American Idol 2011 Results: Top 4 Elimination Show Tonight

Lots of drama in store for us on American Idol 2011 tonight when the Top 4 become the Top 3. Will the judges’ strong rejection of Haley’s “Earth Song” selection be enough to sink her or did she redeem herself in round two? Scotty and James will likely be very safe this week, so that leaves just Lauren and Haley to figure out who is eliminated and who gets a hometown parade.

Of course I could be wrong and either Scotty or James could have their first near-Idol-death experience on the stage this evening, but after those performances and the votes in our poll I don’t see that happening. Then again I think we all remember Pia sitting pretty at the top of our voting just to be eliminated when no one thought possible. Oh the humanity!

Along with the Idol results we’ll get a Lady Gaga American Idol Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks performance as well as the debut of Steven Tyler’s video for his new solo song, “(It) Feels So Good.” You can listen to a preview of the song below, but the video won’t be available until tonight’s show.

Steven Tyler: (It) Feels So Good

While we wait to find out tonight’s results be sure to vote in our unofficial poll and then share your thoughts on who should stay and who should go. So far it looks like Lauren is trailing pretty far behind, but will that hold up with the official voting?

There’s also another chance at two tickets to the American Idol finale!

Artwork credit: Dan D’Addario




      • that’s just rude, she is a way better singer than Haley and a much better personality, besides she growls like a dog becoming very annoying!

      • @Dan…you have to admit that Lauren’s upbeat personality really grows on you. She is unusually sweet all of the time

      • Give it a break! The girl looks fantastic and sings even better. Haley is sparatic at best and she can go home anytime! Not Lauren!

      • I agree with you Dan as far as the going home part…but her body has nothing to do with talent. I will Vote Hailey♥

      • Dan, please try to show some mercy, will you? I think you’re better than some of your posts.

      • Haley has a horrible attitude and cant take constructive criticism..SEND HER ASS HOME!

      • And this isn’t me Dan, who writes a lot on this site, I would never say that, I’ll change my tag name

      • @ Tanya: Ask for a dictionary your next birthday. If you’d bother to try to spell a word correctly, you’d find (even though you’re way off base) you have more credibility.

      • @Tanya — I can’t believe someone with my given name cannot spell sporadic. And, please, just because you don’t have an ear for jazz or blues music you have the nerve to say Lauren has a better voice than Haley? Please. Lauren would have a good voice if she listened to the judges and stopped holding back, but she is young and scared and her (young) age shows when she sings and when she is criticized. In a couple more years, she could be amazing. But I really wish people would stop with the weight thing and Lauren. Girls in America have enough body image issues and for a man (probably with a fat beer gut to boot!) to make such a rude comment is REALLY uncalled for. Look at the first winner, Kelly Clarkson, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES. But I suppose you like holding a stick, huh?

    • Lauren should win she is sweet, and I like a woman with some curves. She looks damn good, so leave her weight out of it.
      Be Respectful!!!!

  1. Everyone is scratching their heads wondering why the judges used to like Haley at the beginning of the season and now appear to dislike her. Duh! If the common viewer can see that she is an unfriendly, conceited, *****, imagine what the judges get to see during rehearsals, etc. Maybe they changed their minds because they have true knowledge of how she treats cameramen, other contestants, etc. Just like Tyra Banks on Top Model, she knew everything that happened in the model house…who was nice, who was nasty, etc. The judges are telling us that they do not want to give a million dollar contract to Haley. There is a reason for that. She is not a nice person.

    • you don’t know that. That is pure speculation and ASSumptions. Jennifer doesn’t have it out for her, Randy does. Who the heck knows why?!?…none of us!! I was for the first time impressed by Lauren Alaina coming to Haley’s aid and speaking out that Haley is being treated unfairly. She isn’t the smarted girl but she is definately one of the nicest!

      • The girls got a BAD attitude!! (referring to haley!) she does not come across to viewers as a “nice person”… maybe that is not true, maybe she is the nicest person in the world who knows but maybe she should show a different side of her while on camera.

      • I have seen the attitude since the first time she wss in the bottom 3. She should have been dismissed last night after her first song, could not believe her attitude.

      • so you don’t like any singer if they have the slightest bit of an attitude or confindence in themselves in this matter? You are very limited on the people you do like then!!! JLO was known for her Attitude when she started out and came onto the show to let America see that she is actually nice. and Randy is so full of himself it exudes off of him. He actually slapped a girl in the face doing high fives and not only didn’t know it but didn’t care. You are just choosing to believe that she is not a nice person. I see an incredibly passionate confidence and nice girl all around. She is the only one that accepted gaga for who she is and didn’t act all spooked out by her.

      • I agree with those commenting on what seems to be a “bad attitude” on Haley’s part. Maybe it is just the way she comes across. To me it is Lauren who is the sweetheart of the two girls.

      • @ Stacey0128: When did that happen? I just got home from work. Help me find that!!

      • Let’s face it, it seems that Haley has had an uphill climb all the way. I give her credit for her perseverance and skills. I am NOT going to try to figure out her personal life and character traits at this point. It’s just not fair. The only thing any of us can do is to make guesses. I certainly would like everyone to focus on her vocals and performance skills and leave the rest alone.

        I have read a lot about certain entertainers (used to be posthumously–now with the internet, everyone seems to know everything about everybody) being beasts when their on-camera facade was all hearts and kisses. So you cannot know a person by watching them on TV. Give it a break.

        Besides, I listen to music without regard to the personality foibles of a singer. Does anyone here limit their musical taste strictly to entertainers whose behavior/personality conforms with your idea of “perfection”? I think that would cut out nearly everyone, don’t you?

      • pup…it was in the auditioning phase in the beginning. I believe that it was the girl that worked in the white house, blond, tall. I can’t remember her name. He was running through the crowd giving high fives and he nailed her right in the face and kept going. during her audition she let him know what he did. He didn’t seem to upset with himself…just laughed it off. It is actually a pretty funny clip. She really got wacked in the face by him.

    • WOW! Never thought of Haley as mean. Pia was the conceited one. Haley’s voice is one of a kind and awesome. Not sure where you are getting your info, but I strongly disagree!

    • If you go back and watch her in all of the videos (including the off-stage ones) she is very sweet, soft-spoken, and open to suggestions and ideas. I’ve never heard her say “I Can’t” or “I Won’t” when being coached in the pre-show videos. But put yourself in her place – how would YOU react if you worked all week on perfecting a performance, received high praise from those who are helping your prep for it, received high levels of applause when done, and then got knocked in the head by people who have consistently done that week after week?? She’s HUMAN, and human’s have natural defense mechanisms.

      When it’s all said and done, the question is who’s music is appealing and would sell. If you go back and view ANY of the studio performances and check the ratings and views on them – Haley has a well-liked style and will probably go furthur than any of them.

      She’s different, she’s honest, she’s tough, and she’s awesome. While you (and others) will sit on this board and do exactly what JLo and Randy have been doing to her, I myself will continue to give her the credit she deserves all the way around!

      • It is amazing to me that everyone is attacking Haley for standing up for herself. She has taken criticism better than anyone else. Oh right, nobody else gets criticism like Haley. I was laughing when Randy and Jennifer said they were sorry they had to be so honest last week to the other contestants. Reality check. They did not criticize anyone but Hailey. It was Jimmy who criticized the others and I thought he was spot on. As for running out to say goodbye to the people leaving, Haley always lets them have their last moment of glory to themselves. She waits until they are done. James jumped on Stefano before he finished and ruined his moment.

      • James jumped on Stefano (bad choice of words) because they are best buddies and James was truly sorry to see Stefano go.

        Was Haley being polite or just didn’t care if Stefano was leaving. That is the question.

      • I tip my hat to your comment…you are right on. Even if the judges (2 of them)push her out, we will see her again. She has untold talent. Never boring sing the same over and over. I cannot see Lauren or James having lasting power…except in a joint someplace 🙁

      • Haley R. is NOT stuck up and conceited. You need to do a little research as suggested by other posters. Watch some of her interviews. Read what she writes to her fans on Twitter. Haley is very sweet, gracious, and appreciative of her fans. Of the last 4 contestants – Haley has the purest voice and knows how to control every note. I’ve never heard one sharp, flat or pitchy tone come out of her yet. Standing O – INDEED!

    • Excuse me angela?
      r u the angele in the Facebook american idol page who keep bashing haley?
      just wonder???
      what did haley do to you?
      is that a personal hatred or what…
      just curious…

      • Don’t use facebook. I guess there are alot more people who can see through Haley and see her for the person that she is.

      • By the way, no hatred involved. I only hate animal and child abusers. However, it would make me sick to see a million dollars go to someone as conceited, unfriendly, and ungrateful as Haley. Kinda like hearing about billionare executives who have mistreated employees all their lives winning the powerball lottery. Anyone with a heart would like to see that lottery win go to the person who works two jobs to make ends meet and would still give their shirt off their back to someone in need. Haley is not that kind of person. It will all be about her if she wins.

      • angela james = ingnorance.
        You should sit back, think, reflect and then come up with the fact that you don’t know her, you don’t know anyone on the show to include the judges, and you definately don’t know what you are talking about. who are you to say how she feels or what she would or would not do?

      • Angela, I think you are the snooty person here. All high and mighty judging someone else. Haley in particular. How did you get in charge of that job?

      • Your certainly a strange breed from your writings Angela.. wow.. trying reading what your writing before hitting Submit, just wow..

      • It will all come out in the wash later. Someone will spill the beans about how Haley acted on Idol in post-season interviews. By the way, Angela does not equal ignorance. Angela equals a 4.0 college graduate. Most of the people at my work think Haley is a witch. I will vote for anyone else but her. The other 3 will be humble and giving in their win. Haley will buy more mirrors for her house and move on.

    • You’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! And she proved it last night with her FOUL attitude! SEND HER HOME AMERCIA

      • Dan to dan.. not sure your slant on this, with her attitude?? Is that how you judge vocals? Her vocals are solid, go listen to it on Itunes. hey if you don’t like her, then praise those you do like… and stop using my name! 🙂

    • Tanya, the word is ‘sporatic’! I normally wouldn’t care, but just when has Haley been ‘splistening
      Come on, name it! I’m listening.

    • Angela, conjecture & personal opinion. We all know you can’t stand her. Just leave it at that, if you can.

      • fatboy, we all know you like Haley. Why don’t you leave it at that and stop posting compliments. Goes both ways…..

    • There is an old joke: What is the difference between a sl*t and a b*tch? A sl*t with sleep with anyone but a b*tch will sleep with anyone but YOU.

      I can’t believe all the haters saying Haley is a potty mouth and a b*tch and mean and “not a nice person”. WHAT? Do you know her personally? She seems like a very COOL person with style, confidence and the ability to stick up for herself. She is not RUDE with the judges, if anything they are a bit RUDE to her!

      Haley haters are a strange bunch. Nobody hates Scotty for being a goody-goody Crucifix Kisser right? But Haley has an edge and she is hated?

      Puhleeeeze. All I see in Haley is what I see on the stage. Courage, talent, confidence, style and a whole lot of sexy – something lost on most “independent feminist” women of today. Haley is bringing sexy back girls.

      Time to hit the treadmill and lose the skater clothes!

      Yeah, if I were you I’d hate her too…


      • Northern guy, I have no dog in that fight, but would like to point out that Scotty wears a cross not a crucifix. The cross he wears is not occupied [no figure of Christ] therefore, only a cross. Just sayin’.

      • No J.C. on the old cross? So he’s a common cross kisser then. Well, that changes everything.

    • Hello Angela, still like Haley the best but James was definatly the best last night. Haleys first rendition(Earth Song)wasn’t bad but was not right song at this time of the competition. James Vourney song was dinomite.

