American Idol 2011: Top 5 elimination show recap – Jacob says goodbye

It was no surprise that Jacob Lusk was sent packing on “American Idol” Thursday night. I’ve been ready for him to go ever since he told me I don’t like what I see when I look in the mirror. Not that I know what that even means, but I took it as an insult. Anyway, he’s gone and we have a Top 4: Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, Haley Reinhart and James Durbin. I have to say, I’m quite pleased with this season’s Top 4.

Pardon me while I sound like a broken record, but can someone tell me why oh why the Thursday results shows are an hour long? While this week’s episode wasn’t as painful as last week’s, it was still filled with too much filler and Fox pimping.

The opening number “Happy Together” sounded decent, but it was so long. The Hell’s Kitchen filler was pretty entertaining, but the Ford video was a snore. Lady Antebellum took the stage as “Idol” further embraces the country genre this season. Then there’s more filler.

Finally, Ryan starts with the results. James is up first and is sent to the far side of the stage. I knew immediately that he was going to do that two groups of two thing with the last person being safe and then asked to join the group they think is safe, which they never actually do. Pardon that run-on but there was no other way to express that thought.

Lauren is up next and she is sent to the opposite side of the stage. It was pretty obvious to me that she was going to be in the bottom, because there’s no way I thought James would be. America loved his tears Wednesday night.

Time for another performance. This time it’s Jennifer Lopez performing “On The Floor.” And it’s CLEARLY pre-recorded but they tried very hard to make us think it wasn’t. Even going as far as pretending Jennifer was off changing clothes after her performance. It sometimes make me wonder if they fake this, what else do they fake…

More results. Jacob is told to join Lauren. Even more obvious that’s the Bottom 2. Haley is sent to join James. Finally, Ryan tells Scotty he’s safe and tells him to join the group that is safe.Β  Like every season, he refuses, so Ryan pulls him over to James and Haley’s group and tells them they’re all safe.

Ryan also points out (like I did last week) that Scotty was NOT in the Bottom 2 last week with Casey, meaning he’s never been in the bottom.

So it’s Lauren and Jacob in the Bottom 2 and Lauren is already crying. That girl needs to get a hold of her emotions and fears or she’s going home next week.

Jacob is eliminated and gets to sing one last time. For the first time this season, I enjoyed his performance. He actually seemed to have some personality at the end. Good for him.

I almost thought it was Lauren who was going home since Ryan earlier said the results might surprise us. I guess the surprise was that she was in the bottom instead of Haley. Speaking of Haley, she has really turned her position in this contest around. She very well might make the Top 3 and possibly the finale. That is unless Lauren’s fans were scared by her spot in the Bottom 2 and step up their voting next week.

Another question that comes up is where will Jacob’s votes go? Not to Scotty. Not to James. I guess they’d most likely go to Lauren. But even that seems weird. Next week is going to be very interesting. The ONLY thing that I’m 98 percent sure of is that Scotty will be fine next week and the week after, thus putting himself in the finale. But who is going to join him? James? Or is that too obvious. Lauren? Will her fans vote harder now? Or Haley? Has she finally convinced America to vote for her? This is so uncertain it’s actually kind of exciting.

What are your thoughts, hopes and predictions?





  1. It's very obvious that Haley will be in the top 2. Because she has gotten so many votes compared to the rest. She had 400,000 compared to 70,000 and 40,000. It's very obvious. But I'm not so sure about James, it could be a blind side like Casey that night. To me, he is an Adam Lambert wannabe and he likes him too!? Haley has my vote by far. She has the best voice there. We need a woman to win. No guys!!!

      • Probably from dialidol..I think he/she looked at the raw numbers there… Haley did have the most number of votes last week…vut Dialidol is wrong almost all the time…

      • Um maybe it is bacause I have been out of school so long, but 400,000 votes out of 60million is less than ONE percent of the votes?? 12 million is 1/5th of the votes so this number is useless. sorry but you make no sense.

      • Branden, American Idol is taking a poll and Scotty McCreery is ahead of James Durbin. And also Haley is ahead of James Durbin!! I think the comments the judges made over that first weird song that Jimmy Iovine told him he was taking a chance with. Well, That song HURT James. I think he is the best singer there. But the song was like Duh! What is it? And not to likeable. Seems like America is going along with what Jimmy said. James might have done like Jimmy said. He said " James this is yours to loose. And I wouldn't do that song !" Seems like the producer knows what he is talking about.Branden, I still think it will be James, Haley and Scotty! But it's anyones guess who will win. I just HOPE JAMES doesn't go home due to one bad song!! PS Jacob Lusk was on Jay Leno tonight. So was Steven Tyler! So I watched it to see Steven. I am reading his new book. That TYLER DUDE can crack anyone up!! Anyway Jacob was able to SCREAM and SCREAM before they ever shut him up. My poor ears were hurting again!! Have a great week end! Sherry K


    • If she only got 400,000 votes, she would have been going home this week most likely. After all there were what? 60 million votes? unless 59 million of them went to Scotty and James (possible, but not likely), 400,000 wouldn't be nearly enough to stay around.

    • Well most people hated Hailey and it is very hard for her to be in the Top 3. Although bottom 2 Jacob and Lauren but most of the time Lauren has never been in the bottom 2 and those Hailey haters are not very happy cause she is not in the bottom 2 with Jacob. No matter how good Hailey sings but still these people just hated her so much and want her to be out soon. Don't be surprise that she might be going home next week unless you people really vote for her and want her to be in the top 3 if not she is going home next week.

      • I don't think Haley would've gotten as far as top 4 if she has a lot of haters as you say. She MAY have a lot of hates, but she has a lot of fans as well. And it seems she's getting more fans as the weeks progress.

        I wasn't a fan of hers at the start but she just keeps fighting for her place and people are starting to notice she deserves to go this far.

        Haley and James for the finals, please!

      • Well what I mean when she has a lot of haters cause of the comments that I have been reading and before this Hailey was always in the bottom 3 most of the time and I really pity her. I know some people may like her but still there are people who wants her to be out soon. Those people want to see Lauren and Scotty final 2. It will be great if final 2 country and rock song compete but still never know how the vote goes.

      • Haley is still here this week only because people hated her less than Jacob. I do think the voting in Alabama and other tornado hit areas had an impact. Who would be voting on American Idol when they have lost their homes and pets? Remember that those southern areas are the ones that would vote for country singers Lauren and Scotty. There are still so called "haters" for Haley because she has yet to show us compassion, humbleness, and gratefulness. Instead, there has always been an air of arrogance and conceit.

      • Haley can be really mean.. I saw her laughing when Pia was elemianted. Everybodyelse was so shocked. I miss Pia!

    • Uh – you must be on a different dimension than the rest of us. Clearly Scotty & James have been getting the majority of the American votes every week. I don't know what the results will be this week but I can't see James falling from 46% of the votes to anything less than 2nd (to Scotty) at the most. Hailey is clearly going to be in the top 3 but unless James messes it up or Scotty – I don't see it going down any other way. It's really theirs to loose at this point & I'll be happy with either one winning. Both of them are going to have stellar careers – just going in different directions but both will sell millions of CDs.

      • Inspired, a few days ago, I would have questioned Scotty turning out a Platinum Album, but after his performance of "Gone" he has FINALLY shown us that he has the chops to do so. That performance was a long time coming. Now it's back up in the air between him and James again. I hope they have both been saving their best for the last few weeks, cuz this could get pretty awesome this month. πŸ™‚

      • I really honestly believe that we might see some of the best performances ever on AI the next few weeks. I always knew Scotty had the talent – he's just very young & still really trying to find the right niche which I think he's finally getting (and I'm not just talking about singing Country Western – many forms of that style, just like rock, jazz, blues, etc). I think his performance last night was one of his best this season & totally agree with Jimmy on his outlook for Scotty's career.

        As for my other favorite – well, I wasn't pleased with his song choices this week at all. IMHO he needs to go back to what he was really amazing at and definitely stay away from the emotional songs. Yes – we all wanted to see that side of him, well we did, two weeks in a row. Now it's time for him to do what he does best – sing & perform his azz off like he has been doing nearly every performance (before last night).

        I think James & Scotty's best is yet to come……I'm looking forward to it and – inspired :).

    • If a female is going to win…that would be LAUREN…clearly the only one who has the vocals is JAMES..he can sing rock/pop/ballad effortlessly…Scotty has a unique voice…while HALEY well what can i say..?? GROWLING is not Singing..!!!definitely

      unless America is stupid enough not to identify between GROWLING and SINGING

      …I'm not a fan of PIA but when i see Haley SMILING while Pia was eliminated that's the time I started to dislike Haley

      • I agree that growling is not singing. Singing is hitting notes well and masterfully. Which *gasp* Haley actually can do well!

        If you listen, like really listen to Haley's voice, she doesn't growl all the time. It's just a technique she uses to add some texture to her voice (nice). Listen some more and you'll realize her tone is so naturally unique. She has her own identity.

        I'm not touching the "smiling while Pia is being eliminated" schtick again. Too superficial to discuss.

      • @Macedonia…

        if you have the chance to watch a replay or rerun of PIA's elimination…there you will see what i mean about SMILING…

        it's not just me but my friends and some colleagues noticed it too…reason that they dislike Haley too

        I know she's not Growling all a matter of fact i like her rendition of "Rolling In The Deep"

        A person SMILING for a misfortune, defeat, etc. of other person…is not a GOOD Person at all

      • So obviously u do not understand what "giving style" to singing is. Before judging Haley's growling, go back and listen to ALL her songs CAREFULLY and you'll realize, much to your surprise, that she does NOT growl all the time.

        Lauren to win this whole thing? Are you kidding? I'd rather James then. Lauren can sing, no doubt, but… BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pup, Bunny, Secondchance and Devin Lee: You ladies need to skip on down to #2; there's nothing important down below before that, and it would not be proper viewing for ladies.

      • divine, you bash so well you must have gone to Democrat's school of Bush bashing. It appears you failed there too, but it’s apparent they were successful in brainwashing you to think bashing is the only way to speak.

      • That was the moment Haley showed her true colors. If she did that so openly, I can only imagine how she treated Pia and the others in person. Showed a spoiled, self-centered brat in my opinion.

    • My name is Tim Proitte and I m still recovering from a very very serious car accident I was in just last week. I know now after seeing how I look in the mirror what Jacob was saying but at the same time I sing from my heart not my shell. I look disgusting now in my eyes but I feel I sing with more passion even though I shouldn't even be singing considering my jaw is broken. You only make life or get from life what you make it and or what you put in it. I regret never going on the show and would love to get on there and prove to everyone not to give up under no circumstance and anything is possible. No one says I should even haVe lived through this but I only wanna make strives to better my life since I got another shot at it. I feel horrible going anywhere and seeing peoples faces when they see my skull and face. But I would love to be able to show everyone it's not what is on the outside or what people see it's all about how you treat people and what is in your heart. I'm only 19 but I feel my knowledge of this world is uncanning. I'm still Working and working on my voice to get to normal I just wanna show that anything is possible. If there is someone in the network that reads these posts and reads this please look into my story and follow up with me and maybe help me make this world a better place. If not I still love life and will never take it for granite. I only take it one day at a time As everyone should. If you read this;anyone, godbless and I hope it makes you see life from atleast a lil bit of a different perspective. Thank you n goodluck to every contestant. Gods with you all πŸ™‚

      • I identify with Tim above in his terrible accident. I am led to relive one of the worst nights of my life. I was out coonhunting and was about to bark to my "so-called" human masters I had once again treed an inferior dumbass 'coon. Well, the long and short of it (and I, Coondog, am more Long than short), is that the treed coon's girlfriend revealed her bush to–I mean's to say she revealed herself from a bush to me and begged for my silence to protect her boyfriend coon. Well's, I, Old Coondog, am not without sympathy. So, in return for my nonbarking, I allowed her the privilege of "exploring my stinky area" as all old southernly Coondog gentleman's like myself would say! Well, turns out the seemingly docile shecoon was as treacherous as that Gollup thing in Lord of the Rings–she chomped off one of my baby-makers! Ai-oooooooh! I mean I howled like a cheerleader in the boys' locker room!

        But, as Old Tim reports in how he learned more about life and such, Old Coondog now sings (howls) an Octave higher, and my love life has never been better since the lady coons can't perceive me as a husky dog so much! To paraphrase Lt Col Bill Kilgore (Robert Duvall)in Apocalypse Now, "I love the smell of Coon-tang in the morning"!

      • Psssstttt Coondog!!!!

        Go to the one where you said your last goodbye.

        Go to the one where you payed $5.

        Tonto is calling….. Out from the darkness…

      • Sshhh! Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting Wabbitt! Yes, there is a secret dossier in "the hidden place". It contains info on ubl,st6,'g'man.

      • Timothy, My heart goes out to you!! I hope someone sees your post and will help you! I was burned when I was little! PLEASE do not let the way you look hurt you in any way!! God loves you! And people can be very cruel!! My son took some L-Trytophan in 1989 and it messed up his WHOLE circularity system. He is real sick. The Dr.who diagnosed him with a rare disease at Oshner clinic in New orleans said he probably wouldn't live to be 60 died in Katrina! My son was 19 when he first got sick. I tried everything in my power to get someone to help him! No one cared. I love you and I don't even know you!! God loves you Timothy! I wish I were rich! I would help you! I will pray that someone helps you!!! I would like to give you my email address to try to keep up with how you are doing. But the only way to do it would be to get a yahoo email address. YOU DO NOT LOOK DISGUSTING!! I TRULY HOPE SOMEONE WILL READ THE POST AND HELP TIMOTHY! Please do not say that! Have you ever seen anyone with their face burned??? As you said, It is what is in the inside that counts!! Have you heard the saying That when God closes the door he opens a window!! that is why you lived!! god opened a window for you! Put your troubles in God Timothy. I will see if I can get the church prayer group to pray for you too!! I hate to go away from this. It makes me sad that I cannot do more to help you! Thank-You! and may God who is Great bless you!!! Sherry K. πŸ™‚ SMILE each day something good could happen!

    • me to where you get these numbers from your head haley snub jacob and never even hug or said a word to him she is so stuck on herself it is very sick

      • ok A) WHAT? and B) Am I the only person who saw Hayley mouth the words "I love you Jacob" after he was eliminated? Everyone keeps saying how heartless and self involved she is… I 100% disagree. She is amazing!

      • @fanny I certainly saw that. The Trolls only see what they want to see!

    • actually there was 60 million votes so how is that possible apple says no

    • He's just a troll. That's why he hasn't responded to anybody after posting this

  2. What a talented top 4 we have!! I think Lauren and Haley's performances will be esp. crucial next week as it will probably be only 1 of the girls joining James and Scotty in the top 3…

    • top four should be james, casey, jacob and pia. because they have the mark of a true artist. Lauren and Haley should only be on the top 8. All the boys deserve to remain…This is the worst season ever…

      • Jun … PIA is GONE… she has a recording contract that will no doubt be more benificial to her than winning Idol. LET IT GO!!!

  3. Hi Branden πŸ™‚

    I would love to watch James and Haley in the finale that is in my mind. What most sure will happen is James and Scotty will fight for the title but would be super if Haley goes and wins! That will show everybody how a girl fights! πŸ™‚

    Of course I love James and hope he wins but I wouldnt mind if Haley does.

    The final would be James and Scotty and that is a though one, both have huge fan bases so it all will be decided on who got the most votes…

    Anyway I wish good luck to all, as always πŸ™‚

  4. Yeah, I think we have a pretty awesome final 4 now. After looking back through previous years and seing who was in each final 4, I think this is probably the strongest collective group of singers and performers that the idol stage has ever seen at this stage of the competition.

    • Totally agree with kdub! Last year I was just glad the show was over. This year with James, Scotty, and Haley, it is really going to be AI's best year. Lauren wowed me at the auditions but I think this is truly NOT her year, she doesn't seem to have the confidence to pull it off especially after Iovine pointed out that she didn't go for the big note in Unchained Melody. Wishing Lauren the best but James, Haley, and Scotty are tops in my book and they truly have it.

  5. Lauren looked absolutely shell-shocked up there with Jacob. I don't see how she recovers next week. All she hears from the judges and Iovine is she is scared and has no confidence. If she can overcome the negative input then she is one tough 16 year old.

    • It's tough, but hey, it's show buisiness. If she wants to be the American Idol, she had better learn to be tough, because the small criticisms she recieved this week will be nothing compared to the thrashing she is going to get once she starts recording. Every artist gets tore apart by the critics, no matter how good they are.

      • kdub, I still ain't quite sure if ye be male or female or one of them Afrodyte things (hermaphrodite?) which is why I didn't include you in my Warning to Kdub, Pup and Bunny to avoid reading the last parts of #1 above. Roof, roof!

      • Coondog, it's not polite to call people "hermie". Now go to your room and don't come out until you need a pizza pop.

  6. No surprise about Jacob going home for sure and it was a pretty boring night, although I liked Lady Antebellum's performance.

    I was going through my idol downloads from previous seasons and came across Siobhan Magnus singing "House of the rising Sun" and she did a damn good job last season with it as well!

    At this point in the competition I just sit back and watch it unfold but I am anxious to see who makes the final 2!

    • I like Siobhan's version of House of the Rising Sun, too.. More than Haley's..

      • Siobhan Magnus was also a very cool cat – a really crazy underdog. I liked her a lot. You either loved or hated Siobhan Magnus!! Her rendition of "Wicked Game" was over the top. Where is she anyways?

  7. So, now that we have it all evened up on the gender front, 2 girls, 2 guys in the final four… can we please put the gender bias stuff behind us now?

  8. By the way, do you guys see Scotty Smiling in the pic above as Jacob is getting sent home! What a big mean jerk, he's happy that… LOL, sorry, can't even type it with a straight face… but that is what people sound like when they were ripping on another certain contestant for smiling during somebody elses exit from the idol stage. (And no, I don't think Scotty is a big mean Jerk-face, I was just making a point) πŸ˜‰

    • Hahaha. I was about to get annoyed. Good thing I kept reading. The whole time I saw Haley smiling tonight, I was prepared for someone to comment on it here, calling her a b*tch, etc. But then everyone was smiling, because it turned into a joyous moment.

      • Maybe the other contestants were tired of listening to Jacob too. πŸ˜‰

        I kid I kid… (well, kinda)

      • Or have nightmares of his gyration on stage & crotch grabbing at the inapporiated time! lol!

    • YOU got me good on that one, I was like.. WHa..WHAT..WHAT..BLAHAHAHA. Im not kidding, I really thougth someone stole you name for a second.

    • Personally – I think Scotty is a great singer & will go on to have an amazing career in Nashville. But at the same time he's still very young & I believe this is starting to go to his head (might be a good thing, but could also end up being a very bad thing, we'll see). I like him & James a lot so I really hope that doesn't end up happening – at times it seems like maybe it is, I don't know. But this is show biz & I know it's gotta be really hard on all of these kids, especially the younger ones (like Lauren).

      In either case – I really think this year's final 4 are probably the best overall group of AI contestants ever, I'd put them up against any top 4 from any of the previous seasons.

      • Inspired, I am in total agreement with you. I think these kids are doing a good job of not letting it go to their heads (at least it seems like it) and staying a little humble, but the sirens call of stardom has to be in their ear all the time now, and thats a tough lure to resist.

        And yeah, I agree that this final 4 is just outstandingly talented. All 4 are just capable of blowing you away.

      • IMO, I still think the top 4 of season 8 (with Adam, Kris, Danny & Allison) is the strongest group!

      • Scotty has remained humbled, nothing has gone to his head. I believe you want him out because you believe he'll win.

      • cant see that Scotty acts like this has gone to his head. Fantastic voice and hes really about the onloy one that acts himself since e met him day1 on the show

      • Scotty is a strong, confident and very brave guy. He faced to all challenges of IA as everyone.

        Be fair with him, He is still young, but he have the wonderful voice and the performance skill so attractive on stage. No one in AI 10 better than him

        Vote for him, America will have another world's legend singer in future.

        He will win AI and successful so far.

      • Piper, long… try reading the post again, nobody said anything mean about scotty… actually read the entire post before commenting please. LOL

    • everyone smile scotty and laura james and haley so get off there backs haley never even hug jacbo like the others she still is a snob and will always be and her fans will just have to get use to it

      • @ retta shut up! shut up! shut up! You are really starting to annoy me! I get it you don't like Hayley. Congratulations would you like a cookie? Grow up and move on. Get over your jealously. It doesn't look good on you!

    • Haley smiled when Jacob got called and stood in the background, still smilling, as rest embraced him. I dont think Scotty was smiling because he was happy about Jacob leaving He had his arm around him

      • Oh for God's sake…..grow up …with the she smiled, she didn't hu g crap. You know NOTHING about any of these people. They are all talented and young. Imagine how it would feel to have people trash who never even met you. You are hateful…take a look in the mirror

      • @ Cecil, don't worry about people like Lee!! When silly posters make ignorant, unfounded jabs at certain idols…it just makes their fans support them more πŸ™‚

    • Huge difference with Pia. Everyone was at the hugging stage after lots of laughing with Jacob when they were smiling. The camera panned to Haley the second Ryan read Pia's name and there was Haley smiling. Her huge evil grin was so out of place against Lauren's hand covering gasp, the audiences "boos" and other contestants tears. HUGE DIFFERENCE, duh!!!!

      • LOL, wow, you know, sometimes comments are just so far beyond reason that I wonder if the person is actually gone beyond just trolling and actually gone off the deep end.

      • @Angela

        Did you ever think that maybe Pia was an awful person backstage to Haley? What if Pia was the biggest bitch of them all? How do you know? She makes it big, then dumps her boyfriend who had supported her throughout the competition and then takes off with the Ballas guy… Pia spend the last three years of her life making sure that nobody clicked her in positions that might compromise her like drinking, smoking, partying like mad and doing wild stuff so that one day when she becomes a celebrity, the pics won't come back to haunt her..Notice i said she made sure that nobody clicked her…She didnt stop doing any of those things…She just made sure o avoid cameras when she did…That to me points to a highly narcissistic, obnoxious, bitchy, crude, delusional, pathetic individual.

  9. that's the end of time for jacob…but i guess the recording company will surely get him 'coz he's good also.

    what a talented remaining 4contestants we have. but the most i like is JAMES DURBIN ,i know everybody feels the originality made by his own uniqueness way of singing and moving…he is REAL …I HOPE EVERYBODY WILL PUT THEIR HEART AND MIND TO CHOOSE THE BEST PERFORMER . PLEASE VOTE FOR JAMES , HE IS ORIGINAL…..

    • Me and my friends like JAMES DURBIN….!!!

      the real singer this season

      Our VOTES and PRAYERS goes to JAMES

    • James may be a little more intense than past Idol competitors but he isn't original. He reminds me of Steven Tyler and a hundred other rockers. James just needs to write an original, get a hit and the rest will be history, like the rest of them. Not original by any means untils he performs an original. He hasn't performed an original better than the original yet.

