American Idol 2011 Top 11 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 11 tonight on American Idol 2011 and who will move on to the season’s Top 10 and earn themselves a coveted spot on the American Idol Live Tour!

Based on your votes in our Top 11 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination as Stefano and Haley with a two-way tie between Lauren and Naima for rounding out the Bottom 3. My prediction? This could finally be Haley’s last week and a missed Idol tour. Then again, Nigel Lythgoe has alerted us to “shocking news” tonight, which isn’t how I’d describe Haley’s elimination. So maybe we’ll all be surprised by the end of the night.

Shocking Update #1: Β Hulk Hogan personally delivered good news to Paul and James! Hulk comes out on stage, lets the guys know their safe, and then slams Seacrest into the audience.

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American Idol 2011 Top 11 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Thia Megia – Ryan reveals she is safe!
  • #2 – Stefano Langone – Ryan reveals he is safe!
  • #3 – Casey Abrams

American Idol 2011 Top 11 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Casey Abrams Wait! The Judges’ Save is used andΒ Casey is safe!

Shocking Update #2: All 11 of the contestants will go on tour! Two singers will be eliminated next week, so to avoid a 9-person tour team, they’ll just increase the count to 11 singers. Get ready to buy your American Idol 2011 Tour tickets for this summer.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. WOW Steve Wonder!!! πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday Steven Tyler and many more!!! you look fantastic πŸ™‚

      • celebrate good time come on……….gabriela let's have a good time…..celebrate good time come on….yehey…..THIA is SAFE………crazy gabriela……..let's celebrate and have a good time………yehey…….Thianatics……Group hug……yehey……

      • Celebrate? Hahahahahahaha, next week TWO contestants will go home and, if you didn't see the show I will summarize it for you: THIA WAS BOTTOM 3. Do you know what that means or you are just plain dumb? Hahahahahaha, I knew she'll be on the bottom, it was so obvious!

  2. I am so curious, Ryan said there was a "shocking" outcome after the votes… what can that be? I thought that would be something like Pia or Scotty on bottom 3, but obviously that's not the case.

  3. That scared me until Hulk Hogan showed up then I knew that James and Paul were safe. I am a James fan, and while I am not a Paul fan I thought he gave a solid performance last night.

    • Whoa, a little surprised by that one — Thia AND Stefano on the chopping block? I still say it's Haley. #Idol

      • to be fair, last episode's bottom 2 (3-1) performed very well last performance night. haley performed well as well as naima.

        off topic: do you think the musicality of james and haley are the same?

        i do think so.

  4. OMG hahaha this was funny Paul and James you are not safe!! and I mean really you are not safe!! hahaha LOL

  5. You go American Idol. The best ever season. The change in the way you are doing this year is the BEST!!! Keep it up. On pins and needles to see the final results tonight.

  6. Ufffffffffff for me very unexpected I just hope Stefano stays and as Ryan said is a shocking night maybe Casey is going home ! OMG!

  7. Well, well… I think, I THINK that I was not the only one that dislike Thia's performance last night. America got it right! A true fan will accept the ups and downs of his idol, but the Thia lovers are so obsessed and close minded that couldn't accept the fact that she was not good last night. A good thing for her will be that, if she stays and Stefano or Casey go; this can be a wake up call for her and she can bring her performances to a higher level. So, if she stays this scare maybe a good thing. Let's see what happens.

    • Well Thia, you have another chance. Step it up! It's obvious you are no longer one of the favorites (you were on the bottom 3) so please wake up and stop boring us!

    • I agree with you, Gabriela. This can sing, but very boring. Nothing special with her performance. She needs to do something.

      • Hehehe, I know what you meant! πŸ˜€ And I totally agree. Her fans brag about her having a strong fan base but, where were they last night? The girl was the only girl at the bottom 3… Dang! That shows something right there!

      • @Gabriela – but Stefano is lower than Thia. So I guess she has a stronger base fan than Stefano.

      • Anonie, if Ryan sent her to the couch before Stefano, that doesn't mean he had less votes than her.

  8. america got it wrong for bottom 3 – haley instead of casey – send her packin…

  9. Im missing the show.It went off the air.I hope they show it again. What a diappointment.

  10. Well this will be the first time a guy gets eliminated. If I had to choose, I would pick Casey to stay.

  11. YES! thia is afe ;))


    whoahhhhhhhhhhh ! this is what hot singing is all about ! hahahah !!!!

    Bye Stefano ..

  12. Come to think of it guys, maybe they are really not the bottom 3. maybe its a strategy for the ratings. They picked those who are good to the stools and send the not so good on the couch to make people stay tuned. its a possibility.. just saying.

  13. Anyone know who was eliminated?? It went off air and my mom is freaking out she want's to know so badly

      • Casey was the bottom but the judges stopped his singing to tell him they are using their one and only save. All 11 are going on tour. This episode was by far the most entertaining but I don't believe those were the real bottom 3. No matter Casey is my favorite so I'm glad he is staying!

  14. I am happy that the judges saved Casey! I don't know what was wrong with that vote, but he did not deserve elimination tonight.


      • There was something wrong with the phone lines. I tried several time to vote for Casey and got the "all lines are busy" message. I didn't get the message for anyone else. Shouldn't that mean he got so many votes the phone lines couldn't keep up? How then did he get bottom 3?

  15. Isn't it crazy that both Jennifer Hudson and Thia were in the bottom 3 the day after they sang Heatwave?

    • Same here. I'm also a certified Thianatic can't help but love this girl. Go Thia!!!

    • jeff #32- there are hundreds of chanals to choose from, "suck" out to another and let us enjoy AI!

  16. America totally got this wrong!! Casey has a tremendous singing voice. Stefano was correct and Haley should have joined him. Thank goodness the judges had the smarts to use the save and keep Casey.

  17. no they did not, should of been paul mcdonald going home, he sings like someone stepped on his foot. terrible singer, not special at all, just a bad singer…

  18. Thia should have been eliminated. She has a weak voice. The judges should have saved their saved for later on.

  19. Glad that Casey was saved!!! He is awsome and I didn't get to vote lastnight I won't miss voting anymore

  20. SPOILER: 2 people will go home next week, but the top 11 will go on tour. – Billboard

  21. Picked Casey as going home. He is acting to pompous and radical. He better slow it down or he will waste the save!

  22. I have watched almost every season. This season is by far the absolute best. The talent is amazing!!!! Every contestant is truly a contender. Casey definitely deserved the save tonight. I am so excited and please with the show this season that I found it necessary to make my thoughts known. Everyone I speak to totally agrees with me. Awesome!!!!!

    • lisa #43- i agree with ur comment. this years talent is unstopable. my i add the judges are great & good job in saving casey abrams. time will tell all. as i see it casey, will be a bright, bright star!!

  23. suprised those who dont know how to sing were in…..naima….hailey….paul and stefano……

    • And I am surprised people like you are allowed to use a computer hahahaha! America voted, and the bottom 3 are: THIA, Casey and Stefano. Mmmm that says something to me hahahahaha!

  24. Casey, please shave, clean up a little, u r very good , but i think the reason you dont get alot of votes is because you have a "Dirty Look".But I love you u still get my vote

  25. Are you serious people??? OMG!!! Casey rocks and should win!

    So glad the judges saved him.

    At least someone recognizes talent!

  26. This was a shocker, for sure. Casey has been the favorite and it is amazing that he could be the one to go. So happy the judges saved him, as he has talent to spare compared to a couple of others whom everyone expected to go. Hope the voters get it right from here on out.

  27. This just goes to show how totally clueless most people are about true talent. This guy should have never even been close.

  28. @ Jeff…you can stop watching anytime…no one is forcing you to watch it…all of us that get on here Love American Idol…no matter what happens…

  29. From now on, i will make my comments diligent and proper. Ill just cheer for my favorites and all those who i dont like, i wouldnt mind them no more…

    Sorry for those who I've offended. Its because i am fan, and i am a Human. again, sorry guys. lets keep it in a mature way. πŸ™‚

    happy no one will go home. atleast i get to see them on Idol Tour. πŸ™‚

    • I love Casey. I can't believe he was voted off!!!! Amazing is all I can say about that. I so GLAD he was saved. And he was sooo grateful. He almost brought me to tears. I'm glad the whole group is going on tour. I think they all deserve it. This is the best AI ever. The bottom 3 really shocked me. I totally did not expect that. I'm glad it was a happy ending.

    • Casey, as it turned out, had the lowest number of votes — so chalk up one more surprise. Even more of a shock than that: He was barely 10 seconds into his sing-for-your-life song ("I Don't Need No Doctor") before judge Randy Jackson cut him off and told him they didn't need to hear anymore. The judges used their one save of the season him.

      It's the earliest by several weeks that the save has ever been used, and it means that two people will go home next week. Seacrest also announced that the "Idol" producers had pre-determined that if this situation were to arise, all 11 remaining finalists would make the summer tour.

  30. I am incredibly happy that Casey was saved. He did not belong in the bottom three. I can think of three others with much less talent than he has that should have occupied those seats!

    • America screwed up this time but good call by judges, while Casey may not have the greatest voice he does have great stage presence.

      While I love Haley's voice, its limited with Thia and Stefano lacking stage presence to really connect.

  31. America did not get it right – Casey is probably the most talented musician on the show – Hailey and Stefano should go.

    Thanks judges for the great save.

    • Stefano was saved becuz he got more votes than Casey. Look American Idol is about singing and good looks. Casey is good but his looks not enough to sell an album.

  32. Casey deserved the "save"…Haily needs to go home, and Thia. Pia or James will be the new American Idol. I'm just sayin'.

  33. oh gabriela, you're a damn loser. you prayed hard to get thia eliminated but you got frustrated. you know what? better go mental hospital for you are beginning to lose yout mind. hahahhahahahahahha, and hahaha again. idiot.

    • You act like uneducated, calling people who dont like Thia as idiots. What about you? Please dont use foul language here, if you are a professional, you wont stoop down to that level.

    • Listen you moron! The only frustrated people on this blog are the dumb idiots so called Thianatics that insulted me when I wrote that Thia will be on the bottom 3 tonight, and guess what? SHE WAS!!! Can any of you write something without writing my name? I am getting tired of it, I don't name ANY of you because you are all losers to me, so stop commenting "Gabriela this, Gabriela that." Write whatever the hell you want but stop directing your comments to me. I get you are all obsessive, it shows clearly on your attitude towards Thia, but butt off!

      • i guess some people insults you here because you hated Thia PERSONALLY. you keep on saying Thia`s name that you wished she`ll go home & in the bottom 3 and that she`s weak & all those stuff etc.

        Thia lovers will definitely defend their idol so don`t be mad why these people fight you back. you started this Miss Gabriela. iv`e read your comments & its not healthy.

        We have our own opinion , Yes.

        but earn some RESPECT if you have that.

        Thank you.

      • Yes, and I'll say anything I want about her because everybody on this blog talks about AMERICAN IDOL CONTESTANTS! She is one of them, and I can talk about her and the other 10 all I want. But, if you want to continue talking about me, go ahead… I can't fight idiocy!

      • poor girl !

        just keep on going and those people won`t stop you. that`s what you want right? go ahead ..

        GOODLUCK baby ! πŸ˜€

      • Get a life Rox and all you thia fans get a freaking life because you need to be ready to have something else to waste your time on after that girl is eliminated and the judges can't save her that was the best part of tonight show,the save card was used,go judges goooooooo!

      • Gabriela, you are so amusing lady hehehe…. anyway, blogging here for fun is okay since this is free posting. I admire your tenacity. Case Abrams look like that bearded guy from Sons of Anarchy, is Casey anarchic too?

      • exactly rox……u started that gabriela…….thats y i have been looking on ur comments just to give u the middle finger u deserved……maybe if u showed ur not biased and not picking thia maybe then u wont see my name under ur comments everytime u make one…..

      • I can say whatever I want to say about Thia. But don't worry, that won't last long, after next week she won't be a topic here because she won't be on the competition. So, enjoy until then!

      • @Gabriela – Yes you are right you can say anything to Thia w/c of course always bad. And Thia fans can say anything bad to your idol Paul whose definitely the weakest in this competition in terms of talent. He is more on looks and the smile thing and awkward dancing.

      • Totally agree, you can say anything you want about Paul, not my problem. People keep writing awful things about him and I don't insult them for that. However, he's never been on the bottom 3. FACT! So you can't say he's been on the bottom because that hasn't happened.

  34. Glad for the save but..two next week? I thought Casey was gonna pass out he has been sick. I hope he quits cursing on air.

  35. I love the judges, but not right now. This is Big Mike all over again. Well, next week two go home, so have to suffer through one more Casey catastrophe.

  36. Whow, you never know what the public will do but, in my opinion, one of the best was about to go out the door. I was shocked and on the verge of tears when he started singing. Thanks for smart judges.

  37. I think the judges will regret their wildcard use for Casey. The fans voted him out for a reason. HE IS JUST NOT THAT GOOD.

  38. America got it all wrong. Casey Abrams was saved by the judges because he deserved it. He is an amazing talent. He has a huge career ahead of him regardless of next weeks outcome.Wish he could go back to playing upright bass and singing as he did in the auditions thats what got him on the show.

  39. I think it will be an amazing show for Casey next week! After almost going home, will it be the return of the bass man? HOPE SO!! That is the reason why I loved him so much in the auditions

  40. Casey shouldn't have been the one with the lowest vote, but I am kind of sad that they used the safe on him because this means that Haley will be in grave danger next round…

  41. American Idol is BS this season. Bring Simon back for the real American Idol. The show is sare NO saves o one sided …you know darn well they were gonna save Casey but at least now we know when Naima is in the bottom 3 which will be very soon I hope there will be no way Steven can save his little princess!!!

    • I agree, Naima needs to go. How does she keep squeaking by? Is there still a "vote for the worst" club out there?

  42. This is one boring episode of IDol… I just hate that Saving part…even in previous seasons…I am nothing against Casey and in fact i am a fan but it's kinda unfair for those who made it in the top and also unfair for the voters who spent their money and time to vote for their idols.,,,

    • The saving part makes up for the stupidity of the American people who vote for things other than talent.

  43. People need to vote for their favs. Thia should have been booted off, she's terrible but not Casey. Go Casey! ! !

  44. American Idol judges were 100% wrong in saving

    Casey Abrams. The voters chose the top 10, and

    that's the way it should have been. This bending

    the rules to have a top 11 on tour (should a

    favorite of the judges be eliminated 3/24/11) was

    way out of line and very unfair the the real top

    10 and slao to the voters. Voters wanted Casey gone and he should be gone.

    • Completely agree. I have no idea why everyone loves Casey so much. His last two performances justified him getting kicked off, and then the judges not only go and save him, but they also send him on the idol tour.


      At least he'll get voted off next week…

  45. well they got 2 out of 3 right. Casey is one of the most talented singers that has ever been on idol!!!

    • They did NOT get 2 out of 3 right!!! Stefano is an amazing performer. He's really good and has been for weeks. Last nite was not his best performance. Why he chose to sing crappy Hello is beyond me. but he still deserves to continue competing. There were one or two or three others that did not perform as well as him. I do agree that Casey is amazing. He didn't deserve the bottom 3.

  46. American Idol is BS this season. Bring Simon back for the real American Idol. The show is so one sided …you know darn well they were gonna save Casey but at least now we know when Naima is in the bottom 3 which will be very soon I hope, there will be no way Steven can save his little princess!!!

    • Steven clearly has a soft spot for Niama but diffrent strokes. After tonite it really doesn't make a difffrence.

    • Simon will never return to Idol after Nigel Lythgoe has harsh words for him. But i suggest they make Charlie Sheen as one of the Judges and the ratings of this show will go sky rocketing lol.

  47. Geez- shocking that Casey was in teh bottom or anywhere near but this was a great performance week and I am sure the votes were very divided so anyone could fall. I predicted Stefano and Thia in bottom even w lovely voices. Very talented and/or entertaining final group. Pia has to loosen up though great.

  48. I am REALLY happy that the judges saved Casey. He is an original and I will look forward to seeing him in the upcoming weeks. He is my number 2, James is my #1 but I will be rooting for him !

  49. So sad to see anyone leave tonight. AWESOME decision to keep Casey & PLUS allow ALL these (11) TALENTED Idols go ON TOUR! An outstanding ENCORE!

  50. There had to be something wrong with Casey's phone line last night. I tried several times to vote for Casey and often got "all lines are busy" message. I did not get it for any other contestant. Wouldn't that mean he got so many votes, the lines were overloaded and busy? How then was he the bottom vote getter??

    He is truly an artist and deserves to go far in this competition.

  51. This was the best show ever on American Idol. I loved recognizing Steven Tyler's birthday. Stevie Wonder was great! I loved Hulk Hogan and Sugarland and of course Jennifer Hudson. but what I loved best was saving Casey and letting all 11 of them go on tour. This is the best season because people don't want mean and unkind things being said to the contestants. The judges are the best. Great show. Thanks again. P. S. The whole family can watch because it is well done.

  52. NOT AT ALL!!!!! Casey is one of the best if not best musicians on the Idol stage this season,,,he is an incredible talent and has been since DAY #1…..let's not see him in the elimination hot seat again!!

    • OMG. Amen!!! Totally agree with you. I was shocked to see him on the bottom. I was praying he was chosen to leave though, because I KNEW the judges would save Casey. I'm not confident they would have used the save for Stefano. So happy with the outcome. Glad they are all touring. Glad things worked out the way they did. SUPER HAPPY to see Casey not going home!!!

  53. Casey is great and the save was a good one. I will say that for the ppl that do not like Haley you really need to open your ears, she is an amazing singer. she has that sexy soul-jazzy voice. Tonight was an awesome show one of the best I would have to say.

    • I don't think they should have saved Casey. He's alright but come on…the powers that be on AI probably already had plans for him on tour. The judges knew what was gonna happen beforehand. This was as fake as "professional" wrestling! However I really think Casey didn't know what was going on. I thought he was gonna pass out or poop his pants. Gosh! We'll just have to see what happens next week.

    • I could ride with that, since I don't anticipate either one being the winner in the end.

  54. @Cheryl – Stop saying that Thia has a weak voice…. Indeed shes a good singer she just dont know how to use it, maybe because shes still young.. She's in the competition so there's no reason for her to give her best…

    She deserve to be on top 11….

    Thia please do better next week, Dont follow the footsteps of Ramiele Malubay… Follow steps of Jasmine Trias..

  55. I think that Thea should have gone home tonight.

    She lacks, charisma, energy, and she is not able

    to let herself go. She is very young and she has

    a lot more time to get ready. Casey and Stefano

    are ready. Just watch Stefano get in touch with his

    sould and connect with the audience. He is the dark horse of this rase. Just watch!

    • You are so right! But Stefano will step it up, he has the charisma and the likeness. Thia on the other hand… ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. She's out!

    • Totally AGREE. I love Stefano and have pleasantly surprised by him week after week. I am so happy he wasn't eliminated and will also have a chance to tour with the group. This is an amazing group of talent this year. I really wanted happy endings for all of them. It was getting harder and harder to pick who should be eliminated. Very happy with the outcome and Stefano one of my favorites. So I am so glad he is still in the competition.

    • I totally agree with you Gurl, Stefano is the Dark Horse with his good looks and charisma and sweet voice.

  56. Some people say it's unfair that the judges saved Casey. But what about contestants that have rich family? It's kind of unfair as well considering that they can vote hundred times more than ordinary people

  57. So sad to see anyone leave tonight. Awesome decision to keep Casey & plus allow all 11 talented Idols go on tour! An outstanding encore!

