American Idol 2011 Results: Top 5 Elimination Show Tonight

They came, they sang, they, well, mostly impressed last night on American Idol. Now tonight we’ll have to see one of them go and after weeks of saying it, this has to be Jacob Lusk’s time to go. Seriously.

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Despite having one of her best performances of the season I’m still expecting Haley to join Jacob along with Lauren in the Bottom 3 tonight. That of course assumes we’ll even get a Bottom 3 after last week’s bizarre “random = not random at all” American Idol results reveal.

Along with the voting results we’ll get a few special performances including one from Idol’s own judge, Jennifer Lopez. JLo is set to sing “On the Floor” along with Pitbull as well as demo a part of a new video for her album release.

Jennifer Lopez – ‘On the Floor’:

Lady Antebellum will be the second performance with their new single “Just a Kiss.” American Idol has been kind to the group with back to back opportunities to feature their songs after their appearance last year as well. Maybe Idol is trying to make up for having rejected Hillary Scott during the prelim auditions.

Lady Antebellum – ‘Just a Kiss’:

As we await the results envelope let’s hear who you think is going home tonight. Then be sure to take advantage of our free giveaway for a MusicSkin and even 2 tickets to the season finale!

Side note: It’s confirmed! Cheryl Cole will be the 3rd judge on X Factor 2011.




  1. Last night was amazing it was really good though Jacob ruined no air and I do hope that he goes home tonight and i was really impressed by Lauren she did an amazing job last night cant wait to see tonights show

    • other than she already sang that song several times this season, didn't go for the long note in flat on the floor, and cracked when she tried to do a growly thing at the end of the second song and completely chickened out on the high note in Unchained melody!

      • I missed the first 1/2 of the show last night due to FOX channel not working, but I thought Lauren did an amazing job on her second song. I agree…Jacob needs to go home. He should have gone home before Paul!

    • I do not understand your feeling that Lauren did an amazing job….maybe a visit to your audiologist for a hearing test is in order. I think she feel flat on her face. Unchained melody proves she cannot sing out of the mid-tones. Say good bye to Lauren next week. Jacob is outta there this week.

      • Haley is great and I hope she sticks around through the finals!

      • Anyone who thinks Jacob is better than Haley is simply not credible. Jacob shouldn't have even made it into the top 12. I have had hound dogs that sounded better. His screeching reminds me of something I heard at a pig slaughterhouse once.

      • I guess those whishing Haley out are estremely affraid she is going to win! – – Yes? No?

      • I can't understand a word that he sings… not one word! I hope it's fair and he goes.

      • Serge, Agree with you 100% about Jacob Lusk!! Hee, Hee! That is very funny what you said!! But CORRECT!! And away goes Jacob before my ears burst!

        Sherry K.

  2. Jacob is heading home tonight, if there is a bottom 3 then Hailey and trying to pick a third is tough but I think this will be Lauren's first trip to the bottom 3. I don't see last night dropping James or Scotty's standing.

    • I bet not, she has an incredible fan base. I would love to see the look on her face if she does hit that bottom 3. It would be magical and I bet she cries :p

      James all the way baby!!!

      • There's only 5 of them. If they do a bottom 3 Lauren has a pretty good chance of being in it OR we will know who is actually getting all the country votes if Scotty is there. Jacob/Haley/Lauren with Jacob going home. People look at the poll on this site. Haley has never had more than 12% iirc and she rocketed up to 29% leaving Lauren in the dust. The poll isn't necessarily an accurate sample because it doesn't necessarily represent the correct population, but the sample size is big enough it's a fairly good indicator of what's going on.

      • @ David – check out the reviews on i-Tunes for the individual songs and Haley is streets ahead of the other four. In fact her reviews for "House" alone add up to more than the other fours best combined and the reviews for her Gaga song are #3 on the list.

        House has 1490 reviews

        James has 505 for Without You and then Haley is next with 494 for her Gaga song.

        As you say, she has rocketed up here to almost 1st place and is the most downloaded and reviewed by far on i-Tunes. That being said, Dial Idol has her last.

        I hope they are wrong.

    • Wellen you're right. James and Scott are probably safe(maybe) and Jacob and the girls will be the bottom with Haley being the third top vote getter. Saying that, the fantastic four will be or should be James, Scotty, Haley and Lauren.

      • I'm betting tonight will be a bottom two and Ryan will position two pairs of contestants and have the odd man out pick a side .

  3. That was Haley's moment ,, she's an American Idol right now ,, she deserves it 100% & A+++++ with all the pluses in the world for the last performance ,, keep it Haley u can do it….

    • Jacob needs to stay…Haley needs to go! Haley has NO personality, just like Pia!

      • Haley…no personality?! I have to disagree! I think she's so used to being in the bottom 3 it has to wear on her. I wasn't a fan early on, but shes definitely grown on me! Jacob on the other hand HAS TO GO!! I'm still a die-hard James fan at the end of the day though!

      • Haley is oozing with personality…she is just not a cry baby like some of them are.

      • Jacob has to go. He doesnt know how to sing. It comes from his nose.

        Haley is oozing with sex appeal and is a good singer/performer.

        James deserves to be the next American Idol though.

        Go Go Go for James. He is simply amazing.

    • No not A+++++++++++ she deserves an A++ And her first song was really bad but it wasn't her fault C–

      • She sang a not so great song pretty well, though. I think Jimmy tried to sabotage her with it.

  4. I have to say this, look I don’t even like county music, and the Scotty & Lauren performances were really really solid, Haley right behind them…

    But what makes it.. it’s the song choices, recognizable, known, and tweaked to their style.. .. and doing it really well.. Jacob is not strong, and James was highly disappointing last night..

    Listen to them all back again.. You’ll be surprised..

    • Dano you right, I thought James performances were a little course last night. Not totally bad but a little rough.

    • I could agree his was rough, but I think it was not what we were expecting more than anything. We have pretty big expectations of him to come out and blow us away. And I did notice that in the first song the music sounded horrible, you can hear the high fives as he went thru the crowd. I'm not impressed with the sound folks screwing up like they did with Jacob a while back.

      • ITA Wellen. I've been disappointed in the sound system for weeks. It seems that either the band is overwhelming the vocals or just the opposite. Why, with their budget, can't they get it right?

      • the sound system did not stop hailey from her awesome performance of house.

        her acapella was amazing in the beginning and the ending blew the roof off! hopefully america voted like me to send her on to the final 4

      • Wellen you can say that again…where ever they were at last night,the acoustics were horrible!

      • No it didnt bother her this week but wasnt there a technical problem last week? I have heard of one but i dont know what it was.

    • Overall, your right, the expecations are high for James. Some people don't like his style of singing, ok, I hear that, but I'm comparing him to others, not to himself at this stage. At this point, it's Idol vs. Idol. and James really really fell flat.

      • I agree it was not the greatest by him but he is still better than the others have been throughout the competition. Just my opinion there, but I have posted that while I want him to win I think Scotty will take it.

      • Wellen: I hope you're wrong, no offense. Scotty's my favorite, but I hope James wins. He can use Interscope and 19E. Scotty should finish school and hit Nashville.

      • Templar…..Today I totally agree with you…Scotty needs a country contract not an AI one…..JAMES for the win…..

  5. james is too dramatic. He should not pick a piece if he intend to cry and too emotional on the last part of his song, i think james should go not jacob..james can sing but not a good singer.

  6. I think Jacob should go tonight.He is not a good singer and I leave the room when he attempts to scream.

    • I feel that way about Haley, I leave the room when she appears, she has such an attitude and looks shocked when the judges are giving her their opinion of her performance. Where is Simon when we need him, she would have been gone a long time ago.

      • Mary – I gotta agree with you about Haley – I havent liked her since the beginning. Haley should have been gone a long long time ago!! All she does is growl! WAs far as last nights closer…she TOTALLY RUINED "House of the Rising Sun"…Absolutely ruined it!

      • I think that your the one with the attitude! she is mostly all smiles and keeps her composure very well. I am so sick of people saying "simon would agree…, simon, would've said…, if simon was there…" for all we know he likes haley and hates james

      • Simon likely would have told the truth about the intonation issues James and Jacob both had. And, when the "emotion of the song" excuse came up, he would've said, "This is a singing competition. If you can't get through that song in tune, maybe you'd better choose another song."

      • @Mary: You leave the room when she sings? That's probably why.

        @Deb: I didn't like Haley in the beginning as well. I also admit, Simon would cut her off at the very beginning when she forgot her lyrics in Hollywood week and yet..

        There's something gallant about her. The way she started off as a no-namer to somebody who can hold her own. I've always thought she'd be gone early but as the weeks went on, she continuously improved like nobody has EVER done in the whole of Idol.

      • Simon also made a comment about not liking Kelly Clarkson early on in the competition. She won him over after Hollywood. Paula was the one that insisted she be put through. Carrie Underwood also forgot notes in Hollywood and had to humm a few to get back on track.

      • oh yeah… he didn't like David Cook at first and didn't like Adam Lambert telling him he was like watching a live show of the rocky horror picture show and too theatrical.

      • @deb…your nuts she sang house like nobody else…you just dont like Hailey no matter what she sings judging from your past posts. she was better than two other people last night. i guess we'll see

      • 88fngrslouie……Haley nailed the House of the Rising Sun…better than the Animals…..JMHO…I've been saying from the beginning….JAMES & HALEY FINALE….Let the kids go back to school, enjoy their Prom and then they should get a Country Contract….JMHO

      • I'm with Phyllis 100%. I hope they finally do a James/Haley duet, they would rock the house together.

      • I couldn't agree more. Let's let James and Haley win this. That's the way it should be.

  7. Haley is the total package by far the best(and the others are very good). Haley will you marry me lol, just kidding. I'm just your biggest fan!!

  8. After viewing the pole results, Jacob is so far behind that it is almost certain he will be going home. But that doesn't mean he is not a talented singer.

    • Jacob a talented singer????

      He doesnt even know how to sing. His voice comes from his nose.

      Maybe in some aspect he is talented. But for sure, not as a singer.

      • Jacob is not an Idol, so he can not be an Idol Winner, that is not my idea of an idol, yuck

  9. Haley only the second standing ovation from the AI judges of the season hopefully we Haley fans won't get complacent and remember to vote for you, look what happened to Pia!!!

      • I wish James to go next week after Jacob this week… We hear enough screams every week, time to hear someone singing. And when James sang the second song, it was all over the place. He only got the note right when he screamed. Gosh, just let him go, before all of us get hearing problem because of those screamers…

      • Agree James is the best hands down no matter what he does. Haley gets a really bad looking face when the judges told her last night it wasn't a good song choice. She has a real attitude problem and that to me does not make very good Idol material. James is always sweet and always puts on the best show. Gotta love James!!

      • You seem to always say that Deb, yet cannot back your claims.. Also, this is a singing competition first before a "personality" contest. We're not on friggin Ms. USA.

