Haley Reinhart Earns Praise From Nigel While Top 4 Earn Over 70 Million Votes

Did you get the feeling that Haley Reinhart took a little extra heat from the judges yet again last night after her performance of “Earth Song”? Well you’re not alone and you might even have some company in high places. American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe went to Twitter last night with some authoritative praise for the targeted singer along with some big voting news.

Nigel sent out three Tweets last night with only two of those having any praise for the Top 4 and yes, both put Haley on the receiving end:

@dizzyfeet: “I, Who Have Nothing” was my favorite performance tonight.”

@dizzyfeet: “I personally feel Haley is the most improved contestant.”

So was Nigel trying to keep things a little more balanced with some support for Haley or would these Tweets have hit the interwaves regardless?

The other big news from Lythgoe was that this season hit its highest vote count yet. More than 70 million votes were registered across the phone lines, texts, and online voting. Pretty impressive, but the finale vote should be even higher.

I wonder which fans were moved to put in that many votes. Could it have been Reinhart’s? That just might spell the end of Lauren on American Idol 2011.




      • You better believe it! With what she has gone thru with Randy and JoLo she deserves it. Simon may have had those same kind of criticisms but they would have been spread throughout all of the contestants. Oh, and give Steven alot of kudos for stepping up to the plate.

      • I love Steven!! He knows Haley will be a HUGE star when she’s done with this show. You dont have that kind of authentic voice and not sell records.

        When is Steven taking the stage??? Cant wait.

      • deedee do you ever feel like a cracked record coz if you look over all theese posts you sure sound like one 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. executive producer Nigel Lythgoe twitted last night with praise…….really??? Hmm . didn’t hear about Nigel twitting about anyone else in AI 10 year run.you are a producer not one of the judges leave the comments to them add the voting to us

    • sounds like Nigel see’s the real talent in Haley that the judges do not..James and Hailey in the final

      • sounds like Nigel see’s the real sexy (so she thinks, along with many others)Haley. She is the only one I don’t want to see win. She may be the sweetest girl ever but the way she portrays herself when singing is, well, I don’t want this deleted so….. She has a great voice but acting like you are God’s gift to men makes the performance disgusting!

      • @Mel6166 Why do you not want her to win? You think she’s self-indulgent? Are you kidding me? She is one of the only ones who is able to portray emotion and maturity in her singing, it is most certainly not what you were suggesting. No one else could top her second performance last night, and no one else got a standing ovation from the judges. Why? Because of the – what is that called? Oh yes – EMOTION that she shows through her performances. Don’t take it so drastically wrong and appreciated it only on the grounds of what it’s meant to be!

      • so with scotty “the body ” doing the same..crooning to the female fan..does your post also apply to scotty. scotty’s second performance was pitiful. did he sing one note??
        your hipicritical . he is crusing like he is already in the final…booyah

      • You got to be kidding !! LOL !
        My whole family love Haley.
        James and Haley for the Finale!

      • When Haley sings, she really gets into the song and portrays or feels what the song is about. Kind of like an actress playing a role.

      • Thank you Northern Guy and as for you, 88fngrslouie, I’d first of all like to point out that no, my post was not hypocritical (correct spelling thank you). I merely posted about just what a dark horse Haley is in this competition, and the immense emotion that she shines. So what made you think I was talking about Scotty??
        I actually can’t understand if you are a Scotty fan or not, but I agree, his second one was NOT good. And no, sorry, you are mistaken as it will be Haley and James for the finale!!

    • Is Nigel a little worried for his show. All those voters for Haley with his judges hating on her. Guessing the tweets were after the voting closed.

      • Nigel is probably worried, Idol is the most poorly produced show on air these days.

    • Not being hypocritical about Haley,James,Scotty or Lauren. Just stating that The Ex. Producer should not be put his two cents in. He never put his in-put in about anyone else. All four of them are great and any one of them could win.

      • Totally agree with you. He has no right to butt in. enough favortism has been cited He is making it worse than it is. All four are great by just getting this far. Im sure when he is going to be judgeing So you Think you Can Dabce starting 5/26/ and an outsider butts in, he wont like it

      • He needs to do something to make up for his James-pimping, and he knows it. Hulk Hogan, Tyler promising duet with James in the final, leak of song choice for last night, sympathy appeals (all for the sake of ratings) and then glaringly obvious judge bias. Too much, and everybody with half a brain caught on.

      • thea, I agree with you. I had respect for Nigel up to now. This has nothing to do with the contestants. This has to do with a producer of a show making comments that will get out to the public and will influence voting and also taint the results no matter who wins. If Haley wins, those who are not her fans can say she could never have done it without Nigel’s comments. How unfair to all concerned. Comments like this should never be made in a way that is so available to the general public. Nigel, you have now voted more times than the girl who voted for Haley 1000, times, even if it doesn’t show up on the official count.

    • corey..my post was not at you it was at THEA.
      We agree James and Hailey in the final. Not a scotty fan.

      this is not a spelling blog.

      • corey, Northern Guy & 88fngrslouie, I agree there are haters out there. So there’s a beautiful girl, with a great voice, who knows how to work the stage in her way, what’s the problem? James has the same presence – I think he’s awesome in his own way, and well, Scotty’s attempts at stage presence worked . . . for Garth Brooks in the early 80’s! To me he’s always awkward, and his slow songs always start out in the same predictible way. But unfortunately, both of Lauren’s performances were probably the worst of the four for each phase. Hailey rocked it, so Lauren is probably done. That means next week all the country votes will be going to the only country singer left – Scotty. I agree with you that the two who deserve to be in the finals, and the two who would make the final show rock are Hailey and James, but with all those country votes in one camp, I think Hailey will be done next week.

      • “Lauren’s performances were probably the worst of the four for each phase. Hailey rocked it, so Lauren is probably done. That means next week all the country votes will be going to the only country singer left – Scotty.”

        Sad but excellent prediction Willie. Well, not for Scotty fans! YEEE HAW!

      • Why is someone a hater because they do not like Haley’s style? Are you a hater because you don’t like Scotty? This is a competition with opinions which equate to votes, the male or female that gets the popular vote wins. I guess I do not get all the drama.

  2. Haley est la meilleur du groupe …ils sont tous bon mais haley apporte du nouveau une voix extrordinaire…..j’aimerais que JLO et Randy laisse tranquille un peu haley …il a le droit de pas l’aimer mais qui pense au 70 millions de personnes qui l’aime et enplus y votes pas lui….son préféré es Scoty et James….qui essaye quel que chose….qui fasse seulement ecouter chanter et James sans les regarder y vas voir c pas bon du tout…..et le contry men il peu tu changer un peu son style un peu ….pas terrible….j’ai vraiment pas aimé l’émission d’hier…….;-(((((((((((

  3. Corporate response trying to do a little damage control?
    Randy kind of went on a tirade, and not only did Haley finally do more than glare at him, Stephen looked downright angry, and let Randy know it.

    I think the outrage in the multitude of blogs about American Idol prompted Nigel to do something to try to get things a little under control.

    American Idol fans, regardless of their favorite were very upset, and most not only felt Haley had every right to finally speak up to Randy, but applauded her for it. When the obvious bias is neverending, everyone has their limits to how long they will take it. Randy finally pushed Haley to her limit.

    Even though she “backtalked” Randy. She was still nice about it, as well as respectful. She just felt the song was too beautiful to change, and she was very passionate about that. For Randy to criticize a person for their choice of music that inspires them is just plain wrong. He was way out of line, and America doesn’t like that.

    • randy just kept going on and on that is what bothered me the most.
      my wife voted the first time all season because the critisism was over the top. We voted Hailey. the first was great than the critisism kept going. It was just wrong.
      James and Hailey in the final

    • And JD… I believe America does not like Jackson, with good reason. Has the sob been fired yet?

    • So true. I think they are all great and at this point I am glad I can’t vote (I am from Canada), cause I can’t choose. They are all winners!

    • I’m sorry , fire the judges they have been way too easy on these contestants. I didn’t like Simon at all as a person but as a judge he was the best they’ve had. They haven’t been tough enough because in the real world most of the kids won’t make it including Haley. James is the one that will take it all just out of pure talent. Scotty and Lauren will tie for second and Haley will go home tonight unless the phone lines were down in the south from all the flooding and tornadoes . That’s her only hope …!

  4. Uhh! Haley has a horrible attitude! Randy wouldn’t have kePt criticizing her if she wasn’t talk back to them. Please go home tonight! Please!

      • Haley was at fault also for keeping it going on. Out in the big world you dont talk back or get sassy with the higher ups. You dont glare at them either. You are labeled a trouble maker.

      • Oh right Lee…because all music artists that are successful are ‘well behaved’… please. You need to stand up for what you believe in and haley does just that!

      • Do you teach first grade or something?

        I loved every glare! Never back down Haley! You never roll over and take their S@#T and that’s one of the things I adore about you!

    • Courtney, I couldn’t agree with you more. My husband and I were talking about her attitude last night and how she can’t take a little critisism. I’ve been ready for her to go home for a while now. She’s got way too much attitude.

      • a little criticism ???…that poor girl is dumped on needlessly every night…
        no one else goes through the crap she does…
        I was rooting for James until this whole thing got so blatantly ridiculous…
        now i am rooting for Haley…
        you go girl!!

      • Actually, Haley has taken a LOT of criticism, more than anyone else, and how can she be blamed for finally saying something. How about Lauren, who acts like a 5 year old and cries at anything less than a rave review. Haley has braved the bottom with a smile on her face, and you’d have thought Lauren’s world ended last week when she was in the bottom. Who shows more class?

      • Haley has taken a lot of criticism, usually unwarranted, with a smile on her face. She faces the bottom 3 with a smile on her face… until Randy went way over the line last night. And yet, you say nothing about Lauren, who bawls like a 5 year old at anything short of an amazing comment. She was a mess last week at the thought of being in the bottom 2. I think Haley shows a lot more sophistication and class.

      • well she hasn’t cried yet! Haley also listens to the mentors on how to be dramatic. Gaga said take a breath before you say I love you. she did it worked

      • A LITTLE criticism? She was attacked! Scotty can be as boring as a sloth. James can be pitchy as an alley cat. Lauren can be shy and mousey… in the LAST STAGES? Haley is the only one who should be ON that stage – not getting flack why the others get praise!

      • @ Suz,I agree,we share the same point of view.
        We love you from Asia.

      • “a ‘little’ criticism”? That is outright abuse. If she were a juvenile, Jackson would be in jail right now.

      • Honest to God. You people have absolutely no idea what attitude is. There is a difference between speaking up for yourself and a bad attiude.

      • Yes, those guys on you tube love Haley. We Grandmothers do too and Grandmothers are loyal.

      • Um. How long have you been watching? Last week James was “emotionally perfect” for screaming out of tune in his upper register on “Without You.” That performance was musically JUNK. GARBAGE. TRASH. I like James and think he’s a hell of a performer despite his intonation issues and lack of vocal agility. But the judges don’t call him out, and then they are merciless with only Haley. Not a one time event. It is obviously slanted and unfair. Haley is only 20 and she’s been taking it week after week. She finally wouldn’t take it anymore and she called the biased jerks out.

