweeted "not 80's" and another Web site said they confirmed that it is Elton John theme. I don't know the reliability of the other Web site. But I saw the Stefano tweet on is Twitter page when I was grabbing number of followers.

      • If elton john week, i hope stefano will sing Sacrifice or Skyline pigeon by Elton. wow, that would be great songs for him.

      • Amy, who are you asking? Replies seem to be getting randomly placed. If you are asking me about Elton John…(1) Stefano tweeted “not 80’s” and another Web site said they confirmed that it is Elton John theme. I don’t know the reliability of the other Web site. But I saw the Stefano tweet on is Twitter page when I was grabbing number of followers.

      • Zephyr, I'm telling you…Stefano tweeted Not 80’s, and another Web site claims that they confirmed that it is Elton John theme.

      • yeah its confusing…..anyways hope thia will have a great song for us next week though….Im actually solved with the fact that she is in the tour….

      • I agree Zephyr…I always say that I never thought she would take the whole thing, so I'm really happy for her music career that she'll have this opportunity. Of course, though, I don't ever want to see her get sent home. But I can't think of any song for her, if it is in fact Elton John week. Hopefully the producers help them with song choice.

      • i doubt that i dont even know if they are giving her suggestions…..hahahahaha if its elton john then its should be ballad…..the heck with the judges…..hahahahaha….if she is going out then go out with a bang thia….i love the post u have earlier….what an imagination….rocker looks for thia….it would be a blast….hahahaha….

      • Zephyr I agree. If it is Elton John, then I say forget the judges for the week and do a ballad. With Elton John, it is all about the vocals. None of the other stuff like dancing around. And so the best vocals will win.

      • Challenge her to sing "Daniel" with the guitar or another ballad "In the Garden" which is quite difficult to sing. Those songs are ones of my favorite Elton John's songs.

      • SoftDev, I definitely like the idea of Thia bringing her guitar in on this one. If it's Elton week, I think she has to go back to a ballad. And so the guitar will add the variety to her act so that the judges can't say she's back to the same thing. I never even thought of "Daniel." That could be a good one with her guitar.

      • I agree with you, KL. Do you know that Thia plays piano too? That would be amazing for her to use that as well. I love to hear her sing ballads. Imagine if she use her guitar or piano and sing? I would love that.

      • Anon, I thought of the piano bit. I think this is a great opportunity for any of the piano players in the group to bring it out. But I don't know how well she may or may not play. If you're going to do Elton on the piano, then you have to be pretty darn good. I think she's said that she only plays piano by ear, so I don't know if she could pull it off as well as she could with guitar. But I don't know…I've never really seen her play piano.

      • oh. ok. I have seen her play both. But like you said, I don't know how well she plays that too. I thought I saw her play her piano while singing I'm Yours on the Youtube. I might be wrong. I forget. But you're right.

      • she can probably play the piano.. but not enough time to practice…like what you said, she needs to be darn good.

      • oh it would be awesome if she'll play the piano with a ballad song! that will surely increase her popularity more!

        i hope hailey reinhart does great too! this girl has an amazing talent and deserves to be in the top 3 at least!

      • If its Elton John's week , then we can expect more ballads from the contestants, i am hoping stefano will sing Sacrifice and Jacob Can you feel the love tonight, great songs and it will make them go on top of the list.

      • Not sure where you obtained that information but if it is true then Jacob Lusk will be in danger if he sings another Luther song.

      • 80s week is a fact, the song list was my picks for the top 11.

        Normally I would agree with you but I think Jacob should jump on the opportunity to sing 'Superstar.' Consider how Scotty and James have been getting praised for doing their thing…Nobody has told Scotty to back off the country twang and nobody has told James to lay off the high-scream notes. Jacob should embrace the "Luther" style. Like Jennifer said, Luther is gone but now we've got Jacob.

        On the other hand, I didn't pick a Rod Stewart song for Paul. Sounding like Rod isn't even in the same league as sounding like Luther…which is as high of a compliment as a male singer can hope for.

      • Gotcha Paul – wasn't clear from your original post that they were your picks. Now you've got me thinking about what I think they should do from the 80's.

      • now Naima and Hailey's in trouble with this theme…

        They had their best week with motown, but this will be of great challenge for them because there's no dancing around or trying to sing sexy this time.. When it comes to Elton John songs, its all about vocal quality, power, and range.

      • I think her odds of winning the contest are slim, but if she choses songs like last week's and focuses on the singing she can hang around for another 4-5 weeks.

        She really does have a nice voice, but is at a crossroads. Her dancing, style, and stage presence sets her apart, but on the same token it often destroys her signing and she is realiant on the dancing for a bump. If she continues to sing and then finish with a breakdown to prop up her singing they will eventually label her as a one trick pony.

        If she just watches the singing part of the last performance and realizes that is who she is as a singer (deep, throaty songs) and can find songs that are similarly somewhat well known that fit that category, she can put out 5 or 6 of these others and probably land a decent recording deal for her efforts.

        There are far worse singers and performers cranking out hits to today's tone deaf youth. (Rebecca Black's "Friday" comes to mind.)

      • 'Like Jennifer said, Luther is gone but now we’ve got Jacob'.??? I like many other people must have been listening to something else because there is no comparison. Luther didn't scream out a song like Jacob who has murdered some great songs. Every week the contestants seem to try and see who can 'scream' the loudest…..They should try singing, holding a melody and drop the diva like attitudes that they have yet to earn. Finally stop saying 'I dont care what the judges think – I had a good time'..while this may be entertainment for the masses it is also a very public job interview, for a big label who want you to sell records. Its not about you having a good time – its about us having a good time

      • You know, Thia would also do an excellent job with “Fame” by Irene Cara.

        "On My Own" which Thia KILLED in the top 24 round was also by Irene Cara, but I doubt many people would pick up on that. It's definitely in the sweet-spot for her vocals.

      • I doubt if James can sing Faithfully like that guy Pilipino who sang it so beautifully i had goose bumps. Faithfully by Journey with the Pilipino guy was one hell of a song. Saw him interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

      • No, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" will belong to Scotty. I am quite sure it is the song that Scotty will sing if there is a theme of Queen this season.

      • Couple really fun songs on that list. Did you pick "Fame" for Pia because you know she went to Laguardia Arts HS? (the school that the movie "Fame" was based on)

        We graduated from Lag the same year 🙂

      • Well if it IS 80's, then I don't know what Stefano's "Not 80's" tweet was about. I saw that tweet for myself. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

      • You must hate JLo too but like she said appearance is just as important on stage, in front of a audience, as talent. Moral standards are why Hollywood is full of Liberals and constantly critized by Conservatives. You views arn’t practical when it comes to American Idol.

      • this is american idol… not disney! Walk outside and look around thats what a lot of people wear. not trying to be rude please dont take it that way but seriously times have changed and they dont even dress them selves, they have people who pick out there outfits and dress them. they have NO say. if you want to get mad get mad at american idol and the people they hire

      • Don't be a hater:0( this the most talent group they have ever had on American Idol. I love how they are true to their own style. The judges are constructive and not trying to destroy these kids self-esteem.

        American Idols, keep singing your heart out.

        Love you all :0)

      • Eloise : Well if you didnt know, American Idol dresses them. haley and Pia have no say so i would get mad at the people american idol hires… but i dont know i dont think its slutty at all i do beauty pagents and i wear stuff like what they wear on my free time but i am also 22 but i just think its in style and dont see anything wrong with it. its not like you can see too much!

      • I can overlook James' basking in the limelight now because I imagine he has taken a lot of crap all of his life from mean spirited kids and possibly adults. It must feel wonderful to be admired. He is remarkably well balanced for someone who has coped with his difficulties.

      • Couldn't have said it better myself!! There are a lot of meanspirited people out there

        just read some of these comments

      • I agree….James seems like a sweetie. What is so wrong with enjoying a little extra attention and having people go crazy over you? I think he has earned it and I don't even know him. You are my "idol" James

      • Jeffrey D. He's enjoying himself….More power to him. Everyone doesn't have to look so serious like Thia…Relax, enjoy the ride I say!!!!

      • will it will most likely be screaming jacob acts silly no personality he will get it does not deserve it and i dont like his screaming but thats where its headed

      • I agree with you 100%. I don't think that loud blasting is singing at all. It's just noise to cover lack of talent. I am so tired of seeing his tonsils.

      • Haha! Agreed. He's good but when Im seeing James performs, I am getting stressed! Im not so entertained!

      • I think casy needed to be knocked down a notch or too he had gotten the "big Head" too soon. He's too impressed with himself, maybe now he'll realize that he is not "aal that." Pia sings beautifully has a great but is so boring it sounds like she's almost singing thesame song every weel' she really does need to jump out of that box she's in.

      • He was probably hoping to save the 'double bass' performance til later on, but methinks Casey be getting it dusted down for next Wednesday.

      • Itsbits…..I agree but its good for the tour…He's not the best but he does put on a show….Lots of drama last night….In fact, I thought he was over the top a bit….I was ready to call an ambulance…

      • @ Phyllis. He did look very pale and almost in shock. FYI, Phyllis. See if this comes up on your e-mail…I don't know what the problem is…. 🙂

      • exactly he looked as if his stomach is re-bleeding again from stress….but i think the way they stopped him without letting him finish is the most insulting moment to the voters… actually irritated with jlo….even her husband is not agreeing with her judging…..i think the whole episode was scripted that only casey was not informed….hahahahaha…i felt pity for casey…..he was set up…..he looked washed out…..its the first time they needed hulk and stevie and that corney moment birthday cake with pia and lauren holding it…it looked biased….i dont know its just my observation…. it looked like it was just all for the ratings and the matter of the fact that this is a singing competition…..sigh….

      • Phyllis G. Girl didn't that freak you out when Randy just told Casey to stop??? LOL.I didn't know what the hell was going on! My husband said they are going to save him!!! Good grief. What next? Hugs to you and Rose A. Sherry K. 🙂

      • Actually he was one of my favorites at the beginning, but with his enormous ego and that acting last night!!?? My husband said maybe he needs to go into acting instead of singing. If he actually starts singing again he might do okay.

      • Pia is only good singing ballads, and even though she has been told to mix it up she continues to sing the same style song, and she closes her eyes often but only Stefano gets slammed for doing so. Haley is an all around singer, she is a whole lot better than the judges want people to think. They already know who they want in the finals. James,Scotty,Lauren, and probably Paul could leave right now and each have sold a million or more by the time AI ends. This really is their prime opportunity time. Just like Daughtey did.I don't see Jacob becoming an entertainer, he is already where he needs to be, a gospel singer. If Pia chooses an uptempo song it will be quickly seen that she is only capable of one style. I think she hollars at times, too.

      • casey is on his way to continue he'll be good to just reach top 5 so just shut it.. idiot

    • I don't think America made a mistake. There are a couple of people I would have voted off before Casey, but he is deserving to be in the bottom 5 at least.

    • Wanda, I can't repeat everything I've said in another post…I hope you read my post about the judges. Remember 30 million + votes spoke as to who they thought was the best this week. Pretty arrogant to say they are all wrong. I'm not saying Casey didn't deserve to be saved. I'm just saying, 30 million + votes are not wrong. And the judges should have at least respected the process and made him finish. It was an insult to the voters and to the remaining performers who America put in the top 10. And it was an insult to Casey to not give him the chance to actually show America whether or not he belonged there.

      • I agree with you. Don't sing casey, we know you are great unlike the public. we are in the music industry and we know what is best for America. Why does the public even vote? Actually I wanted more say in the top 24. I don't think the judges got it right in the first place.

      • No matter how long they held on to the save, at some point the judges would be deeming the public wrong. That's what the save is: the judges saying to the voters that they know better.

      • I don't think it is about deeming the public wrong…They have a save for someone they want to give a second chanse…..No more nor less. I think they would have used it to save anyone here…It is no longer a singing contest but a popularity contest, fashion contest, beauty pageant, and everything else rolled up into one.


      • Think about it…the judges knew the results in advance and had already chosen to save Casey. Stopping him mid-song was simply good time management, that's all. Great drama takes time!

      • I would say you are not just wrong, but confused. They don't vote for people they want to go home, but the people they want to stay. I voted for Paul this time around ( odd I hated him before) but I give the man his due he rocked it this last show. That doesn't mean I though Casey should go home. Just because I didn't vote for him this time, doesn't mean I liked Thia.

