American Idol 2011 Top 11 Round 2 Weekend Update

We hope you’re ready for more of the American Idol 2011 Top 11 because here they come all over again this week. Last week the decision was made to put the Judges’ Save in play and keep Casey Abrams around for another try after America eliminated him from the competition. Turns out Nigel was right. That was some shocking news indeed.

This week the Top 11 singers will hit the stage and belt out songs from the catalog of… wait for it… Sir Elton John. I’m sure this will bring plenty of interesting selections and performance, hopefully most of which will be positive but I think we can count on this crowd for a few cringe worthy moments. The hopefuls will want to tread lightly as they keep in mind that the Save is gone which now forces a double elimination event come Thursday night. Oh the drama!

The good news just kept coming for American Idol this past week when the ratings hit the reports. The final numbers put Idol at 21.3 million viewers for Thursday night’s results show with a 6.4 rating in the 18-49 adult demographic. All those numbers translate to an 11% ratings increase for the night. Whoa! Idol is kicking butt and taking names this season week after week.

One final nugget for your Idol weekend update: the American Idol 2011 Live Tour has been confirmed to feature this season’s Top 11 singers. Having previously been limited to the Top 10 this summer’s circuit with have that extra boost from one more performer. No tour dates have been announced just yet, but if you sign-up for our free newsletter then you’ll get all the information you need when the tickets go on sale.

Any Elton John song recommendations you’d like to share with the Top 11 singers?

Source: Idol on Twitter & TV by the Numbers




  1. OK. Paul is a natural for "Tiny Dancer", Casey is the obvious choice to do "I'm Still Standing", Scotty would do well with "Sacrifice". Hopefully Thia will not choose "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" as she's been labeled Disney Girl already.

    • O… don't recommend "Sacrifice" to Scotty. Instead, give him "Nikita", "Candle in the wind", or "Crocodile Rock".

      • Casey should sing 'Someone saved my life tonight'….I think it's fitting considering they used a 'save' on him. 🙂

      • That's the perfect song for Casey! But unfortunately, America will not save him next week. I can totally see him going home with Stefano or Naima next week.

        Hailey Reinhart will surely step up next week like she'll be on the top 3! I think "Your Song" is good for her voice.

  2. For Thia.. i guess Elton John's I'm Still Standing, Don't Let the Sun Go Down on me or Candle in the wind…something that will suit her voice

    • Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me was sung by Jasmine Triaz. It would be great if she'll do that too.

      • You ( and I also) said that Thia couldn't handle super high notes. Why do you suggest this song for her ? Too risky for her.

    • I Would love to see James do something off Yellow Brick Road like “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” or “Funeral For A Friend”.

      Casey needs to do something bluesy

  3. Jacob is the only one with the chops to do "Circle Of Life'. The group number will likely be "Don"t Go Breakin My Heart" because it can't be a solo.

    • "Something about the way you look tonight" will be a perfect song choice for Jacob.

      • Oh yeah that's soo perfect for the drag queen. Then Jacob will probably dedicate that to his boyfriend or boylet or whatever!

  4. Who will sing Tiny Dancer? Yes, perhaps Paul. Casey could do Rocket Man as well. I think overall the group can handle Elton well.

    And may I say absolutely, hands down, this is the most talented group to date! And, the music chosen for them is also the best I have seen. MoTown night rocked.

  5. i don't understand why America did not vote for Casey he is one of the most talented guys in the competition…….America choose wisely before is to late and we choose somebody who is not worth it………Just because they jump and screen it does not mean their good……….

    • Just because they scream, yell, and shout does not mean they are good singers. Dancing

      and growling does not make them any better.

    • Sometimes people do not vote for their favorite and maybe vote for their second favorite because they think their favorite is safe because they are so liked by the fans. Any thoughts?

    • Well, America actually voted wisely that's why Casey was at the bottom and Hailey Reinhart was finally recognized!

    • Your Song will definitely suit Hailey Reinhart's voice. She has the most amazing tone.

    • people don't like to see singer taking a dump on stage.. i agree with most American, he should be out of competition.

  6. James: Crocodile Rock

    Pia: Don't let the sun go down on me

    Jacob: Don't go breaking my heart (sing both m & F parts)

    Paul: I'm still standing (without dancing, I hope!)

    Naima: someone save my life tonight (while the judges helplessly sitting there!)


    Casey: Song for guy! lol

    • I like 'Nikita' or 'Daniel' for Paul. I think it will suit his smoothing voice amazingly.

    • Pia cannot do another ballad. If she does, and if the judges don't jump down her throat, then there is something wrong. She has done only ballads up to now.

      • For some reason I see James doing "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting." Not sure if you're serious or joking about Jacob, but that is pretty funny. I could see Paul doing "Your Song"…mostly because Rod Stewart did a cover of this really well once, and Paul sounds just like him. But he would have to stand still with his guitar again this week…no dancing around to it. Naima…I don't know…I think she has to do a fast song that she can move around to. Maybe "Island Girl." I just don't think she has the voice for a ballad. Casey…"Benny and the Jets"!

      • Mmmm Paul singing "your song" might be really great. Good thinking! I never thought of that!

      • Elton wrote "the rumour" for Olivia Newton-John, can Pia or others sing that?? a very nice upbeat catchy song!

      • I was never in another Universe (the one where you & I don't get along) but I will stand by my taste and opinions no matter what. Remember KL, I don't even know you, I don't even know if you are a man or a woman (based on your screen name you can be Keith L. or Kaylee L. for all I know) As a musician this is just a good exercise for me, to critique based on my knowledge. That is all!

      • Gabriela. I'm a guy. Honestly? I think you take what I say too seriously or my words to literally. Most of the time I'm just having fun with the posts and don't take any of it too seriously. I'm a professional writer, so taking a break to just write fun stuff on a blog is a good escape when I'm taking a break from my computer work. But I don't care who likes whom or what he said or she said. We all have millions of opinions about millions of things way beyond this AI bubble. AI is a competition, so it brings out the competitive nature in people. But my life doesn't change if Casey gets voted off or if Paul gets voted off or if Thia gets voted off. Though I will probably have much less to say if it's Thia since 80% of my posts are about her. lol.

      • Really Gabriela, you are a musician? Can you play an instrument? Can you sing? For a musician you have a poor taste in music.

      • Who says Naima's voice is not for ballad?

        Naima's voice is definitely for ballad..

        She sang For all we know.. and that's almost similar to a ballad or it is actually a ballad..

      • And I cannot care less about you liking my taste or not. One thing is for sure, someone can have the best voice in the world, but it will not go far in the industry without charisma. I get that you don't know that. I truly don't care!!!

      • KL, I don't take anything in here seriously. This site doesn't even have age control, for all I know sometimes I am replying to angry 10 year old boys that are using the internet behind their parents back passed their bed time.

      • gabriela, it's "past their bed time". peace. What KL wrote is true, you take things way too seriously. You may not realize it, but people who read what you write do.

      • Why don't we offer "Your Song" to the one who can play piano ? Can Thia play the piano ? Then, give this song to her, we will see a different Thia.

      • Yes, Thia can play piano, but she says she plays by ear. I just think with Elton John, if you're going to try to bring piano into it, then you really have to be good. Not sure how good she is. I would like to see her with an instrument though just to give the judges some of the variety they want from her.

      • iurqal thank you for the grammar check, that is the difference between you and me, you read way too much between my lines and pay too much attention to what I write and how I write it. I just don't care about what you think or write.

      • Hello Patricia 😀 I wish I was hiking, just had a very busy weekend! Have a nice week!!!

  7. I am so very please to hear that the song choice and topic is Elton John. It would be great to hear more of the earlier song to include from the friends and madman across the water albums. Also, good bye yellow brick road would be just great! I have to admit that this last weeks show was my very favorite and i can only imagine how wonderful in the weeks to come….especially with Elton John

  8. Maybe Stefano would do well with "Sad Songs [say so much]". It's not slow , more mid tempo and would give him a chance to move about the stage a little.

  9. I could see Pia pulling off "The One", although she promised something more upbeat.

    • And Naima could rock "This Train Don't Stop" She'd probably pick up the tempo on it a lil bit and kill it, although I think it be best if she did a "vulnerable" ballad to show us her tender, classy side. Hmmm….this is gonna be an exciting night…so much potential for everyone!

      • If I'm not mistaken Elton retired "Candle In The Wind" after the lyrics were changed in tribute to Princess Diana and all receipts go to charity.

    • I think Scotty deep voice would be a huge compliment to "Your Song". I think he can bring down the house with that song. And if he chooses to sing in a slow, deep and country style … So what. Most all rock performers in the past (Daugherty, Lambert) always changed a songs arrangement to suit their own style. Should Scotty be held to a different standard.

    • I think Scotty is now experimenting "Nikita","Candle in the wind", "Your Song", "Crocodile Rock", but finally he will choose "Candle in the wind". I prefer "Nikita" for him.

  10. It's elton john week!

    this are my song choice for the contestants!

    Thia Megia- Don't let the sun go down on me

    Pia Toscano- Saturday nights alright for fighting

    James Durbin- Someone saved my life tonight

    Scotty McCreery- Something about the you look tonight

    Casey Abram- Goodbye yellow brick road

    Stefano Langone- Circle of life

    Lauren Alaina- I'm still standing

    Haley Reinhart- Crocodile Rock

    Jacob Lusk- Candle in the wind

    Naima Adedapo- Can you feel the love tonight

    Paul McDonald- Rocket man

    • I think "Don't let the sun goes down" is custom made for Jacob's high energy pipes. I don’t see anyone doing that song, better than him. But, I think if Thia did that song and performed it well … It would be a HUGE, enormous move on her part. That would really open voters eyes on her. She needs a song of this intensity to break away from the middle of the pack and put her in that upper tier of performers. Please consider it Thia.

    • Thia should experiment with "Your Song", esp. if she can play piano, instead of "DLTSGD".

      Jacob Lusk should sing "Something about the you look tonight".

      I recommend "Nikita" for Scotty.

      James or Casey sings "Empty Garden", while Paul sings "Daniel".

      Haley doesn't fit to sing "Crocodile Rock".

      • Correction :

        @Tapy, you may be right, Scotty may as well experiment with "Something about the you look tonight”, slthough the high notes part is quite difficult for him. However if he can nail this song, I predict that will be one of the best performances that night.

      • I agree with you. Wow… there will a battle of great Elton John's songs to perform among Jacob, James, Scotty, Casey, Stefano, Pia, even Paul, Lauren and Thia.

  11. Some "real thinking" has gone into some of these suggestions. It will be great fun to see what the contestants do with Elton John.

  12. "Your Song" is tailor-made for any of these kids.

    You have to be young to sing it sincerely.

    Paul will do well,I think. He can handle the slightly eccentric songs of Sir Elton without making them sound trite.

    However,anything from "The Lion King" may sound really sentimental and sappy.I bet Jacob chooses one. He'll over-emote and make us all groan. (me,anyway….)

    Naima will also choose one from Lion King but she'll make it sound hip.

    • …by the way,did I mention that I absolutely adore Paul? I hope he becomes a household name after the show is over.

