American Idol 2011: Top 4 performance show recap – Second round better than first

Can we please just pretend the first round of “American Idol’s” Top 4 performance show never happened? From the incredibly boring and lame songs to Randy Jackson’s nasty attack on Haley, I thought it was going to be the worst “Idol” I’ve ever seen.

Why does Randy seem to really have it out for Haley. She’s the only person to receive bad critiques from him for weeks.

Luckily, things got much better during round two. So as usual, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think they deserve. Please note that from now on, I’m grading on song choice, stage presence and vocals. We know by now they can all sing, so that’s not enough to be judged on alone.

In order of performance

*James Durbin, “Don’t Stop Believing.” I love this song. But it’s kind of time for it to take a break. From “The Sporanos” finale to the “Glee” premiere, it’s kind of overdone. And it’s a big song from a great big amazing voice (Steve Perry). So there’s no way you can sing that song and not be compared to Steve. Especially when you don’t try to switch it up any. And even though I like James, he doesn’t compare to Steve Perry. His vocals were better than last week, though. So that’s good. B

*Haley Reinhart, “The Earth Song.” I’ve never heard this song. I expect a lot of people haven’t. It turns out that it’s a very boring song (And I don’t care if Michael Jackson did write it so don’t bother pointing that out to me) I’ve grown to really like Haley, but I didn’t like this song choice at all. It’s definitely a song I’d skip on my playlist regardless of who recorded it. Actually, I’d probably delete it from my playlist. Her vocals were good, but like I said earlier, at this point, that’s not quite enough.  B+

*Scotty McCreery, “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning.” Oh Scotty, why didn’t you just sing “Ding Dong bin Laden’s Dead”? Or “The South’s Going to Do it Again.” Sorry, I like Scotty, but I hated this song. I thought it was gimmicky, preachy and hickish. But worst of all, it was boring. Scotty never has a bad vocal though and that’s the important thing. But if I’m grading on all points, it wasn’t good. B

*Lauren Alaina, “Anyway.” Lauren had a rough start with the song, but it got way better. Her vocals were better this week and she gets the best song choice of round one. A-

*Haley, “I (Who Have Nothing).” I actually picked this song for Lauren, but I’m glad Haley did it instead. She slayed it. It was one of the best performances of the season. I can’t believe I actually agree with Jennifer on something. Way better than round one. A+

*Scotty, “Young Blood.” I’m usually way more into Scotty performances but tonight he did nothing for me in either round. This one came off as boring and just weird. He was kind of prancy and prissy and that just looked weird from him. It was vocally good, as always, but I just didn’t like the performance. B+

*Lauren, “Trouble.” I’m so happy someone finally went out of their comfort zone this season. I’m very proud of Lauren for not being too self-righteous to think America is going to think she’s evil just because she sings it in a song. That thinking was one of the reasons why I disliked Jacob Lusk. So props to Lauren. On top of that, it was also a good vocal and a good show. A

*James, “Love Potion No. 9.” Once again, better this time around. Better vocal, better song, better show. Round two was so much better than round one for everyone. A

The Averages

James: B | A | B+

Haley: B | A+ | A

Scotty: B | B+ | B

Lauren: A- | A | A

And before I’m called out for being a big mean jerk for my reviews, please note that the grades aren’t even bad. My words may have been tough, but if I took away the poor song choice factor and only graded on vocals, everyone would’ve received As.

And now, the impossible task of trying to figure out who will go home based on America’s votes. As always, these picks are based on just that — NOT my personal opinions, but what I THINK the outcome of America’s votes COULD be.

100 precent safe: Scotty McCreery

Not 100 percent safe: James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina

Possibly going home: Lauren Alaina

My thinking: This is a tough week to predict. There’s no clear loser of the week. The judges were terribly hard on Haley, so that could send her home. I mean they’re clearly trying to achieve that, especially Randy. But she’s picked up so many fans during the past couple weeks. Lauren was in the bottom 2 last week, so she be the most obvious person to go home. BUT her fans could’ve been scared into voting after her bottom finish last week. So maybe Haley will actually go home. Or maybe something crazy will happen and James will leave. Nah. It’ll be Lauren or Haley.

What’s your prediction and overall thoughts on tonight’s show?






  1. The me you are used to on this site is back. I kinda took a vacation last week. I was very vocal about a lot of things tonight, so I have a lot of thoughts, but lets start with my top 4:

    1- Haley Reinhart
    2- James Durbin
    3- Scotty McCreery
    4- Lauren Alaina

      • completly agree….HALEY REINHART is a really good singer..i dont know what happen with randy..

      • wow.. same here… though i’m not a fan, i must admit, haley is once again the best of the night..

    • Ok, this was definitely an interesting week for me. First off, let me give a random thought. Lady Gaga looked like Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations. Why doesn’t she dress like a normal human being? If she wasn’t wacko and crazy, I might actually like her because she obviously knows a lot about music as her advice to each contestant was spot on and possibly the reason why round 2 tonight was so good. But she is just too weird. The lyrics in her songs and the dancing and dressing in her live performances and music videos are just too over the top. But she’s a good singer. Now time to move on to each contestant.

      JAMES- Ok, people. Time to vote for James! Ryan stole my thunder this week at the very end because I was so planning on reminding people of this. This is the week in Idol history where Daughtry went home. Don’t let that happen again tonight. He is the favorite in the competition and is the one who will most likely have the most amazing career as the newest rock star. I can easily imagine him and his songs being all over the radio, regardless of what happens in the next few weeks, so please. Let’s do him justice by not sending him home prematurely. Both his songs rocked today (pun kinda intended). I thought his first song was awesome. I thought his second song was even more awesome. Now when Gaga gave him the “move your hips” advice I was actually got nightmares of him turning into James Presley and scaring me. I hate Elvis’s hip thrust move. I think it is perverted and wrong. But luckily James didn’t really do that like I envisioned in my nightmare, so its all good. He’s been the most consistent contestant this season and deserves to win. Go James!!!

      HALEY- You noticed that I put her number one this week over James. There are a few reasons why I did that. The most obvious one is that I actually loved both her performances tonight and thought she did the best job out of the four of them. The second reason is that I was mean to her last week because of her doing a Gaga song that totally didn’t fit her and put her lower than she deserved in my rankings and since she redeemed herself this week and now we can put the Gaga song behind us and move forward. On to the controversial first song for her. I enjoyed it. True, I hadn’t heard it before, but that doesn’t really matter for me because there are a lot of songs that I haven’t heard before. It was beautiful. The message was amazing. She sang it with emotion and passion, hitting the notes the most perfect Haley-type way. No she didn’t need to sing it a lot higher like Michael Jackson would’ve because that’s not Haley’s style. This was Haley singing the song. Not James. Not Michael Jackson. Not Steven Tyler. Haley. Then Jennifer and Randy started brutally attacking her for the song and I was more pissed off than I had been all season. I swear they are out to get Haley. She’s the only one they ever give harsh criticisms to and I am sick of it. Then Steven Tyler jumps in and totally blows the other two up. “Don’t listen to them. They are both wrong.” Thanks, Steven. Yes, they were. Even though I was the only one in my apartment in the room, I stood up and gave that a round of applause. And I liked how Haley attacked back at Randy when she was attacking him. You go girl. Don’t let him rip you up like that when you don’t deserve it. Give him a piece of your mind. Now off my soapbox and on to the next song, I don’t need to kick a dead horse really. I agree with what has been said by nearly everyone. That was easily the best performance of the night and one of the best of the season. That also put her up to number one on my list for this week. That’s why I love Haley. And also a random note, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who saw that they showed Casey like 5 times during Haley’s performances tonight. Don’t quite know what to think about that, but ok. I almost felt like they were saying that Casey came back to watch just to see Haley sing. How sweet of him. But did they really need to show him that much?

      SCOTTY- So I learned from last week’s results show that Scotty is really funny. He cracked me up during that random cooking competition they showed. If singing somehow didn’t work out for him, I think he could also go and be a comedian and pull that off. The clip of him and Lady Gaga was hysterically funny as well. Go Scotty! You just got a lot of respect from me in these last couple shows. Not any votes, you get way too many of those, but still. As far as his performances tonight go, with the theme of the first song, I totally expected him to go and sing a country song and he did just that. And of course he bored me by doing that. If I were a southern country addict guy then I would’ve loved it because he did it well, but I’m not, so I didn’t like it. But his second song definitely entertained me. I wouldn’t quite call it American Idol epic, but it was fun and different. And it wasn’t another straight up country song, so I can’t really complain.

      LAUREN- So I gave Lauren a lot of props last week about her performances. I really enjoyed them and thought she broke out of her normal form. Then Jimmy Iovine pointed out to me in the results show that I was actually dead wrong. There was a spot in the song where she totally could’ve busted out, but she kinda chickened out and just didn’t sing it. Wow. Then she gets distraught when Jimmy predicts she will be in the bottom two and when that comes true she is bawling her head off as if the world is coming to end and by her being in the bottom two all her ancestors from Adam on down have been been brutally offended. But she didn’t even know if she was going home and as it turns out she was safe. I don’t like that. That really bothered me. Haley has been in the bottom 3 countless times and she is always way chill about it because thats how things go on this show. Show some class Lauren. But off of that soap box and onto another one or two about tonight, she was driving me batty tonight. First off that first red dress was ugly. It would’ve been beautiful if the front was as long as the back, but it looked like a four year old got to it and cut a section from the front half. That was bothering me a lot and probably tainted that first song for me. It of course was a country song with the theme given, so I my attention span was already out the window anyways. She sang it decent, but once again I thought she was holding back. I still don’t think she has shown us her range. The second song was a bad song choice in my opinion. I don’t think it fit her style as far as the type of music she sings. Sure she stepped outside her box a little and that is good, but when you step outside the box, you need to make sure you do it in the right way and don’t make a fool out of yourself. Not that Lauren made a complete fool out of herself, but I was just saying. I didn’t like the choice of song. And for crying out loud, shut up about the whole evil thing. If it bothers you that bad, don’t sing it. And if you decide to sing it, then don’t try to justify it over and over that you really aren’t evil. I got it the first time. That was enough.

      Ok, we can now cut to the chase on this one. No elaborate reasoning her as to who I think should go home. Lauren needs to go home tomorrow. If you want to know why I think that, go re-read this post and I think you will understand.

      Who is America gonna send home? Don’t know. At this stage of the competition no one is safe. Like mentioned before, this is the week Daughtry went home. Anything could happen.

      • told you I had a lot to say tonight. Thanks for letting me get that out of my system. 😀

      • I laughed my butt off on what you said about the judges’s comments on Haley, as I too am home alone tonight and I was using some pretty bad language for an old lady. Thanks for the laugh.

      • I disagree with you completely! Everything about Haley rubs me the wrong way. I am so turned off by her attitude. Who cares if she gets critiqued everyweek. You see she performs better when she is teed off. The judges are rough but from that she has received two standing ovations and a comment of best performance of the year. I’m sure she knows how excellent her performance was last week so take the critique and slay the next song like she did. She did not have to get an attitude like she did.

      • I agree Xx about Haley’s attitude tonight. They are judges (even though they don’t always judge) but she should have accepted thier critism as help. I don’t think America wants that attitude for our AI.

      • Normally I would agree, but the judges are horrible this season and when they judge like crap they need to be called out on it. Randy chews Haley out every week. Haley takes it in and improves and does well and Randy says the exact same thing the next week. I’d be pissed off, too, if I was Haley.

      • @ Julie- No, they are very rarely judges. They tend to unfairly make a punching bag of Haley (Randy, J-Lo), while blindly being giggly cheerleaders for everyone else.

        Haley has silently allowed Randy to dump his biased, ungrounded bullsh*t on her week after week….’bout time she stood up for herself!

      • Lauren is young. . . she is acting her age. AND is a sweetheart. Personality counts too. and really she doesn’t always open up but she is also never pitchy. James was all over the place with Journey tonight and the screaming raspy sounds from Haley were awful. Scotty is Scotty-I KNOW Lauren might go home, but she will so places for a long time to come-personality counts too!!

      • Haley shoulda slapped Randy and JLo uota their chair last night. What abunch of bull those 2 are. The judges have been really sad this season. Steven Tyler shoulda slapped um outa their chair too.

    • We have the same ranking! Haley is sooooo winning American Idol. Oh my gosh!!!

      • Haley has a ton of potential. But her screaming when not necessary is turning me off lately. And it is screaming, no matter how much you like Haley. I rarely agree with Randy, but he was right tonight.

        Now Haley’s second song was awesome.

        Based on tonight, I liked all 4, but if I had to choose someone to go home, it would be Lauren.

      • well at least it wouldn’t be a fake cowboys, back stabbing fraud like Scotty. just look up American Idol 2011 Hollywood Round Jacee Badeaux crying and tell me who do you see in the mix of all that backstabbing BS in the group round. I’m sorry, but Garner NC (where i’m from) or not, i ain’t voting for no back stabber. We don’t try to back stab people out there to get ahead, he set the wrong example from the jump.. now we see him acting a damn fool with his hands flying around in the air. Man, come on’. Lets a wait a few years so he can get through puberty then maybe he can wear a cowboy hat and sing with the big dogs. As of now, just put him away.

      • American Idol 2011 Hollywood Round Jacee Badeaux crying – on you tube and let me know what you think about mr humility. ain’t my brother. we don’t back stab people to get ahead here in garner, i don’t care what your name is.

      • Scotty also apologized for it. He loved JC and felt horrible that he didn’t stand up for him when his group (not Scotty personally) kicked him out. I’d cut him a break for that one.

    • My ranking is as follows:

      1- Scotty McCreery (can sing, makes a
      connection with the audience, and is
      2- James Durbin
      3- Lauren Alaina
      4- Haley Reinhart

      • Agree with Frank, they are all great tonight, but i would choose to send Lauren home too. She is talented for her age, but she doesn’t have the maturity and confidence to be a big star yet.

    • Haley can’t be number 1 this week. She butchered that first song. Anyone who doesn’t think she growled and screamed on that song is just blinded by their love of her.

      • Agreed. I actually really like Haley, but the growling was excessive in that song. I love that song too, and I think the parts she sang, she sang beautifully. But the chorus was way too growly. Her second song was amazing though!

      • @Frank….totally agree…..Haley’s first song was awful…..Even her growling was off…..Yes, she did nail her 2nd song…This is two weeks in a row that she has one good song and one bad……What’s up with that?

        I thought James was excellent tonight as usual and people are starting to take his performances for granted….I loved the first song and the second one…..James is a great entertainer…..

        Scotty was vintage Scotty with his first song and I thought the second song was awful….His performance was terrible….He cannot perform but he can sing country songs….

        Lauren is a great vocalist….but I feel she is too young for this competition….Please AI raise the age to 18 and let these kids finish school with their friends and then audition when they are ready for it….

        I think that Scotty and James are probably safe and its either Haley or Lauren going home……I just don’t want a repeat of the Daughtry season……

      • Well I’m not blinded by my love for her because I was on her case pretty badly last week, so with that in mind I will tell you that I loved the first song and didn’t think the growling was excessive at all

  2. this is gonna be a tough one.I would like to see Scotty leave.just becausse he gets on my nerves so much.Haley is really starting to grow on me.ever since she did Adeles song.Lauren did Martinas song beautifully she wish she wouldn’t she is so child like.Durbans still my fav.

    • James’ Journey song was dynamite. What a show he puts on. Love Potion #9 wouldn’t have been my choice for him but he did it well. The kid can sing anything. Most consistant.

      Lauren really stepped up to the plate. I love her versatility. She can sing so many different types of country music and then just belt out a song totally not country. Love that about her. Most improved.

      Haley’s first song was a bit on the scream side towards the end. I do agree with two of the judges that she had hit the top of her range. She disagreed with them. Sorry Haley but I do agree with them, although I thought Randy was particularly harsh. Her second song was very impressive. Most???

      Scotty, well Scotty was Scotty. Same ole thing on one of the songs and the other to me was as someone said “prissy and prancy”.
      Most unchanged.

      Just my two cents.

      • Exactly…I feel the critique lauren has been getting has helped her grow as well. I give her props for busting out tonight after everybody and their dog said she was too immature and needed to break out of her shell. Haley is not the only one who is a fighter. Last week everybody said lauren was going to crack tonight from being in the bottom three last week and she had done yhe opposite tonight….for two weeks she has given great performances with confidence…..growing as haley has. Best of the night. I love her versatility.

      • fatboy: I understand what you are saying about the judges & their treatment of Haley. However, I think what they were saying is the same thing they have been saying to her all season. Tell us what kind of record you are going to make? They were certainly not poise with their comments. But I do believe it was frustration because they feel she isn’t listening to them. JMO

    • @Lisa…I agree…based on their performances last night Scotty should go home but I know that won’t happen….too many country folks in America…..He grates on my last nerve, especially his last song…AWFUL>>>>

    • @lisa i hate Scotty too!!! he caused all the troble for James and Casey!!!!!

  3. Haley is good! I hate how the judges (especially, Randy) always criticize her and not the others who needed it the most! They are unfair! Haley slam their faces on her second song!

    • Hiya Ralph. I’d have to say they get in Lauren’s face just as much as Hayley’s. In Lauren’s case it has definitely paid off going by this evening’s performance.

      • Uh…NO…they do not get into Lauren’s face. They. Don”t treat anyone as crappy as they treat Haley. They practically kiss Scotty’s tiny little booty and for the life of me I cannot see why….even when he sings off key. Haley gets more trash than any other contestant …even the ones who are already gone.

      • Randy last night was like an attack dog on Hayley. That went beyond criticism and became a personal rant.

        Watch a replay and time how long he spoke. Even JLo tried to shut him up because all she said was that Hayley sang well but should have picked a better known song. Steven Tyler eventually did manage to shut Jackson up and, if you noticed, Ryan was talking to him b4 the 2nd round about his attitude.

        It was totally uncalled for and it was only after he repeated himself for about the 3rd time and had real anger in his voice, that Hayley spoke back and I didn’t blame her one bit.

        James was a poor imitation of Steve Perry and for Jackson to hold him up as being as good as Perry was ludicrous. At best it was a Karaoke version of a great song and, unlike his 2nd song, James did nothing to make the 1st his own. I loved what he did with a mediocre song in round 2.

        Scotty was just ok with the 1st song and, if it meant so much to him, where was the passion and expression in his voice? There was none! His 2nd song was awful as was his “performance.”

        Lauren was the best of round 1 but even she cracked on a few high notes but nothing was said. Her 2nd effort was average at best and she went off key (anyone hear pitchy from Jackson?) and was disappointing.

        Why was James allowed to open and close the show and why were Scotty and Lauren “interviewed” on-stage by Ryan when the other two were not?

        When this Season started, I thought it was one of the best and probably had the best top 12/13 of any season.

        Last night, for a top 4, was – apart from Lauren’s 1st song and Hayley and James’ 2nd songs – mediocre and way below what a top 4 should be, much like last year.

        After last night, it will probably be Hayley who gets dropped but it should be either Lauren or Scotty and that is based on last night’s performances plus those of the past few weeks.

        I am a great Country fan and watch CMT’s Next Country Superstar Contest plus the Voice and there is far more talent on show there with Country voices than Scotty. Sure he has the deep bass but there is no expression in his voice at all and he is limited in his scale.

        To listen to Randy Jackson last night you’d have thought he founded Journey or was a member of the band and James pimping with the shout out at the start was OTT.

        Jackson was a session musician for less than one year in the 80’s for Journey and played bass on their album Raised on Radio, which was released in 1986.

        I hope Hayley does not get voted off, know it is probably unlikely Scotty will, doubt if James will so that leaves Lauren who may.

        Overall, the girls have been the best for the past 2-3 weeks.

        One last comment about this site. There are others, including the site where people actually discuss performances and even praise those who they may not be supporting.

        Here I have seen a lot of extremely personal and awful comments made about some of the singers.

        It started with Pia, moved up a few notches with Jacob and is now at full volume against Hayley.

        Although these are my first posts here, I have been reading Branden’s blog since the start because it is one of the better ones, as far as his reviews are concerned.

      • @ David – I agree; Jackson was way over the top and had to be shut up by JLo and Steven. I actually thought JLo became a bit embarrassed because all she said was that Hayley sang well, has a great voice but picked the wrong song and all Jackson had to say was “I agree with Jennifer, that was a bad song choice” and let it go at that.

        We were squirming in our seats and telling him to shut up so God knows how Hayley must have felt, especially as the song meant a lot to her.

        When Steven eventually managed to shut Jackson up we actually applauded Steven. That whole incident took quite some time and was very uncomfortable to witness.

        You are right about his experience with Journey. The band was started in 1973 with some former Santana guys and Steve Perry joined a few years later. All Jackson did was the session work you mentioned because the original bass player was kicked out of the group along with the drummer in 1986. They cut that album, went on tour (with Jackson) but after a few performances, Perry said he had had enough and the tour was cancelled. Journey disbanded in 1987.

        So his total experience with them in their 14 year original period (they did make a brief comeback in the 90’s but no Jackson with them)was about a year and that was as a session studio player and a fill in for the tour that was cancelled before it really took off.

      • Nop! Not at this late of stage, it’s more likely….critic is good for her to go instead!

    • Well, she deserved to get criticized on that first song. Too much growling turned me off. She was doing fine until then. That growling is not singing, sorry!

  4. Scotty really did not do “where were you when the wold stoped turning” justice. I’m sure he was alive in 2001 but not aware of what was happening. It’s like he took a song that would resinate with a lot of beople because of the theme but he did not have the passion that should have been there. I still get emotional when I hear the Alan Jackson song.
    Haley missed on the first song but was great on the second. Lauren just always does well. I loved both of the James Durbin songs.

    • @ Jackie…I agree. I loved both performances by James…He is my man to win. I have a not so good feeling that Scotty will get the ousted Jaco b’s votes…being a good Southern Christian boy. Lauren may be the one to leave and then Scotty will get her votes…so sad…I, personally would like to see a James/Haley finale. 🙂

      • Rose, I think it should be a James /Haley too. Haley has really stepped up to the plate. I am not sure what Randy and J-Lo have againt her. I will listen to what Steven Tyler said to her! And she should listen to him too! We shall see what happens tomorrow night. Sherry K. 🙂

      • @Rose A & Sherry K. So nice to see my James lovers on the site…..He was awesome last night…..I just hope America realized it last night and voted their fingers off for him…

    • What do you mean Scotty did not show any passion singing his first song? I could tell he was singing it from the heart because he almost cried in the middle of the song and did get teary eyed at the end. He made me feel the love and compassion behind the song. Can I ask you what you think passion is.

      • @GodandLove…..Passion is James singing “Without You”……

      • I think people show passion in different ways. Scotty and James both show passion in their unique ways. I am sorry but I totally disagree that Scotty did not show passion when singing his first song.

  5. i agree on your grades for the most part. you are way too generous to scotty though. i think 100% safe is 100% wrong. scotty leaves tomorrow.

    • Whether you like the guy or not, he has a ton of fans. Highly unlikely Scotty will be going home. I won’t say it won’t happen because at this stage I think it’s anybody’s game, but Scotty has an enormous fan base.

      • @Lynda….unfortunately….We may be headed for another boring winner…..The Voice and X Factor are looking better and better to me….