      • ■88fngrslouie says:
        ‘well she hasn’t cried yet! Haley also listens to the mentors on how to be dramatic. Gaga said take a breath before you say I love you. she did it worked’

        Agree..she takes positive feedback and applies it. It worked awesome!

      • Haley is a brat. Hope she goes home, she is not a singer she is a screamer and a growler. Not enough criticism from the judges.

      • well said Be_real, Hailey has faced much criticsm and taken it every week when others have got away with much poorer performances. One eg was the night she was critisized for doing an unknown Ga Ga song (which she sang beautifully) but James who also screamed a lesser known song badly was praised beyond measure. Judges you have really dissapointed this year. I’m not saying be mean but contestants deserve honest, constructive criticism. I don’t get what theese judges are hearing when they heavily praise some of the contestants for truely bad performances and then critisize hailey for a good one. The poor girl has taken a lot of undeserved criticism – in my humble opinion

    • Haley is criticized because she deserves it, she is not the best singer, she has a horrible personality!

      • Chicks hate Haleys personality because guys love Haleys personality. And look. And moves. And figure. And voice. And…

      • Oh seriously. Haley has insane talent and all these girls that ‘hate’ her are actually just jealous of her. She’s a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous voice, and I agree 100% with the person who brought up Lauren’s very poor and immature attitude in contrast. Haley, on the other hand, always stays optimistic and braves the nasty comments and reviews (especially from Randy – If you’re reading this Randy, then yo, what is up with that nonsense dawg? Chill out.) with a bright smile on her face. There is no way that Haley is leaving us tonight, as the incredibly powerful and soulful performance of I Who Have Nothing was perhaps the most beautiful thing I have ever seen grace that stage. Ever.

      • Haley is also confident as heck. Most women are afraid of their shadow. That’s why they are so jealous of Haley. Good Grief!

      • @Northern Guy,you are wrong.I am a mother of two kids and I love Haley performances.
        I know many teenage girls in my country,love Haley as well.

      • @Susan: THANK YOU! As a woman, I can vouch for how much most women, who seem to have so many insecurities, hate confident women. It seems that the second we meet someone who is comfortable in her own skin, we have to knock her down for being everything that we’re not. I adore Haley’s personality. I actually missed her first performance last night and went and Youtube’d it after hearing so many people complain about her attitude. And you know what? I am surprised at how much fuss is being made when she clearly held back. It takes a lot of class to hold your own tongue when someone insults your interpretation of a song that is so close to your heart. And JLo telling Haley that her song choice was not good at this stage in the game? Well, she clearly wasn’t paying attention to Scotty’s second song (no hate meant towards Scotty. I like him but that second song of his was the worst of the night for me). Kudos to Haley for keeping her cool!

      • @Idolfans:

        If you have two kids then I don’t you “Chick” anymore, since I would not want to get hit over the head with a sippy cup or diaper bag. I was referring to youngins mom. 😉

    • you are absolutely right…that was a very disrespectful thing to do from her… I have never seen such a bad reaction in AI…

    • If Haley is disrespectful to the judges of a multi-million dollar tv show who have been in the business longer than she has been alive, just imagine how she treats other people like contestants, idol employees, waiters, grocery store clerks, etc. I bet she was a terror in school. Self-serving, conceited, rude, uncaring, and ungrateful. Not my idol, not my teenager’s idol. If she wins, she needs to have a banner draped across her that says “Mean Girl Idol 2011”. Randy and JLo have seen her attitude backstage, off camera for months now. They don’t want her to win for a good reason. She is a “blank”.

      • We don’t want to give in to your misinformed drivel, either. Please quit making stuff up. Haley was unfairly and unjustly criticized for weeks, especially after the show started getting flap over how all the judges were praising everyone. They came after her, only. Its been going on for a long time, and last night was the last straw for both Haley and the country. People awakened and figure it out. James doesn’t get to be “emotionally perfect” when he’s out of tune if the judges are going to criticize Haley’s song choice. Scotty has to sing harmony and Lauren has to hit the high notes if they are going to be praised as wonderful, beautiful and perfect. Otherwise, they need to leave Haley’s song choices alone. Smart people have seen through the charade, and Nigel knows it, and he’s in full-on retreat/damage control mode.

      • Angela…I thought you were done with these posts…we did not miss your sour attitude!

      • Angela james, YOU are jealous of Haley! You have NO idea how she treats people, – except for every thing that we have all seen behind the stage. Seems like all the other contestants LIKE her A LOT! You seem threatened by a confident talented beautiful girl!

        Get a life~

        ….a 50+ mom for HALEY!!!!

      • angela you are still here? you ugly troll. go somewhere and play with yourself, no one else will. GO HALEY GO.

      • I thought you were gone.

        Haley is the best VOCALIST, with the best power, range, voice modulation, the singer who sings IN TUNE even when she growls, and she has sung BY FAR the most variety of music.

        I love how you think you can identify all her personality traits as if you know her so well. She has taken 10 times more criticism than all the other contestants put together and has smiled through them all, taken them with grace, and sung her heart out. So she rolled her eyes at Randy. Big whoop. So that makes her the rudest, most arrogant person on the planet? I’m love her disbelief — and mot of America is now feeling it with her. The judges know that she’s the best singer. Read the posts and tweets of tons of other former Idol contestants and record producers and music critics at the big papers like the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc. They’re ALL in the Haley camp. They’re ALL trashing Randy, NOT Haley. Lauren even said that Haley was the best singer in the competition.

        You can certainly choose not to vote for her, but to ascribe personality traits to her that you know absolutely nothing about disqualifies your words from meaning anything.

    • courtney. what are u smoking? that poor girl got singled out by randy. and was criticized every week. even lauren said so! she said that haley gets it the hardest every week and its unfair, and by the way, so did, adam lamert, allison iraheta, and david cook. and they know what it feels like and how hard it is so shut ur f**kin mouth about something u obviously don’t get.

  5. Thank goodness someone from the show stepped up and said it. I don’t know why they let the “bash Haley” segment run so long… no other contestants comments from the judges (and I use that word loosely) lasted so long. Haley has the best voice by far, and she and James need to battle it out in the finale. However, yo dog, and j-lo-ser seem hell bent on pushing her out. Haley, you have a ton of talent, and lots of fans that see it!!!

    • JLo really struggles with Hayley. Guess she’s too cute, sexy and talented for her. Hey Baaaby, little jealous?????

      • I’ve wondered if Jlo was a bit jealous myself, and I really thought I was going to throw up when she kept calling her baby! And Randy… needs to read a dictionary and expand his vocabulary, is any one sick of yo yo yo and dawg besides me??? Just wondering…

      • I reallly don’t think JLo needs to be or is slightly jealous of Haley…That is just too way out There!

  6. Randy deserves to be fired for that comment he directed about Haley’s song choice. And if I hear any one of the judges say something about her not being sure who she is as an artist, I will literally never turn onon the TV again. No singer deserves to be put down like that, not even on a reality show.

    Haley will probably be eliminated tonight because of all the negative criticism she received from the judges, even though I throughly believe Lauren should instead. Damn judges . . .

    • I completely agree. That was just uncalled for. Can we vote Randy off instead?

      • I think a lot of people voted for Haley last night because Randy was such a jerk…she’ll be OK!

      • Randy was the bass player for Journey for ONE YEAR. The band has been around for 30. He called Journey “His band”. Pft. That’s a stretch!

        Haley is going to be a radio senstation. Nobody HEARD of Randy Jackson before Idol unless they read the liner notes of ONE Journey Album from 19-forgotten!

    • People, reading this post, it has occurred to me that maybe it was all planned. Haley would probably not have made it this far without the outrage from all of us and making everyone vote out of pure protest at the judges picking on her. Maybe it was the plan to force everyone to vote for her. True enough, she is talented and well deserved but would people have come out of their complacency and vote if they had not been so very outraged. Think about it. Now Nigel has come to her rescue as well. I think it was the plan and we bought into it hood, line and sinker. Haley is not going anywhere. We bought it.

      • If it was planned, Haley sure wasn’t aware of it! Her reactions were sincere.

      • What a terrible thing to do to somebody. If it is true. I don’t think Ryan had anything to do with it either, the look on his face was priceless. For once, Ryan Seacrest was completely speechless.

      • The end of this is these problems will follow out into the industry, as her being hard to work with, hard to manage, difficult to talk to. It will be hard too convince anybody different

      • Everybody is hard to work with but if the talent is good enough they do it anyway. How do you think people work with JLo, Babs, Celine, etc? When have they shown in any interview her talking back to a mentor or someone that was helping her record her song? Never. There is zero evidence that she is hard to work with and most people are pretty objective when it comes to work ethic.

      • Or, maybe the votes are showing Nigel he’s been pimping the wrong contestants and now has to backpedal against his “judges.” Or, it was close, but Haley’s going home and he knows there’s going to be 10-20 million militant Haley fans after tonight.

      • Mandy, that is a very interesting theory. I applaud you for thinking of that.

        I just want to say that I’ve supported Haley from the beginning, and I’m very proud of her.

      • Why in America do we always play the conspiracy theory card over everything? It’s so funny.

    • I think Randy is good. Haley is not a singer,she screams and growls too much. She should have gone home at the beginning

      • deedee you are frreaking obsessed with Haley. And she makes you waste your time by posting crap on this blog, you can’t get her out of your head, be careful now you may lose it.

  7. I agree w/ Nigel. Haley’s singing was so beautiful last night, I was moved to tears. 🙂

    • Tears over here too! Crazy! And I’m a big tough guy… sniff sniff… Tito – give me a tissue! 🙁

    • Yep we’re just a bunch of big fat lazy nacho-eating TV-watching puppy dogs. Now get out of your Snuggie and get me a beer will ya? 😛

      • I don’t know which is more alarming. That it’s still Snuggie weather where you are, or that you paid too much for a backwards bathrobe. LOL

    • I don’t agree with Nigel. Haley should have left a while ago. Terrible singer. Growl and scream. yuck!

  8. I love Haley. She has an awesome voice. I would probably have an attitude also. They give her a hard time alot. I thought both performances were good. She deserves to be there and I wish her the best of luck.

    • Also, they told them to pick a song that inspired them and that’s what Haley did and for randy to treat her the way he did was wrong.

    • Why does it have to be Lauren to go home tonight? She is the best female singer still in the competition….I think Hailey deserves to go home….I never have been fond of the screaming anyways…I’m rooting for Lauren all the way!!!

      • No matter what I’m gonna be dissapointed tonight…because the only one I want to go home is Scotty, and he’s the only one we all know is safe ~_~

      • Because “Trouble” wasn’t just a bad song choice for her (which, btw, the judges didn’t say anything about) it was also a terrible performance. She screeched through that thing with zero breath and vocal control. Her first song was nice, it wasn’t omgwtfbbq. Lauren has had maybe one moment the entire competition, it’s the top 4. That’s why she should go home.

      • I think Haley should have left a long time ago. Don’t like a screamer and a growler.