      • Hi Kernan,

        I am a 70’s girl all the way and went to every classic rock concert at that time, including Journey. I like James o.k, but I really don’t think he should have touched Perry. After hearing that song (along with all of the other Journey songs ever made) zillions of times, no one could ever come close to Perry’s perfect pitch, perfect volume, perfect clarity…..
        James isn’t quiet that perfect yet…I think he sang it a little high. Something seemed off. By the way, I am going to the Journey/Foreigner concert soon. I pray that I won’t freak out when I hear a different singer other than Perry. My teenage son really wanted to go…

      • My above post was directed to none other than Angela James, who I THOUGHT had learned something the last time she went at Haley. I THOUGHT she was put in her place and had calmed down. She must have forgotten how badly she was taken to task for her nasty remarks. Or she doesn’t care and has an affinity for this HATE thing she seems to know so much about.

      • I did calm down until I read so many other people say the same things about Haley after I stopped posting. Also, it was just icing on the cake last night when she proved all of us right with her mouth. Simon would have ripped her a new one for that. Besides, I’m not in the morgue yet, so I guess the guy that promised to kill me got grounded. Again, Pup, I only hate people who abuse children and animals. Oh…and people who destroyed thousands of families on 9/11. Haley doesn’t rank that high with me. Just think she has never been told “no” in her life about anything and we see the ugly side when someone does.

    • @angela that is exactly what I said!!!!!!! And then got ripped a new one by Haley crazy fans….smh

      • VB, last week a guy promised everyone on the website that he was going to kill me for bashing Haley. He then later stated to two other girls that felt the same way as I do that death will stop their posts.
        Either immature teenager or really dangerous homicidal maniac with Haley pictures wallpapering his bedroom. Either way, dangerous and should be watched.

  2. You are an amazing young lady. Your voice is just beautiful. No matter what happens with American Idol you will go places if you can just believe in yourself. Last nights performance was the first time all season I’ve seen you come out and not be so afraid and it really showed in your performance. Keep up the work and BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF … FIGHT FOR YOUR SELF … I can see that with a couple more years of singing you are going to BLOW EVERYONE AWAY …

  3. Come on people.. Haley deserves to win, Randy Jackson knows nothing about singing..he played BASS people!!!!And Jennifer Lopez??? COME ON! she screams like a bitch in heat with techo blaring in the backround..but that’s obviously what’s popular today..god save good music.

    • I like J-Lo. She’s worked with some cool recording artists – a lot of her tunes me and wife listened / danced to when we just met. (We have a CD of tunes that always takes up back to our ‘clubbin’ days and J-Lo is on it). I don’t like chick flicks generally but I liked Maid in Manhattan. She brought booty to the music industry – and paved the way for artists like Beyonce and even Rhianna. (Sticks are no longer the only girls allowed to dance).

      How can you not like J-Lo?

      • I don’t like her and never will because she supports the fur industry. Thousands upon THOUSANDS of animals have suffered their whole lives and died so J-Lo could show off the fact that she is wealthy. I’m sorry, but wearing fur is just tacky and disgusting, and I could never like any human-being who supported what happens to those poor innocent animals. Watch videos about the cages they grow up in, watch how they get killed by having their heads STEPPED on, or being electrocuted by having a rod shoved up their rear…it’s so sickening…I can’t even speak of it.

      • Honestly, as much as I love and support Haley…if she came out wearing a fur I would never vote or listen to her again, and that’s the truth. Some things are more important than American Idol.

      • Devin…you and I have more common than you think. I rescue animals, have adopted dogs in our family, and have always been anti-fur. Didn’t know this about JLo because some actors/musicians now wear the real looking fake stuff. I used to have a list of fur wearers. Good for you…I am so proud of your thinking. I would not vote for anyone who wore fur, supported Micheal Vick, or showed other forms of barbarism toward animals.

      • I have 3 rescued cats, too, Angela. One I bottlefed from a newborn kitten…another I busted out of a raided house with her sister, after 3 weeks w/o food or water, her sister was adopted through the rescue I volunteer at, but she was so abused and scared, no one wanted her, so I kept her. My last one I got ten years ago from a high-kill shelter. I love animals.

  4. James, Keep up the GREAT WORK … You have an amazing attitude and stage presents. Don’t change that for anyone, not even fame … Until last week we didn’t even know you had a family of your own … I know this has been hard on all three of you but I believe in my heart that it will pay off … All things done for good WILL be rewarded … Oh … your voice is Great too … but your character stood out as much as your voice and I felt I needed to applaud you for it as well.

  5. Haley has got to go. I don’t care how wonderful they thought her second song was. You can’t win a competition, create a record/cd or put a concert if only every other song or so is good. Seriously!

    • both songs were great. She sang it just like MJ did. He screamed and showed his passion at the end of it as well. It was a great moving song and she really showed how emotional she was singing it.

    • Haley has showen more growth then any other contestant in idol history..
      there is no way that she should go…
      i hope she wins.. ( btw : she did amazing in both songs )

    • What a nonsense: why would anybody diminish the very best performances of the last two episodes and of the whole season.

      • Cause they’re backwoods country fans and have a hate-on for anyone but Scotty or Lauren… or anybuddy else who don’t tawk lack this?

    • Oh well, let’s compare it with the other contestants shall we? So far they’ve all given good but not “amazing” performances the past week. The honor goes to Haley.

      What would that say about your choice of record/CD? That you would rather waste money on a mediocre CD than a CD than can have 3-4 singles made of GOLD?

      Mind you, not all an artist’s songs are hits. But when you have something that is unique, you’ll be remembered forever.

      I’m just applying your logic here.

    • Mom2be, your hormones are getting the best of you. Haley is the single most consistent performer on that stage. Scotty gets the country vote whether or not he does a silly “Swinging” song, or a snoozer, or is predictable, or just plain BORING. He just gets the country vote because he has a p*nis and he sings country. End of story. He could be up there screeching like a bashee and still get the country vote. He could go up there are read a poem about cows and get the country vote. Country fans are not the brightest but they are most certainly the most devout. Country votes for country and we GET THAT ALREADY. We “non country” folks even ADMIT that Scotty has talent because the kid DOES.

      But Haley is an incredible performer and even non-fans have acknowledged this. Now get out there and slop the pigs and feed the chickens! You got chores to do young lady!

      • I love country music. I listen to it all the time but, I have voted for Haley every Wednesday.

      • It really isn’t about who sings your favorite genre with Idol. At least not all the time. My mom loves Scotty and Lauren, but she claims country music makes her ears bleed. She used to despise Haley, but now she told me that she’d rather Scotty go over Haley. I was SHOCKED! I agree though. And to the people who don’t normally listen to country who vote Scotty…are you really going to support him after Idol is over? Think about it. Do you want to hear him in the future or no? That can be asked about all of the contestants, actually. Haley’s one of my favorite singers now, period.

  6. James ROCKS! He has done nothing but be consistant and entertain the audience, judges and viewers at home. He certainly has to win.

      • he was a copy cat act last night in that Journey song and he sang it to kiss up to Randy. Granted his voice suited that song but he did nothing to it that made me want to buy his record instead of the already great version for a cheaper price.

  7. I believe the final 4 are all great singers, but if I have to pick the bottom vocal it would have to be Scotty. I really like Country but there is something missing in there. Maturity I think and it will come with a little more time.

    James and Haley have the stage presence, maturity, drive and fearlessness to really go places.

    As for Lauren, well she is AWESOME – beautiful and voice of an angel. Girl just work on that self doubt, all the rest will come into place coz you’ve got it going on.

  8. The polling show Scotty & James should be in the finale but other polling, predict Scotty with Haley in the last two, no matter how hard the judge comment to Haley
    All up to America

  9. I am sticking with Scotty but I believe that Haley should go before Lauren!!!

  10. It is my opinion that the judges know more than we do regarding Haley. Why the criticism when they used to love her at the beginning? Think about what she has shown us in her personality in the short time we have viewed our TV- conceited, self-indulgent, rude to others, unfriendly. Now imagine what the judges have been able to see in all the time they spend watching rehearsals and how she interacts with everyone, including cameramen, contestants, producers, etc. There is a reason their view of her has changed, like many, many other people who have seen her not-so-nice personality. If she disrespected judges of a major television show in front of millions of Americans, imagine how she may have treated fellow contestant in their everyday life outside of the camera. I really feel I have been right all along about Haley…I wouldn’t want her to have a million dollar contract. Is she the type to use her riches to help others in need? I think the other 3 would be grateful and giving if they won.

    • This is pure speculation.

      Having a tough attitude doesn’t equate to being conceited. I’ve watched her since the beginning, and what I saw was a hardworking, happy but tough person. So she doesn’t take s**t from judges. Their criticism is often ill-deserved.

      Don’t you think if she was being a b*tch during rehearsals, rumors would have been floating around the Idol set about it? NO. I don’t hear dirt about Haley except for people who are “thinking” she might be this or that.

      • I think seeing how she treated the other contestants on camera and how they treated her said it all. There was definitely a rift/cold air between the others and her. We did not see that same coolness among anyone else. I think it will come out later in interviews.

      • I think they all like each other and get along, what are you smoking Angela!?!?!?

    • @ angela james…you just said it…you have been out for Haley since the beginning!!! you are in the same banwagon of Randy followers that are trying to sabbatoge Haley votes. Just because she doesn’t break down into tears or act all star struck when talking to JLO or Randy doesn’t mean that she is a bad person. You don’t know anything about this girl other than she is a strong, confident woman who has the passion, vision and drive to make great music. She puts her all into it every week and genuinly cares about her music. She is not just up there singing just to sing. She is an artist!

      • You opinion Stacey. Look at the blogs for the past 6 weeks. Each week, more and more people that Randy and I have never met have jumped on the “Haley seems to be a mean person” bandwagon all by themselves. They just opened their eyes and saw how she acted on their televisions. I’ll never forget how she flipped and puffed her hair the whole time that the judges were talking to her. Disrespect in all of her actions. I bet she was a piece of work at school.

      • you’ll never forget…go back and read 6 weeks worth of blogs. not thank you. I don’t need to. your right it is my opinion…just like your blog is an opinion and not fact as you are trying to convey. once again…you do not know her. I think that she is just as sweet and good natured as the rest of them. They all seemed to be well rounded kids with great talents and careers ahead of them.

      • Tell her, Stacy!!! I think Haley is a calm, laid-back kind of girl, and I really like and admire that about her. She holds her emotions in check, and that is a smart way to be in the music industry. It is full of cut-throats…

      • Actually, Angela, after Haley made it to the top 12, I saw an interview with her music teacher (on a news program) who just went on and on about what a sweet, kind, unassuming and gentle girl she is.

    • get over it Angela you are a spewer of hatred to something you are only assuming!!! remember what they say about when you assume? a$$ u me. I just do not see how people can see through closed doors or blinds on a window. You have no clue as to what you are talking about. I think you have looked in a mirror and are actually commenting on the type of person you are and extending it to Haley. Grow up and comment on who you like instead of the hate you spew.

      • Thank you Saki. People who get on the internet and make these kind of statements make me sick. Plus they would never have the guts to say it in person. You are pretty insecure person. I am glad I am not your Mother because I would be ashamed of you.

      • There’s an old lesson here & it’s true: T he things we dislike about others are the reflection of what we actually dislike most about our true self. Give this some thought, Angela.

      • There’s an old lesson here & it’s true: The things we dislike about others are the reflection of what we actually dislike most about our true self. Give this some thought, Angela.

      • She never says anything good about any of the kids…well, she doesn’t talk about any of them except Haley, and it’s always just bashing her. I think she liked Pia the best, and is taking it out on Haley that her favorite is gone. She needs to get over it. Haley didn’t vote Pia out, AMERICA did. Quit projecting, it’s very unflattering for you.

    • Judges know more than fans and popular opinion? How many albums with J-Lo, Randy and Tyler buy? 3 at most. Haley has been seen by millions and has a following. Granted, her genre might not draw the numbers a “Scotty Phenom” will draw, but she could be a giant in her own realm.

      Fans buy records. Not judges. And I already HAVE a Haley Idol performance album IN MY CAR and will buy ANYTHING this fantastic young lady puts out.

      Some people here are kind of narrow minded…

      • Kind of? Haha, that’s an understatement. VERY narrow-minded. The show is not called American Saint. Fortunately.

        Haley has the best voice of the year, and is the true break-out star. People can say I’m wrong, and argue with me, but let’s meet back up on here a year from now…;) Haley is unique, and has a voice all her own. The end.