      • @deb…in which way does she not show personality? would lighting a piano on fire or crying like a baby make you like her more?

        @CJ…getting upset because of the poor critique doesn't constitute an attitude problem. You could tell that she wasn't happy but she smiled and said thank you anyways. She in the past has recieved unwarrented poor critiques while no one else gets it and she smiles and says thank you!!

      • @stacey, I agree with you 100%!

        @CJ, what do you want Haley to do when week after week she gets biased, unfair criticism from Randy & J-LO??

        @CJ, James is one of my faves, but he never gets any criticism– he may also have "a bad looking face" if the judges tore him apart!!

      • CJ….I do…..James for the win….By all accounts…Jacob should be going home…

        James puts a lot of emotion in all his songs…..We saw a different side of him last night….softer and sensitive side. Whats wrong with that????? He was great and deserves to be in the finale…..with Haley!!!!!! JMHO

      • 1000001% agreed. James FTW!! Americans please vote! I am from Malaysia and have been supporting james from the very beginning but sadly cant vote πŸ™ WE WANT JAMES DURBIN TO WIN!!!!! GO JAMES!!

  10. In Peru, comes the program with a week of delay so that I can see the videos on the network. Let me say that I’m a fan of Scotty, was incredible. The controversy with Haley and judges think it is question of charisma Haley is good but does not connect with a sector and especially the female (is very aggressive I think), let me say that being objective it is not bad but it would not pay to listen to her. I think that people have their favorites, and works by voting to keep it, I do not think that she have a good base of followers, I think is going to be a top 3 at most. American Idol is one that achieves an absolute loyalty from his followers in the good and the bad, and that Scotty and James, are the strongest to win. Sorry for my English and only is a personal opinion. Go Scotty!!!!

    • Don't forget to vote for Ryan when you're voting off the judges. Ryan tries to influence the voters, too. Last week when he influenced Randy to get on stage was one example. He also has nicknames for some of the contestants which IMO are inappropriate. His actions are often not professional and that includes his interaction with Simon over the years. It can start out as "just kidding," but it quickly turns out to just boring. A new host is needed. The only one who cares about Ryan's opinions about the contestants is Ryan himself.

    • Agree with you somewhat but with an addition. All THREE judges should go home. They do not honestly critique the contestants' performances and it's so obvious who and who they do not want to be the AI winner.

      Read somewhere that Steven said he wants to bring "hope and not criticism". Guess he never heard that there is such a thing as "constructive criticism". Just shows…

      • I agree with you the judges do nonthing to help them where they help. Most of the time Steve just has this stupid look on his face like he is on another planet. As for JLo she doesn;t know what she is doing and just wants to keep everybody. Get real!

  11. may i ask how the poll on this site works? does it filter repeat votes and votes from outside the country? admin?

      • It's hard to believe that someone with good tech knowledge doesn't know how to beat the system. Someone almost always does. Just saying.

      • You can probably erase your cookies/browsing history etc and pull up the actual poll again. I'm not sure if they would count, though.

  12. Scotty will take it all. Yes, I beleive that Jacob will be going tonight. The other 4 are all good so it will be a challange to actually predict. But, I vote for Scotty.

    • I know this will ruffle some feathers of the Scotty fans, but, though I DO like country and I think Scotty has a nice voice, it is not particularly unique. Maybe for his age, but not as much as so many think. I do think his best performance this season was Gone, because he did step out of his comfort zone of lazy, Jim Reeves style of country. (By the way that delivery worked quite well for Mr Reeves who was a terrific singer, but we don’t need him on Idol.) If you don’t get the reference look it up. At least it showed some range which in my opinion has been sorely lacking all season. Then on his second song, Always on My Mind, he slipped right back into his natural Seconal emulating style. It was very pedestrian. That said THE most interesting singer left in the competition is Haley. She’s not always perfect, and does not always choose the best songs, but more on her at the end of this. Lauren is cute and does have a good voice, but don't stone me for this guys, I have heard better 16 year old singers. Love James, as much for his performances as his voice. I mostly like him, and if my favorite doesn’t win I hope he does. I agree his vocals were off last night, (I’m not deaf or too stubborn to admit when one of my favorites is not up to par), but the stage presence was there. Jacob why can't you control that conductorless runaway train(wreck) of a voice? In the early auditions in Hollywood I really believed you were one of the best singers in a long time. But you fights every song you sing like they were boxing opponents. There is zero control as you trie to give every song your best left hook, but mostly when you win the fight, it’s a TKO not a knockout. Love Hurts actually could have been great, but you ran out of rail and crashed over the cliff. That scream at the end was more agonizing for us than you. So much promise, so much potential, but such a waste. You really should go tonight. I know I mixed metaphors in this eval, but that mess is much like his stint on AI. But let me end this with the best performance of the night (and year for me), House of the Rising Sun by Haley. She will never win because she has a smoky, sultry voice with some great jazz overtones and the reality is the majority of the people who vote are stuck on top 40 radio or country, or who is the cutest guy, or for the older voters who grandma thinks is pinchable. Haley’s shortcomings are she is stunning, has a voice that most who watch the show will never understand and doesn’t whine and wail when the when the undertone of the judges critiques seem to be designed to boot her off every week. She good naturedly takes her tonic and often, like last night, answers with a spectacular performance. And yes, last night she was spectacular. I suspect she has crept into at least the top ten performances ever on Idol. After listening to it multiple times; yes it’s that good. Back to the voting public, remember this is the group who allowed the best singer this year, Pia, to go way too early. Haley is the real thing and although she was not my favorite at first, I liked her from the beginning, and if there is any justice in the Idol world she will finish no lower than runner-up. But of course that is only a dream because America never gets it right on this show and until the voting rules are tamed, they never will.

      My final scorecard

      Haley A++

      James B+

      Scotty B

      Lauren B- (for totally playing safe on Unchained Melody by passing on the money high note. Simon would have skewered you for that.)

      Jacob D

      • Totally agree with you! I have been a Haley fan from the beginning and she showed last nigth the best performance during the whole contest. Even if she does not win, we will hear from her making a huge career in music and entertainning business! If JLo has made a career without singing at all, believe me Haley will….

      • Haley show cased her potential and just how great she is. Lauren however (and I feel like I'm then only one to notice) has sang this Unchained Melody 3 TIMES this Season!!! and the judges didn't say anything. she skipped the high note and cracked at her little growl part. I think that she will be big in country music some day but not right now. If you can't pick a different song each week you are pretty much saying..yup America, this is all that I have to offer.

      • For sure. You are dead-on with respect to Haley. But, listen to James another time; he's sharp in the upper register of both songs, not just the second. Scotty blew the intonation with the backup singers in "Always on my Mind." It was so bad with James, Jacob and the 2d Scotty song (By the way, I thought the first one was great) that I began wondering whether they were having sound issues in the theater again. They all, including Jacob, are better than that. I'm suspicious that there were technical difficulties. Nevertheless, if there were, they didn't impact Haley. She made me want to buy a Lady Gaga song, of all things, which I'd never heard ("You and I" – it was great!) and blew the roof off with Voodoo witchcraft in "House of the Rising Sun." Awesome. There's a lot there; so much there, it takes a few times to catch it all. It was every bit as stylistically and artistically creative and cutting-edge as anything James has done this season.

      • Well said. I was with you until you got to the grandma part(which I am). I definitely do think of Haley as pinchable? I have liked Haley since Hollywood week and have voted every week for her. I agree that most do not like or should I say understand her raspy, sultry sound and her style on stage. She's the best I've heard on AI.

      • Smokin great review my friend. 100% like it is. All of these performers are deserving of success but the judges and the public bias is really off track. I like all kinds of music and all kinds of people and all kinds of performance but by far Haley takes this one so far. Watching since day 1 and she has gotten better and better every week.

  13. At 6800 vote level –

    Scotty -32%

    Haley – 29%

    James – 24%

    Lauren – 9%

    Jacob – 3%

    Shows me so far, people are choosing on the performance, and see the difference of Haley’s ending song more aggressive exciting, different, vs. Lauren’s slower sleepy forgettable song. I thought Lauren did it well, clearly, but it’s about song choice and delivery.

    James – well.. I still think he fell flat.. voting in my opinion here is fan base, or the emotional part swayed people..

    I’ll do this again later, running changes in this poll

  14. in all actuality i dont think james was that bad. since week one he has wowed us and each week he wows us more. he has very high expectations from us. he had a off night and we were all expecting to be blown away. if another performer did what he did last night people would not have judged that person as harsh. james still got 160 votes from me.

    go james!!!!!

    • Secondchance – I hear you completely.. and know this, I’m a huge James fan, given I prefer Rock more than other music types. I actually like that 30 seconds to Mars song, it’s catchy and upbeat, exciting song. I didn’t think he did it all that well, and didn’t do much to change it. The original was much better. The second sing, come on, he was emotional and missed 75% of the notices and key. It was not good, unfortunately.

      I'm judging James verses the other Idol’s performances, not verses any expectations.

      They all have high expectations really.. Verses the other Idols, he was 4th best maybe.. so he better step it up, because only Jacob was worse.. no room for error at this stage. If the others step up again next week, James better bring it!

      • dan, i think james will bring it next week. he has not been short of perfect week after week. this week was the exception.

        it is hard to remember that james is a 22 year old kid cause he is so big looking. they are all young and probably miss their famalies and friends.

      • Dan, you are correct in your assessment of James. That is real. I've liked him many times, and he's blown me away, even, at times. Last night wasn't even top 13-worthy, much less top 5.

  15. they are all good but i vote for james & predict that he gonna win this competetion.

  16. I think that Jacab will be eliminate today. I hope that James Durbin win the competition

  17. haley was heads and shoulders better than the others,as she is this only one that has a real star quality,actually has more tone/looks going for her than anybody in pop music at this time.i couldnt believe jacob couldnt deliver love hurts.changed the chorus to a church song.should have listened to nazareth first.scotty was alright ,however just cant keep but thinking hes a 14 year old george bush that has a cartoonish low yogi bear voice.james was disapointing especially with the cheap trick of going real high to camoflouge the mistakes as a diversion ,it too was sort of comedic.laurin (pretty eyes) good performance.but clearly haley is the real talent if america doesnt see that it only demonstrates the music has gotten so degenerated they have no real modern references to anything this unique.

      • My thoughts exactly James White.I think Haley is classy and for lack of a better way to say it, delicious to listen to. I really have enjoyed her music, even if it is an unknown Ga Ga song. She did it flawlessly, which is more than can be said of ANY of the others. Your account of everyone is spot on! Good job!

    • Haley is by far the best i don't see why America doesn't realize this. I didn't like her at all in the begining and actually perdicted her not even to be in the top 13 but she has grown so much over the past few weeks and her vocals are way beyond where the other contestants will ever be

  18. It's time for Jacob to exit the stage … should've done it long ago.

    I think James is terrific, but just love Scotty.