      • base on the 4 remaining contestants , he is the best performer ever…THAT'S ANOTHER STORY OF MAKING OR WRITING HIS OWN SONG….this presentation is only base on how they will catch the attention of the audience to make them impressed.. THAT IS THE MEANING OF ORIGINALITY…

  10. My prediction is finale 2 will be James & Lauren. Right now country music is hot, and has been for a while. The fans they are a changin younger. James has proved he is the package

    • Well, with Lauren in the bottom 2 tonight, and having to overcome 2 of the three other singers (she might edge Haley, but Scotty or James?), her chances are slim unless tonight was a wake up call and her fan base goes ballistic on the voting over the next couple weeks, which wouldn't amaze me if it happens, but would be a small surprise if it's enough to pull it off.)

    • James dont sing Country he wouldnt be able to That would sent him packing for sure BUT they made Scotty & Lauren sing rock—-

      • Really? I think James would surprise a few people with some good old fashioned country-rock. I was thinking this may be his ticket to beating Scotty actually! πŸ˜‰

      • Actually you are wrong, James DOES sing country, he has won contests at it.

  11. Glad the stress of it is over, I honestly came up out of my chair tonight cussing when they put James out first and didnt say if he was safe or not. Making them and us wait that long was crap, crap I say!

    • What about Scotty standing next to Casey last week, I thought about the storms all around and the power outages. It had me wondeering.

  12. Hope Haley takes it all the way. She's got the best vocals I've heard in quite some time, and she's been working it all season and to my opinion, gotten some bad critique from the judges. I loved her Be-Be-Be-Benny and the jets performance. Scotty's good too, and so is Lauren, she's a cutie. James indeed sounds to me like an Adam Lambert wannabe and it can become a bit annoying at times. But that's just my 2 cents all the way from Peru (the country, not the city).

    • Jlo and Steven have been great this season. I hope the rumor that Aerosmith is coming back to Peru in October is true… Rock oN people! Great season <3.

      • Doubtful. Steven has a new single out that does not include the band, and rumor has it they're fighting right now.

      • @ Ritz. Just don't understand how you can say that about the judges–any of them!

        The judging has been really pitiful, in my opinion. There have been times when JLo was really insightful. (I was so surprised! Steven has rarely said anything worth listening to except for entertainment purposes. And Randy, well, he is just off the wall when it comes to one contestant.

        So I am not a fan of any of them anymore. This bias they have shown against Haley is just so overwhelmingly clear to anyone at this point. Their critiques have literally disappeared for all the other contestants. I just am so disgusted with them.

      • Steven Tyler was on Jay Leno last night and he tod Jay that the band was going on a tour starting in November of this year. He said the band is pissed at him. ( His words!) But he said they always get it together when it is time to tour. So we shall see if they tour in November! Sherry K.

  13. the right decision for once!!

    next to go in order: Lauren, Haley, James, Scotty takes it!

  14. I hate LAUREN ALAINA!! I THINK EVERYONE THERE FEELS SAD FOR HER COZ SHE IS SUCH A CRY BABY!! And now Jacob left. he deserves to go. and haley ur next. go home. 3rd should go to lauren. and 1st should go to scotty. snd to james

    • I'm not a Lauren fan either, but try to judge the contestants on their skills, and not their "crying" reps.

      • If it was keping them for their acting and crying James outdoes Lauren hes the cry BOY!!!

    • i agree with you that HALEY should go home next week…..come on..!!! since when GROWLING become SINGING?? hahaha

      • She very rarely growls, and when she does it's still with control and taste, get your hearing checked. πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah, that's why she's top four and still wasn't in the bottom. None of them suck, you're just ignorant.

    • Your contradicting yourself. If you want to hate a crybaby you should hate James most of all. He cries every week. He even cries during his performances. Oh, and learn to spell. Also typing in caps doesn't make your point better.

      • Branden: I have to ask. Don't you sometimes feel like a kindergarten cop? And ask yourself "What did I get myself into?"

      • hey! why should i contradicting myself?

        just make your own comment..this is a free country, it is your freedom to write or to post any comment about your idol..mind your own business…

      • James has only cried twice, because his family (wife and kid) my guitar gently weeps and last weeks.

  15. Scotty was great from the start. When is he going to wear a cowboy hat? I now like James because he showed another side of his voice. I started liking Haley a few weeks ago when she did a Ford commercial. She keeps getting better. Lauren is a doll but I do not think she will be in the top 3. All of them are stars.

    • Excellent post. I agree. Lauren could surprise us though, but when she is faced with a big note like on Unchained Melody, she cant be afraid of it, she has to grab it and make it her b****. If she can get the cajones to do that, she could be back in this thing faster than you can say "did I just hear that?"

      • Yep! Unchained Melody is her downfall…she ruined that song completely with her bad song edition!

      • I liked her verson of unchained melody i thought it was better then the one the guy sang a couple weeks ago on the show

      • @kdub

        it is not cajones lol the right word is cojones πŸ™‚

        cojones mean "balls"

        cajones mean "drawer"

        just saying πŸ™‚

      • Hey, I have a hard enough time spelling in my native language… but uhhh, yeah.. I meant that she needs the drawers to store the energy to hit those notes… so yeah… she needs the drawers… thats my story and I'm sticken to it. πŸ˜‰

    • I've been thinking about buying him a Cowboy hat and sending it but I don't know if he'd ever receive it.

  16. After Casey went home last week it became anybody's to win. But I'm not sure how Casey could have competed with everyone's performance Wednesday night, except Jacob, who stunk on his first song. Vocally, Casey is not in the same league as the girls & apparently James but I still believe he has more to offer. musically than any of them. The future will soon tell. P.S. Halley's 'House…' WAS the best of the night & made her a contender!

    • Casey is a very talented singer and musician, but you're right, his voice is not that good and the others had him beat hands down. That's okay, he's going to go far in the music world whether he sings or not.

  17. We Americans looked at ourselves in the mirror and didn't like what we saw. Good riddance to you Lusk.

    • jacob has good vocals and u know it.he set his standards and u guys didnt hav to like them but respect just about done wit the hating.get over the mirror thing and move on.eish

      • jacob can sing!undisputable fact..he was ryt wen he said 'look in the mirror' David,guess u mite be seeing a bitter old woman.stop d hating man!

    • It kinda took you a lot of time to look at the mirror now..Didn't it?

      So much time to get from the living room to the mirror…By god!!!!

  18. it's to bad that with these 4 talented artists it's going to come down to a voteing competion and not a best singer and performer dosen't care who wins 60 million votes how much do they make off of that??? i'm sorry i guess i'm still bitter from the whole adam lambert fiascoe.good luck to all…………….

  19. Lauren was crying and that can make her get more votes and next week Hailey will be going home. Well Hailey have been in the bottom 3 most of the time and its really hard for her to be in the top 3. Lauren have a lot of fans vote so it is not a surprise at all if Lauren is in the top 3. Hailey haters will be very very happy when she goes home next week.

    • If that kind of logic is right, Haley should've been out a long time ago. But she fights and fights and has been accumulating lots of fans along the way.

      I love her sweet but tough attitude!

      Lauren is going EXACTLY the opposite way IMHO. She started strong but degrades the quality of her performance each week.

      I'd rather go for someone who's always on the bottom and fights her way up, rather than somebody who thinks highly of themselves and does not do a thing to improve.

      • Well I'm talking logic cause those people comments about Hailey should be going home and they keep saying hated her growling and hated James screaming so from there its shows they do not like Hailey and she most of the time in the bottom 3. There are some people who likes her voice but still those Lauren fans do not like Hailey and that is the fact cause I have been reading the comments.

      • Haley may be standing next to Scotty in the final two. More likely be Scotty and James but with Haley you never know, I have too admit Lauren has been putting Haley's growling in her voice at times and it's not good. Casey tried it and was sent home.

  20. Lauren tears up every time the camera is on her and it is sickening. Go away!

    • Yeah, I mean, what does she think she is, a 16 year old girl or some..thing… oh yeah…

      I mean come on, I remember when my sister was 16, she cried because the little girl in the Movie Curly Sue had to cut her hair at the end of the movie… 16 year old girls cry at Old Navy commercials for petes sake. At least Lauren has something real to cry about. (and before the "you fanboy" responses come out, I should mention, she is my 4th favorite of the remaining contestants)

      • Well, I guarentee that plenty of 16 yrs girls would cry very hard…if Scotty is being vote off next week (althought I doubt that would happens…lol!)

      • kdub, you are heartless! Even old Coondog sniffles when I see some of the catty remarks those Mannequins make to each other in Old Navy ads! How can you ridicule the Blows to Humanity in those "Mean Girl" spots?!

      • I do not think 16 year old girls would cry at old navie commercials I know when I was 16 I didnt cry at Old Navy comercials ive always thought they were stupid and for Lauren crying it was most likely cause she didnt want to go home so soon so hopfully that will make her peformances for next week stronger

      • Christina ~ I don't really think they cry at old navy commercials, that part was an exxageration for effect. And since we don't have those sad/touching long distance commercials anymore it seemed like the way to go in the comment. πŸ˜‰

    • She might just be close to Jacob, that's why she's crying. Or maybe she's just emotional. I just wish she uses that kind of emotion in her performances. But unfortunately, she doesn't.

    • James Durbin is the worst crybaby of all. I don't get why people give Lauren crap for tearing up while they praise Durbin for being emotional when he's bawling like a stupid baby during every performance.

      • Laurn,s tears are real not the kind that can be turned off and on like James does. He really works hard to get the pity votes

    • I feel bad for Lauren but when you enter a contest you might not win, no use crying over it. Remember Lauren if the door shuts God will open another. You have a beautiful voice and you need to take stage never doubing yourself for a minute. Even if you mess up act live as if you didn't. Now is not the time to take chances. Sing as if you're singing for the Lord.

  21. Scotty is really mature while he is only 17. He takes his criticism with good attitude and tries to improve after that. He knows who he truly and what kind of artist he wants to be.

    At first, I though he was aloof, not being close to anyone else. But last night, he comforted a crying Laurent when she is sent to couch. He is holding and smiling with Jacob like a good little brother. Looking back, he never showed he was happy when anyone was voted out. He cried when Pia and Paul were out. He interacted with Casey onstage on he was out too. He shows people he loves his family, his friend, sports and God. He can be dorky too but not manipulative to get vote. Well, in my mind, he is a good kid.

    Jimmy is right when he says Scotty needs to learn a lot. But as long as he tries, he had a career ahead. He sounds like Josh Turner, er, his voice is like that, it can't be helped.

    • True, but Last night I think with "Gone" he showed that he has the potential to be more than just another Josh Turner. He finally really impressed me last night.

      • I love Scotty's song Gone. Also, the track of James Without You is awesome. I am enjoying both.

      • Kduh You said something nice about somebody.. That humanizes you.. I knew you were probably a really good person

      • I say pleanty of nice things about plenty of people. I'm just more than willing to say mean things about people that are desperately asking for it. πŸ™‚

    • I totally agreed with you.

      Vote for Scotty, America will be have a real Idol have a full packed of talent and personality. An Idol everyone can proud of

  22. Ryan should be out too…He just ran out of tricks (or perhaps he's the true one trick pony!)He kept repeating the same trick each season which sent me to Zzzzz…..the whole show!

  23. I guess Lauren's tear will flood the whole town …if she got eliminate next week!! Tear! Tear! Tear!

      • Careful Pup! You're getting close to "the edge" in your temperament–like the first pilot in Top Gun (Cougar?) that turned in his wings to the Commander after losing his nerve after the Commies got "Missile Lock" on him, and Maverick and Goose had to Lead him back to the Carrier to land. I'm worried about you Pup! I'd hate for you to have to turn in your 'mouse'.

      • Pup, I never said i disagreed with your statement of fact! I'm merely honoring your warrior spirit had you close to "losing the edge" required of valiant fighters! Keep up the good work, Pup!

  24. Will all of you please stop likening James Durbin to Adam Lambert. Adam never screamed, screeched, wailed or howled…In contrast to James, Adam had good control of his vocals when he hit the high notes and was never off-key…Unlike James, Adam was a schooled musician…a polished diamond already when he hit AI. James maybe some sort of a diamond-in-the-rough, but even if given proper traning, will never be as good or better than Adam…so please stop all that comparison…Adam does not sing noise…Amen.

    • I totally agree with you . Dusbin is just trying to be like Adam but it's not good for him afterwards if he wants to be a famous talented singer.He must be himself.

      • Make that popping sound and get your head out of your rectum. Adam is a totally different type of performer [sophisticated/glam] than James [raw rocker] there are similarities in vocal range and a bit visually, but no one is imitating anyone. They said the same things about Jon Bon Jovi when he came on the scene not long after Springsteen hit big. The comparison was not welcomed by either of them and was unwarranted in that they are very different artists.

      • James has been amazing every step of the competition, tonight excluding. He's not screeching at all. He's hitting his high notes, he's impressing most of America. This is the first complete season I've ever watched, so I don't know who Adam Lambert is, but if he's being compared to James Durbin I can only image he's incredibly good. I'll Youtube him.

  25. FINALLY…..I get my wish and Jacob goes home. Should have happened last week. Now he can stop taking the doggie downers they put him on to keep him from jumping all over the place when he got excited. The group singing "Happy Together" did not blend well and I was disappointed with that. Lauren sings too loud and was off key half the time. The remainder of the group have amazing voices. Although James is my fave by far, I feel it's really up in the air as to who's going to win this.

  26. People wants to see Lauren and Scotty final 2 but if final 2 country song and rock song to compete it is more challenging. It's up to you people to vote wisely for whom deserve to be in the top 2. This year have the best top 4 ever. Best of luck to the top 4.

    • If it comes down to country versus rock, it's sad in a way because the votes will be "country versus rock fans" rather than Scotty versus James. Then again, people who like neither country or rock that much just may be the best voters, picking more on talent and less on genre. But if they don't like country or rock, will they even vote? or even watch?

      It's an INTERESTING season!

      • Hi, NG!!

        I think it comes down to how many fans of AI are country-oriented vs not country-oriented music fans. Must be a huge block of country music lovin' people to help earn Scotty his consistent lead.

      • There's the chance that Jacob's votes will go to Scotty. This is pure conjecture on my part. Here's my reasoning: Jacob is basically a gospel singer, think Baptist. Scotty has been the most vocal about his religion of the final four. Now you could say that Lauren would get those votes, but given the overdone makeup and sometimes plunging necklines, I don't think so. I'm not sayin' it's right, I'm just sayin'.

      • @pup: country is huge. Most of the land area of USA and Canada is country. Less population density, but WAY more land!

        @Templar: I too was wondering where the Jacob vote will go… or if it just "goes"…

      • Jacob isn't all that innocent. Some of his moves are "dirty dancing" with the hip thrusts. Just saying…..

      • Well as what most people knows that the voters will vote for whom they favourite the most. If final 2 Lauren and Scotty, I really feel very sad for James cause he has a great voice and he deserve to be on the big stage cause he has stage presence and a great performer. Those people always keep saying they hated his screaming and they are ridiculous and tone deaf people.

  27. As far this week's voting, I think America was spot on. For the first time this season, I voted: Three times for James, Lauren & Haley… the best efforts of the night I think. The reason I voted is with the loss of my favorite last week, atleast I can't blame others for not votimg! Lauren should be commended for tackling 'Unchained Melody' despite bailing on the one high note. The only other Idol contestant I recall doing it was Clay Aikin. And James should & was appreciated for powering through 'Can't Live Without You' one of my favorite songs. What


    Top 3

    Jacob is gone…

    HALEY is up next week…because GROWLING is not SINGING…Ugly voice ugly face..!!!

    • I don't think you've really looked at her – if you did you would see some beautiful eyes. Besides, a lot of people, including Steven Tyler, would disagree with you.

    • divine what is wrong with you. Do you have no pride..she is a great singer.

    • I think Haley will out last Lauren. Haley don't buckle under pressure no tears from that girl.

    • @divine, are you deaf or something? Hailey has one of the most unique and interesting voice. You hate her 'cause she "smiled" when Pia was eliminated? It's "American Idol", not "True Beauty".

      • It showed lack of character, compassion, humanity. It showed a snotty person when she smiled.

    • Haley is flipping hot. She even turned my wife around, who was originally a hater. She's a dark horse – a rebel, a throwback to a better time and place.

      Haley, my dear kiddies, rocks.

      • God, I can't believe you are married the way you are obsessing/lusting after Haley. Your poor wife…..

      • Angela

        With the things you above said on this blog..i think you should be more aware about the impact you have on your children…

  29. I'm sorry to see Jacob go – he was the most interesting in the group. Wasn't impressed with Hayley's version of "House of the Rising Sun" – it's a blues song and none of this year's singers could sing blues.

    • The hell you say. Haley CAN and did sing the blues in that song. She was incredible.

  30. That just sucks. Haley's not in the bottom AGAIN. I've wanted her to be eliminated since the first elimination. There's something about her singing that I don't like. She sounds like a cat dropped in to a tub of water when she's doing that 'growl' of her. And she slurs a lot; even on a low note.

    • Have you ever dropped a cat in water? If you did, you would KNOW Haley sounds nothing like that! It's a good thing the audience doesn't listen to you. Most of the people that remain have progressed a lot since they first were on the show. Haley definitely is one of them. Have you really listened to her lately? The judges gave her a standing ovation after her performance last night….

      • TCExperts, The standing O was the respectful thing for them to do after they were so negative to her about her first performance.

      • What the Haley worshipers don't understand is that millions of people do not like Haley's singing/snobby personality/conceited air/ stripper performances or she would not have been in the bottom 3 all these months!

      • Divine, it's: "my friends and I"–not "me and my friends" Better pay a little more attention in English class.

      • @Angela: There you go making false assumptions again. I am not a Haley "worshiper." I simply think she is the best singer.

    • i have tried more than once to really just listen to haley, without looking at the screen (cuz i can't stand looking at her face lol)but i still can't get her! while others are singing their hearts out (except scotty – he doesn't need to try, he'll get through anyways), haley's always trying to slut herself on stage! and that's why she's growling cuz she thinks that's sexy. OMG that's so wannabe!

      she shd not have been wildcarded for top 13, what a waste.

      • I must admit Haley does sound rough, It's and easy husky sound to make with the voice if you know how to do it. It does take a litte pratice. She must like it. If I of tried that during voice lessons I would have been hit with something. I don't think she sings as well as Lauren but the guys like her look.

      • What Haleys downfall could be is attitude. Facial expressions tell she doesnt like to be told that her efforts didnt go over with the judges. Im not saying she cant sing.She is the oppisite of Lauren who goes to pieces J M O

      • haley was not wild carded for top 13. the 3 wild cards were naima, stefano and ashley. haley was voted in.

      • Sorry, my mistake. Well, i watched the top 5 rerun last nite and still couldn't appreciate Haley. Lol

  31. It looks like the finals will be a 2 guys affairagain as history always will repeat iself.Country vs Contemporary Rock.Scotty and James remind us Chris and Adam as you know Country and Rock fans contribute the most votes. I guess the 2 girls are unpredictable and will make way for the two guys. Having said that many will agree that James has a showbiz personality as compared to Scotty and James will do well after the finals even if he does not win just like Adam Lambert. Cheers

    • Did it escape your notice that last year the final was a guy and a girl?

  32. only James & Haley in the final can make the show more interesting..Lauren has a good voice but her voice/choice of songs just fail to make her stand out. Scotty is also great singer, but man i just can't envision him in the final..Hailey so far is the best…she sounds amazing and sexy…she always delivers something new week after week…anyways this is my prediction for the next couple weeks

    Going home next week – Lauren

    Next – Scotty

    In the final – James & Haley

      • Really i dont really see people anoyed with James except for the fact that they think hes crying is fake when its not more people are anoyed with Hailey it will be a James vs Scotty finale

      • I'm not a country fan but I can see how much talent and popularity Scotty has. Him winning would not be a bad thing – but would any of them winning be bad? If Lauren stepped up, reached way way down inside herself and said "F' em" and got some confidence and pulled a Carrie Underwood type performance and blew them all away would that be bad?

        I hope all these kids do something great with their talent, and I like how each of them have a fan-base – and clearly the fans are very devout and emotional about this – look how NASTY the posts are getting!

        This season ROCKS!!

        Keep it up haters and lovers!

    • I like that idea but Haley kicking Scotty? Sheesh, I don't know if their fan bases are on par for that to happen. I like Haley's thing more than Scotty's country thing, but country has a HUGE following and I'm just one guy.


      Northern Guy

  33. Just please tell me they will not Bring Jacob back for another song at some point. I had gotten to the point, I just switched channels when he came on. I think they actually have the best 4 left of the season.

    • he will be back in the finals result show as the whole top 13 will where they will most likely peform a group number one last time

  34. The reason why they are keeping James in until the finals is because the director and producers are concocting a finale night where James will sing a Steven Tyler song and Steven himself will go onstage to sing with James.

    • If he can sing with Steven Tyler song, with Steven, and on finale show, then he must be darn good.

      • Anticipating a public stoning for this, but here goes; In truth James is a better singer than Steven Tyler, but Tyler is a better performer than James. Tyler is a perfect frontman for a rock band and a good musician/songwriter, but James has a better voice.

      • @Templar

        Wow..really…….seriously…. Please do not say such god awful things…and do not say that it is your opinion….An opinion has to be grounded in some kind of reality to be taken seriously….really…..Steven Tyler???? Aerosmith??? Did you not hear James sing dream on in his audition?

        Stoning??? Really??? Maybe with bullets instead of stones and guns instead of hands….

        Much love….

      • Templar ~ I don't know if I would say James was a better vocalist than Steven… but it's not a ludicrous statement. Someday he might be, I just don't think he is quite there yet. But I think he has that kind of potential.

      • Kdub

        Come on Dude!!!! Seriously???? You think James would ever better Steven Tyler? Fanfare is fine but dude….that is such a ridiculous thing to say…

      • Ninja, carefull putting words in my mouth, I tend to bite the fingers that try that crap.

        Read what I wrote again. I'll even say it again here. I said he has the POTENTIAL to EVENTUALLY be better than Steven. James has a wider vocal range, can hit notes that Steven has to go Falsetto on, and is doing all this at age 22. The same age that Steven was when he and Perry and Hamilton first formed Aerosmith. Which was about 2 years before they released their first Album.

        At the same stage in their careers, both of them sound very similar. If James hooks up with a band that is as talented as Aerosmith and is able to write (or have written) songs that are the same caliber, he could most definitely could reach that level (and possibly even surpass it)

      • Tsk tsk….You got so angry and i though we were friends…Its funny how i read these things.. Steven Tyler is one of the best singers of his genre… Check out his performances with Guns N Roses and Led Zeppelin. That guy can sing like crazy. He moves like crazy around the stage an is still able to hit all the notes all the time. James has the voice but he will never be anything like Steven or better…I know you like him and i am not dissing him. You have to look at it objectively. Again i am not dissing him…

        Also i kinda said the same thing you did before…


        Come on Dude!!!! Seriously???? You think James would ever better Steven Tyler? Fanfare is fine but dude….that is such a ridiculous thing to say…”

        The above statement referred to you saying that James has potential. Because when you said that he had the potential in him, it means that you think that he could someday be better than Steven.

      • Plus i dont think James is a good songwriter…His old band sang songs about whores and partying and stuff.. I didn’t find the band’s songs to be my taste but then again that really doesn’t matter.

      • Well, nowhere in my responce did I say he was going to be better, I said he has the potential.

        And I stand by that statement as not only a music lover, but as somebody that knows the industry, has a degree in music, and taught musical theater.