  58. hello, this is Anna from Indonesia! πŸ™‚

    woohoooo…. so surprisingly!!! that judges saves Casey..!! oh nooo… the judges use their judge's saves right too early.. πŸ™

    they should let casey say bye, why not?? I don't like Casey, although he has a great voice and performance, but i think he should shave for a while!! he just 19 yo but actually like a caveman that came from before century. LOL..

    but, i'm glad that stefano and thia safe. both of them are my faves. Andd…. i think James and Pia will be at finale. I wish. they're sooo amaaazing!! πŸ™‚

  59. Agree,don't know how Naima keeps slipping through, is there still a "vote for the worst" club out there? I miss Simon too, but he will be back on X-Factor.

  60. Clearly America was smoking something last night.They cant spot a music talent.To eliminate casey means he is not that popular with America and has no chance of winning.While I think he was not going to win anyway he was definately worthy of the last 4 standing.

    • Agreed. Can't say if he will win or not until we see future performances though. One stellar performance can change the whole game.

  61. i hate all the judges especially jennifer lopez who is flirting with the contestant. hope next next year will be another set of judges. also, to ms. lopez, please do improve your english or maybe you can hire some english teachers.

    • that is so harsh….. how bout u, do u have a perfect english? just wondering….

    • You seem to be a Basher for some unknown reasons. Are you that perfect? Can you muster to speak in a public venue with millions watching you speak? Better shut up!

      • Moonlight, you have to understand how frustrated could be to defend someone's performance insulting others and stuff, and then realize that America thought so too. It must be eating them alive, so expect more of those comments my friend, they are just frustrated and cannot face the truth.

    • She's a lot better than Paula Abdul who talks like she's intoxicated (or maybe overmedicated?).

  62. I think america thought the rest of america was going to vote casey so they picked there other fave's

  63. America really goofed this week! Thankfully, the judges have their heads screwed on right. Casey Abrams is amazingly talented, charming, and original. Come on folks,let's vote for the person who presents the whole package to be the next American Idol, not someone gimmicky like was done a few years ago (don't want to mention names, but let's just say the winner of AI should not end up on Broadway!).

  64. I couldn't believe Casey was in the bottom 3 let alone the one to go home?? What are people thinking?? Thank you judges for saving him! If he would have went home I would have quit watching!!

    He is talented!! Go Casey….and yes, I vot3ed!

    • Casey should shave that beard and repackage self if he wants to stay on this competition. He looks like a Caveman really or some Redneck like those motorbike riders and those goons at TV series Justified lol…..

      • Oh yeah like that guy riding a big bike in the TV series " Sons of Anarchy" hahaha…. Just cut that curly hair and shave a little you will look good Casey.

  65. Thank you, Matt for the update and recap. Loved hearing the great Stevie Wonder…wow…I, for one am very happy with how tonights show turned out. Awesome. Looking forward to next week. πŸ™‚

      • Bitter? My favorite was not on the bottom 3, it was an AMAZING show tonight. πŸ˜€

      • hi gabriela. i'm a fan of thia because i love her voice but i must agree with you at some point. she started out to be one of the faves probably because she fought hard and made it through despite of her being so young. but we can't deny the truth that along her AI journey her inexperience will become apparent and that will surely hurt her performances. if ever thia gets booted out, i will accept it and be happy with the thought that she's already part of the tour (at least). i don't take your comments as personal attacks to thia because i'm pretty sure, if thia gives a solid performance, you have some good words to say, am I right? =)

      • Of course! Everything I say is based on performances, because I don't know them personally. Nobody here does, that is the funny thing. She might be the sweetest thing or she might be a bitch, who knows. And I don't want to know. They are competing on Idol and I judge their performances. I knew she was bad last night, and I knew she was going to be at the bottom 3. But I personally don't care about her, I don't know her. I don't have anything personal against her or in her favor, because I don't know her. Some people here act like she was their sister or something, and that is just ridiculous.

  66. Casey's voice is incredible but I believe the reason he was elimintated is because he needs to get a cooler haircut, get rid of the beard, cooler clothes. People are critical, (sadly)of the way a person looks. Get Cool Casey and I bet you willbe back at the top.

    • You are right. I guess every body around the world is right. You guys are pathetic. Stereotypes and look, really?

    • Yes totally. I couldn't beleive Casey is only 20 something!!!! He's really YOUNG, but you'd never know it to look at him. But looks aside, I vote for him every week because he is talented. I know his type of music may not appeal to everyone but he's on fire when he performs. He definitely needs a makeover on the outside but he was humble and grateful tonite and seems like a beautiful person on the inside = where it counts. I "save" was well used on him. If anyone deserved it, it was Casey. And he IS super sexy when he is performing. He just needs to bring that charisma out at other times.

  67. America got it totally wrong!!! Casey is one of the best performers on Idol and the bottom 3 should have been Haley, Naima, and Jacob with Haley going home!!!!! I am super glad that they used the save.

  68. What?! Casey does NOT deserve to be on the bottom three. Thia should definitely gone home. Yes, Thia is a good singer but she is boring. America got it wrong this time.

  69. My favorites & would love to see them til top 5 are:




    Casey ( thanks to judges for saving him )


    • I got other favorites and i wish they stay on top till the end of the season:

      1. Jacob

      2. Stefano

      3. Pia

      4. Scotty

      5. James

      Naima is good also but her offbeat style wont give her the title of IDOL. I wish her luck too cuz she is very persistent woman and determined to succeed.

    • I got other favorites and i wish they stay on top till the end of the season:

      1. Jacob

      2. Stefano

      3. Pia

      4. Scotty

      5. James

      6. Lauren

      Naima is good also but her offbeat style wont give her the title of IDOL. I wish her luck too cuz she is very persistent woman and determined to succeed.

      • What if Jacob will be the Next american Idol? will he be able to sell out CDS and Concerts like Adam Lambert and the others?

  70. Tonight I was wishing Simon was back.We the voting public hit the nail on the head. But some soft hearted judges told us to take a hike,we didn't know what we were talking about.We were right they were wrong,but next week 2 will have to go and they can't save anyone. AND THE PLOT THICKENS Thanks Carson

  71. America totally blew this one. I am glad the judges saved Casey. In my opinion he is a definite front runner! THE JUDGES GOT IT RIGHT!!!

  72. Casey's voice is incredible. But he needs to change is appearance. Cut and get a cool haircut, get rid of the beard, cooler clothes. People of very critical(sadly)of someone's appearance. GET COOL CASEY and I bet you are back on the top.

  73. Oh my God…I almost was as sick as Casey when I saw the results….thank God he was sved. Naima is soooooo tacky and should be eliminated. Isn't it obvious she should go?

      • NO WAY! Naima is awesome! Hailey needs to go—she's young and far too cocky—she has a great voice; yet, still has plenty room for growth.

      • I think the only one who will have a real music career is Scotty because AI has not successfully marketed any of its previous wanna be country male singers to country (except maybe Josh for a 15 minute of fame…the one who had the push up challenge against Simon). Scotty's smooth base notes seem legit for country and he looks country (no offense).

        Jacob will not make it in Gospel because the Black audience will not accept an openly flamboyant gay in Gospel.

        But I am really glad all 11 will go on the summer tour. I no longer care which two leave next week…they all made the tour!

    • 100% agree… That Naima (Not Niama or Naimi) chick should go… She can't sing. It's not a racial issue, I love Jacob Lusk, I think he has a super great voice, if he doesn't oversing all songs that he sings. Face it, Naima can't sing. Her pitch was all over the place, and she doesn't have range in her vocals compared to other contestants.

      • Why do people keep talking about range? Jacob Lusk has range, sure, but he's the biggest pitch offender of the whole group. I'll bring up my example again. Ella Fitzgerald, one octave voice, is deemed a terribad singer by american idol posters that think pitchy is a real word and you have to scream super high notes or you aren't a real singer. I think it's funny that these same people that complain about 'pitchy' of Naima think James Durban can actually sing. I agree, Naima has had 'pitch' issues, but she can very much sing. There were none of these 'pitch' issues last night and she gave a very good overall performance. None of them are Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston or Christina Aguilera so people need to stop talking about 'range' because none of them have an amazing range. Even Pia is pretty moderate when compared to the big shots.

      • Naima is wise because she appears to know how to market herself…to emphasize her strengths over her weaknesses. She might know she lacks the vocal power of Pia, but sees that Pia and Thia have only sang ballads and do not command the stage. Naima seized on this which helped her compensate for her good but not great vocals. I like her.

  74. I totally and completely disagree with america. I don't think that Casey should have been the one to go home..I am really glad to see that the judges saw it too, and decided to keep Casey..I do think that america needs to start to pay attention more as to who they are sending home..I mean that with all do respect.. They have put people in the past episodes in the bottom 3 that should have not been there, and they have also sent people home in past seasons who should have not gone home..sometimes i don't think its the voice that drives the vote as so should be the number one thing…and tonight is one of those times that i think was voted wrong..Casey is a very talented singer whom can sing anything..

  75. to malta ristorucci, are you from malta? you know what? your favorite stefano has the worst vocal of all the finalists from season 1 to season 12 and the next seasons to come. also, are you a woman or a gay?

      • I totally disagree. Naima and Haley are on a totally different level than Stefano. There's absolutely no comparison, technically, stylistically, vocally, musically they are above and beyond Stefano's capability. But I can think of quite a few previous contestants who are tons worse right off the top of my head: Lee DeWyze, Tim Urban, Sioban, pretty much everyone from season 9 I guess. If this was Season 9 Stefano would have had it in the bag.

    • I have to disagree… Stefano is one of the best vocalists this season. My only problem with him is his voice's to high and not pleasant to hear. Naima can't sing at all. You can't compare Naima and Stefano.

  76. Amazing! Funny how people think Haley and Stefano are not 2 of the best singers on this show. Not saying either will or should win but I am saying this tone-for any deaf Americans out there: Paul and Naima are without question the 2 weakest singers on this show! Ask any real musician who knows what a good singer is and they will agree. Singing lots of bad notes should get you canned on AI straight up! And it should be Paul and Naima who should go next week–in a perfect world…based on real singing ability…

    • I beg to differ with you–quite the contrary—Winning American Idol, as well as other singing competitions, involves the winner being an entertainer. Everyone can clearly see that Naima is purely an excellent entertainer!!! Paul is as close to sounding like Rod Stewart as anyone I have ever heard! Naima and Paul absolutely deserve to be on tour!!!

    • 100% agree. Naima should be the second person who got voted off after Ashton. She can't sing at all. She's a great performer, but it's a singing competition for God's sake.

  77. If we believe someone is so good that surely he (or she) would not be eliminated because others will vote for them, we end up in a situation like tonight. Don't forget ALL the good ones need your votes. YAY Casey!!!

  78. total shocker I thought for sure stefano was going to go. Just cause someone looks good does not mean there a american idol. Casey deserves to stay.

  79. No. I think that Casey lost votes due to the fact he was first. Plus it was difficult to get through last night the first hour. Casey is my favorite…the judges got it right though.

  80. this was a publicity stunt if ever there was one, designed to pump up interest in the show & the voting. funny that they had the nerve to bring hulk hogan on when they were the ones who were faking it. a new low for ai.

    • Agreed on that Dick…I guess AI has stooped to crazy stunts like Ryan flying off stage when Hulk Hogan hit him and really…Hulk Hogan??? I guess they have too much time to kill.

  81. Absolutely not America! The bottom three this week should be in the final top five. Casey and Pia are the two finalists. Judges must know that too.

  82. I have watched AI for several years and I think the judges this year are great! I hope they keep this trio for another 10 years! They have charisma and click well as a team…plus they know the music and what it takes to truly make it in this business. I think this change has been a good one!

    Best wishes…..

  83. Casey, the judges were right, you needn't sing anymore. They already knew you were a leading contender. You've been great throughout the entire competition. I predict you and James will be the last one's standing for A.I. 2011. Good luck to you both.

  84. i had in my mind the judges will use their power to save for the bottom 3 candidates!

  85. Will someone tell Casey to shave- if he shaves I dont think he will have any more trouble. He sings great but appearance is a little scruffy.

    • A little. He looks like the geico caveman, I know it shouldnt matter but your right if he cleans up he will get more votes.

      • If you think he's not all that attractive with the beard, you'll be appalled by how he looks if he shaves it off.

    • I think Casey should keep the beard. That's the reason he keeps it, because he looks worse and dorky without it. Trust me. Voice wise, he can sing, but please don't use that growl too much.

  86. auauo- says: "Stefano has the worst vocals of all the finalists from season 1 to season 12 and the next seasons to come."


    That comment tells us that you are not qualified to evaluate and judge what a good singer is. I can see why someone like Thia and Stefano could end up in the bottom 3 if there are enough people with this inability to hear the difference between a sharp or flat note. AI should send out a tutorial on that some voters could educate themselves about that. We might get better, realistic voting. But probably not…

    • @Thomas: Consider me your #1 Fan! That person's comments are disgusting. But, oh well!

      • Thomas, you sincerely need hearing aids. I don't know what Stefano your listening to but he is incredable and I'm his biggest fan.

    • I agree… I'm very confident in saying that Stefano is one of the best vocalists this season. Maybe his voice isn't a pleasant thing to hear, but not a single doubt he has all the great singer needs vocaly, wide vocal range and the ability to do those vocal acrobatics.

  87. This year American Idol has been extraordinary. Each contestant in the remaining group are so talented that it has been hard for the audience to decide who should go. I look forward to this group touring and look forward to seeing them if they come to my town! The judges are great! Thanks for saving Casey…..the tour will be as special as the competition!

  88. WOW! WOW! WOW! Tonight's results were UNBELIVABLE IDOL MOMENTS!!! I truly believe that this year's American Idol has been the very best season thus far. And, tonight's events sealed the deal!!! The summer tour is going to be sold out!! I can't wait!!! LOVE THE JUDGES this year, too!! They work together so very well!! LOVE AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!

    • Don't hold back, Alice. Tell us how you REALLY feel! Kidding-I agree. I SOOOO didn't want to be bored again tonight. We had surprises! I had fun-even with the cornyness of throwing the Seacrest dude into the audience. Hell, I've been hoping someone would do that for a long time! Birthday party thing AND Stevie Wonder works for me. Why not? Yeah, we know it's rigged, so what?? It was refreshing for AI to lighten up & run with some for a change. I wasn't bored, I wasn't bored, I wasn't bored——-YIPPEE—–!!!!!!!

  89. I have mix-feeling about the result. Based on yesterday's performance, I agree with the Bottom-3. Then again with the save from the judges, it will be harder next week to elaminate 2 contestants. Hope the contestant choose the right song for them and wish all the best.

  90. Pia and James are my top 2 prediction. I think they made a good decision saving Casey, but I don't think he'll stick around much longer. I was very shocked at today's bottom 3.

  91. Something is very wrong. I don't know what…perhaps the judges need to be extremely careful with their comments. Whenever they say anything at all negative about a contestant, voters go overboard voting that contestant down. Haley nor Naima should be in the competition. Too many positive reviews by the judges are keeping them in.

    • Haley definitely deserves to be in the competition. Her only fault is she's a little awkward and she really needs to work on her stage presence. She was in the original top 10 and is just as deserving to be there as any of the others. Blue, Falling, and this weeks performances were absolutely amazing not to mention her first Hollywood solo performance; forget about it.

      • I agree with you, David. Hale's a great soulful singer. Naima is the one who should got voted off.

  92. Sorry to say but i am NOT a Casey fan and they should of booted him. That save could of been used on someone way better. Just my opinion. And Niamia needs to gooooooooooooooo Can't STAND her. I love Casey and Lauren and Scotty!

    • Do you proof read your posts? You begin by saying you're not a Casey fan and finish up with "I love Casey". ????????

      • LOL. Jamie, give it up. You're one of those Casey fans. You're caught red-handed.

  93. The vote was a huge surprise. I think a lot of other people did what I did – vote for the contestants who I like but thought might be marginal and didn't vote for some, like Casey, who are clearly top tier but I thought would be safe no matter how I voted. Lesson learned. My general comment: Simon is a genius. After hitting a low point, AI is better than ever. All contestants are good singers and attractive performers. The judge mix is just right – with a true superstar set like a gem right in the middle!

  94. yey! so no one got eliminated. anyway, does this mean they are all tagging along for the tour or do we wait til next week as to who gets left behind?

    • All 11 will go on tour, but considering Casey's health issues this seems like an orchestrated move by the producers. Eliminate then save Casey, so that on the tour, if his colitis acts up, they still have a roster of ten singers per show.

  95. Tonight made me panic. I love Stefano. He is the most talented male this season. I want his cd now. Casey got the break of a lifetime. I hope he is thanking his lucky stars right now. They saved his career. This has been the best season yet. Thanks

    • Yes, they are right about saving Casey, but his beard needs trimming- not completely shaven off, but not as thick as it is now.

  96. I guess if you can't sing, you just do some crazy looking dance ? How can anybody who actually listened to the performances, think Naima can sing ? Seriously, would you go out & buy a CD of hers ? This year is going to be another "Daughtry" like fiasco.

    • I agree. Naima can't sing. The dance only distracted people to vote for her, not based on her voice.

    • I would buy a Naima Adedapo CD. I'm going to make a bumper sticker that says 'Yes, I voted for Naima Adedapo because she's fricken amazing!'.

  97. I think Casey should be in the top 3. But I have not been voting for him, because I thought he was a shoe in. I've been voting for another favorite. I wonder if other voters were also assuming Casey had his votes in the bag.

  98. I think the show tonight was scripted. Casey was overacting when he got saved. I think he knew that he will be saved before the show started. Base on the performances only Stefano is the one who needs to be in the bottom 3. Not Thia and Casey.

    • There was no way he was acting. His face was as white as a sheet. I thought he was going to throw up or faint.

    • They are definitely showing favoritism and if I were one of the other contestants I would be upset by it.

  99. I thought that American Idol was voted on by the people of America,not the judges. Saving Casey tonight was against all of the principles of this program. America does not like him, he likes himself. The other contestants deserved their places in the top 10. Your "save" has now been

    used…we hope that you don't regret it. There are some very talented people this season, and the judges are terrific. They have compassion and know

    music…but in the Casey situation, most of us did not want him to have the opportunity to continue.

    Apparently the fans of American Idol do not count…he finished last in the voting. Better rename the show…The Judges Idol. It is very sad to watch a program that you love to watch every week become a contest with the opinions of three people choosing their favorite.

      • I agree also, Casey should be gone, I would be glad. What's the point of the public voting if the judges over rule. Not that us here in Australia get to vote but you guys in America have just lost all your voting power this week to the 3 judges!

      • I agree…I was so glad Casey was voted to go home; and, would have loved it had the judges not saved him. I started dislikng him for screeching or even thinking he could sing "Teen Spirit". And yes, both he and his parents look like hippies who need a good bath!

    • i have to dissagree, J K Lowe. Casey has been having bad weeks but hes very talaented. And as for your comment about him "liking himself" you shouldnt judje people from seeing them 3 hours a week on TV

      • America does get to vote, but sometimes, like in my case we think someone is safe because of the wonderful comments the judges make. So we vote for the one that just had a bad week to try and save them. So for this reason I'm glad the judges can veto, I just wish they had more than one time to do it.

    • I agree Casey may not be the worst singer but his antics and screaming have become tiresome and I think people are trying to say that with their votes. Too bad the judges didn't catch that. Although JLo seemed to be saying to him people are gettin what you are doin chill out. Let's hope he listens. I have to say his theatrics when they saved him kinda annoyed me. I guess we will see what America thinks next week.

    • You must remember that the save can only be used once, and Casey deserved the save. He has talent, lots of it and deserves the chance to showcase more of it. So in the end, it will still be the people of America who will choose their Idol, as there will be no more future saves. Whether they do it correctly or not is their choice.