  19. name me someone who can take on haley's bennie, blue and house without making a fool of herself. nobody! haley= hot! (and sweet at the same time.) sugar, spice and everything nice!

  20. Guys,why don't u vote for Haley?Shes just amazing.She is the bestt…Plzzzzzzzzzz voteee

    • Haley nailed her first song but not a great song that Lady Gaga doesn't do any better with and that is why its not released, I think she was pushed into doing it.

      Haley's voice was perfect for House of the rising sun and she truly nailed it, nobody has done it better.

      • Haley sucked big time last night.

        And oh yes, someone has done "House of The Rising Sun" much much better – THE ANIMALS!!

        Haley will not win – Haley needs to go tonight!

      • Haley rocked big time last night.

        And oh yes, someone has done "Unchained Melody" much much better – The drunk from my last karaoke party!!

        Haley can win – Haley is staying tonight!

      • Deb,

        You have been spitting venom at Haley since the beginning of the season. Look in the mirror. You suck!

      • deb..i think your just trying to piss people off..i think the majority of these post disagree with you

      • Yes, it's called technique. Notes too. And Control. Also voice texture, variation. Actually hitting the notes. Not going flat or sharp. Clean performance. Great stage presence. Risk. Voice tone.

        Yeah that's singing.

        Therefore, Haley can sing.

      • damn … that Haley can sing … you go girl… The judges need to be voted off!

      • Oh shnap Riitta got owned! Obviously from the poll response a lot of people feel Haley did great.

        The first song was a song no one except a select few had ever heard. There was nothing to compare it to. It was as risky as singing something she had written herself. Was it the best performance ever? No, but it wasn't bad. Scotty and Lauren have few performances that were as good as one of Haley's (arguably) worst. Haley is amazing, and you guys should listen to the itunes version of it. It's not a bad song, definitely as good as a lot of other stuff you hear on the radio.

  21. All good singers left, but last night Haley hit a really harsh note when she began singing her last song. James Durbin is the best of the group. And I think poor Jacob goes home tonight.

  22. Hector from Puerto Rico. I expect that James Durbin winning the competition. Besides good singer in any style is a role model for overcoming. With his condition of autism and the stress of any competition, wow, glad to see him on stage and hear him sing. I have two nephews with autism and when James sings, my aunt was beginning to cry.

    James “pana”, I hope you win, it's your time.

    • Very touching note.. I think James has mild Turrets not autism. I could be wrong tho. Still very touching note.. He wasn't great last night, but pulling for him also!

      • He has both, so he is either really up or way down emotionally with little in between.

        First bad week but he has to bring it next week or he could be gone.

      • it's a mild case of Autism. Most people don't get treated for it because it is so mild. My nephew has it and he functions perfectly fine. I admit that have a soft spot for James because he is a great example for my nephew and others with that minor struggle and I admire him channeling it in such a positive way. If Haley doesn't win he is my runner up choice

    • After I re-listened to James' first song it was very good but so pitch on that one key note that it was hard to remember the rest.

      James' second song's first part was good but downhill from there.

      Lauren and Scotty nailed their first songs but had minor issues with their second songs.

      Jacob is trying I will give him that but had to mute his second song, I like that song too much to remember it like that.

      Haley's first song she nailed but there is good reason why its still unreleased, not even Lady Gaga or anyone else can make it sound great.

      Haley second song simply great, she hit one bad note at the start but best of the night after that.

  23. I love James and I hope he takes first place and wins it. The stage hasnt been lit up the way James lights it up since Adam Lambert. He gambles on the song choices, he puts in bits and pieces that changes the song to make it unique in a Jamesey sort of way and his not afraid to strutt his stuff on stage which is what Idols is all about. He can sing it fast, he can sing it slow, he gets his voice up there and he gets it down there too with such voice control. He dresses up, he puts on a show and he gives the crowd entertainment which is what in essence singers are..theyre entertainers!! I give James 100%. Scotty is good, no doubt about it..but he is monontonous and has no stage presence. I couldnt see myself sitting through an hour or two concert of just Scotty!! I can see myself sitting through an hour or two of James though because you know besides the skill of his voice..his going to bring with it to the stage the lights, the drama, the special effects – and thats what it takes when you are out there with millions of people paying money to see you up there on stage giving it your all. Each to their own and respect to all of you with a viewpoint on the final group – this is a personal opinion only πŸ™‚

    • shaz, you are so right about james. i would definately pay to see him play.

  24. Haley has to be safe not only is she the best singer on idol but also the best performer! Good luck Bella even though you should not need it, I adore you my Aphrodite! The show is your canvas my artist!!

  25. Does anyone know why Adam Lambert lost to Chris Allen in the last AI? From my point of view….Adam should win it as he is much better singer and also much better entertainer…….anyone know?

    • That was a big topic a few years ago, Adam being gay, and the voting swings, Kris is a really good looking guy, had a big fan base with the girls. Adam took serious chances with his songs, like Mad world, and Ring of Fire indi-style, that were awesome and different. Kris took a song like Heartless (quasi-rap song) and actually improved it.. SO I think it was close over all, most I think would agree Adam has better vocals, but he didn't crush Kris on the final show in reality.. well. that's my take

      • Also there was that infamous video that some idiot loaded on to YouTube-just before the top 5 performance, I believe. Adam Lambert for the first time was in the bottom 3 during the eliminations — but bounced back.Adam always said he was in it for the exposure of his talent he would get on the show not just to win it.

    • I think Kris just connected to a larger portion of the audience than Adam did. Adam, as amazing as he is, was pretty far left field if you know what I'm saying. His sexuality wasn't really in question, it wasn't as big a deal as it is with Jacob this year. Also Kris had a pretty killer finale.

  26. You've got to feel a little sorry for James. Every time he loes somethig eceptional, he runs into Jason.

    Last night, he started the "then" section with an emotional ballad that was wonderful, even the cathartic moment at the end added to the experience. Then Jason did even better and stopped just short of having a cathartic moment of his own.

    A couple of weeks ago, James pulled out the stops in his imaginative staging a rock song, dancing around like some deranged relative of Batman and using a drum line effectively. But for sheer theatricality, that performance wasn't as good as Jason's "Sorry seems to be the hardest Word" where he didn't even move his feet.

    Then, last week they had everyone sing in a duet, and James got paired with Jason on a rock song. Jason was clearly out of his element, but he still gave James a shellacking.

    I can read; I know that 97% of you dissagree with me. I've only wtched for the last 3 years, but I've learned the rules: cute white men win, the best singer doesn't.

    • Jason????…..Jason who?….Jason-X from ' Friday the 13th' movie?…..the serial killer?…..kwkwkwkwk dude you also landed on the wrong planet hahahaha

    • Theo you are kidding right? There is no Jason but there is a Jacob.

      Hope you read this because it took me awhile to dig this all up.


      2002: Kelly Clarkson

      2003: Ruben Studdard

      2004: Fantasia Monique Barrino

      2005: Carrie Marie Underwood

      2006: Taylor Hicks

      2007: Jordin Sparks

      2008: David Cook

      2009: Kris Allen

      2010: Lee DeWyze

      "Cute white men win, the best singer doesn’t." Get your facts right Theo.

      White, black, men, woman, some cute,some maybe not.

      • Good credit for you briar99, theo is from other galaxy hahahaha……and about jason…..there are Jason Miraz (not from AI) who sang ' I'm yours'……I think this Jason who theo meant tobe is Jason-X hahahaha

      • Theo: The U.S. population is 13% african/american, but 33% of idol winners have been african/american. 9 seasons, 3 a/a winners, Ruben, Fantasia and Jordin. Kind of blows your theory to smithereens.

    • Thats it.. bring out the ol race card when a minority doesn't win. It isn't about talent, it's about the poor black man who wasn't given a fair chance. Give me a break!

      Judges = 1 PR, 1 Black and 1 white. Whats funny is that you sound like you actually believe Jacob can sing.

  27. jacob needs to go home tonight for the last 2 weeks he has made mistakes while performing,

  28. Well, let me make this simple, Jacob has got to go. I thought he was going to grab his parts like Michael Jackson used to do, I would just lose it. I laughed through most of his performance, even if he was on the voice, I would still stick my fingers in my ears until he is done. The best moment for him was the last 2 notes on the second song. He went lower & actually sounded like LutherVandross. Who told him to stay in the higher range of his voice, big mistake. Scotty was great, Lauren was good, James was emotional, not his best moment, Haley killed the last song, deserved her standing ovation. Can't tell who will win, but Scotty is looking better & better. Left will be haley, scotty, lauren & james. All 4 will be stars.

    • I agree Gina. Whoever told him to sing sky high last night made a big boo boo. Grabbing at himself was too much.

      He is trying everything to stay in this competition and you have to give him credit for trying.

      Just not my cup of tea. Sorry Jacob.

      • I don't think anyone told him to do that. I think he flat out refuses to exercise any kind of restraint. Stubbornness is going to create problems in his future career.

  29. I want James to win, but I was a little disappointed last night. I voted for him but also for Hayley. She took the night. I'm anxous now to see James blow us all away again next week like he did every week.

    • re: James "Without You"– WOW JAMES you are such an amazing artist. You touched our hearts with you beautiful & haunting voice & had many people in the audience crying WITH you last night. I know I did. It took alot of guts to get upon the stage & perform with your feeling being so raw & emotional & for everyone to see.

      You have an awesome connection with your music & audience, you exude warmth, passion and a full spectrum of emotions. IMHO that is what makes for a great artist.

      You remind me of an incredible artist I was turned on to recently. Johnny Ray was a singer/songwriter during 1950's & beyond. he was a major precursor of what would become R&R – known for his jazz/ blues influence. He had an animated stage personality, connected with his music & CRIED while singing.He was considered the first teen idol. He was his own artist & also knew what was best for him even though his mgr. would try to push him in a different direction. JR was very successful & was in a league of his own. I became a fan & bought his cd's.

      I know you miss you wife & son –fortunate that have a caring husband/father. I think with time you will learn how to deal with these feelings when separated. YOU ARE AMAZING JAMES!

  30. I think Scotty was the best singer last night . He was good on both songs. His first he really done good

    • I disagree. Montgomery Gentry was not equaled in that performance last night. I do however think that scotty can be the next Taylor Swift. She isn't that great of a singer but she really appeals to the young kids and has such a great style in her songs, performances, and way of life. with her getting into more grown up songs and content he would fit in just perfectly. Nice timing for Scotty:)

    • Scotty sings the same stuff in the same style and its monotonous…Country is fine but you don't see Lauren blowing her country load week in and week out…he can't sing anything else without putting his country schtick in it. I'm not hating but versatility is part of this contest, and he doesn't have any.

    • Jacob Lusk is not boring… traumatizing, horrible, cringeworthy? Yes. But not boring.

  31. James had an emotional night last night and I agree not necessarily his best performance. Still amazed that he pulled the second song off with all the emotion he was dealing with.

    BUT…..Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) played the wrong chords to a song they have played for years and years during a concert performance.