        We really need an exciting winner for a change……..!!!!! James or Haley would be exciting…..Scotty and Lauren NOT exciting…….(Good singers but not exciting at all)..

  6. ohhh haley!
    WHATEVER happens tomorrow i will
    always be a fan…ur not fit in that competition
    that show was more on favoritism..i hate it!!!

    Go haley!!! win or lose
    your the best!

    • Totally agree love. She has been my fav since top 24. She can do anything and has guts! I wouldnt have taken the judges crap either. Im sure she is sick of the favortism like the rest of us.

    • hope youre voting for haley she needs it like never before and more than any of the other idols.. according to dial idol she’s last so haley fans gotta step it up and vote like never before

    • Agree Haley had the performance of the night! I am convinced the fix is in Idol does not want here in the finale cause she may win and there is more money in country music.

    • Yep, Haley is the best VOCALIST — the most power and range, the most accuracy of notes (if that counts for anything), simply the most polish and stage-readiness.

      She may be done on the show, but she has a bright future. The partiality by the judges — esp. Randy — and Ryan has been sickening all season.

      I say send Randy home. I’ve lost all respect for him.

      • Let get his ass kicked off the show! Then the PSASHT would to get a real job. Been on a free roll for ten years now.

      • I like Haley, but she did scream way too much toward the end of that 1st song. Don’t be blinded by your love of Haley. I have not always agreed with Randy, and sure as hell have not agreed with JLO for much of the year, but this time they were right.

      • I don’t think they were right. I think the song was just fine. I think she sang it with passion, I love that song (maybe it’s not known by a lot of people? I have no idea), she just got a little crazy with the growling. Stephen telling her they were wrong was one of the first sensible things he has said!

  7. Look I have to say I liked James at first but now I say he needs to go home! Lauren will win..I hope!

  8. Scotty is terrible…I don’t understand what people see in him. And the judges….well they have their favs and will never say anything negative about them…it’s sickening to watch.

    • Notice how Ryan always chats with him before he sings? They definitely play favorites. So tired of Scotty. Second song was creepy!

      • Im glad Im not the only one who noticed that they only chatted with Scotty and Lauren! No love for james or Haley. This show is so wrong.

      • do u watch the show everyone week Seems to be alot of favortism for James screaming and Haleys attitude

      • Sam: You are absolutly correct, they do play favorites on AI! James goes first, then they change things up & he finishes in the pimp spot. I felt like they were saying “James is the only thing that matters, everything else is just filler”. just saying

      • Are you honestly trying to say they haven’t been pimping out James since day 1? Everyone has their favourites and is going to think that they are being biased against that person. I personally love Lauren and yes they are hard on her sometimes. But she has improved a ton in the last couple weeks. That’s how they grow as artists. I know they are hard on Haley but look how far she has come since day 1 (although tonight was getting a bit ridiculous – I don’t know why they always say her song choice is bad. And another night of rip her apart on song one, and standing ovation on song two. Make up your minds!)
        Scotty has a very pure, beautiful voice. If you don’t like country well then you won’t like Scott. But no one can deny he’s an amazing country singer.
        I’m totally done with James. Yes he can perform. He has great stage presence. But at this point, I think his vocals are the worst of the 4 left. And his cockiness is really starting to get to me.
        No idea who’s going home. Could be anyone really.

    • I so agree with you. What’s with kissing the crucifix after Lady Gaga says to hold that mic straight in front of your face like your kissing your girlfriend. Knowing Lady Gaga she could have said a whole lot worse.

      I liked him at first then that quickly disappeared. Boring, boring, boring. If I have to hear him put on that bass voice one more time when just talking to get a giggle from the teeny boppers , I’m going to throw up. NO, I do not dislike country music but there are so many different forms of country music that this kid just won’t explore.
      Sorry for the long rant. He just drives me nuts.

    • A bunch of losers you are!
      I can’t tolerate you because you can’t see the popularity of Scotty. Do you ever think why he has so many fans? About last night second performance didn’t you notice that he did what the mentor (Lady GaGa) wanted. if you don’t like it blame producers(+jimmy iovine)
      Scotty has the best voice among top4.

    • Now for an unbiased opinion for a change.

      I am a metal head and love James Durbin, I really don’t like country, BUT what many of you say about Scotty is totally wrong. You are judging based on your personal taste and not on whether they truly have talent.

      Scotty was absolutely tremendous on the 1st song. The second song was not great, but it was a fun performance. In fact I have been so impressed with Scotty the past couple of weeks that I would actually go to see him in concert (this admission really freaked out my wife).

      Ok, that being said, James was great tonight on both songs. He surprised the heck out of me with the second song – who would have thought you could rock out on love potion #9 and turn it into an almost metal song?

      I still believe James very much deserves to win this competition even though he really kinda stunk up the stage last week, this week he bounced back.

      Haley – I really liked the first song up until about the halfway point. At that point she resorted to the non stop growl. I have been a Haley supporter since the top 24 but her growl is awesome when used in moderation, when she starts singing non stop growl it really ruins her performance. On the second song however – she brought me to tears and gave my chills she was so amazingly good.

      Lauren – she never really impressed me until the last few weeks when she has started showing some amazing growth. I was totally blown away to see Lauren come out and actually be “saucy” on that second song. She is definitely the most improved idol on the show.

      Last week she did hold back on unchained and showed that insecurity once again, this is the ONLY reason she needs to get a little time in the field before trying for a major career. If she continues to grow the way she did this week though it won’t be long before she is ready for the show.

      Ok – that beind said – for the first time all season I am at a loss as to who should go home. Theya are all tremendous performers and all deserve to be where they are. I would not be sad to see James, Haley, or yes even Scotty win the whole show…. I only leave Lauren out because I think she need to develop just a little more. That is also the ONLY reason I think she should be the one to go home this week.

      • Jack, I totally agree. Haley is awesome until she goes not stop growl. She loses me when she does that.

  9. You graded the girls both A and the guys both B, and then you will say that a girl will go home, tsss. What kind of grader are you???

    • He’s prediction is based on what he thinks will actually happen:
      ” NOT my personal opinions, but what I THINK the outcome of America’s votes COULD be.”

      • Branden ~ It reminds me of the classic George Carlin line. “Think about how dumb the average person is… now realise that half of the people in the world are even dumber than that.”

  10. i thought james did agreat job on both songs and haley did a great job to i think it will be between james and haley

    • First song for James was good 2nd OHHHH LORD NO! Worst this year! He needs to go Haley or Lauren should win!

      • I agree! James is just screaming. Although I know many people already vote for him. Hope youre voting for haley she needs it like never before and more than any of the other idols.. according to dial idol she’s last so haley fans gotta step it up and vote like never before

      • Sara – I think that the judges’ criticism of Haley tonight pretty much boosted her into the top 3 spot. They were nasty ! People are now sympathetic and will vote based on the fact that the poor girl could use a little help now (IMO – she is always great !). But maybe, these comments were made to Haley on purpose, to jack up her votes, to make sure she is not going home tomorrow. Sheesh ! Gotta almost be a Phsych major to figure out the head games the judges play !

      • Screaming???? Being able to hit those high notes and hold them is not screaming. One of the judges commented that not everybody can do it. Ummmm Haley was “screaming” when she tried to hit those high notes which are not in her range. Although she openly disputed the judge’s remark about same.
        Lauren, who I prefer over Hayley, has backed off those high notes before because she can’t hit them and has wavered a couple of times attempting to hit and hold them.

        James is not screaming people. He’s just able to hit and hold notes that most others cannot.

      • Barb, You are giving the judges WAY too much credit. This was a planned attempt at assassinating her, plain & simple. But I pray voters see it for what it is & it has the opposite effect… sympathy. It just ain’t right to treat anybody like that & they should apologize for it on tomarrow’s show.

      • Brian99 you’re totally right. people who think James is screaming are the same old people who think rock and roll is the devil’s music.

  11. Haley is by far the best all around. I am 65 and a rocker, James is great but Haley has a voice that I just love. I went to I tunes last week and purchased Haley “s “House of the Rising sun” I will be doing the same with ” I who have nothing”. This girl can really do a song better that the original.

    • i hope she will be there in the next week..
      but, hopefully she’ll listen to what the judges tell to her, and make all of her performance as great as her two second performances..

    • Hi George. Have to disagree that she does a song better than the original or in this case I mean the original House of The Rising Sun by Eric Burdon and The Animals.

      • Old Sarah. I respect your opinion. I was lucky enough to obtain front row seats to an Eric Burdon and The Animals concert and when they sang this song it was absolutely amazing. People stood up and went wild. Guess if your an Animals fan, your an Animals fan.

      • Sorry to disappoint you Carol but House of the Rising Sun is far older than Eric Burden. It was brought over as a folk song from Great Britain back in 1933 and has been recorded as folk, blues, jazz, and rock by a NUMBER of different artists. Bob Dylan actually recorded it 3 years before the Animals – but then had to stop doing it live because the Animals version was so pupular that the fans started to accuse him of Plagiarism (wow many Americans really are amazingly stupid lol).

        Eric Burden is absolutely tremendous though, I have seen them live twice now, but Haley out performed him imho. If you are a die hard Eric Burden fan I am sure you will never accept ANYONE elses performance as being better, but we are all entitled to our opinions 🙂

    • I agree George. In terms of sheer vocal ability, power and range, staying on key ALL THE TIME (notice that for all the criticism Randy has leveled on her, he’s never said that she’s pitchy, because she isn’t), the performer most ready to hit the stage right now is Haley. The others have a great chance of developing — I like this Final Four — but Haley is the most ready NOW.

  12. I agree with you 100%
    Go Girls! Hope Haley squeaks through – I hate how they keep throwing her under the bus!

  13. Round 1

    James – A (he sang every note perfectly and with emotion. No complains here.)

    Haley – C+ (rough-sounding second half ruined what would’ve otherwise been a great performance.)

    Scotty – A+ (mellow but very moving performance. Bravo.)

    Lauren – A (stayed within her vocal comfort zone and inspired.)

    Round 2

    Haley – A+ (took a beating from the judges in the first round but picked herself up off the floor and blew us away.)

    Scotty – A (fun, upbeat performance if you can see past the creepy facial expressions)

    Lauren – A (showed some spunk, took a page out of haley’s book and didn’t look out of place in doing so. Lauren can do blues.)

    James – A+ (closes the show with another electrifying performance. If there was any question whether last week was just an off night, he answered it. vintage james.)

    • I didn’t grade the same as you, but I see where you’re coming from. I like your rankings.

    • Very fair rating. I tend to agree with you except I thought Lauren should have an A+ this time. She was really the best this week and I do not usually think so.

    • There we go – some HONEST rankings rather than being based on your personal taste in music (not referring to you, Brandon, you do a good job).

      Absolutely agree with those grades.

  14. Haley is the best of the best James is a close second though loved him since auditions but I loved Haley since she did Blue performance.

  15. Oh! I’m so scared for Haley! She’s been great, but at this time of the competition I don’t think that would be enough. I also like Lauren, but if anyone needs to go, its definitely not Haley. I actually wish the girls would be Top 2.

    .so crossing my fingers for haley.

    • Hey I agree with you i just hope everyone is voting for her cuz she needs it more than any of the others and most of all she deserves it more than any of the remanings… DIal idol is putting her last place… So vote everyone!!! Vote vote!!! we have to put her through to the top 3!

  16. 1- Haley Reinhart 9.68
    2- James Durbin 9.63
    3- Lauren Alaina 9.58
    4- Scotty Mccreery 9.43

    Based on AI possibly going home. Lauren Alaina

  17. I know people are gonna hate me but in my opinion the judges are trying to manipulate the voters so James and Scotty get the two guys finale. For me, now James is getting a bit annoying with his Axel Rose wannabe screams…I like him, he is a good performer and have a great personality but in my opinion he’s not the best singer of the bunch. My vote is for Haley because she’s a true singer, she did great and her second song was the best of this year competition….she’s getting good every week. She deserves the votes.

  18. you graded lauren wrong. you gave her an A- for the first and an A for the second and then when you were configuring her average, you averaged an A+ and an A-.

  19. What i hate….great contestants this year and crappy songs for them to sing……geez. Can somebody give them a category thats got some melody and beat and lyrics and style that sounds like a hit????????? They need to sing some number one chart topping award winning grammy slugging song. Come on. Give me pop artist number ones or give me a sleeping pill.

    • So true! The choice of songs has been terrible. No melody, bad lyrics, bo-ring. I like The Voice much better because of 1) the song selection and 2) the coaches, much better than the AI judges. Jennifer Lopez is the worst and she can’t sing. Her “song” was the most awful performance last week.

      • I agree with you about JLO. The Voice is a good show. I like all the coaches. They all specialize in a different genre of music.

    • Actually there are a lot of great songs in the category they had tonight. Some of the choices they made were not the best.

  20. Is it just me or does Scotty look like Alfred E.Newman. You know the guy on the cover of MAD magazine? He’s got a face that just mAkes you smile! And that’s a good thing! James is gonna win. They will all have careers.

  21. Hmm. Out of all the performances tonight, I actually liked Lauren’s first song the best. James’ first song was better than the second, but he missed a few notes, and that gap at the end of the second one was rather odd to me – but at least he was entertaining (ha, I think I liked his musicians better than him). Scotty – well, I liked his inspirational song, and like it or not, many Country genre fans have their hearts in the same place he does. Haley’s second song was pretty good; the first one was ~ok.
    As far as the votes go? Haley/Lauren going home unless James/Scotty fans drop the ball.

  22. Gah, all I have to say is that the show is sooo bias it is disgusting. Scotty can sing anything and they love him. He doesn’t use ANY vocal talent besides his deep voice but besides that he is extremely avg. Jame is always off. even questions what the judges are hearing. They hate Haley. It is sad. She really does have potential but they are crushing it. Lauren sounded good tonight but HOLY WARDROBE!! Get her in some flatter clothes!

    • What show are you watching? All wrong dude…..James is an incredible talent…..Scotty will be making albums no matter what….this season is talent packed…..

      • I totally agree.James is very talented but Scotty is an American Idol. Someone kids should look up to. Can’t believe anyone would think the first song he sang was boring. It was perfect timimg.

      • I never said Scotty wouldn’t sell records. I said that he doesn’t get judged as harshly as other contestants. And I also didn’t say James cannot sing, I just said that he is off a lot and most true critics say the same. He is flat a lot of the time but wows people with his range. It is no secret that these kids are talented. All of them. James might be able to hit some notes but he struggles staying on key at times. I thought his performance of Journey was awful but he is def a judges favorite so there is no wrong. And Scotty doesn’t have range. He is an okay singer with a lot of appeal. I think he comes across creepy when he sings with his bug eyes. I’m a big fan of Scottys. I’m not a fan of James because I think he is contrived.

        But I’m going to be honest about Scotty. Just like I was honest about my favorite contestant, Paul who also lacked range and had troubles staying on key.

        As for Scotty’s song choice I hate the song personally. Not because it was boring but because of the message… I don’t know the difference between Iraq and Iran? Well then you should probably go get an education. Personally, I didn’t like that song but I’ve loved other choices of his.

    • Country music is pretty much all about voice. If you don’t like country, you probably won’t like Scotty.

      • Cecil, I like country too and their are country artists I don’t like. Country, probably more than any other genre is more about voice than anything else.

        George Strait and Alan Jackson don’t do a whole lot on stage, but are awesome singers.

  23. 1- Lauren Alaina<3
    2- James Durban
    3- Scotty McCreery
    4- Haley Reinhard
    I Love Lauren She Is So Amazing I Love Her Voice!!<33333

  24. Scotty is overrated by the judges, there’s no magical performances or whatsoever with him (since the start).. all he’s doing is to charm the teen girls.. I know people will disagree with me but I will love to see James and Haley in the finale, there we could see variety of performances and not just a one-trick-phony in the presence of Scotty.. would love to see scotty go tomorrow

    • I completely agree with you on what you said about Scotty. I would love to see that guy go home as well. But unfortunately I’m worried that a lot of people are going to vote for him and he’s gonna be safe once
      again although he doesn’t deserve that. He even should be eliminated weeks ago! It would be a nightmare if he wins the show.

      • I agree regarding Scotty although I question if they are voting Scotty or voting Country regardless of who were to sing the tunes.

  25. It doesn’t matter who wins. Fans did a very poor job this year in keeping the real talent. of the four who are left only James is worth voting for. the real talent left last week and the weeks before.

    • This is the other Frank’s opinion. The only one that I thought left too early was Pia.

  26. I said it once.
    Haley voters aren’t original they are others haters.
    her fans are eliminated contestants fans that mess everything (including your mind Branden). I agree with randy (and J.Lo last week). Haley isn’t a good singer but her sexy appearance (plus some boring song from other) made her through top 4.
    but you should pay attention that something suspicious happens between two rounds that make judges haley fans. stand ovation for last week (that song was good but not enough) really?
    Jimmy Iovine is main character in this chaos.
    I will answer any doubts but first answer my question? were you Haley fans from top8? (Or Top 10 or top13 or maybe were you agree that she shouldn’t eliminate before top24?)

    • 1- Haley Reinhart 9.68
      2- James Durbin 9.63
      3- Lauren Alaina 9.58
      4- Scotty Mccreery 9.43

      that was its all about

    • Was she my favorite in the top 24? No, but she was definitely up there. The ONLY 2 songs I’ve had an issue with are Call Me and Be Your Baby Tonight. Otherwise she has been phenomenal. More so than any other contestant she has shown resiliency, variety (she NAILED Blue, which is way out of her ‘genre’), and a truly unique, powerful voice. People may not be a fan of her tone, but rarely is she off pitch. To top it all off, she sells. Her itunes have been very successful compared to any of the others.
      As far as the other 3 go, I certainly have respect for them, but I have my issues. I LOVED lauren in auditions, but since she has been very middle of the road. I think in 2 years she could very well be a superstar, but right now she is too immature emotionally, and not confident enough to truly WOW me.
      James is incredibly entertaining, and no doubt he had his moments vocally, but he is very unpolished. Deals with some pitch issues that he definitely overcomes with his performances. Tonight however, he really let me down. I do think he did respectable with his first song BUT randy made me visibly angry. How can you praise someone for a song when they couldn’t hold a candle to the original? With Don’t stop believin, james couldn’t vocally compare to arnel pineda, let alone the great steve perry. Randy should have said something, as he DID play with steve.
      Finally, Scotty. His voice is SO much deeper than any 16yr old I’ve ever met, but he has shown the least improvement since day 1. Shows very little range and performance ability, and honestly there is nothing ‘special’ about his voice. He’s a cute kid, with a good voice, but there are ruins of current country singers who can do exactly the same things and more (blake shelton comes to mind). I’m sure tonight his song really was inspirational but id like to know where he was that day. He was 5. I was 10 and even though I remember the events, it certainly isn’t something that resonates deeply with me, at least not the way it should to sing that song with due emotion.
      Unfortunately, I do think haley’s time is up. I just don’t see america sending her on, and with that, we will lose a great vocalist that truly brings something special each week.

    • I have been a Haley fan from the beginning. I bought all her songs and have played some of them 160 times. I love her voice. If you look on itunes you will see that she has the most comments of all contestants, all good with the exception of 1% of 10 to 12 year olds making stupid comments that we all ignore.

    • A Haley fan from the beginning, and unabashedly so. This is a talented group overall, but the other three have not improved, in my opinion, while Haley has kept pushing herself, challenging herself, and blowing the doors off the others vocally.

    • Why would you care if people were Haley fans from the start or if she grew on them? I didn’t like Taylor Swift the first time I heard her but now I listen to her all the time. Haley is a great singer and when you say she isn’t it takes all your credibility away. All of these kids have talent. The judges have said it time and time again that she has one of the strongest voices on the show. If anything you sound like the HATER!

    • Top 24 is when I became a Haley fan. She does more with her voice than anyone else in this competition.

      Early on she was somewhat directionless and I just kept hoping that she would find herself and gain the confidence she needed before she was voted off. She has DONE so – and how.

  27. wow…only a 12 year old would never have heard of Earth Song by Michael Jackson…

    • My 4 year old nephew also knows this song, she even sings it whenever there is storm.

    • I love “Earth Song” but for me I don’t think its a great song to sing in a competition, not enough words and too much (moaning) I cant think of the right word to use, hope all of you who do know the song, know what I am trying to say 🙂

  28. 1. James Durbin – Just Awesome!
    2. Lauren Alaina
    3. Haley Reinhart
    4. Scotty McCreery

  29. It is so glaringly evident that the only one left on stage with amazing vocal talent is Haley. Her attitude is what is hurting her but none of the remaining contestants can hold a candle to her vocal range and capabilities….combination of Maria Carey/Joss Stone

  30. I was hoping J Lo would reprise her spectacular lip sync performance from last week…

  31. My personal grades:
    Contestant: (1st Song/2nd Song/Average)
    James: (B/A+/A-)
    Haley: (B-/A++/A-)
    Scotty: (C+/B/B-)
    Lauren: (A-/B+/A-)

    Who I want to go home: Scotty
    Who I think will go home: Haley
    Scotty was boring tonight. Lauren was the most consistent. Haley had the best performance of the night. James had the best overall night by a hair.

  32. Hailey just be in the finale. I want to download more performances from you. You can have the three to win it for consolation but who cares noone will listen to them after. Just ask Kris Allen and Lee Dewyze.

  33. what is with making up these teenage girls to look like 30yr old women ? Haley needs to let her hair flow free,Loren could do with a little less make up.Both of these girls are talented.Let them look like teens,maybe they would get the votes they deserve.One of Scotty appeals is that he is young and inoccent looking.

  34. It’s getting tough, as it should, at this point; they’re all so good.

    James – back to his usual high standards this week.

    Scotty – a good variety with the two songs.

    Lauren – first performance was beautiful and, like Steven, loved the dress and the boots. Her second performance I had mixed feelings about. She brought something new and, dare I say this about a 16 year old, sexy. But with the “evil” word throughout the song she just kept smiling. I kept thinking that Haley should be singing that song.

    Haley – again I didn’t think the first song was a good choice and it seemed kind of screechy to me; so it was my least favorite performance of the night. But the second song — again, like last week, the performance of the night.

    I thought Lady Gaga was great and gave them all excellent advice.

    Tonight my votes go to James and, drum roll please, — Haley.

    I don’t want any of them to go home but one has to so I’m going to say Lauren.

  35. It’s time for Lauren to go home. I have to say that IMO they couldn’t have chosen worse songs. All the choices they had and it was a mess. “Trouble” was all wrong for Lauren. Any of the other 3 should have chosen it. Scotty’s 2nd. song made him seem like a clown. James’ pitch was all over the place, and Haley screeched in both songs. What a fiasco.

    • Templar: It sadens me to see her grow up so fast (in a weeks time) too. I thought she was wonderful.

  36. I thought the best were:
    1) Lauren (A / A)
    2) James (B / B)
    3) Scotty (B / C)
    4) Haley (C / B)

    Scotty’s 2nd song was terrible. Based on that song he should be eliminated, and I wish someone could give him some constructive criticism so that he stops doing weird, boring songs. However, he’s solid and likeable, so I’d say that Haley has to go. Her first song was bad, and the second just OK.