  9. i dont think haley is going home tonite,unfortunatly it mite be scotty.mostly becuase of luaren being in bottom 2 last nite.the twitter followers of luaren and scotty r casting her the most votes this week,thinking scotty is safe.Bad move,both of them lead twitter followers,scotty eclipsing 130,000 and 106,000 facebook,luaren has also eclipsed 100,000 twitter followers,,thats alot of votes.mostly going to luaren this week,hope it doesnt happen but looking that way.

      • Chris, you are right. I am a perfect example. I voted for Lauren because I thought Scotty would be safe. It is all a part of the plan to take Scotty out and we bought it. People were outraged because of the raggin on Haley and voted for her. We are being played like puppets.

      • You are right. We are being played like a fiddle. Lauren cannot win but Scotty would have. Haley could not make it without all the people being outraged and voting for her.

    • You are absolutely right. I have always been for Scotty to win but after last week, I split the vote with Scotty and Lauren…Mostly Lauren because I felt she was most vulnerable. We have played in to their hands. Lauren cannot win the final but Scotty would. So maybe the plan was for us to take Scotty out this way. They have beat up on poor Haley so we will be outraged and vote for her. People, we are being played like puppets. It is all in the plan. Think about it. We cannot let it work anymore!!!!!!

    • I don’t really think anyone is safe this week. We could see James or Scotty go home for that matter. Fans picked up the voting this week, so i really think no one can call it.

    • Don’t vote for Haley the next time, she should be the one leaving, enough with the growling and the yelling.

  10. How does it make the producers look when the guest mentors, like Sheryl Crowe, Lady Gaga, etc. and the resident mentor Jimmy, give Haley high praise, and good directions, and Haley not only follows their advice but nails the performance, THEN, the judges totally rip her apart, doesn’t that sort of make Jimmy and the guest mentors look bad as well? And of course the producers look bad also because they are the ones booking the talent.

    • Um, that’s because the judges are coached by the producers and they purposely create tension and adverserial judging because it’s good for ratings?

      Country bumpkins blindly voting aside, people can see Haley has talent in spades and will buy her first album without even hearing it.

      • Put me on that list. Haven’t bought an album since ELO greatest hits, but I’ll hers (and Casey’s) sight unseen.

      • I definately will be buying her first cd. I have all her itunes available right now and can’t wait for an original album from her.

      • Put me on that list too, have always loved bluesy/rock and the style Haley sings.

    • The only performance they “ripped apart” was haley’s first song which was terrible. The judges were on the dot with their comments all night.

      • I totally agree that the only performance they ripped apart was Haley’s first song, but I disagree that it was terrible.

        I disagree with you that the judges were on the dot with their comments all night, but let’s just watch the results show tonight and see if everyone else agrees that all of the performances last night were perfect except for the one by Haley.

    • Not always the best comments , I don’t like Haley, she yells and growls all the time. Maybe some people love that, but I don’t . I like to be calm when I listen to music. Haley should have left the show a long time before.

  11. I have been a Haley fan from the beginning but Randy was on the mark with his comments. She started off fine but screamed the entire last third of the song. It was painful to hear someone with so much talent turn in such a sub par performance. She should have been gracious and accepted the criticism in the spirit with which it was offered not pout and act rude. Because of this I did not vote for her last night.

    • The transition from soft to all-out was terrible. Bad song choice. I agree. C- on song one and A+ on song two. If she had picked a better song 1, she’d be the clear leader right now.

    • Youtube the original and listen to Michael Jackson “scream” the last 1/3 of the song. Brought passion into the song. Haley did the same.

      • Yep. And James went straight karaoke on “Don’t Stop Believin'” and won hight praise. Inconsistent and biased to the end. At least the judges are consistent in their bias.

      • James didn’t get one critical word for a sappy overplayed song that he didn’t nail by a long shot. He was all over the place! Sharp, flat too, screetching, one sharp C (?) note it seemed through most of it. I just don’t get how that didn’t warrant some critique. He’s done way better.

      • look at the power of Haley, passionate hate from the same person over and over… and over deedee, how pathetic

  12. Whats all the hullabaloo about? Haley has been on and off the entire Idol Season so now she gets critized and everyone is upset…..She seems to do her best work when she does pick the right song choices and that is what Randy & Jennifer were trying to tell her……All four of these idols have neem critized during the course of the season but Haley seems to be the only one that can’t take it…No one is denying that her 2nd song was awesome but the first one wasn’t. Her growling was awful in the first song…..You know…she is not perfect either and when someone tells her that she gets an attitude….

    • You can’t say that everyone gets criticized just like Haley. Not by a long shot, not even a little bit. She gets criticism every week while no one else does. Especially this week. Scotty’s 2nd song was terrible, where was the fair and balanced criticism there? Lauren’s 2nd song was terrible, where was the fair and balanced criticism? James first song had several wrong notes in it, where was the fair and balanced criticism? The performance was not bad, the yelling is part of that song. This isn’t the first time she’s ever been criticized, but it’s the first time she stood up for herself and I’m glad she did. It’s not attitude when you are being bullied like Haley has been. None of them are perfect, no one is saying Haley is perfect. But, YES, she is the only one that gets any kind of real criticism and most of it is negative and unconstructive.

      • David P…..You have to admit, if you weren’t looking at her, and just listening….that 1st song was awful…before the judges said anything, I told my son that her growling so off tonight…..it was…..the song was terrible…..
        To be fair…I thought Scotty was worse….that 1st song was boring and the 2nd one was just plain awful….He is NO entertainer…..

        I want Haley & James in the finale and I think everyone on this site knows that…

    • Phyliss First time I really agree with you. The solution would be solved if Haley was sent home tonight

      • Jared…..I don’t agree with Haley going home…..She is better than Lauren…..

    • She deserve criticism, she is a brat, that is why she as a hard time to take it. She is not my fav. she growls and scream all the time , not my kind of relaxing music. Hope she is the next one to leave, because she should have left a long time ago.

  13. OMG! You would think that haley has been picked on so bad this whole time. Does no one remember the attitude she threw around when she was in the bottom three the 2nd time. She said, he we go again. She should just be thankful she has made it this far. I don’t like her just because of the attitude. I don’t think she got the attitude last night because she has been picked on so much; she got an attitude because she was about to cry. At least with Lauren crying, she didn’t make any rude comments back to the judges.

    • She did not get that attitude from the judges. I bet she has had that attitude most of her life. Very conceited, spoiled rotten brat who is always about herself. Good grief, can anyone see this girl going to a disaster area or animal shelter and volunteer. She is, and always has been a prima donna. She will take her money and run if she wins. There will be no “giving back” with her. The cameras don’t lie…she comes off as a snob to the other contestants every week. They don’t have anything to do with her and vice versa. There is a reason for that. Everyone on Idol has probably seen how she acts toward others during off time from the camera. The judges have seen it too..

    • Every week. Same garbage. While Lauren is treated with kid gloves, JLo coos to Scotty and James is pimped as the biggest new great theatrical star to ever hit the stage, Haley is criticized for song choice.

      Sheep. Baaaaaa.

      • excellently said, perfect. The show is such a waste but the people are so real I can’t stop watching. So I’m really invested with Haley like with nobody else before, she is my absolutely cup of tea at everything.

  14. There’s room for improvement in all four of the contestants. I just see three of them willing to accept it and thats James, Lauren & Scotty.

    I will not be sadden at all if Haley goes home tonight. I know a lot of the guys will be though.

    • How in the world can you know whether they are willing to accept it? What criticism have they taken? What has James done to correct the criticism that he was screaming out of tune last week, and that he was all karaoke impression of Steve Perry this week, that he’s not original? Oh, that’s right — that constructive and honest criticism, although all true, was never given. My bad.

  15. the Earth song is a song about anger and fear about the way we are treating nature. Haley conveyed fear in the first and then anger in the end of the song…..a perfect interpretation…..

    • I’m starting to think I’m crazy…I must be one of the few people who thought Haley’s first song was better than her 2nd one. She seems to synch with it pretty well.

      • I liked it a lot but thought she growled a bit much near the end. She got a little lost. Still, I love her.

  16. I just cant help thinking that the tweets were made ’cause all the online outcry. Or if this is just another hoax to gain votes and viewers. Then I feel bad for Haley being used that way. But I guess that should be expected with shows like this.

  17. I wish there was an equal outcry of the touting of James. I am not a huge Haley fan but she did not diserve the dissing. She did make a horrible song choice with her first song. I think sometimes she thinks that she is the lead singer in her parents cover band. Never really thinking thru the song picks. Maybe she isn’t picking them, just getting bad advice?

  18. I agre3e with twofreatdanes Haley has ha the attitude for sometime, and she can not take any negative comments from anyone. As for Steven Tyler…he can not and will not say anything negative. They need judges that will say comments that will help them as an artist.

    • I love Steven Tyler….BUT….he has been a major disappointment on AI. I’m reading his book and believe me that guy can dole out the criticism when it comes to playing poorly. He doesn’t stand for it! But he just can’t bring himself to say anything useful for fear of hurting their feelings to these kids.

      Thank God he finally cared enough to call Randy and JLo out with some passion last night. To me he looks awfully bored most of the time. I thought he was gonna puke when Randy said Journey was the number one rock band of all time behind Aerosmith. Please. Zepplin, Stones, Hendrix, Joplin, Floyd, Yes, U2, GnR, to name a few.

      I think he got what he wanted out of this AI thing. A bestselling book, releasing a single that, from all accounts, is old school demon of screamin sure to be a hit, Aerosmith is back on the charts – sales are up 450%, and if Joe Perry can ever forgive him for doing AI they can go tour the world where they’re sure to sell out like never before! I doubt he’ll be back for a second season. But ya never know…

      I do give Randy, JLo, and Steven major props for picking incredibly talented people to compete . They nailed that Top 20.

  19. With all this attention she is bound to be in the Top 3……whats wrong with that……James & Haley in the finale…..win…win….situtation.

  20. I’d hate to see Haley get voted in just because of what happened last night – she would never know if it’s her talent or America just having enough of the judges, namely Randy. They made up after Haley’s second song – but this is the second week that her second song was the better choice. Haley needs to be consistant! And….I don’t like screaming instead of singing – if she gets thru – hopefully she will chose more wisely and sing within her register.

    • I’ve been trying to be objective about this entire incident. The song choice was not the best, I will admit it. But it wasn’t worse than some of the others (Namely Young Blood and Trouble) and she gave a great performance unlike some of the others (Namely Young Blood and Trouble). There really wasn’t anything to criticize about it technically. Also, the only people that thought the first song last week was a bad choice were the judges and those who base their opinions on what the judges say. Also, one last defense for the way Haley sang that song. That’s how MJ sang it and she wanted to keep it true to the original, though she may have gotten a bit carried away with it while she was performing. The studio version nailed it, though.

      • I think Haley might have growled too much in the end. I sort of cringed a bit I admit. But she’s still the best artistic vocalist on the show hands down.

  21. over 70 million votes…coincidence…?

    Is Randy criticism stunt & debate between the judges & contestant happened naturally? Why didnt Seacrest put a stop to Randy & hand it over to Steven judging ASAP? Is this a scheme from Nigel to add more drama in preparin for the homecomin top 3? Cause now everybody talkin about the duel between the “Dawg” & Haley… Will the rating in today result show will up because of that…?