    • your an idiot casey is one of the more talented with the most versatile singing you can hear these days. Maybe if the teeny bops stop voting for the no talent singers casey would have more votes.

  100. Jennifer Hudson sang tonight. You know what so funny? she became bottom 3 twice and got eleminated at top 7. She's the only idol contestant to win an Oscar.. Where are all the American Idols?

    Even if Thia Megia leaves next week she has a bright future more than everybody in the competition. It's sad that America still cannot stand an innocent 16 yearold Asian American.

    • Thia should have gone home!!!!!!!!!! She is not diverse in singing style and is way too shy and doesn't have a personality. She's way too quiet and doesn't have any appeal. Sings fine, but limited.

      • Which contestant is diverse guardian angel? Scotty can sing only country, James is only a rocker & Pia sings ballads…etc.:))

      • I have a feeling that Thia wont win, there are too many factors going around her: Asian American, shy, no gimmicks, no sucking up to anyone, sticking to what she does best. But I want her to place well, not only because she has real talent, but because she has conducted herself really well in this competition, given the fact that she's only 16. I hope she has a successful career.

      • I do agree with you… she has a bright future ahead of her.. she would go far in this field. Afterall where are those american idols today?

        The most important thing is to show the world who you are as an artist. Thia has already achieved it. Everybody knows she has this amazing voice. Isn't that what you need as a singer?

  101. I notice no one has yet to mention this year's American Idol….Jacob Lusk!!! He beats all!! And before anyone starts with their unnecessary gay bashing, I'm a married straight woman!! Hello…..

    • I don't think Jacob will win, and it has nothing to do with his supposed sexual preference. Here's basically how it works. If you take 2 regular 6 sided di and roll them simultaneously what number will you get most often? 7, because there are more ways to make 7 than any other number (1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, 5+2, 6+1) The numbers that are on the fringes (like Jacob, Casey, Haley, Paul, and Naima) don't have as much overlap in voting pools and are therefore deemed as less 'popular'. tl;dr The more extreme you are the less you appeal to the greater audience.

  102. I love Casey's style. He not only has a great voice but he is really fun to watch. I'm glad that the judges saved him! Go Casey!

  103. I truly believe america got it wrong!!! KC has put his heart and soul into each and every song. He has touched me in all his music and I give great thanks to Steven,Jenifer and Randy for the save card to KC. Way to go American Idol you got it right, KC wont let you down!!!! From one of your greatest fans. Thanks Again Tina

  104. If Simon had been there, Casey would have been sent home. His voice is screechy and not up to par. Paul talk sings and is awful. I miss Simon's honesty.

  105. I don't know what was up with the vote, but Casey shouldn't have been in the bottom. I don't know if it was because Casey was the first to perform last night, or if since he was the first performance that they simply overlooked his performance after seeing performances from contestants like Lauren, Jacob, Pia, Scotty, and James. Who know, but the judges made the right decision.

  106. Wow!!!

    My utmost respect to the judges for their save tonite, obviously they see talent where america does not. Thank You Very Much Judges!! Now I can continue to watch the show.

    • I can't help but feel it was all set up and they swapped Haley and Casey to cause drama.

  107. One final comment. I don't think she will be America's Idol this year, but I really like Naima. She has had off nights but sang very well last week and there is just something about her heart that stands out in the crowd and can overcome occasional vocal deficiencies.

    • She's nice but this is about singing. You can't have off nights and win AI! If you can't hit the notes right night after night, then you are not ready for the big time. It's really simple. Ask yourself this: Do you hear Celine, Mariah or other superstar artists get on stage and not hit their notes perfectly? They would not be where they are today if they couldn't. Just sayin'. Naima is not there yet. The other contestants who don't sing off pitch should not lose out to someone who does.

      • There's only ONE American Idol winner that is even slightly comparable to the names you listed and that's Carrie Underwood. You think she didn't have bad nights? She was VFTW pick for like 3 weeks. How many other winners had bad nights or were just downright awful? Lee DeWize and Taylor Hicks are terribad but they won.

        Naima is extremely talented and I think she's learning a lot and is bringing what she's learned every week, unlike Stefano and Lauren, and James and Pia and Thia and Jacob.

        That being said, I don't think Naima will win, but it's not because she had 'an off night' because I guarantee every one of them is going to sooner or later.

      • Naima is great. I can trace her passion for music in her eyes. she's NOT boring like the other contestants. πŸ™‚

  108. Interesting that they ran a wrestling segment…tonight's show was about as scripted as it gets…saw the Casey exit and save a mile away (how many minutes would the show have gone over if he was allowed to sing for the save)

  109. The moron who is talking bad about jlo is an idiot!! She is beautiful and talented and she is a better judge than Paula or Ellen….going to the contestants….thia should go home…she has a good voice but she's too young and lifeless..boring! They are all talented this season…the best are Lauren and Jacob …Haley has a great voice and she is beautiful…she should stay longer in the competition…I still think that a girl should win this season….we all miss Simon!!

  110. America got it right. Casey was getting a little too confident. there is nothing special about his voice when he screams the whole time. I hope he goes back to how he was in hollywood week.

  111. The fact is that Casey really did misfire on some notes last night–not his best performance. Parts were dead on but he lost it on others. So based solely on singing performance, his was the weakest performance. But if you go back and review all performances since the top 24, you will see that the weakest singers are Paul and Naima–they sing off pitch way too much. The others just nail it other than Casey, who sometimes reaches and didn't hit it last night. I agree with Pam about Paul.

  112. Casey is an extremely talented young man – a local here. And I loved his Nirvana Teen Spirit. I got it. Guess I'm not even going to watch the show tonight. It's only 6:35 here in California. Saved me from wasting my time. Elimination nights suck anyway. Boring! I think Casey, Scotty and James should be the top three because they are the most talented and entertaining. Pia and Thia can sing for new Disney princess movies, Naima should go back to Africa (I'm not at all racist, just sayin'), Jacob can stay in the church choir, Paul should scratch his throat, Stefano can sing in a lounge, Lauren should go back to mommy, Hailey doesn't bother me but she's not the top. Just my opinion…

  113. I don't know what happened with the vote. If any guess would be it would be because Casey went first last night, and perhaps most hadn't tuned in yet, or perhaps since he went first his performance was overlooked after watching contestants like Jacob, Lauren, Pia, Scotty, and James perform.

  114. I think that America got it right. I also think that the judges should have saved the save. They are going to need it later. It is too early in the season.

  115. Tonight was staged! This was the only way the producers could keep the people they wanted for some reason. Put Casey up there so the public understands using the save tonight. Bottom 3 should have been Naima,Haley and Stephano. This is extremely fishy.

    • Yeah Naima is in!! She so fresh and exciting as a performer – and Paul too. Now they have a tour!!! well done Casey has alot to add to a tour as a comedian and musician so makes sense.

      • I agree! Those are my two favorites. Sadly it seems like many people just don't get how unique and fresh these two are. To me, they have the most creativity and potential for artistic growth and expression. Viva Naima!!!

  116. Very, very good decision from the judges. Casey cannot go. Absolutely not. He embodied what this show is all about. Personnality, originality, talent, uniqueness etc…Even tough I don't think he's the front runner, he deserves to be there for a longer time for our pleasure!!!

    Thank you judges!

    By the way, I really love the chemistry between Randy, Jennifer and Steven. They know how this business is hard and they respect the work and the young human beings trying to make it in this big machine of American Idol. I find that there remarks and feed-backs are so mature and full of respect and that their own egos are not interferrring. I don't miss Simon at all, even tough I thought I would. Good good show!

    THank you from Canada!

      • Would rather have Simon back. (love, love, love Aerosmith)but…Steven Tyler has nothing constructive at all to say. He's bored out of his gourd and "loves" everyone.

  117. I can't believe how the votes ended up tonight. Casey has been one of the top performers and then lands into the bottom three. There are several who should go before Casey in my opinion. Something was wrong with the votes tonight.

      • I was afraid that because there were so many Good performances that the 1st singing (Casey) would be overlooked when voting started. πŸ™

    • Caseys popularity has been slipping the past couple of weeks for sure (I think this site had a poll on it recently) James D also, but with his killer performance last night he pulled himself out. But Casey and Thia, while talented and with many fans, have been struggling to keep the votes for a couple weeks now it seems, and Stephano had been barely in the clear. It also could be that some of their fans just figured they were easily safe. Goes to show, you need to vote for your favorite.

  118. Is this a bit like the mode in our government now? The voters speak, but the judges know what's best for us?

  119. SPOILER: Hulk Hogan is now competing in American Idol and will join the top 11 as the 12th contestant!

  120. This is the first season I have ever been so involved in this show- I love the judges and feel that to save Kasey was appropriate- he is a fine musician and seems to be a very fine young man. thanks to them he will have another chance and prove that they did the right thing. This show is very entertaining and all the contestants very talented.

  121. Love Casey! Love Don't Need No Doctor! Love the Judges! I voted for Casey but I agree with the person who wrote that it is easy for "shoe-ins" not to get voted for. What a great night!

  122. I actually think they did, but I am very happy that the judges used the save for Casey.I love Stephano so I am worried about next week for him.

    The judges this year are fun to watch.They have added so much to the show. And of course it goes without saying that Ryan is the best.

  123. I have a confession… when they announced casey waas safe I got up and started dancing like paul mcdonald… πŸ™‚ haha

  124. I was shocked to see Casey on the bottom and the judges did the right thing in saving him. He has way too much talent and the fans will see that as the show continues.

  125. Keep Casey Alive Americans!!! He is what its all about….authenticity and in a league of his own!!Love him…and he's sexy too.

  126. Casey is the most interesting performer for me. Again, he is creative and the best musician, but possibly not the best singer.

    However, in this case, some of the best singers don't seem to have the musical sense to go along with the pipes

    • I agree. Everyone talks about how he doesn't really sing or whatever, but lets find some crazy big names of people that don't really sing that well. Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Macy Gray all come to mind. What did they have then? Musical talent and a unique sound, exactly what Casey has.

  127. I, too, was shocked that Casey was in the bottom three. I still think Thia should go home, but I'm glad the judges saved Casey. Unfortunately, next week will send two folks home but at least they'll all go on tour and probably get contracts.

  128. I think that you get results like this because we're voting for who we like, not for the one person we'd like to see tossed off the island. It would be different in that case. By voting for who we like, you get a vote-splitting effect – some sub-groups of performers compete for the same pool of votes. That wouldn't happen if it was a vote for the ONE person you want tossed.

  129. At the tryouts Casey was good, but the past couple weeks he's decided that we like to hear a growl in his voice. It's getting to be a little over the top and not showing us his real talent. Based on that America got it right. He didn't pull of Nirvana last week and this week his voice again cracked trying to keep the edge. He needs to get back to what he does best if he's going to have half a chance.

  130. The show not only lost Simon, it lost its class… how with no commercial break could the "judges??" have decided, without even letting Casey sing but the intro to his song… what they were going to do??? …. ….time to move to the NCAA it is less fixed than Idol!!

    • You are an idiot…the judges have been watching Casey for WEEKS…and have been HUGE supporters of his unique style. Do us all a favor and watch a differnet show!!

      • Dan, I agree Joel is off base. But, tonight is fishy. It does have a flavor of manipulation by producers. I love watching this show and I would hate if I am even a little bit on target.

  131. If i had to choose who went home out of that bottom 3 it would be Stefano even though he is awesome

  132. I was shocked that Casey and Stefano were bottom with Thia. Even more shocked that Thia and Naima were safe. So glad Casey was saved by the judges. People probably felt that Casey was so good that he didnt need the votes but now it's obvious that we all need to vote to keep the ones we like safe now that there isn't a judges safety net anymore.


  134. Thia should go. She is still young and has a lot of growing to do…She sings great but needs to live her life….Great save judges….I LUV STEVEN

  135. I was shocked after Haley 's worst performance she's not in bottom 3..she should be eliminated together with naima.. this is something fishy with the votes..

    somebody is tweaking it yeah

    • I can't agree with you… I think Haley did a great job last night. She sang all the notes correctly with all those vocal acrobatic thing, no pitch problems at all. And she looks beautiful and moved along in the stage great too, not boring like Pia.

      • Not once have the judges ever said Haley was pitchy. Do people notice that word has a red squiggly line under it when you type it? That's because it's not a real word and really doesn't mean anything. That being said, Haley is one of the few contestants to always hit her notes. I don't see where all the hate is coming from.

  136. Tonight was a shock to see Casey almost eliminated. I think his supporters, including me, will vote heavily next week to keep him on. I wish he would change his hairstyle and get rid of the facial hair though.

    I think Thia should have been the eliminated one, and expect to see her gone next week.

    • yeah!!! Loose the facial hair!! I wonder if his looks played a part in the decision..

      • Stefano shou;d go home… to casey stop screaming and change ur look, Thia more energy

  137. I find it a waste to have the public vote and then the judges override the voting. He deserved to go home, all he does is scream. Even originally when they brought back three, it seems unfair. Why bother voting at all. I know I won't.

  138. And Haley is the most soulful singer (even Randy said that)and I hope she stays on longer. I think she will keep bringing it till people start to get it. But I realize that if we really wanted a fair vote, people would get one vote and one vote only. Imagine if we ran our national elections where everyone could vote for a person(s) as many times as they like!

    • It's all about the money… The more the teen girls vote, the more the producers get money from them.

  139. American Idol was rigged tonight. No way was Srephano nor Casey actually in the bottom three. It was all planned to increase viewers. Haley, Thia, and Paul will go before those two.

    • No it was planned to save Casey and have 11 on tour to accommodate Casey's frequent health issues.

    • Templar's comment sounds more correct. It does seem really fishy, but I think Stefano and Thia were correctly in the bottom 3. I don't think Haley will go home before Stefano, but you never know with AI.

  140. Hopefully this will be a wake-up call to Casey Abrams fans – just liking him isn't enough! Get off your butts and vote, people! I will definitely be voting more vigilantly now, because I couldn't stand to see Scotty go home.

    Scotty is my pick to win, he made me fall in love with country all over again. Casey and James are really good too, and my favorite girls are Pia and Lauren. Naima and Thia need to go home, in my opinion. But, as we saw tonight, anything can happen! So vote for your favorites, guys!

  141. The whole voting system is suspicious. Face it…there are millions of dollars at stake and AI will get the results THEY want. Probably Simon, smart (but crude) man that he is, saw the ridiculousness of this whole charade and decided he had better things to do!

    • That's definitely a possibility. Having 11 idols in concert would bring in bigger crowds and more money.

  142. Casey get voted off? Yeah right…totally staged. Think they had this idea for a while. Lets take a favorite and bring him from being voted off to winning the competition.

  143. First of all i must say this is the best season ever! all 3 judges should never leave.I think Thia should have gotten the boot a long time ago. i just love this show πŸ™‚

    • I do not think Steven Tyler is a good judge. If you listen to him he rarely has any constructive criticism for the contestants. He is just an old rocker with nothing better to do.

    • Amie, Steven has to go… value at all except a laugh once in awhile at his one liners.. Paula has stepped in nicely and Randy just needs to step up some and be honest.

      • Paula??? I agree JLO is sympathetic like Paula but unlike Paula, JLO actually has some good advice from time to time. Former judge Kara D. had a nice mix of critique and knowledge but still I never heard of her till I saw her on the show and have not heard of her since. Like I said before, Steven has to go.

  144. Guess when thinking of Casey we must remember a couple of seasons ago when Doughtry (however he spells it) was voted off. He was awesome, too.

  145. Casey wrong one to vote off. If anyone should have gone home it should have been Haley, Neema, or Stefano

  146. Casey's probably the best entertainer but not the best singer. He tweaks every song he sings. I hope he stops overdoing it, he does it sometimes. I like him the best but probably won't win. I'll just buy his cds.

  147. Wow…what a surprise outcome. Thought Naima was history after that strange dance she did last night

    after singing a great song. She should go, then

    Haley next.

  148. Idol was awesome tonight brought tears to my eyes, this is the best idol ever i love it, love it

  149. based on last night's performance, Casey have the least performance, along with THia and Stefano.

    America got it right.

    I think that Branden's prediction was totally wrong πŸ™‚

  150. There is a problem with the judges this year. They tell someone like Scotty to stay true to himself and do what he does. They tell to stop staying true to what she does. Haley they tell her find herself and what she needs to be. Where is the consistent direction for the performers?

  151. no I was SHOCKED by the elimination of such a solid glorious talent… thank God the judges did what they did– great tv and great decision

  152. I agree with those who think this was staged! This is not the first year I thought that, but this was more obvious. If it was not staged, then America got it right. Casey seems like a nice person, but I don't like his performances. Naima should try out for "So You Think You Can Dance" because she is pitchy and puts too much emphasis on dance. This week did not showcase her lack of range and was a safe song. The judges have put the "closing your eyes" in the fan's heads now so Stefano is at risk unless he can overcome that. His voice is better than some of the other contestants. Next week will be interesting. Anyone know what the theme is?

    • Ella Fitzgerald had a one octave range, does that mean she was a bad singer and didn't deserve her 13 grammies? Also, pitchy isn't a word. It's something people say because they have absolutely no idea wt-eff they are talking about.

      • David…just because you're ignorant of the term "pitchy" doesn't mean the term is nonsense.

        When a person is singing slightly out of tune, the person is having a problem with pitch accuracy, and the word "pitchy" is frequently used by music producers and vocal coaches to describe this particular problem.

        Next time you hear someone use the term you can understand what they're talking about. Won't that be fun?

      • Oh…and speaking of people having "absolutely no idea wt-eff they are talking about," it took me 2 minutes to find a clip of Ella Fitzgerald displaying a vocal range of an octave plus a fifth:

  153. OK, let's get down to the reality of the situation. Pia and Jacob are far and away the most talented singers (the others pale in comparison). The save should not have been used on Casey as he is not a deserving finalist and would someone tell him to trim his beard already – he looks grubby and is not a good look for TV! Finally, Steven Tyler needs to work on his critics and earn his keep.

    • Actually, James doesn't "pale" in comparison to anyone. He isn't as polished as Pia (my favorite female) or Jacob (he and James are my favorite males) but he makes up for it with energy, strength, range and truth. His pitch accuracy is quite good. He is a real contender for the right reasons.

  154. Earlier someone said that Thia is a great singer but was boring so she should go. So tonight Casey, who no one could ever accuse of being boring but is certainly not the best singer eliminated (but saved). So which is it America? But I'm just glad that everyone at this point will be in the summer AI tour. Good for all of them. Should be one of the best AI tours ever.

  155. I think america went wrong. Casey well deserverd to be saved. It just made the judges waste a save. I think america needs to look at the true perfomances before voting. The save will be badly needed later down the road when it really counts.

  156. no they didnt cause naima should of been gone the first week come she is not as good as the other ones and she is to cocky she gives a sourpuss vibe,please get her off the stage

  157. Here's what happened. Everyone, including me, voted for their second favorite because we KNEW Casey was safe!

    • I voted for my absolute favorite which is Jacob. He has the absolute pipes and the best singing ability by far. If it was based upon singing alone, then Jacob, Pia, Lauren, James and Thia are the best. When it comes to being a writer/composer Casey and Paul top the list.

