American Idol 2011: Top 5 performance show recap – Haley wows

I wasn’t completely pleased with many of the “American Idol” Top 5 Now and Then song choices, but all and all, it was a pretty good show. In my opini0n, Haley Reinhart and Scotty McCreery were the only two contestants to bring two equally good performances.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a new “Idol” drinking game, here’s an idea. Take a drink every time Randy Jackson  mentions Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross.

As always, I’ll review each performance then assign the letter grade I think each one deserves.

In order of performance

*James Durbin, (Now) “Closer to the Edge.” I wasn’t sure about this song choice. Haley caught flack for doing an unreleased Lady Gaga song, well what about this song by Jared Leto’s band? Seriously, who even knows this song? Actually, I ended up liking the song itself, but not really James’ performance. It had a very rocky start and it took him a long time to get on key. I really think this was James’ worst performance of the season. And this is coming from someone who became a James fan last week. (Note: I will NOT respond or acknowledge any hate-responses from this review and grade). C-

*Jacob Lusk, (Now) “No Air.” Really? This is the song you choose? Out of ALL the songs available from the past few years you choose this. He was SO flat through most of the song. And he looked awkward. And please, Jacob Lusk, never grab your crotch on stage again. I don’t need that visual haunting my dreams. And can someone please tell me why Jennifer Lopez refuses to speak her mind? Why does she always beat around the bush? If she doesn’t like the performance she should just say it. Let’s see, his performance was worse than James’ so that leaves only two grade options for him. I’ll be nice. D+

*Lauren Alaina, (Now) “Flat on the Floor.” I really think Lauren needed to pick a Carrie Underwood song that had crossed over to the pop charts and more people have heard. But in the end, it was a good performance. She handled the up-tempo and heavy song nicely. And she looked great. A-

*Scotty McCreery (Now) “Gone.” I barely know who Montgomery Gentry is, but I really liked the song and I really liked Scotty’s take on it. He had great stage presence, good moves (for the first time if you ask me) and pretty much rocked it. It’s one of my favorite Scotty performances. A+

*Haley Reinhart (Now) “You And I.” OK, I’m not a Lady Gaga fan. I think she’s overrated and kind of fake. And I’m also not a fan of Idol contestants picking songs no one knows. But I think Haley did a great job with the song. I mean, she made me like a Gaga song. I really don’t know why the judges only ever choose Haley to criticize. They let Jacob and James get by with less-than-perfect performances. Why can’t they give her a break? Especially when she was BETTER than the two of them in the first round. A

*James Durbin (Then) “Without You.” For the second week in a row, James performed one of my favorite songs. And he killed it. I don’t care if there were pitch issues (I didn’t hear any this time – did the first round, but not this one). I mean, forget the C from earlier. Forget it all. This was an amazing performance. And there was so much emotion there. If I had a heart, I probably could have cried. I’m kidding. I  have a heart! A+

*Jacob Lusk (Then) “Love Hurts.” Hmm. Why was he so nervous about doing a rock song? Because all he did was take a rock song and turn it into a nasaly church hymn like he does everything. I’ve concluded that I don’t care what he sings, I’ll never like it because he always sounds like  he’s singing out of his nose. I know voice instructors and I’m pretty sure there are some techniques to shake that bad habit. I just didn’t like it. He praised Sheryl Crow’s soft, emotional version and I thought that was what he was going to jump off from. No. Instead, he comes out and oversings it and screams a lot. I don’t care what the judges say about that last note, there’s a difference between singing a note that high and screaming one. C

*Lauren Alaina (Then) “Unchained Melody.” Ugh. Bad song choice. Girl, you’re 16! Not 60! And I thought “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith was your parents’ song? Hmmm. In the end, the performance was just OK. There was a moment where Lauren climbed to the top of her range and had us waiting for more, but then, because of the bad song editing, she dropped it way back down and the song never regained momentum. Weird. There were several moments in the song where she could’ve let loose and owned that song but she didn’t. It was almost like she was afraid of the song.  B-

*Scotty McCreery (Then) “Always on My Mind.” I almost suggested this song for Scotty in my blog earlier this week, but I thought doing another Elivs song would’t go over well. I should’ve known these softy judges could care less. The performance was solid. He didn’t take the song to any new heights, but after his energetic first song, it was OK to relax with this one. It balanced out his night well. A

*Haley Reinhart (Then) “House of the Rising Sun.” This song choice for her really scared me. But then she freaking delivered it. If this wasn’t a family show and a family website, I would’ve used another F-word back there. This performance was insanely HOT. Best Haley has ever been. This was the moment Simon Cowell would’ve said “Well you little minx,” which is quite high praise from him. Hot, hot, hot. A+

The averages

James: C- | A+ | A- (with some extra credit for emotion)

Jacob: D+ | C | C-

Lauren: A | B- | B-

Scotty: A+ | A- | A

Haley: A | A+ | A+

And now, the impossible task of trying to figure out who will go home based on America’s votes. As always, these picks are based on just that — NOT my personal opinions, but what I THINK the outcome of America’s votes COULD be. After last week, who knows if there’ll be a Bottom 3, Bottom 2 or what. So, my predictions this week will be different.

100 percent safe: Scotty McCreery and James Durbin

Not 100 percent safe: Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk

Possibly going home: Jacob Lusk

My Thinking: I think Scotty and James are just fine. In fact, that’s probably going to be your finale, America. As for who goes home this week, it should 100 percent be Jacob. But he got more praise from the judges than Haley. But is anyone really listening to these softy judges? Who knows. Jacob will probably go home, but if it’s not him than it would probably be Haley. Even though I think if it’s not Jacob then it should probably be Lauren. OK, my brain is officially fired.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s show?




  1. Haley was really great!!!! This is the first time i've got a GOOSEBUMPS all through the song! og god! vote for her if you want more! you'll neverregret voting for her!!!! James and Haley for finale!

    • Agreed Haley killed it! Why why why do Randy and JLo constantly trash her??? I could just punch them both! Thank god for Steven Tyler the only real singer song writer on the panel! Yeah no one knew Haleys first song but she still killed it vocally. yet those idiots focused on no one knowing the song. It fit her perfectly.

    • i think its time for haley to do son of a preahcer man bcoz : randy compared her now to joss stone, she needs to be consistent to win

      • Zgadzam sie! My only gripe with that song was that the writer slaughtered the English language. Haley made me enjoy a Lady Gag-Me song with bad grammar in it! I should be mad at her for that, but I can't be!

    • Did anyone else notice the way Haley acted after the end of her second song – just after the spot went off her? I could have sworn that her body language was, "Take that, judges!!"

      • I think you read too much but, after the way JLo (in particular) and Randy have said these past few weeks, I wouldn't blame here.

        Thant being said, it was Ryan who made the comment about her wanting to prove something and she did.

        By far the best performance of the night.

      • Yes and I loved it, she has taken some serious crap the past two weeks and she needed the take that performance to keep her above Jacob in the polls.

      • I liked it, too. I like 'em sassy and believe that she has been criticized more than others – not always fairly.

  2. Those who have followed my analysis on this blog every week are going to be dumbfounded at my top 5 and analysis this week, but it is what it is, so lets start with my top 5:

    1- James Durbin

    2- Scotty McCreery

    3- Lauren Alaina

    4- Haley Reinhart

    5- Jacob Lusk

    Now you can respond to this and guess what I am thinking by saying this, but just know that my weekly essay is now on the way. And you'll be interested in what I have to say.

      • I, for one, am never interested in what Adam has to say. He seems like a pompous gas bag, and if he had any acumen he wouldn't be on someone else's blog.

      • Wait a minute, you get on someone's blog to make fun of me for being on someone's blog? How does that make any sense?

      • Adam, don't worry about Jake he is just trolling with nothing really to say.

      • God no, Please no scotty in finale. He has gone NOWHERE hes never had a moment, and hes got a weak voice. I say a Haley and james finale, or even a haley lauren finale.

      • Tanner, my friend, if you think Scotty has a weak voice, then you seriously need a better hearing aid because the one you have must only allow you to hear high frequencies. If you don't like country, then fine, but don't make yourself sound silly by saying something which is so obviously wrong.

    • Scotty over Haley or Lauren??????? My order: James/Haley/Lauren top three. Scotty 4th Jacob next to go. Scotty is not better than Lauren or Haley. He is boring the crap out of me. Why didn't they tell Scotty that he was "too safe"? I think (from what I hear): I love Lauren's voice, perfectly in tune. And I love Haley's awesome attitude and voice and stage perfomances. And I love everything James has done. So I hope it is the end for Jacob or Scotty. Scotty is way over-rated. Just my opinion.

    • First off let me start off by saying that I am a huge American Idol fan. One of the biggest ones that I know of. But family is still more important to me. My parents were in town and took me out to eat and so without even thinking about American Idol I spent some time with them. When we were done, I walked in and the judges were giving comments on Jacob's first song, so I missed the first two performances, but caught the rest. I plan on going back and watching those two songs later before the results show, but not before I make these remarks, so keep that in mind as you move forward reading this.

      Ok, this week I was stunned beyond belief (in a good way of course). This was a great show and I think everyone singing proved that America made the right choice in picking the top 5 and the results tomorrow are going to really be interesting. I won't judge each song separately, I'll just do both at once, so here we go:

      JAMES DURBIN- Like I previously mentioned, I plan on going back and watching his first song. From the overview and hearing it for like 20 seconds at the end, it seemed alright, but I could tell. That second song, though, was just touching. I wouldn't call it his best performance of the season, but it was just so emotional and sweet. I loved it. I still think exactly like Randy. It's his competition to lose.

      JACOB- In watching the overview at the end, I think I probably would've enjoyed his first song, but his second song confused me. I thought he was doing a rock song? Ryan said that and I got excited because I loved the rocker Jacob that I saw in the duet with him and James last week and I thought he was going to do something like that again. But he just took a rock song and turned it into a gospel ballad. I was disappointed. Like him or not, we all know that Jacob has been walking on sharp glass for a while now. Last week I thought he did well enough to save himself for another week, but this week I don't think he did. In fact, his performance combined with how everyone else's performance was kinda makes me hope that he goes home. Not because I want his head on a platter like everyone else. I like Jacob and his singing. But I think everyone else just did better tonight.

      SCOTTY- This one is really hard for me to say. Sometimes people are really biased and no matter how a person performs a certain week they are going to criticize them anyways and I hate that. So I am going to practice what I preach. For weeks I have been upset with Scotty. I don't like country music and so thus I am not a fan of his music and I have got mad at Scotty because he has done nothing but country songs and wouldn't change it up, but this week I actually liked him. And I don't quite know it was. I can't quite put my finger on it. The first song was fun and moving. His voice was good and his movements around the stage were very well done. No awkward moves. No creepy looks. No bezerk microphone holding. Just plain out good. And his second song was soft and sweet. I actually found myself giving him a round of applause after that second song. Good job Scotty.

      LAUREN- Also for weeks now I have been really harsh on Lauren. I think she has an amazing voice that she is hiding for some crazy reason. I have been begging her to bring it out, but she consistently hasn't. This week however, I think she finally broke through. I am now realizing that I have the order backwards and that she came before Scotty tonight, but I am keeping her here because I'd rather not re-write everything. I say that because in talking specifically about what she sang, I am remembering that she is the first person I heard tonight. I was disappointed that it was her I had to listen to first and I wasn't expecting much, but I was taken aback at the end. I had actually really enjoyed something that Lauren sang. When her second song came around I was in a better mindset and ready to enjoy her again and I did. I thought that second song was the prettiest song that Lauren has ever sang on this show and one of the prettiest of the whole season altogether. Kudos to Lauren. She impressed me this week.

      HALEY- Last but not least is Haley. Although this may be disappointing to some of you, especially after Branden has full out praised her this week and given her two A+'s. I wasn't impressed this week with her. At least half of the time, as you will see. The Lady Gaga song just didn't work for me. One, she sang Lady Gaga. Now Lady Gaga isn't as bad in my mind as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, or Justin Bieber, but I was physically and verbally angry when I was informed by Ryan that Gaga was being performed on American Idol and I was disappointed when I heard it was coming from Haley. Nevertheless, I put my Gaga prejudices aside and tried to like the song. It worked. Kinda. I thought it was good, but the issue I had was that I don't think it showcased Haley's musical ability and didn't really come close to topping James, Scotty, or Lauren. Before her second song, I was even ready to think it wasn't as good as Jacob either and so I was thus prepared to come on this site and inform everyone that I think Haley was going home this week. Then she sang her second song. Atta girl. That's more like the Haley I fell in love with. It put her back in the league with James, Scotty, and Lauren. However, several contestants this week had two solid performances while Haley had but one, so I'm nervous that her having the best performance of the night with her second song may not be enough to save her this week, especially because of how popular the others are. But we'll see.

      So after all of that, who do I think is going home? Hmmmm… this is very hard. Very hard. But I think it now is between Jacob and Haley this week. I was ready to predict Haley, but her second song made me change that and I thus think Jacob is my pick for heading home this week.

      • Wow. I just realized that I have James's first and last names up there when I usually just go with their first name. Oops. that looks kinda dumb

      • @Dylan- You wanna elaborate on that? I don't care if people think my opinion sucks. But I would appreciate it if you told me why it does and then say what your opinions are. Otherwise you really have no credence.

      • Once again, comment that is useless. Tell me why and what your opinion is or else you are the consumate bore

      • James has had a number of very good performances. I felt of the five contestants left, he was the only one who could safely have an off night and survive. Personally I felt he had his off night tonight, and three of the other four gained some ground on him. I'm not saying he did poorly tonight, I'm just saying he has had better nights.

        Jacobs first song was not impressive to me at all, and his second song was not much better. He can sing extremely well, but tonight he just didn't impress me at all. I think he is in the biggest danger of being the next one voted off.

        Scotty was my early favorite, and I still love his voice. His first song was exactly what he needed, a lively song with a lively stage performance. His second song disappointed me, I don't think it was his best song choice.

        Here is where I strongly disagree with you. I did enjoy Lauren's first song, and her doing a little strutting on the stage, but I just thought it was an ok job. Her second song, well, I have listened to it several times now trying to hear what a lot of posters say they heard, and I just am not hearing it. To me, this was Lauren's worst performance. She had several opportunities within the song to belt out her beautiful voice, but to me she simply did not deliver.

        I don't care for Lady Gaga and I was not happy with Jimmy for talking Haley into take that big a risk at this stage of the competition. However, I admire her for taking the risk, and she did ok with that song. I wasn't really happy with her second song choice at first (I really wanted her to sing Ode to Billie Joe), but I heard the fire in her voice, and she gave the performance of the night with her rendition of House of the Rising Sun.

        My rankings are quite different than yours.

        James, Haley, Lauren, and Scotty (tied for first in no particular order)

        Jacob will be the one going home.

        I had thought James and Scotty had a lock on the finale, but Scotty had a couple of off weeks, and James did not have a Jamesesque night tonight, so I think this competition just got a whole lot closer.

      • thanks JD. I get three random comments about how horrible I am with nothing else. Its good to see someone actually giving an opinion. 😀 I figure its about time there is a week that I like Lauren when others don't because its been the other way around most weeks.

      • Wow, Adam, as usual, you already have so many replies to your analysis that I guess mine will be lost. Generally, I agree with you. I was so proud of Lauren (especially her confidence for a 16 year old battling back from an uneven stretching last week!) and Scotty getting out of their "safety boxes". Remember, I'm a Haley fan that ackknowledges that James has the most Raw (and practiced) Talent.

        I admit Jacob can sing; I just don't like him, so I hope he's out next.

        Regards what you said about my fav Haley and Gaga song. I agree! But, I still have a conspiracy theory that Jimmy Iovine purposely–and Cleverly!-sabotaged her because she resists his subtle "casting couch" advances. (Why do I say that?–Yes, Jimmy the Egotist Perv could buy any hooker he wants–=but when you have the Money and Power he has (with a bit of moral lackingness), you want to have the rising star without actualy saying it. He SABOTAGED her with a clever hint of an unknown GAGA song!.

        No, I'm not that stupid above, but I don't trust Producers in how they portray themselves!–Do we really think the Producer segments aren't an actual attempt to influence the studio and television audiences?!–and of course the Producer-paid Judges can take a hint from their EMPLOYER!!!)

        Anyways, I generally agree with you but I speak (type) the Unspoken Thoughts. Oh, and please leave Jacob!

      • Well I agree with you Adam Scottys peformance was really good it was really nice to see him step it up and i was glad to see Lauren step it up too I think James did a really good job last night I loved his first peformance and hes secound peformance was just beautiful I was glad to see him do a song that moved him for hailey I didnt really like that fact she did an unreleased song but i guss she did okay with that song and with her secound song i thought she di a good job with but Jacob ruiend no air it was just horrible and he secound peformance was just okay he shouldnt have really turned it into gospell and @ coondog I think producers can be idiots and dont always know what there talking about so i agree with you that Jimmy was an idiot for having her do that lady gaga song

      • Let me say this real quick about the first two songs. I went back and watched them today online and here's the quick lowdown. I really enjoyed James's first song. Now, I think he could've picked a better 30 Seconds to Mars song, but it showed the type of artist he will be when his album gets released and I was envisioning him on the radio with that and I think it fit. Regardless of what happens, James will have a successful career.

        Now to Jacob's first song. Didn't work for me. He wasn't horrible, but I actually agreed with Randy. Jordan Sparks isn't his style and I think she sings that song way better than he did and so that's bad news. And I was really angry with J-Lo. WHEN RANDY IS TALKING, SHUT UP!!!!

    • Your top 5 is exactly the same as Bodog sportsbook … that is the order from biggest favorite to biggest underdog

    • My Choices:

      1. Scotty & Haley joint

      3. Lauren

      4. James – gave his two worst performances of the season.

      5. Jacob

      Most likely:

      1. Scotty

      2. Haley

      3. James

      4. Lauren

      5. Goodbye to Jacob

      • Which are the worst performance? last night performance?? Oh come on, I think it wasn't so bad.

    • I still think that Lauren and Haley are better than the boys…Scotty will have a great future also and James ….

      • It means Jimmy set up Haley to fail and I'm almost positive the judges were pre-emptively told to critique it harshly. I agree with Branden, for what it was she did great.

      • Thank you david for the word preemptive. I said the same thing in a reply above before I read you thoughts here. Yay, I'm not Crazy!!

    • Agree Jimmy is an idiot. She still killed the song vocally but Jlo and Randy ran over her again with the bus… Sigh

    • How many of you think Lady Gaga's music requires a good, much less great, voice to sing? Haley's tone is better than Gaga's to my ears, but the song requires no range because Gaga evidently does not have much – at least she hasn't displayed it on the songs of hers that I have bothered to listen to past the first bar.

      • That's because Gaga is a slut and a freak, not a singer. Bad song choice tonight for Haley

      • That comment is a little extreme, Adam, but from what I have seen of Gaga, extreme is an appropriate adjective (and one she would probably like applied to her).

      • Gaga is neither a slut nor a freak…You on the other hand are an idiot.

        P.S- I hate her music but i have seen her interviews and she talks sense. So she pushes her boundaries a little.. People have been using shock as a tactic for years. Its all entertainment..

      • She pushes her boundaries a little? She dresses as naked as she can without showing anything and always is covering herself with weird off the wall outfits that are just ugly and wrong. Most of her songs are weird and crazy, too. Never vocally stretching, just sensual and catchy with little range. Not Haley's style of music.

      • now Adam you said you were going to set aside your prejudices of Gaga tonight 🙂

      • Okay folks, I can speak on the subject of sluts as an expert. I married a slut because she was a slut. I divorced 2 years later because she was a slut.

        Yes, first paragraph means I'm an idiot. My name's Coondog, OK? Lady Gaga, like Madonna portrays herself as a slut (I don't know, but I can guess without critique because that portrayal is intentional on their part). Point being that Adam and others are correct in saying that it was a mistake for Haley to do the Gaga song.

        Haley is not a slut, does not portray herself to be a slut. She's simply a classy, talented and admittedly sexy singer/performer. The Producer Jimmy Iovine did to her with his Gaga recommendation what he didn't Dare do to Lauren or Scotty. Not Haley's fault for trying to get along with the Moneyman Pervert. Yet she handled her (deserved) critique with classy poise–"aw shucks, I'll do better next time".

      • Coondog, I have been a divorce lawyer for over 30 years and you would not believe the number of divorces I helped procure where the circumstances were exactly as in your case. Often the genders were reversed."I first had relations with him while he was married to his first wife and now he has a girlfriend. How could he?" Evidently, people have forgotten the old saw about leopards and their spots.

        Sorry, off topic.

      • Thanks for feeling my pain Oldster. Yep, "the leopard and its spots" can be a painful lesson! Allow me to stay 'off topic' a bit longer, please: My exwitch is still being vindictive that I dared to leave her. She's been hiding herself and kids for 3 years (not for fear of me, but merely to deprive me of Visitation). Finally, a private investigator located her two states away so I could serve her with Contempt papers. After I called that School District for my kids school records, the witch got a TRO on me that I had to pay another lawyer in that state to stop it from being permanent.

        Sigh, that lawyer told me that even though the Judge there knows the ex perjured herself in attaining the TRO by claiming I was in that state harassing her, that Judges don't hold the Liar in Contempt or Perjury! What gives Oldster with our Justice System. After 30 years, are you tired of it? Or just Sigh and accept it's flaws?! I'm upset because the Courts are allowing her to bleed me financially until I wear out and can't proceed to see my kids. She remarried into Money, while I'm scraping by with a modest living.

        Just curious if you still feel my pain, or "more pained" that this blog is your 'escape from the insaneness of your job', and I've intruded into your escape time! At least, my expose' has highlighted your "leopard and its spots" analogy so that others may beware!

        Hmmm, no comments from Pup and Bunny (raised eyebrows and horrid frowns!?). Like Oldster escaping his lawyer world, My Haley Fantasies are my escape! And I know Bunny or/and Pup have Steven Tyler (Scotty) dreams!? Well, Bunny, you said you been missing me here, so to borrow a line from Toby Keith (?), "How do you like me now!!"?

  3. If Jacob doesn't get eliminated, I'll literally throw a pillow to our TV. I wish Lauren doesn't get eliminated. She sang Unchained Melody. I hope she doesn't end up like Kellie Pickler.

    • I almost broke my phone reading the comments tonight…lol . Glad to see that Templar and Oldster are here.

    • Yes! Jacob was absolutely terrible. I don't hate Jacob, I think he can sing. But he turns everything gospel, his performance is just plain awkward, that dancing (if you can call it that) during No Air, made me cringe and look away. He was way off key in his first song, and it just got worse as the performance went on. His second song I thought started pretty well. And then he left the sweet, tender start, and turned it into over singing and screaming. It just didn't work. Jacob needs to be the next to go.

  4. I didnt like James tonight or Jacob. The girls did good, specially Haley, even in her Gaga song, she sang pretty good. Scotty did great too. James had a bad week this week but he's not going anywhere. He's staying because he is really talented and consistent. He got emotional tonight, he should have change his last song but I know he's gonna stay. Jacob should be the one going home, he did a Michael Jackson grab in the first song that's gonna haunt me all night. Terrible…

  5. Scotty for the win, he was great. He is being kept humble I figure for a reason, but he was the best perfomer of the night. .

    • if Scotty wins, it will make no difference.Lauren, Haley & James are much better. Who wins isn't the issue. Look at Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard and Lee De-what's his-name/ We all know that Adam Lambert did not win…But he is kicking the "winner's" ass. So WTF? Go Haley! Go James! Go Lauren!

      • I don't know why I keep defending Kris Allen as I was an Adam voter. However, Kris has CHOSEN to not be in the spotlight and not do mainstream stuff. He found what he wants to do and chose it over fame and fortune. And I say good for him.

    • They will never be as big of star as Scotty, he will sell the most music, I don't believe Haley or Lauren will make it, James will. There have been a lot of singers on idol and you never hear about most of them. They were good but that was all. Not everybody gets a contract. Scotty, James, Pia, maybe Casey, and Jacob.

    • woops forgot the emotional extra credit (rofl)

      James A+/A+++++ the four extra pluses are for the tear during the performance.

      • lol i take it then you're a james fan?? me too! i gotta be fair though, don't think the first perf was an A+, at best a B… Haley's first perf was a B+ if not a definite A.. and Scotty, i'd swap the grades.. oh and I didnt really like Lauren's 2nd perf, so prob a B. But agree w/ ur grading of Jacob. JAMES ALL THE WAAAAY TO THE FINALS! 🙂 and beyond lol.

      • cmon i hated that performance i wanted to give her an F but i know she doesnt deserve it because she was just thrown that song, but I still didnt like it so i still think Haley deserves a C- for the first song

      • I think Haley gets emotional extra credit for the look she gave the judges right before she sang her last song.

      • I liked Jacob's face when Randy said his performance was bad and Haley's grade doesn't change because she looked bland I mean did you guys even look at the atmosphere of some of these songs? Haley is always sitting down then standing up no dancing just the same every week with that raspy voice. I personally vote for lauren and james because i want someone whos voice i can listen to for more than a minute.Since its just a popularity contest i might as well put Haley as the new Taylor Hicks -.- well except Taylor Hicks was decent

      • Cali, Haley and Taylor Hicks could not be more different. Taylor got the votes he got on performance (I never voted for him because I thought his dancing was something that a 60 year old would do). Haley gets hers with the quality of her voice and sensuality of which Hicks has zero. I was not a big fan of her singing since "Blue" until tonight. A sexy woman singing a song about the heartache of a prostitute…priceless and memorable. I can really hear her singing bluesy-jazz kind of songs like "Fever,""Cry Me a River,"etc. I may become a convert.

      • thats just it her voice has no quality. Its not american idol quality not even close. If she wins I will join vote for the worst because that's all american idol is just a popularity contest. I was not this disappointed since Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert

      • yah right Lauren was for sure C+/C- she was slayed by the second song because she failed to hit all the high notes ugh

      • Cali, Hailey certainly does have vocal quality. It is a throaty, raspy, sexy quality. It might not be a quality that you do not like, and I can appreciate that (I hate the quality of the voices of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash for instance and you can see that they still managed to survive), but she still has quality.

      • How can u say out of all of them that Haley just sits there? look at last week she owned the stage and never was just sitting there. And look at Scotty Lauren and Jacob i havnt seen any of them move much. Scottys first performance last night was the first time ive actually seen him get up on his feeet in the enitire competition but he doesn't need to each of the contestants has a style that works for them no one can say that any of these people can't sing, its just some (Haley and maybe Scotty) are better then the others

    • thanks for a good grade Jacob goodbye. Then goodbye Scotty. Leaving Haley, Lauren & James. How will I vote between those three?