    • I agree with you…do not have a clue why people did not like it, because I thought it was an awesome show…

  70. Scotty so good. He has made our Hometown Proud. They are all very good singers. Not a one of them dont deserve to be there. They all ahver talent and I cant sing a lick so I praise them all.Its got to be pretty scary up there in front of producers all staring at you during practice and then come out on stage in front of all these people and cameras. This is all new to each and every one of them. Of course my vote is going to Scotty. he is from my hometown but lets do gtet real to some of you people. He Can sing!! When some of these remarks staes how some of these kids cant sing is almost like a jealousy remark. Come on—They can all sing

  71. We have to remember whose doing most of the voting here….. (kids)

    1. Casey is definitely one of the most musically talented but he is odd to watch. Reminds me of Cocker fits and he's definitely not sexy!

    To me most of the contestants this year are hard to watch on stage.

    2. James with his tail and already acting like a rock and roll giant.

    3. Jacob…drag queen swagger and over-singing gospel.

    4. Hailey- could barely walk in her heels and has lost her self in all the criticism. She just needs to sing blues and forget all the rest.

    5. Paul- should never dance…he dances like Jagger….lol cutest smile though

    6. Naimi-the kunta kinta dance spot…yikes but that was the best song for her to date.

    7. Mia-Meek mini mouse. Great voice but far to timid.

    8. Pia- Definitely has the beauty and poise and the Celine like voice but so tired of all the sappy ballads. But at least she's easy to watch on stage.

    9. Scotty- Really needs to put on a cowboy hat to hide his Alfred E. Newman looks and stop with the cheesy winks. It's painful to watch but I admire that he stays true to his genre.

    10. Stephano- OPEN YOUR EYES dude!! also tired of the sappy ballads.

    11.Lauren-cute stage presence and the country genre fits her well. Will cute take her to the end????

    Personally..bottom three; Mia, Stephano and Hailey if Casey's fans don't step up.

  72. I dont agree with you Branden, and I'll tell you why. Casey hasn't had good weeks lately. That should not label him as a bad singer, because he is in fact one of the most talented on Idol, as Ive said many times. I think from 1st place to 11th place this is how it will go

    1. James (We all know he will win!)

    2. Pia

    3. Casey

    4. Scotty

    5. Stefano

    6. Thia

    7. Lauren

    8. Paul

    9. Jacob

    10.-ll. Naima and Haley

  73. Branden, I believe you have some serious issues here. I might not be totally behind each singer, but I do applaud their effort. This year is the best ever in all the years they have been on. What fun for them to be in the commercials. Maybe Stefano didn't connect emotionally, but has a beautiful voice, and Pia, is at the top of my list. Give her a little time and she will be a big winner in this world. As for Casey, he isn't my cup of tea, but no doubt he has been favored from the first. And remember the fan base has a lot to do with these votes. James Durbin has come on strong, actually been there for a while. I have been into music my whole life and worked with bands and singers. As for the deal about Marc getting involved, the contestants need to know what they need to hear to help them balance correctly. Marc was a help to them I'm sure. This is Americon Idol, but it's entertainment as well. I wouldn't miss it and have not missed one program ever, and I do get out my reports every Wednesday and Thursday night's. I do know if I get critical, I do get response. The only thing negative about this year, is the judges needed to get into giving advice early on, instead of swaying along with all the music, and adding more helpful comments. I did like Simon when he was there, and he told it like he saw it, and he didn't mince any words! Bottom line, they will all be winners in the end. Good work singers. Branden, I do read your reports weekly, appreciate your reports and think Thursday night was unbelievable!

    • I completely agree, Kay. Casey, Stephano and Thia put forth the effort and are great most of the time. Everyone is very talented this season! 🙂

  74. Branden, very well written, I agree with you on the article, except for one thing. Why didn't you expect Stefano in the bottom 3 last night? After what he sang, "Hello," I thought that was awful. It was cold and heartless. I feel nothing from him singing that song, and thought he killed Lionel Richie's beautiful song. Especially when he said the ILU at the end of the song, that was ewww and cheesy. I was hoping he would be going home. My guess is that you are a fan of Stefano's as well. Ok, that's fine. I respect that. Curiously, what don't you like about Thia? She does have an amazing voice. Some people thinks she is boring, ok. I get it, heard it too many times. But not to some of us. Doesn't anyone have anything nice to say about Thia, or anybody else here? I know that Thia is not going to win, but I, like KL, don't want to see her leave so soon, so we can have more song collections from Thia. Why can't people judge her on her strong voice and not her age or just her? I agree with you also on Naima and Haley going first. But hoping Thia will stay a little longer. Who knows? Anything can happen, right?

    • THIA, I'll never get bored with the voice she has. I envy her. She's holding her own in this search. Have faith…but honestly I was scared when she was in the bottom 3 but gut feel a male will be sent home tonight and I prayed so hard… and now hold on she will make it through.

      • I was scared for Thia too. But I would have been more scared had they not started the show by saying a "shocking" elimination was ahead. I love Thia, but being eliminated would not have been shocking. Nor would it have been shocking for Stefano. So I felt somewhat secure for her just based on that. I'm glad they sent her back to the couch first! I was watching her and, while she kept her composure, you could tell she was ready to be devastated if she didn't make the tour. But it's history now. She's on the tour. And she belongs there.

      • purplegenie, I love Thia too. Like you, I could never get bored with that kind of voice! Her singing is so beautiful, I could listen to her over and over again. I wasn't happy seeing her on the bottom 3, and was very scare for her too. Thankfully, she was the first one back to safety. At least she made it to the tour, she deserves it.

    • Still pluggin for Thia? Not nice to make fun of stefano's acsent! Ha Ha… Was a surprise to the save used so early. It kept Casey in the money though. Didn't know Steven Tyler and I shared the same B-day. Cool..!

  75. I think that Jacob is a great singer and performer and I am not understanding the GAY comments some of you have made, he seems to keep it under control as much as possible and he is very grounded kind and humble, he does not act like he expects the praise that he gets and it does not go to his head. Can he get credit for being talented and kind? Anyway, I do not see "drag queen" in his performances, how rude.

  76. I just went to and casey is at the top of the poll, Branden. Another reason you shouldnt critizize the judges so much.

  77. why is everyone pitting one idol from one. can you just concentrate on cheering ur bet and stop hating and throwing negative comments to others ( i bet not all of us can sing as good as one of them, duhh). Every1 got their own strength that's why they are there.

    • justme, good comment! I wish there are more people like you writing and thinking like this. Thank you.

  78. Casey has amazing talent, and do I have to remind you guys of last year whan michael lynche was saved he made the top 4. Casey will make it at least that far, maybe farther. He is at the top of almost every poll right now, probably because people see how talented he is.

  79. You know — it's funny (in a sad way) when there are blogs like this and comments that I've seen. We've gotten so jaded and cynical about what "reality" really is, that when people see reality, they assume it's NOT. That it's staged, or that it's all egocentrical in nature (I know it's not a word 🙂

    Casey got pale last night. To the point to where he appeared he was going to pass out. He ran out to hug his parents, who were crying — and telling him they loved him. The other contestants were visibly upset, and Randy was thoroughly shocked. That was not staged.

    Idol for some of you is a chance to come out, show your true inner beauty (tongue in cheek) and say ugly things about people you don't know. Others of you have this creepy lust for girls 20 years younger than you. Others make Homophobic bashes, Asian bashes, Black bashes, County-music bashes, etc.

    This blog has become something ugly — and sad. It's a shame too, because there are many of us who just enjoy watching it with our families. We enjoy the hokey Ford commercials. We enjoyed watching them wrestle in the living room. We enjoyed seeing Hulk Hogan come out and give James a thrill of a lifetime. I enjoy Steven Tyler, and JLo and Randy — I enjoy the show — I don't want it to be perfect —

    Yes Casey should have been saved. Yes 11 on tour is pretty cool. Yes, they will sell more tickets with Casey there. Yes, it will be neat to see James, Casey, Paul and Stephano cover a Beatles tune. And yes — I'll keep watching and enjoying it with my daughters — it will be great time spent with the family.

    It's a shame that others can't learn to enjoy this. Or anything for that matter.

    People think that unless it's totally outrageous — then it's not reality. Last night was real to me, it made my wife cry — it made my kids cheer, and we actually rewatched it after it was over.

    It brought us a little closer together as a family — and what's more "reality" than that!

    Peace out, all!

    • Loved your comment and soo soo true. If you don’t like American Idol don’t watch, leave the voting to the true American Idol Fans. I love watching with my family too.

  80. You used your SAVE already?????????? There are so many other great singers, what are you going to do when one of the top 3 get voted off? NOTHING you already used your save on someone who can't sing.

    • they dont. as far as i know, its only possible to use the save up to the top 5. correct me if im wrong AI fanatics…

      • Yes wow, you are correct. So they had five more shows during which they could have used the save. After that, they could not have used it. Personally, I don't think that anyone the judges have had to save (including week 1) will make it as far as the top 5. Who knows. But there are no more saves now, so it is like a brand new show. From what we have seen so far, anything can happen. So now it's week to week. And on any given week, anyone can be at the top and anyone can be at the bottom.

  81. If I were one of the judges, I wouldn't save Casey! Gosh, there are so many contestants much worthy for that save. We have Hailey, James and Pia! I'm just so glad that finally, America heard Hailey's unique and powerful voice! She really has the best voice among the girls. Come on, let's keep on voting for Hailey Reinhart!!!

  82. ok totally mean of me…but casey can sing, but after a few weeks he is beginning to remind me of the guy who gets drunk at a party and does impressions of singers. i think his querky personality might make him a hit in a small crowd, and i am sure he is with his friends..but i think he is not connecting. probably will go home next week. i think it comes down to james, lauren and scotty in the end.

  83. I can't believe I'm actually looking up American idol blogs let alone responding to them. It's just that the judges been so bad this year. They've given so little in the way of constructive criticism to contestants. It's left me feeling frustrated and looking for a place to say the things they won't,It's nothing but a big lovefest. Jacob lutz really should be a drag.  Some of the performances this year have unwatchable.

     I kind of predicted that Casey was going to be going home this week. His growling is getting a little bit too much. He uch agree with you on everything else.

  84. I know, right! Duh Casey is like the judges' favorite. Too bad they won't be able to save him anymore next week! He's soooo going home, I can feel it!

  85. Vote for whomever you want as it dosent mean a thing. The only vote that counts is the one the producer casts. This is all about money and anyone who thinks America choses the Idol is living in never never land.

  86. haha Jacob Lusk is so gay! I don't understand why some people here don't get that he's gay! Not that there's something wrong about it and not that I'm discriminating him or something…but come on, the way he looks at the camera, the way he spreads his wings (I mean hands) like he's gonna fly or something. duh he's like a diva! I know right!

      • @Frame – Sorry, but with your choice of words you are indeed discriminating Jacob. There's nothing wrong with being gay.

      • What is your real problem with Jacob? Whether he is gay or not should have nothing to do with his singing ability. Be honest with yourself frame and admit, if only to yourself what the real deal is. We all know what your problem is.

      • Oh please, like I said there's nothing wrong with being gay. My post was just intended to make other people in this blog realize that Jacob Lusk is gay!

  87. First, i have to agree with you on all counts of your review. I wish we didn't have to weather the results show just to get the results. And secondly, I'm glad the judges decided to keep Casey around until at least next week. There are others who should go before him..Paul, Thia, etc. Hopefully they will improve the show so the Idol experience for the fans isn't bitter sweet.

  88. i will support Thia all the way. Her song choice may be boring sometimes but we can't neglect the fact that her voice is unique and the authenticity of her music is undeniable.

    Go Thia! God bless you.

    • It all comes down to the song choices given to her.. I think each of them are given a list of songs to choose from.

      • I agree…I think Thia has the best voice of all…it is all about song choices. And the judges keep telling her different things from one week to the next…I'm confused, so I can imagine how the contestants feel.

      • In terms of voice quality, Thia is not even top 1 among the girls. Here's the ranking:

        1. Hailey

        2. Lauren

        3. Pia

        4. Thia

        5. Naima

      • 1.Pia





        naima absolutely sucks she just has a bad voice and is doing nothing but dancing all over the stage

      • Uhmm…she's only 'danced all over the stage' once and the judges nailed her on it. This week she spent maybe 20 sec, if that, dancing. Her voice may not have a super huge range, but it is deep and rich. And at least she knows how to give a show, unlike Pia, Lauren and Thia. Also Haley is absolutely fantastic and does things musically the 3 above can't even comprehend.