    Hahahaha,i love conspiracy theory. Hehehehe 🙂

      • I thought the big wish was for a Country vs. Rock final with James and Scotty. I hope I’m wrong.

      • “Country vs. Rock final”

        This is perhaps why the judges are purposefully being coached to hate on Haley. They might get a big bonus if it’s RnR vs. Country. That will be the ultimate idol showdown!

        Except Haley won’t be there! 🙁

      • i kinda agree with u Northern Gut & Shoosh about 1 thing… Maybe the gambling org have a project for the producer & judges (i dont know,upper echelon of the show maybe the terms is..) to make the finale set-up between their favorite (betting odd-wisely) to happen. Whether its a Country vs Rock’ n Roll or now its change between Rock’ n Roll vs Blues Rock or Country vs Blues Rock… Conspiracy theory mind boggled… hehehe 🙂

      • Ryan is cute and stupid. Leave him alone. Some people like cute and stupid. I’m smart and not cute. I wish I was cute and stupid too… 🙁

    • Did you guys see his face when it was all going down? He was at a complete loss. Ryan is the worst actor in the entire world; I don’t believe he was in on anything if it was set up.

      • well,he have more than a 10 years worth of an experience in Showbiz whether as a MC in AI or radio. It all depends on script & improvising…i dont know,maybe its not a set-up or maybe it is 🙂

        1 thing for sure… America’s been riled-up cause of the stunt now 😉

  22. Haley is a spoiled brat. Thank God the judges are finally giving out a little constructive, HONEST, criticism. Can you imagine if Simon were still on? She would have been gone by now. She occasionally sounds great but she is a bore on stage. It’s like watching a cheer leader sing for her school. The other three have great voices, great, humble attitudes and great stage presence. Go home whiney butt!

    • A little constructive, honest critism about a post like this one.

      You really cannot state Haley is a spoiled brat, unless you know her personally. So this part of your post should be, in my opinion, from what I have seen, it seems to me Haley may be a spoiled brat.

      Your second statement should read Thank God the judges are finally giving out a little constructive, honest, criticism, for the 6th week in a row, to only one contestant. (it would be more accurate if you had stated it this way)

      Can you imagine if Simon were still on? She would have been gone by now. Actually, you can only speculate that she would have been gone by now, and since you were just imagining if Simon were still on, well, everyone has different imaginations, so this part of your statement is illogical and pointless.

      She occasionally sounds great but she is a bore on stage. It’s like watching a cheerleader sing for her school. I can’t really help you with this statement, all I can say is the school you went to must have had some amazingly talented cheerleaders.

      The other three have great voices, great, humble attitudes and great stage presence. Not much to critique here other than I don’t understand the comma after the second great in the sentence, perhaps you meant great humble attitudes, but the way it reads is great voices, great, humble attitudes. it would be helpful in your future posts to either place your commas in the correct position or finish your thought before placing a comma.

      Finally, please explain what a whiney butt is. I don’t think I have every seen a butt whine. How does a butt whine? My last bit of constructive criticism for this post is that you should try to avoid urban slang used by gradeschoolers, as it tends to undermine the message you are trying to portray.

      I hope this constructive criticism was helpful to you, and helps you in your future posts.

      • JD’s post was very helpful, if “Barb” can take it. We’ll see. If s/he rudely talks back, I’m voting against her(him?)!

  23. the way i see it. no matter who wins if they were liked by someone they will all have an album. look at all the ones who lost in the past.

    • Top four are all awesome. Seeing Haley come out of her shell is just a wonderful thing to watch. I think James and Scotty can’t grow as much as Haley and Lauren – why? Because they were TOO GOOD to BEGIN WITH! So now, some are getting tired with them while Lauren and Haley take more and more of the vote. It’s not how consistent you are in Idol, it’s how you do in the last three songs: Do good, then great, then incredible, and you win. You’re only as good as your last song!

  24. I really don’t think anyone is safe tonight. people are leaning towards Haley or Lauren leaving, but really it could be Scotty or James. Fans really increased their voting and Haley being criticized by Randy could have gotten a lot of people to vote for her and Lauren was in the bottom two last week, so her fans probably increased their voting. As well, as taking into account where Jacobs votes would have gone to. I don’t think they went to either Scotty or James because they are way too different genres, so they had to go to either Haley or Lauren. You never know, we might see one of the boys leave tonight, which I am kind of hoping will happen.

    • Oh please let it be Scotty! I can’t take another week of his vanilla-ness.

      • I agree with you both…Scotty should be gone but it won’t happen…..

      • Time for Alfred e Nueman to go back home, oops back to the cover of Mad magazine! Do ya all remember when he gave the boy the boot out of his group earlier in the comp, no heart! The i’m part Puerto Rican crap is lame to!

      • For once some one is right about who is leaving. So far all have been mentioned and guess what, some one will go and whom ever it may be,I wish them well because they have all brought a little of excitement to AI besides the bashing of Haley. Poor baby,May the AI continue on its journey for two more weeksthen we will have nothing to bitch about.We can all get back to our boreing lives before AI.

  25. This MOM is proud to say she voted 857 times for Haley and stopped only because voting ended.

    So, if the question is did Haley garner more votes because of how she was treated by Randy and JLo (lets not forget her rant) then the answer is an emphatic yes and based on this article, I now have hope that Haley will be in the Top 3, a position she has rightfully earned! She’s never, ever boring.

    • Woot! Same here, I never voted more than 15 times this season (and that was split between Casey, Haley, and Naima) but last night I voted the entire time + 50 votes online + my entire family after they did their 50 votes online. After last nights performances I highly doubt Scotty spurred anyone to vote more than they normally do, especially with all the praise he got from the judges.

      • I wish I ‘d thought of gathering my husband and sons’ phones. Duh! Oh well, sounds like everyone else knew what to do. Yay! James, Lauren, Haley, I hope. Haley to win.

      • I told you guys from the beginning that I vote the full 2 hours for Haley since she sang Blue. I used to split my votes. I get around 600 to 750 votes in depending on the lines being open.

      • Wow Sarah – you have lightning fast dialing speed! My thumbs were starting to hurt after 500!

    • yes … agree… she was never boring… but Lauren got boring now

  26. hey i just watched the performance show… and iam now angree of s/th…ok… and that is about that song that Scotty sang… i mean september by alan jackson…and it has this sentence in it
    ”I watch CNN but im not sure i can tell you The difference in Iraq and Iran”
    now i have a question … the people are this stupid that they donT understand the diffrence between iraN and iraq?????? i mean WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW… u name that dam arabic country next to our persian great counntry??????? ohHH my GOD it is AWFUL …this lack of information is awful..

    • I like Scotty…but the song choice is, “I’m a dumb racist hick, but I’m proud to be me, ’cause I’m from the sticks where our guns keep us free…” Gotta hand it to the above poster for calling this one out. Glorified ignorance wrapped in starry cloth.

  27. i mean who call him/her self a song writer or poet that dont know iraN …the most historical and greatest in literature,art,… country in the world and has many legendary poets like Hafiz,Molana,Molavi,Saadi and a lot of others…????!!!!!!!!

    o my GOD awFul…
    sorry for this world for being such a cruel and pretend to be blind because of some dam politics….
    i hate politiCCCC

    • It is because of politics and it’s a really sad thing, but it’s also cultural boundaries that have been artificially placed. There’s very little cultural flow between the United States and the Middle East. Maybe on day those barriers will be broken down, but until people can accept everyone as part of the same human race and put aside their biases I don’t see that happening, :(.

      • not knowing iraN exactly is IMPOSSIBLE for any song writer around the world…cause we have the best and famous and legends poets and poems and literature of whole world… go ask university professors i bet they 100% agree with me…
        these kinds of things are all dam politics…
        sorry but this level of song writing is really shame for a country i think

      • when i said these are all because of politics i mean they know exactly whats going on and they know exactly the difference between iraN and iraQ but they pretend not knowing…that is a strategy …believe me

  28. Votes were divided into 2. 1 for Haley and 3/3 for (james,scotty & lauren).
    Haley got 1/2 of 70M=35M
    Sum= Haley tops

  29. Haley had the best performance last night BUT she also showed the worst attitude… which makes the former useless for me.

    • If you were doing a good job at work, a better job than most, and your boss constantly critiqued you, and told your coworkers they were doing great. After how many times of this happening 1, 2, 3, 4….
      before you finally stood up for yourself. And when you did stand up for yourself after constant unfair criticism, does this mean you have a bad attitude?

      • yeah…it is ridiculous…they always say good things to Lauren…and say cause u r 16 thats awesome cause u r so young… well ok age may be a deal in the beginning of the competition but now it is top 11 top 8 top4… now it is NOt…the singer who is in these tops should be as great as possible…

      • Jd, your opinion is that Haley did a better job than the others, my opinion she did not…is it possible thzt Randy felt the same way? Way too much Haley drama.

    • If Randy would have had his way, he would have brought down Haley long ago. But, God bless her, she is a super strong young woman for a 20 year old. I find that strength attractive. But, a segment of posters here apparently want her to curl up in a ball and cry whenever Randy unfairly attacks her. I hate to tell you cretins, but that was the old “stand by your man” woman of the 1950’s!

  30. ok lets go back more to the topic…

    i think
    1. Haley done good in both of the songs…of course second was better …but earth song was good too…yeah the song was nt the best choice for that night…

    2. Lauren i think she got boring since past weeks till now…

    3. James, oO God james is really ready…he can do anything… being singer is really in his blood…

    4. Scotty i didnt like his song chooses…

    so first Lauren then Scotty are the persons who may go home tonight…

  31. James has talent but common he is still pitchy!!!!!!! He can be the best in the contest but not yet!!!

  32. i think if Lauren eliminates tonight the audience and judges will be sunk in her tears… cause she really stick it and dont wanna leave…but she should understand that she is not the best

  33. First they force the singers to sing inspirational songs. So you get Scotty waving the flag about 9/11 and Lauren pandering to the tornado victims. Nobody is going to criticize that. Haley should have sung God Bless America or the Star Spangled Banner. Even Randy would have a hard time attacking her for that.

  34. If the ridiculous situation of Haley going home was to happen then this would be my last post! The only contestant left with the range of voice and performance worth watching! No one else left for me to support for me.

    • Now that’s the negative of my comment, I don’t believe Haley will go home but now for the positive side of things. Haley would still be the brightest star on Idol and will shine whatever the result!

    • I agree Lauren is a lot better than Haley no comparison there. Lauren is the best.

  35. Someone who was at the show twittered that Nigel was all over Randy about going to far right after Haley left the stage in tears.
    My family voted like never before for Haley last and had planned to do so before the show but likely pushed even harder after it.

  36. I certainly voted for her extra because of the stupid judges and their dumb comments to her.

  37. If Haley gets voted off, I will watch the show, but I am not voting any more. I like the others too, but, if my favorite is gone, I’ll use that time to read. Their fans can vote for them.