        James has a better vocal range than Tyler. If you look at Aerosmiths first album, and compare it to where James is performing now, you can then see the similarities. If he continues to refine his voice, learn how to hold some of the more challenging notes, and grows as a songwriter (it is at this same age that Tyler wrote Dream On, however the other songs on that first album… well, left something to be desired.

        So yes, I stand by my statement, objectively and without reservation. If James progresses like he is capable of, and surrounds himself with the same quality of people that Tyler did, then I have little doubt that he could eventually be his equall.

        As I said before, at the same age, Tyler wasn't any better than Durbin is now. Tyler during the era of perminant Vacation, Pump, and Get a Grip when Tyler was truely at his prime is much better than Durbin is now of course, but Durbin also has a decade and a half of learning and evolving as an artist to get to that level. If he plays his cards right, he should get there.

  35. Regarding Branden's comments on this "results" show, I would like to know what you would do to change the format to make it more interesting.

    I don't recall any "results show" on TV that is always interesting or unique. They always have a group that is "safe" and a group that is "not safe". Some of the "stuff" in between is just "filler" and not worth watching – especially the Ford commercial. Living on the West coast, I usually just find a web site that has the results before I actually see it on TV. I still watch the show because of the professional performances which are usually quite good – and interesting! Even knowing who will go home, it's still interesting to watch everyone's reaction.

  36. Theo: Then I suppose Fantasia is your woman? Lord help us all. Halley, despite how feel about her personally, might surprise you regarding the blues. And you want me to believe Eric Burton was blues singer? Sorry… no way. Jacob sealed his fate with that turd of a first song.

  37. Glad to see people are starting to see that Haley is a good singer. The tone and her ability to sing many styles and sing them well is the sign of a good artist. When I hear some make comments about how she just growls and that's not singing, etc, that just exposes their ignorance of what true talent is. As a pro player, I can easily understand that. I understand if people don't like her personally but I don't like when they can't see past that and make foolish comments based on a lack of musical acumen.

    • Casey and some of the ex-contestants from years past were working hard for Haley online this week, like Kelly C. and Adam.

      She is the dark horse this year and making a strong run and if Lauren goes next week, Haley and Scotty could split her voters being the only girl left.


    So who's leaving next.. I want Scotty to leave. really!

    If the finale will be lauren/scotty, then it'll be boring super boring. no excitement at all!

      • A week ago I would have been tempted to disagree with you, but after his performance of "Gone" Scotty just climbed right back up there with James. Both will likely be in the finals unless one of them screws up between now and then (Haley and Lauren are too good for either of them to slack off and have an off night from here on out. One slipup from either and they could be gone.)

  39. I will be voting non stop next week for Lauren!!!!! She is not going home next week!!!!!!

  40. Here's my take on those who are left:

    Scotty: Seems generally likeable, sings solidly and is probably what a lot of people like. I do find him a bit monotonous at times, although I burst into a pretty big grin when I saw him trying hard to "go for it" during his performance of Gone. He'd make a good artist, but isn't the most exciting AI contestant IMO.

    James: I won't comment on similarities between him and AL. Okay, maybe I will. There are some. But there are several differences as well. So everyone should just relax on the polarising opinions on this one. I think he's a great frontman for a band, but sometimes overdoes his belt in the end, and as much as I hate to say it, it comes off as a gimmick (Only SOMETIMES, chill). Particularly at the end of While My Guitar. The scream had no place there, I'm not saying it's bad, just that you need to use your tricks where they're appropriate.

    Lauren: Seems like a kid. Fairly pouty. Fairly cute also. She hasn't, however shown all that much progress. I know everyone is still WAITING to hear her "Big Voice" shine through, but frankly I doubt people would have Waited this long for any other contestant to display potential if they hadn't been producer-pimped as much as Lauren has. That said, she has a really nice tone, but seems undercooked in terms of being an American Idol winner. With some training, confidence, maturity and a few more years, maybe.

    Haley: This would be a complete biased opinion, she's my favourite. I think she has a really interesting voice, can do things with it that no one else in the competition can – she can growl, belt, has a great falsetto, an incredibly controlled whistle register, yodel and god knows what else. Her lower register though, comes off a bit weak sometimes. I feel sad that the judges have been so inconsistent, particularly with all the praise of Can't-stay-on-key-Jacob. That said, I think Haley's done a fine job of maintaining her composure and letting her singing do the talking. (And stop fussing over her smiling, that's just stupid)

    I hope James and Haley make it to the finals. Would be fun. πŸ™‚

      • I never said she would. Merely that I would like her to, but that's just me. πŸ™‚

      • Why thank you. Been reading all the awful things people are saying. I find it so silly that people are looking into the tiniest actions of the people they hate and drawing some psychotic conclusions from them.

        Come on, I thought American viewers were far smarter than that.

      • Some folks here are being quite emotional and don't have a shred of objectivity left. Haley is ugly and can't sing. Scotty is Alfred E. Lauren is a fat spoiled kid. James is playing the handicapped card and crying too much. Good Lord! I know fans can be fickle but WOW the haters are SLAYING these poor kids.

        Lauren – needs to believe in herself

        Haley – needs songs that suit her style

        James – needs to focus on his dream

        Scotty – needs to avoid sleepy old tunes

        They all have incredible potential to be recording artists, but one bad song choice or one off night now and it's game over an AI.

        Haley was the underdog but since we're STILL waiting for Lauren to spread her wings, the question now is: if she can't or won't, will she be in the #4 spot and next to go?

        I think if James gets his act back together that him and Scotty will fight for the lead with Haley right on their heels.

    • James cannot perform without a gimmick. His girlfriend, his son, a famous guitar, a burning piano, a marching band, lots of tears, lots of boo hoo when he was growing up, alot of ME,s and MY, and every scream a closeup of a camera. Come on already

      • Bullcrap C9. The guy is a "player" as in he's in theatre. Him bringing theatrics into his show is WHY he's such a good performer. The fact he DOES have a lot of personal stuff crammed down inside him is not his fault – his life is not peaches. He lost his dad who was a travellin band musician who was not around and then DIED. He's got his illnesses to contend with. And he's struggling to provide for his little family there.

        Give the guy a break. Sheesh. He's not a gimmick he's the real deal – a real underdog with a real story and a real talent.


      • I'm with u, Northern Guy πŸ™‚

        I had been impressed with James' performance from the start, but didn't quite like him basking (loudly) in the audience's applause. However, i see that he's toned that down for a few weeks now πŸ™‚

        Plus, i think he deserves to win the most. Talent-wise, nothing else!

      • NG ~ I'm right there with ya bro. James has an amazing voice, and he couples that with theatricality and performance. It's easier to sing when your just standing still at the mic. Bu when you are dancing around and performing, it makes hitting those notes and maintaining the correct pace and breath control and everything involved in singing more difficult. All the "gimmicks" that James uses actually usually make singing harder, but a heck of a lot more entertaining. An important lessong that Scotty finally learned this week and put to great effect.

    • Excellent post Such. I agree with most of your points. Very well thought out and expressed opinions.

      • I agree with Northern guy too! James has had a hard life. And having a handicap and doing as good as James does is just great! I like James. He is sensitive. Poor darling. And I mean that in a good way! He is not like lauren. Crying like a baby all of the time. I think the top three are going to be Scotty, James and Haley. Good luck to all of them. Sherry K.

  41. What do you mean Scotty wasn't in the bottom 2 with Casey? Because Ryan didn't call it the bottom 2? I call it splitting hairs.

    • Well you call it wrong Didnt you hear Ryan tell Scotty he was never in th bottom?

      • Another item to keep the ratings up. Ryan does what those little notes tell him to.

  42. James Durbin is a true rocker, good showmanship, knows how to turn on the tears, but loses control of his voice in all the action.

    Haley has fine control of her vocals, and to her credit she has improved since the start of the season. But her singing still lacks soul, when a true musician sings you cannot separate the musician from the song…. with her you still feel the struggle for control, trying to polish the song technically until the feeling doesn't come through hence she seems very awkward on stage.

    Lauren is young, unlike the other 3 there's nothing quite unique about the way she sings.

    Scotty has a unique voice, still exploring different genres but tends to fall back into his comfort zone, has fair vocal control, good stage presence in a more subtle way than James, and his facial expressions are charming.

    My Vote's for Scotty for much untapped potential. I think I've already seen how far the others can go…

    • James Durbin is a true rocker, good showmanship, knows how to turn on the tears, but loses control of his voice in all the action.

      Not all the time, but in the last performance this is exactly true. His challenge is to rope in those emotions or convert them into pitch-perfect vocals he's capable of – and limit the screaming to metal songs or where they are appropriate. Ending "Guitar Gently Weeps" with a scream was, well, too much even for me and I really like the kid.

  43. Next weeks theme is Leiber and Stoller songbook with Lady Gaga as mentor.

    Scotty can do Hound dog or Jailhouse Rock

    James maybe Love potion no 9

    • Ha,ha. Okay, if Scotty does "Hound Dog", even Old Coonie would have to direct some of my Voting Fans Public to vote for him! (Actual voting from Coondog sould be beneath my Social Standards–I blog, I opine, but I NEVER allow myself to be one of the "so-called" 62 million voters allowing themselves to be exploited by AI producers. Don't worry my Voting Minions. Many of you are as cynical as I–You vote hundreds of times for these fun AI folks, but you're not buying a Ford or drinking a Coke any differently than Old Coondog regardless of the mindless ads, you just enjoy actually affecting the contest through free voting since I assume you all have unlimited texting, phone calls, etc. plans (but of course that all adds up to those media companies in how much they charge for "Unliimited such and such"!

      Actually, now that Scotty has recognized he has to 'step out of the box', I again call for him to find a way to do EITHER Alan Jackson's "Chatahoochie"(first choice) or Trace Adkins "Badonkadonk"!

      All Lauren has to do is lower whatever starting note of a song, so she can fearlessly belt out the "bring it home, Baby" notes to some classic song.

      Haley should simply pick out hit songs of whatever genre, and she will steal the night.

      James is uber-talented, and if he picks rock or classic ballad (no more Heavy Metal), he can get to the Finals. (yes, like countless musical Artists before him, James must choose whether to remain 'true' to himself (metal) or sell-out to what we the Consumers want–Elvis Ballad, or 60s, 70s Rock! Choose wisely my friend, Choose Wisely!

      • coondog, go back to our elo posts and click on the link i left you! i think it is under what should the top 6 sing.

      • I agree. Scotty should do Chatahochee. That'll prove once and for all that he's a great not just a good country singer.

      • Ha,ha! Great video SC, who knew you liked kissing so much! And to post it on YouTube–oooh la la! And I couldn't hardly believe the second video–taking it all the way down her throat like that! And swallowing! Wow!! How can she breathe?! Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to your next vids!

    • No one should sing "Hound Dog'. I have my wish list ready, but will wait for the " What should they sing" thread. 2 songs each again.

      • Curses to you Templar, I was trying to pull a "Jimmy Iovine"–doublecross– on Scotty to free up a few of his votes for Haley! (enraged at Ugly J for tricking Haley into Gaga Goofup to set her up for Beauty J's tonguelashing)–Only Coondog should tonguelash Haley. Now, let's agree to allow Scotty to sing Hounddog!

      • I am an Elvis fan and I don't think Elvis should have done it. It's a stupid song.

      • Templar, for someone as wise as you usually are, I'll consign that you're like most of us, You're missing a wavelengh here. Hounddog was a fun song that sent a subtle message to certain folks in a fun way. Was it meaningful? probably not. but it was fun! If that's your take, then you probably hated all the "fun" Beach Boy songs? It's Ok if so, I'm missing a few wave lengths myself, but so far I hadn't noticed that in you! (a backhanded compliment?!)

  44. I hope Haley wins!! She is my all-time favorite! I predict that the final will be Haley and James. Lauren needs to go!

    Vote for Haley!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Hayley to win. No!!!!!

    First Scotty,Second James, Third Lauren. No contest!!!!

    • Casey worked hard online for Haley this week along with other ex-idols, she is the dark horse this year and gaining quickly, its dangerous to dismiss her lightly now and the VFTW group is reportedly backing here now too with Jacob gone.

      • That's sad, this is should be about talent. Not having people get you votes. You're not really a winner if someone else has to get the votes for you. I liked Casey until I read this, I'd never buy his music now.

      • Don't worry about it. At this point it's after Idol sales that determine the true winners.

      • @Piper

        hahaha….You say that it should be about talent and then you say that you won't buy Casey's albums because he decided to help Hailey??? Since when has voting been fair? Scotty and Lauren were given a huge voting audience on a platter because they are country singers.

      • NINJA–U seenm to know it all Are u backstage every week

        I dont think anyone gets favors Its the best

      • @Fudge..I'm sorry but i didn't get you.. Scotty and Lauren sings country songs and country songs have the biggest audience in the show or at least one of the biggest. Therefore country singers have it much more easier than other singers… I'm not saying that they are untalented by country is big in America. Scotty and Lauren have given weak performances before (Lauren a lot of times compared to the other singers) but they never got into the bottom 3. Why? Because their fan base is very big.

    • No way!!!

      Lauren's time is up if she thinks she will get another round of "potential" votes. America will tire of waiting for her to spread her wings. She has had all the chances in the world to do that.

      The poll on this site says Scotty, James and Haley have 91% of the vote (about 30% each) with Lauren at 9%. I think this is closer to the truth.

  46. Haley Reinhart is the most improved performer. Her rendition of 'House of the Rising Sun' was fabulous. The lighting techs deserve an award, too. All around it was a stunning, artistic performance. James Durbin needs to stick with his metal venue in which he excels. No more tears for fears either. Once is moving, twice is . . . uh oh . . . three times would be over-the-top. Scotty can move to Nashville and have a stellar career as can Lauren. They could easily become another Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers or Rita Coolidge/Kris Kristofferson duet.

    • Carpe Diem!! Is that the phrase for "Seize the Day?"(STD)! Any of the 4 contestants could STD by singing an off-genre song. If Lauren or Scotty sang uptempo Rock songs they could STD! If Haley or Jacob sang Country Classic or Country Cool, they could STD! Just like Repubs and Dems try to lure the In Depends (ha,ha) vote that STD in presidential elections, so could the AI middle of the roaders STD by trying to pick up on-the-fence or undedicated voters!

      • I dont know about that..but i think Steven Tyler has a few STDs…

  47. My favorite moment of the entire night was just before the Ford spot – Ryan is sitting with the Final Five, with James to his left. Normally before these commercials start, I head for … anywhere … because they're so fluffy. Last night, though, a couple of seconds into Ryan's pitch, my wife and I noticed James talking to himself. Then we realized he was reading from the teleprompter, pausing when Ryan paused, even giving a bit of body English at times to make a point. I don't think he was doing it to be a smart ass, probably did it because that's the way he's wired and you need to do **something** to relieve the tension of the night. What a hoot!

    And if Ford wants to finally do an interesting commercial: next week, have the entire spot be silent – the Final Four are driving in a Ford Whatever. They constantly look at the others, eyes furtively darting back and forth, up and down. Throw in the occasional throat clearing or sigh or anything to suggest tension. Maybe end it with a dark screen and three doors slamming shut. It's not Scorsese, but it would be a welcome break from the fluff.

    • Aspergers causes a delay from the brain to the mouth. I probably did not say this right, but they have a 2 or 3 second delay.

      • I don't have any delay there at all, and sometimes THAT is a problem…

  48. How do you know that Jennifer Lopez sang pre-recorded track?I don't know but that sounded very live to me.The way she gasped,breathed and ran out of oxygen made her performance looked exactly like a live show.

    • Not singing playback, just pre-recorded. She wasn't singing at that moment in the show. She was singing live, but they recorded it some time prior the last night show, and then they just played that recording during the show. They couldn't put that stage up in the middle of the show.

  49. this is the worst season ever! it seems that this season is about popularity contest…. this is a talent show right? james, scotty and haley doesnt have the right being on the top 4! well, like everybody said they have a lot of fans so this is a popularity contest…. american idol season 10 SUCKS!!!!!!

    • James and Scotty have talent, Haleys probably sleeping with someone to get this far. NO TALENT WHAT SO EVER from her.

      • Interesting you state that Haley's probably sleeping with someone. I thought just the opposite when the other judges and reviews have Haley doing well in certain songs and Randy kept dogging her I thought it might be perhaps she actually spurned his advances because his harsh critiques made no sense. Those that believe Ha;ey is stuck on herself perhaps need to reflect on what that means. She has been receiving bad reviews by a couple of judges yet keeps advancing and has twice been the final singer recently normally given the best performer. Everyoner reaacts to criticism differently – Haley doesn't cry like she's being bullied like Lauren or hang her head like Jacob did. She also doesn't cry when she makes it. She appears to have more control over her emotions which the judges say is necessary yet is getting dogged by a lot of people here. Everyone has their favorites but I don't see how anyone can dog the final four. Should Pia have made it? I think so but she didn't. Paul and Casey weren't great singers but were unique but all the ones left are great. James is my favorite but I thought he stunk up the joint this week. I could be happy with either of these winners although I think they need to reconsider the age limit. I wouldn't mind if they bumped it up to 18 to be honest. Scotty is handling things well at his young age but he hasn't had to deal with going home either, Lauren shows how young she is. Haley is very young too (20) but 4 or 5 years makes a huge difference. JMHO

      • You must be the lowest of low….Take the lid off the sewer and crawl back in

      • I don't really know….. I mean like when Haley sang you and I, I thought I was going to tear my ears off. Then when she sang her secong song, I was honestly surprised it was very good. But i honestly don't understand what all the fuss is about over her. I think she is OKAY. I don't think she brings that much to the competion.

      • Regardless what you think of Haley personally, to say she has no talent (can't sing?) Is just plain ignorant!

      • Thats a pretty awesome comment. I do agree no talent, I mean growling isnt talent. and she does it mostly cause she cant hit the notes. Yes shes like Janis Joplin but no one listens to that music no more. So therefore concluding she wont make alot of money. And the Gaga song wasnt good she just kept growling hurts my ears honestly.

      • you should not say that at all. Don't you hear J.Lo said that Haley had one of the best voice in this competition?That she's made it to the top 4 has proved that.

      • that's rude

        and both of you guys should have your ears checked.

        Or is your taste in music (voice, singing, whatever) really that bad?

        can't you hear it clearly?

        it's fine if you hate her but saying that she doesn't have a good voice is so ignorant and stupid.

        At least admit her talent.

        Even if you don't, saying she's sleeping with someone to get this far while in fact she tries really hard to stay is…. I don't have the word for it, but you are THE WORST!

      • Haley has gotten better and better as the competition has gone on. Lani why do you have to be a hater. This group of four has talent each and everyone of them deserves to be the AI. All of them will go on to make a record there is no doubt about that. Id love to see Haley in the top 2 with James. I prefer their type of music. But Lauren and Scotty sing good country music as well.

      • Saying Haley is sleeping with somebody in order to win is just plain STUPID!

        Haley is very entertaining and I still hum BBBennie and the Jets!

        I think that Lauren has more talent and the better voice of the two. I think that Scotty is head and shoulders above James and has my vote for American Idol. This does not mean I don't like the others . I wish them all the best success in their future music career.

        Let's try some civility folks~!

      • Haley is by far the best of the remaining four. The only negative I hear are from jealous girls that envy her good looks and talent. That includes J-Lo.

        J-Lo's lip-sync was the worst ever. The song was boring one note melody to a crummy rap beat. Anybody could write better stuff. Go Haley!

      • I know everyone's going to slam me on this on but Lani I was thinking the same thing. There's something about that girl that rubs me the wrong way and I've been told I have am an excellent judge of character. She's not a nice person. I'll never forget the night Pia was voted off!! Women have good sense of these things Lani

        I'm with you girl!!

      • I agree there is something off about Haley…something about her that rubs me the wrong way. Her actions indicate a bit of an attitude. JMHO

      • Sorry I didnt read this first or else I would have let you all in on the "TROLL ALERT"

      • I have never read such corrupt remarks–morally corrupt. Lani, Nami and Tara, you haven't learned the first thing about being a human being. Really offensive people, and I am glad I don't have to rub shoulders with any of you.

      • Look at the way Haley was fluffing and flipping her hair around while the judges were talking to her. It was like all her conceited, self-serving self could think was "how does my hair look"? Airhead and snobby to the other contestants. Not a thank you to be heard to her fans either.

      • Probaly she is sleeping with somebody…Oh it's Casey…Just kidding…Surely Haley earned lots of fans because she worked it butt off and she is talented.

      • Haley has a very bad puss face when the judges tell her something she does not like. I bet she can be a very mean girl when pushed to far. lol

    • Why is everyone crying? One says it's a personality contest, another says they didn't see the hugs they wanted to see and another makes comparisons of voices from bad sound mixes in a live performance. Be honest with yourselves and drop the wah wah!

      Lauren dropped a serious note in her last song and didn't perform well with it, way too nervous. Tons of people think Scotty is cute and sweet plus he can sing. Haley is a performer along the lines of serious sexy soul and she has attitude which makes a lot of you jealous. Jacob really didn't perform well and bought the farm as a result. James was the worst I have seen him but he is a performer and his book of work carries him. I like the top 4. Someone else must like them too because they got the votes to put them there.

    • Must not remember Fantasia, huh? That alone was enough to make you puke!

    • @Mark

      A popularity contest? Oh no. You mean… they decide who goes through depending on who gets the most votes? But, but… but that means that only the popular ones get through!

      Get a grip Mark29, and wake up. Of course it's a popularity contest, that's why they have voting. Duh.

      Season 10, and possibly the best array of talent so far.

    • Scott, I would say she can't control her emotions, you could tell she was po'd the other night when she sang her first song and got bad reveiws.

      • haley did not look PO'd. she looked heart broken and close to tears. i am not a big haley fan (though lately that is changing) and her expression brought tears to my eyes. she is 20 years old. she is putting up a strong front but if you look really close you can see it is hurting her. she gives it her all and anyone who says any different is jealous or nuts in the head.

        on that note….

        GO JAMES!!!!!

      • Yeah she did looke po'd and then at her last performance she was flipping her hair back and forth like she didnt care what they had to say about her. Sometimes her attitude rubs me the wrong way but she does have a good voice. There is no denying that. However, in my honest opinion, I would rather her not be in the final two.

      • I agree that she did looke PO'd the other night after her first performance. Even JLo made a comment that she didnt know if she was mad at them after her last performance. Even at her last performance she was flipping her hair at the end like she didnt care what they had to say. Sometimes her attitude (or actions) rubs me the wrong way but she does have a great voice. There is no denying that.

      • Piper, so she shouldn't have any kind of reaction to what the judges are very unfairly saying to her but it's ok for Lauren to freak out because she's in the bottom 2? Of course she was mad and you would have been too in her situation. And even though she was mad she didn't say anything other than thank you and then defended her decision when asked about it. You hate her because she's so popular, because people love her and you are jealous that she is doing as well as she is. Maybe not for you but for your 'favorite'.

        Haley friken Reinhart people, she's amazing. If you don't like her style or her singing that's fine. But you people that are haters just to hate need to go take a long look at yourselves. Haley isn't perfect, nor does she try to be. Why isn't anyone talking about Lauren's attitude? Did you see her parents reaction to Jimmy's comments? Talk about having an attitude problem. Lauren couldn't believe she was in the bottom 2 even though she hasn't done her best every week, she pulls back and she's scared to step it up. But no, people can only focus on how much they hate Haley for no real reason. It's absolutely ridiculous.