  158. Oh well, THANK YOU AMERICA! You finally got it somehow right. The only surprising fact was Casey being on the bottom 3, he is a great musician but I guess the audience he targets is not the kind of audience that will remain on a phone voting for hours. With that being said, as great musician as he is, last night he was out of element. His singing was too angry-scream-like and I think he over did it. In my opinion, were the judges right about saving him? ABSOLUTELY! Stefano (it hurts, I really like him) was not great last night either, but his charisma and likability can work miracles for him. He has a good voice and he is charming, but he needs to step it up next week. As for Thia, she'll be gone soon. I am sorry but she is just boring, and voices like her are very common to find. On the top of that, she has no charisma, no charm, in other words; she has a nice voice but she is not a performer. Now, things will get interesting for next week. Two contestants will go home and even though it's really early to say anything (because we need to wait until they perform next Wednesday) I will predict those two to be: Thia and Hailey OR Thia and Stefano. Why? I think after tonight's scare Casey will WOW us next week, maybe playing the piano or the bass, something like that. And most of the internet polls were accurate with their predictions for bottom 3, except for Casey. The majority had Thia and Stefano on their lists though!

    Come on Stefano, I want to change my mind about next week, bring the best of the best next week, come on!

    P.s. I was also extremely happy that my favorite Paul was save… and it was pretty funny the way we found out about it! Haha!

    • And I think Steven Tyler knows a thing or two about music and he LOVES Paul's soft voice. It gives J.Lo the chills and Randy just said it: OH MY GOD, DUDE! Paul promised to sing something soft next week, I can't wait!

      • Please, stop voting for untalented people like Paul : no voice at all, great, great smile but this is no beauty pageant. Because of this, real artists like Casey were put in jeopardy this time.

      • Gabriela, can I call you Gabs? Anyway, I understand now all the hate you were defending yourself from last night. I can't believe all these people that say Paul and Haley and Casey have no talent. I think Haley will be gone soon, I love her though. There are great MUSICIANS this year and people don't understand that unfortunately.

      • @David: Of course you can call me Gabs honey πŸ˜€

        You have to understand where those people come from and their lack of knowledge about music. Hailey's voice is the best of the girls and both Casey and Paul a true talented musicians. But don't worry, people like you and me vote too!

      • I do like him, and some people agree with me according to the results. But we'll see.

    • It turned out that both of your favorites, Casey and Stefano are on the bottom 3 with Thia. Thia thou has the highest numbber of votes among the 3. La la la la lala. LOL.

      • Where does it say which one has higher votes? You are assuming that the person they say is safe first had the higher number of votes. Also it's very likely that Casey actually wasn't in the bottom 3. Also, her favorite is Paul who obviously had more votes than Thia.

      • Thia haters got so busy bashing Thia that they forget to save their favorites. Ha ha ha! I'm happy my James-Lauren are 100% safe!

      • I think that Thia lovers forgot to vote for her… that landed her at the bottom hahahahahahaha!

      • Dave, but Casey has the lowest number of votes that's why he has to sing for the judges. I tried to paste here the link where I read the news about that but it says that the comment with links here needs moderation.

      • They 'say' he was in the bottom 3, but there's really no way to know that's true. I really think they switched Casey and Haley due to Casey's chronic illness. Now if he happens to miss a performance night he's still in the tour or if he happens to get sick during the tour, oh look, they still have a 'top 10' to perform.

      • Thank you David! My comment was about tonight's show, I never said Stefano or Casey were my favorites hahahahaha, some people can't even read!!! And YES, you are smart and you got it, my all times favorite is PAUL McDONALD who… guess what??? WAS NOT AT THE BOTTOM 3… So… la, la, la I sing. Hahahahahaha!

      • thanks paul for murdering one of my favorite adam lambert performances just showed how low paul is compared to adam…….way toooo low….as in to the negativity low……..just as low as gabriela…..

    • gabriella gabriella gabriella..casey is very annoying to watch and you know that…THIA is such a promising star…the voice, the looks…for sure shes not gonna go home, im sorry to say but casey deserves to go home…so as with scotty

      • Marbel, Marbel, Marbel… That is YOUR opinion. I enjoy Casey and I can't stand Thia. So…

      • i cant stand gabriela……paul…i used to like him but i changed my mind because gabriela fantasized about him…….ewwwwwwww…

      • zephyr78 you crack me up! First, learn how to write, then attempt to communicate to others. I will have to notify to the community that you stopped liking Paul because of me… the world will be devastated! WE DON'T CARE. I am glad you can't stand me, I was never liked among idiots really. So… Hate me if you want, that won't change the fact that your beloved Thia is going to be Idol history very soon. β™ͺβ™«β™ͺ La, ri, la! β™«β™ͺβ™«

      • la ri la who told u i hate u?i actually love u gabriela with all my heart n my soul…….im actually a fan of yours… ri la……..i think u forgotten to take ur medications today……la ri la…..

  159. It will be very nice for America to start judging people by their performance not by the way they want you to look. If we all look alike, the world would not have no meaning.I am very happy that Caesey has another chance.

  160. It is sad that the voters spend money just to have the judges be the ones to make the decission for the voters. I have thought that Casey has been overated every week. Jennifer must be hot for the guy. Honestly Casey should have been let go and save us the voters from having to go thru another week of his horrid singing. Casey would be good in a talent show only. Haley for sure needs to go along with Casey next week. Again it is robbery of the voters hard earned money. The save should have been used when it counted and not to save someone for J-LO to lust over. Simon is probally shaking his head at the judges. You would that at least someone who has been on the show as a judge for the past and current season would have had the nerve to say no….Casey had his chance and america voted for him to go. It made me ill to see Casey act like a little kid at the end. I feel cheated and will not vote again. I have reasonable doubt that this program is for the voters to decide. What happened to the ten going on tour….Oh J-Lo wanted sexy Casey to join the party…how nice. Last… J-LO thinks that American Idol is all about how many different ways she acn change her hair ect. At least Paula keep it about the performers every week. J-LO please between your dress up and Stevens vulgar mouth give it up.

    • You sound like a bitter person…it is free to vote on line so next time you won't have to waste your hard earned money voting, oh wait, you are not going to vote anymore which will in turn hurt your favorite's chances of winning. Good plan! And at one point during the show, the judges were going to use the save option, "robbing" the voters but that is part of the show. Get over it!

      • Casey's reaction was way over the top and I think the voting public will vote him off soon because he wasn't dignified.I think he needs to scale down his ego.

    • If you really think Jennifer Lopez is serious when she says Casey is sexy you are off your rocker and most likely committable.

  161. But we all have to remember that this is not really a singing contest. At least not by the way the voting is set up. People who have lots of time on their hands can sit and vote as many times as they want. If it were really a singing contest for the best singer, there would be judges who at least understand the difference between singing sharp or flat. Again, in a contest like that, Naima and Paul would be long gone by now.

    • The reality of it (and all TV shows) is about making money. Do you think Ford and Coke would sponsor such a show if there wasn't anything in it for them? It is entertaining, which why all of us die-hard fans tune in. Love it or hate it we are compelled to watch. We all love giving our opinions and without a little controversy from time to time it would be boring. Its kinda like the musical version of Survivor.

      • lol jane but i do agree…whichever way you look at is BUSINESS…and the singing/singers/contestants/ is just a merchandize to be sold…like an auction for the american public….to the highest bidder/votes…!!!

  162. I will own up.. I am a die hard Naima fan. Every week I vote and vote until I get tried. I will continue to support her if she keeps doing good and this week she did great. So me plus apparently a lot of others are supporters. I also like 3 or 4 others and give them a few votes. Such as Paul, Casey, Jacob, Scotty and this week Stefano.

    I am concerned about Steven, he behaves as if he is bored and not enjoying being their. It seems Jennnifer and Randy are pulling the wait of judging.

    • Naima is my favorite to, she does one extra thing that none of the others can do, Put on a great show next to her vocals, American Idol may be a singing contest but when you put on a good show for her even if your vocals arent like Pia or Jacob or someone like that you can more than make up for it by being able to put on a great performance by making it into a show. Naima has the whole package, she can sing, she's pretty and she can perform.

    • <3 Naima! The only week I didn't vote for her was when she sang Tina Turner. I didn't vote for Casey this week πŸ™ He was my favorite up until the live show, but he hasn't been the same for the past 2 to 3 weeks. Today's show was most likely to ensure Casey gets a spot in the tour jic he misses a performance night due to his illness (hope he doesn't, I'm still pullin for him).

      Casey, Haley, and Naima are my favorites, I LOVE Paul's studio recordings and would buy his album I just can't get past how awkward he is without a guitar. The rest I can do without, Thia and Stefano or Thia and Haley will be the two to go home next week.

      • AMEN David. Next week is all over for Thia Megia. I don't know who the other one will be. We'll have to wait and see their performances. Last night I knew Thia was in trouble and also Stefano, but honestly… I never thought Casey. That was the shocker for me!

      • If Thia will be going home next week, I hope she goes with Casey. I saw the guy has full of ego in the way he reacted upon learning that he's the lowest bottom. Besides, he doesn't sing. He just growls.

    • I love NAIMA. there's something about her. really.. no other contestants can give what Naima is giving. I just love her. πŸ™‚

  163. I love Steven Tyler! Would like to hear more from him. He started out stronger until they shut him down over some language. That changed his whole natural and relaxed presence. Was that a way to make Jennifer the "star" instead of him? Something very sexy about him- I'm not a rocker but man- he has it going on.

    I liked Jay-lo better before this. She is a camera hog and a know it all. It's like she wants to be the idol… needs to quit talking so much just to be heard and seen.

    I love Casey and love Jacob to death- what a natural god given talent! He is beautiful in every way- God filled and it shows. Paul is cute and I love his voice but not sure he is strong enough to win. Stephanio has to go… if he can keep his eyes open long enough to find he door. There is a lot of good talent this year. The guys are much stronger.

    • the girls are better. Jacob is ear-bleeding, Paul is boring, Casey is (should be gone but 'saved".) GO PIA, LAUREN, AND HALEY. YES, HALEY. All the so-called experts said bye-bye to Haley. WRONG, Wrong,baby wrong!!!!

    • I Like Steven Tyler also,and would like to hear more from him. The talent this year is the best, I've seen. Their are several Stand Out's, that even if they don't make it on Idol…Someone will sign them, do too their unique voices and style:)

  164. Tonight show smelt fishy to me. I think they knew that Casey had the least number of votes. When I looked carefully at the judges, they seemed not at ease, specially Steven Tyler. Anyway, since the top 12 live show, the judges critics were really not helpful for the idols and viewers. The group of 11 this year are very diversified, and I think that's the reason they want to keep them all for the summer tour (it's all business $$).

  165. Has nothing to do with Casey's look. Casey's gimmick is getting old… that's why he was in danger. He needs to change it up. Truth be told, Haley, Stefano and Naima need to go like yesterday.. they are horrible. I'm glad Casey got saved. If he was gone while those other three remained, I'd have to stop watching this show.

    Final two.. Pia and James. taking bets now!

    • I do not agree that Haley is "horrible". I voted for her on facebook max. times, and phone 2 hours. YES! I am glad I helped her for the summer tour. I was SO happy that Haley finally got the respect she deserves. Now I wish Paul would get booted. Casey, yeah I forgot, America already voted him off. DUH And Jacob?? UH BUBYE. Sickening. Not to mention Paul.

    • Final three… Pia, James, Jacob. Taking bets.

      Paul…why is this guy still in contest? I do not believe it.

      Naima… Good effort, but sorry lady, get out.

      Thia…. Nice voice, but you should be gone by now.

      Stefano… What did you do last night?? Big mistake choosing “Hello”, why, why, why?…you are top quality, but disappointed this time.

      • Is Hello a bad song? I think it's the other way around. It's a great song and he wasn't up to the challenge, it's that simple.

  166. The save should be used on someone with a realistic shot at winning, and considering he's up against James, Pia, Scotty, and Jacob, it was a waste. So what, we see him for another few weeks? I agree that he shouldn't have been at the bottom this week, but saving him was a complete waste. Way to early. Get his hopes up just to have him cut in 3-5 weeks. At the end of the day he's not in the final 3.

    • I don't think James is a real contender. He may make it to the top 5 due to his massive undeserved fan base, but Casey is in almost every way a better performer, singer, and artist. James is a wannabe Adam Lambert but instead sounds like a cat was thrown into a garbage disposal.

    • So, you think THREE "JUDGES" should over-rule millions of voting Americans??? Sounds like a dictatorship to me.

      • Theoretically, dictatorships could be good, with a good dictator.

        Besides, tonights show was produced by the WWE.

        Think about it.

      • Oh please. What a ridiculous comment. The save was implemented because people like Michael Johns and Chris Daughtry were voted off prematurely. It was probably swapped anyway. I’m sure this was all cooked up by the producers. The real bottom three were most likely Haley, Thia, and Stefano with Stefano going home.

  167. To me tonights show was a little over the top. All of the contestants have some genuine talent which is a nice change for once. I really think that Naima needs one week where she sits still and concentrates on her singing and sounding good. There are too many powerhorses this year for her to keep up and she needs a wow week with her voice, not her feet. I know some like the show, but if she's going to keep going on, she needs to focus on her singing. I am not a fan of hers. Casey was one my early favorites but he is becoming a one trick pony. He needs to pull something out like his Georgia on My Mind during Hollywood week.

    I am not overly crazy about the judges either. They need to start judging and not coaching, thats what the producers are for. But I do like them better than last year, except I miss Simon.

  168. Absolutely did not get it right. Casey is one of the best singers on the show. He should be in the finals.

      • but he should be on top3. c'mon, people are doing it wrong. it's really sad to realise how small minded most of the people are. they just prefer the ordinary, the commonplace… thank god there are the judges to stop the audience for making lame choices.

        nothing personal, just my opinion.

  169. j lo and steven are not good judges…they act like everyone is so great ..tonite looked fixed..mostly when casey was acting so schocked looked fake and j lo had a fake schocked look on her face too…i am done watching because my vote did not count…….

      • wow cat seems you have a personal grudge against Casey. Its part of the show – get over it. As you can clearly see, he does have a following… just because Casey does not work for you dont mean that Haley works for everyone else. Stop being weird, get over yourself, if Casey is to be, he will be.

      • Don't assume that all Casey fans can't stand Haley. The same people that admire Casey's musical talent see it in Haley as well.

      • yeahhhh… i was not taking a hit at Haley, i mentioned it due to one of cat's previous comments :

        "I do not agree that Haley is “horrible”. I voted for her on facebook max. times, and phone 2 hours. YES! I am glad I helped her for the summer tour. I was SO happy that Haley finally got the respect she deserves. Now I wish Paul would get booted. Casey, yeah I forgot, America already voted him off. DUH And Jacob?? UH BUBYE. Sickening. Not to mention Paul."

        The point is different people enjoy different types of music, cat just seems to love to hate Casey.

  170. The voting public did NOT get it right this week. Casey is a more powerful performer overall than 3 of the girls and two of the guys who were voted safe. But didn't Adam Lambert end up in the bottom 3 one week? And Jennifer Hudson was eliminated in 7th place in her season. And Chris Daughtry was 4th in his season?

    • And just look at them now….Daughtry is Awesome!!! and Jennifer is one, beautiful,lovely Singer….When you got it, You got it!!!! AND they GOT IT!!!

  171. I thought this was a talent for singing. Now all is see is screaming and a girl jumping around.Everyone one of my friends mute the sound when Casey sings Also what would these screamers do if they had to sing country just as Scotty had to sing MOOtown/ Simon is so lucky to be off I am a fan of Jennifer but grow up you are married not looking for a groupie

  172. The only thing wrong with tonights decision was they should not have saved Casey. They should have saved the ''save'', for one of the better singers. Casey has always been mediocore.

  173. contest should be brought back becaue the error in the ear pieces=========the past contest that has lost………..

  174. Shocked that Casey had the lowest votes! Thanks for saving him, judges. He is better than at least 5 of the contestants. Naima is interesting but her singing leaves one irratated. She cannot compare to any of the other contestants vocally. Sorry.

    • I agree, Naima's vocals are not as good as the rest of the contestants, but she can put on a performance and pick the songs that connect with the people voting.

  175. I believe that the reason why Casey Abrams was almost eliminated is because he was the first to sing on Tuesday night, and by the time the last person sang, people forgot to vote for him. I accidentally did the same thing! I forgot to vote for him. He is an excellent musical artist and I don't think it was time for him to go. God bless Steven, Jennifer and Randy for using the save on him. It is too bad that the save had to be used so soon because of America's poor voting. We have some very talented singers this year. I am a Nun, and this is the first time I have ever watched American Idol, because my sister loves it so much she got me watching it. I do have a good ear for music and there are very talented singers right now. I chose not to use my religious name for various reasons. In my opinion, my favorites are Pia, James, Casey, Stefano, Jacob, and Scotty. If I could choose the American Idol, I would choose, Pia! She has an incredible voice, is classy and seems humble. James would be next in line, because he gives his all, performs well and I loved his story. All eleven of you are in my prayers, because I pray that you always sing and perform for the glory of God! He's the one who gave you your talent. God bless you all! Delaine

  176. I was surprised that he went into the bottom three. Good call from the judges to save him, next time let's hope that the real votes come out, because I thought this was a joke.

  177. Absolutely positively wrong. Maybe America was looking at the wrong show last night.

  178. They did get it right.

    There is a likability factor which is beyond talent.

    Casey-not so much. Kind of the talented nerdy guy from the high school play. It isn't fair…but it is what it is.

    Stefano-he looks the part-only problem is that he doesn't look back! Wow. I hope he figures it out. I like him otherwise.

    Thea (sp?) cute kid…but, still a kid. She doesn't seem to have that special something.

    Haley…not in the bottom three this time-but will be soon. Super talented, yet distant-difficult to connect to.

    It's a rough game and only the best make it to the top. I wish them all the best! E

    • what's wrong with kids (at least not if u count Rebecca black, miley cyrus or bieber) as if you just came out in this world as a 30 year old

  179. America didn't get it right by voting off Casey. He's an amazing artist. I think Casey was voted off based on his looks rather then his talent I did think it was odd that they cut Casey off from finishing his song tonight. I think it was staged.

  180. Stefano should have been given the boot.

    Casey is quite possibly the best of all of em.

  181. Thea, Stefano, or Naima should have been at the bottom. I cannot understand who is doing the voting out there!

  182. I was shocked that Casey was voted off but happy that he was saved. I wanted to see one of the 2 blondes to go – but it' America's decision. P.S. I love the judges this year – can't get enuf of Jennifer and Steven Tyler is a hoot – Totally loving the show !

  183. Casey is great, and never shold have been anyplace except near the top. Thank the judges for the save, at least they realize talent when they see it. It seems american Idol has become a popularity contest based not at all on talent.

  184. It seems to me Idol has turned into a populartiy contest, not a singing show..The last couple of years I failed to watch Idol after some people won who were not deserving of it..

    • By allowing untold minions of voters in the American public to vote for whoever they 'like' has it ever been anything other than a popularity contest in the end?

  185. happy about the result..who ever will be voted off next week is fine..coz everyone is great…fans should stop saying mean things to other contestants..just vote!!!=P

  186. america got it wrong! the nasal singing stefano should have been gone! Pia, Casey, Paul, and Scotty are your final 4!

    • please…casey is very very irritating and scotty?i feel sorry for him everytime he sings, its very awkward seeing him singing…wake up dude!!!!

    • Wow… It's kinda harsh… 'African Ant Eater Dancer'? Is it Naima? I don't like her voice also but that doesn't mean I can tell her that thing that you said.

  187. james durban i also like wrestling to i also like hulk hogon and shwan micheals

  188. The judges were right in keeping Casey. He is so talented and has the whole package. It's my guess the Nirvana tune got some negative feedback – I saw a post of 20 pics that were not very flattering. I'll vote more next time.