    • I’m with you on that one!! If Haley gets voted off then they have adiosed all the real talent… ie: Pia, Casey, & Haley. All we’ll be left with is a couple of good karaoke singers and a country bumpkin!

      I’m really not sure why Scotty’s even there other than popularity. He only has 2 speeds low and slow and if he can’t apply it to a song he makes it as goofy as possible… That’s all he’s got in his toolbox!

  38. Nigel can speak in public now that the votes are over and it won’t affect the outcome. If Nigel didn’t like the Haley-bashing, he could have/should have stopped it a long time ago. What’s the old saying about locking the barn door after the horses escaped? I am not so sure Nigel isn’t in on the “agenda” that involves getting rid of Haley. Actually, I’ve always liked him and am a huge fan of “So You Think You can Dance”. I was hopeful that his coming back to AI would bring about a fairer Idol. I’d like to see what the voting would have been like with more even-handed comments. Why are JLo and Randy so afraid of Haley…she can’t be controlled?…she’s too good? …she’s not so green and pliable? …she has an incredibly powerful presence? …she’s a strong woman? I am puzzled. Or is it just the infatuation with Lauren who is less polished in performance, less creative in delivery, less mature in handling the ups and downs, less risk-taking, less versatile, less attractive, and less charismatic? Hmmm…..

  39. I don’t see how Haley was disrespectful. She didn’t say anything that was rude. She just said “I didn’t think to change the song since it was beautiful as it was” how is that disrespectful? (I’m paraphrasing) The judges are not God so why does she have to just sit there and endure backlash? If it was constructive then that’s something else but the judges were clearly hiding their sarcasm under their snide comments and tried to pass it off as critique. Get a grip JLO or Randy, you guys are NOT the best singers!

    • She respectfully voiced her disagreement with unfounded criticism that has been going on for weeks. She was obviously hurt. She’s 20. Fox, the “fair and balanced” network is broadcasting this “unfair and unbalanced” contest.

  40. Most females who criticise Haley are unveiling their own insecurities and lack of self-worth. The kid has an immense talent, is feisty and will be an international superstar before too long. She has a bit of Janis Joplin, a bit of Shirley Bassey and a smattering of Bette Midler. I love the way she never gives an inch and comes back from adversity punching. Compare her with Scotty who seems to have an automatic ride to the final without ever feeling the need to extend himself. He’s a great kid with a good personality and is genuinely humble but he is very very limited in his range and has no real stage presence. Here in Australia we love a battler and that my friends is Haley!

  41. For me, I believe Haley peaked at “Benny and the Jets” or maybe “Rolling in the Deep” so I will have to disagree with Nigel here. Unless he meant her worst and best performance are further apart than the rest(as opposed to the thought that she’s improved constantly). In that case I might agree.

    • Uh…slaying the unreleased Gaga song last week, followed by HOTRS (that’s right – so iconic now it is a known acronym), and then “I, Who Have Nothing” this week — absolutely THE singular most difficult song and arrangement anyone has even attempted all season…looks like improvement to me, and she’s only going to get better.

  42. GO HALEY!! God I love this girl!! She is the best thing Idol has seen in 5 seasons! Hey folks… like her or not she IS the real deal. All the haters better buckle up because my baby is gonna be with us for awhile!

    • why ! eveybody is allow to their opinion and I agree with Randy. Haley should have been the one to go home, and I’m sure the other judges agreed with that.

  43. I hadn’t intended on chiming in but Haley is probably going home tonight. She had her time in the spotlight but an American Idol she is not. She may make it on her own after Idol but as far as winning I seriously think she doesn’t have a chance. James is the logical choice and as far as second place who cares.? Either one will make it as country stars and have some fame but for the long run it will be who won season 10.. they will be forgot by all except the ones who voted for them. Just like 90% of the others who have come and gone .. As far as Randy and JAY LO getting on Haley’s case they’ve been way too easy on all of the contestants. It’s about time they took their job serious . I personally thought Simon was a jerk but he was the best judge of talent out of any of the judges. Also if Haley would have listen to them earlier she probally could have won it all but if you’re running your mouth you can’t learn a damn thing. She had her chance,a lot more than I would have given her.I would have cut her several weeks ago. She has a lot to learn to be able to be a professional singer. Looks and a unusual voice won’t cut it. If it would everyone could be a singer. I’ve been a professional musician over forty years and have heard alot of want-a-be’s but only a very small percentage can be stars. The ones that listen to their producers (judges) without running their mouth have had more success than the know-it-all’s . Granted sometime talent will over shadow personallity and they will get their chance but that is very rare. James comes off a little bit that way but he does have the rare talent that can get away with it .. and he does listen but does it his way and so far it has worked ..

    • haha So I guess, by now you already know the results huh? Who’s going home again? Who’s the logical choice again?

      Oh my gosh!!!! I can totally feel this..Haley Reinhart is soooo winning AI! Take that, angela james and friends! whooooohoooo!!! Me and my friends’ thousands of votes for Haley paid off! well, my guess for the top 2 would be Haley – Lauren.

      Come on, Haley fans!!! I appoint myself as the president of her fans club haha! Let’s all vote for her! Haley for the win!! Oh my gosh!!!

      • I;m convinced this competition is fixed, Nigel While comes out and basically hands Haley the crown, and now james is gone, wrong, go away Haley!

      • I’m sure it would be easy to have a fan club…you all most likely go to the same middle school.

        If Haley did or does win it…in a year or two she will join the ranks of…Taylor ‘Who???’ and Chris ‘What’s His Name.’

      • You wish, Linda! Haley’s fans will continue to support til like forever! She’s like a baby Mariah Carey and she’s gonna have a bright future in the music industry.

      • Haley’s attitude is terrible does America not see that! Oh it’s maybe cause she is so sexual and that keeps her in! Please a growling and screaming singer (PLEASE) no american idol champ there by far!

      • To Linda Gomez: Taylor Hicks is now in a Broadway show. However I don’t know what Chris is doing.

      • lol in your dreams linda. haley is the most unique contestant that has ever been on ai. i am dissapointed in america for letting this happen. she definately should have won, i can’t believe that it’s now the 2 kareoke country singers left in the competition… but anyhoo, haley will go very big. i’ve been waiting for someone like her for a long time, and she finally came. i am very excited for her career

    • They are all great singer, but to have charisma, to be likable and to have good attitude on stage, is the most effective influence, in fact more than just a vocal, so the question is, who is this person? and yes most improve, to me, Lauren has always been the same “down to earth” and looking more and more beautiful, her voice is certainly improving (all of them are) James, great performer and had regained his confident, Scotty surely has that charisma and never get tired of listening to his voice, Haley is the most improve one, not in her voice that is, but her attitude, her smirky smile, her cockiness, and her pony expression) if she wins, she will get lost in her pride. She always choose a big song because she thinks she has it but she doesn’t, her rusty voice is good enough to make a recording.

      • Pia was much better than her, but doesn’t surprise me why Haley stays and Pia is out, because the majority of people are trashy rather than classy. Haley stays because of her inviting eyes and her hands that runs all over her skin when she sings. People love that.

      • Neva: Lauren should follow Jennifer Hudson’s example & lose 20 or 30 pounds.

    • I guess you where wrong, as it could be Haley taking the Title as I think the voters see how the judges have not be equal with the comments on all the contestants but always jabbed Haley.
      With the Top 3 two being country, Scotty and Lauren could split votes, unless the you girls vote for Scotty, the it would be Scotty vs Haley and either one would be acceptable,since the true winner was eliminated a long time ago, PIA.

    • The judges hated Haley from the beginnin, it showed and people noticed it and it backfired. They never once said anything to James other than the fact that everything he did was perfect. Let’s be honest here, he was good but not always perfect. They wanted him to win in the worst way. It was not fair to put down Haley ever week and when Randy said his favorite was a tie between James, Lauren and Scotty, it was just plain wrong. I hope Haley wins. I am so happy she stuck up for herself instead of being a crybaby like Lauren, James and Jacob. I respect her for that and it amazes me that people talk about her attitude being bad. How would your attitude be if you were in her shoes constantly being put down for everything that all the others got away with? GO HALEY! I hope she wins. I have been rooting for her and Scotty since the beginning and they are both still there. And Pia was boring and did not connect with the audience so people need to stop bringing her into it. It looks like America is finally getting it right for a change with the votes.

      • so true. the’ve had it out for her since the beginning. she’s always spot on with her notes, yet the say she “screamed it” what about james? he does nothing but scream every performance… and he frequently goes off key. and scotty is so kareoke it sickens me that hes in the top 2… the unique contestant can never win american idol. it’s always the most bland ones that win… chris allen? fantasia? lee dewise? come on…

  44. I think one of the girls will be going home tonight, and I would have to lean toward Lauren going home since Haley has really stepped up her game lately.

      • OMG Lauren is so boring… It´s not only the voice…
        Scotty is boring too and he has the worst voice of the program. He always does the same, doesn´t change…
        Hailey is the best of the 3. You can find better singer in The voice, bit in AI Hailey is the best…. I hope she wins

    • I agree. Sr, but i think her voice is… strange (i don’t know how to describe it) LOL

  45. YES LAUREN IN THE TOP 3 MY PREDICTION WAS WRONG!!! I’ve never been more happy to be wrong!!!

  46. Lauren is first that is safe not looking good for Haley but you never know

  47. Top 3 Scotty, James and Lauren . Haley grrrrrrrrrrrr(boring) se va esta noche!!!

    • oh yeah? you wish! Haley is in the top 3 and she’s winning AI! Oh my gosh!!!

      Haley-Lauren for the finale!


      • I know! It’s good that she defended herself against this st*pid and super unfair Randy Jackson!

    • Haley has the same voice and the same look of the singer near a small bar in my city, and this girl has been singing for years, and nobody talks about her and no producer are interested, it’s all I can say.

      • Has this girl in the bar ever tried out for Am Id or America’s got Talent or any of the other competition shows? Does she want a national career? Is she married? Does she have a family? maybe, tho super talented (in your eyes at least) she doesn’t want to be anything but a big fish in a little pond. Don’t be assuming to judge talent unless you are prepared to make her a star.

      • You meant, she’s sooo an average looking and as a vocalist? no quality star? I so agree! there are millions of her in this world, she just got lucky! people voted her because most of people around the world are average looking people with an average voice.

        *To a person bellow : no I guess she did not try because she knows what she’s worth, you are talking about American Idol here, that means one of millions, “the greatest one” not some kind of singer that you can listen to and find her in every corner around the world!

  48. Haley! Haley!! Haley !! I see that name on most post here. Reality is consistency in their voices and perfomances. Truth be told she has not been. She has a great tone in her voice but will that always appeal to the fans in the years to come. I am doubting that it will. She yet struggles to find the best music or song to sing at this level in the competition. That is the reason why she failed to appease the judges. I don’t feel she is the roll model for an American Idol. Her attitude (rooling of the eyes) after the criticism given by professionals, left me with no desire to see her succeed.

    • Yes, her voice and her music will always appeal to her fans for like centuries! To me, she’s a baby Mariah Carey and I’ll buy all her CD’s for life! And I’m sure I’m not the only one. She has millions of fans, come on. Haley for the WIN!!!