      • I don't know if she was Po'd or not but did she say after the critique: "I should have gone with my gut?" or "I shouldn't have gone with my gut?"

        Anybody tell me please.

    • I 100% agree with you mark29. I can't wait until XFactor comes on air. ALL FOUR SUCKS!!!!

      What is America thinking?????? If only Simon would have stay on as a judge, Pia would have been your next American Idol.

      • OMG Pia would have the entire country asleep after her first two songs. She has a fabulous voice, but can you imagine paying outrageous sums of money to see her perform for two hours. She would still be standing in the exact same place two hours later as when she started. She was soooo boring….she left when her time was up. She cannot put on an entire concert. Just too darn boring…

      • pia tried out several timees for idol and never made it to the final 12 while simon was a judge.

      • Well, Mel, you 100% contradicted yourself, because X-Factor is *drum roll…* a popularity contest too! Ta-daaahhh.

        Happy voting for your favourite.

      • Pia tried out 4 times before..Dear Simon never even wanted her to get past the Hollywood…..take that πŸ™‚

    • No…the seasons Taylor Hicks and Jorday Sparks won were the worst. This one is great or we all wouldn't be here writing this stuff!!!

  50. haley never even told or hug jacbo that is very not nice she so stuck on herself it very sick she needs to go next

    • Oh my. "Haily never even hugged Poor Jacob" in his time of need. Or even tried to cry fake crocidile tears like the others did. So therefore she must be Soooooo evil and stuck on herself. Give me a break drama queens.

      • just by looking at her face everyweek when someone eliminated, she's an evil, she laugh when pia eliminated, she didn't hug/respect jacob, wonder if she has any friend in that competition ^_^

      • That's so wrong! What were you watching?!?! You didn't see her mouth "Love you, Jacob" or see her grooving to his singing?

        You need to clean your perspective filter. Living that bitter has to be really sad and miserable.

      • Honestly, Haley just controls herself well, she is continuesly being shot down…and continues to dominate…the person who said there is NO talent this year…you are kidding right? This season is all talent. And, who cares if Haley didn't hug Jakob…do you know what she did after the show? No, neither do we. And a popularity contest? OF COURSE IT IS…How the hell else do you win this contest? you have to be popular. Some of you have comments that are childish and unjust… The top 4 are a very talented group, they all have their own thing going on, Scotty and Lauren are both country, but Haley, she's bluesy, and clearly James is a rocker, I like the difference in genres, makes it interesting. Any one of those 4 deserve some respect, they've come a long way, and clearly have proved their "Popularity" and "Talent".

      • I'm confused…it so heart rendering when James (an adult man with a child) cries.

        When other contestants cry they are acting childish??

        Could anyone 'splain that to me?

      • All the people that smiled when Jacob got sent home are evil nasty people. When Kendra got sent home from DWTS all the other contestants were smiling, they must be bad evil people too. Maybe Haley isn't the huggy type? Why does she have to hug people? In her own way she said goodbye to Jacob by appreciating his swansong. Why is that not enough? So what if she's not fake like Lauren. So what if she can control herself unlike James (which isn't his fault so you people need to get off his back).

      • Haley has never shown support or condolences to any of the other contestants the whole competition. It is all about her. I bet she is the snottiest witch in the house/hotel/wherever they are staying. She comes off on camera as a stuck up snob…end of story. Everyone sees it except the guys who are obsessed and voting with their other body part instead of their brain.

      • I also agree with you, Mar!!! there is a lot of talent this year. I only wish it would end now~they all deserve to win.

    • Go back and look at the replay. She was applauding him and encouraging him to keep scatting at the end of his farewell song.

      The cattiness on this blog is unbelievable.

    • and she never cried when the judges tortured her. she is not gonna let america or the judges see her cry. you do not know what she does when she is alone. if you really look at her expressions you can see she is sad.

      remember these kids are young, i am sure this is probably the most dramatic thing that has happened in their young lives.

      i am sure each show takes something out of them. i guess i am saying it is probably one of the things that will harden them up for the real world.

      haley may have already had a lifetime of hurt/bad things and she has learned hoe to control her emotions.

      if you look outside of the box you can see her pain. when the judges bashed her lady gaga you can see her disappointment and pain. she had one week to work with a song she never even knew existed and pulled it off.

      i think all you haters is what is really starting to make me like this very young girl more.

      • When did crying become such a bad thing? Oh my gosh…like any of you have never ever cried before???? If you say you dont I wont believe it…Please, Lauren and James have cried because this is their dream. This is what they want more than anything and can you imagine how you would feel if you were up there and your dream was right at your fingertips? I am 29 and have been in that spot recently, yes and was very emotional. This just isnt any contest this is THE contest and people must forget what these contestants get at the end????? I admire them for wearing their heart on their sleeves in front of millions of people. It is honest, endearing, and makes me feel for them because it shows they are leaving the EVERYTHING in this contest. I hate the attitude people get about these artists showing their emotions..its ridiculous. I would rather have an artisit who was clearly open about how they felt than to have them bottled up and always wondering how they were. GO LAUREN AND GO JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a fan out of me!!!

      • @Chris: So because Haley keeps her composure it means she is stuck up and doesn't really care about the competition? Since when did smiling become such a bad thing?

      • @David P: Did I say anthing about Haley smiling in that post? I dont think that I did. I didnt say anything about Haley smiling…Did anybody else read me writing anything about Haley in that post? I dont think so…..I was referring to people who were calling James and Lauren crybabies.

      • No, but you are always saying you don't like Haley's so called 'attitude'. I was simply pointing out your obvious double standard when it comes to the contestants.

    • i just watched the whole thing over again and haley mouthed the words 'i love you jacob' i think them 2 were really close. at the end she was cheering him on, not happy he was leaving. she was getting him to do that thing he does with his voice.

      this was one of my favorite elimination shows.

      jacob gagging on the tofu and shooting out of his mouth was priceless. those kids all really like each other and it shows.

      i bet they would be appalled at what some of the posters here say about their friends. i bet some of them wouldn't even want the really mean peoples here vote.

      • I agree and have pointed out that she was applauding and encouraging Jacob to keep scatting at the end and when he started singing you could see her mouth "Wow."

      • I agree with most of what you say here Secondchance–defending Haley, and loving the omelette contest and Blindfolded Finals between Lauren and Jacob. I don't watch the chef shows, but that whole bit was fun! Whew, though! I was afraid that Jacob would win the blindfolded taste test by virtue of his Horrendous Tongue! Hmmm, that Lauren sure seemed quite knowledgeable about having a hotdog in her mouth! (surprisingly, Jacob wasn't?)

        The only part you got wrong was when you say Haley mouthed, "I love you Jacob". Close, but what she really mouthed was, "I love you Coondog". Didn't you catch the wink she gave me the night before?!

      • There are a lot of disturbed kids in America..isn't there? Lashing out for attention..Bunny where are you? aren't you a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist? Help us…Guide them through their confused states!!!!

  51. It is a popularity contest and Jennifer clearly does not like Hayley. She's trying hard not to show it but it clearly comes across. I love Hayley's sassiness and confidence. She is a great performer. It was time for Jacob to go followed next week by Lauren. On another note, I am such a Bruce fan. Will Idol ever have a Bruce week? And why not? Someone help me here please.

    • Haley's sassiness is more like stuck-up on herself. Lauren should be in the top 3 not her, hate her attitude. so me me me!!!

      • I do agree that I would like to see Haley go. I think she has a great voice and will do very well after the competition. Again this is JMHO.

    • I agree DeeDee, Haley is wonderful! I love listening to her! My top two are James & Haley…and I think both of then will have a great career. I think Scotty sounds like tons of other country performers and is BORING.

      • Humm. If you told me James sounded like "tons of other rock performers" that would make a lot of sense. But, I can not name more than a few county stars that sound anything like Scotty.James is a great performer, but hardly unique.

      • The only way i see Scotty beating James is he picks a Johnny Cash song like Ring of fire.He has the perfect voice for it.He would blow voters away with his performance.Other wise James will win the whole thing.

      • Scotty is not boring, and he don't need to sing Johnny Cash Buring Ring Of Fire, but I'd love to hear him sing Brooks $ Dunn's Boot Scootin Boogie.

    • I agree with you DeeDee.

      Lauren should go next week.As I said before,she may have good voice, but she is so plain.(young?) Haley have some character.

      I love her.I wish her the best.

      • Maimann. I have been stressing this sincethe Top 24. Scotty has no business being this far in the competition. He is NOT good.

      • don't know if Lauren could handle being eliminated…she broke down just standing on stage. very immature and not ready for AI. when she gets eliminated the trauma will be with her for a while. too bad the girl has got talent

      • so jealous Steev Scotty is the best there. U are definately a jealous or not a country music lover Who cares anyway what u think

      • 88fngrslouie…..I totally agree…..Lauren is immature….My heart went out to her last night….She wasn't even eliminated and she started to cry…I still say that the age should be 18…..15 is too young….This kid is going to be heartbroken when she is eliminated and she is going to eventually be eliminated…..Very sad situation…..

      • So true Phyllis G….The pressure is too much for kids that young to handle. She has a much better chance to be a winner if she waits 2 more years. I presume her tears will drown the whole town, if she got eliminate next week!

      • I think Lauren should stay….I can definitely see a difference in here attitude. Her last two performances were much more mature. I even liked the unchained melody song and the way she song it. It seemed sort of breathy to me.

      • I remember when i was fifteen , many years ago.LOl. just standing in front of class and giving a presentation. petrified.

        18 should be the age limit. some of these kids may never perform again for fear of not being accepted…blaha blah blah. love the final 4

      • lauren cries for everyone when they go home. i think she is just a sweet and caring young girl.

    • True- In the past 3 weeks Haley has gotten so stuck on herself its sick I cant stand the way she rolls her eyes and poches them lips when her performance wasnt rated as the best. I can not see where u think JLo is jealous of this girl. Nothing for jealousy there. Haley is not any where close to Jlo!!!!

      • Wow, I guess I am not seeing what you are seeing. I see Haley getting sick of being bashed week after week while hearing the other contestants go off pitch and basically doing a crappy job and getting high praise. I think she handles the critiques quite well, smiles and says thank you. No rude comments or confrontation with the judges at all. Jealous much!!!!!

      • dang, that you for observing this. I've commented about this on blogs and some people don't see what a diva Haley is. The girls can sing to a certain degree. She only sounds good singing certain types of music as JLo mentioned. Haley gets this look and rolls her eyes and becomes defiant & we see it. That alone turned me off. When she did not console Pia and now James as they were leaving, I'm begining to wonder about her as a performer. If things are going her way and she's in the lime light and ms. perfect, then she's all smiles. BUT, let someone say something negative and she's ……diva. Show business is rough and no one will agree with you all the time or like you all the time. You have to be careful how you treat people because you will meet those people at some point in time again. Haley comes across as a brat and a diva. Luv James!!!!! Lauren is sweet & can sing but too emotional I do think she is adorable but not ready for stardom. Scotty is so cute but too young and not ready. He will do will in country like my girl Carrie Underwood…(Luv her). James is like Kelly Clarkson (Luv her).

      • typo James is not gone Jacob & Pia left. Haley did her usual ….she cames across as a little diva.

      • do you guys realize you are saying lauren isn't ready cause she cries and haley is not AI material because she dont cry. WTF??!!

        lauren cries cause this is something she really wants and haley dont cry because if she cried every time someone bashed her the poor girl would be crying the whole time.

        all these kids deserve to be the american idol, they have all worked hard and just like me and you and everybody else, they have their own personalities. live with it!!!!

      • I agree New Orleans Viewer…you know sometimes I feel as if they judges may know more than they let on about these contestants because they are obviously around them so much more than we get to see. Maybe JLo and Randy are critical of her for a reason..maybe they see her personality as being not so good and then when she gets on stage they just naturally look for flaws….

      • This is ridiculous. Haley, not one time, has shown any kind of snotty to the judges. Not once after weeks and weeks of being the only one with any kind of criticism. When the judges even HINT that Lauren may have done something wrong she freaks out. What part of her interviews that have been released shows that she's stuck on herself? You people are grabbing at straws here, you have no real reason to hate her so you are looking for some kind of scapegoat. You don't know her, and what she does on stage isn't anything less than classy. You don't see what's happening behind stage you don't know she didn't console Pia or Jacob. Do you think Pia consoled Haley when she was in the bottom 3 the first two weeks? Probably not. Pia didn't think she should have gone home, how is that not stuck up? The saddest thing about Wednesday night after giving one of the best performances on American Idol in years was how shocked she looked when the judges said she did well. The character she shows by persevering through so much crap is amazing and all you people can say is 'she's stuck up' and 'she's sleeps with people to stay in the competition.' Well that performance of House of the Rising Sun was a big middle finger for all you haters, because Scotty and Lauren haven't had a performance on that caliber all season long and you hate her for it.

      • @David P I LOVED Haley's last performance….and if you read the post I said maybe…I cant help she is not my favorite…thats my opinion and you are entitled to one as well. Just because I respond that I agree when I do agree? I am not sitting there saying you are ridiculous for your opinion.

      • It is MY opinion that all these Haley haters (or "dislikers," if you prefer) are merely seeing what they WANT to see–because of their own hangups. Fairness and civility is out the window–because they choose to see the negative perspective. These people have very small minds and very small lives where their biggest thrill is to put someone else down in the crummiest possible way they know how. Good job. You were crummy!

      • Thank you dang….we don't have to personally know Haley to see she is stuck-up, unfriendly, and ungrateful. Like I said, gentleman club material. She will never be an idol to my 13 year old daughter who is giving, loving, and feels pain when others are hurting. Haley will scratch her way to the top and laugh at whoever she hurts.

      • “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.”

        Herman Hesse

        “We have enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.”

        Jonathan Swift

        “The price of hating other human beings is loving one's self less."


        “Love blinds us to faults, hatred to virtues."


        “Hatred is toxic waste in the river of life.”

        African Proverb

      • Oh Lord, Pup….I'm saying that someone is stuck up ….not that they should die a slow, torturous death. A bit dramatic with the quotes, you think?

      • So Angela, why the need to post everywhere about Haley? What is up with that? Is this a personal vendetta or what? Why aren't you posting about you you do like?

      • No you all know how pissed off i felt when people were pointlessly hating on Casey…. πŸ˜€

        Haters are all idiots, whether they are children, mothers or fathers…Haters hate because they have nothing else to do… Let them be..Let them hate. Maybe they get a weird kick out of it. Who knows?

  52. No surprise Jacob left. He should have been gone weeks ago. I am very excited to know who goes to the Finale. I am certain James would be the there. Scotty and Haley are fighting for who's going to face James. Lauren has already lost her chance to the Finale i think.. (but i am still hoping she's there.. she's one of my favorites)..

    i am also excited to see the other contestants back on stage during the Finale. I hope to hear a duet from Pia and Stefano.. "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You" or "When You Love Someone"..XD

  53. What is going on? Why is Haley not in the bottom. She had a bad song and a good song but when she sang with Lauren you could tell who had the better voice. I didn't like either one of the songs she song, it sounded like her boyfriend Casey helped her because it sounded like him singing, same growls, and we all know where he is! Come on America vote for Lauren, remember she is only just turned 16, she has a lot to learn but she is so talented. Really would you stand in line to see Haley in concert, she has no personality. So stiff and into herself she reminds me of one of the "mean girls" she never gives any support to any of the other contestants, and you are right she never hugged Jacob or Lauren when Lauren came back to the couch. Do we really want someone like that to be in the top 3?

    1. Scotty

    2. James

    3. Lauren

    4. Haley (should of been Pia,Stefano or Casey)

    • Hayley is the best. What in the world makes you think she is mean or stuck up! She is a genuine performer! Lauren is a imature little girl that can take no pressure in the least! This will be the cause for her to go home. She may have a career at some point but not now. Haley will be making music before Lauren gets out of high school! Lauren is not ready to work with anyone yet cause she cannot take criticism. Scotty will be at the end and I hope it is with Haley!!!!

      • Lani, I'm sure that you're a 12 year old Scotty maniac that doesn't even know what "WTF" is. If you can't handle properly responding to people's opinions then don't bother.

      • Haley has a nice voice…when she uses it, but ever since the judges said they like the little sassiness in her voice her singing has become more and more like a dog growling to protect her food. In my opinion if she makes it to the final two it's just because she's pretty. Like what was said before, I can't imagine waiting in line to buy tickets to her concert. But I would for Lauren or James. Scotty has a nice voice, but I"m not into country, if I was, I would be standing in line to see his concert.

      • AJ—- Who R U Daddy of the comment board. Oh and I am 54 and voted for Scotty so there— Eat that

      • WTF = What The Fuck, πŸ˜›

        and im not 12. And im sorry if i offend you? And i understand people have opinions, But seriously people dont know what real music is anymore. And yes i like Scotty but aint a Maniac i like James more

      • Lani isn't cussing WTF = abbrievation for it… So mouth cleaned with soap isnt really needed… but when someone basically says she (assuming its a she) isn't smart is probably what would set anyone off…

      • Lani,

        u clearly are everywhere

        and happily bashes anyone who supports haley

        You definitely are one of her haters

        Can't you just support your favourite without commenting everywhere, bashing Haley?

        GROW UP GIRL!

      • JJMc.. Wow so that's how Scotty is never in bottom.. Not only 12 year old girls vote for him but 54 year old pedophiles too.. Looks like you can see better than you can hear.. Oh well good luck with your votes :).

    • Haley has had to put up with unjust criticism from the judges every week. Her first song was great. I never heard that Lady GaGa song either but Haley did her proud. And she just nailed that rendition of the Rising Sun. She has range and quite frankly is alot more mature than the others in handling the stress of the competiton. This is a contest not a love fest. By the way she is the one person who gets better every week. Lauren while adorable and a good singer had a terrible week and like Pia, is getting a little boring. Lauren is going to be a success whether she wins Idol or not. Haley was safe and derservedly so.

      • I am not a fan of Lady Gaga and had never heard the song either. It was interesting, though, that Lady G appeared on Oprah Winfrey yesterday (Thursday) and sang that very song.

      • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa poor Haley getting critizism from judes eeeeeeeevery week. Dont that tell u something. I cant wait till she is gone Tired of seeing her strut and act like she is queen for the past 3 weeks. What got into her is she thinks shes famous now which wont happen

      • Good one Karen. Haley thought she turned into the Queen when her arch enemy and gorgeous rival, Pia, was eliminated. She just thought she had it in the bag. America showed her with being in the bottom 3 so many times. Maybe she can get a job primping in the mirror and flipping her hair nonstop. That would suit her well….

      • Karen and Angela: If you dislike Haley so much, why are you always talking about her? Why don't you focus on the contestants you DO like? Your venom is a waste of time and space and will never change the minds of people who support Haley.

    • Haley is the MOST real person that's ever been in this competition! She's the same on and off stage.. Not fake Jacob all smiles on stage bas freaked out behind stage! Same with the rest just acting around, but Haley is just herself and we love her for that. Stop being jealous of her, Cathy. I know that you'd do anything to be in her place. If you can't be her you should at least support her. πŸ™‚

      • cathy…I think thats it…the tweens and unsecure women are jealous of her.

        JLo also has some stupid hate on for Haley, I'm starting to think she's jealous too. Her video did nothing for me … sounded like she was singing in a tin can…I know its the rage for dance music…but its not pleasant to listen to.

      • I am not a JLO fan, but I have been enjoying Haley's videos on you tube. I think, JLO has been doing what the producers told her to do. In one of the videos, it looked like she said "thats my girl." This is for ratings, I think they got the 4 people they want in the finals. This is going to be a very exciting finale. I said this before. They need the ratings up.

        However, I did feel that was a little mean the way they made Lauren suffer through that. But then again its tough being in the music world and they have tried to toughen her up. James even lost it for a while. This is just my humble opinion. But I think JLO likes Haley. I told you before every time Randy critized Haley, he looked fake.

      • I am not a tween and I am very secure….I just do not like her attitude. Point blank.

      • Her attitude that isn't there? Because she doesn't wear a cross? Because she's confident in herself and her abilities? Define this attitude that isn't really there you just don't like her and don't have anything real to say about it.

      • No David…because she comes off as an arrogant, uncaring, unfriendly witch.

      • angela james, people who would say those kind of things have serious insecurity issues.. So tell me hun.. I want to know the REAL reason why you hate Haley so much instead of saying those lame, inconsiderate excuses. Is it because you are jealous of her? Probably. Is it because you are the one who looks like a witch and not her? Probably. Or is it because you think a person who seems real and herself is a person who is "arrogant, uncaring, unfriendly"? Do you know why you think that hun? It's probably because you were NEVER yourself. Looks like a "short leash" has been in your life for a very long time, hun. Nothing wrong with it, but just know that not everyone is like you. KANYE West is arrogant, Haley is just Haley, I've said that before. So if you just don't like Haley, stop saying sad excuses and own up by saying your jealous. UNCARING? Seriously? How would you even know that! The only thing we can see regarding that word is that she cares for her music, her fans, and her fellow contestants. As for unfriendly, well ALL of her fellow contestants will disagree with you on that one because all of them love her and are good friends with her. So hun, instead of bashing someone for those things, do some research first. Now it seems that you are the one who is not 'real'. πŸ™‚

    • Yes. I do want Haley to be in the top 3 because she deserves to be there based upon talent, performance, marketability (as proven in part by iTunes sales) and tenacity. I'm starting to think now that Haley is the one the judges pick on because she's the only one who can take it without falling apart. No fragile flower, this Haley. But I haven't seen any evidence she's mean. None. A smile can be supportive, you know.

      • i think ai had a strategy to slam haley to get people to vote for her. and i have to say it worked.

      • A smile at the exact moment someone is gets the shock of her life and has her heart broken is not supportive. It shows vindictiveness and cruelty.

    • I totally agree with you. Haley should go next week. She sings a little bit boring & sleepy. I dun know why she is the top 4??? That's surprise!

  54. It was a tough choice for the fans as none of the performances were really spectacular, (in a good way). I do look forward to seeing the rest of the season. Hopefully the performances will reflect the fact that this is coming up to the end and only the best will do.

    I was watching Scotty when he was talking about his performance choices and laughed out loud at the fact that he looks so much like Alfred E. Newman. I wish that someone would post a side-by-side of Scotty and Alfred.

    • Finally, somebody says the obvious! Scotty is Alfred – if not he's an amazing look a like! Glad he doesn't have the gap in his front teeth!

    • Branden: LOL I know that 6 planets are lined up right now, but still, where did you find all of these crankypants people above me here? It's like there was no right side of the bed this morning. Hilarious. I'll start a new trend. Good morning Branden, nice to be here.

      • Margaret Your magazine reading shows the status of your education. I dont imagine you liik like Shirley Temple

      • That's OK. When Scotty wins this thing, hands down, they'll all stop with the trying to be funny comments. He is going to win, you know.