    • What I don't agree is why judges picking on this girl? Why don't let her do what she good at? They don't complaining scotty singing country tune all the time or James screaming all the time…sad

      • Thia is not a showboat like others. you have to be a showboat to win this competition.. singing comes last!that's why Jennifer Hudson became two times bottom 2 and got eleminated at top 7. I was laughing my a** off last night when Ryan said she's the "only idol winner with an Oscar" [not at the Oscar part]…

  89. First of all the biggest disgrace was the outfit that Jennifer Nettles wore. That band you never heard of is Sugarland and as more top hits than JLO. Not that I don't love JLO because I do. I am dissapointed that Stephano lasts another week because he is awful. I have noted here before about the Grimace on Casey's face being a complete turn off. Oh and by the way, Sugarland has sold more records than Nirvana, so don't be so dismissive. Her clothes may diserve it, but not her music.

    • I personally think that the song, and I use the term loosely that Sugarland performed is the absolute worst “country” song I have ever heard. And the girl who sang it, trying to dance, well…she really needs dance lessons.

      • America should have voted sugarland off! That was horrible!!! The battery is dead in my remote, so I actually had to cover my ears

      • Ummmm…I switched channels during Sugarland's performance. That's how much I hated it.

      • I like Sugarland and a million other people do too with all the awards they have gotten the past two years.

        I agree though, Jennifer Nettle's outfit was just disgusting. Did she get a good buy at the Thrift store? Her belt and pants clashed, her shoes didn't match and her long black shirt looked like panties. Come on……..Jennifer, you can do much better than that.

  90. Branden, great post. I totally agree with everything you stated. Sugarland is a pretty popular band, but I have never liked them.

    Marc, JLO's husband, threw a dig at her which I totally enjoyed since JLO is the most irritating judge ever.

  91. Branden,

    If in general you don't like American Idol, why do you watch it? Maybe you could come up with a better show??? You first few paragraphs sound like you should be watching "dancing with the stars" or "America Got Talent" shows. You probably are person who likes Pia and Thia singing the same style ballads week after week and keep clapping your hands. If that's the case no wonder you are dissing half of the most talented contestants. I guess you are a fan of "copy cat" singers, becuase these girls are not creators. They simply will get lost among hundreds of other singers with good voices and no creativity.

    • I agree Donata. I just started reading Branden's blogs about American Idol and this is the last one I'm going to read. Braden, if you hate it so much why watch it? I love this season, love the judges, and I LOVED last night's episode.

      • I think Braden is an armpit, and wouldn't know true talent if it walked up and slapped him square in the face. Each, and every single one of 11 contestants left this season, are better that the winners over the last few seasons.

      • That makes 3 of us – Solid Sisters! What do you (Branden) expect for the Thursday results show? And I'm really tired of all the negative carping about the judges this year. I truly found the previous couple of years uncomfortable and embarrassing to watch simply because the judges were either vapid, preening or sneering. C'mon! This is a TALENT show!!! We're not voting for the next President!! And I will continue to say this loud and clear . . . I LOVE Steven Tyler. The guy has been around for a long time. He's still current with the music business – he adds some color to the group – JLo is right-on with her advise and comments and is so great to look at. And Randy and Ryan both appear to be having a much better time with the show. It's supposed to be FUN – yo comprendo?? I'm moving on to reading someone else's column. I think Branden should move on to writing about Simon's next new show – X Factor and leave the rest of us to sit back and enjoy the really great performers we have to listen to this year. They all have stage presence and better wardrobes than previous years as well. And, frankly, I liked the fact that the judges interrupted Casey. I think Randy wanted to make the point that they (judges) may have been pushing Casey in the wrong direction and wanted America to know that he's too musically talented to pigeon-hole his style to merely growling and aping Joe Cocker. Ok – I feel better now.

      • I think Braden gets up on the wrong side of the bed every day. He is more negative than Simon was. Get him off here and let someone with talent write about Idol.

    • I totally agree – and I loved the comment that she was having a seizure – that cracked me up!

      • If any of them 'talk the song' it's James and Scotty. People have hate for Naima and say it's because she can't sing and it's not true. I'm going to LAUGH OUT LOUD if/when Stefano and Thia are cut before her.

        1. Haley

        2. Casey

        3. Naima

        4. Paul

        5. Scotty

        6. Pia

        7. Jacob

        8. Lauren

        9. Thia

        10. Stefano

        11. James

  92. I enjoyed part of last night, but agree about Casey. He should have gone. And Sugarland's performace was the worst "country" song I have ever heard anywhere, anytime. Sounded like they were trying to perform rap, hip-hop, and Rebecca Black all at the same time.

  93. It wasn’t fair to the voters so why vote? Casey was supposed to go home last night. They have to start sending home the ones that are not as good such as Haley, Thia, Naima and Casey and focus only on the best candidates!

  94. i tried to vote for stefano for the 2 hours we could vote, hid line was busy the entire time and i was able to vote for pia. no one could vote for him obviously there was technical difficulty stefano should not be on the bottom three.

  95. JLO said Casey is an amazing musician! Well this is a singing contest so her comment is not warranted. America has spoken by not voting for him and they should have respected that but instead they think he will add $$ for the Tour! Nice marketing. This show was so staged it was ridiculous. Americans are not stupid. Now the judges have no more saves so lets get rid of the Drag Queen and really flip the judges out. Time to flip the SHOCK Vote!! James is the only one with true confidence and he shows how much he wants this even with his disabilities. I dont find him to be cocky at all. I love watching him perform because he always brings it and is very entertaining not like many others. He will be a great role model for many. Flip the vote America – send Jacob home!!

    • I agree, I can't stand listening to Jacob anymore. He makes my ears bleed. Who likes this guy? I am suprised everyone is hating on Casey though. Him being a talented musician is very relevant. Good singers are a dime a dozen and quite frankly can be boring as heck (like Pia and Thia) Being able to play multiple instruments means he is well rounded and not just another voice who can't write, can't play, and will never offer anything new, interesting, or original to an already stale music industry.

      • I agree about Casey. This is a CONTEST, but not the way some may think. ALL these guys can SING (or they wouldn't be there,right?), but it's more than that…..can you be an artist/performer too? While I'm not always wild about Casey's performances, what I do like is that he's an artist, performer, and musician….and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what this show is about…kudos to you Casey – keep going.


    • Was anybody freaked out by JLO's makeup on Wednesday??? I couldn't believe that freaky aqua makeup – It was scary…

      I miss Simon – the judges LIKE everybody – I wonder if I am hearing the same thing they are.

      • Yea! I noticed it. She's sooo beautiful but that make-up just didn't do anything for her. And I'm a guy and I don't usually notice stuff like that. It must have been pretty awful for me to notice it.

  97. I think Casey is actually pretty good, he just needs to stop growling and play "rockstar". Will he be the next AI? Well, I have doubts. AAAANND, him getting cut while he was singing does look like it's scripted, probably to keep the watchers tuned in :/

    Also, the judges ARE soft. It's such a waste to see Simon leave, he definitely shaped up the previous idols (and if he were still here, he could probably teach James to become a lil' more humble).

    I don't have any favorites so far. I don't think I've seen anyone's full potential yet.

  98. Need new judges …miss simion he was honest…the 3 feel good judges sugar coat the truth

  99. Yah!!! Casey was saved, it was the RIGHT thing to do. Jennifer was absolutely correct when she said that he deserves to be there. I'm just so very happy that they didn't put Casey through the agony of "singing for his life", when they had already made up their minds. I'll tell you what though, I (along with the judges and most of America) thought that the results were wrong. Now we have had voting problems in the past w/AI {for instance the whole Chris Daughtry debacle}, could we have another such problem going on yet again??? Those who don't like Thursday nights let me say this to you, you are just AI haters who have nothing better to do with yours lives than sit on your asses and then have the nerve to complain about it…..The show I mean, but then again maybe you are complaining about your lives too {or maybe lack of a life}…

  100. It's interesting to read the comments here and see how differently we see and hear. I like Casey's quirkiness and he's certainly talented. I also like Stephano and was surprised to see both of them in the bottom 3. Thia belongs there and I think America will keep putting her there until she's gone. Sweet voice but not in the same category with Pia. I was hoping Haley would be in the bottom also. She seems totally stuck on herself and I dislike women who growl. I was wondering if Scotty would be down there too because I don't think he's making good song choices. Using the save this week allows all of them to go on tour, and that'll be a good variety for the country to see and hear. With two going home next time, it's going to get very interesting, indeed.

  101. Okay, first of all, Sugarland is an award winning band, how could you not have heard about them? Not my favorite, but I know who they are.

    I do agree, however, that the judges sent a huge slam to the voting public. Why vote if they are going to use the save on the first real important week? America voted, leave it at that judges!

    Branden, try to be more upbeat please! Those of us who enjoy American Idol, don't enjoy your constant cracks….and I loved the Hulk Hogan skit!

  102. I can't believe that you don't know who Sugarland is. Like the GEICO commercial says. What do you live under a rock?

  103. Honestly In my opinion I think they shouldn't have saved Casey. This is a singing competition not a popularity contest. Paul Mcdonald is another one that I think should have went home. His voice is not as powerful as the rest of the contestants.

    • I agree! Paul and Casey need to go, along with Naima. Those have to be the worst three there. Will there ever be another Carrie Underwood? Good role model and values there for young girls and can sing a variety of styles within the country genre.

      • Lol, Carrie Underwood, lol, hmmm…lol. Right, did you even watch American Idol that year? Carrie Underwood, arguably, won because she was VFTW pick 3 weeks in a row into the finale. I'm not saying she's not freaking amazing, because she is. I'm just saying her idol performances were not always the best.

  104. I was so glad to see Casey down on the bottom three. He is arrogant and cannot sing…just screech. They should have let him go. And I absolutely cannot stand Jacob's voice…it is sugary…and I cannot stand his blaring out the loud stuff…that seems to be all he can do. I don't think that loud shouting is singing at all

  105. I have never enjoyed watching American Idol as much as this season. I love, love, love the judges. The contestants are very talented in their own way and I find each week I cannot pick one that I want to see leave. I was ready to give it up after the last few seasons so thank you for making me continue to watch…..

    • YAY – LENA!! Nice to see some positivity on behalf of the judges. There seems to be so many snively "I MISS SIMON" babies – that Lord knows WHO they may decide to go with next year. I think it would be a good plan to keep Randy & Ryan as the anchors and pull in 2 new judges every year (maybe that's already been the plan). But this year has been great entertainment so far.

    • Finally some sanity! I agree Lena! I think it is the most talented group and I love the judges. The person writing the article/review needs to get a life! The judges have been in love with Casey's charisma from the beginning, so it should not surprise anyone how the handled saving Jim. I thought it was a great moment! My choices for the vote off were Thia and Stefano! I really like Haley, but she won't make it. Obviously Pia is the best singer and package out of the group, but also obviously by the postings in this page that doesn't matter! Kudos to all of them!

  106. UGH. i hate it! At first, I really like Casey, but he's getting lame. His perfomances dont appeal to me anymore! I hate what the judges did tonight. It's unfair. Only Casey's their favorite?! They didnt even finished his song…they didnt even judge him on his performance?! WTH? what's wrong on their mind?!!!

    Im nothing against Casey but what the judges did. It's very unfair to the others who were eliminated, that they gave everything to their last performance but they were not saved, while Casey, just because he's one of the favorites… they didnt even need to witness how he will do his best on his last performance. It's very disappointing!

  107. All you people are crazy. Casey is the most talented singer/musician on this show. At least he doesn't do the same stuff as everyone else and because of that he gets voted off?!? OH wait he doesn't fit the look, i guess thats what its all about with this show. Im done watching this show if Casey leaves, it is wrong that he was in the bottom 3.

    • I couldn't agree more. I really think Casey being in the bottom 3 was a crazy fluke and not a true reflection of voter opinion. He has never been in the bottom before and probably won't be again till the end. When people start assuming someone is safe they don't think they have to vote for them as much. That is why he was saved. If he had continually been in the bottom that shows America is truly not feeling him and then the judges would not have used the save. All you people who are irritated the judges used the save: That is what it is for. Saving someone when the voting just goes wrong. Casey has more fans than half the other contestants. Something crazy went wrong.

    • I agree that Casey has amazing skill, but he has really stunk up the joint for the last two weeks. He absolutely deserved to be in the bottom three, hopefully this is a wake up call for him and we get more of what we heard during the auditions.

  108. I quote Brandan, "I thought Stefano was one of the better performers last night."

    I think people love Stevie Wonder version of the Song. This was a song loved by so many. As a viewer even I didn't like the way Stefano sang it.

  109. With all said, To make this show more interesting, Idol needs to get away from past formats,reason is the contestants did not live or really know that era in music.Stick to there age bracket. Second go to the street Bring in real d.j`s that have broken out artist by playing in clubs.They have a real feel for make it or break it. even though the judges are artist it would be fresh critique.Lastly make a change to how america votes. they should vote based on different criteria of each and it adds up to there overall rate in a score then it brackets them toward a true poll number so it is not just a one vote and your in.

