American Idol 2011 Top 24 Elimination Results

Tonight on American Idol 2011 we’ll find out which five guys and five girls earned enough of your votes to become finalists and which fourteen singers will return next week for one final chance at survival. The stakes are high tonight!

Right off the bat, the FOX announcer says that tonight we’ll get this season’s Top 12. So there’s still a lot of uncertainty on where we’ll end up in two hours. It’ll either be the Top 12 or we’ll get the Top 10 + a few more Wild Cards next week.

More details from Randy. After the Top 10 results are revealed the judges will pick who they want to compete in a sing-off for the 3 Wild Card spots. So now we know there will be a Top 13 this season. Ryan promises massive drama tonight!

You can pick up Jennifer Lopez‘s new single On The Floor on iTunes right now.

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait for Seacrest to deliver the big results!

American Idol 2011 Top 24 Elimination Results:

  • Scotty McCreery is in the Top 10
  • Jacob Lusk is in the Top 10
  • Casey Abrams is in the Top 10
  • Paul McDonald is in the Top 10
  • James Durbin is in the Top 10
  • Pia Toscano is in the Top 10
  • Lauren Alaina is in the Top 10
  • Karen Rodriguez is in the Top 10
  • Thia Megia is in the Top 10
  • Haley Reinhart is in the Top 10
  • Robbie Rosen is in the Bottom 14
  • Clint Jun Gamboa is in the Bottom 14
  • Jordan Dorsey is in the Bottom 14
  • Jovany Barreto is in the Bottom 14
  • Brett Loewenstern is in the Bottom 14
  • Tim Halperin is in the Bottom 14
  • Stefano Langone is in the Bottom 14
  • Ta-Tynisa Wilson is in the Bottom 14
  • Julie Zorilla is in the Bottom 14
  • Ashthon Jones is in the Bottom 14
  • Kendra Chantelle is in the Bottom 14
  • Naima Adedapo is in the Bottom 14
  • Lauren Turner is in the Bottom 14
  • Rachel Zevita is in the Bottom 14

From the Bottom 14, the judges pick 3 guys and 3 girls to be part of the sing-off.

American Idol 2011 Wild Card Hopefuls:

  • Ashthon Jones
  • Stefano Langone
  • Kendra Chantelle
  • Jovany Barreto
  • Naima Adedapo
  • Robbie Rosen

From that group of 6, the judges picked 3 to take the Wild Card spots.

American Idol 2011 Wild Card Judges Picks:

  • Ashthon Jones
  • Stefano Langone
  • Naima Adedapo

Combining the earlier Top 10 with the Wild Card 3 gives us our Top 13:

Official American Idol 2011 Top 13 Contestants:

  • Scotty McCreery
  • Jacob Lusk
  • Casey Abrams
  • Paul McDonald
  • James Durbin
  • Pia Toscano
  • Lauren Alaina
  • Karen Rodriguez
  • Thia Megia
  • Haley Reinhart
  • Ashthon Jones
  • Stefano Langone
  • Naima Adedapo

The other 11 Idol hopefuls were eliminated from the competition tonight.

Officially Eliminated Tonight:

  • Ta-Tynisa Wilson
  • Lauren Turner
  • Rachel Zevita
  • Julie Zorilla
  • Brett Loewenstern
  • Jordan Dorsey
  • Tim Halperin
  • Clint Jun Gamboa
  • Robbie Rosen
  • Kendra Chantelle
  • Jovany Barreto

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  1. My Top 10








    Lauren A.

    Lauren T.


    wildcards :




  2. So far i agree with everything that has happened. SCOTTY FOR AMERICAN IDOL WINNNNNNER.

  3. My top 5

    1- Pia

    2- Thia

    3- James

    4- Karen

    5- Scott

    Pia and Thia (you go girls…) you both blew out the rest of the group including the boys!!

    Listen to Randy…he knows what he's talking about, and he compared Thia to Michael J. WOW!!

  4. Thia, you are a such beautiful singer, and I can't believe you are only 15. You remind me of a young Celine Dion. Such a gifted voice.

    I hope you go all the way, if not you'll have a successful career regardless!