  37. Oh! My grades are:
    Scotty:I can’t even judge. I will never like him. Nothing can change that. haha
    Going home: Lauren

  38. James started of the show with a blast as far as I’m concerned. And I beg to differ, this was a good rendition of this song. There were 2 or 3 measures where he didn’t keep it up to his standard but they weren’t “pitchy” or out of tune. They just weren’t up to his norm, which is far better than everyone’s best. I tend to surf the net while watching TV. You have to captivate me enough to pay attention. YOU HAVE TO DRAW ME OUT OF MY OTHER TASKS TO IMPRESS ME either with a good performance or a performance thats not great. It caught my attention. He puts on shows and has for several weeks that draw my attention. For all of you that like Haley. She is attractive but she has a very small voice. And the judges were right about her first song. She was shouting and NOT singing through many of the parts. Scotty’s and Lauren’s first songs were skipped by me. I guess I was listening but wasn’t so to me that’s not Idol material. I tend to surf the net while watching TV and I guess those performances didn’t captivate me enough to pay attention.

    On the second set, Haley sang her song well but again the voice is so small. Her voice does not have the carrying power needed for the stage and a voice coach may help but I doubt it.

    Scotty was entertaining and engaging and I did watch and enjoy this performance.

    Lauren started out pretty well but she went off the deep end in the middle of her song. That’s a song that needed a lot of pizzaz and strike which she’s afraid to do. You have to stay on top of that song which she failed to do.

    James had a great super second performance. I mean great. And I think as far as pitch and intonation goes, I really don’t find where he is flat or off key very often. I really didn’t hear any pitch problems in either of his performances. His main problem is that he has set a high bar long time ago.

    • I like his comment, has been a very difficult night to all. The songs of the 50 were difficult to sing. In my humble opinion, Haley did not like me grrrrrrr (boring), james something I miss and not know , Lauren a good voice, but I don’t like me. Mi Scotty favorite is still only the first song.
      Sorry by my english. From Peru

    • I almost agree. I have absolutely no use for JLO. She is self-centered, ego driven, below average singer who thinks she is better than everyone else. Most beautiful woman in the world???? Now that is funny as hell.

  39. I think all four contestants have amazing talent. I do feel like Randy is too harsh on Hailey. Two weeks in a row he has crushed her first song then praised her second. She should remain in the contest for another week, but we will see how the voting goes. I think we girls need to stick together and vote for both girls. Girl power.

  40. I believe that James stole the Show again tonight. dont Stop Belivin’ is a great song and James did it alot of justice. No he is not Steve Perry but he did it in his range and did not try to sing like Perry which is a good thing. On Love Potion he took that song and made it his own, it was truely Durbinized…Once again this man came out and gave us a great show. Whether you want to complain about pimping or not I believe there is a reason to have him in those spots. WE have no idea who is getting the highest amount of votes, maybe they are putting their money maker in the right spots to keep the ratings up. Either way, I would rather have somthing up-beat more often than not.

    The Haley drama is getting very old, either way, but 2 weeks in a row with bad song choices do not help. Personally I think it would have been a great Miss USA song not a personal motivator. She has an amaizing voice but she did not use it on the first song, comparing it to her second performance which was great. I can see some of the problems that the judges have with it, her first performance was not that great but her second one was 10x better. Knowing that she can do so much better and her showing it herself 2 weeks in a row does call for some criticism.

    Lauren finally broke out of her shell some more and stayed out this week with her hitting some notes with realy passion and force. the whole I’m not evil, I’m not evil stuff at the end that just shows that she is definately not mature enough for the Music industry where people sell their souls for fame. If she felt so strong about not being that way then she should not have sang the song, it truely showed she was just going thru the motions.

    Scotty he had a great performance on his first song, one of my favorite performances by him the season. but I am getting tired of the same stuff by him too. And the second song reminded me way too much of the Swinging fiasco earlier in the season. I just cant say that it was a top 3 performance.

    Safe James, Scotty
    Bottom 2 Lauren, Haley
    going home Haley

    The drama is just overwhelming at this point and making it uncomfortable to watch. You can see it on the other performers and how the tension is affecting them also.

    • Great Post Wellen. I myself thought James did an amazing job with both of his songs. In fact he did not scream in either song, like alot of people said he did. I don’t know why people are so down on him.

    • Wellen: My somewhat friend. I appreciate your opinion however, my opinion is that James did for “Love Potion #9” what Adam did for “Ring of Fire”.

  41. I had it


    Lauren’s first song was very good. Hers and scottyps second songs were the worst. And I did not like scotty’s first sog either

    Haley slayed it! I did not like her first song choice but she did a good job and the criticism was uncalled for as usual. Her second song was awesome, performance of the night! James Journey tune was also really good. The second song was good but not his best.

    • yes, and isn’t it interesting that the judges had nothing to say about those two songs choices for Scotty and Lauren. If they were consistent at all they should have said “and at this point in the competition…”

  42. my grades:

    1. haley reinhart- 95 + 99.9 = 97.45%
    2. James Durbin- 95.5+ 96 = 95.75%
    3. Lauren Alaina- 95.7 +95 = 95.35%
    4. Scotty Mccreery-92 + 94 = 93.00%

    possibly going home: Lauren Alaina

    1. James is some kinda pitchy on his tone. but i do think he has a big die hard fans… so he will be safe
    2. I like haley’s both performances. i don’t get the judges why they criticize haley like that.. but i do think that the 2nd song sold the show.. best performance of the night…
    3. scotty is boring… but i believe gays, tweens and twinks are nailing to vote for him..
    4. Lauren is good but she’s so inconsistent… she have flunctuated some notes and it is some kinda boring…

  43. I’am sorry but who ever this is scoring them you have know idea what you are talking about because scotty was amazing tonight and it wasnt boring the only reason you think it was is cause you eather dont like country or dont like him that much

    • I totaly agree. WE love Scotty. It’s sad that too many people think a song about 9/11 is boring

      • The song isn’t boring he is. He is 17, and a song that inspires him is one about 9/11 when he was 6-7. It was just predictable that he would pick a slower, easier, safer song to sing.

      • Yeah…and a little flag waving never hurt a country boy either! He is boring! I really can’t imagine a finale where I have to live through 3 of his songs. But I know it will happen. As for thinking he is cute…if you are a woman over 15 who thinks Scotty is hot…you need to register with the local police and get on ” the list”

    • I don’t think that is true at all. I like Scotty a lot. I’m not a huge fan of country but I do like country music. I just don’t like that particular song and he didn’t show much vocal ability.

    • Kristal, you bore me. I’ve heard it all before. Unless you read me week after week, you have NO right criticizing my scoring. Scotty’s always scored high with me. And last time I checked, Bs weren’t. low. If you want your comments taken seriously, then READ THE BLOG you’re commenting on.

  44. I am sick to death of the hypocritical bullsh–from Randy and JLo! The butt polishing they gave Scotty was allegedly for doing exactly what they gave Haley crap for. I think the bottom two should be JLo and Randy with Randy going home! Screw him.

      • Branden, I am a HUGE fan of Steve Perry! I have a whole album of pictures of him and Journey. To have the pictures of Steve Perry sometimes part of the band is shown too! Randy Jackson played drums for Journey for some time. And he calls Steve Perry the voice!! I agree. No one can sing Steve Perry. But James did a good job of singing the song. So he did not butcher it. It would be very difficult for anyone to sing Steve Perry. Even the guy they have now singing Steve’s songs is just a poor imitation of Steve Perry. So I give James a break there. To me the best two singers are James and Haley. She gets better as time goes on. Scotty is going to end up with a country sign up anyway.I do think the winner is going to be either James Durbin, or Haley. Have a good evening Branden. Lets see what tomorrow night brings! Smile 🙂 Sherry K.

      • SherryK
        Agree with you 100% about James doing that song. I thought he sang it very well. He did not butcher that song.

      • There are two other singers in AI who ever sing Journey’s song, namely Clay Aiken and Elliot Yamin. Both of them sang “Open Arms” and I think both struggled to sing it.

    • I agree, Notice how they didn’t say Scotty did a good job on the last song, just kept singing his praises blindly. They obviously favor him and are pushing for him and Lauren.

      • I disagree. I think their favorite is James. They go all out with backdrops, lights, – apparently anything he wants. They also let slide some of his off notes, and, he cries too easily. I am, as are others, fed up with the judges.

      • Mauna, I’m fed up with the judges as well. They have been terrible this year. They do favor James, your right. But i think they do the whole dog and pony show for any of them, the others just don’t need or ask for the theatrics. I think they let James off notes slide because it doesn’t make the song bad. I once had a creative writing teacher tell me that a sign of a good writer is one who use improper grammar because just being technically perfect doesn’t make it great.

      • Ok so Ryan calling Scotty “Scotty the body” isn’t pimpimg him? I have an almost 16 year old son and would hope to god that if he was on idol they wouldn’t be calling him that. Its inappropriate for a “family show” lol

      • @julie: I can’t figure out if Ryan is making fun of Scotty when he calls him “the body” or since he knows Scotty likes Elvis is calling him “Scotty the Body” like “Elvis the Pelvis.” The first time I heard it, I thought it was rude. It may be just another one of Ryan’s stupid actions like getting Randy involved with Haley this week the way he did with (was it James?) a week or so ago. I still think one of the ones to go “home” should be Ryan.

      • Mauna, do you every listen to the show? It is up to the performaer what they get on stage, if the others are not useing it then they are losing out on putting on a better performance. James see’s that and he puts togehter a great performance. He has cried once, and very rarely is he “off notes”.

        Angel, well said.

    • Agree, the fix is in, there is more money in Country music. I am sure Randy is getting a kick back to trash Haley. They don’t want her in the finale cause she might win.

      • That is the funniest load of crap I have read since the Bin Laden conspiracies started..Do you really think that? Can you really be that ignorant?

      • Totally agree… JLo and Randy are being paid off if you ask me! Scotty looked like an idiot up on stage tonight with all of the funny faces and all. Funny he and Lauren can do no wrong! Haley did a great job with both of her songs and last week with The House of the Rising Sun… Blew it out of the park! She is GOOD! I think JLo is jealous and Randy and her are getting some sort of a kick back because Scotty and Lauren just are not that good! Both Casey and Pia should still be in the running… seems as though the best were sent home! Betting it is going to be another year like Talor Hicks and Chris Allen…WHO?!

      • Marci,Totally agree that Casey and Pia were some of the best. I was so upset that Casey got voted off, he was by far the most talented.

    • I agree Serge, Lets get rid of the Judges..I think thay all did well my grades
      Haley A
      Lauren A-
      James B
      Scotty B
      I am hoping for Haley-James Finale

    • i am with you serge…randy and jlo always cap on haley. here first song felt inspiring to me..the yelling got a little much at the end but Haley can sing. Kudos to Steven Tyler for calling out Jlo and Randy…tired of those two

  45. I votes a total of 558 times for Lauren. 150 times on and 408 by phone. I love this girls talent, it’s so natural. May not have the strongest voice but by far she is the best well rounded, funny, beautiful and very VERY talented singer. If she goes tomorrow, I’ll smile knowing she will soar with a record contract before to long. God bless you Lauren, the south is voting like crazy for you. We LOVE YOU LAUREN ALAINA!!!!!!!!!


      GO LAUREN XD!!!

      • GO LAURENNNNN! i voted 2 hrs on the phone and txts!! keep votin on

    • Perfect example of what’s wrong with the voting system…..but it is just so much more exciting for AI to proudly announce 60 million votes than 2 million….

      • Laura, You are so right. It should be the best man who wins, not who has enough family and friends that know how to manipulate the voting. I also think it is wrong that AT&T cell phone users get unlimited voting. That isn’t right.

  46. I believe that JLo and Randy think that Haley is the best performer and has the greatest potential of the four. They criticize her because she is the one who has grown most and still has more potential to show. The other three have peaked and are who they are – that is, no surprises left from them. Just a thought…

    • I think the judging is terrible but there really is something to that. Both James and Scotty know who they are, are comfortable on stage, and aren’t going to change and the judges go fairly easy on them. Lauren and Haley though have grown so much this, Lauren is still trying to gain confidence (the girl is barely 16, give her a break. How many of you were super confident at 16?) and I think Haley is trying to find out exactly who she is as an artist. She’s very versatile but doesn’t really have one specific genre. And the girls get the most criticism because they have the most room to grow. I like that analysis. Makes me want to punch Randy in the throat a little less. Although if he says the words “in it to win it” one more time, I’m going to freak out.

  47. the judges are so bias..when james was out of tune last week due to his emotions, they did not criticize him..but haley?..she did a great job on her 1st and 2nd song…SO HALEY SHOULD WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Actually they did comment on James vocals last week! As far as the judging, I agree but I disagree. I think Haley has some good songs but I also feel like she has some bad ones. Scotty is boring to me. I like Lauren and hope she can stick it out! I love James and everything he stands for. As for who I think will win… not my choice, but I think it will Scotty.

  48. James and Scotty in the finals. They were by far the best tonight. Haley needs to be the one sent home. Her singing tonight was not good – almost ruining two songs. James – Scotty – finals!!

    • Haley did an excellent job on the 2nd song. The first song, I had to agree with Randy, she just seemed to scream. She has a great voice though.

  49. I would love to see Scotty do SOLD by John Michael Montgomery. I think he’d be pretty good at that song

    • That is one of John Micheal Montgomery’s best songs….I think the producers are in full control of the show and especially who leaves the show….I seriously doubt that the voting has much to do with anyone leaving the show….and that is the way it should be …it’s their money behind it not ours…..If they want a female to win they will crown someone who will not be able to compete in the business….winning is a bad spell on the contestants….

  50. I think the voters will keep Haley in this week. However dial idol seems grim for her….and I don’t think anything wrong with her song choices….not even the first one……

  51. I love James..I think that he is the most rounded performer, he can sing,on his slower ballad songs, his tone is beautiful, and he can move on the stage, he wouldn’t put on a dull concert, if he gets to that point, and I feel sure he will.
    Scotty is strickly country. I love country, I think that he is best with the slower ballads, but he gets on my nerves with the microphone and the goofy looks.
    Haley has an amazing voice, the judges tell her to push her limits and then scold her for doing it. She is another Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt type and they don’t come along that often. I think that she got a bad rap from Randy tonight. She needs to connect with her stage presence a little more.
    Lauren has a beautiful voice, I don’t think she has quite the confidence that she needs , she needs to mentally mature more. Other than that , I think she will go places, but I don’t think she should win this year.

    • I’m glad someone agrees with me about Scotty, he just comes across as goofy and corny. Like he’s trying to hard to be cute. Make work on a preteen girl but not me!

      • I think because of Scotty’s amazing voice that people forget he is just a teenager. If anyone is goofy and corny – put that label on James – wearing his ‘TAIL’ is ridiculous! If he skipped all the theatrics and just sang (insead of screaming) I think alot of his so called popularity would go right down the drain.

      • Scotty has an amazing voice???? Odd I haven’t heard it. He ain’t bad, but wouldn’t call it amazing or anything. I agree James is showy, but pulls it off way better than Scotty. And i realize he’s a kid, but so is Miley Cyrus, Jonas brothers, etc…

      • cmmm You are exactly right. James’ theatrics are keeping him in the game. When he sings a slow song or ballad, he is off key a lot of the time. His hard rock gets him by because he screams the words out.

      • Mauna, I know he’s 16, but that can’t be used as an excuse. If you put yourself on a show like AI then your going to have to grow up quick. His voice is good, but not the big hoopla that the judges make over him. They moon over him like a love sick girl at a Jonas brother concert.

      • Scotty’s voice is so so. But my guess is, he will be in the finals, not because of his “amazing” voice but because all the young teenage girls will vote for him.I agree with the goofy look. It just gets on my nerves also. Pia was my favourite but since she is already out of picture, I am hoping for a James/Haley finale or at least James/Lauren finale. If it is a James/Scotty finale, then American Idol has indeed turned into a popularity show and not a singing competition.

      • You all forgot to mention Justin Bieber 😀
        Whom I actually do think has talent.

    • Tonight JLo got on Scotty telling him he needs to show more next week if he wants to be in the finals. Maybe the judges are starting on him like they have been on Haley. Does this mean they are pushing for James and Lauren to be in the finals?

  52. My overal grades:

    1. Lauren – A
    2. Scotty – B
    3. James – B-
    4. Haley – C-

    Haley isnt a good singer and I’d never buy an itune from her. The other 3 I’d buy their songs.

  53. Wow! Haley is outstanding. I will buy her cd’s. I can’t comprehend the jlo and randy criticisms. Don’t they see their manipulations are noticed….big time? Haley will soon Reinhart them right out of her successful music career. Can’t wait to see her show up again next week!

    • i love haley too.
      and i think Jlo and randy critics are gooe for her improvement week per week…
      so haley, grow bigger, bigger, and bigger…

      • I think the judges are right on Haleys critique.. I think they are misguiding the others by not pointing out to Scotty when he doesnt hit the mids and highs or sings way off key. James when he sings off key and screaming and the stupid tail and eyebrow gimmick. And Lauren when she picks bad songs or in the case of tonight being against evil but still singing the song…
        The are all great singers and I could care less who wins. They are all winners already!

      • I think you are right, Mike. Haley’s criticism wouldn’t seem nearly as out of place if they were doing their job for all of them, not just her. There is plenty of room for Scotty, Lauren, and James to grow and plenty of constructive criticism that can be tossed their way. But no, nothing. Only Haley bashing is allowed.

      • Lauren has taken a lot of critique without pouting, or acting like a diva. She is only 16 and can take it with a smile

  54. Lauren is my favorite. She is so versatile. I feel american idol is just the beginning for her.
    Scotty is great country listening
    James is a great with rocker songs
    Hailey had 2 great songs this year.The others were so so for me. Why do people say the judges aren’t nice to her?. Hailey has had to standing ovations from them.

    • When the judges ONLY critizice one person, that is unfairness. The satnding ovations came from the audience, the judges just did not have other option to stand up too.

      • The judges have stay sitted in the past when the audience have given standing ovations. The only other one I remember them standing up for besides Haley was Jacob.

  55. In my opinion:

    I thought James and Haley were the best tonight.

    Lauren has a good voice but she is missing the passion and artisty.

    Scotty has a good voice but is just boring and predictable; almost the same style of song week after week. There is nothing surprising with Scotty.

    I was very surprised by Haley tonight, she showed that she has great potential, her talent is growing on me. I always look forward to seeing James. He really knows how to put on a show and capture the audience…he’s very talented and a natural rock star.

    • I agree with all you say. Scotty is boring( unless your a 12yr old girl), Lauren is way to immature and she dresses like a three old pagent girl, Haley is obviously not the judges favorite and they want her out even though she is waaaaay better than lauren and scotty. James is an awesome rocker.

    • yes, im so annoyed to scotty… i think he cant show any stronger singing in every week!! every time he sings have no excitement , surprising or anything is good!!…………. i hate the judges saying i love it… ilove it.. its perfect… why haley… haley is better than scotty!!! i think randy have a crush to scottyy!!!


    • Very funny……I like the gaga….she seemed to help them & made some valid points

    • Yeah she gave some good advice but WTF was the sh** on her face? Geeze fame is not enough for her she has to wear clown makeup to be noticed too… Sigh

    • Gaga gave some excellent advice and she seemed so “real” for a person who is always in the spotlight looking and acting so…. unreal. She really impressed me. And I know that was on her to do list right after making 8 #1 hits – to impress me… No but seriously, she was very observant, honest and helpful with the kids and she really encouraged them. Kudos Lady Gaga!

    • Agreed. She may be a bit of a freak, but the woman is quite the musician. She gave them all great advice, she got Lauren to finally bust it out! I thought she did a great job with all of them. Even if she’s a total weirdo. But it works for her! No one can say she’s not successful!

  56. Soo I want to point out that James is the only one that is provided props all of the contestants sing songs that aren’t well known at some point but Haley gets ragged for it and if they want the contestants to really show what kind of artist they truly want to be than let them pick any songs they want instead of one from a list

    • Stop all the whinnig…..they all have equal disadvantage….it’s how they deal with it that makes the idol!

  57. I think Haley will go home, because she has been the most inconsistent of the four that are left. My prediction for the final Idol is Scotty or Lauren.

    • If Haley goes home (very probable) is not for inconsistence, it will be because the judges are not doing their job and are mere cheerleaders of their favorites. If Simon were there, James and Scotty would not have had the pass so easily (and I like both of them). Lauren was better tonight, but still not that good as the judges said.

      • I disgree Scotty would still be here but he would be a much better performer than he is because of simon. The votes have kept him here.

      • Ed Haley would of been knocked out weeks ago for her nasty attitude is Simon was on Idol. lol

  58. I think Haley deserves to be in the finale. I really do hope Haley fans vote. For the record, I’m proud of her for standing up for herself; sure she had a little attitude, but for the most part, she stood her ground in a respectful way. And for Randy to insult her range was extremely offensive; first of all, that was not haley’s range because she has an outstanding range. Go Haley !

  59. I loved lauren tonight!!!! Everybody kept saying how she needed to step out of her shell and once she does people talk about it. She definately improved in her performances for the past two weeks. Haley was not good to me but she was better than the boys. I agree it is uncomfortable to watch the drama. She will probably do better outside of idol.

    • yes the girls were better than the boys…scotty second song , WTH was that. no singing at all just goofing…scotty first song was predictable as well as good. nothing great. As Simon would have said no WOW factor for scotty

  60. I think it’ll be either of the girls going home tomorrow. Though, I’m hoping something random happen. Like James going home. Guess Scotty will win this think afterall.

  61. Scotty and James were good tonight, Haley didn’t have the comeback after the first song like she did last week. I liked Laurens first song, but I’d of thought Haley should of sang the second one Lauren did.

  62. Lauren is young… she needs to finish school.. Scotty is too much of a goody two-shoes he needs to sing christian music…. I’ve never liked Haleys growwwls but …her second song was great & James over all a great performer!!

    Scotty Mccrugly!!! will win
    … I think this contest’s over with all those crazzzy horn-dog girls, women and hags..he’ll probably win!!

    • You just upped Scottys votes if he stays in. I guess that is why you are named Lilme

  63. The second best performance of the night, second only to Haleys standing O performance, was Hands down, Steven Tyler. I think he was actually more upset with Jlo and Randy than Haley was. Haley is tough as nails, but when the 2 judges show nothing but love to all the other contestants and rip her apart when her performance is at least as good as the others, well, I do not blame her for finally speaking out. Randy and Jlo ripped on her for 2 solid minutes, and would have went on longer if Steven hadn’t stopped them.

    Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the whole night. I had anticipated a fantastic show, and it was just an ok show. They all sang well, but the only standout song was Haleys. At this stage in the competition, I wanted more. Haley was not the only one who made a wrong song choice tonight.

    I think Scotty is safe, and its James, Haley and Lauren in the bottom 3 with Lauren going home.

  64. I love haleyy shes my american idollll!! this week laurenn going homeeee!! pleasee vote for haleyy cos i cant do it in my country 🙁

  65. I am sick to death of the hypocritical bullsh–from Randy and JLo! The butt polishing they gave Scotty was allegedly for doing exactly what they gave Haley crap for. Then they come back and try to take credit for that stunning performance in the second round! GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!