  6. This week is going to be weird voting wise. Didn't one of the idol producers say Lauren and Scotty were getting most of the votes? I'm not sure if that's true or not. But if that's the casre I think the bottom 3 is going to be Haley,Jacob, and James

    • Lana you heard Lauren and Scotty are getting most of the votes? Anyone else hear this? I don't really get why Lauren would be… interesting. If we have a finale with two teenagers, I might scream.

      • Scotty gets most of the votes every week. James is second. Lauren is in the mix with the rest.

        However it will change as we get down to the wire. For instance James and Casey were my favorites with Haley a close 3rd. So I have been voting for Casey and Haley because James did not need the votes but now that Casey is gone those votes are now going to Haley and James with the bulk going to Haley as she needs them. I hope people vote for her. I would hate to see Her go before Lauren. Although tonight Laurens first performance was her best of the season so she will do well tonight. The country voting block is huge

      • Branden…if those two are in the finale I will be watching "The Voice"… Boring as boring can be!!!!!

        I want James & Haley but anybody else with James is OK……Scotty & Lauren in the finale is a waste of my time….

        Jacob should be saying "Goodbye" tonight….

      • Hawk if Lauren gets eliminated her votes will go to scotty…James will need all the votes he can get -_-

    • I keep seeing people post that scotty is getting most of the votes every week, but aside from TMZ (cough cough) where is this info coming from? Is there one credible source out there that I can't find that has put out this information? And if so, where?

  7. I still think that Lauren and Haley are better than the boys…Scotty will have a great future also

    • Someone in Nashville will sign Scotty regardless of what happens in this competition. He's like the walking definition of country singer. And he does is beautifully – ok, I'm biased, I'm a definite country fan, but Scotty still has an amazing voice. And he's only 17!

  8. Andrew Tham , ko minta puji macam taik… gedik mcm si hailey.. LOL

  9. I love James but the first song was my least fav of all his performances. I refused to watch Jacob but unfortunately caught a glimpse of the crotch grab while zipping through. Loved Haley. Don't know why they continue to bash her. I think she's getting caseys votes. I want Haley and James in the finale but think it will be James and Scotty.

    • completely agree. its like the judges are trying to sabotage haley. so what if it wasn't a well known song? she killed it! im a die hard james fan so i hope its haley and james in the finale, but most likely scotty will be there…darn those preteen girls

    • Sjf: "Crotch grab while zipping"? Too funny! Or was that a Freudian slip?

    • Actually, Chantal, I thought that the judge's gave Hailey good advice. I tend to like performances more when I can judge them based on other performances of the same song. I would bet, however, that I would like Hailey's performace of the song that I would Gaga's in that I am not… well, not a fan (I almost could not resist the pun).

  10. I hope Jacob doesn't weasel his way into staying on. How does he do it? Well im not sure if I hope but still.

  11. I think Jacob will possibly going home this week. Although, I am respect of his vocal especially when singing in a low notes. I am not enjoying too much when he sang high notes.

  12. When the show started with James' song, I almost couldn't believe how poor the sound mix was. The band sounded like a low volume elevator track. The mix seemed to improve with the other performances thank goodness.

    My only votes tonight went for Haley. She is clearly the most talented singer left in the competition and I love her gutsy delivery.

    Song by song:

    James #1 – Say wha'? The mix was so bad I couldn't even pay attention to the singing. Boring song from what I could tell. I was very disappointed because I am a huge James fan.

    Jacob #1 – Why would anyone want to bring Chris Brown karma into this competition?

    Lauren #1 – Snooze.

    Scotty #1 – Pretty cool.

    Haley #1 – What a risky song choice. Even though I'd never heard it, she still delivered a strong vocal performance and had good stage presence.

    James #2 – Oh. My. Gosh. Was that Liberace on the piano accompaniment? James, what happened to your metal roots?

    Jacob #2 – Weird clash of styles with a stoner rock ballad being performed like a diva love song with harp alongside.

    Lauren #2 – Could have been cool, but really showed the limits on Lauren's range.

    Scotty #2 – Great song choice, but to me it seems like Scotty never really elevates the chorus on these slower songs. Also, any deep emotional connection to the song was not really coming through for me.

    Haley #2 – SUPERB! I will vote only for her just for this performance!

  13. The best five place position show in the 11 seasons the A.I. show has been on TV. Strongest performances were Haley's "House of the Rising Sun", James' "Without You", Scotty's "Always On My Mind" and Lauren's "Unchained Melody". Poorest performances were both of Jacob Lusk's. His voice is just not suited for Pop, Rock or Blues. Go back to the choir.

  14. i was very disappointed with James tonight. last week i was convinced he had it in the bag, but hearing him sing so poorly at such a crucial stage in the competition makes me doubt whether he truly deserves the title of "American Idol". if you strip his performances of all the crazy props and stage antics, you're left with an above average singer at best. just my honest opinion.

    • disagree…even great performers can have a an "off" night…Adam Lambert did last year..true he didn't win, but I am glad…what he has done is far superior to the winner…whatshisname? 🙂

      • Agree w/ Debbie. James is only human, he can't have a A+ perf every week, everyone's had an off night.. doesn't mean they don't deserve the title.

      • I agree Debby. Adam Lambert was the winner that year, after all.what's his name was kris allen, and he is nowhere near Adam Lambert's success! So it does not matter who wins from here…Lambert won in the end. And the same will happen this time.

  15. Unfortunately Hayley will not be in the top 3 or 2 as she has left her run too late..going home will be Jacob Lusk…thank goodness. I just find his attitude a bit too sanctimonious…at this stage of the game I think Scotty and James will be safe with Jacob, Hayley and Lauren in the bottom 3.

    • being there are 5 left, there will be no "bottom 3". Goodbye Jacob. I won't miss you.

  16. Hi Branden, it is getting so touch as we get closer to the finale. I will tell you though that my favorite band is 30 seconds to mars and the 1st song James performed is a really awesome song (if ur a 30 seconds to mars fan :)) At first my thought was …OMg he's going to loose it tonight but he did an ok job with the song. You should watch the official video of it…nobody sings like my Jared Leto 🙂 I also like you loved his 2nd song choice! Great song and I did cry a bit, and I know you have a heart!

    Everything else I agreed with you on. I liked Scotty's 1st song better and thought Jacob was a disaster with both.

    The girls were ok but Haley was definitely better.

    • Thanks Julie. I actually met Jared Leto at a mall a couple months ago and checked out his band afterward. I like their music but I never, ever expected to hear it on Idol. It's just not that mainstream.

      • I am soooo jealous! But then again I have seen him play 7 times now and once was at a point where I could have met him face to face but I was too star struck lol

  17. James – D (Not great expecialy for him)

    Jacob – F (Horrible, why won't the judges say so)

    Lauren – B- (strong vocals, finaly coming out of her shell)

    Scotty – A (Don't like him but he finaly got on his feet)

    Haley – C+ (Took a risk…didn't pay off)

    Second Songs:

    James – D+ (singing competition not a crying competition)

    Jacob – C (A little better but he still can't compete with the others)

    Lauren – C- (good vocals but extreamly forgetable)

    Scotty – C+ (great voice, boring performance)

    Haley – A+ (One word… AMAZING!!!! showcased her vocals great, easily the best performance of the night the acapela part was perfect)


    Jacob F

    James D

    Lauren C

    Scotty B

    Haley A

    (Funny how they went in order from worst to best)

    I would love to see a scotty haley finaley. but this will not happen because of all the teenage girls who refuse to vote for haley and lauren because they feel threatened by them. Jacob and james need to be gone as soon as possible.

    • To be honest, I probably really wanted to grade them exactly as you did (minus that second D for James – still an A+ for me) . But I'd probably have people tracking me down to burn down my house. So I'm like that nice teacher that always grades a little higher than I should.

      • Thank you i still do not like these top 5 performances other then Haleys. I still think the best performances were Karens "Hero" Pia's "All by My Self" Stefanos "End of the Road" Haleys "Rolling in the Deep" and Scotty's "You've Got a Friend"

        All these performances trump every single one of the performances tonight other then Haley's "House of the Rising Sun"

    • youre one tough grader giving james both D's he even jerked out a puppy tear in the second song

      at least give him some extra credit for emotion

      • I'm glad you made this comment, Cali, I totally missed the second D for James. I had to edit my comment over that one. I didn't like his first performance, but I really liked his second.

      • I agree it was very emotional but grading on vocals and not crying ability i give it a D. I might be beinga little hard on him because normaly his vocals are outstanding

    • Honestly, James has a great voice, But tonight he was AWFUL. Sure he showed emotion on the second song, But he was also sooo off key, He may have that great voice, but it means nothing unless he controls it, I agree with this entirely.

    • James be gone? Not likeley. Scotty needs to go. Boring little twit. BORING.

      • I keep seeing boring used for Scotty because he "sings" a song instead of screeching.Country singers do well,example Carrie Underwood.

    • I have argued this most of the night about James emotions showing through. He has come on stage for weeks now out performing everyone and then tonight he comes out and sings a beautiful song that means something to him and still does great. I'm not going to vote because he cried, I'll vote because he has earned his place there. Just how I feel about tonight. If it were Scotty or one of the girls I don't think it would be such a big deal.

  18. I do not undrstand why the only critical thing about Haley song was that nobody knew it. I did not know three of the other 4 songs sung in the first round? What do the judges randy and Jennifer have against Haley? She is the best singer and has more memorable performances then any other singer and is humble as can be. all she does is sing great and look great

  19. Jacob will go home tomorrow. He was good at the beginning of the top 10, but has gotten worse. Especially the crotch grab tonight–(thought it was my imagination). Next to leave will be Lauren, and then Scotty.

      • OMG, I'm getting ill hearing about the crotch grab that I didn't see either. Either it's a Freudian blackout, or it's impossible to look at anything besides all his facial contortions–especially the fat, whitisch (shouldn't it be pink, or dark pink?!) tongue!?

        You know what, it ain't the tongue, it's just that most people don't leave their GAPING MOUTH open that long!! That's why it's polite manners to cover your mouth when you Yawn!!

        Get off the show tomorrow Jacob, or I will have to doubleshot my white russian drink tomorrow!–Speaking of "doubleshot", I'd rather see Jacob cry off the show tomorrow than see the 'forbidden' images of Bin Laden!–Doubleshot,haha! (Don't cringe folks, we always 'doubleshot' our coons and deers and whatnot to put them out of their misery after the kill shot). Not overkill, it's mercy!

    • I think it will be Lauren or Haley not Jacob, he can sing. He was stronger then the girls and James this night. If you look at the over all performance.

    • I wanted to vomit. Actually. This was the worst performance this season I think. Not necessarily the worst vocals (although those were terrible too), but the worst performance. Hated it.

  20. Haley was so good that even my lazy ass–who never votes–picked up the phone and voted for her! I hope she makes it through this week and Jacob gtfo (gets the fk out)

    • I voted for the first time this season too. And it was for Haley … who has never even been my favorite. I seriously only vote when I'm really moved by a performance and she did that tonight.

      • Damn, Branden! Now, I'm feeling guilty for never voting. I admit I was moved by James audience connection, and Lauren's Growth (but I figure my Haley love is mostly Peanuts Love). Well, that's three of us that rarely vote–Coondog, Oldster, and B(don't want to hurt your image too much as Blogger Boy). Anybody else that lazy? (course in our brains it ain't lazy, just a waste of time to follow the orchestrated actions of manipulated pimping, judgehints, Ryan-sellouts, etc. MONEY do make the Stars tell you how to vote!)

        Sorry, people. Coondog's been away for awhile, and I got a bit of Dennis Miller "Let's get Real" in me!

    • So glad that it is not up to you. One thing if you could sing maybe you would stop being so hateful. Stop making a donkey out of yourself.

    • could we please get the bad language (albeit abbreviated) deleted from this site?

      • Always. 😉 Plus I like it when folks are able to freely speak their mind, even if it involves a little harsh language. As long as it's honest harsh lingo, I'm cool with it. 🙂

  21. I think it will be James and Haley in the final.

    Jacob must be eliminated NOW. It should have been long time ago ahead of Casey who is so talented

  22. I love how everyone hates Jacob and somehow and somewhere, people keep voting for him.

    • Nobody said they "hate" him. We just hate his singing! There IS a difference.!Wonder how many voted for him tonight. ?? Let's see if he sticks around another week so you can love on him some more.

      • I don't hate him but like someone else mentioned I have not been a big fan of his voice. I admit is it probably a very subjective opinion- personal taste. I honestly think he sings Gospel songs the best and his voice does not usually translate well to other styles of music. Some older R&B but definitely traditional gospel stuff is what he does best.

      • I posted earlier that I wished Anthony Hopkins would have gone Hannibal Lecter on him for ruining "Love Hurts ". But I meant it in a nice way …lol

  23. Jacob puts alot into it but I don't get much outta it. Lauren is like your baby sister. You wanna protect her but sometimes u have to let her grow up on her own. James is uber talented. Not my favorite Durbanism this week but he was vulnerable and sweet. Tender moments with Scotty I.e. Big Country. He could leave competition and make a country album now. Haley has been one of my favs for awhile now but this week she DOMINATED. she gets my vote.

  24. When Jacob sang "No Air" it sounded like he had no air, it was horrible, he needs to go home.

  25. Difficult bottom 3 not because who is going home. Is the end of the road for Jacob but who will join him? I think 4 contestants were absolutely amazing tonight but Haley stole the night.

  26. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote Branden. Especially about James. His first performance was…. Let's just say dissappointing. But in all honesty, every contestant this year has had one bad night, including presumed frontrunners James and Scotty. But did anyone by any chance catch the terrible mixing? It sounded awful to me.

    • The mixing, especially early in the show, was not good. Vocals were way too loud compared to the band.

  27. Rising Sun performance the first time this season I've enjoyed hearing Haley. That song is truly perfect for her. She's often so "lounge act" to me – especially sitting on the piano and that dreadful pose at the beginning of her first song tonight. So, still not voting for her, and won't be sad if she leaves before the finale, but wanted to say I liked it.

  28. Despite James having a bad week, i think he should be in the final two with haley. those are really the only two that can bring it. Scotty has a great voice, but he is not finale material, and lauren needs a couple more years to improve her range because she falls apart in the biggest moments of the song.

  29. I think it will come down between Scotty 1st, & Lauren 2nd, then Haley, james, & Jacob.

    James pulled a feel sorry for me, so he could get your vote tonight. I didn't buy it, SORRY!


      • James is human and there's not one single thing wrong with showing emotion – he's a great singer, and he sure has MY vote!

    • I agree with Patti. I dont think James was looking for any pity votes nor does he need any. Remember he is married (or engaged) and has a child. That has got to be tough on anyone to be away from them. And to take time to let them know that he misses them and is here every week to bring his best makes me love him even more! I haven't heard anyone else give any sentiments that they are here to win.

    • Hmmm.. trying to remember what it is that Trolls eat… want to make sure I don't leave any out here. Wouldn't want to accidentally feed the trolls.

  30. I think anyone who is not impossibly biased can disagree that Haley had the performance of the night, if not the season. I wish someone had told her that "The House of The Rising Sun," was an old, old song when the Animals recorded. It was originally a song meant to be sung by a female in that it was about a house of prostitution which the Animals made into a song about jail with the last line about "one foot on the platform, the other foot on the train, I'm goin' back to New Orleans to wear that ball and chain." Therefore, the real and appropriate word in the line doing with, "it's been the ruin of many a poor …" should have been "girl," not "boy" as she sang it. However, that is a history lesson, not a criticism. I thought this was marvelous and the idea of Ms. Crowe for Haley to begin the song acapella was proven to be brilliant. She has a new career as an a&r woman.

    I thought Scotty was the only performer who was better than good on both songs. I was not gaga (do not excuse the pun) on the choices of first songs by any of the rest of them. James' was shrill which he can be if he does not keep under strict rein. Jacob's first song is a stupid song to my old sensibilities and he did not do even a stupid song justice (he is not nearly as pretty as Jordan Sparks and, therefore, cannot get away singing junk as easily). I like Carrie Underwood and much country music, but I thought Lauren's first song was too strident. She might have sung it well, but for some reason it came across to me like Martina McBride's Independence Day – a song the passion of which I understood, but which had a message which I would not support (assuming I understood it properly). I might also add that I have the highest possible admiration for Ms. McBride's voice as I think it is the best in country music, if not popular music (yes, including Mariah and Celine). I just don't care for her song choices.

    Like Branden, James' second song is one of my all time favorites. James' rendition had me sold until he got to the screaming at the end. I have always liked Jacob's voice, and thought that after a bad, bad, bad first song and weak beginning to the second that he brought the rock gospel song home pretty darn well. It was probably not enough to keep him out of the bottom two and/or from being the one I think will/should go home tomorrow. I thought Lauren showed the limits of her talent tonight. He secong song was too much for her. She choked off several words, missed some notes, and slid up or down onto others. I thought she looked the best she has ever looked and the dress and the color was killer, but the singing was not up to her usual level. As a result, I feel that she should be the one other than Jacob in the bottom two and has an outside chance of going home.

    • Well, Oldster, thank you for some great song history. I'd just replied to Matt's same observation above, and now you've more clearly outlined it for us all (no doubt Matt was aware but with more brevity than you or I!). That's part of why I've enjoyed this Blogging here for the first time. I enjoy the thoughts, advised strategies and such; but I like the kind of off- topic humor and history lessons also. Well done! Does anyone else appreciate also?! Or is it just , "Scotty good, Jacob Bad" –like Frankenstein might make instead of "Fire Bad!" all the time (on his night off!).

      • Thank you, Coondog. I never heard Dolly's version (shame on me, she is a resident of my neighboring county, too). I always wanted to hear a woman with soul and sexiness in her voice (as great as Dolly is, these are not qualities I would attribute to her voice) sing this song. Haley has those. She did great, but could have made it truly a classic had she understood and made an emotional connection with the true meaning of the lyric.

  31. No, NOT Scotty! Not everyone likes country twang! I hate it. Scotty is a one-trick pony. Jacob has probably gone as far as he can go. Lauren is okay, but still not sure of herself. Haley is so different and unique. She's also classic and current both at the same time. And she has stage presence – the whole package. I want Haley, she nailed it tonight! Haley and James in the finale.

    • Yes Scotty is country. Just because you hate country doesn't mean Scotty isn't good. I don't like heavy rock, but I recognize James' talent. If you don't like country, fine, but that doesn't mean a talented country singer doesn't deserve to win.

      I think Lauren will be amazing. She's just still very young. She needs to confidence, some training, and she'll be unstoppable. Haley has improved the most in the competition and I'm really liking her now. James is really hit or miss for me. Jacob should be the next to go.

  32. Does anybody out there know music….James performance of the great Nilsson song 'Without You' was awful…just awful..i know this song inside out and he did not sing it well or emotionally connect with it….but….because the in studio audience went gaga none of the judges could actually come out and say it sucked…they all said he was pitchy and for that to be the case at this point of the competition just shows that james does not have the goods.. and by the way where does james get off saying 'he' leaves it all on the stage…a little self indulgent for me..hey james let someone else salute your effort..not you..

    • I agree, he was off key and using a sob story too boot. If he can't handle being away from his girlfriend and child he should get out of the music business. Because he will be on the road a lot and children need a stable life.

      • In addition-I am a singer as well- it does not help a person to select a song that they feel they are too emotionally invested in to the point they feel they can not hold back their feelings which can definitely affect the quality of the singing and the overall performance. Pick something else that showcases your voice- not something that will cause you to walk a "tight-rope" because of your emotions.(My opinion.)

    • Elkorn, I couldn't have said it better myself. You hit every point spot on. Also agree with LovinMT. As a trained singer, you must learn to emote without being overcome by the emotion during a performance. Tears and a sad story may move an emotionally charged crowd, but they are not the mark of a good performer. Give a listen to Harry Nilsson's performance of Without You and you will hear intense emotion with flawless pitch and control. In my opinon, James did not deliver the goods to deserve the praise he received.

    • If you know the song inside and out, then you should know it's a Badfinger song that Nilsson happened to record.

      • Point taken..actually have both but the nilsson song is the one i've enjoyed the most

  33. I just called in for lauren and it said thank you for voting for contestant one! I checked the number and it was laurens. I think if Lauren goes home tommorrow it will be because of this voting system flaw.

  34. Anyone else thing that the judges are mailing it in the last few weeks? Why can't they risk hurting some people's feelings (I mean, other than Haley) and give these singers some helpful critiques?

    • Face it we may like steven, jen and randy personaly but as judges they are horrible …can't wait to see simon again..

      • Simon could be harsh to a certain point but at least he was honest most of the time and I always admired that about him.

      • Once again I agree with Elkhorn and LovinMT. This season's personalities are neither judging nor coaching these contestants. They're more like cheerleaders and puppets of the producers, not so subtly swaying voters to their desired outcome. And that seems to be what today's American Idol viewers want. I'm afraid if we want more Simon and more talent based judging, we will have to tune into the X Factor.

  35. If Haley goes home this week I will be really upset. She was amazing.

    Dialidol predicts she was the less voted. I hope the prediction is wrong.

    • Haley sang the best song tonight…I was extremely impressed with her rendition of "House of the Rising Sun".

      Threw a few votes her way and bought the song off itunes.

      • I just hope she got enough votes…you know, her fans aren't 13 year old girls who stay 2 hours voting a million times for her.

      • besides if you look at the Raw votes Haley's both songs topple the others with Scotty Lauren and Jacob in the bottom 3

      • Yeah, that thing is wrong a lot of times. But it was right with Stefano and Casey. So I'm a little worried lol

  36. I LOVE THIS SEASON OF AM. IDOL!!!!! sorry just felt like saying that :/

  37. Why don't the judges say anything about jacob and james hitting so many off key notes. Scotty never hits a wrong note.

    • I beleive they are watching out for Scotty. I really feel he's gonna win and they know he's special and don't want all of this going to his head. Other then Jacob and Scotty they all seem to be letting it go to their heads and it's starting too show.

      • You think it's going to Lauren's head? Seriously? She LACKS confidence, nothing is going to her head. That's her issue. She doesn't believe in herself enough. And Jacob has been full of himself since day 1.

        James was pitchy tonight, I thought it was his worst week, but I think he has enough fans that he'll be safe anyway.

    • They have talked about James being pitchy (and tonight even used the word 'flat'). They've also hit on Jacob.

      Scotty never hits a wrong note? Guess when you stay in a very 'safe' sound and small range it reduces the odds of going off key.

  38. When I turn away from the tv, who sounds more pleasing to my ears? Lauren and Scotty. I would not buy a Haley, Jacob, or James cd. I do think Lauren nailed Carrie tonight, but I blaim the producers for that dumb arrangement on the 2nd song! I could tell she wanted to go for it, and all of sudden the music stopped…really weird. I don't think Haley's 2nd song was the best of the night, but whatever. Bottom 2..Jacob and Haley with Jacob going home. Top 3 will be Lauren, James, and Scotty

  39. Ok- first time I am sharing my thoughts about the performances. Someone mentioned "Does anyone know music out there?" Well- I kind of do- I have 2 music degrees one of which is vocal performance. Not bragging just sharing my background. I love "Idol" and have watched it since season 1.

    James- I usually love and am very impressed with but something was not right about either song- in my opinion tonight. He had no vibrato in either song and it came off as shouting. Second song- straight tone again and very pitchy. I love him but this week- ??? I don't know what he was doing.

    I don't love country music but I find Scotty entertaining to a point. He is a throw-back country artist with his low bass notes and he has surprised me with his growth this season. I wouldn't got as far as saying I think he should win but either way country music will embrace him post-idol.

    Lauren is a "sweet girl" and I admire some of the strong qualities of her voice even if she doesn't have the vocal range some of the others have. Her biggest hurdle is her confidence. It shows she is uncomfortable and nervous about her performing. She is young but with some good vocal training she could be a better singer in time.

    Jacob has got to go. Both songs did not go over well and he is almost always pitchy. Bad song choices and not-so-great performances for him tonight. He deserves to go home.

    Haley has really grown on me and tonight she was fantastic singing "House of the Rising Sun". They gave her a lot of crap about the Gaga song. I don't know if it was the best song choice but she still sang better than others tonight and by far did the best performance this evening. Loved it and voted for her many times.

    As mentioned by others- the judges are really too soft. I don't think you are helping someone by telling them they did great when they were average or below average. I feel bad for Randy bc he is the only one on occasion that will even slightly tell someone the truth and then he gets reamed. Honest feedback is what will help a singer grow as opposed to undeserved back pats.

    I hope James gets back on track next week bc until tonight I have loved his singing. With Haley's growth I'd like to see them be the last 2 standing.

    • Good to know that someone knows about music here.

      I'm cursing a music degree in contemporary music (piano and vocals)..not trying to show off. And I think Haley is the most talented singer this season (and maybe from every season)

      Her voice is amazing. Her range, her style. She's just awesome.

      I'm sure that she won't be so successful as Scotty or Pia will (like people were saying after reading that article of a music producer), but I know that her album will be great.

      • That's great Andrew! I only share that information bc we have had to live and breathe music. I can love a singer but if a song is not done well – it's not.

        My husband actually liked Haley before I did weeks ago. Music is not related to his job but he has a pretty good ear. Haley has really grown and I was super proud of her tonight! I think she had me when she did the Adele song a couple weeks ago. I'd definitely buy her stuff to whether or not she wins!

      • I loved her since she sang "God Bless the Child" because it's one of my favorite standards.

        She was amazing in "Moanin'" and also saw a video on youtube of her singing Moanin' before american idol and she was really good.

        I think if she did more jazz and blues she'd be more amazing than she already is.

  40. For the first time, Brandon, I am really glad you have the same opinion about Scotty with me. Thank you

  41. Wow that is some harsh comments on Jacob. I think Jacob did an amazing job on his second song. The vocal itself is much better than both of James's performances. I understand how James has a great story behind him, and he gets all emotional and try to get the audience involved..But the vocal really wasn't all that great. Jacob might've said the wrong thing a few week ago, but I don't think he mean it in a negative way and it should not affect the way people view him as a singer. He is just an innocent church boy who sings amazingly. I support Jacob 100%.

    • What song were you listening to? That was the worst, the absolute worst performance of that song I have ever heard. William Hung could have done better.

      • Wellen, are you aware that one of the main mentors this year, Will I. Am, is the very same William Hung of past American Idol infamy, who took voice lessons alongside Casey at the University of Kansas Performing Pigs, Squealing Division? He simply dropped the Hung portion of his name because of Insecure Racists such as yourself. Ask Anybody.!!