      …like Adam.

  13. I would like to go off topic here but I just realized for the first time who's going to be until the very end and who's going down sooner. So I'd like to share my guess:

    Final: James and Pia (Either can take it)

    3rd: Jacob

    4th: Lauren

    5th: Casey

    6th: Stefano

    7th: Scotty

    8th: Paul

    9th: Thia

    10th and 11th: Naima and Hailey.

    • If Pia does not switch it up a bit, she will never make it that far…people get tired of voting for looks. She has the look, now where is the talent? She cannot survive on ballads only

    • Jacob third?? PLEASE, he shouldn't be ahead of Lauren, Scotty, Thia, or anyone for that matter.

    • My guess is, based on fan base, performances and images:

      Final: Paul and Pia

      3rd: Jacob

      4th: Scotty

      5th: James

      6th: Lauren

      7th: Casey

      8th: Naima

      9th: Hailey

      10th and 11th: Thia and Stefano

      • I think Paul will win this.. he's got the coolest voice.. He just proved to everyone that it's not all about power, range, run-ups.. its the quality and versatility of the voice.. Nothings more appealing than that.

      • I also think that among the top 11 finalists, Paul, James, Scottie, Pia, and Lauren are the ones who has a solid fan base. As for the rest of the pack, America's still ranking them based on their last performance as they are still switching ranking positions.. that only means they still have something to prove.

      • You're too unfair Gabriella.. you've said you based it on fan base and performance, then why is thia and stefano at the eleven spot.. knowing that they both perform well.?

        Wait and see. Thia will surprise us. She's really great. You can't deny that.. and that's why you are too angry to her because you see potential.

        INSECURITY I guess.

        well, hope you stop being sarcastic to her and to her fans.

      • As much as I love Naima, I pretty much agree with you Gabriela. Thia and Haley are bottom for sure. Although I wouldnt put Paul up that high (I love his style but not sure how much mainstream USA gets it) Overall I agree

      • Zam I will write what I want, like everybody. If you dislike it, look the other way. Apparently a lot of people missed the results show, or didn't read the articles about it. America voted, Thia, Casey and Stefano are not looking so hot among voters, but at least Casey is an amazing all around mature musician and, if he wakes up after the scare; he can shine again. Thia is just boring, and Stefano as lovely as he is (I personally think he is adorable) doesn't have such a strong fan base judging by the top 10 results to begin with. I know you kiddos hate when people dislike Thia, but you will have to just accept that some people just don't like her. You call me INSECURE because I don't like her hahahahahahaha, that is beyond ridiculous but I thank you for comments like this, I laugh so much, and laughter is an amazing thing! Keep it up!

      • @Michael I totally agree with your top 5, let's see what happens. Week after week, some voters lose their favorites and start calling to support others, that might help or hurt the remaining contestants. Let's see. Good night! 😀

      • Totally agree with you gabriella next week thia will go home but I think stefano will stay and haley will go or maybe even naima, I think stefano could stay for another week or two. The safe was used so jennifer won't be able to save him 🙁

    • This is what should happen:

      1st: Hailey

      2nd: Pia

      3rd: Scotty

      4th: James

      5th: Thia

      6th: Paul

      7th: Lauren

      8th: Naima

      9th: Stefano

      10th and 11th: Jacob and Casey.

  14. Thnak you, Matt. I love Elton John. I can see James Durbin singing Crockodile Rock, Pia singing – "Friends"..not as slow as a ballad and a little more up tempo.( I listened to it and it may be a hard song to sing…it would definitely test her vocals, Thia could do Your Song. Scotty would do well with Island Girl, Paul with Bennie and the Jets and Casey with Rocket Man. All around, it may be a tough night for the girls~??? Looking forward to this week. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • @ Matt…this is off topic; but for some reason the responses to the comments are not showing up in my mail box like they used to. I am signed in…just curious. Thanks. On Friday (3/25) there were around 500 messages…nothing since that???

      • @ Kathy. You, too. I have spoken with a few other people and they are having the same problem…Is someone out there in Cyberland…listening??? 🙂

    • Hi Rose! How are you sweet lady? I put down some rock songs. I didn't say for James! But I sure had him in mind for Crockodile rock too! Or rocket Man. Or Benny and the Jets.I don't know about you and Phyllis ,Rose? But I am getting a bit tired of ballads! Lets get some good old rock and roll in there. As Steven might say " Lets punch it up!".Hugs to both of you. I am anxious to see this upcomming weeks performances. Sherry K. 🙂

      • @ Sherry K. Me too…no more ballads for awhile. James would be able to pull off a lot of Elton John's songs. PS…are you getting responses sent to your e-mail box. I have not since Friday.. Ah well…Hope you are having a great weekend. 🙂

      • Rose, I am having some problems with getting responses to my mail box too! I am not sure what the problem is? Fox can you check it out? I am getting excited about who is going to win Rose! How about you? And how is my dear friend Phyllis G. doing? Hey girl how are you doing? Sherry K.

        🙂 Hope you have a great week end too Rose. I can't wait to see what happens this week! Take care. Hugs from Sherry K. 🙂

    • Well… due to many great Elton John's song available to choose, I propose, for Elton John week, the producers make an exception that any contestant can perform more than once, but still max. 3 times; same songs can be sung by different contestant.

  15. my choices are for :

    Jacob- Border Song

    Paul – Daniel or Tiny Dancer

    Scotty- Honky Cat just to mix it up a bit

    James- Saturday night's alright for fightin'

    Stefano- Rocketman

    Thia- Island Girl to rock or any Disney song to bore

    Pia- Philadelphia Freedom she needs to kick it up a notch just for fun we all know any ballad she sings will be great but too predictable

    Haley – Harmony or Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me especially since she keeps going to the bottom 3

    Lauren-Grey Seal

    Naima- Sweet Painted Lady or Take Me To The Pilot

    Casey- Empty Garden would be great to show a little softness or I'm Still Standing just because it would be funny

  16. I remember 4th grade when I got Elton John's Greatest Hits I for Christmas. I was so excited and listened to it over and over and over. I didn't even understand at the time that I was kind of listening to "oldies." He was my #1 artist until a little later in life when U2 took that #1 spot for me. But I know I speak for everyone when I say Elton is simply awesome. I would hate to be a contestant trying to cover him because, if you end up disrespecting Elton, then you'll certainly be sent packing regardless of how much the judges might try to sell you to the voters. So I'm trying to think of songs that the contestants could do well without disrespecting him.

    James: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting. After all, he is the rocker.

    Pia: B!tch is Back. Just kidding Pia fans. But she does have to do a fast song, unfortunately for her. I think Philadelphia Freedom.

    Scotty: Candle in the Wind. But don't make it country. You messed up Stevie Wonder by trying to make him country (at least I think). Just do it for the ballad that it is.

    Paul: Your Song. Rod Stewart did a great cover of this before, so you could pull it off too. But play your guitar again so that you're not dancing around to it.

    Lauren: Do something softer this week without getting in the judges faces. Maybe Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me.

    Jacob: Sorry Jacob…I don't know what to tell you. I can't see you pulling off Elton. Maybe I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues. But that song has been done this year.

    Thia: I don't know what to say for my favorite. But I will say a lot anyway because…well…she's my favorite. If she tries to do something fun like Crocodile Rock, then she will be in the bottom 3 again. Elton doesn't have enough fast songs that would work for a girl to cover. So she needs to do a ballad. The judges will get on her case again, but the voters won't. Maybe bring your guitar out so that people see the variety there. Someone else suggested Daniel. I like it. But I think I like "The One" more since the vocals are more powerful (not sure how her guitar would sound with it though). It will showcase your vocals and remind voters why you're there. At least do a crowd favorite.

    Casey: Benny and the Jets. I can't see him being able to do anything else well from Elton.

    Haley: I don't see you getting voted off yet. But I really don't know how you can pull off Elton. Maybe Honky Cat.

    Stefano: Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word. Another blogger suggested this, and I agree. I think it will keep him from making Elton sound like a boy band, which would surely get him eliminated.

    Naima: Island Girl. Naima has to be able to dance and entertain or else she's gone. I just can't see her doing an Elton ballad without getting sent home.

    • I thought B*tch is Back would be awesome for pia too not because she is one but it's a fast and fun song but if she can't say Shitzu then I'll bet she can't say B*tch either. I also think Haley could do Honkey cat she needs to stick to something bluesy without overdoing her growly thing

      • I agree. This is why I picked Honky Cat for her. I don't think she can sing a song without adding some growling. This is the only Elton song I can think of that she could get away with doing that.

    • How can I forget "Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting" ? Well.. It is well fitted to James.

      When thinking of Scotty, it's "Candle in the wind" that came to my mind firstly. However, that song is quite safe for him; so to challenge him, he should experiment with "Nikita", "Something about the way you look tonight" or "Your Song".

      • Yeh, I think "Saturday Night…" is perfect for James because he is a rocker. Granted, it might be too predictable, as I saw another poster mention elsewhere. But he's good at getting the audience going and creating a lot of energy, and this song would be a great song for him to do that once more.



  18. I can feel that Naima will sing Hakuna Matata accompanied by some dancing and stuff… Haha

    • Anonymous this would be fun for Naima. I like the spunk and the guts of this woman. She should win AI bec. of these.

  19. it should be interesting..while Elton is one of my favs, I think it is going to be tough for some of these kids…they seem so young to be singing Elton songs…I wish them all luck, especially James, who is the best in a group of fantastic singers.

    • @ Kathy from PA. I totally agree. Perhaps that is why they are doing an Elton John week…to challenge the contestants, vocally…his songs have a unique quality…it will be hard "making it their own". Either they will sound karokee or change the song too much and will too a disservice to Elton…one of my all time favorites. I wish them luck…James is my favorite to win as well. PS. Still not getting any responses in my mail box. @ Matt, Branden or Ashli Rae…what seems to be the problem…do not know if you guys are aware of this. 🙂

    • Pier, I agree. But I think the judges have more of a problem with her doing ballads than do the voters. Who knows, maybe JLo listened to what her husband Mark Anthony had to say about the judges getting on Thia and will loosen up a little. But if Thia does a ballad well this week, I have to think she'll be safe. She can get back to the faster stuff when it's not Elton John.

      • Yes I also agree! She was in the bottom 3 although she sang "Heat Wave" better than the previous idols. A ballad with more vocal chances will do wonders for Thia!

  20. Not fair for Pia to be told not to sing another ballad. That's like telling Scotty no more country, or Naima no more dancing, or Paul no more prancing.

    • Cat, I definitely agree that if they want to do ballads, then judge them based on how well they do the ballad. But it would be difficult for the judges to encourage Pia to do a ballad for the 5th straight week after they jumped all over Thia for having done only two ballads.

    • Scotty is almost perfect at country, but more like a "one trick donkey" so far! I also can't stand his over the top posture!! lol

  21. Jacob – Blue Eyes

    Stefano – Sacrifice

    Thia – Circle of Life

    Paul – This Train Dont stop there anymore (uptempo)

    Casey – Im still standing (no pun intended) or Eldereberry Wine

    Namia – Empty Garden

    Haley – Kiss the Bride

    James – Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting

    Pia – Philadelphia Freedom

    Scotty – YOur song

    Lauren – Dont go breaking my heart

    • Empty Garden for Naima ? She doesn't fit to this song. Only James or Casey can do the song.