  5. It kind of looks like they are announcing the top ten for both men and women in order of most votes? I wish I was close to a TV and could actually watch!

  6. Ahhhhhhhhh……….I've caught up with 'live' tv! Lol. I hate commercials! (unless it's an Apple commercial that is) ;o)

  7. What is America smoking? There is no way scotty should be in top 24 let alone 5.At least 3 others more deserving.I do however agree with the rest.

    • i'm not a country fan, but have you seen scotty sing 'goodbye,hello' with alaina and sugarmomma???

      • Like country not scotty,Lets see if he can sing a different style country song. I bet theres a Tracy Lawerence song lurking in the back ground, wanna bet.

  8. Friends, whats this Top 10 result? Is this final or from the judges? Or still waiting for the votes? Thanks

  9. America voted for the top 10 now the judges are voting for 2 more to make it a top 12

    • that's what i'm wondering about too… really sorry… i don't get it… he has a nice voice… but really… this is a singing contest plus a show… he needs some spark!

  10. Come on judges put Robbie in..he is so good without all that screaming. Go Robbie.

  11. I like the top 10. I really feel like Ashton sings through her nose and needs to relax just alittle on the attitude game playing. I am not happy with the girl wild card except Kendra. I wish they would bring little cute Holly back. They should of never cut her. Anyway, good luck to them all Lauren, Scott and Pia are the best out of the ten.

  12. the results this year are spot on with a few exceptions. I would've have wanted tim be given another chance. jovany should've been taken out. karen, too. she's great but not unique. i can't wait though for the next shows with the amount of talent in the already top 10.

  13. Im still not happy that Jacee went home!!!!!!!!!!

    I like Casey!!!

    I like Robbie!!!

    I'm still not sure about the girls!

  14. I like Jacob, good and powerfull vocal. Scotty is good too, but can he sings other genre than just country ! Hope America vote wisely, look what happen to the "Elvis look-alike" when America vote to be their Idol !

  15. i know right! scotty is nowhere near versatile. he's going to die in the next rounds (imagine disco week!). there's no way he's going to be the next american idol! go back to tending to your horses, young man!

    • Scotty will have the country vote and the country vote is big. Largest selling genre in america. Kellie pickler made it to 6th and she only sang country. She tried pop but was not very successful. I predict top 6 for Scotty.

  16. AGREE with the choices!

    EXCEPT for Ashton!! I wish it was Kendra instead of her.

    And such a pity Lauren Turner is not in, maybe she should have sung a slower song?

    I'd rather have Lauren T than Karen. Karen is not that great, too much vibrato, it's rather annoying.

    anyway, from the thirteen, I'll probably rooting for Pia, Lauren and James!!

    I hope they're all in the top three!

    Well, at least top five so some recording companies can sign them XD

  17. I'm so sad that Rachel did not get a chance. She's such a brilliant singer! I loved her version of "Speechless"! Wish I could tell her myself that she's amazing!

    I'm still impressed with the top 13 though (aside from Jacob and Stefano). 🙂 It's gonna be a great show!

    • I was hoping for Rachel but when she went into her production that she practiced in her bedroom since she was 10 and sang Criminal which I didn't reconize at all, I knew she was in trouble. She had a lot of style but I guess it wasn't too deep. I would be interested in seeing how she acts in the top 12 next year, cause you know she'll be trying again.

  18. actually, i love the semi's during season 7, where they have 24 and they took 4 contestants before finals… that would have given other contestants a chance to show more of their talents before they get cut off right…

  19. I do NOT like Ashton!! She is annoying!! I think Kendra should have been put threw!! Good picking everyone else though!! I like Lauren and Scotty!! Next week should be interesting!!

  20. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the top 13…minus Karen R! Ugggh! Just never really feel her. I'm really gonna miss Robbie, tho 🙁 such a cutie… And I thought Lauren T's performance was pretty solid! Ah well…

    • I'm really happy with the top 13, but I really think it should've been a top 14 instead. They should've let Robbie Rosen continue 🙁 They let him go too early. Anyway, Karen, Stefano, Pia, Thia and James for the top 5 🙂

  21. We should just skip the next 5 weeks and go right to the top 8. The top eight will be Lauren, Scotty, James, Casey, Paul, Jacob, Pia, and Thia. The other two that I think will make top 10 to go on tour will be Stefano and Haley. Karen , Ashton, and Naimia will be out within the next three weeks. The guys are much stronger this year. Besides Pia, Thia, and Lauren, there isnt much talent on the girls side.