    • Are you seriously criticizing Haley for “rolling her eyes” to the “professionals”? Well good for her. These so called judges don’t say sh*7. Either, why change it? Why did not you change it? Why leave your comfort zone? Why not take the risks? They contradict themselves, expect for Steven Taylor. In his eyes, everything is Beautiful.

      • I totally agree. Randy and JLo kept telling Haley to find herself. The girl has proved she can sing anything. That’s talent. She’s not onesided. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it works for Scotty. But Haley has that special sound in her voice, like Adele or Katy Perry. Haley has an awesome sound that will rock the charts. Didn’t surprise me James got booted surprised he lasted this long, all he could do was scream. Randy clean out your ears, it was James screaming not Haley and America got it right!!!

  49. Haley most likely to go now but for some reason I think it could possible be Scotty we will know soon.

    • I like Haley’s take on the song a little better, but GaGa has her beat in the attire department this time LOL>

  50. Haley! Haley!! Haley !! I see that name on most post here. Reality is consistency in their voices and perfomances is the key to American Idol. Truth be told she has not been consistent. She has a great tone in her voice but will that always appeal to the fans in the years to come….I am doubting that it will. She yet struggles to find the best music or song to sing at this level in the competition. That is the reason why she failed to appease the judges. I don’t feel she is that role model that American Idol is looking for. Her attitude (rolling of the eyes) after the criticism given by professionals, left me with no desire to see her succeed.

    • Pft. Those judges are HACKS. Haley is a success with or without them. America voted and Haley is safe. Their attacks didn’t work.

      • These judges J.Lo and R.J. think they can fix the outcome, they did manage to move Jacob off, then continued their attack on Haley, and glad she got fed up with it, and looked at Randy, and said : I understand, you didn’t like it! That was a “moment”

    • I think Haley’s strength is the raspy texture of her voice. It amazed me on that first song (the MJ song I’d never heard before) that she could nail those sweet, clear soprano notes, as well. I hadn’t heard that before.

      I think song choice is the LEAST problem to have as an amateur. It will matter later on, of course. But there is no question that Haley now knows that is a factor in how she will be judged, either on this show or by the purchasing public.

      And, as we will all admit (even the Haley haters, I think), Haley is a quick learner. I have no doubt whatsoever that this girl has what it takes to build a lengthy and vibrant career in music.

  51. Haley should have been voted off along time ago! She needs to loose that “Im better than you attitude” cause honey, you aren’t! She has that “Illinois Air” about her! Let’s hope all of our votes count & Haley goes HOME!

    • They are all great singer, but to have charisma, to be likable and to have good attitude on stage, is the most effective influence, in fact more than just a vocal, so the question is, who is this person? and yes most improve, to me, Lauren has always been the same “down to earth” and looking more and more beautiful, her voice is certainly improving (all of them are) James, great performer and had regained his confident, Scotty surely has that charisma and never get tired of listening to his voice, Haley is the most improve one, not in her voice that is, but her attitude, her smirky smile, her cockiness, and her pony expression) if she wins, she will get lost in her pride. She always choose a big song because she thinks she has it but she doesn’t, her rusty voice is good enough to make a recording.

    • I cannot believe it. I had lost all hope for my girl Haley when Lauren was seated first. I just kept saying, OMG, OMG, OMG, when Ryan announced there would be two girls in the top 3. I could not believe it!!!

      But for James to go tonight is the worst. I’m sorry, but that was wrong. What is wrong with the voters???

      I pray James gets signed to the biggest contract ever. He WILL be a success. I just know it. I adore him.

      It was so good to see the love among the contestants. I loved that Haley hugged him first. I loved that Scotty hugged him longest and I could see he was talking in his ear. I could see that Lauren was struck by James’ ouster, too.

      So all of you haters for ANY of these contestants, go dig a hole and take your gossipy ASSumptions with you.

      • Exactly! “I could not believe it” Because no one sure if she deserves the spot. I watch her every time someone got illiminated, she just smile, she can keep that smile to herself, really.

    • I cannot believe it. I had lost all hope for my girl Haley when Lauren was seated first. I just kept saying, OMG, OMG, OMG, when Ryan announced there would be two girls in the top 3. I could not believe it!!!

      But for James to go tonight is the worst. I’m sorry, but that was wrong. What is wrong with the voters???

      I pray James gets signed to the biggest contract ever. He WILL be a success. I just know it. I adore him.

      It was so good to see the love among the contestants. I loved that Haley hugged him first. I loved that Scotty hugged him longest and I could see he was talking in his ear. I could see that Lauren was struck by James’ ouster, too.

      So all of you haters for ANY of these contestants, go dig a hole and take your gossipy ASSumptions about their character and motivations with you.

    • I cannot believe it. I had lost all hope for my girl Haley when Lauren was seated first. I just kept saying, OMG, OMG, OMG, when Ryan announced there would be two girls in the top 3. I could not believe it!!!

      But for James to go tonight is the worst. I’m sorry, but that was wrong. What is wrong with the voters???

      I pray James gets signed to the biggest contract ever. He WILL be a success. I just know it. I adore him.

      It was so good to see the love among the contestants. I loved that Haley hugged him first. I loved that Scotty hugged him longest and I could see he was talking in his ear. I could see that Lauren was struck by James’ ouster, too.

      So all of you haters for ANY of these contestants, go dig a hole and take your gossipy ASSumptions about their individual characters and motivations with you.

      • Oh Pup, I felt the same way…these kids are just so sweet and I hope all of them will be successful. But the competition is not finished..we haven’t seen the much awaited Haley-Lauren finale!

  52. the instant i saw that Haley beat out James I checked VFTW and sure enough they have been pushing for Haley -big time!Whst a tragedy!

    • Barb, leave it, would you? Haley is in and rightfuly so. It’s not because of VFTW. Did you even read the article that headlined this blog?

      • Face reality, Pup,it’s not one bad night,but because he isn’t as well liked as the other 3.

    • @ Barb: And everyone already knew that Haley was identified as the VFTW pick this week.

      What I want to why fans abandoned James? Because he had one bad night?????? (I voted the most for Haley last night, but added about 30 votes for James because I thought he did such a great job last night. And I also threw a couple votes to Lauren and one for Scotty, too. I liked them all.)

      • Sorry Pup, but James lost me when Haley nailed HOTRS after being trashed by the Randy and JLo. She grew the most as an artist and I love her steel courage.

  53. Lauren still in the show?? Please ,wake me up when this nonsense is over!!!!

  54. Oops. Looks like this site has been having hiccups. Sorry for the triple post.

    @ Barb. Did you even bother to read the article that headlined this particular blog? Haley is in that spot rightfully. And it has nothing to do with VFTW.

  55. It should have been Scotty, plain and simple. The finale is all girls and that was clear in pure talent last night.


    Wake up America, Lauren is SOOOOO BORING.
    Brings nothing new to the show.

    Entire Europe is crazy about Haley, including me;)

      • Haley is terrible,come on america wake up. That is not singing this is call yelling, grrrrrrrr…

      • guess everyone doesn’t agree with you deedee or she wouldn’t have got this far 🙂

  57. Yay Haley! Wow this is awsome news! Go Haley Go! You can win it. Bring on the very best songs that you can find that will showcase the talent that God gave you!

  58. I am SO sorry for the multiple posts. Either it’s my server here where I am or this blog is getting inundated with attempts to post.

    I am thrilled for Haley and Lauren. (Wasn’t it good to see them hug each other?)

  59. I am SO sorry for the multiple posts. Either it’s my server here where I am or this blog is getting inundated with attempts to post.

    I am thrilled for Haley —and Lauren, too! Hey, Nino, I like Lauren’s voice! (Wasn’t it good to see them hug each other?) That warmed my heart. Let’s just hope it thawed Angela James’ heart. (Oh, Angela, did you see Scotty smiling like crazy after James was eliminated? Did you think he had one negative thought about James?!! So screw your head on right this time and stop bashing Haley. And get a life.)

  60. Secondchance, hon, I am so sorry. I know this breaks your heart. I was speechless, as was my hubby. He was the first to say, “What’s wrong with people?”

    I am positive someone will scoop up James and get him a fulfilling future in music that he so deserves! Head up, girl!

  61. I didn’t like James from the beginning. He had to fit that scream into every song, no matter if it fit or not. He’ll do much better not winning Idol. Male winners aren’t taken seriously. Think Daughtry…

    • I’d say that’s a pretty signature thing to do with heavy metal bands. You have to admit that James COULD sing when he was balanced out emotionally. It just really seems wrong that he was eliminated following a pretty good night–with praise from “oracles.”

      • All Haley did was growl and scream!! It doesnt take talent (which she has none) to do that!!

  62. Side things:

    @ Templar: I guess there goes your theory about this being a “family” show–what with Lady Gaga’s attire and moves (great voice, though), Enrique Eglesias’ lyrics (strictly club music–lyrics were awful) and even Jordin Sparks’ moves (now that wasn’t the “I Am Woman” song I know–guess it’s okay to steal the title and just use it willy nilly).

    I actually liked Tyler’s voice, song, and video! Shocked the hell out of me, but I did! The video was interesting, edgy (when it comes to adding “sexiness”)–but at least it focused on love with one person and was not raunchy (surprisingly, as I thought it would be). I’m actually starting to feel a little grudging love for Steven. He was the only judge who was kind to Haley.

    So what did everyone think about JLo’s tears for James’ departure? And Randy’s solemn look? Did they announce anything for HIM upon his elimination, as they did for Pia?? I didn’t hear a peep.

    • yeah Jlo’s tears! Talk about favoritism. (she shed tears for Pet Casey too). She should be disqualified as a judge. Praise is good, criticism is good–when given in good faith, but ADVICE is what is needed for these kids to make their chances better.

  63. Thank-You Nigel! Hailey is TOPS… Love the way she sings the Blues JAZZ. Hope she wins it all! She took a lot of guff from JLo and Randy since day one. Hailey can sing and she is GOOD! My husband and I will be buying her CD along with Casey’s and Pia’s! Hoping Haley make the #1 spot! You’ve earned it Kiddo!

  64. “The judges should apologize to haley” – Allison Iraheta

    “These judges are getting somewhat infuriating” – David Cook

    “Haley gets criticized cuz she’s the best and so not cookie cutter” – Adam Lambert

    “J.Lo and Randy Were Unnecessarily Harsh With Haley Reinhart” – Blake Lewis

    “That made me a little ill. I’m sorry, but Haley has the best voice on this show and she gets the most criticism.” – Lauren Alaina

    “Disagree with Idol judges! Haley was amazing and gets my vote tonight. Hope she gets yours” – Ellen

    “I still can’t get over Haley’s performance of “I Who Have Nothing” tonight on #AI. I mean, WOW! She has such a beautiful voice! GO HALEY!:D” – RebeccA black

  65. I am deeply sady by James elimination. Like many other, I was looking forward to a James/Scotty finale. I think a lot of people got carried away with Haley’s ‘thing’ with the judges and that could have costed James a lot of votes. Also, since Haley started making a comeback, I think it also drew away some votes from James. I thought he deserved to be in top 3. But anyway, he will have a great career ahead, I’m sure. Good luck James and God bless you !

