American Idol 2011 Theme Song Writing Contest Details

American Idol’s past trend of holding contests to find the season winner’s first song has returned this year with “Perfect Harmony.” Coca-Cola has teamed up with Idol and Taio Cruz to offer some lucky songwriter(s) a chance to hear their work on TV:

“Idol” is inviting fans to help pen a new, original tune that will be performed on the May 25 “American Idol” finale by none other than Taio Cruz.

Starting this March 30 through May 13, aspiring “Idol” songsmiths can go to Perfect Harmony to hear the opening bit of an unfinished Taio tune, and then add lyrics to it to help complete each verse.

There will be four submission phases, after which fans will vote among the top three finalists. Then the winning version of the song will be the one that Taio performs on the “Idol” finale!

Think you’ve got what it takes? You can team up with friends or do it all your own. Either way, you’ve got until mid-May to work your magic so get started!

WTF Update: Despite announcing you could submit your song submissions until May 13, the contest is now closed. Not sure if this is a site error they’re experiencing or if they really closed the contest after 4 days instead of 6 weeks. Well organized, Coca-Cola and American Idol…

Source: Yahoo’s Reality Rocks




  1. es un super programa muy bacano… no me gusto k sacaran a la unica latina k habia…..

  2. I clicked the link in the email and the page says "Thanks for your submissions. Finalists will be announced and voting will begin soon!" What the?? I hope I haven't missed out already. I wanted to try it!!

  3. I am not keen to join this hullabaloo, im not adept in songwriting. goodluck to others here. Viva stefano.

  4. Matt…What is going on with this? Yes you can, no you can!!!!!!! Any news yet about an alternative for getting our e-mails?

    • Hi, Phyllis G.

      Matt, the site does not work. When you click the "Perfect Harmony" link, it says "Thanks for your submission." But I haven't submitted anything. And there is not a place to submit anything on the site.

  5. Hilarious. Matt deleted my comment about them posting a link to a competition that was already closed. Then added their own addendum to make themselves look less stupid. What cowardly censorship.

    As for 'oh but, but Perfect Harmony said…', well their competition rules had already stated that the first phase of entry was to close on April the 1st.

    • Your comment went in to moderation for including a link. Your comment was deleted because you were simply using it as an excuse to link to an unrelated contest.

      Trolling with spammy links is a surefire way to get deleted as you’ve proven once again.

  6. Coca Cola Capital Of All Soda Sorry To Hear The Word Man Contest Closed Pop Goes The Top Grab The Little Red Rocker's Can And Run Bay Area Ghostwriter!

  7. All i write is hooks. My greatest passion. Sounds like its too late though. Darn so down i’ve been thrown- oh well

    • I say boycott american idol frOm now on in the name of Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, and James Durbin!

  8. Lyrics rules a little confusing but I think I got it. You can only submit during designated dates, the next one being April 11th is that correct?

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