  22. Is these real??? why i cant find any video of the elimination,, and why it is not post in

  23. Overall, I thought that the Final 16 was pretty strong, although I would have liked to have seen Alaina Turner and Kendra in there somewhere.

    My other overall comment about the night is that the 6 who were picked to sing their way in sang their hearts out in a tough environment. I thought that Jovany and Ashthon were the weakest, but I also felt all along that the judges were determined to keep Ashthon in. (She's a good singer and really works the stage, but she seems so cocky and such a Diva already that I think her arrogant attitude turned off the voters. Therefore, I think that Kendra or Alaina T. would have been a better choice than Ashthon.)

    So on we go, but kudos to the six who had to try to save themselves; they couldn't have done much better.

    (Oh, and how about Rachel? She looked totally pissed off all night. I thought she looked as if she could bite the heads off every judge, and she didn't seem at all gracious to the singers who did advance. She surely knew that she wouldn't make it, after the judges trashed her performance from Wednesday night.

    • She wasnt pissed off; she was Shocked; Embarrassed; i believe because she asked the STUPID Judges She didnt know what They wanted from her? They all replied Especially MS. LOPEZ and RANDY ''WE WANT U RACHAEL; WE WANT JUST RACHAEL''!!! So Rachael did what she herself; what she was comfortable in doing. And ALL 3 JUDGES NAILED HER TO THE STAGE!!! Steven said; ''BROADWAY''….? Jennifer said; "I DON'T GET IT? WE'RE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHERE YOU FIT IN?" And Randy said; "REALLY…? I DON'T GET IT" and all 3 didn't like it. How would U feel if someone Hemmed and Hawwed all over you until it was time to take the REAL STAGE and Do Your Stuff; then They [Judges] More or Less Through You Under the Bloody Bus?!!

  24. Got 10/12. Thought for sure enough people liked Clint, but I'm so glad Paul made it through instead. I suppose James was a given, but I wish Tim had made it instead. Yay Naima!!!!!111 She's pretty much amazing. This is the best idol line up since season 7 as far as versatility and over all talent, I'm very excited.

    • ITA Glad Clint did not make it,but overall happy with the picks for the guys,except James,we had Adam Lambert last year.The girls only like Niamia,Thia,Lauren

  25. Oh, and for people that don't keep up on it, VFTW picks were Rachel and Brett. Shows how much pull they have this year which proves this will be a pretty dynamic season.

  26. Have any of you heard jacob sing?Awesome voice has to be in the conversation along with casey the most talented,paul,pia and thia.Lauren is in the mix to also deserving.

  27. WOW… I really like this top 13!!! PERFECT!!!

    My top 5:

    – Casey

    – Thia

    – Pia

    – Scotty

    – Naima


      • don't think hes a freak; he just has a unique attitude about life; which would be really NICE if EVERYONE in the world had an good; unique attitude of life.

  28. Why are so many of my people getting confused with Thia Megias nationality, she is an American, why are some making out shes Filipino!

    • Thia is a pure blooded Filipino, her mom and dad are Filipino, dont you get it?

      • Some would consider her as a dual citizen. Her parents are Filipinos by blood but she acquires American citizenship (maybe by birth or application. The Philippines follows Jus Sanguinis rule, where a Filipino, wherever they may go or whatever citizenship they may acquire will always be considered a Filipino in Philippine perspective. But since She already acquire American citizenship, she may also be considered as an American in US perspective. That's the reason why Filipinos still claims her to be a Filipino.

    • huh?! she's a filipino born and raised in america, just like me. and just like lucy lui, who's obviously chinese but born in america. it's as simple as that. i hope that helps…

    • huh?! she's a filipino, born and raised in america, just like me. and just like lucy lui, who's obviously chinese but is born in america. i hope that helps…

  29. Lauren t?eliminated?

    America is insane?

    what's happening?

    but Scotty and Pia my favorite.Good luck(no lusk)

  30. Thia is an American by citizenship…she can't join American Idol if she's not but by blood i think you'll agree she's a pure blooded Filipino…I'm proud of her…I like her performance! The comments of the three judges were really true of her! Go go go Thia!