    Chuck Berry sang the wrong words to a song he wrote while being inducted into the Music Hall of Fame.

    Even the best can have an off day.

  32. Jacob will probably get the axe. I love his voice, but weakest of performances.

  33. It is obvious , Jacob has the gay vote, revenge of the adam lampert voters, It is just cruel to keep letting him think he can sing, there is no way he would sell, Please let him go home

    • that was a little harsh don't you think. I am hoping that Jacob goes home tonight but did you really have to go there. Adam Lambert had just as much a chance to win as everyone else in the competition. I personally like Kris Allen better! he did a great job and deserved to win and other AI voters felt the same way.

  34. Scotty should be but won't be. Too many Americans like country and western. That is the only reason he is still there. James all the way……………

  35. there's no doubt in my mind that Jacob is going home tonight. I think he's talented but not for American Idol.

  36. Jacob is past due. Then Scotty, who is now boaring other then a low voice now and then. He cannot belt out any notes they way the other singers can. That sport coat/white shirt duds he wore last night was like something you find in an old folks lounge.

  37. Everyone wants Jacob to go but his voice is better than Scotty's this is a talent show not who is gay and who is better looking………..

    • agreed Scotty goes first then Jacob.

      leaves James Haley and Lauren for final 3

    • I don't like Jacob and it absolutely has nothing to do with him being gay!!! And to refer to Scotty as being good or better looking…um look again. Scotty isn't that cute. He is a little kid. When I see him I see a little boy with a baseball hat on running out the door saying by mom, by dad, I'm going to so and so's house….

  38. I really hope Haley goes home tonight, I don`t care for her raspy voice. I am cheering for Scotty to win, he did a terrific job on both songs last night!!!!!

    • JR…do you even listen to country music or are you one of those people that keep saying" I don't like country music but I really liked scotty and he will go really far in country music"? It's really annoying for people to say that!! The only thing unusual about his deep voice is that he is 15. I bet half the male singers in country music sing just like him. And I AM a country music life long fan. don't get me wrong he may be ok when he get's his record deal but he is definately not a new sound like everyone keeps saying

  39. James was amazing if he doesn't win the show isn't worth watching…………

  40. Hated the whole Jacob thing..(he sucks like a thirsty fat kid sucks a juice box on a hot summer day) looks like there are 2 big Divas on this season of A.I. one on stage and another as a judge. To be honest I was ready for Jacob to leave awhile ago… can't stand his voice and I wish people would stop comparing him to Luther. I love Luther. If you pulled out one of his cd's you'd realize he doesn't even sound like him (doesn't compare). To think he could do a Jordan Sparks song lets you know he has a fat head. I love Lauren and Haley I thought they were the best singers last night. I enjoyed Scotty too but nothing new about the way he sang. James had better days yesterday was not his best performance but I like James he tries to do well. !!! Can we have some new judges or bring Simon back cause this whole show has turned out to be a counseling session.. what the heck is up with the judges!! Haley can sing circles around Jacob and yet Jacob is told he's the best signer in A.I. history…. ok maybe "someone" has not been watching A.I. enough to be able to dish out a comment like that. Can we also let others put in their .02 and not interrupt.. can we get a judge who doesn't end every sentence with it was beautiful.. There is definately some favoritism going on here the show has gone down hill since Simon left… while we are at it, why not use the show to promote your song.. You'd think J.Lo created this show

    • Yes the judges could be better. I am Dissapointed that the "Dog" doesn't do better with all the years of experience he should be guiding the newcommers instead of joining in all tha false praise.

    • I so agree that the judges need to go…

      Whats up with them? They always rag on Haley, and leave the other mediocre performances alone. I'm starting to smell an AI FIX.

      Haley does what the "coach" aka Iovine tells her , hell… even encourages her to do, and they rag on her about it. That performance made me WANT to listen to a Lady Gaga song…. even Lady Gaga doesn't do that for me!

      • There is a good reason that song is unreleased since no one can make it sound great including Lady Gaga who uses it as a filler song on stage.

        Jimmy is looking more to after the show which has some merit but not always the best advice to help win it.

    • Are you saying only fat kids drink kool-aid? I agree with you about Haley, I personally feel JLo is somewhat intimidated by her. I'd understand if her criticism was actually substantive, but it's not. It's just Haley bashing with a smile.

      • Hey! Maybe jlo bashes on Haley because she is jealous???? Seriously, Haley makes jlo look bad!(sound bad) Just thinkin out loud here….

  41. I really like Haley,she improves with every show.I don't think Jacob is an American idol,it will be hard to pick just one,but I hope Scotty and Haley make it to the bottom two,and I think its time we have another Lady American Idol

  42. I think that either Jacob or Lauren would be going home tonight. Hopefully Jacob; that would leave two guy and two girls in the final four. More interesting with Scotty getting so many votes against James who I think has a better range of talent.

  43. Scotty has to go. He has not talent and I think there were people who auditioned who were much better. I think they should raise the bar. Do any of them play an instrument? Write a song? Scotty is not a marketable commodity. If he wins he'll flop and go back to high school talent shows and local chicken plucking contest at the state fair. If I have my way he'll be handing out "Miss Cornshuck" crowns before he's ever heard on the radio. And this……coming from a country music fan!

    • Isnt everybod lucky you are not in charge of anything. But you seem to know a lot about chicken plucking and cornshuck That comes under the catagory of arrested development

    • Are you blind as well as intellectually impaired? Scotty has already played guitar on the show.

    • @jayhawker…I am not a big Scotty fan but he definately is better than what you are saying. I think that he will put out a record that people will like but his big ticket won't come til later.

  44. I find James extremely repulsive, very dirty looking, horrible teeth, out of shape, what really repulses me is his fake tears. I am from his home town and the joke around here is that when he was in middle school and H.S. he would crack people up by getting teary eyed at will. Too bad America will buy into this farce. Besides he cannot sing that well…

      • No jealousy here, he stinks and is repulsive, who would ever want to kiss a mug like his, and it is true about Jamess turning tears on and off at will, and you bought into it.

      • “Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own.” Harold Coffin

      • James got beat up by bullies at school all the time — did you try to do something or just looked the other way. Of course he cried – his emotions are so heightened that sometimes they are very difficult to control.

        Heard this comment by haters regarding his teeth many times –I think he will very soon be able to afford the best of dental care.

        Also, Freddie Mercury of rock group Queen had horrible teeth- very bucked & crooked, which is why he always had a mustache.BUT he would not let a dentist touch his teeth because none could guarentee that fixing his teeth would not affect his beautiful singing voice.

        I think James is very good looking – not perfect- but to me perfection is very boring.

      • well…I'm not into the tears myself. There is nothing worse than the pitty party to get sympathy on AI but that's just me. I do however find the rest of your comment to be very distasteful. There are plenty of unattractive singers with bad teeth that made it big time. it is after all the talent that gets the fans. to name a few with crooked teeth, crystal bowersox (recently got fixed I see), gweneth paltrow, jewel, miley cyrus…all very beautiful. I can't think of any guys but it dawned on me that I perhaps can't think of any because no one cares!!! beside paul had PERFECT teeth and I couldn't stand them.

      • OK James dad died when he was 9yrs old.A critical time in a boy's life.

        He was beat up & bullied in middle & high school.

        Don't know why he would have anything to cry about. HUH!!!

      • @Stacey, Paul's teeth were pretty amazing weren't they?

        I fall into one of those people that can't stand James' teeth. Actually, his teeth are fine, it's that one tooth that he exposes when he hits the high notes. I can't watch him sing. I don't mind James, out of the top 5 he's my 2nd favorite and I hope he makes it to the finals and wouldn't mind him winning the whole thing, especially if Scotty or Lauren is the other one. Crystal Bowersox I couldn't watch either, but her teeth were yellow AND crooked. Poor girl.

    • plain and simple….you are an idiot. i will tell you who would want to kiss a mug like his, his wife and child and i am sure that is all that matters to james. are you still a bully or did you teach your children the same endearing traits?

    • also lani…when james is raking in the money, who will get the last laugh?

      • I think James might win this season. But, he will be a faded memory in everyones mind, 5 minutes after the season is over. As he does not bring anything unique to the table. Not only do I say it, I guarentee it.

    • I find you very repulsive. Its bullies like you that are disgusting. He probably cried alot because of bullies like you. James is the whole package in my estimation. How can people be so cruel and mean. To me he is nice looking So go find a rock to crawl under..

      • snow, i agree totally. james is such a cute kid with his baby face.after his second performance and he had that baby face thing going on, i just wanted to hug him so bad. he is a great kid and it shows.

    • Awww, is somebody worried that their wittle favorite isn't gonna win and da big bad rocker is gonna get da cwown? Awwwwww, poor wittle baby. Heres your paci, now go take a nap while the big kids post for a bit.

    • Iani Ian I know you and not even my dog would kiss you even if I offered him the best steak dinner and he has a higher IQ too!

  45. I would really hate it if Lauren goes even as far as top 2. It will be the first time in the history of American Idol somebody won by half-assed performances.

    I salute the other contestants on the show. At least they gave it their best shot. You can feel them break, push, strive and struggle to achieve something great. At least they risked everything.

    What is Lauren's best performance huh? Can you really call it the best when every friggin week she just chugs out another bland, safe toasty thing? She's just the same girl from Hollywood week. She did not improve, she did not grow. She did not even try to get out of her shell! And the effin judges man! Why haven't they commented on this? We already know she's a good singer, but I am 100% positive she does NOT deserve the Idol win. NO. Never. It makes me sick somebody who isn't willing to give it their all might win this thing!

    You know what, I'd rather have anyone else other than her. Other contestants may crack or break, I understand. And her? She can't even friggin risk a single high note in Unchained Melody!? At top 5?? Why is she still here? I hate her!!

    • She is only 15 years old for crying out loud….not saying she is the best or even # 2,3, or 4. But please!…. most 15 year olds can't even wipe themselves properly let alone stand up in front of millions…..can you?

      • lol @ lani lan's comment

        @jellybean…I completely agree. I do want Jacob Lusk to go home first though. I just can't get over that she sang the same song 3 times in this season. It really showed how she is too scared to do something different with her vocal ability. Everyone keeps holding on to the possibility that she will break out and show us everything but as far as making it any farther in the competition she is definately in trouble! I think that they are all brave kids!!! I wouldn't do it (stand up and sing in front of millions) but we are also wondering if these 15 year old will be able to handle show biz. Most of the greats were not scared at all in front of a camera since a toddlers age.

      • 16 years old…

        not much of a difference, and your point still stands… but just sayin.