  189. Casey Abrams "there isn't anybody like him right now"

    Thia "has something in her no one could have expected"

    Jacob Lusk "gave his best performance of the season"

    Lauren Alaina "ripped that song another beauty mark"

    Stefano is both "the best" and had "no real emotional connection with the audience"

    Haley "can make her voice do more than anyone's in the competition"

    Scotty's low notes "tweak everybody"

    Pia is "the closest star in this American Idol universe"

    Paul McDonald's "got a tear in his voice"

    Naima is "the whole package"

    James Durbin "speechless – which is a hard thing to do"

  190. the contestants are singing their hearts out ( or so they thought) and the public is asked to vote whom they liked..whether for the voice,the looks,the charms,the etc., their votes should not be over ruled by the judges…it's too early to use that 'save' thing they have on their sleeves…Americans are listening..and the Judges HAVE TO LISTEN….maybe we are not at all musicians or singers but we got to listen every week…and later the world will listen to them too…( but they are, don't they?)and we know who messed up and not this please..just respect the votes okay?

    • I'm glad they used the save this week. The earlier it's used, the less effect it can have on the voting process during crunch time. They got it out of the way and saved a good musician (and possibly a career). I see no problem with that…however and whenever the judges decide to use the save, from that point on the results are completely in the voters' hands. The sooner the better.

  191. I am a lover of a wide variety of music, and have enjoyed watching American Idol for many years. I think this season has the best talent, I've seen. They all bring their very own unique, talent, and personality. They all seem to get along very well. It's so hard to vote for just one of them….I love them all, and believe we will hear several of the contestants talented lyrics, on our radio in the future. My prayers and love to each and everyone of them:) Live, Laugh, Love

    • Totally agree.I love Stephen Tyler.He is my favorite judge .I think he actually cares about everyone.Hope they keep him ..This is the Best Idol year…..

  192. Yes and no….yes, Casey should have gone – he has not been singing at the level expected for this competition. Lack of control and over singing has been his demise.

    No, they got it wrong with Stefano – crazy talent there. Not his best performance but still not worthy of bottom three.

    Also got it wrong with Naima -that girl is seriously tone deaf – and the extremely odd dance moves don't cover it up, regardless of how much she flails her arms in what I think was supposed to be an African dance.

    • jacob, since you only have a one word vocabulary, who would even take anything you say seriously?

    • Jacob, you sound like a really happy guy. I hope one day I can find real happiness like you have and be able to share that joy through such eloquent means of communication as you have just displayed. Everyone should strive to be such a great individual.

      • With hundreds of comments posted every hour it's practically impossible to monitor every single comment (especially those posted near midnight).

        Please feel free to report offensive comments for us to review/remove. Otherwise we may never find them.

  193. Everyone in this season deserves to be in the Finals! If so, Everyone also deserves to be Eliminated!

  194. I must say that this is the most stupid people i have ever seen vote on american idol!!!! for anyone to think that Haley should be in the bottom three or to be voted off,I will only say this to you, go seek professional help you you non hearing people!!!!!!!!!

  195. yes America got it right.Casey was too over confident.He made the statement,he does what he wants,now he may be a little more humble.Haley should of been in bottom 3, instead of Stefano…

    • I disagree. Stefano took on a huge song and choked on it. I hope he does better next week. Haley is really fighting to stay in and I think she deserves to be there just as much as any of them.

  196. this show is scripted, the winner has already been determined. i noticed, they never, NEVER, never give vote totals. I have to admit, some of the contestants are good actors, but the show is for your entertainment only, just like every other reality show !!!!!!!

    • I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist, but I'm inclined to agree—ratings are what drive our television programming and they will influence the show accordingly.

    • I'm not a conspiracy theorist either, and I don't believe anything wrong is going on. But your point is taken because, I ask, what would they have done with Hulk Hogan had one of them not been safe?

      • The answer is simple. That stage act was already pre-determined to be done … with any two people who were safe.

      • Ryan and the producers know who's going to get canned shortly after the voting is finished after every Wednesday show…I'm almost positive the judges know also.

        The show is obviously scripted, but there's no funny business with the vote totals.

  197. Best American Idol season ever! Jennifer and Steven are great additions, wonderful judges.

    Simon who?

  198. I have been a loyal Idol fan since the first season, and what a breath of fresh air. These contestants are the best ever. All eleven are so talented, it will be mistakes that separate the winners from the rest. Best idol season ever!!! Love Jennifer and Steven and don't miss Simon at all. Such excellent constructive criticism done with finesse and care for feelings.

    • what. excellent criticism? no offense, but bathing the contestants with praises is not really a good thing.

      Simon did a better job in my opinion. He said the weak points of the contestants, said the necessary details, he said what he loved about them.

  199. Everyone knew before hand that the judges had one save…and they used it for Casey…so whats your problem…Casey and Jacob are my favorites,and I really think that Casey is the front runner so far…none of the girls are too impressive…Paul and Scotty don't have it…James will be in third place Stefano fourth… and either Casey or Jacob will be number 1!!! I wi llnot forget to vote this week…I just never stopped to think that Casey could get voted out…all the contestants,judges and audience were in shock!!!! as was I…Jacobs jaw dropped!!!

  200. This was the best show in years! Loved the Birthday/ Hogan parts, and really respect the judges "save". An exciting episode.

    • I totally love the Stevie Wonder surprise and the birthday wishes. Thought it was very cool of them to do.

    • Oh, but I disagree with respecting the save. I respect that they saved him. That's cool…knew it would happen. I disrespect the manner in which they did it.

  201. 506 comments already? I hate getting the show 3 hours behind everyone. I guess I have a lot of reading to do.

  202. America got it wrong, the judges got it right! Casey deserves to be in it. What a talented guy! Thank you Steven, Jennifer and Randy!

      • Who says America had much if anything to do with it? Remember it's called show BUSINESS.

      • it just shows that this contest is all about fishing for popularity. Oh come on! May I remind you that there is no voting limit, therefore anyone can vote as much as they want? Who knows, maybe all those votes for Pia came from one person (I'm just exaggerating).

  203. I have watched AI since day one, my family and I watched it together after our "fam dinner nites". Last year when Simon said "bye bye", I thought this is it, the end. OMG,this is the best season ever!!! Randy, JoLo and Steven are the best, without going into a lot of "nasty" detail regarding the other judges, this group is simply the best!! They are real and add a whole new dimension and "real feel" to the show. LOVE THEM.

    They give suggestions as to what will make the performer better!!! I would think that's was what the show was about and never carried it off until this year. Hats off to Randy, Jennifer and Steven. We all love you.

  204. Wow. Well, naturally I was shocked to see my favorite Thia in the bottom three. I really didn't expect that. And I didn't expect voters to put Casey in the bottom three, though I ranked him down there after last night's performance. Still, I really thought he had the popularity to keep him way up at the top. Stefano, I had pegged for the bottom three, and I had predicted him to go home. Guess I was wrong all around. But I have to say, after I saw the selected bottom three, I was so shocked that I realized anything was possible and actually started fearing that Thia would be sent home. I knew that she would never be saved by the judges. The only one of the three who would be saved would be Casey. And naturally that's what happened. Now here's what surprised me…though in hindsight, I should not have been surprised, knowing these judges. I could not believe that the judges insulted the voters so much as to not even let Casey finish the song. They are basically saying to the voters, "you don't know what you're talking about, so we're stopping this right now." Let me ask you…what if 30 seconds into it Casey's voice started cracking and he forgot the words and started singing way off key? Well, we won't ever know the answer to that question because the judges didn't let us see the full performance. I knew they would save Casey, no question, so that didn't bother me. I actually thought it was cool how grateful and humbled Casey was. But I am so annoyed that the judges would show such little respect to the viewers/voters as to not even allow the entire performance to continue. Anyway, I'm happy that Thia is safe. My hats off to those who predicted her to be in the bottom three. To my surprise, you guys were right. But I'll take a little guilty pleasure in the fact that America found her to be better than the great Casey this week. And I take tons of pleasure knowing that she is in the summer tour, since that will be such great experience for the young star. So, two eliminations next week. And I will be on vacation for it. Ugghh!

    • I agree… now i want Simon Back…. Randy, Jennifer and Steven have their own favorites and they are so bias…

      • very obvious indeed !!! they should have said "Theres our winner!" …what a shame.

      • I don't think they are biased…I just think they know talent when they hear it. After all they are each successful artists and I would think having concerts before thousands would give them more knowledge about what and how to do things than Simon. Like Obama, I had never heard of Simon until American Idol came along but who hasn't heard of Jennifer Lopez or Stephen Tyler.

    • oh no….vacation?i liked reading ur comments…..sad…….hope u can still comment though….even if ur on vacation……but enjoy…..

      • That's nice of you to say. But I won't even have my laptop with me. I'm more bummed that i really won't be in a situation where I can vote either. So Thia fans will have to vote for me! lol.

      • KL, I agree with zephyr. Your comments are one of those few that I enjoy reading here. They're well written and very honest. We will miss them for sure.

    • @KL I was so surprised to see Thia in the bottom 3 too! But at least I will see her on the tour. Anyway, anything can still happen just keep those votes coming in for her…I am happy that the judges saved Casey, It's good that he will be a part of the summer tour.

      • They say "alls well that ends well" and I think this was a good way for it to end…with all of them being in the tour. I probably won't go see it, but I think it will be great experience for Thia and the other young ones.

    • Thank you for your comment KL. I told you she'll be at the bottom but I also told you she'll stay. Never saw that Casey thing coming though!!! Enjoy your vacation!!!

      • Thanks Gabriela, I will! I have a reply for you later after one of your posts as well. Do me a favor next week. Cast my votes for Thia for me since I won't be able to. Ok? πŸ™‚

      • i like that its funny……hahahahahahahaha…..i just figured we could be friends after all of this….hi gabriela……

      • Hahaha, yeah right! I will never vote for her, I only vote for my favorite. People who vote for various singers really hurt them. You better vote, she needs your support! Next week will be tough, two will go home (yikes!)

    • KL, how do you manage to write and think so well? I know you are a writer as you mentioned it in the other post. I couldn't have said it all. Kudos to you.

      Thank heaven I have someone with me to support Thia all the way.

  205. Casey Abrams hasn't a shred of talent, not since the awful Taylor Hicks has someone so horrible been on the show!

    I can't believe the judges saved him, after he ruined "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" last night I'm shocked Marvin Gaye didn't come to life and shoot him for what he did to that song!

  206. No. Casey is so much more talented that Thia and definitely better than Naima. Naima is by far the least talented singer. I don't understand her popularity. I'm glad the judge's saved him – but will the rest of America "get" it???

  207. Wow! American Idol sure knows how to whip fans into a frenzy. A friend is voting 50 times a week for Scotty, plus she pushes her massive family to do the same!

  208. America must have been on some serious mind altering substances this week!!!! You can't be serious about booting Casey?????!!! That guy is a musical phenom. Lets get rid of Haley, Never should have made it out of the top 24.

    • I won't argue that. But there are others who have good stage presence but who don't sing as well as Thea. So where does that really leave us?

      • i think they thought its live to dance….just like what naima did….just dance……who's got the look contest…stefano……lets get loud…..jacob and hailey and jlo…….they forgotten its AMERICAN IDOL……..

  209. My favourite is Paul (he is ADORABLE) but I don't think he is going to win. I think James is the guy. Followed by Jacob (I'm glad he seems to have lost the bizarre facial expressions when he sings) and then Lauren or Scotty although Scotty is my least favourite by far. We've all heard this voice before and I'm not a fan of him singing out of the side of his face. But he appeals to the mass country music population. Personally – BLECH.

    • Paul will win if we continue voting for him. He is the whole package and a true mature artist. My top 5 are Paul, James, Scotty, Jacob and Pia (just to put a woman there because I this the male talent is superior this year.)

      • You want me to dream. Ok, let's see… I guess Thia will not be eliminated next week… hahahahaha, nah! I can't even pretend to dream about that, but I tried!

      • its because u took all ur meds for ur craziness u cant even dream about anything at all……hahahahahahahaha………..

  210. I have no idea who is going to win. They are all so very good. I don't know why some of these contestants have not already been discovered. I love Jen and Steven. By the way did you know he is 63…….wow

  211. I would just like to say that HALEY is one of the most amazing singers I have ever heard. I have no idea where people come off thinking she is at all bad. She can do absolutely anything with her voice, hits every note absolutely perfectly, and there is no singer out there right now with a voice like hers. She is unique.

    On Casey's note- he deserved to go home. Not because he is a bad singer, but because that is how America voted. Casey definitely is not my favorite, but I'll admit, he has talent, along with the rest of the 10 contenders. But he was voted off because America didn't want him! This is AMERICAN Idol, the purpose is to see who AMERICA chooses- I think giving the judge's a save is a load of crap. Or atleast they shouldn't be able to use it until later in the competition.

    Listen to Haley people!! She is unbelievable, not to mention an absolute SWEETHEART. Her rendition of "Blue" is incredible, and one of the best selling songs on iTunes from this season! Watch her original audition on youtube…you will absolutely fall in love with her. Rewatching her audition is what made me fall in love with her!

    • I would just like to say that HALEY is one of the most amazing singers I have ever heard. I have no idea where people come off thinking she is at all bad. She can do absolutely anything with her voice, hits every note absolutely perfectly, and there is no singer out there right now with a voice like hers. She is unique.

      On Casey’s note- he deserved to go home. Not because he is a bad singer, but because that is how America voted. Casey definitely is not my favorite, but I’ll admit, he has talent, along with the rest of the 10 contenders. But he was voted off because America didn’t want him! This is AMERICAN Idol, the purpose is to see who AMERICA chooses- I think giving the judge’s a save is a load of crap. Or atleast they shouldn’t be able to use it until later in the competition.

      Listen to Haley people!! She is unbelievable, not to mention an absolute SWEETHEART. Her rendition of “Blue” is incredible, and one of the best selling songs on iTunes from this season! Watch her original audition on youtube…you will absolutely fall in love with her. Rewatching her audition is what made me fall in love with her!

      • Yes, Hailey's voice is so powerful and unique. I would like to see a sing-off and make Pia, Thia and Lauren sing "Blue" and manage those notes like she did. I don't think they will be capable of doing that. Those other girls are good with flat notes, that is it! More of the same, but Hailey is good. I am glad to see she was not bottom 3 tonight, maybe America is waking up!

  212. Love Idol this year – the best judges yet. J Lo and Stephen team well with Mr. Randy. Plus they add such heart to the show. Stephen has always been my fav anyway.

    What happened tonight though – Casey in the bottom 3 – no way America! Was this all for show? He is one of the top best. There are a few that should have gone, but to send Casey in a spin – was dissapointing, did not appreciate the way the end went down tonight. I can't wait to get my tickets for the summer tour – but Casey better be traveling with them.

  213. Tonight's results were Shocking. It was absolutely "unbelievable" that Casey was at the bottom. However looking back on last night, some of the contestants got an unfair advantage. Stephano and Jacob were given more time on stage and there was extra time spent with their moms. And all that kissy stuff with Jacob! Now really!! Clearly, these happenings helped make the results uneven leaving Casey with somewhat of a bum-rap. Thanks judges for making it 11 instead of 10.

  214. I think all of the men/boys are soo much better than the women/girls tis season

  215. I can't believe Casey Abrams was nearly eliminated! What are you thinking, America?! He's loaded with musical talent! LOADED! Even if he isn't the next American Idol, I see a bright future as a recording artist for Casey. I really love Scotty and Jacob, tho. Both of them have awesome talent and each one already sounds professional. I would really be surprised if one of them didn't make it to the finish line! This year's American Idol has been exceptional, and the overall talent outstanding! I am really looking forward to seeing who will win this year's American Idol!

  216. Were the judges right about saving Casey?

    Definitely NO!!! Casey is a good singer BUT it's quite annoying already with his angry-scream-like performances…. he needs to step up, change his style (sometimes), show his versatility..

  217. james durbin should go, he's so arrogant. THIA, though lacking self-confidence, she's good enough to stay! I love the review on this page! keep it up!

    • James Durbin is not arrogant- he has Asperger syndrome. You should learn the disease before making those comments. He doesn't respond to normal social cues, including those indicating arrogance. He's just a boy living his dream and sharing that with the audience.

  218. So, get this: If you write anything in here against This, people insult you (like they've been insulting me since last night), but they can give you cool names too! I just read a post directed to GABRIELA & Co. (meaning those who don't like Thia) Isn't this hilarious?

      • I always make that This -> Thia typo too. Hey Gabriela…hats off to you…you got it right with Thia being in the bottom 3. I was totally shocked. See my longer post below with more of my replies. But I wanted to send this directly your way because I remember you saying last night "and what will you do if she is in the bottom 3?" And so yes, I was worried when I saw the company she was in with the bottom 3. But be fair now, she wasn't voted off. Casey was. And next week is a new week.

    • Holy Crop…Thia Should be on the finals or could even win this season…its gonna be shocking but that girl could soar as high, higher than the previuos winners…those other contestants are very lucky that we couldnt vote beacause were here in northern europe…but if we were given a chance to vote…no question thia gonna be on top…

      • marbel, I wish you can vote. It'll help raise her votes up. At least, you can make it easier for me.


  220. So, get this: If you write anything in here against Thia, people insult you (like they’ve been insulting me since last night), but they can give you cool names too! I just read a post directed to GABRIELA & Co. (meaning those who don’t like Thia) Isn’t this hilarious?

    • She has a good voice for a high school musical but nothing outstanding or different that would make me want to buy her music.

      • So Gretchen, you are officially part of Gabriela & Co. Sadly, I don't even think she has the charisma to act in a movie like HSM.

  221. I read several comments that listed you Gabriela as the bottom three and I thought that was so funny girl. Your comments rock!

  222. I would just like to say that HALEY is one of the most amazing singers I have ever heard. I have no idea where people come off thinking she is at all bad. She can do absolutely anything with her voice, hits every note absolutely perfectly, and there is no singer out there right now with a voice like hers. She is unique.

    On Casey’s note- he deserved to go home. Not because he is a bad singer, but because that is how America voted. Casey definitely is not my favorite, but I’ll admit, he has talent, along with the rest of the 10 contenders. But he was voted off because America didn’t want him! This is AMERICAN Idol, the purpose is to see who AMERICA chooses- I think giving the judge’s a save is a load of crap. Or atleast they shouldn’t be able to use it until later in the competition.

    Listen to Haley people!! She is unbelievable, not to mention an absolute SWEETHEART. Her rendition of “Blue” is incredible, and one of the best selling songs on iTunes from this season! Watch her original audition on youtube…you will absolutely fall in love with her. Rewatching her audition is what made me fall in love with her

    • i agree! shes so talented, i wish people would drop their stubborn opinions and views and just take a listen to her! she really so incredibly talented. i also agree that the judges should not have a save. the point of the show is for america to chose!

      • we have our own favorites and we have our own preference. i never like haley since the beginning, really painful in my ears but i must agree she's talented. i just can't listen to her, not my type.

    • Y'know what? Haley's rendition of "Blue" reminded me of LeeAnn Rimes back in the day.! And we all know how HER career turned out! Who knows? Haley could turn out to be the next Patsy Cline!

    • Honestly, I prefer her than Pia. At least Haley can groove and sing her heart out. And she does have a better package than Pia, pretty and sexy and sounds better.

  223. I think this years contestants are the best ever. They each have their own unique style, personalities and voice. Out of the 11, I'm not crazy about Stefano or Thai. They are good but just not for me. I'm not sure who will win but I bet that Casey, Paul, Scott, Naimi, and a couple of others end up with some sort of music contracts. I hope each of them succeed in their music.

    As for the new judges…they are great. I was leary at first but they know what they are talking about and it is so nice to have positive feed back for those kids and some class by the judges. It's nice not to have the childish bickering between Ryan and Simon or the "yo dog" from Randy. Adults are finally judging the contestants. I wish each and every one of them the best of luck. Too bad they all can't win.