  11. It is my opinion that the judges have witnessed more of Haley than we know. Why the criticism when they used to love her at the beginning? Think about what she has shown us in her personality in the short time we have viewed our TV- conceited, self-indulgent, rude to others, unfriendly. Now imagine what the judges have been able to see in all the time they spend watching rehearsals and how she interacts with everyone, including cameramen, contestants, producers, etc. There is a reason their view of her has changed, like many, many other people who have seen her not-so-nice personality. If she disrespected judges of a major television show in front of millions of Americans, imagine how she may have treated fellow contestant in their everyday life outside of the camera. I really feel I have been right all along about Haley. Is she the type to use her riches to help others in need? I think the other 3 would be grateful and giving if they won.

    • This website is repeating my comments…not me. I was told the first one didn’t go through so 2nd one. No clue why there is a 3rd. The point is the same….Haley has shown alot of people what kind of person she is and has been through this process. Turned alot of people off who will vote for anyone but her.

      • Lord Stacey…go back and read the hundreds and hundreds of blogs from hundreds of different people around the world saying the same thing about Haley as me. It goes back way before I started writing a two weeks ago. You are a bit out of touch, aren’t you.

      • so in the past few weeks you went back and read all of the comments that have been posted on here? I’m obviously not the one who is out of touch. I commend you for having the time to do that however. seems like it would take quite a while to gather all of those Haley hater comment just to conclude that you think of her as a bad person without none of them actually knowing her. Good luck to you.

      • Hahaha, Angela James…you really shouldn’t say someone else is out of touch. You are the most delusional person on this site.

    • i think ur wrong. if haley was so bad why would lauren stick up for her like that or steven for that matter. it doesnt matter how nice they are…its a singing competition and she is showing true talent that is all that matters. i follow her on twitter and she is actually very grateful and kind to her fans. she looks like she is a fun person who is always smiling and hanging out with the other contenstants. i dont think you really know enough about her to say wut u say. my opinion.

      • Lauren appears to be a very sweet, loving person. She would be like the puppy who licks the hand of the person who hits it. She will be nice to anybody and try to help anybody. She seems to be the kind of personality that doesn’t like anyone to be mean to anyone and wants to fix it.

      • not sure how on earth u would ever know that. for all u know she could just be another 16 year old kissing haleys ass because she wants everyone to like her. not saying thats the case because i do like lauren she is sweet but its a bit of a stretch to act like u know them all when i doubt you do. i have seen ur name on here more than a dozen times and it seems u r getting bashed by others more than they judges bash haley….it would probably be in ur best interest to stop with the negative talk as u r only hurting urself. why dont u post something about who u do like on american idol 🙂 im sure other posters will take it easy on u.

      • WOOOW, angela james you’re so smart. You seem to read people so well. Since you like judging people, how do you like being judged yourself. You know what you come off as? The kind of creepy person who sticks labels on people based on what little you see of them.

        Doesn’t matter if you don’t know any more than the rest of us. No, you just openly stated that somebody is “conceited” or “nice” like it is the truth.

      • Yeah, a lot of Haley haters seem to have some issues. I think she’s hated by SO MANY FEMALES because she is young, curvy, hot, talented, sexy and wears RED lipstick – not some plump Indie-chick in skater clothes with black lipstick with that emo “hard done by” look on her face whining about some boy that won’t date her while hacking out power chords on a some innocent Gibson guitar. Puhlease. Let’s move on, shall we?

        Sexy is back kids. Time to get on the skateboards and go clothes shopping. This also involves hair combing and other crucial elements of style including personal hygene! Ha ha ha! Haley is 20 years old and she is creating a generation gap with her own Emo generation Y! ha ha ha. SHE ROCKS! I love Haley the more the haters hate her!

        Just throwing some labels back-atcha there kiddies…

        Nothern Guy

    • Haley has more talent than the other 3 combined. You know what they say about assumptions. The first three letters of the word are what you made out of yourself with your post.

    • People stop feeding the ugly troll called angela. She’ll try to tell you she’s smart and beautiful but not full of herself like Haley is.

      • Agree.. now need to call people trolls.. but.. anyway, Angela can stew in the fact Haley actually has a chance to win, and be in the spot light for Idol for years to come.. HA… would be funny.. Not everyone has fans.. some seem to not understand how to keep your unintellegent opnions to themselves.. Clearly in her case..

      • Except angela is indeed trolling. Posting the exact same thing trying to get people to react.

      • And she’s giving teachers a bad name. Very judgmental–no milk of human kindness there. I’d say she’s probably closed a lot of doors and lost a lot of friends in her life due to her “holier than thou” attitude.

  12. Wow! Was it just me or was J.Lo and Randy on that time of the month!? What’s with the whole Haley hater attack?!?! Never in my time of watching AI have I seen suck disgust. She didn’t deserve it. So of course that adds fuel to the voting fire. Here’s my .02 on yesterday’s performance. James was good but nothing new came to the table. I know he can perform well but I think that I would like to see something new that will make me say wow. It was actually nice to see Scotty do something new yesterday and even though it didn’t give me the wow factor I still enjoyed seeing him jump out of the box (even though it will probably be brief). I’m convinced no matter what happens to Scotty he will go very far with his country singer career. I can also see him doing movies but that maybe thinking too far ahead. Lauren did well and I can see her trying to push her way up the voting ladder. I love Lauren, I love her voice but I can still see some hesitation and a little bit of lacking confidence. She may not be ready to be an idol just yet but I could be wrong. So by this time you know that Haley is my fav. I saw nothing wrong with her performance. Instead I listened and said wow a few times and then yelled at the judges. I’m glad that Steven Tyler stood up for her “that was beautiful”. I know not all of you agree but my prediction is the final two will be Scotty and Haley. I can’t wait to see today’s show.

    • Her MJ song highlighted how she could sing so soft and sweet and with EMOTION and then she went from quiet to FULL OUT and it was a sort of… abrupt transition. I know MJ sang it that way, but it didn’t suit her voice and it was NOT the best song choice for her. Her second song had tears streaming down my face. You see talent like that at shows like Micheal Buble or Sarah Brightman or Celine Dion when the singers are so powerful they bring emotion into you that spill down your face. That’s MUSIC to me. Music with SOUL.

      Haley rocks and that second song was an AMAZING performance. She redeemed herself in spades and left Scotty and James IN THE DUST.

  13. Last week a fat black woman was sent home (Jacob)
    This week a fat white woman will go home (Lauren)

    • All are great. Scotty is my favorite but Lauren was best of all last night. This is my prediction:

      1) Scotty
      2) James
      3) Lauren
      4) Haley

    • That was an uncalled for insult. This is a singing competition not a beauty contest. Besides, she is beautiful and sweet. There are some people in this world that are beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. Lauren is a caring and compassionate person.

    • You dan are an arse. Not sure why your childish comments are allowed on this site but I guess that is the way of the world these days. Rest assured: you are only amusing yourself and showing your extreme immaturity and unprecedented ignorance.

    • OK again, I’m changing my name since someone is using it, that’s just Ignorant..

      • The Dan listed above is making ignorant comments that was not me.. fyi.. for those whom read when I post..

    • That’s nasty. Lauren is beatiful and the comment about Jacob is …insulting. Comments like these should be sensured.

    • You must have been an attention deprived child Dan. Whichever Dan you are. I for one will not reply to your childish rants any further nor will I read them. Go play with your toys and take your insults with you

    • Since when is 130 lbs. give or take, considered fat? I’d really like to know. Lauren is beautiful, and her voice is amazing.

  14. Regardless of the polls I’m hopinq for a Scotty/ Haley finale.! I aqree with whoever stated previously that Haley seems stuck up && conceited -thats why ii didn’t like her from the beqinninq but then ii had to remember it is a SINGING competition.

    As for Scotty, ii am a qirl who purely loves Rap and a little R&B so for him to blow ME away he’s qot to have skills. Plus the guy can really work a crowd.

    As for James, all ii ever hear is people saying he NEEDS this more than anyone else. Thats why A.I needs to stop lettinq ppl tell their life stories. Its not a competion of who can pick up the most sympathy votes. && its obvious the judges && producers want him to win. Letting him open and close the show, afraid to critisize him even when he screeches the whole song, always crowning him “Best of the niqht” even when he qoes first. && come on -who else has live bands, flaminq piano’s && a podium? Therefore making his PEFORMANCE qood && not illuminating the fact that HE CANT SING.!

    Lauren is sweet as can be && can actually sing but she really showed her immaturity not wantinq to call herself “evil”

    • James bring so much to the table…he sings well, he performs well…I hope America sees his talents and votes him the next AI.

      Scotty is too country…and bores me. Sorry!

    • If he needs it then he’s got to push himself to be the best and earn my vote. I don’t do the sympathy vote thing nor am I a racial apologist. I vote based on talent.

      Right now, I have a problem.

      Lauren – 1st song WOW
      Scotty – He’s just generally good
      James – He’s generally good.
      Haley – 2nd song WOW.

      I think I am leaning towards Haley because she brings more tears to my eyes. James blew me away with Uprising by Muse, but since he has not raised his personal bar. Scotty did well and I actually liked his ‘fun’ song better than the “World Stopped Turning” song which was (to me) a risky song choice and screamed “Rah, rah Bin Laden is dead!” and Randy even mentioned that is was some sort of special time for American relevant to 911. Sorry, smoking that one rich Jihadist mountain man might be a bit of revenge but his ideology is spread throughout the middle eastern world and into the west as well. Killing Buddy Bin is not the end of Al Queda – there is just now a new opening for head *-hole with Buddy Bin Bin the ultimate hero and martyr. This is not the same thing as the death of Saddam Hussein. Different ball game kids.

      Back to Idol…

    • Yes, go Scotty! He is the entire package. He can sing, is compassionate about others, is humble, and stands up for his Christian beliefs. It is about time AI had someone other people can look up to that has excellent character.

      • Since when are someone’s beliefs a factor? Country singers always pitch this “wholesome God fearing child loving dolphin saving composting recycling man-of-the-land” freaking image but country stars live in big fancy houses with fancy cars like every other rich super star. Many country stars have never even had cow-sh*t between their toes and I have and I’m a city slicker!!

        Get off your high holy roller horses people. Literally. Get off your horse and get your feet back on the ground.

        Scotty is a cross-kisser and that’s okay but James got attacked for being emotional about his music and missing his family. You country bumpkins don’t fight fair.

        Horse poo on you. 😛

    • Boo, to that comment. James is already concert material. He gives me goose bumps! Love Potion #9 was AMAZING!
      James to win it!

      • I’m a James fan but Haley’s 2nd song eclipsed James (awesome) Love Potion #9.

        Haley had best performance of the night (and maybe season) last night.

        I was blown away. Only haters missed all that raw emotion. She connected with me and my wife through our plasma screen. She’s got music in her soul that girl and anyone with an ear or eye for talent can see it.

  15. What is the name of the contestant who received standing ovations ***twice*** within the last two weeks for her out of this world performances?

      • Uh Not really. If that were the case, America wouldn’t have voted for her.

        The thing is, she DID have the best performance on those nights.

        There was that electricity.

      • Are you serious? America does not vote talent, if so how did Kris Allen win over Adam Lambert? The judges new they would get flack over the Haley incident and came to her rescue with her second song. She should have been sent home last night!!!

      • Haley is the only contestant left to have ever recieved a standing “O”, and she has gotten 3 now.

  16. GO, SCOTTY

  17. I can’t remember one time when any of the final four were criticized by the judges except Haley.
    Have they all been without problems in their performances? Haley has had the best two performances of the season in last week’s House and
    last night’s second song. As Jimmy said before her final song, “she will have an amazing moment!”

    • Double standard in my opinion. Randy spoke of how Haley didn’t hit the notes like Michael Jackson did…yet it’s 100% fact that James sounded NOTHING like Steve Perry did. Very mixed messages are sent depending on who they are delivered to. Do you make it your own or try to be identical to the original artist? Do you do great when you scream or are you subpar when you scream? Do you choose a song that inspires YOU or do you do a song that the judges think is appropriate to inspire you? Do you try new things and be one who can do it all or do you stick to the identity that the judges want you to have? Or, if you are a certain talented contestant do you simply stand by and accept that no matter what you do it will not be the right thing (while smiling and keeping your mouth shut when the bashing begins)?