      Anyway, your song choice for Lauren is interesting.

      • Actually I think, from the lows to highs, Empty Garden is very much in Naima's range. She just needs to stand there and not move, or practice control a lot harder.

  22. Thia Megia – Beautiful voice but boring and sounds like Edith Piaf (Piaf is alot better). Her voice is too typical for a modern paradigm. people think!

    James Durbin – Needs more style and flavor like Adam lambert..

    Lauren Alaina – modern voice, but poor interpretation

    Jacob Lusk – oversinging , bad studio versions, forest tribe voice, flat and sharps

    Naima Adedapo – Flat, but good in Ballad, Artistry covers some off notes, stereotyped by people because of ethnic stuff and song choices, but good singer, interesting and humble

    Pia Toscano Powerful voice, but typical singer.. Not new for the music industry.. Lacks artistry..

    Stefano Langone – Nose Nose Nose Nose…

    Good Range and vocals But NOSE!

    lacks confidence and poor interpretation

    Haley Reinhart – Sharp, Screechy and Boring

    (Not to mention the zombie walking down the stairs last motown week)

    Casey Abrams – A Lion Singing.. Needs to be Cat like 😛 too confident, cliche

    Paul McDonald- Boring, Queer, Interesting but inconsistent and playing safe

    Scotty – too countryish…. no modern monotonous

    If I'm going to be judging them all in all

    no stereotypes, no friends of families

    1. Naima – Flexible, Art and Unique

    (Will not reach top 5 because of blind voters

    Flats may affect performances, old choice of songs maye kill her, because of young viewers)

    2. James – Manly Adam Lambertish and Rock

    (may not win because of Adam lambert Fans,

    inconsistent voice control)

    3. Casey – Radiowish, Jazzish and Art

    (cliche in style)

    4. Pia – Celine Dionish, Aguilerish and Star

    (ballad ballad ballad, versatility anyone?)

    5. Jacob – Fantasia Barinish, Star Black Singers

    (Sharp and Bombshell)

    Bottom 6:

    Scotty – Americas Bias in taste of music

    (May win because of country musical spell


    Stefano – Kris Allenish

    Paul – Rod Stewartish, Willish

    Lauren – Carrie, Kelly

    Thia – Edith Piafish

    Haley – Alicia Keyish

    Hello America wake up!, check the versatility of singers, not only their flat perfomances, Check the song difficulty level, Genre shift, Interpretation,

    Studio Versions. Don't vote because they are your friends then in the end your not gonna buy their albums after they won, because you only voted for them to win. Vote for the artistic contestant

    • I'm trying to see from this post if there is anyone you do like in the competition. Doesn't sound it.

      • AI,

        Did you really mean to use the word, "queer"? Maybe you want to rethink that.

        I don't quite get your comparisons, because:

        Thia sounds NOTHING like Edith Piaf!! Edith had a distinctive, nasal quality and tons and tons of power that produced thunderbolts of emotion in her listeners. There just is no comparison.

        Haley sounds NOTHING like Alicia Keyes, vocally.

        Lauren does not have the poise and composure of Carrie Underwood. The only likeness you can safely say is their shared comfortable genre.

        Stefano is cute like Kris. But that's as far as the comparison goes. Their styles are very different.

        Paul does have that Rod Stewart sound. But that's been noted before, and is not truly representative of all that he can do–if you listen to his recordings.

    • Oh don't mind this poster. He/She/It is just somebody who's mad at this world. Hailey Reinhart is gonna win this!

    • Why r u even watching~??? I am hoping u r using the phrase "queer" as in unique…!!

    • Your comments don't even make sense — did you just type a bunch of random words — and then scramble them?

  23. My Fav is James and I would love to hear him sing 1. Pinball Wizard or 2. Rocket Man. I think Sat nights alright for fighting is too obvious and James can sing, really sing.

    • Agree… Love James. Pinball Wizard is a great choice..forgot about that one. Have a feeling it will be another "guy's night"

  24. I think a Bruce Springsteen night would be great but I don't know if he would allow it.

      • Good Point…but a lot of Springsteen's music can be sung by both male or female. A lot of it is about feeling.

      • Off the top of my head I can only really think of Because The Night for females doing Springsteen and only because of Patti Smith and 10000 Maniacs versions of it.

      • I propose ABBA, it will be great for the female. I am looking forward to listening :

        1. Pia Toscano sings "Chiquitita" or "Ring Ring" or "Waterloo". Her face looks like Anni Frid Lyngstad, while her voice sounds like Agnetha Faltskog.

        2. Thia sings "Fernando" or "I have a dream" or "I do I do I do"

        3. Lauren sings "Ring Ring" or "Mamma Mia" or "Super Trouper" or "Honey Honey"

        4. Haley sings "Super Trouper" or "I do I do I do"

        5. Naima sings "Take a Chance on me" or "Voleuz Vous"

        For the male :

        1. James sings "Mamma Mia"

        2. Scotty sings "One Man, One Woman"

        3. Casey sings "Gimme Gimme Gimme"

        4. Stefano sings "I have a dream"

  25. Ahem, I do believe you meant Casey Abrams, not Casey Jaymes! Who edits your articles? After last Wed. Night, I did not know who would not make the tour, so I was glad the judges used the "save". The weaker singers really improved from the previous week; everyone was "on pitch" so much more! But I think on singing alone Paul should have gone home. I like his distinctive style, but he was weaker than the others. I will be glad to go see 11 contestants this summer – I will really try to attend a performance this year. Has anyone ever figured out why the talent is so much better this year? Could Simon being gone be a factor???

  26. I found two more songs of Elton's I think James could do and make them slightly more upbeat: Levon and Believe. The words are amazing in both.

  27. @beth I think it is fresh eyes and ears with the two new judges, both passionate about music and wanting the young people to make it.

  28. Springsteen has what, one slow love song? "I'm On Fire" is about the closest to a romantic ballad as Bruce ever got. Maybe "Secret Garden" . Not a good theme choice. Bon Jovi, yes. Billy Joel, yes. Queen, yes. BeeGees, yes. Bruce, no.

  29. Scottie should probably do Roy Rodgers since it is a country like song. But honestly the best song for Scottie to sing is "It's just a matter of time" by Randy Travis. I know he would nail it:):)

  30. I would like to see someone (Maybe James?) do Levon. It is a great rock song with depth for him. And I have a song for Scotty, Me and You and dog named Boo.

  31. Here are some other songs that could be good this week:

    James – "Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long, Long Time)"

    Scotty – "Something About the Way You Look Tonight"

    Lauren – "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters"

    Thia – "The Greatest Discovery"

    Paul – "Levon"

    Jacob – "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

    Pia – "I Need You To Turn To"

    Stefano – "Philadelphia Freedom"

    Haley – "Have Mercy on the Criminal"

    Naima – "Sorry Seems To The Hardest Word"

    Casey – "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"

    • Some interesting suggestions here.

      "The Greatest Discovery" would be a real good fit for Thia's pure voice. It would be a bad choice, because few people are familiar with it, and it is a sleeper. But I honestly can't think of anything else for her.

      "I Need You to Turn To" is not a big enough song for Pia. And she has to do something uptempo this week. Dunno what she could do other than "Can you Feel the Love Tonight." But again, that may not be uptempo enough.

      "Have Mercy on the Criminal" is a great suggestion for Haley. Could be a show stopper.

  32. A Springsteen night would be fabulous. No ballads thank goodness…just pure rock and lots of fun. I would love to see the girls do some of his stuff. How about "Out in the Street", "Loose End", Pink Cadillac (Aretha did it, I think), "Fire" (Pointer Sisters did it, I think) and the list goes on and on. What do you think???

    • And Scotty could sing "My Hometown". Wow, that could be great. And of course James will have it all covered no matter what songs he sings of Springsteen's.

  33. I think Elton John is going to be tough going for the contestants, too. (Last time, only Paul McDonald chose one of the songs on my list for him.) The rest of them should have listened to me!!!! 🙂

    Alphabetically again, my suggestions are:

    Casey: "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", "Madman Across the Water", "I Want Love"

    Haley: "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word", "I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That", "Believe"

    Jacob: "Candle in the Wind", "The One", "Border Song", "Have Mercy on the Criminal"

    James: "Pinball Wizard", "Philadelphia Freedom", "Electricity"

    Lauren: "Nikita", "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues", "The One"

    Naima: "Sacrifice", "Crocodile Rock", "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

    Paul: "Honky Cat", "Rocket Man", "Your Song"

    Pia: "I'm Still Standing", "Bennie and The Jets", "Burn Down the Mission"

    Scotty: "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore", "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me", "Levon"

    Stefano: "Original Sin", "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word", "It's Me That You Need"

    Thia: "Daniel", "Tiny Dancer", "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

    • Ah… I have been wondering who would sing "Nikita" if Scotty wouldn't pick that song, and submitted it to the girls ? Yes, you have found the right female to sing it.

      • If Lauren choose "Nikita", it will be fun to watch her wearing Nikita's military uniform…

    • And… like me, It seems that you want to propose to the producers that for Elton John's week, they make an exception : all contestants can perform more than once, max. 3 times. I am kidding..

    • No.. It is quite a simple song for James; he needs the song from which he can do spectacularly.

      • It'll be very hard to find a song that will not sound boring sang by Thia. And the poor thing tried something up-beat last week and landed at the bottom. Apparently she was doing better with boring ballads, who knows!

  34. To Tapy; think you are right on with “Something about the way you look tonight” for Scotty; didn’t think of that one!

  35. I would like to request for any of the 11 singers to sing "Sorry seems to be the hardest word"…Good luck to all of you guys….God Bless you

    • It's better not to recommend this song, because it's already sung by Robbie Rosen when he was trying to get the wild card to make to the top 13.

  36. I wonder how tall is Ryan?? as he looks like a midget when stands next to Jennifer Hudson last night or Adam Lambert few weeks ago!

  37. Casey we love you here in Australia wish we could vote, you have a great fan base building here so come over and entertain us babe.

    Benny and the Jets DEFININATELY i will freak if some one else is singing that song this week its made for you Casey

    xxx love you

  38. I think the judges used their save very well on Casey. But honestly, I wouldn't want the judges job – you are all singing incredibly well. We are enjoying the show so much. This is the best season ever!

    I once saw Elton John sing Crocodile Rock as a ballad and it was fantastic. I'd love to see one of you try that. Good luck to all.

  39. How about a ROCK song? Like Crocodile Rock. Or Rocket Man. Or Benny and the Jets. Not a Ballad! Please, Lets have some rock and roll.Or Saturday Night's alright for fighting. Hi Rose A. I am sure you can come up with some good ones! And my friend Phyllis G. too! Hugs to you both! I think its going to be fun. Can't hardly wait. Sherry K. 🙂

  40. I'm not sure Casey can take much more. Word is he collapsed backstage after the results show. And that he'd had yet another blood transfusion Thursday A.M. due to internal bleeding.