    I think the bottom two should be JLo and Randy with Randy going home! Screw him.

    • Oops. Double post. Oh well. It was worth repeating. I don’t know if I’ll watch next year if the same judges are back. They’re lame.

      • If that PSASHT Jackson is back after this crock of crap, we should boycott the show

  66. The “judges” are pushing their agenda, which isn’t necessarily connected to who’s the best. Haley is one gutsy gal to take what they dish out and come back with amazing spirit and vocals. She is a rare performer, a true find by American Idol. She may end up another non-winner who becomes greater than the winner!!!

  67. i actually thought of the exact same things as you have predicted,… i could only wish that it will not be haley’s time yet… by the way, i’ve also thought about scotty going home… something like what happened to Pia .. first time to be on the bottom yet the one who went home…

  68. I think among all the remaining contestant, HALEY is the best singer. She got very unique voice and very natural in the way she sang. After Pia got eliminated, I think HALEY is the only contestant who deserves to win. My Vote is for HALEY 100%

      • Yes, I echo yr sentiments exactly. If you put Scott’s CD on the shelf with Pia’s I will definitely buy Pia’s CD. Pia’s elimination was shocking enough, but it was even more shocking to read about all the nasty remarks being made out her calling her “wooden”, “plastic” etc. How can you people out there be so nasty. I mean if you dislike Pia’s singing pls do not lash out cruel remarks at her. We get do not like her but to each his own and you not be so rude?? This is after all a singing competion not a beauty contest. So please please everyone, try to be civilized. I hope that Templar you are reading this comment because quite a number of uncalled for remarks about Pia came fr you at that time. Do not do to other others what you would not like if done unto yrself…….

  69. What they have done to Haley jeopardizes the integrity of their season and the future of the show.

      • You both may agree with Templar. But at times, Templar can be too direct. Remember uncalled for remarks made about Pia after she was eliminated? I remember……..and so do handful of my friends and colleagues. We post our comments, some like this person, others do not, but overall, I think none of us have the right to attack any of the singers personally. I mean one man’s meat is another man’s poison right? So with due respect to you Templar, pls tone down a little. It is not right, just not right when you hit out at any one personally. Thank you

  70. I get soo tired of hearing about Scotty and Lauren. Just because they are a little bit country doesn’t mean they should automatically win. Scotty is boring and just plain corny. The way he moves and holds the microphone is awkward, like a little kid imitating an old Elvis movie. All his songs blend together and sound the same. I’ll give him a little credit, his first song tonite wasn’t half bad, better than usual from him. Lauren is waaay to immature for this show. She acts like a little kid, and i know she is one but you can’t act that stupid and expect to get a singing career. And she wears waay to much makeup, she’s young and pretty there is no need for all that big pagent hair and over done makeup. In about ten years Lauren would be good for the show. I’m really hoping that James and/or Haley make it to the finale but I know that Randy and Jlo are pushing the country kids. Don’t know why, maybe it’s cause they are more marketable in their eyes. Their attack on Haley was just werid tonite. Not sure where that came from. Haley did as awesome with her first song tonite as she did with her second song tonite and last weeks. The judges obviously have it out for her, except Tyler. Who, honestly, doesn’t really give out much negative comments. I think he’s afraid it will affect his come back career, but he also just seems to be caring enough not to bring a poor girl to tears after she’s told to sing an inspirational song and then you tear her apart over it.

    • Everyone: I suppose a public apology for treating Haley with that much unfounded contempt would be nice. Atleast it would restore some much needed respect, don’t you think? So Brandon, let’s get in it!

      • I am sure the judges will give her one tomorrow night, although like I previously posted, she should be able to accept thier critism.

      • And she has. Why should she be the only one that has to accept it though? Why is she being held to a different standard than the other contestants?

    • Lauren is 16 and acts like a teenager. Nothing wrong with that. Thats called character. When she is on the microphone… It is all buisness and she is very good at what she does. There are plenty of great performers in the buisness that act stupid. As far as Tyler is concerned… I think his comments are a waste of time because he is being sensored on everything… He is by far a super star and does not need this show for his come back. He is one of the most unique singers in the history of music.

      • Lauren doesn’t have that much talent to me. She sings like a well rehearsed little girl in a beauty pagent. Least thats how it comes across to me.

  71. I think Scotty deserves to leave… Haley did a good job as well as Lauren, I don’t want any of them to leave, though I have to admit that I want Haley eliminated

  72. Haley was crummy for a long time this season. She is hit and miss at best. She growls more than sings, and she has a horrible attitude. And for that, they give her 2 standing ovations! Go figure. I think James and Lauren will end up in the finale. Scotty has gone off on some weird tangent, and is just acting goofy when he ought to be serious about his song choices.

      • All I have to say is:
        Bennie and the Jets… #1
        Blue #3
        I who am nothing#4
        Everyone has hits and everone has songs that are just plain boring…
        Not sure about the attitude but she entertains…

  73. I sure am sick of McQueery. Hick music just doesn’t appeal to me. Lauren’s spoil little white farm girl image doesn’t appeal either. Top 2 between Hailey and James. Hailey likely to pick up most of Jacob’s votes

  74. Haley bombed the first song. I think the judges were trying to play Simon and get her some sympathy votes by being rough with her. The one thing that bothers me the most about her is that she sings her verses as if she is talking baby talk. (Go back and check it out) I think it doesn’t matter how great the girls are they won’t be in the finale. Not because of lack of talent but because of teenage girl voters. James hasn’t impressed me the last two weeks, he reminds me of Siobhan Mangus.

    • Patty, I do agree with you that the boys, namely Scotty, will most likely win. Not because of talent but because of little girls who have way too much time, cellphones, facebook pages (for online voting), mommy’s cellphone, daddy’s cellphone, granny’s cellphone,…. to keep him alive. If he wins, it’s not because of talent but because little girls have too much time on their hands.

    • yep it really does Angel. But after watching so many years now, I actually wish for my favorite to NOT win so they can have more freedom 🙂

    • The weird thing about Haley is that I really believe she has a great voice. My opinion is that when she growls too much, it takes away from her great voice. She does appear to be screaming at times and that is the part I don’t care much for.

      • I agree. It gets old. you either like her voice or hate it. . . it gets annoying. But no in between. Personality counts too and she is just not a very warm person.

  75. There’s a lot Haley fans out there , Haley’s style is aggressive and I think he lost votes because of his attitude before the judges. I think if the judges were mistaken in their appreciation should have stayed silent, then, we voters determine if she stays or not. Haley is the big loser tonight…

  76. N A+ for her singing bs whatever. She wants to sing a Micheal Jackson song U better sing it better or at lease sing it as close as he song it…Haley suck n she needs to go home…She can’t sing

  77. Wrong wrong wrong. Haley isn’t half the “star” as the other 3. She’s indulgent and spoiled. Not a role model to have as an idol.

    • Like the country bumpkins are? Hell i am from the country and no one here acts that stupid. Lauren acts like a spoiled like trailer park trash princess and Scotty needs to grow up or man up I should say.

      • Have you been around a lot of trailer trash? With your experience with trailer trash and country bumpkins, guess you could call that experience

  78. I do not like Haley and I hope she goes home tomorrow the reasons are the same as swampdasie’s I want Scotty to go because he got really stale. James was decent tonight and Lauren was in my opinion the best of the night. My grades are: lauren A++\B+ then James A\A then Scotty B+/B then ugh haley B-/A+

  79. I do not like Haley and I hope she goes home tomorrow the reasons are the same as swampdasie’s I want Scotty to go because he got really stale. James was decent tonight and Lauren was in my opinion the best of the night. My grades are: lauren A++\B+ then James A\A then Scotty B+/B then ugh haley B-/A+.

  80. 1st round
    James B- emotionally flat
    Haley C MJ sang this? I don’t think it inspired many.
    Scotty A the feeling he has was plainly felt
    Lauren B emotionally flat as well
    -round 2 L&S—
    Haley B raspy voice with sexual overtones
    isn’t going to make it
    Scotty A – L&S ditties are supposed to elicit fun and this delivered did you see Casey’s face?
    Lauren A- almost as much fun but I could buy what she was singing
    James B+ fun but my ears can’t stand screams
    Going home this week everyone but Haley won’t be back next week.

  81. I just want to wish James the best of luck! I love watching him perform and I love how devoted he is to his family! I love that he is an inspiration to other autistic children! I work with children, so to know about autism, its AMAZING to me that he can do what he does! I get chills everytime he sings!

    • I agree, James is a great performer and vocalist, he is the guy I would actually pay money to see in concert, enough variety to hold your interest. Also like Lauren for her vocal ability and the variety of her performances. Haley, it seems many choose her, but I am tired of hearing the same growling sound to most of her songs, although a couple of very good ones, but think of a whole concert of that, she needs to be more versatile. Scotty, even though he seems to be a nice person, just can’t imagine that he could be considered AI, it has really been the same old thing, can’t even remember his performances, couldn’t imagine a Scotty concert. He should have been gone about the same time as Paul, and Pia should still be here. But overall really think that James is the most talented and creative. They all will probably do well with recording labels, but “LIVE IN CONCERT”, James is the man!

      • You are right !!! James deserves to win Idol , he is the most consistant and the best performer ! Gotta love James Durbin!!!

  82. First the bad. Please, please explain to me why Ryan walks down the stairs. He is not and never will be the star. I have no problems with the judges because they give their opinion. The last four contestants are good and will have a future. In the past I voted for Scotty. Recently I voted for Haley. Tonight was the first time my votes were split between James and Lauren. I think that James has been much better since he is singing not screaming. Lauren was very good tonight. H

  83. Haley is way better. and her voice sometimes reminds me a little bit to Mariah C…… It’s obvious that Randy and jlo are pushing for the two country contestants.

  84. Haley is actually best in my books. Haley is entertaining and I have seen several great momments from her. Next is Lauren. James was good but not as good as the original singers.James eye brows appear to be more of a gimmick than a disability. Scotty has talent in the low range but is not good at all in higher ranges. Scotty songs are not as good as the original performers.

    • Your an idiot Mike. He has touretts and aspergers syndrome. Some people can be mean when it comes to people with disabilities. You may not like him but you don’t have to make those kind of comments. You have no idea what it is like to have those kind of disabilities.

      • Except you don’t know that he doesn’t know what it’s like to have disabilities. Your judgement of him is just as bad as his judgement of James. Get over yourself and get off your high horse. This is a pretty serious competition and we shouldn’t have to wear the kiddy gloves just because someone has a disability, and I’m sure James would prefer it that way.

      • I just watched very closely tonight and have DVR. Every performance ending is the same. But when the attention is taking off.. Eyebrows were normal. He demonstrated his controlled abilities of his eybrows tonight. Watch it again. Last song of the night. He is very talented!

  85. Round 1

    James gave a great performance. He didn’t do anything spectacular with it, but that song is such a beast, so incredibly difficult to sing well that the fact that James made it through in entertaining fashion without any real slip-ups made it an “A” performance.

    Haley ~ It started off so well. But at the end she struggled. Not a bad performance, but at this point in the competition she needs to bring it to another level. “B”

    Scotty ~ Classic Scotty. Simple as that. Which means that it was excellent. In this case you add in the kind of emotion that that song brings, and that he brought to the song as well. “A”

    Lauren ~ Now this is more like it. She always sings like a bird, but this time she brought the kind of power she needed to show. She seems to have an easier time doing that with contemporary songs like this one. “A”

    Round 2

    Haley ~ WOW! What else can I say? I wonder if she plans to make a habit of doing meh, ok, in the first song and then absolutely murdering (in a great way) the second song. I had goosebumps. “A+”

    Scotty ~ I’m really divided about this. It was a fun song, and I hate to discourage Scotty from doing something different. It had me smiling, but I wasn’t impressed… “B”

    Lauren ~ My only complaint from this song is that her breathing issues popped it’s head back up at the end of the song. Lauren came out with strut and attitude that left me flatfooted. “A-”

    James ~ HOLY ***ING ****! They say take the song and make it yours. James just defined what that phrase means with this performance. He was more careful with that upper register. He really took his showmanship to a whole ‘nother level. Pure awesome. “A+”

    • I agree with all but Scotty’s second song, way to corny and goofy. Didn’t work for American Idol, maybe a highschool talent show but not national tv. I’d give it a C-, at best

      • That’s funny – I’m not a Scotty fan and yet I found his fun song to be really entertaining and showed another side of him. His vocal was good despite being humorous and he used his “low notes” when he was singing the ‘dad part’ of the song which was effective. I thought it was one of the better Scotty performances!

      • NG, I do have to admit, when he hit the Low notes for the “dad part” I had Oak Ridge Boys flash backs Where Richard Sterban would just drop lower than you’d think a human voice could go with that “Om bop a um bop a mau mau”… that was one of the big reasons I found myself smiling despite the song choice.

      • I agree with you two guys. Scotty was entertaining. Paul and Casey got a big kick out of Scotty who did the dad voice in front of them

    • Great post, I agree with how you stated the recap. I think you were a little generouse on Scotty’s 2nd song but not too much.

    • I was really tempted to knock Scotty a bit more for that second song, but I gave him bonus points for not doing another sleepy country ballad.

      Bonus points was a one time thing though. Next week, I expect him to be back on top of his game, and if he isn’t… well, no more generosity here. By the final three I expect both variety and top notch quality.

  86. I have to admit that James is my least favorite and the judges really try to talk him up, even when he had a bad night last week. I do think they really beat up on Haley and I feel bad for her. I like her voice but she hasn’t always been consistent in her performanences. I think Lauren has a good voice but is pretty immature and I wonder if she is ready for a career in music right now. I love Scotty and his voice is classic country. I understand that people who do not like country music may not like him as much. However, I think Scotty has been good consistently; much more than the others. I think he will have a bigger career and sell more records than any of the others win or lose AI.

    • I would say who ends up with the most records really ends up depending on wether James ends up going solo, or fronting a band, and if he goes with a band… who he ends up with.

      He has the potential to be the best selling AI alum ever if the stars align for him, or if he goofs up his choice of bandmates he might be lucky to go gold.

      Honestly though, for solo careers, my money is on haley ending up selling the most. She is just rediculously marketable. She is a producers dream combination of marketable sound (Like Janice Joplin, or Sheryl Crow) and amazing looks (important in marketing a musician nowadays) that I think will catipult her to a pretty darn successfull career.

  87. i think the judges need to read this


    • Yo Yo ass wipe randy, what a big man you are picking on a little girl. You should be kicked off Idol, you should be kicked in the nuts. Haley you are a Super Star, I love you.

  88. honestly, Haley needs to go. she has only had two or three good performances that I actually like and can understand her voice. James is good he can sing it all but really pitchy in the last couple performance. Scotty/ just hot. that’s all I got(; and LAUREN! holy crap Lauren u rock that stage! and people who think she’s immature: she can act however she wants and she likes it! that’s all(: LAUREN IS A WINNER!

    • LAUREN ALL THE WAY!! She is by far the best with not 1 bad performance. The Final 2 should be James and Lauren because neither of them have had a bad performance. Scotty wasnt so good this week and Haley is never good in my opinion. She shouldnt have even gotten into top 13.

      • Absolutely right, Haley should have NEVER been on the top 12 girls to begin with. And she is still standing??? After mediocre performances over and over again???????? Disaster!!!

      • Lauren has been the most improved of the ladies. Haleys performance was a scream fest. The notss were screamed out and all notes sounded the same

    • Interesting evaluation. Haley has more standing ovations from the judges than any performer on the show. Lady GaGa says she’s incredible, She has more favorable comments than anyone on Itunes other than James with twice the count of Scotty or Lauren.
      You must be hard of hearing.
      Why does Lauren always say thank you before the audience has a chance to applaud. It sounds like the end of every song. Is she adding lyrics or something. If so she needs to be a little more versatile.

      • I agree Lauren isn’t that good. Don’t get me wrong she sings okay and desereves to be on AI but she not better that Haley. Haley is more naturally talented whereas Lauren comes across like a well rehearsed beauty pagent child (like the thank yous).

    • I get two things from that:

      1) You need a new hearing aid.
      2) You need new glasses.

      Sucks getting old, I know. 🙂

  89. Haley should win it! James should be the runner up!
    Scotty and Lauren need to go home. Too much country as it is! And Lauren they are just being nice… Too many tiny-pobbers voting. Let’s get real and get a clue that Jazz is a nice change from the norm.

    • Teenagers are not the only Americans voting for Scotty. I am 33 years old and love Scotty’s voice and humility. For this reason, I give all my votes to Scotty. America needs an idol who has character, humility, and stays true to who they are. I am getting tired of some people saying Scotty is boring and a one trick pony. He has proven time and again that he can sing upbeat and slow songs with meaning behind them. Scooty has a right of free speech and to stand up for what he believes in just like all Americans. Scooty always sings from the heart and I love that about him.

      • It’s not so much that only teenagers are voting for him, I realize he has older country fans. It’s more that the teen girls are voting 500 times a night. They have email addresses, cellphones, mommy’s phone, daddy’s phone, and ample time to vote thousands of time. That’s what annoys me,if Scotty wins because he’s the most popular fine, but if it’s just because lil’ girls are voting thousands of time.

      • I’m over 60 and I vote for Scotty. He’s a true star, who I think will have a record deal no matter if he wins this or not.

      • um.. if you look at what Scotty did to J.C, when he turned his back on him on group week.. he didn’t look like he has so much humility and charector now does he? America that is voting for him now, are people that DON’T remember that.. Scotty to me, is about as real as you were when you were 17… not alot of people can say they had humility at that age.. so no.. your reasons for voting for the ‘kid’ are flawed. His voice is his voice, never got any better never got any worse.. his performances have gotten worse however. he gets my vote to be KICKED off. Too young, too plain, too fake. In a few years, maybe he’ll have charector.. he’ll.. maybe he’ll even wear a cowboy hat for once.. as of now, he’s a baby ass cowboy.. some girls in NC (where i’m from) are tougher Cowboys then him. I don’t vote for a back stabber.. thank you.. brother or not.. it was something that should of never happened.. he knew it then.. but said nothing.. until what? the next day when everyone is on his ass? not my brother.. in a few years when he reaches puberty.. then maybe he can sing with the big boys.

      • Who is Scooty?? He has a good voice but is a decent performer at best so I hope he scoots on home.

      • Just look up American Idol 2011| Hollywood Round | Jacee Badeaux crying
        on you tube huray for hulity. 🙂 Scotty ain’t my brother, and i damn sure wouldn’t trust him. Garner or not. he can kiss my ass. Like i said, lets wait till the boy at least reaches puberty. We ain’t looking for no Justin Bieber the country version, boy.

      • I agree…Scotty is an American with values and he sticks to them. We need more like Scotty. I hope all the fame he will get(win or lose) will not change him too much.

      • @Scotty sucks You are one sick person. Your whole tirade was on something you know nothing about. Get your facts straight. Scotty has more personal attributes than you got in your little finger.

      • @scotty sucks. Boy are you way out of line Get someone else to kiss your a$$. Maybe your boyfriend

      • And if you watch the group weeks you will see that Scotty stode up and said he should have stuck up for JC. The video also shows him apologizing to JC. It takes a man of humility to admit his mistakes and fix them. If you are going to bash Scotty get the whole story before you do.

    • Hayley has the voice and the open mind to try out different songs. All the others opt to be safe, always. Remember Hayley’s rendition of Adele was better than the original. She is a true artist. Hayley has it all.

      • I hope she chooses Bennie and the Jets if she get eliminated. That was an awsome version.

      • Amen – if Simon was still here he would have been calling James and Scotty out for their Karaoke performances.

  90. Every week you are right on with your reviews. I would like to see the finale between James and Haley.

  91. I agree with you partially. I think Lauren was the best overall tonight, but I also think she is going home. I do not think she has the fan base that the others have at this point.

  92. Off topic but was it just the programming in my area or was the sound of the whole show like it was being run by a 3rd grader? I have a very great quality Stereo TV and the sound of the whole show was up and down.. muffled at times but overall… very poor quality!

    • I don’t think it was just your area. The sound has been terrible all season. We’d think after this happened a couple of times in the beginning of the season, they would get it corrected, but early in tonight’s show at one point even the judges were cut out for a minute. Seems like the sound techs are not “in it to help someone win it.” It would be nice if they could at least have a good show next week. The final, I hope, is at another location.

    • Mike I completely agree, something was off on the sound quality tonight, which affected viewers listening to their favorites. However, one thing is consistent on AI, Randy Jackson has and is a big ass!

    • My only real big issue this week was the sound mixing during scotties first song. They had the background singers overpowering at some points… same thing happened to him last week.

      • I think it’s more because for Bass notes it’s easier to be overpowered than it is for say Tenors. That is likely why James rarely has the issue. The sound mixers are having issues adjusting from a more standard balance, to balancing more towards the singer for deeper notes.

        That and there is a certain element of truth to a lack of power in Scotties voice. It’s very rich and sounds awesome, but there isn’t alot of raw power behind it as well. But I personally believe it’s mainly the Bass vs higher octaves issue.

    • yeah we have noticed it a few times too. They got a new sound person this season I think, but any way who ever it is sucks.

      • One thing ya can do to help the sound is plug the cable directly to your tv if you have a box.

        Unplug it from the box & run it directly to the tv. I know not everyone has the same set up. For those that do though, this is what I’ve done & it’s helped a lot.

      • It’s not a distortion issue, the issue I have noticed and heard from most people is a volume balancing issue. They seem to have the instruments/backup singers turned up too high too often and the contestant is getting drowned out.

        It has happened to all of them, but I have really noticed it with Scotty lately because his deep bass notes are more easily drowned out than say James’ Tenor notes.

      • I believe they have a sound guy who just doesnt have the ears for music. Maybe they are calling into India for troubleshooting the sound equipment.

  93. Correction: don’t stop believing is not Steve Perry’s it is Arnel Pineda’s

    • haha. you made me laugh. it IS Steve Perry’s and his band. It just so happened Arnel Pineda stepped in for him since he was on break with his band. Pinoy ka ano? LOL

    • Google is a good thing to use, and actually reading what pops up is better. 8)

    • Wow, I really got matter-of-factly corrected by someone who really thinks the new lead singer of Journey originally sang “Don’t Stop ….” ha.

    • what????who is arnel…??steve perry has the best voice ever!please go and listen to him

  94. I think Haley, James, and Scotty have the chops and have really distinguished their identities as singers.

    I love that Haley defends herself. I don’t see it as attitude, I see it as being confident enough to differ as an artist.

    Lauren has great pipes, she’s cute and feisty but I don’t feel she’s established her individuality as a singer the way the other three have.

    • I have to disagree with you about Haley’s actions tonight on AI. Before tonight, I never saw Haley as having an attitude. However, I feel it was disrespectful how she glared at and talked back to the judges. The judges are there to give their honest critique. The judges are free to suggest their opinions just like everyone else. They commented to Haley out of a desire to push her to be the best she can be. I agree Haley can sing but she is not my choice of an AI.

      • They commented to Haley out of a desire to push her to be the best she can be.

        More like they commented out of a desire to push her out of the top 3.

      • I agree Jo I think they were trying to get people to dislike her, not push her. The judges don’t push anyone else. Haley was pissed and emotional, I don’t blame her. I would have acted the same way. She was totally justified by her actions.