      • lani lan… how much older is kelly or carrie or david archuleta or even jordin sparks or katherine mcphee when they joined idol?

        they are around the same age bracket and they STILL are WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better than lauren.

        saying she's 15 years old is just like making excuses. it just proves lauren is not ready for idol

    • I totally see where you are coming from and said the same thing a few weeks ago about both her and Scotty (the swingin week). Scotty since then has at least attempted to progress a little bit. Lauren may have been an amazing phenom at the beginning but she needed to start growing when she made it to the top 13. Imagine if she had done that how great she'd be right now. And she's only 16, I know. But if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. If Lauren ever got such a negative review from the judges as Haley did last night (unwarranted with nothing constructive to say) she'd have balled her head off. Haley, while upset (rightfully so) smiled, thanked them and came back with one of the best performances of the season. There is a huge difference in maturity that isn't just because she's 4 years older.

    • Jellybean; I beg to differ with one point. Lee DeWyze won Idol with half-assed performances.

      • Isn't that the truth, Crystal should have won, but in a way glad she didn't she put a great CD out.

    • lanilan, I was talking about "effort". I haven't seen so much effort on Lauren's part. She has never "moved" me. 15 years old? BULL. Being 15 year old is not at excuse to give your heart out in a performance.

      Also, I'd like to believe 15 year olds in general are smart kids. They might not be performing in front of millions, BUT Lauren is, and that is supposed to be her responsibility. Not my 15 year old neighbor's.

      I may be being melodramatic, but Lauren's performances are so rigid and always "good", it has become predictable. There was never a moment I connected to her or "felt" she was giving something to the song. There was never a time I was in awe or surprised. I have felt chills with other contestants. They all have that single performance where the hairs on my neck stand up. But Lauren? Nahh. Same old Lauren, consistent but boring.

      @Templar: Good sir, I stand corrected! Hehe

  46. OMG Jacob must leave now. He has a wonderful voice but not he is not an American Idol. Haley was terrific with her second song-maybe her first also but I don't know the song. James is terrific at whatever he does and also Scotty is great and will be a grea counry singer. Lauren also should head counry-he signs that the best. Jacob-you would be a wonderful gospel singer. JMO

  47. Jacob is not ready for this and he needs to go home. Great singer but not an american Idol.

  48. Jacob will leave tonight his words in his songs aren't even clear , you miss the song words. you just here music and then a scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. So a wise friend of mine always asks, "what part of the voting public votes for whom?" If your bible belt is voting, they vote for Jacob.

    Who votes for Hailey? The same group that didn't vote for Casey? I think Hailey is in the bottom. I think she will go home, even tho I don't think she should.

    Who votes for Scotty? The south. Heavy voters – he's a keeper. Lauren also gets southern votes, so she will be in the bottom. Scotty is getting her votes this week.

    Y'all are correct, Jacob is not an American Idol, but he's getting lots of votes. I'd prefer he leave and go have a great gospel career, but I don't think that will happen.

    • Obviously a lot of people are voting for Haley or she wouldn't be around still. Casey had a lot of fans voting for him and, from the looks of the poll on this sight, it seems they have all jumped on the Haley bandwagon a few of us have been driving since the live show started.

      • I am part of that few. Been voting for her since top 12. That being said, it's pretty amazing how far she's come.

      • I have voted for Haley since she sing "Blue" a song which few singers can sing well.

        I was hoping James would win for many reasons but Scotty will be hard to beat once Lauren is gone since her votes will likely go to Scotty or Haley.

        Another bad week for James and it will likely be Scotty and Haley at the end.

    • Not everyone takes polls, Jacob is getting enough votes. Halry or Lauren will leave tonight. Or we could see James go home.

      • Your comment is pretty useless. Everyone has gotten enough votes to be in the top 5 so your presumption that Jacob is safe because he's made it this far can be blanketed to all of them. If Jacob does survive this week it's only because VFTW pick gives him an edge over the other contestants.

  50. Jacob has to leave – I have been sayin that for weeks now.. but they all blew me away they were SO GOOD except JACOB. So he goes and its any of the other's game! But I do LOVE Scotty, James & Lauren.

  51. Personally, I was a huge fan of Haley from the beginning. I thought a few times she was going to be sent home, and I am so glad she hasn't. On another note, I was also a huge fan of James in the beginning, but he reminds me too much of Adam Lampert, for my liking. I am sick of the screaming. But, i was very touched with your second song choice last night. πŸ™‚ Good job.

    Everyone did a fabulous job last night. I am hoping Jacob goes home; he has plummeted in his abilities and has been surpassed by the other contenders, Mainly Scotty, Haley and Lauren. All three of these individuals have grown leaps and bounds!

    If anyone but Jacob goes home, American Idol will not be the same to watch.

  52. I've been watching AI since it started. Love the show. But I think like lots of people it is some how rigged and the judges and host sway votes. I for one think that it will come down to Scotty. I really hope they send Jacob home tonight. I think he is getting on everyones nerves~~ Lauren I think is a great singer, and remember with her age so will only get better. Hailey is o.k not my favorite and James reminds me a little of Adam, who I really loved. Its really hard to say who AI wants to win.

  53. I agree that Jacob needs to go. He is a very talented singer, and I think will end up doing broadway. I gotta say Haily blew me away last night with House of the Rising sun. She was terrific. I think, though that James will (and should) be the next American Idol;.

  54. USA Today 'American Idol' Report Card: Haley Reinhart Eclipses The Competition‎

    • I'd have to agree. House of the Rising Sun is probably one of the best performances on American Idol in years.

      • I don't know if I'd go that far… (watches it again)… hmmm, okay, maybe I will go that far. She really did Slay the hell out of that song. Easily one of the best performances by anybody this season.

      • I have to agree with you.

        My mom was like, "Oh whatever, you say that her performance was the best of the season every single week!"

        Well, of course I do! She just gets better and better.

  55. It is a toss up between Haley & Jacob. I would like to see Haley go home. She seems to prissy each week.

    • Her head is getting big. She needs to come out of the rafters and stop growling when she sings. It's starting to rub off on Lauren and poor Casey tried it and was sent home. Poor guy.

      • Her head is getting big? She's constantly put down by the judges and is in the bottom 3 quite often but she says her thank you's and she always comes back doing her best. Her head is big because she accepts unfair and nonconstructive criticism every week with a smile? I really don't understand all these personal attacks other than people really see her as a threat to their favorites. If Haley does go home tonight it's not because the other 4 are better than she is, it will be because it's the top 5 and someone is going home.

      • Don't bother with the pied piper. She knows Haley's a threat. That's why everyone who criticizes her does it. It's sooooo getting very old.

        People are mind readers, too. That's how they know Haley is prissy? conceited? ungrateful? and even a female dog?

        News flash!! We don't know these people!

        Personally, I just think Haley is laid back and is so used to being put down by the judges that it doesn't even affect her anymore. She's grown a thick skin, and it's very important to have that in the music industry. She's already ahead of the rest in that way.

  56. Hailey got a bad attitude toward the trainer and the judges. she is not the kind of a person to be idiolize.

    • @ 13 , 14 ,15…

      you are the problem with idol…never knew that being prissy was criteria to eliminate someone…Hailey blew away House of the rising sun and challenge a never released GAGA song..hopefully she stays and there are not to many people that use "prissy" as criteria

      • but challenge doesnt always work and in this case, it didnt so it was bad END OF DISCUSSION; however she nailed the second song. She should have never picked the Gaga song because I mean cmon its a Lady Gaga song and unreleased and the top 5 left it was a recipe for disaster and she shouldve never accepted the challenge. There is no more playing safe especially for Lauren and Scotty who were pretty good. Haley fans are somewhat blind to other performances but Haley's, but others can see that she was just good and astounding ONLY on the second song the first was terrible and I still remember her smiling when Pia was eliminated I mean did anyone else not notice that??

      • We're sorry. Cali has used the thread-stopping "EOD" (END OF DISCUSSION) command and has thus stopped all further discussion on this subject.

        We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

        The Management

      • So Kendra was booted off DWTS on Tuesday and everyone was smiling. That must mean they are all terrible people.

        The only thing wrong with Haley's first performance last night was bad song choice. Is she the only one to have chosen a bad song? What about Scotty when he chose "Swinging"? Did you bash him because it was a terrible song choice? Probably not. If anyone is biased it is you, cali.

      • Oh my gosh!!! Pia is GONE now, get over it. I was smiling when she got eliminated as well. She's a fame-hungry shrew, and she's proved that over and over since the week of her elimination. She had a beautiful voice, but was very boring. I would never pay to watch someone stand dead still in the middle of the stage belting out ballads for two hours. Yeah right. Pia's gone for a reason, it just wasn't meant to be. She's made the most of it, so should everyone else.

        Haley smiles during every elimination, and comforts people when they get stressed during it, too. Namely Lauren. I've seen Haley pat and rub her arm several times now.

        This is a singing competition, not America's Next Sweetie Pie.

    • The trainer sometimes gives bad advice (like suggesting the Lady Gag-me song, for instance). The judges are either tone-deaf or high as kites most shows. Of course she got a bad attitude toward them! She performs her hot little butt off week after week and gets the meat grinder, while Jacob gets no grief whatsoever for grossing out half of the country.

    • I don't see how she has a bad attitude towards the trainer or judges?

      Though quite honestly, I think the contestants should have a bad attitude towards Jimmy Iovine…his advice all season long has been missing more than 50% of the time. Maybe Fox just likes to film when he's wrong.

    • Haley a bad attitude toward "the trainers"? Jimmy Iovine suggested that she sing an obscure, unknown song by Lady Gaga, and she did. She TOOK his bad advice, did the song, nailed it, and then the judges nailed HER for doing that obscure song. So that's a bad attitude? Good grief, some people should consult a dictionary before they post.

  57. Jacob is going,I believe. It should be Hailey. You guys need to get the wax out of your ears!! Laura , Scotty and James are way better.

    • Scotty and Lauren have yet to give a performance as awesome as either 'House of the Rising Sun' or "Rolling in the Deep" Haley is fantastic and does things Scotty and Lauren can't even comprehend. You heard Lauren attempt last night and she totally failed.

      • nope nope nope you guys already forgot "Letters from home" and "Candle in the Wind"? you Haley fans do not remember a thing from other performances.Haley only has like 2 good performances Call me and House of the Rising Sun. Even then I REALLY HATE HER VOICE im not even joking i hate the raspy voice. idc if u like it, but add that with growling and you got a Haley performance. Scotty, Lauren, and James are the only people i can tolerate listening to for a whole minute and a half. I mute Haley half way ALWAYS through her songs.

      • cali you spend so much time bashing other people. The only reason Scotty and Lauren are even still there is because of their fancy accent. If they weren't revered like the golden calf (yes I went there) by the country fandom they wouldn't still be in the competition. You constantly criticize Haley as if she is the only one that is not perfect, well you are wrong END OF DISCUSSION. Just because you can't possibly fathom just how talented Haley is doesn't mean she's bad, you are just ignorant and biased.

    • Anyone still believing in Jacob?

      Cause I'm thinking that Jacob BE LEAVING! πŸ™‚

      ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry. I'll be good.