  110. I absolutely love James' performances. Not only is he one of the only no crap singer of the bunch, (along with Pia, Thia, and Casey.) he also has the most touching story out of the contestants that are left

    • Wow! I didn't know this was a "most touching story" contest?!?

      James's illness has nothing to do with the contest. It's also not an excuse to be arrogant.

      • I liked James's performance the best way before I knew about his "touching story". That voice people call "screaming" makes me feel good. I hear an excellent voice and a lot of talent. The "touching story" just adds to the appeal that he can excell even with Teret's syndrome. All of them have some kind of story.

  111. Hello.i live in the UK and have watched american idol for many years but we get it a day later thursday for the singing and friday the result show,but i have to be honest there are a lot of people who do not like Simon cowell and i have to admit i am not a great fan of him but since he has not been on idol it has lost something he said what he thinks of a performer gets lots of boos but that is his opinion right or wrong but now if a performer gives a bad performance the panel fall over themselves not to hurt the singers feelings which is ridiculousand to me it has lost its edge…

  112. i know im going to sound dumb.

    but does Casey get to go on tour then too? Or is it just America's top ten?

  113. I noticed that this set of AI contestants have a lot of talents to offer. All of them have good voice that differ in style, quality, tone and character. It is really hard to choose among them, unless you are a fanatic.

    In my opinion.

    1) Casey – I would say that he's a real musician. He can play a lot of instruments and nice vocal tone although sometimes he has this tendency to scream or growl resulting to over doing the singing.

    2) Paul – He is charming and always smiling. His voice is nice and unique however I notice that when he sings he intakes a lot of air. It's like sighing.

    3) James – He is a rock star. He has big voice that can reach high notes. He plays his vocals very well but has this tendency to scream which is sometimes exaggerated.

    4) Jacob – He can sing very well. His vocal range is so wide that he can sing a male or female version of a song however just like James there's that tendency to scream.

    5) Scotty – He is definitely the country boy. Quality of voice is very unique, it is SO LOW, and soothing to ears though he needs to be a little bit more versatile. He has this tendency to sing a ballad that sounds like country.

    6) Stefano – He is cute, nice vocal tone as well. He is soulful for me however I notice that when he sings and tries to reach high notes, there's always this short breath as if he's having a hard time getting air.

    7) Naima – She is exotic, nice quality of voice and a total performer however she has this tendency to be pitchy as if out of tune.

    8) Pia – She is pretty,a balladeer, has wide vocal range and can reach high notes well but like the others she has this tendency to scream. She should also try a different genre.

    9) Thia – The youngest in group. She is cute, she possesses a unique big voice with nice quality but has this tendency to play safe by singing slow songs. She should be versatile.

    10) Haley – She has a unique voice as well more on R&B and Jazz but also has this tendency to be pitchy like Naima.

    11) Lauren – The other young pretty girl, she has a nice voice with wide vocal range though has also this tendency to scream.

    Each has its own personality which is appealing to different types of voters.

    • I love the response from greatvoice….it is the first constructive set of comments that I can actually agree with….

      What an excellent way to provide feedback on all the contestants….The contestants are all uniquely talented singing their own genre of music…

      • Ekendri, thanks much! I really appreciate it.

        I guess it's up to the voting public. It's like "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

    • Like most people who vote, I don't know what pitchy is, all i known is that I love watching and listening to both Haley and Naima. They are both entertainers and have command of the stage and crowd.

    • I don't agree with you about Haley being 'pitchy'. Every note she hits, she hits on purpose, always staying in the chords with her improv (idk what singers call it) unlike Jacob.

      James is VERY 'pitchy' (I hate that word, it's not even a real word) and his high notes are more scream than anything the other contestants do.

  114. Get tired of the karaoke sounds. That's why I loved the Adam L's, David Cook's. They were talented enough to change up songs and make it theirs. AI is about singers that would be relevant for radio/concerts today. Sometimes just being able to sing is not all that important in the big picture. Standing up and singing a song is not what we need. Who uses the stage, relates to the audience and makes you really feel the music? That is the next AI!! Problem with voting is allowing multiple votes, teen-boppers skew the results based solely on popularity (looks, clothes,etc).

  115. Bad news is no one is safe from now on. The good news is it would be more exciting when 2 got vote off next week…& hopefully it's Casey again!!

  116. If the judges had actually done some 'judging' this season rather than just fawning over every performance then I could better accept their saving Casey. But, as it is, it just means that the other contestants now have to beat Casey TWICE rather than once, and that is unfair. And it will be made even more unfair because now the judges will bend over backward to protect Casey and their decision, which means Haley, Thia, and Stefano can suddenly expect some very harsh reviews no matter what. Just watch.

  117. I think it is time to vote Branden off. He has not a clue. While Casey might not win this thing he is certainly more entertaining then a few of the other vote getters and he can sing! Jacob is great! Pia is great! James is great! And Casey has got it! People don't get Paul but he is great too!

  118. Shocking results. I was like WHAT??? Seeing Thia in the bottom 3 didnt surprise me. Stefano and Casey didnt deserve to be there though. My ideal Top 5 would be Pia, Lauren, James, Casey and Stefano.

    • Thia should not be in bottom 3…the deserving to be in bottom three is based on performance last night are STEFANO, HALEY(who always growl), and NAIMA…

    • X Factor? I hope Paula's with him. This would be great I'm looking forward for this show. I can't stand Steven and JLo in AI. Favoritism is written all over their faces. I still can't understand up to this day how come Paul is in AI.

    • I still think Simon is the best judge…although he's cruel to those contestants, but what he said is true & helpful to their future career…unlike Steve & Jlo as both praised almost everyone!!

  119. The producers need to change the way the votes are done for the contestants. The votes should be for the contestant that you liked the least. This way everyone is voting for the single person to exit. The current way (with 11 contestants) spreads the votes more and it is not always the person that every liked the least who gets the fewest votes.

  120. I really like Casey the best, his musicianship appeals to me. The world is bigger than top 40 and I will follow his career to see where it goes.

  121. Great decision to save Casey! Y'all better close your mouths! LOL! Ideal Final Four: James/Stefano/Casey/NAIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not much for Katherine McPhee 2 (Pia). She'll be fine. Thia and Haley and PAUL need to go. So can Alfred E. Newman's son, Scotty. And Lauren is boring. Jacob will go on tour with Bette Midler. He'll be fine, too 🙂

    • NAIMA is not an ideal final four member….based on voice quality it should be Thia or Pia…not a pitchy one!!

  122. And I'm still "dancing in the streets" and it's Friday morning!

    Who on the show can you "idol"ize? I guess it has to be/will be James, but, ooh, I like "dancing in the streets"!

    • I've been a fan of Naima's even before her dancing gig – but that just sent her to the front of the class. She's a true performer – knows how to engage with the audience and you really feel she's up there to entertain – not just impress everyone with her voice. Unfortunately, she may not make it too much further judging from the many comments I've read – but she's going on tour and I would hope that someone like Steven Tyler would take her under their wing and give her career a boost. She reminds me of a 21 Century CHER. She has personality, wit . . . she does it all and you just know she loves doing it.

  123. It sure seems to me that American Idol is as rigged and fake as Pro-Wrestling after last night's show. Top 10 should be top 10, not Top 11. And, I've said it before and will say it again, Naima, Pia, and Thia have to go. I like Haley. I don't think she'll be the winner, but she's far better than the 3 I just mentioned. Yes, Thursday nights just got more frustrating.

  124. My thoughts are Branden should just stop watching the show or critiqueing it. I'm tired of his comments and won't be reading them anymore. He's sitting on some high horse because he almost, vaguely , made a correct prediction and is trying to rub it in peoples faces…lol

  125. I agree re: Lusk wholeheartedly, that is all I hear when he sings. Sadly I agree with all you wrote. I'm close to giving up this season. Oh I'll watch, but I doubt I'll have any pleasure in a bit of it. I play an AI game with a few choice people – we get points for voting off the right person each week. At least that is still fun.

  126. It's really low of you to question the sexuality and masculinity of Jacob Lusk, who is not your usual extraordinary black athlete-type. Leave him alone. Also, lay off Naima. You don't like her because she's unique and not a cookie-cut image of a music star we already know. I do agree with you however, that the Results Show on Thursday night was pathetic. It was unfair to do that to Casey. He is an emotional man who took what they had to say seriously. He handled his defeat graciously. It was unnecessary to call him back and play with his mind.

  127. I think the judges made the right choice, no only are they off the hook for sending anyone else home but Casey should not have been voted off. I think it was a "Dougherty" everyone assumed he would be safe. I really thought Haley would have went home out of all the singers she is good but not on their level. I am so glad 11 are going on the tour everyone of the 11 should be on the tour. Don't forget to vote it is important. I am country all the way "GO SCOTTY"!!!

    1. Scotty

    2. James

    3. Pia

    4. Stefano

    5. Lauren

    6. Casey

    7. Paul

    8. Jacob

    9. Thia



  128. If you haters do not like it then do not watch it! It was the most spectacular IDOL yet and I have been very impressed with the judges to MY SURPRISE! I admired them so for what they did with Casey last night! At least they soften their criticism to let the candidates down slowly! No more SNARKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don't see how they could confuse the two, although their names both end in "ia". I actually like Thia better…something about Pia has turned me off from the get go. Besides being a really good singer, Thia is also the prettiest female contestant on the show.

  129. So many people I know don't vote, can you imagine how many votes there would be if all the lazy people did vote!! Come on People VOTE for your favorite Idols, I vote for at least an hour and I vote for every Idol I like and ten times more for Scotty yea!!!! Scotty my country singer! Can't wait to see him in concert his voice is a heartbreaker!!!

  130. NAIMA will be a great recording artist SOON. I'm sure of that. Have you guys listened to her studio version of Umbrella? she rocked it.

    My top 5:






    • Naima is the best entertainer of all the females. I love watching her perform. She add pazazz to every performance.

    • Seriously, Naima got to go… Story is great. Not the voice so much. And check out her "studio recording"? Of course that sounds great. It is produced. Naima got to go…

      On the other hand, I did have Casey as my least favorite performance, but I never thought he'd actually be at the bottom. I thought fans would remember he is really good before those last two performances. It is an early save. But if he didn't hear Jennifer, then he's going next week with another growling performance.

      Hailey needs to keep focusing on song selection to stay in. And Thia needs to get her act together and pick songs that showcase the tone in her voice. Otherwise, I agree they will go next. But seriously, Naima got to go…

      And seriously, Jacob Lusk has great pipes, but I don't find him appealing as a performer. I might download a song because he does sometimes sound like Luther, but nobody is Luther. And not a huge fan of oversinging, but James does that better than Jacob does. I think if they have a country week, Jacob could fall the same way Mandesa did a few seasons ago, maintaining the point that big gospel type vocalists can't tackle country.

      Don't get the hype over Pia, either. She's got great range, but do we need another Celine Dion out there? It could get boring. I rather invest in a unique style or something quirkier.

      Personal top five: 1) Paul, 2) Thia, 3) Lauren, 4) Casey, 5) Hayley

      Peace out.

      • hahahahaha…..yes there are moments im afraid to look at him coz maybe he will transform into something…..hahahahaha

  131. Steven Tyler just got invloved with the a new group. You see his psa on the all rise youtube channel? it's up at

  132. What do you want in a result show? It was a very entertaining and professionally produced venue for a bunch of unprofessional contestants. From Marc Anthony to the Hulk Hogan bit, the American Idol result show is trying to draw the audience into the personal lives of the singers, get us to empathise with the personalities, practice our judging skills and be entertained (oh ya, and to sell cars and soda), I beleave it did all that. Portions of the show I really liked, some I didn't, but It was harder to read your negative recap than any bad production choices.

    • I agree with you.

      I've never read this blog before, but I have to ask why this person watches the show and the writes about it?!! So much hate!! Why is that! The show was overall great, specially if you look at seasons past, and last year!

      • I have agreed with Brendan all along. I think his summaries are absolutely hilarious and accurate. I lol at his comment about Naima. I hope she's gone soon – she's a weak singer. I can also put on tight leapoard skin pyjamas and have a fit. Casey is a talented musician but needs to go back to his originality and stop with the angry screaming. Stefano and Pia could have a great future with Princess Cruise Lines. Thia would be excellent at weddings and bar mitzvahs. Scotty go home. I love you Paul. I think Durbin is going to take it.

      • Not hate… maybe disappointment. Never watched a previous season (although I did watch Mary Roach on youtube), so I have no bias.