      • Scotty has a very slim chance of winning. I'll explain why. Notice this weeks poll on this site. I know it doesn't accurately represent the population, but stay with me. The Country fanbase that has been the only reason Scotty and Lauren are still there are going to have to choose one or the other. Lauren will most likely go home this next week. Lauren votes will go to Scotty almost 100%. So Scotty gains 9% of the votes. Haley most likely will go home after that, so James will pick up 28% of the votes. Seeing how neck and neck Scotty and James have been all season, James will pick up way more votes than Scotty as Scotty has only had a plurality of votes, never the majority of them and hasn't even attempted to pick up votes outside of his base.

      • David P, I get what you are saying & the math seems right. However, I have something thing to throw out there. The best predictor of future behaivor is past behavior. And AI in the past has not allowed a winner that was not, how should I say this, conservative, PR ready, role model material. Does anyone really think that Chris Allen won over Adam? Does anyone really believe that Crystal received fewer votes than Lee? Image is everthing to AI & Fox. It is understandable, its business. Just some food for thought.

      • Bunny you have a point, although I'm not entirely convinced the results are that manipulated. We'll have to see how it all turns out. I think the competition is so close right now it all depends on their performances and song choices…and who goes home next week.

      • Ughhh… Yeahhh.. again with the Alfred E. Newman.. Goshhh… there's no way he looked like that…

    • who cares what he looks like I think hes adorable and the most talented singer in this competition. If u think this then I can imagine how beautiful u must be my little one. Prob fat as a pig

      • Billy Bush looks like George Bush and Billy's good looking. So let's let it go at this: Scotty got the good looks in the Newman family.

  55. I was worried about James vulnerability for the first time. Hope he gets his emotional act together. Otherwise, Scotty is doing a fabulous job in presenting himself as a young gentleman. He really reminds me of the best of America with his manners .

    • Yeah he has that All American Boy appeal. I was glad to see him jack up the performance in the first song but the ballad thing is getting old. His voice didn't come across as good in the last song for some reason. Just an observation.

      • You are right…I think the reason is that he sang it too slowly…it dragged and lacked feeling. Loved the first song, though.

    • That is so true – Scotty's parents must be very pround of him – they gave him all these good manners and gentlemanship that we see on the stage. I remember I think it was during Hollywood week when that asian guy did not want the chubby guy on the team, and Scotty tried to defend the poor chubby guy – he is a gentleman and he has a great future.

      • I can say that Scotty is a kind of boy that every parent wants to have.I like him since his first appearance in AI,and always believe he can make it to finale.All the best for him.

    • I can't disagree with this. I really like Scotty's presence and laid-back personality. He's got a great career ahead of him if he can stay out of trouble. A country music producer and marketer will really push those blue eyes, probably under a white cowboy hat.

      That doesn't make him the best singer. He's good, and will be great, I suspect, in time; he'll make a ton of money.

      The overall best singer left in this competition is Haley. Its not even close. She's being pushed to do the bluesy/jazzy/rock thing, but she can do a lot more than that. As a jazz singer, she'd be tremendous. She can sing softly, too, like an Eva Cassidy or Nora Jones (check out her homemade youtube video "Like a Star" from a couple of years ago.

      These are good kids remaining. I'm not gonna be bothered if any of them win, because I understand this is not really a singing and performance competition. Voters have their own motives for voting the way they vote, and those all are different. Sometimes personality, sometimes musicality, sometimes out of hate for characteristics they perceive that may not actually be there. I'm sure there are other motives, too. In the end, people generally vote for whom they want to win — for whatever reason. And that's fine.

      But, by any objective measuring stick, for right now at this moment, the best singer remaining is Haley.

      • I agree completely. They are all talented this is probably the most competitive top 4 in the history of AI.

      • @Be real I dont think anyone has to worry about Scotty getting into trouble He doesnt have any children, he has a 4.0 school grade average, he doesnt show off or cry and you are right, he makes his family proud

      • Marie you have to be kidding…Scotty to quote my musician husband is a "ham".

    • AMEN ALl for Scotty- He is very much a gentleman and acts himself always. No stupid IM FAMOUS NOW act

    • Ryan Seacrest: "Okay, now pick which two are not in the bottom 3."

      Scotty:"No no no. No way, I'm not doing that. Don't make me do that. No, I won't do that…"

      He could have played along "with the show" out of fear of some repercussions, but he didn't hesitate at all. Maybe it was a setup – maybe not. I think it was Seacrest being an ass.

      Either way, it made Scotty look good.

      • They never play along and I don't think Ryan Seacrest ever expects them to.

      • Seacrest does the same every year with the top 5. Remember a few years ago when he put David Archuleta in the same spot.

        David refused to do it and sat down on the stage between the two duos.

        Next week he will probably pull his standard final 4 trick of having two stand either side and then ask the judges who they think the bottom two are.

      • David and Paul are right. If you've watched the show more than one season, you've learned to expect this. I am sure Scotty was ready for it.

      • Well, I will give Scotty this: I am quite positive he would have done the same thing even if he didn't know about it. The young man really is a solid individual. (You wouldn't catch him thinking, let alone saying any of the nasty things that have been posted on this blog.)

      • I've said Scotty has been over-rated at times, and that his songs are sometimes boring. But he's sure a nice lad. He's clean cut, polite and quite humble. I don't get why the gals think of him as the country version of Brad Pitt, but then again, I'm not a 16 year old girl! πŸ˜‰

  56. Bruce week, huh? Don't think it will work. What could the girls possibly sing? Don't get me wrong. I love the guy. But don't think he would work on Idol even as a mentor.

    • Next week's theme is songs by Leiber & Stoller who wrote so many of Elvis' hits. That should be great for the 4 who are left.

      • You think so Templar? I don't know these writers at all. Are they from the 50's. Sounds kinda old fashioned too me. Hopefully I'm wrong. Carole Kings week turned out to be pretty good!!

  57. I think Jacob's votes will go to Haley.

    Meaning it will be Lauren or Scotty to go next week.

    Unless of course, JLO gets her way …..

    • Totally wrong. My vote will be between James and Scotty. Haley digusta me

      • Discust you? Boy, have you got an issue or two! Perhaps all you jealous ladies should take an honest look in that mirror Jacob referred to?

      • Beatrix, are you from Detroit? I just heard on the news that 46% of the people there are illiterate.

    • Jacob vote left with Jacob last night. Thank you as per TEAM JACOB Fan.

    • Justin Timerlake didn't brink sexy back. Haley did. And a lot of plump emo-girls are definately threatened by a gal who is sexy in every possible way. Sexy voice, sexy hair and makeup. Sexy legs and body. Sexy clothes. Sexy shoes. Yes, Vans are not hot girls and they just make you more "unique like everybody else".

      I'm sick of fashion today – so gothic and depressing and emo and sweatervest. Like Avril Lavigne who looks like she dresses herself from a sale-rack at a thrift store. Or skater-wear where you can't tell the difference between gals and guys 40 feet away.

      I like what Haley brings to the stage. She's a throwback with a modern "shake it up" twist. And some youngins can't handle it – which makes me like her even more. I definately want her first album. She rocks. Her and James should do "Stop draggin my heart around" sang by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. Haley should sing some Stevie nicks – and the kiddies on here should LISTEN to some Stevie Nicks. It's sad that a unique vocal style that is not "cutesy girl with auto tune" like Miley Cyrus or Alyssa Reid's version of "Alone". Yick.

      And young Haley fans? Dare I say you got some taste? Sick of Auto-Tune wanna-be's and want something different, new and interesting?

      Yeah. Me too.


      Northern Guy

      • I am not a youngster and I do not like Haley's I think she is pretty??? Yes, she is gorgeous!!! But just because I do not like her voice does not mean I am jealous, PLUMP as you so call it, or young….and I don't like auto tone music at all. So. Try again.

      • Chris, I don't dispute that some people will legitimately dislike the voices of James, Haley or even Scotty. Strangely, Lauren (when singing duets with ANYONE) seems to have the best voice of the lot! She is just missing that… soul? Belief in herself? Anyways, I am just saying some Haley haters seem downright bitter and don't even MENTION they dislike her voice.

      • stop draggin' my heart around would be awesome! i would love that!

      • Northern Guy You think Timberlake is sexy? Careful what you say or the wolves will pounce.

      • No no. I said JT did NOT bring sexy back. He smashed a mirror ball and sang about it. I said HALEY brought sexy back! And as much as I like people doing the thing people do these days, I think Haley is a very very refreshing throwback to a time when a snug fitting dress, heels and red lipstick were sexy and not just worn by hookers. Haley dresses hot and sexy and is still lady-like and not trampy. She just impresses the heck out of me.

    • there is no way jacobs votes will go to haley jacobs votes were from the church crowd. his votes will probably go to lauren..

  58. James looked like a baby on the stage last night. Is the guy losing it or what? I like the guy but come on. He misses his family? You're on stage man, be a professional! Are you looking for sympathy votes. I can see a 16 year old like Lauren in the bottom 2 crying. I guess she'll get the sympathy votes too. I wonder if Scotty would cry if he were in the bottom 2? Even Jacob held it together.

    Maybe they should call it The American Cry Baby!

    • I think you're being a bit unfair to James. Tourette's amplifies emotions. When a person is very relieved they might bend at the waist. A person with TS could easily fall to their knees. And I think James was very concerned that his wed. performances weren't up to their usual standard. Give the kid a break.

      • our boys and woman over sea do not get to talk to there wifes or girls back home and he can come on now get real he can hold it my friends son has it and he does real good with his feelings so could james he needs more control and he can do it

      • People in military service made that choice. It's all voluntary and they knew what they were getting into at the outset. James had no choice and has suffered with it since birth. Apples/oranges.

      • But then again, James too chose to chase the path of stardom. We all have choices in life and he's made his. He can do very well for himself and give his family things beyond his wildest dreams, but not if he focusses on his deceased father and missing his family. He will spend more quality time with his family than ever if he makes it big – when he's not touring or recording that is!! Fame has it's cost.

      • Give the fans a break. He is losing votes. Its not good to see a grown man cry, then pan a 16 yr old for crying

    • Finally someone sees what I see. Thank you for saying that. James is a WIMP! He cries every week.

      • Like Templar said he has a tourette and aspergers sydrome and that only intensifiy his feelings. Why do people have to be mean when talking about the people they do not like. James has diabilities and for you to make fun of it is being very ingnorant.

      • It is very rude to pick on someone because of there disabilitys and James dosnt cry every week but it is easy to see that he dose miss his family wwitch is a good thing so get off he back

      • I find James to be a sincere emoter. I think he might be overwhelmed with the whole thing. He needs to remember to get lost in his performance and left all of that emotional stuff stage left. He has to, or he's going to lose this thing.

      • From the very begining disabilites have been questionable. Even from a medical person or said they were

      • What? James is acting those facial ticks? Wow – he's a good actor then.

  59. I Love haley no matter what you say

    Yes she is always in the buttom 3,i admitit

    but who knows? she is the dark horse on this season…

    dont hate her coz shes beautiful…

    and last one more hater the more she she shine

    coz the other r threating for their idol…

    • "dont hate her coz shes beautiful…"

      A lot of people hate beautiful people and purposely dress ugly to ensure people don't confuse them with someone trying to be attractive.

      Like Steven Tyler said: When you're on top, a lot of miserable people will try and knock you down, rain on your parade and kick over your sandcastle. Or something to that effect.

      Haley is a unique character with style, looks, class, talent and a very uncommon singing style that, with the right music, just fits like a glove.

      She is just so refreshing to me.

      I'm forty, she's 20, and to me – she's the oldest soul on the stage. I relate to her more than the other artists and that's what makes fans buy records.

      I really want her to cut an album!

      • Oh man, Northern Guy, me too! She sounds so good in duets; it would be fun if half of her first CD was duets. Another bluesy/jazzy song with Casey, a bluesy/folksy love song with Edwin McCain, and old-style Rock song with Bob Seger — a hard-rocker with Steven Tyler! Why not? All those guys have that raspy, wailing bluesy thing going on!

        Also, a great duet for the Tour this Summer would be Paul and Haley doing "Mockingbird." Ooohhh…that would be so sweet!

  60. About time he's gone.. when I think back, I can pick a song for every idol that they did well.. a memorable performance, James’s doing Beatles, or Heavy metal, Haley with a bunch of them, Naima with the reggae version.. but with Jacob, nothing, none comes to mind.. that speaks volumes to me.. nothing… I think that speaks volumes.. Very happy he’s done, I’ve tried to be impartial and objective, but he can only do one style.. and honestly perplex how he lasted this long.

    • Dan, your kidding right?

      Jacob Lusk's rendition of God Bless the Child was the best preformance I have ever seen in 10 years with this show.

      Granted, He has been terrible the past month, and thats why he is gone.

      • Ditto. And the Vandross song last night was very nice, too. He just tried too hard, and went way over the top. If he could just calm down a little, listen a little more (he's got to fix some intonation issues – I know he is capable of doing it, and like Jimmy said, it could be nerves) and maybe see if he can slow that vibratto down just a little bit … and the guy could be a huge new-wave R&B star. I'd buy his CD, if it is produced Luther-like!

    • For all those who kept hating Jacob he has a niche waiting for him that only he can fill. The remaining four will have to create theirs. I have never seen such outpouring of resentment before and it is no wonder he must have felt some sense of relief to be off the show. He has a voice similar to Luther Vandross and he will do well, contrary to what many may believe. I hope James wins but Scotty has the Bible belt all wrapped up in country music so let’s see who makes the cut and who will soon be forgotten.

      • I don't disagree. But don't say just the Bible belt. Country is a lot more than just the southern states.

    • Not kidding, it was a good preformance, yes, I agree with that. I don't identify him wiht it. It was still a particular style, and done well, yes I agree. However.. best in 10 years, now your kidding, I could easily list 10 better ones in the last 3 years… Haley's last song was better 2 nights ago, Scotty's Elvis one was better weeks ago.. that's just this year.. Kris A. Heartless was better, Adam L Mad world was better.. sheeze easy to go on… Look I hear you, we all have preferences… he simply isn't all the memorible is my point. I wish him all the best, and hope he makes a good career for himself.

      • i think james muse song was the best ever. people have different tastes and that is what makes the world go round.

  61. smile- if your a pretty girl you are a b—h!

    if your a country boy your cute as h-ll!

    cry- if your a pretty country girl, with everything going for you, then you are just the cutest thing on earth!

    if you are a young man, struggling with 2, not 1, but 2 disabilities, and rising above them both,… then well , it's time for you to go home!

    boy I hope these juvenile, jealous comments are not reflective of the true American spirit! God help us!!

    • There are a lot of shallow, bitter little haters out there all spreading their disease via keyboard.

      I'm not a pretty person but I can celebrate along with someone like Haley who is a winner in a lot of categories. As for James, I don't give him extra credit for his problems, but I don't put him down for it either. He's got talent that transcends his limitations. Like he says, his problems "go away" when he is performing. Look at him – it does go away. That's why he needs this – the man needs some peace. I hope his dreams come true – he seems like a good guy.


      Northern Guy

  62. i notice lauren fans r trying to

    put haley down? i wonder…

    maybe haley is a threat f,.

    im a haley fan but im not bashing anyone

    who says haley is bad? then what do u think of

    yourselves HATER..?

    • well said!

      I agree with you

      Can't everyone support their favourite without bashing the others?

      You don't find me saying anything bad about other contestants…. geez

    • I am a big Lauren fan…always have been. I recognize that she doesn’t go big, which will be her downfall.

      I totally agree with last night’s standings. We are at a point in the competition where there has to be a bottom and some good singers are going home. Never been a fan of Jacob, but he’s got an amazing range. I am just not a fan of his style.

      I thought Lauren did better than James overall (and I am a big fan of James as well). But James got the emotion vote.

      At this point, any one of the final four can have and probably will have a career. Good for them.

      I don’t know who is going home next… probably Lauren or Haley. Face it, there can only be one winner. Three of the people on that stage aren’t winners, but they aren’t going to be losers either.

      • Barbara's comment is the best over all other comments. Vote for your fav but not bashing other contestants. Be objective not bias. End of my rants.

  63. Just because Haley doesn't want to play the pity card like James or make spectacle of herself with her insecurities like Lauren, doesn't make her bad performer.

    By the way the "smiling while Pia was eliminated" I thought she was smiling to Stefano when he came back to the sofa. And she clearly has a really close relationship with Jacob as well. My point is that you really can't know what the contestants are thinking or how the relationships between them are.

    For me, I think Haley has personality and she has been graceful even though it must be hard to be in the bottom three as often as she has.

    The contestants this year are really good and Haley does have that beatiful, expressive voice and the only reason she has been in the bottom 3 is because she has made some bad songs choises, but even then she has sung them well.

    As for the others, any one of them would be a good american idol. If Haley is not your thing- fine, but don't go saying she's mean, when she's not and don't go saying she can't sing when her technical skils are better than anyone else's in the competition.

    • Her technical skills are NOT better than everyone else's. She sounds exactly the same every time. Growl, growl, growl… But she is hot πŸ™‚

      • and Scotty doesn't sound the same all the time?

        James and Haley are the only 2 left that have shown they can competently sing different styles.

      • I should add that Scotty and Lauren do have a GOOD voices , not great ,but good….and they are young, with lots of room to grow, and I can see where both could have decent careers ahead of them, in their genre.

      • Her technical skills, and her ear, are absolutely better than everyone else. With Casey, Stefano and Pia gone, she's the only one left who can give you a run. She sings better harmony than anyone left. Her intonation is better than anyone left (just listen to this past Wednesday – please!). Her dynamic control is equal to James – both of whom are better than Scotty and Lauren. Some of this is experience and maturity, I suspect, but Haley does have, overall, the best vocal skill of anyone left in.

      • Oh no, technically she is amazing. Her modulation, how she plays with dissonance, her 'dirty jazz'. She lacks a vibrato but it's perfectly acceptable in modern jazz/pop to not have a vibrato. She does have an amazing tremolo, though. How her improv stays perfectly in her chords, and few people can scat the way she did in her duet with Casey. And she takes tons of different songs from different Genre's and makes them her own. Scotty sounds like a country singer, he sings the songs like any country singer would, he sings them well, he has a good voice, but he never diverts off the path the original artist made. Same with Lauren, there is no expression of herself, she is just singing the song. Both are very Karaoke in that they don't make the songs their own.

    • haley doesn't seem to be too popular amongst teenage girls. they probably think she's gonna steal their boyfriends.

      • teenage girls, AND insecure women…jealous jealous jealous.

        Haley, you go girl!!

  64. I agree totally with Margaret, Scotty is a perfect twin for Alfred E. Newman. Been saying that since he first showed up. Haley is like a pro already, why are so many jealous? (EVEN J LO) She ROCKS and should be the AI 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alfred E. ? Is that all you've got? Pathetic effort to undermine Scotty. You must not get country music. Kenny Chesney is uglier than bowling shoes, huge career. Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, Jason Aldeen, look like locals from Deliverance. Scotty is a good looking kid and you are just pitiable.

  65. I believe that Scotty,James and Lauren are perfect as role models(american idols). I have a son that is 17 and even the younger ones say as young as 10,11 12 years old this day in time the kids mature alot quicker than the generation before them. Those three that I listed above are the ones that I would like for my boy to have as a mentor. They all show great humbliness about them and I truly believe they have the best morals. I do not want my boy to listen to someone that wants to sing a song about being a whoremonger(House of the Rising Sun) back in the day I didn't even listen to that. Go Scotty you are my favorite.

    • Oh for heaven sakes. The boys probably know more than you. Its better to expose them and let them have the ability to make wise decisions. Just because someone is singing a song, does not make them a bad person, its playing for the camera. Maybe you ought to listen to some of the music these kids are listening to. They have some bad stuff in them. Just because she sings sexy does not call for the stuff coming out of your mouth.

      • I am very much grown and very wise to what the world offers these kids now days. It is a full time job raising kids in this world today. I just expressed my opinion and thoughts just like anyone else did. And I am the one that has to answer to God one day of what I allowed my minor children to do while under my care. I will not stand before him one day and have him say that I was a stumbling block to my boys. So to each his own I just know what my convictions are. And by raising three boys they have made mistakes but not for the sake of us not trying to teach them. But I will say that as long as we do our jobs according to how God intended us to do he will protect them it's our job to lead so they will follow. We are examples.

      • And I did not say that she was bad I just implied that for my boy I don't think she would be the role model for him. Geez.

    • You're judging someone by the lyrics and "meaning" of the song she sang.

      Check the lyrics of songs sung by the others on Idol that talk about passion between a gal and a boy, a one night stand, a revolution, et al, et al.

      If this is the measure of good and bad or the basis of a role model then, based on your criteria, there are few role models in the music business.

      I guess you mute the TV when Steven Tyler is on and didn't allow them to watch JLo strut her stuff.

  66. And to continue with what I typed above those three Scotty, James and Lauren all three have wonderful voices. They can sing anything they want.

    • james is my favorite and will be to the end but to put down haleys house of the rising son is crazy. listen to some of the lyrics of todays music.

    • Haley has sung a much broader range of music than any of the others.

      They are ALL good singers, deserve to be in the final 4 and I am looking forward to a great show next week.

  67. I know that Lauren didn't quite hold it together last night, she is young and hasn't been in the bottom before, but I do think she belongs there. Def not a hater of Haley. She has her own thing goin on. You do need to understand that the disasters that hit the south has made a diff in votes too. Lives lost, no power for a week, schools distroyed and towns distroyed very close to Laurens home town. Its been really bad around here. Just saying

    • Haley is beautiful inside and out. If she wins the title she will make a wonderful American Idol. After all, why did they let 15 year olds try out if they were not prepared for one to win.She is a fantastic 16 year old with loads of talent.

      • While I agree she's beautiful on the outside She is not on the inside.

        Very talented, honestly if it weren't for her personality I'd vote for her.

        She's improved tenfold from a month ago but I can't get past that personality. Sorry Haley lovers

  68. Okay! We got it right this time. It'll be sad to see anyone go now. They're all good. We just need James for the win. Hope we get it right this year.

    • Finally got it right for sure. Jacob became annoying as a singer and as a person. He could have left several weeks ago. And I agree that it is as much, or even more, of a popularity contest than a singing contest. Otherwise a very talented Casey Abrams would have been there still. Not that Casey would have won, but he was much less painful to watch than Jacob. AND Pia Toscano would have outlasted all the other females.

  69. I think the producers are scrambling to get a female winner this year. After Pia's elimination, they only had two ladies left in the race. So they decided that in all fairness to split the voting and run separate contests for the ladies and men ending up with two ladies and two men left. They can do that on this show because the voting is never released…..I also think that they can see people who are voting multiple times and fudge the numbers to compensate for that….. I mean common they would do nothing to interfere with audience engagement. They also have to honor the judges too. Pia's elimination was to get her into the studio faster. No longer competing they can offer her a recording deal quickly while pumping her on the national tour which promises to be very good this year……this is perhaps the best selection of singers in the shows history….

    • Disagree with the conspiracy theories. Agree with the best year overall regarding the talent.

    • That is a good point – female winners have a better chance to sell records than the guys… Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood… Scotty kind of already has his niche in the country world, so…

    • I don't think the producers care about Pia's elemination, they didn't chose it, YOU did…

    • It is all too bad that this is not a vote about talent because they are all from different genres…..Like voting for Elvis versus Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan…….Very few of these artists will advance far because not only do you have to have a singing voice ,personality, performing presence, you also have to know how to write and choose good songs…..Very few performers do not write their own songs save for really good ones. They have to have a blend of both to succeed….