  66. once more american voters suprised me with poor choice they made by voting Harley to stay

    they obviousily do not understand what talent is all about , weird choice !

  67. James you have talent , you are going to places and Haley will be going home hopefully !

  68. Anyone notice how JLo couldn’t look James in the eye last night when she told him he did a good job? She looked at the desk. Hmmm. My prediction is Haley is off next week and they’ll have their two cookie-cutter country singers to make a quick buck on before kicking them to the curb, like the majority of new country singers are these days, before the sale of AI is a done deal and the fat cats can leave town. I feel sorry for all 4 of these kids. If my suspicion is correct, James and even Haley will be much better off without AI as long as someone with the patience to spend time shaping their careers picks them up.

    • I don’t like your prediction and I don’t think it will happen. Country votes will split between Lauren and Scotty. I’m guessing majority of James’ votes will go to Haley so she’ll be the first safe contestant to be called next week. But I’m still hoping all of them give us incredible performances next week so that it’ll be an exciting competition. And I’m still saying…Haley for the WIN!!!

      • How sad, you probably don’t know the first thing about music. Are you a girl?

  69. Glad to see Haley still in it but if Idol really wants a true Idol I think they need to set the voting of one vote per phone number or email address. That is the way most voting is done in any kind of competition.

    • No way don’t vote for Haley, not an idol at all. Haley is a growler and a screamer !! It doesnt take talent to do that.

      • LaDonna I agree it should be one vote per email or phone and that i’m also glad hailey is stiil in. To deedee do you read what people have written or do you just automatically blurt out negative comments about hailey. I think we all get by now that your not a fan. just saying i didn’t see anywhere in LaDonna’s post the mention of a solicitation of votes for Hailey – just an observation 🙂

  70. I was glad (I like blues and jazz and Janis Joplin) Haley made it. James was giving praise on his performances not his voice, which was either one tone or screaming. I will admit, he deserved to be in the top 3, but so did Haley. And I believe the judges helped Haley and hurt James in so many ways. The judges just need to critic the contestants and give them direction. Not dog some of them out while praising another. All season long, I heard Randy and JLo saying how James had the best performance of the night even if he was the first singer and then Casey would come out and slam it (Maroon 5 song Casey sung and pecked Jennifer) but they had already said James was the best performance of the night even though they said that his was and didn’t retract the statement they made earlier. It’s clear who they wanted to win. And they screwed their performer. They’ll learn next season!!!!

  71. i think scotty will be the winner but Heley is my bet. its either haley vs. scotty or james vs. scotty.
    lauren will going home tonight

  72. THey’re all have different qualities. All can sing but Haley’s different not a copy cat. She have a very distinct voice that none of the other 3 has. She’s very pretty and knows how to look good and man, can she sing?…. She is the best and no one else. Scotty is really good too. These two can sing anything…. James screams and wants another Adam. Adam got the throne (James is just a copy cat). Lauren play it safe all the time and looks, nothing compare to Hailey. She will be another over-weight Has been in no time. Sorry, but look at Fantasia and Kelly’ body…. She is now fat, she will get fatter in no time…. Hailey win or lose you are the real winner! All the way Hailey… Please vote, vote votevote for Hailey….

  73. Can’t believe Haley is still on, she has very little talent and the judges only spoke the truth. Her imitation of Michael Jackson’s song sucked. Scotty is so much better than the others, their not even in his league. Scotty should and probably will win.

    • Haley is UNIQUE, with a whole lot of personality. Unlike, predictable Lauren with her little girl attitude, grow up girlfriend! She can outdo both country singers with no problem with her beauty, talent and strong personality, total package. VIVA HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Well, Haley’s certainly controversial! I have to say, it baffles me how many people are claiming she can’t sing. I mean, come on. I’d understand if her singing simply wasn’t to your taste, but to overlook the tremendous power, tone and flexibility of her voice is just unfair. When she gets the right song, she blows everyone else out of the water. I don’t like Scotty, his dull drawl is not to my taste, but I wouldn’t say he can’t sing, because ALL of them can. That’s why they got so far.

  75. oh James James – how I will miss you. Loved your clothes, voice and the music. But he will do well and out sell the winner (or if Scotty wins – the same)- Lauren also will do very well. And Haley may win and like a number of winners will not make as much as the runners up. The other 3 have something so very unique about them. I like her voice and she was the best twice in a row. But if I was buy records it would be the other 3. Look how well Adam Lambert and Daughtry have done. They will also.

  76. I’m not worried about James, Casey nor Pia… they are GREAT singers and proformers! If they want it bad enough, they will go far! Look at Daughtry!
    And than look at those that have won in the past… half of them just seem to disappear!
    Haley, I hope you win it all, and make some great CD’s. Looking forward to see what you’ll do in the future!

    • I’m surprised that no one ever includes Jennifer Hudson in the list of “also rans” that made it in the entertainment world. She has gone MUCH higher & farther than Daugherty or the others.

      • You are RIGHT! She is also VERY GOOD! I am so sorry! I admire her for all she has overcome and accomplished!

  77. I don’t know what all this Haley stuff is she has a different voice I’ll give her credit for that,she acts like a brat.No matter how far she goes on AI she still isn’t as good as James Durbin.I’ll never watch Idol again I don’t trust them with the votes anymore. All those votes that came in for Thursday nights show and they say James came in last.Please don’t insult us and expect us to believe everything was on the up and up.Thats alright cause he will make it big he has alot of fans rooting for him. See if next week shows stay in the ratings.

  78. Any one with EARS- Knows James is the winner!!! Nigel, Simon- next year I will not be watching unless Judges choose winners. America chooses the cutest guy if teenie-bopper’s vote. Country music lovers singers-choose the one’s that sing- “country” AND I FEEL IT POSSIBLY COULD BE FIXED”. Lets see who wins when all James Durbin voters do not vote next week.

    • I feel the same if they had so many votes last night it seems funny he ended up on the bottom. I won’t bother with it next year either no matter who the judges are.

      • I lost repect for Rany and JLo! Steven is the only one that finally spoke up! Even Steven didn’t always speak his mind when he needed to judge and judge fairly!

    • I know I wont be watching if the judges get to pick the winner because quite frankly i have to wonder where their heads are at sometimes. They rarely critisize any of the performers and lets face it there were many times it was blatantly obvious they needed too. Eg: James’s screaming and being off key (this just isn’t my opinion either) Jacob – well i don’t even need to explain that one, where were his honest critiques. Pia for her constant Ballads, Simon would have warned her early on that she was going to be in trouble if she didn’t show the voters she could liven it sometimes. I could go on and on. however I have to finish with this, James and Pia are both very talented and they stayed true to themselves. James with his metal style, Pia with her ballads. That is obviously what both of them want to perform when they record their albums and good on them, I wish them well. However the voting suggests that the majority while they may have loved their voices didn’t want to listen to their style of music as much as that of other artists and you can’t deny the majority even if its not what we like personally. I personally think any one of the 3 that are left are worthy of the win if thats what the majority wants.

  79. I was shocked with last night’s results. I think they are all great… but felt that James was in it for the long run… I have nothing personally against Haley except her attitude… She thinks she is all that… needs to be a little more humble. She can sing but you shouldn’t be so COCKY. James will certainly make it big. He was such an inspiration to others who suffer with disabilities. I think that for kids so young (Lauren & Scotty).. they have come a long way. I hope Haley is not the next AI… I don’t care if it is Lauren or Scotty… just don’t let it be Haley.

    • Think of it this way… how would you feel always being pointed out and very rarly ever said anything good to? I don’t blame her for standing her ground. Just shows that she isn’t and doesn’t want to be a cookie cutter AI singer.

  80. I have been keeping up with everything everyone has to say about the contestants this year because of James Durbin Ifelt from the begining he would make it.He had proved himself week after week.Everyone who voted for him should not vote for any of the top 3 three and watch how the votes drop off.They are waiting to see where all of his votes go.

    • shld be interesting if jazz, rock, and country was still there. It’s so boring to watch now. Did anyone remember a big hit american Idol? I enjoyed watching when casey was there seeing different thing on stage now james is off mmm… at least scotty is there. He’s my choice now. since they are all good singers we’re looking for good character that will inspire us.

      • Casey was a REAL PROFORMER… he was GREAT on the Bass Fiddle. He and Jazz could put out an amazing CD!

  81. Metal doesn’t speak to me but giving it a chance could be good but since james was eliminated then it’s the end. I prefer Scotty because of his attitude. It will be a good example to all the teens and all. He’s very natural singer not trying hard to be voted.

    My Idol then was casey I love to see different things happening on stage. Since so many balad, pop, rock singer etc. that is boring to me. But american didn’t see that potential on Jazz.

    I wish you good luck on idols. he he he

    • Now we need to support Jazz all the way! There are enough Country singer already… Give JAZZ a chance. GREAT MUSIC!

    • why is it the end????? Just because he’s not going to be the next American Idol doesn’t mean he’s not going to put out a record and do very well. All of the top four are going to have careers in music and as we’ve seen in the past its not always the winner that does the best. personally james wasn’t my pick but i know he’s going to do well because he does have a fan base. My pick is Hailey but quite frankly i’m not worried whether she wins or not as she will still get to put out an album that we can buy. Any one of the final three are deserving winners, whether its my pick or not.

  82. I am so happy that Lauren made the finals. I do not like Haley. She growls and screams too much. That is not singing! Lauren has a beautiful and pure voice. I hope that Haley will go home next week. Scotty also has a nice voice. The final should be Lauren and Scotty! Good luck to all three.

  83. Jazz your #1! Hope the vote goes your way! Looking forward to you and Casey doing a CD together!

  84. Get real… Scotty is a one trick pony! He needs to go home and grow up. He needs to think about how nobody wanted in their groups from the very begining and how he threw that young kid under the bus for his own fame! And kissing his cross…
    I’m sorry but enough country at this time… try listening with your ears and mind open to another type of great music!

  85. Nigel wants to determine who leaves and when he and his judges get their ass handed to them he wants to spin his way out of it. This is the third time for him….

    This article, with its picture of Nigel with a **** eating grin and its Nigel spin is really sick.

    Hope others feel the same.

  86. If the executive producer is for Haley, who can be against her…….This will be my last year to watch American Idol, and it WAS my favorite show. This is not a singing competition, this is a “who you know” competition. James going home and Haley staying….RIGHT!!!

    • How true indeed. And what is Idol interested in ? Its continued existence, and the (short-term) maximization of its viewers and ad revenues. Ironically, Idol’s misguided zealousness in pursuing this goal is self-defeating and leading to the show’s own demise. Ratings are still high, but they will begin a precipitous decline next season.

      Under Nigel’s leadership, we have judges that are afraid of their own shadows. They are under specific instructions not to ever utter a peep of criticism towards the country singers, for fear of alienating this important demographic population.

      The judges are totally spineless and do his bidding to such a degree that Nigel finds it necessary to employ spin tactics in an attempt to reduce the ensuing negative fallout (e.g., his kind tweets about Haley this week).