      • Please tell me that was a lame attempt at a joke. Will I Am started his career at age 16 as a rapper 20 years ago and is now a producer.

      • @Paul, thanks for enjoying a bit of comic relief! ha.

        @Wellen–no offense brother. It was just some lame humor! no cut meant toward your comment; just used it to jab at Casey (and Will I Am, who I've actually enjoyed as a mentor!), and some continued Infamy for Mr. Hung!

        Do you think we can get one more encore performance from him at the finals?! I've already called for him as a surprise guest singer to appear and start singing and dancing "She Bangs" behind Jacob as he lamely cries his departure song tonight.

  42. I missed tonights show but if it was anything like u said then I agree jacob should go home. Scotty is my favorite since auditions. I just love is voice. James reminds me too much like adam lambert from past idol. I like haley she has a sultry voice . Lauren is just ok. Thats my opinion.

  43. Tonight was a great example of 'singing' properly. That means singing, not yelling. James and Scotty proved once again why they should be the 2 finalists. They sang their 2nd song with feeling and emotion, quietly and effectively. Haley's "House of the Rising Sun" was terrible if only because she basically yelled the entire thing – people, yelling is not singing. Who should go home? It should be Jacob – finally. But Haley is a close second. Lauren was good and looked nice during her second song. JUDGES: do your job and criticise them – stop telling them that you love them. A good show – especially the 2nd half. Could the sound technician do his job and mix properly.

    • You totally contradict yourself. James is the worst yeller of the group. He's the perfect example of someone who tries to use his emotions to buy over the audience since everyone knows he's consistently sharp and flat.

      • I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who thinks all James does is scream – that is not singing! If he didn't go for all the lights, smoke and mirrors he would be in big trouble if he had to judged on his singing alone, I think he just likes to "give a good performance" . PEOPLE – THIS IS A "SINGING" COMPETITION !

      • Glad to see people share my opinion. Since the beginning of the show James has not been singing but screeming and if it wasn't for the big show around each song her performs, he wouldn't have stayed in the show till now. why it's always him who has that kind of big show(fire, big drums.. etc) with each of his performance. Nothing against him as a person, but he is just overrated, screeming is not singing, sorry.

      • I totally agree about the screaming. It is not singing. Another point regarding James. If he cant have drums or a burning piano backing him up,he uses his family and phony tears for the pity. He is a total farce

      • I always hear people saying that all James does is scream but his style is like Steven T.'s and yet i have heard no comments about that

    • I thought the sound issues was w/ my tv. The volume always goes UPPPP & then down. It's not to bad if I unhook my cable box & run it directly through the tv, so that's what I do.

      I had thought the problem was a glitch in my cable box. Thank you for sharing that.

    • Haley Reinhart delivered the best performance of the night with The House of the Rising Sun, which was given a standing O by the panle – two of which had done nothing but put her down for the past 3 weeks.

      Your comment about her performance of that song makes the rest of your analysis irrelevant.

  44. James – D+

    Jacob – A

    Lauren – C+

    Scotty – B

    Haley – B-

    That "Love Hurts" song of Jacob's made us speechless, definitely best performance of the night!

      • Jenny you must be deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other one lol.

      • agree,Jacob should go, its TIME to go home , sorry, no more space for this fat,Jacob…time to lose weights jacob,rest your big mouth.

      • I actually had to walk away from my TV last night when Jacob sang. I don't know what is worse, looking down his throat while he sang, the screaming, the croach grabbing or the foot banging. Please send him home!!!

    • Seriously, Jenny? My thoughts are reversed from yours.

      James and Haley are super star material.

      I'm not a fan of country, but if was, Scotty'd be my man. Incredible.

      Lauren will be a star some day, but she needs a little more maturity.

      Jacob leaves me wanting less. What was with the crotch grabbing move? Weird, especially for a choir singer.

    • I don't like his song choice. He should have given that song to James. There are plenty of better songs in 1960s for him to sing such as "Delilah" by Tom Jones, "If I Only Had Time" by John Rowles. He has great voice, but he needs good adviser for his song choice.

    • jacob doing nazareth was the worst performance this year. i love nazareth and….well if i cant say something nice i guess i shouldn't say anything at all.

      • Perhaps, it would be better (or even if he did Everly Brothers version of the song. I am tired of his song choice.

    • REALLY you were speechless did you have the volume on your tv????? He was HORRIBLE should of been gone before Pia.Clean your ears.

    • What are you smoking???? Jacob has sucked for weeks and should have left a long time ago…your too funny….lol

    • What are you smoking???? Jacob has sucked for weeks and should have left a long time ago…your too funny….lol

    • Jenny, didn't anyone ever tell you not to drink and take sedatives at the same time? And you might want to find a good otologist and soon.

      • Never heard that, but I have been told to never never never ever take Sleeping Pills and a Laxative at the same time. 🙂

    • I agree, it left me speechless as well… Try as I might, I couldn't find the right words for how bad that performance really was.

  45. Ok first off Lauren is absolutely amazzzzing!!! Other than Pia she is the best on this season. Haley shouldn't have even made it to top 12 seriously she can't even hit high notes without her voice cracking or sounding scratch are you people not hearing this?! Lauren and Scotty top 2!!!!

    • Lauren is just ok., but because of the judges she is overrated. If the judges were doing their job (to critizice correctly) Lauren would not have made top 7. She appeals to compasion (cries for everything), that is why she get the votes. She is a good singer, but no more. Never close to Pia. And God saves us from a Lauren Scotty finale, it would be boring (and a massacre, Scotty will win no doubt)

  46. James off key several times. Second song better than first, but still was lacking. Too much screaming in first song. I think he just likes hard rock so he can scream and jump.

    Lauren's first song was good, second song was very bad. Very, very bad.

    Jacob was o.k. with both songs, does a lot of screaming which he doesn't need to do.

    Haley was bad in first song, but good in second. She tries to play the sexy kitten too much, and she doesn't need to do that. Female voters do not like that.

    Scotty was by far the best tonight. He has great stage poise and presence. He is very relaxed, doesn't scream, and he just sings. He has a great voice and seems to be an all-american young man.

    • I'm a "female voter" and I think Haley is amazing. The whole package. Best over all for tonight. But I have to admit, I'm also a huge James fan…he can sing it all.

  47. No comments about the fact that the original version of "The House of the Rising Sun" was about the heartache of a prostitue in said house? It was a blues song which the Animals took and made into a rock song about a jail. Hailey took it back to its roots.

      • right on, deb! I never heard The Animals do the song; have heard plenty others do it over the years. Thought Haley brought some soul to it. I vote her "Most Improved" of the final bunch.

    • I replied to your longer comment on previous page Oldster. Again, well said. Makes me wonder on the true origin of many other "old" songs. At least in the old days, singers or hosts would explain that so and so is taking a certain approach on a song whose original meaning was such and such. Uh-Oh, is that why I often refer to myself as "Old Coondog"?!

      OK, funny addon–which is what I truly think gives flavor to these blogs–I used to hate "Rising Sun", because I always heard it on radio and it just bugged me. In my younger days, I didn't really pay attention to lyrics, just to the beat and fun harmonics of music. Then, as my hormonal urges abated a bit I guess, I wondered, "What are these words they're adding to fun music!" Wow, totally new dimension for me! Yes, I'm truly than Neanderthal regards Music, Art. I thought life was just about Sports and War (Umm, still, you better be good at that or you ain't gonna be listening to the cool Music and Seeing Neat Art; rather (ladies, start appreciating us virile American males) you'll be glad you're wearing a burka and veil so you don't have to see the grey bearded wimp that just bought you as his alternative to watching American Idol!). Coondog is not politically correct, Coondog is worldly wise. Now, turn on the music 'cause Coondog is ready to Thump and to Hump!

  48. Lauren is the BOMB!! 🙂 she has an amazing voice!!!! Yay Lauren

  49. Branden: don't worry about bad feedback from readers – that will always be a given. You're doing great and I personally enjoy your critiques, a lot even if I don't agree with all of them.

    My heart bled for James as I can imagine he is beating himself up for going off key many times in both songs, particularly the last one. Hopefully America will remember the other amazing performances he's provided us and not grade him to harshly. I also thought that James has set the bar fairly high for the other performers in that he really got some life in some pretty stage-frightened performers (won't mention which ones).

    I'm a very strong pro-James viewer but I have to admit that Haley's House Of The Rising Sun knocked my socks off.

    Can't wait until tomorrow, or rather maybe I'm nervous about tomorrow knowing James may be in the bottom.

    • Every great singer has his moments. Him going off key just proves he's human. He will bounce back. As long as his fans, family and friends remain behind him, he will be all right.

      I'm with you. I love Wednesday nights and hate Thursday nights, particularly because I sit on pins and needles wondering if America has voted him through each and every week. I truly believe from the bottom of my heart he will win this thing. No doubt in my mind as long as everyone votes like crazy for our Crazy James. 🙂

      I agree with you about him setting the bar. His Judas Priest performance was outstanding. I was afraid that he would not be able to outdo that performance. He has proven each time he hits the stage that he's passionate about what he does and he has great talent. I have a hunch he doesn't realize just how talented he is and we'll be seeing something HUGE in time.

      Anxious for tomorrow. Sure hope he gets voted through. He's awesome inside and out.



      • I am 67, love country music, but I believe in James too! I think he's fantastic, and you know what? He's fun to watch because he's having fun.

    • tonight was james off night. i still voted for him 160 times.i love james.

  50. i think jacob was horrible tonight he cannot sing besides he dont sing he screams my favorite is scotty and he is truely doing an amazeing job and james is pretty good too

  51. Tonight I believe Hailey shined and Lauren. Both young ladies have amazing voices.

  52. Scotty was amazing. I just don't get Haley, I do not think she sings, she screams and growls. I so hope she goes home tomorrow.

    • WRONG AGAIN!! Haley has a very unique voice. I can't stand that twangy drawl of Scotties….ooops! Scotty's Happy Day if he goes!!

      • What is going to hurt Haley is her attitude. Facial expressions show how irritated she is and some of her responses dont go over

  53. As always Scotty out sang everyone there. Second to him was Lauren. No one else was even close. Got to give it to those youngsters. They were fantastic!!!!!

    • All he can sing is some country like misery. I hate his songs & his talent is minimal. GOOD-BYE Scotty!!

      • He out sang everyone last night. Guess you wouldnt know talent if it bit you

  54. Scotty u blew me away,,,,GONE!!!!! Awesome joband YOUR ALWAYS ON MY MIND it melts my daughter heart she's 14

    • that is the age group that keeps him alive. He can't sing anything more than a country twang. Everthing sounds like just another BORING Scotty……..I'll just mute his performance.

      • He doesn't want to sing anything other than country. HE'S A COUNTRY SINGER. End of story. Do you want George Strait to sing something other than country? Not that I'm comparing Scotty to George Strait, I'm just saying he's knows his genre and he's sticking with it because that's what he's amazing at. If it ain't broke don't fix it (one of the few things Randy has said that I agree with).

  55. I couldn't agree more, with Branden. Nice recap, just what I was thinking on everything, possible exception was Scotty's second song. No, he didn't bring anything new to this song and for me it was kind of boring instead of relaxing.

    Haley's first song was great. I didn't know it either, but I did like it after she sang it. Great point about James' first song, not well known either and no comment about that from the judges.

    I knew Jacob's first song, who doesn't, but couldn barely recognize it when he sang it. How far off from the pitch was he anyway? I said to my husband that it sounded like one of the first audition shows where people are horrible and it's funny because they think they can actually hold a tune. I know Jacob can sing, but he totally missed tonight. Maybe he couldn't hear himself, or something.

    To have Haley who was pitch perfect and entertaining on both songs in the bottom with jacob will be sad it that's what happens tomorrow night. I voted, I hope eveyone else did.

    • I found a YouTube of Lady Gaga doing that new song. Trust me, Haley sounds much better. Haley also took another big chance tonight that paid off: singing w/o instrument backup at the start of her second song. If she had been offkey there, everyone would have known. She was not. She was in charge!

  56. I think that Ai sis much better if Casey was still on the show. It's becoming quite boring without him. 🙁

  57. Grading scale: A+=top 5 hit A=top 10 A- = top 20 B+ = top 30 B = top 40 B- = charted C+ = might chart C = filler C- low grade filler D+ = bad performance D = trash D- = gong show
    Jacob D+;D+ overall D+
    James C; B+ overall B-
    Lauren B; C overall C+
    Scotty B+; C+ overall B
    Haley C-; B- overall C+

      • You're insane. Jacob was terrible last night. He does have good vocal ability, but he sure didn't show it last night. He was waaaay off key. And his dancing/crotch grabbing was just awkward and uncomfortable. I changed the channel during No Air.

  58. I absolutely loved Haley tonight, The House of the Rising Sun was fantastic!!!! I think she should stay & Jacob? Go Home!!

  59. lol did everyone already forget Haley's devilish smile when she saw pia get eliminated? I have the suspicion she had something to do with it lol.

    • Well, it is a competition. For every person that's eliminated, another person's odds become better. And maybe Pia was a diva. You really never know.

    • its a singing competition of course you need to be competitive as always. that is not a personality contest

    • Cali, I read that smile as disbelief that another woman got cut, and one so obviously better than some of the guys at that. But haters will be haters.

      Haley's got the most distinctive voice and jazz-honed skills, the coolest attitude having taken the most fire, and has real soul. I don't get the hate, although I accept if her vocal style isn't for you.

  60. Alright already!!! I hope America remembers James can kick ass every week, until tonight…lets leave the emo at home, and there were way over a million other songs to sing, quit listening to that Jimmy-dude, come on…James shoulda sang Love Hurts, hey try Dream On from Aerosmith…! Jacob…should of sang a Marvin Gaye song, Haylee goodnight and goodbye, Lauren..lose the weight, and we will see you next year….Scotty, grab your horse and ride off in the sunset already…geesh…its American Idol, the Country idol show…geeesh!

    • You dont care what is behind that tears Lissah, you should understand that James has autism, and if he cant control yourself that is understandable, but you as a normal person9 i just dont know if your are) should understand it, if not then you are not one of the normal.meaning you might see your doctor.

      • Autism is not a crying disease and he is capable of turning it off and on at will

      • As one who sang for many years in night clubs in the UK and Europe before I came to the US, I have been reflecting this morning on last night, which had some memorable moments and some bad ones.

        * I know James has some degree of both Tourette Syndrome and Asperger Syndrome and understand that he has great feelings and love for his Fianceé Heidi and his son Hunter. I also appreciate that his father, who was a musician, died of a drug overdose when James was 9.

        If being away from his "rock" and loved ones impacts him so much now while he is on Idol, I wonder how he will react while on the Idol Tour and, later, with a band he will no doubt form and lead.

        Last night was probably James' weakest of the season to-date but he will be ok.

        He auditioned for Season 8 and did not make it. Pity because then we would have had a direct comparison between him and Adam Lambert.

        * If Jacob has any serious ambitions in the music industry, he will need some serious coaching on how he "moves" and also how he controls his vocals. He reminds me of our neutered dogs who still have the occasional urge and dry hump. Sorry but I can't think of any other way to describe those horrible hip thrusts of his. As for the crotch grab – ugh!

        The judges keep saying he has crazy vocals and that may be true but last night he was awful on the 1st song and made a mess of a great Nazareth song that gives any singer the opportunity to truly emote via the lyrics and good phrasing.

        Overall, he was the weakest and, unless VFTW went crazy, should be the one to leave tonight.

        * Lauren did a great job on the Carrie Underwood song, even included a few growls of her own. Her 2nd song gave her the opportunity to really show us her power and high range but she chickened out – again – and the professionalism of the band saved her because they compensated for her failing to hit the high notes that are a key part of the emotion of that song.

        Once Lauren gets over her reservedness, she will have a great career and be able to be a cross over singer much like Carrie Underwood. We forget that she is only 16&frac12;. I am sure she will be in the final four.

        * Scotty, who I have criticized for being trapped in his comfort zone came out and gave his best performance to-date and, IMHO, of round one. Then he went back into his comfort zone for song #2. It was a big hit for Willie Nelson here and for Elvis in the UK and Europe. Like Lauren's #2 song, it gives the singer an opportunity to really get into the message of the song. He is telling his love that he has not paid attention to her, realizes his mistake and is asking her to reassure him their love is still alive. Scotty sang it without any emotion and was actually flat in places. Obviously, we all know he will be in the Top 4.

        * Haley was persuaded by Iovine to do the Lady Gaga song and had the courtesy to ask Gaga if it was ok for her to do the song. I thought she did a good job with the song and did not deserve the reaction and criticism given by JLo and Randy.

        Her 2nd song was the highlight of the night and, overall, she was one of the top performers. I read a lot of criticism about her attitude but don't see it.

        Jimmy Iovine said that she has been the one who has listened the most to improve and she is by far the most improved of the final 5.

        She is very attractive, has what my wife says is a perfect figure and is always upbeat and smiling. Oh! and one little tidbit; she can sing and if you listen to her sans vision, you will be hard put to find a false note in her singing.

        To those who carp about her attitude, try to put yourself in the situation of being persuaded to do a song, going out and performing it without a blemish in your voice and then being ripped by JLo and Jackson.

        * Steven Tyler last night came out of his stupor and actually gave the most sensible feedback.

        * JLo obviously does not like another judge disagreeing with her and her continual interrupting when Randy is talking is obnoxious. Even Steven Tyler made a gesture last night when she was blathering on and interrupting.

        Also, she does not like good looking, sexy women singers, especially one half her age and twice as attractive.

        Let's face it, she uses her sexuality to overcome the fact that she does not have a very good voice. Let's see if she can go out there tonight and sing LIVE! Fat chance of that happening so we will get the bod doing her best lip synching!

        * Randy, Randy, Randy: My 5-year old Granddaughter has a wider vocabulary than you. He is the Senior Judge this year and has failed miserably to provide any constructive criticism to any of the acts. One minute he is telling some to "stay true to themselves" and to others he says "you need to get out of your comfort zone and try something different" and when they do his response is "you need to discover who you are as an artist because you do something different each week." Then, of course one of his favorites does something different and gets "you are showing us your versatility as an artist and that's what we want to see; you are in it to win it."

        I suspect Jacob will go home tonight and sincerely hope it is not Haley because she is vocally one of the best in the competition.

        Frankly, for me, the judges can all go home and stay there because they have been useless ornaments this season. The only kudos I give them is that they selected a good top 13 but, given the talent pool they had to choose from, it was not that difficult.

      • WOW Paul!! Best, most sensible review I've seen all year. I'm placing you in my Top 3 Class with host Branden and oft-commentor Adam. I love their reviews also, but the added bonus of your review is that I agree with every part of it, and have blogged similar posts myself–albeit not as complete and succinct as yours. And if you don't don't get many responses, I think it'll simply be because people will think as I did, "Perfect review, nothing to argue about!"! Well Done Paul!

        And Well Said!–especially regards Haley and her tormenting judges regards the ill-advised Jimmy Iovine suggested song that she was handcuffed into singing instead of a cool hit song. Also found it interesting your personal history as a nightclub singer abroad, and the tidbit that James had tried out during Adam's season. Odds are, the producers were aware of him and didn't need him competing with Adam (who I'm sure they'd already counted on as a finalist, like they cleverly do with at least half or more of the Final 12 for each season). Made more sense for James to return Season 9 or this Season (He must have been having family/work issues during Season 9 timeframe?)

  61. You nailed it again, man. No sense repeating you excellent review. I'll just add a couple notes:
    Jacob may have sucked slightly less than usual, but the crotch grab from Mr. I-won't-sing-that-dirty-song almost made me puke in my mouth. Furthermore, everyone that has gone home in the last 5-6 weeks sings better than he does.

    The judges must me tone deaf in that room. How in the name of all that is sacred and holy can the same talking head praise that musical equivalent of fish in aspic from Jacob and dump a rash of poo on Haley?!? She slayed both songs and dang near always brings it hard and hot! House of the Rising Sun was the best performance of that song that I've ever heard. If they had punked her again, I would have attempted to reach through the TV and choke their scrawny necks. Gawd! Enough already! I would really like to see her in the finale. I think she's that good.

    I still think Scotty should have been gone weeks ago, but I actually enjoyed his performances tonight, in spite of myself.

  62. Hayley is awesome!! Everytime she sings i can't get her voice out of my head. I love James too.. he is awesome!!

  63. All I can say is that this is going to be a tough call from now on. I think Jacob will go this week and after that it could be anyones win. James may not have been perfect this week, but with the emotional presentation of his second song, I dont think that is going to matter. Scotty was solid and him singing country..well that is him and he is as good as any country singer Ive heard. I did like both Haleys and Laurens performances, but dont think either one will make it to the end, however of the two Haley probably has a better chance.

  64. Brandon is right on point….I usually cannot stand Scotty but he was great tonight …second song dragged a little though …too SLOW! James had a bad night which made me sad. Lauren did ok….but please never sing unchained melody again…please. Haley was good. ….and Jacob….I have not liked him since he sang

    Luther in week one.

    • wow that was a harsh lauren comment and Haley was good? i hated her first song and the second one balanced it out

      • Cali, I love your presence here, but come on, you don't have to go after everyone you don't agree with. I'd never censor anyone but maybe you could try to keep things conversational … just a thought 🙂

  65. There goes again with the comments always criticized Haley. As what most of you people like to see Hailey goes home, she will be going home either before Jacob or afer Jacob and you people who hated Haley so much will be very very happy when she is out. You people criticized and hated Haley so much cause she is still there, well just think for a moment, she always in the bottom 3, always cricized by the judges and always criticized by you people and she always have lesser votes so do you think she get a chance in the top 3 the answer is no cause you people favourite more to Scotty and Lauren so just stop criticized Hailey cause she will not be in top 3 anyway and give her a break.

    • Add the unfair judges who are just waiting the week she is gone. Hope she stays longer, she deserves to be in finale.

      • Well Ed I really pity that gal Hailey she has not been the favourite by the judges as well as most people.

  66. It broke my heart to hear James crying like a 5 year old and talking about his sacrifices. Hey James quit acting like David Archiletta. You want to talk about sacrifice, take a look at those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan or the members of the Seals Team 6. Cut out the sobs. you're in the final 5 so you haven't sacrificed crap, with the money you will make, it will be well worth it. Your comments about sacrifice turned a lot of us off and lost you a few votes from my wife and daughters who have been voting for you every week. As for the show tonight Haley was great and James would have been too except for the tears and the sympathy crap. As for Scotty, he ain't no Willie Nelson or Elvis. As for Lauren, you had me pulling for you, but as the judges have mentioned to you, you backed away from pushing the high notes tonight. Jacob, I felt like I was watching the comedian on the Fox Sports show that does all the different voices. I would have loved to have heard what Simon would have said.

    • Wow so a man cries about missing his family and you knock him for it. That's a bit ludicrous if you ask me.

    • Maybe crying is ok., but I am tired of seeing these emotions on the show (Lauren before, and now James again). I am a fan of James, he should win but I don't like when he (and Lauren) appeals to compassion. One time is ok (while my guitar weeps), but again? For the first time I did not vote for James tonight (I didn't even like his songs, although they were ok)

      • You don't like when an artist emotes and appeals to compassion? Isn't music art and the point of art to envoke emotion in others? If you're saying James is going for some sympathy vote, he's not only NOT doing it, but he doesn't need to.

      • Northern Guy: I am just saying emotions is ok. but not so frequently. At least for me, it turned me off tonight seeing James weeping again. I did not vote for him for the first time, but hope he stays until finale. He is a humble guy and I like him, but I would like to see him in control. May be not, but it looked like he was going for some sympathy.

      • I didn't mind the tears, but was a bit put off at his self promoting remarks when he was talking about leaving everything on the stage. But I take it all into account and still like him.

      • @Tico:

        Well, for me it was not the tears that were a put off. It was the "Every time I perform I leave it all out on the stage." Yeah, so does everyone else including Jacob. These comments were not consistent with the humble James we all like. Maybe you're right – he's emoting more, beaking off more and his performances were (and I hate to admit it) a DOWNSLIDE for him and not but a small amount. Many many people are saying that Scotty was a lot more solid last night, and many others ranked the performances of Lauren and (yes) Haley above James.

        I am rooting for James, but he really needs to step up his game, pick songs that show us who he is and what he is capable of, and turn back the drama and "superstar comments" a bit.

      • Tico, I was very put out with James after the show last night. First, the way he disrespected Cheryl Crow & Jimmy by walking out on the session. The look on Cheryl's face was one of disheartenment. She was not impressed & neither was I. Second, then there was all the crying on stage (I was Embarrassed for him). Third, as Templar pointed out. His comments back stage. As if he were the only one who puts it all out there with every show, as if he is the only one with family back home. I also understand that some of this is due to his handicap, but most of it is due to lack of self control. I think James is very talented & will soar to great heights in his career, however the other contestants have been criticized for far less emotional outbursts & we need to be fair. I do apologize for calling him a cry baby, I let my own anger issues get the best of me. I just really felt a great selfishness from him. So I agree with you about all the emotion. What James is really dealing with is called in the psychiatric world, separation anxiety.

      • Bunny, very intelligent and deep analysis there–even though I think James is a fav of yours. Well said! I know you're not dissing him, just providing constructive criticism. I like James talent and was moved by his second song/performance, but your critique is accurate.

        Extra, boy Lauren really did great last night, and she looked fantastic! Sheryl Crow must have somehow convinced her to be confident and to go for it (she still needs to do a bit more, but she was pushing it last night; good for her!). I actually placed Lauren ahead of Haley last night based upon Both performances. Haley's second song was the best single of course! And I liked Scotty's growth also, glad for him. Now, Jacob must Leave! Jacob must Leave! (chanting") Jacob must Leave!

    • Well Charles, I tried to not be upset but um have you served in Iraq or Afghanistan? I would think that if you had you would be able to understand it a bit more, being away from family and friends for months at a time. Money does not change that, fame does not change that. I'm not going to say any more because people like you piss me off honestly. Because if you are military. (I'm retired Army btw) then you are doing the oh yeah well I've done this, and if your not then your talking about somthing you have no clue about.