  41. Sorry I am getting technical Matt. Is Casey's last name Abrams or Jaymes or Abrams. It said Jaymes in your udate but I think that Casey James was the cutie from last year. I could be wrong.

  42. i personally would love to see a david bowie week, i'm such a massive bowie fan…..not sure if it will be happen tho

  43. Personally I would like them to be exposed to early

    Elton John from his pre-glam days ie. Tumbleweed Connection .He his a huge selection in which to choose

    from it could only be great.

    • it's funny i was just listeing to that album, it's one of my favs. suit haley and paul alot. im just not sure if they are popular enough…i mean generally ppl seem to do well when viewers identify more with the songs ? the big hits everyone knows…double edge sword i personally prefer Eltons early stuff

  44. I think its ok if scotty will countryfy elton john, that would be his version anyway…

    • Is Scotty really good for one Genre of Music only, Country? Some people are not much into country song. Pop Rock and Rap music are still the Fad among Teens.

      • There is plenty of success to be had in country music. Take for instance Kelli Pickler and Carrie Underwood. Both highly successful idol winners who sing country. I don't think that is hurting scotty.

      • I read at Twitter that an Idol hopeful is going to do a Right Said Fred song to do some dancing with it. He's a guy!

    • In my opinion, Scotty doesn't need to convert Elton John songs to country. There are a few songs he can choose : "Nikita", "Crocodile Rock", "Candle in the wind", etc.. and just use his low register to nail the song.

      • Do you know that Carrie Underwood is starring in a movie " Soul Surfer"? Maybe she has gotten tired of singing and now into acting.

      • @Erica… Yeah.. Someday, perhaps, Scotty will show his debut in acting too, casting as George Bush in "Air Force 2012"…lol

      • Scotty do look like George Bush really ….. But can he act? Try Glee if he wont get American Idol or join America Got Talent hehehe.

    • Scotty is country,

      So is pickler, and Carrie underwood who happens to be top seller of records idol has ever had. Country is bigger than you think. Even kelly clarkson has gotten into a little bit of country. Country can sound a bit rock and roll to.. dont count him out i see him being the next man in black.(johnny Cash) Voices like him are golden and are bound to capture alot of womens hearts.

      • Sorry, the only country singer i like is Taylor Swift…. I dont listen to others. Country style not for me, i kick rock music, give me Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Linkin' Park…. Justin Bieber hahaha love him too.

  45. i actually would love james to do Elton John – Sixty Years On. such a beautiful song. think he can inject a lot of feeling into the lyrics. ballady but could be nice to you know show his softer side 🙂

  46. @HP I just listened to the song Electricity that you suggested for James, never heard it before, but it would fit James so well. Remember at his audition where he said when he sings everything goes away, that would be like the freedom the song speaks of.

  47. Do you think Elton John will be on the results show next Thursday? I would like to hear a Bon Jovi week myself.

    • i highly doubt it, he recently made comments about what he thought of x factor and talent shows – he said : ‘It’s become boring, a***-paralysingly brain crippling.’ lol

      • At least the Bon Jovi catalog would give the girls plenty of choices. I'd love for Scotty to do something from the Blaze Of Glory CD, maybe "Dyin' Aint Much Of A Livin'" or the title track. Since that CD is all about young guns it would suit most of the guys.

      • Bon Jovi complained against Itunes which crippled the industry he said. But i like his songs especially Always and Bed of Rose, also It's my Life. Stefano will be good singing Always…. Rock on Stefano.

      • I also suggest Idol to let the contestants sing alernative rock to showcase versatility. Give them songs by Collective soul- The world I know, Hinder= Lips of an Angel, Live= Lightning Crashes, Greenday= One, Vertical Horizon= Best I ever Had and Creed and many more great songs.

    • Yeah yeah yeah Bon Jovi Week, i like that and stefano can sing Always or Bed of Roses…. so classical , i always listen to Bon Jovi songs here at my Playlist while posting comments here.

      • American Idol hopefuls should be not typecasted to one genre of music only. The suggestion about Alternative Rock is also good, hope Idol People read this blogsite. I think stefano can sing Lightning Crashes by Live and Jacob can render Lips of an Angel and James will sing The World I know haha…. Maybe Pia can sing With Arms wide Open by Creed…. OMG that would be great.

      • Im also a lover of Alternative Rock…. Hoping Idol will let the contestants sing them too. Hinder's song is good for Scotty or Casey….Stefano can try Collective Soul's song and Paul will sing that hit song of Vertical Horizon. I bet people will again love alternative rock… Go guys!

  48. Wow! They're gonna sing Elton John songs. It's favorable to boys. After that, can they sing Celine Dion songs that will favor the girls?

      • Oh I got it. What I just meant was the song she sings. I knew she didn't compose them. That' why I am asking.

      • I think Elvis is one of the few artists they've used for a theme week who didn't write his own songs. Him and maybe Rat Pack are the only ones that come to mind. Generally it's singer/songwriters.

      • But, they could do a Diane Warren or Carole King theme week. That would be great. Diane Warren wrote Aerosmith's only number one hit, "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing". And they could do an entire show with just Carole King's Tapestry album.

    • Gabriela is in LIMBO and fast asleep lmao. She has no Insomnia…. sing this Gabriela!

    • Well, well… I didn't think I was so famous… Yay me!!! Hahahahaha! I was enjoying my weekend, you know… living my life! Anyhow, I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend as well and are getting ready for next week. It might be a very difficult week for some (sadness) but everything will be just fine. You guys are too funny! 😀

      • Those are the 2 that I hope go… or Casey…do not like him… what a waste of a save… I was hoping they would keep that for if Pia or James happened to not be voted for by their fans one week…

      • James it most likely to win, he doesn't need a save (and I'm a Casey fan) — Pia is booooooring, sorry.

      • Yah, me too…. they are not good material as american idol. hope their supporters wont react violently here.

      • Hahahahaha…. you are so cruel gurl. Thia is like stefano, underdogs…. but they can bite hahahaha.

      • OHhhhhhhhhhhhh, Cool Man! Thia looks like a Lost girl and though she has a good voice but her personality lacks the IT factor. So young maybe she can try Glee like the other Pilipina Charice what's her name?

      • What did I miss? Someone being rude to Thia and having an anti-Thia screen name??? Mmmmmm… inside job maybe? Terrorism? Hahahahahaha. Dang, I didn't read what it said, must have been really bad 🙁

    • Haley deserves to be on the show…She's great! I have never found her boring..she relates to the audience, and her voice is like no other…I'ts funny that most of the comments about her are girls..Could this be a jealious thing….Very sad..

  49. To: Scotty McCreery

    Elton John song recommendation: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

    Give it what it takes, Scotty!

    • I don't think "Don't let .." (DLTSGD) is suitable for Scotty. Instead, he should choose : "Nikita", "Candle in the Wind", or "Crocodile Rock". DLTSGD is for Stefano/Jacob/Pia or even Thia Megia.

      • I was replying to "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On me", not "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues". Scotty could do "Blues" fine.

      • @Ayshford.. Blue Eyes is sleepy. "Nikita" is more enjoyable to listen, although there is a tendency he will sing "Candle in the Wind".

  50. Ive got the perfect songs for Casey and James, my two favorites.

    Casey- Tiny Dancer by Elton John

    James- Bennie and the Jets

  51. For Jacob… well, he makes my ears bleed an cry for mercy either way so they might as well skip him…

    • Many people have ideas on who should sing the song "Don' let the sun go down". In all honesty, I think Jacob's high octane pipes are better suited for the song than any performer left on stage.

  52. I will recommend the song Sacrifice or Sorry is the Hardest word to Stefano. The song Sorry was sung likewise by Elton with Blue group which was created by Simon Cowell at UK before. Duncan looks a lot handsome and Stefano has a similiarity with him. Go stefano.

      • Yeah this too is a nice one. Elton had created spectacular songs and i know stefano can make it this time with his soulful rendition. Yeah Duncan of Blue , he was one of my favorite singers, high pitch and full of emotions…. Breathe Easy is also a good song for Stefano by Blue.

    • I still wish that Stefano will sing his best during this elton john week. give your best my idol…. Besos y abrazos!!!

      • Yeah yeah yeah Bon Jovi Week, i like that and stefano can sing Always or Bed of Roses…. so classical , i always listen to Bon Jovi songs here at my Playlist while posting comments here.Stefano Rocks!

      • Elton John's songs are hard to do but im still positive that stefano can deliver the song good. Good luck to Stefano and Jacob.

      • Yes i agree, stefanois versatile and he can carry any song. But the one suggested above, Sorry is the Hardest word…. wow i love to hear this song, i feel so emotional when hearing this, i remember my ex bf whom i hurt a lot many times and i never said Sorry… really a bad girl here.

      • Thats funny, maybe its true, saying Sorry… is the Hardest word to say to your ex…. Just move on dear.

      • @Erica.. "Sorry seem to be hardest word" is already sung by Robbie Rosen when he was trying to get the wild card for the top 13. So, it's better not to recommend that song to any contestant, including Stefano. Btw, because I already find the right male to sing "Empty Garden", I recommend "Sacrifice" to Stefano, although as I have said above, there are many other great songs for him.

      • Oh my gosh just because a song was sung by a previous contestant who didn't get in doesn't effing necessarily mean that the next person who'll sing the same song will get voted out! Oh please, what kind of logic is that?

        I still love Hailey Reinhart!!!

      • @Frame.. I am just afraid Randy Jackson will say the song "sleepy" as he said to Robbie Rosen then.

    • Yeh, it's a powerful ballad that would work for her. If she goes softer, then I say bring out the guitar and sing "Daniel." Otherwise powerful vocals like "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" or "The One."

      • From what I have seen online, Thia doesn't play like a lead guitarist does. She plays more like a rhythm guitar. But she knows how to use it to accompany her voice perfectly. So if they finally have all of the sound issues worked out on stage (the stuff Mark Anthony was helping with last week), she would sound good.

    • As for "Don't let the sun… (DLTSGD)", it is a great idea to give the song to the female, because, as far as I know, this song has already sung by several male singerd in the past AI : Justin Guarini the first in AI 2002, followed by Clay Aiken in AI 2003, then Bo Bice (2005), David Archuleta (2008), lastly Jorge Nunez in AI 2009.

  53. mr,lusk i would love to hear you sing mr,elton john song,that's what friends are for.please give some thought.

    • Oh please, not another oversinging for one of the best 80s songs. not another drag queening please!

      • If you don't agree Jacob singing "Nikita", let us (me and you) form a duet to sing it, I sing the low notes part, you sing the high notes part… I am kidding.

      • Yes !!! "Empty Garden" for James. At last.. there is someone who mention this song, beside me, and also answers my question here.

    • Actually, this is a good choice for Scotty. I originally thought Candle in the Wind. But Blue Eyes might be better for his voice.

      • Altough "Blue Eyes" is fitted to Scotty's voice, this song is sleepy. "Nikita" is much more fun to listen for him.