      Randy and even J Lo are so bad as judges and their criticisms of Haley are so transparently an effort to have her removed, that it is an affront to the viewer who watches the program. My Idol prediction is that Randy does not return next season, even if he has a year left on his contract.

      If you get a chance, watch his reaction immediately upon James’ sending off. Pay special attention to his whispered comment to J. Lo. It is as if they both become aware that they have gone too far with it.

      Easily the WORST program on television. I will watch the end of the season, there is some drama ahead.

      • wth..i really dont like hailey..i thought the final three would be scotty, james and lauren..i love lauren and james..they are deserving to be the American Idol winner..please lets support them..lets vote for them..they are really the best among the contestants.

  87. As I said before last night. They should call the show AMERICAN GROWLER. If Haley can get to the top ten by just growling why watch. I thought it was a singing competition. If I want to hear growling, I will go to my local dog pound. She has only got good marks from the judges 50% of the time for the last 2 or 3 weeks. James on the other hand has been 100% all the time. Lauren and Scotty have been 100% several times. I think there must be a lot of guys voting for the clothes that are too small and the attitude Haley has. She really does think she is better than anyone else and that is not true!!

      • totally jealous and its very unbecoming. I am so sick of hearing about this growling s… people like this are spewing. Lucky janis Joplin wasn’t critiqued by the likes of this when she was starting out. the world would have missed out on a great artist. Get it together people. its diferent strokes for different folks and obviously our own opinions don’t always hold the majority of the vote. And don’t bother coming back to me with all that faults in the voting lines s… or i’m ganna loose it. get a life and don’t be so jealous, hateful and judgemental. (Cleaned up version in case the moderator doesn’t like the 4 letter s word submitted in earlier version)

    • I agree Haley is a brat, a growler and a screamer. She should have left at the beginning of the show.

      • like i said different strokes for different folks and we have to accept that our own opinions don’t always hold the majority of the vote. Frankly i think all of them in the top 4 were very talented young people, all are stars of the future. anyone of them deserving to win if thats what the majority likes.

  88. If I rememeber… Didn’t Nigel also start another Country Idol program to start next year… I am pretty certain I saw something to that including his son as a producer… I may be wrong but I think that is what I saw… So you may be right that keeping both Scotty and Lauren was set up that way with Haley as the chosen one … Nobody would have thought much of it if James were still in along with Haley and either Scotty or Lauren but not both… The judges have been spinless this season though they seemed to have their sights on Haley from the get go! Still hoping Haley wins!

  89. Voters should be asked to sign an agreement that they will buy the CDs of the contestent they voted for should he/she win.

    I hope all those who voted for Haley will buy her CDs, I won’t be. Everything she sings sounded the same.

    • lol, i wont be buying the cd, but i have been, and will be purchasing all her songs on itunes. and she sounds different every song. it’s scotty who sounds the same every song. i hate when he tells everyone he is “coming out of his comfort zone for this song” or “taking a risk” but then just turns whatever kind of song he’s singing into a kareoke country version of that song… it’s so annoying

      • I agree she does sound different in every song. And yes ET i will definately buy her cd whether she wins or not.

      • no one expects you to if shes not your cup of tea then shes not your cup of tea. I’m sure she will sell enough to other fans so it wont be a problem.

    • I bet you don’t think Louis Armstrong was a great singer (as well as trumpet player) and don’t have a clue to why his renditions of songs are revered and still listened to even though they were also sung by people with clear clean voices.

      “he’s just a growler .. can’t sing” (like the notes interludes and timing isn’t the most important part

  90. According to some of the other sites, the voting was indeed screwed up. When some callers voted for James Durbin, the automated system recorded the vote for #2 or #21, etc. I know that James was not everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to admit that he had a very large fan base that he accumulated over several weeks. I personally voted for James Durbin every week, and so did my family members. He is interesting and he put his heart and soul into every performance, every week. Never did the judges have to ask him to “step up” his performance. Well, he will, with the right contacts, make something of himself. Which is more than can be said of a contestant that believes that she can do no wrong, and believes that she is better than she really is. If my daughter acted like Haley on nationwide television, I would be sooooo ashamed, and if her parents aren’t ashamed, then they are sad parents.

    • i think her parents should be very proud of her and that you are very judgemental!!!!!!

      • I agree. Who can blame Haley or any oter contestant, for that matter for smiling when they aren’t the one who gets eliminated. It’s not smugness, it’s relief & happiness. I double dare any of the posters on this site to think or say they wouldn’t react in similar fashion.

      • agree 🙂 Enough of the judgementalness on the contestants. They all deserve the big prize if thats what the majority likes but they don’t deserve the criticisms on how they hold a microphone or on how they look upset when being being critiqued

    • lol. the only reason she said anything is because randy went on a 5 minute rant on how she was screaming and how she shouldnt have done a mj song… if he said what he thought, then ended it. it would be fine. he kept repeating himself over and over and she got sick of it, like anybody would. and, she’s the most consistant contestant by far. james and scotty are always off key, and lauren is pretty good.

      • totally agree Hailey is the best and james was regularly off key, not that the judges seemed to notice. Must say though i dont agree about Scotty, think he’s got an awesome voice.

  91. I really think the way they score this is messed up. James was far and away the best performer and singer this year,though Lauren is right behind him with her beautiful voice and terrific personality. Scotty and his stupid faces should have been booted weeks ago,and will someone PLEASE show him how to hold a mic? Haley is OK,better then Scotty anyway,but Pia was waaaayy better at her vocals. And she wasnt hurting my eyes either. This is my last year voting and watching Idol though unless they change up how the voting works. Should be ONE VOTE PER PERSON,period.

  92. Only teenyboppers and country music die hards think Scotty is better then james….or maybe the tone deaf.

    • Definately not a teeny bopper (far from it) and definately not a big country music fan but i can appreciate Scotty’s voice big time. I also dont agree with your comment about james being better. I personally think, and others have commented the same thing, that james was regularly off key and its the shame the judges didn’t point this out at the time. I think you need to face it, scotty has a strong fan base and its not just teeny boppers and country music fans. NB: He’s not my pick to win but if he does i’ll totally understand why and wish him all the best because thats what the majority liked.

  93. Haley, please, I think you should sing a song the Janis Joplin.
    good luck

  94. la verdad estoy sumamente sorprendida por los resultados del top 4, considero que otros artistas como james y Pía se merecían un lugar en el top 3, es increíble ver como participantes como haley que ha obtenido criticas del jurado desde el principio de la temporada se encuentren en este nivel de la competencia. Que Paso Aquí América?????? No estoy de acuerdo con los resultados…. PD: Para que esta el Tremendo jurado??? ellos deberían ser tomados en cuenta en las votaciones…

    • Si el jurado tendría algo que decir de las votaciones, pues dirían que Haley ha crecido muchisimo y que por eso la critican, así va mejorando. Hasta el punto de siempre dar la mejor interpretacion de la noche. En cambio que James siempre canta totalmente desafinado, no hay compración. Los demas siempre son opacados por Haley. Ella es la estrella, te guste o no.

  95. She should win it. She’s d underdog, the risktaker, the heat taker, and d toughest. A lot of style, sexy, and variety. That’s my American Idol!!

  96. I can’t believe the results. A total set up. I will not be watching idol ever again.Not that haley is real bad entertainer but pouty and boring is my spin on things. The best man James will succeed and I will be supporting him and his cds, as well as Scottie and Laren. Haley is a growler like that guy that played the big base, that was there supporting her. she knows when to kiss up. so good luck for her not winning ,as she will, and good on her, but will she be successful, no.


  98. Ok Scotty McCreery best
    1-Good voice record high and low, 2-good tune, 3 – is very well suited to any musical arrangement, good diction, 4, 5 – sings with the soul domain of scenery, 6 ….. and more and more ….

  99. Ok Scotty McCreery best
    1-Good voice record high and low, 2-good tune, 3 – is very well suited to any musical arrangement, 4- good diction, 5 – sings with the soul domain of scenery, 6 ….. and more and more ….

  100. YEP its all in the plan why even vote?? Nigel Tyler Jimmy all in “love” w Hailey sleezy girl.. it makes u ill.. this is the bottom 3 that actually thru teen & worse.com make the upper 3.. after watching one talent after the other get voted off then James who did ‘ALL” to win re talent showed all sides of himself w singing consistent each week… I will not watch the show again & I am hoping others fall in line.. what a joke w JLO & Tyler even Randy has backed up there is no judging.. JLO phony tears re James she wanted the little girls so she got her wish.. SCOTTY & HAILEY r so full of themselves.. Scotty going after the conservative vote kissing his cross.. forget it … Hailey is allowed to be a spoiled brat disrespect the judges w Tyler chiming in cause he can’t keep his eyes off her… its sickening how low this show has sunk.. now Nigel tweeting re contestant.. Nigel JLO Tyler RYAN & Randy u r overated overpaid.. keep smiling as the ship sinks… of course, no matter to u u all were served very well while it lasted..

  101. The show earned much money this year because of James Durbin! He has been driving huge crowds of viewers to AI with his originality, unbridled passion to music, intimate and easy rapport with the audiences and extremely promising future career. His performances move millions of people to tears and season 10 will be remembered first of all by bringing us this new bright star who transformed himself right in front of our eyes from a humble boy with a good voice into a well-grounded serious and confident musician, producer, director, designer, entertainer and favourite singer of the masses. What does he get in return from AI for the money that he attracts? A kick from the show, non functioning phone systems, rerouted votes and haughty negligence in response to multiple pleas from his supporters to do the recount to restore justice as well as good name for the show that looks plenty dirty at the moment. Who and when, Mr. Lythgoe, is going to give a clear answer to us, your viewers and American consumers buying your smelling product: Why was James Durbin’s phone line ending in 05 not working at all during the voting? Why did Western voters try in vain to get through for 2 hours and could not do that? Is that what you call ‘the most improved performance on AI’? Shame on You! People pay money to watch on your show young American talent, which you close telephone lines on and instead tell American people to watch who YOU consider ‘improved’. Tell me I am still in the United States of America!

    You need to eliminate the shameful controversy with James Durbin’s outrageous elimination on your show! You need to approve the re-vote and open all lines that you have and let the American people decide who THEY consider most improved! The only way to bring back those viewers to AI this and future seasons.

    • well i personally didnt like james at all. but thought he should have stayed longer than scotty. and the show isn’t about the most improved contestant. it’s about the best. but i think we should get 1 and only 1 vote per week. that would make it much more fair because then nobody gets the people who will stay voting for hours. 1 vote per person per week ensures that we make our votes count.

  102. Because they are not “true” goths, I mean, they obviously care about something and the real goths don’t give a **** about anything, right?

  103. Get real… Scotty is a one trick pony… he needs to grow up and think about how he treated the kid that took him into the group when nobody wanted Scotty!

  104. he told the judges he wish he stood up for the that kid you need to read and listen and a quite runniug down these kids the will all do great even spoiled haley

  105. AMEN!!! I TOTALLY AGREE!!! He needs to be humble.. plays the Christian card kissing his cross.. Pharisee to many…

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