      • I agree absolutely. Anyone who has been away from the family that he/she loves, for extended period of time, can only relate to James, and not criticize him. BTW James was still REALLY, REALLY. REALLY GOOD tonight. Loved his second song. Please, please, please….., vote for him if you can. I would, but I'm not from the USA 🙁

      • That's right Wellen – and not all military people put their sacrifice in civilian's faces like that. Civilians make sacrifices for others and have loss and pain like any other human being. (Not diminishing the sacrifice soliders make though, paid or otherwise, not to mention the aftereffects from losing comrades and seeing such terrible things… But if it were not for soliders we'd all be GOOSE-STEPPING to work at the factory today…) Also, James is not just missing his family: every time he performs, his dad (MUSICIAN who wasn't around a lot and later died of an overdose) is NOT in the audience to see him shine and that must eat James' guts out. Sometimes we all need to try and walk a mile (or a block) in the man's shoes before we decide whether or not his music and his emotions should be that intertwined. Sometimes the only person in the world who tells me I am doing a not-so-half-a$$ed job in life is my dad. James didn't get that – even when his father was alive.

        I agree – I say cut him some slack.

    • well the comment about james is too harse… or maybe you are just a meanie

    • Ever watched Dancing With The Stars and seen professional stars in the industry for many, many years breakdown because of the stress???? And you wonder why a 21 year old rookie can break down. Don't compare the intensity of performing with people that serve their country as you are doing the latter some injustice.

  67. Haley!! 🙂

    James: B+ A+

    Jacob: D A-

    Lauren: B B+

    Scotty: A+ A

    Haley: A A+

  68. I really enjoyed Scotty's first song, I think he really nailed that one. Wasn't too crazy about the second, might be that I'm not that crazy about that song. I didn't care for James' first song, but I loved the second one. Lauren's first song was great, second one kinda so so. Jacob just sucked all the way around. And OMG he grabbed his crotch like he was MJ lol. I have to agree no he could sing something from David Allen Cole and it would sound like a church song. I thought Haley had her best performance tonight, and I can't figure out why they pick on her so much. There was nothing wrong with her first song other than it is not well known, and She ROCKED the House of the Rising sun. I was glad to see the judges standing when she finished, after giving her such a rash of crap over the first song. I hope jaob goes to the house tomorrow. Please and Thank you!!!!

  69. James/ Haley finale!!! thats the most interesting finale there would be, pairing the other contestants. James/Lauren……lauren wont give us much to enjoy tho her singing would be nice.

    James/Jacob……. ???? blah

    James/Scotty finale……Scotty's performances will seem so boring.

    I'm a Haley fan btw. Not a James fan but i know he can sing n wont mind him winning.

  70. Not a Jacob fan and I believe his single best AI moment was when he sang God Bless the Child. I am soooo bored with him! And I'm disappointed because he stayed on and Casey went home first!>_< I hope Jacob goes home this week!

  71. My take on the evening.


    James- I like James a lot, but I was definitely not feeling this one. B-

    Jacob- This song was all kinds of mess. D

    Lauren- She sounded great on this one. She sang some really big notes on it. A

    Scotty- I don't care for country music in general but this was off the hook amazing. A+

    Haley- Judges were all wrong. I get the whole 'sing a song people know' schpeel but she seriously sang the crap out of that song. A


    James- Raw, emotional performance that was fantastic. A

    Jacob- I differ from Branden here when I thought this weas one of his best performances to date. A

    Lauren- I really liked it. She did miss a couple of notes so I'll have to downgrade her a bit. B+

    Scotty- Nice tender moment from Scotty and he sounded great. A-

    Haley- I really didn't like Haley at all at the beginning of this competition. She's grown on me the last couple of weeks. My dad used to sing this and play his guitar when I was younger so I definitely have some fond memories of it. She absolutely owned this tonight. That honestly may have been the best performance from anyone so far this year. It was phenomenal. A+++

    Jacob is moste definitely going home this week. And honestly any of the other 4 could win this thing. I didn't think Haley stood a chance and then she's absolutely killed it the last several weeks. Should be interesting to see the results and how this all plays out.

    • I've liked Haley since day 1. For others, she is proving to be totally infectious – she DOES grow on people – even my WIFE who "wanted her gone" in and around the top 10 / top 11 stage.

      " It was phenomenal. A+++"

      That's because SHE is phenomenal! I'm down for her first album – I want to hear this young lady sing her heart out. I am getting James' album if he does one, and the wife will buy Lauren's and Scotty's in a second. Neither of us are really into Jacob, although he's just this very special and talented person – in the wrong competition perhaps?

      I thought everyone in the top 10 was a really talented bunch and this season is the best of AI ever.

  72. Lots and lots and lots of feedback that Jacob will be gone tomorrow (and some very harshly stated). Like many of you I also have not favored Jacob over other performers, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Taylor Hicks would win (especially when you have talent like Daughtry performing and being ousted in the final 4).. So one never knows.

    Sadly, one of the responses in this blog tends to use logic and votes for the one who needs votes because he assumes the others won't need his vote. grrrrrr – why bother even voting then?).

    • Sympathy voting is a very interesting issue in this contest, and similar "voting" styles even effect political voting – people vote not for the best candidate but on early poll results. They cast their vote to compensate for what other voters are doing. I guess everyone has the right to vote for WHO they want for the REASONS they want to vote. But I agree. It's a talent contest – vote for the person who puts on the best show!

  73. James was off on his first song and left me completely unimpressed, however he won me back, not with the caliber of his singing the second song, but rather with his emotional connectivity to it. I give him an over all "B+" for the night.

    Jacob again pierced my ears with his squealing throughout his first song, a complete failure in my opinion, but he was better in the second. I give him a "C-".

    Lauren was actually pretty good in both songs. Good tone, presence and delivery. Give her an "A-".

    Scotty was even better. He showed stage presence and performance, voice control and technique, and seemed the most comfortable on stage. "A"

    Haley sang an unknown song and lost me because I had no point of reference, but I think that was her point. I think she felt her voice and style was professional enough to take the risk, and for that I give her credit. Her song choice was not the best, but I think she sang it well. Her second song was fantastic, Spot on. Randy said the best of the night and they all gave her a standing ovation. I give her an "A-".

    What do you think Casey would say? Who do you think his fans will vote for?

    As for me I'm still "Hooked on Haley"

    I'm just say'n

    • I think Casey fans will vote for Haley and James. These 2 are most like Casey, willing to do it "their way" and take chances.

    • "Hooked on Haley"? Yeah, I need my Haley injection tonight! I wish I could give her an 'injection'! lol. Oh, I imagine Casey is loafing around his parents' basement in dirty underwear screeching, "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone"!

  74. Jacob should go, next is Scotty or Lauren.James will win and runner up is Haley!

  75. I think America is country and the finale will be Scotty and Lauren. Please send Jacob home. He should be gone a long time ago!!!! I think the next one leaving will be Haley and James…. I wish Haley win this season because she is a sweet and her voice is amazing. She is not a cliche and the juris give her a hard time every week.

  76. This is my first time to respond in an American Idol Forum but I have been reading forums. And this is because of Haley who I think has a very special voice, raw and unique. House of the Rising Sun and Bennie and the jetts performances were one of the best of the season. I just dont know if she could be in the Finals but I am hoping I could hear her do more songs. I cant vote so I just hope America feels that talent is better seen in haley.

  77. I like james every week, but to be honest last night it wasn’t james night, James vocal unpredictable, sometime strong and sometime sounds weak

    I really don’t want him to be eliminated tomorrow though, but i can’t vote for him coz i’m not in US, so please AMERICA, don’t vote him off.. he’s unique, the show need him.

    So please?! i think we need him in the final 2…!!

    • I think James buckled a bit under the pressure. His vocals were not strong last night, and I winced after his first few lyrics. I just thought "Oh no, James. C'mon man." Something affected him – perhaps his emotions got the best of him. He needs to focus on the gold here and realize he is doing right by his family by getting this far and that his dad would be SO SO SO proud of him (or maybe he's up there watching depending on what you believe).

      I say to James: "You hit a pothole kid – not straighten out the car and hit the gas!!"

      Scotty, well, I've been tough on him but his consistency might be a factor here.

      Lauren: ha ha ha I knew she would come out of her shell and be a contender. Singing Carrie Underwood was a GREAT idea! I have always liked Lauren and don't get why she gets such harsh criticism – especially about her weight. I think most women would KILL to be as pretty as her if they were her size. I'm judging her performances, not her dress size. If America is so concerned with weight, why are "all y'all" so darned fat? Give her a break, will ya!

      I think Jacob will go and as for who wins? Well, someone will but between me and my wife, we'll be buying Haley, James, Scotty AND Lauren albums!! Young people with NO AUTOTUNE! Please – NO AUTOTUNE! These kids can SING!

  78. Haley had the best performance of the night and should stay. Jacob should go home. Scotty and Lauren had a good night and should stay. James had a bad night but should stay

    • They're ALL in it to win it!

      It's all THEIRS to lose!

      YEAH BABY!

      God God, whatever Randy has is spreading…

  79. It is now comes down to this:

    Top 4: Lauren, Scotty, James, Hailey

    Top 3: Scotty, James and Lauren

    Finale: Scotty and James, Scotty and Lauren, or James and Lauren

    If the final is going to be Scotty and James/Lauren then there is a chance that Scotty will be the next American Idol. But if it between James and Lauren then of course James will win it.

  80. lol Scotty was so funny when he was ending his song. He should really be like Elvis…having that deep voice but colour it with a little dance moves.

  81. First Songs:

    James – D (a vocal mess, easily his worst performance to date)
    Jacob – D- (too high; painful to watch)
    Lauren – B+ (strong vocals, exuded confidence)
    Scotty – B (good performance, but was carried by backups)
    Haley – B (strong finish glossed over spotty middle)

    Second Songs:

    James – C (not a good rendition, he should stick with rock)
    Jacob – A (vocally impeccable, probably would have given him an A+ if it was the first time i had heard him sing)
    Lauren – C- (choosing to sing in such a high key exposed her vocal limitations; her worst performance to date)
    Scotty – C+ (great voice, boring performance)
    Haley – A+ (showcased her wide vocal repertoire; easily the best performance of the night)

    • Haley's last song was 100% best perf of the night! Still a die hard James fan though, and will vote for both!! But mostly James (can never be too sure :/)

      • I know!!! Haley's 2nd performance was just like telling everyone that she's the next female American Idol winner after Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie and Jordyn!!! Haley is soooo winning this, I can feel it! So as all the other voters, I hope!

      • Branden. I read all of your comments on the

        singer's from last night! You are RIGHT on the dot Branden! James first song was not good! It left me saying What was that? The second song With out You almost made me cry!It gave me chills. FANTASTIC like usual James! When I heard Scotty was going to sing ELVIS the King of rock and Roll. Whom I have Loved from the very first moment I heard him! I was like "OH NO!" Don't butcher the Kings music. To my SURPRISE he did a very good job. I don't think ELVIS would have said Yuk! LOL!

        As for the rest of the contestants none of them blew me away ! EXCEPT for Haley. The house of the Rising Sun. She KILLED that song!! It was even better than the original!! I think the top 3 will be James Durbin, Haly, and Scotty! Maybe not in that order! I love James Durbin. I can't imagine James not being in the top 3. I mean who sang better than him? At least on the second song? Can't Live with Out you? I still say JAMES for the winner. But you never know. The public is voting. They just might vote Haly the winner!! We shall see! It is getting ready to start. Thanks for the great comments Branden! Sherry K. 🙂

    • Branden I want to apology for my last week comment about you should had leave this blog to Matt for reviews. The show is definitely growing on you and driving you crazy but, You are the best ever!! Your comments are always on point. (even if i don't like them) Where do we need to send the letter to the idols executive to have you as a judge next year. Have some rest tonight because, I think you are going to need it tomorrow!!

      • Thanks, Gina. I appreciate your apology. I was actually pretty upset by it last week. It's a scary time right now and I'd never wish anyone out of a job. But mean readers have made my skin thicker. I'm over letting comments get to me.

        Thanks again for the apology and kind(er) words.

      • Kudos to you Gina for having the courage to express my varying thoughts at different times (and nice of you to acknowledge that Branden). I mostly agree with B's thoughts, but I often have at least 25% disagreement on my top or bottom 3, but I just "feel" what B is saying and yet feel free to have my own thoughts. Thanks B, and thanks Gina for expressing yourself courageously!

      • There are a zillion people who type crap to others online that they would NEVER say to anothers face – but very very few who will step up and cordially apologize when they know they crossed a line. Kudos Gina.

      • I do not see why anyone picks on Branden period!! He is a good commentator! He always has interesting things to say! He knows what he is talking about!! I like him!! And he is every bit as good as Matt! Branden you don't have to say anything to me!!! I have told you this before!! Fox are you looking at Branden's blogs???

        Because he is very good!! PS, Branden, You got down what was going to happen tonight right!!! But have you seen the new poll thats being taking by I I do not know who? They have Haley even with James Durbin. And SCOTTY ahead of him!! Smile !!!

        Sherry K 🙂

    • Just because a song is slow and quiet, does not make it boring. I might add that I think "You Are Always On My Mind" was sung by Willie Nelson. Elvis may also have sung it, but I am pretty sure that Willie's rendition is the more well known.

      • if he was performing an entire set in front of live audience, that would have been a good filler song, but if the goal was to showcase his technical skill and impress people, then that would have been a fail.

      • I disagree, Sarah. I think he was trying to sing a song with a tempo and mood that was different from his first. That he accomplished. I do not think he connected emotionally to this song, though. I think it was very good, technically and really like the idea that there is potentially a male singer out there with a man's voice. However, at his age it is hard to connect emotionally with a lot of the messages in tender songs, like his second.

      • I think he chose that song because Josh Turner (his idol) also covered that song. Like Branden, the song was also in my mind to suggest for Scotty as his 60s song, but I felt then he would do Elvis, instead.

      • Originally recorded by Brenda Lee, followed by Elvis, Willie Nelson, etc.

      • Oldster: Willie Nelson sings that song very good! And I like Willie Nelson!! But ELVIS was my idol while growing up! I still love him to this day!! He sang that song " You were always on my mind " after he and Pricilla divorced. So when he sang it, I used to cry! Still do when I listen to it! Because I know he did not treat her right!! And

        It was like he was begging her to stay!!He still loved her! Tuff, He should have treated her better like the song say's!!

        Sherry K. Willie comes here to Arkansas quite often to play a show. The old boy is still in the groove! Smiles again! 🙂

      • She should have sung Patsy Cline or Skeeter Davis or Tammy Winette or Anne Murray not that song.

        I expected her singing "Tennesse Waltz".

      • just watched it again and watched leann's version as well. i was wrong. it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't so good either. the last third in particular didn't sound good.

        i just don't think it was a good song choice. i think she should stay away from ballads and stay in the country pop genre where she's comfortable. her voice just isn't big enough for her to take on technically difficult songs.

      • She had issues with vocal power on the power notes of the song and had breath issues during it as well.

        She nailed the notes perfectly, but she still needs to develop the power in her voice and work on her lung power and breathing skills to tackle a beast like Unchained Melody… she did okay with it, but far from amazing. Like I said in the other thread, it's like walking out of the ring under your own power after going 12 rounds with Tyson, you may not have won the fight, but not getting KO'd is a task in and of itself.

      • Wow, well said Kdub! regards Lauren. I was so proud of her (remember Haley is my fav) for being confident, but who are the makeup people that brought out her look so well?! She looked Good, and believable! For both songs!

        Anyways, I'm glad how she stretched herself, and I think like you, I can't wait until she goes for that note she's not sure she can hit, but we want her to try because it would be just perfect!! (I think Lauren has it, but she'll chicken out and stay a little safe, but Haley will go for it more likely being older and wants to tell the Judges and J Iovine to kiss off!)

        Though I was enraged how the Judges (led by the envious JLO) graded her first song–which I think J. Iovine cleverly sabotaged her with for not kissing up to him–they had to stand for "House of the Rising Sun".

        And yet, I gave Lauren my top spot for the consistency of her both of her songs, and how she carried her confidence in her looks (Again, that's part of Show Biz).

      • Oh, Kdub, my original intent was to commend you on the "old school" Tyson analogy–Spot On! (which is what I was trying to discuss rather clumsily!)

      • Coondog, Good to see you here man! I appreciate the nice thoughts about Lauren. I thought she looked beautiful. I too feel that Haley should not have taken the advice from J.I. on her first song. However, I do think she did a good job with it. And since it is not a known song, she definately made it her own. Good to see you!

      • You think Lauren should stay away from ballads? Did you hear Candle In The Wind? I personally loved Lauren tonight. Her first song was awesome, it was the first time she's really showed her vocal power. I still felt like she was holding back a little, but she is letting go more each week. I thought her second song was beautiful. It did show she's not going to hit those freakishly high notes, but that's ok. She sings beautifully in her range, she showed she's got the power to hold those big notes. I thought she really redeemed herself this week.

      • Thank coondog, and yeah, I figured what you were saying. It wasn't as clumsy as you feared. 😉

    • The writer of this article is true! Haley wowed the judges this week! She outsmarted everyone by singing a Lady GaGa song and even though that first performance wasn't good enough, little monsters would probably vote for her! Then blowing all of them in the second performance! She's so smart! thats a very good step Haley

    • I actually found Haley's first performance sooo great! Yes, it was really risky to pick a song the was not yet released but I don't care! That's what Haley is good at, taking risks and being able to pull it off! I actually don't even think Lady Gaga could ever match Haley's performance! Steven was just sooo right..Haley is just one perfect song away from being the American Idol. And please, Randy and JLo not being satisfied with Haley's performance? Oh my gosh what's new?! They have early favorites and it just happens that it's not Haley. Who cares? I hope the voters think like how I think. I actually voted for Haley 50 times and had to tell my tween sister to tell all her tween friends to vote for Haley. She is just awesome…she'll be my idol for life!!!

  82. James… obvious AI franchise choice for a winner.. decent singing with lots of shouting and shouting, alot of personal drama including turets affliction, obviously a vehicle to somewhat salvage the shows dwindling ratings…

    Haley… one of the best most natural singers AI has produced.. another sacrificial lamb if ever she doesn't even get to top 3… tsk tsk tsk.. dissapointing, really…

  83. Haley is so good it's BANANAS. How could anyone want to see a finale with the likes of safe, boring Scotty and Lauren? Come on, America, that would be sad, and we all know it. Jacob is an obvious elimination to come (at least he better be). A James and Haley final would be ideal since either one deserves to win, but DAMN, Haley is so good I get that warm, fuzzy feeling. Steven's right, she sings sexy, and so…

  84. Jacob gets a D for tonight good try on the duet thing but I don't think it worked out. 2nd song, he never needs to sing that song again unless he learns to bring it down a lot.

    Lauren gets a B tonight because her first song she broke out of her shell and really rocked it, but she went right back to her way to comfort zone on the second and didn't do as well.

    Hailey gets a B+ tonight for trying somthing that just turned out to be bad advice, but she sang it well. Her second song was the performance of the night.

    James gets an A he was off from his normal self but was great none the less, personaly I think he had a bad song choice too. His second song was great, the tear came at the very end but you could feel it being held thru the entire song.

    Scotty while I think he was off key he finally got up there and performed a great show, I love the song but he needs to work on the higher notes, his second song well it is hard to judge because I love the Willie Nelson version, but Scotty made it his own and for the first time I will give scotty an A+ over James.

  85. As I said before, Scotty & Haley have a unique voice that you can't find in every season of AI. Their voices was amazing, so special, so unique….and they prove it last night!!! 🙂

  86. I liked Branden's comments – right on. The only thing is that I really do not like the sound of James, and especially did not like when he said he is doing this for his family – for a better life, aka for money. It sounded too desperate, and he has done this before to get votes – crying over a song… hummm not really a fair thing to do. Scotty is Scotty – he is probably the only one doing his thing and not listening to that Jimmy screw-up guy says — who is he and why is he getting all the singers in trouble all the time? Could we send e-mails to the producers to ask them to keep Jimmy away from the contestants until the end of the show? As far as I can tell, he is doing more harm than good – bad advice over and over again. I liked Sheryl Crow and even Marc Anthony (with his swearing and all) helping the contestants – maybe a singer should advice the contestants or nobody at all – let the contestants trust their own gut feelings, maybe they will choose the right songs and sing the way they want to sing, as opposed to what Jimmy wants… Finally I still do not get it why all the pimping with Jacob and only criticisms to Haley – it is getting more and more ridiculous by the week. Hopefully Jacob is going home tonight…

    • Marta Your wrap up was right on the nail especally your take on James which is so true

    • I agree also Marta, especially your plea to keep Jimmy Iovine away from the contestants. The email would be a fun slap at him. Unfortunately, apparently he's the BMOC–big man on campus–the head producer with the money that makes his own rules to fit his ego as "the Wise Man". He's an idiot jerk. Yes, he says some logical things; but he also has his private agendas–he don't like "the hick Scotty" (Iovine's thoughts, not mine) calling him "Dude" in such a familiar fashion, has "dirty old man" inclinations towards Haley and when he doesn't get cooperative vibes back from her–he 'arranges' that she doesn't get the pimping that AI can do, he gives her 'clever' advice into doing the Gaga blunder, etc.



      • Why does he have to be an Athiest? Most of the time when I see good old fashioned Hatred tossed around, it's by good 'ol religious folk. (not naming any specific religions, just keeping it pretty general here)

  88. I think Jacob will be going home — but I have been wrong before. His first song was bad. The second one was pretty good, but I don’t think he connected with it as well as he could have. Early on he was told to hold back on those high note. I thought that was good advise. Then he was told to let them blast. High notes for the sake of high notes do nothing for me. They have to mean something.

    Haley’s second song was the best performance of the night? I got the feeling she had no idea what the song was about. It did not help when she went with the Animals’ “It’s been the ruin of many a poor boy.” The song is not about a boy. It is about a girl. Whose life was ruined in a house. Dolly Parton was able to get that meaning across. Haley didn’t have a clue.

    This was not James’ best week. But his worst week is better than most people’s best.

    I like Lauren. i don’t think she will win, but she has a bright future in front of her.

    I think the week belonged to Scotty.

    • I completely and utterly agree. But who knows people are getting more vote happy maybe Lauren will be the youngest american idol or maybe the same thing will happen the past 3 years and james the rocker will win. Maybe Scotty will win because of the teen girls that vote for him. Haley's fans are blind to all other performances aside from hers. And last but…least is Jacob who has talent, but it feels like he sings the same thing every time.

      • blind um no I love James Casey and Scotty but Haley Clearly has the BEST vocals for a female on American Idol for a long time seriously. Pia was good but predictable and cracked me up on River Deep Mountain High.

    • no. the week didn't belong to Scotty. What a boring lame play it safe prick. Lauren, James & Haley far outshine Scotty.Scotty is BORING. WEEK after week Same ole same ole. Mad Magazine rides again. DUH

      • Lolo about the Mad Mag. comment. My husband has been saying for weeks that Scotty resembles the character. I see it but not in a big way. He just seems like a clean cut country boy to me.

    • Interesting comments Matt regards Haley's "Rising Sun" or is it "Rising Son"? I've always thought of it as the wayward Son, but you're making me think of the wayward Girls? I'd never considered that before, yet you're correct in what the real History must be.

      I think the Song itself is how it's normally portrayed of the Wayward Son, so no fault to Haley or any other singers. But, your perspective is correct. In my wisdom years, I've often thought of the Old West saloon girls, and figured out from documentaries and such that many of these ladies simply became Saloon Girls after being Widowed in Cowboy days before Insurance or Nearby Relatives to keep them from turning from Mop Girl to Whore, again, simply to earn money for a Bed and 2 Meals a day (cowboys bought their drinks). Much like the plight of Slaves, the plight of these ladies in History is underrated.

      So, I commend you for this 'underhanded' acknowledgement to "the Ladies of the Night" implied in the "House of the Rising Sun (Son?)!

    • Matt, I had not read your comment before I wrote mine last night. I agree with what you said about Haley. Her rendition of the song was truly worth hearing, but I cannot help wondering how much better it could have been had she realized its true meaning. Could/Would she not have been able to connect through sympathy or similar emotion to the lyric? It could have been as heart wrenching as it was intended.

  89. I can't stand anymore of Jacob. Wassup with that crotch grabbing in his first performance? I had to tune to another channel when it's his performance. Please send him home. I hope the two finalists will be James and Haley. It would be too boring if Scotty and Lauren make it.

    • sorry but james did not do good last night but he will stillbe there and lauren and scotty are not boring you do not know country music

      • No,Scotty is not boring,Lauren IS.

        She has a big voice, but she's booooring.Same as Pia was.

        James and Haley in the finale.Yes,yes, yes!Scotty in the final three!

      • I do agree with Retta, Scotty showed he can sing everything by his country voice. His performance is amazing, too. Lauren and Scotty are absolutely not boring, dude.

    • Actually they were all good,but if you nail it down,James was the least best last night(Note I said least best not bad performance).

  90. Lauren, child, really. This is American Idol not Miss Georgia Teen. Unchained Melody and a pageant dress. Nope, that’s not good, not good for a top 5 performance. And, if you insist, hit some soaring notes – that’s why it’s so well-known.

  91. SUGGESTION FOR THE FILLER SHOW TONIGHT – It would be great if as JLO performs live (yeah right, she will probably lip sync…) Haley could sit on her chair and play the judge. After JLO's performance, Haley could go: humm, you look beautiful tonight babe, but it was just not the right song for you…

    • Revenge is sweet – I love it. JLo is jealous of Haley and it shows. She only got up for the standing O because of Randy and Steven.

      • JLO is becoming a real pain in the ass. Talking over Randy, her jealousy, and just her overall persona.

    • Yeah! That is a good idea! I love JLO but honestly Haley sings much better then her.

      • I totally agree on all the comments regarding Haley. She was truly the best performer in both Now and Then. I did not know that Lady GaGa song either but I liked it based on Haley's performance. I agree that Jennifer has never wanted her to succeed. Why? I don't know. How could she be jealous of a young girl who is just starting out. Maybe she would like to have her voice. I hope that Haley has another week to prove her worth.

      • Marta, thanks for being a girl that "outcats" (yes, folks I have a patent on that word because it encapsulates the Jennifer Jealousy–so beautiful to see her display it so unknowingly; and how extra cool to see her have to stand with Randy and Steven to avoid the obvious "Cruela persona" (also patented).

        And, was Jimmy Iovine still trying to sabotage Haley because she won't cuddle up to him with offstage love by 'cheering her on to an unknown Gaga song'? Super clever, but she still won with her second song! Think what effect she might have had with whatever else she had originally planned before he fiendishly 'recommended' a song that was other than the hits everybody else did! Yet the Great Haley remained poised.

        People, do we think Haley would ever lower herself to the fainting performance of Casey being voted off and then saved by idiotic judges? I think she would go out with class like Paul, like Thia, like Pia. (forget Naima!)

      • I thought Haley was cool when she was being ripped by the judges. Her cold stare at then made me feel good. I think she is getting tired of getting ripped, while guys like Jacob seem to get a free pass. Jacob must go!