  224. Casey Abrahams is an original,he does not have to copy someone else's talent,he is the real thing with lots of talent of his own. I don't know how the vote got so screwed up but maybe people get complacent and feel their favorite is so good they won't get voted off,this is what happens,so vote for your favorites. I will be voting from now on. Randy Jackson and the judges were right to uses their one vote, they saved someone who has alot of talent. Bravo!!!!!!!!

  225. I started reading through all of these posts and halfway through I realized everyone was arguing over the same stuff. I usually enjoy replying to people and getting some competitive banter going but it would take me all night! So in hopes that people I would have otherwised responded to comes across this post, I'm going to sum up all of my responses here. And even if no one sees them…well…I want to post them anyway.

    1. I'm not a Casey fan, but we all knew the judges would save him if it came down to that. I had seen posts during week 1 where people were saying this. So the judges only did what most of us expected.

    2. I don't mind that the judges used the save on Casey. I do however have a big problem with the lack of respect they showed the voters by not even having Casey finish the song. I understand that they already knew they would use the save. But all they did was cover their butt…what if Casey totally messed up the song halfway through and then the judges still saved him? They'd then have a lot more to answer for. For this reason alone, I hope America responds again next week by again not voting for him.

    3. My hats off to all of you Thia haters who predicted she would be in the bottom 3. I was shocked by that more than by Casey being voted off (I had Casey near the bottom of my list in my predictions this week). But you guys were right.

    4. Yes, I am a little worried for Thia now moving forward since I'd like her to be around for several more weeks. But Thia haters, please remember two things: (1) Thia did better than the ever popular Casey this week, and (2) Haley was in the bottom three twice in a row and was not in the bottom 3 this week (meaning, anything can happen).

    5. Stop saying that America got the vote wrong. That is so arrogant to say that people casting over 30 million votes were wrong and you were right. And it's being a sore loser. Instead, just be thankful the judges saved him. The voters were right…the 30+ million votes said so. The voters did not say he was in 3rd or 4th or 5th place. They said he was in last place and should be sent home. Respect that. It was not a coincidence or an accident.

    6. I was totally psyched for the Stevie Wonder bit and loved the Steven Tyler birthday celebration. Was cool to see how touched he was by it. I like him.

    7. Whew, I'm tired of writing. I need to go to sleep.

  226. I was in shock…Thank you, thank you judges–you're the best! An original,versatile talent like that! How could America get it so wrong?

  227. Have to admit that I'm getting a little tired of this show.

    The judges have become cheerleaders, they almost never criticize anyone anymore. Simon may have been a jerk, but at least he was honest.

    As for the voting… well what can you say after Casey ends up at the bottom.

    The results are just an indication of the demographic that's voting. Mostly 12 to 15 year old girls who are into pop crap and don't understand someone like Casey. Thia, Haley, and Naima floating through?

    Give me a break.

  228. The save is not necessary yet, after a while Casey didn't show much improvement as well as Thia. For Stefano, he should choose his songs very carefully and not to overdo his singing

  229. Hopefully Casey will get smart and shave the beard and cut some hair ….. the sixties were decades ago!

  230. Let's get real, while up until a couple of weeks ago, I would have picked Casey to be in the top 3. But the last couple of weeks, his performances have sucked, like something out of a bad high school musical. As Simon would have said about his last place finish tonight, "America got it right!". What is wrong with the judges decision on Thursday was 10 people got chosen by America to be on the tour and now one of them may lose that opportunity. As the judges have always said going back to the first season, each week the contestents have to step it up a notch and for the past two weeks Casey has taken a couple of steps back. Since 10 earned a place on the tour by America's vote and since the judges saw fit to save Casey, they should increase the tour to 11.

  231. Yes they did…Casey is not that great and America sees it…If I was a judge I would not have used my save on him

  232. For the life of me, I can not understand why the judges wasted their “one save” on this guy, of all the people left in the competition. In my viewpoint he has consistently been one of the 3 bottom dwellers on any given week… Along with Paul McDonald and Naima Adedapo. And BOTH of those two, by far out-performened Casey last night. There are those that always accuse singers such as Jacob Lusk or Adam Lambert who hit and hole high notes as being nothing but screamers. Well to me on his best night, Casey’s howling and growling seems to be a much better example of talent-less screaming, gone bad. Much more so than anything those two did on even their worst nights.

    • I say Thia and Stefano unless there are those that stop voting for Casey because he was saved. If they stop voting for Casey because of the judge's save then thy need to go back to kindergarten and watch Sesame Street. This show is based on talent I hope.

  233. Tonite was one of the best things to happen for Casey…It was a wake-up call to return to the kind of performances he turned in earlier in the competition. In the last 2-3 weeks, I think his sceeching has turned off a lot of people (and I think he performed this way because he sensed the judges liked it). I seriously doubt that he will do that next week, particularly since the judges themselves suggested that he end the growling and return to what made him popular. That's the best thing that could happen to him professionally. He will be better for it.

    On another "note", I think that Scotty has the greatest contract potential because he is another Johnny Cash (only better looking and with an even better voice), and country music, popular as it is in so many parts of the nation is primed and ready for a voice like his. He's a natural. He'll succeed whether he wins this competition or not.

    There is a lot of good talent this year (unlike last year), which makes the show so much more enjoyable. And I particularly like the good advice JLo gives to the contestants…it's the kind of advice that will, if heeded, make them better performers.

      • I am a country fan also. No disrespect to the country legend Johnny Cash … But if we are being honest, his voice does not come close to sounding as good as Scotty's. And he was never much to look at either.

  234. I really think that America or the voting fans of this show really SUCK. What soap opera are you watching. Casey has talent and fortunately the judges picked up on this. If you are tone deaf audience DON'T VOTE….. Thia should never have made it this far and has very limited talent and should be gone. Bye Bye………..

    • I am not a Thia fan. But, if the world is right, she will go a lot farther in this competition than Casey does. Though Thai lacks in stage presence, she actually has a clear and decent voice. Casey’s howling and growling … Man no one can convince me that is singing. And his stage presence is kind of comical as well.

      • Steve Fox, sounds like a fox howling and growling. And yes, I agree with what you said.

  235. Hayley & Naima will go home next week. I maybe wrong but let`s wait & see. I don`t want Hayley go but anything can happen so again , we`ll see.

    Stefano is handsome but his voice is not that good for me so i don`t care if he will stay longer or will be out soon.

    Casey is one of my fave since day one. Im inlove with him. lmfao! thanks to the judges for saving him. his unique & sexy πŸ˜‰

    Thia has a nice voice , beautiful , & pure but give me some dance moves next time for i love to see you til top 5 honestly. Get rid of your shyness coz i see a bright future ahead of ya!

    Pia , pls stop singing ballads. it gets so boring!

    ( celine dion copy cat ) duhh !

    Scotty , i don`t understand your singing but i love you hahaha ! πŸ˜€

  236. Not surprising America got this so wrong. Look at the leader of our country. Hopefully we can redeem our selves next week.

    • The leader of our country had a difficult time due to the problems he inherited from the previous administration.

  237. hi guys though i think casey is scary and too old i did not think he'll be eliminated this early in the show i don't think he will win but as yuall said earlier anything is possible and the dude can become a threat… oh and naima what are the judges thinking in keeping her in the show she has to go so should thea and haley the girls are weaker than the boys this time gotta go talk to u 8ta

  238. I am a fan of American Idol since from the very beginning, I am an Indonesian and in my opinion, this year America should be proud with all of the contestant, especially top 11 contestant.

    I have watched the show last night, and i found myself very pleased, eleven contestant showed each of their talent and ability very good… let say I don’t like rock music, but when i saw James… I can not breathe at all, He is awesome… either Pia, Stefano, Jacob, Casey, Hailey, Thia and others!! They are true gifted people and seriously America should be grateful to have a young generation like them.

    So, I looking back to the past and i remember that i never have such an enthusiast feeling like when i watched this season’s show.

    In my opinion… the essence of this shows is "when we feel that we are trully pleased and comforted by the contestant, whoever she / he is".

  239. Absolutely not!!! Haley should have gone -Casey should not have even been in the bottom three.

  240. So the more important question is: Did the rating go up, at least for tonight? I wouldn't know 'cuz I didn't bother to watch. If you all want to save yourself the aggravation and stress, here's the spoiler: James will be the winner. Pia will be the runner up. It's all too obvious. Even the judges are conditioning the voting public this early.

  241. Wheew that scares me. I've never rooted for anyone in this idol search until I heard THIA her voice is sooooooo beautiful. Her voice heals all my body aches after 8 hours of strenous work in the office. Her calmness at age 16 makes me admire her even more. I agree with you KL I was scared and I prayed hard for Thia to survive. WOW!!! Thanks America…

    • yes i agree! i so love thia and i was so upset that she's in the bottom 3 πŸ™ paul and naima should go home

      • Yeah same here, but bec. Paul uses his guitar and Naima her strange dance they were "off the hook" this week. I wish for THIA to show her "musicality/versatility" by playing her guitar. She gave me goosebumps when she sings and plays the guitar all at the same time. Please Thia show them who you really are because as a fan I know you are very very talented

      • Yeah.. I also pray hard so that my favorite baseball team will win their game. Anything wrong with having FAITH? It keeps me going man. It keeps me going…..

      • Maybe only football fans will get this. In the 2007 NFL playoffs, Peyton Manning said that, with seconds left and Tom Brady driving up the field, for the first time in his career he prayed that Tom Brady would not be able to drive his team all the way for the score. The ironic thing is that Tom Brady ended up throwing an interception to end the game and give the Colts the win (I remember because I am a Pats fan!). My point is…nothing wrong with saying you were praying for your favorite to make it through.

  242. go thia megia……fight fight fight…….it's to early to used judges save…..zzzzzzzz i like haley too

  243. I have been watching with great interest as this American Idol is always so entertaining. The judges this year are great and although they are beautiful hollywood people, they have honed their skills to really recognize the little nuiances that set leaders of the pack aside from really good to great. I think the judges have a tough choice this year however, there are about 3 or 4 at the top that are equally talented but have different styles and they are equally strong in their particular genre. But this being said, I feel it should not be so hard to elimanate the next 3 or 4 at the bottom. There are obvious choices here. Pia, Stefano, Haley are diffently in the bottom three. I was moved to tears last night when they saved Casey. Casey should go right to the end, he is unique has a great voice and I don't think he will win the big one, he is one that will go on and have a great career. My vote will be for Jacob or James to win. They have been the most consistent through out this whole process. Good luck to everyone I say, and just because they don't win it does not mean they don't have very successful careers once they leave idol.

  244. If I were one of the judges, I wouldn't save Casey! Gosh, there are so many contestants much worthy for that save. We have Hailey, James and Pia! I'm just so glad that finally, America heard Hailey's unique and powerful voice! She really has the best voice among the girls. Come on, let's keep on voting for Hailey Reinhart!!!

  245. Naima is less talented than the rest as far as the voice goes. She's also awkward on stage. She is off key and should have been eliminated earlier in the show. But as color seems to mean a lot in our PC world she is still on the show. Sorry to have to say it.

    I predict that Naima will be gone as sixth runner up. Casey, needs to get back to singing soulfully and let his talent shine forth.

    Who should win this hands down? I'd say the final two should be Pia and James. At the moment, James has the edge as the performer who has taken chances and won. Pia needs to get out of her Ballad comfort zone, much like Katherine McPhee did, and belt out some song with a beat and with hooks in the music.

    • Absolutely agree. Did you remember when she sang "umbrella" about 2 or 3 weeks ago? She should have been out on that time. She's totally off. I think her dance was awkward too, no offense to African-Dance which is beautiful.

      Agree also with the Finale prediction. Those two are incredible singers. But I think Pia deserves more. She sings strongly and beautifully though James is great too.

  246. Voters missed this entirely. Bottom three Jacob, Thia, Naima. None posses star talent this season.

  247. I think America had it right on with the elimination of Casey. He does not impress me at all. Hopefully America will again vote him off and the judges have wasted their save. Sorry Casey………………

  248. I am a grandmom but I have been watchin American Idol since the night it began, years ago.

    I want to say how excited I was to see Randy raise his hand,last night, and announce the judges had decided to give Casey the chance to go on and prove he is able to compete with the best.

    I would also like to say it is a pleasure to watch the judges demonstrate compassion and respect for the young singers each week. Comments made by the judges are always so sincere and done with the interest, compassion and well being for the future of the star. One can easily see much consideration is taken to make the young performers feel at ease. Our judges this year have proven they are professionals and demonstrate professionalism every single night. Best team of judges ever..

    • I agree with you 100%, grandma… i was happy when i saw the judges demonstrate compassion and respect for all of the contestant this season… they always give a constructive criticism for them.

  249. I was thrilled the judges saved Casey. His edgey talent is not easily recognized or appreciated. I think he is quite possibly the top talent in the competition.

  250. a merica got wrong it should of been haley I saw survey it was thai steffeno haley that should of been bottom three. people need to vote its our votes that make it count ratings r douwn not contestents fualt ours they need america tooooo vote im voting for lust pia is good but no personality like watching paint peel . countryu boy scott did ok this week but not better than lust or durbin

  251. I am truly shocked and disgusted at the results this week. Casey Abrams is one of the most talented contestents AI has ever had. I was so hoping the shocking results would mean Jacob was going home, even though I know he would have been saved also. I don't get why the judges and America likes this guy. Every time he sings it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. I have to fast forward. Then the judges start going on about how awesome he is. I do not get it. Anybody get where I'm coming from?

    • I totally agree – I can's stand to listen to him sing so as soon as he starts singing, I change the channel.

      • He drives me crazy with those screwed up faces he makes!!!I cant tell if he's trying to sing or preach with his Ha! Its like Oh My God, does he have a bad taste in his mouth or is he smelling somethng nasty! Please America Send Him Home! Just knowing he will be performing on the summer tour defintiely will keep me from buying a ticket!!!

  252. Close This year is different. The judges comments are lame. They have actually saved 4 people so far and I feel they will all be eliminated soon. And hopefully next year some of the judges will be eliminated.

    • I think casey has a while before he is eliminated. He has just been goofing the last couple weeks!

    • Methinks it was pretty silly to use the save card so early. If America voted him last, he's last! (and will be again)

  253. In almost every poll, casey has gone up in popularity. The judges, whom, no offense to anyone, have a bigger eye for talent than any of us, esspecially Randy, recognize his talent. and even the majority of us love him! thats saying something.

  254. I'm unsure why the AI judge r so HIGH on Casey Abrams is ok, but the best on this year show.

    (AI) ask us to vote and we do. why do they get unhappy when we vote different then what they would like. IT"S our vote……..

    sorry be he should have cut.

    Thank you, this is a very year for AI

  255. Casey's expression in the picture with Ryan on the website was exactly the same as mine when I logged on to see who would not be on tour! Important obligation kept me from watching the show last night and I couldn't load a full episode to watch when I got in (probably b/c the show hadn't aired on the West Coast.) Fell asleep, and didn't want to hear from anyone else who it was, so I logged on first thing in the AM to be "upset" in private.(I should only possess a mm of the poise, talent, energy, warmth, grace and beauty that make me feel like JLo right now, but Thursdays ARE so hard!)


    I'm shocked that anyone is shocked!!! And angry at myself, for the 1st time, for not voting… The competition is VERY fierce this year. There is more stage presence,and experienced talent right out of the gate.But that can not compete with thousands of "tweens" voting at a mile a minute.My husband and I wait all year for IDOL. It's our Wed./Thurs. night "date!" We rarely turn the TV on for anything but news, but somehow we get lost in IDOL. Lately we've felt that mostly younger kids are the main voters, and that our votes didn't make a difference. We don't know anyone who votes except ourselves, and every single one of our friends,family,neighbors and co-workers watch!At this stage of the competition voting is hard, b/c we decided the strategy is to vote for EVERYONE but the person you want to see leave that week.In 2 hours post-show, that's alot of calls to have to make to try and make a difference.It's exhausting!But obviously our 2 hours have been well spent in the past, and we are sorry to not have supported Casey when maybe we could have made a difference! I DOWNLOAD THESE KIDS SONGS.(David Cook singing "Music of the Night" still makes me cry and Andrew Garcia's version of"Gimme Shelter" gives me the energy for the last stretch of my 4 mile walk!)WE GO TO THE CONCERT.4th row center on the floor in front of the stage! Crystal Bowersox had tears in Philly last summer at the onslaught of appreciation for her constant "true self" and gorgeous delivery. It's awful that technology has taken us to a place where these kids "success" is measured in numbers of sales,etc., b/c entertainment in any form can be accessed in so many ways. We watch and think of the unemployed, just getting by, working so hard to make ends meet, coming out of college with no work in your field and huge debt… While we have our health, if there are millions of mid 40's-mid 60's folks doing what my husband and I do for 3 hours a week,think of YOUR OWN children's aspirations and possible once in a lifetime opportunities and TAKE THE EXTRA TIME TO VOTE!We're really sorry we didn't.

    • Marilyn:

      My husband and I, too, are in our 40's…I voted for Casey (I've been a fan since his audition) and am so glad I did. I can't believe America voted him out (although the whole George Bush thing in 2000 and 2004 is making a lot more sense!) and I am so very relieved he was saved.

      But you're right. We older people need to get out and vote for the performer we like best, because the teenyboppers on mom & dad's cellular accounts aren't going to take into consideration things like the ability to write a song or play multiple instruments. They just vote for the prettiest face or their favourite song.

  256. IMO the Judges save is a load of crap. Weather I agree with the chice or not, the vote is the vote. It's a simple concept and stated clearly at the begining of the competition, the contestant with the lowest number of votes is gone, live with it. As far as the judges go I like them (or I should say I really want to like them) but miss Simon, sombody has to say "hey you sucked" they are too nice and Randy isn't able to pull of the lead judge roll, for the last 9 years he was barly noticed. The show this year seems too staged and rehersed much less spontaious than in previous years. As a side note I thought Gordon Ramsey made a real ass out of himself on Wednesday, what a J.O.

  257. Apparently, america voted and they didn't like Casey, so they voted him off. Now next week they will elinate 2 people. They just postpone it.

  258. Bad save!!! Yes there is a lot of talent this year, But they should have let him go! He does not have the look. Maybe if he shaved and groomed his hair,it would be more appealing to look at! Casey can sing…but he needs to AMP up his appearance!! This is American Idol…We don't want another Taylor Who?…

  259. Casey needs to cut that bread and hair. He looks like the idols grandfather.

    Jacob – OMG! that young can sing! Please, please tone down the justers! Look at Adam Lambert, he didn't win and he sure should have!

    PIA is the ONE! Just show the connection like JHUD did last night!

  260. I thought i would have a nervous breakdown when they put STEFANO in the bottom 3. He has such a great voice and personality. LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. NO! I almost had a heart attack last night when I heard those results, america did not get that one right at all! I am so greatful that they used there save for Casey last night, You rock kiddo and dont let anyone tell you and diffrent!

  262. America got it all wrong, thank God for the judges professionalism who knows a winner when they see one. Casey is different and that is what makes him a star.

  263. Casey is one, if not the best, singer in the competition this year!!!! I was shocked to hear this and thanks to the judges for knowing real talent!

  264. I cannot believe that America was about to vote off one of the BEST singers/performers/artist on this seasons show. They should be reminded by the Judges that it is NOT a popularity contest. You don't vote for the person who is the "cutest" or has the nicest "smile". It is about TALENT and Casey has it all. This guy should be making it into the top 5, and if not, maybe we should be letting the judges take a more active role as well as the public getting to choose. Here are my picks for the top 5: Casey, Pia, James, Jacob & Scotty. The rest are good, don't get me wrong but these 5 have pure, raw, talent. The others are still young and need more work, perhaps next year. If there are more stupid, ridiculous votes cast I won't be watching anymore. Casey was a no brainer, come on America smarten up !!!!!