  58. At this point in the competition, for me, it's time to look at the total picture in addition to each week's performances. I've been questioning how I would support the remaining 5 (soon to be 4). Would I buy a CD? Would I go to their concerts? Would I support the person in any way at all? I know some AIs in other seasons have had concerts with 2 or 3 performers from their season. Would I support that, if it were held within a reasonable distance? At this point (and I know we're not at the end yet) I would consider purchasing tickets or CDs by James, Scotty, or Lauren. Jacob has lost my interest. I think James so far has shown to be the strongest entertainer. I don't know if I could handle the constant power of his voice over an hour or more. The mix of songs would have to be good. I would buy a CD of Scotty's. I'm not sure about a one-man concert (maybe with one or two other performers to add a little variety). I'm also questioning whether Lauren actually can stretch her voice any more than we have already heard. Unchained Melody would have been the chance to do it, and it did not happen. Also, I thought I heard a slip-up in lyrics in the song, but I could not catch it in the replay. Her voice is beautiful in the lower registers. I also wish she would not growl. It does not suit her. Haley is talented, but I don't relate as well to her as a performer so I probably at this point would not buy a CD or attend a concert of hers. I'm trying to forget the first-impression favorites I had at the beginning and not just loyally vote because of that. Like the performers, I'm trying to get better as a voter. After 10 seasons, I should be improving, too. One last comment: I hope James keeps the tears inside from now on. Some people look at that as a way of manipulating votes. I think he really feels the music, but some people will not look at it that way. It could lose votes for him.

    • There has been several that have said that James is using that show of tears as a backup to produce pity and concur enough is enough

      • Anybody who would think such as thing is a person I wouldn't want to know. See him playing with his son? It is genuine. Genuine as him feeling sad when he has to leave him.

        He is a very young man who has taken on the responsibility of a fiancée and a son and done this of his own free will.

        I work for lawyers and my specialty is Divorces. Want to know how many dirt bags would dump Heidi and that little boy? Too many….

        This kid has got more genuine character than you can shake a stick at.

        Give the guy credit for crying out loud for doing and caring for all the loves of his life.

      • I am more than aware of the emotions and hight/lows that someone with James’s condition has. I also know the stress they are all under. I’m sure they all feel like bursting into tears. However, I have seen this before on Idol and in previous years…contestants have been told they need to control their emotions when they perform. I am in a catch 22 with this…I guess I shouldn’t have comented because I really don’t have anything to say about this.


    Please, this year, vote for the one that truly deserves it.

    Were sick of the wrong contestant winning.

    This year make it right!!


    • I won't scream.. I will be too busy laughing at the complete absurdity of it to actually scream. (I'll want to though)

  60. Haley and Scotty are my favorites. Haley has been judged too harshly. It only makes me throw all my votes to her. Haley is so adaptable to any song she sings….she takes on the character in the song. This cannot be done by many people.

  61. James. Scotty and Hailey should be in bottom three. Lauren is wonderful, beautiful too, but too young for the competition. Good Luck to all!

    • Wait a minute…. so…. you're a JACOB FAN! Subtle… real subtle! Love it!

    • You are a dreamer. James will never be in the bottom three. He is the best out of all of them!!

    • You're kidding, right?

      "Can't understand a word he sings"??

      Have you ever tried to understand the words to the vast majority of the current popular music? I have tried, but most are's the beat that makes a 'song' (& I use the word loosely!)a hit.

  62. Jacob has got to go!!!Not American Idol material,Scotty and James are the best and I think it will come down to them 2,Lauren is good but still has not used her full range and Haley is thinking she is great and she is flaunting that she thinks it!!!Jacob home tonight!!!

  63. At 6800 vote level –

    Scotty -32%

    Haley – 29%

    James – 24%

    Lauren – 9%

    Jacob – 3%

    At 10,000 vote level

    Scotty -30%

    Haley – 29%

    James – 26%

    Lauren – 9%

    Jacob – 4%

    Not much change in ~ 4k votes

    • James will kick you know what this week for sure. Look out the other will be going down!! lol

  64. Scotty all the way!!!!!!! He doesn't need to scream, jump around the stage or be anyone other then true to himself. He is amazing and so comfortable in what he is and does. Maybe this season the the right person will actually win.

  65. When Haley sang Benny and the Jets, she set the bar for the other contestants. Despite the constant criticisms by two of the judges, Haley just kept smiling, saying thank you and giving one great performance after another. Last night, when Jimmy Iovine coaxed her into a Lady Gaga song, she sang it well, and once again the judges knocked her, for doing exactly what they told her to her, taking risks. So, did she cry? NO. Did she fall apart on her next song? NO. How did she react to being the only one getting criticism for about the 6th straight week. She did what any future American Idol would do, she brought down the house with her rendition of House of the Rising Sun, raising the bar even higher and sending a message to both the judges and the other contestants, Haley is in it to win it.

    • 'Nuff said. Don't forget the iTunes sales. Seems to be the best predictor of marketability — a real market? Uh – yeah.

    • Oh my gosh, Benny and the Jets…it's hard to come even close to Elton John, but her rendition was breath-taking! I love when she really gets into it. She portrays the emotions in her voice unlike any other.

  66. I believe it is time for Jacob to go, it is all that I can stand to watch of him.

    James is a great vocal singer, and has a great range and I expect to see him in the finale.

    Haley, although I really liked her second performance last night, the first one was not worth watching.

    For me it is a toss up with Scotty and Lauren. I love them both and look forward to them both each week.

    Please stop the tourcher and send Jacob home!! Just saying I love gospel music also and some things he sings are ok, but not lately.

  67. I think Jacob or Hailey… is going home tonite

    **** Nothing to do who is going home: *****

    Last nite performance by James was "GREAT ,GOOD, AWESOME and EMOTIONAL". I think you made a lot of us cry >>> TO JAMES you ARE GOOD PERFORMER . YOU DESERVE THE TITLE "AMERICAN IDOL 2011 …. πŸ™‚ *****

    • If you refer to his second song, then I agree.. the first song was kind of a mess though. First real hiccup James has had in many many weeks.

  68. James is the best. He's amazing. He sounds like an angel when he screams, not horrible like Jacob. Hailey's growl is so anoyying. Scotty sings country which I hate. And Lauren is okay but she bores me. James is the best! He'll win for sure. (:

    • "sounds like an angel when he screams"????

      Yeah. Right! An angel getting shot in the eye by an arrow!

      • littleredhen, you just don't know what your talking about All of the other singers suck! COuntry singers suck! And what ever in the world Hailey and Jacob are

  69. I think Jacob will be going home tonight and I think he should. What I can't understand about this season is all the love for Lauren Alaina. I agree she is incredibly comfortable on stage, especially for a teenager, but not once has she demonstrated the talent the judges and AI producers touted at the beginning of the season. She has a cool voice in the low register and has good control vocal control, but absolutely no range. The Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood comparisons just don't add up.

  70. Lauren may well be going home tonight, the one second to the bottom is usually the one who goes. Or it could be Haley.

    • Just an educated guess but I would put Jacob and Lauren in the bottom two tonight.

      Haley likely pulling in some of Casey's voters and Scotty may have pulled in some of Lauren's voters this week.

      Jacob most likely to go home tonight but who his voters will go to I don't have a clue really except possible to James.

  71. AI audience likes the squeaky clean images of the boy/girl next door making it to the big time. Lauren and Scotty fit that image, and so with less talent will probably make it farther in the competition. AI audiences seem to distance themselves from anyone who displays any form of contoversy including sexuality even if it's straight sexuality (but ESPECIALLY if it's gay sexuality). Haley is a sexy person it seems naturally. So unfortunately, despite her awesome talent, she must face an uphill battle to overcome a stigma placed against her by the "wholesome" image seekers of those who vote on AI. Sad but true. It's what killed Adam as well. Nevertheless, I predict good things in her future and would definitely pay to hear her music.

    • I love these pleasant little surprises, when someone actually has intelligent observations to report. πŸ™‚

  72. what about james he should win this for hims famly. and why is everyone picks scotty

    • Do you think he is the only one with a family? He is not married altho he has 4 year old son. Its a talent show.

      • Agree…I think this is what I was trying to say before…they all want it and feel the tension and probably like crying. James will have a career at this point. He is lucky, too. And, if he does get a real career, he will be gone much more than this.

  73. please not another screamer like Adam Lampertone is more than enough who can sit and listen to a full hour of screaming flexability should count a lot Scotty to song a variety of good stuff without blowing your ear drums and his voice is soothing he should be the Idol winner that is my choice i would buy his CD's but not any of the other though

  74. I think Jacob should go home , I am going by last nights performances. H e was not really up to par. He didn't sing near as good as the rest. Yes he can sing and he should have done better.Jacob should be going tonight.

  75. Since Haley did a unreleased Lady Gaga song, I wonder if next week James will try one of "Who Cares" 2 new tracks coming out tomorrow to raise funds for a music school in Armenia, it would right down his alley since Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan and Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi are in it.

    May not the smartest move to win but good for after the show possible.

  76. I bet that Scotty gets the most votes and that Jacob will be eliminated. Jacob can do a lot with his voice but I don't see it as going anywhere. It doesn't have a sound that makes you want to listen. God bless him for his efforts. I like Haley a lot, too and James is just a bundle of feelings to hug really good. Scotty needs coaching to be a super star, but he will be a super star, and I hope he wins as a good start. I'll be happy with James winning also.

  77. Does idol have any credibility at all? If one judge praises someone the other 2 fall right in line with the same comments. Have they ever heard

    the Righteous Bros sing Unchained Melody. Lauren skipped the high notes and was prased for her rendition. Haley's into screaming (with the judge's encouragement) and gets praised. Who thought Simon would ever be missed so much?

    • Still, I have never heard Haley scream.

      The people who criticize her 'screaming' usually like James the best. Me confuuuused!!! πŸ™ Also, Haley gets the most criticism from the judges. What show have you been watching???

      • I have heard screaming…growling…but I have also loved some of her performances. She is just not my favorite.

  78. What is WRONG with you people? This is a talent competition, why are we talking about teeth? People are so shallow.

    • It's not his teeth, just just one tooth lol. And you have to admit Crystal's teeth were pretty nasty.

      • I watched some video, and… well, I have a hard time disagreeing… that was a pretty gnarly grill on Crystal.

      • Let it go, her teeth are nice now so get over it. So sad that people can't see past a person's flaws. Just listen to the music with your eyes closed.

    • I totally agree. Looks should not even come close to resembling a factor when choosing who you like and who you don't like. It's so immature, it's like high school all over again!


  80. I want Haley and James in the final, both fantastic singers. They always give it their best and always take risk, but judges are sometimes to harsh with Haley which is not fair, surprisingly they gave her a standing ovation! I love both of them.

    Lauren has to be in the BOTTOM 3 or GO or Jacob Lusk, there a bit boring, choosing songs that they think will get them to the final. They should give it all their best, challenge themselves, to prove them that they should be the next american idol.

    I like Scotty a bit. He Should prove that he can sing any other songs apart from country, I havent heard him sing a really jazz song, hard metal and pure rock.