    • Us Filipino are very proud of you Thia!!! I know this our time to shine in the whole America!!! Gogogogo!!!

      • I about punched my tv when bret went home. I thought he vas all togother gona win it. Screw the judges. Bret was better than some of those other guys

    • Yep; I agree. Good Voice; Good attitude; seems like a nice kid. It's a shame he didn't get in.

      AI should have like 20 instead of 13.

  31. Well, I'm not sad that Jovany, Dorsey & Robbie are out. I am sad that Tim & Clint didn't make it. Especially Clint. I hope some record company will sign him up soon!

    • yeah.. i also want clint to be in the top 13.. too bad.. the judges didnt see how deserving he is..

      • I was surprised that Clint didn't make it – not even a chance at the Wild Card spot. Really. I don't get it.

    • Unfotunately, Clint has been accused of being the mastermind in dismembering JC during the group rendition. So no matter how good and deserving he is, America and the judges will not let him be a part of the Final 13.

      Well, the judges were kinda scared that putting him on the wildcard would affect their future careers.

  32. I cannot believe Lauren Turner did not make it. There was a lot of talent, but this young woman is a natural. I hope some producer catches this one and she gets lucky on her own Because Idol missed a winner!!! I don't know if I'm gonna be watching this show because it seems so much of a beauty/popularity contest versus talent. Who's voting? 8-12 yr olds? Brett deserves a spot as well. Yeah they can sing, but same old, same old with half of the top 13. Who's an original here?

    • Lots of originals…America knows what they are doing even more than what I gave them credit for….12 of the top 13 have tons of talent and will go somewhere regardless of if they make it, as long as they want to!!

    • I couldn't figure out WHY the last gal in the pick of the judges didn't win one of the wild cards?? She's a tall blonde; from I believe Nashville tn. Had KILLER VOCALS!!! I was STUNNED that the judges picked the two gals. I do hope that the better singer of the both; the blonde; gets an record deal from 'someone good' out there in hollywood land. Was Shocked that the DJ Karookie sp? Dude didn't get picked either?? Or Brett?? And that the Judges asked for what is his nameee? Sang the Elton John song; Sorry seems to be the only ? I did not believe he could sing as well as the DJ Dude; What in the world happened?? And that poor gal; the shy one; who did a okay job being one of the 1st girls to sing; Mr. Tyler just tells or asks her oddly ''BROADWAY''?…… could hear an PIN DROP!! And her "Idol Jennifer" telling her "I JUST DON'T FEEL IT; WE'RE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHERE YOU BELONG?" When she found out she MADE the 25 HOPEFULS; Said "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ALL WANT FROM ME?" ALL 3 Said; "WE WANT YOU"; And This is what she GAVE THEM Last Wenesday night; Randy stated "I DON'T GET IT…….??" You could FEEL The Utter Emabarrassement; Confusion; I just wanna DIE Feeling this Young Girl had last night and Wenesday night. Really a BADDD JOB ON YOU JUDGES; SERIOUSLY; You BUILD UP THEIR CONFIDENCE THEN JUST LET THEM DIE ON STAGE….WHAT A BUNCH.

      • Kendra has an awesome voice and is a great performer. I have seen her in Nashville. The media did not play her up and you hardly even knew she was in competition. So how can the public know her and vote. I never saw her story or how she came to be a part of AI but most of the others had a big play up. Why do you suppose?

      • Damn RATINGS!!! "Yeah U can Sing; You have an Sad life story; U R good looking I believe YOU Can BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL"

        See; THEY AI Don't have never taken these KIDS, Young Adults SERIOUSLY. THEY WANT A PACKAGE; NOT JUST THE VOICE. Which is REALLY SAD. I was HOPEFUL That AI Would've CHANGED This idiot way of doing things; but They haven't; They WANT THEIR RATINGS; and tHE MOOLA That Goes with it all. But what goes around comes back to haunt the hell out of you!!! Hate to be a JUDGE or anything to do with this Show.