      • Dear God, Like the platypus, You got it wrong. Sorry.
        I know… eternal damnation now for me.

      • I agree… they Randy and JLO haven’t said too many nice things to Haley. They seem to have it out for her. And yet Scotty and Laruen can do no wrong… give me a break!

      • Haley has a right to stand up for herself since they seem to have to put her down all the time. She is GREAT when she sings Jazz especially the Blues Jazz. When Randy had her singing one of Jancie Joplins songs… that was totally wrong for her! She is Jazz. She knows what songs she sounds her best doing and Randy and JLO seem to have her go for songs that she isn’t comfortable doing. She is GREAT singing JAZZ!

      • I agree, Haley has been picked on all season. She has an amazing voice and range and does incredible things with her voice. I hardly ever see anyone else ever getting ‘constructive criticism.’

      • She had every right to defend herself tonight and thank God Steven stood up for her because JLo and Jackson took over 5 minutes ripping her apart while praising other below par performances from James & Scotty.

    • just look up American Idol 2011| Hollywood Round | Jacee Badeaux crying on you t u be. Scotty doesn’t look like he has humility then as a back stabber now does he? oh well, guess we forgot about all that. Us in Garner (where he’s from) don’t dig all that.. you made the choice you make it right the first time.. don’t back stab nobody to try and get a head.

  95. My Recap :
    1st Round/Song

    1st round hands down its Lauren (the best). Although it kinda ruined the feeling that i felt from the beginning of the song until she say “thank you” before the song finished…it makes the feeling go away in that second she say that.. why oh why Lauren did u do that? it makes the warmth go away,u should give the audience more time to be swept away.. u would probably get a standin O if u didnt do that… but she still the best of 1st round.

    Haley not great bot good. The beginning her voice struggle to overcome of being a soft allurin sweet voice of the king of pop but at the end she pulled it off.

    James…i hate to say this is the 2nd worst of his performance with last week Without You. Theres a pitchy moment all over the song. He’s out of breath sometimes n weak swallowed by the background music… If only he displayed his voice as strong as Judas Priest song in the Top 12 men,it will be epic…

    Scotty… too much of a twang makes it a little sour and his twang sometimes not hittin the right note makes it pitchy. His voice were overwhelmed by the background music sometimes i cant hear what he was sayin… if he just sing like Babyface said in the top 6 to make it a little bit smooth in between without the twang,it will be great…

    2nd Round/Song

    Lauren… wow,how courageous of her to sing a country jazz. The beginning of the song like Casey “Hi De Ho”… well, lyrics aside,i gotta be honest it was a splendid performance by Lauren. She play the notes fitting for a Country Jazz. Great surprise from Lauren. And she’s not backing off in the high notes section of the song. Her breaking voice is beautiful if i must say so. Great performance,great performance. Overall an A from me.

    Scotty…waks,im SURPRISED!! His growl with the twang flavor and his richness of notes n how he skillfully play a high n low notes…i cant believe it!! I cant believe he had it in him. Scotty can pull-off a Country Jazz!!Thats really3x awesome!!! Love it. This is the best of Scotty performance in AI season so far IMO. And the ending of the song… its like Casey “Hi De Ho” again!! Great touch by Scotty. Amazing!!! I dont know the fact that Casey there in the audience have anything to do with the arrangement of Lauren, Scotty & James song,nevertheless Scotty amazing!! (Although he have to improve his stage performance) Overall is a B+ from me.

    James…GAHHHH Why cant u do this in the 1st song?!! James “Love Potion No. 9″ was splendid. Thats how u should do it Mames in the 1st song!!! The way he took his times in the end of the song,awesome!!! It have a jazz tunes at the end. I have to say, the notes at the end of the song if it played together,guess what… its the same as Casey “Hi De Ho” n Scotty “Young Blood”. Overall a B from me.

    The best in the 2nd round will be… Haley,no doubt from me. The arrangement with the violin & how she start the song..beautiful vocal. The passion n the vocal in the way she sing,just awesome,awesome… Gaga advice holding breath near the end of the song,kudos to Gaga n Haley to pull it off. Awesome. Overall an A from me.

    • as who the 1 will goin home…..tik tok tik tok….i absolutely no idea… 4 of them awesome in different genre on each 1 of them. So the 1 who will win AI this season will represent the winning genre. Hailey – Blues Rock (she should stick with this), James – Rock n Roll (he should stick with Beattles genre if i must say), Scotty – Country (after “Young Blood” performance i gotta say he can fit Country Jazz as well with a little coaching of stage performance) and Lauren – Country Pop (after “Trouble” performance she fit to Country Jazz as well as Scotty with a little coaching of musical/notes singing)

      • I thought James did amazing on the 1st one and apparently so did Randy whom actually was with that band! I thought he had a great night all together. As for last week I was very moved with his 2nd performance because it showed had passionate he is about his family!

    • Yeahhh exactly!!! I cant believe it either!! HAHAHAHA to all of u that think Scotty is 1 trick pony….TAKE THAT!!! GO SCOTTY!!!

    • The lyrics to the last song by Lauren, since the judges are so critical about song choice, were pretty lame for the show. How many times can you say “I’m evil!” Was there anything else to it. Sorry but Lauren just wanted to jazz it up but I wasn’t impressed. Oh, but she did add “thank you” at the end of the song like she has in every song she has done. Thank you before the audience even begins to applaud! She does it every time. What is she doing, thanking everyone for letting her sing or taking the time to listen?

  96. COME ONE FOLKS, James is the whole show, they have to build it around him…! Haylee needs to go home, her voice reminds me of casey, and she growls like she’s passing a stone. Scotty,(Country Joe, I call him) enuf already, every song he sings is country, go home and kiss your horse already! Lastly, Lauren (the Chunkster youngsterz) she needs to go home as well, reminds me of Pia from the last american idol show, where all she did was scream….Sorry folks, she needs to lose a few pounds, get some singing advice, have her parents guide her not to become an ordinary singer, and she will make it big!!! Sorry wouldnt buy anybody’s music, except James…he’s just carrying the other singers on the show…I’ll buy anything he sings, download, or itune it!!!!

  97. Haley’s whole persona does nothing for me.. . would never pay for a concert of hers. . . raspy gets old. but she will get sympathy votes

      • Mike: Sympathy for the judges’s treatment of her. That may not be what they intend. But it is the result.

    • Nope, she will get votes from people who appreciate a singer taking chances and maing a song his/her own.

      James and Scotty are good Karaoke singers – in fact I know a guy in MA who does Karaoke and does Journey as well as Steve Perry and better tha James did tonight.

      The top 2 tonight were Lauren & Hayley but we know that won’t be reflected in the votes and that will be to the detriment of Idol for future seasons.

  98. I think Scotty sucked all around…honestly i would give him a B- for the Where Were You, and a D for the other one. I only gave him a B- because he didn’t hold the mike so he didn’t make stupid faces his vocals sucked, he sounds the EXACT same every week. No variety whatsoever. I guess I will give him “Gone” that was a good performance, but this week his second song made me want to turn off my television. James did pretty good, not as good as he was in the beginning of the competition. I love Lauren, she is super talented. Haley has come into her own, regardless of Randy. The only one I can see going home is Scotty, he is the only one that has no talent. I think Lauren will rally and not even be in bottom two. I really think Scotty needs to be “Gone”

    • Scotty has shown variety all through out the competition. I believe all the top 4 contestants have talent in their own way. Just because you do not like Scotty’s style of singing does not mean you need to bash him. I do not see Scotty going home.

  99. I hope Haley survives this week. Randy and Jennifer were being so cruel to her. She looked so mad that I thought she was gunna go up to them and beat them up with a stick! At least Steven stood up for Haley and told Jennifer and Randy they were point blank, just wrong!

    • Actually, I didn’t have much of an issue with what Jennifer said. She gave honest constructive criticism.

      Randy on the other hand was way way off. I disagreed with him and thought he was overboard.

      • I agree with you that Jennifer’s comment was just honest constructive criticism. IMHO some people are being contradictory when they say they want the judges to give constructive criticism but bash them when they criticize their favorite contestant. It can’t be both ways.

      • The issue isn’t that their criticizing Haley. The issue is that they are ONLY criticizing Haley and giving the three other contestants a free pass.

      • I agree that they could have definitely gotten on the others a bit more.. James last week should have gotten a stern talking to by them. Fortunately he realized it himself, or listened to other people that gave him the harsh feedback.

        Scotty should have gotten it from them after his second performance tonight. He was wide open for criticism on song selection and they gave him a free pass.

        Lauren… this week, not much bad to say, her one goof in the second song wasn’t a killer like it was last week during Unchained Melody…

        So basically.. yeah, I agree that the judges need to step it up and beat on the others like they have been Haley.

        But like I pointed out last week, I think she is feeding off of the critisism and thats really a driving factor in why she has probably improved more over the course of this season than any of the other performers. IMHO only James is still consistantly better than her, and she is closing that gap at light speed. If she avoids elimination this week… I couldn’t even begin to guess what goes down from the final 3 on out.

      • The judges are there to judge, people are just so used to them loving every single mediocre performance this season that whenever they are honest to someone, they are called “cruel.” Her performance was horrible!

      • Gab ~ She definitely deserved the critisism that J-Lo gave, but the real issue is, why does everybody else get a free pass.

        I mean, everyone here knows I’m a James fan, but last week, even I was bracing for the judges to give him both barrels and it never happened, even though he deserved the negative feedback. Scotty deserved it this week, but didn’t get it, Lauren should have gotten some old fashioned constructive criticism last week for U.M. but it didn’t happen then either. Only Haley seems to get blasted by Randy (and I still say he exagerated it out of porportion, the ending was a bit rough, but nowhere near what Randy was making it out to be) it really does seem like something personal since the others really do get away with sub par performances.

      • If you haven’t picked up on it, Gabriela is a female and a Haley hater. We have 4 talented people to watch and any blanket unsubstantiated comments are of little use so why bother?

    • i 100% agree with jo, but i actually believed what jlo said after the second song, i think maybe the reason why they are so hard on her is because they think ahe is the best. idk just a thought.

  100. Ok, I’m trying really hard to understand why people didn’t like Haley’s first song. It has an incredibly deep meaning, more so than any other song I’ve heard on American Idol. She put tons of feeling into it, so much emotion and the “yelling” is just true to MJ’s original track. She said she didn’t want to change it from the original, which is rare for her. This is probably the closest cover she has done to the original artist and she nailed it. She was right to stand up for herself after that very undeserved garbage the judges called criticism as there was NOTHING constructive or helpful they had to say. I’m glad Steven FINALLY came out of his little hole and put JLo and Randy in their place.

    • you can’t understand why people didn’t like haley’s first song performance? maybe because it wasn’t good! The last section of the song it just sounded like her yelling every line, and not in a tone quality way. Other parts of the song weren’t done well either. The thing that is the most jaw dropping is that anytime any of the judges say anything critical, they are accused of bias. Get over yourself. The performance by haley was not good!

      • It’s biased because it’s only Haley. Were the other three tonight so perfect that they had nothing to constructively say? So yes, there’s definitely bias. And if you didn’t like the performance it’s because you don’t like the song. Go listen to Michael Jackson’s original track, the girl nailed it. It might not have been the best song choice, but it wasn’t a terrible performance. Scotty’s Young Blood was a terrible performance.

      • Go listen to it on YouTube…and listen to MJ while you are there. I don’t personally like the song ..but she sang it right!

  101. James- Don’t Stop Believing A- great job bt song is a little overplayed these days.
    Love Potion # 9 A+ he made the song relevant and his milking the performance at the end was a classic rock star move

    Haley-Earth Song D+ Randy was right on this one. She stunk it up and getting snippy with the judges at this point in the contest is not going to win you any votes.
    Second Song- A she redeemed herself but will it be enough?

    Scotty- Alan Jackson song- A- ok since when does saying I love Jesus come across as preachy. Tender and inspirational. Some people are inspired by Jesus you know…
    Youngblood B+ Not much you can do with a cheesefest song but he performed it well.

    Lauren- Anyway- A+ Great performance of a great song that had some personal meaning to her with all of the devastating tornados in her neck of the woods.
    Trouble- A not a great song again but she performed it well.

    No doubt in my mind Haley is going home after tonight.

    • I agree with you that Haley’s comments to the judges after she sang her first song will not win her any votes from some voters, like me. I also agree with you that Scotty singing a song with Jesus in the lyrics is not being preachy. The first songs were suppossed to be inspirational to the contestants. I am getting tired of some people saying that speaking and singing about Jesus is being preachy and arrogant. Scotty has a right to stick up for his beliefs just like everyone else. I give his first performance an A+ because he sang it great and from the heart. He is a true inspiration.

      • I agree with you about Scotty’s first song. It reminds me of Dolly Parton’s song “Smokey Mountain Memories”.

    • So Scotty can stick up for his beliefs but Hailey can’t stick up for herself. She has gutts and a lot of stamina to put up with the abuse she gets every week.

      I know, she’s the only one on the show that has issues. Scotty is perfect, Lauren is perfect, James is perfect and so are you.

      • Nobody is perfect. I am just saying that Scotty had a right to choose a song based on his beliefs just like everyone else without being critisized for singing about Jesus.

    • Hope you are right Pat. Haley needs to go. Her attitude that she is above being told anything is getting more boring every week. She is not running the show but she acts like she is invinceable

    • I agree with you that Haley’s comments, I don´t like Haley grrrrrrrrrrrrr(boring) 😉

  102. Everything James did makes me feel staged, including the fake emotions and tears. It takes lots of effort pretending to be genuine though.

    • 😐 maybe u have two syndrome at the same time then u try to fake emotions, u’re lame

    • He plays the sympathy card hard doesn’t he. What a child. He’s becoming more like a Heavy Metal Wimp. I miss my wahhhhhhhhh!

      Vote for him before he crys again!

      • And wow… the trolls must be part rabbit the way they are multiplying around here.

  103. I thought I was the only one who thought Scotty sucked. How he has lasted this long is amazing to me, so BORING, dorky and like every country singer outside of a handful, the SAME sound every time any of them sing. No one stood out tonite, funny how the show seemed to be packed with talent a month or so ago and now everyone is decent and no one is great

  104. Gamers attitude is horrible. She better leave tommorow. Are you kidding me talking back to the judges? Uhh you where the one who started all that with Randy. There giving there opinions and I think they were right. And come on seriously oh I thought it was perfect the way it was so I didn’t change it and all the crap give me a break. I don’t remember anyone from the top 13 to know complain and talk back about the feedback of the judges. Except her. Just rediculous America please send her home.

    • I meant hailey not gamers. And you hailey lovers can attack me I’m ready for it!

      • ugh if i were haley i would be pretty pissed to and i would have done the same thing, they always nit pick at everything with her, yet when the others sound like *, they act like its the best thing they ever heard, and u know im right.

    • I don’t see it as her disagreeing with Randy so much as her agreeing with Steven. 😀

      But seriously, notice how when J-Lo gave good honest constructive criticism, she took it in stride and accepted it with a nod and a look of consideration… but then Randy goes and takes it off the deep end. I mean, he even got “I love everything, everything is beautifull” Steven Tyler to take a shot at him, thats how out of line Randy was. I can almost picture Simon watching it and saying, “Wow, that seemed a bit harsh”

      At that point, I just saw her standing up for herself, and good for her on it.

      • Spot on kdub – Jackson was way OTT and even when JLo and, especially Steven tried to shut him up he went on and on and on and on.

        Notice how Ryan had words with him b4 introducing Hayley b4 round 2?

        His comments were way out of line!

    • Don’t pick on Courtney, she’s ready for ya! Another female, jealous Hailey hater. Can’t really knock her ability but you can lie. Go to Itunes and check out the sound she puts out.

      James, seen the act before. Copy-cat rocker. And crys too much. Please stop squinting.

      Scotty, pleasant to hear for country but no improvement with the same old, same old. Not really sure why everyone makes over the nice guy act. Are you really sure? I’ve just met a lot of so-called preachers before. What’s scarry are followers that want you to believe they’re nice too.

      Lauren, sweet, cute and not too professional. She knows how to kick up her heels in a song though. Now if she could just loosen up the rest of the body.

      Hailey has gotten better and better each week whether you will admit it or not. The others are scared cause they saw her go by and the only one that has gotten it is gear is Lauren but she doesn’t have the courage to leap.

      • I’m sure he would love to stop squinting and would love to have more controll over the emotions, but his medical conditions kinda prevent that. ~rolleyes~

      • I’m actually not a jealous Haley hater. I have absolutely loved the songs that she has done in the past. Last night I was t feeling it at all. And her attitude bugs the he’ll out of me she thinks that she can talk back to the judges and to me that meAns I don’t deserve to be critized. Also this is not the first time she has done that. I just don’t like the girls personality and I know alot of people who Agree with me.

      • I just want to say on your comment about James squinting. That is very rude because he cant help it with his disease. I work with children who have the same thing so for you to be so inconsiderate of something that cant be controlled says alot about you!

      • Its not nice to make fun of someone who has a medical condition he can’t help. Even with what he has he’s better than the rest that have no ticks at all. James for the win!!!

  105. I think that now that it is down to the final 4 we are really missing some of the better talent from the season. Tonight was kinda boring, it has been boring since Casey went home IMO. James brings life to it, Scotty brings in some laughs and Lauren is, well “not Evil’ and the fighting between the judges and Haley is just disturbing and awkward to watch.

    BUT if Haley is the one to go I hope she sings House of the Rising Sun again…just saying.

  106. I’ve figured I just don’t like James singing. A bit screechy always.
    Haley – the earth song was like two songs. But I liked it a LOT better than James’ Love potion. Second song was perfect. Not the best of the season, for that one was “the House of the raising Haley”…
    Laurens Trouble was ok. This is kind of what I see her doing…
    Scotty. He’s so country. Does well I guess for a country guy. Not my thing though, boring.
    Personal faves this week Lauren and Haley.

  107. Does anyone else think the changing of numbers for the second round of songs might make a difference in voting? Usually, the order of appearance for the second round corresponds with the first round. If a contestant sings first, he/she will usually sing fifth, and so on. It was different tonight. Could this cause someone to lose votes? Hopefully it won’t. Ryan did mention it one time. Haley sang fifth, but her voting number was 06.

    • It’s possible it might, but I doubt it will be enough for it to be an issue. I always use the first number listed myself, and I would guess that folks watching at the end probably got the number then.. but a few folks might have gotten confused.

      • Anybody know why James was one in the first go round and last in the second round? Another perk?

      • I’m guessing it was randomly selected.. only way I can make it make sense… I mean, if they were trying to pimp James out, they would have given him the #4 and #8 spot instead of the spot of death and the pimp spot. of course it might also be something they are testing, giving a single performer the worst spot for one song, and best spot for the next… but it doesn’t explain about swapping the others around like they did.

    • I have passed a comment on this as well. How come James got the #1 spot and then magically the pimp spot??

      • I’m still putting my money on random selection. It’s the only way that the order would make any sense. the #1 spot is usually the spot of death, but getting the pimp spot to balance it out was definitely fortune shining on James.

    • IMO: It was a failed atempt to pimp James out. He must have dropped some votes last week.

  108. Haley’s songS were both amazing. I’m tired of hearing Randy say, only to her, that he’s confused about who she is as an artist. And to quote what Randy said to Haley about this point in the competition you have to make wise choices… well why didn’t he say that to Scotty about the way he performed Young Blood? He made that song a joke. His singing isn’t bad, but at this level of the competition I don’t think performing a song in the style of Ray Stevens (Along Came Jones) is a ‘wise choice.’
    Please no more country music.

    • What!! Scotty did a great performance today, the judges really had nothing bad to say about it. In the other hand, Haley choose a song earth that was really boring, and I did not like the way she sing it, and we at home were making comment of how better she could it been if she chosen a not boring song. I have been voting for Haley but today performance was not the best (last week it was) and come on, she looked so errogant that make me change the way I feel about her. She can sing, but in this case the judges were right. Haley should go home.

      • Scotties first performance was awesome.

        But that second song was a mess. I give him props for trying to do something different, and he did the best he could with the song.

        If they were assigned songs and he had no choice but to do this one, i would have given him much better reviews, but he CHOSE that song and he did it to himself.

        Dipping into the Elvis well a third time may have seemed a bit excessive, but Scotty really should have considered Jailhouse Rock, Kansas City, or Stand By Me as his second song. All three would have been an uptempo (or just more powerfull in the case of Stand by Me) choice that would have fit him much better and not come off so corny or trite.

  109. I will be short but maybe not so sweet lol
    I loved both of James’performances. He’s a great singer and entertainer!
    I thought Scotty picked a song that he’s too young for and a corny 2nd one.
    I didn’t like either of Laurens performances, but her 1st was better.
    And Haley screwed up picking a MJ song but she did a great job with the 2nd one.
    I wish Lauren or Scotty will go home, but I think it will be Haley.

  110. Please Lauren be safe for another round but definitely i think its only a fight between Scotty and James and the girls will end up 3rd and 4th. seriously I don’t like how Scotty sings it’s just pure gimmick and i think the only contender left is Hayley and James but i really want Lauren to be in to the top 3!!!

  111. I have no problem with the judges giving criticism, but I feel that it has been undeservingly leaped on one person, Haley. Was there even a spec of criticism for anyone else.

    I’m sorry, but I certainly don’t think that Scotty has done anything “to step it up” His 2nd song was kind of fun to watch, but it certainly was not a vocal performance.

    I like James a lot. No he doesn’t have the greatest voice, but he certainly brings a lot of energy and his own style.

    Lauren is Lauren. Very good natural voice, has ton’s of potential. Her first song was good. Ok, she steped out of her comfort zone for the 2nd song, but I thought the 2nd half of that song was terrible. Sorry.

    Haley is probably the most diverse of all the performers. I didn’t think the first song was great, but it certainly didn’t deserve the trashing that Randy gave it. Her second song was beautiful. She really can sing, even when she doesn’t growl. I hope she stays because I think that she might have more potential to be a star then any of the others.

    • I totally agree with you that Haley is the most diverse. She has such a great voice! I wish Haley wins!

  112. dial idol predicting James and Haley are in trouble tonight…This is so difficult to believe because the Scotty had another bad night. Not only did he rekindle 911 when America should be healing from it but his second song Young Blood was a train wreck.

    • A Lucky 8 ball is a better indicator than Dial Idol… seriously, after the raw number of times they have been wrong, I can’t believe anybody even puts any stock in that site anymore.

  113. A lot of people say Scotty is boring. They probably say that because they are used to listening musicians like James. Don’t get me wrong, I like James a lot, as a performer, as I grew up on Rock and Roll. But, his style of music (rock)has always needed things like smoke bombs, flash pots and burning pianos to be entertaining to a audience. When Scotty sings, his songs are simply telling a heartfelt story. All that other stuff would be little more than a distraction to the song and the voice behind the song. If some of you find such a style “boring”, I feel sorry for you.

    • It’s not that Scotty’s songs are boring… It was just that he never put any kind of energy into his music (Until last week with Gone, which was masterful)

      As the old saying goes, Variety is the spice of life. Scotty needed to mix it up, if he had been performing uptempo songs in the vein of “Gone” more often, then he wouldn’t be getting the “Boring” Label from folks. Ballads are great, but an entertaining performer to reach a wider audience, (even a country audience) needs to go uptempt more often than Scotty has done in the past.