      • That is sooo true… real talent shows, and Haley has it. I like JLO, but I think she forgot her roots – she was never a great singer. She started as a dancer in IN LIVING COLOR (youtube has some clips for younger folks), and she is more like a package – dances well, sings OK – with lots of help from studio gimmicks, very smart businesswoman and all. But someone has to tell her that she is coming across as jealous – last night, the camera closed up on JLO as Haley's segment started – facial expression and body language never lies… did you guys notice that?

      • definitely JLO is JLOus with Haley, its perfectly obvious, Haley has been fighting from the start, and i know she will til the end..and between those she is getting better and better that JLO cant accept it…Haley is the mosr talented amongst idols and she only have a smile to those people who tried putting her down..JLO just wants her opinion to affect HAley's standing, PLEASE haley fans out there! please vote for HAley…I cant vote because im on another country, nevertheless, Haley is loved here

      • Are you the same Marta from Mexico???

        No, it's not you

        Marta won't say something bad about people.

        JLO is not jealous with Haley

    • Really it is good that the judges are critical of Haley because it just fuels her fire and makes her that much determined to be great!!!

      • yes, i think so….

        sometimes i guess the judges terrible comment for haley is setted to up the rating

  92. Taken in order of singing tonight:

    * James gave his weakest performances of the season to-date but will survive into the final 4 but he needs to be careful because he is not improving week-to-week.

    * Jacob was awful on his 1st song and passable on the 2nd. Most definitely the weakest overall of the night and his humping motions and crotch grabbing, while awkward, had no impact on my opinion of his vocal efforts which were way off key and, as RJ used to say – pitchy.

    * Lauren was great with song #1 but, again, chickened out of the high notes on #2 and the professionalism of the band and backing group saved her.

    * Scotty who I have criticized these past two weeks, woke up and gave a great performance on #1 but was just average on #2. Always On My Mind was a big hit for both Willie Nelson and Elvis Presley but his version, while comfortable, was not exciting and it is a song that needs some emotion put into it.

    * Haley; I didn't know song #1 but liked her performance and have no idea why JLo and Jackson keep getting on her back especially when they extolled performances that were worse than hers.

    So Haley came back and slayed them to the point where they gave her a standing ovation. We tape the show and when she had finished that song, my wife said play it again.

    It was – by far – the best performance of the night and sounded even better 2nd time around.

    Scotty and Haley took joint #1 for us.

    Lauren was #3 and, sorry to all the James fans but last night he was #4.

    By far the worst was Jacob and, VFTW not withstanding, he must go home tomorrow otherwise American Idol will be the real loser.

    My opinion probably won't match the voters so, realistically, I think they will end up as follows:

    1. Scotty

    2. Haley

    3. James

    4. Lauren

    5. Jacob

    James & Haley may swap or share the spoils. That will give us a top 4 with the opportunity to see and hear duets that will pair Haley and James and I hope that happens. It is a given that the two Country Teens will do one more duet.

    • I have minor differences with your folks, but overall you have a great analysis and rankings.

      Normally because of my Coondog bias–did anyone else catch Haley giving the well known "Coondog Kiss" after her performance conversing then with Ryan–. (I Coondog did recognize our oft performed ritual!).

      Anyways, I was so pleased to see Scottie venture the fartherest outside his "safezone" he's ever gone with "Gone"!. But I give my most improved marks and Bravest Performance props to Lauren to coming out Confident, looking beautiful in both songs, for working the stage and her eyes and 'going for it' as they say. Though she reached bravely for higher notes than I thought she would (thank you Sheryl Crow for positive influence!), I hope she goes all the way next time for a few she missed this time, but covered effectively.—-Just try it in practice Lauren; even if it breaks, we'll appreciate you for trying the perfect notes!!

      I agree that I know James is super talented, but he was pitchy. I am giving him super props for his connection with the audience emotionally. (I agree he really is the most talented–which is why I hated that phrase being used so loosely with Casey for being merely "amusing"–but even though Haley is my favorite for versatality, Lauren was the star of the show for showing such confidence in a 16 year old?!!!). But, seriously folks, Haley did do the silent mouth kiss to Coondog–the furry Dogstyler/Tonguester of her secret dreams.!! I'm serious People!!!

      • Lauren got my vote last night. Been voting for James tired of the phony tears. Using his family as his ploy for pity is getting very boring, He needs to straighten up and be a man

      • James doesnt not have fake emotions!!! Him, Lauren and Haley… Top three.

      • steve you are 100% right, I also thought James emotions were a little stagey. I also predicted two weeks ago the final three will be James,Scott and Haley.

    • I completely agreed with you, and I wrote the same basically below! OK, I feel validated! I'm not the only one!

  93. Scotty has a record deal waiting for him when the show is over whether he wins or not. That's a certainty. Scotty is a born natural and has an amazing career ahead of him. Lauren is also right behind him and with the right management and record company backing her; we'll see her and Scotty on the Country Music Awards for many years to come. My vote is for Lauren. At age 16, can you vision her talent when she is twenty?!! She has the whole package to become the America Idol. Now it is time for Jacob to go home.

    My score:

    Lauren A+

    Scotty A+

    Haley A-

    James B-

    Jacob C-

    • Scotty should win this, I've been listening and watching, he make his music real, you can tell he feels what he's singing. Jacob is a good singer he did well last night, maybe nobody noticed but he was doing some pretty hard stuff. Mind you I think he messed up with his first song, but he made the second come alive. I think America should vote on both songs, not just one. Lauren came across weak on her second song. She didn't make it real. James should be in the bottom three, but his fans may pull him through, I've voted for him in the past but he can't stand the pressure of what he's trying to do and then using the pity me song, it's not going to work, not with me. Haley, I'll pass no remarks on her but say she had the chance to say no to her first song. She didn't have to sing it. She looked kinda angry after she sang it, but she should of took it in stride, she choose to sing it.

      • Did you say that SCOTTY should be in the bottom 3 when he did a suckish performance?

    • grow up katherine12. lauren is just a bait. she never had a great performance. always safe. im tired of lauren she will be next after jacob.

  94. Tonight's opinion

    1- Haley Reinhart


    2- Scotty(i dont really know how to spell his surname)


    3- Lauren Alaina


    4- James Durbin


    5- Jacob Lusk


      • With his crotch grabbing…He's now called Jacob "Lust"

        James Durbin….sound like "the Bin"…..OOOps! hot topic these days…sorry james fans!

      • James used his usual backups when on stage. His son, his girlfriend and of course the tears. He really should go out for the movies. How is he going to go on tour with the group? His tears got him nothing his rush to go out side face to the wall,was even worse It was supposed to be dramatic and bring out the pity he so craves.

        His performace rated him a C


  95. Haley was the best of the night. This girl can sing! Love the texture in her voice and the versatility that she brings to every song. She is very creative with the songs she chooses and has the talent to grow into a true artist. Wish you well Haley!

    • I second that response K-Girl! Haley is the bomb,and I mean that in a good way.

    • love it guys! i wish i can vote for her, she the guts and she should get the glory!

  96. The judges finally almost said it tonight. What kind of song could Jacob Lusk possibly record that anyone would buy. He should have gone home 6 weeks ago, but who knows. It should come down to two choices in the end, Scotty or James, and that will be based solely on what type of music you prefer. Scotty will be a big Country Star, James on the other hand could probably use the win more to launch a career. I also think both girls will find a contract somewhere also. Maybe Randy can produce Jacob, he certainly has permoted him enough.

    • In the beginning, I thought that Jacob was doing so well. He was actually one of my favorites after the solo and top 12. I know it's partly his fault too (for letting other people influence him) but I think jimmy and the judges have screwed him with conflicting advices and sometimes undeserved praises. Having said that, yeah, I think it's time for Jacob to go home. He's lost his confidence and direction as a singer. Maybe he will be able to regain that and be more relaxed during the tour.

    • Righht on Al!!!I love Haley so much I could become a stalker lol(just joking)but a date with Haley would truly be a gift from God!!!

  97. What is it with all you Scott lovers? Any male who has completed puberty can make their voice pitch down exactly like he does. He's a jukebox with no originality. If I want to hear a person who sounds exactly like him, I'll pull out one of a thousand one hit wonder country records I should've never bought.


      No one can make their voice sound like that U are weird U must be 12 years old punk!!

      • Scotty got my vote Must be the puberty then huh cause he was the best GO SCOTTY

    • Yeah Hayley you cant make your voice drop like that! My dad cant even do it! Ask your father to do it since he's far past puberty he should be able to do it! Its not the voice that is so amazing its the body that houses the voice. I love deep country voices but I have NEVER heard in a boy so young. He is great and you need to stop saying things that arent so and worry about you precious Hayley who should have went home last week instead of Casey. Team Scotty!

      • Well, who's your Dad? I think Scotty sounds like any other country singer and the only thing that may make him a star is some great songwriting handed to him.

    • Haley – I have been singing for 4 decades and have been a baritone since I was 12. Scotty hits notes in the lower register with power that I never hit. Range is not just hitting high notes, the low counts, too. And the young man has that covered well. Anyone cannot do it.

    • Scotty is amazing = not as much as you think.

      He's got a good tone and I agree he's got the charm to weasel his way to teen girl hearts.

      But people, this is a singing competition. If we all just be honest with ourselves, we would all agree that Scotty is one-dimensional and is only bankable in one (1) genre. If it makes you feel any better, he's good at it and will probably go far in that SINGLE genre.

      Still, Voice flexibility, quality and control should be accounted. Scotty is mediocre on all those areas. Someone deserving should win, you know. Wake up girls.

  98. James is overrated and his crying is annoying. He should go for acting. How is he going to survive a road tour??? The time for crying is in the beginning not at this stage. Plus his voice is not that good..he's an Adam wannabe but Adam is much more talented. James is pitchy and his voice is flat except when he screams!

    Lauren should be the winner….she's great and will have a fantastic country/rock career!

    • Agree 3rd time the BOY has cried while singing. Honestly I think he has a emotional problem cause u can see it in his twitching and blinking and weird facial expressions. Some typpe mental problem not to be ugly but possible true!! He needs to go out for acting I agree. Maybe a soap opera not an idol singer. We dont need the screaming to where u cant understand a word of it-

      • I am not a believer of James supposed 'talent' but have nothing against him either. But he doesn't have full control of his actions and emotions because he is autistic (high-functioning or not). At least that's what he said…don't know if that was said to gather sympathy. I just wonder if a high-pressure career will push him over the edge.

      • James is incredible. He does have some handicaps, you'd know if you'd watched from the beginning. He has Asperger's and Tourette's and besides being a fantastic performer, he is to be commended for overcoming these handicaps and growing so much throughout this competition.

      • Yes, I commend him and his parents for his ability to oveercome his challenges, however, this is no reason to vote for him. This is a talent contest and we have no idea what any of the others have had to overcome. Voting should be for the person you belive has the most talent which of course will be the one you enjoy the most.

    • Lauren should be the winner? I beg to disagree. I have NEVER EVER heard a Lauren performance that blew me away. Not one.

      What is her best performance? Can you really call that her best when EVERY SINGLE performance ends up with the same amount of energy, talent or creativity? She did NOT improve. She's just the same old Lauren from Hollywood week.

      She annoys me because she's just sailing through the season with mediocre performances.

  99. Kelly Clarkson said on Facebook.

    Um Haley on Idol just killed it! Wow!! You can sing girl! One of my favorite performances ever on Idol! I predict Haley or Lauren to win.

  100. Want another drinking game? This one will get you wasted. Take a drink every time Randy says "YO"!

    • make it even more fun with 1 drink for every 'Yo Dawg!', 'This right here, this is how you do it!' (you get to rest after Haley's performance on this one), and '*(insert name) is in it to win it, America!'

  101. I thought both performances by Scotty was great. He is so talented. And to the Haley that commented on how any young man his age could sound like that also after puberty needs to grow up and get over jealousy. That is the most stupiest immature comment I think I have ever read. U are so jelaous and it shows!!!! GO SCOTTY got my vote

  102. I agree that Hailey's second performance was probably the best of the night. But it is so hard to like someone that is hung up on them self. JLO's not jealous by any means.As someone stated earlier. She can just see through her. Watch Haley's expressions when she is not singing.Go back on and watch some of the past shows. Hailey smiled when Pia was voted off while everyone else stood there in disappointment and some tears.

    I realize this is just my opinion, but I have a hard time liking a person like that. So I think that JLO can see the person that Hailey is. Not saying that a person like her can't get anywhere. We all know it can happen. Maybe she should have a talk with Charlie Sheen.

    • JLO is more hung up on her self than anyone. JLO is the real fake, not Haley.

    • So wrong here Carmelita, I don't know were your'e coming from about Haley.

      Confidant yes,hung up on herself an extreme observation on your behalf besides whats important is performance and natural ability and the ability to make it all happen on the stage.

      You need to look a winner to be a winner and Haley delivers that with an amazing voice every week.

      A smile can have a so many different meanings not all of them mean that your'e feeling happy, for example a nervous smile or laugh.

      Now if you look great and perform like a winner people like yourself want to fault and judge her and profess to know who she is and what Haley's thinking and feeling.

      Please America judge her on her fantastic voice incredible range and beautiful performance, Haley should be so PROUD of the gift of songs you have shared with us all!

    • agree with you carmelita. if you watch haley closely, everytime a contestant is eliminated, she actually seems to be happy…she doesn't even try to pretend to be sad. i know this is a competition and all, but a little compassion would be nice.

      • Dear god, would you let it go? Haley did not smile, she just wasn't sad, she wasn't attached to Pia at all. Dude, when Casey got eliminated, TWICE, she cried. DEAR GOD, don't even start saying that Haley's fake.

    • Oh Carmelita you are a true genius!! I like it too when someone is voted off and the rest of the contestant shead those PHONEY TEARS! True be known, those are probably tears of JOY!

    • This is so superficial, sorry. It's just like wanting to look for reasons not to like somebody. "Oh she didn't wave to me at class today, she must be a btch." Like that.

      If you look at Haley, she's got a smiley face. People have that. Her eyes are chinky and her mouth seem to normally point upward.

      I've seen her when somebody gets voted off. And if she smiles, don't you think she is just thinking "Oh, thank goodness I wasn't voted off today *phew*" or maybe "Oh *person*, thank you for the happy memories during this competition. You'll do wonderful afterwards." or "Your last performance was so great!" or even "Chimichanga!"

      But I guess, the only possible thought she has is "Mwahahahaha. Somebody is voted off! Good riddance!"

      Bottom line is, we don't know who the contestants are in real life, so please be fair and judge them accordingly. Not like this. Not because somebody doesn't look "sad" when the cues are lit up.

      • so true.

        btw, haley's got the most enjoyable, exciting, and talented voice in the competition. seems like she can sing anything and you wouldn't feel nervous every time she attempts to reach high notes or innovate some.

        she keeps my interest in AI alive. 🙂

      • i've read half of this forum already. and i've noticed the great difference of intellectually between those who support haley and those who hate her extremely. i mean, when people sabotage her personality, and then the other reasons out that "hey, you don't know her", the first who made a comment stays quiet cause he/SHE has immediately lost the debate. i mean, this is a singing contest, only in TV. don't be a fool and trust your first impressions or your desire to destroy a person because you feel insecurity for your fav.

    • I didn't see that at all, I think you people are just jealous of Haley and your cat claws are coming out. I guess the not always warranted criticism the judges have been giving Haley have brain washed people. I just think she is more stoic than the others on the show. If it were me I would not be crying when someone left, why should I, its a competition, I would feel bad they left, but then again that is one more I do not have to compete against. Geez lets look at reality a bit you know.

    • well, if JLO can see thru that she should not be an Americanidol judge..she should be a psychiatrist..PERFORMANCE is PERFORMANCE, nothing can beat that…there are a whole lot of artist that are mean but very good on their craft…but nevertheless, Haley is a good person..

  103. Into the garbage with the Viagra baby. Haley singing House of the Rising Sun has cured my problem forever! Unfortunately I now have heart palpitations. What a star she is!

    • LOL… too funny! You just made me spit my tes everywhere! GO Haley!

      I'd buy her albums right now! I have been a fan of hers since day one. Since I live in Canada I can't vote for her but she is awesome. If I didn't think she was amazing already she would have one me over when she sanf Adele Rolling in the Deep! 😛

      • well, if JLO can see thru that she should not be an Americanidol judge..she should be a psychiatrist..PERFORMANCE is PERFORMANCE, nothing can beat that…there are a whole lot of artist that are mean but very good on their craft…but nevertheless, Haley is a good person..

  104. I personaly think Scotty had the best perfomances of the night. Lauren did great too but you could tell she was holding back. James did really good made me cry a little. James and Hayley need to go home! Dont hate me Jacob and Haley fans but I dont see how they got this far and Casey went home! Casey should have been the one to win. There isnt enough money fame and fortune on this big earth that could make me vote for those two. I think they suck. When they sing it makes me wanna vomit, jab pencils into my ears and then cut off my own head so that I wont have to hear them any more. Jacob screams like a woman sky diving and Hayley cracks more than the eggs I made for my momma this morning.

    • Very descriptive. Still, I don't know your point. Does anybody want to translate? What does "Haley cracks more than eggs I made for my momma this morning" mean?

      Anyway, that sounds delicious. That made me hungry. And we all know, NUTRITION = good.

      Therefore, Haley = nutrition = good.

      Haley = good.

      Thank you Alexandria! Go Haley!

    • pleez,that is the most microbial insight ever.haley is the only participant on the show that is tlanted beyond what a regular person can do.

  105. I think Braden's comments on the contestants are much more helpful than those so called judges of this season! C'mon…they're getting from bad to worst! All trashes!…especially JLo…perhaps she's too busy admiring that flower on her head (what is she? a bride again??)

    Best Performer of the night: Haley

    The worst: Jacon Lust…can't stand his/her every move on stage…esp. that unconsciously scratching his willy! Yuk!

  106. Who keeps saving Jacob each week,should have gone weeks ago,James is still best of group then Scotty.

    Haley has really rose to the top in past few weeks.Hope America gets it right this weeks and sends

    Jacob packing

    • Jacob should be singing On The Wings Of Love, he sounds like Jeffrey Osborne. That's his nitch. He just needs to figure it out. He has a lot of talent.

  107. By the way What the f does Jennifer have be jealouse of??!! Shes a billion times better looking than Hayley and has 5 times more talent (Jens not the best singer but she doesnt sound like a tone def drunk at kareoke in a bar) I think Jenny has better things to do than hate on a teenaged nobody. What does she have to jeaolous of? Her hideously bad looks and disgustingly low amount of talent?

    • Alexandria do you have green eyes like the goddess of envy because you sure sound jealous to me. Not everyone can have both looks and talent so don't feel so bad about it. After all what would supermarkets be without check out staff!

      • Im not jealous of haley shes nothing to be jealous of a- hole! And I dont work at a supermarket I work with children and I love it! Not my fault your mother scrubs toilets at mcdonalds. P.s you cant make me feel bad about my job I do what I love so therfore I feel as if Im not really working.

      • Um I agree with Ian1 You need to grow up. Jealousy doesn't look good on anyone… not even JLO. Sorry! But good for you for doing something you love.

      • Alex, if you work with children, then maybe just maybe you should be sent home packing!!! Haley pay no attention to this dope.

      • alexandria if you work for being troubled with the kids with you around

    • Wow Alexandria, you're a selfish bit- you know. Jealous of Haley? Well, that's too bad, that's why you don't understand music and you work with children. Don't critize Haley when you DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC.


      • Yeah Jaime! Alexandria has problems with hearing maybe it's the kids yelling in her ears. A billion times better looking? REALY! Give me Haley any day over JLo.

        Definitely jealousy comes into play with such an incoherent


    • Fellow Haley Fans, I think we should thank Alexandria! I mean, if mean-spirited, bad-mouthed people like her are hating on Haley, people who like Haley look WAY WAY better HEE HEE.

      Thanks for making us look good, Alexandria!

  108. I voted for Haley last night for the first time. She made me do it. Her rendition of House of the Rising Sun was the best performance I've ever seen on American Idol.

  109. My take on it tonight:

    1. Haley – first song, good… second song she nailed it.

    2. Lauren – finally hearing her start to use her voice. Loved the first song, liked the second.

    3. James – first song ok, second song good (singing wasn't on point – but he truly meant those lyrics.

    4. Scotty – The first song was good, second song was completely boring with no emotion and very sleepy rendition (and that song is one of my all time favourites)

    5. Jacob – Yuk and ok.

    I am completely disappointed in the judges' comments. First they give schtick to Haley who showed guts by doing an unknown song, then they give so much praise where it is completely not earned to Jacob and even at times Scotty. But what disappointed me the most is the complete lack of any sort of encouragement to Lauren. She nailed her first song and got some praise, but her second song was "nothing to judge". WTF??? What is she supposed to do with that sort of comments. If she was good, then why not say so… they certainly talk up James, Scotty and Jacob. I completely disagree with some posters comments that she is the judges favourite… IMO I think Scotty and James are the ones the judges are grooming to win and the girls are having to work extra hard to get any sort of positive comments other than generic "beautiful". I am not a Haley fan usually but she completely won me over tonight and I think the girls should be the top two.

    • PS… the main reason I say this about the girls is because they have grown so much since the start. They are truly coming into their own. Whereas Scotty and James have plateaued and aren't wowing any more. Jacob seems to be in a world all his own – he too hasn't changed/improved over the competition.

    • What am I missing? I watched Lauren her first song was good, but she showed no emotion singing the second. To know what I'm talking about watch Kenny Rogers sing on youtube. She was fair. Haley, I didn't like her songs. But will be honest and say I don't like her voice. She sounds rough like she is forcing the sound which I believe she is. James was weak. Scotty whom I like did a fine overall job. He was in his element and made Willie and Elvis proud, If you watch him you'll see the emoton in his face. Now Jacob can sing. I would like to hear him pick a song that matches his voice. He should come down out of the rafter. He'll find that he would have more range with his voice that way and sound better.

  110. James to me has the entire package – and he will have it made whether he wins Idol or not; so will Scotty. Time for Jacob to go home; has a good voice but a bit boring at this point – would be good on Broadway

    • Agreed, but I think they all will have careers at this point. I don't care for Jacob, but even I must admit the boy has a helluva range. I thought he was off key last night. I see him doing the Gospel tent circuit or on Broadway.

  111. I think James should be in the bottom 3, and perhaps go next week after Jacob who will probably go home tonight. James consistently has pitch problems, and is never called on it. When he hits the high stuff he usually is in tune, but everything else is amateur at best. The judges are really doing him a disservice. This coming from a metal fan. James pales in comparison to any of the top melodic metal singers out there. He is a caricature

    Haley's rendition of 'House of the Rising Sun' was too awesome for words. I hate country with a passion, but despite my bias, I have to give Scotty mad props for being so consistent and professional. He is a true artist and talent. I think Scotty will/should be the next American Idol with Haley or Lauren as the runner up.

    • How interesting that you are supposedly a metal fan, but you incidentally think country Scotty will/should win AI. No wonder that you are bashing James by saying bunch of obvious lies. LOL

      • Sorry friend, no lies here.

        Musical tastes aside, I do have the ability to determine who can sing on key and who consistently cannot. James in a metal wannabe. That is all.

    • I agree to put musical tastes aside. I'am not a metal fan. But I also have the ability to determine who can sing on key and who cannot, and musical knowledge to do so. So ether both of us know that there is nothing wrong with Jamses singing, or there is something wrong with the ton on your TV 🙂 That is all that is my friend.

      • Hate to say this, but that guy Steve is right. James' singing was all over the place last night. He had some pitch problems in almost all parts of the song, except when he screamed. He screamed on pitch. You must be deaf if you didn't hear that… Sorry…

      • Last night – yes, he had some pitch problems, and he was called for it. But he doesn't have pitch problems consistently as Steve is implying, and not more then Scotty, Lauren or Haley from time to time.

      • AI-Fan hit the nail on the head. I am a huge James fan, but last nights first song was in fact pretty rough. He was off key, off pace, never seemed comfortable on the stage with it, and generally just wasn't himself.

        The second song however was awesome. He put his personal spin on it, nailed the notes, touched the audience, and pulled it together beautifully. But that first performance was the first black mark for him since he San Bon Jovi back in… week 2 was it?

        James was fortunate that his off-night was this week when Jacob was still around floundering and screeching and will likely be the one to go home.

        Like the judges said, it's James competition to lose right now. Despite Scotties brilliant performance of "Gone" last night, James just needs to get back to what he has been for every performance prior to last night and maintain it for the next 3 weeks and he should be crowned. One more night with a performance like that first song last night though and… well, I'm sure Scotty wouldn't mind being the next AI champion.

  112. I voted for Haley because she did the best job. Hopefully it will be Jacob going home. I just don't feel any emotion from him when he sings. His voice is always the same and I'm tired of him. This was the first week I thought James was in the bottom three maybe just because of his family visiting and leaving. Lauren was so flat singing her second song. The judges are always so hard on Haley and praise Jacob, sorry folks but I think Jacob stinks and should have been ousted way before Casey.

  113. I'm impressed… I didn't know James Durbin had another talent within him. He probably picked up "crying to get the votes" from Lauren. Mediocre performance and crying… might work too!

    • Watch James or Haley go home tonight, I really think Jacob is gonna stay, I don't know who is voting for him but he's getting votes. Last week the poll had him at the bottom but he stayed, same with other weeks. I like his voice but feel he needs to bring it down so he can move up without breaking his sound.

      • Yeah I've been saying the same thing about Jacob(that he gets too much criticism)but I think he will go home tonight, because he is good but not as good as the rest.

  114. james whts up with the judges his first song was pitchy 2nd song was good but he used pity {give me a break} Lauren to me is just BORING. Jacob both songs awful and will be going home tonite. Hailey 1st song was awful but really smashed it with the 2nd song but Scotty was GREAT with both song's and he has style, sexy.and comfortable on stage it will come down to james and scotty in the final's and if every one can get past james crying every time scotty will be the next american idol, I have watched from the beginning and he is another carrie underwood and i really believe america see's this. go Scotty

  115. Again, James should go home!!! I'm so sick of him not even getting criticized when he is off key or pitchy. These were his two worst performances, and this is not the first time he was off key or pitchy folks!!!! I don't care that he got emotional with the second song…it sounded horrible!!! I'm sick of him, his screeching, his horrible costumes (because everything he wears seems fake and like a costume), and I'm sick of all of the judges over praising!! For the first time, I truly wanted Simon back!!!!