  81. Jacob if you are going to adjust your truss while singing please try and do it off camera. Probably one of the most sickening visual events since Divine's performance in Pink Flamingos. Here in Australia we cannot vote but I am tempted to fly over to the good old USA with my life savings if Jacob is still there next week and spend it all on voting for the other three. He is to singing what cotton candy is to haut cuisine!

  82. Everyone has a bad week, James just had his and will be right on next week. I think the top two wil be James and Scotty With James winning it, if he picks the right songs that everyone knows. The other singers will do just fine and record music

    • I hope so. When James is on, nobody in the competition can touch him… but as was shown last night, if he is even a little bit off, the others are so damned good that he might be in trouble lickity split, especially now that Scotty has realised that he can bust out some rockabilly and loosen up a bit. With last nights performance of Gone, Scotty just got real dangerous in this competition.

  83. I gotta say, this elimination show has me worried the most out of all of them this season.


    In my opinion, James Durbin has been consistantly overall the strongest singer since the Top 12 guys were selected.

    In last night's show, I honestly thought he was the second worst next to Jacob.

    The people I thought were 2nd worst for most of the shows got sent home the next day:

    Top 13- Ashton Jones

    Top 11- Casey Abrahms

    Top 11 redux-Thia (I thought Paul was the worst and he was safe)

    Top 8-Paul

    Top 6-Casey again.

    So in my mind, being the worst performer, at least at this stage of the game, actually makes you eliminated less than being the 2nd worst performer…

    Actually, with the exception of Stefano, the worst performer was never eliminated any week :-/

    • I'm no statistician, but you may have too small of a data set there to make a valid corollary. It could be your theory supports the data, rather than the data being sufficient to support a theory. Hey, I like mathmatical analysis, but I think James stinker performance is not such a big setback. He's got a strong fan base now and the "rock vote" is a larger demographic than "Casey's Jazz vote" and Thia's "Filipino vote". Many of his fans WERE disappointed with his admittedly mediocre (for him) performance – but I don't think they have given up on him yet. I haven't. But wow, he's really got to pull it together – especially if Scotty comes further out of his safety zone and raises the bar.

      A neat analysis, but I think this one could go either way. Let's see how loyal James fans are and if his next performance is going to put him back in the game or cause him to slide further. Look at the polls – 27, 28 and 29 percent – basically a three-way tie for first. And where will the Jacob vote go? Anywhere? Or nowhere?

      Wow. What a race!

      • Look how Scotty got blasted for a bad night. He came back the next week, In my opinion James has hurt him self by the tears. Look how Lauren got pannrd. I know she is almost a baby but that didnt stop a lot of bloggers. They are also tired of medical excuses. He should go home to his family. Rember they all have famlys

    • James and Scotty are safe. I think Jacob should go home but would not bet on it…could be Haley who is consistently in the bottom 3 or Lauren might make it this time. Will it be a bottom 3 or bottom 2?

  84. I think that Scotty has maxed out his votes. As people get voted off, their votes are being distributed to others. McCreepy fans are more focused on the county/apple-pie face thing….

    People who like strong singers are shifting their votes to other strong singers. Casey's votes likely shifted to Hailey and James. Stefano's votes likely shifted to James and maybe Jacob. Jacob's votes will most likely shift to Hailey……

    In other words — I don't think McCreepy can win this when it all wraps up. I think we get a Hailey/Lauren finale OR James/Lauren OR James/Hailey — Scotty doesn't make it to the final two — I'll make that claim here! (let's see if I'm right!)

    • If Lauren goes then most her voters will shift to Scotty with some to Haley and I think Lauren will be in bottom 2 this week.

      • I don't think that's necessarily true. Lauren fans probably think he's a weenie too.

      • I agree with Bloodyscot. Whenever Lauren or Scotty goes home, a huge portion of their voters will go to the other one from a pure Genre loyalty base.

        Most primarily country fans will only vote for a country singer if one is available, regardless of talent level. (Note, I am not dogging, Scotty or Laurens talent in that statement, both are talented as hell, but it's true that even if somebody way more talented were there from a different genre, country fans would vote for the country artist regardless)

    • i bet he does make it if not he will have a contract lot better then james, haley so there

    • Scotty had the loudest/longest cheers and claps from the audience last nite, so I think you r wrong. ????

  85. Any guesses on next weeks theme?

    Is there a need for a country week after last night?

    How about an Queen or Rolling Stones week or and 80's week(NO DISCO please)?

    • Disco was mostly the 70's… and they wouldn't dare… I'll skip watching it for a week if they do disco.

      • Honestly, I just want them to get to choose whatever song they want to from this point on. It's time for them to showcase their voices in the best possible way. Enough with the limits and restrictions!

      • Disco of 70's? BORING!

        Time for them to choose the songs that fit them right. I think they still goin to sing 2 songs next week..

    • No guess, but a wish/hope. Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, or Abba.

  86. I hope James doesn't end up going home after last nite's performances. True they weren't his strongest and by far the best of the night, but he has been IMO the strongest performer this whole season… Goodluck James!!

    • Surprise and shock night, James scotty Haley are in bottom 3, lady gaga rules!

  87. @bahloo2000: Perhaps you did not notice last evening when Scotty was the only performer to be told by Cheryl Crow that he had a huge career ahead. He will be in to top 2.

    • She also said that Jacob would do amazing too…..what's your point?

      • true…also look at Taylor Swift..the girl can't sing with auto tune but has risen to fame with her silly songs about fairytales and guys who dump her..goes to show if you had her dads money behind you you can buy your way into a singing career..hopefully when her pre-teen fans grow up and realize she can't sing she will fade away or stay in LA a a model or someones trophey wife!

    • I wouldn't put much in what Cheryl Crow had to say; another country Idol has a very nice career but didn't finish in the top was Kellie Pickler – "The Pickle." She is a great singer, nice looking, and super spirited personality….only to finish 6th. Pia will have a great career, but was eliminated almost at the opening gate this season….so all-in-all, Cheryl Crow was just boasting her country roots with a little country to country talk.

      Scotty will achieve country stardom, but not as the winner of Idol.

      • Let's just say that Kelly Pickler…even thought I enjoyed her…has done extremely well for herself. I don't think she was the best that year and was lucky to get as far as she did.

  88. Jacob has recently been in the bottom two several times. Time for him to go. Definitely his turn. Pia is gone. The best isn't around. She will release an album which will sell more copies than all the initial albums of the final 5 combined. Pia is the "real star" from 2011's competition. No one else will (or can) overtake her. John S.

    • I totally disagree. Pia has a great voice but it's not outstanding to the point of blowing everyone else away. She proved when she sang the exact same arrangement, exact same snoozefest on DWTS that she's just the same ol' same ol'.

      • Pia is very generic, her voice in an album will not be very pleasing and good to listen to. She may belt out high notes but her voice isn't one in a million.

    • I was never a big fan of Celine but she sold a lot of albums and Pia has a similar style.

      Scotty has the voice and in country music that is critical but a quick mediocre album now will do him few favors and the music industry can be brutal if you are not ready for it.

    • Pia will not out sell Lauren, Scotty, or James no way no how, she is boring and forgetful

  89. James cried yesterday because he knews he will go home today.Heley next america Idol.

    • no she wont you cant even spell Haley. she has a nice voice, but not a well rounded performer like james or lauren They all get up, dance, and sing with a nice CLEAR voice. Haley's raspy voice turns me off and I feel like she does the same thing like she's sitting down the entire song and she never dances or anything on her performances

      • Cali,

        Please. Please. Please. Focus on the performer/s that you do like. You are so aggravating, I cringe when I read even your name. I'd feel that way no matter who you were picking on, honestly. Even Jacob.

    • cicera, do you know of a good audiologist. if you do maybe you should see a rush appointment…..if not find one fast!

    • James cried because he is a down and out realy person and the song was emotional and he is fantastic,

    • Some people are just heartless – you are definitely one of them. If you had any inkling of what you were talking about you'd know that James can't control his emotions anymore than you or I can from breathing (or have you been on another planet the whole season & are completely & totally oblivious to his neurological disabilities). I really didn't like his first song – I can say that for the first time all season, I didn't like one of his performances (can't say that about any of the other contestants including what'd you call her – Heley). The fact that the kid loves & misses his family as much as he does – well I guess that's "morally unacceptable" to some people.

      • Point is cicera – the kid sings from his heart (which is a rare thing these days), none of the other contestants can hold a candle to him in that regard & it's partially because of his medical condition (and because he truly misses his family – I can totally relate). Thing is – he'll probably win because of the same reason….oh & having a voice that's already being compared to some of the greatest rock vocalists (like Freddie M & Ian Gillian doesn't hurt either).

      • James cried because he misses his son and his wife. and he is just being a FATHER.

  90. You never know who is going to go home, but I would like to see Jacob leave the IDOL stage, he was rediculous last night, singing badly, nasal singing, stomping his one leg out of tempo, and grabbing his crotch, it was sickening, hope he is the one to leave. sorry

  91. i want to hear smooth, stable, well-toned voices. not screaming – not growling – a high note without loud screaching. The contestants have been just about the best since idol started. I want to put Scotty, james and Lauren front and center. Good Luck!!!

    • thats who I want to see at the end, James, Scotty and Lauren, I love Haley, but not as much as Lauren, for 16 she has talent and talent that can be developed.

    • Mitzi…I agree…I like a good listening song…and I think Scotty's second song was done well…even thought I loved his first last night.

      • I believe Jacob was the Best singer ever on American Idol. He just didn't pick the right songs. The remaining singer aren't as good. But out of the rest it should go to James. Out of the girls Lauren. Haley I don't like her singing at all. As for me the best singer has just left.

  92. Top 3 should be Haley, Scotty and Lauren. James in by the skin of his teeth and Jacob out.

  93. Okay, so tonight.

    I'd really like the boys to be the bottom 3. I love Scotty and James, but…James wasn't at his best this week, and being weak this close to the end is a big no-no. Scotty killed his first song, he finally stepped up in the way I've really wanted him to for around a month or so now. But then with his second song, he dropped right back down. I love the song he chose, but he made it too slow, and used the same tone through the whole thing. It was very boring to me.

    Jacob…No Air was very sad. I don't know why he picked that song. Nazareth…well, I'm a firm believer that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

    Lauren really sang beautifully, even if her voice does have limits. I really saw her push herself, and step outside her comfort zone, and that shows ambition and drive. She has a gorgeous sound to her voice, and I'd like her to be in the top.

    Haley is always the best to me, she always has been. The only song of hers I wasn't too thrilled with was the Whitney song. Everything else, I think she aces. House of the Rising Sun was spectacular, and a perfect showcase for her unique voice. Her control is mesmerizing to me. I wish she had done something else for her NOW song, but it is what it is. She sang it well, we just didn't know it. I was hoping for her to slay an Amy Winehouse song. πŸ™‚ Ah well, maybe next week.