      • I really wonder how much choice these kids have with song choice?? I think it is not as much as we all think. They all listen to todays radio no matter what their style, so I think other people have alot o say

      • They are free to pick any song so long as it meets 2 criteria
        1) The song fits the Genre (and they let them bend the heck out of this one)

        2) The origional performer (or whomever owns the rights to the song) allows AI to use it.

        Thats pretty much it. Obviously certain songs would have to either be swapped up to radio play versions, but any smart contestant would avoid vulger songs like the plague, so I doubt that would be much of an issue.

      • In the past Kelly, David C. etc. have said that they are given a short list of about 40 or 50 songs that are “cleared’. Occasionally a singer requests a specific song and if the producers agree, a special clearance is arranged. Their choices are not as wide as you might imagine.

      • Templar ~ From what I have heard it is very rare for the Producers to shoot down a song request and when they do, it’s almost always due to licensing issues by the origional artist wanting revenue from the use of their IP. (IE Item #2 on my list)

  114. I am really hoping that Haley will win. It’s time to bring Jazz back into the light. She is extremely good especially when she sang with Casey. I really hope the two of them do a CD together. Their music is NEW AGE and GREAT! Contry is found every where and it all sounds alike. Open your ears and minds to the sounds that made music what it is today. JAZZ
    It’s time for Laruen and Scotty to go home.
    Really enjoyed James and Journey song! James is GOOD! But Haley should win it all. She is different and it’s time for JAZZ to come back, she has her own sound which makes her stand out and be noticed!

  115. Why don’t you people really believe the judges when they actually criticize somebody! It’s Haley’s crummy attitude about what the judges say that ticks me off..
    She can’t take constructive criticism for sure and is rolling her eyes when they said anything remotely negative!

    • She actually took J-Lo’s constructive critisism very well.

      It was Randy’s BS that set her (and Steven) off.

      • How can Haley not have an attitude? Randy is just cruel!!! And contradictory!!! Notice when JLo gave her critique, Haley took it in and nodded acknowledging it, but Randy – well he’s always been cruel to her so yea Haley defended herself and good for her! I wonder if how much ‘criticism’ you can take from one person?

  116. Quote from Lauren Alaina after the show about the judges’ treatment of Haley:

    “I wasn’t a happy camper about that,” she said. “That made me a little ill. I’m sorry, but Haley has the best voice on this show and she gets the most criticism. I deserve a lot more criticism than she does. I’m Haley’s No. 1 fan. I listen to her iTunes songs over and over and over.”

  117. Okay all you people for Hayley are crazy….. Hayley started off in this competition bad with fallen by Alicia keys.with her nasty growling like a big fat grizzly bear every week and it is annoying … she does not have any right to talk back to the judges …. for the person that said that the judges are criticizing Hayley because she’s the best and the rest are not. No the judges have judged every single person in this competition badly they criticized Scotty at one point because he reached the point were they want more than his great singing and good looks… Lauren a couple of weeks ago because they wanted more from her..james too and all of the contestants that went home sad thong is Hayley just reached this point where screaching and growling are not good enough they want more and for her to be that point that everybody else has reached so early in the competition just shows that she’s not ready for this competition and life after…. and another thing after all the criticism that Jane’s Lauren and Scotty encountered not once did they talk back at the judges like she did except Jacob and he’s gone soo….Lauren Scotty and James deserve to stay not someone who clearly do not have the judges votes and who clearly has a stank attitude… and what us up with Steven Tyler and Hayley anyway I mean everyweek

    • steven ty is a janis joplin big fan…
      and u think he look haley as the new janis joplin..

    • I (Who Have Nothing), House of the Rising Sun, and Rolling in the Deep are better, by far, than anything Lauren and Scotty have done. She wasn’t even talking back, she was just defending herself. Randy personally insulted her by commenting about her upper register when she clearly was in the middle of her range. Just because YOU don’t like her doesn’t mean she’s not as good as the other contestants. She didn’t deserve that garbage from Randy, especially when the other performances were no where near perfect.

    • @Alwaya a Rock Star You are 100 percent correct. Condoning disrespect is childish action from one who thinks they are above that. AL has an open forum for everyone to express their opinions and that includes the judges. Tyer should have kept his big mouth shut to the point he disrespectes the other judges, but is intitled to his opinion also. Give Haley an apology. NO WAY. They are doing their job, which doesnt include crawling to appease a brat

  118. I got bashed for my James comment calling his lifting eyebrow a gimmick like the tail. I just want to know thoughts… James demonstrated his controlled abilities of his eybrows tonight. Watch it again. Last song of the night when he was giving out his number. He is very talented! Yes.. I already know he has issued beyond his controls but he sure can control his eyebrows very well.

    • He may have done that tonight but he has said that when he gets really nervous it shows up more. Have you noticed on other nights he can’t control his facial expressions.

      • He is very gifted and creative. He like to use gimmicks. Whats real and whats an act? I see an uncontrolable twitch at times but the eyebrows seem to start acting up on queue right after he completed a song and the camera is zoomed in.

  119. I was really happy when Steven Tyler stood up to JLO and Randy tonight! Haley did not desever the ripping that Randy and JLO were giving her! She did well with both songs! And last week her ding one of Lady GAGA songs was very good! It’s just too bad that Haley seems to get all the critisium and the others slide by! Scotty is a one trick pony … sounding like all the other country western singers. Yes, he has a voice but he sounds like all the rest of the country singers. Laruen just isn’t ready yet. I am a fan of James but Haley is the best with the newest sound… bring back the JAZZ.

  120. Do you notice what did scotty invoke?
    “Lord, this is not my doing,”
    It was so much fun.:)

  121. If everyone was criticized the way Haley has been than she wouldn’t have to have an attitude! Randy and JLo just don’t want her to win! Let let everyone else slide by without any harsh words. Watch and listen!

  122. Just really happy that Steven Tyler stood by her tonight and shut JLo and Randy down!

    • yes, bravo to Steven for stepping up for Hailey. It’s just sad to watch her turning her face away when Randy said Scott, James, and Lauren win the first round but Hailey. I guess it was the hardest moment for her to take in.

  123. My Opinion
    best to worst performances of the night
    1. Haley, “I (Who Have Nothing)”
    2. James, “Don’t Stop Believing”
    3. James, “Love Potion No. 9.”
    4. Scotty, “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning.”
    5. Lauren, “Anyway”
    6. Lauren, “Trouble.”
    7. Haley , “The Earth Song”
    8. Scotty, “Young Blood.”

    • yeah I kind of agree .. But “the earth song of haley” should be in 4th place . And yeah ! Haley has the best performance of the night . HALEY IS IN IT TO WIN IT

      • Haley was not the best female performer of the night . Lauren beat her up on this one! James will always be number one!

  124. yes! i definitely agree that haley should win the A.I. she is has the complete package of being a great singer..vrsatile and modern..not boring like the also fan of them but JAZZ music should be reLIVE again! scotty-sounded very’s cant be marketed and country music is not patronize in asia. unlike if you have the superb voice like carrie underwood. james is just like the other rockers out there..we are getting bored on AI winners who are all males and with rocker type of voice..lauren is not yet ready for the stardom..and worlwide music scene..she shoul practice and focus on her studies..ther’s a great future ahead of’s not her time yet..let’s give it to haley!

    thanks..kien from the philippines

  125. I think Haley will go home…sadly. I like her and James the most. To me they seem like the two most exciting contestants for a finale! Alas, it is probably not to be. But she is like a cat with nine lives so she may fool us and live another day. I hope!

  126. I think both Randy and JLo were trying to get America to send Hailey home. It’s just wrong. I’ve been watching AI 10 years now, I never think of Randy this bad until today. He was attacking her. That’s brutal and discontructive. In my opinion, Hailey has been improving a lot. She delivers many best performanaces besides James. She is quite a character and very confident. She knows what she is doing. And she works hard to win. And for that reason, I’ve voted 1000 times for her. I hope America will keep Hailey.

    • It was disgusting the way JLo and Jackson – in particular – went after Hayley and this is the 3rd week in a row they have done it. Each time Steven Tyler has come to her rescue! It is pathetic – especially Jackson who cr**ms his jeans everytime James or Scotty sings.

  127. Wow .. What the ! haley for me , has the best performance of the night . i am so sick listening to Jlo and randy .. And you know what , Steven is the only one who does know about singing . *HALEY ALL THE WAY

    • Haley all the way, but we need to keep voting the judges have there favourites and Haley needs to be rewarded for her passion and consistancy!!

  128. The first round was awful but Lauren won it.

    1. James: Nothing unique about the performance, pitchy in parts and, as Simon Cowell was want to say – it was a Karaoke performance. I don’t understand how the “judges” gave him rave reviews, especially Jackson who played with Journey and knows how silky smooth Steve Perry was on the vocals with this and other songs they made famous.

    2. Haley: Listen to MJ’s version of that song and then convince me that she blew it as badly as Jackson tried to make out. It was not the best song choice but, come on, Jackson and JLo took nearly 5 minutes of the show telling us how bad her performance was and – for once – thank you Steven for stepping up to the plate.

    3. Scotty: How come he got the on-stage interview with Ryan who gave us the Scotty the Body line? As for the performance, it was corny, including the kissing of the cross. I am a Christian and a Vet who has seen real action. Yes, his vocals are good but this was a cozy song for him without the passion Alan Jackson put into it.

    4. Lauren: The best of round #1 and I was really proud of her for hitting those high notes and sustaining them. Steven – back off on the dress comments. She is 16 for God’s sake!!

    Nice touch – again – from unbiased Jackson – when he said that 3 had tied for best in round one. Really – this from a guy who is supposed to know music. Notice that Ryan did not ask Steven for his opinion because he was p*ss*d after the attack on Hayley and Ryan knew it, hence the awkward discussion between Ryan and Jackson before round 2.

    So now we come to round 2 and why didn’t James start as has been the norm in previous Idol’s, including last week, when they sing in the same order in round 2 as they did in round 1.

    Hayley: By far the best of the night – by far. The standing “O” seemed contrived as it was last week and, frankly, I understand the attitude Hayley has because the “attacks” on her in round 1 were totally out of line and in Jackson’s case, too long and way OTT.

    Scotty: Nothing special – cute I guess but nothing vocally challenging.

    Lauren: Not as good as round 1 but good nevertheless and she showed a little sassiness.

    James: Good performance of a mediocre song, especially the ending. What I and those with me did not like was the pimping shout outs by James, especially to Randy b4 song #1. He is not a star and, frankly, is a little better than an average rock singer.

    Why was he allowed to open the show with what was supposed to be a number that would blow us away and then allowed to have the pimp closing spot?

    Vocally and performance-wise, the best two tonight were the girls and the worst overall was Scotty.

    However, we know that the “votes” will not go that way and that is the farce of Idol.

    I have not seen Steven Tyler so p’d off as he was tonight with Jackson in particular and I agree with him. As for JLo, she is so sanctimonious when it comes to her “advice” to Hayley. This from a woman who would bomb if she had to sing live.

    Why does James get away with being so off-key aka pitchy, especially when he basically does nothing special to the songs? People compare him to Adam Lambert and there is no comparison. Adam made every song he sang – good or bad – his own.

    The only singer in the final 4 who has done that consistently and taken risks is Hayley. That probably explains why Adam thinks Hayley is the best of Season 10.

    The assault on Hayley tonight in round one from JLo and Jackson was disgusting and I don’t blame her one iota for fighting back, especially at Jackson.

    Does he think because he has the same last name as Michael that he has some God given right to rant on for as long as he did?

    The “judges” comments, overall, this Season have been pathetic but I do applaud Steven for speaking out tonight after Hayley’s round 1 performance.

    • Exactly Haley was the best! her ability to put out the best performance again and again is amazing,we the viewers need to show her how much we appreciate her flawless performances!

  129. if I just have the power to fire the judges , I will 100 % fire them (except steven) for not giving fair criticisms .. Criticisms are constructive but it will catch america’s attention in ters of voting . *I AM ROOTING FOR HALEY !

  130. I love Haley!!!! I really don’t know why Randy is so hard on her, her voice is so amazing!!! I wish Haley win this thing. GO, HALEY!! Continue to Kick their asses!!! 😉

    • Because she was not that great! Haley thinks she is so cool but her song choices were not good. James beat her big time!!! And Lauren was really better than her anyway if we are talking about female singers.

      • Seriously?! Lauren is better than Haley? That’s a laugh! Can Lauren do Adele? NEVER!!! She has never hit a high note like Haley. Watch her sing over the season and notice she NEVER finishes the song on a high note – just can’t go there. Go Haley!

    • Sorry but Haley screwed up big time last night and not only that showed her true colors when acting like a 3 yr old when the judges told her what they thought. She needs to chill out acting like a mean girl. People are really getting tired of her attitude problem. Our 2011 Idol needs to handle pressure better than that!

      • hahaaha, agree with munkspankt..
        hopefully the american public give their votes for HALEY !

      • The haters should stop insulting other contestants… UGH! Let America decide. Don’t want your favorite to go out? Then just give the vote. What’s so hard? Haley’s amazing and everyone knows that. Just some people appeared to be kinda jealous. Eh, i mean, MANY.

      • i was never a fan of haley but i definitely agree that we have to give credit for how she fought during the past weeks… despite the abundant negative feedbacks that she got from the judges… i would probably never have the courage to fight like haley did. so kudos to her. whether its her fate to leave the competition or be in the top 3, i think hailey deserves it.

      • what i meant was, whether haley leaves the competition this week or stay and be one of the top 3, i think she deserves to be where she is right now. she’s a fighter… i like her attitude.

    • Kinda jealous? Major jealousy, and they are all female. Maybe they should look at the girl in the mirror?

      • I am a female and I think Haley is the best voice in the competition and the judges critiques are unwarranted 90% of the time and last night was just plain rude saying 3 were tied for 1st, no comment on that account would have been better. If Jlo and Randy are there next year I will no longer be watching.

      • I am Venezuelan-American and BELIEVE ME I ADORE what I see on the mirror. I thought this was about singing, but if you want to think I am jealous go right ahead. I still think her voice is annoying and she behaves like a brat when someone with great knowledge in the music industry like Randy gives her a critique. That attitude will come back and bite her own butt. I really don’t care who wins or not, but the two girls left standing were not the best female voices of the bunch!

      • Im a female and have supported her from day one. 🙂 I could see how many women would be jealous of her. Haley’s confident, classy, and sexy…and has much more variation and uniqueness to her voice than most.

      • Agree. Every female I know is a Hayley fan. Randy ought to be ashamed of himself the way he carries on about Hayley. And Jennifer really struggles giving her kudos. Lil jealous, I think.

      • Haley is very cute and what great teeth!! Now lets get real what a brat. Have you read how she go’s off after the camera are off. Get real. This is life and no one is going to say sweet things everyday. How can she even pretend to be professional if she can’t take the heat and fights back then turns and will not even look at the judges. Great voice and did I say teeth but wow she is a train wrek waiting to happen.

      • I’m a girl, and I love, love, love Haley and her one of a kind voice. I have from day 1. I’m secure in my own looks and personality not to take offense from good looking confident and strong girls…I don’t know where some of these females’ hate towards Haley comes from, but it’s totally unwarranted…

    • Haley and James in the final for sure.
      We in South Africa love these 2 for they can perform any song. Pitty we can only see the show on Sundays and there for we can not vote from SA.

      • Yes Haley!!! GO HOME!! Go home and visit your family, because you will make top 3 and get to visit!!!! Love you girl!

    • AMEN!!!!
      Not only the fact she cannot sing…she screams and growls but she’s a brat, a snot, and thinks she’s gods gift to the music world!!

      Ugghhh….please send her pouty self home!!

      • Rodimus….that was flat uncalled for. You should be ashamed. And while we’re at it, it is “you’re” not “your” before tone deaf. At least try to show some knowledge of the English language while YOU’RE being disgusting!

      • It’s interesting how a single misspelled word is enough to assume that I lack knowledge in the English language, especially since many others make the same mistake (and even worse), on this very page 🙂 That aside, this is the internet and you’ve given into trolling. Problem?

      • What a stupid remark Shows what caliber person you are. Pathetic form of a human being

      • A righteous comment Nick. I suppose you are the arbitrator of what makes a human being. If only you knew :/

      • I hear you Marnie, but according to the Idol blog live, Dialidol prediction and other pages she’ll be sent packing tonight. So… hopefully we’ll be hearing more singing and less growling on the two weeks left of the show. It was about time my gosh!!!!!!!!!!

    • If more guys voted, Haley would go home. Haley screamed again during her first song last night, and again the judges caught it, I don’t give Stevens remarks any credit, Randy is the professional judge among all three. If James is so good, how come he has not been discovered yet? Haley will go home, 73 to all.

      • Not very smart are you Bubba? Randy a professional? He was non-committal this episode. Haley will not go if men vote, and a homosexual like you couldn’t understand :/

      • Rodimus, are you 12? First you suggest someone is a failed abortion, now you suggest they are homosexual. If you have a reasonable critique, please offer it. If not, shut the hell up!

      • I could be 12, or perhaps 21. If you are so mature, why not ignore my comments? Giving in to trolling shows a lack of emotional control on your part.

      • haha, I’m gay and I love HALEY so what’s the matter… If men would vote here they’d vote for Haley, not only because she is the best, because she is also sexy , smart, confident, etc… Great performance last night

      • All great reasons. I agree with your comment and I take back the use of homo as an offense 🙂

  131. I’m surprised that so many of you blame Haley fortrying to defend herself.
    She’sbeen singled out week after week and given criticism while the other contestants have only been given praise for obviously flawed performances.
    She may have made the mistake of trying to argue her point, but,how much is she suppose to take and stay quiet?
    I think, if this were a competition of purely the best voices, the final two contestants should be Haley and Lauren. James, as much as I like him, is sometimes almost a caricature of what someone believes ”real” rock star should be. He comes off as contrived, and screeches off key far too often. Scotty . . .? Good gawd!! While I hope he will someday be able to achieve his potential, I fail to see that he has a strong singing voice range. Lauren’s main fault seems to be her youthful inexperience, In time,she will go much farther in her singing career.
    Thanks, I’ve enjoyed all your comments.♥

    • Every body forgets how supportive the judges were to Haley in the beginning when she was smuggling..Steven praised even when she wasnt so good…so like th
      e others she has to take the good
      and bad comments.. she will be fine.. the decision will be a popularity decision… they all have great vocals and that it should the reason you vote. Not by looks …this is a singing competition ..and I really miss the true comments from judges like Simon…these judges are being too nice.. why do james Lauren snotty and haley need american idol when they are perfect..

      • It’s pretty simple, Haley doesn’t bow down and worship the Demi Gods so they take a shot at her everytime. I thought Pia was going to win it but she screwed up and took their advice. Same with Thia.

      • Timbre so well put!!! I agree with you 100%. Lauren and Haley have the best voices in the competition and deserve to stay.

        I can’t take james’ attitude and arrogance any longer. I don’t understand why he gets so much praise for so many off key performances. I’m hoping by some miracle that he goes home tonight.

      • @Kris He has played himself out. Tired of gimmicks and play for pity. He has peaked and should go home to be with his family

  132. Long time no write, but I just stopped watching the show due to my travel schedule and quite frankly I am just glad I’ll also have THE X FACTOR and THE VOICE to follow from now on. Seriously, these four were NOT the best of the bunch by ANY means. This season AI has become a joke, I don’t know if the new “judges that don’t judge” have anything to do with it but… oh well. The performances have been so average lately that every time they do something a “little better” it gets confused with greatness, perfection and whatever the heck makes JLo go nuts! Looking back, and believe me it hurts me to write this; even Thia was a better pick for top 4 than Haley and Lauren. She had a better voice, I can even handle her lack of stage presence now – is not like Haley or Lauren had a great stage presence anyways. I thought those two will be LONG GONE by now and here they are… top 4… Americas’ voters went bananas… literally!
    Haley marches on stage like a crazy horse in every freaking song she sings, lifting her left arm over and over and shrugging, and that “raspy” voice is nothing other than her attempt to hit notes she can’t hit, so she screams. James’ screams have some kind of harmony at least. Hate me all you want, but the best female voices are already out. And out of the two guys… I don’t know, I guess James will have to win AI for the show to keep at least a little dignity. He wasn’t my pick to win it, but at least he sings well and knows how to put out a show. So his concerts will be fun and he sounds good.

      • Hi David!!! I haven’t been able to read my last comments from weeks ago, I can’t even find them… but I’m sure I got “love” letters from the Thianatics hahaha 🙂

      • Gabriela…you are entitled to your opinion, but boy do I think you’re wrong. I like thia, but she is nowhere near the talent of Lauren and Haley. James is so fake, and his voice is not all that great. I hope James goes home tonight.

      • Thia’s voice was WAY better than Lauren’s and Haley’s, but yes… she was boring due to her lack of stage presence. But Haley my dear, is WORSE! I still remember when she sang on the piano, and when it was time for her to get off it… OH DEAR LORD! It looked like a 3 year old getting off a kitchen table. She has no grace at all, and she just screams and growls. JLo can say whatever the heck she wants to say, to be honest; JLo is not the best judge when it comes to voice alone. And, Haley also has an ugly attitude than man… it’ll get her burn in the industry. As far as the stupid comments about me being a hater of Haley because she is beautiful or whatever… please, come on. I am not criticizing her looks (she is beautiful), I just think her voice is so annoying. Period!

    • Just another opinion with music bias. Too bad you’ve missed all the performances when Haley was dubbed the best voice in the competition. At least the others don’t always throw their head back as if to chug a beer through their nose and sing the same old screaming upper register that supposedly makes James a “rocker”. He’s nothing more than a copy-cat of others that have been there before. Blah Blah, blah blah blah blah as Charlie Brown’s teacher would say!

      • Oh give up the copy-cat BS already.

        Every single person up there… and in fact, every single person in the music industry today is basically using their own version of somebody else spiel that was created long ago.

        Scotty is a country Crooner like the hundreds that have come before him, Lauren is is a pop-country singer just like the hundreds that have come before.

        Haley is a soul blues rocker chick, just like the… well dozens that have come before.

        And James is a high register rocker, just like the hundreds that have come before.

        I could go on right down the line with every single performer that has ever graced the idol stage. They are ALL just continuing musical traditions and walking down musical trail that have been blazed by others long long ago.

    • You got me at “James screams have some kind of harmony at least.” Perhaps if you are a late Phillip Glass fan.

      • Thank you! Why do people not realize that something has to come before for you to do what you do or make what you make. Everything or everyone is inspired by something or someone else.

      • They just started filming so… I’m guessing in a couple of months maybe?

    • Kris is right about Thia. She was boring, and she only made it as far as she did because of the Asian conspiracy. Thia couldn’t reach the notes that Haley and Lauren, nor was her control superior, though it was respectable. As for James, I have yet to be disappointed completely, though he could be better.