    I seriously do not know what was wrong with the judges and why they can't give credit where credit is due. Haley gave the best vocal of the season, but the truth is that both of her songs were fantastic!!!

    Lauren was also amazing…I just love everything about her.

    Scotty was alright tonight. His first song was better, but I still cannot stand the way he holds his microphone and all those cheesy eyebrow raises!! He is still so cheesy to me. The second song was a little forgettable, especially since Willie N. sang it so much better and with real emotion. I'm really wishing they would have chosen John Wayne over Scotty.

    I just know I'm going to be so pissed off by the end of the season!!!! This really started out as one of the best seasons, but was ruined by James and the judges.

    • I loved James,,he may have been a little pitchy but he is in it to win it people! I think he dances circles around the others. I am also a Haley fan but her songs last night were kinda big for her. Jacob should leave tonight.

      • That is so not true! He does not dance circles around the others. In fact, he has the worst voice out of the group of them. Haley killed both of her songs…they were not too big for her at all!!!

        I do kind of agree that Jacob should go (since I'm sure it won't be James)

        I'm completely losing faith in Idol and the public voice. I really think that James will not do well with record sales if he wins. I really wonder if people would love him just as much if he didn't have a disability. I am all for the underdog, and always have been. I didn't like his audition, and he lost me for sure with his attitude against all of the teenagers and their mothers during hollywood week, especially since his vocal was HORRIBLE on that song!!!

      • Maybe he should enter Dancing With The Stars then. I can only understand about a third of what he sings and the rest hurts my ears.

  116. My ranking..


    1. Lauren – 9.3%

    2. Scotty – 9.1%

    3. James – 8.9%

    4. Haley – 8.3%

    5. Jacob – 7.2.%


    1. Haley – 9.6%

    2. James – 9.2%

    3. Lauren – 9.1%

    4. Scotty – 9%

    5. Jacob – 8.8%

    It was a close fight for james-lauren and scotty. hailey was a little bit in troubled in the first round but still she was in the competition and made evrybody wowed in her second song.

    Jacob is still the left one…i don't know but i just don't feel him anymore.

    Top 3 might be Hailey-James-Scotty/then it'll be Hailey-James…

    • H.m.m.m……I am thinking


      Scotty – 9.5

      Lauren – 9.0

      Haley – 8.5

      James -8.0

      Jacob – 7


      Haley 9.5

      Scotty – 8.0 ( too slow)

      Lauren – 7.5 (uninspired)

      James – 7.5 ( it broke my heart that he was off key )

      Jacob – 7 ( please just sing Luther again )

      Just an opinion….and you know what they are like…everybody has one!

  117. Branden – I agree completely and noted on Matt's recap page last night. Not a Ga Ga fan and David Bowie/Madonna/Elton John shtick is not fresh at all to someone who remembers the 70s & 80s; but I thought Haley did a great job on that song. And her version of "House of the rising sun" will be a huge download hit. There is always a song or two that I don't know. I did not know James' song. I have no idea why they criticize her song CHOICE rather than critiquing everyone's singing. Isn't this supposed to be a SINGING competition? Jacob was off-key and has been for 8 weeks. Nothing but good. Haley puts out an outstanding vocal and we talk about song choice!!!Stop trying to make her the next Janis and let her be her. Anyway, we voted for her a bunch and really hope Jacob is sent packing, finally!

    • Yeah….I think they should have criticized Jimmy …after all…since when has a producer suggested a song? I don't remember one time EVER.

  118. Haley was the best so far. I hope America votes for her. I don´t care about the judges. Sometimes I think they are jealous about her talent.

  119. This show is rigged and has been for a long time. I mean, who is voting for Jacob to keep him in the competition this long? No one I know.



      • How can you say that about Haley? She sang "House of the Rising Sun" as good as could possibly be sung. She took the whole night. I'm usually a big James fan but for the first time-he was dissapointing last night. Shame on J Lo for getting on her case while Jacob is still there sounding awful.

    • Alexandria it's because they both can sing otherwise they would not have come this far!

    • Hi Alexandria. I wonder what your observations are based on. Are you watching the same show?

      I might speculate that you just watch Idol for your favorites, turn off the TV when others are performing and THEN bash them on the internet when you CLEARLY have not heard them perform.

      There's no other explanation available. You can dislike Hayley (or Jacob) but please acknowledge the fact that they can sing. Believe me honey, saying otherwise just makes you look like an idjit.

    • Alexandria I have a diagnosis for you, your'e a suffering from acute jealousy combined with chronic obsession! this is a new condition called Haleyophobiajealousius-obbsessionitis please take one reality pill a day and rest without no TV for the next few weeks!

      • Alexandria doesnt sound jealous to me she sounds like a sensible person unlike dr brick head and hayleys little psycho fan. I hate Hayley too and Jacob only sounds good when a chior is drowning him out Hayley suck and I think she's f-cking the judges she isnt attractive and she cant sing. If you read Alexandria's comment CORRECTLY then you would have seen that she said WHY IS EVERY ONE SAYING JENNIFER IS JEALOUS OF HAYLEY you two dip sh!ts just wanna stir up trouble. Dont even read the full commments just read a few words and run off with it. Jack wagons. GO JAMES

      • Really Sam, if she was f'ing the judges I would think they would be rooting/plugging "how awesome she is etc., etc.," instead of dogging her constantly. She has the best voice there aside from Lauren. Take a hike and open your ears and eyes.

      • Sam and Alexandria are made for each other. They are two very nasty people that spew hate. They don't realize that all five of these singers are incredible. If they see something beautiful, they have to tear it down to feel good about themselves. Really pitiful. But it takes extremely rude ignorant people like them to show us the bottom of the humanity spectrum. For that I thank them.

      • Sam says: "She isn't attractive."

        Dude, come out of the closet already. It's the 21st century and most people are cool with your orientation.

        As for your taste in music, what can I say? Some people just can't appreciate quality. It's somewhat like your orientation, I suppose. You like what you like and that's it, but Haley smokes and smolders and I'd buy her album right now. I like James, but I wouldn't buy his album. I would pay good money to never ever have to hear Jacob again.

    • hey alexandria! do you have ipod or any music gadgets?i think you are watchig AI when your vaccuum cleaner is on…get your ears cleaned-up

      • First off thank you Sam for having some GOD DAM SENSE! Second I do have clean ears (you cant clean UP your ears dumb a** you can only clean them OUT! Im not nasty and Sam isnt either. Hayley has a bar maiden voice and thats where she'll be when shes forty and her side job will be f*cking people so that she can try and be somebody. kinda like what she's doing now

  121. One thing to say Haley was the best of the noght. Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote .You may think she is safe but look what happened to Pia its on you if she goes out and if you like her and dont vote .Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote ………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • 100% correct we must all vote to keep Haley safe, this competition is so unpredictable!

      • Sorry. If only you'd said something sooner. Here I went and voted for Scotty 570 times. Oh well.

  122. Look at the James haters roll out on his One bad night. Scotty has been almost monotone every performance and last night was all over the place with his songs. Jacob was horrid again last night. Lauren broke out a little in her first song but then went right back in her turtle shell Hailey rocked her rendition of the House of the Rising Sun. She looked beautiful and had every right to be happy. Some of you could get a pot of gold and complain about the weight your so petty.

  123. OK, last night I went out, and had to watch it DRV style, and only watched the singing. I didn’t listen to al the judges comments, didn’t have time. Prior to my comments on the Idols, Cheryl Crow is amazing, love her music.

    Ok, solely on performance and vocals –

    James was not good on either song, emotional or not. The first one sounded half as good as the original, and failed to really shine. The second one he completely butchered. I was highly disappointed, and depending on fickle voting, he might be in serious danger tonight.

    Jacob – I personally didn’t like the octave he chose for the first song, should have been lower, but ok. I just wasn’t impressed, seemed forced really Didn’t like either song choice. The second song was better. So depends on voting base. He or James are in danger.

    Lauren – wow, the first song, tailor made, and she sounds so credible. It sounded like as song was hers, and did that song justice. Still like the original, but liked it. Very very good.

    Scotty, again, in his lane, and was really really good on both. He picked the absolutely correct songs right now, known, recognizable, and delivers in his way.

    Haley, first one was good, but I wasn’t wow’d. The Second, wow.. Minx you said it. Don’t love that song, but it was really well done. Good job.

    Overall – this is the first time I said, Lauren and Scotty could be the final two to try to win this. Jacob and James are in trouble, unless voting sends Haley packing.

    We’ll see.

  124. Go home Jacob. Jacob must go, must go, go man! Should have been gone weeks ago! Ugh! Haley's voice and range and stage presence, etc. Wow!Lauren will mature and have more style one day but this is not her time, she is not there yet. Scotty has grown so much over the season it is scary and even though I am not a country fan he is on it every week. I believe inspite of last nights weak performance by James in Now Scotty is a more solid performer. James is definetly the showman, Scotty the singer, Lauren the beauty queen performance, Haley has the voice to last decades of fans. And Jacob needs to join a respectable gospel group. Are there any non-respectable gospel groups? Please don't embarrass yourself on the Idol stage with crotch grabbing. It was even gross with MJ.

  125. If Haley goes home after that performance, then I am convinced that they are rigging it. Fixing the show so that James Durbin has the duet in the finals with Steven Tyler.

  126. Jacob has got to go. Lauren is not ready to be the next American Idol and has major confidence problems. Hailey is growing on me but a little too confident needs to tone down her ego, Scotty is cute, comfortable on stage and a good singer, nice guy and could win it, but I probably would never buy one of his CD'S. James had a bad week this past week but every other week has been great. He is super talented. He was pitchy because he was holding back tears. He has some tough issues to deal with and with all of that considered he I hope he wins. They will push his rock side rather than his metal side and he could be great!

  127. My opinion on the final 5 is as so; Scotty, he caught my eye since the first audition. A voice like that and his love for country music which is more popular than ever right now is going to take him far regardless if he wins or not. (For country music haters, just look at who AI has had perform so far, Jason Aldean, Lady A coming on tonight, the stage is not filled with Chris Brown and Usher) Having said that, I think Lauren is right there in the hunt. She has an amazing voice, can pretty much sing anything as the judges mentioned last night and she is also still young like Scotty where the sky is the limit for these 2. Jacob, judges said it last night, who are you, and what are you going to be for America? If we don't know by now, I don't think we will in another 3 weeks, you are out tonight! Haley, while she kinda annoys me, she has something unique with her to where she could put out a good album and launch a career although I think it would be a short one. She just seems PO'd all the time like she doesn't care what the judges think and generally looks not happy to be there. Everyone else seems to appreciate where they are at this stage in the voting. And James, rock and roll will always be huge in America but what really seperates this guy from the others is what I want to know? He could be a new age Bon Jovi kinda dude, and he will do something I'm sure. But thinking back I don't think he is any better than David Cook was.

    Personally I vote Scotty and Lauren finale, either one I'd be happy with but my overall vote is Scotty since I think this guy has the confidence to move forward in a career right now.

    • You know… If you give out some of the season's best performances and then the judges bash you for no reason (and then they continue to heap praise to mediocre performances, without even criticizing the flats and the sharps or their SHEER boring-ness), WEEK after WEEK after WEEk..

      I pretty much think, I'd be POed too.

    • scotty pleez,hes george bush @14 with a voice that is peculiar and cartoonistic.he is interesting to hear and see but not in terms of a serious performer!

  128. I thought it very interesting last night that Haley got criticized for doing a little known song. YET, when Casey did odd stuff that few had heard he was highly praised.

    I realized these judges are coming from a different place than judges in the past. They are about supporting these kids. But it is very obvious that JLo has an issue with Haley. I didn't like Haley to begin with, but I have come to enjoy her performances. I do believe she is an entertainer.

    • agree. i had not liked haley until her 'Bennie and the jets' performance , and has been her fans since that week too…

  129. alright! like I've said from the start Haley Reinhart has the most interesting vocal of any of these performers. She proved it tonight on House of The Rising Sun AND she finally got a deserved Standing O from the judges. That's the first time they've given this girl the right reception. She is amazing and should win if this was about singing only.

    I hope its the last week I have to listen to Jacob; really – i know he has an impressive range but seriously – not only is that NOT the most important quality in a singer, he just makes every song sound the same. Most of the time he is just blowing out the entire vocal through his nose. In the early days and during Hollywood week I really thought he was special, but he just isn't delivering on his promise and it's time to go.

    James went off the boil this week and I didn't enjoy him as much but he'll still get the votes. His voice just isn't that nice to listen to and again it takes more than the high notes to deliver a vocal people remember for all time.

    Lauren – she's still holding back. Amazing for her age but I don't think she'll take it this year.

    Scotty – he delivered for sure. He has a voice I'd listen to – an amazing vocal quality.

    America will probably put James and Scotty safe; the others in the bottom 3.

    Jacob's time has come…

  130. haley killed it! you know i dont get the judges they tell everyone to take risks and haley always does, last night she took a BIG one singing a song really NO ONE knows and it sounded good but they slammed her? Well she came back and OMG she was perfect i wish she did the whole song w/ out any music it was beautiful.

    Lauren did good too i liked the second song better i liked the way she sang it.

    scotty- this week was very good!!!! I loved both song choices

    James: COME ON!!! STOP IT!! He is trying everything he can to win. the tears the if he makes it to the end will u sing with me steven.. its pathetic, honestly most of the time i like his peformance but last night it was not there, it was pitchy and horrible to me comparred to what i have heard him do, but of course HE IS SAFE.

    Jacob: OMG OMG Are you serious. im sorry jacob fans he needs to go


    1. HALEY





    Haley better be safe, that was incredible!

  131. In Peru, comes the program with a week of delay so that I can see the videos on the network. Let me say that I’m a fan of Scotty, was incredible. The controversy with Haley and judges think it is question of charisma Haley is good but does not connect with a sector and especially the female (is very aggressive I think), let me say that being objective it is not bad but it would not pay to listen to her. I think that people have their favorites, and works by voting to keep it, I do not think that she have a good base of followers, I think is going to be a top 3 at most. American Idol is one that achieves an absolute loyalty from his followers in the good and the bad, and that Scotty and James, are the strongest to win. Sorry for my English and only is a personal opinion.

    • I am a female and I know many females who like Haley, it is the catty women who do not. They do not like someone who is more talented and is attractive than they are. This causes them to search for things bad to say about someone they don't even know and only assume from what they see and you know what happens when you assume!!!!! I also believe that the judges have brainwashed a few in regard to Haley. i.e., unknown songs by others are praised, Haley NOT!!! I don't know why they even picked her in the first place because since the beginning they have just thrown turds to her.

  132. Haley was all fired up with The house of the Rising Sun. Her best performance really! James is James and still on tops for me, but Haley is becoming so darn sexy and is getting better every time. Scotty and Lauren are still in the thick of the fight, but I cannot say trhe same for Jacob, sorry, but he is not in the league. JAcob cannot keep up with JAmes,Haley,LAuren and Scotty. AI is now getting to be really interesting :))

  133. Well, I guess James did NOT forget his child. I think that was the first time he mentioned his family since Hollywood. Or maybe he is just pulling out the sympothy card because his performances needed it. I don't buy it.

  134. I missed the first song (James) but I got the rest of them all; OMG I was soooooo impressed with Haley and Scotty – they did an excellent performance. Lauren was good too but not as outstanding than Haley and Scotty. Jacob, I do not wish to go there anymore, it hurts to much….but my Idol James, I think it was so humble what it did last night, he took a chance to show us the other side of him, he could have chosen somethingelse but NO, he was true to himself, yes he did show his pains to all of us, if this is not an Idol, my gosh, tell me what it is…..James, the pain you had last nigth with your second song make you so true, you are such an inspiration to all of us; you will always have my vote – I am so proud of you – you were the best and you still the best…you will be in final with Scotty – these two deserve to be in final!!!!!

    • Haley's was the best performance of the night, hands-down. That girl rocks! My only question is, what idiot told her to sing the lyrics of the Animals' version – "…the ruin of many a poor boy, and…I'm one"? I mean, seriously, the song is supposed to be about a woman and the cathouse where she works, and it would have had even more impact with the original lyrics. Well, be that as it may, I liked the Lady Gaga song, too, and would also rank her #1 overall for the night. A+.

      I loved Scotty's first song, but "Always On My Mind" is too mature for him, and I wasn't wowed by the vocal. B.

      It wasn't James' best vocal night, but he has an incredible voice and has never given even a lukewarm performance, much less a bad one. "Without You" broke my heart. A-.

      I liked both Lauren's songs, but I also disliked the song editing in "Unchained Melody" and wished she'd taken it up where it should have gone. B-.

      Jacob has been a ball of nerves and screwing up regularly for weeks, probably because he realizes he's out of his depth. Time to send him home. His performances last night aren't worth the time to discuss. D.

      Where I'd rank them for the season:

      #1 James

      #2 Haley

      #3 Scotty

      #4 Lauren

      That said, I predict Scotty will be the winner. Between the deep voice, the Alfred E. Newman gone handsome look, and the innocent North Carolina charm, the teenage girls just eat him up. I'd rather it were James, who has the better voice, the bigger range, and lot more versatility, but whoever said rockers never win had a point. Or Haley, though any one of those four winning would be okay with me – just not Jacob.

      • Ok you Jacob hatter. Yuck Scotty??? I don't think so…. I hope Jacob stays on and becomes the new American Idol. That would show you what singing is about.

      • Uh – Jacob has a phenomenal voice, I have to agree with that….but he sucks as a performer, sorry but he can be very boring at times. That's one of the reasons Pia didn't last – don't get me wrong, I think some of Jacob's performances have been some of the best I've ever heard on AI, he's just not Idol material – but that's just my opinion.

      • @ Molly. I really think you're wrong about that line. The song was sung just that way by The Animals (uh, all male), and I always thought that line was supposed to mean that his (the singer's) life was ruined by getting mixed up with the women in The House of the Rising Sun.

      • James should win Idol . He has been the best from day one. It doesn't get any better than James Durbin!!!

  135. I love reading all of the comments or (put Downs) everyone wants to hand out. Just remember they are young people trying to spread their wings and all deserve a fair shot. Got to admit Haley nailed her last song,So what if James cried,he did not get my vote,but he can really scream.HE and Jacob should have a screaming duet,Scotty and Lauren bring it on.

    • Wow – pretty easy to spot what genre preference flows thru your veins….not partial are we.

      • Some people are just heartless and nasty.

        My hubby use to have long hair and "oh no" a musician to beat. Those down home country boys were brutal to the likes of him.

    • Beety Woods you sound like you live out in the woods….and just love you some country and beer…

      Scotty'll win….(so sad) his boring, he brings nothing new and he thinks he's all that!!! Go Scotty McCrappy!!!!!

  136. Do Not EVER say the words Jabob Lusk and Nazareth in the same sentence again….that was truely awfull!!!! He MUST go now!!!!! I'm not a big Haley fan but got say she sang great on both songs and definately did not deserve the criticism that was dished out to her. James for the win…he has my vote all the way!!!!

    • @Dana. That was quite fair of you! I love it when people who can give credit due, even if the contestant is not their favorite! You have my respect and admiration!

      I LOVE Haley, and I wanted to come thru my TV set and throttle each of those judges last night. How was it that the only thing they could say to Haley after her first performance was a whine about picking an unknown song? For heaven's sake, they could have told her that her vocals were outstanding, and then say "but I think that . . " IMO, all of the "current" songs chosen were relatively unknown (who among us knew all of them?), so that was a STUPID criticism. I mean really stupid. And could they have complimented her on having the honor of having the blessing of a well-known artist to sing her song (as they did with James)? No! And I really liked it! I'm truly not saying that because I am such a fan of Haley; I thought she did a great job!

      I have been very upset with the judges for their constant criticism of Haley. I figured it had ended. But nope, they've still got the urge to scratch that itch for some reason. I also find it strange that there are still some ignorant females on these blogs who find it necessary to make a point of saying mean, idiotic things about Haley and her singing. Who cares about who they hate when it is clear they have hate in them and no valid critiques? None of us do. So save it, please, and learn to practice the art of living with a positive mindset instead of a negative one.

      I really don't know how Haley held it together after that first critique last night. It had to have felt like sabotage–as the judges know that one negative world out of their mouths influence so many. How could they??!!

      So it was such sweet revenge when Haley knocked it out of the ballpark in her second song. I know she knew she had done it. I know she had to feel it in her guts that she had shown them (once again!!) what talent really is. And this time there was no denying her. They HAD to give her credit. I am still so angry with the judges . . . can you tell? I want to throw them off the show. I lost total respect for each of them last night. They are virtually worthless as judges, IMO.

      • Aren't all songs unknown until someone sings them in public? "Lady Antebellum" sang a song tonight that no one has ever heard. Are they taking a BIG risk,too?

      • Thanks Pup for venting my anger at the judges for me. You really blasted them good!

        I also like the Poster who said she'd love to have Haley sitting on Judge chair when JLo lipsynchs tonight (she'll actually sing, but it'll be to the perfect pretaped version coming over loudest in the speakers–so yes, lip synching). Anyways, the Poster had Haley kind of shaking her head and softly saying, "Baby, Baby you know I love you , but I just don't think that song was right for you. I'm sorry Baby."

        Or if JLo actually gives a good performance of dancing while she lipsynchs, Haley could just not acknowledge it with the JLo standard, "There's nothing to judge!" good job Baby (but said with a pitiful frown, again JLo style).

        Maybe some unbalanced audience member will throw balloons filled with water-soluble green paint at JLo on stage to symbolize the fact that JLo is Green with Envy regards Haley! Yeah!

  137. I actually liked Lauren's unchained melody even though it seemed she kept falling asleep during it and would snap awake thinking "oh! I have to do something good here!" and then fall asleep again.

    • I really like Lauren, but I have to say she's out of her depth here. She's like a little kid playing dress up. She did a great job on her first song, peppy and poppy. But "Unchained Melody" is way out of her wheelhouse and the hair, overdone makeup and 1950's gown would have been laughable if they weren't so pathetic.

      • Templar, We are posting buddies but I disagree. Lauren was perfect last night in every way.

    • She did great through the first 2/3 of the song and then when she could have soared home on the top of that song, she went down and soft — and totally missed her moment.

      I told my wife last night, she was afraid of going for the crescendo……..


    • I did notice she's kinda pissed at the both at them after her second song… priceless. And bless you Tyler for sticking up for Hailey.

    • But at the same time, Haley was the only singer last night to get a standing O. Honestly, I don't think she deserved it, but that's okay. So yes, the judges come down hard on her and then were trying to make up for it. Maybe it was the producers in the judges ears that said they have to do something since they tore into her so badly on the first song.

      • Haley is truly a talented vocalist and after watching every season of AI…I don't think I have ever truly thought that the judges are making an attempt to impact voting, until now. Randy has consistently been critical of Haley and Jennifer Lopez seems to tag along with his opinion from time to time. I am guessing they think she is less marketable than Scotty/James or even Lauren. I get that everyone has different musical tastes; however, after listening last night…nobody performed a cleaner vocal than Haley. Forget back stories, emotions, or cuteness factor. Haley nailed her vocal. Isn't it Randy that is always saying "this is a singing competition"…


    • First off – learn how to spell.

      Secondly – get your hearing checked as soon as possible (highly recommended).

      Thirdly – once you've mastered the art of spelling & have been prescribed the correct hearing aid, then you should immediately locate the best neurologist you can find & have your head examined.

      Finally – while your at it you might as well kill four birds with one stone & have a heart transplant cause you are in serious need of a new one.

      After that – perhaps you might be able to re-evaluate your statement.

      • To Inspired.

        Awesome post. Nice mix of upper and lower case too!!! Thought we weren't to post in big baby block letters.""Ozzy"!!

  140. I am thinking we might get fooled and see my favorite James, Jacob and Haley in the bottom 3.

    I want Jacob to go home but we might get fooled and see one of our favorites leave us.

    I would like to see Haley win over Lauren because Lauren is going to have a huge career reguardless..I feel a bit of vomit in my throat as she is so pimped out I am sick of her.

    Let's hope and pray James stays in the game!!! We need him and his very cool voice with original music playing as loud as possible, singing along as we drive down the road.

    • you mean screaming along!!! James can hit ahhh scream high notes and work the croud… Where is the talent? Hope america sees that!

      • Ah Abby – allz I can say is "words are like leaves and where they most abound must sence beneath is rarely found"…..I'll leave it up to you to read between the lines 🙂

    • I hate Haley and I hope she goes home Tonight. James will win and Scotty will be the runner up.

  141. Scotty and haley had the best performances of the night. i am not a fan of country music. I have always chosen rock over country. But this time, i think scotty has the edge. hayley and lauren are peaking at the right moment. If you are into glam rock of the 80's, then james is your bet, although i would prefer that he would sing more, and scream less. As for jacob, he should have been gone weeks ago.

    • It's not that Scotty's bad, it's that he's SOOOOOOOOOO Bad. He makes me want to put my finger in my eye, and swirl it around…..

      • Tonight it will be surprised and shocked. Haley Scotty James will be in bottom 3. Jacob will win.

      • I wouldn't go so far as to say he is bad. I just find him corny and that fake bass boo, boo, boo when just talking to make the girls giggle makes me ill. I dislike when he sings first or second of the night. I need to take a Wake Up pill to get through his boring closet crooning so I can stay awake to hear the others.

        He did figure out how to pick a more upbeat song, move around the stage and hold the mic properly. Miracles do happen.

      • to bahloo2000

        I second that…Scootty makes me change the channel I can't stand him!!

  142. In Peru, comes the program with a week of delay so that I can see the videos on the network. Let me say that I’m a fan of Scotty, was incredible. The controversy with Haley and judges think it is question of charisma Haley is good but does not connect with a sector and especially the female (is very aggressive I think), let me say that being objective it is not bad but it would not pay to listen to her. I think that people have their favorites, and works by voting to keep it, I do not think that she have a good base of followers, I think is going to be a top 3 at most. American Idol is one that achieves an absolute loyalty from his followers in the good and the bad, and that Scotty and James, are the strongest to win. Sorry for my English and only is a personal opinion. Go Scotty!!!

  143. I agree about them not giving Haley positive strokes. She is good and I think she is better than Lauren. Not saying Lauren isn't good also but I think Haley is more mature and ready for a great career. James will have a good future too, but I have never seen a Rocker when the Idol show. They seem to come in 2nd but end up doing well after the show.

  144. to Branden:

    yes there is a diffrence between shouting and singing high notes and I agree that Jacob is shouting but I'm pretty sure that James is also 'shouting'… How do I know? I get a headache everytime he shouts!!!