      • Wait wait, no Randy said she didn’t hit the runs like Michael Jackson, which live I didn’t actually hear either, in the itunes version, she did the runs.. James didn’t sound as smooth as Steve Perry that’s for sure, not many do, however, only James had the vocals to even attempt it, he gave it some justice.. in his James rock way, overall I wasn’t thrilled with james version honestly, but it was done well. Haley did hers, her way, while again, I don’t personally lie that song, she still did it ok, the commentary form judges was a little over the top harsh, and I think they recognized it and went way over the top to praise her on the second.. was awful transparent

    • Scotty was just criticized by all the judges, I think 2 weeks ago when he did the swinging song. but he graciously said thank you and took their comments and grew from it. Haley does not take it well and does show a very bad attitude and the daggers she shot from her eyes, not very good behavior when you are trying to win a competition.

  18. What’s with the personal attack on Haley on the comments all of a sudden?

    Instead of commenting on her performance, it seems like the Haley haters have gone low-blow and have begun criticizing her based purely on their biased view of her.

    Maybe they’ve run out of attacks since nothing ever seems to stick. It’s fun to see their attacks evolve from “smiling when Pia was eliminated” to “glaring at judges” to finally “getting hurt over brutal comments”.

    That doesn’t matter though. Every time Haley goes through a tough time, she proves people that she is awesome. She gets my vote because of that.

    • exactly!! the smiling when Pia left thing was out of control. She smiled when Casey left but no one came back here and said anything about that other than they are a cute couple. making something out of nothing just like they are trying to do today!!!

  19. My thoughts about who should go. Lauren is a sweetie, and can sing well, but she didn’t hit the notes she needed to when she sang Unchained Melody. Country Music is my favorite genre at the moment, and Martina McBride has one of the purest voices I have ever heard. Sorry but Lauren only had an average performance covering Martina. Trouble was below average. The last 3rd of the song was simply not very good. Lauren should be the next one leaving.

      • You obviously haven’t heard the original track of The Earth Song. Haley sang it very close to MJ’s version because she didn’t want to change it, she thought it was great just the way it is. So for Randy to say she needed to do it more like MJ just shows he’s pulling all kinds of crap out of his ass. He was even laughing quite jovially after she got done. Also, the only other performance with a louder applause that night was I (Who Have Nothing). It was really an amazing performance and if the judges hadn’t handled it so poorly not as many people would be mimicking them like parrots. What Haley did was so amazing and unprecedented it left a void that was filled with negative criticism of Randy Jackson.

    • I figured that she would have a hard time with that song because Carrie Underwood did so great at it during her time on AI. But Lauren did it different that Carrie (she had to) and it was surprisingly better than I thought. I like the confidence we saw in her last night

  20. i know and im ready f ever haley go…
    well thats a competion!even though she gave her best but the judges have a plan ever since…
    im tired of lauren and Scotty for their boring performances,.im sorry to say that

    but after elimination tomorow if ever.,theres no reason to watch..,waiting for AI 11 again..

  21. Lauren, Great job last night, keep up the great work, we are backing you girl, all the way to the end.

  22. For me, they all sang a song I liked and one I didn’t particularly like. Especially the 2 girls, and I have rooted for both over past weeks! Just by last nights show, I’m now….still thinking it’s going to be a photo finish between James and Scotty to win, and PROBABLY Scotty by a very slim margin (maybe they will have to hand count the votes…..) I’d pick Scotty for the most likely long term success (How many other Idols put out more than 1-2 CDs before they are forgotten) I’d like to see Haley in the top 3, but I think Lauren won that spot. I’m sure everyone would like to see her able to go home and visit her family after the recent disasters in her area.

    Shame on all of you for criticizing Haley and her “attitude.” It just shows she has strength and a good enough self image to have her own opinions–and the judges certainly have NOT been right all the time this season. Haley has improved a lot and the fact that she seems to do her very best when she is a little angry (They ARE picking on her way too much!!!) goes to show she can take the heat and fight back AND get better. Why is it better to stand there and bawl on camera if the judges even suggest they weren’t perfect.

    Based on all the other comments, I am expecting Haley to go home tonight, but I hope the whole experience of being on the show will just toughen her up enough to never give up on her dreams. She’s got an awesome voice, lots of talent and I hope she and Casey continue to sing together! If the other contestants can’t take the negative comments and criticism, they won’t last long in the business either. I’m sure having a bad attitude is not uncommon in the music business–one I’ve heard about is sitting at the judges table. I think I’d feel upset and defensive too if people kept saying things that weren’t true about me based solely on a few minutes they see of you on TV. She might be the nicest person of the whole group, but either way, it’s her singing we should judge,not the appearance or anything else.
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to run on and be so preachy!

  23. Just because Haley defended herself, you now speculate that she’s mean?? OH CMOOON PEOPLE we barely even know her, and I think what she did was right. She always gets the hot seat even if she did a fair performance, unlike the others who the judges always praaaaiseee even if they sucked.

    • I agree, the judges were way over the top when it came to criticizing Haley and it was very transparent. I loved both of Haley’s performances and those back up singers in the 1st round were great! P.S. did anyone notice how Randy picked the three best contestants by name and didn’t even acknowledge Haley. If that wasn’t openly rude and obnoxious I don’t know what is.

  24. Judges have been mean to Haley and I don’t think she deserves it. I’ll love to see their faces and hear their comments if she wins the competition. Anyway, she so much reminds me how Jennifer Hudson was criticized by the judges which probably led for her not winning AI, so what? She is the real winner now…HALEY YOUR ARE MY GIRL….ALL THE WAY!

    • The sad thing is, if Haley does end up winning the whole thing, Randy and Jlo will take all the credit. They will say that is why they were so hard on her. They will say she did a great job of listening to their constructive criticism and grew from it. They will be so proud of themselves for helping her win the title. They will say they had to fire her up because when she is a little angry she just slays anything she sings. Yep, yep, Randy and Jlo know they are the reason Haley got as far as she did.

      • I want Haley to come out next week angry so she slays all the songs she sings, I believe it is 3 songs next week. Go Haley

      • I’d like the next round to be Star Wars theme so Haley can pull out a lightsaber and slash Jlo and Randy’s heads off..

        ok.. maybe that was over the top.. but that’s how I feel

      • Baker, loved your comment. Exactly how I felt last night! (I don’t see how Randy and JLo can hold their heads up high. They MUST know we see right through the producer-planned finale and that we have no respect for them as judges. What nastiness!)

  25. I watched the performances again last night And still believe haley should be in the top 3!

    • im so tired of haley haters..,
      thats why i dont want to fight back them.,
      they say that haley hav a bad attitude..,So Are They??

      Im a haley fan but im not Bashing anyone to make her at this point..,

      • I don’t either. Bashing someone else doesn’t make your favorites look better, if anything it makes them look worse that they could appeal to trolls like them. Haha. They will never learn, though. It’s a good thing no one takes what they say seriously.

    • I watched them all several times trying to figure out where the heck the judges were coming from. I’m trying to be objective here but the second best performance last night was The Earth Song. There wasn’t anything wrong with that, the best was I (Who Have Nothing). Both flawless vocals. Maybe not the best song choice ever, but neither was Trouble or Young Blood but they didn’t get any kind of flak for that. On top of being bad choices, those 2 were bad performances. Go watch them again. Lauren is straining to make it edgy and loses a lot of vocal control. Scotty’s performance was just flat out weird and the singing was subpar, especially for the top 4.

      • A PotatoCowboy with musical taste! There is hope!

        I am not a country fan but I can admit that Scotty has a lot of talent (although I find him sleepy or quirky at times) but I see why the country girly whirly girls love him.

        Haley has me by the heartstrings. She weaves so much soul and emotion into her singing – she’s amazing. I want her album!

  26. damn it, don’t fight for keeping Haley or keep Lauren.

    Keep two girls and send scotty home!

    that’s it!!!

  27. Here’s the thing. You really can’t blame Haley acting the way she did. It isn’t about the critiques. I’ve come to believe that Haley can actually take it well (proof from the first ever week). It’s the UNFAIRNESS of it that’s overwhelming. If you’re going to criticize, why not point out James’s sharps/flats, Scotty’s mediocrity and Lauren’s comfort zoning? Why can’t the judges criticize everyone? Week after week, they disregard the flaws of the other contestants and go on dishing the bad stuff for Haley.

    And blatantly pointing out that it’s a tie between James, Lauren and Scotty as the best for the night? that’s downright harsh.

    • The criticism has been biased and unfair. Your critiques of the singers are pretty good.

    • I have a theory that they save up all the comments they want to say to everyone, and dump it all on Haley! Kudos for standing up for yourself and your music! It was about time!

    • If I had been standing on the stage when Randy said that, I probably would have puked. What a horrid, horrid man he is. Horrid.

  28. this needs to be addressed…my brother has served two tours in iraq and not once did he ever bitch and moan about missing his family because he was a MAN.He lost his life fighting for someone else to have peace within their country…and to see James weep like a little bitch because he’s been gone for what? 6 months? PLEASE. it’s a singing competition..not a cry-fest, he CANNOT sing, he screams like a crying child lost at a street fair.

    • I definately agree with you but on the other hand as I was saying earlier. We don’t know these people, what they have went through and what made them who they are. God Bless your brother for having the strength, personal sacrific and honor to go out and fight for our country and for those who cannot fight for themselves. James, however is not a fighter in the Soldiering aspect. He is more of an artist and whatever it was that made him cry (which I am not a fan of the crying don’t get me wrong) but whatever it was I hope that it came from the heart and got him through his tough moment

    • I think his crying was just for show, he has milked his pity votes since the beginning. I have never cared for him for this reason. He used his medical problems to get the sympathy votes. All the contestants have made a lot of sacrifices to be there and overcome many obtacles and I am sure they all miss being home so I think his act back fired.

      • You are most certainly entitled to your opinion but I do not think anything to do with James is an act.
        There seemed to be a somewhat hard luck story attached to all the initial contestants this year. Maybe not Scotty.

      • Out of all the contestants, I know the least about Haley’s backstory. Just that she grew up in an environment that was filled with music, and it really shows. She knows her stuff!

    • He can sing and as I have said before everyone has the RIGHT to miss people.

      I am sorry to hear about your brother and I appriciate what he did.

    • Actually the USA went to the middle east and instituted their foreign policy which disrupted normal economic activity including the local supply chain, manufacturing and commerce. Entire factories shut down leaving daddy with no job (yes, they don’t all herd camels for a living) so he had no recourse but to become a PAID AL-QUEDA soldier, who guys like your brother then systematically shot full of holes.

      I’m sorry you lost your brother. I don’t believe like you do he died for a great cause. Your government needs to take another look at it’s involvement in the middle east.

      Also read about the US in Somalia and tell me about how the US is in other parts of the world ‘fixing things’. The US is well known for going abroad, making a mess and then blowing the crap out of everything to try and fix it.

      SEMPER FI!

      • …except in WWII when blowing the crap out of everything was definately called for. And the USA (and some of the other Allies) did it very well.

        Lest we forget…
        Never again…

      • that was really uncalled for Northern Guy. Soldiers and their families do not deserve those kinds of comments. Especially when you are aware that glassjaws brother had died in that war. Just smile and say thank you and use those kinds of statements when the timing is right during the election period. Not as an attack on someone who mourns for their brothers life!! very hurtful:(

  29. The fact is Hailey was totally BULLED by Randy and JLO! The real singer and performer Steven Tyler loved her! The sick part was after her last song Randy and JLO took credit for HER wonderful performance. They are both conceited A!@ho#$s!
    HAILEY IS WONDERFUL AND THE IDOL IN MY EYES! Lady Gaga saw which one had the talent…HAILEY♥

  30. The judging this season has turned into an old tragic comedy, starring the 3 stooges, Hippy, Dippy, and Lippy. Hippy is not too bad, but Dippy and Lippy…..