        I feel like I'm watching wrestling.

        Ryan: Have the judges made a decision?

        J-Lo: No, can you give us 3 minutes and 42 seconds???

        Ryan: This is live TV… but hey, the viewers can watch this new video which is… 3 minutes, 42 seconds

    • I totally agree! I thought the show was very entertaining. Maybe the opening number was a little weak, but all the contestants looked fabulous.

      My husband & I hated last year. Wasn't sure I was going to watch this year, but I love the Judges and think the talent this year is solid. The whole vibe of the show this year is fresh. Congrats to Idol & Fox.

      • The results show last night was great! I enjoyed it more than any so far. The results show is not meant for perfection, but for entertainment, and it certainly accomplished that! I, too, wonder why the writer of the articles does not find something to comment on other than A.I. since it causes them so much distress to watch the show. I have been quite annoyed and somewhat offended by the negativity of recent articles. I would like to have someone write them who truly loves A.I. as the readers do. We hear enough complaining and whining already in our everyday lives, and would like to be able to enjoy positive comments from someone who actully likes the show. If we didn't love A.I. we would not subscribe to this site or watch faithfully each week… think about it, negative writer. Give us a break!

  133. I think the critical comments about the judges are right on target. Yes, we now miss Simon because the current batch of judges are just too much sugar and not enough spice. It is obvious they are pimping certain contestants and trying to deflect votes away from others. The whole thing seems so contrived and rehearsed, including last nights save. Now there are no saves left and how will they feel when someone like Pia or James or Jacob has to leave? What will they do? Maybe pluck a save out of mid air? This is ridiculous. I am sorry. Just venting.

    • You are an idiot. The judges are the best I have ever seen on American Idol. I love that they are using up all of the saves because all of these contestants are extremely talented. They dont want to see any of them go, just like I dont. BEST AMERICAN IDOL EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree! The is the BEST American Idol in several years!! I, too, wish the judges would do a positive critique a little more often ( none of them Idols are perfect) – but I Love Casey Abrams and was so glad he got the save!! The worst part, is I didn't vote this week, so I'm part of the reason he was in the bottom. Won't happen again !!! Hate all this negative reporting on last night's show – and it was AWESOME

      • @Jenny, why the name calling? Perhaps the same can be said about you.

        @Doug, I agree with you. Hopefully, James, Pia, and Jacob won't be in that situation.

        I'm just tired of all this sugary warm hearted critiques. I want honesty! You can be honest without being Simonesque. Paula did it all the time.

    • AGREE! Casey isn't that great of a "singer", if that's what you call it. Pia was awsome, but I'm leaning towards the country singer, Scotty.

      • casey and scotty and james are the best ones on the idol—–they should all win this season—what about performing together?love casey the most

    • You are not an idiot… the judges are inconsistent with their feedback, and it's probably related to having favorites.

    • I agreed with Doug & sally…except for Jacob! I missed Simon's cruel but honest critisium!LOL!

  134. @Wanda, are you kidding me? I guess you haven't seen very many AI shows before. Sure, they are good, but not one of the best. Why is it they cannot sing as a group. They sing horrible as a group.

    Last season 9 sang fantastic as a group, probably a tad better than Kradam's season 8.

    I'm just disappointed in Randy. Randy has judged since the beginning, and he knows bad when he hears it. I have no idea why he's telling Stephan and Naima that they have something special going on. They both SUCK! They are pithy as heck.

    I happen to like Casey, because he's got that Joe Cocker thing going on, and I love Joe Cocker. Joe Cocker has that raspy-can't-hit-the-high note voice, but it works for him. I'm not so sure it works for Casey. Still, I'm glad he was saved.

    I thought either Stephano, Naima, or Haley should have hit the road.

  135. Well this episode of American Idol was only about adding Drama and ratings to the show. I truly do not believe any of this was real. According to all the other polls (many of them ) Casey was in the middle and not the bottom 3. I am not a fan of Casey's but I feel and from all I have read there are at least 4 that need to go home before him. I do not feel this was Americas vote at all. Americas voting is manipuated. American Idol is a business and if ratings drop they will do what it takes to boost them up…just like last night. all for drama. I thought it was a bit over board. All for shock value.

    I think they are over promoting James a bit much. It seems they have already considered him the winner. They are always showing extra footage of James and putting him in the spot light over all the other contestants which is not fair to the others. This is about talent not personality or hardships…just talent.

  136. Okay all this hating on Haley!! Listen i know she is not going to win american idol and she is not my favorite out of everyone but that girl can sing!!! And she really has the potential to be better then all of them, she does growl and can be pitchy but she can hit notes that none of them can not even PIA who everyone seems to like I think she has a great voice but i dont see myself jamming to her boring music, too depressing… But point is haley has got it and i think she needs more time to show america what she is made of, bottom three: NAIMIA ( PLEASE PLEASE ) THIA ( GREAT VOICE, BORING , COULD SEE ON THE DISNEY CHANNEL LIKE A HANNAH MONTANA OR BRENDA SONG THING) STEPHANO ( I LIKE HIM AND HE IS A CUTIE AND ALL BUT HE JUST DOESNT DO IT FOR ME) or JACOB LUSK ( I CANT STAND HIM EITHER TO LOUD!!!! )

    • anyway i vote for people i could see myself listening to when they get a record deal.. pia has the best voice but i would not listen to her… i would listen to Scotty, Lauren and haley! thats how i vote and i use to like casey but he has lost it a little his voice is not cutting it the nirvana performance was HORRIBLE i love him as a person he is funny and cool but his voice is gone its all over the place and he screems!! I just wish he would go back to singing how he was in the beg.. I dont think the judges should have saved him, too much good talent in this season they should have saved there pass. But whats done is done.. now everyone really needs to vote, i think casey should have not been voted off this time but i think everyone was voting for the people they think would not make it and not worrying about the " Shoe ins"… I know i did i voted for haley and ignored my other two favorites Scotty and lauren just to try to save haley , it worked but now its risky!

      • I don't think anyone is giving Stefano enough credit. I think he is a GREAT singer and has personality. I hope he makes it to the top five. Some of the others are just a bit too much and will not go that far in their careers.

      • yeah i dont have a problem with stephano i just want to see more and have felt that way for a while now.. just waiting for it but right now he is one of the weaker links.. i just think haley is a better singer then him and she gets no credit either..Almost everyone this season is great its hard

  137. Someone help me out here but the person who writes this article each week, who is it Brandon? I'm not sure but he must be one miserable son of a bitch and probably suffering from depression or worse bipolar. I've never met somone so hard to please. I could go on but anyone more knowledgeable than me about him have anything to say.

    • Agree!!!!

      Why the hate? It was a Great show last night, this group of contestants is one of the best I've seen on AI, they've given new life to a show that was flatlining!!

    • I'm already breaking my rule of not letting comments get to me, but this one went too far and needs to be addressed.

      Did you really just suggest I'm suffering from depression or "worse bipolar"? Just from reading something I wrote? THIS ISN'T MY REAL LIFE. This is a TV show. This is a blog. I'm a writer. With an opinion. I'm not here to tip-toe around everything so everyone is pleased. That would be impossible anyway. Ron, if you take this fandom SO SERIOUSLY that you're willing to be completely out of line with a complete stranger who has had YEARS of journalistic training, then YOU might be the one with the problem. I have REAL LIFE heroes. And REAL LIFE friends. I don't need a bunch of teenage singers to fulfill my life. I watch American Idol because it's entertaining. I watch it because of the staged drama and because every season I find a singer or two I like to call my favorites — some artists I'd get behind and buy an album or two from.

      • Brandon, I think you articles are 99.9% of the time, exactly in my line of thinking … Just better worded than I could ever do. You rock dude. You are like Simon in that you hold no punches and tell it like it is. American Idol is not the same without Simon and this website would be a bore without you.

      • Branden, thank you for the excellent update — I thoroughly enjoy your comments whether or not I agree with them, you articles are very entertaining. And I especially thank you because I had snow and power outages last night and did not get to see any of the show. So bummed, even though I only watch the last 5 minutes of the results shows anyway. That is why I truly enjoy reading your blogs because you recap the same way I feel about the filler and fluff that make up the results shows.

        Thanks again!

      • Branden……As always Kundos for your honesty…..I love your comments, they are to the point and no sugar coating. Your not hurting anyone feelings, you are just commenting on your thoughts….I totally enjoy your comments. I may not agree with everything but thats what makes this world go round……..

        Totally agree about the Ford Commercials….I zoom right thru them. I am totally happy that 11 will be going on tour but to me that elimination was a total setup….I can't believe for one minute that Casey was in the bottom. Out of no where…boom…..I think it was planned for ratings…..since Nigel tweeted that last night's show was going to be a shockers!!!!

      • Hi, there, Phyllis G. I guess I missed all the excitement, had to call Mom to find out what happened as I had intermittent power outages and a snow-covered satellite dish. I am so happy Casey was saved, especially since I think I want to see them again this year when they tour.

        The only other Idol concert I have gone to was the one with Adam, and that was spectacular. Think I def want to see them this year when they come this summer.

        Hi and hugs to Rose A., Sherry K., Angela and Gabriela (and you, Phyllis G!).

        And P.S. Branden, I agree with your comments most of the time. I enjoy reading your articles specifically because they are laced with sarcasm and humor (exactly how I would write them if I were forced to sit through all the filler!) Keep up the great work!

      • I too agree with most of what you write. and I agree, this is a "TV SHOW" and I hate to burst peoples bubble who truly feel this is 100% real. It is all for drama and ratings. America's vote is a gimmick, they manipulate what will happen on the show..that is reality. I am losing respect for the show for that very reason.

      • JT3594 — I agree with you. I love how people get all worked up over so-called "reality" TV. All of these shows are geared and edited toward ratings because the bottom line is the almighty dollar, they are made to play on the emotions of the audiences who watch. And, obviously, it works because we are all watching with baited breath, right?

        Personally, as long as they make it into the top 10 — er, top 11, as the case may be — I feel they will have an alright career. Many go on to do Broadway or other TV shows and guest appearances. Idol is basically a launching pad and for some it does good, others, you never hear about again.

        But basically, no different from Bachelor or Bachlorette show or Survivor or any of the other reality shows. There is a LOT going on behind the scenes we don't know about.

    • Brandon, you are the author or representative of this blog. You set the tone and your comments mean more than those of the average reader. Ok, maybe I went too far saying "depressed or bipolar." But come on, although I'm new to your site and I did ask the opinion of those who knew you better, I've been reading your posts for the past month and you're always negative. Last night's show was actually good but not to you; and the performances, as a group, are never great, but give them a break! Now, you're right, I don't know you and what you're like outside this blog, but normally you can tell the personality of a writer by what they write and the consistency of the content of their comments; and you scream unhappiness.

      • Hey Ron, if you disagreed with this blogger, you can go write or support other blogs as there're plenty here, why calling names or insulting the writer??

      • Casey is one of my favorites and I am glad the judges saved him. I will admit his past two performances were not his best work. I am not a fan of the "growl" but the boy can sing the blues. My favorite performance of Casey's was during Hollywood week when he sang Georgia on My Mind with the stand up bass. He needs to go back to that style of singing.

        BTW — I hate the cheesy group performances. I have hated them on every season. This season is no exception. Thank God for DVR… I just fast forward through them. I did stop the fast forward last night long enough to watch Stevie Wonder last night. That was a nice and welcomed surprise.

      • Ron (Santa Barbara) You have been on this blog a long time. I'm surprised at your comments….Never knew you to be nasty or downright insulting…..Branden is just one man's opinion…..come on!!!

    • Phyllis G (Las Vegas) it is true we have exchanged viewpoints before. During season 8 (my first time on this blog) after hearing Adam Lambert I joined in on the discussions but I hadn't been back time now. One side note: I remember mentioning, back in Season 8, how cool it would be to know where everyone, responding to comments, was from; you were and still are the only one to continue to do that 

      Consider my viewpoint: Branden heads the blog so I thought I had the freedom to express my thoughts about his review. I didn’t' mean to be cruel, it was his week after week criticism of result night that struck me as unfair.

      so consider my viewpoint

  138. I didn't find any of it insulting- what I saw was pure raw emotion and great entertainment. Were we watching the same show?

  139. Disapointed that judges saved Casey after voters determined that not worthy, when will voters count? Then Casey went on and on, show must have had time to use up, thought it too much of a "show". Thank you.