    • Oh, I would LOVE for Scotty to choose Blue Eyes, even if it is slow. I cal already imagine how good it would be! Seriously thought, we are all SO familiar with SO many EJ songs, I think it would be wise of some contestants to look for some of the lesser known songs and then put their own spin to it. Much less chance of comparisons against the original versions.

  54. Go Thia!! I can't wait to watch your performance once again.. Just sing from the heart. You got the voice.

    We'll support you.


  55. Who will sing "Empty Garden" ? It seems to me that James Durbin or Casey Abrams fits to sing it. Well… Elton John theme is very interesting, because there are many great songs available to choose for the contestants.

      • O… don't give it to Thia or Naima, it's very difficult for her ( and I am sure she wouldn't choose this); there is hard/rough part in the song which needs some energy and hard emotion that, perhaps, only James or Casey can do it.

      • Well, its one way of finding out if they are versatile too. How about Jacob or Pia?

      • @Moonlight Madness.. I prefer "Something About The Way You Look Tonight" or "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" for Jacob; well there are stil quite many alternatives for him. As for Pia, it's better stay singing ballad, but this time which can force her to walk in the stage, not merely standing with her monotonuous arms moving. I suggest "Don't let the sun go down" or "Circle of Life" for Pia.

      • Im looking forward to this Elton John week….. I hope my fave stefano and jacob will give their best. Go Go Go guys!

    • Definately Casey for Empty Garden James is definately Saturday Night's alright For Fighting

    • Because he is versatile and has wide vocal range that it is relatively easy to choose songs for him.

    • Hello , welcome to the club…. stefanatics like thianatics hahaha…. what about jacob how can i coin a name for his groupie? so hard to think. I miss the sarcasm of gabriela hahaha.

      • Yes stefano is cute also scotty but im not akin to country music so i rule scotty out of my list. i prefer po, soft and classical rock and jazz.

  56. I'm interested to see how Scotty fairs with this category. I'd suggest that he sing Sacrifice; I think he could really do the song justice and country-ing it wouldn't be a problem. Or one of the girls could sing this one.

    Someone for sure is going to sing a song from Lion King, most likely Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

    And I'm hoping either Casey or one of the girls sings Your Song.

    Maybe one of the 11 can be brave and ding Belfast? Or Candle in the Wind?

    • This week will be atough one for the hopefuls. But i wish my favorites like Jacob, Lauren and Stefano will still do their best performances….

  57. I read all the posts and so far it's good and nice. Posters are sharing opinions on what could be the best song each idol should sing. No hating or bashing any idols. Keep it up guys!

    • Thanks to Elton John for making many great songs that cause a variety of possibilities of song choices can be made relatively easy.

  58. Seems like most of the Thia suggestions are ballads, as we would expect for an Elton John theme. I also think she should do a ballad, and I hope she doesn't feel pressured to do something goofy like Crocodile Rock just to please the judges (I like the song, but don't want her to do it). She did better with voters when she wasn't pleasing the judges. But if she does a ballad, I really hope she is more interactive with the audience. Instead of standing in one spot, get close to the audience and work each side…maybe even serenade the judges a little. Kind of walk the whole perimeter of the stage.

    • I agree with you about Thia. I am not a fan of her; but I just hope the best of her. Btw, I think she failed to sing Josh Groban's song "You raise me up" in the Hollywood week; so she should avoid such songs which require good high notes capability.

      • Yeah, Thia's voice is not for big big songs. She can't hit super high notes, unlike Pia or Hailey

      • If only american people will accept contestants singing other songs than english ones, its nice to hear Thia or Pia belting the songs of Lara Fabian like Caruso and Per ti. But its difficult cuz the backlash might get them too like what happened to Karen R. cuz american people (not including me) are not open to songs like Italian or Spanish.

      • That is expected for neophytes, sometimes they have stage fright, and she is too young for that matter. Im not a Thianatic but i also feel her awkawrdness during that performance night.

      • @Moonlight Madness: The reason Americans don't like singers to perform in languages other than English is that lyrics are half the worth of the piece and most Americans aren't bilingual.

      • Brooklyn, I'm not sure I would call Thia a neophyte since she has already had the experience of a similar television spotlight with AGT. Also, I really don't think it's stage fright she experiences, since she loves the stage like all oof the competitors. But I get your point. I also sense nerves when she starts performing. I think a lot of it has to do with not knowing anymore what the judges want from her or how they might react to something like a ballad. I imagine she was particularly nervous this past week when she new she had to nail a fast song. This is only a wild guess, but I like to think that she was feeling the most stress about trying to make the top 10 and summer tour (I can't imagine she is picturing winning the whole competition)…so I'm hoping she just loosens up now and has a lot of fun with it.

      • Ohhhhh, sorry i thought most Americans are multi linguists now since the advent of the internet. I thought they can stufy languages like i did before i embarked to a trip to South America, that's where i learned some few Spanish words. And i watch You Tube and see Latin Singers and Italians too,( Lara Fabian) Florent Pagny, the late Luciano Pavarotti, also Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony. Well, its just an option. But they can put some translations in English below the lyrics of the songs… Thia has a good voice and a Lara Fabian song will be so good to her also Pia Toscano….Caruso is the right song for her ( as a tribute to that great Italian Tenor Enrico Caruso).

  59. Here are my song choices for each contestant. What do you guys think?

    Stefano ~ Something about the way you look tonight

    Paul ~ Rocket Man

    Pia ~ Crocodile rock

    Jacob ~ Circle of Life

    Lauren ~ Believe

    Casey ~ Someone saved my life tonight

    Thia ~ Can you feel the love tonight

    James ~ Levon

    Naima ~ Honkey cat

    Scotty ~ Candle in the wind

    Haley ~ Blue eyes

      • I suggest give that song for Stefano instead, Dont go breaking my heart cuz its kinda bouncy like that song Just the way you are.

    • I like Sacrifice for stefano but the song suggested is also okay. Circle of Life for Jacob…. singing this for Simba and Nala hahaha.

      • I suggest Dont go Breaking my Heart to Paul just limit his dancing and dont wear that tight fitting pants, it dont make him look good.

      • Can't see anyone doing "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" as a solo. It's written as a duet. Best to use it as the group number on results night.

    • I actually don't think any of them should do Crocodile Rock. While that song was one of my favorites growing up, I just have a hard time picturing the contestants on stage doing the "La la la la la la" part without the judges and voters cringing.

      • Assuming the audience is quite familiar with the song, if I were the singer, I would invite the audience to sing that part together by saying : "Everybody sing…" while directing/pointing the microphone to them.

  60. I'm not hard sellin her, but if you search Pia at youtube, you'll see that she can sing other than ballads…I especially like her version of paparazzi.

    • I believe all of the contestants can do more than just one genre or one form of song. Otherwise they probably wouldn't have got this far (this is my first season watching, so I'm not sure if there is a history of "one-trick ponies"). But I've got to think they all have some degree of versatility. Pia is popular (though I'm not a fan), so she's not going anywhere soon, even if she loses her voice. But she does have the added pressure of having to do a really good job with an upbeat song this week otherwise viewers may start thinking she's a one-trick pony. But, like I said, she's going to be fine in terms of votes for a while.

    • I agree….she did it better than Lady Ga Ga (whom I just do not like). I can see James and Pia as # 1 & 2. 🙂

  61. These young people are likeable are lovable.

    Requests his manner to be modest : James.

    Has the manner modesty above the stage :

    Paul, Jacob, Pia.

    Comments the fair specialty : Randy Jackson.

    The commentary way is encourages the young people are the good words : Steven Tyler.

    Clothing modelling matching is exquisite : Jennifer Lopez.

    • Well not only the three afore mentioned are lovable also stefano and lauren. In fact they were so modest in their actions.

      • Go Stefano and hit the high notes of Elton's Song this week. Goodluck and More Powers!!!

  62. Oh my gosh I just realized!!! "That's What Friends Are For" has got to be the best song choice for Hailey Reinhart! She'll definitely nail this!

    • That song is special and I doubt if Scotty can express himself with this song. Its better if its given to Jacob.

      • yap i agree with you it reminds everybody of lady di, if scotty would change it many will be upset am sure,

    • No one should do "Candle In The Wind' and I'm not sure Elton would allow it. He has stopped performing it as a tribute to Princess Diana.

  63. It would be interesting if Scotty can pull off either "A Simple Man" or "A Woman's Needs"…

    • Bruce Springsteen? id rather suggest Alternative Rock with different bands to choose from.

    • Bruce's songbook won't transfer very well to the Idol stage. In the first place most of his songs are very boisterous and "street". What would that do for the girls? Arena anthems are a wrong choice here.

    • I don't think that's fair to the girls, if Bruce's week selected. But I don't mind if they put up Billy Joel's in the future…lol!

      • ITA. Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Diane Warren, Carole King, BeeGees, John Denver, Paul Williams, Kris Kristifferson, Abba, are all good choices for theme weeks.

      • I absolutely agree with ABBA theme. For the girls, the song choice is obvious:

        1. Pia Toscano : Chiquitita/Dancing Queen/Ring Ring/Waterloo

        2. Thia Megia : Fernando/I have a dream/I do I do I do/Dancing Queen

        3. Lauren Alaina : Ring Ring/Mamamia/Super Trouper/Waterloo

        4. Haley Reinhart: Super Trouper/I do I do I do

        5. Naima Adedapo : Take a Chance on me/Voulez Vous

        It's difficult to choose for the boys. But James possibly can sing "Mamamia".

    • That is unbelievable.I just told my daughter that it would be amazing if they did a Bruce week.He has always been my fav.went to all his concerts.James,andCasey would be amazing.Wait,Paul wouldbe outstanding with his unique voice- a little bruce-ish himself.

  64. Stefano & Thia :

    These 2 young people are lovable.

    The acoustic fidelity/the timbre is good, should encourage them.

    Naima :

    The acoustic fidelity and timbre is not good.

    But has the characteristic, she may have the dance awarded marks.

    Haley :

    Why is Haley at the top 10 ? (instead of Casey).

    The acoustic fidelity is not good, the timbre is not good.

    Is in 11 young people the most base worst performance.

    Is because of her semblance sex appeal ? unbelief !

    • American Idol is looking for a singer par excellance and not a sex symbol. I dont think Haley will go that far.

      • I hope Haley blows it out of the park .I'm a big Haley fan, and will support her all the way… With her guitar, and a slow song…she could own the show…..Go Haley!!

      • Go Kathy A!!!!!! I don't get people not liking Haley-at all.She has a phenominal voice,and great stage presence.If you heard her on the radio,you would def know it was her.She can sing anything too.My top fav girls are Lauren,Pia,and Haley.My top fav guys are James,Paul,Casey,and Jacob.The judges are amazing.was worried after Simon left,but best season ever.(contestants ,and judges.)Singers deff give good advice for what is needed to succeed./

  65. I read at Twitter that Casey Abrams needs another blood transfusion. Thats bad news. Hope he can recover soon.

    • That will be the fourth since top 24. he had one Thursday morning, too. I think that's why they're going with 11 for the tour, because Casey's health is so delicate he will most likely miss some performances.


    This would be so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  67. This seems the right talent mix for a Broadway show tunes theme week. Boy, the choices are endless.