      • I can't believe that they did not keep Kendra. She has a great voice.Of all the contestants she seemed to be the strongest. She was cut short every time she had a chance to show herself.I havent heard a voice like that in a long time, hopefully we will see more of her soon.

  33. I was hoping brett make it. I voted for him a whole two hours+ I use my computer. Don't worry brett you will get a record deal in the future.I think brett sounds better than JLO's new album, which I think is not very good. they need more talented judge like diana ross, patti labelle and so on to judge.

    • I liked her viedo sp? Didn't think it was the CORRECT PLACE To Show her Veido sp? It just has me feeling; She is an "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" Type Personality.

  34. I'm sad that Brett is eliminated but SO HAPPY that the two assholes are out… IN YOUR FACE Gamboa, Jordan has "ASSHOLE" written all over his face.. think he's better than anyone else, what a douche

  35. I was disappointed that Lauren Turner did not make it–or Robbie Rosen. I think there were a couple of mistakes in there. I was happy that Stefano and Naima made it. I really hope Lauren and Robbie become successful- they were really good.

    • YES YES YES!!! I totally think that robbie should of gone through to. 🙁 I was LITERALLY crying!!! I loved ROBBIE. He was my fav, but the judges are having a VERY though competion. There are soo many great singers and i AGRRE that robbie and lauren should of gone through. CLINT JUM BUG??? Sry bout name but he was great and should of made it too. I LOVE AI!! 🙂

  36. Wow. I really wish Brett had gone through. I do wonder who's voting. I think Paul and Naima should of been switched out for Lauren Turner and Brett.

  37. my top faviort Scotty McCreery

    Jacob Lusk

    Casey Abrams

    Paul McDonald

    James Durbin

    Pia Toscano

    they are all doing really good there voices are amazing

  38. Thia is great FIL-AM singer! excellent singing technic from a 15 year-old girl! Way to go Thia! we are very PROUD of you!

    • yes, whether she's american or filipino doesn't matter, she's obviously talented, she has a great amazing voice that deserves to be heard all over the world..

      Go thia, we are very proud of you.

  39. I'm from Indonesia, when I know that KENDRA CHANTELLE does not qualify, I was really disappointed 🙁

    i love ur sharp voice,, extraordinary vocal range…

  40. I think Jennifer Lopez should be out too. What's with that shameful video. I think she was ashamed they aired it, and she should be!

  41. This is a singing competition and I think the the girls were too much into preforming their song and not into just singing. The girls that just stood there and sang did much better than the girls that had moving and playing to the camera in their plans. You can thank auto tune, and a whole slew of half talented singer/dancers/movie star/half wits for that.

    • Haley Reinhart ? This is the one among the two girls who I disagree even in the top 13. Jovanni Baretto should have their spots. I don't think Thia Meggia deserve in the no.1; it should be Jacob Lusk or Pia Toscano; who knows huge votes will be given to Scotty McCreery.

  42. JLO markets herself as an artist. What is so ironic is that the AI contestants have far more talent than she will ever have. I am so done with the hair, makeup, couture wardrobe…the closeups…not watching anymore. I really miss Simon and Paula……

  43. its kinda funny to judge em in only one shot. now amazin' next week baddd…. just pick one and go with it, if it's gone, that's the it should be. for me… i like the one that's not exist yet, not like anything i've heard. i'm fed up with imitation.

  44. Overall I felt the results were pretty fair and agree that Lauren and Brett should of been in the top 13 instead of Naima & Thia. Yes, Thia! She is good but being over rated. There are underlying powers that are steering the selections so the TV network gets the most viewers and the phone servies make the most profit.

  45. Oh my freaking gosh! SHUT UP ABOUT THIA. Its annoying. Yeah shes a good singer, but her performance wasnt all that great! Kendra should have went thru instead of Thia!

    My Top 5 As Of March 5, 2011:

    ~Scotty! <3


    ~Lauren Alaina

    ~Stefano! <3

    ~Karen or James???