  140. You are to funny I loved reading what you wrote more entertaining than american idol

  141. I have so much to say this morning. I hope there’s one or two of you out there to listen. Let me start with something I never thought I would say. Thank you Mark Anthony! Sure it was cool the way he helped the contestants with the sound issues. But what I’m thanking you for is that you actually reiterated what I have been saying about the judges (including your own wife) all along. I’m all about Thia, so let me focus on her with regards to Mark Anthony. Do you guys remember the segment on the results show where Mark was watching performance videos and then commenting on the judges? He was basically pointing out how he thought the judges were wrong in different aspects. Here’s the thing I find funny. I am NOT one of those conspiracy theorists. But I am getting tired with how the producers manipulate things to give the focus on the favorites. So they started by showing Mark Anthony commenting on Pia. They show JLo doing her “Pia is great” checklist and then ending with the mention that she needs to step out further than ballads. Then they show Mark Anthony say something to the effect of, “I respectfully disagree with JLo.” Then they show a quick clip of Randy saying, “I agree with Jennifer, you have the voice, step out of the box.” Then they follow with a frustrated Mark Anthony saying to the effect of, “This is crazy. First it’s the ballads, and now this. I don’t know what they want from her.” Based on this sequence, you would think Mark is still talking about Pia, right? Wrong! He is talking about Thia. If you look at Randy’s comments that Mark was responding to, those were his comments for Thia…not Pia. But the producers failed to do anything to make us aware of this. But in any case, thank you Mark Anthony for voicing out against the judges about Thia. You reiterated exactly what I was saying.

    • KL, I noticed that too. I thought Mark muttered something like "Push….. It's like he couldn't believe what the judges are saying.

      • Exactly. I was psyched because it was finally the validation I believe Thia deserves. I believe the judges, while having some good feedback for her, are basically dismissing her and not even giving her a chance. So it was great to see someone like Mark Anthony speak against that on Thia's behalf.

    • kl, love reading your testimonials, something i look forward everyday… aren't you bringing your laptop on your vacay?

      with the drama and hocus-focus last night – don't think america will ever listen to the judges 🙂

      • ha ha…bring my laptop on vac? No way! lol. I really want to support Thia every way I can. And I enjoy posting on this site. But my vaca is for just that. 🙂 If I had a different cell carrier, I would text my vote a few times for Thia. But they only allow ATT.

    • yes i got that ….i actually knew he was talking about thia with regards to push more and mark says push more what?hahahahahaha…i like this…..very observant KL….

      • snywas KL enjoy on ur vacation…i really loved reading ur posts… looking forward for some…..hahahahahahaha….

  142. Ron from Santa Barbara, I agree with YOU. Who is his guy, Branden? He is absolutely pathetic. Don't they have medication for that?

  143. Well…..America did get it VERY wrong. Casey did not deserve to be in the bottom three…much less the one voted out. It's a good thing the judges are able to save someone and were so right to save Casey. I'm just worried America will screw up again and they won't be able to save that person. So much talent…

    but someone has to go home. It's going to be a great season with many surprises. Just remember….you have to vote to keep in the ones you love.

  144. To Memo: sorry to say I told you so but: I told you Naima would not be voted off, still shocked? I do think they used the save too soon. not impressed with casey at all.

  145. I am a Casey fan from the get go. But I have to say that after I read in a blog, highlight, not sure but a recap of last nights results, that after Casey found out he was safe, he said a very horrible thing along with GODs name. I am not perfect by no means…never pretended to be. But I do think that when a person has a chance to succeed and needs all the help he can get, using that approach is NOT the way to go. Not only are millions of people watching, but GOD himself knows all, sees all and HEARS all. Would be good if you get priorities in check and remember where the talent is coming from. Still love you Casey just very disappointed if that was a true statement.

    • What if he said it in his head? Would God still hear him? Lauren said a bad word and was bleeped out. What's your point?

  146. I think the show was a total ratings grab, but that is what made it entertaining. I really like Casey. I would pay to go to a club and see him. I am 40, so I might see it different than the younger viewer who may like Pia or Lauren. I would go see Scotty as well. I feel like most of them would have careers in their style of music. Paul was irritating to me at first, but has grown on me.

  147. Casey fans, this post is not against Casey. Sure, he is not my favorite on the show, but I understand why the judges used the save. As I have commented before, my only issue is with the way the judges used it, not even making Casey have to earn the save. Unfortunately, because Casey was the performer when the judges did this, he would be the victim of my wishes if I had it my way.

    I hope that the voting public has already decided, without even watching Casey’s performance next week, to automatically exclude him from their votes. Not fair? We should watch his performance first and then decide based on that? My point exactly. But the judges didn’t do that, so why should we? The judges basically gave the voters the middle finger last night by disrespecting the process and not even having Casey at least have to earn the save. The judges think the voters don’t know what they are doing and that Casey does not even have to perform to earn the one and only save they had to give for the entire season. They think they are the all-knowing music experts and that we are all wrong. I beg to differ. The music lovers casting 30 million + votes are the true music experts. We are the ones who decide whose music we’re going to buy and whose concerts we will go see…including your own! We are the ones who make or break stars. Michael Jackson was king of pop, not because some producer said he was. It was because music fans put him there. Elvis was the king for the same reasons. U2 is one of the best bands of our generation…again, not because of some judge or producer saying so…because we music lovers say so with where we decide to spend our money. So remember that judges. American Idol has (had) a save process. That process is this: Up until the final 5, when the voters eliminate a contestant, that contestant performs one more time to try to earn one available save from the judges. The judges bypassed that process. What if Casey would have messed up half way through the performance? If the judges still saved him, they would have a ton to answer for. But they ignored the process. So I hope the voters send a message right back to them next week to say, "No judges, we are not wrong. We are the real judges."

    Again Casey fans, sorry…this is nothing against Casey. It’s about the judges. I actually admired Casey last night for being so grateful and humble about the save. I was very impressed by that. And I thought he was off to a really good start before the judges interrupted him.

    • Very well said KL. I like reading your post. You're very smart. Why don't you write your own Review of American Idol weekly. It's a request sir. Hope you will. Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks purple. Very kind words. You know that's funny, I actually sent an email to this blog's producer with an idea to do my own column. But they didn't reply. Though the idea was based on those skits I was doing a couple weeks ago about the judges (not sure if you saw them). I couldn't do my own blog site…while I am Web savvy, it would take more time and energy than I have right now to launch my own blog. And it's difficult to build the type of audience size that this site has.

      • I did. I've read it. You know I always read your posts bec. of THIA, we share the same passion with regards to this girl and I admire your levelheadedness, politeness, graciousness and whateverness in your dealings with her detractors. It shows your class. Hats off to you. I also read somewhere that you're going away, ohh so sad, I will surely miss your posts. Please return home soon.

      • Thanks purple. Yeh, next Wednesday I head out on vacation! Bummed that I probably won't be able to support Thia next week.

      • I totally agreed with you purplegenie!

        That's why I like reading intelligent postings like KL's.

    • Sorry KL but you are missing the point. It is the JUDGE'S save. Not America's save.

      • Ayshford, not sure what you misunderstood about my post. I was talking about the judges' save and the way I think the voters should respond to their disrespect for the process. I never said anything about the voters being the ones giving the save.

      • I understand what you, and a few other people including Branden have complained about. This issue of the judge's stopping the song before it was finished. Are you really saying that Casey would have "earned" the save if he finished the song?? The Save didn't even begin until the season after Jennifer Hudson went home too soon. Well, no worries now, the save is done — can't be another one until next year. Lighten up!

    • anyways KL if u have ur own website….let us know we will be there…hahahahahaha…..

  148. Great results show. This year is the best American Idol show. James Durbin is flashing too many occult signs. Is he really be a devil(Baphomet)worshipper?

  149. I'd send Stefano home… he's so boring! Very good voice… but incredibly boring. BTW, I like Casey, he is fun! And love the fact that you totally saw it coming weeks ago when you said that the judges were saving "save" to use on Casey.

    As I don't live in the U.S. and don't get to vote, I couldn't care less if the judges let him sing or not… I can just hope that my favorite wil stay on (no idea who that is…)

    • It doesn't matter what song Stefano sings… always the same thing (which relates to the emotion/connection issue):

      1. Head tilted back 38 degrees (I paused the TV and measured)

      2. Eyes closed, mouth open… (I can see the fillings on the top teeth)

      3. One arm out… then bring to the body with a clenched fist.

      4. If we're lucky, take clenched fist and point to the audience.

      5. ::yawn::

      • What about Scotty's head tilted 38 degrees to the right? {I didn't measure} He is also very annoying to watch.

  150. Is Casey Gabe Kaplan's secret grandson? OH,OH,OH!!!Mista Kotta, Mista Kotta!!!I think they need his comedy antics to liven up the snoozefest and keep the sorority sisters happy. Still waiting to hear 'Papa Don't Preach' or a tuba version of 'Smoke On The Water'.

  151. The biggest mistake that Thia did is listen to the judges who pushed her to sing uptempo! that sent her to the bottom 3 place where shes never been before

    • John it's true. Don't know if THIA should scream her lungs out next week to get back to the Top. Or maybe she should play the guitar, she can, by the way. This will be cool. Ohhh I don't know anymore, all I know is THIA you are beautiful….

  152. what unheard of band were you referring to…Sugarland? multiple Grammy, CMA and ACM awards winners ….where have you been?

    • Jessi, not too many people on these blogs will admit to listening to and liking country music. I am not one of them. Every button my car radio is set to a country music station. GO SCOTTY!

  153. All the top idol contestants are better vocalists than almost any current successful performers. And they all have different niches – they really aren't comparable at all. And they all already have millions of fans – Casey could pick up Dylan, Tom Waits, American roots, fans. Naima could open for

    every reggae act in the world, just for a start. Thia could immediately become famous in whatever country her parents are from. Pia could

    do Las Vegas tomorrow. etc. etc. Idol is so beyond the point. None of them are really mainstream enough to be "American Idol". Except maybe James Durbin whose energy and joy in the present moment might just best fit the bill… His overwhelming joy at seeing Hulk Hogan was just such a trip and a rare sight…and so much fun to watch (if you're not a sour hater.) At this point, the rest of American Idol this season is just an exercise in pointlessness. They'll all have careers if they want to do the work required. It's a grueling life.

    • I enjoyed the wrestling at the house… is it true that Pia had Paul in a head lock?

  154. It's my first season watching AI, and perhaps it's always been this way, but does anyone else find the Hulk Hogan appearance apropos? Most of what I'm watching appears phony and staged. Paul and James were standing 6ft apart when normally the contestants are holding hands, leaning on shoulders, hugging, etc. Did they have b.o.? Oh wait, don't block the camera view of Hulk Hogan…

    And how does the voting really work? Let's pretend that my friend and I voted once for Casey, but someone else voted for Scotty… 218 times. Who goes home?

  155. The biggest mistake that Thia did is listen to the judges who pushed her to sing uptempo! that sent her to the bottom 3 where shes never been before

  156. God help us all if all 3 judges override the people and call Casey a singer.

    He scared the kids in my house and he wants to be an Idol?

  157. So what happens now with the tour? I thought only 10 would go on tour, Ryan told at least 7 of them sitting on the couch they were going….will we have 10 on tour or 11?

  158. Although I’ve been enjoying this season’s more upbeat energy in general, it’s way over the top way too soon in the competition. And the judges need to be analyzing the performances more critically. The “I love yous” don’t count as constructive criticism.

    * Casey and Haley…quit growling. It’s just nasty. Some Bonnie Raitt would suit Haley. Casey just needs to go. I can’t stand watching him anymore.

    * Pia needs to do something other than a ballad…great voice…but not unique.

    * Way too much screaming in general from most of the contestants

    * Stephano, James and Alana seem like they would have the most commercial appeal.

    • I actually agree, the growling is getting old and annoying.

      Pia does have a powerful voice, but it's not remotely unique, most people won't want to listen to her style, as it's borderline outdated- which is kind of a shame.

      I can't even stand James or Stefano though. Stefano's voice is not marketable or attractive imo. I'd say James is but I feel like he's a mediocre Adam Lambert (and he's not even that great).

      That and even though Jacob has a great voice, who would buy his cd's? I don't see him as being marketable either. It's a shame because the power in his voice is phenomenal.

      The only contestants I can see as having a good and stable career are Scotty and Lauren. Scotty will be loved by the country music crowd/ fans. Lauren is practically a new (and better vocalist) Taylor Swift, at least that's the marketing I think they'll go for on her. Sweet southern bell (funny because Taylor's from PA).