  68. James should sing "Tiny Dancer" since I think that he may be able to relate to the song…he has a wonderful wife and little girl at home. And he'd do a beautiful job. OR, "Levon" He could knock that out of the park!

    Casey might want to do "Bennie and the Jets" since it would allow him to be both melodic and playful. And he needs to quit the antics, be powerful and bring out that bass!

    I would LOVE to see Naima get soft and showcase that splendid voice of hers with "Come Down in Time" from Tumbleweed Connections. Also, Kenny Lattimore covers it on his new CD. The crowd would go wild because she would convince you of every note.

    Jacob: "The Bitch is Back." I'm not kidding.

    Stefano: It would be wise to do something uptempo and passionate – "Philadelphia Freedom!" A new side to this extremely talented guy could put him right back in the catbird's seat.

    Scott: "Honky Cat." What else? 🙂

    Paul: Just send him home. ANYTHING he sings will be nails on a chalkboard.

    Pia needs to get outta her Celine Dion Mannequin Mode and do something UP! Maybe she and Jacob could duet on "The Bitch is Back!" LOL!

    Haley has to stop being a wannabe, with the fake Alicia Keyes trilling and wailing – and flat out sing. No Being Beyonce on Wednesday. There's only one. Again, uptempo.

    Lauren should just attempt to stop being boring.

    Thia has a fan base who loves her Little-Girl-Lost-I-Only-Sing-Ballads-So-Far schtick. Enough! Do "Crocodile Rock" or something!

    Do Elton PROUD, for God's sake. And WAKE UP!

      • Pia Goodbye Brick Road.It wouldnt be her usual ballads,but it wouldnt be rock either.It would be something in the middle.

  69. And Laurencould sing Country Comfort.And she should stop being so immature and just sing.She has a good voice and I think Country Comfort would ahow case it.

    • She has that something special in her. actually i also like her with stefano.

    • And i hear Steven T. saying NAIMA….. 3x hahaha… Naima is good to try her dancing skill with Paula Abdul's show " Live to Dance".

  70. How about Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting for James? I think he would nail this one!

  71. paul needs someone to tell him that he does not know sing, HE JUST WHISPERS>>


      • Hehehe…. change that tight fitting trouser Paul, it distracts me while watching you. you look like a kangaroo jumping here…. ahhhhh i wish he shave his beard also casey…. looking like some cavemen.

    • His wardrobe is not good, its really awful,tight trousers and he is so tall….makeover total package.

      • his smile and great unique voice makes up or it.I didn't notice bad clothes.I'll look tonight,but I thought wardrobe people help them?

  72. Okay I can't make up my mind…They are all so good and different enough…I think the road show will be great….but I can't choose one above the other…Its like comparing Elvis with the Beach Boys or Beatles or Rolling Stones…can't be done…

    • Helo guys, if anyone have updates on which elton john`s song each candidate have chosen pls post it, tnx p.s. i am a mccreerian…

      • I suggest Stefano will sing Skyline Pigeon this week. Go Stefano, You are awesome.

  73. I really love your website and enjoy reading what you write and your thoughts. I'd like to see what you would pick for them to sing. I thought you were right on with your picks last week and it's too bad they hadn't picked the song you picked. As soon as the elimination show was over, I was checking out what you had to say. Keep up the good work and thanks!!

  74. I'd like one of the guys to sing Elton John's" Don't let the Sun go down on me" and Lauren to sing "down on the farm" I think those two songs are great. I have fallen in motherly love with all the contestants and feel all of them have great otenial and greater talents than seen before!!! Of course I must put in for my Milwaukee favorite Namiel(sp) to sing Benny and the Jets or Crockadile rock Go Kick It Girl!!! Love and God Bless you all!!!!!

    • It's shaping up to be a great week, and with a bit of luck no-one will sing any Elton songs.

      I'm confused. Elton hates these kinds of shows, and yet shows like Idol and X-Factor keep on plugging him (no dirty jokes please). Have a week where they all have to write their own songs or something. "Elton Week"… yaaawnsome.

      • Simon Cowell has started hypes about The X Factor and he recruited Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls as a judge. I hope he also get Paula Abdul, i miss this vivacious lady though i always watch her new show Live to Dance.

        Stefano Langone- Skyline Pigeon

        Jacob- Circle of Life

        James- Sacrifice

        Pia- Dont Let The Sun

        Go Guys and make us happy this Elton week.

      • Cool. Unfortunately watching X-Factor after seeing American Idol always feels like going from Vegas to Butlins. But still love it and after all, we have Leon Jackson, right?


    • I Would love to see James do something off Yellow Brick Road like “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” or “Funeral For A Friend”.

      • best of luck to NAIMA ADEDAPO.

        her vocal range is awesome.

        sultry contralto, which is rare..

        keep blooming exotic flower in a garden of roses. 🙂

        blessed LOVE!

      • I agree with you vivaciousKate! I love her tone and not does she have a voice, but she has creative flair! I have no idea what to expect on Wednesday, but I know it'll be stylish, unique, ceative and HOT HOT HOT! Viva NAIMA ! ! !

      • Actually, although I think Pia and Thia have fantastic voices…they lack the diversity that Naima has shown so far. She isn't afraid to challenge herself.

      • @ Matt….has there been a problem with this site. I am able to post a comment but I am not recieving any e-mail notifications in return. A few other people have commented on this. Thanks. 🙂

      • I read at Twitter Paul Macdonald to do a Right Said Fred song and will do some dancing at the Catwalk…. I thought its Elton John's week? what can you say about this?

      • What I read on Nigel's account was that it was 80's night. He posted about Elton John's night but then deleted the post, yet the 80's theme night remained there. That is all I know 🙁

  75. I am looking forward to Elton John week on Idol. A few songs seem like they would be ideal for this group to sing, like:

    Lauren – The Bitch is Back

    James – Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

    Paul – Levon

    Scotty – Candle in the Wind

    Pia – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Stephano – Your Song

    Casey – Tiny Dancer

    The Rest – doesn't matter – they have no chance of winning this thing….

    • I would say that half (ok, at least a few more) of the names that you still have in your list have no chance at winning the whole thing.

      • Agreed, for instance, Jacob's name is not the list he has as good a chance as the others.

    • I suggest Stefano will sing Skyline Pigeon this week. Go Stefano, You are awesome. Love this elton week.

    • I think they are all great but you have to add Jacob to the list. His rendition of God Bless the Child was the most moving song I've ever heard anyone sing AND these last two episodes of Idol I believe were the best they have every produced.

      • If idol was a competition where judges and music experts decide who wins, Jacob will win. Best voice ever. Sadly, voters come from everywhere, and things can go either way. I keep saying, it should be like Dancing with the Stars, the judges give a score and that counts for 50% and then America could take care of the other 50% (combining votes with judges scores) something like that, but is entirely up to voters so… 🙁

      • Gabriela,

        the name of the show is American Idol and all we Americans get to choose who we like best. You can vote for Jacob as many times as you want. I, from some other place in US, think Jacob should be in the bottom 3. I will be voting for Scotty and James.

      • I agree with Gabriela jacob has a great voice but so do soctty and james. Hard decision!

      • Totally agree! That is what I meant, it could go either way because is based on votes not on specific performances of a particular night. Scotty's voice melts me, it's so beautiful and James has a passion and a thrive that is contagious. He also has a great rocker voice. So who knows what will happen, all those three guys are amazing, just different styles.

  76. Hi I know all the contestants have their own thing and everyone is great. But thank you for saving Casey Abrams. When I 1st heard him in the beginning of the season, the name Nina Simone came to mind. If this man would want to sing "I'm feeling good" that would make alot of us feel good. This kid has some amazing pipes(with respect)Thanks for letting me share my view.

    Keep up the amazing work.

    A BIG FAN!

    • Hi Bob. Yeah, I think when Casey started, everyone immediately thought of Nina Simone. I know I did, they're practically identical. It must be the Joe Cocker-esque vocals, cheeky chappy wit and huge beard.

    • wooot! i love nina simone… the singer who died with breast cancer.. so classy woman.

      • I love Roy Orbison… the singer who died with a heart attack.

        Anyone else care to share their favourite singers, pointlessly postscripted with their cause of death?

      • Yeah, but it's soooo much better without KD Lang on it. The original is indeed, a beautiful song.

    • Casey has been absolutely stupid since day one. He should have been sent packing when he did that stupid version of Nirvana. He is out of touch with reality and needs to go. He is old news played over and over again …Scotty is trying to be country but old school country…I like George Strait…hate Garth Brooks and despise Alan Jackson and Randy Travis the last three are all fake… Kenny Chesney, Kieth Urban, Johnny Reid are changing that genre…Scotty is a has been wannabe….send him packing.

  77. I am a 58 year old Mom who simply loves all 11 contestants. To me they are ALL #1 American Idols. What a very grueling season to choose. Welcome Jennifer and Stephen just when I thought I would be crying without the other former judges (God Bless the Dog) you two show up and give the show a brand new and exciting life!!!!!

    My favorite Elton John song is "Candle in the Wind" anyone of the 11 can sing it but I would love to hear Casey.

  78. I don't know why you guys are recommending James sing songs with a lot of piano accompaniment. I don't really like 95% of Elton John songs. I listened to various suggested here. I would like to see James do Believe simply because I'd like to see his twist on it and see him take the song a notch. I'll bet James could make it a lot more interesting. A lot of the Elton John songs are just downright snoozers, to be honest, where James is a heck of a lot more exciting.

    • I think the singers should go along with their rehearsals as usual. But then on the actual show each one should perform 'Circle of Life', regardless of the backing track.

      Y'know, just to wind up Elton.

    • How about "Ballad of a Well-Known Gun" for James? I think he could rock that one out…a lot of possibilities.

      • Did you listen to "Ballad of a Well-Known Gun?" It's right down James' alley and it's original. So many Elton John songs are almost played out and this is a great one you never hear.

      • Stefano Langone- Skyline Pigeon

        Jacob- Circle of Life

        James- Sacrifice

        Pia- Dont Let The Sun go down on me

        Go Guys and make us happy this Elton week.

    • I actually think you have a point there. Elton John's sit down at the piano vibe is his own, and it takes talent to mimic and pull it off as dramatically moving. (I think Pia has the best chance at mimicking Elton, she seems to be great at that.) Like you said about James, all of the the contestants have to somehow find a way to take a song written with that vibe, make it their own style and ELEVATE it to a style that is uniquely moving in their own way. Good luck to all. Naima for the WIN!

  79. can't believe this. last week i just downloaded "Goodbye yellow brick road" album of elton john, and it made me officially hate his music. :'(

  80. I think that thia, would do exceptionally well if she reverted back to a ballad in a somewhat modified younger up & down voice style & would venture that Naime would be great in an Ella fitzgerald style manner & song,

    • I've got the perfect song for Thia. She should sing "Friends." Check it out on YouTube if you have any doubts.

  81. I am not too big of an Elton John person so I don't know much of his music. I originally thought it was supposed to be '80's week? I was hoping to hear Scotty sing some Kenny Rogers. Oh well there's always next week. I am not going to judge the performances until after I see them. But the two who unless the really improve who should go home this week should be Hailey and Naima and Paul should go the following week.