    Dont like my opinion? Idrc! Thankss, Byye(:

    • I Think that thia and Kendra should of gone through. I love them both. But i have my 5 top favorite's and they are

      1-Lauren Alaina

      2-Scotty McCreey

      3-Stefano Lagone

      4-Casey Abrams

      5- JAMES DURBIN!!! 🙂


    • I agree with u. Kendras performance was just as good if not better than the Christina Aguilera version. No one in the competition can hit those notes so effortlessly. its a shame she's out. Thia did not wow me.

    • Get rid Haley out of the list. She shouldn't be even in the top 13 (Even Holly Cavanaugh has better voice).

  46. I think Kendra is great and so beautiful, she's the

    complete package. Ashton sucked, she was lousy, and she's big headed, calling Stephen Tyler Baby when he's a 62 year old man, she'd do anything to get a spot. I loved Lauren Turner, what is wrong with these judges. we need simon back, and get rid of

    big headed jennifer lopaz.

    • James sounds so much like Adam Lambert from season 8 (in a good way:D) i think James should make it all the way and win what Adam Lambert should have won 2 years ago! U ROCK JAMES

      • I agree. I love Adam Lambert and James, but too much screaming turns off the audience. We want to understand what they are singing. I think they kicked Adam off because of that. He is really good and I am so glad he made it in the music business!!

      • i know they scream but they are still amazing ion their own ways but yes they could scream a little less…… but if James screams a little less i think he has a real chance of winning. 🙂 (U STILL ROCK JAMES)

      • Why are u guys so worked up over Thia?!?!?!?!? not that i have anything against her but shes not that good….

        : CHECK OUT LAUREN ALAINA shes awesome!

        thats just my opinion

  47. top five ;

    1. jacob

    2. casey

    3. james

    4. thia

    5. pia

    (not in order)

    james – really have high voice but he can do only rock. jacob – really nice range, really good r&b singer. casey – unique talent, unique voice. jazzy stuff. thia – wow. just 15. really good quality. pia – perfect package.

  48. Ashton killed it!!!!!! whoooo hoooooo ASHTON and STEPHANO—jennifer Hudson will be proud ashton….i hope she is in the top 5!!!! 😀

  49. Just watched Thia's performance last week. Those who do not believe she is talented, I strongly suggest you check the youtube video. She does not need any music background and still sound great. Her voice is so well controlled. I think she will win.

  50. I picked all of the top 10 was suprised about Robbie Rosen but the whole 24 were all talented.. very hard to choose i think. Stand outs from the outset for me are: Paul MacDonald, Pia, Lauren, Thia, & Jacob and Casey wonderful with his Grizzly Adams look happening .. very very good watching .. Cindy from Australia .. hi everyone

  51. Randy said that Thia reminds him of Michael jackson. She's the only contestant in this season that is compared to a Legend which is the King of POP. i believe that Thia is the reincarnation of Michael and she deserve to be the champ. Go thia! For the boys my bet is Scotty! Master of low notes! its so hard to sing and hit those low notes with beauty. I'll bet all my money i have here now for Thia and Scotty!

  52. Looks like Thia's Facebook Page members outnumbered the pages of her fellow contestants. Its a clear dust-feeding program! 14,000 for Thia versus less than 6,000 for the others.Woohoo!

  53. I think Pia had a lot to offer. She had great tones, pitches, and great potential.I wish her well

    She will found by a recording studio and become famous.

    Best of luck!

    You got it girl!

  54. my top five, in no particular order:

    1. Pia

    2. Jacob

    3. James

    4. Casey

    5. Stefano

    something tells me a guy is gonna take it out this year too

  55. I am still upset Lauren Turner didn't make the top 10 well 11. She is so much better than some of those girls and she is not a robot like Pia and Thia…it's gonna be on boring tour again. Thank goodness they saved Casey last night. I like James and Paul too, but I miss Lauren Turner so much.

  56. I tell you American Idol is mean people. I'll tell you why – I think it was totally stated last night and Casey had enough votes, but their ratings were down and that's why they planned what happened. They don't care about Casey and how he felt.

    Okay a friend of mines child made it to the top 10 but during the eliminations for the top 24 it was down to her child and another parents' child and of course her child made it. It was so uncomfortable to her because AI had her sit right next to that person's parent and they did it to ever parent there. They have no heart people, none at all.

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