  145. Are you sure to give C for James 1st perform? the judges like it, so do American. Although I'm not an American anyway. But I think Haley's 1st performance should get worse point than james. But for their 2nd performance,I agree with you.

    • Over the years, I have watched American Idol on and off. This is the first season I have watched every show. I was never a James fan, but I do believe for most he does an awesome job everytime he performs. I believe Haily has a strong voice, but she is confused as to what kind of singer she is, as such, she tends to connect sometimes with the folks listening to her but not always. She has the same problem as Jacob, who should have left before Casey. He is a singer, but not a musician, so he is having problems finding his place. Who does a duet and sing both parts….Let's be real. I believe hailey first performance was just ok, it was hailey singing, GAGA may have wrote the song, but without having her rendition of the song to compare Hailey, it just becomes Hailey singing a song. Hailey, just singing a song the Haley way is great, but she just does not at times connect emotionally with her audience. I am still seeing the top three is James, Lauren and Scotty…Scotty and Lauren have both made me appreciate country, which I would not give a second listen to in the past. For me Season 10 has been great! At this point I am find with whomever wins, with one exception, Jacob is not ready, he peaked weeks ago….

      • I disagree with you on Hailey — I think she knows who exactly she wants to be. She wants to sing whatever the HECK she wants to sing. And I totally respect that. I think she's a pop/rock/blues – Bonnie Raitt/Cheryl Crow/Stevie Nicks/Natalie Maines throwback who will be the one true Breakout Star from this group……

        She can sing anything!

      • @bahloo2000. You've got it! So with you on Haley and knowing exactly who she is. (luvseason10 is only repeating words he/she has heard the judges say. And we all know their criticisms are totally useless.)

  146. Okay…last night James was a little off. But, I guess he isn't entitled to have 1 bad performance? For God's sake, the contestants that are left have had a WHOLE LOT MORE than 1 bad performance. I'd be willing to be the "James Haters" have been sitting on go waiting for him to have an off night. He told the truth, he leaves it all on the stage every week. People saying his emotions are fake…that is so stupid and shows true ignorance. You can tell he's had it rough and his family means a lot to him.

      • Not a James hater. I've enjoyed many of his performances. The live performances generally have been better than the studio recordings (for which I fault the producers and mixers). That doesn't change the fact that he was off-key last night. I'd accept technical issues with the theater (they had those kind of issues in the early part of the show — reason for the ear pieces now, remember?) before I'd accept emotional excuses. If you can't sing the song, don't sing the song. James was awful bad last night. Period.

    • James is in the wrong business if can't handle being away from family. He should have sang somemthing else. I thought he pretty much blew it on both songs. Nothing special about them. To tell you the truth I can't ever remember them. James may be going home tonight.

      • Yeah, okay…whatever. He didn't say he couldn't handle it. Nothing wrong with missing them. Some of the best performances are the ones that actually MEAN something to an artist. He won't go home. Hopefully that drag queen Jacob will. Like I said, James Haters have been sitting on go…lol. You're a joke.

      • Oh I remembered Lauren's unchainted Melody" well…she ruined it badly!!

      • Piper –Nother special about James 2nd performance??? I cried my eyes out–it was so darn touching–

      • Yeah Diana…me, too! It wasn't perfect vocally, but it was a perfect experience!

      • Definately not the worst song of the night. I guess the fact that I can relate to his emotional performance and think it was a beautiful experience…hmmm…let me see, what word can I use to describe myself…gosh, so many choices…I got it! It makes me a person. LOL.

      • I call being away from family for 9 months or a year something to shed a tear about but come on it's not like he's overseas in the military. He's a good actor or I believe he's in the wrong business.

      • Pretty heartless that you would have to be away from your child for 9 months to a year before you missed them enough to "shed a tear."

      • Men don't usually cry. Nobody has ever called it heartless. Have a good Day! but James is in the botom three like it or not.

      • We'll see…or you'll see. I've seen plenty of men cry. Again…heartless.

      • I can say I have heard some ignorant things on here before but you top it. James is going nowhere!

      • Steve Perry and Journey did a song called "Faithfully", and Peter Criss did a song called "Beth" — both having to do with being away from the ones you love……

        Doesn't mean you can't be a star and miss your family.

      • Piper, Hypocritical much? If James was perfectly okay with being away from his family for so long, youd be on here slamming him as heartless or some such BS… Seriously, trolling just isn't a good look for you.

      • Piper, grow up and get life. You better look your self in the mirror. They are certainly doing much more in their life than you are doing in yours. It is so easy to bash others. Have you tried for AI, you seams to be "expert" in this.

      • It is a competition. In the Olympics, does a skater get awarded with a 10 if they fall on the ice trying to do a quadruple flip? No. James, in a singing competition, failed to sing the melody in key and on pitch. No points, in a competition, for failure, when your competitors succeed. He may ultimately win because the audience is soft and he's played a sympathy card (or the producers played it for him), but it won't be because he sang well last night — he didn't.

      • One song he wasn't spot on. Big darn deal. Many skaters have fallen down by the way and gone on to win medals. Some even gold. FAILURE!!!! Are you nuts. One song that was iffy doesn't mean you are a failure. Glad I'm not your son or daughter. Beat them up if they don't get straight "A's"

        I'm far from soft by the way as you seem to think the audience is. You don't even say some of the audience. You say the "audience is soft".

        He needs no "sympathy card" by the way.

        You are UNREAL!!

    • buaaa, I had it rough too yet don't get judged in my professional life on how bad my please feel sorry for me screams are. I liked James in the beginning yet after to much biased from these judges I changed my mind. I close my eyes when he performes and can't see he is that good. Hope he will be in the bottom tonight.

      • i broke my satellite dish but i still manage to pick up every channel thanks to james durbin's ears. i guess that single pirate earring has pretty good reception… except he doesn't seem to be able to hear himself. maybe that explains his roller coaster pitch last night. anyway, i hope boost mobile cuts its cell phone service in america's vast trailer park network. maybe james could go see his family then.


        alfred p. neumann and beyonce jr. have reached the end of their 15 minutes… back to the tanning salon and chipotle !

      • Ok you say he did not have it rough? My brother who is 6 years younger than me has one of the same disabilities as James (autism) He was different sweet some times clueless and MUCH more emotional he still is those things and ever since he was 7 he was teased! Everyday he would come home crying. He is a great guitar player I would say music got him through it. He is 19 now and the teasing has decreased but he is still different. He finds James a inspiration to him and kids with mental disabilities every where! That emotion is NOT fake! And James deserves to win! Maybe those bullies will think twice now!

  147. you said it, branden. haley=hot. i mean, name me someone who can pull off haley's take on blue, bennie and house without making a fool on herself. haley is the only one who can make it believable

    • All the way down under in Australia Haley would fill any arena.
      What a true individual.
      I can't stand gaga but I would buy the song Haley sung and for House WOW!

      • @ Dom d: Finally, an Aussie who likes my Haley!!!! Yayayayay. (All I've seen up to this point are Scotty fans.) I just love Haley and am hoping to see a James/Haley final.

    • @pinoyfan: ITA. Loved her, and she does know how to turn on the hot!! She was on fire!

  148. When I read the comments…all talking about talent……if you looking for a talent show go to the america got talent show not here in american idol,….come on guys this is a singer competition not a talent competition,….don't care about who got more talent I just care about who can sing better…..and I don't care about who sing mediocre or taking challenge……as long as he/she sang it well and nothing disgusting (sorry like jacob who a bit sissy to me)…..they deserve to win…

    Regarding last night performance:

    1. Scotty

    2. Haley

    3. Lauren

    4. James

    5. No name

    6. No name

    7. No name

    9. No name

    10. Jacob Lust (instead of Lusk)

    Should definitely long gone: Jacob the Lust (instead of Lusk)…LOL

    • I don't know where you come from, but from what I know, Singing is a Talent. Therefore they are not mutually exclusive. So a singing show is by that virtue a talent show as well. Don't make random statements that are mostly nonsense. 🙂

      • It is true that singing is a part of talent, just don't forget that AI is a singing competition, so singing is the main frame here…

        American Idol of course we are talking about an idol but here in AI……we are looking for an American Idol with singing as the base before the stage performance.

  149. Haley's "House of the Rising Sun" was the best

    vocal of the season! All I can say is "Wow"!

    • JAKOB needs to go, and please don't ever dance like that again…that was painful the entire performance hurt.

      After Jakob's performance, OH how I wished that Simon Cowel was there, it would've been great to hear the truth for a change…these judges are too nice…I love Steven, but c'mon…since when doesn't Steven say whats on his mind????

      • Haley sucked, she can't sing unless she screams or growls (like her love boy Casey) YUK!!!!

      • I guess you've been hearing something else. Cos the way Haley changes her voice from growl to sweet to falsetto is just… amazing. Her growling is tasteful and never over the top. Her voice is so unique because it's raspy yet high. There is the SKILL there. The skill to control her voice so effortlessly

      • Wow…Haley sucks, really? Apparently you do not understand her style or her interpretation of music. Her vocals are very strong and have a lot of style, especially for a young artist like herself. Perhaps you never heard of Janis Joplin or more recently Joss Stone????

      • You're dead on, hayleylady: Haley is the best. If you go to the big newspaper sites (New York Times, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, etc.) and read their MUSIC critics, HALEY is the one who all of them say is the best VOCALIST. She sings everything well — every genre, every style. Her voice control, power, range, etc., is the best on this stage. This is a very good group, an excellent Final Five. So, unlike many on here, I'm not going to trash everybody else, but the people who know VOCALS say unanimously that Hayley is the best SINGER. I can't imagine anyone who's watched the show at this point to say that Hayley sucks. Somebody who says that doesn't know vocals and voice modulation, etc. Sucks? Really? That's so far from the truth is incredible. Somebody who says that has no credibility whatsoever when commenting on music.

      • I agree with you, totally. Haley's control over her voice has amazed me since day 1. She does all these wild and unique things with her voice, yet she has the control over them to display them most beautifully. That is a very rare gift! She is the best singer in this competition technically, and also has the most unique voice. A total package!

      • You're right about Jacob, Mar. I miss Simon too for all the stupid criticism JLo the Jealous gives Haley, and the non-criticism for others. Maybe we could get "Hank Hill" from King of the Hill, to guest judge. His words: "I tell you what Jacob, you ever dance like that again or grab at your 'willy' in front of this family audience again, I'll come right up there and kick your ass, I tell you what!"–Hank Hill really does that sort of thing on his show. (and why did Colin Farrel or someone like him get away with all that crotch grabbing several weeks ago?)

    • I liked Haley best when she sang Benny and The Jets. Last night I felt like I was sitting in a bar when she sang.

    • @RichardT: You are so right. Anyone who did not see Haley last night truly missed a magnificent performance and a truly remarkable, mind-blowing vocal. I've been saying she is the best ever since I heard her sing "Blue." With that single performance, how could anyone with a brain deny her talent?!!

    • she is a very versatile, risk-taker and competent contestant on Idol! I dont really prefer scared, playing safe contestants such as lauren and scotty, they are not doing new and they are getting boring to me

  150. The only one I didn't like tonight was Jacob. It's about time he goes home. As fare as rest are concerned they are all good singers, some maybe better then others, but since AI is not just singing competitions, singing is not the only thing that mater. AI idol, needs to have that something "#*, beside there voice. Haley has really good and interesting voice, but there is something about her that leaves me indifferent. She is just not good on the stage. Having sad that, last night performance with The house of the Rising Sun was her best to date. Scotty is naturally entertaining, charming, has that something "#*, interesting voice, but not very much of the range in it. Lauren can be big star in a few years. She has a good voice, that something "#* too, but she is still insecure, and still developing. James has a good voice, that something "#*, he is charming and entertaining, and has a lot of inner drive.

  151. Agree … Haley needs more stroking! She is so much more of a vocalist and performer than Lauren. I was so disappointed when Lauren didn't reach for that anticipated high note in my all-time favorite song of the Righteous Brothers. Oh my! And if she had killed it, I might think she was progressing. Haley deserves the title, and it is very sad to me that it most likely will go to someone else.

  152. Last night haley was superb…..but for the whole time before yesterday she doesn't that good….james, scotty and lauren are more consistent…..I jacob…..he just landed on the wrong planet…

    AI grand finale (2 singers):

    1. SCOTTY

    2. JAMES or LAUREN

    • Nope. Untrue. Go back and watch her previous performances on YouTube. It's not that Haley wasn't consistent. It was the judges critiques that swayed people against her. The hate pouring from people (mostly women) on these blogs was so unbelievable, too. I just never understood why everyone heaped all their own hangups onto Haley. And she's taken it all like a champ. Always coming back, never talking back. The next vocal, and the next, and the next, have been richer and stronger. It seems the criticism made her grow stronger. She's definitely got spirit and is not a quitter. Talent will out, as they say. No matter what happens, this girl is a star. She will make it. I will pay to see her performances and buy all of her CDs. I like her voice that much. Just hoping her fans turned out last night and supported her with votes.

  153. Haley is the only one whose CD I will buy! She is the one I will look forward to seeing on tour. She is not only the best voice on the stage, she's the absolute best performer of the bunch. "House of the Rising Sun" should be on her album and it will kick that song back into high gear. She was AMAZING!!

      • This site gives me great laughs — it's sort of a place for Morons to Gather and pray to the altar of McCreepy….

        Excellent stuff.

      • With a name like "sistersue," one can only expect drivel. You lived up to that.

      • Haley's Hot …but can't sing and i hate ther growwwwl

        I'll still do her….

      • @ Dan. And with those words, Dan, you've earned a spot in the total moron category.

    • Then haley will go bankrupt very easily and fast, because only you the one who bought her CD………she won't if you bought all of her CD….every one of it hahahaha

      • Hahaha, I know you. 😉

        AND FOR THE LAST TIME!!!…HALEY'S iTUNES have outsold EVERYONE elses this year. DUH.

      • She wouldn't be the only one. I would buy them, and I know dozens of others here who recognize a terrific voice when they hear one and will purchase her CDs, too. One would hope that you aren't simply trying to help make stupidity popular.

    • Pam, make that two of us who will buy her CDs 🙂

      Haters gonna hate. XD

      • Trust me, there are a lot of Haley fans out there. She does not fit the "Pop" Idol mold……nor should she stray from her style or genre to try to fit that mold. She is a great artist with great vocal ability. She was the only one that received a Standing O last night. I'm just sayin'!!!

      • Heck, I've already bought every song of hers on Itunes — I already have my first album. But, I'd be ready to buy the next one when she releases it.

    • I agree with Pam. Haley's voice can go places that most people's can't. It's quite impressive. She, at times, especially during last night's "House of the Rising Sun" reminds me of a young Tori Amos. I can't tell you as a 30-something how much money I've spent to support Tori over the years (cds, concerts, merchandise). It's hard for me to understand how people wouldn't like her? Although, outside of Jacob (LET ME STRESS: OUTSIDE OF JACOB), everyone still standing is so talented!!!!

      • Tori Amos is so amazing, I got to go to her concert, and talk about emotional! Haley has a lot of the same attributes as Tori, and they are both spectacular singers and performers.

  154. Ever notice how really successful performers have a large love hate ratio? …..Madonna, Britney, Miley, lady Gaga…I could go on and on. So I'm not worried about Haley…cuz there are lots of haters. I think she will be just fine. C'mon people it's just television.

    • It is almost laughable how America has had this long standing double standard when it comes to men and women. When Elvis, The Beatles, Tom Jones, Bruce Springsteen,etc. hit the stage and the women swoon and faint and toss their panties on stage, it is because these men are super talented and deserve to be IDOLIZED. But when Madonna, Britney, Christina, etc hit the stage they are Demonized as slutty untalented floozies.

      When this double standard is applied to this seasons idol, James has made the women swoon with his high notes and emotional touchy feely persona, Scotty makes the women swoon with his deep voice and country boy charm. While Haley awakens the animal in the guys and we all know that makes her a slutty untalented floozy. Fact is the girls want the same thing from James and Scotty that the guys want from Haley. I think Scotty is the most talented male on the show, and he will go far (win or lose). I think Haley is the most talented female on the show, and she will have a long and successful career in the music business (win or lose).

      • Um, yes and no regarding the double standard. It's true that sex appeal plays into it on both sides, but when a man is on stage and the women get bent out of shape it's because of his looks or his voice etc. However, when a woman is on stage and feels she has to semi strip to carry it off that's a whole other thing. James and Scotty are melting lady's hearts and I haven't seen their legs, chests or navels. Haley is slutty. Pure and simple.

      • @Templar: that's because seeing James or Scotty's leg, chest or navels would be uhm… icky. (Because men aren't that pretty to look at) I dunno if you're a girl or a guy, but this IS double-standard right here. Seeing a guy wear revealing clothing looks weird, but when a girl does this tastefully, this is asset.

        First of all, if you're just stripping for the sake of attention, then that's slutty. Haley doesn't need to do this. She already has the talent to back it up. Being sexy is NOT equal to slutty. She has the goods, why hide them?

      • Templar, first let me say I enjoy most of your sharp witty banter in these threads.

        We will just have to agree to disagree on this though. Haley was fully clothed (wearing pants) and it was her sultry voice that melted my heart.

      • I definitely agree to disagree. IMO Mariah Carey's career started to go downhill when she crossed over to the cheap look. She didn't need to do that with that great voice.

      • Templa, You've said the truth. Nobody else has been brave enough to say it. I'd be afraid for her if she won, she can sing but I think it might ruin her. I hope not.

      • Come on Templar!!! Compared to all the pop princesses, well 95% of female artists in general, Haley dresses like a saint! Sex goddess, my a$$. She always dresses classy. When she shows her legs, she covers everything else. When she shows her arms, she wears pants. Never have seen her tummy or cleavage. NOT SLUTTY at all. You guys are all crazy. Open a magazine, and you'll see slutty. From the most famous women out there.

      • @ Templar – in which show has Haley "semi-stripped?" She usually wears dresses and last night had pants on. She has a great figure so what is wrong with wearing clothes that suit her figure?

        If she is slutty, what does that make JLo who can hardly walk because her dresses are so tight and barely below her ass cheeks most of the time?

      • @ JD: I am right there with you. You are so right about all of that.

        @ Templar: How can you use that word (slutty) in association with Haley? Do you know her? Do you know anything about her personal life? What gives you the right to label her in that way–because she knows how to move on stage? Or is it something that she awakens in YOU? If that is so, then it is your hangup. What century are you in? I find your comments reminiscent of those from the witch-burning era.

        Sexiness and sluttiness are NOT one and the same! I take personal affront at your comments about her. I am guessing you have issues with equality of the sexes.

      • I ain't nothin' but a hounddog! But Coondog love Haley because she's a great singer and has great sex appeal, and she's NOT slutty like some of the B's I usually go sniffin' around.

  155. I wouldn't classify "Always on My Mind" as an Elvis song. It was originally recorded by country artist Brenda Lee. Later, Willie Nelson won an award for his version. In my opinion, the best cover was by the Pet Shop Boys. Elvis did record a version, but that hardly makes it an Elvis song. Would you call "Bridge over Troubled Waters" an Elvis song? He recorded that one, too.

    • In Europe, it was a big hit for Elvis and I sang it thinking it was an Elvis song. It was only when I came to the US that I discovered Willie Nelson had a the hit with it here.

      I have a lot of Brenda Lee albums but it is not on any of them so when did she record it?

      • I believe she recorded it in 1969 (may have been '68 though… now I'm unsure) but it appeared in her 1972 album "Brenda"… . Willie Nelson released his cover in 1982 and Elvis initially released his cover of it in 1972.

  156. Scotty did it again true performer, cant wait to hear Scotty and Cheryl Crow

  157. I bought Haley's You and I on itunes. I really like it. I am not a GaGa lover and would never buy her songs. By the way, James's Without You on track is very good. As were both of Scotty's songs. Haley is my favorite, has been from the beginning, but James and Scotty are the next in line. I will buy all songs from each of them. However, Haley gets all my votes every week.

  158. Why is it when James screws up a song, it's ok, because he is emotional???? I'm tired of hearing about it. He can't sing slow, he has to scream….bottom line…..He has an excuse for everything….Grow up or go home!!!!

    • I remember when Casey cried, people laid into him big time. James should be treated like the rest of them. It's only fair and the real talent should win. You don't vote for a person because of their past problems. Not if you're fair. Somebody else up there may have had worse problems but never said anything. James is falling behind and he might be sent home tonight.

      • OK Piper quit it already. We got it, you are Scottys' fan (you wrote it), so it would be really easy win for him if James is gone.

      • Wait a second I have voted for James and a few others, I must admit I like Scotty's voice but I vote for who's done the best job each week. I was also a Casey fan in the past, I like Jazz and Classical music the best.

      • @ Piper; The consensus here and in the comments/reviews on i-Tunes is that Haley was the best last night.

        Did you vote for her? Have you ever voted for her?

      • When she sang Benny and The Jets. Last night when she sang I felt like I was in a bar. I didn't care for it. I love Jazz and Classical music. Scotty was best last night. I liked Jacobs second number I give him credit for the harp it was also played well. He does need to stay out of the rafters, same with Haley.

    • Last week James sung slow when performing "Will you still love me tomorrow" and he did it wonderfully. It's funny how short people's memory is. This week his emotions got over him and he lost the control of his voice. He made a poor song choice.

  159. will someone tell the judges to be FAIR TO HALEY??? OMG she's so much better than they give her credit for. I had never heard the song James sang and no one said a word to him. They gave Haley no credit for being creative and taking risks. She made me like the Gaga song. James & Scotty NEVER get negative feedback. Even when they are pitchy and off key, Scotty and James get PRAISED for "not being perfect"!!

    James AND Scotty were pitchy last night and they got ZERO negative feedback but Haley got hassled for her song choice!! OMG I am tired of the absurdly unfair pro male bias…Haley rocked! She should be in the top 2 but of course, again, it'll be a male thing….

    • I completely agree with you! As a matter of fact, my husband and I were flabbergasted that she got negative feedback for that first song. We loved it and were especially shocked because we could hear how off key some of the guys were and they let them slide.

    • Spot on and spitfire8 and Angie, my wife and I said the same about the judges – well JLo and Randy. At least Steven Tyler came out of his stupor to defend her.

      James and Jacob were awful last night and all Jacob got was a reprimand from Randy for singing a duet song but nothing about his off-key awful singing.

      JLo will no doubt lip synch tonight but I think they (Idol) should make her sing live and sit Haley in her chair to judge her.

      Haley is half JLo's age, better looking and can actually sing.

    • totally agree.haley is special, thinking shes a better performer than anybody in the music scene right now including mariah,it occurs to me that randy and j lo judge a performer based on their subjective tastes ie church music and would these folks have judged elvis or ozzy osbourne kim karnes etc..

  160. i am just curious, who did everyone vote for and how many times??? and why?

    • I voted for the girls. I for sure want Haley to stay, and I felt like Lauren needed the extra help. :0)

      • yeah i voted haley, lauren and scotty. But the most votes went to my girl haley then lauren then scotty a few times

      • I only vote for Haley. Love the others, but I don't split my votes after the first couple of weeks.

  161. I've actually just downloaded all of Haley's songs since Blue, and I'm pleasantly surprised to be reminded of how talented she really is. I'm really disgusted with the judges that they seem to hear her flaws and no one else's. They will call her out more often than not, and completely overlook it when the guys go through an entire song being either sharp or flat and she actually hits almost all of her notes and has undertook some really complex songs.

    After listening to her first selection from last night again, I was especially impressed with it, and probably wouldn't have liked it as a Lady Gaga song. She deserves more credit than the judges are giving her.

    For the record, I am particularly that she got some of that growling under control… That was the one thing that was keeping me from voting for her. Now she is the one that I want to see in the finals with James.

    • Also of important note, I've been a HUGE AI fan since season 2, and this is the first artist whose music I've actually downloaded at all, at least before they were commercial. I would love to see Haley sneak up on everyone and win this thing!

      • Me too. Haley sings her heart out. She is my favorite all time Idol contestant. Love James and Scotty, but Haley's my top pick. You should read the comments on you tube. She has a great fan base there. Their choice of words are quite different from ours. Her reviews on itunes are already around 1300, so she is doing okay. I think she will get through tonight.

    • She is a terrific singer, darn good looking and can switch her voice from falsetto to "growl" to just pure singing and never miss a beat.

      My wife thinks it is her looks and the fact that she is always smiling that goes against her and, if that is the case, then it shows how shallow people are.

      On i-Tunes she has 5* for both her songs from last night and 1393 reviews for her "House of The Rising Sun" with the next closest being James with his "Without You" with 471 reviews and then Haley is 3rd just 10 reviews behind at 461.

      The next best is Scotty with 367 reviews for "Gone" and then James with his 1st song and Lauren with her 2nd have 283 reviews in joint 5th place.

      So James with 471 and 283, Scotty with his 367 and Lauren with her 283 add up 1404 reviews, which is just 11 more than Haley got for her House song.

      So much for those who claim she doesn't have a voice that will sell CD's. She is an exceptional talent.

  162. So after re-watching the performances, here are MY grades.

    James(Now): His first song was very pitchy, particularly during the verse. He needs to work on his lower register. Like I said last night though, the mixer was terrible last night, especially during this performance. Grade: D+

    Jacob(Now): He broke a sacred rule on Idol: NEVER SING A DUET. Seriously, he was so off-key he made James sound like a Tuner. Poor Song Choice, poor performance all around. Again though, the Mixing was terrible. Better, but still terrible. Grade: D-

    Lauren(Now): Lauren is growing every week as a performer. A great, upbeat performance, and they actually mixed her well. She is clearly gaining more confidence every show. Grade: B

    Scotty(Now): FINALLY Scotty isn't a snooze fest. He actually moved away from his comfort zone and showed some versatile, and he worked the crowd very well. Grade: B+

    Haley(Now): Poor song choice in my opinion. Her voice is unique, but the song didn't really suit her. She was also flat sounding again, due to bad mixing. Loved her stage presence though. Grade: C

    James(Then): MUCH better than before. That voice is why I became a James fan. I don't know what the judges were on, because he was pitch perfect to me. The emotion shown was great, and I am glad he redeemed himself here. A great job all around. Grade: A-

    Jacob(Then): Really? Love hurts? Well so did my ears after hearing you sing last night. This was better, but still awful. Grade: D+

    Lauren(Then): Her vocals were strong, but this song was a snooze for me, and compared to the original, there is no comparison. It was good, but nothing special. Grade: C+

    Scotty(Then): *SNORES* Boring performance, boring vocals. This reminded me why I think Scotty is boring. Grade: C-

    Haley(Then): This was an amazing performance, and my god she showed swagger rarely seen on this show. The beginning was brilliant, and showcased her unique sound. Best performance of the night by far, and probably Haley's best night ever to. She is a very underrated contestant. Grade: A

    Overall Grades:

    James- B+ (Curved for horrendous mixing)

    Jacob- C- (Curved for slightly less horrendous mixing)

    Lauren- B-

    Scotty- B-

    Haley- A- (Curved for horrendous mixing)

  163. Seriously, i don't think that american idol season 10 need those judges. Here's my intake regarding the current judges:

    1. Mr. Steve T : I don't know what kind of pot this guy smoking, but to him every contestant sang beautifully. No input for the contestants, so it doesn't matter if he open his mouth or not.