      • I thought Tyler would definitly be Lippy…OK JD let us know. I had thought Dippy was Randy, Hippy was Jlo (BIG hips) and Lippy was Tyler (well it just fits).

      • Steven is a hippie throwback from the 60’s, Jlo’s comments make her sound a little dippy, and Randy won’t shut up so he is lippy. LOL

    • has anyone ever considered the judges are using reverse psychology on the voters. the more they bash haley the more votes she gets . it may be intentional so she will win.

  31. I can’t understand why anyone wants Scotty to win. That boy is a one trick pony who is milking the “aw shucks” factor. It makes me crazy. As soon as I heard his song choice, I knew all the gun-totin’, Bush lovin’, Palin supportin’, simpletons wood be tripping over themselves to vote for him. Did nobody notice how awful the chorus sounded? It was easily his worst performance, but even as he was butchering the chorus, I knew that Jennifer and Randy would overstate how wonderful the performance was. If I remember correctly, they didn’t praise the actual performance but praised him anyway. The two of them chose him as the winner a long time ago – they may deny it, but their bias toward Scotty is crazy obvious and is disproportionate to his level of talent. The bias is so blatant that I hope he loses simply because I resent the producers and two of the judges attempts to influence the outcome in this way.

    As for Haley, there is no excuse for Randy’s behavior. He was nasty – so nasty that I
    had to rewind and replay it to show my husband how bad it was. Every contradictory
    remark was immediately jumped on up until the part when he was sure everyone
    knew that he thought she sucked. I can only give Jennifer credit for not taking it that
    far. As soon as she opened her mouth, my 11 year old daughter proclaimed, “She’s
    going to attack her again!”. Then she left the room because she didn’t want to hear
    anymore of the blather.

    I was happy to see Steven defend her the way he did. He seemed visibly disgusted by what was going on last night, which made me feel better about him. My only complaint with Steven has been that he loves everybody and pretty much every performance. My husband says that Steven just appreciates the effort and courage that these kids show up with – and the artist in him gets that they don’t have to be perfect to be entertaining as hell.

    I agreed with Steven when he first saw Lauren and stated that she was the one. I think she’s beautiful and the most versatile of the remaining four. Sometimes the judges insist on consistency, sometimes they insist on “making it your own” only to contradict themselves and give a performer crap for doing so, and they used to value versatility – apparently no longer.

    James is great. I love him as a performer and I think he seems like a really good person. Win or lose, I hope he gets great rewards for this experience.

    Same for Haley. I don’t believe any of the comments about her being mean or prissy or whatever. I think she is being attacked as part of the effort to make sure that Scotty wins.

    Scotty should not win this competition. Someone will pick him up anyway and he’ll go
    as far in his career as his talent will carry him.

    Lauren should win this competition. She probably won’t and she may well go home tonight, but it won’t be because of a lack of talent or for failed performances. Those don’t apply. She is every bit as talented as Kelly Clarkson and I think that one day she could give Carrie Underwood a run for her money. This young girl is in their league and she’s really the only one with that sort of appeal. It’s a combination of incredible talent, natural beauty, and a fun and endearing personality. And all the comments about her being fat are just ridiculous and cruel. She’s a kid – and she’s
    stunning. She’s going to just get better and better – just look at her mother for proof of that!

    • I am tired of some people bashing Scotty on here. He can sing and is not a one trick pony. He has sung up tempo songs as well as slow songs. He shows in each performance that he believes in what he is singing and connects with the audience. Just because some people do not like his style of singing does not mean they need to bash him. IMHO the finale will be between James and Scotty. Scotty for the win! They are all excellent singers.

      • In 100 percent agree with you. Scotty is the only true singer on this show. All the other 3 do is scream and not sing!!!!!!

      • Scotty is the only one who can sing?

        You country bumpkins are just too much. Even Scotty haters will admit the lad has talent.

        Why can’t Scotty fans be that mature?

        Because they’re 11 year old girls maybe?

    • Well, actually, you notice they have us all stirred up. I said it before, its all a ploy. I personally think its Haley for the pick and if they keep picking on her, we all get ticked and vote for her. Thats my thought. I still love Scotty and James. I think Lauren will one day be a fine singer. She just needs to grow a little and mature. Haley is still my all time favorite contestant. She gets all my votes. I cannot believe some people get so mean and nasty over a stupid television show. AI is one of my favorites, but when it makes people so rotten nasty, I just as soon not watch it anymore.

      • But if you stop watching and posting the haters win. You don’t want THAT do you?

  32. Oh come on! The girls seem like very nice young ladies to me. Haley is hot and that turns off other chicks. Randy has been drilling her for 6 weeks. Lauren should leave this week, then Haley next week. Scotty may be the most likable contestant ever on the show. James is a great rocker. Winner too close to call.

    • Boomalot is the bringer of wisedom and truth:

      Haley is hot and that turns off other chicks.

      Amen Brother Boomalot! Amen!

      • Hey now! I love the way Haley looks and carries herself, boys. I can picture her being my best friend in another life. I dig people who are laid-back and take things in stride. Also love the fact that she doesn’t DWELL on everything, just picks herself back up and marches on. She’s a real trooper!

  33. I think Haley should go home,she is not as good as the others.Really I do not know how she made it this long! It is a singing contest and she is not as good as the others and yes she has an attitude! Everyone says what is with the attacks on Haley,but I read several post that called Lauren fat,come on that is not called for,she is sweet. Get into a fight amongst yourself,but there is no reason to call her manes,she has nothing to do with your fight on here.I think it should be Scotty,James and Lauren in the final 3,but that is just my opinion.I have nothing against Haley at all,but she does act like she is better than everyone else!

    • Well, said. They are all very talented and all deserve to have singing careers but to bash someone because of how they look that is just wrong. I read plenty of negative comments about Scotty and references to MAD magazine, and his looks and quirky faces. That is just very shallow. I am sure most of the people posting on this site would not win a beauty contest. This is about talent and how they represent themselves to be good role models. Haley unfortunately does not have that quality with her attitude and for that reason she should go. Many of the others have had many negative comments from the judges and they graciously take it and grow from it but not Haley. (Scotty did get negative feedback for a couple weeks and thanked the judges and came out the next week and nailed it.)
      I do not personaly know Haley but how she comes across is very hateful, very full of herself and a very bad attitude. Not very becomming traits.

  34. I told my husband last night that Lauren is right up there with Carrie Underwood.Anyone who can not hear that,has something wrong with their hearing,lol! She is also such a sweet and genuine person,if she goes home it won’t be because of lack of talent!

    • Unfortunately, Lauren lost a huge number of votes due to the tornadoes in her home town. I live in her area and many people lost everything and they have no homes, let alone electricity to help support her. She should stay over Haley, that is for sure. I usually vote for another contestant but I did use a number of my votes to try and help save her.

    • I think that she is definately a very talented singer but she is no where near the vocal ability of Carrie Underwood. She would have to do some serious training and maybe in a couple of years she might be able to…no I don’t see it. Lauren is gonna have to come out with her own way about her and her own style and not try to be in Carrie’s league. she’ll do great but she is not the next Carrie Underwood.

    • I think with a bit more maturity and more self-discovery she COULD become an Underwood – but not quite yet.

    • not the best of the night for me but I did like her a lot more last night than I have the rest of the season.

  35. Talented or not Haley is going home tonight. She has not had that great of a track record thru the show and Rising Sun is what redeemed her last week. I enjoy listening to her but the drama has got to go. Like it or not the judges made very valid points with their assessment. The song was not very popular, she was screaming the end of it and it did not compare to her own perfromance last week or later in the night. She could have done better and she has shown us that. She did not put out a strong Top 3 performance last night.

    I say the same about Scotty’s second performance, but he has the backing of a huge fan base to pull hime thru.

    • Boooo, Wellen. Her first song was not the worst of the night by any standards…

  36. Regardless if the judges was mean or unfair, they have a job to do and that is give their opinion on the performer and they obviously did not like Haley’s singing the first song that is. Haley on the other hand did not act confident, she came across as snotty, rude and immature, at this point of the competition she needs to be able to take constructive criticism and learn from it and act professional on national TV. So I think she hurt herself by showing attitude and bitchiness with judges and VIP people in the music industry that could further her singing career whether she wins Idol or not. Just saying!

    • She was sad and upset, fighting tears, and confused on why they save up all their negativity for her. The judges never say one thing, constructive or otherwise, to any other contestants. They’ve bullied her for weeks, and it was about time she stood up for herself. I would’ve lost respect for her if she had just stood there taking their biased bashfest of last night. You must be blind.

  37. I’ve watched from the beginning. Yes, I enjoy Scotty’s voice. Yes, I enjoy Lauren’s voice. James, is very ‘off’ through most of his songs. I would say his voice sounded pretty good through his first song. But, his performances are on the point of, as Simon would say, indulgent. Lauren sings the safe songs. Songs she knows she can do. Not even attempting the higher notes last week proved she isn’t ready for this yet.

    Now Haley. I’ve watched that girl take some pretty harsh words. And she comes back like a pro and belts it out of the park. She is the only one that I can see, that has truly grown and learned each time she steps out on the stage and comes back better. I plain old, love her voice. I’d love to see her and Cassey do some songs together. They are truly a match.

    If I could vote (not allowed in Canada), I would vote for Haley.

    As for Randy Jackson. You are no Simon Cowell. The way you singled out Haley when asked who was the best of the round, that was plain old mean. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    That’s my take from Canada. I can only hope tonight, when the results are in play, Haley is still on those seats next week.

      • I agree. With millions of people watching. Randy single handedly deflated poor Haley last night when he was asked who was best of that round. He should apologize. That is a bunch of crap. That they are tough on her because she can do better. Crap! Crap! and more Crap!

      • Then she came back in round two and blew the roof off the place!

        What a PROFESSIONAL! She’s so COOL under fire she’s HOT!

        Must be proud proud parents in them stands, hers are!

    • Nice post. I agree 100% and I don’t think it’s because I’m from Canada too, EH? 🙂

  38. Based on last night’s performances:

    1. Lauren – beautiful voice, great personality
    2. Scotty – beautiful voice, great personality
    3. Haley – beautiful voice, poor song choice x 1
    4. James – he is often off tune – would be ‘okay’ at karaoke but I’d never buy his album. ‘Cute’ too how he can squeeze out tears now and then.

  39. I am proud of the way Scotty and Lauren stood up for the moral convictions. James does also with his devotion to his wife. Gaga didn’t know how to respond to people with descent moral and religious convictions. I hope they stand strong in their beliefs and not let fame turn them away.

    • But Lady Gaga is the devil and you watched the show and she was able to program you through your TV set and now you’re going to hell…

    • I was wondering when she, Lady (that’s a stretch) GaGa was talking to Scotty and Lauren if she knew he’s only 17 and Lauren only 16.

      • Gaga is prepping the kids for the reality of Hollywood. Sex sells in Jazz (Dianna Krall) and it sells in country too. Yes. Believe it.

        Not all country music is about God and farming and horses and composting. Find me a country album that DOESN’T feature a guy with really tight jeans featuring his junk.

        Wow. The deluded run amok in this place!

      • Oh please…16 and 17 year olds have children sometimes for crying out loud. They’re not THAT young…in today’s world, I’m sure they’ve seen and heart A LOT worse. If not…they must be Amish???

      • Your attitude sucks. Sure hope you aren’t raising any children. This is exactly why the morals of the United States are in the gutters. You are either 16 yourself are a freaking liberal.

  40. Although Haley’s performance with the “Earth song” wasn’t her best, the studio recording is amazing! Loved it. I sure hope she isn’t woted off the show, because of the judging. They’ve singled her out and I can’t understand why. Makes me think that she must have offended someone. I know some dont like her attitude, but personally I haven’t seen anything anyone who doesn’t want to be a doormat wouldn’t say. This show is much more about judges promoting themselves than the contestants…

    They are all good, I just feel Haley is being bullied. I think that even if I liked others better I would wish her to win after the treatment she’s getting.

    It’s ok to have favorites and it’s ok to critique and I might even agree on some points, but come on… the three others aren’t exactly that good all the time. They should have the same standards when pointing out flaws of the contestants.