  265. I (like majority of the people) believed that Casey should have NOT been in the bottom three…The judges did the right thing in saving him. I think the person who should've went home was Haliey or Paul. Paul can't even sing that good it's his guitar that's keeping him on the show and Hailey is trying to be like Christina Aguilara with her growling and junk…smh Pia is good i'm not downing her swag but James is trying to be like Adam Lambert if you ask me Jacob is the one!! Ya'll don't realize singing if ya'll saying ya'll hate his voice..but yeah I think Jacob and Casey should be in the finals just because Casey is unique and Jacob has a strong vocal(:

    • That’s where you’re mistaken, it is a popularity contest. Like it or not it is what it is, the “American Idol” doesn’t have to be the best singer but they do have to get the most votes. Anyone who has watched this show for more than one season has seen that. I’m not a Casey hater, I’m practical enough though to realize he has no chance of winning, weather the producers want him on tour or not. I read some other posts about how great this kid is and honestly I don’t see it. He’s ok in an odd way but nowhere near as good as some of these posts make him out to be. Seriously, I can’t be the only one to see this. America didn’t get it “wrong” because other than different opinions and tastes there is no right or wrong. I didn’t expect him to go this week and was very surprised by the outcome but the cold hard truth is he got voted off because he didn’t get enough votes. Despite what you or I think the vast majority of voters didn’t like him. He should be gone because he got voted off plain and simple. Sorry, next.

  266. America got it right! It is ashame that the judges used their save sooooo early. It seems that it is always needed closer to the end. Someone that really could use the save in the next couple of weeks is SOL.

  267. The judges absolutely got it right. Casey has given great,entertaining performances that outshine Haley all the time, Thea this week & he did not deserve the boot. Adolescents are voting for Stefano, Thea & perhaps Paul too. The best singers are Pia, Jacob & Casey, then Scotty & James. I love Naima, she is the most interesting female ever on Idol. She has to stand still & belt it out, cause she has everything-looks, can dance & brings excitement! I am loving this season!

  268. Casey has been our families top idol contestant from the first auditions. Everyone that likes Casey must show it by texting and if you don't know how to text, find out!

  269. America got it bang on! It's an insult to use the wild card. Abrams should have GONE……long gone!

  270. Please change the name of the program to JUDGES' IDOL. America voted this guy out and that's it! How many potentials have come before you judges and left with tears and a broken heart because you did not approve of them? Yet, you've now got this

    guy that America didn't like, but you did, and forgetting about all the other rejections, you ignored America and chose YOUR favorite. WRONG! POOR JUDGEMENT! UNFAIR TO ALL THE OTHERS YOU REJECTED! You rigged the whole program right before America's eyes. I didn't watch you last year because of the judges and I now I don't like you guys either. NO MORE "AMERICAN" IDOL FOR ME!!!!

  271. CASEY and STEFANO in the bottom three?? Wish I could vote – I am Canadian and can't vote. HALEY should have been in the bottom three and be GONE, GONE GONE! America, please LISTEN to these singers and don't put CASEY or STEFANO in the bottom again. By the way, JAMES rocked the house Wednesday. There is your AMERICAN IDOL for this year!!

  272. I LOVE Casey ~ I am so glad the judges saved him! He deserves to be there! I also love Scotty and James ~ they will be stars! Pia has a great voice ~ but she needs to sing something up-beat PLEASE! Need to get rid of Thia ~ she's young and can come back another year.

  273. Forgot to mention this. When will we be having a COUNTRY THEME week? Only fair way.

  274. I am so glad they saved Casey, the judges are great

    this season, better than before. I think Steven and Jennifer are great caring people, that young man almost had a heart attack, when it was announced he was saved, it was very touching, I Thank God fpr the judges, I kept saying they were going to use the save when I saw who was in the bottom 3.

  275. Casey should have gone. Judges wasted the save last night. Think on of the main reason's why Casey was in the bottom 3 is he has become Very Cockey and shows his Ego. Like to see Paul or Jacob win.

  276. Although I don't like some of the mean spirited comments, I am thankful we live in a country where we can voice our opinion. To that point, this year AI has a broad range of talent and style of music. Have my favorites, but the exposure to the public will open doors for all of these young people. Root on your favorites, vote, and remember this is entertainment and for our ENJOYMENT. So relax and watch – then support the ones you want. πŸ™‚

  277. James will will. Runner-up will be Pia.

    Jennifer is so gorgeous it hurts.

    Judges deserve a big hand for standing in the way of last night's travesty. Casey should be #3.

    Did I mention how gorgeous Jennifer was?

  278. I am glad they saved Casey and I also would like to see him shave and look better. I think Haley is a great singer and will only get better. I am pleased with the ones that are going on tour.The ones that will never make it are Jacob,Thia,Stephano and Naima..the others have some degree of talent

  279. I love Casey! He is the most entertaining and I would not go see Idol on tour unless he is there. Great Choice Judges. As for paul…I am so amazed the judges love him so much. He is off tune and a terrible dancer. he needs to go!

  280. No, I don't believe that America got it right. I think Casey is one of the more interesting and talented contestants. His style is unique and few of the other contestants possess that quality.

  281. I thought Casey was having a seizure when they announced his save or maybe he was about to puke LOL I almost felt bad for the guy!

  282. Hey i voted for casey and several of my votes went to jacob in error. I had the right phone #1 but the announcer said thanks 4 voting for contestant #3. It also happened for laurens votes going to #10 in error. There was a system problem!!

  283. Last night's show was pitiful. Steve's birthday was a waste, Jennifer screamed her song, Hulk Hogan was wasted time and the thing was a set up. Shame on Idol. Nigel can do better than this. The Ford commercials are pitiful.


  284. I can't believe Casey got the lowest vote. I agree with the judges that he (Casey) should be one of the top 10. Actually top 3 to me.

    • NO. The voters said NO. This is dictatorship. The people said NO to Casey. But 3, COUNT THEM: THREE people over ride millions of voters??? Democracy? NO.

      • Casey is still the best for me. No matter what others would said about him. I believe in what he can do. Go Casey!

  285. Bottomline….Casey is a puke, screams when he sings…. shoulda gotten rid of him a while ago…..kid makes me wanna puke, put your man pants on kid

  286. Not this time. The Judges definitely got it right!!! Casey definitely deserves to be there. He is extremely talented and well-rounded. And for all of you negative people out there, you must be tone deaf. This is absolutely the best American Idol ever and Steven, Jennifer, and Randy are doing an excellent job!! They were right to stop Casey mid-performance. It makes me wonder what kind of people are voting. The talent is excellent, and it's going to be tough to lose people after this. I just hope to God we have some real musicians out there that can see what Steven, Jennifer, Randy, and I see. Also, loved the Hulk Hogan part….Happy Birthday Steven.Of course, having Stevie Wonder sing Happy Birthday doesn't get any better!!! Good Luck to All of the Remaining Contestants.

    • Whether or not Casey deserves to remain is subjective. I put him in the middle of the pack, some put him at the top, and obviously the majority put him at the bottom. He is a judge favorites, so I can see them using the save. Interrupting the performance was disrespectful to the process, to the remaining contestants, and to the 30 million + votes that put Casey at the bottom. It was also disrespectful to Casey to not give him a chance to win the voters back. If he knocked it out of the ballpark, maybe voters would have second guessed not voting for him. But the judges disrespected the entire process.

      • Should have let him sing, but no… the judges are now telling him how to be Casey… what ever happened to being yourself?

      • Oh my god…this is one of my problems with the judges. They tell some contestants to not be who they are and to take risks. Now they tell Casey "Ooo you know what? America didn't like that, so you better play it safe." They are so inconsistent. I was glad Mark Anthony called them out on some of their judging.

  287. America got it wrong last night. The only good thing about the outcome is that eleven get to go on tour. In listening to each contestant, Paul deserved to go home based upon just singing; even though I think Paul has potential he just was not on his game Wed. night. Oh, now which two will go home next week? Did Casey flirting with his female friend influence the voting Wed. night? We all know Scotty has the "tween" vote locked up which is a powerful force on this show. We shall see what develops next week.

    • I agree that it was great that all 11 ended up on tour. I disagree about saying America got it wrong. You're not saying that a couple of people got it wrong. You're saying that 30 million + votes got it wrong. That's a pretty arrogant statement.

      • America got it right! The save should have been saved for someone who will need it in a few weeks. We will all be sorry when there is no save left and Pia or Lauren or James gets sent home. Casey is not an AI. Remember Taylor Hicks?

      • Yeh…I mean America voted the way America voted. 30 million + votes indicated that America thought Casey should go. Whether the save was good or bad, the judges had to decide if they thought the stakes were worth it for Casey. Based on the number of news and blog articles that had the Casey elimination as a shocker, maybe it was a good save (though I still have huge problems with the way they carried it out; also I should say I am not a Casey fan). We’ll see the next couple of weeks, if he is in the bottom 3 again, then obviously not a good save. If he goes on to win the whole thing, then it was a good save. But picture this…we’re a couple weeks down the road and Naima is still in it. Picture James making some kind of big mistake in his performance that voters take offense to. Now, they’re down to the final two…James and Naima…Ryan reads the result and says, “The person going home is…James.” Would the judges wish they still had their one and only save? It’s a gamble they took. They’re betting that all of their remaining favorites will not have a slip like Casey had.

      • YES, "America got it wrong" but 3 JUDGES got it right?? Don't THINK so. Like I said before. If 3 people's voices can over ride 30 million, sounds Hitler-like to me!

  288. Yes, the American Idol judges got it right – there are at least three Idols who should go home before Casey and VERY soon, two were in the bottom three but for the life of me, I can not understand why Hayley and Pia keep getting votes. They are NOT more talented than the others – in fact, this year the guys are outshining the girls tenfold.Personally, Jacob, stop the licks and the power house vocals on every song and just sing the dang song – this isn't the American Gospel Idol – enough already! Less is way MORE where you are concerned! Go Casey – America wake up and vote for him!

    • I agree! However i voted for Casey and several of my votes went to contestant # 3 Jacob. Was not my error it happened over & over. I think the system was having problems but no one will listen to me. I had the right number. it just sent my vote to wrong person. They need to ck that out!!!

      • I think if there were in fact a problem, enough people would have already spoken out and the media would be all over this…especially as "high profile" as this elimination was. I'm not saying you're lying…I'm just saying that my hunch would be dialer error.

    • Are you kidding? You cannot understand why Pia is getting votes? Pia should and probably will be in the finale. Do you mean Thia?

      • I totally concur..Pia is gonna take the crown. No-one can touch her. She's like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Streisand all rolled into one..

  289. Last nights Idol was the best american idol….ever.. little shocked at bottom 3 but came out good in the end..I think all contestants done very well and the judges are amazing. Loved Steves birthday celebration, he deserved it.

  290. Suggestion for Paul – sing Cat Stevens songs such as "Peace Train". Suggetion for Scotty – sing "It's just a matter of time" (Brook Benton, Randy Travis) or "Ruby" by Kenny Rogers

  291. This season is without a boubt the most difficult to predict. In my family, I like Pia and Thia, my wife loves James Durbin and my daughter's favorite is Paul McDonald.

    I also enjoyed Lauren's performance this week, and Scotty McCreary will always get a lot of votes from the Country crowd.

    So, if Pia, James and Paul made it to the Finals our family would be very happy.

    But who is really at the bottom? Stefano and Casey made sense to me!

    Again, it's not that Casey is a terrible talent. So, someone will have to go that someone loves. So, when Scott or James are voted off in the coming weeks, then what do we do? No more Judge's save. Oh well, may America pick the right Idol.

  292. I think it is obvious that the whole bottom 3 was a publicity stunt by the producers (not the judges or contestants) to get more people to vote. Obviously, the people taking the online surveys are the people voting. If you do not watch AI, you do not take online surveys as to who should stay or go. It doesnt make sense that the bottom 3 in the surveys were not the bottom 3 last night!

    Ryan says every week that a whopping 30 million votes came in…30 mil is a lot, but not enough for the #1 show on TV. I will guarantee that next week, the votes will increase by at least 10 million and the bottom 3 will be (as it should have been this week) Hailey, Naima, & Thia…with Hailey & Naima going home! (And know that I actually enjoy Hailey & Thia)

    This happens every season. A fake bottom 3 is created to scare people into voting for their faves because "Every vote counts" and "Don't think your favorite is safe!" Blah blah blah…heard it all before! (Feel free to disagree!)

    Either way I love Idol…and this is by far the best season yet! Love the judges and the contestants are TALENTED! Its impossible to judge the outcome and who will be in the finale! πŸ™‚

  293. With all due respect, you really should stop watching American Idol …. I love the show but as I read your comments, I started feeling sick.

    As for Casey, I am sure that the reason for the low number of votes is that much like me, many likely voted for someone else they didn't want to see in the bottom three because no way could Casey not safe. Even if he had gone home, he is surely on his way to a big time career in music.

    • That's exactly what we did…voted for another because we thought Casey was for sure safe! We were trying to save our favorite girl from being on the bottom yet again. I was crying when he was voted off, and very glad he was saved. He will do very well for himself in the music world with the talent he has shown!

  294. Love your "snarky shots" that are good entertainment but I can tell they are mostly for fun. I have descovered a scoring method that has nothing to do with talent that has been predicting 2 or of 3 of the bottome 3 each week. Casey and Thia were two of those 3 this week. If it continues to produce I will share it with you. Right not it's just a theory.

  295. America so got it wrong this week! Casey is by far the best singer/entertainer of the group. To me he's the "crystal" and "adam" of this season….the very best!

  296. I think it was fair that the judges kept Casey on for the tour he is definitley one for the better singers – however, America does the voting!

  297. When the 11 sang Ain't No Mountain High Enough, I got goose bumps and tears. I have never heard a group sing together so well, it was beautiful. My husband's been in theatre over forty years, we are not easily moved. Having all 11 on tour is a sell out proposition. The blogger, ie., critic on the American Idol site is unskilled to say the least. There is nothing wrong with each of their individual styles, some need presentation skills. The shallow music world we have today should be shaking in their boots. This group, together and individually will be around a lot longer then this blogger/critic and offer us all so much more. 3 Cheers for the judges; Casey is a great part of this group. I am for all 11!!! Thanks M

  298. I was surprised that the judges used their safety with Casey… I would have loved them to use it on Karen Rodriguez the week before. I feel that he was saved this time but the weeks ahead I don't think he will make it any further

  299. America had it right this week; I don't like it when the judges overpraise a certain contestant like Casey. Not surprised from the save but it's worthless because he won't win. Just another Taylor Hicks more great to watch than listen.

  300. Love STEFANO …WHAT A GREAT TALENT. He should not have been in the bottom 3 again. There are so many others that need to go!!!!!

  301. I was shocked when Casey was the one voted off and relieved when he was saved by the judges. He is awesome and so is Stephano – the men are strong. A couple of the girls need to go next…My husbannd and I think the judges are great and made the right decision to save Casey – good for them

  302. No. America did not get it right. They rarely do. Most people vote on looks and such and that is wrong. Its talent. Casey has talent. He can sing, entertain, and plays an instrument. He is funny too! Thia is good, but is young and has no direction. Naima is good, but really? Who is going to see her? i wont buy that!! The best music and entertainment is James. He puts on a show and he has a story!!! It would be a success for him to win. Pia of course is awesome as well, but can be boring. Again, who wants to watch and pay for that? Oh Yea….all the red blooded males in the world!!!!(Yes, she is beautiful) So, America, vote for who deserves to win!!! Do i have to remind everyone of Daughtry? Yes, he has a great career now….but he should have been the winner. Taylor Hicks beat him?? Again, good, but not the best. I think he is doing odd jobs around Vegas and Daughtry is touring. Vote for talent and Entertainment America!!!

    • AMEN!!! American Idol is about who can sing, entertain and has talent!!! This is not a Miss America Pagent people!

    • They need Simon back as a judge. A no nonsense, tell it like it is person. I also believe last Thur nite was a set-up, planned and carried out by 3 unqualified to judge talent, who cannot correctly give a just and true measure of talent tips to help these people

  303. I was stunned to see Casey at the bottom. He's always been one of my favorites, but I've been so positively stunned by Durbin's performances of late that I've been giving all my votes to him. I'll have to spread out the votes from this point forward.

    Based on what I've seen so far, Casey, James, and Paul are the only contestants who could get me to buy their music. The others are very talented (which is why I think we should excuse the judges for being so positive lately), but they just don't do that much for me.

  304. I thought this was American Idol, NOT JUDGES IDOL !!! America voted Casey off and the judges saved his screeching sorry hind end. America I say lets vote him off again this week. They can save him no more.

  305. I was pretty shocked that Casey was at the bottom last night.

    But things like this happen when you let people vote.

    Just like George W. Bush being elected twice!

    That's why they call them the ignorant masses πŸ™‚

  306. Absolutely the worst decision America has made on Idol. Casey is one of the most talented people on the show. He has the talent and the swagger to be a real entertainer. Think about it…thats why the judges saved him. Wake up America! Don t make the same mistake next week!

  307. These kids have the most talent we've ever seen. Remember the years when someone would stop singing and ask if they could start over. Remember when contestants cried; not because they were good but because they were lousy. There are none of these shenanigans this year, because every one has talent. Who knows where this will end; they are all that good. Now, if we could just see Paul from the neck up. His movements are too unique and disjointed (kinda like that gray haired guy from another year). If I close my eyes, I love his singing. Casey deserves to be there; they used their one save perfectly! Hooray for the judges, and thank goodness for a kinder gentler three-some. I can even put up with Randy's "yo" and "dog" for another season, thanks to the other two. With all that money, Randy would benefit from some speech lessons, but that's wishful thinking. So, stop picking on the top eleven. They have taken A. Idol to new heights!

  308. My Song Picks for This Week (theme – 1980s):

    Jacob – “Superstar” by Luther Vandross

    James – “Faithfully” by Journey

    Scotty – “Allentown” by Billy Joel

    Casey – “Pink Houses” by John Cougar Mellencamp

    Paul – “Drive” by The Cars

    Stefano – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen

    Lauren – “The Rose” by Bette Midler

    This – “Borderline” by Madonna

    Pia – “Fame” by Irene Cara

    Naima – “Freeway of Love” by Aretha Franklin

    Hayley – “I Love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

  309. I think America made a big mistake last night. Casey definitley should not have been in the bottom at all. Casey, Paul and James are the best 3 singers there. They have so much talent. Open your eyes America. The judges did the right thing last night. Thank you judges!

  310. In case the contestants read these…Casey I didn't hear what Jennifer said to you. My DVR switched to another recorded show. But I want to tell you that you were my favorite during auditions. I loved your cool bluesy vibe and that you could play cool instruments. I haven't liked your choices on the live shows. It seems your more intested in the shock factor than singing well. And your great blues side hasn't shown up. You're yelling a lot instead of using that smooth voice with the properly placed occasional growling that we saw in auditions. I told my husband in the beginning I would go out and buy your CD immediately (and I rarely buy music). I wouldn't buy anything you've put out on stage. I don't say that to be mean…but as a way to say "Please don't waste that save!"

    • Well written, thoughtful,comment that I totally agree with. Casey? If you read her comments, please pay attention to her suggestions. I melt when you sing the blues. You can sing anything…but when you sing the blues, the world stops.

  311. No, No, No!!! Could not even believe it that Casey was in the bottom 3 let alone the bottom???? This years talent is certainly incredible but there is certainly no performer like Casey (he isn't even my fav) but I thought he was going to win! Couldn't imagine a tour without him so I am so happy he is saved!