  70. I could not watch the show live last night due to a work engagement – when I got home I went straight to this blog to get the news. By the way, this blog is much better than AI official site that is way too crowded and slow – not only due to all the clips and graphics slowing down the pages, but also whomever publishes content takes forever… Here is immediate – great job guys!! No surprises yesterday – Jacob was way overdue. I think he has a future as gospel singer, with live performances in church events, especially in the south. As for next week, I think that all the conspiracy against Haley might pay off in the end, as she got the sympathy of everybody – it has been so obvious that the judges and Jimmy are after her for some bizarre reason… James cannot use the tears or "I need money to feed my family" card next week because it is kind of getting weird. Lauren might actually be the one going home because she became too boring and the same every time. I think Jacob´s votes will go to Haley, the underdog – we shall see…

    • Disagree, I think Haley will still be the underdog along with Lauren. Haley can sing but does not have something else. Haley is the DIVA. James is talented and if he talks of his family that's good to me, he really should win & I think he will. If Scotty wins it will be a surprise to me. He's one way all the time, no changes of any importance in his performances. Were the lights hindering Haley when she sang her last song the other night? I saw some weird eye coordination. But for some reason, she come across as someone who does not take the judges suggestion in a positive light. Her voice is pretty but limited in the types of songs she can sing.

      James should win this if not, Scotty may come in the back door with the popular votes.

      Haley lost me because of her lack of respect for Pia and Jacob when they left.If someone says she contratulated both Pia & Jacob,,,check out the re-runs of AI.

      • What do you mean, Scotty may come in the back door? According to Scotty is the only one who has been safely in the first spot, always. I think he will win, hands down!

      • Scotty has a big fan base, but that fan base is the same as it's always been. He may have been getting 30 or 40% of the votes all season. But for the finale everyone that wasn't voting for Scotty still won't be voting for Scotty and instead will be voting for James. I don't see Scotty winning.

  71. Haley won me over because she has been singing her heart out every time and then she has to hear all those stupid comments from the jealous judges, while seeing people like Jacob or James being very pitchy and corny getting only compliments – you know, it takes a lot of personality to survive all this, especially because they are away from their families and friends and live in a coccoon all this time during the show. I am not sure, however, if she has a future in the music industry as it is now with these lady gagas and stuff.

    • There is a market for Haley but little industry support now in the US, Adele and Muse are doing well but both from UK.

      The US recording industry is too cookie cutter now in pushing pop music, with Nashville and a few other areas like Branson MO or Austin TX keeping Country music going strong.

  72. it is being a pain in the heart to read all this hating going on on this site. telling people that they're ugly, fat, faking tears, faking smiles.. you people need to reflect for a while then come back here and post of what you think of yourselves.

  73. Wow reading this blog reminded me for the first time in a while about that demotivational poster… you know the one… arguing on the internet is like winning the special olympics? Ohh we have a few gold medalists this week on this blog for that. πŸ™‚

    This has got to be one of the best seasons ever for AI – the top 4 are undoubtedly all very talented even though I dont like the music style of some of them. I really disliked Caseys songs but recognise that my music taste is why that is the case and someone else may like it. He will have a big jazz career and good luck to him, I wont be listening though.

    Simply because you like one artists voice, style of music, song choices doesnt make you right and everyone else wrong or warrant personal insults towards others. Its right for you and whats right for you isnt necessrily right for me and vice versa.

    Why is it so hard for some people to have a favourite but also be able to accept the others are very talented in their own right, their own style? Why does it have to be I like Haley/Scottie/Lauren/ James so I must dislike the others and attack anyone who supports them on this blog?

    sheeesh I havent seen so many toys out the pram since kindergarten. Have they made this blog the home page for kindergartens across the world now? is this why the standard of some posts on here is so petty and juvenile? Good blog, shame about the comments LOL πŸ˜‰

    • Well said. I've said before in other blogs, that none of these kids are terrible, just because we don't like their taste of music doesn't make them less good at what they do…I don't like Jazz, but thought Casey was really good at what he does. I have my favorites on this show as well, but I will never say they aren't talented…They all are, thats why they are here. And good luck to all of them.

      • I am a huge country music fan, but last year I was pulling for Adam Lambert all the way. The only song he sang that I didn't like was Johnny Cash' Ring of Fire. The person you vote for is mostly the one who sings the type of music you would normally listen to. Adam Lambert was an exception for me.

    • TOTALLY agree with you!

      I wish everyone can listen to you

      I don't like seeing the hateful comments here

    • I thought at any of these four could win it at some point this year. Lauren at the start, next Scotty, then James and now Haley.

      I have voted for Haley since she sing "Blue" and have all her itunes because I like them and hooked on her voice. I was rooting for James to win for many reasons but Scotty finally stepped up, so its now down to who brings it the next few weeks.

  74. Currently views in youtube..

    Haley Reinhart : House Of The Rising 207,237 views

    Scotty McCreery : You Were Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley – 30,458 views

    Jacob Lusk : Love Hurts – Everly Brothers :-


    James Durbin : Without You – Harry Nillson :


    Lauren Alaina : Unchained Melody – 46,230


  75. Alrighty then. What an interesting array of opinions. What gets me are the posts that speak to a contestant's immaturity and ironically, the poster his or herself is being completely immature! The fact is not every idol winner is the best. The most obvious case in point is Adam Lambert. His vocal range and confidence rose high above anyone else competing that year. With that being said, the best performer this year may not win. Scotty borders on boring boring boring. And it's not just because he's a country kid with a decent voice. He is limited and that's ok because male country singers are not usually known for their incredible range. Lauren is still maturing as a singer and performer. James has been my favorite all season. His voice and showmanship is the ticket to winning this whole thing. Haley, who has turned me around over the last few weeks, is really a remarkable singer. For those of you that don't agree, then you are being biased for whatever personal reason you may have. If America gets it right, James and Haley will be in the final. James does not use the disibility card to win votes. For those of you that are critical of his emotions, you have no idea how difficult it is for someone with autism and tourettes to endure the schedule and pressure that all these kids are under. It really is amazing. I think everyone should just lighten up and remember this is a singing/performance competition and none of these contestants have been involved in anything like this. Good luck to the remaining 4! James and Haley at the end!

    • Some of your statement Matt is soooo right on. But I disagree with the James and Haley at the end! I think it will be James and Scotty. Don't underestimate the fans for Scotty. I Luv James.He is awesome. Performing with his autism and tourettes and the pressure and schedules he has is amazing. Talent,,,this young man has TALENT and does not appear to be demanding, selfish or a male diva. Lauren is too immature, Haley is coming across as a DIVA and Scotty is cute but too young and sings in one direction all the time. If Haley wins or Scotty, I will stop watching again.

      We shall see who wins…James has my vote.

    • Best post in recent history. I second that entire sentiment. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    • Check me off as Biased, because Icertainly don't agree.

      And you are all Wrong.

      Now, did either one of us prove any thing by these strong comments? Some of this stuff is really comical!

  76. Everyone needs to stop with their comments about how 'horrible' certain contestants are. At this point, we are dealng with four talented individuals with different strengths. Here is my take on the remaining 4: If you believe Dial Idol, Scotty is going to win this easily. He had double the score of anyone else last week and he has led every single week. I know it isn't perfect, but it's a good indicator of what is going on. Plus, I would assume that Lauren's votes are going to go to Scotty if she is voted off before him. Personally I like Scotty but his vocal capabilities are far weaker than any of the remaining contestants. James has a wild voice and preforms very well but I get the sense that he is too emotional and won't be able to keep it together once he achieves some sucess. Lauren is really frustrating to me. She has great tone in her voice but is so afraid to take the chances she needs to take in order to win this competition. While she sang 'Unchained Melody' without any technical flaws, she absolutely avoided all the big notes that make that song so great. I was really dissapointed. I haven't seen a contestant like Haley yet. She has clearly grown more than any other contestant. I've bought several of her songs and I'm amazed at how good her studio work sounds. I find her musical diversity very engaging and look forward to hearing her every week.

    • Scotty can sing moren then country and WHY did they make them all sing rock week when no country week has approached. U say Scotty can only sing country well lets see James and Haley sing something other then their crap then- then lets talk

      • personally I would love a country theme week…James and Haley would win hands down!! They are just so much better…not saying Scotty and Lauren aren't good, 'cause they are, but they need a little more maturity in their voices and stage presence.

      • beachcomer, James won a country idol competition sing black velvet so yes he can also sing country

      • Haley sang Blue by Leann Rimes which is country and she did it very well, not much growling in that song. She also sang Piece of My Heart, which was a Janis Joplin song that Faith Hill did a cover of, and Haley's version was more like Faith's country version. just saying

      • snowleopard, thanks for posting that. i looked it up on you tube and james did great! that kid can do anything. i so want him to be the next american idol.

      • I loved to see James sing a country song–He already sucks that would be funny!!

      • jlr, do you always love to see something you hate? you hate james but would love to hear him do a country song. hmmm, are you a masochist? do tell….do you also like to be beat πŸ˜‰

  77. Haley is a diva, Scotty is cute can sing but I don't think he's ready for stardom, Lauren is still too immature and does not have a grip on her emotions. James to me, has won this competition both talent wise and popularity wise. This really is not a total talent contest. It has to do with popularity, a workable talent, and the visual presentation. These are all young people and still have a lot of growing to do. Right now we seeing a bit of the behind the picture of the real contestants. Example, Haley did not hug Jacob, nor seemed truly sincere when Pia left. (Pia had more talent in one vocal cord than any of the remaining young ladies. Out of the guys JAMES is the winner. If he does NOT win it will not be because of lack of talent.

    • to smile or not to smile… that is the question

      to hug or not to hug… that is the question

      SHOULDN'T the question be…who is the best all around singer/performer…the total package the judges keep talking about.

      good grief!

      • As the blogs are showing after each performance, people are looking at EVERY little things these young people are doing. TEAM work and how these young ones are treating each other on stage is being pulled apart. Don't get it twisted…we are all looking at everything & we all have our opinions. And it does come down to hugs, kisses and how they relate to each other on stage. all the blogs I've read are looking at the same things.

      • Majority of blogs are scratching their heads wondering why there's so much hate for Haley. Just sayin.

      • The point is that people don't want to vote for the ones who seem unappreciative, conceited, uncaring toward others, and act like a stripper. That would be why Haley has been in the bottom the whole season. Personality counts. Why do we want to help give a million dollar contract to someone whose actions imply that she is a snot. Duh?

    • U dont think Scotty is ready for stardom and u do think Haley is??? OMG Go see an ear Doctor

      • If you don't understand how amazing Haley is it's because you are biased and refuse to listen to her. You can't objectively say Haley is a terrible singer. Your opinions do not change reality.

      • You need more that a voice to last in the music business but it does get you into it.

        You have to read music, be able to adjust keys to sing with others, you have to understand arranging music to some degree or you get canned music for a backtrack and you have to pick songs or write songs that people will buy.

        I not sure if any of them are ready but after hearing Scotty' itune from the week before I think he need more time yet to handle the studio well.

      • On the bright side there isn't much wailing that Jacob has been eliminated.

  78. why you should hate everyone:

    lauren: she's obese, a coward, a crybaby, childish, dense, producer's early favorite. she won't push but wants to win everything

    james: fakes tears, uses family for compassion, uses friendship for votes, adam lambert wannabe, not a man of his words (didn' t stay metal) ugly and screams

    scotty- looks like alfred neuman, goofy, joined jaycee's group then knocked him off, judges' fave, sounds the same as every country singer, weird facial expressions

    Haley-growls, full of herself, smiled when pia was voted off, ugly, shouldn't have gotten this far and did i mention she smiled when pia was voted off?

    Randy – would say anything to further personal agenda

    Jlo-playing favorites

    Steven-acts as if everything's so perfect

    Jimmy-sabotage king

    Ryan- gay

    • Wow!!! You are an idiot ihateyou….and smiley face, you're not very brilliant either.

      • Oh Rock…your intellectual comments have inspired me so…

        I repeat again today…good grief!!

        Really, is this the new fabric of America …. hatred and jealousy… oh I hope not!!

    • :):) – That being acknowledged, check out Julianne Hough who is Seacrest's girlfriend.

      • You noticed Julianne also. Seems like people who want to put labels on others seem to overlook small things like that.

      • Ryan is not gay, he just plays a gay guy on TV and seems to play the part well.

    • Lauren isnt Obese thats rude to say….. And whats so bad about crying anymore?

      • There maybe some reasons to dislike some people in the world, but your reasons you fool, are just rediculous…grow up. And none of them are even close to the truth. You are a child, no mature adult would say stupid comments like that. I sense some insecurity's of your own, maybe you should get help and get them dealt with…The world doesn't need anymore assholes like yourself.

      • What she say? Lauren looks like she can atleast hold a baby…. I dont see what was so stupid

    • Ok then "I hate you" I know a good quack doctor who can prescribe you "happy pills"

    • So many bites, 10/10. Also Julianne Hough is hot and her parents live in my hometown so neener neener neener.

    • Perhaps this person is a normal person in disguise trying to make a point?

      Ever think of that? (No, it wasn’t me either – but I have been known to revert to that sort of sarcasm.)

      Northern Guy

  79. I'm astounded that the producers had the balls to do a live JLo performance. That song was so totally pre-recorded. And this is the woman that has been giving vocal advice to the contestants!? I think it is safe to say that everyone in the Top 10, nay the Top 20, has more vocal talent that Miss Lopez will ever have.

    • I so agree!!

      She can't hold a candle to Haley in the voice department… and looks…meh!! Haley is a knockout !

    • It was clearly not a live performance. Fox is not very smart. When they lifted her off the ground she had a stand behind her, but when they put her back down the stand magically disappeared and reappeared a few more times in the performance. They really should have went back and watched the performance throughly and made sure it looked live. They did a horrible job!!!!

    • That J-Lo performance was out of place. It was like Aerosmith performing in a church basement. Someone as "big" as J-Lo needs her multi-million dollar stage and big video and effects backdrop. The fact J-Lo did such a small scale and intimate performance is a testimony to her talent and showmanship. It was a strange small performance by a big artist who showed us all she does not a big multi-million dollar stage to strut her stuff. I have more respect for her because of it too.

      • To "big video effects" I would also add "big audio effects" which she had abundance in last night's performance. Didn't you notice the difference between the pitch-perfect song and her off key screams for the audience to "Come on!"? The song was pre-recorded, the screaming was live.

    • As a good friend to Scotty in life I think that all that are critizing his looks and personality are way to outrageous and jealous comments. Scotty is the most kindest person I know. Never has said a bad word about anyone. He is truly a very nice person and truly a great singer. I hope he wins this whole thing because not only can he sing so great but he is also one of the most truest nicest young men that I have ever met in this world. Never has his talent stood in his way of talking and being kind to anyone at my school or at his job place. He is truly an Idol to us here in our Hometown and we are so grateful to have him to represent us in this years Idol. Love You Scotty.

      • You don't have to know Scotty personall to know he's a down-home good kid. But they're all essentially good kids – the entire top 11 were. None of them deserve some of the lame crticism and attacks they are getting, but that is what "idols" face – they have crazy fans and they have haters. They have critics that love em, and others that hate em. And they need to rise above all that, their emotions, their personal struggles and get out on that stage and blow the crowd away. And not everyone can do that.

      • That's true alot of these comments are terrible. I know this all the girls and boys in Eastern NC can relate to Scotty and he truly does I believe represent NC very well. And is a true testament of who he really is and wants to be. Even though I don't know him personally as a Mom I am really proud of the type of young man he is and how well he carries himself. He just seems to be the humbliess young man. And with that God can do alot with. You go Scotty and know that Eastern NC is praying for you.

      • sorry for typo it should say he just seems to be the humbliest young man.

      • Looks like Scotty can take whatever they bring to him. Good job Scotty

        At least u can handle it

      • It's good to hear from someone who knows Scotty personally. I'm not surprised either. If you get to speak to him please let him now there is a tremendous amount of support for him all over the country!! I keep him and his family (cuz I see the look on his mom's face each week thrilled/worried) in my prayers every day! Much Scotty love from upstate NY

  80. What the H*** is wrong with everyone?!?! This season would be a great season, if James never would have made it through Hollywood. Scotty is pretty good, but I would have rather had John Wayne. Scotty just gives me no emotion what so ever when he sings.

    Say what you want about Haley and Lauren, but they are super talented. Haley is an amazing singer, and so is Lauren. Lauren may be young, but I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I like her personality…I think she is adorable and endearing. I think she has been pretty graceful considering some of her criticism.

    The two girls should really be the final two based on talent. …but like some others pointed out, this is a popularity contest. Scotty is young and cute, which is why he gets the votes. James has a sob story, which is why he gets the votes. Scotty is talented, but is completely overshadowed by Lauren whenever they do a duet. I think that says something. She should be in the finale over him. Haley has an amazing voice (which James does not), which should put her in the finale over him.

    My prediction is that Haley or Lauren go home next week, and then the other one will go home the next week…leaving the two undeserving in the finale. All I can say is that I will continue to vote like crazy for the two girls like I have been doing every other week.

    I know there has to be someone out there that agrees with me. Although…probably just one or two.

    • I dont agree with the comment about Scotty not doing a good performance. he is actually the only one that is comfortable on the stage when he sings and Lauren does NOT outsing him in Duets. She cant even hold a high note. Lauren has always been one of my favorites alos and I ahve voted for her about 3 times based on performances but I do see her leavuing soon. I hope Haley goes first, then James then Lauren. I ahve to say-I think from the 4 left so far my vote is going for scotty. he is very talented. The rest are also, can out do me easily but when it comes to the best voice it is Scotty.

    • I agree with you, Kris! You were honest and not swayed by genre or gender. I think the two girls have the best voices. I just hope Lauren finds that confidence she obviously needs to continue. I love her voice and I agree that she outshone Scotty on the duets. (Love Scotty as a person; just prefer Lauren's voice.)

  81. I agree completely the results show was too long, too boring, too much Ryan Seacrest. I have found the Ford (I know they are a major sponsor so we have to put up with them)spots with the contestants totslly boring and irrelevant. I really disagree with some of the posters here in that I have really enjoyed this year's contestants and think it has been one of the best seasons ever. I have truly enjoyed Steven Tyler and sure hope he stays for another year.

  82. The judges are getting the most out of good old American Idol this year. JLo is promoting her newest musical efforts. Steven his promoting his book and I think I heard something about his first solo album, but don't quote me on that one. They are helping themselves, but not so much the contestants. Better contestants make happier viewers. I personally would like to see the best from the rest from now on to the end. I came across Melinda Doolittle's (AI Season 6) comments on her site I don't remember who asked her to post comments on this season's performers, but I was very impressed by what she had to say. She picked up on things I never would have noticed. She also has empathy for the performers because she went through it, too. She would make a great judge for AI, that is if other judges don't butt in and give her a chance to talk. Guess we all know who I mean.

    • UMMM I hope Scotty McCreery wins this competition but then again lets look at the year when it came down to Clay Aiken and Ruben somebody- Now that was stupid!!!!!!!!!!!! Clay should have won that by billions. Oh well. As u see Clay is still singing Ruben well where the heck is he-Never mind I wouldnt care

    • What a dead-on critique by Ms. Doolittle. She got it right, from a purely musical perspective.

  83. Did anyone pay attention to the fact that Jennifer Lopez's performance was not live?

  84. Here's a comment – anyone notice James reading the teleprompter? Mimicking Ryan?

    I bet that wasn’t appreciated! Struck me as funny… Lauren even kind of smacked him to stop it.. funny stuff…

  85. So the word is that Stevie Nicks is scheduled to be on the finale. Not sure if that's big news or not.

    • I'm a big fan of Stevie Nicks. Templar you are great at this oversion thing. Keep it up!

      • Bunny; When six planets are aligned as they are now, people get really fractious. And trying to calm them down is a lot like herding cats.

  86. After seeing Lauren cry like that last night when she wasn't even voted off yet–do you think someone will coach her to tell her to grow up a little? It doesn't mean we don't like her. She's probably going to go next week. I agree with Phyllis–she's too young for this.

    • Of course she needs to grow up. SHE'S FIFTEEN. She needs more life experience and she needs to believe in herself. She simply can't acknowledge the fact that she can sing so well. I think she was maybe picked on a lot and started to believe her bullies. I hope she can overcome this terrible obstacle – it may be even bigger than the obstacles James faces. James leaves his "I have problems" suit at the door (while performing that is) and in my mind, this makes him exceptional. Who cares if he's emoting all over the place before and after the show so long as he does not over-emote while performing like Jacob did.

      • Sorry 16. Still young. I spent 17 to 25 partying and had to grow up hard and grow up fast when I stopped at 25. 25 to 32 was hard work catching up. I'm 40 now and I still feel behind! I think people underestimate how stressful being under the spotlight and the schedule of live TV and all of the other shoots these kids do. There is the studio time, Ford videos, cutesy videos and interviews, probably some rehearsals for live TV in there… I bet it's a long long day for them. All we see are the vid clips and the short songs. I think it's a lot harder than it looks – especially for young amateur performers.

    • I think someone does talk to her to help her out with her emotions. If people remember earlier she use to get upset and cry on the side for her friends when they were in the bottom 3 and she has been doing better with that. She is young and it is hard being critisized like that but with the right support she'll make it and although I don't think she'll win, we will see her again and I think she will do well.

      • I think both of the younger ones have to be torn emotionally. Scotty is missing his buddies and baseball…I am sure Lauren has friends that she is wondering about…not to say that they both don't want this either. However…if you can remember being 16/17…life doesn't quite look the same and you just don't realized that you are growning up real fast…and things won't ever be the same. There is quite a difference in a 22 year old and a 17 year old…mind wise…

  87. James Durbin will make a ton of money and I see his passion in his music and dedication to his family. I will be in line to buy his first CD. I have already downloaded his itune releases. Go James!

  88. I want to clarify…

    I'm sick in seeing the same comments over n over again (not only in this blog, but also in facebook) about how guys drool over haley and how haley's fans are guys bla bla bla

    excuse me… can you open your little mind a bit?

    check on youtube, look at the ones commenting in Haley's video… are they mostly guys?

    NO! (if only I can change the font size, I'll make it 100)

    I'm a woman and my favourite is Haley

    So do you think I like her because she's sexy?


    We just know how to spot a talent PERIOD.

    and don't bother replying me, saying that Haley has no talent… look at the past winner/runner up's twitters, a lot support Haley… be it Adam or Kelly… are you saying you have better ears than them? they definitely can sing better than us, right? so be more open-minded about this

    anyway, I don't want to start the fight here

    Just wanna say… supporting your favourite is OK but BASHING OTHER PEOPLE'S FAVE IS A BIG NO-NO…

    be mature, will you? ^^


  89. I don't believe the judges are jealous of any of the young people on the show. JLo is …JLO and has paid her dues and made it. Steven is, oh my…Steven and Randy are awesome. All the judges have and are still doing their thing. What they are trying to do is help the young talent today to reach that point where they will be great performers. Any suggestions they give, I look at as helpful. Why should they be jealous? some of the statements on the blog relating to their jealousy just does not make any sense. JLO is beautiful and is not threatened by Haley, Lauren or "Anyone". I remember her as a dancer on In Living Color. This woman has made it and looks amazing. So for some of the bloggers to state she is jealous of the young ladies is really silly. Constructive feedback is all they are giving. Vote…Vote…if you want your favorite to win Vote…it is not about talent at this point…it's the Vote. Show business is pressure and being put in different situations and being able to adapt and "not" forget who you really are. I have my likes and dislikes and have picked up on certain things these performers are doing in front of the camera. Ryan is a business man out of this world. He is very smart.