      • I didn't think Haley 'growled' that much this week. And telling her to stop growling would be like telling Lauren to stop singing with a southern accent and Scotty to sing R&B. If you can't appreciate the musical nuances of Haley's voice it's because a. you aren't into Jazz b. you don't like her anyway so you have to find something to b*tch about c. you have no idea what you are talking about (like those people that say she's 'pitchy')


    • she is the best singer… but she is boring and is not someone you would really listen to unless you were by urself depressed or bored… She is BoRING

  160. Wow, I always read this site, and don't usually comment, but after all the viciousness towards Branden I had to. Seriously people, it's a BLOG. It's an opinion! If you disagree, stop reading or leave a respectful opinion of your own. As someone who loves AI and also somewhat enhoyed the silliness of last night, I also find this blog well written and entertaining. What's wrong with seeing things from more than one angle and listening to other opinions??

  161. The only thing wrong with the show is the voting. It should be,limited to one vote. I 'd like to say one per person, but one per phone would be okay.. but the multiple votes has to stop. Also please vote for the best singer, not the cutest, or th eone from your state, etc. Mkae it a singing contest for real

    • Great! but why they keep inviting James Foxx back every season, can they invite some groups or singers from the 80's? I'm sure plenty of them still performing these days!!

  162. James IS ALREADY A ROCK STAR!! He knows it and has the confidence to outperform everyone else on that stage. LOVE YOU, JAMES!!! If Casey would bring out his cello and do Georgia on my Mind, people would be blown away. He's gotten wild and experimental and over the top. He wants to bring innovation to the Idol stage but he's turning everyone off. Hook the audience first, Casey, then unload on them later after they fall in love with you. Pia is already a superstar and will sell many records, even if they're all ballads. Would like to see her color outside the lines, though. Would love to hear her do some Kelly Clarkson. Jacob was awesome this week. He toned it down just enough. Want to hear more from James, Casey, Jacob and Pia. The rest can go bye bye.

  163. Contestants this season are very talented; however, the acting performance by the judges at end of show left much to be desired. I understand what you're saying about insulting the audience.

  164. Sorry….but Casey was overly dramatic! I was disappointed that the judges kept him. I think there are more talented contestant. (Casey got a little cocky after JLO called him sexy!)

  165. Thia fans, I wish I had a direct connection to Thia. If I did, this is what I would tell her.

    Thia, you looked so scared last night when you were sitting in the bottom 3. But you need to remember, you have a huge following and a ton of supporting fans. You hit 30,000 followers on Twitter! Sure, you had the scare of being in the bottom 3, but just think…America chose to keep you and put you on tour over the very popular Casey. So that should remind you of your strengths and popularity. And hopefully give you the confidence to do what needs to come next. But now, let’s get serious about this. You made it to the top 10. You’re in the tour. Now let’s talk about what you really want out of your remaining time on AI…whether it ends next week or at the finale. Forget the judges for now. What do you want? If you want to come out and do the slower songs that really showcase your voice, then do it. As long as you are enjoying it and really showing everyone what you’re made of. Remember, you were never in the bottom 3 when you did a ballad…even when the judges tried to convince the voters that you should be. Mark Anthony himself said that it’s OK to do the ballads. You do ballads better than anyone on the show, and if you keep doing that, the voters will keep you around for a few more weeks. But that’s IF you want that. On the other side of it is this…do you want to try to mix things up and show a drastically different look? Take a wild chance and do something very risky that either gets you eliminated or has everyone giving you a standing O? If so, then come out and be a total shocker. I know you’re shy…heck, that’s one of the reason so many of us find you adorable. But use that…it’s even more of a reason to come out and be shocking. Again, IF that’s what you want. I don’t know if there will be a theme next week, but how about this for shocking. I think you could do a great job covering Alanis Morissette. How about you totally shock everyone and do something that would be borderline inappropriate for a 16 year old? Come out dressed down a little…kind of like a rocker. And do something like Alanis’s "You Oughta Know." Keep the cussing out of course, but perform it in a manner that reflects what the song is about. It would be very racy for a 16 year old girl, but it will get you the attention…and talk about diverse. Play with it, and get in the audience’s face. Don’t just dance left to right like Motown week. Get down right next to the audience. Sing at them. Cop an attitude. And get in the judge’s face with it. Seriously. Like I said, it will either break you or send you to the top. Play with the judges as if they’re part of the routine. Get in Steven Tyler’s face when you sing the line, "And are you thinking of me when you {bleep} her." But keep the cussing out. We all know the words. So just sing "And are you thinking of me when you hug her." I know you’re family is there…but this is show business. They’ll understand. It all comes down to what you want out of whatever remaining time you have in the competition.

    • oh yeah i used to compare her unique phrasing of words to Alanis… nice idea… I think they'll be hitting 1980's songs next week..

      • I just realized that this Alanis album and song came out in 1995. Wow, what an opportunity she missed to do something like this instead for the birth year theme. Any song from Alanis on that album would have been different, and she would have covered her really well.

      • i love the whole thing KL….giving the judges want they really love….some kind of kiss ass just like lauren was doing to them…hahahahaha…..james rock version hahahaha…..hahahahaha i love it….then she will giggle like lauren does every after song…hahahahaha….funny skits…loving it….lets find song thats from the 80s though….hahahahaha…but with the same concept just like alanis……

  166. Well let me begin by stating I've been an AI fan from the very beginning. I must admitt that this season has topped all the rest, however I think the judges need to be just that judges and put there own emotions aside. We all know that Randy Jennifer and Steven have their specific favorites and that's ok but again this is AMERICAN IDOL this is no longer up to them. Hmmm did they utilize the save too early I definitely agree with that one. It is going to be an interesting ride from here. Casey does bring some spice too the show but I think that we need to leave it up too America and at this point the judges will have to suck it up. It is what it is!!!

  167. REALLY REALLY hate this writer. This is the first time I have come to this website and really, I want to know what happened on the show. Not somebodies LAME opinions. Just finished watching the show and DID NOT agree with this article at all.

    Say something positive for once.

  168. I recall I had jacob in the bottom three but I also strongly felt that they were going to use the save this week. I was a bit surprised that they opened the door to the top 11 to tour but when you go see the show on tour, 1 more person wont really make much of a difference.

    I didn't catch the the theme for next week though…anybody know?

  169. I could not agree more with everything you said. As I laughed my ass off the whole time I read because I am so ready to see some of them go. This show has me hooked but it is SO drawn out. I mean seriously, can we get a top 5 already?

  170. I cannot believe last nights show, people like Scotty, Jacob and Stefano must go. The voting system sucks big time. Come on Idol you have to come up with something fair for performers who maybe don't have the computer geek fan base that other poor performers do like Scotty. If he truly is God driven then he would be honest enough to know he does not belong there. The show is definitely too long if you have to bring in the dog and pony show to fill in the gaps.

      • Scotty is not a computer geek. If you actually knew him you would change your opinion. He is one of the only ones there with true talent. He does belong there.

    • True…though not the total bottom line. What about albums? Whose albums would you pay for? For me, I know I have tons of favorite bands I buy albums for, but only a few of them I would actually pay to go see live. Thia is my favorite, but I'm not sure that I would pay to see her live. If it were some huge stadium and tickets were say $50 to be far away, I would not (I won't be going to see the tour, unless I have to play adult chaperon). But let's say it were a smaller, more intimate setting, I would pay a ton of cash to see Thia. Probably goes without saying, I would buy all of her albums.

      • Thanks KL….i wish I could vote for Thia but I am in Canada. My husband loves to see her singing and he is a musician so he knows who has the best voice among the Top 11.

  171. I'm not trying to be reduntant with my comment but I'm trying to respond to #60 and although I select "Reply" it doesn't seem to be working…sorry!

    • I truly think something is wrong with this site today…I'm not getting any of these comments on my email……Something is not right…

      • Yeah, Phyllis G., I am experiencing the same issues today as well. Not sure what that's all about. Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

  172. Yea, my reply to #60 just showed up on #50…lol but that's ok it not a perfect science.

    • Actually, I really liked this episode! I’ll give you my version of the rundown:

      Loved the group number – love the song, the women’s dresses, and the way it brought everyone’s best skills into one performance. I thought each contestant was able to highlight specific talents they bring to the table and it was lively and interesting. I do agree that Scotty and a few others looked a little awkward, that kind of thing not quite for them. Cheesy performance, yes, but I liked it!
      Also, we saw the footage of Jennifer Lopez’s husband Marc Anthony showing the contestants how to manage the earpieces. Interesting subject, but thought he came across as a bit of a dog. I love Jennifer Lopez – think she is beautiful, kind, and talented. This husband of hers pokes fun at her comment of leaving her speechless being hard to do and not agreeing with what the judges think. He seems full of himself and perhaps makes up for being less than his wife by being a snoot. Yuch.

      Stevie Wonder singing – beautiful of course. Singing happy birthday for Steven -thought it was fun and a great tribute, but didn’t linger on. . .was just right. Steven seems really kind and cool – I appreciate him and the Happy Birthday.

      Bottom 3 – Let’s just get the obvious out of the way, beautiful Lauren and Pia, then deep voiced Scotty. Why waste our time – I appreciate they took care of this right off the bat by declaring them all safe.

      Wrestling? Cute.. . could have done without. . . Paul and James – love them. The end of Paul’s song the night before – just LOVED it – my favorite moment of Wed night. Love Paul’s sound and energy.

      Next Ryan brings Jacob, Thia and Stefano to the stage. Again, didn’t seem like much of a surpise sending Jacob to safety and Thia and Stefano to the bottom 3. I think Thia is bringing more to the table of late, but just not sure she’s got what all the others have. Stefano – good, but others “wow” me more.

      The remaining three contestants are Naima, Haley and Casey. I really thought Naima would be safe and loved the groove of her perfomance last night and the night before. I think she brings something fresh, passionate and true to her performance. Haley – I could take her or leave her. Casey in the bottom – not so surprised as he hasn’t been sparkling as much lately. I liked the Nirvana a few weeks ago, but the night before the performance didn’t do much. However, I think keeping him on with the wild card was a great decision by the judges b/c he has such a unique quality and energy. I also thought Jennifer’s comments to Casey about limiting the antics and focusing on his music was a good recommendation. I love that all the contestants have different types of music, great voices, great energy and think this is one of the best idol groups so far. The judges – I think they are fabulous, too!

  173. I agree with pretty much everything said in this article… except Casey deserving to be in the bottom three. I would've rather seen Jacob or Naima leave.

    I was just shocked to see Stefano in the bottom three. I completely disagreed with the judges when they claimed he lacks an emotional connection with the audience. I think there's more feeling in his performances than nearly every other contestants'.

    • Casey seemed a little unable to handle Ameican Idol Pressur. The judges looked as though they wished they had not saved him after he acted so crazy.Does anyone else think he lost it?

      • for the first thing the person writing the origional article is an idiot. I do not agree with any of the stupid egocentric remark you made. Casey definately and Stefano too, deserve to be there, they are fab! Thia, what is she doing still there? She has no personality, a wedding singer, nice voice, nothing else. The rest are all wonderful and deserve a chance to be the american Idol

      • Casey Abrams made a grand entry into this competition with his weirdo personality and strange voice which was quite a hit at the beginning with most people – and frankly, he was my top favorite and I was hoping he would improve as time went by. However, after a couple of weeks, I began to feel that his personality was quite intimidating and his voice annoying. I feel that he fell to the bottom because most viewers felt the same. I still like him to stay on for many more weeks – but he needs to do the following immediately : 1. Take a HAIRCUT and groom his beard or shave it for goodness sake; 2. Do not make strange “constipated-like” sounds with his voice; 3. Dress a little smartly – and not like a homeless guy. He’s a great performer – and with a new look, he can head back to the top.

      • @karen, you don't call people an idiot even you disagree what he wrote…just like I didn't agree with your comment, but I won't call you a bitch!!

    • I was surprised that Casey was at the bottom three. I disagree with Jacob deserving to be in the bottom. That would mean that all of the people who have has many years of experience in music like Stephen, Jennifer and Randy don't know good singing when they hear it. He did not get two standing O'hs for nothing, it's because he deserve it. Remember it is a singing competition. I am so glad that we have judges with isight for a change and not putting through the sorry group like they have in the pass. I like country, but i like jazz, R and B and Rock. Bring it all on, but bring on the best!!

      • yes! Jacob is amazing, its like he is on a whole different level. his voice is flawless…Jacob and Pia have the most powerfully beautiful voices.

    • It was so shockking to see stefano at the bottom 3 fpr the reason he failed o connect with the audience. Thats preposterous, what does this lack means? i think otherwise. GO stefano, we love you guy!