    • Randy and JLo don’t want her to win…
      1) they are music producers , I think they have someone else already signed up…don’t want the competition
      2) Haley can out sing the both of them…don’t like the competition…especially Jlo…jealous much?!

  41. I have an issue with the Crappy Themes that have sucked the life out of the show for the past 3 weeks. It is getting to the end and they hit us with the crap of the crop… I wish they would make the beginning Themed and leave the last performances more up to the Person singing.

    • Still, that didn’t work so well last night, did it? Pretty much everything I’ve read says that each Idols’ second performance (the “Crappy Theme” songs) were much better than the first songs they did, the ones they chose themselves.

      If they’d done the Themed songs first, then the second half of the show would have been pretty lame.

  42. Scotty did his usual ho hum performance last night…
    for all his youthfulness, he certainly doesn’t display a great energy level which results in hum drum vocalizing that puts many people into sleepy time mode… ho hum, can’t wait until it’s done mood. I can think of many Country vocalists who display high energy levels and performance… Scotty seldom gives the appearance that he is really trying to push the envelope! James and Haley, by far, have pushed the envelope many times… and have kept in the competition. Scotty does his ho hum performances which hardly sets off a spark to light any fire! Scotty’s performance, last night, was anything but stellar.
    Lauren did very well…. and Haley drooped in the first round, but, I think, saved herself in the second round. Scotty, just is simply plain. James nailed both rounds last night.

    It will be interesting to see the outcome tonight. I predict it will be James and possibly Haley.

    • I predict Lauren will go home and that James,
      Haley and Scotty ( barely squeaking into top three) will vie for the top two spots next week.

    • I would rather say who i wthink should go home as apposed to who i think did best. Its time to send the Adam Lambert with no Glam to go. You all know who he is. He may reach a sqealing high note but the quality is not there. If Simon were there he would probably be gone. Im afraid Lauren will go home but I rather she stay she has a better quality and smoother voice. That other thing makes my ears bleed.

      • I like James as a performer and his singing is pretty good for rock and metal, and even some softer stuff too, but Lauren has a very very nice voice – probably the best voice out of the four! She just needs more polish and maturity. Many share this sentiment – she’s *really* sixteen years old! And she acts that way! Why is everyone so surprised? I wish I was as mature and strong as her a 16 to be away from family and in the big hollywood circus in front of the cameras!

        Sure she acts girly and giggles and is a bit flighty at times. SO WHAT! Most 16 year old girls are!!

        Man, the haters are really vicious!

    • I’m in hopes of Lauren, Scotty, and James to remain. I’m just annoyed by Haley’s “growling” voice and her attitude when someone tries to give her advice, and talking back. The others have had some negative feedback from the judges but they don’t show attitude like Haley does.

      • although the others have be criticized it has never been as bad as they do Haley. it’s almost like Jennifer and Randy want her voted off.
        besides Haley can really sing anything from blues, jazz,pop,etc.

      • Give us ONE example of any other contestant being ranted at the way Randy did last night?

        That was not constructive criticism, it was a destructive rant. JLo said that she loved Hayley’s voice, that she things it is great but that she chose a poor song that no-one really knew and at this stage she should be singing songs that are more familiar to people.

        Then Jackson started off by saying he agreed with JLo and that is as much as he needed to say. It was a bad song choice. Instead he started destroying her whole performance and would not shut up even when JLo tried to hush him and finally he did shut up when Steven Tyler was allowed to get a word in. Even then Jackson started off again and Hayley said that she knew what he thought and that she thought she had hit the notes.

        If he had spoken to Lauren or James that way, there would have been tears and Scotty would have given him just as much a disdainful look as did Hayley. In fact, Scotty has done that a few times when he did not get praise.

        Hayley has had to put up with some cruel comments from Randy and yet he allows the others to get away with poor, “pitchy” performances and he tells them they are great.

        It’s a pity we can’t vote the “judges” off.

    • The only true artist left in this competition is Haley. This girl can sing Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Pop. Randy should go join Simon and Paula on X-Factor. I think he is done after this year. I can see him at a ball game eating a hotdog and picking his nose. JLO is just simply JEALOUS. Yah she is pretty, but not the most beautiful women in the world. I liked JLO until last night. I have NO respect for JLO or Randy anymore. The only good judge on this panel is Steven Tyler. He is the only judge that knows about music. After Lauren’s second performance last night, You could tell he wanted to cut her up, but he has to much class for that. And for this Haley girl. WOW. Lets see another contestant take the criticism that she got from Randy and JLO after her first performance and then come back in front of 40,000,000 viewers and have one of the best performaces of the year. And by the way. Haley is alot prettier than JLO, in case anyone has not noticed.

      • I love it! Go Haley! Let’s not forget that JLo is topping the charts in five countries. Sadly, or not so sadly, none of the countries is the USA which everyone knows is the only one that really matters. Belgium? Not so much.

    • I think Haley will go home, and it is time….Let’s be fair and judge with the eyes and ear, she will not get it. It is the end of the road, unless a miracle would save her.

  43. My vote is for Haley. I hope she wins the whole thing. I think Lauren is a young girl who wouldn’t be able to do anything forthe next couple of years but grow Haley is ready!!!! More than ready!!!!! Haley, to win it!

  44. I’m really baffled at some of the peoples ignorance and comments on here.. People do care passionately I guess. Time to stop responding to these ridiculous ones..

    I just listened to the itunes versions of all songs

    I liked Lauren’s blues one better on intunes than live version. James’ other way around, his live versions are better than studio on both, Scotty, solid vocals, I just don’t like country.. Haley, sounded very good on studio versions on both.

    I think it might be Lauren to go this week… someone has to..

    • Dan, listening to how these kids lay down a vocal track is lost on many many posters on here. I listen to the Itunes tracks off a music server into a (pretty darned nice) 2-channel system. I don’t hear Scotty having that radio voice truthfully. Lauren is very recordable, and so is James. But I think Haley is the single most “radio ready” contestant in the show. Yes, her MJ song was just a bad song choice and her transition from (beautiful) soft singing to wailing was just WAY too abrupt (even for me and I’m a fan).

      Listening to the Itunes tracks is a sneak preview of what kind of vocal tracks these kids are going to lay down. I think it’s very valuable… information!

      • Actually the song wasn’t that bad and she sang it well, that is why I took exception to the critiques. I agree with the last poster, it was just not the right song for this critical part of the competition.

    • On i-Tunes so far, here are the number of comments and how each is rated. First by number of comments:

      1. I Who Have Nothing by Haley – 648
      2. Earth Song by Haley – 362
      3. Don’t Stop Believing by James – 243
      4. Where Were You by Scotty – 230
      5. Anyway by Lauren – 220
      6. Love Potion #9 by James – 193
      7. Young Blood by Scotty – 175
      8. Trouble by Lauren – 152

      By ratings:

      1. I Who Have Nothing – 5 Stars
      2. Earth Song – 4.75 stars
      3. Anyway – 4.5 stars
      4. Don’t Stop Believing – 4 stars
      4. Where Were You – 4 stars
      4. Love Potion #9 – 4 stars
      7. Trouble – 3.75 stars
      8. Young Blood – 3.50 stars

      If you factor all the data, they end up in the following order.

      1. Haley – more than the other 3 combined
      2. James
      3. Lauren
      4. Scotty

      Last week it was the same with Haley having almost the same as the other three combined.

      So, who has the best recording voice which will be the #1 priority for Idol, 19 Productions and whichever label they contract with.

      Last years finalists bombed.
      Kris Allen bombed and now wants to focus on Christian Music.
      Adam Lambert is doing well.
      David Cook is doing well.
      David Archuleta has lost his recording contract and dropped his management.

      They need a voice that will sell and, so far, Haley has that voice.

      • Paul you have made some very good points. It’s not what I want but it certainly is a strong possibility.
        Very interesting!!

      • Paul you make some very good points………….interesting!!
        Not my personal choice however it is a strong possibility>

  45. Like to see a Haley/James final. With those two in the final I would not have to feel guilty about not voting. Like them both.

  46. Scotty you are my idiol ,loved you from the start and never stopped ,Go scotty next american idiol I hope

  47. COUNTRY MUSIC: I feel bad for country music as a whole. I mean, Scotty and Lauren do not represent the genre well at all. People at home got to be thinking “man, is all country music this lame?” Compared to the original artists those two look like greenhorns. They RARELY put any energy into their performances, especially Lauren. There’s an element of power that needs to be conveyed vocally and she just does not have it (or chooses not to use it?)
    HALEY: Got to respect the girl for the FIGHT she has. The judges HAVE been unfair to her. RARELY calling the others on the imperfections in their performaces but lay into her something fiece, for the better part UNWARRENTED even. She should’ve just flipped Randy the bird, he deserved it. Unlike Lauren who would simply go cry in a corner, Haley just comes out next time as strong as ever. As far as her “growling” goes… I think it gives her performances character. This girl leaves it all out there on the stage.
    MY CALL: Scotty vs James in the finale. And James for the win. Dude owns this thing period!

    • What you know about country music can be summed up in two words . Not much !! With Scotty and Lauren you are looking at the real thing. I guess yours is the generation that thinks you have to scream to be good .Maybe some day you will grow to see that true talent can be soft and sweet. You would be better served at a rock concert. Enjoy your little loud world .

      • Like how soft, sweet and emotional Haley was in the beginning of the MJs “Earth Song”? Haley can sings like a bird, just as Lauren can sing like a bird. But Haley has vocal power that Lauren has not even started to tap into yet.

        I think the country fans turn off their TVs when anybody but Lauren or Scotty sing – or they just don’t listen. I got into Scotty’s 2nd performance because he was fun and entertaining – moreso than usual. Yes, he is a good kid but this is not a church contest for “who’s the most wholesome kid” then again some country bible-belters here are trying to make it just that.

        Lady Gaga was actually trying HARD to help these kids. She has 8 #1 albums. For Scotty to act like she was the devil woman and start kissing his cross was immature and facetious.

        Scotty does NOT think Lady Gaga is the devil woman. He’s smarter than all of that – and he was playing up the “God fearing country kid” image because he knows that’s where his votes are coming from. The producers likely proded him to play it up like that.

      • Northern guy I totally agree with everything you said about Scotty, the cross, Lady Gaga, the church contest, and playing up the “God fearing country kid”.
        You are right. He knows where his votes are coming from and he is definitely playing up to that crowd.

        Lady Gaga maybe a little strange but she knows how to perform and how to sell albums.

        The kissing the cross just put me over the edge. What happens when he is faced with the alcohol, the drugs, the woman the wildness that he will encounter with being in the music business. He won’t have a big enough cross.

      • He’s 17. I am guessing that when you were 17 you had all the savvy and know how in the world.

    • then you do not listen to country at all your comments are not good if haley flipped randy the bird then she would have be ask to leave the show she a snob

    • To Tim: Scot and Lauren do represent country genre. Given the right Producer, material and with right Label, they diffently recording ready. Now if they sell any cd’s well that’s another story! And I do agree with you when you said they are greenhorns. After all one is 16yrs old and the other is 17 so they ain’t what you would call seasoned veterans!

      To donspot: What do you know about country? I’ll tell you what I know; there isn’t a whole lot of difference between today country and Pop music. I happened to singer Lilly Allen and Carrie Underwood at the same venue and believe their sounded simular and I enjoyed them both(went there to see Carrie)

  48. James always did a great job..It’s like I’m watching his own concert…every performance is so entertaining..While Scotty is so unique. I love his humor and that shows on his performance. I’d love to see how a country singer compete up to the very end of this contest. I don’t like Hailey’s performance..Randy and J’lo is right..she’s screaming..While Lauren’s performed safely. Ive never seen any unusual on her performance. So obviously my top 2 is James and Scotty. I just hope for the best for Lauren and Hailey for the top 3 spot.

  49. Haley should’ve gone home a long time ago!!! Way before Pia and Casey!!! She’s not even sure what type of artist she wants to be and she’s not the type of artist that can sing any song and put their own twist to it like James, Lauren and Scotty! I will be surprised if she stays in the top 3!!! Top 3 should be JAMES, LAUREN AND SCOTTY!!!!