    2. Ms. J LO : Despite being the most beautiful girl on Earth (She's hot), she needs to learn to stay quiet when other judge (a.k.a Randy) try to give some honest feedback to the contestant. She try too hard to be positive, while the truth is the some of the singers really sing out of tune.

    3. Mr. Randy J a.k.a The Dog : This guy same as always. I'm pretty sure he miss Simon, he try to be honest but i think other judges try to shut him out.

    Overall, the judges sucks. The singers are way better though. So maybe, it should be just the singers and ryan.

    • I could not agree more. I think Steven is just plain perma-fried from his drug days. Every now and again he says something worthwhile, but he is creepy with the comments about Haley's clothes all the time, and sometimes he just doesn't make any sense.

      J.Lo drives me insane. She just wants to be nice and tell everyone they're wonderful even if they're terrible. Don't try to be a judge if you're not willing to actually judge and give some honest, constructive criticism. Tell them when they're not good, that's how they improve! If you just keep saying oh you're wonderful and that was beautiful, they don't know what they need to work on!

      Randy needs to stop saying "Yo", "Dude!" and "In it to win it!". It's getting old. He sometimes tries to be critical, but then J.Lo interrupts him. I totally agreed with him comments on Jacob's first song, but he should have been even more harsh. Jacob was sharp, the dancing was terrible, the trying to sing both parts was terrible. Nothing about it was good.

      And the criticism of Haley drives me nuts. Sure, I didn't know her first song but that doesn't take away from the fact that she nailed it. The performance was awesome regardless of how well known the song was.

  164. Has any body noticed that when Hayleys in the bottom three and Ryan tells her she's safe she never acts like she's greatful? She has a bad ego. Stefano said she's a brat and they butt heads alot. He didnt say much about her which means he had nothing good to say. Just making an observation dont flame me….

    • I guess you must be furious that your hubby is having fun with Haley. Just making an observation ……

      Since when did Stefano – if he actually said that – become an expert on people?

      As the male poseur, I guess he didn't like to have competition!

      • Paul you have got to be kidding me right? Hayley having fun with my hubby? Its just a joke I love Casey but if he's f-cking Hayley I could give two sh!ts.What is wrong with you Hayley fans you take everything to heart! I think its dumb I only watch American Idol for Scotty Hayley and James I like Hayley but I was just making a point but since you probably think with your d!ck you cant see that you only see someone possibly jeering at your "tight hot minx". Just making an observation…. Hayley if you read this stay away from Paul he's probably a 40 year old perv with porn of his kids…. making another observation…..

      • @ Mrs. Casey Abrams: Wow! can dish it out but can't take it. When someone is joking, they normally put a smiley in there 🙂 just to let others know they are joking.

        There was no sense of a joke in what you said and your comments in your response are not funny, totally tasteless and extremely offensive.

        Anyone who could even contemplate posting a comment on this blog about someone having porn of his or her kids is one sick, very sick person.

        There are jokes and there is fun and there is harmless jibes on this blog but you have overstepped any line of decency!!

      • I guess admin took down the response to which I replied and if they did, thank you because it was a disgusting post.

      • Oh man, I always come to these posts hours after the fact! I get so curious about the "disappeared comments" that engender the shocked replies. I can only imagine based upon some of the insights that remain! Sighh.

    • I couldn't disagree any more with you. BTW, I think Stefano was joking when he said that.

      • They all were; it was said when they were ragging each other a few weeks ago.

        Things like Jacob is a Diva. Stefano would flirt with a piece of paper.

        Haley was a brat.

        James was a screamer.

        Casey – they mocked his beard.

        Scotty was mocked for the way he held the mic.

        Lauren falling down the stairs.

        All in good fun and taken as such by all of them.

    • I think Haley guards her emotions, and puts up a wall so she doesn't get hurt.

      I miss Casey!!!

      Stefano was a flirt, and Haley's laid back. Those two personalities tend to clash. I'm laid back, so I would know. 🙂

      • Haley is laid back and always smiling, even when she is in the bottom 3. She is a little awkward sometimes when asked what she thinks about what the judges say but, given what she has had to put up with from JLo and Randy, that is hardly surprising.

        Jimmy Iovine said that she has listened to everything that has been said about her and done her best to improve.

        So she listens, takes advice and then gets criticized for doing exactly what they asked her to do.

        It is a good job she is laid back because if she had a feisty personality, she may have given them some of their own medicine back.

        It seems on this blog that there are many people who just simply bad mouth those that are not their favorites and that is more a reflection on them than it is on the contestant.

  165. Has anyone noticed the picture of James here {scroll up] makes him look like a cross between Adam Lambert and David Cook? Adam's expression, David's hair.

  166. James all the way!!! He rocks the voice and like Adam Lambert he is entertaining! Does anyone hear the name Chris Allen anymore, who????

    • Kris Allen has decided that he wants to dedicate himself to his church work and record christian music. He is doing a lot of good work – Google him and check it out.

      One interesting factoid is that James auditioned for Season 8 and did not make it. It would have been interesting to see him in the same contest as Adam Lambert but I think it is better for James to have made it this year.

    • Adam Lambert had a Million selling album and has not long returned from a major tour. He is working on his 2nd album now.

  167. oh and jennifer hudson, and kelly when she puts out stuff. besides that ummm NOPE

    • The top selling alumni of AI to-date are:

      1. Carrie Underwood with over 12 million in sales from her 3 albums, the last of which was in 2009.

      2. Kelly Clarkson with over 10.5 million from 4 albums with one due out in September 2011.

      3. Daughtry with 6 million from 2 albums and one due out later this year.

      Clay Aiken is #4 but his last 2 albums have flopped and he has been in musicals and on a tour with Ruben Studdard. It is a similar story for the next two – Ruben who has done nothing album wise since 2009 and Fantasia who has also failed with her last album sales.

      David Cook is 7th just on his 1st album, which went Platinum and his new one is due out next month.

      8th is Kellie Pickler who has an album due out later this year as well and 9th is Jordin Sparks whose last album flopped but she has a new one coming out later this year.

      Jennifer Hudson is next with two Gold albums and her latest was released in March 2011.

      David Archuleta has not done well with his efforts and is currently without a recording contract and Adam Lambert went Gold with his first album and is releasing #2 in the Fall of 2011.

      Last years winner Lee DeWyze and runner up Crystal Bowersox had flops with their debut albums.

      Crystal is down in 25th place and Lee lower at 28th. Neither sold 200,000.

      So out of the last 6 finalists, only David Cook and Adam Lambert have done anything record and touring wise.

      If Idol does not produce at least one biggie this year, it could be the last season because they depend on the records, the Idol Tour and the initial tours of the finalists bringing in the money.

      Whatever else they try to promote, at the end of the day, it's all about the money!

      • Australian dude. That is so rude! Alexandria is stating an opinion which we are all entitled to. Hayley fans are a little wacky and go over board with the love but she has a right to think Hayley sucks just as we have the right to say Lauren or whoever sucks. Al Quaeda is not a joke America and maybe even the world is in trouble right now (if Bin Laden is really dead. Doubt it though…) and we need to take this seriously. I dont think you can google the address for Al Quaeda because if yoou could the army could take them out with a bomb all together and call it a day. Stop making us Aussies look bad! P.s its spelled necessarily mate.

      • Alexandria is a serious fruitcake and so, Mrs Abrahams, are you. The fact that you took my Google remark seriously suggests that you are at least two hamburgers short of a barbecue and believe that irony is something that happens to creased shirts. You also suggest that Bin Laden is still alive which perhaps says all there is to say about the state of your mental health. No doubt he is working at your local diner alongside the guy with the blue suede shoes!

      • agreed everyone can have there own opinion but jeez calm down!! maybe haley fans go crazy because shes always in jeopardy of going home!!

  168. does anyone ever notice that the judges only critcize haley!!! it not fair shes one of the best and jacob sucks and he gets praised!?!?!?!?!?! haley should be top 3 for sure!! shes my favorite

    • I agree they do seem to knock Haley but then Jennifer cries about not wanting one of the girls to go. Doesn't make much sense. But I feel Haley really listens and comes back and knocks it out.

    • Not true, I noticed them on Scotty's back for the past two weeks, last night he was fine. Jacob got critcized last night. But I have noticed Haley has been getting it too. Seems James is the only one with the exception of Lauren of course that don't get to hear it when they mess up. Hell they had James sounding like he did something wonderful when in reality he blew both his songs and should be in the bottom three this night.

      • I agree with you on that one Piper. James was really off last night on both songs.

        I have just played the 90 second snippets on i-Tunes and Jacob sounds as bad on the recordings as he did live and, frankly, James is not much better in the studio than he was live.

        He simply had an off night and it could be that the strain is getting to him. He does have Asperger and Tourette Syndromes so it can't be easy for him to maintain his poise all the time.

  169. I still love James the best. Scotty did one of my favorite songs (Gone) and I was impressed. Haley nailed House. I was disappointed with Lauren, She missed an importamt part of Unchained and blew it and I have always liked her so I am sad for her. Jacob. How have you made it this far? Time to go!

  170. Jacob is definitely leaving tonight, no doubt about it. Next will probably be either Haley or Lauren, leaving us eventually with a Scotty/James finale.

    This is just what I think will happen, by the way. I'm really hoping for a Haley/James finale, but I doubt that will happen. 🙁

  171. I'd love to hear McCreepy sing Acapella — like James and Hailey have done. He sounds best with 10 people singing backup, 10 instruments playing, and lots of distracting facial expressions.

    • In other words — he's fall flat on his face. He is HORRIBLE!! I really think Stefano was more talented — seriously.

    • You sure don't like Scotty, he must live out in your neck of the woods. Jealous/ that country boy does a fine job with his voice. He is amazing.

    • Go on YouTube and watch his audition video. That's acappella and how he got on Idol.

  172. The GOOD news about all of this is:

    Scotty can't get any MORE votes. He's maxed out. Casey's votes should mostly transition to Hailey and James…….Scotty better hope Lauren gets out soon……that's his only chance to win the finale. He'll lose straight up vs Lauren — she's OBVIOUSLY a much better singer.

  173. I love them all! you should all just respect eachothers opinions and just stop fighting. We cant make Alexandria like Hayley or Jacob. We cant make her hate Scotty. life is too damn short. Cant we just have a groovy time (yes I said groovy and Im only 19 thats what happens when you live in a dorm with hippies! It rubs off! Not that Im complaining) talking about what we like about the contestants instead of talking about who's jealous of who, who wants to f who, and who works at grocery stores or with children. Insults are rude and hurtful. Last year a classmate of mine killed herself because of iternet insults. We never know who we're hurting or just plain pissing off so lets just love eachother and respect eachothers opinion.

  174. Just a few thoughts, Jacob should go home and he should have gone before Casey. Haley was super and Lauren was just ok. This week I rated them as Haley, Scotty, James, Lauren and Jacob. this was James weakest week.

  175. The harder Randy tries (and sometimes JLo) to knock Haley out (and thereby save Jacob) the better Haley performs. If Randy criticizes her just a few more times, Haley may win it all!

  176. First, I do agree this is now James' contest to lose. With that in mind, I was not awed by yesterday's performance: C

    Jacob does have a terrific voice, but he never found his niche or groove or sweet spot; maybe someday he'll find that Jeffrey Osbourne/Luther Vandross in him. He could have even have tried Phillip Bailey last night. Oh well, it's goodbye Jacob.

    Lauren was fantastic and continues to improve every week. I hate the song, Unchained Melody..until she sang it! No, she won't win it, but you'll see her in Nashville- A-

    Scotty really stepped it up; He needs to if he wants to re-gain the top spot..A-

    Haley did a wonderful job with the Lady Gaga song and took a chance. I absolutely disagree with ALL of you. I grew up to listening to my dad's record of The Animals…you cannot have a chick do that song. You people may buy into that rendition of it, but it was ONLY made to be sung by a guy. Call me what you want, but I know music, tones and voices…that was second rate to me! Haley stays another week because she is truly talented and Jacob is the low person of the 5.

    • Eric Burdon's version was undeniably great. But, the fact that Haley was able to perform a remarkable version in her own right in no way diminsihes the original. I loved the original when it came out, and also loved Haley's version. I just wish she had time to sing the full song because the long version has much more power. We'll just have to disagree —but this isn't math with a single correct answer.

  177. Jacob should have been out weeks ago. Out of the top 13 he should have been the fourth to go, maybe fifth (after Thia). But everyone else has been consistently better than him. The other four finalists should have good careers irregardless of the voting. Ever hear of Joe Cocker and "You Are So Beautiful"? At the end of that song his voice cracks all over the place. Still a great song. So I have no problem with James' second song. Ever hear of Bob Dylan or Willie Nelson? In my opinion, neither can sing a lick, but they connect with people. That's what makes them great. And if you don't like them, you never will. But you can't deny their greatness. And James is great.

  178. Paul is kinda rude. Mrs Casey Abrams meant her username is a joke. Go Scotty! Elizabeth- Marie there should be more people like you! No sarcasm at alll I mean it! You remind me of my friend Alyson just soo chill and loving

  179. I know you won't answer to any comment of the "review" you made about James performance, but I still will say some things, first, the band is called 30 seconds to mars, is it hard for you to remember such an easy name? Second, it's pretty clear that you are doing the reviews very subjective, just because you didn't know the song or whatever doesn't mean that NOBODY else does. It was a perfect choice for him, but anyway, I guess "we all have our opinions and have to respect the rest"

    • Never mind about James.

      I just saw his performance… It was the worst of all season.

      • HALEY IS TALENT!!!

        she hits the notes on top of them, she has soul and guts!

        durbin is not as good as they make him out to be. did anyone listen to the judges, "flat.. and off keybut great emotion. ?" he is ok,but not going to be remembered. lauren cannot sell it with any high notes and get rid of breathy jacob, yes, now! as for scotty, he "acts butnever feels." he did not kill on his song like Elvis,"he was never on our mind as he acts out the words instead of feels them." talented, yes with a sound..but no pain in him no feelings. HALEY IS A REAL STAR and im sure good old iovine who i met when he broke up with STevie Nicks! perhaps not similar but both have a raw talent and feel


  180. If Jacob wins, my friend and will NEVER watch Idol again! We are in Canada and can not vote but think it will be Scotty, James and the two girls battling out the final four. Scotty will have a future even if he does not make it all the way. James is good as a rocker but has to stop the screaming. I said at the beginning a girl would win and just maybe this is so. Good luck to all but Jacob. Sorry he has to go.

  181. Hi Branden! I didn't get a chance to write my blog this morning so I thought I'd respond to yours. I agree about Haley Reinhart. I thought the judges were way too harsh on the first song. She was the best of the night as far as I'm concerned. I love James Durbin but I wasn't impressed last night. He may find his way into the bottom 3. I loved Scotty singing Willie Nelson as his second song. The first song, he surprised me he did as well as he did. It was a popular song when it came out and since I'm from the South I heard it all the time and I'm not even much of a country music fan. I also agree that Jacob Lusk needs to go tonight and Lauren was mediocre at best.

    Keep it rocking!

  182. Scotty's "Gone" was terrible. He just did not get the story of the song. He should have some emotion singing just to flat on expression.

  183. Hello … I did'nt like jacobs or james vocal/song choices. Lauren's first performance/song choice were equally good the second not so good. I loved Scottys first song choice and the performance of it earned him a ring … I loved it when he jumped off the stage(pretty risky … how foolish would he have looked with a miscue) all I can say about the performance of You Were Always On My mind is that this guy is he is 16 and seems so relaxed and sincere and carries himself like a professional that betray his years and if it was'nt for his boyish looks he would be the American Idol but to echo Sheryl Crowe he has a huge career staring him in the face. Haily, Haily, has so much going for her for the judges to question doing an unknown song is usually denounced as a stupid decision and rightfully so rarely or never the right thing to do but choosing a song by the world's most popular perormmer who by the way gave her her backing and if you want to try to read between the lines, GaGa is saying I think you're special, anyway I thought it was a hit I just had'nt heard and I have heard many singers give their rendition of House of the Rising Sun and having to cover that particular Animals song which is impossible to do better than Eric Burden … what a visual contrast and I think proves her ability to make song choices that challenge and then the unqualified talent to wow you with it. Go Haily You to have a successful career to look forward to. Picking a winner is futile I wanted Adam to win. Whoever wins I hope they earn it with that nights performance.

  184. Dislike Jacob's 'CRYING VOICE' !!!

    I won't buy his CDs, nor Haley's, sorry !! Dislike 'crying nor women's growling voice'.

    Casey is better than Jacob, so Jacob must leave this time.

    • Linda, I agree with almost everything you say. Jacob has a "crying voice" that I liked the very first time I heard it. But, when one does EVERY song that way, it gets old, REAL FAST. And I think BOTH Jacob and Casey should hve been voted off, long ago. Where I disagree is with Haley. I feel her and Scotty are the only ones to offer something unique, that I have not heard a million times before. And that is why those are the only CD’s I would consider to purchase. But, I will agree that James is entertaining to watch. Just don’t see myself wanting to listen to him minus the fireworks and burning pianos.

  185. We all have an off night and James hadn't had one. I still don't think he did. His emotion was pure!

  186. I've read people asking how the hell did Haley end up in the bottom 3 so many times?! Just now I've listened her on youtube, and once again I say – She does NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE IS SINGING ABOUT. Just listen to the original "House of the rising sun". And: did she sing "rising sighn"? I love her voice, though!

  187. I have a question for James Durbin fans. Most people will agree that James gave a couple of mediocre performances last night. So, on such a night, do you blindly (and say robotically) vote for James or do you vote for who was the actual best performer, on that given night. Myself, I can not begin to imagine just how boring this TV show would be to me, if I already knew who I was going to vote for, BEFORE the show started each and every week.

    • to Steve fox…. I voted for James…. because his the "whole" package!!!

      Yesterday's performance was not his greates…. but I know he CAN sing & give a GREAT show!!!

      If I was voting for the best of the night Each night he would of WON a Long time ago!!!

    • We love James not only because of his voice but also his performance and connection to the audience. He may not be the best last night but he was not bad either. Sometimes people have good performance sometimes don't. Stop assume that u know everything while you don't.

  188. "Oh, and if you’re looking for a new “Idol” drinking game, here’s an idea. Take a drink every time Randy Jackson mentions Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross."

    How about every time he says "in it to win it." Or every time Steven says "Beautiful." The latter is as annoying as anything else if not more on this show.

    As for James' first performance, you may be right that it's his worst, but I think that's says he's pretty dang good more than it says he's bad. Because I liked it anyways. In fact, his "worst" performance is as good if not better than most of the others' best.

  189. hey, i'm from indonesia ..

    come on haley,, i love your voice, it's awesome ..

    Vote 4 haley .. :))))

  190. Scotty is the most smug and unappealing contestant American Idol has ever had. Granted he can sing but he is so full of himself I can't even watch him. And sadly he seems to believe that he is cute – sorry Scotty it is just because there is no-one else who really is cute this year. It should be James and Hayley in the final. Lets hope America gets it right.

    • scotty is not smug. he is the most natural talent there. he seems to be the only one having fun.

    • Scotty is the best. But since this is not really a talent show but a popularity one, he mauy not win. Win or lose, I will be buying all his cds and dvds, country being my favorite genre.

      • If he wins it will be because it is a popularity contest and not a talent show. People seem to think talent and dime a dozen country singer are synonymous.

      • ugh yeah sara and dave are 100% right, sorry scotty isnt terrible, but let's face it the only reason why he and lauren are still there is because of the southerners, and if either one of them win it IS a popularity contest cause the shouldn't.

  191. Haley sounds and look like Camille Velasco A3 finalist. Where is this girl right now?

  192. vocal best to worst:

    Best – Haley

    2nd Scotty

    3rd Lauren

    4th James

    5th Jacob

    That's the reality of the vocal talent left. but Scotty will probably take it over James in the final.

    next to go: Jacob, then lauren, then Haley

    I'd love to see Haley win this – not just because she has the best vocals and overall idol package – but because she's had a seriously unfair trip from the judges – who SUCK this year without exception!

    • Totally agree with you here. I LOVE Haley and think she is "in it to win it." Ugh, I hate that phrase…

      Although, not sure about Scotty over James. I hope for the best as I do believe Scotty has more to offer in terms of a unique voice but for some reason, people love James. I think his performance was an utter failure this week… but fans will keep on voting.

      That been said, again I would just like to add that in a more fair world, the winner would be Haley.

      • Scotty, James, Lauren, Haley,

        All extremely talented. But who's CD will I be able to pop on in the car to listen to and sing with on a road trip or on my way to work? I am thinking Scotty.


  194. damn jacob eliminated a great singer his only the one who do standing ovation and all judges standing of his great voice. wheres james there scottey, haley and lauren ,hope for the win this competition well same as david cook he revealed his talent from now on and album to.

      • There is something about Haley where I feel she is not really connecting with her song but just using the song as a device to show off her musical talent and great set of pipes. Sorry not impressed.

    • yeah ok say it more times why don't u, all i have to say is if all u do is come on here and write haley sucks all day, then wow, u have no life, and ur a loser. james does rock, but haley is 1000 times better u stupid ass.

  195. Currently views in youtube..

    Haley Reinhart : House Of The Rising 207,237 views

    Scotty McCreery : You Were Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley – 30,458 views

    Jacob Lusk : Love Hurts – Everly Brothers :-


    James Durbin : Without You – Harry Nillson :


    Lauren Alaina : Unchained Melody – 46,230


      • ugh what site are u lookin at retta, haley had like 50 times more views then anyone on everysite this week and when she sang rolling in the deep.

  196. "NOT my personal opinions, but what I THINK the outcome of America’s votes COULD be."

    I enjoy reading your grades. You seem like an intelligent person and then you put this idiotic statement in your close EVERY TIME. Please look up the definition of opinion, because unless you have access to the results or can divine the results from tea leaves your opinion is what we get.

    You also semi-apologize for your ideas in the middle of your reviews. It's like you're terrified that someone won't agree with you. And the comments show how weird and dysfunctional your relationship with your fans is. You work way too hard to persuade everyone to agree with you. Usually I get a lot of enjoyment out of the comments on blogs but in trying to control/deflect what people think, you nip the possibility of more interesting discourse. And I'm not referring to trolls. Anytime anyone gives an opinion that doesn't align with yours- or doesn't match your verbalization – you jump in to "clarify."

    All I'm saying is that I would find reading you much more enjoyable if you took ownership of your thoughts instead of pandering.

  197. Lee the winner of AI season 9 is on the Philippines now and the reporter asked him who's his favorites and he answered…

    Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart! Another strike for Haley. He said "they will be successful no matter what". #JustSlaying

      • I agree with you Jay.

        Scotty will have a super nova career in country music. He wants it and is ready for it now.

        Lauren is only 15 and it I don't think she has the experience to win this but Nashville will take her underwing and she will have at least one big hit.

        Haley, great talent, but she has not given me any reason beyond being a great talent to entice me to buy a CD of hers.

        James, love the guy, but he is no Freddy Mercury. I feel about him like I do Adam Lambert…naw..not for me. Although I like James much better as a person than Adam.

  198. Name First performance Grade | Second Performance Grade

    *Scotty A+ | A+

    *James A+ | B+

    *Haley A | A+

    *Lauren A | C (Sorry guys)

    *Jacod D++ | C+

    • I totally agree that Scotty was the best singer and performer of the night. Just loved Gone and You Were Always on my Mine version. Enjoyed James and Lauren too. I did not enjoy the Alley Cat (off key) Hayley. She should have gone long ago.

  199. Name First performance Grade | Second Performance Grade

    *Scotty A+ | A+

    *James A+ | B+

    *Haley A | A+

    *Lauren A | C (Sorry guys)

    *Jacob D++ | C+

  200. Sorry guys, James Durbin deserves to win, during weeks his consistency being the best is shown, and his creativeness and performing on stage are incredible, amazing. He is Simply The Best.

  201. In watching AI this season, the only sound advice to come from the judges to a contestent was when they told Lauren to challenge herself on the high notes. She picked a song where hitting the high notes are critical and she backed off. If she ignores that advice on another song, I'm affraid that sweet "little Jawja accent" will not save her. The best advice has come from Jimmy on many occasions, especially on James about controlling his emotions. Too bad Jimmy is not one of the judges as I feel it would make for a much better show. One thing about this season I have noticed is those who get kicked off sound so much better when they appear on Jay Leno. Idol lost a great band when Ricky Minor went to the Tonight Show.

  202. yes josh i agree 100% he been the most consistent through the whole competition and he has excellent stage presence

    here is the order of who will go home





  203. I think Haley was good. 😀 I love her! For me though, her first and second performance was quite equal. Maybe the second was a little better than the gaga song idk. I hope she does more happy songs! Both of her songs were kinda dark for me. I also loved Lauren's Unchained Melody. Its so soft and tender. :> GO HALEY!!!

  204. what is it with the James thing yes he is a good performer lets not confuse that with the lesser extravert's I really think scotty is very shy I like james but like casey very Fake and over the top certainly gets the sympathy vote every week hope its lauren and scotty in the final but no doubt we will judge with our hearts and not our ears



  207. I think the Leiber-Stoller song, “Smokey Joe’s Cafe would be perfect for Scotty.

  208. Miss Haley Reinhart your attitude is going to buy your ticket home I’m affraid. The judges know what they’re talking about. There was one point in the song where you just started yelling the song…Randy was right. There are many of us out here who know what they said was correct but your exceptance of the critque will loose that winning spot for you, it’s not all about the singing. We see the sarcasim in your face and you need to control that.

  209. I agree, Miss Attitude bye, bye. Way to into herself. Can’t take the critque, time to hit the road.

  210. Haley is way over rated and has the attitude of a spoiled child. Deffinately not idol material

  211. Scotty will have a career, whether he wins this or not. I like them all and will be happy with who ever wins.

  212. I would tend to agree with that comment re poetry.It takes time and possibly reflection, both of which are a luxury, are they not?A statement of fact, non judgmental.

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