    One thing that should happen this week it everyone should vote. If you can't get through on the phone lines, then vote online. All you need to do is go to and click on vote and if you have a facebook account then it will ask you to log into it and you can vote there. Let's not have a travesty of a situation happen again this week like last week. It should have been Hailey or Naima who got the least number of votes, not Casey.

  82. Casey: "Hey Ahab," "The Last Song," "Bad Side of the Moon," "We all Fall in Love Sometimes," "Blue Eyes"

    Thia: Elton Who?

    Paul: "Your Song"

    Jacob: "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word," "Circle of Life"

    Pia: "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"

    James: "Saturday Night's Alright," "Hey Ahab"

    Hailey: "Blue Eyes," "Have Mercy on the Criminal"

    Stefano: "Sacrifice"

    Naima: "Come Down in Time"

    Lauren: "All the Young Girls Love Alice"

    Scotty: "Can I Put You On," "Blue Eyes," "Friends," "Saturday Night's Alright," "Holiday Inn"

    • I suggest Skyline Pigeon and We all Fall in love sometimes for my bet Stefano langone. Go stefano, you can nail this songs whichever you choose.

    • If ANY of the contestants sing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight",I swear I'm gonna rip off my ears, gouge out my eyes and pray to God no one gets hit by a TV falling from the 11th floor apartment window.

      • The Mystery is the first person on this page I feel I can relate to.

        With one small alteration if I may take the liberty…

        "I’m gonna rip off my ears, gouge out my eyes and pray to God Elton John gets hit by a TV falling from the 11th floor apartment window."

    • Wow. Good choices. I haven't head many comments about Paul. Doesn't everyone love his voice? It's so unique and with his smile and moving on the stage makes him an instant success. Doesn't he?

      • Paul is going to do a Right Said Fred song and will do his thing at the Catwalk. I am not a fan of Paul cuz he looks gross with his tight pants and beard, same with case…. they look like those big bike riders of Harley with all that stuff.

  83. Always loved "Where to now St. Peter?" It could be a very soulful song for someone . . . Thoughts?

    • "Where To Now St. Peter?" sounds like something right down Casey's alley but, with almost being voted off next week, I look for Casey to stick with something more safe. I know they complimented him for being fearless after singing Nirvana but he can't afford to play around this week. We might even see him with that upright bass again.

      • This could either be sensitive or rock…slow, quiet, intro with the "Blue Canoe" lyrics almost whispered, then a total upbeat rock-out plea . . . "Where to now . . ." I thinking of 3 or 4 that could pull it off . . .

      • Actually thought the song that says it best for Casey is "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" but think Honky Cat is more his style.

  84. We, the McConnells suggest that James needs to sing the song "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting". The version done by Nickelback and Kid Rock is fantastic and we think it would be right up his alley!

  85. Elton John will be difficult to sing, difficult to, carry the music. We will see the true talent in the contestants. I am looking quite forward to it!!

  86. Casey –> Believe

    Haley –> Blue Eyes or Border Song

    Jacob –> Don't Let the Sun Go Down on me

    James –> Rocket Man or The Bitch Is Back

    Lauren –> I like her, but I can't find anything that fits her style.

    Naima –> Circle of Life

    Paul –> Tiny Dancer

    Pia –> Someone Saved my Life Tonight

    Scotty –> The One or This Train Don't Stop There Anymore

    Stefano –> Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

    Thia –> Can You Feel the Love Tonight

  87. i thing James should sing a Mccartney,Air supply's making love out of nothing at all or bonnie tyler's total eclipse of the heart. hehe

  88. James should sing FEELING GOOD by michael buble. or if i can't have you by yvone elliman.. let us see if he can do it. haha! 😀

    • No way he can sing this like Adam Lambert did last time. That was the most awesome song done by Adam.

      • Agreed cathy! but JM, this is Elton week, why choose feeling good for james? strange choice!!

      • haha 😀 i just wanna say if james can sing that song as great as adam did. but i think it's so hard to do. i want to see james singing that song someday. :DD JAMES & Pia are my favorite this season. james is amazing and he can sing everything so i know he can sing FEEling good.. 😀 😀

  89. My Guesses:

    James- Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting…obvious choice

    Paul- Tiny Dancer…I think his spin on this would be awesome

    Casey- Your Song…Something more tender to showcase his vocals

    Haley- Crocodile Rock…Fast and kind of campy but I think she could put a decent twist on it

    Scotty- Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me…He'll make it a country version and honestly it'll probably sound pretty good

    Stefano- Rocket Man…Honestly I was thinking of Elton's hits and coming up blank on Stefano but I think this may work and he could show off some of his higher range

    Jacob- Daniel…Great restrained ballad that will showcase the tone of his voice instead of the range he has

    Thia- Candle In The Wind…another ballad but she could probably pull this one off

    Pia- Bennie and the Jets…something more upbeat for her this week. Let's see if she can actually work a stage.

    Lauren- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road…more mellow but not necessarily a ballad so it would fit her if she doesn't want to go full on ballad quite yet

    Naima- Can You Feel The Love Tonight…she needs to slow things down a bit and showcase her tone.

    • I don't agree with your choice for Scotty. Scotty can try "Nikita" to expose his low register; I like the sound of bass instrument in the song, hence making the song is more suited to his voice.

  90. Kasey…someone saved my life tonight…absolutely great song…the meaning behind it…beautiful melody and lyrics! You would rock the house~

  91. i think for me, casey is one of the best singer in this season, i was shocked when ryan announced that he is in the bottom 3!! i can’t believe that he will going home. but thanks for the safe!! woooh! James durbin has a very amazing voice i always waiting him to perform. also PIA.Pia needs to do something different because if she will sing ballads ever week, she will become boring. i also like Thia because she has a beautiful and whole voice among the rest but she need to sing a song that is not boring.try to do different!!. Stefano is also good but when hitting the notes, its like he will erupt and he need to choose a song fit for him..Haley has a nice voice. dont know why she is always in the bottom 3 this past few weeks.i dont like paul because he is so boring but his voice is a legend?.. Naima.. she is really entertaining. she is so excitingto watch but sometimes it is kinda pitchy.right!it is pitchy,. Jacob, he has a wonderful voice ,but he need to control when hitting high notes.his vocal range is amazing but dont overused it. Scotty is a WOW! i liked his voice and he is also one of the best. Lauren is also good and the quality of her voice is amazing. ilike her…….. You know its really hard to judge the contestants because they are ALL good.

    My top 5 is JAMES PIA SCOTTY CASEY and JACOB… -in order.. 😀

    • Stefano is the best for me and under rated but he will go up in the ladder slowly but surely.

  92. I can't figure why Elton John for this week. There are so many better artists like Stones, Sinatra, Jackson, Queen, Beatles, etc… Or songs from Woodstock, movie tunes, the stage.

    BTW Pia has been great week after week. She has the voice, the looks (she's hot), the finesse (command of the stage), & the style of a star. Scott & James have also been consistently good every week & if I had to pick a cinderella it would be Haley.

    • Stones, Sinatra and Lennon/McCartney's theme was already present last season. As far as I know, Elton John's theme has never been provided in AI. With the remaining contestants in this season, this is the right time to present Elton' theme.

    • I agree with you about Pia. She is so beautiful and sings like an angel. It will be hard for NOT to win the whole thing. She just oozes star quality.

  93. Hi, the Elton John song that i think will be great is Candle in the wind sung by Pia. I have a small request could you please ask Scotty to sing Kenny Rogers – Gambler or Coward of the county please please please. thank you, a request all the way from SA.

    • Candle in the Wind is too simple for Pia. She needs song which has high level of difficulty.

  94. Would love to see James do something of Yellow Brick Road like "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" or "Funeral For A Friend".

  95. Paul – it doesn't matter what he sings. He'll just jump around like a muppet and sing off key. He will appeal to other muppets who will vote for him anyway because he has shiny teeth.

    Scotty – it doesn't matter here, too. He'll countryfy every song he gets, pop in a low note or two and give a John Wayne-type stare. Rednecks love him.

    Lauren – it doesn't matter here as well. She'll dress all pretty-like and she'll get votes. Hell, she might even sing something.

    Thia – Crocodile Rock? Something that will keep me from falling asleep.

    Jacob – Circle of Life? He needs to better Jennifer Hudson's version if possible.

    Casey – Little Jeannie. He needs to play the upright bass again.

    James – Candle in the Wind. A nice melodic tune for a change

    Stefano – Don't let the sun go down on me.

    Pia – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

    Naima – Nikita (Eddie Lovette's Reggae version)

    Haley – Your song

  96. James or Casey should do ROCKET MAN or BENNY AND THE JETS. I love the song DANIEL..not sure who would do that one justice.

  97. I would love to see NAIMA sing "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word". It would showcase her amazing and rare contralto range. you go girl!

    Blessed Love. 🙂

    • Im not sure if Naima could sing faultlessly this song since she tends to go off key sometimes.

      • nah. she could work on that. do you remember her singing "For All We Know", "Put Your Records On" and "Summertime"? she nailed those songs even without dancing. I believe in NAIMA. what a performer. 🙂

    • Yeah, VKATE you're totally right! Now that you mention her contralto range, I can hear similarities with Alicia Keys and Amy Winhouse. It's a rare female range, and she should really work that silky, rich tone! I've loved her vibe from the beginning, and I hope America catches up…

  98. IN order of my favorates to least favorate of the idols

    James Durban- Crocodile Rock

    ScottyMcreey- Candle in the wind

    Pia Toscano- Daniel

    Paul Mc donald- Island Girl

    Casey Abrams- Dont let the sun go down

    Stephano- your song

    Jacob Lusk – Sorry seems to be the hardest word

    Lauren Alaina- The bitch is back

    Haley Reinhart- Dirty little girl

    thia megia- can you feel the love tonight

    Naima ADedapo- goodbye yellowbrick road

    thse are the sejjestions i think would be wise

  99. When will ABBA theme be present in AI ? I hope the producers will provide it this season. Elton John's theme favors to the boys, while ABBA is good for the girls, creating the balance. I can easily give songs selection for the girls in ABBA theme :

    1. Pia Toscano : Chiquitita/Dancing Queen/Ring Ring

    2. Thia Megia : Fernando/I have a dream/Dancing Queen

    3. Lauren Alaina : Ring Ring/Mamamia/Super Trouper

    4. Haley Reinhart: Super Trouper

    5. Naima Adedapo : Take a Chance

    What do you think ?

    • I think you've jumped the gun and hedged your bets.

      Simultaneously, that's quite an achievement.

    • Although it's possibly quite difficult for the boys to sing ABBA's songs, I still can imagine

      James singing "Mamamia", Casey singing "Gimme Gimme Gimme", Paul singing "Honey Honey", Stefano singing "I have a dream".

      • I would turn off the tv…if paul sings honey honey & dance on stage….yuuuuk!!

      • I love Abba. A fantastic song-writing team, but…. BUT their songs always sound terrible when somebody covers them. Idol should push the boat out and have Guns 'n' Roses week. Now THAT would be a show!