      • Was she talking about Pia and Casey? Because they don’t seem to know what direction they want to go. But luckily for Pia, Jimmie Iovine knows what direction Pia is going to go! As for Casey, the only direction he is going is out the door.

    • WHAT? Did you even listen to her renditions of Rolling in the Deep? Or Call Me? Or House of the Rising Sun? Last nights I Who Have Nothing? Or Blue for that matter?

      Haley knows precisely what kind of artist she wants to be and wonderfully puts her own spin on everything she sings.

    • yes james,scotty and lauren are the best. a shame if they send anyone else home and keep haley around with her cry baby screaming attitude. it is not good at all.

    • Jealous of her beauty and talent…obviously she is clearly the best. James looks retarded.

  50. I abosoutley love Haley’s performences and voice. I hope she wins!!
    I think that Luaren is going home tonight, if not, then maybe Scotty

  51. The problem James has is that he has so consistently raised the bar (on himself if not everyone else)that people expect him to knock it out of the park with every performance. His performances are exciting and interesting week after week, but the danger is that some fans keep wanting more and so by comparison (to himself) I think he has suffered the last two weeks. But he is still by far the best overall performer–although Haley was amazing last night.

  52. I bought the album from last night. The track of Earth Song is lovely. Love the other one also. I wll be enjoying it as I do all of Haley’s songs. Her voice is very addicting.

  53. As the majority I think Lauren will go home. Haley has been unfairly criticized over and over again and I say unfairly because she is the only one that the judges critique each time, this should be equal for everyone. This shows only the judges preferences which is NOT the purpose of this program, they all should be VERY partial in their comments.
    Having said that I want James and Haley in the final but you will never know, America votes so…
    Good luck to all tonight:)

  54. I love both James (especially him <3) and Haley. If the two of them were to be in the final, i would be happy for both of them. I like the other two as well, but i dont think they are AI stuff.

  55. Randy….dude…your a putz.

    J Lo your jealousy is realy showing.

    Steven…rock on man.

    • The onlu true artist left in this competition is Haley. This girl can sing Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Pop. Randy should go join Simon and Paula on X-Factor. I think he is dione after this year. I can see him at a ball game eating a hotdog and picking his noes. JLO is just simply JEALOUS. Yah she is pretty, but not the most beautiful women in the world. I liked JLO until last night. I have NO respect fro JLO or Randy anymore. The only good judge on this panel is Steven Tyler. He is the only judge that knows about music. After Lauren’s second performance last night, You could tell he wanted to cut her up, but he has to much class for that. And for this Haley girl. WOW. Lets see another contestant take the criticism that she got from Randy and JLO after her first performance and then come back in front of 40,000,000 viewers and have one of the best performaces of the year. And by the way. Haley is alot prettier than JLO, in case anyone has not noticed.

    • Lol, i thought the same thing, They always seem to miss the fact that James always remains pitchy,Lauren has an annoying breathing problem and Scotty is constantly boring *nothing new with him* GO HALEY!!!

  56. -Why all the Haley hatrid? Casey was obviously one of the sweetest, down to earth contestants in the whole thing (besides Lauren) && he seems to LOVE and ADORE Haley. He even came back to support her, who would qo throuqh that trouble for a SNOB?

    • Because haley can not handle being told of her wrongs to make it right. and she is a cry baby about it all. And she screams to the point you can not understand the words.

      • hhhmmm….He looked happy with his girlfriend. My guess is that the producers invited them.

  57. After reading a lot of the undue negative posts about Haley, while I would like her to make top three, I no longer want her to win because we fans WILL NEVER hear the end of it! You psashts will then have to find & attack some other victim. Sorry asses.

      • Haley is so lucky. She is in an industry where you don’t have to be well liked to make it . I don’t like her but she has enough talent to go far. She won’t be the only Star who is a little “”tch. Just look at Miley Cirus.

    • Let’s just all get online and buy her Itunes and her first album. She’s already an idol in my eyes. Go Haley!

  58. Lauren is surly my pick of them all,but what ever happens I think all will do well. In the long run Lauren will sell the most .While James and Scotty will do well in concert sales. Haley will sell well and may do some acting. She is cold and hard enough to do well in acting. Lauren’s strenth is her talent and her soft heart.

    • LAUREN ! She can actually sing, unlike Hailey who growled her way through the season ! Lauren’s performances so far were awesome ! Scotty is getting boring ! SO LAUREN AND JAMES ! SEE YA IN THE FINALS ! THATS HOW IT SHUD BE ! but hey, America is voting so u never know ! the worst may win too ! I wont be the first time we see that happening on american idol !

      • Anyone who can’t hear that Haley has much more going for her voice than growling is a music midget

      • Does anyone remember Janis Joplin??? Talk about someone who was rought and growled, but she was the best!! Haley reminds me a lot of Janis!!

      • Kernan I remember Janis Joplin. Hubby has every album she ever made. He also attended nearly every concert she did. I’m not such a fan but like some of her stuff.
        Janis Joplin had a very raspy voice. It was said she kept up the excessive drinking of Southern Comfort to keep that raspiness in her voice.

        I don’t see a similarity at all. Janis raspy, Haley growls.
        Janis was rather hard core where Haley is more the “girly girl” kind of look.

      • I also have seen Janis Joplin in concert. She had a fifth of whiskey or Southern Comfort right on stage and drank it all through the concert. I think her raspy voice was from drinking and smoking. Haley’s is pure talent.

  59. Lauren and Scotty final is what I am wishing for yes I have voted all season!! Really doesn’t matter I don’t guess because all for of these idols will get a contract!! And yes I will buy all four cd’s and would buy concert tickets to see them all!!! Would love to see Scotty sing some Travis tritt and see him sing let me down easy!!! Lauren sing Carrie when he cheats and mamas song!! James sing some aerosmith

  60. After reading a lot of the undue negative posts about Haley, while I would like her to make top three, I no longer want her to win because we fans WILL NEVER hear the end of it!
    You psashts will then have to find & attack some other victim. You Sorry humans.

    • Well I do not care what others say, I know this is the game you must defend your idols.
      Just keep voting, too bad I can not vote I live in Cancun and do not enter the votes. There are only two hours and I wanted to do it by text but the lines are blocked or not permit me to vote.
      Anyway, my top 2 favorites are James and Haley, who do not likes that is there problem.

  61. I am very pleased to see that James and Haley are at the top of the votes, James moved to the first place, well, good for them.I hope that tonight the votes are that way

  62. In my opinion,I wish Scotty were a little more upbeat,James does seem like he is in it to win,,Haley has a beautiful voice if she only knew where she wanted to go with it,,Lauren..very classy little girl who could follow in Carrie Underwood’s footsteps after about three yrs, of lessons,I believe the stars will rise an fall where America wants,,After all,,It is American Idol an sometimes that gets thrown out the door as does loyality when it comes to reallity voting,,

  63. Lauren—Lauren—Lauren , If I were only younger. I would be your father’s worst fear . Good luck Lil Darlin .

  64. I just haven’t liked Hailey from the beginning. Her attitude to me doesn’t show that of a IDOL. But she is talented in her own way. Going home or not she will go places once she gets rid of the attitude someone will bring her down to earth.

    • The attitude is part of what makes her great. I hope she keeps the attitude.

      • “Attitude makes her great”… let’s see: like Aretha, Barbra, Whitney, Cher & Christina? Sure didn’t hurt them!

      • Looky here Fatboy,the only reason any of those women have attitudes, is because they have to deal with inconsistant, jealous, airheads as yourself> btw I love Christina Aguilera and Haley Reinhart, and if you happen to see their interviews you would see just how down to earth they are. Most are jealous of their unconditional talent and want to tear them down even when made the tinniest mistakes. Jealousy is ugly, not the person!!!

      • I don’t think he was saying it was a bad thing…not sure, though. I never am on this site.

      • she has just the right amount of attitude. what did Lauren call her? Miss Sassifrass. Love it!

  65. unfortunatley it could be scotty going home tonite,twitter followers of scotty and luaren,r voteing more for luaren this time becuase of last week when she was in bottom 2,they think scotty is safe,bad move.i just hope that most of scottys 130,000 twitter followers and 110 k facebook followers dont do that to him….

  66. LAUREN DESERVES TO MAKE IT TO THE FINALE ! Hailey and scotty should head home and make way for lauren and James !

  67. i think its hailey and scotty and james r staying and leauen is leving . or i think scotty is leving

  68. What is everyone b*t*hing about? All this publicity is getting her a ton of votes……thats a good thing….I hope James & Haley are in the finale and then I know they both will do great and have a great career…..

  69. Haley needs to go. I will never watch idol again if she remains tonight. Talk about a head ache. she is a spoiled screaming crybaby. Oh feel sorry for me. bull. let her go america. Or idol will be unviewed by many as i see.

    • stomp, stomp, stomp…”Or I’ll throw a fit and never watch AI again”….please, who is the spoiled screaming crybaby now?

  70. I want Scotty to go home tonight, but I think it may be Lauren. Could even be Haley…but she doesn’t deserve to go home. Here’s what I rated the performances of last night from 1-10;
    1. James “Don’t Stop Believing” I gave this one a 7. I thought there were some pitch issues, but I loved his performance. His voice just rubs me the wrong way for some notes.
    2. Haley “The Earth Song” I gave an 8. I liked it, especially at the end, and compared to the others she did great. Compared to her other songs, though, it fell a little short. Didn’t deserve the attack she got, at all. Plus she picked a song with relevent and great lyrics…not bad at all.
    3. Scotty “Where Were You?” I also gave his song an 8, I liked it, there were a few issues with his vocals, but nothing major and I loved the emotions. It was a little hillbilly to me, but I love Scotty the Hillbilly, so whatever. 🙂
    4. Lauren “Anyway” I gave this a 9, she won round one for me. She sang this beautifully, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She has star quality, and she’s obviously the sweetest little girl ever, even if a little ditzy at times. Love Lauren.
    Now to the second round;
    5. Haley “I who Have Nothing”; I gave this a 10 originally, then made the 10 a 20. She went above and beyond with this performance. Vocally she was perfect, emotionally she nailed it…you would think she really was a victim of unrequited love. The full orchestra was awesome. Her voice was so powerful. Tears were pouring down my face, my favorite Idol performance ever, ever, ever. She took my breath away.
    6. Scotty “Young Blood”; This was just awful, I gave it a 6, but now that I have watched again, it’s a 4 or 5…the song did nothing for him vocally, he was running around making faces like a crazy person, and it was just tacky, corny, and by far the worst performance of the night. I think it may have even been worse than Swingin…he has such an incredible voice, but when he acts like this it takes the focus off his singing and puts it on his mocking faces and silly faces. Not good at all.
    3. Lauren “Trouble”; I gave this a 7. I like that she stepped outside her comfort zone, but it wasn’t really her. Vocally it wasn’t bad, but she was breathless by the end. Eh…still want her to stick around for the finale. I thought she was cute. Her first song was wayyyy better though.
    4. James “Love Potion #9”; I gave this an 8, his stage presence makes me think I’m watching a real concert. And he knows how to move around without getting breathy, which is always a good thing. I don’t like the song at all, it’s almost as bad as Yakety Yak…James was on his game tonight, and if he had picked another song to go with that performance, he would’ve gotten a 9 from me.

    All in all,
    #1. Haley
    #2. Lauren
    #3. James
    #4. Scotty
    I’m not trying to be offensive with any of these remarks, it was just my honest opinion. That being said, I like everyone in the top four and have voted for all of them multiple times throughout the season. I don’t want anyone to leave, but I’d pick Scotty to go home because he never really brings anything new to the show. Last week he impressed me with Gone, then reverted back to boring, boring, boring. This week his slow song was better, though, and his uptempo song was just painful and awkward to watch. It won’t be him going though, it will be Lauren or Haley. It seems no matter how awful the guys do, they will be the ones in the finale facing off. That’s really a shame. I wouldn’t mind James being in the finale with one of the girls though.
    Top 3; James, Lauren, and Haley. The best contestants based on vocals and performances.
    Wow, that was long. Again, not trying to step on anyone’s toes, I like all the kids, they’re all wonderful with what they do. 🙂
    Not nervous about tonight, because what will be, will be. No use dwelling over it. I know who my personal winners are. 😉

  71. Last week Hayley was streets ahead of the others as far as downloads and comments on i-Tunes were concerned. This week it is the same.