    • hi gabriela, i totally agree with you. for the women, i believe that thia and pia HAVE the talent, it’s a shame, america didn’t see that. but seriously, i really really hope haley will be out and even if scotty fans will hate me, i hope he’ll be next. 🙂

  133. From AInow:

    @blkeener was at the Top 4 performance taping and tweeted this after Ryan Seacrest asked the judges who won Round 1: As the Idols left the stage after the judges threw Haley even deeper under the bus, Haley broke down in tears & JLo just shrugged…she was a mess walking off.

    • TPTP maybe getting some pressure for Lauren to be in the Top 3 and reports that the show is to be sold for $509M may play a part.
      Scotty a some problems with both his songs, some what minor but still the judges said nothing.
      If you read between the lines of the press reports of earlier this week, it would seem that Haley was to go this week no matter how well she did, I think the word was put out this was her last week.

  134. Scotty McCreery – Young Blood
    Gaga found Scotty funny, but I just found him nauseating. Also, kissing the cross? What was that? What was so offensive about the time he spent with her that he felt he needed apologize to the lord? Ugh. What was offensive were Scotty’s dance moves during the performance. Barf. And I hated the low “You better leave my daughter alone.” You’re 12! This performance felt like I was trapped in a karaoke bar, in Oklahoma, in a nightmare, in hell. Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy, gross.

    • I did my best to keep Haley in since she is absolutely the best artist on that stage and deserves the win. I didn’t love her first song, but c’mon! She killed everyone AGAIN with her second. Randy and JLo – you suck! Especially Randy — you hypocritical piece of crap. Anyone that say’s “Journey” is the second best rock band EVER behind Aerosmith has ZERO credibility — I could care less if you toured with them. OMG!

      • I’ll agree that second Best is a reach, especially in a world that has The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Queen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Boston… I wouldn’t have an issue with somebody calling Journey a top 10 Rock Band, but #2? I’m with you DeBander, thats a huge huge stretch.

        Also, calling Steve Perry the #2 Vocalist was also a bit of a stretch… I could see an argument for 5th best maybe but when Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, Rob Halford, and Jimmy Page out there… I just dont see him cracking that top 4.

      • I liked Journey but Top 10 EVER no, Top 10 playing in the 80’s and 90’s yes.

      • Kdub…. I think he said second best American rock band. Also Jimmy Page’s vocals? Robert Plant might have been offended by your comment 🙂

      • I didn’t say I would agree with the statement, only that I wouldn’t have an issue with it. Wouldn’t be a ludicrous statement like #2 overall. 😉

      • Randy wasn’t even in the band when that song was released. He was just the replacement for Ross Vallory, the original Journey bassist. Randy was in the band when they were, well…

      • ~groans and slaps forehead~ and this is why I shouldn’t be posting at 4AM… lol, yes Bahloo, I meant Plant… was having a conversation about Page yesterday and I guess his name has just been floating in my head since then. (In my defense, he actually really does have a good voice. lol)

      • hmmm, odd, one of my posts dissapeared… well, I had responded to Bahloo basically smacking my own forehead in a Homer Simpson-like “DOH!” moment mentioning that yes I meant Plant, not Page, I was having a conversation with a friend about Page and his name was kinda stuck in my head and as I intended to write Plant.. well, you can guess what happens when you are posting at 4AM in the morning. LOL

      • and as soon as I post that next post, my origional one shows back up… ugh! This stupid comment system is glitchy as all heck lately.

      • Whoops! here comes the “Get the name right police”. It’s Jimmy Paige not Page.

      • LOL, hey, at 4 AM after being awake for over 24 hours, I’m lucky to be able to spell my own name correctly. 😉

    • what was so offensive is that she told him to imagine the mic was his girlfriend and he had to shove his tongue down her throat! also what she said about “making love to the mic.” He is a 17 year old strong Christian. It was way inappropriate to say the things she did. then after all this was over she basically mocked him, “well i didn’t know he was conservative…”

      • He’s a pretty good looking 17 year old boy. Christian or not, that boy has most likely gotten some action. He may not have found his way to home plate, but I would be beyond shocked to find out he hasn’t made it to second base. It wasn’t offensive at all, it just wasn’t condescending to the guy, which is what too many people want to be to theese youngens. He knew exactly what she meant by make love to the mic, and if he can’t reconcile with that, then he has no buisiness in the music industry. (I give him more credit than that though.)

    • Maybe Scotty was offended by the fact that Lady Gaga wasn’t wearing pants…that might be a little weird for a 17 year old good little Christian boy. I’m 24, female and so not Christian, and I thought it was weird. I know Gaga is out there, but when you’re working with kids, can you at least wear pants?!?!

  135. so Haley is going to go home after delivering the BEST performances for 2 WEEKS IN A ROW? Is this a singing competition or what? and the f*ck is wrong with Randy? did Haley offended him on his previous life or what?

    • Randy seems to hate anyone doing a Michael Jackson song, also he like singers to be typed to a genre and Haley has never been one of his favorites from the start.
      At least Lauren had some class and stood up for Haley. Lauren very angry at how unfair the judges were and came right out and said it.

      • No comment. The show has zero credibiity. When Randy tells James last week he was “emotionally perfect” on “Without You” when he was so awfully, dreadfully, off pitch, and then to treat Haley this way this week? Forget it. The judging isn’t real, or at least it has no basis and no credibility with anyone who knows anything about music.

    • I have news for you. Haley did not do a better job last night than Lauren. Even though i voted for James and thinks he should win this whole thing, the best female of the night belongs to Lauren.

  136. OK you know that Haley has the best voice deep in your heart apart from James so be fair america vote for her if you like her you saw what happened to Pia. I mean i like Scotty but i would not buy his album his voice is to country for me,Lauren well she is boring and come on she was in the bottom last week and she was crying and Haley has been in the bottom for like nearly every week cause of the judges and lack of votes .I know Lauren is 16 years old but if she cant handle it ,it just shows you she cant handle being famous,also she sings boring songs. Haley slammed it out of the water both songs so vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote i cant i live in the uk. It’s on you if she goes out and you like her vote!!!!!!!!

  137. ‘Middle America’ will vote for Scotty….that is predictable…….shame, as he is so boring. No one is disputing his voice or ability, but he is not a POP IDOL…..Haley and James, yes……….

      • bev: This isn’t Pop Idol. That was a brit show. This is American Idol. Ryan said so, and I believe him. LOL

    • Scotty and Lauren were the best last night. Haley put on her diva act again. That is more boring than any somg Didnt know it was a popIdol contest. Haley is boring and thinks she is above ANY judge not thinking she is terrific. She needs to go home tonite

      • That’s exactly right in describing Haley. She forces her voice and almost yells through some of her songs…and she is such a “plastic” person as we used to say…the only real reaction she’s had on camera was earlier in the season when she and another were finding out who was in the bottom…they announced the other’s name and she was like “oh, poor thing, I’m so sorry” then Ryan said, so are you Haley, and she was shocked and said “W-H-A-T?” Funny stuff.

      • Haley is not my favourite but I really don’t think boring is a word I would use to describe her.

      • Haley needed to go home on week 2, the fact that she is still there is ridiculous. With that being said, her “raspy” voice is just trying to hit high notes and she just can’t. Try it at home, while you shower… you’ll see. We all have a Haley inside every time we try to hit a note that we clearly can hit. We’ll see our faces go all red and we’ll sound “raspy”… maybe, we all should audition next year! Hahahahahahaha 🙂
        I hope she goes home tonight, but judging by how things have gone totally wrong this season, she might be the next American Idol and will release ONE CD in her music career. And after that…

    • I have been reading these comments and I am amazed that so many folks like Haley. She is good, but superficial or plastic as someone else said. This is a singing competition not a modeling competition. Everything Haley sings sounds the same and that is not to say it was great to beginning with. We seem to live in a society that a sexy good looking lady is a great singer, just because she is sexy? Anyway, I am hoping the top three will be James, Scotty and Lauren. Haley needed to go home before Casey as far as I can say. The first song she did was horrible, no feels, she her singing some words.. The second song was good. It would have been hard for her the mess that one up as it was just her type of a song.. She needs to find her niche.. most times when she is not hitting her notes, or screaming she is just flat… I am hoping she goes home.

      • BS. Just BS. I don’t care what any of them look like. And you can’t honestly say Haley is the same every week. She’s had the most versatility in picking songs from every genre out of all the contestants…what drugs are you on?

      • Haley may pick good songs but her voice IS ALWAYS the same. It is thin and weak and she can’t hit the notes. She does not have a rich, lush voice. It always sounds forced and strained.

      • @ Lisa: Haley has a THIN and WEAK voice? ROFL. I’m flabbergasted about what some people post things that make me wonder exactly what show they’re watching. Obviously you don’t like her, and that’s fine. We all have opinions. But when your word selection is “thin” and “weak” for someone who sings with Haley’s power, you lose all credibility.

  138. I just hope any of James,Scotty or Lauren wins… Haley has a good voice but is not really worth it for winning American Idol…

  139. Randy Shut Up, already – would ya? Geeze Louise, he keeps repeating himself.

    I just don’t understand America’s love affair with Scotty. I liked the duo of Haley and Casey. Bring them back!

    Anyway … it wasn’t a great show; not even a good show. I wish Randy would make his point and then shut up. He repeats himself … so annoying. I predict that Scotty goes home. His last song was only so/so and people may want to back Haley, because of Randy’s jerkiness.

    Bottom line: Randy, shut up.

  140. I hope and pray Haley goes home tonight!!!!! Never have been a Haley fan!!!!

    • no way… she will be there in the finale as the finalist of the top 2..

      and i think the judges critics are just usefull for her improvement…
      that’s why they are there in this show..
      and haley shows us that she has improved

    • Well itlooks like I’m not a “bridget” fan then.

      Haley’s amazing.
      Lauren’s good.
      James is boring.
      Scotty sucks.

      Thank you.

      • No Scotty does not suck and he is not boring! They are all young adults and what you keep forgetting, is they will improve, what can you do in their field? Give them a chance. We can not all think alike other wise the only two left standing would be the two you don’t like. Lighten up folks,remember they are are just trying their wings and sometimes the tail feathers get in way. They will all make it in their field,THEY ARE ALL GOOD!

    • James? I’m pretty sure you have been reading my mind before you post that. EXACTLY what i am thinking. The only difference is, i think Haley is not even amazing. She’s outstanding.

      • Haley needs to exit the stage. And the judges do not like her at all. The first song no one even knew and the 2 song all you can hear is her growling. Enough is enough! lol

      • Haha, if people don’t know that MJ song, they must live under a rock…the only one of the first songs I knew better was the Journey one for obvious reasons. I had NEVER heard Scotty’s or Lauren’s inspiration songs before…that being said, Lauren’s was my second fave of the night, after I who have nothing.

  141. Oh for god’s sakes. Once again we have an episode of Idol where the judges are abusing their power. Randy beats Haley up for 2 minutes incoherently over everything from her “going higher than her range” (listen to the original version, Micheal GROWLS that’s how it’s meant to be bloody well sung!) to how she shouldn’t have picked that song, even though it’s a wonderful song that means a lot to her, because it’s too BORING (???? ok so that’s why the audience was into it) but then he’s all praises for Lauren & Scotty’s boring-ass ballads. But oh, I forgot that the judges tend to contradict their advice A LOT when they are attempting to sabotage someone; see how they told Jacob Lusk that it was unprofessional to get too emotional when he sang “Dance With My Father” (which he sung WELL) but they’re all praises for James when he starts bwaing while pretty much massacring “I Can’t Live”. JLo, as usual, tells Haley some random BS while giving underhanded remarks. And it goes on FOREVER. Even Ryan is sick of it! People saying Haley has an attitude, she does not. She’s totally chill and professional about it, the judges just treat her like crap because they have their own agendas. I mean even Steven Tyler has flat out said he wants Lauren to win, nice… Then after seeing the clip where Lady Gaga is calling Haley “incredible” they pretend to be nice, making the stupidest excuses I’ve ever heard:”We need to push you because you’re so amazing!” uhm OK, well considering you guys don’t give the other contestants any bad feedback AT ALL you must have given up hope on them based on that statement. Maybe the judges are just scared that if they say anything bad to the other 3 they’ll start bawling again, Haley’s the only one who doesn’t bwaaa her way through the competition. And Ryan’s “Sssh calm down Randy!” was priceless. This is just getting ridiculous at this point the only one who has the look/attitude/style/voice to make it is Haley because the talent has been dwindled down to white bread Adam Lambert boy, Scotty McBoringSoundsLikeEveryOtherCountrySinger, and Lauren who is the most immature person I’ve ever seen on AI. And then there’s Haley who sure, isn’t perfect, but at least she’s got some spirit and character in her voice and is a fighter, but what does she get? She gets her “inspirational” song spat all over, Randy dissing her range, JLo dissing her connection with audience, Randy saying “the king of pop” with quotation fingers cuz he’s an a-hole, and Steven Tyler defending her and the next second being like LAUREN, U SHULD WIN!!!111 Come on people, open your ears. Haley’s second performance honestly wasn’t THAT much better than her first. It’s just that the judges warp perspective in their favour. Haley is an awesome singer and she deserves it, also it would piss the judges off to no end. Sounds good to me.

    • I agree with you on all counts. I kinda said the same thing in post 14, only by the time I finished editing out all the expletives I had for Randy, my version ended up a little shorter than yours LOL.

    • Haley has a kind of elegance about her…more like an actress..whether she wins or not, her career is ingreat shape…and she can walk the talk when it comes to singing…James..No rocker has ever won Idol, and this is no exception…..Scotty, well, during the winter the country western fans of middle America all come together with a purpose, and he has a very appealing presence about him. Unless he hacks a song in the upcoming shows, he’ll win..and he’s pretty darn good…Lauren, absolutely the best voice of the bunch….as for clarity and pitch, is going to be singing for large sums of money for the rest of her life, but, there’s not enough country votes to go around..

    • GREAT post, my thoughts exactly! although i did find myself liking steven tyler last night defending haley and telling her not to listen to randy and jlo because they r wrong. she deserved that from someone

    • I agree with you on all counts. I’m not sure why the judges can’t bring themselves to provide constructive criticism to the guys when they begin their songs flat and have problems tuning up to find their notes? Or even last week when both of James’ songs were really sub-par, but Randy told him that the competition was his to lose? Scotty has wisely stayed in the country genre and has garnered a very loyal fan base, but the judges can acknowledge that and still give him feedback on his vocals. After all this is a singing competition. Lauren’s vocals are sometimes great and sometimes all over the place, but that’s just her nerves and immaturity showing.

      The same judges who slammed Pia for singing ballads every week never once said anything to Jacob for doing the exact same thing. Their criticism is what got her sent home early. It wasn’t constructive; it was mean and biased.

      Haley’s vocals are more consistently on pitch than anyone else’s, and even when I didn’t have a favorite, I found myself singing her song from that week several days later. Everyone else had been forgettable. If she can keep the growling to a minimum, she actually has great potential. I’ve already downloaded all but one of her songs from iTunes, and I’ve never done that for any of the others.

      As for her sticking up for herself last night, holy cow. After weeks and weeks of being the only one who gets their constructive criticism (aka mean spirited bias), I can understand why she was frustrated. She was asked to choose a song that inspired her, and she did. She sang it well. Then Randy was AWFUL. He wasn’t Simon kind of honest; he was just mean. If she goes home because of this, I’m done. That was uncalled for.

  142. God I hope Haley doesn’t go home, she is amazing . Unfortunately I cannot vote as I am in in Australia. Come on America, she is incredibly talented – hopefully she wins !

  143. Branden, I think you were too generous in your grading this week. I felt that this being a final four show, and the leaked hype about a mind blowing rendition of Keep On Dreaming er I mean Don’t Stop Believing, that this was going to be a great show. It was a show that was susceptible to improvement to say the least.

    I gave Haley a B+ because of her emotionally perfect (sarcasm) first song, and (what the leaked hype should have been) mind blowing second song. I gave Lauren, Scotty and James all a C+ because this is final four week and the standard for a performance now should be much higher than a few weeks ago. For the first time all season, I was very dissapointed with the show. When Osama Bin Jackson er I mean Randy Jackson went on his weekly Haley hate tirade, I was not really pleased.

    Do these judges think everyone in America is either tone deaf or stupid? Tonight I think Randy went way overboard, and I was very proud of Haley for not going over to him and beyotch slapping the bastage, since he deserved it. She finally defended herself a little when Steven stepped up, and he looked much more angry than Haley. I was a little concerned that they may have broken her at that point, till she came out and slayed her second song. Thatta girl Haley.

  144. Once again, I’m seeing lots of complaints and angst regards various glitches with the Vote Collection system–busy phone lines, slow acceptance of votes online or text, confusion if the various votes counted or not. Many of you vote the maximum while others vote just a few times, and some like myself just don’t bother voting. To each his own. However, I would like to respond to some of the complaints and confusions regarding the Collecting and Counting of Votes. AI producers have many “tools” to manipulate their elimination agenda: Certain compliant judges following producers’ orders or “suggestions”, but the real “hidden tools” are the most obvious: the varying quantities of Votes allowed in the different mediums.

    Any Operations Research major (dealing with Statistics and Probabilities of likely outcomes) can use these tools to “predict” or “mold” desired results. By subtle–but technically legal–manipulating of the number of computer servers assigned to the various modes of voting, producers can legally affect the voting results. Thus, we have all these voters and bloggers being frustrated at telephone lines being busy, slow acceptance of text or online votes. The producers are simply like ingenious Gourmet Chefs gently adjusting the knobs on their various “tools” so as to come up with the perfect Recipe they want for this week’s occasion (elimination order). The ‘knobs’ are how these Counting Engineers can affect the votes. For example, say the Producers instruct their Engineers to affect Haley downward: If the voting patterns show Haley getting huge waves of support from her online numbers, but relatively few from cell phones, the Engineers could assign much fewer computer servors for the online Haley vote, but much more for say the online James vote. If fairness was dictated in the Game Show Rules fineprint, it might say that they could assign extra servors for Haley’s telephone lines and take away some of James’ telephone servors. They would have the same number of dedicated phone or computer lines, but by adjusting their ‘knobs’ that control which to which, the Counting Engineers get the AI Producers their “chosen outcomes”. Nothing guaranteed, but still an effective tool to manipulate voters. Mix in the “pimping”, judge comments, sequencing of singing, Jimmy Iovine “extra comments and predictions”, etc. Well, you get the picture of how AI could mold the outcomes to their liking, yet maintain the illusion of “Fairness” because they follow the main Game Show Regulation–to not falsify votes. But they can manipulate the possible outcome of how often and for who Voters vote!

    Here is my Bold Prediction for tomorrow night: (and it will foil the producers’ misguided intents to drop Haley!) Haley will be shown in one of two possible duos that’s designated as “one of them is leaving the show”. Most likely duo is Haley and Lauren, 2nd most likely is Haley and James (which is why he’s being pimped, because in actuality his numbers are faltering and producers desperately want him in final with Scotty). In either case Haley makes the Top 3. Either Lauren or James is going home tomorrow. Probably Lauren because Scotty gets the Middle America votes and teeny girl votes. Haley will get the relatively few votes she gets from guys (teenage boys and middleaged men don’t vote) and lots of votes from all others that like her or want a girl in the finals.

    So, there you have it–most likely we’ll have either the cryfest of Lauren leaving, or a huge Pia-like Groan and Moan moment from the studio audience and judges when James is “Pia-ed”! So my Boldness comes not so much of predicting Lauren’s demise, but from saying if not her–it’ll be James going home. The AI drama will be to show Haley with either James or Lauren for either the huge shock moment (James out) or the hugging cryfest with Lauren. I think Lauren should be “sent packing” as some put it, but I’d prefer the drama of a James shocker and to see the judges furor and how Haley reacts–if with great surprise or great poise–either way the Haley Haters will be talking about her Evil Smile!

      • Wrongly perceived evil smile! Just a very beautiful smile from a nice little lady!

    • James will not leave, even if he has the fewest votes. Period. They’ll just lie if he gets the fewest votes and keep him on. And, of course, we’ll never know!

    • I agree…the who goes next part….I also think that Lauren and James will be in the bottom two. Haley should be absolutely safe…but at the end of the day if the show is scripted, then who knows who might go?

    • Last night, my husband and I said that the producers pimping James by having him open and close the show was really unfair to the others, and may also be a signal that he’d be the one to go home tonight.

      • Thanks for reading all; sorry I got so longwinded. Though I act like I got it all figured out (LOL), I get as frustrated as everyone else about the judges and voting system, so I just stop writing until I feel like exploding! I’m trying to learn the system of a little at a time that most of the regulars master. I guess some of us do this in many short bursts, while others of us do the fewer but long-winded route. I enjoy reading both types.

        Oh, and for the Steven Tyler fans, I’ve always liked his “rehearsed” lines, but I gained new respect for him yesterday when he really stood up for Haley by confronting Randy and JLo–I guess the Producers understand that as a radical freebird, Steven will not necessarily abide by producers’ suggestions of who to “pimp” and who to “pan”. Yay, Steven!

    • Hey Coondog, missed ya! I prefer the shocking James departure. But I’m curious to know why you wouldn’t think that would be a “cry fest”?

      • Ha, Bunny! Guess we’re both right–I predicted that James numbers were down and that’s why they were pimping him; and you’re right about the James cryfest!

        Producers still playing games is the only reason they didn’t make it more dramatic with Haley/James. They’re still pimping Lauren (or they’re afraid of her nerves) by putting her safe, even though I’m sure she was second lowest (remember, Scotty is getting the lion’s share of Country and All American Kid votes).

        Final 2 is almost guaranteed Haley/Scotty for same reason, AND Haley should pick up most of James’ fans!

    • Sorry if this comment posts twice. It seems to have disappeared.

      Thanks for reading all; sorry I got so longwinded. Though I act like I got it all figured out (LOL), I get as frustrated as everyone else about the judges and voting system, so I just stop writing until I feel like exploding! I’m trying to learn the system of a little at a time that most of the regulars master. I guess some of us do this in many short bursts, while others of us do the fewer but long-winded route. I enjoy reading both types.

      Oh, and for the Steven Tyler fans, I’ve always liked his “rehearsed” lines, but I gained new respect for him yesterday when he really stood up for Haley by confronting Randy and JLo–I guess the Producers understand that as a radical freebird, Steven will not necessarily abide by producers’ suggestions of who to “pimp” and who to “pan”. Yay, Steven!

  145. Haley needs to go on and win this thing, she has the best personality and least kiss arse to the judges than anyone on Ai for as long as I remember!
    STEVEN TYLER you rocked man for the way you showed the gonads to support Haley against the usual brainwashing rants from Randy! LISTEN so sick of hearing this from RANDY and JLO is becoming Randy’s puppet! I wish she would just say what she means and stick with it.

  146. I really get amazed as to why everyone thinks Haley has a good voice. She doesnt, i know we all feel sorry for her, but i cant imagine hearing her voice on Radio, or listening to an entire CD collection of her music. Where is Simon to tell it as it is. Her voice tone is just not there for me. I hope she goes home tonight.

    • People have particular tastes. I would definitely buy her CD. I rape the “replay” button on my iPod when I listen to her performances.