    At this point all i can say is Vote…Vote…Vote.

    • Agree with you New Orleans

      Especially about Ryan! Say what you will but 46 mill a year ain't too bad!

      • Well, I have to tell you that I read a really interesting article about JLo in The Wall Street Journal. (Fantastic paper, if you've never read it.) Basically, what it said is that AI has resurrected her career. She was going down the tubes, and fast, career-wise. It has put her in the spotlight once again . . . follow-up being the "most beautiful thing," album sales skyrocketing, etc. It has allowed her to show her softer side, which is probably why her critiques lost any value about 3 weeks ago. She is basking in that new image she is enjoying.

        So,"paid her dues" isn't as close to approximating the reality as is "seizing this opportunity and milking it." (Nothing wrong with that–except any dishonesty on her part about how she is behaving as a judge.) And I do think something is off-kilter there. Because she surprised me by how bright she was. And then, suddenly, she was a dummy again. Her critiques were either incredibly inane or incredibly biased. So, AI is a business folks. And the judges should not be spared our honest, above-the-belt critiques.

  90. Thia was younger than Lauren, perhaps not as sensitive. Nothing wrong with being sensitive. I do not think Lauren will go any further then next week, she is talented, but American love James and Scotty (rightly so).

    Now to address the comments about Haley. I am not a Haley fan, I do not care for her style of music or her voice. I do think she growls far too much. I am not saying she does not have talent, she is just not someone I enjoy listening too. That being said, this site is for opinions, everyone has one. No one is right or wrong.

    • I've been told that about opinions. But I don't agree. To take an extreme example, Hitler had opinions. His were WRONG. Usama had opinions. His were WRONG.

      Taste is another thing. Everyone is entitled to enjoying his or her own favorite thing. And I do believe in freedom of speech.

      However, when opinion expressed here totally impugn the character of an individual, well, that is just WRONG. And I really believe those posts should be deleted. That's not repartee. That's not fun. That's just taking shots at people while you wear the shield of online invisibility.

      • Saying that personality counts to vote someone to be our American Idol is not taking pots at people. Most normal people do not like when others feel entitled and above everyone else. Look at Lindsay Lohan for goodness sake. Haley's personality counts. We would be going to see her in person. Do you think people would pay to see Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, or any other singer who came off as a total ass. Since the beginning, she appeared very indifferent to anyone around her and even unfriendly at times. Then she turns on the heat on stage and expects everyone to drool. It is not becoming to any person and America obviously agreed all these weeks.

      • @ Angela: But don't you see that you are making sweeping assumptions about Haley–based on nothing but how you interpret a smile or an on-camera hug or lack of an on-camera hug? Hardly fair. You don't know her. You don't know what happened behind the scenes. There is no factual basis for your comments (or other people's who have made these startlingly mean statements).

        For example, when Haley pushed the hair out of her face, she was not "flipping" it like some stupid teenager. I saw it as her being overheated from the powerful performance she gave and from the lights on the stage. See how your interpretation of what that simple act sounds so crazy to me (and others)? I could go on and on and on.

        And of course, I have to ask, how do you know what goes on off-camera? Just because Haley didn't put on a display for the camera doesn't mean she didn't engage with people privately. So why are you (and others) so ready to believe the worst in her? There are so many examples of famous people being seen as sweethearts for the cameras, but off-stage they are really nasty individuals. So it's really like putting on blinders to interpret on-stage hugs or on-stage tears/sad faces the way you (and others) have. And to respond to you "snob" charge, I saw nothing that indicated that at all. That is the wildest statement to make, based upon our short observations of them. She doesn't have a big mouth, that's for sure–we could see that in the kitchen scenes; she doesn't try to steal the scene or overwhelm her peers in group shots and group sings; and she seems very easy going and accepting of everyone to me–mostly laughing at everything. She just seems slightly reserved in showing her emotions, very cool and very classy to me!

        There's something in some posters here that just wants to find holes in people and rip them up. It's so darn scary! It's just plain mean and nasty.

        We really know next to nothing about these people . . . nor should we. They are allowed to have private lives; they are allowed to be human. They are allowed to be different from me and you, just like (if you have kids), each is different and reacts to things differently. These differences should be respected; it's open season on character assassination on these blogs.

        I wonder if James really enjoys being scrutinized every night every time he blinks or becomes emotional. All that information is out there now; he has no control over that anymore. That's the risk he took going on Idol. He had to know that. But my heavens, on this blog we dig into every tear, every blink, every hug now. It's so obscene to me that some people think they "know" a person simply from watching him on stage.

        We could look at each contestant and do the same if we chose to do so. We could tear each apart as we looked for their faults–and then reject each for one reason or another. But is that what we really what we want to do? It's SICK.

        These are young people. Why can't you (and others) just give them each the benefit of the doubt and judge them on their voices and performances? Why do you feel you have the right to eviscerate them?

        I just have to wonder if contestants regret ever exposing themselves to this online, public humiliation. I sure hope they are not reading these blogs. Because I am actually ashamed for some of the posters here–as they obviously are too ignorant or careless to be ashamed of themselves.

      • Correction: That line at the end of paragraph 5 should have read:

        "it’s NOT open season on character assassination on these blogs."

      • YOU! I would fly with you anytime!

        Who knows what movie that's from? Don't have a cow all you "off-topic haters" and "Troll pointers". I'm just trying to acknowledge Pup's great posts as of late, especially above! (help me out here Pup, sign in with a fake name and tell them the movie!)

      • oh Pup….puppy…That was beautiful..I had a tear in my eye…Sniff sniff..

  91. The level of toxic comments on this blog says more about the posters than it does about the contestants.

    James: For those who commented on James crying, Google Tourette and Asperger Syndromes and you may understand what a remarkable job he is doing. Whether his style is what you like or whether he wins or not, I have the up-most respect for what he has overcome and has achieved to-date.

    That being said, he has a serious decision to make because if being away from his family upsets him then he probably should not be in a business where he will have to travel on tours, etc., and be away for weeks on end.

    Lauren: We have been talking about her having a great voice and "the pipes" now for weeks and she seems ok punching out an up-tempo song but when it comes to highlighting that power in a ballad, she has chickened out a few times and on Wednesday it was so obvious that she did so on Unchained Melody.

    I like Lauren a lot and think she will have a great career but, unless she wakes up next week, I don't think she is ready just yet. There are many 16/17 year olds (male and female) who have been able to perform well despite their age. Lauren is just not one of them – yet.

    Scotty: He is a 17 year old who seems to be very confident and there is no doubt that he has a unique voice for his age. My problem with Scotty is that he has shown a few times that he can bust out of his comfort zone but when he is in that zone, there is nothing remarkable about his singing.

    The Country genre – more specifically Country Rock – is the #1 genre in the USA right now and there is a wealth of talent and a bunch of folk trying to break into the big time in Country music.

    Scotty – based on what we have seen – is a throw back Country singer and I don't know how big that market is at this time. His loyal following seems to have more to do with his looks than it does with his performances.

    I hope that he gets some sound, professional guidance because his potential is obvious but he does need to test himself with material other than safe crooner type ballads.

    His Elvis song a few weeks ago and his "Gone" on Wednesday were proof that he can break out and perform well.

    Haley: Last night she looked so tiny next to the other four and I think she is a lot shyer than people think. Just because she is attractive and can sassy on stage doesn't translate into a confident person. There are many who can perform but are laid back, shy or just awkward socially.

    Google Adele and read about her fear of being on stage, how she is shy and awkward with people and she suffers from stage fright to the point where she is physically sick, including a few times when she has been on stage.

    Hayley has a unique voice and style just as much as Scotty. The big difference is that she has a much broader range in terms of what she can sing.

    For those who say she does not have a recording voice, take a look at whose songs are the most downloaded on i-Tunes and this week she had more than the other four combined.

    The fact that she smiles all the time is an indication of shyness – believe it or not – and it often shows in times of stress. I know from personal experience, and have seen it in others, that it can annoy people, especially those who are telling you off or criticizing you.

    How many of you can relate to smiling when being scolded only to have the scolder ask you; "do you think this is funny?" or "do you find this amusing?"

    When Pia was voted off, Hayley was smiling at her singing as she was last night with Jacob. When he started his song and nailed it, take a look at the video and read her lips because she mouthed "Wow" and at the end she was applauding Jacob and egging him on to continue his scatting.

    The bottom line is that we have four very different, darn good singers and performers in the final 4 and should be looking forward to a great show next week when all four have to bring their "A" game plus we will have two duets.

    I wonder if they will make it interesting and pair James with Lauren and Scotty with Haley??

    The people we should be most annoyed with this year are the judges.

    As for JLo's canned performance last night, it stunk and the "lyric" writer was as limited as JLo's performance.

    As for Ryan Seacrest, we know what he will do next Thursday. He will have two on side and two on the other and ask the judges who they think the bottom two are – at least that is what he has done in past Idol Seasons.

    I am sorry that many on here feel the need to say some of the awful things they do about young people trying to make their way in life.

    The average age of the final four is just under 19 and is the youngest final four ever in Idol, beating the previous youngest from Season 3, which was a little over 19.

    We have a good competition with four very talented and very young people – James is the "daddy" at 22 – so let's embrace them and look forward to enjoying next week's performances.

    • Paul: Great comments, however as I said before, we all have an opinion.

      Your comment about Scotty ~ His loyal following seems to have more to do with his looks than it does with his performances – I feel this is unfair, I love country and I would go see Scotty in concert. I vote for talent, I do not think he is that good looking, cute maybe.

      As far as James goes, I did not see his tears as having anything to do with his condition(s), I saw it as James being a very sensitive man that loves and misses his family. What a great attribute. I personally would not go see James in concert, not my type of music, however I do hope he wins.

      • Mary – I love Country as well and think Scotty has a unique voice for a 17-yr old and his control of his lowest register is ridiculously good.

        I know he has a great future but to be a top star, given the way Country music has evolved over the past few years and the competition out there, I believe he needs some coaching to bring out more in him.

        We have had him marked as one of the favorites since his audition and I honestly think he doesn't realize just how good he can be yet.

      • PS: Mary – We have a friend who has Tourette Syndrome and has the same are eye blinking, facial movements, sniffing and throat clearing that we see in James. When he is in a stressful situation, he tears up. Before he was correctly diagnosed, his doctor told him he just had bad allergies.

        James is obviously a very caring person and I truly admire and respect him for what he is achieving.

      • Wow! What a constructive contribution to the discussion.

        Thank you for confirming the first paragraph of my post.

    • I am annoyed at the judges for not using constructive critism when it could have been used to help these youngsters, but I am very happy with these judges for choosing the contestants they did out of the multitude of idol wannabees.

      • They did select some great talent but, as you say, ave failed to follow it up with good, constructive criticism that would be helpful to the contestants. It seems that Jimmy Iovine and the stars he has brought in who have been the ones trying to help them.

    • Paul, I just took the time to tackle your long post, and I am so glad I did. Loved what you had to say. I didn't know that about Adele. Very interesting. And yes, I've concluded that Haley is shyer than most people think. I came to that conclusion after watching her interactions in the cooking segment. She mostly laughed at everything, not saying a whole lot. She definitely does NOT try to overtake others and steal the scene, so we know she is not a diva. I just saw a nice, agreeable young woman who didn't try to force herself on anyone.

  92. I like Haley – especially when she plays with her soulful voice. I don't think she growls. I don't bother to guess what she was feeling or thinking. She delivered the song well & I truly hope American Idol is back to singing competition a bit. πŸ™‚ ..and she deserves the votes! Best of luck, Haley & charm America with your soulful voice!

  93. I am very pleased with last night – and my prediction is Lauren is next. James is going to be on top next week I am 100% sure of that, no doubt in my mind. This week was not his best week for some people but this was the first time for James so lets give me a break. He will shine next week…..I have faith in him….I am also excited to hear Scotty and Haley next week as I think they will do good as well but my vote goes to James…

    • I am also a James Durbin fan & this is why. I feel he is an amazing artist & entertainer. I want the outcome of AI to be whatever is in his BEST INTERST. Whatever that may be.He has the mark of greatness; humble, passionate, showmanship, hot vocals, generous spirit, love for audience & connection to his music & a strong spirit to overcome his many challanges. IMO he has a long & prolific career ahead of him and I will enjoy following with him to his path of greatness.

      That said, all the remaining contestants IMHO have incredible talent and will be very successful with their careers. I wish them all much luck.

  94. seriously, james is my favorite and i would like to be on here posting about him. it seems i spend all my time defending haley against the haters. geez, these kids are competing against each other and you dont see them trying to rip each others throats out.

    some of the posters on here are the type of people who would go to the idol show and pull out a gun and shoot the person who is doing better then their idol.

    • LOL…that is a scary thought…but yeah, you wonder sometimes…what is the personal agenda of these angry individuals!

    • Go James and Scotty they are the best.

      Can someone please tell me why you YANKS are voting to keep in Haley she is pathetic, it must be her relations wasting all thier money on voting because if she was an aussie she would be out by now.We would rather listen to someone singing and not yelling anyhow GO THE GUYS.

      • Lyn, we Yanks don't all like "that there twang" in our music. Instead, we prefer exactly what Haley delivers–a unique, bluesy, raspy style reminiscent of one of the best singers ever–Etta James.

      • MY MOTHER just said she's sick of having to defend Haley, as am I, and you reply to it bashing Haley? Take your hate someplace else, because we don't care that you are tone deaf. If you don't like yelling, how come your favorite is James? You are a contradiction and a hypocrite, and you need a life. You're the pathetic one. Haley has class, look it up in the dictionary.

      • I am a James fan, but I happen to think that Haley has great talent and it is just her amazing style, she is still singing, not yelling.

        I don't think you should act like you speak for all Australians and I don't think it's nice to use the term yanks in a derogatory manner, which it seems to be.

    • Secondchance, remember when it comes to music those who can perform do, those that can't hate.

    • A psychologist friend of ours said that the definition of the word "hate" is….love and fear. Still trying to figure that out.

      So does that mean if someone says, for example, they hate James, does that mean that they really love him and are afraid he will win. hahaha

      Love to put my own spin on things.

    • And there are other type of people here also who really want to have the same chances Casey Abrams has of kissing JLO and every girl/woman he meets… lol.

  95. My final-4 prediction at the top13 week was… James, Scotty, Pia, & Lauren. Since then, however, Haley has proven her worth. She gives way more effort and is simply a far better performer than Pia. And, while I was right about Lauren's run to the final-4, I have to admit that she's disapointed me. She's clearly getting votes based on simpathy and "potential" alone. Not one week has she wowed me or proven she belongs there. Ironically, the only contestant I can think that deserved to be there more than her is Pia. Go figure.

      • 1) James 2) Lauren 3) Scotty 4) Haley

        I think Lauren went back to her oldself with he Carrie Underwood Performance last week. I really liked it. Candle with the Wind was also really great!

      • I loved Lauren's ''candle in the wind''… it's my favourite performance of hers this whole season.

      • Lauren is better then Haley she should in the bottom two Go Lauren!!!!!!!

      • Lauren has a beautiful voice, but too many limits. Seeing her approach what should be a high note is a little awkward.

    • @Chris… While I agree she did well with the singing of the Underwood song (one of, if not her best) I would have liked to see a better performance. I think Jimmy gave her some bad advice about just standing there and belting out the song. Never felt like she was totally into it. Jimmy gave Haley some bad advise with the Gaga song too. Usually he's pretty spot on, but he was definately off this week!

      • Jimmy first focus is about them recording and selling after the show, with winning 2nd or 3th on his list.

        Lauren needs to show that she can go high even if that takes more less on stage. For Haley is shows she can do newer music and willing to take risks. She did it about as well as Lady Gaga does it, not a great song to start with, Gaga uses it more as a filler song on stage.

      • I actually liked the song, and I am not a Lady Gaga fan, particularly. And I loved Haley's performance! (That's what shocked me most about the judges' remarks. She did an excellent job!)

      • I love Gaga's giant shoe piano she used when she performed that song on Oprah. Haley should have borrowed it, πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I like Lauren but I feel that America was kind enough to keep voting for her because they believed in her, not necessarily because she was doing anything great. But if she's not going to step up to the plate, there's not much more the voters can do for her. It's a shame to waste your talent on fear.

      • I dont think she is wasting her talen on fear at all. I feel she needs to develop. Just again these are my opinions. When she performs duets with Scotty you can clearly see who has the stronger voice and it is her. She performs so effortlessly and I can tell she is not worried about being critiqued then. I think she will do amazing after this show whether she wins or not.

      • She has great talent, and a very nice voice. I wish they'd let her try something really soft — like some Nora Jones — and just test it to see if she can control it. If she could, what a way to set herself apart; but, you must have nerves of steel to pull it off in a live performance, because of the isolation an vulnerability.

      • Chris I agree with you about Lauren. She's great, and always has been. However the time for growth and development is about over. She needs to have been developing as an artist and performer since day one of the live show. I really wish the judges had given her more guidance and helpful criticism. It's not only just she's young, the lack of critique from the judges this year did the contestants no favors.

    • Chris:

      I like her voice a lot, but she's getting this "potential only" rap. Something is missing from her performances and it's something deeper than technical ability.

      Maybe she just does not believe in herself enough. It's sad, because the judges said that she could sing anything very well and she did not realize her full potential. This I think is sad but true…


      Northern Guy

      • You really are a disgrace to Australia. If you are older than 10 you should be ashamed of yourself. Half wit!

      • thank you Lyn! I have been saying that for weeks and all the guys on this post think that I must be an ugly, overweight, jealous troll. Never said I hated her…just said that she comes off as conceited, ungrateful, and unfriendly to the other singers. Has she ever thanked her fans for voting? Nope….

      • She has in fact thanked her fans for voting. She doesn't suck and it's not only guys that vote for her. You are the one that comes off conceited and unfriendly, and yes, a jealous troll. You have no objectivity in your assessment of Haley's abilities and your opinions are about as substantive as lime jello. You never talk about who you do like or why you like them and you never really say why you think Haley sucks. I don't care if you don't like her singing, her song choices, her growl or w/e. That's fine and is your opinion, but you seem to make it your life's goal to bash on the girl as much as you can, hence the ugly, overweight, jealous troll. And even if you aren't ugly like you claim you aren't, you have an ugly heart that can only see negative things in people. Oh, that's just my opinion so I guess everything I said is as valid as your 'Haley sucks' bs.

      • she thanks her fans all the time on twitter πŸ™‚ the real fans would know caus they follow!

    • I predict every year at the top six and here's was mine: 6th place jacob 5th pace Haley 4th place Casey 3rd place Lauren or scotty or James 1st place James Scotty or Lauren

    • I am also expecting a james, scotty, pia, and lauren finale… although haley came in instead of pia… but basing from the trend in the votes I am expecting either james or scotty to become the 2011 american idol… Lauren might become the winner if her legion of fans will vote… This idol season is more exiting than the previous idol shows…

  96. Just can't wait to see HALEY OUT OF AMERICAN IDOL…… She is just a cheap street singer!!!!!!

      • Lulu, it is one thing not to vote for someone but to disrespect one contestant by calling names, I think that is not fair…..I could not stand Jacob (to hear him singing), he was not my cup of tea but I think he was a nice guy just not my style, thats all….,

    • God, i bet you can't even get one note right. it's amazing how little you know about what a great singer is and yet you talk like you do. you better get your ears filled with glue. it's not functioning after all.

    • Lulu(and I bet you are a lulu)you just wish you were 1/4 the talent that the beautiful one(Haley)is!!!

    • lulu, bet you are a ugly fat pig, and your husband if you have one is dreaming about Haley. HA HA HA HA

      • You said that about me too Big Al (along with calling me a retard) and we have already established that I'm a size 4, as well as a 4.0 college grad. Wrong on both accounts…..

      • "We have established"? You mean YOU have claimed. Talking tough on the interwebz is pretty easy, amirite?

      • Oh that’s right…You were much calmer when you said, “Shut up bitch”. Wow, mom to two straight A honor middle/high school students, educator, and animal rescuer. What a bitch I am.

      • You know Angela saying that again and again won't make it true…You need to rub a magic lamp for that.

    • Thank you Lulu! I have been saying that all along. She belongs on a gentleman's club stage, not a concert stage. Full of herself, full of herself, full of herself. Look at her interactions with anyone left in the competition. They know how she is on a daily basis and it shows that she wants nothing to do with them either. Cameras don't lie….she smiles when her rivals get voted off. Not a nice personality, not an idol for our kids. She needs to be an idol for the men that like to see stripper poles.

      • That's a very nasty thing to say about someone you don't even know. There have been nights Lauren dresses much skankier than Haley, at least Haley is usually somewhat classy. We can play this game all day long. I can say you blew your way through your "4.0 gps" and it has just as much grounds as your terrible comments about Haley. You talk about Haley being full of herself but you obviously feel you are a perfect person and better than everyone else around you. Maybe you are projecting your own awful traits onto someone that you don't like.

      • funny how u can say haley is conceited followed by “im so pretty an skinny an smart“ doubts bitter.

      • Get some help. This is uncalled for. Of course, nobody with half a mind pod their own would give your delusional rants any credibility, so I should just leave this alone.

      • lulu and angela you both are way out of line calling names they should not allow your post..grow up

    • like I said before you one of the only 5 people that hate Haley that keeps trying to troll her out because your girl Lauren is in danger. Just go bury your head in the dirt because no one cares about you.

      • Lauren is not my girl. I don’t care which of the other 3 wins. They are all humble, grateful, compassionate to other contestants, and good role models. Anyone but Haley. By the way, if there were only 5 of us who didn’t like Haley, why did she end up in the bottom 3 …even when there were 12, 10, 8 left on the show. According to my math, that is a lot more votes than 5 that she was lacking.

  97. i like lauren way better then pia. laurens voice is beautiful and she is fun.

      • I think that every fan of Pia and Jacob should vote for Lauren she have the best voices of all three of them left.

    • Can't say Lauren is better than Pia, but I will say Lauren has a great voice, when she stays in her country element. When she ventures out of country she can not hit the required high's and low's. She has the beat, knows how to sing, good stage present, but needs to stay in the middle tones. I believe she cannot win, but we will hear a lot from her for a long time.

    • She's fun, cute, innocent, sweet, easily wounded, unsure of herself, talented beyond what she herself can imagine…

      The girl's problem is that there is no problem – she is just 16. I think in a year or two she'll be cranking out albums with vocals as good as Carrie Underwood.

    • Pia is laughing all the way to the bank . She will be a winner on her own without AI . She signed a record deal the day after she got cut and will be more remembered than either Haley or Lauren ever dreamed of. Sorry but I've seen it all before and knowing the business like I do personally, class will always win over cute. Pia is one of the classiest singer Idol has had in many years. I'm looking forward to hearing her first CD, I know it will be great.