    So far, she is #1 and #2 with a total of 991 comments. The other three between them have a total of 1094.

    She is also ahead as far as the ratings go, being #1 with I Who Have Nothing and #2 with Earth Song just ahead of Lauren with her Anyway.

  72. Wonderful performers!!! They each have there own unique styles. Obviously, it can’t suit every American viewer. What you like, I may dislike and vice versa. So basicaly, it all depends on a popularity vote. Any of them could win! They all have lots of potential. I’m amazed at the improvements and continuous progress.

    For finals Lauren and Scotty, or, Hailey and James. My personal top 3 would be Lauren, Scotty and Hailey,(or James)? lol

    * Maybe American Idol could plan a Twist? I wish that Pia would have been in the top 3 so why not get her to compete in the Final with the top two? that would be awesome.

    Maybe…this could be a suggestion for next year, have judges choices, vs, peoples choices. This way talent like Pia’s doesn’t leave the show too soon. (I think one save is not enough.) But hey… that’s my opinion, I’m just sayin. I ♥ American Idol

    • you need to clean out your ears. James is an always will be #1 Hayle screams and growls like Casey bye bye .she has no respect talks back should go home

      • There is an amazing fact about people that you might want to note and that is people have different tastes than you in many things, including music.

        Just because you obviously like Country does not negate those who like Rock, Jazz, R&B or any other genre.

        As for respect:

        1. Randy showed none to Hayley last night and, frankly, her response was mild given his rant that embarrassed JLo and Steven who were both trying to shut him up and occasioned Ryan to talk to him about it as well. In every other season, we have had back and forth discussions and disagreements between judges and contestants. They are competing and true competitors have pride and no-one would have put up with the way Jackson went after Hayley last night.

        2. Given your opening comment in response to Canadian Viewer, what do you know about respect?

  73. Lauren and Scotty final is what I am wishing for yes I have voted all season!! Really doesn’t matter I don’t guess because all for of these idols will get a contract!! And yes I will buy all four cd’s and would buy concert tickets to see them all!!! Would love to see Scotty sing some Travis tritt and see him sing let me down easy!!! Lauren sing Carrie when he cheats and mamas song!! James sing some aerosmith Lauren sign the song that u sang of aerosmith at the audition Steven help her out

  74. I personly feel that since they sent the real musical tallent home already that being Cassy that the only real tallent left is Halley. The judges are trying to get her voted off because they whant James to win for the story it will make for the show. If they can they will fix the results to do just that.

    As for James I feel he is a very phoney person. He acts like he is all sad for the person who goes home and trys to do all the emontal stuff. As for his singing he is just a wana be rocker who is trying to scream his way to the end.

    Scotty is a very good singer for country but that is it. and Allana is just too young for the stardom right now.

    Halley is the one that has tallent and can sing anything she whants. She should win but we have seen in the past that is not the way this show goes.

    If simon was still a judge I bet James would have already been gone. I realy am sick of his screaming and his fake little act that he does.

  75. The only true artist left in this competition is Haley. This girl can sing Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Pop. Randy should go join Simon and Paula on X-Factor. I think he is dione after this year. I can see him at a ball game eating a hotdog and picking his noes. JLO is just simply JEALOUS. Yah she is pretty, but not the most beautiful women in the world. I liked JLO until last night. I have NO respect fro JLO or Randy anymore. The only good judge on this panel is Steven Tyler. He is the only judge that knows about music. After Lauren’s second performance last night, You could tell he wanted to cut her up, but he has to much class for that. And for this Haley girl. WOW. Lets see another contestant take the criticism that she got from Randy and JLO after her first performance and then come back in front of 40,000,000 viewers and have one of the best performaces of the year. And by the way. Haley is alot prettier than JLO, in case anyone has not noticed.

    • We noticed, besides, every time I see a JLO video, what is up with the boxing moves? She would be at the bottom of the leaderboard on DWTS!

  76. OK, as I have said from the first week, James and Lauren are gonna battle it out at the last round, however we have not heard the last of many of the top 12. And I have to comment on Lady GAGA, What the hell was that on her face? She is ugly to begin with, and then she goes and puts all that crap all over her face and hair. If I was forced to go in a room with her, I would not be able to control my laughter.

  77. James is the best of Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He’s the next American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. I believe James will be our American Idol, just as long as he stays true to his style of music and not try to do another sappy song like he did the previous week, he needs to keep doing the songs he did last night and even better. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JAMES!

    • James you are save tonight….and next week and next until you’re the last….number one….

  79. I laugh at all the assumptions people make about people they don’t even know. It’s pathetic really. How do you know James is a fake? I don’t see it. I may not know him but none of them appear to be fake.

    Lets see you go up there, sing week after week, endure a harsh schedule like theirs and still manage to perform without dying on stage. We’ll see then. I do not like people who build an entire image of someone just by observing. We only truly know someone until we’ve met them.

    I do not believe any one of them is acting. I commend them for having a lot of guts to endure this kind of pressure.

    • Oh my God how can you not see that this guy is a complete fake. Nothing about him is real. He should never have been here to begin with. It is all a act he does not care when someone get voted off as long as it is not him.

  80. James,Scotty, Lauren top three. Hayley growled her way out. She lacks charm. The other three have it. James needs a job. I had no idea he had a child. His medical condition, alsbergers syndrome, is very difficult to overcome. He has a brilliant musical mind. Scotty is fabulous. Lauren has a really great voice and loads of southern charm. Hayley just falls short.

  81. I’m I’n shock I thought James , Lauren and Scotty top 3 wow James eliminated I guess because people felt bad for Haley who’s the worst of all. Look at pia people dont know talent!!! James will get a contract! Seen it before where the winners never make it big but others contestants do!

  82. I’m I’n shock I thought James , Lauren and Scotty top 3 wow James eliminated I guess because people felt bad for Haley who’s the worst of all. Look at pia people dont know Seen it before where the winners never make it big but others contestants do!

  83. I’ve seen Haley’s MJ song again and during the harsh and non-helpful comments from Randy and JLo, she was tearing up. I think she did a great job controlling her emotions, way better than I did.

    Everyone thinks she has a bad attitude and is mean. I don’t think she does or is. 

    There are people that are comfortable going up to a stranger and singing to them (Lauren). And there are people that aren’t (Haley). That doesn’t mean one is nice and the other is mean.

    (Haley haters) I thought all country loving folk were supposed to be Christian-like. I guess I was wrong.

    BTW-I loved the evil-eye she was shooting them, which in my opinion was well deserved. My mom used to hit me with a few of those, which was not deserved, well maybe a little deserved. But that doesn’t mean she’s a mean person either. Love you mom

    • Exactly as I said 3 weeks ago, now maybe James will take a shower…..Lauren will take it all!!!!

  84. I voted for James not because of his medical issues or even his personal struggles , but because he is a great performer!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Jennifer he could sing anything. He is the total package!!!!!! I felt like I was watching a repeat Daughtery moment!!!!! Should I even continue to watch? I know though that there were record producers just sitting by waiting to grab him up before someone else gets him. Honestly I can’t wait until his first CD comes out and I will be the first one in line to buy a ticket to his first concert, second one and the third one. You get the picture. I think he is a stand up guy,a loving husband and father to his son and a great, outstanding, brilliant singer, performer. God Bless James Durbin.

    • Agree totally! James is the best OMG People you got rid of pia kept Haley why!

      • Yed, i can’t wait for his fist CD either. I thought he was the
        winner for sure. Hope to hear music in the future.

  85. So sorry to see James go..Good luck James you are still the winner and will buy your cd’s when they come out Love you James!!

  86. definitely dissapointing, you can vote off talent, and james is true talent; he is a “package”; you need to have a better way of voting, the voting on line is not trustworthy; many times when you try clicking on the selected contest., it was not taking it, im sorry to say you have lost alot of audience for your maybe ? popular show, is it american idle ?

    • How many times can they get it wrong ? Hell Pia was better than either of these girls.
      James is far and away the best. If it’s fixed that sucks. If you people actually voted this way you suck. I agree people only deserve one vote and maybe only adults.
      I’m done watching. Where do I go to buy stock in James Durbin?!

  87. thanks american idol you got it wrong again James better get the same contract pia did hayle should have went home I predict James will out sell everyone I voted 175 times. Steven will make sure lauren wins reguardless it’s rigged America watch and mark my words no more Idol for me

      • Do you really think Lauren fans didn’t vote as many times if not more? The fact that you didn’t take advantage of the flawed voting system isn’t anyone elses fault.

  88. I think the voting is rigged to many young kids voting that don’t know what the …. there doing and by the way James is a way better singer than steven ever was and his video sucked

  89. the reason james got voted off is because a producer felt sorry for hayle and tweeted for support thanks N. L.You need to stay out of it. she had been in the bottom how many time and how many times was james 00000000000000 that’s right 0 you did wrong

  90. How the hell did James get eliminated? The American voters can go suck a fat one. Kthxbai

  91. Scotty is the best of he remaining hands down but steven will see that he doesn’t watch and see

  92. please see the votes results, obviously james is the highest! so,how come he is eliminated…OHHH THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE JUDGES: SO PLASTIC…AND FAVORITISM….SO THE BETTER IS ABOLISHED THE AMERICAN IDOL PROGRAMMED…

  93. what good does it do to try out, when the judges hands are tied and producers control who they want as the show goes on to make the finals you should only be able to vote once and if the person gets voted off then you can vote for someone else they should have numbers like dancing with the stars 1 thru 10 then when they get to the top 3 america votes one timeand ne time only

  94. I wish the best for James he is and always will be our American Idol I hope the ratings drop like a rock due to what happen. Chris D. got robbed also

  95. I can not believe James was eliminated!! Something is not right about this. James was by far the most talented all around and yes, he’ll do great! Adam Lambert & Daughtry both should have been the American Idols in their competitions & look where they both are now! Very Famous! James keep up the great work, as soon as your first cd comes out; I’ll be one of the first in line to purchase it. In our eyes,you will always be the American Idol! I’m through with American Idol; there is NO ONE left who I want to watch any more. Too bad it isn’t America who is deciding who goes- there’s a much stronger force taking over and it just isn’t right. What is it exactly that the 3 that are left are competing for? The real American Idol just got eliminated! Is a shame, people don”t know what real talent is!!!!!!!

    • Hi Linda – I too agree with everything you said. I also will not watch Idol anymore. What is wrong with this whole picture. I was so disappointed when Pia was eliminated, but now with James being voted off, I have no desire to watch the finals.

  96. Hey Richard you’re right on!
    What do you think about our slow witted friend Matt?

  97. You really suck at this….I hope you have a good full time job! You are like……? Wrong well as your poll!

  98. Well, don’t anyone take this the wrong way, but I feel that Scotty will be your next American Idol because I was saying this from the begin and Yes James Dublin was always second, so guess we will have to see and does anyone know when the last show will be on because I really need to know.

    Season finale is on May 25, 2011. – Admin

  99. @Devin Lee: to your post yesterday–what’s your point? Children 16 or 17 have kids. Gee, some 16 and 17 year olds are also prostitutes. I speaking about Scotty and Lauren. About you get some morals?

  100. We in South Africa agree, James was THE BEST!!! Scotty is ‘old fashioned’ check shirt, boy’s cut hair, NO America!!! what did you do!!!!!! I am soooooo dissapoiinted…..

  101. i want scottey!!scottey!!scottey!! i love scottey’s voice…scottey will win whether you like it or not…

  102. The real Idol is still there. Haley is there to win it you go girl. Scotty tooo old fashion a bit dozy I think. James screams toooo much

  103. James, you´re something the American Idol competition has never had before THE REAL NATURAL TALANT!!!!!!I enjoyed here in Finland, in Scandinavia, your marvellous performances, loved them all. My eyes filled with tears as you were eliminated, there`s nothing and nobody to watch anymore. Wish you and your family James all the best in life!!!! your fan in Finland

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