  174. I thought last night was rehearsed/staged. I can't believe the save was used so early in the competition. I was really hoping to see Hailey go home, I don't know how much more growling of hers I can take. I think Lauren did great this week, she has been my favorite since day one. I thought Hulk Hogan coming out was the best part of the night. I am a huge wrestling fan, seeing the footage and Hogan made it a special treat. I look forward to this show every week, hope next week is better and LIVE..its just not the same when it seems so fake and rehearsed. I have watched this show since day one and I have to admit last night was very disappointing!

    • As long as Hailey keeps showing off that fantastic hot body of hers shes not going anywhere. She knows exxxactly what she's doin too!!!

      • Will she straighten the hair next week? Either way she needs to stay away from the shorts.

    • I would rather love to see John Cena swnding his message to stefano and Pia, that would be awesome lmao.

  175. Is it just me, or does Steven Tyler seemed bored and just waiting for the time to pass?

  176. We will always have a problem with the voting until the system is changed……Nothing against young people, I was once young too and had my idols, but they rule the airwaves, internet etc……I love AI but I don't have the patience to be sitting on the phone for two hours. Last time I did that was for Adam and it didn't really matter……Whatshisname won anyway……

    • Funny how we hear hardly anything about "whatshisname" and Adam (who didn't win)is doing sell-out concerts all over the world.

      • Yeah for someone who lost in the finale Adam sure is doing well in his career! I like him better than MANY of the winners!

    • Adam was a freak.. that’s why he lost.. his followers were too busy doing rallys and smoking meth to vote.. think back to taylor hicks… where is he now? casinos.. and Chris Daughtry.. He’s DAUGHTRY… Don’t be ignorant.. It’s not about who is the best singer, it’s who is americas idol and yes by america i mean all the 12 year old girls

    • You easily forgot Kris Allen? anyway, we were together that time rooting fo Glambert lol.

  177. American Idol is purely and simply ENTERTAINMENT. Although I may be old enough to be grandmother to many of you (I bought new artist Elvis Presley's double-sided hit Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel with money from my 13th birthday, remember well "the day the music died" and came home from my first semester at college to listen to my local DJ tout an amazing new band from across the pond – the Beatles), and just a bit older than judge Steven Tyler, I really enjoy the show. I enjoy reading this blog about American Idol and appreciate the insights of Branden and others. (However, I must admit I was floored when Branden gave a recap of Thursday's show and referred to Sugarland Express as "some band I've never heard of".)

    I think last night was the most crucial show. Everyone of those performers knows that only one of them will go on to be American Idol 2011. However, going into the show, they knew that one of them would go home, one of them would not remain after last night to be a part of their lives, would not go on tour with them. To go on tour, to have a chance to continue to have their music and styles heard by many across America, to continue to learn and practice and sing with such a diverse group is probably the most that many of them can expect (but perhaps they all hold a hope that if they are voted off early, they will blossom as did Jennifer Hudson). They know they cannot all win. I am sure they have access to the polls to be found on this website. The joy and excitement among them last night when they realized that they were ALL going to go on tour was a delight to watch. So what if two go home next week? They will still have the nationwide exposure this summer and another chance to sign a lucrative contract.

    Okay, now I'll stick out my neck: For entertainment value on such a tour Casey is invaluable, and the perfect "save". He's fun, he can play many instruments. He lightens up the place. He's without a doubt perfect for the tour. James has a great voice and certainly has a stage presence plus a fantastic backstory. Scotty, with his deep voice will get those country fans out – as will Lauren with her country persona. Naima needs some help with her voice, but she has stage presence and is an interesting performer. I'm always waiting to see what Haley will do. And Paul, already a songwriter and a former (?) member of The Grand Magnolias, who have released an album, is without a doubt A PERFORMER. To me, Jacob is almost like a train wreck you from which you cannot divert your gaze (was that a bunny face he made?). They and their music entertain me. The other three, Pia, Thia and Stefano, may have what technically some would call the best voices but they are not yet showmen. They are boring to watch. They are not ENTERTAINMENT – which is what I think this is all about. Will Pia become another Celine Dion? Thia is young and needs seasoning which hopefully will come with age and exposure to different styles. Stefano has already been shown to be not a fan favorite as evidenced by his earlier Wild Card save. Here is where I admit that my new favorite artist is the group Mumford and Sons, and so I lean toward the more raucous performers. As for an American Idol fave, I find them all to be extremely talented, and hard to pick the best. I am just in awe of the talent that was assembled for this season.

    For my money, last night was pure theater and enjoyable television – even the Ford commercials and Jennifer Nettles insane costume – and had a fairy tale ending. What more could we all hope for?

    • Well put, Judy. I, too, find all of them to be extremely talented and hard to vote for only one. Some have a little more charisma and can really entertain. Pia, Thia and Stefano…do not. They are blessed with beautiful singing pipes…but need to work on entertaining the audience. Pia, especially, needs to do something else besides ballads. Stefano, too.

      • Ditto Judy, Think the performers this year are all good – some more entertaining than others. A lot more professional – for example no one seems to be having to start over because they forgot the words. Last night felt way to rehearsed. I think the judges would have saved whoever (including Haley) got voted off.

      • For me who is not typecasted to just a few genres but almost all kinds of music from classical to hard rock, i find stefano's singing as entertaining. He connect tome and this is against what JLo always say against him. This guy has lots of potentials and i am entertained. i also watched his you tube vids and i cant find anything bad with his singing. I dont know why people are entertained with Paul's singing when he is like a fish jumping out of the pond, his trousers so tight he look horrible.

  178. Honestly, my first thought when they said that Casey was going home was that because of his health issues, maybe American Idol staged the fact that he got the lowest number of votes because he might not be able to handle the tour – medically speaking.

    But by the end of the show, I was proven wrong since they save him. Oh, wait. Maybe it's a case where if he's too ill to be on tour, they will still have 10 performers which will work out nicely. Maybe THAT was the plan.

    I agree, last night's show was quite different than any other results show. It was almost like they were trying to make it into a finale, with all kinds of guests and things happening.

    Naima and Haley – got to go.

    Two people leave next week. As long as neither of them are Pia or James, I am happy.

      • Naima and Haley really do have to go. I am voting for James as well! I hope he wins! I like Pia, but she really is getting boring…






    • I'm in the dark about Casey and his health issues…please elaborate, Kudos. What is wrong with Casey?

      My opinion is that the two that should leave next week are Stefano and Thia. I think Pia will do whatever it takes to stay on, and by that I mean…try a different venue. She is the most attractive one of the bunch. And, has beautiful voice.

      • You must have missed a night. He has bleeding ulcers and was hospitalized for it and missed a show. (I actually forget whether he missed a performance night.) I'm sure others will pipe in and add to this.

    • I don't know what Thia still doing there, for me she was never been on the show ever…She is so arrogant, boring and thinks she is the best. I can't stand her….Hailey for me is time to go home too, sorry, my favorite is Jacob, Pia, Stefano…

      • I agree whole hartedly. If we are really talking about the most talented singers who will sell out for many years to come. Jacob has shear talent and so does Pia (though she lacks charisma). I like Stefano's versatility. But Jacob and Pia are real singers.

      • I don’t know what Stefano still doing there, for me he was never been on the show ever…He is so arrogant, boring and thinks he is the best. He screams, has short breath that he can't reach high notes. He sings already known songs, a mediocre and lastly JLO's favorite. I can’t stand him…


  180. They absolutely did the right thing by saving Casey….NO QUESTION. He is one of the top 3 singers on that show! It is not an insult to America, that's just silly. America sometimes gets complacent and figures they don't have to vote for somebody because they are so good they will already be getting millions of votes and there is no chance of them leaving. Need I remind anyone of Chris Daughtry? That's exactly what happened there.

    Casey is a mega-talent, no way he should have had less votes than people like Thia, Stefano and Haley. Just voters being lazy, that's all.

    So, remember to give LOTS of VOTES to your favorites, don't assume somebody else will do it!

    • If you would have abbreviated your statement to "Casey is a mega-talent, no way" and left it at that … It would have been much more believable for me. As I always considered Casey to be among the worst of this years top 13 group, on an given week. And this past week was no different.

      • Casey seems like a nice kid with a lot of energy, but his voice is lacking in many areas. He is a good yeller.

      • Casey’s “screaming” issue has only been an issue in the last two shows. He just needs to tone it down. To say he’s not talented is completely insane. He has a different style of singing that appeals to many people. He may not be the “cute, fashionable” contestent (no one can tell me that doesn’t matter), but he does have a very soulful, “bluesy” voice… when he’s not yelling at us.

    • I didn't vote for Casey because *I don't like him*! NOT because I think he'll get enough votes without mine!

    • I think Casey Abrams was a shoe in for winning. Last night was such a shock. Casey, i have noticed that the winners of American Idol seem to disappear into the background where the one'd who don't win seem to go on to a great future. Perhaps it would be a good thing if you did lose firsr place. i think you are by far the greatest talent of all. You belong there and you should win.

      • Casey maybe talented but his looks, so horrible like a mountaineer/caveman with his beard, so outdated…. like those big burly guys riding big bikes in that TV series Sons of Anarchy. Maybe he has to remove that beard….he is one singer whom i will not vote also Paul, lack of personality.

  181. Very surprised about Casey in the bottom 3 and also been saved… dangerous move from the judges (hopefully they won't regret it). Based on this week's performance, Stephano deserved to leave (big time) and I enjoyed Pia, Jacob and Paul a lot. I bit tired of the judges' double standard: it's bad for Pia to continue doing what she is great at, but it is great for Scotty to make everything a country song. PS: James is so full of himself that is hard to watch.

    • I agree, with you. They should have saved their save for a later time. If the audience is having an off night and for some reason the real talented ones like Jacob and Pia are voted off, they have used up their ability to save the seriously talented ones. The reason why James is so full of himself is because all of the praise that he is getting is over the top, making him believe that he is more than what he is.

  182. All I can say is WOW! Do you have no joy in your life? I loved the results show last night. Just watching James about to pee down one leg upon seeing Hulk Hogan. (I don't care for wrestling but James' reaction was awesome.) I, too, wish the judges would have let Casey finish his song but his reaction (I was afraid he was going to regurgitate.) was half full out panic and half disbelief. Most people complained last year about AI11 being a snooze fest. I thought episode was anything but boring so why would I complain?

    • Almost 700 responses to Branden's blog….I think he must be doing something right!!!! You Rock Branden!!!!

  183. Idol is awesome this year! I thought I would miss Simon….but NOT AT ALL! It is so much more fun and entertaining this year. And I like the fact that the judges are nice and truthful in a kind way. Steven is just a riot, and as the season goes on I like Jennifer more and more…and Randy, well he's always got good solid advice. The judges are very knowledgable and doing a great job. No wonder ratings are way up.

    • Ditto, the best thing in the world for AI is Steven and Jennifer's personalities. That is why we have such great talent. Randy finally can go with his muscial background and vote for real singers instead of the manufactured ones that won when Simon and the rest were on. No wonder Ellen left the show, too much plastic for her!!

  184. I disagree! I loved last night's episode, though I was suprised with Casey and Stefano in the bottom three. I am a HUGE Casey fan and am glad they used the save!

  185. The judges are awesome….as soon as I saw Casey was in the bottom 3 I knew they would save him if he was going home. That was just a weird fluke, he is way too amazing to have been at the bottom. Contestants like Thia and Hailey…they need to go home next!

  186. Why do you do this job? You're like a crabby old waitress who hates what she does and ruins your meal because of it.

      • It's called reverse psychology, sweetie. Only a real professional can pull out a stunt like this and get 700+ replies. Great blog, Branden. You need to loosen up on the negativity, though, man. Obviously, you're loving the show as much as we do.

  187. Thank God for the judges !!!! Because I'm beginning to think its rigid , I kept voting for Casey and the wrong number would come out everytime!! Well Done Randy , Jennifer & Steven , well done …

  188. All I have to say is the save vote is gone. Now it'll be up to America to decide the winner. It didn't surprise me to see Casey on the bottom and voted off. In my opinion he seems to be too arrogant. Is he good and talented ? I'd say yes, but would I be willing to listen to him sing on a CD where the only things he knows how to do is scream and growl….I think not. Once in awhile is fine, but every song? Let's get real. Hailey is another who should be on American Non-Idol. The only moves she has is bending down and waving her left arm. To me, she looks like she has to go to the bathroom every time she sings. Stefano is another who needs to go. Right now my favorites are James and Pia. One more thing, at least next week 2 Idol Hopefuls will be leaving…and there will be nothing the Judges can do except say America Got It Wrong. In addition, does it really matter who wins because that's all that ever happens…there's a winner. How many Idol Winners are really doing anything? This show makes for good trivia questions.

    • OMG your comments about Hailey was so funny. I was laughing so hard I had tears coming down my face. I know exactly what you were saying about her.