  312. I've watches every Idol. I was dreading the Steven Tyler addition. I really like him-he has grown on me. This yr.'s talent is the best ever. Simon,we don't need you anymore.Pat

  313. It was great to see Mark Anthony giving a lesson on sound to the contestants. Even the greatest singers can slide a semi-tone up or down if they can't hear themselves. The last couple of weeks, each contestant has struggled to stay on key, yet they wouldn't have made it onto the show without a good "ear." That particular lesson should be given to each group, each season, along with all the other performance tips the group gets. AS to Casey receiving the ONE SEASON SAVE, I say congrats to the Judges. Yes, America voted, but I wonder how much Steven Tyler's comment about him having "mad, mad ego" may have affected the voting. I don't think he meant that Casey as a person has a horrible ego, just that it takes a lot of nerve to change up a piece the way he does. Casey is unusual, interesting, fun to watch, and a pleasure to listen to. He seems humble and funny–not at all egotistical. I would buy his recordings and listen to them with pleasure–not something I can say about two or three of the contestants who, while vocally TALENTED, are missing the awesome uniqueness of voice…that special sound that says "This is [Casey] singing for you!" without anyone ever actually mentioning his name.

  314. America got it exactly right. What a bad decision by the judges!! Now if one of the really good singers needs to saved, they can not be. What a dumb move by the judges who otherwise have been spot on with their thoughts.

    • Yes, I agree. What a wasted "save". Casey will NOT win. Why the h#ll did they waste the save on the screecher "Smells Like Teen Spirit"? I bet Kurt Cobaine rolled in his grave after that screechfest!

      • How is it fair for a muppet to be on AI?Anyone remember monster?Manamana!!!Casey seems to look very similar to me.He won't win and hasn't performed well so far,so a wasted save.Top 3..Pia,Jacob and James.Great show last night.

  315. Casey…….ROCKS!!! I was in shock when Ryan annouced he was even in bottom three!! This kid can Sing and Entertain, isnt this what we want in a singer??? Or some beauty queen who just stands there with a voice! I'd have to say someone who keeps us wanting more and we can't wait to watch the following week like Casey, Jacob, Paul, Scotty, and James. These guys can rock the American Idol house and keep us wanting more!! Keep up the GREAT work guys!! I'll be watching!

  316. pia is not my fave but its not her fault that she got good looks.i thought everyone could join and share their talent in this contest regardless of how you look..

  317. I fear the judges will regret using the save this early. Casey is not winner material.

  318. America has voted, and Casey did lose. What the Judges don't seem to know is that the remaining contestants are all very good singers and performers. Its too early for the saving trick, should have given hard thinking before deciding. Judges maybe too emotional and tactless now.Anyway, Congrats Casey

  319. I don’t think he should have been saved. I’m surprised they used it so early. Hope it doesn’t bite them in the butt. They have the best talent they have ever had so each week will be very hard.

    • WTF???????????????????? Casey has no talent unless he screeches Nirvana. What a waste of the "save". Like I said before. How can three people over-ride 30 million?? It's called DICTATORSHIP. 30 million people's wishes are cancelled by 3, yes THREE people/.what a democracy.

  320. bottom 3 should have been Haley, Thia and Stefano..but close behind might be Naima and Scotty. At this stage its not about whose bad…they’re all good…its about thinning it down to the cream. Tops are: Jacob, James, Casey, Lauren & Pia…and maybe Paul too.

  321. Casey is huge, amazing talent. This year's talent is awesome. I have never voted, hardly liked this show until this year. Casey you'll get my vote next week, hope it helps. But, don't worry, you are going to be an amazing talent for a long time.

    Also, I appreciate the judges, great chemistry, helpfulness…..goodby Simon.

  322. Dear Cat:

    Do you realized how stupid you sound? First off, saves are part of the show so it's bound to be used at one point anyway. Second, if it was used on somebody you liked you probably wouldn't be complaining. Third, 30 million people did not wish for him to leave.. they just had someone else better in mind to stay. Since they all stayed, wouldn't their "wishes" have came through?

    By the way, you're an idiot. Lol.

  323. Casey absolutely deserved to be left standing.

    The AI must be all or at least most of the Entire package.

    That leaves James, Scotty, Pia, Casey, and Stefano in the final top 5.

    Jacob, Thia, and Lauren will be 6,7,8 (any order is possible) and Naima and Haley go next week. Paul will be eliminated at number 9.

    Definitely destined to have recording contracts will be Jacob, Paul and Scotty.

  324. Wow what a show!!! I just haven't liked Niaema, but do grant that her last performance was 100 times better than any thing she had produced before. It is great that all the rest will be on the tour. They are a great group and I would miss any one of the group. a At 69 years , and a man,I am still a big fan of the Idol shows.

  325. One more thought. We really should be casting votes to find the bottom person, and let those with the lesser number go. That way, our middle group would have less chance of being sent the wrong way

  326. Good luck to the three judges, Randy-you should have let Casey finish the song,JLO and Steven – Casey is good, he was better in the preliminary elimination rounds, right now he is not showing the goodies, its like he is loosing steam. She contestantso much is expected from him and thats the dilemma coz he was better than now. The three judges really needs the best of luck now than the AI contestants

  327. People, let's get real now that you all got the wake up call with the "great Casey" being voted off, then saved by the judges who think their 3 drugged opinions overrate the bell curve average of 30 million americans. Naima can't sing, Paul has no strenth in his vocal cords, Jacob belongs in A Vegas dive for drag queens. The others are pretty good. And Casey is a gimmicky singer whose time is up bless his heart. Get on with the show!

  328. Scotty is Christian-ass boring. They go light on him every week – You really made that your own… meaning "You really made that sound like it should be sung at Oral Roberts University's talent night. Frickin' boring as hell. They also give Lauren the Jesus pass. She missed several notes last week and was still searching for them this week. Get 'em off.

  329. I was shock when america decided to send casey

    home. thia,naima,pia this should have been your

    bottom 3.A canadian fan go for it casey.

  330. The results did not surprise me for the 2 of the bottom 3. , but was shocked the Casey was in the bottom, and especially to get out!! Thank goodness for the save,like Jennifer said, if he brings back that glorious soul like he sung in the beginnings performances,we are in for a fight on that stage.he is the best musical talent I have seen in many years and I wish him the very best.

    Vote if you like someone, never think they are safe.

  331. The save was clearly wasted on Casey Abrams. The country spoke and the judges clearly didn't hear them. Now he'll be voted out in the next show or two and there's nothing Randy and company can do about it. I, for one, will be thrilled..People need to get rid of Naima, Haley and Paul too..Losers all of them..As I've said in the past, the voting format needs to be changed. It should be like the Neilsen Ratings and taken out of the hands of tweens and teens that don't have a clue and wouldn't know talent if it stepped on them.

    • I agree that the save was wasted on Casey as he is not going to win .

      Naima should stay as she sings with genuine emotion whereas most of the others do not.I thought her performance of " For all we Know" 4 weeks ago was awesome, but her last three were forgetable

      • They saved Casey because he will provide some much needed diversity on the tour. And if he goes home that will benefit him immensely. too, because he can take it easy until the tour starts. He had another transfusion Thursday morning. He also collapsed backstage after the results show.

      • OMG! she sang "For All We Know" then bam!!! I loved her even more. NAIMA is really great. her sultry contralto vocal range is rare and that's very unique of her. NAIMA will make it big in the music industry, I'm sure of it.

    • I say the judges should have saved the save for one of the younger contestents for if they crush under the preasure like Lauran,Thia and Scotty.

      • scotty should be eliminate,he sang so boring,i dont like his voice it was so low…,but thia, must be in the bottom three,i know she had a good voice but she lose hope,if she will push and push i know she can do it!!!!!

    • the save was wasted on Casey, but I think it was a staged thing. he wont be in the bottom 3 for a while, it was all a wasted show, Naima should have gone or Paul… or Jacob, and Casey also, he cant sing.

      Haley is a good little singer better than the above 4 i mentioned

      • NAIMA is a great singer and AMERICA is starting to see that. they are all good this is the best season on American Idol history.

  332. I think Casey was definitely the wrong choice to go. He is a real musician, as recognized by the judges, and very versatile. The song he did with his own accompaniment on the bass was fabulous, as well as the number he did for his birth year!! I thought he would wind up in the top and am still hopiing!!

  333. I was shocked that Casey Abrams was voted off and I think the judges were right on. I have never watched American Idol before and the only reason my family and I are watching it is because of the talented Casey. Wednesday night after Casey performed, my husband said America won't keep Casey in because he is not the cookie cutter top 40 pop/rock type and people don't get him. I think he is the most talented, gifted and unique singer/musician. My husband and I are from New Orleans and New Orleanians know good music and musicians, don't we Randy! Casey needs to come here to New Orleans where he can be himself because we really appreciate his individuality, uniqueness, style and soul.

  334. omg, donna give it up! casey isa scretching screaming growling waste of our time! that needs a shave and madison, you need to learn how to count girl! you said your top 4 and then put 5! and theonly one in the group who is the best is james. And this girl that said that thia, pia, and niami, need to go, she needs her ears cleaned out, as those are some of the best!!

    like the other guy said, its just a matter of another week or 2 and casey will finally be out of there, can come soon enough as far as i am concerned. And halley omg, she really sucks, she'll be next to go. She gets on stage and acts like an like some sex goodess fool. Just so sick of her. al hickey said it perfectly, on casey and who is good. here is the bottom line, we need to just make pia tascano the 2011 american idol, and get it overwith! she by far is the best singer, with the best vocals by a longshot over everyone, and america see's this, you watch… she will win.

    if not it will for sure be jacob lusk, and he is just way too good for the show all together. he is in a leage all of his own. sounds just as good as luther or other legends out there. and scotty, omg, i can't take another week of him, he is good for a county singer, if ya like country, yuk, and i don't, and america doesn't like country music enough to make him win, so his days are numbered too. james is awsome, a real rocker, with an brilliant voice. thia is origanal, and way way too good of a voice for a.i. the best by far are-

    pia, jacob, thia, james. the rest just need to go home.

  335. Casey has more talent than everyone on the show with the only runner in the race against him being James.There should be a better way to pick the winner than people that just want to see a, well I'll stop here. I believe something is rotten in the system.Him and a few others will be at the top of the charts next year win or lose. I'll bet !!

  336. —-"Shocking Update #2: All 11 of the contestants will go on tour! Two singers will be eliminated next week, so to avoid a 9-person tour team, they’ll just increase the count to 11 singers."

    Actually before anyone was saved, 10 people had been told they were going on tour, so there was no choice but to increase the tour to 11, once there was a save.

    • That's inaccurate.

      No one had been told they were going on tour before the night's events.

      For the record, before the show even started the decision was already made to bump up the tour count to 11. Regardless of the save, 11 were going on tour.

  337. Go……… Thia Megia

    Your the best among the rest

    All pinoy will support you to win this singing contest……….


      • America will applaude if Casey is voted off —again Then followed by James and Paul. They could form a trio of screechers.

      • I know that I will applaude when Casey gets votes off – He should have been gone last week but the judges were stupid and kept in on for another week.

  339. By saving Casey and the comments that the judges made told america who they want to win.Now,when one of the better singers that has a very good chance to win and has a bad nite will get voted off.The judges have to remember that it is who the american voters want to win.Not who they want to win.I think that their should not be a save.Once it goes to the public to vote,each weeks votes should be add to the prior weeks votes[keep a rolling total]That way the winner will have the most votes.

  340. No! I don't think America got it right! I don't feel that those three should have been in the bottom three at all.

    I am glad that Casey was saved. Thia did not deserve to be in the bottom either, but Stefano could have done better with his song. It was a soft love song and he yelled it practically. He can do better.

    I just want to ask a question that has been on my mind for some time. Why has Naima (I hope I got the spelling right! She has always been a favorite until lately)totally changed? I mean her voice, her style and certainly her dancing? I loved her when she was this beautiful exotic singer and her voice was so beautiful. I feel she is just trying to be like everyone else and I really don't like it!

    Sorry Naima, I just feel you are trying to please everyone except yourself. I seriously don't know why after your last performance why you were not in the bottom three. Be true to yourself.

    • if there's one person in the competition that is SO TRUE to herself, it's NAIMA. Her passion for performing is very evident. In every song she sings, she pours her heart to it. she's real. I hope you'll like her once again. πŸ™‚

  341. I think the judges got it right and America was way off! I think the judges saw the big mistake America was making and know real talent when they see it. Stefano did a poor job Wednesday night he should have been first pick. Casey should not have been on the bottom 3. I'm glad the judges stepped in when they saw what was happening was way wrong.

  342. wtf? that was so craaazy!! casey is one of the best in the show, so wrong! sometimes i dont understand you people!! =S

    • Casey sucks and he is not the best….He will be gone soon! If if wern't for the judges saving him, he would be gone and we would not have to suffer listening to him—He has no talent – He is creepy

  343. I think the best of three:

    1. James….real rocker, too long america not create new idol in rock music

    2. Jacob….luther reincarnation…one of the best

    3. Casey….one of the most talented new musicion

      • Casey sucks and should have been voted off last week but the judges were stupid and saved him—What were they thinking – Hopefully, he will be gone soon. He will never go all the way and win….Lots of people that I know don't like him….Goodbye Casey!

  344. I was surprised to see casey in bottom three this early and then eliminated by the American votes. I was not shocked that the judges used the save for him. My opinion is I feel there should not be a save to be used at any time. I feel the American vote states it all in who they want and dont want. It is called American Idol not Judges Idol.

    Casey may have some talent but does so many other contestants. America knows what type of Idol they want. To me I do have a few I like but I try to think who would I like to go see in concert whose cd would i buy. Sorry to say Casey,Jacob, and Naima is three I would not consider at all.

    My question is what are the judges going to do this week if casey is one of the two to go home. what if the other contestant they praise so much Jacob is right there with casey and america votes for both of them go home.

    I would like to see that happen due to the fact the judges said america got it wrong. No we didnt and I would like to see americans who vote pull together and send casey and jacob home to prove to the judges and all of idol that american's vote do count and we didnt get it wrong.

  345. Its great to see that others see in Naima as I do . To 'vivacious Kate' and 'American Idol Fever',yes I agree she has the potential to be a great singer as she does pour her heart and soul into her singing

    • I agree and think she has great potential because she has tons of soul. Stop being so critical and give her a chance to prove what's deep inside.

  346. I really think that the save was totally wasted. it was to soon for using it and Casey didn't deserved it.

    My top 5:

    1. Pia

    2. Jacob

    3. Lauren

    4. James

    5. Scotty

  347. America got it so wrong this past week. Am I in the minority here when I say Paul McDonald is not even in the same league as the others. Just because he is different does not make him good. He can not stay on key, pitch and just doesn't have a good voice. Don't get me wrong, he has a place in the entertainment world, but lets face it if Bob Dylan would have tried out for AI, he shouldn't have made it either. Casey had no business being the one ousted. Yes he has had a few bad weeks and its good that maybe this almost elimination brought his feet back to the ground and knocked the cockiness out of him but he is one very talented dude and really can sing better than most. So America get it right this week. Vote the ones who don't have the IDOL Winning power out! not personalities. This is a vocal competititon.

  348. I think American had it tottally wrong this week i think it should of been Stefano or Naima to go home Stefanos performance wasnt all that good this week he could have done alot better and Naima did do better this week with her pitchyness then she has in the last 2 weeks but it still wasnt her best and i think there shuld be a safe cause america isnt always right Casey is one of the most talented ones on that show the judges were right to use that safe its not about who they think should win its about who they think should stay on the show to show america what there really about

    My top 5






    and i think it should end up being between SCOTTY and CASEY

  349. Seriously! Pia really,…it's time to move on from the ballots. How many weeks in a row are you going to rely on them. Step out of your comfort zone and show us what you can do (other then a ballot). I'm surprised you haven't been booted just for singing sleepers every week. Zzzzzzz!

  350. I am screaming at the tv for Jennifer to be quiet when it's not her turn, especially interrupting Randy. Please tell her it is rude for her to butt into the other judges critique. She can't control herself and will not be patient even when Ryan suggested she sit back and let Randy and Steven talk it out. Pleeeeeease! She needs to be quiet until her turn. It is distracting and aggravating.

  351. Thia: bye bye birdie! Performance dull and boring and once slow and a ballad. Can u do anything else?

  352. This is the best idol season ever! I've always watched idol, but this season the show is about the performers and not the judges. Great change…

  353. I think that CASEY is unique very original extremely talented, HE DOESN'T IMITATE ANYONE. plays many instruments, THATS A REAL IDOL WHO DESERVES TO WIN AND GET THE OPORTUNITY TO BE A BIG STAR.

  354. I just voted by text for Thia Megia which is 5706, then i got a message back from AT&T thanking me for voting for Lauren. There's something wrong on my vote not going to the right contestant i voted, please check the text system asap. I don't want my vote go to waste, thank you.

  355. My top 5 are:

    1. James

    2. Scotty

    3. Pia

    4. Lauren

    I think James scream better than Casey…

  356. My TOP 5 are:

    1. Thia Megia

    2. Haley Reinhart

    3. Casey Abrams

    4. Lauren

    5. James Durbin

  357. oh man, this show is getting aggrivating, as i agree with what one of the other blogers wrote, jennifer can't shut up and keeps interupting randy.

    it is so rude. Ya know, america all needs to go to the ear, nose and throat doctor, and get the wax cleaned out of there ears, as casey is such a waste screaming strange person, and what does everyone see in scotty, looks like a 12 yr old, hate country music. and paul, he is just trying to be a rod stewart sing and look alike. he need to go, so being that he was in the lower 3 tonight, he should be gone hopefully in the next week or 2.

    and to let thia go, thats crazy, she has one of the best vocals on there, if you really listen to the beauty of her voice. and i love james, he is going to stay for a while, people like him. and how people can say anything bad on jacob, when he can sing the phonebook. get real. alaina sick of her. and i find it so interesting there is hardly anything said good about the best singer in the whole darn 2011 a.i. and that is by far, by a long shot, pia tascano. she is going to win, i already know it. all the women don't say anything good about her, cuz she is so dam beautiful, they are just jelious and insecure, or they would commpliment her. if she doesn't win this, which i think she will, she will have some record producer or movie producer pick her up just for her looks alone. she is strickling beautiful. and the voice to go with it. and stafano, one of my favorites, next to pia. here is my top 3 fav's






    I LOVE HAILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  359. I really really like this season. Here is my list of faves.

    1. Haley Reinhart

    2. Thia

    3. Casey



    PS vote hailey

  360. I m from Argentina.Here pass the program delays.

    I find this link which was nominated Casey. but nothing surprises me …. we saw in 2009 with Alan Lambert

    this year …. very good all

    I leave my opinion

    Naima …may not be the voice, but is fresh, personal, …..

    PIA , excellent voice, but it bores me .. and always more of the same. for example, would see a performance of PIA, the second song and I got tired. I repeat, an excellent voice, but … I can not afford

    Lauren divine, something new, different, not so sad ballad .. I like his style

    Stefano,I do not get

    Casey ..hummm very good, but I hear tires

    Jacob too much for this show

    JAMES , my favorite, has style, a spectacular voice

    when he sings you encouragement, you get up, have a life

    Scotty very special voice, but like Pia, more than two or three songs, I may bore

    Paul, I like to sing is very special, reminds me of Rod Stewart, super nice, I do not get to the end, but deserves a record contract, has a great future

    Thia and Haley beautiful voices, but not to reach the final, have a superior competitive


  361. Ron Pl is undoubtedly probably my own beloved choice inside the actual impending political election, nonetheless I actually usually do not really feel such as he has getting ample effective photos through the biased press in order to paletot out the particular win.

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