    I want Jacob to go home this week. After that, I will be upset over every single elimination, because I think every one of the other four deserves it in some way. I don't want any of them to go. I'd just like them to stay and all four perform every week. Wishful thinking? Absolutely. I respect and admire them and their talent. One hour and forty-five minutes to go!

    • I know I'm gonna catch flack for this one – even though I tend to agree & think Hailey is probably one of the best Idol contestants ever (for that matter I'd put James, Scotty, Lauren & Hailey into that category), I still think as far as being the overall most consistent & best performer/singer/entertainer, etc….it has been James hands down (execpt for last night – by far his worst overall performance though his 2nd song was the most emotional one I've ever seen or heard on AI period so I give him a lot of extra credit for that one). If he goes home tonight because of it – America made a horrible choice, the kid is amazing (Jacob is the one who definitely needs to go – still hasn't found his niche this late). I put Hailey, Scotty & Lauren a tie for 2nd & I think all of them will have great careers (especially Scotty).

      But the thing I'm going to catch flack about is the fact that all of the other contestants seem to be taking (copying) examples from all of James performances & trying to use it in their own – not a bad idea though, I'd probably do the same thing considering how amazing he is, just pointing it out. I'm sure everyone won't admit it – but if you really think about it, that's what has been happening over the past few weeks especially.

      • No flack from me, you make a lot of good points and a ton of sense. The others would be foolish to not learn from his success and use similar strategies if they are working. And these kids are no fools.

      • I'm still hoping for a James/Haley performance. I would never give you slack for your opinion, I only give slack to those who slam w/o any credible explanations to back them up. People tend to copy things when they see that it has a positive outcome, it's the human nature, wanting to succeed. Scotty and Lauren both added growling to last night's performances, I thought it was cute! πŸ™‚

      • I meant James/Haley finale. A duet performance tonight would be up my alley as well, though. James has been most consistent this season, with the possible exception of last night. Haley has grown the most this season. A finale between these two would be explosive. I'm not going to get my hopes up though.

  94. Past time for Jacob to leave. Haley all the way to American Idol victory. Not one singer has the control that Haley does. I want her to win, and I don't know why she is not getting more votes. Come on people. It's the American Idol, not the cute guy singer for 12 year old girls.

    • Exactly, that is why I would not vote for Haley, I do not like her style or voice. It is all a matter of taste.

    • Haley is good, but not to my liking I can listen to it once but would not buy anything related to it, I think by now we all have our favorites, so do not hesitate to vote I think Haley's attitude that I do not care what the judges say must change if it wants to capture the female vote especially since I see that there is much captivated by ahi.Suerte for everyone … Go Scotty !!!!!

  95. If hardly anyone likes Jacob, how is he moving foward everyweek? He has to go this week, he's been getting lucky for too long!

  96. Haley has really gotten better as the season's progressed. I think she has found a comfort zone that suits her well. Is it too late to gather enough votes to challenge for the title? I guess we'll see.

    James has had only one or two songs that failed to provide entertainment and at least flashes of star talent. I believe he could win this and has a good fan base to push him to the title.

    Scotty actually provided some movement (on one song) and entertainment to go with that voice last night. Like I said before, he's 17 and has lots of potential in country music as he becomes a better entertainer and develops that deep voice. He also has a big fan base and could potentially earn the title.

    Lauren has a good fan base, comes across as a very sweet young lady and has moments that we might associate with an idol winner. She has an outstanding voice for a 16 year old. But voters shouldn't grade on a curve simply because she's 16. It's time for her to make a statement or get ready to go home next week.

    I was surprised Jacob has made it this far. I can't see him making it to next week with the performances he did last night. No insults, just congratulations for making it this far. Goodbye.

    • I think they all have a shot, honestly. They all have the talent to blow us away, it's just making smart choices, and executing them brilliantly to win at this point.

    • I am guessing that Haley is in third now having pickup many of Casey' voters and some new ones, while Lauren's fan base is solid but had little growth.

      I believe Scotty retook first with James a close 2nd, Haley in 3nd now, Lauren 4th and Jacob singing his farewell song tonight.

      Next weeks songs could change this quickly but right now I see Lauren most at risk next week.

  97. For a quick look around the net, I saw Bodog had the line up as james, scotty, lauren, haley with jacob at last place, james, scotty, haley, lauren, jacob.(james pulling 49%), dialidol has it scotty, james, lauren, jacob haley. So it seems there are a lot of polls out there but scotty and james are the front runners.

  98. I think someone should replace brooke burke someone more youthful would add to the show also her smile is odd , unrelaxed looking on camera someone else coud add too the showh

  99. Why is everyone still talking about Pia? We know she has a contract, just let a beaten horse die already. Lol 2 weeks ago it was oooh Thia now forgotten to the Idol dust. Paul and Casey were more musicly talented then either of them, evidently Jacob (who I agree is done) has faired better than all of them. He can sing and he sings well, but not to our liking in a more mainstream sort of way….bye jacob it has been fun talking about you.

  100. i mean i agree that jacob goes home..i dont like his type of style..soo america i know u agree with me..

  101. I say bye bye to Jacob…everything he sings sounds like the last. I think he should have gone last week!

  102. @Matt IM BACK, this may confuse some, but for the last 2 weeks I have only been able to access the site from my phone and finally tonight I am back on my PC. The page would not load for some reason thru google, but it loaded thru Bing tonight.

  103. I don't care as long as James is still safe, I believe that he should be the winner!!

  104. I just listened to the itunes and I think they should have used a dynamic SM58 mic with Haley, to give it a bit more of the 60's feel, the condenser mic seems a little to bright.

    Scotty' Gone sounds good but he needs to work on his vocal techniques a bit more, not easy to notice live.

    Lauren songs about the same as live, great tones but limited ranges and vocal techniques, a year or two of training and she will tear of up the charts.

      • Different types microphones will change the sound a bit. Dynamic mics are used for live singer(less so now days), mics on instruments like drums or on amps.

        Condenser mic have greater range for good and bad, using in most studios today.

  105. Bye Bye Jacob!! I really beleive this is Jacobs last night!! GO SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. There seems to be a growing James backlash developing and he had his first off performance of the season this week. He's still my pick to win it, but I could actually see him in 'jeopardy" for a minute, before they just get the Jacob elimination over with. Right now, I think Haley may be the dark horse coming on…

  107. lani if you are ever in michigan will you please come and bully me? please.

  108. I admire Scotty for not picking up any of the group just like what Ryan wanted him to do. For such young age he knows how to act like a pro already. SCOTTY for the FINALE! I will always vote for him.

  109. idol sucks! Its based on demographically racist mostly white or wanna be white voters! Being the only minority and also gay, Jacob had no chance!

    • Why can't a black gay (or seemingly gay) guy win? Jacob was not idol material – sorry – it's not a color thing. He's got a LOT of soul, but it's sort of churchy kind of soul. He's got a lot of energy and huge vocal power but it's a gospel/choir/broadway and highly emotive type of power. If this guy wants to make it into the pop world, he's got to restrain the emotion and control that wonderful instrument of a voice of his. Same with James – the screaming stuff is cool on metal songs, but it's not necessary or even suitable for other more mainstream tunes and especially not for soft rock or some ballads.

      Look, Jacob is a really cool guy and his color, religion and orientation are not a PRIMARY factor. But these things do shape who the young man is, which shapes how he comes across as a performer. Is saying he'd be better off in a high-power Baptist choir or Broadway show a racial statement? That's for you to decide, but I don't think it is. If a guy is a black rapper that can breakdance, it's not clear whether or not his talent comes from his blackness – his neighbourhood, his friends, his lifestyle and his urban culture. But what IS clear is that this person will not be that good in a hillbilly bluegrass band! That's not racist, it's just a matter of fact!

      Nope. Not buying the race card on this one. Don't be a sore loser for Jacob – Jacob is not a sore loser. He is a noble and graceful<i /> runner up who believes it when he says he was enriched by his experience and knows now what kind of music he is going to make.

      I say Godspeed Jacob Lusk. Nobody can stop you unless you let them!


      Northern Guy

      • Right On!!!! Well said indeed Northern Guy! His color was a non factor, and his voice is wonderful, and I am sure he will be well served by it as he sees fit. I do not know who decided he is gay??? I think that is a moot point, what has one thing got to do with the other?????

  110. Currently views in youtube..

    Haley Reinhart : House Of The Rising 207,237 views

    Scotty McCreery : You Were Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley – 30,458 views

    Jacob Lusk : Love Hurts – Everly Brothers :-


    James Durbin : Without You – Harry Nillson :


    Lauren Alaina : Unchained Melody – 46,230


    • Cool information! I know I bought Haley's "House" LOVE it! I didn't know you could track viewers like that. I'd love to see her take this thing!

  111. i think haley should take on a Dido song… πŸ™‚ it will fit her.. πŸ™‚

  112. i still say james he hasent made any mistakes maybe just 1 thats me he will win he is the best voice

  113. do you guys realize your comments are gonna get deleted? it says all comments in all caps will be deleted.

  114. . I thought america did great,they made the right decision. In wondering if ayone has experienced the mistakes on the phone voting

  115. Lee the winner of AI season 9 is on the Philippines now and the reporter asked him who's his favorites and he answered…

    Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart! Another strike for Haley. He said "they will be successful no matter what". #JustSlaying

  116. Hailey sucks!! i dont like she doesnΒ΄t have talent, the only thing that she have is voice is booring, ugly she never since the first time never have a style she haven’t, she can’t win i hope american idol knows choice good, the real talent in there was casey & pia, and now i prefer james & scotty,cuz’ lauren is like hailey sucks!! the two….

  117. scottie and james are on top and no matter what they will be the successful ones. haley also does not hold back and she showed confidence, but lauren holds back too much and is singing safely. that will cost her being in the top 3.lauren will also be successful but she has to get over the bridge of “i’m not good enough” because she is good enough. she will have to mature in a week and sing her lungs out to win and stay in top 3. good luck to all of them. they are all top notch performers and singers.most enjoyable idols.

  118. Hi guys this is supposed to be a singing competition, so why is everyone badmouthing the singers. Can any of you do better? They all have talent and I am sure that all of the top 5 will do something with their lives after AI.

    I do think that Scotty is an extemely good singer, James sings well but is slightly at time off key, Haley also sings well but is a bit full of herself, Lauren is still young and needs more confidence but will do well and Jacob shame he is being badmouthed all the time, I admire the fact that he is using his talent and at the end of the day may they all follow their dreams and do well!!!

  119. I’m not watching anymore. James is gone. Who rivots the audience and commands the stage more than anyone else? James – and Haley. Scotty never changes and he’s become predictable, boring and silly. James was the only one who could sing ANY genre !!! Very, very, VERY, disappointed. BRIGHT SIDEBright side – the ones who don’t win usually put out the best albums.

  120. i agree with you dawnie james was the best but who doesnt win your right you will hear more from him than the one who does win my best wishes to you james

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