      • Oh wait, it's just occurred to me. They're totally going to have an Aerosmith week aren't they?

      • Wow! I don't think many can handle aerosmith. I guess more than half will be voted out! remember Danny Gokey who did dream on & been sent straight into the bottom 2??

    • I love to see Jacob to sing….dancing queen…since he always dance on stage like one….lol!!

      • Lol, dont klet Jacob dance anymore, its awkward to look at. Too big size and he is like a hippo dancing there. Just sing with hand gestures maybe and move around a bit. Same with Paul, i hate his dancing style.

  100. Thia for Disney song again ?

    nahh ! not again Thia 🙁

    hope she`ll do better.

    and btw , if Pia would do a ballad

    then it would be her 5th ballad. LOL 😀

  101. Here's my choices for songs:

    James Durban- Grow Some Funk

    ScottyMcreey- Turn The lights Off When you Leave

    Pia Toscano- Crazy Water

    Paul Mc donald- Ball And Chain

    Casey Abrams- Honkey Cat

    Stephano- Empty garden

    Jacob Lusk – Don't let the Sun Go Down

    Lauren Alaina- Made in England

    Haley Reinhart- Blue Eyes

    thia megia- can you feel the love tonight

    Naima ADedapo- Island Girl

    • I suggest Sklyline Pigen for Stefano…. He will certainly nail this one. Go Stefano.

      • I like stefano also, then lauren and jacob. I like the wholesomeness of his personality.

    • Someone has to do "Border Song". Don't think Haley would be the best choice. Jacob could do it. Remember it was a great song for Aretha.

      I think Scotty could do well with "Your Song"-I can just imagine it in his country style. But what do I know-last week I thought he should have done "Only the Strong Survive"(Elvis did it) and Scotty was great with "For Once in My Life".

      Honky Cat would fit Casey so well.

      I love the song "Friends"-would be good for Thia or Pia.

  102. Casey should sing "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"

    For Scotty, "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues"

    Thia should sing another upbeat song! "I'm Still Standing" ? Maybe.

  103. look back into his early music, Elderberry wine is one of the best elton songs ever.

    • Some elderly songs by elton john is not familiar to me. only those recent ones i know and Candle in the wind and Sacrifice are the best.

  104. I thought it was a myth that no-one in America understands sarcasm, but geez I'm busting my balls here, people.

  105. Getting tired of the same OLD'IES. Need to update list of songs to chooes from!!!

  106. Matt…Thanks for the update… usual.

    My concern is that its going to be very hard for these singers to make an Elton John song their own without ruining it……I guess we will have to just watch Wednesday night and hope for the best.

    I just hope that James (my fav) will sing a soft song so he can show all his critics that he can sing anything….


  108. Oh well. It’s Elton John Week. I know a lot of his songs because I grew up listening to his music. And I did a little review of them. Here are songs that I would personally choose for the contestants.

    This season has the strongest and best talents ever, EVER! I LOVE THEM ALL, that I’ll dread the day when this season ends.

    Arranged from my most “favorite” to my least “favorite”:

    NAIMA- “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” or “The One”. I love her singing and dancing all together, but this week, I’d love to hear her sing a SOULFUL song. I’m sure you all remember how she nailed those notes from “For All We Know” she left my eyes leaking after that song, very touching. I want to see her bring something like that again. you go girl! 🙂

    PAUL- “Your Song”. OMG! He sings this, and I might die. <3

    STEFANO- “Skyline Pigeon”. This song fits him. Maybe if he’ll keep his eyes open and connect to the audience, this would fly him UP UP and AWAY, to the STARS. 🙂

    HAYLEY- “Blue Eyesl”. Another blue for Hayley. lol. but yeah, I imagined this song with her voice, and it’s great. Of course. 🙂

    JAMES- “Levon”. He’ll nail this song. I just know. 🙂

    THIA- “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”. Another disney song for Thia. This is a WIN song, if sang with feelings and EXPRESSION. I have a thing for expressions.:)

    JACOB-“I’m Still Standing”. I really think it’s time for Jacob to get out of his comfort zone. This is an up-beat song. No choirs for this week. 🙂

    CASEY-“Benny And The Jets”. This suits his voice and singing style. bebebe-Benny and the Jets!yeah!

    PIA- “Crocodile Rock”. If Pia will sing another ballad, I’d get a ticket and fly to LA so I could slap and wake her up. LOL. I can’t do that, I love her. I hope she sings this, up-beat. 🙂

    LAUREN- “Believe”. I think this song fits her. 🙂

    SCOTTY- “Candle in the Wind”. This song is somewhat country-ish. I can see, he struggled a bit during Motown. Hope he gets this. 🙂

    I really can’t wait to see their performances.I hope I got some of my GUESSES right. LOL.


    Blessed Love everyone! 🙂

  109. If James Durbin tries to do "Love Lies Bleeding" with it's great potential for a shriek-fest, I may just have to kill myself.

  110. Naima – While I'd love a high energy or African themed song – this week she needs to reestablish in voters minds that she IS an exceptionally good singer with a very rare contralto. Her mom is an established jazz singer. Tactically, this is the week to show "Dammit" I can sing your socks off. I recommend "The One". Then get back to another effort at being the complete package – the Idol performer with style, looks, moves, dance on top of the singing. I know Naima is not the singer Pia is – but everything Pia is not, Naima is out doing. She is this seasons Siobhan Magnus – another fav of mine shooting to be a whole package but with flaws as well as exceptional gifts. And like Magnus, you love or hate Adedapo.

    James – He takes on Benny and the Jets, rocks it out right and gets the crowd into it, he OWNs the Night.

    Scotty – He can absolutely slay a number of Johns/Bernie Taupins slower, more personal numbers. "Your Song" then "Daniel" leads my list for the talented teen.

    Thia – Along with Naima and Scotty, she has rare vocal gifts. That incredible tone. She won't win, but I love hearing her and she – exact opposite of Naima – needs an uptempo song she has to risk moving with, and look authentic and confident doing so. A tall order. But critical to her survival.

    Dark Horse Haley – "Blue eyes", or big risk and do "Crocodile Rock"

    And anyone singing that dreary overplayed Cult of Lady Diana song "Candle in the Wind" should be voted off.

  111. Something from Tumbleweed Connection would be a good choice, some of Elton John's best songs are on that album, and they haven't been done to death. Love Song, Come Down in Time, Country Comfort, Burn Down the Mission.

  112. Stefano will stay in his comfort zone by singing Skyline Pigeon (wishful thinking 🙂 ) Yay, i know stefano will get lucky and soar like a skyline pigeon…. Go stefano, Muchos Besos!!!

  113. I had forgotten how many wonderful songs he had wrote and 2 favorite for this week is..Candle in the wind,dont go breaking my heart.I can see pia or stefano singing candle in the wind..dont go breaking my heart..thats a hard one.

  114. I think Casey should sing "Bad side of the Moon" its a B-side of Border Song its an Elton John/Bernie Taupin original

  115. Last week, contestants sang hits from motown and they have a great choices of songs. It is really hard to judge them in their performance and it was a shocking news wen casey is in the bottom 3 and going home. but thanks because he is safe..

    Last performances:

    casey- he sang I Heard it Through The Grapevine and that is better than his last performance. It was painful to watch and he need to control in being angry when he sing but it is natural ad good. He is a legend and and like a PRO.. 😀

    Thia- she sang heat wave. Randy said from her past few performance that she was boring. and it is true. you know, she has a voice but she is not thinking of an idea that is a WOW factor. she nweed to do different this week if she want to stay.

    Jacob- his last performance is amazing. it is better than the past performance. it is much better. He just need to train his voice when hitting high notes.this week, i think he need to pick a song that fit or him. NoT HIGH,not LOW just control it and it will become perfect.

    Laurem -she is really impressive BUT she needs to do a thing that the people will be surprised. i kow he can sing and she is exciting to watch.

    Stefano- we know that stefano is a great singer. we saw that last last week his performance was a breathtaking performance. you know, if he will choose a song that fit for his voice,he will be a favorite.JUST USE YOUR HEAD there are lot of ways that you can do because you are awesome.

    Haley- haley has a voice.dont know why the past few weeks she is always in the bottom 3. i lked her voice. she just need to use her voice in a diffrent thing.

    Scotty- he is always good and phenomenal. last week,it is not a good song choice but it is justfine. many people liked himv and think his journey isa very long road.:D

    Pia- she is fantastic. but if next week she will sing another ballad, i thin she will became like thia. she need to try diffrent if she want to win because she is has a 90% chance of being an idol.

    Paul- i don't lke him,just being true(dont be mad). it was irritating when he dance. he should use his talent in writing songs. dont waste time in singing. but he is good.

    Naima- i want her performance everytime it is an upbeat. she is exciting and entertaining to watch. Some time it is Pitch. haha right it is pitchy but her voice is good and the only exception is the controlling.

    JAMES- he is my favorite among the rest. although some people was irritated everytime he scream but i always like his performance. he ca sing everything. many people compare him to ADAm but they are lot different. adam is an stage actor since he was a child and he is a PRO and James is just a simple man and just starting his journey. Now, he just starting, he can sing well what if he will be trained. HE has a very nice vocal range and i know he can make it to the top.

    That is just my opinion so if you have comments just say it properly. 🙂 🙂 dont get mad if i say something wrong coz it is just an opinion 😀

  116. i love to see stefano and thia duet together…they looking good togther u know..i watch american idol last week when thia and stefano in botttom 3… i have my new favorited loveteam THiano!!!!!.. GO THIANO!!!

    • This is for Branden, I have made a few posts here but I find it very difficult to find them later when I want to see if anyone commented back. Do you have any tips on how to find your post? I look at dates and times but still I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. Thanks

  117. I think Casey should sing Benny and the Jets. I think Paul should sing Rocketman. Anf for Thia, I thought Randy told her to stay away from BALLADS… Circle of Life??? BALLAD ANYONE?

  118. James – Saturday night is alright for fighting

    Paul – Daniel or Your Song

    Casey – Rocket Man

    Pia – Dont let the sun go down on me (but the judges told her no more ballads) so maybe

    Crocodile Rock?

    Jacob -Daniel

    Haley – Candle in the Wind

    Naima – Circle of Life and she can dress up like a lion. 😉

    Lauren – I'm still standing

    Scotty – Something about the way you look tonight.

    Thia – Can you feel the love tonight. or Blue Eyes (but she doesn't have a baby).

    Stefano – Someone saved my life tonight


  120. Pia come back But James my number 1 man your the best and your going to win you earned my vote your fantastic the best Rock in roller i have heard since 1970's till now you are truly a rocker fantastic good going good golly miss jolly

  121. i think scotty is a great artist i would love to hear him sing one of the late great CONWAY TWITTY SONGS.

  122. the winner will be scotty for sure im sure and im so glad haley left she was the worst ever. but no mater who it is scotty or lauren they both are good and will make albums but i jsut think scotty will be the winner go scotty

  123. I want Scotty to win……his voice is amazing. Love that deep country voice……….GOOD LUCK SCOTTY

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