      • I was thinking about it tonight, and honestly, when all is said and done, I think of teh final four, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Haley ended up with the best solo career of the group. (I specify Solo, because James will likely be fronting a band, and that could go through the roof or not depending on the bandmembers)

        But with her sound (she has that Janice Joplin, Sheryl Crow thing going on) her looks (lets face it, thats a big part of marketability) and the AI backing, there is no reason she shouldn’t go platinum with her first album assuming she gets good playable songs written for/by her.

      • Haley is awesome. Period. Disregard what you think you’ve heard from these idiots on the show and listen to the studio recordings on iTunes. Go to youtube and re-watch “Piece of My Heart,” “House,” both of her duets with Casey, “Benny and the Jets,” and “Fallin'”. Jimmy will sign her. It is probably already in the works. Clearly he loves her and knows where he wants to take her.

      • I heard Adele on the radio doing Rolling in the Deep and I thought it was Haley singing LOL I think this is the path that Haley is looking to go down. I think she has a beautiful voice and from here on in she needs to sing the songs as she did House and 2nd song last night.

    • Go to Itunes and listen to her. These live performances are manipulsted as well. Have you noticed that Haley is the only performer that doesn’t use an earpiece so she can stay on key? They can take away echo effects and make the song flat tone heavy with the equalizers. If you DVR’d the performances go back and listen to the difference between opening and ending songs for some of the performers and you can hear where they either messed up the mix/effects or got it right. She tops the others hands down in hte studio where they can’t do that. So you don’t like her soulful growl, that’s just your take on it. The majority of Haley haters are female. Wonder why?

      • It doesn’t take too long to find the folks who know what they’re talking about. Thank you for that. You are dead-on.

  147. Geez i hope Haley doesn’t go home, she is amazing . Unfortunately I cannot vote as I am in in Australia. Come on America, she is incredibly talented – hopefully she wins !

  148. Lauren talk about haley…

    “I wasn’t a happy camper about that,” she said. “That made me a little ill. I’m sorry, but Haley has the best voice on this show and she gets the most criticism. I deserve a lot more criticism than she does. I’m Haley’s No. 1 fan. I listen to her iTunes songs over and over and over.”

    • Wow.. That’s really really sweet of her. Lauren 😀 It would be really cool seeing both of them going to the finale, now that they kinda become a close friends.

      Bottom line: VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR HALEY!!!

      • Yeah, thats a great thing about this group, all four of them just seem like such nice kids on top of amazing talent from each of them.

    • i would love to see Haley and Lauren get face to face during the Finale.. They are totally two different performers.. but seems like Scotty already had a spot in the finale. Nah!

      • I think Haley and Lauren have the best voices of the top 4 and should be in the finale

      • I totally agree! I want a girl to win (Haley), and these two girls are just fantastic in totally different ways. I just love them both!

  149. just because your the winner/ a finalist doesn’t mean your the best,(looks at Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Barrino)so right now, since everyone in the top 4 are getting spotlight, the one who really is the best will always have the brightest future, win or not.

  150. Is Haley going home after delivering the last two weeks’ best performances? Sigh.. Prayers to you Haley!

  151. I absolutely love Haley!!! However, I was not thrilled by her song choices this week. She was the weakest contestant this week, I just hope she doesn’t get voted off because of it:(

  152. Hayley- Different, Unique
    Lauren- Great voice, but boring
    James- Predictable, cheesy, not a good singer
    Scotty- hate his voice
    Randy- a moron

    • Why did James lead off the night in position one and second round he was last position?

      • I’m guessing random order was used… but honestly, thats just a guess as no explination has been given for it. But since the #1 spot is usually the spot of death, being in the pimp spot as well, kinda makes up for it.

  153. Just watched it in Aus and youll all hate me – Haley is just a growler and a screamer and the best vocal was Lauren – however if she goes home it will be shame but typical of the voting and I am sure we see things DownUnder a little differently, on a different note great to see our little Aussie superstar Delta Goodram gave US Dancing With The Stars a taste of an Aussie supersinger which we have known for more than 7 years over here.

    • It is time for Haley to go, My word she has been in the bottom 3 so many times and I can’t beleive she survives each time. All she does is growl and scream and sounds the same in every song, if she would just sing without the growls she MIGHT have 1/2 a chance. SHe has been the least consistant through this whole competition and she has the worst attitude when she gets negative comments. They all have received negative feedback and they all take it graciously but Haley gets pissed “like how dare you tell me this I am great.” I would love to finally see her go!!

  154. DELTA Who the what the! hahahaha c’mon Aussie oi oi oi! Haley’s the best!

  155. Actually, last night was good for me; the first song for Haley did nothing for her (and me) – OMG at the end she was screaming but her second song was much better (her vocal was much much better).

    Scotty was/is Scotty, he was good but nothing extra for me – Scotty is not predictable, just always the same I find – Lauren the same, she was good (beautiful vocal) but I was not excited watching them, it was just o.k.; but with James it’s different, it’s entertaining, you can feel he is very secure on stage, he does his best, he seems happy on stage, I was excited to watch him compared to the other contestants; I am 100% sure that James and Scotty are safe and not sure about the girls……will see tonight. James for me you were still the best last night (the whole package, that was it takes the whole package); the way I see it, if I don’t get a WOW watching one of them, well, it means they were o.k. but at this time we need more than o.k. we need to be excited to watch them and if you don’t get that WOW, something is not right – we are talking American Idol and you have to be the Best to win and James is the best until now….my opinion.

    • For me I had never before heard the songs Scotty and Lauren did but I had heard James and Haley’ songs. While I agree the Haley’ song was a big hit and I am guessing that Scotty and Lauren’s songs were but have no ideal if they were.
      I think the judges should let the fans decide if the song is right or not and not base it on how well known the judges think it is.
      I guess that should limit songs they can choose to top 10 songs only if the judges are going to rag them for not picking one of them.

      • you do not listen to country alan jackson made that a hit and so did the song laura song so you do not listen to country music so do not make fun of them haley suck james scream all his songs

      • I truly wish James would go home! I know he is safe but I am so tired of the screaming from him and the growling from Haley. Lauren and Scotty have great voices, I am not a big fan of country but I love their voices and they have the most talent and don’t have to hide behind sound effects and flashy shows to show their talent.

  156. Haley really blew it tonight with her first performance. She should have picked a song people actually knew instead of one sending an gmessage. She was way overdressed for such a song as well. But she really blew it by her attitude with the judges. I have watched American Idol from Season 1 and I have never seen a contestant react the way she did to the judges critique. She acted like a spoiled brat with a big chip on her shoulder. She ruined her night with her BAD attitude. No one to blame but herself. I am going with Scotty or James at this point.

    • Oh please! sounds like another Haley critique here, more bashing about Haley instead of talkin about who ya like!

      • Oh Please Haley has been in the bottom three so many times…I think it is about time to go…she is annoying and has been the least consistant through the whole competition. Randy was 100% correct about his critique of Haley….time to go…finally I hope.

    • Nancy – she is smart and knows they are making stuff up because of some agenda. How frustrating would that be for you? She’s 20 years old, and obviously hurt for being treated unfairly for the entire competition. She’s the one they decided to pick on when the judges started getting criticized for not judging.

    • good for you thanks for your note that was good about haley she suck tonight and every night

      • @ retta shut up! I am just so tired of you. You need to go back to school and learn how to use proper english.

        You have no idea what you are talking about and I would seriously love to punch you in the face! You make me so angry I could scream! I never thought I could get so annoyed at someone I have never met.

      • Retta? Is that how you spell it? You are just jealous. Haley is versatile, unique, beautiful, and strong…I’m sorry if those things offend you. She’s the true superstar of the year…

  157. HALEY MUST WIN :))
    she had standing ovation now for 2 times in a row. 🙂 well, she had her third with Casey last time. Dang! She’s slayin’ it! She was the only one who always got negative criticisms all the times, but dude! she’s in it, to win it! *Randy’s tone* (sick and tired when he says it.) LOL. 😛


    • Haley’s really a good singer. but i think she needs to change her attitude..

      • Kiss ass must be the way to go! or stand up for what you believe for me?

      • Agree!!!! she has such a bitchy attitude whenever the judges sy anything negative. She thinks she is too good for everybody. Wake up Haley!

      • she doesnt have a bitchy attitude at all shes just tired of being centred out when the other contestants have flawed performances and the judges are so blind, it wud be so frustrating and i think she showed real strength by standing up for herself.

  158. Haley was amazing. She has a way of taking a song I’ve never heard and making me want to hear it again. And again. That itself is a talent above the others. I was originally a Scotty & james fan but I’m 100% Scotty/Haley all the way. What some say is attitude from Haley I think is disgust for two of the judges. They are soooo pathetic (and you know it’s coming) when criticizing her. IMO, she is a MUCH better singer than Jlo and I think that intimidates Jlo…pure jealousy. Scotty’s still my favorite…I love that in todays society, there’s a 17 year old young man with the morals and values he has and doesn’t hide the fact he’s a God loving Christian. I’m a rocker but he makes me want to. Listen to country music. As for James, I’m tired of him…I hope either he or Lauren leave this week…the other can go next week. My top 2 are Scotty and Haley and either can win…they’re both winners in my book.

      • Would like to see Haley go , tired of her bad attitude . Not a good role model for Idol!

      • Hahahaha, based on these people’s repeated comments, you’d think that a lot of people dislike Haley…
        Then you realize it’s like 5 of the same people posting BS over and over and over…it’s pathetic. Grow up and get a life!

  159. A lot of people may not have heard the Earth song?

    Really???? Seriously dude?

    That’s just plain ignorant… 😀

    Also Coondog!!!

    James and Lauren might be in danger…Shuuussshhhhh!!!!!

  160. watever it is .. LAUREN most the powerful last night .. GOOD JOB LAUREN!! 🙂

  161. I took a night of sleep to “calm” me down. I’m good now……. first of all, let’s take all of the pettiness and silliness out of this for a second.

    James is fun to watch. I like his voice — but he’s NOT even close to Steve Perry….perry was an elite singer with amazing tone, and one heck of a nose that let him sound that way. But James is fun, puts on a great show, and I like listening to his stuff.

    Haley — the girl can sing. Maybe she’s an acquired taste, but apparently she’s on my menu — because my entire family and I love everything she sings….even if we don’t like the song.

    Scotty — I’m trying to be as nice as I can — he’s vanilla. He’s vanilla in his looks, in his sound, in his style — when I think about Country’s Superstars over the last 20 years: Garth, Clint Black, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, Reba, Rascal Flatts, Wynona, Alabama — etc — the boy is not even in the safe time zone — not even close. He’s a mediocre country karaoke singer — with very little range, very little emotion, and pretty sad stage presence. You can always tell when it’s Scotty’s turn to sing at our house, it’s when everyone’s talking or going to the bathroom.

    Lauren — love her voice — sings like Sara Evans at times, sounds like Allison Krauss sometimes, and has a pretty voice. She’s not ready for stardom yet. She will be – but not yet.

    The Judging — inconsistent — HORRIBLY inconsistent. JLO goes after Haley for her song choice because she FOLLOWED James version of Journey? Did she know when she chose her song, she’s be going 2nd? And what would have been a better follow up song? — Scotty’s “Where Were You?” or Lauren’s “Anyway” —

    Then Randy critques her for not having enough range? HAVE YOU HEARD SCOTTY? His range is nearly nonexistent — and can’t go high without his voice cracking. Lauren chickens out on big notes, and James stays high, but with very little melody…..

    Haley gets bashed for not knowing what kind of artist she is — but when Lauren went Bluesy Pop they don’t say anything. They critque her for her lack of stage presence — yet Lauren has none really — and scott is like a 5 year old running around in Wal-mart up there.

    Pia was bashed for being boring — yet Lauren (even though she has a pretty voice) is equally boring……yet Paul was always entertaining, with a unique voice, and he was criticized for it.

    I realize that most middle america, white families struggle to find new music to listen to that you think it okay for your kids to hear… you have all moved to Country….. but just because Lauren and Scotty sing country style music, doesn’t mean they are better singers…… they just happen to fit into a genre you support.

    The kid of music Haley, James, Casey and Paul sing doesn’t exist anymore. Crystal Bowersox had to go country to be heard — it’s sad really…… but I guess that’s another entry for another day

    • Interesting post, the beginning I was with you.. Scotty had technically solid vocals, but agree with you on the range and certainly stays in his range with safe songs.. whether boring or not, he plays it rather safe..

      Judges, yes, completely agree… good points, and observations..

      However, the ranting about middle America and going country and the finish of this…. I just disagree, I do not listen to or enjoy country music, but I give credit where it is due.. The fact is country is a slower style, words to be heard, and some pop style mixed in, and a lot of people like it, very true.. it’s just not exciting as rock music. It what you prefer..

      Music is for enjoyment, and people gravitate to styles.. I know a friend, only listens to Indi music, Ugh I hate it, talk about boring.. but she is as passionate for that music.. as I am for what I prefer.. so it just depends.

      • I agree with you. My point is that there is no other place for these singers to go for success. County is the only Genre that offers them a place. Otherwise, you have to be over-the-top Gaga/Kesha/Katy Perry garbage to be a “Star” —

        I know there are groups like Train, and Maroon 5, and Three Doors Down, etc — but how many solo artists do you know that are big hits that aren’t country, and aren’t bubble-gum poppy?

        That was my only point. I think that’s why Scotty is getting so much attention…….less about talent, more about “he fits the mold”

      • Good point then… yes true on pop stuff, e.g. Jlo’s song is techno-y.. and hoping more arist do come along, but their are a handful, like Adele for example. even Dave Mathews started that way.. but overall I hear you point..

    • Well, if Scotty is so bad then why is he still there??? He has the most talented voice. He does not have to have some flashy stage show with fire and screaming or growling. He just has a pure talented voice. And to knock someone down for what they look like is just shallow.

      • He’s there for all the reasons I stated. He’s there because he’s wholesome, he’s “cute”, he’s country, and he has an average voice…

        Not knocking what he looks like, he’s just vanilla in how he presents himself…. he’s boring to me.

  162. While Randy thru Haley under the bus and her getting mad didn’t help, still Haley may have gotten more votes this week than last and no one knows if Jacob’ fans voted or if they did for who.

  163. I usually vote for Haley and tonight made me so mad I voted 100 times for her. Randy and Jennifer want to see her go home. I think they wanted Pia to stay and have taken it out on Haley ever since. I was proud of Steven Tyler sticking up for Haley after the vicious attack. Scotty and James seem to stay the same each week, nothing new. Lauren I’m unsure of, she did hit some high notes with power. It’s a tough one but I sure hope Haley stays.

    • Read this post people… Nancy – put it well, fans of Haley are going to rise up and be angry over that.. should be interesting with voting.. Haley isn’t my favorite, but she just might get through

    • I want her in the finale with Haley, but if she does go 🙁 you’re absolutely right. She left with honor, and I loved her before, but after sticking up for Haley, I adore her.

  164. Wow pages of comments.. Branden, I thought your comments are rather spot on for the most part and did not match your grades. E.g. Scotty: “But if I’m grading on all points, it wasn’t good. B ”

    You gave him a B ??If it wasn’t good, then it should be a D.. come on now.. match those up!

  165. An American Idol winner should not only have the “whole Package” but should have a good attitude. Haley has a vulgar mouth. Hot temper. and in general a bad attitude. SHE NEEDS TO GO HOME TONIGHT!!!!

    • Do you know her personally carol? I have notheard a potty mouth from her at all nor any type of attitude. I think she has taken the criticism with class and she was sick of it and defended herself with respect to the judges, tho they give her none. Are you such a crystal clean person that you have never said any type of cuss words? hypocrite

  166. Commentary on last night’s Idols, I liked James overall

    I think he has the best vocals of the remaining four. I didn’t love the Journey pick for inspirational, but hey.. he did it well. Perry is simply smoother, but he rocked it his way, so good for him. His second choice, very very well done given the song itself, he obviously could be a front man in a band right now..

    Haley – oh Haley, I hated that first song choice also, but I thought you sang it well. Judges, wow, that was harsh.. I didn’t think Haley handled it oh so well either, with her comments, but past years I’ve seen worse, so, ok. I think the Judges all realized that half way through the show they went WAY too hard, and went OVER board on praise on the second half, standing O, honestly, it was so fake it was hard to watch, completely contrite. Her second was very well done, much better choice, to her credit. She simply has interesting character in her vocals and lots of depth.

    Scotty – He sang the first song well, yes. But I’m disappointed again, I know he can sing that style, and yes, maybe he was playing it middle of the road, slow county song. He should have been judged for that. Second song, I actually picked this for Scotty and thought he would more rock it, he country’d it. Ugh., however, Branden is right the performance was hokey, vocals ok, but the shirt and prancing around and all. Bad Company did that song much better.

    Laruen – I just don’t know, I am just seeing a limited range, I really like her voice, but I was not feeling her song choices. The second one she took a chance with the blues side, and I give her credit for the risk to do something different, but didn’t pull it off in my opinion. Kept thinking, Haley could have done that song better. I think Lauren is in danger.

    • I hope your prediction is correct, and I agree that James was the best once again. Scotty is so boring! But of course, it’s the little teen girls who pick the winner 🙁

      • Thanks for the reply…. I try to compare Idol to Idol, and I think James did better in total than the others. Some don’t like his style, I get that. I wouldn’t say it’s all teen’s voting, seriously.. it’s more more of a mix than you think..

  167. Last note: Lady Gaga, ok, people, I know she has a huge following, with crazy performances and all, she simply can not sing live. He has very weak vocals. She does all that crazy stuff to do a smoke and mirror to ignore her vocals. Yes, through studio, sure yes, anyone can sound better.. she has what 2 hits, that were … so so at best.. yes catchy, good for her.. but last night, I couldn’t even look at her.. and seriously not sure what value she is to provide commentary and advisement… Idol.. seriously, if your going to continue the mentor stuff, find credible arists, please?

  168. Please send Scotty home! At least Pia could sing and had a nice set of lungs. Scotty really excites people with his low notes but he does not have a strong voice. Every week its the same. They ranked on Pia (Glad she went home) but Scotty is the same every week since the beginning…and he cannot dance either!

  169. Scotty will make a great country singer…but he’s so corny I could never vote for him.

    Haley is good…but I think Randy should shut up…he was very nasty to her last night.

    Lauren is boring…all the time.

    James is a showman…he gets my vote…always!

  170. I can’t stand Haleys voice.All she does is growls and it’s so annoying to listen to.I hope she goes home.

    • I love Haley’s voice. even the sexy growling and it’s great to listen to, I hope she stays!

    • Bella, i dont know what you’re listening to, or what kind of growls you can make. But Haley’s growls are a hugeee turn on. 😉 Just listen to Benny and the Jets.

  171. Are there few enough contestants now to say GOODBYE to Scotty? I doubt that more than 25% of the voters vote Country but obviously they are hard core. If not this week it will be next week for sure. Scotty is not even that good, he’s just a novelty on Idol.

    • There must be a lot of younger girls voting who can use the computer, text on all the family phones and have all the time in the world to vote.

  172. James did not do a very good job on Love Potion. OK at best. His rendition of it ran counter to the original track and made it into something that didn’t really work for me. But did anyone ever listen to MJ’s version of Hailey’s song, expecially Rando Jacksun that never shines.

    Not impressed with the show and it left a bad taste with the obvious bashing by Randy.

    Enough said by others here about that, but:

    I find it interesting that Hailey has more standing ovations for her performances than anyone else.

    Maybe she would have more fans if she came across as an inmature, self-righteous, good old girl with a spiked hair du and studded collar with “Praise the Lord” stamped on it.

    It’s all in the name of money, right? Pretend, cow to the judges, and though shalt receive!

    • Your tone is a bit harsh, but the words are true…..and that gives you an idea of the majority of folks out there who are watching Idol…

      Love Jesus — but don’t use your love of Jesus to get you ahead in life……

    • Do you not give credit to James for at least trying to make a song work in his style and taking a risk? Listen to it again.. it was above average… agree with your other comments…

      • Credit for trying for sure but it didn’t come off well for me and I like the original in style as it was written is all.

  173. GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!!
    One of the ladies will be leaving. Lauren has the stronger voice but her song selections are sometimes boring. Haley is more versatile. Never a dull moment. She either hit it out off the park or drop it. All peaks and valleys with Haley. I agree with Randy’s critique of the earth song. Wrong selection for her as she was unable to hold that higher register and ended up screaming, but she returned and took round 2.
    I would prefer Lauren to exit the stage. I agree we are looking at a Scotty and James final and I hope James wins. Country or no country I find Scotty a tad too cheesy for my taste.

    • Go listen to the MJ track and you will see that Hailey nailed the song just like Steven said. That’s the way the song is belted out with anger by Michael. The song is about the madness of the world and anger at mankind. Very good rendition by Hailey. Girl is brave, unlike most.

  174. Why isn’t Scotty going home? Is it an American thing or what – Scotty has a great voice but he is not in the same category as the other 3. Without the deep voice, he is just another country singer. At this stage he is not ready to let it all (after his session with Lady Gaga) & he just wants to go home (he said it).

  175. haley needs to go home. my cat sings better than her for godsake. i dont even like her attitude,

    • Wow your cat sounds amazing! but you don’t like her attitude! try feeding it fish that might help?

      • haha! Cat would be a superstar! because Haley is THE BEST and she is delivering the best performances of the night and y’all know that!

      • Nick ~ Wait, are you saying dennisb’s cat needs a cat? Hmmm, I dunno, if a member of a species takes another member of the same species as a pet, that kinda sounds like slavery to me.

        Nick, are you pro slavery? Dude… now we see it, the Haley haters are pro slavery! OMG WTF BBQ!!!!

      • Criticize her voice, not her attitude. Ad hominem doesn’t make for good criticism or argument.

      • I agree with everyone who is saying Haley has a very bad attitude..she seems conceited and very defiant..and even when she tries to act comes off as phoney to me..I hope she goes tonight! I’m not saying she has a bad voice..because she doesn’t…but I would rather see her go than Lauren..

      • To me, I am thinking her “attitude” is shyness, which of course she needs to work on. But she has been ragged on for weeks by Jennifer and Randy. Let’s cut the girl some slack for having a break in composure finally. I think if I was her, I would have “lost” it weeks ago. And she is not even my favorite…. or if she survives tonite, I just think she might become my favorite. Can’t wait to see what happens.

    • Are you watching the same show? Haley has grown leaps and bounds above the guys. She has a very powerful, and versital voice.

      • Haley does good half the time and not so good the other half. I admit she has a beautiful voice when she is not growling. She needs to strictly stick to singing!

      • leaped alright, right into a cat fight with the judges. How dare you yell at me because i’m Haley and i will get my way! lol

    • totally agree She has a very awful attitude and her singing is NOT American Idol

      • There is nothing that girl could do to make me like her. Her attitude and her voice and growling leaves alot to be desired. She should have gone home in the earlier rounds and let the real talent like Pia’s shine.

    • here is what no one is remembering. Haley started the top 11 in the bottom three for the first 3-4 weeks. Never once did she do anything but accept it and smile. Until last night she had been pretty consistent smiling through it all.. oh yeah, I read somewhere that she said a bad word on stage.

      People get worn down..and the judges have been so unfair to her. Yes, some of their comments were valid last night but it got lost because of the delivery from Randy and JLo. They went on and on and wouldn’t let i