      • Pia is gorgeous, classy, elegant, humble, and a beautiful singer. All of the things that Haley is not…..

      • OMG, it comes out of the woodwork, like a mold you just can't get rid of . . .

      • I don't understand your incessant need to bash on Haley all the time, 'angela'. Haley is gorgeous, full of personality, and actually interprets the music unlike the user Pia that can only do what she was trained to do with no real artistry to what she sings.

      • Angela, you really are a waste of a human being. I'm soooo soooo sorry. Your life must be really pathetic and sad.

        Bottom line, Pia didn't get the votes, and Haley did. Just because you think something, doesn't mean it's right. πŸ˜‰

      • I was walking just for kicks…you know..for exercise sakes…Suddenly i stopped and stared..i thought i saw Pia dancing like crazy, light as a feather, performing….Then i realized that i was staring at a plastic bag floating in the wind…..

    • I second that!!! I still say she is going to be a star–someday. Maybe not this year or the next. But she is going to lasso the moon!

  98. If you want a true and honest result to what American thinks is the next American Idol then make the results based only on iTune sales of the songs they sang that week. If they really liked them then they'd buy the song, No longer a popularity contest.

    • I don't know, not everyone can buy them, they may want to but a lot of people are out of work.

    • Why should someon need to buy a vote…..however, it would limit voiting to one per person – – but on the other hand, FOX would never allow for that. Ratings are based on how many votes they get.

  99. Who are you to say that Haley has an attitude problem? Since when you judge someone's personality by seeing them on tv?

    You don't even know what she's been through, you have no right to hate on her just because you THINK that she has an attitude issue.

    If you are close to her age group you either want to be her or be with her. If you are much older than you probably wish you've met her when you were younger or you wish one of your children would be as beautiful and talented as she is. And if you are much younger than you probably are blinded by how "amazing" scotty is to care about Haley's undeniable talent.

    My point is, Haley deserves to not just be in the final 2 but also win the whole based on her Talent. It's stupid that people don't know the difference between people who are down to earth and real and people who have an attitude problem. Kanye West has an attitude problem. Haley is just Haley.

      • Not really. Didn’t the people elect Broke O’Bummer on the strength of what they saw on TV? They sure weren’t judging him on past performance since he’d never had any management experience at all. Don’t see why they thought he could run a country.

    • I think Scotty and James should be in the final two. They have the most talent.

      • You know there is not a whole lot of difference in the talent level of the final four. They are all very talented and good singers(the best of the crop)and one is not that much better than the next. I guess it is who your favorite is and who voice you like the best. They are all talented youngsters!

      • Let be real….Scotty and Lauren are very good at country, but take the country out of Idol, and they have little to offer. I think country is just a safe presentation. The judges jumped all over Thia and Pia for their ballads, but isn’t country just ballads in a different style – why do the judges avoid Scotty’s and Lauren repeat week after week of their safe country ballads.

        Haley and James should both be recognized for their total abilities. They have both proven they are as versatile as some of the best world class singers. These qualities should never be overlooked.

      • Kernan…I agree with you…and,to adress Tugboat's comment…then I suppose if you are a Scotty (which I am) or Lauran…a great singer…fan, if you take the rock and/or rock/jazz out of them…what is left. Let's just say, they each have a strong sound…and then see what happens…It's the voters call.

      • i agree with tugboat. james and haley…and casey of course if he were still there have real talent and they never fail to entertain.

      • We do not like at all Haley, we think that Lauren is the best. An Argentine fondly.

    • I agree. Scotty has pulled off a lot of snoozers and has got nothing but praise and adulation. Sure he does snoozers well. But they're still safe snoozers. He's getting better though, and taking more risks – and he also outsang James in the last contest – no contest. Even James fans admitted James was off his game. It was heartwrenching to hear James let his emotions get to him that bad and it really showed in his pitch problems.

      He's got to focus on why he's doing this and stop thinking about his pain and start aiming for gold – his goal, his dream. Loss and pain is a great source of motivation for writers and songwriters and performers, but if you sink too deep in it, it can drag you down. Trust me. I've been there.

      • I don't think Scotty has pulled off snoozers..other than Singin' – I didn'at like that one – He is singing country and as a new country voice…doing a good job. Many country songs/singers tell stories when they sing…and this is what he does.

      • I don't know, Swingin was not boring – it was his worst song choice and worst performance IMHO. He *did* do some songs that for us "not-too-country" folks are a bit sleepy. But hey, I'm not saying he isn't good!

      • Yea James was sad the other night , but if you look back at all the weeks he is by far the best hands down. Even with his emotions he still did better on both songs. Haley and the others got nailed with one or more things. They flat out told Haley that her first song was just plain bad pretty much and to much of a risk. James will always have my vote!!!!

      • Why is it so hard to comprehend that people like Haley? You are incredibly closed minded on top of being a fat ugly troll.

      • There are lots of people on this site who have independently interpreted Haley's actions as snotty, conceited, and self-serving. I asked someone at work yesterday if he watched AI. When he said that he did, i asked what he thought of Haley.His response…."My wife and I think she is a real *itch. I never said a word about how I felt. She has not been in the bottom all season because of me. It appears that millions of people have that thought and have refused to vote for her. Are you saying I had the power to do that for months? You are the one who is blinded by your desire/lust/whatever for Haley and can't see that she has a nasty personality like all the other people who put her in the bottom 3 for weeks now.

      • You sure seem to know a lot about male motivation. Were you once male? Do you really believe you are hurting Haley, or helping Lauren, with all of your vitriole? Please, keep motivating Haley's fans!

      • Your mindset is so off. I don't even know why I bother. And the fact that you are alluding to the only reason I like her is because of 'lust' or what the crap ever just shows your ignorance. I've stated numerous times why I like Haley and the fact that she's a beautiful young lady isn't even in the top 5. First of all America doesn't put anyone in the bottom 3. We don't vote for who goes home, we vote for who stays, and obviously millions of votes are going to Haley because she's in the top 4 and wasn't in the bottom 2 last night and didn't deserve to be either. Again everything you say is shallow and you may not be in 'real life' but your internet personality is much worse than your delusional opinions of Haley.

      • David, Devin, Big Al….you boys are going to need therapy when Haley gets eliminated.


      • no she not a hater i seen haley and if you look at the picture where jo is hugging jacbo haley no where in around heard she left the stage so friend she is she a snob

      • lulu / retta…your lost and the problem with AI..judging the person not the talent..hope she goes to the final

    • Sorry Lulu but Haley is actually better than the rest,singing and performing,and should win it all but she will probably finish third!!!!

      • Sorry to say Haley is ok but she can't even come close to being as good as James. As a matter of fact i have been on Youtube and it seems James Durbin has alot of talent, not just on Idol. He can rock the house just about any where. Take a look for yourself. James Durbin is crazy good as Steven Tyler has said many times. Gotta love James!!!!

    • Lulu you keep repeating yourself no one is going to listen anymore. after this post I will completely ignore anything you say because it has no meaningful thought behind it.

    • Wow! So much hatred – I think you need to avoid Idol – It seems to drive too much hatred in you. I sure hope you don’t own a gun.

    • What is Lulu game that we think poor Haley needs our help because we all hate it please, everyone has their favorite, Go !!!!! SCOTTY

    • No thanks!!!! We vote for talent, not who was pimped most by AI and AI judges. Q-Tips are very inexpensive…;)

      • why don't we all just ignore there post lulu,angela, maybe they will go away.

  101. Jimmy gave Haley a ten for her two performances, a better score than any of the other contestants. He is a voice coach. He is the expert. All you people that say Haley can't sing must be more expert, right?. He said Haley needed to take a huge risk to stay in the competition and she did. She performed the Gaga song very well, and just because it has never been recorded, because its unfamiliar, she gets slammed by the judges. People do fear the unknown. I know songs grow on me. Sometimes I have to hear them a bunch to fully appreciate them. But Haley has a confidence in her singing that transcends potentiality. She can sing anything. The judges have all said this. I have really enjoyed this season, have enjoyed Brandon's and Matt's Blogs. No matter who wins, all these kids are winners. Also, being kind is more credible than spewing hate. We all have our own opinions.

    • He probably felt he had to give her a 10 on the Gaga song…he talked her into it, and it wasn't her best…but she did earn a 10 on her last song. It was great.

      • No, she earned a 10 on both songs. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the performance of the song…and I love the studio version I purchased on iTunes! And I don't listen to Lady Gaga at all — can't stand the club slammin' stuff. But, that song is better for Haley!

    • Well said, Andy! I don't know the first song Haley performed either; but I like that song because of how Haley performed it. Truly wish to see her live stage performance one day. πŸ™‚

  102. i think that the votes comes from the voters, but the final decision is left up to american idols and it producers. ryan was way off last night to ask one of the contestant to make a decision as to who were the bottom two. he should be reprimemded for his actions. i can care less who wins and i don't think that their rating are as high as they would have you to believe. this show is fixed as any other competitive show. if i wasn't then no-one would be voted off.

    • Rach the do that every season and usally get the same response(with the last contestant not doing it)and besides that call is not Ryans, it is the producers descision

      • Well, Lee, he probably has watched the show more than one season, too, and knows the annual routine.

  103. i wonder how many people will still be able to post harsh comments if they will have to sing in every comment they post. just to show if they really if they really know anything about music. let's just accept that this is no more than a popularity contest. and that the real measure of a good artist is if they thrive after this competition. for the past 9 seasons, only a few idol finalists were able to put up a solid career.

    • I beleive Scotty will be the one who makes it big in music, I'm not sure about the rest of them.

    • Piper…I agree…I really think he will be a big country/pop (Yes…some crossover eventually) singer…win or not.

  104. For anyone that doesn't get Tourettes, Aspergers or neurological disorders, please take a look at this news clip, which features James …

    This is why he is such an inspiration and why his fans are so protective of him. We may be labelled fanatics but we love him not only for his talent but also because he is an inspiration and a role model (not saying others aren't). If James isn't the next American Idol, I think he has the potential to be the next great motivational speaker.

  105. james has a good story, character and stage presence. hope he wins. if not, scotty is fine. the two girls need to mature. they all have the talent, but the boys collaborate more and get involved in their performances. just a piece of mind.

    • Why does Haley need to mature? She's shown herself to be the most composed, mature contestant on the show.

  106. did anyone else besides me love the cooking part of the show. i actually had to watch it again cause i was laughing so hard i had tears in my eyes.

    when they told them they had to make an omelette, scotty said 'are you gonna show us how'

    jacob saying 'you're not'

    lauren says 'i wouldn't taste that'

    james expression when the cooking guy said 'its suppose to rock, not be as hard as a rock'

    they all seemed to be haing so much fun.

    haleys expressions were priceless!

    • Yes, very much, being a cook myself.. absolutely, it was really funny and I wanted more! The taste test was a little goofy tho.. Haely loked like she wanted no part of that making thing! Scotty was funny.. James tried for style, and good for Lauren.. made a good dish..

    • What was funny, James,s was not cooking and Ramsey said You got to turn the stove on

    • Second Chance I thought the Gordon Ramsay section was great. Thank goodness Gordon was not his brutal self. Loved the "you'll all do well in the restaurant business…….as customers".

    • Yeah, I loved it too, my favorite "filler" of the season, and I don't even watch any of the Chef shows! Surprised me that Jacob actually choked on the Hot Dog!–same as on the show.

  107. I really felt bad for Lauren Last night. As soon as Jimmy Ivone(or whatever his name is)said that she more or less messed up,"Unchained Melody",she went to pieces! Man I don't think she was going to make it to the end of the show! Not really knowing Lauren, I would say that she doesn't handle criticism real well. I mean she almost had me in tears. It was kind of a shame because I didn't think that she done all that bad with the song. So, but maybe next week she will have a little more fire and determination in her performance.

    • Sometimes the truth hurts. The judges have not done the contestants any favors by treating them with kid gloves, and then picking on Haley to show they can be tough on somebody. As we say in the South, it's a bunch-a ignernt bull. If they don't have the constitution to give real musical criticism, then they shouldn't pretend that's what they're doing — it just misleads people.

      • I totally agree. Looking back, though, there have been times when the judges were trying to help Lauren but then doubled back on what they were saying because she was about to fall apart. I hope this last week helped her overcome some of her personal struggles and she really lights the stage up next week.

    • It's hard being 16 and top 4 American idol. Any1 ever hear of pressure to be perfect?

    • It is Idol's fault. They lowered the try-out age to 16, then turn around and tell most of the 16 year olds that "they just aren't quite ready yet." They also say that in a few years they could be amazing. Why not leave the age at 18 and let these kids concentrate on finishing high school and mature enough to handle the extreme pressure of this type of business?

  108. Melinda Doolittle provides a real critique, by a person with some real musical, and AI, background. Just google it (notice the double "o" and double "t" in the last name), because I'll wind up linking it and the post will be taken down by Admin. But, check it out; she tells the truth about the pitch and other vocal issues.

      • Her website and blog will come up, and then from her blog, there is a link to the full critique. It is on point and "in-tune."

    • Wow…thanks for the link…I went back and read all of her reviews for the previous shows. I love that she recognizes Haley's talent and tells it like it is for everyone. Good reading!

    • This is the kind of judge AI needs, and she is one of Idol's own. Why don't they see this and offer her an opportunity to be a judge next year? Maybe she wouldn't take it, but it would be so helpful for the contestants and refreshing for the viewers.

  109. FOR Lulu. Haley has had close to 2300 reviews on itunes for House Of The Rising Sun. Over 710 on You and I. 99% are positive. The 1% is from 10 year olds, you can so tell by the review. We chatters on this post are a very few of the voters out there. The posters on You Tube love her. People have viewed some of her songs on You Tube over 210,000 times. Did you ever think maybe people get tired of such meaness.

    • It is all a matter of taste. I personally do not like Haley's voice (all the growling really bothers me) nor her style. Does not mean she is not talented. I would not purchase her music, you would. EVERYONE has a right to their opinion.

      • Which is fine. I don't think any of us that are defending Haley mind that there's people (probably a lot) that don't like her/get her/aren't into her. But some people are just downright mean about it claiming all sorts of allegations. Haley has made it very far in this competition because she is talented and has a lot of fans.

      • Everyone has a right to their opinion, but no one has a right to constantly slam and badmouth someone who is completely innocent, and just doing something that they obviously love…

    • Honestly, I tired the subject of Haley, creo que at this point each of us have defined our tastes and I do not think the vote will change much, maybe it becomes more interesting to know whether such and eliminated what would happen with the vote, and I think about is that if Lauren eliminated their votes go to Scotty, if James eliminate their votes go to Haley, I prefer to remove Lauren and Scotty, but if I want a final James and Scotty, so I hope leave Haley I don't like how she sings. Go Scotty!!!!

  110. Just ignore the heters and vote your favorites guys, I belive we got well this season, I hope this week a girl leaves us… I kind want the guys on the final… I believe that both them did a great job over past weeks and deserve to be there… nothing against girls, but guys did better this season, my opinion… just to keep it : JAMES is my favorite, who is yours?

    • Haley Haley Haley!!! And you are right, they are all very good. I don't think the fellas did that much better then the gals. I just think that more girls watch and vote on Idol than the males; and I imagine that is why the fellas do better then the girls.

      • I actually was a Lauren fan from day one, Steven Tyler said that she was the IDOL, but she got lost, I hardly recognize her personality and I like James too, so I am cheering for him, but Scotty has good voice, so has Hailey but I can't fell their conection with the songs… that's why I like James better

    • I will bet that the final three will be James,Scotty and Haley in that order. Then the final two I wish and hope will be James and Haley, but it will probably be James and Scotty because of the female voters.

      • well, I actually can't guess who will be the finals but I guess James will be there and probably Haley… I think Lauren leaves now and Scotty next… it's my guess

      • You really think Haley will beat out Scotty? Interesting! I just hope you are right and I'm wrong. Truth is, they are all real close in talent.

      • Scotty wil be in the finals the question is will it be James or Haley with him.

      • Why are you saying because of female voters, is Haley staying in the competition because of male voters and not talent?

      • After think about it I would not be surprised to see Lauren and Scotty in bottom two next week with Lauren going home but would give Scotty a boost into the final 2.

      • JMO, but I don't think Haley (as much as I love her) will make it to the finale unless James goes home first (which would be sad). James votes would go to Haley, Lauren votes will go to Scotty. Either way Haley voters contributing to James or James voters contributing to Haley Scotty really doesn't have a chance at winning.

      • No Mary, Haley's not in because of her looks. Pia Toscano and Julie Zurilla are both super gorgeous, and were eliminated early. A lot of teen girls have a crush on Scotty the hottie/Scotty the body. Doesn't mean he doesn't have talent. It's not a crime to be a celebrity crush, it's gonna always happen, and often.

      • Julie Zorilla was my favorite going into the top 24. Her performance was TERRIBLE though. Bad song, bad notes, I felt really bad. Hopefully she'll be back next year.

  111. Finally Jacob is gone. We really have a competion now. Now I don't no who to vote for. We sit as a family too watch. Our agrs range from 2 yearrs old to 64. We all have different favorites since Casey is gone. Last night we agreed that Lauren will probably be next. They can all sing! Can't wait for the next 3 weeks.

    • Agreed. If only the judges would be sent home, then we could just enjoy the performances and judge for ourselves! But, I agree, all of these kids have fine qualities and I really do enjoy watching them perform and hearing them sing — all of them, I mean that. I get perturbed at the obvious inconsistency and lack of objectivity in the "judging" — NOT just because they disagree with me, but because they ignore pitch issues and say somebody "nailed it" when they so obviously "missed it" or at least some of it — really perturbs me. Despite that, the show still is fun to watch, and I really believe these are some nice kids who are working very hard to do their best.

      • Sometimes I think the live viewing throws the judges off…even though they are professionals. I have heard Randy and Simon both say that when they watched the playback they noticed inconsistencies and pitch problems ….that was when they had real judging

    • You know you guys watching Idol as a FAMILY ACTIVITY is really great!! That is really nice to hear!

  112. Wed. 5/12, the group will perform the songs of American songwriter and producer duo Jerry Leiber and Stoller, and they will be mentored by Lady Gaga.

    Branden, who are they? Please enlighten some of us. Thanks!

    • Google them and look at their discography …if you are young you will probably only recognize the Elvis songs. It is a lot of old rock and roll…and blues. I'd love to hear Haley sing " Trouble" ….but then the girls would probably really hate her.

      • Haley – I'm a Woman

        James – Young Blood

        Scotty – Love Potion #9

        Lauren – I (Who Have Nothing)

  113. I think it was right that Jacob was voted off and I think the rest of them are are awesome singers! O am anxious to see who wins!

  114. Maysa, I agree with you about feeling that James really connects with his songs, and can feel his emotional attachment to it. He did say he will only perform a song that he feels a strong connection with for one reason or another.

    For instance with "without You" the connection was about his missing his family.Has not seen his little boy who just turned 2yrs since TOP 24(?) He rehearsed the song 2 times & kept his emotions in check–but performance night AI played the video package of him playing with his son & he said he just lost it. I really respect him for showing his emotions. I feel that is one of the qualities that will make him a great artist. so thanks for the comment.

  115. I blelieve Scotty is gonna win but, Haley is gaining on James. She may well come in second. A lot of people are trying to get him the pity vote, sure I've read on the blog that Casey is trying to round up votes for Haley which I'd hope isn't true, you can't really win something if you don't earn it on yur own. With that said, I still think she might out due James. I kind of like her, I really don't care for her voice but I like her she's fiesty. That's a good trait, I have that trait.

    • Nice attempt to lie to yourself Piper. The one Haley is gaining on is Scotty. And it could very well be a James vs Haley finale.

    • Casey is rounding up votes for Haley. I saw the signs. It is on the internet.

      • I learned a long time ago in life not to be too confident about anything and not to count anyone out. You just never know. That is why people bet. My bet is on Scotty but…not my house!!!

  116. jacob is gone so givei it a rest and our ears will be getting a rest too. now let us enjoy whats left and i know that scotty will win and we can all enjoy his records in the future im sure, look at carry underwood how great she is doing,amassing,by the way i got it right when carry won that year. i know music and i notice that the judges miss in some occation when the contestand singing mess up like jacob blaming the drummer for his guff, their is no excuses this is a competition to pick the best and thats all is to it. since they looking for ways to change this competition one way or another the people that put it together now have jimmy butting in on putting down some of the contestands and prassing others, stay out of it jimmy once you let them loose to go and do the best they can do on stage give it a rest .if they do good is on you but if they guff is on you too. now going bac k to the final 3 the winner at the end will be scotty and we can sit back relax and hope that next year come fast even if that will make me another year older but im sure i will enjoy as always ,thank you.

  117. I am not a hundred percent sure that Scotty will make it into the finale. Not even sixty percent sure. I believe James will absolutely be there but either Haley or Lauren will be there with him. Thats my guess.

    • Bobby, Scotty was told just last night that he's never been in the bottom two. Scotty has never been at the bottom. I was kind of worried when they had all those storms in the south but Scotty remained. That Country Boy can sing.

      • Scotty fans…keep voting for him…I adore Lauren but I would have rather seen her go last week than Jacob…to help Scotty…I hope Jacob's voters (the bible belt) help him…He had a great gospel voice and Elvis would have loved him…I just know it!

  118. I absolutely agree that the Thur. night shows are too long! One half hour would easily cover it.

    • Ah Yes!! But that's one entire hour of advertisement commissions they'd be giving up! Not to mention, an hour of viewers watching some other station instead of Fox! Commercialism at it's norm! I think they pay somebody big bucks to make these decisions. forgo quality for thebucks . . .

  119. I think it's really weird that everyone says Scotty will have a great recording career and the judges have said more than once that his performances are like a "Scotty concert"–so expected to be a professional recording success, yet the same people don't have him pegged as winning AI. If this is a talent show, what more do you need than a "professional" performance, week after week. Scotty is unique, has a wonderful, listenable voice, stage presence, personality (doesn't take himself too seriously) and is just plain fun to watch. And those "lady killer" notes and blue-eyed stares into the camera…if he weren't 17, watch out! I mean, would you be able to distinguish a James song on the radio from any other "rocker"'s song? What, if anything, is unique about him??? There isn't anything special or different about him. Same goes for Haley…would you recognize her voice on the radio? Do you really want to see her leaning over to her right, swinging her "elephant trunk" arm and stomping across the stage in a concert? Not me. Give me the "tear in her voice" from Lauren or the "lady killer" notes from Scotty, and some real, genuine, as of now, innocent personality and I call that Talent. So, vote for the kids who bring something new to the stage. The ones you'll be able to recognize on the radio. The ones whose careers and lives, you'll want to follow for years to come. Do you really care what Haley will do? I love all kinds of music, but I think the most talented singers on AI are Scotty and Lauren. So they will get my votes.

    • E-K …if you don't think Hailey sounds different i don't know what to say..scotty is country that's variety..hailey has that smoky voice that no one has..unless you can think of one because i cannot. i like all 4 finalist, i like country , blues ,gospel whatever if it makes me feel good . when i stand up and say to my wife , HOLY S*&* that was good. Hailey made me do that with House. James with the MUSE song. Jacob with the children song. Scotty not yet , Lauren not yet.

      Final 2 Hailey and James